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 A strange homecoming

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PostSubject: A strange homecoming   Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:05 pm

Be warned folks, my new story is so sweet you'll get a cavity. Enjoy!!
A Strange Homecoming

Takato sighed in apprehension. He had been away on vacation for a few days and Guilmon was no doubt bouncing off the walls. If he was lucky, he hadn’t caused too much trouble. He rubbed his head as he approached what comprised guilmons room. The rather cold concrete structure had been…

“Wait a minute!!” He said as he noticed the inside of the room had been padded with several blankets, including one on the floor. Well it did get cold in there. No, that wasn’t the point; the point was guilmon had been up to mischief. He groaned as he opened the gate.

GUIL…mon.” He trailed off as he blinked a few time. This was followed by several rounds of pinching, followed by a good slap to the face in an effort to wake himself. Nothing worked and yet he couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he gazed at his digimon.

The Camera pans around and we see the object of shock. Guilmon was an average red and black digimon a little taller than takato. His little wings twitching as he snored loudly. In his mouth, he was suckling on a large red pacci as he slept. Around his waist was a very thick, single tape diaper!! Which was ridiculous, even if he did act like a child. What more, from what takato knew, guilmon had apparently wet it!!

“G-guilmon…Come on, wake up boy.” He said softly as he shook the digimon. One hand gently brushed the seat of the diaper and takato noticed how smooth it was.

“Takatomon? Your back!!” Guilmon squealed as he tackled him. He nuzzled and pinned the boy to the ground. Takato chuckled and wiggled as guilmon licked him. He managed to push guilmon back onto his diapered rump and sat up cross-legged.

“Guilmon what on earth happened here? Why are you wearing a diaper? Where did you find one that fitted you?” Takato asks as guilmon sits there happily. He smiles and gets up, then pads over to a corner and rummages a bit before coming back and plopping down a bag.

“Change my diaper first takatomon. Den ill tell ya.” He said as he lay down on his back with an audible squish. Takato opened up the bag and looked inside to find a package of diapers inside, along with wipes and powder. This was clearly a strange day, Takato thought as he scooted in front of guilmon and reached inside the diaper bag for the wipes.

He gingerly untapped the thick wet diaper and pulled it down, looking at guilmon as he opened the wipes. “I can’t believe I’m changing your diapers.” He murmured as guilmon giggled while takato wiped him up. He sighed and rubbed his goggled forehead as guilmon lifted his legs. He quickly wiped his rump clean and wadded the old diaper up, taking out a new one and powdering the red reptile.

“Tanks takato, dis is really nice of you.” He said, as the new diaper was slide under him and his tail threaded. “Your welcome boy. You’re my digimon and I do have to take care of you.” Takato replied as he finished the job and taped the diaper tightly around guilmon. He sat back and looked at the job, smiling softly. Guilmon did look cute with that pacci and his diapers. He sighed and settled back on the blanket as guilmon snuggled up and began the story.
[first person view]

It had been only 2 days earlier, during the time when takato had been gone. I was really bored wif you being gone and impmon wasn’t around. So I was just hanging around in my room. Then I noticed some kind of energy. It was like when a digimon appeared but not the same. So I followed it and ended up at the swing set, where it was sitting on a swing.

Umm takato, when I saw it I wet myself. I was sure this wasn’t a digimon but it was so weird. It was taller than you. It was bright yellow and had a really long tail. Thin cat ears, large hips and a rounded snout and a really thick diaper around its waist. So I didn’t attack it but wandered over and nosed its back. “Well hello there little guy. Where’s your daddy?” He asked me as I sat down on the grass and scratched my head. “Umm… takato’s my daddy I think. But he’s gone away for a while on family things I think. I’m guilmon!’ I said as the yellow guy grinned.

“Well I’m raikan and it smells like you wet yourself.” He chuckled as I sniffed myself and blushed, then got up. “Where ya going?” He asked as he got up and followed me. “Oh, takato says I’m not supposed to talk to strangers raimon.” I said as I walked back to my place. “Well we’re friends right? I mean I like you and you like me. So aren’t we friends?” He said and after a few moments, I nodded and nuzzled him. “Okay raimon we’re friends!! Dis is my room.” I said as I walked inside.

