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 The Furr's Fate.

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: The Furr's Fate.   Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:19 am

Ok now this is an older story from way back. Matter of fact it's my first story. I decided to post it here. At present it's not complete but I've gotten inspiration for it and am now going to be continuing it. Anyway here's the first chapter.



"Hunter vessle detected at the edge of our sense horizons!" chimed a female voice from the ship's speaker system as her holographic body of a mermade with a blue tall and blond hair quickly snaped on.

"Ok shut down engines and all nonessential systems and engage the cloak" said a liger sitting in the captains chair of the Destiny as he rubbed his for head.

"Hunt do you think they'll detect us?" the ligair asked a tall figure wearing black, red, and gray armor head to toe.

"Only if they got right on top of us Warren." Hunt answered.

" Sly use the maneuvering thrusters and start getting us moving." Warren (the Liger) said to a fox with red fur on most of his body and brown paws with white on his chest, tip of his tall and a tuf on his head.

"Right....which heading" Sly asked

"Stacy any place we could hide near by?" Warren asked a lioness sitting in the second navigation station next to Sly.

"A small nebula and an astround field. Though i think the field would be suicide." Stacy replied

"OK so the nebula it is." Warren said giving Sly the go ahead.

[/i]Three times in one day. This can't keep going on. Well at least Lig isn't awake for this one. Warren thought as he looked to the right of his chair to see his little brother asleep there clutching there mother's locket in his little paw.

Warren reached down and stoked his little brothers short mane. Lig unconsciously leaned into warren's paw.

"There moving off now." Stacy announced with some relief evident in her voice.

"Good course without weapons we'd be hard pressed in a fight." said a crimson colored dragon with an ocean blue mane. Who had stayed quiet all this time.

"Yeah no kidding Drac." said Sly

"There now out of sensor rang." the holographic mermaid informed

"Thanks Amy." Warren replied sounding a little weary.

In truth they were all weary and exhausted. This did not go unnoticed by hunt or Amy.

"Warr you guys have been up almost twenty hours. You all should go and get some sleep. Amy and I can handle the bridge ourselves." Hunt said

"What if the hunters attack while we're sleeping?" Warren asked sounding even more tired then before.

"Then me and Amy will take care of things and call you to the bridge." Hunt added.

"Alright you win Hunt. I guess we all could use some sleep." Warren said with a yawn at the end.

"Yeah if I don't get my beauty sleep I get cranky." Stacy added

"Yeah so whatís your excuse the rest of the time." Said Drac with a snicker.

Stacy just silently walked by Drac and gave him the finger on her way.

While everyone else was filing out of the bridge Warren gathered Lig up in his arms. Lig's free paw grabed and held on to Warren's shirt as if for security.

Warren just looked down at him and gave a weary smile. Lig was the only bit of family he had left. There parent had died in the hunter invasion. There mother was a doctor and there father was one of the army "higher ups" as he used to say. The locket Lig held had a photo of all of them in it. There dad and Warren had an arm around each other's shoulder and it look like there manes had melted into each other. There mother was holding Lig and making him laugh by dangling her striped tall over his little head. Lig was one in the photo and Warren was eleven.

Finally reaching there quarters the door open for them instantly. Warren wake in as the lights dimmed automatically. Warren laid Lig down in the big bed and then himself beside him. Lig snuggled into the softest and warmest thing near him which happened to be Warren. Warren wrapped and arm around the little guy and fell asleep himself.

To be continued...

Well what do you think the of first part of my first story.
More Will come. Most likely tomorrow.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:14 am

Entertaining :p wasn't that great, but it wasn't bad either ^^
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Drake Silverscales


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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:28 am

It was not bad Lig, had a every cute 'big brother and little brother" ending. It made me smile reading that ending part, your pretty good with those intament moments.
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:52 pm

Thanks guys. Don't worry the story will pick up pace as it goes on. Remember it was my first one. Anyway I've got some more story for ya.

As everyone filed out of the bridge Hunt took his seat at the captainís chair.

"Amy resume our previous course." Hunt said removing his helmet revealing his dark brown scales and the scar over his right eye.

"Course you want to go over the specs for our little project?" Amy asked with a smile.

"Yes please. We still need to get those shields working properly." Hunt answered.

A hologram to a suit of armor appeared in front of him showing the internal systems.

"Yeah Amy you think they'll like em?" Hunt asked with a smile.

"Oh yeah!" Amy replied staring at the armor specs.


"Hey Stacy can i walk you to your room?" Sly asked as he caught up with her as they left the bridge.

"Sure Sly you can even carry me if you want to." Stacy replied draping her arm over his shoulder.

Sly just smiled as he put his arm over her shoulder too.

"Just think a month or so ago our biggest worry was wither or not weíd pass our finals." Stacy said lamely.

"Yeah now we get to worry about getting blown out of the stars." Sly replied just as lamely.

Stacy put her head on Sly's shoulder and sighed .

"Oh well at least we still have our Lil bros and each other." Stacy said now sounding just a little sad.

Sly put his head softly on top of hers as they walked down the corridor


Drac entered his room quite exhausted by the day's event and headed for his bed when he noticed a light coming from his little sister's room.

He walked in and saw his little sister fast asleep with a book of ancient legends lying open next to her. He walked over and turned the reading lamp off and put a book mark in his sister's book and stopped and looked at it. She probably knows more about those legends then I do Drac thought as he placed it on the night stand.

"Sleep tight sis" Drac said softly to his sis as he put a blanket over her.


Lig woke up the next morning with his head resting against something worm and looked up to see his big brother's sleeping face.

Warr must have carried me back to our room last night Lig thought with a smile as he cuddled a bit closer to his brother. As he did this he felt a warm wetness around his waist. Lig looked down and poked his diaper which was indeed wet. But as he did he noticed he was holding something in his paw. It was their mother's locket. Lig opened it and looked at the picture inside. They looked so happy. Lig sniffled as a tear ran down his face. He missed there parents. Lig sniffled again as more tears ran down his face. Lig closed the locket unable to look at it anymore and unable to stop himself from crying.

"Lig whatís wrong?" Warren asked looking down at his little bro.

Lig just sniffled and buried his face in his brotherís mane.

"Shhhh shhh its ok Lig. its ok. I gothcha. I'm right here." Warren said rubbing his little bros back and cuddling him.

Warren looks down at Lig again notices he's still clutching the locket. Then understands whatís wrong.

