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 A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)

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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:58 am

Wow. This is a good story. Aside from gramatical and formating stuff, this is excellent!
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:03 pm


fave char?
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Number of posts : 1610
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Localisation : Attempting to keep Sai from driving Kyle insane.
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:12 pm

Can't decide between Skippa and Terry.
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:14 pm

..... no one seems to like will.....
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Localisation : Attempting to keep Sai from driving Kyle insane.
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:16 pm

He's cool. Just not my favorite one is all. I still think Kin is hillarious!
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:19 pm

well, i had to have a prankster in the mix somewhere.
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:20 pm

*giggles* Yeah. Skippa would almost work for that but not quite. He's just lighthearted and fun loving, not a real prankster.
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:24 pm

touche.... i had some moments where ocoa almost did a prank moment, but it was more of a 'where'd he find the coffee'?
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:15 am

Chapter Thirteen: Storytellers

Terry nodded at kin and he stood up, walking to the center of the group.

He cleared his throat and with a smile, began.

"My name is Kin Nakajima, age fourteen, son of Akaru, the first Mephisto. I love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain," Hs let out a sort of snicker and continued.

"Okay, seriously though. My power as you've seen, is intangibility, or 'phasing' if you will. My reason for joining this 'crusade' is because... Corsica killed my father, and his partner, Orpheus. Most of the people gathered here wouldn't remember them too much, since they were kind of camera shy."

"The last night I saw my papa, he gave me the rapture. I know it's a Japanese tanto, but English fencing seems to throw people off for some reason, and I'm better at it. now lessee... likes and dislikes," Kin paused, gathering his thoughts.

"I can't stand being wet. but I absolutely luuurve being messy," his face grew red, and he nearly clammed up, but managed to continue anyway.

"My reason for wearing...... some years ago, I had a bladder infection. I was never really sure what caused it, but somehow it went south, so... it's rather embarrassing, but i love being diapered!"

Kin looked around, "Next?" and Saito stood up.

"My name is Saitorie Hanazuru, age fifteen and a half, also known as Chiru the Handsome Devil. My meta ability is a 'body-harmony' type, called Divine Lotus. my history is rather bloody, but i believe it will be beneficial to get it off my chest." Saito spoke with a slight Kyoto accent.

"Once upon a time, I lived in Japan, with my parents and my big brother.
My mother was a metahuman of the elemental persuasion, but she hid it very well. What she didn't know was that my father was a severe meta-hater, compulsively so. He came in one day unexpectedly, and found her experimenting with her ability. He beat her to death............," here he paused, taking a deep breath before continuing.

"Needless to say, his compulsion drove him to an intense paranoia, and he began to beat on me and my brother. It finally reached a breaking point and at age nine, my power awoke and I turned on him. He's not dead, but I crushed his ribs to splinters with a single kick."

"I do not regret what I did," He said, completely deadpan, no pride or sorrow was present in his voice.

"After I fled Japan, I wandered the u.s. for while, until I heard tales of this city, with it's troubles and it's sword-wielding protector.
Speaking of which, don't freak out terry, but I'm living at the shelter too!" Terry raised an eyebrow, and saito grinned, "yup, just ask dante."

At that, dante nodded, "He has a closet suite, same as you."

Saito laughed and said, "I should warn you though, I am obsessively curious by nature. Also, if I come off as kind of mean, I don't mean to be, but I kind of enjoy teasing, y'all're so cute!"

"Also... that thing you saw before, where I skated across the floor, believe it or not, I can teach that. So if anyoneís interested, Iíd love to help you learn."

"Okay, my reason for wearing... this is a bit painful...," yet again he paused, drawing a deep breath before continuing again.
"my father beat me one night to the point where i couldn't control my body. My continence is gone, and it's awkward every now and again, but I like 'em anyway. CUTENESS!"

With that said, he turned and sat down calling, "Done."

Marcus stood up, his black hair slicked back and his diaper obviously wet, and sighed.

"My name is Marcus Vivaldi Wyngarde, age fourteen. I prefer the name Bunji Kugashira. On the street however, I'm called Madness. My power is kinetic charge. Technically I don't even need guns, because my power can charge anything. But I prefer them because with or without bullets they make for good close range and long range. You can thank terry for my oddball style by the way, because he pointed me in the right direction."

With a slight smirk he added, "i love polish sausage, don't know why. And i can't stand that new car smell, it makes me gag."

"My reason for wearing? Comfort. Iíve been a literal puppet for a deranged psycho for several years... Iíd rather not talk about that," he looked very pained as he said it, "Ditto for the family history."

with another sigh he sat down and patted leo's shoulder, "Alright, Leo you go next."

Leo stood up, his tail whipping around his legs in a manic frenzy.

"M-my name is L-leonhardt Teremer age s-s-seventeen, L-leo if it's not too much trouble. m-my ab-bility is cold-fire."

"i was born in france, and was a normal child, i-if a little small. I l-looked like a k-kitty since the day i was born."

"i'm one of a tiny handful of people able to use the seven-star p-praying mantis style of martial arts. M-my sensei ................ as g-good as he was at martial arts... SUCKED as a human being! h-he r-r-ra..." He began crying and Marcus had to console him before he could go on.

"H-he r-raped me..." Leo managed to say between sobs.

Once he calmed down, he said, "A few m-months later, my parents and I w-were in a car wreck. They d-d-died... and it messed me up inside...
so, I g-got sent here to live with my Tante. She's very sweet..."

"M-my reason for wearing... the car wreck made me a-almost c-completely incontinent." He fell against Marcus sniffling, and marcus held him close.

