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 Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.

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PostSubject: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:42 pm

Well here's another compete story. I know Wow! I actually finished one. It's a long one too. Basic Plot is Len the Iguana gets a virus that regresses him back to toddlerhood eventually and he goes to live with his best Friend Bellfry. If you wanna see pics of them check out my art thread Or FA gallery.

OH and this is a long one. 34 pages. Hope that doesn't put anybody off. OH and yes there is diaper content just not a lot at the start. Oh and Max Makes a cameo in it. hehe.


Len’s Story.
Adjusting to the Way Things Are.

Well hi there. I’m Len Oslan. I’m an iguana. This is my story and oh boy is it a complicated one. I’m a scientist. My main field of experience is computer tech and general technology. Course that’s not to say I don’t keep an eye on other fields of science like biology and medicine. Always good to be informed. Which is how I found out about a new virus that had been cropping up. It was apparently reversing the aging process, regressing people back to anywhere from there teens on down. Usually younger t hen teens. Most either ended up as kids younger then ten and toddlers and some even ended up as babies. One more detail is t hat 9 times out of 10 those that regressed didn’t age at all afterwards. So they were stuck at there new ages for life. It seemed interesting. Least it did when I was just casually reading about it

Now you see I’m 26 and that’s a pretty good age to be at. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve always been a bit of a genius. And no that’s not me being prideful it’s the truth as far as my IQ test is concerned. So overall I like my age and my brains. I had a decent social life outside my lab and a few friends. I’d have to say my closest friend would be a bat named Bellfry. We’ve been friends since kindergarten. I’ve always thought of him as the brother I never had. Since I was smarter then a lot of the kids in school I often got bullied and picked on and Bellfry was always there to stick up for me and give a shoulder to cry on when I needed.

Well as I was saying one day in the morning I noticed that my clothes seemed a bit loose. I thought I was just loosing some weight which I didn’t mind. However over the next few days I noticed that they were getting looser constantly and that I was also loosing a little bit of height. Not a lot but enough for me to notice. Fearing the worst I went to see a doctor and told him my symptoms. He took a few measurements of me and pictures as well and took a blood sample for testing. The next day I found out I had the AR virus as the media was calling it. I couldn’t believe it. They told me there was no way to know how young I would get but statistically it was very likely I’d end up as a young child or toddler. I sighed. I sat home that day thinking about it. Just sitting there staring at the four walls wasn’t helping so I went out. I walked to the park and sat on this hill that over looked most of it probably looking rather glum. Then all of the sudden.

“Hey Len what’s up?” I heard Bellfry say as he landed next to me. Ah leave it to him to show up right when you need him.

“A lot buddy. A lot.” I said looking out at the park as he folded his wings in which were part of his arms.

“What’s wrong? I know something’s wrong.” He said putting a hand on my shoulder.

“You know that virus that makes people younger that’s been on the news?” I asked him still not making eye contact.

“Yeah I’ve heard about.” Bellfry said uncertainly. I think he had already pieced together what I was about to say.

“Well it turns out that I have it.” I said my voice broke up just a little as I said it. I as kind of scared. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’d need someone to help take care of me. Especially if I ended up as a toddler or younger. But I couldn’t just go back to my parents. They both died two years ago in a car crash and I didn’t have any other family.

“Oh man….I’m sorry Len.” Bellfry said and put an arm around me extending it out into a wing like a blanket almost. “Hey don’t you worry. If you need anything then just give me a shout Ok.”

“Thanks Bellfry. You’re the best.” I said smiling at him. I knew he’d help me. I guess he’d get to put his college courses to more use. Bellfry had a medical degree since last year. He was doing work at the hospital in the pediatric wing. He always liked helping others and was always good with kids. He used to do some babysitting in high school and from what I hear from parents there kids loved him.

Well after that talk with Bellfry I did feel a lot better. I busied myself with some work in the lab. I got a lot of my old cloths out of the attic. Stuff I didn’t think I’d wear again. I also got online and talked to some of my online palls. They all felt sorry for me but told me to look on the bright side. Not everybody gets to be a kid again. I thought about it and well the more I mulled it over the more it sounded alright. I decided I’d go with the flow and got dressed and called Bellfry to see if he wanted to head to the mall today. He said ya so I went out the door.

“Hey Len….you look younger today.” Bellfry said when he saw me. He was wearing his usual sleeveless shirt, jeans and his ever present sunglasses in the day.

“Yeah. I think I’m down to seventeen now. I think that’s how old I was when I wore this shirt last.” I told him as we walked. I was wearing some kaki cargo pants and an Inuyasha t-shirt.

“Well your looking alright. So how you feeling? Better?” Belfry asked.

“Actually yeah. I figure how many people get a chance to be a kid again. I guess it won’t be so bad.” I told him with a bit of a smile.

“See right on. Now that’s looking at the bright side.” Bellfry smiled at be and gave me a pat on the back.

“Yup. I’ve got something I wanna ask ya though later at lunch though.” I told him. And no it’s not what some of you are thinking. Pull your head out of the gutter.

“Ok..” Bellfry said trailing off looking confused.

Well with that we made our way to the mall and walked around it just talking and doing some shopping. I bought a new horror movie and a video game. I was thinking in the back of my head though how I would ask my question. You see I was fairly sure I’d need someone to help take care of me and I was planning on asking Bellfry if he would. It’s a pretty embarrassing and awkward question to ask as you could probably ask. I mean how do you ask someone that? Well after a while we stopped at a McDonalds in the mall for lunch.

“Just think you might be ordering a happy meal soon instead of the Big Mac meal.” Bellfry joked lightly.

“Hehe. Yeah. Well hey don’t knock a happy meal they still taste good.” I joked back as we sat down and started to eat.

“So you said you wanted to ask me something around lunch?” Bellfry asked as he took a bite from his Big Mac.

“Yeah I did.” I said with a sigh putting my burger down. “It’s kind of hard to ask you this. I mean it’s kind of asking a lot but you’re the only person I trust enough to ask this…..” I started to trail off then.

“Len you can ask me anything Ok.” He said with a soft look on his face. I think he could tell what I was going to ask.

“Well…I’m probably gonna get a lot younger and it’s gonna start getting hard for me to take care of myself. So I was wondering if…you would…if I could…..” I trailed off again having trouble saying it.

“You want me to take care of you huh?” He asked me.

“Y-yeah.” I said looking down. “Will you? Please. I don’t want to have to rely on some nurse I don’t know or worse have to live in some center or be adopted out to strangers.” I said with my voice breaking up. I was also shaking a bit at this point and probably close to crying.

“Len look at me.” He said taking me hand. I noticed his was bigger then mine. I looked up at him. “Of course I’ll take care of you. Your like a brother too me. You’ve always been there for me. I remember when I got sick you’d bring over video games and books and spend time with me inside like that even it meant you might get sick. So of course yes.”

“Oh thank you Bellfry. You have no idea what a weight that is off my chest.” I told him with a sigh of relief.

“Well we’ve always been like family and hey this will make it official right?” He asked me.

“Yeah. You’d be appointed my legal guardian.” I told him and sipped my soda.

“Sounds like a plan to me. You mind moving into my place though for that?” Bellfry asked and took a bite of his burger.

“Nah. I can have my lab moved easily.” I told him. Plus I liked his place better. Mine was a bit small. His had more room and I suspected was more equipped to the caring of a kid. Bellfry still occasionally babysat for family.

“Alright then it‘s settled. You can move in as soon as you like.” Bellfry smiled.

With that it was all set up. Over the next few days me and Bellfry went through the process of moving my lab and personal effects to his place. Over those days I continued to regress. I seemed to regress a year a day and bye the time I was all moved in I was about 13 and wearing some older cloths I never thought I’d wear again. Bellfry suggested we go cloths shopping for me but I told him it would probably be best to wait until I stopped regressing. He agreed.

Things went pretty smoothly for three days. I was actually having fun. We watched some old movies and stuff that we had as kids. It just felt right. Bellfry said it made him feel nostalgic. I also didn’t have any problems those days getting stuff for myself when he was at work. We both knew that wouldn’t last forever. But we had two options when that day came though. For one I had enough money from several inventions of mine for us to live well off of for the rest of our lives. But I didn’t want to deny Bellfry his career. Another option was for me to start going to work with him. Which in itself had two options. The hospitals had lots of computers there and I was a tech wiz so I could take the tech support position there. Bellfry told me they already cleared it. Then there was option number two there which was less appealing. I could spend the days there at the Hospital daycare. I decided I’d go with the first option at the hospital and take the job.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:44 pm

Now remember how I said for those three days it went smoothly. Well on the fourth day something threw that a bit out of whack. I woke up that morning to a cold wet feeling around my mid section. I pulled back the blankets to see that I had wet the bed. I guess now I was about 9. I sighed remember that I had been a bed wetter until I was 10. I was so embarrassed. I got up and started to strip down my bed just as Bellfry walked in to get me up for breakfast.

“What happened here?” Bellfry asked walking in.

“Um well….” I blushed deeply and looked down at my scaly feet and also at the wet spot on my PJ bottoms. I finally managed to say it though. “I wet the bed.”

“Oh. Well we knew this was to be expected.” Bellfry kneeled down to me. “Hey it’s no problem. Lets get you cleaned up and get these sheets in the wash.”

“Thanks Bro.” I told him. Since I moved in I’d taken to calling him that. He felt like a big bro anyway. So he lead me to the bathroom and left me to get cleaned up while he got the sheets put into the washer.

“You all done in there?” Bellfry asked knocking on the door.

“Almost.” I told him and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out in just that. My think green physique showing. I looked like your average kid just after a bath or something.

“Alright good. I laid our some cloths for you on your dresser. Breakfast is ready too.” Bellfry told me. He handled this whole situation pretty well. I’m so glad I got him for a guardian.

