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 third form

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PostSubject: third form   Thu May 29, 2008 4:12 pm

basicaly I made an adult furry form for the role play and I made a story to go along with it and posted it here

and since we have to download every thing that we read over there and it is made for this place I will post it here too

and the last few paragraphs contain the full discription of my new form
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PostSubject: Re: third form   Thu May 29, 2008 4:15 pm

Third Form

It was a crisp Friday morning and the cubs of the fur den were all playing in the living room when Zena and Xenon walked in from the kitchen and stood by Riakain who was in the recliner watching the cubs.
“Ok cubs”, she said gathering there attention.
“The den has been getting a little messy lately so we decided that today we will all work together and clean this place both inside and out”, she said.
“Yes”, Xenon replied “We will begin in side and work our way out to the yard”.
The cubs thought about this for a minute then looked at each other then smiled and got exited at the thought. “Wow, this sounds good dad”, siruis replied, “I love to help you around the house” he said to Raikian.
Xenon chuckled and leaned towards Zena, “Isn’t funny how the cubs can’t wait to help out and do grown up stuff and yet once we are adults chores are one of the last things we want to do”.
Zena laughed,”I know what you mean and they grow so fast.
Raikain stands up having heard the conversation, “Yes, but they aren’t grown yet, just look” pointing to Zee-zee who was doing a bit of a dance.
“Zee-zee do you need to go to the potty?”, the mewtwo asked kneeling over the squirrel sticking one finger in the squirrels trainer to feel if it was dry.
“Maybe a little”, Zee-zee replied clasping one paw to his trainers squishing his legs together.
“Come on lets go”, Rai said leading Zee to the bathroom.
“Well then”, Why don’t we get started” Zena said turning back to the cubs
“Right”, Xenon said, “Zena I think you should take Poco, Max and Christoefur and straighten out the bed room.”
I will take Drake and Sirus, Vi and Len to start the kitchen and since I can see the living room from there I can watch Berto, shnuppy and Jr. as they clean the living room with sirus.
Xenon turns to Sirus, “I trust that if there are any problems you will tell me sirus?”,
“Uh-huh,” Sirrus replied.
Xenon continued, “And Ria will take Neptune, Drake and Zee-zee to do the bathroom after he gets out.”

So the groups went to work on there different assingnments.
“Kay, jr you go under the couch and I will check between around and under the cushions.”
Jr, “Ok pa”, the baby wocky replied going under the couch.
“Ewww”, Berto said removing the cushions and picking up old matted fur that had fallen beneath the cracks.
There’s a lot of stuff hear he said sticking his claws where the base of the couch met the arm rest.
“Uh-oh”, he said,
“What’s wrong Pa?” jrberto asked climbing out from under the couch.
“I can’t get my hand out, my ring is caught”, he said pulling on his hand
“Arrhgg”, he said as he leaned back.
“I think I’m caught on some old, arrhhgg
He said twisting his hand.
“command excepted”
Berto, “What was tha…
Berto exclaimed as yellow cords of energy shot up from his hand rapping around his body. The energy increased and surrounded him like a magnetic field diagram then engulfing him completely.
Berto’s body changed shape and beams of energy shot between him and his diaper bag which was sitting a few feet away. His diaper and sweat pants were replaced by underwear and shorts and a shirt and some foot wear forming on him.
“ooof”, he said landing on his rump the light fading having been knocked free by the transformation.
“Xenon, dad! Come quick”, Sirrus yelled.
Raikain came out of the bathroom with zee.
Rai, “what’s the matter son?
Huh?” he said looking at berto
Zee-zee, “hey? Who are you?” Zee-zee asked,
Shnuppy walked up, “what? It’s just dad’s human form?” The green zafara remarked.
Berto, ”Don’t worry, they simply haven’t seen my human form before”
“Really?” Christoefur added,
“Cause that’s the form he normally is around us,
But, I guess that’s because it would be hard to do things like cook dinner and take care of us when something as simple as a butterfly outside the window could make him leave the stove unattended” the green ogrin said.
“Yeah that’s basically right” Berto replied blushing a little,
“So anyways this is what I look like as a human, and the ring I wear is a DNA translator ring that allows me to change between my two forms”
“WOW! Really?”, Zee-zee asked
“that really clever”
Raikain, “So this is what you look like as a human.”
Berto, ”Yep, My ring must have gotten switched on while I was trying to get this”
He said holding his hand out with a matted clump of fur looking like a half inch thick grey deflated football dangling from the ring.
Shnuppy, “Grosss!” she said looking at the fur
“Wait a moment? Why is your hair long and black like that?”
Berto, “It is? That’s odd,
I guess that’s since this isn’t my normal ring and is just a temp and is a simple standard blank while my normal ring is in the digital world being cleaned and having general maintenance done, the specifics weren’t in this ring, oh well” he shrugs “Welp, enough about that lets get back to work”
They all nodded and began to head back to the different rooms.
Zee-zee giggles as Berto turns around, “Berto you something suck on your back” he exclaimed.
Raikain, “don’t worry I got it” he said as he gave a yank to a clump of fur that appeared to be stuck on the edge of Berto’s shirt.
“EEEYOUCH” Berto said jumping up.
“that’s my tail!”
“Your what?” Rakain asked
“I said that my… hold on I’m supposed to be human right now what’s…”
He pauses’

