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 Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.

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PostSubject: Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.   Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:41 pm

Well boys and girls here's my latest story. Balt and Dylan go out on a date. The story's got cuteness, love, fluff, and of course diapers. No Yiff stuff though. Anyway here we go.


Dylan and Balt.
Unbreakable Bonds.

Balt sang lightly as he took a shower. It was around four in he afternoon. He wanted to look his best. Tonight was going to be a fun on. He and Dylan and planned to go out to eat, see a movie, and then have a sleep over. Balt smiled thinking about the night ahead. This would be there first….dare he even think it? Date. Dylan and Balt had only recently changed the nature of there friendship. Lig was only mildly surprised at hearing this. After being friends with them for most of his life not much they did surprised him. He was still good friends with them. The inseparable trio.

After a little while in the shower Balt hopped out. He got himself dried off and made his way to his room quickly. He already had his clothes laid out. Diaper included. Balt quickly got himself diapered. He made sure it was one with the super absorbent gel core. He didn’t want to have to disturb anything for the sake of getting changed. Although he was bringing his bag with some changes just in case. He got dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a blue t-shirt with a ocean wave on it. Balt then went back to the bathroom and combed his head furr just right. He smiled to himself. This would be great he thought as he walked down stairs to the front door where both his parents were.

“Oh don’t you look hansom.” His mother said and gave him a hug practically gushing motherly love.

“Mooom. Your gonna mess up my hair.” Balt said blushing but hugged her back anyway.

“Oh just think My big sixteen year old boy out on his first date.” She smiled warmly at him. Her arms still on his shoulders.

“Well Balt I know this is the point at which I should have some fatherly advise about dating for you but I got nothing. Your dating experience is gonna be different from mine.” His dad said with a silly smile. Balt smiled back.

“Thanks OK Dad. I think I’ve got things covered.” Balt said with a slight blush.

“Well good. Just remember. I’m the one paying the insurance on your car. See that it comes back tomorrow in one piece.” His dad said and then gave Balt a quick fatherly hug.

“Thanks Dad. Mom.” Balt told them with a smile. He was shaking slightly. He was holding back some tears. His parents had taken this all very well. Although they were fairly surprised at first. They were supportive.

“Now go on. Don’t want to keep your date waiting.” His dad said with a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah. Right.” Balt nodded regaining composure. He went out to the drive way and got in his little red car. His parents sighed as he pulled out of the drive way.

Meanwhile Dylan was going through much the same ritual. He had just hopped out of the shower and was heading to his room. He got himself changed into a fresh diaper just like the one Balt was now wearing. He didn’t want too many disturbances that night either. Dylan then got dressed in his clothes. Some Kaki shorts and a green t-shirt with a nature theme on it. He went back to the bathroom like Balt did and combed his head fur. Dylan then walked downstairs where his mom was waiting.

“H-how do I look?” Dylan asked rather self consciously.

“You look wonderful.” His mom said smiling.

“Really? Your not just saying that?” Dylan asked nervously.

“No I’m not just saying that.” His mom said softly and gave him a hug.

“Thanks Mom. You’re the best.” Dylan sighed hugging her back. Just then they heard a car pull up into the drive way and Balt’s signature car honk.

“Well that’s Balt. You go have fun now sweetie. You’ve got your house keys and everything?” His mom asked just to make sure.

“Yes mom.” Dylan nodded grabbing his bag.

“Ok then. Go have fun.” She smiled.

With that Dylan walked out to Balt’s car. Balt Was leaning against the driver side’s car door watching him. He was trying his best to pull off a cool laid back look. Dylan smiled and stifled a laugh at the scene. It reminded him of a lot of old sappy movies he’d seen before. Tonight was just starting and already promised to be a pleasant evening.

“There there nature boy. Ready for an evening of fun?” Balt asked with a grin.

“You bet.” Dylan said walking over to him and gave him a hug.

“Awww. Your just my affectionate lil cubby aren’t ya?” Balt said smiling hugging Dylan back. Dylan nodded resting his head in Balt’s chest. “Good boy. Come on lets go sweet.”

“Alright.” Dylan said in a somewhat dreamy voice as he pulled away from Balt.