“Thanks a lot.” I smiled and went to my room to get dressed. It was a Sunday today so Bellfry didn’t work. The cloths he laid out for me were casual. A pair of camo shorts, my fav digimon t-shirt, and most embarrassing a pair of digimon briefs. I went downstairs to breakfast and dug in. It was bacon, eggs, and toast.

“Today I think we should go shopping. Not for clothes though. But since this incident this morning I think we should get you some protection.” Bellfry said gently. I knew he was right.

“Y-yeah I guess your right. It’s not like this is gonna be a one time thing. So what kind of protection?” I asked him biting into my bacon.

“Well I was thinking we’d get a few things since we don’t’ know how young you’ll get. We’ll get some goodnites for you for now, pull-ups, and diapers. If your regression stops before you size into the pull-ups and diapers then I’ll just donate them to the hospital.” Bellfry explained to me.

“Sounds like a good idea.” I told him. I was really hopping though that the regression would stop soon before I sized into either of those and before I started needing them in the day.

So after breakfast we got into Bellfry’s car and drove down to the local Wal-Mart. I was a bit nervous about this though. I mean it would be obvious who Bellfry was buying this stuff for and odds are someone in there would recognize me. At least that was my thinking at the time anyway. In reality I guess not many people would. But before long we got there and went into the store and over to the diaper section where everything was. Bellfry grabbed a pack of each of what we talked about this morning. Goodnites, pull-ups, and diapers. However he noticed some cloth trainng pants and decided to get those too. His reasoning was they looked like underwear only with some padding and if I only had minor accidents during the day they’d be perfect for me. I sighed and agreed to it. We then went to pay for the stuff. The check out lady as a rabbit and well upon seeing what we were buying smiled. She knew some of it was too small for me now though.

“Oh how cute. Did you help daddy here pick out some of these for your little brother?” She asked using that tone most grown ups use when they talked to kids. I was pretty embarrassed but not wanting to say they were for me I played along.

“Uh Huh. He’s getten potty trained so we’re getten hm pull-ups so he can be big. But he still has accidents at night and mommy says diapees are better for that.” I said in the cutest lil boy voice I could muster.

“Awww isn’t that cute. Your such a good big brother.” She smiled ignoring the goodnites not waning to embarrass what she thought was a lil boy. Bellfry smiled and paid for the stuff and we walked out of the store.

“Great acting there Len. I even thought you were a real lil kid there for a second.” Bellfry smiled as we got in the car.

“Thanks. I figured it was the easiest thing to do.” I told him blushing a little.

“Ya know that brings up a subject though. When we’re not at work and out in the public how do you want me to treat you? I could treat you like your actual age and explain the situation would we’d be explaining a lot of times though. Or I could treat you the way you look and avoid questions and possible stairs.” Bellfry pointed out to me.

“Well….it’d kinda get tiresome explaining all the time. Plus I’d probably get some weird or awkward looks from people. I guess the best thing to do is treat me how I look.” I said. I guess it wouldn’t be too bad. I knew he wouldn’t yell at me and I didn’t think I’d misbehave badly around him in public.

“Alright then. That’s the plan.” Bellfry agreed.

The rest of the day went alright. We watched TV, played a few video games which seemed to just be a lot more fun now. I guess it’s the kid’s perspective I’ve got now. Half of what we watched on TV were cartoons. I realized that part way through though and asked Bellfry if he was sure he didn’t mind watching them. He said sure and that he kind of liked them too. That night however my bedtime routine changed a little. I took off my day clothes which now included my underwear. I got a Goodnites out of the package. I hadn’t worn one in years. I unfolded it and stepped into the Goodnite and pulled it up threading my tail as I did. I looked at myself in the mirror with it on. I did look kinda cute I guess. I could probably be one of those kids on the goodnites commercials I laughed lightly to myself. I then got dressed in my Pjs and climbed into bed for the night.

I woke up the next morning with a big yawn and stretched in bed noting that it was dry and warm. I grinned to myself. I then realized something else was warm too. I had wet my goodnite. Not just wet I’d soaked it. But the goodnite held up. I was glad about that. I laid there for a bit thinking about the day. Today I’d start as tech support not to mention I had gone down another year age wise. I was both excited and a bit nervous. Mostly excited though. Just then Bellfry walked in.

“Morning Len. Sleep well?” He asked cheerily. Man I’ve always been amazed that he’s such a morning person. Bats are usually night people. Bellfry seems to be both.

“Yup I slept pretty well. No leaks from the goodnites.” I said with a bit of a smile as I got out of bed.

“Glad to hear. I ran a bath for you this morning. So go get washed up. Big day ahead of us.” Bellfry told me gesturing to the bathroom.

I nodded and headed to the bathroom to take my bath. I giggled a bit to myself. Bellfry had put some bubble bath in it too. I got undressed and tossed out my soaked goodnite and climbed on into the tub and started to get washed up. Course I couldn’t help playing in the bubbles a little bit. I was definitely starting to feel more like a kid now. Once I was done with my bath I got out of the tube and went to get dressed. I noticed the cloths laid out looked more formal except for he cartoon briefs. For some odd reason though I felt glad that I was wearing at least one thing cartoony. I got dressed then. The shirt was a white short sleeved button up shirt and the pants were simple kaki ones. I looked nice I thought. I came downstairs with a smile on my face.

“Wow you look nice in those. You look like a professional.” Bellfry cheerily commented.

“Yeah I feel nice and professional too.” I told him with a grin and sat down at the table to have breakfast.

“Good. I think it’s good your getting out of the house and doing something. Remember if you need anything I’m usually somewhere in pediatrics wing and the ladies down by the daycare in the wing can help too.” Bellfry explained to me.

“Ok. I don’t think I’ll need much help though. Least not for a while.” I said as I ate. I knew that if I kept that job and became a toddler I probably would have to stop down by the daycare if like most toddlers I had any accidents.

After breakfast we got in the car and headed off to work. The drive was nice and we walked in. Bellfry lead me to a locker area and I saw there was one with my name on it. I opened it and saw several lab coats in various sizes from my current size on down. I also had an ID tag stating my name, title “Tech Support”, and my condition “ARV victim.” I smiled over to Bellfry.

“It was the head of Staff’s idea. He wanted you to feel like everyone else. This way with the authenticated badge no one working here will mistake you for a patient.” Bellfry smiled as I grabbed the lab coat.

“Well I gotta thank him sometime.” I smiled puttin g on the lab coat and my ID tag.

“Yup. You’ve got a desk in the main office area. Someone will be to give you any problems. That we’re currently having with our stuff. You know where the main office is?” Bellfry asked me. He sounded a bit protective. I kinda felt good about that.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Number of posts : 11138
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:44 pm

“Yeah I know where the main office is. Thanks. Have a nice morning and I’ll see ya at lunch.” I told him with a grin and walked on off down the hall. I could feel him watching me as I walked down the hall. I felt excited and nervous. Kinda like a little kid might feel starting his first day of school. I guess Bellfry was kind of feeling like a mom in that situation. That thought made me smile a little as I walked into the main office and found my desk. The desk was set lower then the others there and had a smaller computer chair. I sat down and looked it over. Not too long an Orca walked into the office dressed nicely. He was a thin guy and looked pretty friendly. I was thankful. He wasn’t imposing at all.

“Hello there. You must be Mr.Oslan.” He said holding out his hand. The Mr part made me feel a bit like my old self again.

“Yes sir.” I smiled shaking his hand politely.

“I’m William Delleren. It’s very nice to meet you and have someone of your caliber as our tech support technician.” He said with a genuine smile.

“It’s a pleasure to be working here. Thank you very much for hiring me. So what’s first up on the list for today?” I asked wanting to get to work and show them my stuff.

“Well first off just a lil reminder in case Bellfry hasn’t mentioned it yet. Obviously this will be your desk. The chair there is easily adjustable if your keep on regressing. The daycare center is down the hall on the right if you need anything from them. I realize you might need there services now and again should you become a younger age and we’re very happy to accommodate if you should need them. As for actual work we’ve got a few computers in offices around here that have some bugs and such that need to be fixed. Other then that nothing for now. Your welcome to use your desk computer for what ever while your not needed. If anything not on the list crops up later in the day someone will call you.” William told me explaining everything with a bouncy kind of cheer. Obviously one of those befriend your employees type.

“Thank you sir. I’ll get right on these.” I nodded taking the clip board with the list on it. I looked over the list and read the problem descriptions.

“Alright then I’ll leave you to it then.” William said and left the office area to who know s here.

After reading the problem descriptions on the sheet I had a fairly good idea of what exactly was wrong with those computers and how to fix them. So with that I started to the various rooms to fix the computers. I did get an odd look from two people as I was fixing the computers but those looks changed to looks of awe as they saw how tech savy I was. Overall it was a pretty good morning. After I fixed the last computer I looked up at one of the wall clocks and saw it was lunch time. So I headed on down to the cafeteria. I looked around a bit and saw Bellfry and walked, ok maybe ran a little, over to him with a smile.

“Hey Bellfry.” I grinned up to him sounding a bit like the kid I looked like.

“Hey Len. How was your first day so far?” Bellfry asked me as we walked to the lunch line.

“Pretty good. I got a few looks but those went away when they saw my skills.” I grinned.

“Yeah I bet. When it comes to computers and techno stuff you’re the best.” Bellfry said with a slight laugh.

“Yup.” I smiled we grabbed our trays and got lunch. It was burgers, fries, a fruit cup thing, and I picked a thing of chocolate milk to drink.

“So how was your day?” I asked him as we walked to a table.

“It was alright. I had an appointment with that Lorence kid down the block.” Bellfry sighed as we sat down.

