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 The Roller Coaster

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PostSubject: The Roller Coaster   Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:12 pm

This is the third story that I wrote in English, this one isn't depressing, it's actually a story that I wrote from when I was a kid (my name is Noah, but I decided to make it James in the story lol).

The sun was setting in the late afternoon sky as James and his family began to wrap up their day at the amusement park. James had been eyeing The Serpent Corkscrew roller coaster all day. The steel tracks twisted and wound intricately through the air. Just looking at the cars as they raced over the red tracks cause James’ heart to race with excitement.

As they were taking a last walk around the park, James glanced over his shoulder at the roller coaster. He had been trying to work up the courage to finally get in the line and ride it. Just as they were about to leave, still within easy eyesight of the ride, James tugged on his mother’s shirt.

“Can I go on The Serpent?” He asked in a shaky voice, looking up to his mom.

“Sure, but you are going to have to go by yourself. No one else wants to go” She replied.

A big grin spread across James’ face as his mother gave him the permission he was looking for. His heart began to pound as he contemplated what he was about to do. It was something he had always been afraid to try in the past. He was finally going to ride The Serpent. He began to fidget with his hands as they all walked toward the entrance to the queue.

James put his hand out to the railing as he stepped in to the waiting line. He felt like a celebrity walking down the red carpet as he proceeded down the cement path towards the end of the line. He was only eight years old and still quite short. He looked up to the next person in line who was casually chatting with the person beside him. Every so often the line would creep closer as more people jumped into the waiting cars. Every time the line shortened, James got a little bit more nervous until eventually it felt like his stomach was in his throat. After an hours and a half of waiting, James had finally reached the front of the line. By this time the sun had set in the sky and the moon shone like a diamond, casting a dim white light over the amusement park.

James looked to the sky, which sparkled like a crystal field. The last car loaded up with people as he approached the loading area. Just as the next train car was pulling up one of the amusement park employees approached James.

“How tall are you?” She asked looking down at James.

“I dunno” James replied, he was so close to getting to ride the roller coaster he had been dreaming of for the last year. The employee reached behind the control desk that was lit up with many red and green buttons and switches. She pulled out a long metal pole that resembled a meter stick, markings and all. The only difference between a meter stick and this was the green line that stretched across at the number 54.

“Stand up straight” said the employee. James listened and stretched out straight. The worker placed the stick behind James and shook her head. James looked up starting to get worried, not because of the roller coaster, but because of the ominous look the worker was giving him.

“You’re too short, please step into the car and exit on the other side. Thank you” she said as she gestured to the exit on the other side of the tracks. James felt as though someone had punched him in the gut. He had come so close to his dream and now it was being ripped away because of his height.

“But I—“ he started, but was cut short.

“Please exit, there is nothing that can be done” The worker said in an aggravated tone. James was stunned. He turned away from the worker and started to walk away from his dream. He stepped into the cart and lifted himself over the other side. He felt as though his world were falling away from him as he got out of the train and moved toward the exit.

James walked down the pathway back to the fair grounds. He looked down to the end where his family stood waiting for him, smiling. Just as he was about to exit he heard screams of excitement as the train he would have been on wound gracefully through the corkscrew above his head. James felt a lump in his throat and his eyes began to well up with tears. He started to sob and ran blindly to his mother. James buried himself in his mom’s arms as he wept over his rejection from the roller coaster he had so badly wanted to ride.

What made matters worse was that as he walked away from the ride he had looked back. When he turned to look he had seen a few other kids who had been behind him in line get rejected. Instead of leaving as he had they sat down in their carts and pulled down the shoulder restraints. He though he had seen the same worker see it all happen, and she did nothing.

James explained what happened to him, and what he had seen happen when he left. The night had already come too far and they had to go home. James kept his eyes to the floor the whole time as they walked away from the roller coaster and moved to the exit. James looked over his shoulder one last time at The Serpent as they got into the car and the amusement park faded from view.

That would be the last time that James would get a chance to ride that roller coaster. As he slept that night all of the drama that had happened that morning drifted away from him in the waves of sleep. The next morning he woke fresh, barely remembering the immense feeling of loss he felt the night before.
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The Roller Coaster
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