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PostSubject: Fear   Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:58 am

This is a short batman fan fiction. I don't know if you can call it a story, but I know I worked hard on it!


Gotham City Police Department
Subject: Dr. Jonathon Crane
Case Study #825
Classified Information

As former case studies have told, Dr. Jonathon Crane (AKA Scarecrow) was once a professor of psychology working at a local university. Jonathon suffered an abusive childhood, mostly manufactured by his wildly religious Great Grandmother. Jonathon, who always harbored a certain fascination of fear and its workings, was fired from his position at the university. Forced out of his job, the phobia specialist went insane, adopting a criminal persona known as “The Scarecrow.” His genius in the art of mental manipulations and human fear aided him in his life of crime, assisted mostly by a special toxin of his own design dubbed “Fear Gas” which caused the inhaler to have wild delusions of his or her worst fears, coming to life. Most of his criminal attempts were foiled and was, as of yesterday, imprisoned in Arkham Asylum for the rest of his natural life. The events that lead to his escape are as followed, presented in a compilation of various reports, eyewitness accounts, and testimonies. Sources have been hidden to protect the public.

Gotham City Bugle:
On the night of June the first of the year 1993, a young woman was walking alone in Gotham city central park. She was a frail young woman by the name of Tarry Padaysun, daughter of a small time bank owner, Mr. John Padaysun. Ms. Padaysun depicted her horrific night as being jumped by several men in oddly disfigured masks, resembling faces of mummies, or scarecrows. The men proceeded to hold Ms. Padaysun down as another, taller man, who she couldn’t make out due to lighting, engaged in violently raping her. Once finished with the horrid act, the men ran off, leaving her alone in the park with a shattered ankle. Police arrived several minutes later when someone was alerted by Ms. Padaysun’s screams for help.

Gotham Central Hospital birth record:
Seven in the morning on March 11, 1994, at Gotham Central Hospital, a Ms. Tarry Padaysun gave birth to a bright eyed, bouncing newborn. Weighing in at only 4 and a half pounds, yet very healthy. The youngling had shimmering green eyes, much like Ms. Padaysun herself! However, among all of the fuss and joy of the newborn, one detail was lost. Ms. Padaysun herself seemed to be rather looming, uneasy of the child in her arms…acting more like a stranger then a mother to the boy. Most of her friends found this odd, as Tarry was usually very maternal. Some of her friends however knew the child was born a bastard son to a rapist…and could only imagine what Ms. Padaysun could be feeling when she held him in her arms.

Testimonial: Tarry Padaysun:
Well, I always knew that he would be different…just from the second I saw him in the hospital room. He had a very odd, ghost like presence in those green eyes of his. Max, as we called him, also always showed a heavy interest in mischief. Running around rambunctiously all over the house at top speed, playing pretend games with himself…granted he was only seven at the time, he still preferred to play by himself.

Gotham City Police archives
October 31st, 2004

Gotham city police officers arrested 10 year old Maxwell Padaysun for the arson of a small farmhouse in the outskirts of the city. Police officials told us that the officers making the arrest had to put up with a fight from the young criminal. One of the officers described the boy as a little demon, jumping and dancing around, laughing at their attempts to catch him. Finally, one of the officers was able to tackle the child and cuff him. The boy’s mother, a Ms. Tarry Padaysun, declined comment when hearing of her son’s apparent sinister acts, and made no effort to post bail as the child was sent off to juvenile hall.

Testimonial: Name Withheld:
“You know, it was all just to much for Tarry. I mean, I babysat that little monster from time to time…it was like the spawn of Satan crossed with a monkey! He was a lanky boy and could jump and hang and swing and climb as easy as he could draw a breath! He loved to scare people, jumping around from corners, making threats to people, breaking everything he could get his sticky fingers on! I only put up with him for a few hours! Tarry had to do it all day…God help her I know why she fell in the bottle.”

Gotham Juvenile Hall Trial #456
Justice: “In the case of Gotham City V Maxwell Padaysun…how do you plead?”
Max: “Guilty.”
Justice: “Well then, I suppose we shouldn’t waste our time here.”
Max(interrupting) “I think you’re quite right, Judge Nigma…I think that wasting what little time you all have left on this pathetic little world of yours, if a very ill formed idea.”
Justice: “Silence! Order in the courtroom!”
The plaintiff proceeded to then jump about the courtroom, breaking into bone chilling laughter before being leaded away.

