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 Just a little story

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PostSubject: Just a little story   Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:33 am

((Note: This story involved mental regression and messy diapers))

Hey all. I just got hit with some inspiration, so I drummed up this short story

Tell me what you think!
and Happy New Year!


New Year’s Evolution

By: Maxis Coon

The beakers and cylinders on the lab table bubbled excitedly, the dancing flames from the burners beneath the heated concoctions cast odd shadows that leapt and danced nimbly on the silver steel walls of the laboratory. Hark; we see a shadowy figure bent over a lap table, the steady tic tic tic of his paw digits on the keyboard beneath him. Outside the lab’s only small window we can see the dark blue inkiness of late night, but ever so often the gloom was broken by a sudden flash of light, and a loud bang, fireworks were emblazoning themselves on the sky, painting God’s canvas with multicolor explosions. We see our mysterious figure stand, and in the dull light of the laboratory, we see the figure of an anthromorphic raccoon, grey on grey with long black hair and stunning pale blue eyes. He twitches his rather large ears as he switches on a small camcorder wired to the computer, we see the recording appear on the screen.

“Hello, I am Maxis coon, and this is data entry 707, at approximately 10:00 PM local time. I am recording this and many other entries onto my hard drive in order to keep track of my scientific explorations and breakthroughs into genetics and age and behavior modification…the following information is vital, please listen closely.

“The date and time once again are 10/31/2009, and the time is now 10:03 PM local time. Now, thee table behind me contains many different vials and tubes of various bio modification solutions…they are so far distinguished only by their respective vivid colors as I don’t wish to name them yet. Each one has its own function and effects on the body, anywhere from a slight bio change to complete full body mutation. This video is strictly for the purpose of gaining government funding for my research to continue.”

The raccoon then withdrew a small box from under the table, showing the camera its contents. In this case the box contained a small, non-anthromorphic rat. The small creature appeared rather old and docile. The raccoon displayed a small caddy containing four vials of different colored liquids: a yellow vial, a green vial, a purple vial, and a blue vial.

“For further evidence to my claims I have decided to use this rat as my first test subject, as I am unsure of the effects the concoctions might have on human or anthromorphic DNA. First up is the Vial Yellow, this solution, when making contact with the skin, causes a rapid mutation in skin pigment cells, actually giving the creature its in contact with, an ability to blend in perfectly with their background. Observe please.

With that, the raccoon poured the vial of yellow liquid onto the small rat. The yellow watery substance soaked into the rat’s fur, leaving only a small puddle under the rat’s feet. The rat suddenly began to twitch and run about the box as if in a delirium of mild discomfort. This lasted for only a few moments and it once again settled back down. However, right before the camera we can see that the rat’s fur begins to change from a light grey into the dingy brown color of the box it was in.

“There…Solution yellow is a success…the subject is now free to change his skin and fur pigmentation to match any background. I find this solution would be useful for soldiers in wa-”

The raccoon was cut off by a loud female voice


The raccoon growled.




The raccoon turned back to the camera with a nervous smile, clearing his throat.

“I’m very sorry about that, some people cant appreciate what I’m doing here…Anyhow, I have much more to show you…this next vile is very interesting…”

The raccoon reaches across the open box, suddenly and without warning the rat turns a blood red color and jumps up, catching the coons arm in his mouth with a sharp click. The raccoon screamed in pain and whirled around wildly with the rat attached to his sleeve and arm, effectively knocking the camera out in the process. As the coon spun around wildly, yelping and pleading for the rat to get off of him, his foot collided with a crate on the floor, causing him to fall headlong into his table. Shards of glass flew everywhere as the table full of colored chemicals spill onto him. He knew he was in trouble when the rat released his arm; he lay there as the chemicals seeped into him. He felt them strongly as his vision began to fade and he was pulled into a deep darkness…

((From here on out this story is told in a traditional first person narrative format.))

“What….what happened…?” I said softly to no one in particular as I sat up. I looked around at the maelstrom of chemicals around me and my soaked fur and it all came back. “Oh…God…oh God no, what did I just do! I could die now, oh my God!” I was panicked. I stood quickly and scanned the lab, then my body, which appeared to be fine, and at last I scanned my mind, closing my eyes and thinking to make sure I was still who I was.

