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 I have no title for this one

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PostSubject: I have no title for this one   Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:50 pm

(Furry)(Any memory people have no faces you can see like in cartoons)

Chapter 1

It has been raining for a while now. It's been raining harder and harder. People don't care, just as long as they get to where they want. Pitter Patter The sound of the rain falling onto the pavement. Splosh Splash The sound of the steps of the people and the cars moving around.
But these people don't notice a young boy in a cardboard bow in a dark alley. His clothes were torn up and many pieces of it were missing. He was laying down, curled up into a ball, next to a red doggybowl. He was shivering, obviously cold from the weather. His hair was wet from running t ofind cover from the rain. This young boy looks up and sees all those people who has homes to return to when they weather gets bad, money to afford food to eat, clothes to keep them warm, and friends.
The young boy puts his head back down, going to sleep. As he sleeps he begins to dream. He had this dream for a while now and it keeps making him want it to be just like that and not like the life he has at the present.
"Hey Mommy! Lookit this!" A young feline boy called. He was a 3 year old. He held up a drawing to his mother.
"Ooooh that's really nice! What is it?" She asked.
"It's us silly!" He said. "That's me and that's you!"
"Awwww that's so sweet. And for that, you're getting icecream ice cream after dinner. How does that sound?"
"Yaaaaay! Ice cream! I love you mommy!" The little feline boy hugs his mother, smiling brightly.
"I love you too, Nathaniel," his mother said as she embraces him in a hug.

Nathaniel woke up crying, missing his mother and the warmness of the house they lived in. He woke up like this every morning, ever since his mother died and his home was evicted. Nathaniel was too afraid to go to an orphange, so he lived on the streets, instead. Worst of all he never really learned how to learn to use the toilet.
He wiped his eyes dry. The raining had stopped and the sun was beginning to rise. He felt a warmness around him. He whimpered, still having his childish behaviour, even for a 10 year old. His skin was covered in a rash from the constant pooping and wetting. He didn't have any other clothes to change into. Instead he took his pants off and dumped out the mess in his pants in the near-by trashcan. He cleaned his pants in a nearby puddle. When he finished, he put it back on, shivering because it was cold. He crawled back into his box and took a sip of water from his little doggybowl. He curls back into a ball and goes back to sleep.
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I have no title for this one
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