“That little hellion? Geeze I feel sorry for you.” I laughed.

“Funny huh. Yeah well get this. He’s not the though guy he appears to be. He cried like a puppy when I gave him his routine shot.” Bellfry said trying not to laugh.

“Hehehehe. So the big bad black wolf is really just a little puppy. Maybe he should get the virus.” I giggled a bit as I ate.

“Oh yeah. It’d be an improvement. His body would match his brain.” Bellfry laughed.

“Yup that’s for sure.” I agreed taking a bite out of my burger.

“So what’s on your afternoon agenda?” Bellfry asked casually.

“Well I don’t have anything else on my schedule so I guess I’ll just hang around the office on my computer unless someone calls problem.” I said eating a French fry.

“Ah sounds a bit boring. I’ve got a few patients to see. Mostly routine stuff.” Bellfry said as he ate.

“Oh sounds like we both have a dull afternoon ahead of us.” I said.

After that we chatted a bit more about nothing really. After that we dumped our tray. Bellfry said he’d stop by the office and get me at the end of the day. It felt kind of like a dad telling his kid he’d pick him up after school. That thought did have a warm fuzzy feeling to it. So with that I walked back to my office. I said hi to everybody and took a seat at my desk and got on the computer and did some surfing around online. Read a few articles on some science sites and stuff. It was a bit boring. I was kind of fidgety sitting there doing nothing really. I guess it’s the whole being a kid again thing. But luckily after a few hours Bellfry dropped by the office and said it was time to go. I grinned and got up and followed him back to the locker room hanging up my lab coat. I stopped by the bathroom before we left. This was the fifth time today. Guess that’s the way it goes when your wind up this young.

We got home before too long and ordered a pizza for dinner. I guess it had been a long day. I was kind of tired and after we ate I snuggled up to Bellfry sleepily. It did feel kind of nice. He put an arm around me and stretched it into a wing that acted kind of like a blanket. I was pretty content like that. I even purred a little. Yup that’s right Iguanas can purr. I guess I must have fallen asleep like that because the next thing I new I was sat on my bed getting my shirt taken off. I helped get myself undressed. Bellfry handed me a goodnite that I slipped into after that he got me dressed in the rest of my Pjs and tucked me into bed. He gave me a stuffed lizard that I thought was still packed away in one of my boxes and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I drifted off to sleep purring contently and snuggled up with my plushie.

I woke up the next morning with a yawn. I slept pretty darn well. It was some of the best sleep I’d gotten in a long time. I noticed I had once again soaked my goodnite but that wasn’t anything new and was actually starting to feel a little comfortable. I got up and changed out of my wet goodnite and started to get dressed. I was about seven now. I was really hoping that the regression would stop soon. It’d be really awkward if I had to go to work and periodically have to stop at the daycare to have a diaper change.

Well today was much like the day before. Except a bit more dull. There wasn’t much to do that morning. Later in the afternoon I got a few calls to come down and fix something or check up on something. Frankly though I think some of it was just a bit of busy work. I noticed I was also going to the bathroom more often. It was a bit annoying. I remembered back to my childhood and well I did have some bathroom issues when I was little. If I kept on regressing like this I’d definitely would have an accident before long. Heck I nearly had an accident in the car on the way home that night. I had just barely escaped wetting my pants. I guess Bellfry had noticed that and I had complained to him earlier abut this. He decided we needed to have a little talk at dinner.

“Len we need to talk.” Bellfry said as I sat down at the table feeling down.

“I know.” I said rather glumly.

“Now I know you’ve been having some problems getting to the bathroom lately. Now there haven’t been any accidents yet but I think it’s best that we prepare just in case.” Bellfry started.

“Yeah I guess your right. I mean it’d be so…so….embarrassing to wet my pants at work.” I said with a quivering voice.

“I know that. So I think it might be a good idea for you to start wearing those training underpants. I know it’s childish but they look like regular underwear so I don’t think anyone will notice.” Bellfry said.

“I guess your right.” I said sadly and looked down. Bellfry walked over and gave me a hug and then we had dinner. Bellfry made mac and cheese.

The rest of the night was pretty much spend on the couch like last night with me snuggled up to Bellfry only depressed a bit. This time though I didn’t fall asleep like last night. I went to my room and got ready just as last night with a goodnite on and my Pjs. I knew before too long if I kept regressing I’d size out of them and into the Pull-Ups.

The next day was much like the day before. Waking to another wet goodnite and another year younger and everything. I was now Six. Work however wasn’t as dull. I had an interesting problem on one of the computers to fix that kept me occupied for a while. Then I did some server maintenance which gave me something to do. Lunch was pretty good. Later as the day went on I was glad I worn the training underpants. I had had a slight accident on my way to the bathroom. Not enough to soak through to my pants but enough that I was aware of it. I guess I must have been overly self conscious cuz a few people at the office asked if I was alright. I told them I was. That night was just about the same as the night before. Only real difference was that we played some video games that night. We were playing Smash Bros Melee. Needless to say I won. I’m awesome with Mewtwo. I went to bed that night thinking tomorrow wouldn’t be too bad.

Next morning my goodnites were soaked and fairly loose on me finally. I guess I’d be in a Pull-Ups for bed tonight. I was down to five. I was pretty sure I’d be one of those regressees to end up a toddler. I got dressed once again with a pair of training underpants hoping that today I wouldn’t have another accident. Well I was wrong. I was working on the Server back up for the hospital and felt the urge to go. But I held off a little to finish and then dashed for he bathroom. Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it. Just as I got into the bathroom my bladder cut loose and my trainer underpants started to become damp and warm I tried to stem the tide and eventually did. I managed to finish up in the toilet. Once done I checked the underpants. They hadn’t soaked enough to go through to my pants but If I had one more accident that day they wouldn’t hold. I crossed my fingers and hoped they’d hold. It was just after lunch so I didn’t want to bug Bellfry now when he was with a patient. So I just hoped that I’d be able to make it the rest of the day. Later on I was at the office on my computer and felt the urge to go. So I got up and walked out of the office. Once out of the office I picked up the pace to make it to the bathroom in time. Just as I got to the bathroom and into the stall I leaked into the training underpants again and this time it leaked into my pants creating a noticeable wet spot. I managed to once again stop it and finish in the toilet. But the damage was done. I was so embarrassed about this and I didn’t know what I do. I was scared to go back out of the bathroom.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:45 pm

I eventually got up some courage. I did up my lab coat closing it so no one could see the wet spot and slowly made my way back to the office. I shut down the computer and then headed out to the locker room. It was almost time to knock off for the day. I knew belfry would be along to the locker room soon. I could only hope and cross my fingers that he had planed for something like this.

“Hey Len how was your day?” Bellfry asked as he walked in.

“A-alright. But I kinda……had an accident.” I said meekly and opened up my lab coat. I was really close to tears at this point.

“Aww. Don’t worry Len. It’s Ok. I knew something like this might happen. Hold tight.” Bellfry told me and got a duffle bag out of his locker and get some clean cloths out for me. Some jean shorts and a pokemon t-shirt and a clean pair of training underpants. I settled down and got dried off with a towel in my locker and then got dressed in those clothes.

“Thanks Bellfry.” I told him meekly.

I don’t know why but I just walked up to him after that and held my arms up to him. I was emotionally drained and just wanted to be carried I guess. Bellfry just smiled and picked me up and carried me out to the car. I was getting small for the front seat. I suspected that tomorrow there’d be a car seat waiting in here for me. On the way home I felt the need to go again. This time number too. When we got home and the door was opened I dashed through it and went straight to the bathroom. That was a bit of a close call. I mean wetting myself was disheartening but I would have been devastated to poop my pants. Luckily I managed to escape that fate for at least today. I was really worried about what tomorrow might bring though and me and Bellfry both agreed that another talk was in order.

“Ok Len lets talk.” Bellfry said calmly as I took my seat which due to my height was a little difficult.

“Yeah. I had two accidents today and just barely escaped the embarrassment of being discovered after one.” I said sighing.

“Yeah. We need to do something about it. I think we both know that it’ll get worse tomorrow.” Bellfry said.

“Yeah. In all likelihood I’ll be four tomorrow. I was just barely trained then remember.” I told Bellfry probably sounding a little scared.

“Yeah I remember. So I think the best thing to do is for you to wear Pull-Ups tomorrow. I’ll pack you a day bag that you can put in your locker with a couple of spares in it and an extra pair of pants just incase.” Bellfry told me sympathetically.

“Well….I guess your right. I really don’t want to have another accident like that again.” I agreed.

After that conversation we ate dinner. After that we played a few video games again and watched a bit of TV. It was kind of like last night. At this rate I was worried that I’d be ending up back in diapers at some point. Another thing that was distracting me that night was just the fact that I was beginning to feel more the way I looked. It took real effort to concentrate on anything for a long period of time. It was worse in the afternoon at which time I was feeling tired as well. I told Bellfry what was on my mind while we watched TV and he said I should talk with the Personnel Director. I decided I would. After that I was pretty sleepy and was going to head to bed. Bellfry picked me up and took me back to my room and helped me get dressed for the night. I blushed a bit as I stepped into my first Pull-Ups in years.. Bellfry pulled em into place and got me dressed and tucked in.

The next morning was much like yesterday. As expected I was wet an down to four years of age. So with that I got up and got out of my Pjs and changed my wet Pull-Ups. My suspicions about a care seat were also confirmed that morning seeing as there was one in the passenger seat now. I knew I needed it though so I didn’t fuss. Once we got to work I felt really awkward walking through the halls of the hospital knowing I was wearing a Pull-Ups under my pants. I was so paranoid thinking everybody was looking. I knew that odds are nobody noticed it. I went to the office and checked the problem report sheet. Nothing very pressing. So I went to the Personnel Director’s office. William seemed like a nice person and logically I knew he’d understand but I was still pretty nervous.