"It's ok Lig I miss mom and dad too. But I know they wouldn't want us to be sad. They'd want us to be happy and enjoy life....right?" Warren says softly as he runs his paw through Ligs short mane and suppressing a tear of his own.

"Right." Lig says with a sniffle.

"What do you say we get you changed and go down to the mess hall and get some breakfast uh." Warren says still in a soft voice.

Lig looks up and nods his head wiping away some of his tears.

"Ok then first lets get you changed before we have a flood on our hands." Warren say with quirky smile as he gets up from bed.

"Yeah" Lig giggles a little now setting up and feeling even more of the wetness than before.

Warren walks over to Lig's room and gets a fresh diaper and other needed supplies from his bottom dresser drawer.

Warren returns to find Lig lying back down with his pants down ready to be changed.

Warren walks over and untapes the wet diaper (now yellowed). "Well at least you didn't leave a mess for me to clean up." Warren says grinning.
He then proceeds to remove the diaper and uses a baby wipe to clean Lig up, then the cream. He lifts Ligs legs and slides the new diaper under him, taking time to thread his tail through the hole in back. Then Warren applies the powder generously and tapes up the new diaper.

"There ya go Lig all done." Warren say helping Lig up and pulling his pants back up."Now lets go get that breakfast."

"Yeah I'm hungry." Lig answers

Well that's it for this installment. Yeah these first few are a little on the short side but they'll get longer as it goes on.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:17 pm

Well boys and girls here's another installment of the story.


"Sis are you still asleep?"asked a young lion about Ligs age with the same size mane,"Your gonna miss breakfast."

Stacy rolled over into a classic cat-stretch and yawn.

"Morning Darren" Stacy said as she sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Sleep good sis?" Darren asked tilting his head to the side.

"Like the dead." Stacy replied groggily as she stud up and stretched again.

As Stacy's vision finally cleared she got a good look at her brother and let out a giggle at his manner of dress.

Darren was dressed in just a diaper and a blue t-shirt that read in red letters the prince of the jungle with the i in prince caped off with a crown.

"Whats so funny?" Darren asked not realy sounding mad but pretending to be.

"Oh nothing just you."Stacy answered.

"I remember when you got that shirt. We where on that safari and stopped at the gift shop before we went out and mom saw it and just had to buy it."Stacy said with a cheery tone now fully awake.

"Yeah I remember that too,but I also remember mom got on for everyone."Darren said with a smile. "Except dad's said king, mom's said queen, and your's said princess."

"You now I just might wear that today." Stacy said as she walked over to the dresser.

As she bent down to open a drawer she caught a wif of something that smelled really bad. Her nose crunched up and it didn't take long to find the source.

She looked over to Darren who was now blushing and absently fiddling with his tall.

"We should probably change that before we go to the mess hall" She said pointing at Darrens diaper which she now noticed was sagging a little in the back,"We wouldn't want to make anyone lose there appetite now would we?"

Darren's cheeks got even redder at that remark "Yeah." he said sounding about ten inches tall.

"Just geme a second to get dressed and then I'll change you." Stacy said already putting on a pair of jeans and putting on her "Princess of the jungle" shirt.

She escorted Darren to his room and had him lye down for her as she obtained a fresh diaper and supplies.

She bent over and untaped the diaper and was assaulted by the smell but thankfully she had long since grown used to it but exclaimed any way "What did you eat last night Darr?" Succeeding in getting a giggle out of him.

She pulled the dirty diaper off and proceeded to clean him up with the baby wipes. She then applied some cream, and then lifted him up by the legs and thread his tail through the hole in the back of the diaper and set him back down. Last she powdered him and taped the diaper.

"There we go all nice and clean."Stacy announced dusting off her paws as Darren got up to put on a pair of kaki shorts.

"Now lets go get breakfast I so hungry I could eat a hoarse.....or you for that matter." Stacy said with a sly smile.

"Morning Stacy."Sly said as he saw her walking down the corridor.

"Morning Sly."Stacy replied back although she barely got "Sly" out as Darren ran past her to high five Sly's own little bro.

"Hi Jake." Darren said practically shouting.

"Hi Darr." Jake replied back just as loudly.

Sly and Stacy just shook there heads as they all started walking down the corridor to the mess hall.

"So hows your morning so far Sly." Stacy asked.

"Oh the usual. Wake up, get dressed, change Jake and now drag myself to the mess hall."Sly answered in a casual voice that almost seem mundane. "So hows yous Stacy?"

"Oh same as yours only change Jake to Darren." Stacy replied mimicking Sly's tone of voice.

"Hay you guys." Drac shouted from across the mess hall as Stacy, Sly, Jake, and Darren entered.

"You don't have to shout Drac we're not def ya now." Stacy shouted back.

"Morning." Warren said walking over with a try with more then a few breakfast choses. "I made breakfast this morning."

"With alot of help from the replicator." Lig added with a smirk.

"Food's food." Drac said grabbing a stack of waffles for himself and his sister.

"Hay guys." Sophy(Drac's lil sis) said as she ran over to the othres leaving a crinkling noise in her wake.

Eventually everyone got there breakfast of chose and sat down and ate and talked. All the older ones at one table and all the young(and also diapered)ones at another.

"Well looks like a little rest did you all some good." Amy said as her body flickered into being. "When your finished with breakfast could you come up here? Hunt and I have found something interesting."

Everyone was silent as they looked at each other.

"Interesting....Like what." Drac asked

"Interesting like planet." Amy replied flattly


OK that's it for now more to come later and the plot s tarts to thicken.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:42 pm

Yay, I'm looking forward to more! Smile

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Tue Mar 18, 2008 11:59 pm

Thanks ZeeZee. Well here's our Next installment.


"Ok what do got on the planet?" Warren asked settling down in his captains chair.

"Looks like breathable air and some plant life but not much else."Stacy said staring at her screen.

"Hey wait a sec." Lig said now sitting at the ops station with the other little one beside him. "Looks like some kind of energy reading I think." Lig added somewhat unsure.

"Let me see." Sophie butted in looking over the console. "Yep thats an energy reading alright."

"Sophie can you tell where it is or whats making it?"Drac asked his sis sounding a little proud.

"I can tell where it is but I don't know whats making it."She answered looking puzzled.

"How dose she do that?"Jake whispered into Darren's ear.

"Ok so we go down and investigate." Warren said getting up from his chair. "Drac, Hunt you two come with me. Oh and bring Amy we may need her."

"Ok."Hunt said as he Amy uploaded herself into his armor.

"Right." Drac chimed in.

