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 Rai and Sirrius

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PostSubject: Rai and Sirrius   Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:07 pm

Sorry about this guys!!! I got this finished a week ago but i Havebeen having some troubles!! Anyway,here it is! Enjoy and please R&R.

Raikan meets Sirrius

Raikan looked at the place as he got out of his car. He sighed, to him orphanages were always sad places.. The kids so sad and forlorn. The place itself was in obvious need of some donations. Done in a fresh soft white paint job, some of the windows were cracked as well.

Over all, the place gave off more of a haunted house vibe than an orphanage. He sighed once more and checked his waist, making sure the waistband of his diaper was tucked down. He sighed, cursing the poachers who had made him like this. It certainly didn’t help that the plane shifting he did during his younger days had exacerbated it.

He shook his head and stood up, glinting brightly in the bright light of noon. He liked this kind of weather, made everything seem nice, even without his lover karma. He smiled at the thought of his male, black furred lupine love. Though his house had been getting lonely lately. He ruffled his smooth skin and walked inside.

The Grey furred fox running the place looked up gladly. Raikan had become almost a staple of the slowly improving orphanage. His donations to the place were the reason it had been getting better. Even better than that was the attitude he brought to the place. He had become a local legend, the kids attitude cheering up for days after he visited. It was like the mewtwo emitted an aura of happiness. He always visited the kids at least every other day and picked out one kid to take out for the afternoon, returning the considerably happier kid.

He had gained his own nickname around here. The kids called him the yellow one, and everyone loved him. The mewtwo was just that kind of person it seemed to him. He supposed that part of it was that he insisted on being called rai. One of his best accomplishments had been this; Maxis Oliver Ringz, a desolate coon had been changed by him. He was much cheerier.

He supposed the common bond between Maxis and rai was they were both forced to wear diapers. Anyway, maxis had always been rather gloomy about his chances at adoption, wearing black and always writing poetry. Then rai had spotted max, asked a few questions and taken him out.

Max had come back a bundle of energy, cheery and almost shining. He had changed and kept this attitude. As he spilled his guts to rai, the mewtwo had told him that he would arrange for max to be adopted shortly. Max had been eager and…. He looked up as he heard a pattering and pounding of feet down the hall.

Rai groaned and braced himself; Sure enough, about 2 seconds later he was pounded to the ground by a large grey and black furred cannonball. His face promptly got a bath by a smooth coon tongue, his fall cushioned by his padded rump. He giggles and kicks, pushing the coon up.

“Whoa there maxy! Sheesh, you need a change or what?” He asks as he pats the coons diaper rear, hearing a squish. Max blushes as his rump is patted and raikan gets up. “Yeah I need a change..” He mutters as raikan takes his paw.

“Come on.” Rai said as he leads the coon to his room and smiles. The coon blushes as he pulls off his pants. Rai smiles as he walks around the coon and cups the bulge in the back of the diaper. “Yup your messy little guy.” He says, letting the diaper droop as he pushes max onto his bed.

Max blushed immensely as rai leads in a large muscled skunk, orange and white. “Max, this is ty. Hes going to adopt you.” Rai says, taking satisfaction as Maxs face lights up with delight as ty rubs his face. “Looks like you need a change, baby max.” He cooed as he untapped the full diaper. Max nodded, giggling and kicking like a baby as he’s cleaned up,his legs lifted up. Ty smiled, liking max. Rai had been right about this one; all he needed was a parent. He lifted the coons rump as he cleaned and powdered him, a glistening shaft revealed as he set his rump on another diaper.

Raikan smiled and slipped out the door, knowing what was to come. He smiled, feeling warm inside and then realized he also felt warm outside, a sure sign of a wet diaper. He sighed and went to a bathroom, cleaning and rediapering himself quickly as he walked out and looked around. His head jolted up as he heard a wail, loud and plaintive coming from the nursery. He paced down the hall and peaked around the door.