“Three times the sum of Pi divided by….by…” I couldn’t finish, I felt myself hit by a sudden headache. In pain I held my head fast. I stumbled around as the whole world began to spin inside my head. I began to feel different…a little bit dumber…I suddenly was not able to divide my attention into ten thoughts at once like I was normally capable of. Oh no, now I could only think of one thing at a time, and at that moment the thing on my mind was what was happening to me.

I stumbled around until I was able to find a chair, sitting down I felt myself calm…this new one track mind seemed rather enjoyable…I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle…then another, then another, then again and again until I was in a fit of laughter…laughter at nothing in particular. I tried to stop, but it was to no avail, I couldn’t stop laughing, the whole situation seemed hilarious to me.

…That’s when it hit me first…

A sudden pang in my head and I looked at the world around me…everything was changing…not entirely, but just slightly. In my mind I felt myself getting dumber and dumber. I tried to keep my mind together by counting.

“One…two…three…four…five…s….ummm…no…wait…what comes next…I know it, it’s a big number! I know big numbers!” I whined to myself as I struggled to think of a “Big Number” of course this was no use. The more I struggled with my mind the less I noticed that my body was moving, it was walking me to my emergency clothes drawer, slowly stripping my clothes off the whole way. I had no control over myself as I began pulling on pairs of underwear, so many I lost count and my crotch was getting bulgier and bulgier. Soon I had so many pairs on I could barely stand, but somehow I managed, even still fighting the oncoming infantile state which seemed to be consuming my mind.

The clock inched to 11:30 and I was standing in my lab, blank stare on my face and wearing so many pairs of undies that it looked like a diaper. My mind was switching back and forth between two very different thought processes. On the one hand I had my original mind, and it was telling him how wrong this was, standing there with an unpleasantly large makeshift diaper between his legs. It was telling me that I was a smart adult and I like it that way.

And yet I began to slip back into this other state, a state which soon overwhelmed me, an innocent and simple state, telling me I loved my big cloth nappy. That I should let go of my hectic and smart life style and just slip into babyhood. Babyhood that was it! I was regressing, and I had to stop it!

((Switching to a third person narrative to keep the story fresh and give the reader optimum incite))

Max may have tried to struggle from there, he may have tried to regain his mind, but he had realized it much too late. He felt a pressure in his stomach and in his head. Oh his head, which was beginning to change so rapidly. All of his memories and thoughts were being dumbed down and infantilized. The making of scientific breakthroughs no longer excited him as they were soon replaced by images of colorful toys and bottles and pacis, and a nice big teddy bear to hug and squeeze. The more he resisted the more the pressure in his stomach grew. He grunted and groaned, it was as if the pressure in his head and stomach were one in the same.

“Must…not…submit…must…hold…it…in…must…howd it…but…it huwts…tummy huwts…me no wan tum tum huwt…no mowe huwt!!”

With that it was just too much. The coon gave a foolish, babyish smile of relief as he exploded into the back of the thick undies and his mess spread out all around him, burying his area in a warm gushy load. But it felt so pleasant to him, because at that moment of release the babyish thoughts had taken him over, eradicating all evidence of his former mind. He sank down onto the warm mess, sitting on his butt with a babyish babble. He felt drool run down his chin, so he plugged his thumb into his mouth contentedly and rocked himself a little. He was a happy baby now, he was a good boy.

And so we see the once genius coon, now in a mentally inferior state. Reduced to a thumb sucking, diaper dependent baby. Oh but don’t worry, his mommy came in and found him, and just as the clock struck 12:00 and the new year began, his mommy vowed to love and care for her new big baby son, forever.

…now, if only she could remember where she left that AB/DL catalog she had…

"Our Business is Life itself"
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PostSubject: Re: Just a little story   Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:12 am

*giggle* Nice one, Max!

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Just a little story   Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:59 pm

Sweet! Very discriptive!
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PostSubject: Re: Just a little story   Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:03 pm

I Likedit a lot max!! Id liketosee more stories in this vein Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Just a little story   

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Just a little story
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