The shuttle descended the atmosphere of the planet quickly and landed in a clearing near the strange energy source.

As the crew walked out they immediately noticed something shocking.

"Are those what I think they are?"Warren asked starring in disbelief.

"Yep those are tomb stones.....lots of tombs stones." Drac answered with his voice somewhat shaky.

"Tomb stones or not it looks like the energy signature is coming from that tomb in the center of them all." Hunt chimed in sounding perfectly calm but sweating in his armor.

As they walked through the massive grave yard Drac kept thinking this seemed familiar. Then it hit him.

"You guys I think this is the grave world from the old legends."Drac said astonished.

"I thought that was just a myth." Warren commented.

"Well apparently its not."Amy chimed in speaking though Hunt's armor speakers.

As they reached the tomb they found it guarded by two wolf statue. The eyes of the statues glowed and emitted a beam of light that seemed to scan them then the doors to the tomb opened widely.

They walked down the hall and came to a large room with a holo projector in the center and a pedestal next to it.

"Hunt put your hand on the pedestal and download me into it." Amy said sounding excited.

As hunt approached and placed his artificial hand on the pedestal the projector came to life and a hologram of a black wolf dressed in blue robes appeared.

"If you are hearing this now it can only mean our people have suffered a catastrophes. Your AI informs me that you are the last of our kind. If this is so you must find the ancient home world. There you will be safe. By now the biosphere of the planet should be fully restored." The wolf said in a solemn voice.

"Who are you?" Warren asked.

"I am Yavar." the wolf answered.

"Wow the Yavar. This is huge. Legend says he guided our race to the new world and protected them using something called the celestial Light." Drac said mouth dropping wide open and wings drooping some.

"Yes the one and the same." Yavar said. "Here you will find an archive which contains all our ancient knowledge. It will show you the way home and much more." Yavar added gesturing to a door that opened to a small room with a small pyramid in the center.

Drac ran up to the room and grabbed the archive looking it over curiously.

"Amy do you think you could interface with that?"Warren asked.

"Ye....yeah I'm sure i could." Amy said through the speaker in the pedestal.

Just then a blast struck and the tomb walls shuck.

"I recognize that sound."Hunt said gravely."Its a hunter frag canon."

Well that's all for now. More to come. Tell me what ya think.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:45 pm

Well boys and girls and cubs of all ages here's more story. Looks like there's some problems going on in Orbit.


Meanwhile onboard the destiny.

"Sophie could you and the others head down to engineering for me? I'd feel better having somebody down there just in case." Stacy asked not looking up from her console.

"Sure." Sophie said happily.

"Yeah I think thatís a good idea. I've got a bad feeling about this place." Lig said making an effort to sound brave like his bro but coming off sounding a little nervous.

So with that the four cubs were on there way to engineering. When they were almost to engineering there was a loud blast and the whole ship shook.

"Oh great what was that?" Darren asked standing back up.

"Sounded like a high power cannon hitting our shields." Sophie said in very mature tone of voice getting up from Lig'g back. "Sorry Lig. You ok?"

"Yeah I think so." Lig answered as Sophie helped him up.

"We should get back to the now." Jake said as his voice shook.

"What about...."Sophie began to say before she got cut off by Jake.

"Engineeringís locked down now. We're safest on the bridge." Jake said sounding a little more confident then before.

Just then the ship shook again and a piece of the corridor ten feet away from them was blown out. Out of the hole came four hunters.

"Remember our orders boys. The emperor wants the liger cub alive!" The leader said sounding fierce. "Do what you want with the rest!" he added smirking under his helmet.

"Run for it!" Lig shouted as they all started to run as fast as there paws could carry them.

"We should split up." Sophie said. "It will make it harder for them to track us."

And with that they each bolted down separate corridors. The hunters split up and gave chase but within a short time were unable to track the cubs visually.

One of the hunters saw Sophie standing in the corridor with her hands behind her back.

"If you only knew what I'm gonna do to you. Hell youíd wet yourself." the hunter said brandishing the two blades he was holding.

"Well you guys already did in the corridor back there." Sophie said sweetly. "But I'm gonna make you smokey." She added just as sweet.

"What do you mean by smokey?" The hunter asked tilting his head to the side.

Just then Sophie connected the two cables behind her back and five thousand joules of power went through the hunter's body and it was flung down the corridor and slammed against the side of a wall with smoke rising from his body.

The hunter that was tracking Darren was searching and was now getting frustrated. Just then Darr hopped down from the ceiling on to the hunterís shoulders.

"Hi!" he said excitedly as the hunter was flailing about trying to reach him. Darren managed to grab a grenade from the hunter's belt and loosen his helmet.

"What the Fu-." was all the hunter could get out before the grenade was slammed into his mouth and his helmet reapplied.

Darren hopped off the hunters shoulders and ran down the corridor and smiled as he heard a satisfying explosion as the hunter was rendered headless.

The other hunter chased Jake and for a little while lost track of him. Until he saw the quivering fox in a small room.

The hunter grinned at the thought of breaking the fox in half with his gloved hands. He charged the at Jake and went right through him. The hunter got to his feet and swept a hand through Jake again and looked down and noticed the holo mitter.

"You forgot your helmet today." The real Jake said grinning at the door witch he then closed.

The hunter then noticed that there was a second door that opened to space and realized he was in an airlock.

"Oh Shi..."The hunter started as the outer door opened and he was blown into space.

Unlike the rest of the hunters the one following Lig was experienced and never lost Lig's trail. Eventually Lig managed to lose him long enough to hide in a small access area just big enough for him.

The hunter stopped near where Lig was hiding.

"I know your somewhere near furr. I can feel your fear, smell it, hear it, and taste it. Surrender and you won't be damaged......much." the hunter said taking enormous satisfaction in this hunt.

Lig curled up more and nudged closer to the panel and tried to keep his breathing steady.

"Fine then furr have it your way." the hunter said taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes. With his eyes still closed he turned toward Lig's hiding place and slowly approached. He slowly reach forward and began to remove the panel. Then he tossed it away and grabbed Lig and pulled him out as Lig yelp in terror.

His prey in hand the hunter tossed Lig over his shoulder and walked down the corridor with Lig kicking and screaming.

The hunter was near the boarding craft when Sophie saw him hulling off Lig.

"Hay let my friend go!" She screamed jumping at him wings spread.

She landed on his back and began to hit him but the hunter calmly reached back with his free hand and grabbed her and tossed her hard against a wall. She slid to the floor unconscious.