Raikan looked around, his new friend was cute but the room really didn’t reflect him. He chuckled softly as he looks at guilmons dripping crotch and smiled. “Hey guilmon, mind if I do something?” “Sure raimon.” Guilmon said as he looked at him. “Okay, close your eyes.” He said. Once guilmon had his eyes covered by his paws, raikan reached into the hyperspace attached to his side.

He smiled to himself after a few minutes work and made guilmon open his eyes. The digi squealed like a child at the sight of the cozy blankets for his room. Raikan smiled and accepted the hug guilmon gave him, and then nuzzled the red digimon. “Hey guilmon, want to try something for your wetting?” Raikan asked kindly as guilmon frowned and shifted on his feet. “What do you mean raimon?” He asked, as raikan laid a hand on the young digimons shoulder. Raikan smiled softly and twitched his nose. “I can smell it.” “Oh... Well I only have the problem when takatomons not around.” He murmured softly, blushing.

Raikan shook his head softly and gently pushed guilmon onto his rear. “Well I think I have something to take care of that. Now hold still.” Raikan said as he gently wiped guilmon clean with some wipes. He snickered at how much guilmon laughed from the tickling of the wipes. A child indeed, so what came next was most fitting. He lifted the reptile’s rump and took out a thick diaper, then powdered and taped him into it. “There we go, this should help.” He said as guilmon leaned down and sniffed at the front.

“What is this raimon? It feels comfy.” He said as he pawed at it a bit and then lay on his back, sighing happily. “Its called a diaper guilmon and you go potty in it. It will catch your accidents.” He said as he sat down and gently pulled guilmon’s head onto his lap. “Ohhh... I wike it…”He said childishly as he found himself sucking his thumb while rai cradled him.

Raikan smiled and gently stroked the digimons head, putting a pacci in his mouth as guilmon began suckling it. “Your just a big baby.” He cooed as guilmon yawned. He began humming softly as guilmon shifted and snuggled up to him. Raikan yawned as guilmon lay his head on his chest and he gently put one hand onto the babies soft scaly skin. He smiled and drifted off.

Takato looked at guilmon with a raised eyebrow. “You telling me all that happened?” “Yeah, uh-huh! Raimon stayed with me and babied me while you were gone!!” Guilmon said, nodding his head a bunch. “Prove it.” Takato challenged. Guilmon grinned and rummaged around in the diaper bag, coming up with a video screen and a note. “Here, raimon said you were supposed to have these takato.” He said as he handed them over.
Takato looked over the note. It read; “Dear takato;
By now guilmon has told you all about what happened while you were away. I feel compelled to tell you that guilmon is very fond of his diapers and knows how to reach me for more. So I suggest you accept the fact, and get ready to change some messy diapers. Also, the included video screen has 2 things on it; a record of what transpired and a few videos on the clothing and other items in the bag. Sincerely Raikan.”

Takato blinked and looked over at guilmon, then at the video screen and flicked it on. He selected the first file and watched it, lying on his back when it was done. Guilmon had been telling the truth… This strange digimon had not been bent on destruction but had babied his digimon. He reflected for a few moments, thinking how strange it had been that all this should happen.

He grinned to himself; guilmon had acted like a baby sometimes so maybe this was for the best. He then heard a soft rumbling and found guilmon laying his head in his lap, looking up as he open his mouth. He sighed and rubbed guilmons tummy, then rummaged around coming up with a bottle of milk from the bag. He gently put the nipple to guilmons lips and he gladly suckled as takato smiled. This would be fun, caring for his boy, his baby boy.
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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:23 pm

Awwwww! Cute as heck Rai! You made one adorable story. Hehehe.


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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:37 pm

*giggle* Yep, that's very cute! I love the idea of Raikan bouncing around dimensions, spreading diaper-love wherever he goes!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:13 pm

Totally! Uber cute Rai^.^

I'd talk more but I just made an appointment with my dentist to get this cavity filled Razz

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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:49 pm

Awesome Raikan!
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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:19 pm


THAT was sweet!

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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:00 pm

I know nobody likes a necromancer but I have to comment that this is my absolute favorite story here!
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PostSubject: Re: A strange homecoming   

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A strange homecoming
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