“Um…Sir I need to speak with you.” I said. I imagine I probably sounded like the nervous child I now was.

“Of course Len. Have a seat and tell me what’s on your mind.” William said with a smile. Although I could tell he’d noticed my considerable age reduction from when he saw me at the beginning of the week when I was eight.

“Well sir I’ve been having some difficulties lately. You see it’s been getting harder for me to concentrate for a long periods of time for me. Especially in the afternoon is when it gets worse. I just feel worn out. Plus I’ve been having…..personal problems.” I said. I made the last part vague not really wanting to come out and say it.

“Oh. That must be troublesome. I thought these problems might arise if you regressed to your current age or younger. I think I’ve got a few options for you if your open to hearing.” William said sympathetically to me. For some reason I just felt comfortable hearing his voice though.

“Yes sir I’m open to hearing them.” I told him nodding.

“Well. We can have your work on these a bit at a time. Work on a computer a while then take a short break, Grab a snack, stretch your legs. If your feeling to tired in the afternoon there’s two things we could do. Your welcome to drop by the daycare center and take a nap. There’s a room in the center that you could take a nap in privately if you want. You could also work half days.” William said laying out his thoughts.

“Well I think some of that would work. But I’m not sure about the only working half days option. I couldn’t go home after lunch. Bellfry works full days after all. But everything else sounds like a good idea.” I said nodded slightly embarrassed about needing to take a nap but I knew I’d probably need it.

“Well we can go with option one then. As for if you wanted to work half days you could spend the rest of your day in the daycare center if you decided to go with that option. As for the personal problems is there anything I could do to help?” He asked me kindly.

“No. At least not for now anyway. I’m taking care of it.” I told him.

“Alright then. I think if that’s it we’re done. Now don’t be afraid to bring anything to my attention that you may need.” William smiled to me.

“I won’t sir. I’d just like to thank you for being so accommodating and understanding.” I said smiling a bit.

“It’s no problem.” William told with that same understanding smiling.

Well after that I went off to start in on my work. I took his advice and took periodic breaks now and again to let my mind rest before I got back to work. I also took those breaks as an opportunity to head to the bathroom. However like yesterday I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom once or twice. Ok twice. Each time after the accident I discretely went back to the locker room to change my wet Pull-Ups. It was pretty embarrassing even though no one was there. Just looking down at the wet garment and seeing just the remnants of the dry signs was a bit depressing. Just last week I was in complete control of my body and had no problem focusing for hours on end. Now I need to take a break every two hours or so and can’t seem to make it to the bathroom all the time. As I got a fresh Pull-Ups on I thought at least I hadn’t pooped my pants yet though. So at least that was something.

However at the time I didn’t know how close that yet was to being a now. But luckily the rest of the work day had gone well. I told Bellfry what the Personnel Director had told me and he agreed it sounded like a good idea. Bellfry also discretely asked me about my Pull-Ups. I blushed and told him I had had two accidents so far today but that none of them had leaked and that I had made it a few times. He told me to just keep on trying my best. It felt kind of like a Parent telling there toddler in potty training to just try there best to make it to the potty and if they had an accident it was Ok. That needless to say made me feel toddlerish. Although I felt even more like a Toddler going in to the daycare center to take a nap.

“Oh Hello there you must be Len.” She smiled to me. She was an older Vixen who just had that patient grandmother quality to her.

“Yes ma’am.” I said nodding.

“ I’m Mrs. Shaw. Well William’s told me about you and I’ve got the private room ready for your nap if you want to use it or your more then welcome to nap with the cubs.” She smiled at me. No doubt noticing my blush.

“N-no thank you. I’ll use the private woom. I mean room.” I said blushing all the more. That was the first time I’d lisped like that. I guess it must have been a combination of me being 4 again and being tired.

“Alright then right this way.” She said leading the way to the room. It looked like it had once been a small lil nurse’s station built into the nursery at the time. There was a Cot set up for me there. I told her thank you, as I hung my Lab coat on the side hook and climbed onto the cot and rolled over covering up a bit. It was awkward at first but I eventually fell fast asleep.

I woke up later with a yawn. Looking at he clock I noticed that I had slept for and hour and a half. I guess I must have been tired. I sat up in the cot with a wet squish and groaned a bit. I had wet my Pull-Up during the nap. I was pretty well soaked. It hadn’t leaked yet but if I had one more accident I was certain it would I got up and walked or more liked waddled a bit to the door and put my lab coat on. I didn’t want to try and walk too normally for fear I’d wring out some of the wetness into my pants. Once I had my Lab coat on I headed out the door through the daycare. I noticed some of the cubs were still sleeping, some were just waking up and a few of them were already up and playing. They didn’t notice me however.

“So did you sleep well Len?” Mrs. Shaw asked me.

“Yeah I slept pretty well.” I told her still kind of waddling for the door. I guess she must have noticed the waddle. She walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder and knelt down to me.

“If you want I can take to back to he back room and help you out of those so you won’t have to waddle through the hall ways.” She told me in a whisper. I blushed deeply at that. “Don’t worry it’s to be expected at your new age. Nothing you can do to help it.”

“O-Ok.” I said. She was right. I didn’t really want to be noticed waddling through the halls like that. She took my hand and lead me back to what looked to be a private changing room. “Why the Private changing room? I saw a few changing tables out in the main area.” I asked our of curiosity as I took off my lab coat.

“Well we sometimes get in older children who have some potty problems. This lets them get changed in private so the rest of the children don’t have to find out.” Mrs. Shaw explained as she knelt down to me and started to undo my pants much to my surprise. I guess she must have noticed the surprised look on my face. “Oh I’m sorry Dear. I forgot for a moment that you could do that yourself. I’m just so used to dealing with real toddlers.”

“I-it’s ok I guess. It’s just what your used too.” I said as she let me finish taking them off. I must say I probably did look all the more like a toddler after the pants were off though standing there in a wet Pull-Ups.

“Alright now lets get you changed.” She said picking me up to my surprise and laid me down on the changing table.

“Um…your not gonna change me into a …..ya know are you?” I asked not really thinking. She looked slightly surprised and then laughed lightly.

“Oh no sweetheart. It’s just easier to do clean ups like this. Even for those in Pull-Ups.” She said undoing the sides of the Pull-Ups and then opened it up. I had never been changed like this before by anyone other then Bellfry or my mom and even when I was usually half asleep if Bellfry did it. She didn’t say a word though and just went about wiping up my area with a few non scented wipes. She then sat me down on the floor and got a fresh Pull-Ups from under the changing table and held it open and out. I stepped into it and she pulled it up into place with me threading my tail through as she did.

“T-thank you Mrs. Shaw.” I said blushing a little as I got my pants back on.

“Anytime Len. If you ever need a hand with anything private don’t be afraid to come and ask anytime. No one else needs to know.” She told me with that grandma smile of hers.

“Thanks a lot. I will.” I said with a smile.

After that I headed back to the office to check for any tech support request. There was one. So I went over to go fix it feel revitalized after my nap. As I worked on the problem my mind kept reviewing the whole thing at the daycare today. I was pretty embarrassing but at the same time it did feel nice to know that Mrs. Shaw would help me if I needed it and keep things private. That made me feel better.

Once I was finished with that computer I went back to the office and spent the rest of the day on my computer surfing the net reading up on a few things. I got up once to go to the bathroom and get a snack. I offered to get anybody else one too if they wanted something. A few people said yes and gave me the money for the stuff. However I wasn’t sure I could carry it all back. But someone else in the office offered to help. A Racoon named Max. He looked to be about 22 if I had to guess.

“Sure. I could use the help. You sure you don’t mind?” I asked him as we left the office.

“Nah I don’t mind besides I need to …. us bathroom too.” Max said with a slight pause there. I wondered what the pause meant but I let it slide. Luckily I had made it to the bathroom just in the nick of time and escaped having to change another wet Pull-Ups. I got out of the stall and waited a bit. Max was taking longer then I did.

“You Ok in there Max?” I asked sounding like a worried toddler probably.

“Y-yeah I’m fine. You can wait outside I’m almost done.” Max said with what sounded to me like embarrassment. I don’t know what he had to be embarrassed about though. I mean it wasn’t like he was stinking up the place or anything.

“Ok Max.” I said and walked out front of the bathroom and waited. A short time later Max came back out.

“There sorry I took so long.” He said with a bit of a blush. Gee this sure was a change of pace. Someone else blushing for once.

“No problem.” I smiling up at him.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:46 pm

We then headed to the vending machines and got everybody what they had asked for. I got myself a thing of Cheese Its for my snack and looked a bit longingly at the soda vending machine. I wouldn’t mind getting one but I was a bit doubtful with my motor skills though.

“What’s wrong? Not enough money to get a soda? I’ll spot ya.” Max offered kindly.

“Nah that’s not it. I got the money it’s just…..well I’m kinda doubtful about my motor skills. I can operate a keyboard alright and fine stuff for a computer with concentration but….” I sorta trailed off there.

“Oh I see. Some bigger objects are a bit clumsy to hold onto now huh. Well I got a solution.” Max said digging into his pocket and pulled out a straw. “ I always end up grabbing two at the lunch line.”

“Aww thanks Max.” I said smiling and took the straw and got myself a can of Pepsi. Max smiled too. I think I made a nice friend here.

Well after that we made our way back to the office setting the snacks down on a desk and practically got stampeded. Me and Max joked that they were like vulchers or something but they did all say thank you though. So I spend the rest of my afternoon sipping my soda through the straw and nibbling on my snack and talked with Max a bit. I helped him figure out how to make a basic spread sheet in Word too. Overall I think I had a good afternoon.

