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 donald's adventure

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PostSubject: donald's adventure   Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:16 pm

so youre probably wondering how donald duck got seperated from sora. well here's my story. the names have stayed the same.

after beating xemnas donald, goofy and the king return to disney castle unaware of the dangers ahead. king mickey rushes in with a letter from leon.
king mickey: its from leon. it says:

dear sora donald and goofy

its been peaceful at radiant garden. but theres more trouble ahead. somehow maleficent and pete got control of the castle here and get this a bunch of heartless we have never seen before. contact sora and riku and hurry.

signed leon.

king mickey: and that's all it says. donald.
donald: youre majesty.
king mickey: goofy.
goofy: yessir.
king mickey: ive already sent a letter to sora but i need you 2 to go there on the gummi ship and pick up riku and sora. were going after pete and maleficent and end this once and for all.
goofy and donald: yessir youre majesty.
they take off on their gummi ship to destiny island. there they see sora riku and kairi fending off heartless.
goofy: look out.
goofy and donald wipe out the heartless with sora and riku.
sora: i guess maleficent is up to no good again, huh? and petes in on it too right?
goofy: yep.
donald: ahh forget about him. lets go and get maleficent.

so what will happen next? and how does he get seperated from them. part 2 will be coming tommorrow. right now im tired.
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donald's adventure
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