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 The Twin Litah.

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PostSubject: The Twin Litah.   Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:21 pm

Well folks I started this story last summer and today I finally got around and finished it up. Litah is a Lion Cheetah hybrid which is what the twins are. Hope you enjoy the story. I may make a sequel I don't know.


The Twins.

It was a beautiful Friday morning. The sun was just rising and birds where singing outside. The mother of this household, a cheetah, was going about her morning duties. She grabbed the laundry baskets that her two children hand placed outside there rooms for her. After dropping those off in the laundry room she stopped in at her daughter’s room.

“Sweetie wake up. Breakfast is in 20 minutes.” She told the girl in the bed. The girl was only half cheetah. She was part lion as well. She looked to be 13

“Oh OK mom. Thanks for the wakeup. I’ll wake up Danny once I’m dressed.” She said sitting up in bed. She was wearing a long night shirt.

“Thanks Stacy.” The mother told her after giving her a kiss and walking out of the room. Stacy got up and went about getting dressed for the day. She put on a green tank top and a blue skirt. After she was dressed she walked down the hall to her brother’s room. His room was definitely the room of a smart kid. One that liked loads of scifi and anime. However it also had a bit of a baby quality to it. Like the top of the walls being trimmed with teddy bears and the fact that his room also sported a changing table. Yeah that’s yet another fact about her brother. He’s incontinent. It happened years ago when he was fairly young. He doesn’t much like to talk about it.

“Danny. Wake up bro.” She said gently shaking her brother. Danny stirred a bit and yawned as he stretched. His PJs were deep blue with a stat them to them. They were a bit baggy too just how Danny liked them.

“Morning Stacy.” Danny said as he sat up in bed with a crinkle and his plush cheetah in one arm.

“Morning Danny Sleep good?” Stacy asked him smiling.

“Uh Huh.” He nodded yawning a bit and stretched.

“Want a change this morning or you wanna change yourself?” Stacy asked Danny. She’d always helped change Danny ever since he was little. She always felt like his big sister instead of his twin sister. Although technically she was older by a full two minutes.

“Um….could you this morning…I think I kind of did a number on em.” Danny said blushing deeply.

“Sure no problem bro.” Stacy said smiling figuring he’d ask her. He was alright at changing his owns wet diapers but not so much with messy ones. Stacy didn’t mind. She’d gotten used to the smell over the years.

“Thanks Sis.” Danny said smiling as he got up. He slid off his PJ bottoms exposing his very wet and dirty diaper and then climbed up onto the changing table. Stacy walked over to it and untapped Danny’s dirty diaper. She balled it up and tossed it into the diaper pail next to the changing table. She then proceeded to start to wipe him up. She then powdered his diaper area smiling noticing he was purring softly. She then slid a fresh diaper under him and threaded his tail through the new diaper and taped it up snuggly.

“There ya go Danny all done.” Stacy said smiling and helped him down.

“Thanks Stacy. You’re the best.” Danny smiled standing up.

“No problem bro. Now get dressed Mom said breakfast will be ready in less then twenty.” Stacy told him.

Danny nodded and Stacy left heading back down stairs. Danny then went about getting dressed for the day. He picked out a Star Wars t-shirt and a pair of kaki cargo shorts that went together well with the shirt. He then went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth which were pearly white. After that he went about combing his short main. With his morning grooming done he went downstairs to the kitchen.

“Mmmm. Breakfast smells good mom.” Danny smiled as he took a seat next to his sister.

“Yup. Bacon, Eggs, toast and OJ.” They’re mom said smiling putting a plate of food in front of each of them and a glass of OJ.

“Thanks mom.” Stacy and Danny said in unison and then dug in.

“Now today’s your social study test kids. Think you’ll do well.”

“Well I know Danny will. I bet you’ll get an A+ for getting the bonus questions too.” Stacy said with a laugh

“Aww thanks. I bet you’ll do just find. You did alright when we studied last time.” Danny pointed out.

“Yeah I guess your right.” Stacy said as she finished her breakfast.

“Well good luck on the test kids. Remember we eat out tonight.” They’re mom reminded them.

“Right.” Stacy and Danny said once more in unison.

So with that they both went back upstairs and got they’re backpacks for the school day and went back downstairs and waved good bye to they’re mom as they started they’re walk down the side walk to school that day chatting all the way.