With that taken care of the hunter boarded his ship and departed the destiny with Lig in hand.

Meanwhile back on the surface.

"Oh great hunters just what we need." Drac said looking up at the shaking ceiling.

"Before you go there is one more thing I MUST give you." Yavar said "The Celestial Light. The hunters can not obtain it. I must endow one of you with it now." Yavar added urgently.

Yavar put his holographic paws together and then drew them apart and between them was a glowing sphere of white light. Yavar pushed his paws forward and the ball of light shot out as a beam and struck Warren knocking him over.

"You alright?" Hunt asked helping Warren to his feet.

"Yeah I'm fine." Warren answered.

"There my task is done. Now you must destroy me so they can not gain what I know." Yavar said urgently.

"I have a better idea. Amy can you upload your self and Yavar into the disteny's systems?" Drac asked .

"You now what I think I can just give me a minute." Amy said stared off for a second or two." There uplink established. Good luck you guys. Yavar lets get out of here." Then there holograms flickered off.

"Well now that that's done lets go!" Hunt shouted.

"You don't need to tell me twice." Warren said and they rain out of the tomb.

As they got back on the shuttle Warren hit the com.

"Stacy whatís going on up there?" Warren asked wearily

"Well We've had hunter boarders but the kids got rid of most of them. Me and Sly are stuck on the bridge trying to keep this thing in one piece." Stacy answered sounded VERY stressed.

"Well keep her in one piece till we get up there." Warren said.

"You didn't let me finish. The hunter that got away took Lig with him!" Stacy said with obvious concern in her voice.

"Hunt the second we get back onboard get your ship ready." Warren said sounding like he was about to snapped. "We're going after those bastards."

"Well if we're going to board a high class hunter ship you'll need that surprise I've been working on for you guys." Hunt said as they were now approaching the docking bay the hunter ship was beginning to move out.

"Surprise? What kind of surprise." Drac asked sounding confused.

"Armor me and Amy have been working on. I took most of the specs from the ships database back when I was still an ignorant blood thirsty monster like the rest of my race." Hunt said with certain distaste about the thing his people had done.

Well folks that's all for now. More coming soon. And more action with it.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:42 am

Eep, I hope Lig's okay!

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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Drake Silverscales


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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:01 am

More, more, more. Dis is a good story i can't wait to see what happens, and i hope ya brother saves ya from da hunters.
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Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: The Furr's Fate.   Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:57 pm

Well folks as asked for more story. Lig spends some not so pleasant time on a Hunter ship. What will happen to him? Will he manage to escape? Find out.


The Hunter ship was fairly scary. There were so many Hunters onboard. The ship itself even seemed mean. The computer didn't even speak in a language that Lig couldn't under stand.

Two Hunters were walking down the corridor to the brig/torture room/fun room depending on who you were. One of the hunters was still carrying Lig who was just regaining conciseness. They entered the brig and opened the large cell and toss Lig in.

As they did another prisoner charged toward them. But one of the hunters used a remote and the metal cuffs she wore were magnetized to the wall.

"Why dose the emperor want this scrawny little thing." asked the shorter of the two.

"I don't know Kar. Maybe as a pet for his daughter." said the taller one.

"This one wouldn't make a good pet Var. I mean look at it. Its not even house broken." Kar said and kicked Lig in the back producing a yelp from Lig.

"So help me you hurt the kid and I'll rip your ugly faces off!" Yelled the other prisoner. When she yelled Lig took notice of her. She was a Siberian tigress about his brother's age.

"Oh you still have fight in ya huh? I like my girls like that. Maybe I could show you what you've been missing." Var said with a smirk on his face.

"Go to hell!" She yelled and then spit in his face.

"Why you little-"Var started.

"We don't have time for her right now Var. We're supposed to take the spirit out of this little one." Kar said smiling evilly at Lig.

"All right Kar. But I'll deal with you later little lady." Var said sneering at the tigress.

"Ok what to use this time? Should we use good old fashion brutality or the new pain rod?" Kar asked holding up a rod with a small ball at the end.

"How about the pain rod? We still need to test it's higher levels after all." Var said starting to get excited at the prospect of seeing the young liger in pain.

"Ok then. We'll start with level seven then and work our way up." Kar said adjusting the dial on the rod.

"You evil, vile, Sons of B--ches." The tigress yelled.

"Hey Var how did she know that about your mother?" Kar asked snickering.

"Thatís it from you now." Var bellowed pulling what looked like duck tape out of a pocket and taping the tigress mouth shut.

The tigress glared at him as if willing him to die.

"Now let the fun begin!" Kar said glee fully as Lig looked on from the corner he'd crawled to in terror.

The hunters approached slowly with their pain rods at the ready. Then Var lunged at him with it hitting Lig in the stomach. Waves of pain washed through Ligs body as he cried out in pain and terror. Then Kar hit him in the chest and another wave of pain washed through Lig. Next they both hit him in the forehead sending the worst pain ever through Lig. It went on like that for half an hour with them steadily increasing the pain level. Ligs face was soaked in tears of pain and fright.

"There I'm done. Lets go get some dinner and rest. We can come back and do this again a little later." Kar said as a rumble issued from his stomach.

"Yeah I getting hungry to lets go." Var agreed.

As the left Kar closed the cage door and released the magnets on the tigress arms.

"Feel free to be as maternal to the kid as you like. I think we gave him quit a fright." Kar said in mock concern as he left and closed the brig door.

Lig was curled up in the corner sobbing. The tigress walked over to him and knelt down.

"Hey little guy you ok?" She asked softly as she reach out to put her hand on his shoulder.

Lig slid away from her touch.

"Its ok I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm a furr too." She said.

Lig looked up at her with big green eyes full of fear and tears. Lig took a look at her and saw the compassion in her eyes. He nudged toward her a little.

"See its ok. Come on."

Lig crawled over to her unable to stand due to the pain. The tigress gathered him up in her arms to try and comfort him. Lig quietly sobbed into her shirt trembling like a leaf.

"Its ok there gone know. I got you." She said rubbing Ligs back.

"Hey whatís your name little guy? Mines Tallia." She said trying to cheer him up.

"Its *sniffle* Lig.*sniffle" Lig said trying to contain his tears.

"Well nice to meet you Lig." Tallia said.

"I wish my brother were here." Lig said as he buried his face in her shirt and curling up.

Everyone had gathered in the armory to see Hunt's and Amy's new armor.
"Ok hunt show us this amour you and Amy made." Stacy asked impatient.