It wasn’t too long before Bellfry stopped by the office to pick me up. I said bye to everyone and told Max I’d see him tomorrow and followed Bellfry out to the car. He asked me how my afternoon was. I told him it was pretty good. I told him about the incident after my nap with Mrs. Shaw and also told him about making friends with Max. He smiled and said he was glad I made a new friend ruffling my head frills. I giggled like the toddler I physically was.

The way home however was taking longer then usual today. There was construction on the road and we got held up by traffic. This usually is only a minor annoyance but today it was worse. My lunch was starting to work it’s way out of my system and that Pepsi was also just aching to come out. Bellfry noticed my distress. I was trying hard to hold it as long as I could. He kept looking out the window and even honked the horn once. I struggled to hold it but my toddler bladder and bowels just couldn’t hold that long and the inevitable happened. My bladder finally cut loose warming the front of my Pull-Ups and then my bowels relaxed and warm poop made it’s way into the Pull-Ups and spread out since I was in a sitting position. I was mortified. The sensation of feeling my own mess expand all the way up to my balls and wetting myself and not being able to do a thing to stop it. I hadn’t pooped my pants like this since I was a small toddler. I tried to keep myself composed but it was just too much. Here I was in a wet and messy Pull-Ups sitting in a car seat. I just finally broke down and started to cry softly to myself. And of course as one might guess that’s when traffic finally got moving again.

We got home not long after that with me still softly crying in the car seat. Bellfry picked me up out of it and held me close and tried to comfort me. He rubbed my back telling me it was alright. That I couldn’t help it and that everything would be alright. I snuggled up close to him and just clung to him like an upset toddler. But Bellfry did mange to came me down little as we walked inside. My tears had faded into sniffles. The Pull-Ups which had at first been at least warm were now cooling and becoming uncomfortable, especially with the stinky sticky mess clinging to my bottom. Bellfry sat me down on the floor in the bathroom and told me to wait there for him. He came back a short time later with a fresh Pull-Ups, wipes and powder. He then had took my pants off for me and had me lay down. He pulled open the sides of the Pull-Ups and pulled them out from under me. Then he took the wipes and started to clean up my dirty bottom. I was sniffling the whole time. I was really feeling like a baby laying here getting cleaned up like this. Bellfry kept soothing me though saying it was alright. He then Powdered me well. I guess it was to avoid a rash after such a messy accident. He then stood me up and had me step into the Pull-Ups and pulled them up for me as I threaded my tail.

I was still a little upset about the accident and held my arms up to Bellfry wanting to be held. He obliged and picked me up cuddling me close. I snuggling up to him my sniffles subsiding. Bellfry took me out to the living room and sat with me for a while. Afterwards he turned on the TV for me and went to go make dinner. I could see from the look on his face that he was thinking about something. And If I had to take a stab at guessing I’d say he was thinking about how many accidents I had today and the possibility of putting me back in diapers. After a while he called me out to dinner.

“Len buddy we need to talk Ok.” Bellfry said in that gentle yet serious voice.

“This is about my accidents isn’t it?” I asked looking down.

“Yes it is. Now I know you’ve been trying hard to make it but you’ve been having accidents and if you get younger I’m not sure the Pull-Ups will be enough. Memory serves you were just starting Potty training when you were three and a half.” Bellfry said prompting me.

“Yeah. I was in and out of diapers at that age.” I said sniffling.

“If your regression continues then I think we should switch you to diapers Len.” Bellfry said trying to be as gentle as he could.

“G-great…first those padded underpants, then Pull-Ups, and now diapers….” I said started to sniffle and shake some and then started to cry. Bellfry walked over to comfort me. He picked me up and hugged me. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I mean it was hard enough to hide the Pull-Ups I doubt I’d be able to keep the fact I was wearing diapers a secret.

“Shhhh. It’s OK Len. Now just because your in diapers doesn’t mean you’ll always need to use them. You can still try to use the toilet if you want. Just pull down the diaper.” Bellfry said trying to comfort me. I snuggled into him sniffling. I guess I could try it although I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Eventually Bellfry calmed me down enough for us to having dinner. After we ate I pretty much moped around the house. Spent most of the time snuggled close to Bellfry just for comfort. I guess my emotions had regressed a bit along with my body. Bellfry told me to look on the bright side. At least tomorrow was Friday and we had a whole weekend off. I had slightly dosed off a little. When Bellfry picked me up I felt a wet squish from my bottom. I gave a weak groan. I must have wet my Pull-Ups when I wasn’t paying attention. Bellfry didn’t mention anything about it though. He set me down on my bed and then got out a changing pad and had me lay down on it. He then pulled open the sides of my Pull-Ups and took them off and started to wipe me up. When he started to powder me I started to Purr softly as my thumb found it’s way to my mouth.

“Len. I’m gonna put a diaper on you for the night alright. Your Pull-Ups were close to leaking this morning.” Bellfry told me as he opened the package of Pawpers. I just laid there and nodded. I guess I’m more pliant when I’m tired. Bellfry slid the diaper under me and threaded my tail through it, brought it up between my legs and taped it up securely. Bellfry looked at my Pjs and well the pair I had on last night now were now too big for me. So Bellfry just put night shirt on me and tucked me in with my stuffed lizard. I drifted on off to sleep purring like a hatchling.

I woke up the next morning feeling pretty well rested. I snuggled up with my plushie some only to be reminded by a squish and a crinkle I was diapered. And from the feel of it a wet diaper. It wasn’t that uncomfortable though. I mean I know I had wet more then the night before but it didn’t quite feel like it did in the Pull-Ups. It was more comfortable. I wasn’t sure if I should get up and try to change myself or what so I just laid back and waited for Bellfry. I noticed that the shirt on me was a bit bigger on me then it was last night. So I for those keeping track I’m now down to three years old. Gee I feel like I should have a reverse birthday party or something. That thought got me giggling. Course just then Bellfry walked in.

“Well you seem to be in a good mood.” Bellfry smiled.

“Yup guess so.” I smiled a bit sitting up with a crinkle and a wet squish.

“Well then let’s get you changed and dressed.” Bellfry said smiling and laid out the changing pad. I laid down on it for him after pulling off my night shirt with some difficulty.

“I think when we go shopping to get you some new cloths tomorrow we should pick up a changing table.” Bellfry said as he untapped my soaked diaper.

“Speakin of clothes do I have got any more professional like clothes dat would fit me.” I said and then blushed realizing my speech was a bit more lisped.

“It’s Ok. We were expecting a bit of Lisp remember. I don’t think anyone will mind. And it’s not that bad. As for clothes I’ll take a look.” Bellfry said as he pulled the diaper out from under me and started to wipe me up.

“Well I guess so.” I said with a slight sigh. Bellfry then powdered my diaper area, threaded my tailed and taped up the diaper securely.

“Ok now lets see about clothes.” Bellfry said and started to look through my dresser. After a short while he pulled out some dress pants and dress shirt. “I think these are part of a suite.”

“Yeah. It’s da one I wore to my aunt’s wedding when I was three.” I told him looking at them.

“Well it’s lucky today’s Friday. We definitely need to get you some more clothes. These are the only professional kind of cloths you got left. Unless you mind going to work in overalls such” Bellfry laughed a bit as he helped me get dressed.

Once I was dressed we had breakfast which I had to be careful about eating seeing as I didn’t want to make my clothes a mess. After that it was off to work which meant into the car seat for me. I was worrying along the way. Mainly about my diapers. I was worried what people would think when they noticed and I knew they’d notice eventually. I knew Bellfry said I could still try and use the bathroom if I wanted but considering how many accidents I had yesterday and my even younger age today I don’t think I’d have any luck. At least not with wetting. Maybe if I was lucky I could avoid having a messy diaper. Once we got to work and got our lab coats Bellfry took me down to the daycare center. It was early so it was fairly empty.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:47 pm

“Hi Mrs. Shaw.” Bellfry smiled to her.

“Oh hello Bellfry. What can I do for you today.” Mrs. Shaw said kindly.

“Well you see Mrs. Shaw Len here’s been having some problems….making it to bathroom so we both decided to put him back in diapers and well…” Bellfry trailed off. I myself was staring down at my feet.

“And if he’s going to be wearing them then he’s going to need them changed now and then. No problem. Just come see me whenever you need a change Len and we’ll do it privately in the back changing room.” Mrs. Saw said patting me on the head.

“Thank you Mrs. Shaw.” I smiled kindly up at her. She really did exude a grandmother vibe.

Well after the conversation with Mrs. Shaw I felt a bit better although still self conscious. I knew I had a bit of a diaper bulge and then there was the crinkle sound the diaper made. I went to look at the problem sheet on my desk. Just a few complaints about computers going slow and a few others which I could already tell what was wrong. So I set off to go see what I could do. It was a bit tiring. It wasn’t bad when I first started working going to all those rooms but that was now five days ago when I was five years older. Now the distances were practically doubled for me. But I worked non the less and fixed a few problems here and there.

By mid morning though I noticed that my diaper and taking a good wetting. Heck probably more then one. I hadn’t even noticed I had wet. I sighed a bit to myself and started down the hall for the daycare center. I wanted to get changed now before I sprung and embarrassing leak. That was the last thing I needed. I met Mrs. Shaw in the daycare and she discretely escorted me back to the private changing room. She lifted me up to the changing table.

“Nervous?” She asked me. I guess it must have shown on my face. I mean sure I’d been changed by her yesterday. But somehow it just seemed different when I knew it was a diaper change.

“A lil.” I admitted blushing a bit.

“Well there’s no need to be. You’ll be fresh and dry in a flash.” She said taking down my pants to reveal my wet diaper. The front was slightly discolored yellow. Frankly at that moment I was expecting a ‘My someone sure is wet’ comment or something of the sort. But it never came and she just untapped the wet diaper and started to wipe me up and powdered me. As she did I managed to relax a bit and even purred slightly at the scent of the baby powder. Before I knew it I had a fresh diaper under me with tail threaded. She then taped it up securely and got my pants back up.