Arkham Asylum Incident Report
On the morning of March 11, 2005 a break in occurred in cell #666…an unidentified assailant forced his was into the hall, accompanied by men in gas masks who physically kept guards at bay. The assailant then released a strange gas into the hall. Soon all the guards and patients were screaming and acting in wild, unpredictable ways as the assailant easily unlocked the cell of Mr. Maxwell Padaysun. The unidentified man and the youngling engaged in a five minute conversation before Maxwell hugged the man tenderly, being rewarded with a strange looking bag. Maxwell immediately placed the bag over his head, revealing it to be a type of crudely fashioned mask. From here the entire party escaped easily into the night.

Testimonial: Batman:
“It all started with me receiving a tip off of Scarecrows next big crime…said it was a heist, something big, and that he’d have a “Secret Weapon.” The tips lead me into a large warehouse on the Upper East Side. Sure enough, I found Scarecrow and his goons there. They all seemed to still be in the planning stage when I showed up. I tried to break up their little party, only to be hit with something from above my head. I wheeled around trying to make out what it was, without noticing that Scarecrow and his goons had made for an exit. Anyway, I was scanning around the warehouse and suddenly my eye caught a moving blur, I tried to follow it but it was too fast and too small, I couldn’t tell what it was. Finally I got tired of playing its little game, so I tripped it up. It fell to the floor long enough for me to make it out…it looked like a kid! Couldn’t have been more then 13 years old…but it was wearing this outfit that made it look like a mini scarecrow. Of course this is all in hindsight, at the time I was concentrating on the staff it was carrying. About as tall as he was, with a scythe blade on each end, curving the other way. The kid ran at me and started attacking me with skills I had only seen from ninjas and pro combatants…it even fought like scarecrow, dancing around in a deadly flurry of kicks and slashes from that pole. I managed to give the kid a good square punch in the face, and sent him flying back. I was going to apprehend him when out of no where; Scarecrow drops from above and sprays me with fear toxin. It’s sort of a blur from then on…but as the two ran off, I think I heard the younger one call Scarecrow “Father.”

Tape recorded threat from Scarecrow:
“Hello Gotham city’s finest!”
Secondary voice, young: “Finest, now that’s a laugh!!” (Voice breaks into maniacal bone chilling laughter)
“Hush now, Panic, daddy’s working…”
Secondary voice “Yes father”
“Good…now Gotham Police, I’m here to make you an offer…you give me what I want, and I promise not to blow Gotham Central Transit sky high!!”
(Both voices break into laughter as the tape ends)

Testimonial: Name Withheld:
“So I was just sitting back, minding the security station for the diamond exhibit like always, when suddenly the alarm goes off. I grab my gun and run into the room to see some weird…living rag doll thing, kind of looked like a tiny…oh what’s that guys name…oh yeah, Scarecrow. Anyway, I figured this was a Batman job, so I phoned it in before the little guy noticed me. Batman got there just in time, him and the big Scarecrow faced off, Batman won easy, but Scarecrow was yelling for this little guy, who he called Panic, to run. Batman dove for the kid, but he got loose and ran off…I don’t know what happened to him, but I know Scarecrows heading back to Arkham where he belongs!”

Arkham Incident Report:
On March 11th, 2006 at 12:00 A.M, a break in occurred in Arkham hall #78. A teenage child wearing what appeared to be a mock Scarecrow outfit, blew out the south first floor wall with TNT, and stormed in with two large canisters in each hand. He tossed both, filling he room with a strange purple gas. Soon all of the guards and inmates were stricken with bouts of terrible, nonsensical panic attacks. Running around aimlessly and screaming as the young one breezed his was over to cell #888 and released The Scarecrow. The two then made a quick escape into the night, filling the air with terrible laughter.

Broken recorded disc found at the scene of the second Arkham break in:
(Sounds of screaming men and static)
(Clinking of a cell door being opened)
Scarecrow: “Excellent work, my little Phobia…and wonderful introduction too!”
Panic: “Thank you, father. I’m happy to see you again.”
Scarecrow: “And I you…come on let me see your face again…”
Panic: “Of course, father…”
Scarecrow: “Hehe…such eyes you have, Son…such immaculate green eyes…”


(Panic illustration coming soon)

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