Once at school they went straight to they’re homeroom and went about the morning routine there of attendance, announcements, and the redundant pledge. Afterwards it was time for first period class. They had mostly the same classes together except for science and one elective. Danny was in the AP science class while Stacy was in the regular one. As for the Electives Stacy had opted for shop class. She often made the boys in the class uncomfortable as she knew how to go about doing the stuff in I just as well if not better then they did. Danny’s elective was art class which he did well in. He was fairly artistic and when he wasn’t on his computer or sometimes even when he was he was sketching something.

They went about they’re morning classes fine. Social Studies was they’re third morning class. They took the test as planned that day. Both of them thought they’d done fairly well on it. Stacy was sure her brother got a perfect grade on it. Although she knew someone in class that defaultly failed it. Brutus the school bully. He tried to copy Danny’s answers unsuccessfully. After that they had English which was fairly boring for the both of them. After that it was lunch time.

“Ug English sure was so boring today.” Stacy said was they stood in the lunch line.

“Yeah and pretty depressing. The Raven. Ug.” Danny said as they walked

“Oh by the way how’s your…holding up?” Stacy asked not saying diaper so she wouldn’t embarrass him.

“Pretty well. Gotta stop by the nurse’s office after lunch though.” Danny said as he grabbed a tray.

“Want me to walk ya?” She asked as she grabbed her own tray.

“Nah. I’ll be fine myself.” Danny said as he punched in his number and paid for his lunch.

“Alright then.” Stacy said as she did the same. With that they both wen to they’re lunch table and ate with some of they’re friends. They talked about all sorts of stuff such as a movie coming up this weekend they hoped to see.

“Well least it’s Friday. Maybe we could see it tomorrow.” Danny suggested. The others liked that idea.

After lunch Danny dumped his tray as usual and headed down the hall for the nurse’s office. He was pretty wet from a morning’s worth of wetting. He hummed a bit as he walked. What he didn’t realize was that the school bully, a bulldog named Brutus, was following him from a distance. After Danny turned a corner Brutus dashed up behind him and pushed him over.

“Hey there pansy.” Brutus said with a sneer and then walked around Danny and kicked him hard in the stumach. “That’s for getting me caught trying to cheat off you!” Brutus said and picked him up some and then slugged him one. Brutus grinned and then kicked Danny in the back. He kept kicking Danny causing him to cry out in pain each time.

As this was starting to happen Stacy remembered she had to drop off her medical info sheet down at the nurses office. She went down to it the same way her brother had and saw Brutus beating on her brother. Her blood nearly boiled as she saw this. She ran towards him and grabbed Brutus and turned him around.

“Hi Brutus.” She said in a cold voice anger on her face.

“Hey girl. What’s up. Wanna ask me out?” Brutus asked smuggly.

“Go to hell.” She told him and then slugged him one knocking him off his feet. She then picked him up and almost effortlessly slammed him against the wall. “Listen to me you little bastard. If you EVER touch my brother again. So help I’ll make you regret it. If you had a longer tail and strangle you with it! Now get out of my sight!” She said and tossed him aside.

more on next post below this.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: The Twin Litah.   Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:22 pm

“Y-yeah you got it.” Brutus stuttered and then ran off.

“You Ok?” Stacy asked Danny kneeling down to him. She saw he was crying and pretty beat up. He looked up at her and tried to say something but just couldn’t get it out and just clung to her crying softly. Stacy held him close and stroked his main until she calmed him down. “Come on Danny lets get you to the nurse.”

“O-ok.” Danny said meekly as Stacy helped him up and helped him walk to the nurse’s office. As they walked she noticed a smell knowing Danny must have messed his diaper when he got jumped. She decided not to say anything.

“My word what happened to Danny?!” Asked Nurse Sonria. She was a Fennic Fox.

“Brutus jumped him.” Stacy said as she helped him sit down on the table.

“Yeah I was coming here for a change when Brutus got him. He was mad cuz he got caught trying to cheat off me on a test today.” Danny said still sniffling.

“Well lets get you changed first dear I think you really do need it.” She said and had Danny lay down. Stacy helped and handed the nurse the changing supplies. “Oh thank you dear.” She then went about the task of changing Danny’s very dirty diaper.

“It’s Ok Danny I don’t think he’ll bother you anymore.” Stacy told him holding his hand.