"Well here it is." Hunt pressed a button on the wall and the panel slid open revealing what looked like a silver sleeveless shirt, gauntlets, and let guards.

"Ok it looks like just a silver shirt to me." Stacy said doubtful that this was it.

"Put the shirt on and the right gauntlet." Hunt told her.

"Alright. Maybe I'll start a new fashion." Stacy put the shirt on then gauntlet.

"Now press the little button on the gauntlet."

Stacy did and to her surprise the armor solidified and was still very light.

"Wow Hunt thatís amazing." Drac said very impressed. Everyone else was in silent aw.

"The armor has a nanite system to allow the transformation. Its also equipped with shields. The shields if run dry will regenerate in about twenty seconds."

"Its light too. I go full rang of motion in this. Its jointed at all the right spots."

"Ok great work you guys this will give us an advantage over those hunters." Warren said
"OK Stacy, Sly, Amy you guys are coming with me and hunt. The rest of you stay here and see what you can get out of that archive."

With that Stacy finished getting the armor on as Sly and Warren started. Warren was rushing. Every second it took for him to rescue Lig was another second they could be torturing him. A few minutes later they were all in the shuttle bay and Hunt was just boarding his ship.

"Drac you guys go hide in that nebula we found. We'll meet back there in forty-eight hours at most. If we're not there by then we're probably dead." Warren said as he boarded hunts ship. The younger kids all had that bring our friend back look on there faces. Warren was going to get Lig back or die trying. Hunt revved up the ships engines and they blasted out of the bay.

"Hunt get us to that ship as fast as you can." Warren sounded like he was going to kill someone. He more then likely would on that hunter ship.

"Warr calm down. The last thing Lig needs right now is for his brother to have a heart attack." Stacy put a paw on Warren's shoulder.

"Yeah bud save that for those worthless hunters. No offense Hunt." Sly added.

"Don't worry Sly none received. Those bastards don't have the right to call themselves hunters. They betrayed our oldest traditions of honor." Hunt said with as much hate in his voice as Warren.

"Don't you worry Lig I'm coming." Warren whispered to himself.

"I'm checking the hunter resistance registry. See if we have anyone on that ship." Hunt ran his search and then one name came up. "Oh this in good."

"What who is it." Sly asked looking over Hunt's solder.

"Vasa. My sister is on that ship. I'm sure she can help us out. I'll try to contact her." Hunt's hands dance across the controls." Vasa come in. Vasa you there. Please respond."

"Hunt is that you? Whatís happening?" A female hunter appeared on screen.

"Vasa it me. Here's our situation. The Hunters captured a furr child and are holding him on your ship. We're coming to get him back can you help?" Hunt asked

"I've already heard of it. I'll do what I can to keep him safe till you guys get here."

"Thanks if you head down to the brig where he is take a diaper with you. He could probably use a change. And tell him his big brother is coming for him." Warren said trying to keep his composure.

"I will. You guys just get here fast as you can. Vasa out." The screen cut out.

"Hunt get this thing moving faster." Warren asked.

"Will do." Hunt said pushing the engines to there maximum speed.
Tallia sat there stroking Lig's main. He had cried himself to sleep. Tallia felt for the poor kid. She hated these hunters. The door then opened and a female hunter walked in.

"So help me if you hurt him I'll rip your throat out." Tallia snared.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I'm with the hunter resistance. I came to make sure the little guy was ok. His friends are on there way here."

"Really I heard the guard mention something about the resistance."

"Yeah I brought this for the kid." Vasa held up a diaper.

"After what those bastard did to him he could probably use a change." Lig started to stir hearing voices.

"Hey little guy good news. Your friends are coming to get you." Tallia told him.

"Really?" Lig asked in disbelief.

"Really kid. It appears your friends with my brother." Lig turned to face the other voice. "I'm Vasa. Your big bro told me to tell you he's on his way. And I brought this. Your bro said you'd probably need it." Vasa smiled as Lig blushed at her comment.

"Well I could really use one." Lig admitted still blushing.

"Well then lets get you changed. If I now my brother he won't take too long to get here." Vasa opened the cell door.

"I'll do it. No offense but I used to do a lot of babysitting." Tallia said.

"Ok I've never changed a kid anyway." Vasa handed Tallia the diaper.

Tallia then went to the task of changing Lig. Lig felt awkward having her change him. He had only just met her. Just as Tallia finished there was an alarm.

"And that would be my brother there. Making a big since as usual." Vasa said.

Well that's it for now. More to come and there's gonna be a lot of action when Warren gets on board that ship.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Well I promised you action and now I'll deliver. So here's the skull craken fun.
"Pulling along Hunter ship and commencing docking." Hunt announced.

"Amy as soon as we're in find Lig's location then take out the bridge." Warren holstered two blasters.

"Flood the bridge with terason gas. That will eat through their visors and then them." Hunt added.

"Alright. Hacking inner door now.........Done. I'm in the system." Amy informed as the doors opened.

"Every body armed and ready?" Hunt asked holstering his desperado blaster and compound cannon.

"I'm ready." Warren's voice was ice cold.

"Bring em on." Stacy held her compound rifle at the ready.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Sly checked his blaster.

"Then lets go get Lig." With that Warren was through the door. The others followed after him and they ran through the halls until they found a lift.

"I've got a position on Lig. He's two levels down in the brig." Amy informed them

"Good work Amy." They boarded the lift and went down two levels. When the doors opened they saw a hunter. Warren shot for him and slammed the hunter into the wall, drew a blaster, shoved it into the hunter's mouth and fired twice. He holstered his blaster again as the hunter's lifeless body slid to the floor. They continued on only encountering a few hunters here and there. Until they came to a corner. They ran into a group of hunters. They got back around the corner just in time. The hunters opened fire. Hunt stepped out of the corner and fired his compound cannon. Several hunters where taken out on the first shot. But then battle shields extended from the walls and the second shot did nothing. Hunt ducked back.

"Sly can you do that fire trick of yours in here with out roasting us too?" Warren asked. Sly just lifted his paw and a blue flame danced in it and spelled out Ya. "Do it."

Sly stepped out from the corner the blaster shots glancing off his shields. Some of the hunters laughed. After all what threat could a teen furr be? Sly extended his paw and the blue fire engulfed his paw and the fire leapt from it towards the hunters. The fire enveloped them. They screamed in both horror and agony. But only for a moment. The fire then turned crimson as it intensified and the hunters were incinerated. The others said nothing as they continued on.