“F-thanks Mrs. Shaw.” I told her as she let me down. I had just barely caught myself before a lisp.

“No problem. It’s what I’m here for.” She smiled warmly.

After the change I went back to work walking down the hall to another computer. Another one that was apparently running slow. I ran my fingers over the wall as I walked. I’d taken to doing that lately. I had the same habit when I was lil and I guess it had found it’s way back. I did a virus scan on the computer which only turned up some pop up add ones that were essentially harmless and then I defragged the computer. After that I went to yet another one. Sound didn’t work. Turns out the speakers had come unplugged. The guy must have hit it with his foot or something. Once that was done I trudged back to the office and plopped down in my chair which then raised me up to my desk.

“You OK Len?” I heard Max ask me as he looked over at me from his desk. I guess I must have looked warn out.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just a bit tired. Walking from room to room is a bit more taxing then it was on Monday when I had longer legs.” I said with a sigh.

“Man that sucks. Ya know maybe you could get a motorized chair or something like that. Probably would make getting around here easier.” Max suggested.

“Yeah I guess I cold but I’d probably would have to get it custom made or modified or something. I mean sitting in an adult size seat like in a normal one would be awkward.” I said imagining it.

“Yeah you do have a point there.” Max agreed as he worked on something on his computer.

“What you working on?” I asked him curiously.

“Oh. Well the Hospital has an info Magazine. I do the graphics and arrangements for it.” Max grinned.

“Really cool.” I grinned as he turned the monitor to let me see what he was currently working on.

“Wanna watch? Maybe I could teach you a few things if your interested.” Max offered me. I was interested in it. I had respect for someone who did any kind of art. I didn’t exactly do a lot of it beyond a few sketches of anime style stuff now and again.

“Sure I’d love to.” I said with a grin and a voice of an excited toddler.

Max smiled and rolled my chair over to his desk and I watched him work on this and that. As he worked along on it. He explained a what he was doing and what particular tool he was using to accomplish it. I think the program he was using was Photoshop or something of the like. I watched with fascination and made a mental note to get an art program for my noteboook. After a while It was lunch time. Max and I went our separate ways. He apparently had to use the restroom. Once more he said that in the slightly nervous sounding way he had yesterday. I just shrugged it off and went to the cafeteria. From the feel of my diaper it was wet but not to badly. I Figured it’d be best to wait until after lunch to get it changed that way it’d get it’s full use.

I met up with Bellfry in the cafeteria and we grabbed lunch. It was pizza today and I was happy about that. I happily munched it down telling Bellfry about my morning. The computer problems I fixed, briefly mentioned my stop at the daycare, and told him what I had learned from Max about his job and stuff. Bellfry smiled and told me he was glad my morning had gone well. His had been fairly routine. A few kids came in with a cold, a few with hypochondriac mothers who thought there kid was sick when they weren’t or were successfully tricked to get out of school as was most likely the case with the older ones. I giggled a bit at this. I remember doing the same thing myself when I was young.

After lunch I headed for the daycare. By now I definitely needed a change. I was soggy now. I was just barely aware I was going last time. Looks like my toilet training skills are going down the drain. Once I reached the Daycare Mrs. Shaw lead me to the back changing room and changed my soggy diaper. After which I went into my private nap room to get a little bit of much needed rest before the rest of the day. I gotta say I slept pretty darn well. I had great dreams. Mainly dreams about when I was this little the first time. It was pretty nice.

I woke up after that pretty well rested and got another change before I went back to the office. Max smiled and said I looked pretty well rested. I blushed visibly and nodded getting back on my seat. We sat back and chatted for a while as we worked. He was doing some fine tuning on the magazine and I was doing some work on the Network. After a while I decided to go get a snack again and told Max. Once again we did he same as yesterday to go get the snacks for everyone. But today there was a slight difference. As we walked there I suddenly felt a familiar urgency from my rear. I had to take a dump. So I picked up my pace. I guess Max had to go too. We reached the bathroom and I headed into the stall barely able to hold it. Once in the stall I noticed a slight problem. I had a bit of difficulty getting onto the toilet yesterday but today I was just small enough to not quite managed. I tried to get my diaper down so I could at least attempt it but before I knew it my toddler bowels let loose with an audible fart as the seat of my diaper filled. There I was pants down in the stall in a dirty diaper. I sniffled and then started to cry softly.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:47 pm

“You OK Len?” I heard Max say. I was too scared to say anything but then the door to the stall open.

“S-so now ya know. Pwease don’t tell anyone!” I said sobbing.

“Aww it’s Ok. I won’t tell.” Max said kneeling down to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “It’s Ok you can’t help it.”

“F-fanks Max.” I said hugging him still sniffling a bit.

“Hey Len. Wanna know one of my secrets?” He asked me comfortingly.

“O-ok.” I said looking up confused. Max stood up and took a step back. He then lowered his pants and to my utter surprise revealed a diaper.

“This is why I took so long yesterday and why I waited for you to leave first. I didn’t want you finding out about mine. Nobody else knows. Except for maybe Mrs. Shaw. She changed me when I broke my leg a few months back.” Max explained to me smiling. I could see that from the looks of it his diaper was pretty wet.

“Wow….I won’t tell anybody.” I said smiling feeling better.

“Thanks buddy. Need a hand changing that?” Max asked. This caused me to blush.

“No. I don’t have any spares on my person. I get changed by Mrs. Shaw.” I said still blushing.

“Oh well that makes sense. Well you go get changed and we’ll meet at the vending machine Ok?” Max asked.

“Ok.” I nodded pulling my pants back up. With that I waddled out of the bathroom as Max entered a stall. I guess he had a spare diaper in one of the cargo pockets on his pants. I was blushing. The mess squished and moved a little with every step I took and I was just hoping that the smell wasn’t spreading as well as I walked. I sighed with a bit of relief a bit as I entered the Daycare.

“Mrs. Shaw. I really need a change.” I blushed. She sniffed once.

“Oh my. Well come on lets get you cleaned up.” She said and lead me to the changing room and laid me back on it. Here I am once again laying on a changing table. Only this time with a wet and dirty diaper. Now if that doesn’t make you feel like a baby nothing will. She didn’t say anything babyish though and just hummed a little tune as she took my pants down and untapped the dirty diaper. She used the front of it to wipe off a good portion of the mess and then stated to use the baby wipes on me. After that she got out a tube. I guess it was diaper rash cream. Probably a good idea. A rash was the last thing I wanted. She then powdered me and slid a nice fluffy new diaper in place and taped it up. I wiggled my tail a bit producing a crinkle before she pulled my pants back up. “There you go all done.”

“Fanks Mrs. Shaw.” I said blushing at not cathing the lisp that time.

“Anytime.” She told me letting me down. I then scampered off to the vending machines and met Max there.

“Phew. That’s a load off.” I said with a giggle trying to joke. Max laughed.

“Yeah I bet.” He grinned and we got the office snacks and made our way back to the office. Once more everyone flocked to the desk for there snacks. I decided to move my chair and sit at Max’s desk and watch him work.

“So Max. Why do you wear?” I asked him curiously.

“Well two reasons really. One is that I’ve got a bit of an over active bladder so holding it for a long time is pretty hard. And two. And don’t laugh at this. I kinda like em. I mean it just brings a sense of security. I like to feel a bit little now and again.” Max explained to me.

“Ah. Well I can see how it would make ya feel secure. I mean it is kinda nice to feel safe and taken care of huh. I guess in that sense I’m kinda lucky.” I said for once really thinking about it.

“Yeah. You get to have your childhood back. You want me advice. Enjoy it.” Max told me with a smile.

“Ya know your right. I am gonna enjoy it. I guess I am pretty lucky.” I said thinking.

“Yeah. Heck I’ve got some online friends who probably wouldn’t mind being in your position. I mean you can act as little as you like out in public and not get a second look. Maybe not even a first look for that matter.” Max laughed.

“Hehe. Yeah your right there.” I told him. Hearing that I was actually the subject of envy for some did make me feel better.

Me and Max kept chatting about it for a while pointing out advantages of my new status and the more we talked about it the more I started to realize that this could actually be a good thing. Max pointed out that you can make any situation bad or good depending on your outlook. And he was right. So I was cheering up. As we talked we started to share some childhood stories laughing periodically and I could hear some laughs from a few people around us. Not mean laughs though more like the kind you get when someone else has had a comparable experience. As we talked a few people in the office entered in on the conversation sharing a story or two. By the time Bellfry showed up to pick me up the office was buzzing with typing and laughs from us all. I grinned as I waved to everyone as I walked out with Bellfry.

“Wow that was something back there. I’ve never seen everyone in there like that before.” Bellfry said sounded astonished.

“Yeah me and Max started talking about some advantages to my situation and we got into telling stories about when we were little. I guess with me like this a lot of people had a clear mental picture. A lot of them joined in on telling stories too.” I told Bellfry as he put me in the car seat.

“Well that’s good. So am I gonna be buying you more then just some new clothes tomorrow?” Bellfry asked me with a sly grin.

“Hehehe. Ya know I think you might.” I said with a grin. That talk with Max had really kind of changed my outlook on this. Sure there were a few embarrassing aspects such as needing diaper changes but then again some adults like Max had to endure that and some even managed to enjoy it. So why not me?