“Yeah. Thanks sis.” Danny smiled.

“I can guarantee that. I’ll write out an report on him. Maybe a week’s worth of In School Suspension will get through his thick skull.” The nurse said as she powdered Danny.

“Yeah sounds like a good idea.” Stacy agreed as the nurse then slid a fresh diaper into place, threaded his tail, and taped up the diaper securely.

After he was changed the nurse then went about treating Danny’s bruise, scrapes and cuts. She gave him a child’s aspirin to help with some of the pain as well and told him everything would be alright. She was an older woman and had a sort of grandma feeling about her.

“Thanks Nurse Sonria.” Danny said appreciatively. With that Stacy took him out to enjoy what was left of they’re recess. Stacy stayed with him he whole time. They mainly read a book under a tree. Danny was mainly resting his head on her shoulder reading along in her book with her. Truth be told though he was still shaken up by the fight.

After recess it was time for science and the two wings reluctantly separated for there different science classes. Danny’s friends in there noticed his slightly swelled right eye and asked him what had happened. Danny explained it still sounding a bit meek. Danny’s friends felt bad for him. They all agreed that Brutus was a jerk as they went about they’re class work. Meanwhile in Stacy’s class a similar discussion went on with her and her friends. They thought he was a jerk too and were proud of Stacy for standing up to him and teaching him a lesson. After that it was off to they’re science class they went to they’re shared math class which was the same as usual. Afterwards it was the last class of the day. Art for Danny and Shop class for Stacy.

Both these classes went well. Danny felt better as he was working on a painting in art class. Doing something creative liked that always helped him calm down. It also seemed to help his art look better too. Add feeling always helps with that kind of thing. Stacy meanwhile was working on a bird house for they’re back yard. She was busy doing detailing work on it to make it look nice. Before too long though the bell rang and both of them left and rejoined one another.

“So bro how you feeling now?” Stacy asked Danny a bit concerned.

“I’m feeling better. I heard the Principle call Brutus’s name just at the start of last period.” Danny grinned a bit.

“Yeah me too. Hope he likes ISS.” Stacy laughed as they walked out of the school to see they’re mom’s Scout parked in it’s usual spot.

“Hi kids how was your day?” She asked seeing Stacy and then saw Danny’s eye. “What in the world happened to you Sweetie?” She asked Danny.

“I had a run in with Brutus.” Danny said looking down as he got in the Scout.

“Don’t worry though mom we took care of it. I slugged him one and we got him reported to the principle.” Stacy said.

“Well good going Stacy. Maybe now he’ll learn. That’s my girl.” They’re mom smiled. She wasn’t one of those. Violence solves nothing parents. She was one of those violence in small doses or self defense does wonders parents.

“Yeah. He ran off after that. Stacy said she’s strangle him with his tail if it was long enough.” Danny laughed a bit as they drove off.

“Well sounds like you two had a full day. Well I’d say it’s time to have a more pleasant night. We’re stopping at Pizza Hutt for a pizza and then Blockbuster for some movies.” They’re mom smiled.

“Sounds great!” Stacy and Danny said once again in unison.

“How in blazes do you two always do that?” Mom asked them. They grinned at one another.

“We don’t know.” They said in unison again and then broke in laughing. It wasn’t too long before they reached Pizza Hutt to order they’re Pizza.

“Oh mom…..I kinda need a change first. I’m soaked.” Danny said discretely.

“Oh Alright then honey.” Mom told him and gave him his nap sack which served as a diaper bag.

“Thanks Mom.” Danny said and went off to the men’s room to change while the girls ordered the pizza.

Danny sighed with relief entering the bathroom and seeing it was empty for the moment. He went into the handicapped stall at the back and sat down his bag and undid his shorts letting them fall to his ankles. His diaper was discolored yellow from an afternoon’s use. He proceeded to untape the soaked garment and sat it down. He then got out some wipes and started to wipe himself clean which didn’t take too long. He then powdered himself a bit and finally started to get the new diaper on. A tricky affair for one to do themselves. He carefully threaded his tail through it and balanced it against the wall as he brought the front of the diaper up between his legs and taped it up securely. He smiled down at the fresh diaper which had space designs along the tape strip. Danny pulled his shorts back up and fastened them.

