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 Change of Life, Change of Species.

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Change of Life, Change of Species.   Sat Dec 29, 2007 5:40 pm

Well this is a story I started a long time ago and well I figured I'd share it with you. This the first part and I'll be working on the second. Anyway I hope ya enjoy it.

Change of life, Change of species

The Beginning.
"Hold position! We need to buy time for the civilians to escape!" I heard a soldier yell. There were bombs going off left and right. The Shodowhy had finally reach earth. I was running with my father. We where heading for his lab. And our only chance for escape. Dad knew they would just shoot down the civilian escape craft. We finally reached the building and got in the elevator and pressed the down button. We reached the bottom floor. Dad ran his pass card through the card reader and let it scan his retina. The big double doors opened. We quickly found our way to our only hope of escape. The dimensional jump gate. Scaz was standing by the controls. He helped Dad build it. He was an evolved Raptor. He had been accidentally dumped here when his own jump gate malfunctioned.

"Scaz is everything ready?" Dad asked as he hurried towards his console.

"Yes. All systems are green. I've locked in our target destination and we're ready to go."

Then all of a sudden the whole lab shook and the lights went crazy. We were half a mile down. How did they do that. A few seconds later the lights came back on.

"Oh no they must be setting off antimatter charges. We need to hurry." Dad said getting up off the floor. "Scaz report. Damage?

"That blast knocked out our main power. The main buffers down. The gate will still work. But I can only send one of us through." Scaz sighed. Dad and Scaz met eyes and they both nodded.

"Jake stand on the preinstall. We'll run your scan now and send you through." Dad told me.

"But what about you guys?" I didn't want to leave the only family I had.

"Jake you must go. Your the one with a future ahead of you." Scaz walked over to me. "Here take this with you. This necklace was crafted of ore from the great meteor."

"And take this with you too Jake." Dad handed me a small holo tank. "Its Baewolf. My AI. So a part of me will be with you."

"Dad...." I started to cry. " I'll never forget you. Or Scaz." They stepped back and Scaz ran the scan.

"Scan complete. Activating jump gate." Scaz powered the gate.

"Establishing portal. Portal established." Dad watched his screen trying not to cry himself.

"Sending com signal. This is field agent Scaz to sourian High Command. I am about to send a survivor from this dimension through the gate."

"Scaz I thought you were dead." said a female voice.

"Sallya. Is that you? Listen I'm stuck in a bad situation here. I'm sending my human friendís son through. Watch out for him. And yourself."

"But what about you? Aren't you coming too?" She seemed panicked.

"No my dear. We only have enough power over here for one person."

"I understand. You were always the selfless one. Send him through." She said composing her self. Dad walked me to the gate.

"You take care now Jake. Remember that I'll always love you and I'll always watch over you." He sounded near tears. I just silently nodded as tears of my own ran down my cheek.

"Kid you have a good life. Keep an eye on my world for me." Scaz smiled.

I started to step through the gate when the lab shook again and I was sent tumbling through. I felt like I was coming apart and screamed in pain. The space around me warped and my vision blurred. Or was it the world that blurred? Finally I was flung out and hit a hard cold floor. I tried to lift my head to look up but then everything seemed to spin and I fell back to the floor. The last thing I remember was seeing a pair of raptor feel moving toward me.

When I woke up I felt awful. It felt like someone took a jackhammer to my head. Every muscle in my body ached and I felt generally sick. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I was in what looked like a hospital room.

"Uggg. Where am I." I said aloud and to my surprise someone answered.

"Your in the sourian world. More specifically your in a hospital in Manhattan." said a somewhat familiar voice. I turned my head to see a female raptor. She had long blue feathers trailing the top and back of her head. "I'm the one that was on the com link. My name's Sallya, but you can call me Sall. What's yours kido?"

"Jake" I said as I reached to rub my sore head. As I brought my hand up I stopped in my tracks. It was like the gears of my brain had just stopped. I had scales! And my fingers were clawed, although I still had five of them. I felt my face. No muzzle yet but I no longer had a nose per say just a small protuberance. I didn't have ears anymore either.