They were getting close. As they came to an intersection they stumbled onto a group of elite hunters called Stalkers. They where heavily armed and armored. The stalkers fired on sight. One hit Sly right in the chest. If it weren't for his shields that would have killed him. They took cover on each side of the hall. They were so close. They were almost there. Warren was boiling over with rage. Instincts took hold of him and he stepped into the hall look the Stalkers dead in the eyes and let out a roar that shuck the hall. Hi mane and stripes glowed white. Power seemed to flow off him in waves. He shot down the hall and leapt upon the first Stalker in his rang. The Stalker tumbled to the floor. Warren sat on top of it. He reach out grabbed the hunters head digging his claws into the base of the Stalker's skull and pulled. The Stalker's head came off with ease for him. Another Stalker ran towards him. Warren threw the head at it. The skull shattered on impact and the Stalker was knocked against the wall. Warren ran to it. He grabbed its head and slammed it into the wall over and over until the face plate shattered and blood oozzed from it. Warren looked to the last two Stalkers. They stood their ground and fired at him. Warren charged right at them not caring that they were shooting. The white glow encompassed his paws as he reached the nearer one he swept his paw at the cannon the Stalker held. The cannon shattered into bits. Warren then swung his other paw around and ripped through the stalker's armor and into its chest. The stalker's chest was ripped wide open. Before the body even hit the floor below Warren was already descending on the last Stalker. He pined its arms against the wall. The Stalker's face was awash in fear and shock. Warren let out a roar as he pulled the Stalker's arms off. Warren swung around one of its own arms at it's head hitting it so hard the Stalker's neck snapped. Warren then walked to a sealed door at the end of the hall and forced it open with his bare paws.

Warren's rage instantly left him and his furr turned back to normal the second he saw Lig. Lig's eyes widened when he saw his brother and Lig ran to him and jumped into his arms. Lig buried his face in Warren's mane and quietly sobbed. Warren just stood there holding him tight as tears of his own rain down his muzzle. Vasa walked past him with Tallia behind her.

"Hunt its good to see you again brother." Vasa walked up and embraced him.

"Good to see you too sis." Hunt returned the embrace.

"Hi there my name's Tallia" She said approaching Sly and Stacy.

"Nice to meet you I'm Stacy, this is Sly and the one over their holding the cub is Warren." Stacy said introducing them.

"Thank you. Both of you for being with Lig. I owe you ." Warren said tears in his voice as he tuned to them.

"Well this jobs only half done. Now we need to get out of here." Hunt said.

"Yeah lets go before more of those Stalkers show up." Sly said hand on his blaster.

"Amy how much control of their systems do you have? Enough to lockdown the fighter bays and weapons?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah. Thatís easy just give me a second. There its done now get moving." And with that they all ran through the halls back to the lift. They boarded it and went back up two levels. When the doors opened there were two average hunters approaching. Stacy reacted immediately and dispatched them with her rifle. As they neared their ship the heard a hunter voice over the ships com systems.

"Whatís it saying?" Stacy asked not sure she wanted to know.

"It's saying we got two minutes to get the hell outa here." Hunt answered. They ran faster after hearing that. But within seconds they were on board Hunt's ship and Amy was already in its systems and starting it up. Hunt sled into the pilot's seat. The docking doors sealed and they took off. Just they engaged main engines the hunter ship exploded into fire and was no more.

"Well thatís the end of them." Stacy said.

"Good riddens." Warren said holding Lig in his seat. Lig was almost asleep in his arms. "Get some rest little guy. We'll be home soon." Warren whispered into Lig's ear as he finally nodded off.


Meanwhile during the rescue back onboard the destiny.

"OK kids before we get started going over this data who needs a change?" Drac asked. They all raised there paws. "Okay then lets get that done." He took them to one of the bathrooms and changed each of them. Jake took the longest as he was messy. Drac asked him what he ate. That got giggles all around.

"Ok now that everyone's been changed. Lets get down to business. Ok Yavar lets see whatís in that archive." Drac said as everyone gathered around the holo tank.

"Well there's quite a bit in it you'll need to choose a particular subject." Yavar stated.

"Fine. Let see what it has weapons wise for ships." Drac said.

"Weapons it is." Yavar showed the schematics of various weapons. Many of which far more powerful then what they had.

"Wow look at some of those." Darren said astonished.

"Yeah we could turn any hunter ship into molten goo with those." Jake said.

"Just imagine how fun theyíd be to operate." Sophie added.

"Yavar can we implement any of these?" Drac asked liking the idea of the hunters running from them.

"We can modify some of the current weapons systems but the majority of them would need to be built from the ground up." Yavar answered

"OK lets look at shields and other defensive devices." Drac said as Yavar waved his holographic hand and the display changed. It now showed schematics for what looked like advanced shields and ablative armor.

"Yavar can we implement any of these?" Drac asked again.

"We can modify the shields easily enough but as before we'll have to build the amour generators from scrap." Yavar said. He hologram froze for a second. "Oh the others are coming into sensor rang. No hunter ships are following. I am opening the docking bay."

"Thanks Yavar. Well come on guys lets see how things went." Drac said as they all headed for the docking bay. When they got there Hunt had just docked his ship and the ramp opened. Stacy and Sly were the first ones out followed by Hunt, his sister, and then Tallia. Lastly Warren walked out carrying Lig who was only just awake and clinging to him for dear life. Every one had questions like who the new comers were and what happened but stayed quite. Drac approached Stacy.

"What happened over there?" He whispered.

"I'll explain later." She said. "Right now I just want to get out of this armor and rest." Drac nodded understanding. They started down the hall and gradually split up each pair heading to there rooms. Vasa would stay with Hunt and Stacy would put Tallia up in the time being until they got there own quarters set up. Sophie looked up at Warren and Lig innocently.

"Is Lig going to be Ok?" She asked concerned about her friend. Warren looked down and smiled.

"Yeah he'll be Ok. But it might be a little while and he's gonna need your help." He said glad that Lig had such a good friend.

"I'll help in anyway I can. And I know the others will too." Sophie said confidently.

"Thanks Soph." Lig said just barley above a whisper. Eventually Drac and Sophie headed to their own quarters and soon Warren and Lig reached theirs. Warren sat Lig down in the couch in the living area as he took off his armor.

"Warren could you get my plushie." Lig asked still quite. He had always wanted it when he wasn't feeling well or was scared.