Moments latter in the bathroom by the mirror all the furs had gathered to see what all the commotion was about.
“Dad what happening to you?” Christoefur asks with concern
“I’m not sure yet” Berto responds.
Len, “I finished the scan of your box in your bag and not only dose refuse to open any portals like its supposed to, It seems to be proccesing data” He said floating in his hover pod.
Berto “And I think I know what its processing” he said holding up the clump of fur that was caught under the ring.
“Look, the part of the fur that was under or near the ring is bleached white, the ring is a blank, It took a sample when I pulled and said FUR that’s where that voice that said command excepted came from.
The ring exeptedd a new command ”
Poco who was standing behind Rai spoke up, “c-can you turn it off?” he asked shyly
Vi, “will you be okay?”
Berto, “Yes I will be fine but this ring won’t come off and can not be turned off while its busy I will have to wait for it to finish before I can give it any new commands”
“So what will happen now?” Zena asked,
Berto, “Well I will slowly take on the form of whatever sanples in the fur can be matched to my current DNA so that my current genetic code can be shifted
It will be my code, just translated, basically It will turn me into what I would look like if I had been born a furr”
Len, “It looks like there were three viable species sets that were chosen”
Xenon, “what do we do now?”
Berto, “nothing expet go about what we were going to do until my ring is done
At which time I will have a new form”
Max, “so you going da have a digimon forwm, a hoowan forwm an a bigfuw forwm?”
“Yep,” Berto replied,
“And judging from my eyes” he said looking into the mirror, “the first part in the code is cat” as his eyes were now slits and cat like.
After everybody settled down they all went outsid to due the yard work.
Berto, “Okay dids I will go up the ladder and clean out the gutters by pulling stuff out and hoseing it clean. We are doing this side and the next one and Zena and Zee-zee are doing the other two with a few others collecting the stuff they dig out
I will pull the stuff out and throw it down and you guys put it in the trash bags ok?”
He said to his pets,
“Ok dad” they resonded
Berto flew up the ladder in three steps.
Berto, “Wow that cat DNA is really something” as he took of his shoes and sock cause his feet were reshaping.
Berto then began down the line.
As the group was nearing the opposite corner Chris looked into the bag, “Wow there sure is a lot of junk in there”
He said looking in the bag.
“Especially right here” Berto replied diging into the down spout,
“Its really deep but I can reach it, see!” He said lifting up his hand which now had long fingers with cat claws at the ends
“raccoon DNA, I wonder what the last one is” he said shaking a stick that was caught in the other side of the gutter.
Jr turned the corner and was startled’ “NO DAD STOP!
I think I see a bee hive under that part!”
But it was too late
“SHOOOOO!!! SHOOOOOO!!!” Berto exclaimed waving his hand wildly then running to the other side of the roof his now thick black fur giving him some protection.
“LOOK OOOOUUUTT” Berto yelled as he fell off the roof into the nearby bushes
“whoosh” as drake who was part of the squirrel team saw what was happening and sent out a blast of fire to ward off the swarm
Chris, “DADDY!”
Shnupp, “Dad are you okay?” she asked,
Yeah I think so, thanks to drake
Drake, “no pwobwem”
Zee-zee looked down
“are you sure your ok?
Uh-oh Momy look!”
The little squirrel said pointing
“Berto went pee-pee in his pants”
Jr got closer to where his dad had landed,
“dad? you really peed you pants?” he said wrinkling his nose
“OOOHH what is that horrible smell” he said running the other way
“that wrecks!”
“I don’t think I exactly peed my pants Jr” He said blushing heavily,
“I think I sprayed
Skunk must be the last species that matched”
Zena called down from the roof, “I will get Ria he should know what to do”
After some coaxing Berto finely went inside to clean up.
“thanks for the help Raikain” Berto said sheepishly while drying himself off with a towel then raping one around his waist.
“No Problem, that was a special soap tyskar uses for spray, it will work on your clothes too.” Raikan replied
“that’s good” berto said putting his new shirt on and headed for his pants.
Raikain, “Oh wait a minute, I think you better put this on first”
He said holding out what appered to be a diaper
Berto, “huh? Oh very funny RaiRai
But my adult forms are toilet trained”
Raikain, “Its not a diaper it’s a spray pad, your not used to being a skunk yet so I thind you beteer wear it”
“No way” berto spat
Raikan, “Berto do you want to spray again in front of your kids like that?”
Berto, “oh alright” he says with a sigh
“transformation complete”
Berto, “finally lets see what the end result is”
Walking out of the bathroom in what just his shorts and spray pad
“well what does everybody think?”
He said turning to everybody who was in the kitchen as dinner had started.