So that night I went through things with a more sunny dispositon. I got a few of my old toys out of boxes. I had been keeping them out of pure Nostalgia’s sake but they had there old purpose back again. I sat in front of the TV playing with them as I watched. I heard Bellfry laugh a little as he watched me. I was actually having fun playing like this. It felt like something in my head just clicked and it felt right. I was having so much fun I didn’t even notice I was wet until Bellfry called me for dinner. I scampered out with a smile. I was beginning to feel more comfortable in the diapers. Dinner was pretty good. Bellfry made Hamburger Helper. I’ve always loved it. What can I say when it comes to food I’ve got simple taste. I guess they fit a toddler huh. Bellfry commented on how glad he was to see me in higher spirits like this.

“Hehe Fanks. Guess it just took a outside pinion to get me at see dis differently.” I said as I ate.

“Well I’m glad.” Bellfry smiled looking kinda relieved.

“Hey after Dinner can we watch a movie?” I asked him.

“Sure but I think a change is in order first.” Bellfry pointed out. I giggled a bit and nodded. What was just wet half an hour ago when I was playing was now soaked.

“Hehehe Hi guess so.” I nodded.

“OK Sit tight then I’ll be right back.” Bellfry said getting up. He came back a minute later with the changing pad and changing supplies. He laid out the pad. “Ok lay down now.”

“Kay.” I grinned and scampered over to him and laid down on the changing pad. Bellfry then took down my pants revieling my soggy diaper and then untapped it and started to wipe me up. I purred softly the whole time. I was starting to actually like the attention and the smell of the baby powder brought back a lot of memories. Before long Bellfry had my tail threaded and my new diaper taped up securely.

“Want your pants back on?” Bellfry asked me. I thought for a moment before answering.

“Nah. Can I has my shirt off too?” I asked him.

“Alright.” Bellfry smiled as he unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. “There ya go. Now we can watch a movie. Any one you particularly had in mind?”

“Da Disney’s Robin Hood!” I told him grinning. I loved that movie when I was lil and well I still liked it.

“Oh I remember that one. Alright I’ll go put it in.” Bellfry said sounding a bit excited himself. Guess everyone likes to get a little nostalgic.

So with Bellfry getting the movie I scampered over to the couch and hopped up on it. Bellfry returned in a minute with the movie and put it in. He sat down and snuggled up to him as the movie started. We both seemed to get into it and laughed a lot. I was having more fun then I had in a while. Just snuggled up with Bellfry Laughing like heck. As the movie came to an end I started to get drowsy. I guess I must have fallen asleep. Next thing I knew I was being carried to my room as Bellfry slipped a finger into the leg of my diaper to check it. I hadn’t wet too much so I guess he thought it would last through the night. He laid me down and tucked me into bed with my Plushy which at this point as just about the perfect size to snuggle with. I slowly drifted off to sleep as my thumb made it’s way to my mouth. Tomorrow would be another day.

I woke up the next day snuggled up with my plushie and now at 2 years old. I wasn’t really all that shocked. I knew that this would probably be the last time I woke up a year younger. The doc told me most of the cases regression stopped at around this age or sometimes one. I stretched a bit as I snuggled up to the plushie. As I did however I felt two things. The usual wet squish and something the consistency of mud clinging to my rear. It was at that point the smell hit me and I realized what I had done. I’d not only wet my diaper but I’d also messed it too. I hadn’t done that in a long time. But I given my new again I wasn’t all that surprised. For some reason I wasn’t as upset about it as I probably would have been two days ago and the smell didn’t seem offensive really. I squirmed a bit and squished it around with a giggle. At that moment Bellfry came in.

“Phew. I think someone sure needs a change.” He commented fanning the room with his wings a bit.

“Hehehehe. Yeah I fink I do need one.” I told him giggling.

“Well then gets get that changed and get you dressed then.” Bellfry said laying out the changing pad and picked me up out of the bed which from my perspective was like a king size now. “Might need to buy you a different bed too. Would you like that?”

“Sure. I fink it’d be kinda cool.” I smiled. Tell the truth I did want a new one. My current one was awkwardly big and about as old as I actually was.

“Alright then.” Bellfry said as he untapped my dirty diaper and started to wipe me up. I giggled a bit as it tickled a little. I guess I was getting more comfortable with being a toddler. Bellfry then put some rash cream on me and then baby powder. Man I was really starting to like that scent. After that Bellfry then lifted my legs, slid the diaper in place threading my tail as he did, lowered my bottom back down and taped the diaper up snuggly giving it a pat. “There ya go Len all changed.”


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:48 pm

“Breakfast next?” I asked. Bellfry stopped to think.

“Well I was gonna get you dressed first but it might be a good idea to eat first that way nothing gets on your cloths.” Bellfry said picking me up.

So from there I was carried out to the living room. The booster seat I was sitting on at the table didn’t quite get me up high enough to reach the table so Bellfry had to put a phone book under it and also put a bib on me. Probably a good idea. He had made pancakes. So I picked up my toddler safe fork and dug into it. Bellfry had already cut it up for me. I got the syrup on my face a lot as I ate though. Bellfry took a wash cloth and cleaned my face up. After that It was time to get dressed. I didn’t exactly have too many clothes from when I was this little. Most of those had been given away to good will a long time ago. The one outfit I had that would fit me was a bit embarrassing. I remember having my photo taken in it a long time ago….it was a sailor suite.

“Well it’s better then Nothing Len. Besides I bet you’ll look adorable in it.” He said flighting back a laugh.

“Yeah I guess so. But no Sailow Jokes.” I told him as seriously as toddler could. He laughed a little.

“Alright no sailor Jokes.” Bellfry said as he got me dressed in it. “Oh and just a reminder. When we last talked about it you said you wanted to be treated the age you looked like when out in public. Still want that?”

“Yeah. Splaining this stuff to people be too embarrassing. Let em fink I’m just a bright toddler.” I said with a bit of a grin.

“You got it.” Bellfry said as he placed the hat on my head. Here I was dressed in a sailor suite. White and baby blue sailor suite with some red here and there that contrasted nicely with my mostly green scales.

Well once dressed Bellfry sat me in my car seat and the diaper bag in the back seat and we were off to the store. Our destination was clear. Where do you go when you wanted toddler and baby clothes and all the accessories you need to go with them. Cubby R’ Us. The store was a decent size I noticed as we approached it. Then again it could just seem big to me cuz of my size. I was curious to see what It was like on the inside. I’d seen the outside plenty of times driving past it but never the inside. We pulled into the parking lot and Bellfry picked me up as well as the diaper bag and walked over to the shopping carts and put me in the child seat. Then it was on into the store. I’ll say this it looked huge from my eyes on the inside. There was just about everything you could think of that went with babies and toddlers. There was a huge clothes section , toys section, accessories section which I think was bottles, bib, and stuff like that, There was a furnature section and lastly there was a BIG diaper section. I looked out over the place in sheer awe.

“Wow now that’s a lot of stuff. I don’t think we’ll have a problem finding nice clothes and stuff for you here. First to the clothes section.” Bellfry said pushing the car. The clothes section was divided into two sections really. One side of it was boys clothes and the others where girls.

“Dat’s lots of clothes.” I said as we walked through the boys section. I picked out a lot of stuff. Various shirts, pants, and shorts that I liked. We also got some overalls, shortalls, and some onsies. After that we then discovered the…..either fashion or novelty baby clothes. Which ever you wanna call it.

“Wow look at all of these.” Bellfry said impressed. “They’ve got all sorts of cute little outfits. He said as we looked through them.

“Bellfwy Look!” I said excitedly as My eyes fell upon the holy grail so to speak. “StarTrek stuff!” I was now pratically bouncing in my seat.

“Hehe. Leave it to you to notice those you little Trekee.” Bellfry laughed ruffling my head and pushed the cart over to there. I picked out two StarFleet uniforms. One with the Command red shoulders and the other with Scientist blue.

“Oh they even have Sleepers and Onsies wit Trek stuff on em. Gee I didn’t know they even made half of this.” Bellfry said astonished as he looked them over.

“Well I seen some dis stuff online for.” I told him as he got some matching colored sleepers and onsies for me. After that Bellfry then noticed some other outfits. One that seemed perfect for me. A doctor’s outfit complete with lab coat and a toy stethoscope.

“Well would ya look at these. They’d be perfect for you for work.” Bellfry said saying the work part more quietly lest we need to explain it to someone.

“Yeah!” I said nodding thinking about wearing the Blue Trek uniform and that lab coat to work in a few months for Halloween.

“Yup. Lets get a few.” Bellfry said buying a few of those outfits.

After that we buzzed on over to the accessories section. We got several bottles, bibs, sippy cups, and pacifiers. Some of the bits had cute little sayings on them that I thought were kind of funny. One said “Miniature black whole.” I giggled at that. From there we went over to the diaper section and let me say this. There were loads of different kinds of them. They had all sorts of diapers. A lot of them were novelty ones too with various designs on them. Most of the novelty ones were made by the Pawpers company.

“Gee I didn’t know there was this kind of variety in diapews.” I said looking at all of them.

“Yeah neither did I. Well lets get some.” Bellfry said as we looked over the packages. We got a Jumbo pack of Pawpers in my size and then we looked at some of the novelty ones. We got a pack that had rainforest designs on the diapers, a pack of swim diapers, and we also got….a pack that apparently was in the same product line as those startrek outfits. StarTrek design diapers. It was a mixed pack. Some had Federation designs on em and some had Klingon and so forth. I grinned at those.

“Gee your one big little Trekee aren’t you?” Bellfry asked me laughing little.

“Affewmative.” I told him with a giggle as he put the pack in the cart.

“Right now that we’ve got that taken care of let’s get the furniture.” Bellfry said and with that we headed to the furniture section.

There was a lot of different kinds of changing tables, beds, cribs, high chairs, play pens, and even some little kid reclining chairs that you sometimes see. We picked out a nice changing table and a high chair which I admitted I needed. Bellfry also got a play pen although he said that was mostly for appearances though. I nodded agreeing with him. Next thing was a bed we needed to get.