"Yeah that probably needs an explanation uh?" I looked at her. "You see when you were coming through there was a power surge from your end. The scanners on our end picked up two DNA strands. It rebuilt you with that second strand inside you. It probably got the second strand from one of Scaz's scales that flaked off on you. When you arrived you were human. Our docs say you'll be full raptor by the end of the day."

"Great." I said lamely.

"Yeah. Theirs more than just that."

"More. Like what? Am I going to turn into a puddle on the floor too?"

"No. Well when the gate put you back together you lost a few genetic markers. The ones for your age. So not only will you be a raptor by the end of the day you'll also be four biologically."

"So I'm going to be a little kid by the end of the day?"

"In more ways than one. You also suffered some irreparable nerve damage. So you can say good bye to your bladder and bowel control. But look on the bright side. You'll be physically four. So no one will give you a second look. You'll get to start a whole new life from scratch. And you'll have the heightened senses of a raptor. We got the best vision of any sourian except the troodons."

"Where will I stay? Here?" This was so complicated. It just served to make my head hurt even more.

"You'll stay here overnight for observation and a few test tomorrow morning but then you'll be coming home with me. I've got plenty of space. My brother should have everything set up by now."

My head was spinning now. This morning when I got up I still had dad and the world was still in one piece. Now dad was gone. All my friends were probably dead. Just like mom. I was in a strange place. I had lost everything I knew today. It all just flooded through my head all at once. All the faces I'd never see again. I brought my knees up to my chest and rapped my arms around them. As I did I realized two things. One I was already getting smaller and two that I was diapered. At this point I felt so small and helpless and mad at the world. I started crying. Then I felt arms around me. I looked up to see Sallya's face. There was something familiar about her.

"Shhhhhhh. I know it hurts. You lost everything you knew today. But your safe here. And I promise I'll be here if you need anything. Ok?" She sounded real familiar. I laid my head on her chest and sniffled. At least I had made one friend in this world. I don't know what it was about her but it did make me feel a little better. I snuggled into her and absently noticed I already had a tail. I stared at it and concentrated. It moved. Sallya noticed and smiled.

"Aw isn't this a codak moment." I heard some one say. We both looked to the doorway and saw another raptor standing their. He was wearing a Halo shirt some baggy jeans that stopped just before his ankle. And he had a few bags in one hand.

"Hey Spence. So you finally showed up. Jake this is my brother Spencer. He's kind of a goof. But handy."

"Yeah now is that anyway to talk to the guy who spent five hours setting up the little guy's room. Anyway I brought the stuff you wanted. I got a few strange looks from the store clerks. After all me in the hatchling section is an odd sight."

"Hatchling section?" I asked cocking my head to the side and noticing I was developing a muzzle.

"Yeah I sent Spence to get you a few things from the store after he set up your room."

"What kind of stuff?"

"Well lets see. Diapers, clothes that will fit you once you reach your final size, afew stuffed animals, a hand held Net Link, and an assortment of other things I'm not sure if you'll really need or want to use." Spence said going through the bags. He seemed friendly. "You wana see the stuff?"

"Yeah!" I said a little excitement escaping into my voice. I didn't really have much of a childhood to say nothing of an infancy. The war with the Shadowhy had been going on since before I was born. You have to grow up fast in times like that.

Spencer walked over to the bed and laid he stuff out in front on me and Sallya. As far as cloths went there were some rompers, shorts, t-shirts with various themes, and a few footed sleepers. I then picked up the package of diapers. It had a picture of a little raptor crouched down stalking a stuffed triceratops in just his diapers. They said Snuggle Dry. I smiled. I then looked at the stuffed animals. There was a T-Rex, a Triceratops, a Brontosaurus, and a raptor. My eyes caught on the raptor. It wasn't your stereo-type raptor. It had feathers. They were a deep red and their was a streak of ocean blue on it's head. It had a caller on with a tag. I read the tag aloud. "Strike!" I really liked this one. I picked him up and held him as I looked at the rest. The "assortment of other things" was comprised of a bottle, a few pacifiers, and a bib or two. I reached out and grabbed a blue pacifier noticing I had one fewer digits on each hand. I looked up at Sallya with the pacifier in my mouth. She smiled down warmly. Man that felt familiar. I wish I could place it though. I could hear Spencer chuckle softy. It wasn't in a mean way though. More like a brotherly laugh. Lastly I looked at the Net Link. I picked it up and looked it over. I was shaped like an open game boy. Except half the size.