Dylan and Balt go into there seats. Balt started the car and they pulled out of the drive way and off down the road. Dylan’s mom smiled having watched the whole scene from the window. She was glad her little one had found someone special finally. Meanwhile in the car Balt turned on the radio. The two laughed and talked about nothing really. Sometimes they sang along with a song too. Balt smiled. He always loved to hear Dylan sing. It was a rare occasion when he did. Dylan was usually pretty shy about it and didn’t think he was good at it. Even though Balt had told him otherwise repeatedly.

“So sweet where ya wanna eat at?” Balt asked as they drove. He was already heading where he thought Dylan would want to eat but wanted to confirm it.

“Um…How about Banaza?” Dylan asked with a smiled.

“Banaza it is.” Balt smiled glad to have his feeling confirmed.

The two kept chatting for a while as they drove. Just enjoying each other’s company. It wasn’t too long though before they arrived at Banaza. Balt insisted on getting the door for Dylan. This of course caused the cabbit to blush even if he was flattered. The two walked in hand in hand. Dylan still blushing mildly. As they walked up to the counter they got a bit of a shock seeing a familiar face behind it. A Purple teen dragoness. Sophie.

“Hi there guys.” Sophie smiled warmly as she saw the two come up to the counter.

“H-hi Sophie.” Balt said for once being the shocked one.

“Wow I didn’t know you worked here Sophie.” Dylan said with only a little surprise in his voice.

“Yup been working here for a few weeks now. Pay’s pretty good and I like my boss.” Sophie smiled warmly. “So what can I get you two?”

“I’ll take the salad bar and the spaghetti with a Coka Cola.” Balt said.

“I’ll have the Salad bar too and the fried fish with a Coka Cola too.” Dylan told her.

“Alright then your total is $22.95.” Sophie told them.

Balt got out his wallet and paid for the food. He was trying to be as gallant as possible tonight and Dylan was certainly taking notice. With that the two walked to the salad bar which had hot and cold stuff. They each got a small pizza slice, a taco, and just a bit of fries an went to find there seats. Balt picked out a nice booth near the back near a window that looked out over the whole valley beneath them. Dylan always loved that kind of view. The two took there seats and before long a waitress came by with there food and drinks. The boys dug in.

“Mmm this is good.” Dylan smiled. “Thanks a lot Balt.”

“No problem. Anything for you.” Balt grinned as he ate his food.

“Aww Balt I think you’re the sweetest Folf on the planet ya know that.” Dylan smiled. For once Balt was the one to blush.

“Well….I’ve got the best Cabbit on the planet by my side.” Balt said recovering.

“Balt you’re the best.” Dylan smiled as they ate.

“So decided what movie we should see after this?” Balt asked Dylan sipping his soda.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

Number of posts : 11138
Age : 29
Localisation : Pensalvania USA
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.   Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:42 pm

“Hmmm. Was thinking we could go see that Horror movie.” Dylan said casually.

“Woaha? You actually want to see a Horror movie?” Balt asked surprised.

“Well sure. This one has a good plot…plus if I get scared your right there.” Dylan grinned.

“Ohhh. Well then your lucky to have a big strong Folf here to protect ya.” Dylan said puffing out his chest to look tough.

“Yup. I’m the luckiest Cabbit in the world.” Dylan grinned.

The two kept chatting and eventually finished eating and left side by side. Balt had his arm around Dylan. Balt smiled downed at his sweet lil cabbit. So far the evening had been wonderful. Balt knew it was only going to get better as the night went on. With that in mind he let Dylan into the car and then go into the driver’s seat and once more they were off. Of course the inevitable happened while they were driving. Both were already fairly wet but as they drove they started to add to that. Dylan was the first to grunt softly and then sigh as he filled the seat of his diaper. Just as they parked by the Theater Balt’s bowels gave up the ghost as well and filled the seat of his diaper.

“Heh. I think first thing we should do before we head into the theater.” Balt said getting out of the car.

“Yeah but where? We can’t go into the theater with our bags.” Dylan said worriedly as he got out of the car.

“Well there’s the back seat of the car.” Balt shrugged.

“What!? In there? But what if someone sees?!” Dylan said nearly having a heart attack.