He saw a caretaker of the nursery struggling with a young silver wolfhound pup. As far as he could tell, the infant was being changed and being very fussy. He padded softly into the room and stopped. Perhaps it was the fact that the child was a wolfhound like Aragorn, or maybe it was his helplessness… But he knew this was the child. “Excuse me..” He said softly as he nudged the woman aside gently and began comforting the pup.

He coos and gently wiped the pup up, who slowly calmed down as he wiped away the tears from the child’s face gently. He then looked into the pups eyes and knew what it was. It was the pups eyes, a light sea green, glinting through his tears. His eyes called out for comfort and warmth. Rais own deep brown eyes looked right back at him as the pup sniffled. “Its okay, im here.” He murmured as he diapered him gently and nuzzles him, noting how his furr is dirty and matted.

Raikan looked up as the fox walked in and looked at him. “Oh this is strange… This guy is usually very anti social.. sharp as a tack but a big Messer..” He said as rai processed this. “Ill take him. He needs me.” He said as the cub nuzzled him and he carried him to the front, waving hi to max as he filled out the forms. He looked over the scores and information.

“Name Sirius... Age 18 months... Very smart… Still in diapers and refuses potty training at the moment… Uh huh... uh huh...” Rai mutter to himself and then fishes out a large wad of bills after filling out the paper work and hands it to the fox. ”Sir I!” He protests as rai waves a hand. “It’s a donation. Take it and make sure these little ones get the care they need.” He said as the fox nodded and he walked out the door, fastening his new son into a car seat.
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PostSubject: Re: Rai and Sirrius   Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:07 pm

The little wolfhound looked at the big creature as he looked over a list, nodding. “Mister, awe ou gonna take cawe of me?” He asks with a childish lisp. Raikan looked up, smiling gently. “Yes little one. I’m going to be your daddy.” He said as Sirrius smiled gently, sucking his thumb as the car started. “tanks fow taking me out o dere.. weally dirty.. I never had a dada befowe.” He says as rai melts and ruffles his head. “well I’m here for you now son.” He said, nuzzling his cheek.

They pulled up to his house and Rai unbuckled Sirrius, as he looked up. “Wow..ou wive hewe? Dats weally nice..” He murmured as he snuggled into rais chest. Rai nodded and was about to speak when… “Hey Rai!!! How are ya? Who’s that? Can I see him!!” Rai looked around and sure enough, standing there on the fence, pull-ups in plain view was his VERY excitable squirrel neighbor zee zee.

“Zee, tell you what… you go ask your parents if you can spend the rest of the day with me okay? Then you can meet the little guy..” He says, making a shush gesture as zee giggles and scurries inside. He carries the slightly frightened pup inside, rubbing his back gently. “Shhh its okay…. Here, check out your room.” I say as I open a door and show him a full nursery. Sirrius looked up at him. “Dis is my woom? Weally?” He asked as rai nodded and he smiled an angelic little grin. Rai smiled and then flicked his ears, hearing a soft knock as he walked to the door and opened it.

“HI RAI!!” Yelled Zee as Rai ducked down as the squirrel somehow managed to both blow out his eardrums and jump onto his back at the same time, diapered teddy in hand. He shakes and grabs zee. “Zee knock it off.. You made me wet my diaper.” He reprimands as zee blushes and nods, and then he takes the cub by the paw. “Can I see da guy you had?” He asks and then squeals as I nod and lead you to the nursery, where sirrius is cuddling large wolf plush, his diapers thick and obvious. Zee skips in and looks at him.

“Hey yous almost as old as I is.. Im zee… whys you wearing diapers?” He asks as he sits down next to Sirius, who blushes and sucks his thumb. Rai walks over and scolds zee. “Now zee, don’t make fun of my new son.. he just doenst want to give up his diapers.” He says as a look of comprehension comes to zees face. “Wow your really lucky!! I’m sure rai is going to make a good daddy!” He says and huggles sirrius, who huggles back and wets his diaper. Zee giggles and rai sniffs the air.