"Press the button on the side." Spence told me. So I pressed the button. When I did it projected a holographic screen and key board.

"You can use that for a lot of things. Surfing the net, watching movies, the news, TV, write, draw, and a lot more that I won't list."

"Cool. Can we watch a movie on it now?" I asked

"Sure. Hey Spence bring up your movie library on that and lets watch one."

"Ok sis. You want movies. I'll give you movies." Spencer walked over and typed in a few words on the key board and touched a few things on the screen and a list of movies came up. There where thousands of them! "Ok lets narrow that down. What kind of movie you want to see." I thought for a moment. "Action." I said. He typed action on the key board and the list narrowed to a few hundred. He read down through the list and stopped at one.

"I think you'll like this one. Its more of an action fantasy though but its still good." He double tapped the name and the beginning credits started. Sallya slid back and leaned against the wall. And I leaned back in her arms and stretched my legs. As I did I noticed that my heels had moved up higher on my legs and that I only had four toes to a foot, my big toes were getting bigger claws. I also noticed the diaper was looser around my waist and wet. Sallya noticed it too. She untapped the diaper and then tightened it.

"After the movie I'll change you. By then you should be completely raptor. If you want I'll put you in a sleeper." Sallya said. I smiled and we watched the movie. It was great. Like Lord of the Rings meets Jurassic Park. But I did nearly nod off towards the end. It was already dark outside. And Sallya was right. At the end the movie I was full raptor. Not just that though. I was now biologically four. Sallya had to tighten the diaper twice during the movie.

"So little guy did ya like the movie?" Spence asked me with a silly grin.

"Yeah it was great!"

"Ok now I think its time I got you changed and dressed." Sallya got off the bed as I laid there. She opened the package of diapers and pulled one out. Then Spence tossed her another bag that contained lotion, wipes, and powder. She untapped the diaper and slid it out from under me and wiped me up. Then she slid the fresh diaper under me and thread my tail through. She then applied the lotion and powder and taped up the new diaper. It was much more comfy then the old one. I then stood up as Spence approached with the sleepers.

"Ok little buddy witch one you want. Red, Blue, or stars?"

"Stars." Spence then helped me into the star sleeper. He started with threading my tail through the back, then my feet, and last my arm before zipping it up.

"There all dressed up." There was something about Spencer. It felt like having a big brother. He cared too. The sleeper felt good too. It was warm and soft.

"Aw now thatís a codak moment." Sallya teased.

"Well then why don't you take a picture?" Spence teased back.

"I think I will." Sallya pulled a small digital camera out of her pocket and snapped a picture.

"Well you should probably get some rest. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow." Sallya smiled warmly at me. I laid down in the bed with Strike and she tucked me in. I yawned.

"Sweet dreams Jake."

"Yeah sleep tight little buddy. I'll see you tomorrow when you too get home." Spence gave me a hug and waved good bye as he walked out the door.

Sallya laid down beside me and I snuggled in to her. She cuddled me and smiled. I felt warm and fuzzy. I hadn't been that in a long time. Not since.... Thatís it. She seemed familiar because she reminded me of mom. I laid my head on her chest and listened to her heart and closed my eyes. I lost a life today. But I gained one too. They say god never closes a door without opening a window. I slowly drifted off to sleep and dreamed of what was to come.


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PostSubject: Re: Change of Life, Change of Species.   Sun Dec 30, 2007 6:21 am

I'll look forward to seeing more! I love your stories!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: Change of Life, Change of Species.   Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:17 am

Sounds great, you've got a real nack for story telling! looking forward to more!
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PostSubject: Re: Change of Life, Change of Species.   Sun Dec 30, 2007 12:12 pm

Good story! The only thing I could say is pay attention to spelling, but I loved the theme. Are you going to continue it?
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PostSubject: Re: Change of Life, Change of Species.   

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Change of Life, Change of Species.
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