“Hehehe. Settle down baby. I was only kidding there’s a gas station across the street from the theater grab you bag.” Balt said with a smirk picking up his bag.

“Don’t do that you goof.” Dylan said blushing as he got his bag. With that Balt lead the way to the gas station and lead Dylan in the side door and into the restroom making sure to lock the door.

“Ok Dylan you first lay down.” Balt said setting his bag down. Dylan blushed slightly as he took his pants down and laid down on the floor for Balt in just his dirty diaper.

With that Balt started to untape Dylan’s dirty diaper and opened it. Once open he went about the task of cleaning up his best friend now boyfriend. Dylan blushed slightly as Balt finished wiping him up but started to purr as soon as Balt started to powder him. Dylan had always loved the scent of baby powder. Balt finished powdering Dylan in short order and soon was sliding a fresh diaper under his bottom threading his long tail as he did. Finally he brought the diaper up between Dylan’s legs and taped it up snuggly.

“There ya go buddy all done. Comfy?” Balt asked as Dylan got up and redid his pants.

“Yup as always. Thanks Balt. Now it’s your turn.” Dylan smiled warmly.

Balt didn’t need any further incentive. He lowered his pants and laid down for Dylan. Dylan then carefully began untaping Balt’s dirty diaper. Upon opening the diaper Dylan was greeted with a much bigger mess then he himself had made but dutifully started to wipe Balt up which took longer. After that Dylan started to powder Balt who was murring softly by now too. Next he slid a fresh diaper under Balt’s bottom and threading his fluffy tail through it and brought it up between his legs and taped it up.

“All done. Comfy puppy?” Dylan asked ruffling Balt’s head fur.

“Hehe. Uh Huh.” Balt smiled waging his tail producing a crinkle before he got up and redid his pants.

With that done the two returned there bags to the car and then made there way to the theater. They got there tickets to the horror movie which Dylan decided to pay for after Balt’s gallant gestures at dinner. Balt smiled. They then got there drinks and snacks and found there seats in the theater. They were early so they got there favorite seats in the center row in the back. This was a good position because you didn’t need to crane your net to see the movie. They sat down in there seats and chatted about the movie and ones kind of like it while waiting for it to begin.

Finally the lights in the theater dimmed and the projector flicked on and the beginning previews began. One was for a SciFi movie Dylan definitely wanted to see. Another was for a comedy and the last was for another horror movie. Once the previews were done the movie began. Both watched the movie intently. As it progressed though Dylan found himself huddled up to Balt and jumping every five minutes it seemed like. Balt didn’t mind and just put an arm around the jumpy cabbit. Dylan even let out a scream at one point in the movie and hid his face his Balt’s shoulder. At the end of the movie they walked out with Balt having his arm around Dylan still who despite being so jumpy during the movie said he enjoyed it.

“So where to now?” Balt asked as they walked to the car.

“I dunno. Back to my place?” Dylan said with a shrug.

“Sure if that’s what my sweetie wants.” Balt smiled warmly.

“Yeah. You can take the long way home by the river though. It’s nice at night.” Dylan smiled as Balt unlocked the doors.

“Yeah that does sound nice. Alright river route it is.” Balt nodded as they climbed into the car.

Dylan smiled and got into the car and relaxed. They drove off into the night and eventually ended up on the river side road which sparkled with moonlight shining off of it in the night. Dylan loved it. Being part cat he had an affinity for the night and wasn’t afraid of it. One of the few things he could say that about. Balt looked over to Dylan with a smile glad to see him happy. Dylan looked over to Balt watching him drive. He leaned over and gave Balt a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you.” Dylan told him quietly resting his head on Balt’s shoulder.

“I love you too.” Balt said feeling content and happy.

After a bout twenty minutes on the road they soon arrived back at Dylan’s house. Balt got out and opened Dylan’s door for him. Dylan got out with and hugged Balt. This had been one of the best nights of his life. Dylan looked to the door and then to Balt. He didn’t want this night to end. Everything was just too nice. He then got up the courage to ask what he wanted.

“Can you stay the night?” Dylan asked Balt blushing slightly.

“Course I can. Anything for you Dylan.” Balt told him and put an arm around his shoulder.