“OK Len now we have a choice to make. A Toddler bed or a Crib? I’ll go with what every you pick.” Bellfry told me. I thought for a bit looking at them. After some deliberation I decided.

“I’ll get a cwib. “ I told him. I figured that if I was going to baby out and have fun with it I might as well go all the way. We picked out a nice crib with a comfy mattress and lil padded sides that came up a bit so if I rolled around I would roll against those and not the bars. Bellfry also picked out a cute mobile with space stuff. Oh and I should point out we didn’t actually grab the furniture but the scan tags for them. We’d have those delivered.

“OK that’s all our essentials. There’s a toy section here too. Wanna look round in it lil buddy?” Bellfry asked smiling. I thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Yeah!!” I cheered with a grin.

“Alright then lets go take a look.” Bellfry smiled as he pushed the cart through the store to the toys section. There were lots of different toddler and baby toys. I got one of those big toddler transformers. You know the simple ones with no small pieces. It was a T-Rex one. As we walked down one lane with stuffed animals my eyes came to settle on a stuffed Lizard that was just a little bigger then I was. Bellfry must have noticed it too.

“Wow this guy’s bigger then you!” He laughed picking it up. “He’d probably make a good cuddle buddy.”

“Yeah! Yeah! Can we gets him?! Pweeeease.” I said laying on the cute cub factor heavily.

“Alright. You spoiled lil Iguana.” Bellfry said tickling my chin and received a giggle. So the Bellfry put it in the cart as well with it’s head and front legs next to me. I hugged him as we approached the check out lane.

“I gonna call you Iggy.” I smiled just as we went to the lane. I heard an ‘Awww’ from the cashier lady.

“Isn’t he adorable? Dressed in that cute lil Sailor suite with that big plushie.” She said smiling as she started to scan stuff. She was a Panda.

“Yeah he’s a cute lil guy.” Bellfry smiled proudly.

“My a lot of stuff here.” She said as she scanned everything.

“Yeah well I adopted the cute lil fella a week ago and haven’t had a chance to get everything until now.” Bellfry explained.

“Oh I see. Well I think it’s great of you to adopt and give a cub a home. I’m adopted myself so I kind of know what it’s like.” She said as she scanned the tags for the furniture and then my new plushie. “My this sure is a big one you got lil guy. Is he your brother?” She asked me in that baby talk kind of way.

“Uh Uh. He mah plushie buddy.” I grinned. Gee this was kind of fun.

“Oh well he’s a good buddy I think.” She said putting him back in the cart where he was after scanning him. After that she rang everything up and Bellfry paid for it. Well it was really me that paid for it. Bellfry was using money from my account that he now had guardianship over for my care. After paying for the stuff and arranging the deliveries we headed to the door and went out to the car. Bellfry unpacked the cart and picked me up and out. As He did he slid two fingers down my diaper to check. As he did I realized that I was wet. I hadn’t even realized when it happened.

“Well your wet but I think the diaper can take a bit more before it needs changing.” Bellfry said as he put me in the car seat. I just nodded dumbly. Bellfry got in and we pulled out of the parking lot. But instead of heading home we were going another direction.

“Wewe we going?” I asked as we drove.

“Well it’s nearly lunch time to I thought we’d eat out.” Bellfry answered. “How’s Burger King sound?”

“Sound Yummy!” I grinned. It wasn’t long before we reached the burger King and parked. Bellfry got out and then picked me up and the diaper bag and we headed in. Luckily the line was short.

“I’ll take the large sized Whopper meal and one Kid’s meal, only ketchup on the burger please.” Bellfry said ordering for both of us. The guy behind the desk nodded. Bellfry paid for it and then took me to the table we would sit at and put a High chair there for me and sat me in it. I watched as he filled out cups with soda. He had just brought them back to the table with our order came up. He went and got it for us and brought it back.

“Mmmm. Smells good.” I grinned as he gave me my food and the toy that came with the meal.

“Yup and I bet it’ll taste good too.” Bellfry said sitting down and then dug into his food and I did the same.

I alternated between eating my food, sipping my soda, and playing with the little Iron Man toy that came with my meal. It was pretty good. I finished mine first and relaxed in the high chair fiddling with my toy while Bellfry was finishing his meal. While I was relaxing a bit I felt a familiar urgency from my rear. This time though I didn’t even have a chance to try and hold it. Before I knew it the mess was spreading in the seat of my diaper though. It wasn’t the uncomfortable feeling it was yesterday at work though. It was like a lil wave of pleasure as I was going and finally finished. Once I was done I sighed contently. I didn’t really feel uncomfortable. It felt kind of warm and homey. I purred a little as my thumb made it’s way to my mouth. After a while I was picked up by Bellfry after he dumped our garbage.

“Come on Len lets go get you changed.” He said carrying me to the men’s room. I was half asleep at this point. Bellfry opened the changing table in there and laid me down on it and undid the snaps in the crotch of the sailor suite shorts and started to untape my dirty diaper. I just laid there tired and sucking my thumb as Bellfry went about wiping me up. One area where scales make for an easier clean up then fur. After that Bellfry powdered my diaper area and slid the new diaper under me threading my tail, taped it up and redid my shorts. He then washed his hands and picked me up and we were out the door.

I was put in the car seat and then we headed home. I was really tired at this point and sort of nodded off as we drove. I slept pretty soundly the whole way home. When I woke up I was laying on the couch in the house with a blanket over me still sucking my thumb. I looked over to see Bellfry setting up the play pen we’d bought earlier in the day. I yawned stretching.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Mon May 05, 2008 6:50 pm

“Hey little buddy. Sleep well?” Bellfry asked me with a smile.

“Uh Huh.” I nodded and rubbed my eyes a bit.

“Well I got all your new furniture set up in your room. So It’s all ready for tonight.” Bellfry said sitting down on the couch next to me.

“Cools.” I smiled still not quite fully awake yet.

“OH and I got your toys out too buddy.” Bellfry said pointing them out.

I grinned and hopped down and walked over to them and started to play. Bellfry got out his flute and started to practice while I played. He was pretty darn good at it. He had really good hearing and could make some notes that most couldn’t by mixing in some of his sonar. So I played and listened to Bellfry practice for a while. After a few two hours of me playing with my various toys Bellfry decided to go start dinner and turned on the TV for me before he left. So I climbed up on the couch and watched the cartoons contently.

Half an hour later Bellfry called me into the kitchen for dinner. He made chicken Nuggets and some mashed potatoes. Mmmm. He then picked me up and plopped me down in the new high chair which I gotta say was actually pretty comfortable. He gave me my plate. Already with ketchup on the nuggets and just a bit drizzled on my mashed potatoes. Hey don’t knock it till you try it. It’s not that bad. I also had a Sippy cup of Juice. So I dug into my foot with gusto. I played a bit with the mashed potatoes making stuff out of them. After a short while I finished up mine not long after Bellfry.

After dinner was our usual routine. We snuggled up together on the couch watching TV. StarGate first and then the NickToon network and watched Rocko’s Modern Life. During part of it Bellfry got up and came back with a warm bottle and patted his lap. I giggled a bit at the offer and crawled over and snuggled up. He presented me with the business end of the bottle and I started to nurse on it just like a hatchling. After a minute I got a good flow going and it was like I’d done this all my life. I purred contently and drowsily as I nursed on the bottle’s warm contents. Once I was done Bellfry got up with me and took me back to my room which now with the changing table and crib look mostly like a nursery. Bellfry laid me down on the changing table and started to get me undressed with little difficulty until I was just in my by now soaked diaper. Bellfry then went about changing it as usual. I just relaxed as he opened the diaper and started to clean me up. I was half asleep by now. It wasn’t long though before I was wiped, powdered, and had a new diaper slid under my bottom threading my tail. He then folded it up between my legs and taped it up snuggly. Bellfry then got out a light onsie we had gotten earlier. It was a baby blue one with a sleepy crescent moon on it. Before I knew it the snaps of it were being done up and I was being lowered into my brand new crib with my new plushie right along side me.

“Sweet dreams Len.” Bellfry said plopping a paci in my mouth. I gave a purr and snuggled up under the blanket with my plushie. Today had been a pretty darn good day. We’d had a lot of fun and accomplished a lot. I was so content and felt so at peace. Bellfry gave me a kiss on the fore head before pulling up the side of the crib up. I fell fast asleep and had some of the best sleep ever.

That’s my story. I hadn’t gotten any smaller the next day and that Sunday was a blast. Work was going well and I was settling into a new routine and getting very comfortable with everything. I think I had a great situation. I get to do work I like and have a bit of a grown up life and still get all the babying outside of work that I could every ask for. I got a good life and probably a lot more stories. But those are stories for another time.

The End.


Phew. Sorry that was so long but what can I say I was on a writing spree. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Tell me what you think.


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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Tue May 06, 2008 3:24 am

Liggy, I love this story so much! It's sweet and gentle and believable - the way other people treat Len is much more realistic than in most AR stories, and so is his own reaction to the virus.

I love the way Len finds a great compromise between still working for a living and getting to have fun as a baby outside office hours, and his relationship with Bellfry and Max is really nicely written. Also, your spelling and grammar in this one are a lot better than usual, so I really appreciate the effort you must have made Smile

All in all, this is an absolutely sensational story, it might even be my favourite one you've written (and I really love Lig's Life and Roo's Problem, so it's a tough contest!) and I can't wait to see more from you. Thanks for sharing! *hugs*

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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   Tue May 06, 2008 12:40 pm

loved this storie, i may read it over and over and over again. Great job Lig keep up the good work my liger buddy. *huggles Lig*
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PostSubject: Re: Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.   

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Len’s Story, Adjusting to the Way Things Are.
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