"Sure thing bro." Warren tossed the armor on his bed on the way back and grabbed Lig's plushie. It was a stuffed liger. Lig had always had it since he was born. Warren came out and gave it to him. He held it close. Warren sat down and took Lig in his arms. Lig just snuggled into him as much as he could taking in the familiarness of Warren's heart and scent. Warren just held Lig close. He could feel Lig was still shaking just ever so slightly. "Shhhh. It ok Lig its all over now your safe and sound. And I'm right here." Lig snuggled into him more feeling safer. "Bro can I stay with you tonight?" Lig asked still quietly. "Of course Lig. I know your still scared." Warren said softly. They spent about an hour cuddled up on the couch before deciding to head to bed. Warren had had taken off his shirt which had survived his little fights without damage and got Lig ready for bed. This for Lig meant a diaper change and the pajamas of his choosing. Lig had several. Lig chose something that he always did when sad or something along those lines. A blue footed sleeper. Lig never let anyone else besides Warren know about it. Warren found it amusing though. Because from what he gathered from the others their sibling each had one too. So clad in a fresh diaper and comfy sleeper Lig snuggled up next to his brother and slowly fell asleep. Warren just smiled down at him. Lig had buried his face in Warren's mane and was holding his plushie in one paw and clutching to Warren with the other. Warren just rapped his arms around Lig and fell asleep himself.

The next morning the other had all gotten up and Hunt and Stacy brought them up to speed on all that happened. Amy gave the archive a once over to make sure Yavar hadn't missed anything. After all some of his memories were degraded so he could have missed something. Warren and Lig had gotten up late Warren just couldn't stand waking Lig up. He had looked so content in his sleep but he eventually woke up on his own. They went through there morning activities just as the other had. Which meant some quick furr, scale in Drac and Sophieís case, maintenance, a diaper change, which took a bit longer seeing as Lig was messy, and lastly getting dressed. They entered the bridge were Stacy had just finished bringing the others up to speed. Lig walked over to his friends all of which asked him if he was all right. He told them he was fine but still shucken up. His paw was in his pocket clutching his mother's locket for security.

"Ok now that we've got the back story out of the way what do we do now." Stacy said.

"We need to find a safe place to stay and make those upgrades." Sly said.

"Yeah well where are we gonna do that foxy." Tallia said dubiously.

"Um foxy ya know I have a name." Sly said annoyed.

"What ever. All I'm saying is where can we go?" Tallia said. Amy was watching this go on long enough and emitted a high pitch noise over the com. channel. Everyone stopped talking.

"Now that I have you attention. Yavar may have a more permanent solution." Amy said as Yavar's hologram flickered to life next to here.

"We must get to the home world. By now the biosphere has been fully restored and the planet is easily habitable again. Plus there are many defensive systems set up to protect the planet from hostile force of the hunters." Yavar explained.

"Do you have a course?" Warren asked.

"I do." A star map flicked on and showed the path. Everyone stared at it.

"We'll have to make some course corrections Yavar." Hunt said.

"Yes the set course you have would take us through Hunter controlled space." Vasa said. "So we'll need to take this course." Vasa plotted a new course that would take them around hunter territory. Hunt looks at her in that I hope you know what your doing way.

"Whatís the catch Vasa?" Sly asked.

"That region of space we'd have to cross is called Hell's Bend." Hunt answered. All the kids seemed to have sunk back behind there older siblings upon hearing this. "Its a region froth with spatial anomalies, plasma storms, and the Shecarra."

"Could we make it through that?" Warren asked calmly.

"With a few of those up grades yes I believe we could." Vasa answered with confidence. "Thereís also a planet near the bend we can stop at to get the parts we need for the rest."

"And I can dig up an old friend of mine who can supply us with reliable maps of the bend." Hunt add.

"Well then we have a plan. Lets get to it." Stacy said without fear. Warren smiled.

Warren smiled "Well you heard the lady let get to work." And with that every one took a set of plans and went about the ship to start on the upgrades. Even Lig got in on helping Warren with the shields. Amy and Yavar were busy making the new operating programs for everything. Amy played some cheerful music through the speakers for everyone to hear. Even with the danger ahead the mood on the ship was light and upbeat.

"Hey Yavar this old home world of ours it got a name?" Warren asked with a laugh in his voice.

"Yes it does. Earth." Yavar answered cheer in his voice at going home.

"Earth sound nice." Lig said with a smile.

"Well it better get ready for us." Tallia said over the com.

"First thing I'm doing when we get there is stretch my wings." Drac said.

"Yeah me too." Sophie added.

"Well the sooner we get all this stuff running the sooner we get there." Stacy said as everyone worked diligently as the music floated though the ship. Slowly the upgrades began to take shape. Everyone was excited over the idea of having a place to call home again. They now had something to hope for. A Goal and they were going to achieve it no matter what.

Well folks that's all for now. More to come. Hope you enjoyed it.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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wow, good story so far Lig. I wonder what Earth is going to be like for them and if it is going to be populated with humans or furs. Can't wait for the next chapter in this amazing story.
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Thanks Drake. Well I got some more story for ya guys.


"So whatís the name of this glorified rock again?" Tallia asked as a planet appeared on the view screen.

"That would be Talis. Its the last stop before the bend." Hunt said from the second tactical station.

"Friendly?" Drac asked hoping it was.

"Well that would depend on which side of the planet you dock on." Vasa said looking at the view screen. "One side of the planet is controlled by the Galactic Syndicate. Not the nicest beings in the universe. The other side is controlled by whatís left of the Alliance of Free Worlds. They're a civil bunch. Kind to most. They still have enough military might so that the Hunter empire hasn't crushed them yet."

"Hall the Alliance side Sly. Request permission to dock." Warren said looking at the screen.

"We should be able to get the supplies we need and the parts to finish the upgrades. Plus I have a contact who's agreed to meet us here. He's got accurate star maps of the bend. Last thing we wanna do is go in there blind." Hunt said.

"So this 'Contact' of yours. Is he reliable?" Stacy asked.

"Yep. Hasn't let me down yet. Well at least not in this department. Just don't expect him to take a bullet for you." Hunt answered.

"We've received docking permission. Dock six." Sly said from his console.

"Well then lets land." Warren said. "Amy. I want you and Yavar to give our systems a good once over when we land."

"Right." Both Amy and Yavar said simultaneously.

" Kids I want you guys to stay with the ship. Don't let anybody other then us onboard." Warren said looking to the young ones. They all nodded. "I want you guys to browse around the locale net and see what you can find out about the bend." They all started in on that as soon as Warren said it. They wanted to help out too.