As he got his bag slung over his shoulder and left his stall carrying his soaked diaper to the trash a tall bear entered the restroom. He was dressed in what looked like a trucker’s get up. Danny blushed deeply as the trucker took notice of him and the diaper. The Trucker gave a single light laugh.

“Don’t worry kid I wear the same thing on long trips.” The bear said and gave him a pat on the shoulder before heading to a stall.

“Th-thanks.” Danny stuttered a bit awkwardly and dumped the diaper in the trash and went out to meet his mom and sister.

“Ok we’ve got the Pizza ordered and I’ll be half an hour until it’s done. Enough time for us to go rent a few movies. And as a special treat each of you an pick one movie that we’ll buy.” Mom told them with a smile.

“Wow Thanks Mom!” The twins said smiling and gave her a hug.

“You’re the best.” Danny added.

“Aww no problem kids. Come on lets get going.” Mom said leading them back out to the Scout.

It wasn’t too long before they reached the Blockbuster. They looked around a while chatting about the movies. And picking out two they were going to Rent. One was a Zombie movie. The other was a Comedy with Chris Farley in it. Then the two kids picked the movies they wanted to buy. Stacy picked the Original Star Ship Troopers movie. Danny liked it but was in a different mood though. He found the second care Bears movie.

“I think I’ll get this one.” Danny said blushing a big.

“Oh nice choice. I always did like that one.” Stacy smiled and put an arm around Danny.

“Thanks sis.” Danny smiled.

“Alright then kids then lets go pay for this stuff and go get the pizza.” Mom told them . The kids both nodded. In no time they had that paid for and had picked up the pizza and were on they’re way home.

Once they got home Both Danny and Stacy decided to get more comfortable and get into they’re night cloths. Stacy got into her baggy night pants and a night shirt that said angel on it. Danny was trying to decide between his night shirt or something more childish. A light blue onesie he had. He liked to play baby once in a while. He decided to go with the onesie seeing as it was a bit of a stressful day earlier.

“Awww cute.” Stacy said seeing her brother as she left her room.

“Thanks. I thought I’d wear it tonight seeing as it’s warm out and it was kinda stressful.” Danny said blushing.

“Hey I don’t blame ya. Relax and unwind.” Stacy said putting an arm around his shoulder as they walked down the stairs. They’re mom saw them coming down and smiled thinking it was nice that they got along so well and that she still had one baby.

“Alright what movie first?” Mom asked them.

“Zombie one. Scary ones are the best to start off with.” Danny said smiling. They were also a good excuse for snuggling up too but he didn’t mention that.

“Ok. Bring on the Zombies.” Stacy smiled as they sat down on the couch and grabbed some pizza.

“Ok then let the movie begin.” Mom said and put it in.

The two twins smiled and relaxed eating pizza while watching the movie. Danny was interested in the plot pretty well and jumped several times during the movie and used the opportunity to snuggle up to his mom or sis. Neither of whom minded at all. Before too long the first movie ended and they started the Chris Farley movie.

While the movie was beginning they’re mom went out to the kitchen. She decided to indulge her son a bit more tonight and make him a nice bottle of milk to drink during this movie and help relax him. She could see him tense up just so slightly now and again most likely thinking about the fight today. She did something extra special with the milk too adding a bit of honey. She knew honey milk was Danny’s favorite. It always had been.

“Here you go honey. Drink up.” Mom said softly a she gave Danny the bottle. His eyes lit up as he took it.

“Thanks Mommy.” He smiled and snuggled up with her and nursed on the bottle.

As time went on and he started to finish the bottle he was getting drowsy and nodded off at the end of the movie. His mom took him upstairs with Stacy following. Stacy smiled and gave her brother a kiss on the forehead before heading to her own room to turn in. Mom then laid Danny down on the changing table to change his bye now soaked diaper. She expertly changed wiped, powdered and re-diapered him in one of his thick night time diapers and then tucked him into his bed and tucked him in with his lion plushie. She then pulled up some short bars from the side of his bed that you’d usually see on a toddler’s bed.

“Sweet dreams baby.” Mom told him and gave him a kiss too before leaving turning on the night light as she left her son fast asleep snuggled up with his plushie and dreaming soft pleasant dreams.

The End.


Well I hoped ya liked it. Tell me what ya think.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: The Twin Litah.   Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:39 pm

Sounds cute ^.^ I think you should do a sequel!
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PostSubject: Re: The Twin Litah.   

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The Twin Litah.
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