The two walked to the door and went inside. Dylan saw his mom on the couch watching something on the TV. He knew she had waited up for him. She always did when he went out on something other than a sleepover. She didn’t say anything though as they went up the stairs to his room. Dylan’s room was a mix of geek’s haven and toddler’s nursery. He had various scifi stuff here and there. The boarder around the top of his room was diapered Borg Teddy bears. Dylan’s bed though big enough for two sported the short rails of a toddler’s bed. His room also sported a changing table that was fully stocked. There was also a small but pretty nice entertainment system too.

“I love your room ya know that?” Balt grinned. He always said that about Dylan’s room.

“Yeah I know you do. So do I.” Dylan smiled warmly and started to get undressed.

Balt stretched and did the same. Once both had there shirts off it was easy to tell a stark contrast to them. Dylan was lean and pretty muscle less. Obviously not the kind to have a lot of physical activity. Balt however though lean himself had some nice muscle tone and was obviously the active type. Although Hyper might better describe it at times. It wasn’t too long before both of them though were down to just there diapers. Wet diapers at that.

“Guess we should probably change into some night diapers before bed .” Dylan said walking over to his changing table only to be scooped up by Balt like he were a kitten.

“Yeah lets get a thick night diaper on you baby.” Balt smiled laying him on the changing table with a smile.

“Fankees Balt.” Dylan giggled playing along. Balt untapped Dylan’s saggy diaper and opened it up.

“Wow. Looks like my lil cabbit here had a flood.” He joked as he started to wipe Dylan up.

“Hehehe. Guess it was the large soda from the movie.” Dylan smiled as Balt wiped him paying special detail to certain areas.

“Well we’ll be done soon.” Balt told him and smiled as he got out a fresh night time diaper and slid the thick diaper under Dylan’s bottom, threading his tail as he did.

“Otay.” Dylan nodded purring softly as Balt started to use the baby powder on him. Balt then brought the fresh diaper up between Dylan’s legs and taped it up snuggly.

“There ya go baby all done.” Balt smiled helping Dylan up.

“Thanks Balt. Now it’s your turn Puppy.” Dylan grinned.

“Yethy Dywan.” Balt baby talked and got up and laid down on the changing table for him. Dylan then untapped Balt’s soggy diaper and opened it up.

“Looks like Puppy made a big wettums in his diapee.” Dylan said as he started to wipe Balt up.

“Hehe Wet Wet.” Balt smiled and nodded as he was getting cleaned up with the same special attention Dylan had gotten.

“Now for the night diapee.” Dylan said sliding the fresh diaper under Balt’s bottom with Balt giving a content murr as his tail was threaded through it.

“Comfy diapee.” Balt grinned and murred some more as Dylan used the baby powder on him before he brought it up between Balt’s Legs and taped it up snuggly.

“All done puppy.” Dylan smiled and tickled Balt’s toned belly receiving a giggle from him.

“Thanks Dylan. You’re the best.” Balt told him as he got off the table.

“Now lets get some rest.” Dylan said looking a bit tired.

“Yeah you said it.” Balt said walking over to Dylan’s bed and climbed in without a second though.

Dylan smiled warmly and followed Balt to his bed and climbed in after him. The two got covered up and snuggled up. Dylan purred softly and contently as he laid there snuggled up to his folf in shining armor. Balt murred softly himself cuddling he loved cabbit close. The two didn’t need words they loved each other and both of them knew it. Dylan was perfectly content to lay there with Balt snuggled up feeling safe and loved. While Balt was just as content to lay there cuddled up with him feeling just as safe and as loved. It wasn’t long before both of there eyes drifted shut and there breathing slowed and both drifted off to dreamland. Dreaming of one another. These two truly did share the most unbreakable of bonds.

The End.


Well that's it everyone. I hope ya liked the story. Tell me what ya thought.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.   Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:40 pm

maybe a lil bit of kinky diaper yiff for next time though.
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:12 am

I thought there wasent enough diapers! story was great!
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.   Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:35 pm

I must say I did really enjoy this.

Heh, you must have been feeling kinda frisky when you wrote this though
X3 I think I'm feeling a bit frisky now m'self

"Our Business is Life itself"
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.   

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Dylan and Balt. Unbreakable Bonds.
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