“Ahh my babys all wet.” He says as zee giggles and then holds up his plush. “Tommy needs a Change too! Hes all wet!” He yipped out happily as rai picked up the saggy wolfhound. He nods and smiles. “Let me change sirrius first and then we’ll get tommy. Is it okay if you stay the night with me?” He asks zee as he lays sirrius down. Zee nods as sirrius coos and giggles, kicking his feet as rai tickles.

“There we go..” He said softly as he untapped and cleaned up sirrius, powdering him as zee kneels. “Me gonna change tommy!” Zee declared, rummaging around the table and untaping his bear’s diaper. Rai chuckled as he rubs sirrius’s rear gently and threaded his tail while zee giggled. “Tommy’s all wet!” He squeaked as he powdered and sneezed cutely. “There we go son..” He cooed softly as he taped up sirrius’s diaper as zee finished his teddy and giggled. He then looked up with a look that rai recognized and grabbed the boy by the paw. “Come on Zee!” He says, as he leads the “big” boy to the bathroom.

Zee yelps and is placed on the potty as sirrius looks on curiously as the little squirrel potty’s. Rai checks the pull-ups and see the star are slightly blurry and clucks his tongue. “Gotta be more careful careful zee.” He said as zee finishes and pouts. ”I’m a big boy!” He protests as he is put into a fresh pull up and his tail taped in. Rai sighs and nods, then nuzzles the squirrel and nuzzles sirrius. Zee looks at rai through his thick glasses. “You look really happy rai.” He observed as his tummy grumbled.

He nods as sirrius speaks up. “I knows I am… Is neber had a dada..” he says softly before sucking his thumb as zee looks upand climbs up rais legs into his arms. “Awww poor baby!!” He said, nuzzling the wolfhound. Sirrius nuzzles back and both their tummy’s rumble as rai smiles and looks at the clock, being late in the day. “Sirrius, zee,how does hamburgers and fries sound?” He ask as zee squeals in glee and nods while sirrius nods eagerly.

He smiles and sets them on the couch, and turns to zee. “Zee, I want you to keep sirrius company cause this is his first night in his new home.” Zee nodded and comically saluted as he snuggled up to sirrius who cooed. Rai moved to the kitchen and began cooking as zee puzzled over the remote and finally got some cartoons to come on. He sqealed happily as did sirrius as they watched. “Zee, tonight both me and sirrius need our sleep so im going to have to diaper you for bed.” Rai called as he prepared the plates and burgers. “But RAI!” Zee pouted as rai shot him a look. “No excuses zee.” “Okay..” He said as he tugged sirrius’s hand and led the trembly toddler to the table where both him and zee were put in highchairs with bottles.
Rai smiles gently as zee suckles on his bottle. “zee you can feed yourself.. I’m going to feed sirrius.” He said as he feed sirrius, a bib tied around his son’s neck. Zee nods, being proud for being trusted to feed himself, even if he does have to drink out of a bottle. He smiles as rai cajoles his new son into eating, soon finishing his own food. Mmmm, rai was a good cook.
He blushes as he squirms. “Rai I gotta go poop!” yelps as hes picked up and whisked to the bathroom. He smiles happily and then frowns as he rai raises his old pull up. “Looks like you made it but not all the way zee.” He said as zee felt the front, all wet and soaked through.

“Now its time for your night diaper zee.” He said as he picked up the little squirrel and wiped his rump. “No Rai I don’t wanna! Im not a baby!!” He protested as rai got out a thick night diaper. “Listen zee, you are not a baby but you do need protection. Asides do this and ill let you have chocolate syrup on your ice cream.” He tempted as he laid zee on the diaper. “Oh…. Okay then.” Zeesaid, easily placated and eager for ice cream as rai powdered his rump and threaded his tail. Rai smiled to himself as he taped up the thick diaper on zee and lead him back to the kitchen and picked up sirrius.