This is now what he looked like:
He had brown green cat like eyes with long cat like ears with fur tapering off the tips. His muzzle was medium in length with teeth like that of a coon. He also had a slight mask around his eyes.
His chest was thick and soft looking due to the long skunk fur which covered his entire body.
His arms had cat like muscle tone and shape and his hand had what looked like stretched cat fingers due to the coon DNA.
From the waist down his legs looked mostly cat or skunk like and were curved as such. And his feet were cat feet.
Lastly his tail was long and wide about three fourths the width of his body. It was a skunk tail but slightly narrower then most skunks showing cat influence. The white strips had light brown horizontal strips like that of a raccoon. Also the tale was round not flat indicating more coon and cat influence.

“Well? What do you guys think?”
He asked again

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PostSubject: Re: third form   Thu May 29, 2008 4:51 pm

*looks up at the all-new Berto* Oooh, you look good!

Nice story, great work with all the cameos! I like it a lot! Smile

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: third form   Thu May 29, 2008 5:27 pm

thanks Zee-zee
*raps his coon ish tail around you*
I still can't figure what to call this though...

skunk - unk + cat - c + racoon - ra = skatcoon ?
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PostSubject: Re: third form   Thu May 29, 2008 5:51 pm

Hmm, skunk-coon-cat... skoot!

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: third form   Thu May 29, 2008 6:15 pm

Hehehehe. Very nice story I liked it. Ya made Len sound like such a smart lil tike. heheh. Fankies.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: third form   Sat May 31, 2008 12:26 am

I think I will go with skoot!
And I'm glad you liked it lig
I thought he would be perfect cause in his story you said he worked with computers
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third form
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