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 A Glow (Poem)

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PostSubject: A Glow (Poem)   Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:59 pm

I wrote this for English class, it does have a background story, but poetry is subjective make of it what you will.

I climb down into the abyss
The darkness is consuming

The fumes grasp me by the throat
I start to choke

I try to gasp for air
The darkness is consuming

As my lungs burn
I start to panic

I try to see even the faintest of movements
The darkness is consuming

The silence pierces my thoughts
My panic increases

I wish so much for a shred of light
The darkness is consuming

Just as I start to loose hope
A glow cuts through the omnipresent blackness

I feel a sense of calm wash over me
The light is soothing
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A Glow (Poem)
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