The little pup cooed as rai sat down on the couch and bottle-fed the pup. “Aww dats so cute.” Zee cooed, climbing up on the couch. Rai nodded as sirrius closed his eyes and suckled. “Yup.. Baby’s usually are. Speaking of which, hows your mom?” He asks as zee frowns a bit. He sighed. ”Oh they’re getting ready… I wanna a new sibling but what if dey forget that big boys like to be cuddled and kissed?” He asks, looking at ria with a few tears. Rai cuddles zee and rubs his head. “I tell ya what zee.. If you ever feel like your parents are too busy, come over to my place and ill take care of ya.” He says, and zee smiles immensely as rai clicks on muppet Treasure Island. “Okay wai! Tanks.” He said as he laid on his belly and watched the movie.

Rai looked up at the end of the movie as Zee sniffs the air, and looks at sirrius. “I fink sirrius made a stinky.” He said as rai lifted sirrius up and his diaper drooped from his mess. “Yup.. wanna help me change him zee?” He asked as he got out the supplies. “Oh yeah! I practice on Tommy but he never goes poopy!” Zee said as rai laid sirrius down and zee scooted over to watch, handing him the stuff. Zee made a face as sirrius’s mess was exposed and wiped up, and rai handed him the old diaper.

“Yucky!” he squeaked as he carried it to the trash and dumped it. He helped powder the baby as rai sneezed and then pats sirrius’s rump gently as he protested. “Oh shh, its okay sirrius..” “Otay dada…”He said softly, blushing as he was thickly diapered. “Yous weal quiet sirrius.” Zee noted as rai and sirrius yawned at the same time. “Yeahs a bit scawed…”He murmured as he sucked his thumb. “Now is the time for all good children to go to bed.” Rai announced as zee pouted. “No ice cream?!” He yelps and rai smacked his forehead. “Right.” He said and returned a few minutes later with a bowl of vanilla and chocolate syrup for zee and a bottle of chocolate milk for sirrius.

Several minutes of suckling and chomping later and zee needed a major clean up. Rai fetched a napkin and cleand the squirrel up, then walked down the hall and stopped in the bathroom. “be right back kids.” He said as he waddled into the bathroom. “Its okay Wai! We knows ya gotta changed your diapee! Its otay yous not a big boy!” Zee called.

Rai’s jaw dropped in abject humiliation. “Me dada not potty twained?” Sirrius asked as rai changed himself grumbling. “Yeah, he wears diapees just wike ou!” Zee explained as sirrius shrugged. “Dats otay…diapees awe cute.” He said as rai came out in a new thick diaper. “I told you its medical related.” He muttered as he carried the kids to his bed. He sighed and gave zee his plush as the big boy squirrel pulled on the pajamas he brought from home while he dressed sirrius in a grey sleeper. He pulled the covers back and zee hopped in.
”Wai can you sing? My momma always sings me to sleep.” Zee said sleepily. He blushed. “Well there is a song I know of... My momma used to sing it to me,” He said as he settled in bed, zee and sirrius both snuggled up to him. He cleared his throat and began sleeping in a soft baritone to them.
“I love you so much… I love you so much. I cant even tellyou how much I love you. Your special to me, Your special to me. Im so glad to have you as part of my life. I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you so much, I love you so much... Im so glad to have you as part of my life…” He sang, the end of the song trailing off as sirrius looked up, zee already fast asleep. “Do you really dada?” He asked. He smiled. “Yes son. I do.” He said as the 2 of them drifted off to sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Rai and Sirrius   Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:48 pm

Awwwwwwwwww! Raikan, I love it! I've just read it through twice, I love the little details, and just how cute and cuddly the whole story is! Sirius is a lucky puppy! And thanks for putting me in it! Squeeee! *hugs*

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: Rai and Sirrius   Thu Nov 08, 2007 2:33 pm

its a good story but you have to be careful when putting in toddler talk. you over did it and nearly killed a good story
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PostSubject: Re: Rai and Sirrius   Thu Nov 08, 2007 10:11 pm

*hugs Rai* Thanks love, you are the best! Other than the cameos, you really did re-capture the moment you addoped little Sirius *squees* but Zee and Max were great additions!

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PostSubject: Re: Rai and Sirrius   

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Rai and Sirrius
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