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 Kaela Drakkavars story: the begining.

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Sasha Nekosune

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PostSubject: Kaela Drakkavars story: the begining.   Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:33 pm


a man and a woman in cloaks smile down at their new baby. they then gasps as they look at the door. they quickly put her in the machine and press the button. as the young girl vanishes some dragonesce being enter the room. years later the machine appears on the doorstep of a monistary. and thus kaela was raised to a young girl who though doesnt like monistaries. she left later to be an adventurer.after a run in with several people she had a run in with a demon and gained a green shadow. she sighs as she walks around after leaving to another continent she gasps as she runs across a strange camp. she looks around at the things there. she looks confused. they had strange symbols on them. several drakoguard members stand behind her. they growl as they capture her.

more later.
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Kaela Drakkavars story: the begining.
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