Eventually the ship docked. All of the standard dock services were done to insure there was no contraband onboard or contaminants. Hunt lead them to what looked like a bar while Vasa went to meet her contact and get back to the rebels. When they entered the bar they say a lot of different alien species. Hunt approached one that looked sort of like a bird except not as many feathers and he had a sort of tail. He looked scrawny.

"Hey Hunt! Great to see ya. I'm glad your not dead." Said the creature from his table.

"Nice to see you to Venny." Hunt said taking a seat at the table.

"So my good friend what ya need from me today?" Venny started. He then noticed the others with Hunt. "Hey Hunt who are these guys?"

"These are some friends of mine." Hunt said simply.

"Well if your friends of Hunt then I welcome ya. Venny Varaka at your service. You name it I can get it." Venny said sounding like a salesman.

"Well Venny what we need now are current maps of the bend." Hunt said leaning over the table.

"Wow. You guys are going into the bend? Hell's Bend?" Venny asked a bit amazed. "Hey Hunt no offence to you or your friends but you aint got a chance of getting through the bend in that ship."

"Well whatís so dangerous?" Tallia asked curious.

"Well sweetie there's the Shecarra. Not exactly the nicest bunch. Things aren't going well for them right now. Heck I heard they've started to loot ships in the bend and eat the crew. You go in there with that little thing now your coming out somebody's bowel movements." Venny said with a slight laugh at the end. "And then you got your little brush feuds at the edges of the bend. Some big political stink just went down out there. I'm not sure what."

"You mean you haven't heard?" Hunt asked amazed that for once he knew something before Venny. "Didn't you hear about the Kasakaly Imperial shuttle getting shot down?"

"That was there emperorís shuttle? Did they get him?" Venny asked.

"Ya see thatís the bad news no they didn't." Hunt answered.

"So what does this mean? What are these guys gonna do?" Drac asked.

"Same thing they always do when leadership comes into question. Kill anything in sight." Venny answered.

"Great. Just great." Sly said slouching. "So we're screwed now huh?"

"Well not necessarily. I might be able to get ya some maps to help you avoid the hot spots. But its gonna take me a solar day." Venny said.

"Alright Venny. Just get those maps for us. We need to move fast." Hunt said.

"Let me guess you pissed off the Hunter Emperor didn't you? Venny asked.

"Sort of." Hunt said.

"Yeah if you call the mass genocide of our race him being pissed off." Warren said a bit surprised at the depths of his own hate for them.

"You mean the Hunters actually went through with that stupid war?" Venny asked genuinely shocked. "I mean I knew there was a war on back in the civilized systems but I didn't know they attacked the Furrs."

"Yeah. The Empire seems to have gone mad. The Furrs your looking at might very well be the last of there kind. We need those maps to get across the bend to a safe haven." Hunt explained.

"You got it. I might not be mister goody to shoes but thatís just wrong. I see if I can get a rush on those maps." Venny said. "Meantime though we might as well have a drink. Join me." The others decided to take him up on the offer and sat down. "Hey Bar keep drinks for my friends here." He said.

Meanwhile back onboard the ship.

"Hey guys found anything yet?" Jake asked from his seat on the bridge.

"Just the standard stuff. Rough size of the bend, list of various dangers, and advisory to avoid it." Darren said. "How 'bout you Stacey? Find anything?"

"Well I've found a lot of speculation on what caused the spatial distortions and random plasma storms. Most of it seems like some crackpot's rants though. More entertainment then anything else." Sophy said once again sounding very smart for her age.

"Hey guys look at this. I found something about a guy that actually spends most of his time in the bend." Lig said looking excitedly at his screen. The others of course being very interested in this came right over to the screen. They all read the data on this guy. It said that he had been searching the bend for something for nearly 3 centuries. It had a diagram of his ship. It was small but was said to be abnormally powerful for a ship of it's size. It was said to be very maneuverable too.

"Wow this guy sounds cool. I hope we run into him." Lig said in awe after reading about some of his exploits in the bend.

"Yeah me too." Jake said.

"Me three." Darren said.

"I want to see his ship. I'd love to know how he gets so much power out of it." Sophy said more curious about the ship then the person.

"Look. It says here that he's the last of his race." Lig said pointing out the text.

"Yeah just like us." Said Darren with a slight tone of sadness in his voice.

"Maybe we could help each other." Jake suggested.

"Yeah. Maybe we can." Lig said idly thinking about it.

Meanwhile back on the Hunter Home World.

"I'm sorry master. I failed I wont' let it happen again." Said a hunter Fleet Master. He was kneeling in front of a dark thrown. Sitting in it shrouded in shadow sat a tall being. Only a few features could be made out. Its basic size and it's eyes. Blood red eyes.

"Are you so incompetent that you could not hold a mere child?" It yelled in a dark evil voice. The creature seemed to radiate hate and loathing.

"I know master and I'm sorry. I won't let it happen again." Said the Fleet Master. He was very worried. He had heard of the last caption that had failed. He thought the caption on that ship had met a better fate then he might if the creature was angered.

"No Fleet master you won't fail again." It said as its shadow reached out and grabbed the Fleet Master. He screamed as it pulled him closer and then engulfed him. The shadows lifted him up the the creature's eye level and receded from the Fleet Master's face. The creature reached his three clawed hand forth and plunged it into the hunter's chest. It then pulled it back out holding a small orb of light. The light made the creature's hand steam. It grinned at the light and then snuffed it out with its hand. As it did the Fleet Master went limp. He was now nothing more then an empty vessel. His soul cast out and to a dark place. The creature's shadow flung the Fleet Master's body against the wall. It made a crunching noise as bones in the hunter's body broke and its ceased to live at all.

"Was that necessary Shova? Now I need a new Fleet Master." Said a hunter clad in brilliant silver armor.

"Yes. I will not tolerate failure. Remember my dear Emperor. You only get the immortality you want once the Furrs are eradicated. Not before. So long as even a single one is left." said Shova.

"I understand. I'll put another ship on it immediately. They will not survive much longer." The emperor said. He then turned to leave.

"Remember Emperor. You can either live forever or die in a day. Remember that." Shova said as the emperor departed. After the emperor had left Shova sat there in his darkness. He was growing tired of this emperor. Soon the time would come though when his usefulness would end. And when it did Shova would end him. Him and his whole race too. Shova chuckled at that thought. His evil laughs echoed through out the large room.


Well this is just about where pre written story ends. So the next updates will be a bit more infrequent but they should be coming.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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The Furr's Fate.
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