"I j-joined, because I t-trust terry and want t-to help." He sat back down in marcus's lap and kissed him. Marcus blushed a little bit, and returned the enthusiasm...

Argent stood up next and yawned.

"Argent silverblood, age ten." This earned a roomwide gasp, because she looked WAAAY older. "I don't like talking at all, so listen up, cuz I'm not gonna repeat myself!"

"My power was originally manipulating my own blood. However, I ended up as a labrat for Corsica and he injected me with about two liters of catalyst. After he did, I nearly died as my genes rewrote themselves overnight, I became serei, and now my own blood is silver."

"Wondering about my eloquence? Blame him for that too."

"I wear because I want to, and because it's comfy! and I'm joining this soiree just to bust ol' Coryís nuts, cuz someone needs to knock him off that high pedestal."

"My birth name............... is Jessica Wyngarde." Bunji's jaw hit the floor, but Terry nodded and mouthed, "Astorís been a very naughty boy..."

"For those of you who weren't privy to our earlier conversations, Terry is the catalyst, and I believe thatís the reason Corsica is so adamant about getting him."

She sat down, looking very pleased with herself.

Ocoa stood, towering over everybody else.

"ocoa the demon guillotine, age nineteen."

"i'm a Japanese orphan, born and bred in the slums of southern Tokyo."

"when i was way younger i was taught the 'facts of life' by an older teen named autumn. needless to say, i lost my virginity back then. please don't hold it against me, Hun," Sable just hugged him, it didn't matter to her.

"Iíll admit, i have something of an addiction to playboy magazines, that's also due to autumn."
"i began practicing with a sword as soon as i could carry one, and by the time i was twelve, i was not only exceptionally tall for my age, but i had mastered batto-ryu style without a teacher."

"Eventually a local mob boss decided to hire me to take out a political rival, convinced that since I was so young Iíd be practically invisible. That day... I earned the title 'demon guillotine' several times over. By the time I came back to report I was so blood drenched that half his men fainted dead away, which was and still is funny as hell."

"So, he gave me my custom made long katana and started offering contracts. Two years later, I gutted him for being an insufferable ass. After that, I began work as a bounty hunter." The 'insufferable ass' comment was said in a fake british accent that made sable break out in a case of the giggles.

"I don't know if this is relevant but... on one job, I met another bounty hunter... He had long brown hair, and wore a red headband with the words 'Rock You' carved across the front. The sword he carried was the weirdest weapon Iíd ever seen... It was just a long rectangle with a handle. I ended up fighting him, and he had me beaten and pinned in about two minutes. Guy was a fire user, but he didn't even bother with it while fighting me. He was scary as hell, like I wasn't even a challenge..."

"About three months ago i got a job offer from Marcus, when he was still a puppet. So I came, I defected from my contract and here I am!" He posed, looking heroic, before spoiling it by wetting.

"Oh, my power is tracking. But I don't just track metahumans, I can track anyone provided I have a name or a face."

"And why do I wear? Well... I'm a diaper lover. It's like wearing happiness." He shrugged and started laughing.

Sable stood up next and spoke in a low tone.

"Sable izumi, age fourteen."

"I'm a teen baby, but i wasn't always like this.
You see, my mother had always been a bit unstable, but... She had a miscarriage and flipped..."

"Dad wasn't home a lot back then, mainly due to business... So I was at her mercy. I woke up one morning and she had thrown out all my undies and replaced them with diapers. I asked her about it and she had this glazed look on her face, and wouldn't talk. So I figured 'what the hell' and put it on. She got much happier and hugged me. So I started wearing 24/7 to make her feel better."

"Things got a little odd after that, I started wetting the bed, and ended up very thankful that I had the diapers then. But it got worse and I started wetting in the daytime too... Then, at school one day I messed myself. I came home feeling miserable and when I got to my room, all my stuff was gone, posters, books, everything. There was a nursery... My size of course, and I was a bit scared."

"During the few times when daddy was home, I was put to bed early, and rarely saw him. So he had no idea what was going on."

"Momma pulled me out of school, claiming I was too young to go. Then, I got really sick, to the point where I was having several days of messing and wetting almost constantly. During the lulls between outbreaks, I started masturbating in my diapers, at first it was innocent, curiosity. Then it got to the point where it was all I could do to feel better, because in her eyes I really was a baby and unable to do anything for myself. Iíd just feel the bulging padding between my legs and Iíd get the urge. My hands never touched directly, but it was still incredible. There were days when I did it so many times that I lost count."

"Then one day, the sickness got so bad that i almost died. It was one of the days that daddy came home, and he and momma talked about this and that. He went to go to his and her room, and I managed, through some Herculean effort, to roll off the bed as he passed my door. He heard noise and found the door locked. It sent up a red flag, because the door could only be locked from the outside, by a key. "

"I remember seeing the door fly across the room and him running over to me.
He told me later that he could actually smell the medication that momma had been dosing me with when I ate. He did something then, it was the one and only time Iíve ever seen him use his power to warp the iron in blood... Somehow, he separated some of the drugs from my blood, I know because I could see the stuff floating in the air, and I felt a little better."

"Momma was standing in the doorway, looking furious, and... Daddy didn't strike her, didn't even lift a hand he just looked at her, he said something I can't remember for sure. But it sounded like 'Nano Priori Ilena, Deus Ex Machina Hephaestus Sangui Priori Catatonia'. Ilena was my mommas name... She dropped to the floor and wouldn't speak..."

"For now, she's in the asylum, Iíve visited every now and then but... I think she's completely lost it, theres no coming back."

"Daddy took me to the hospital, and explained the situation, they looked me over and... Well, momma overdosed me more than once to the point that I no longer have any control, I wet and mess without even noticing most days."

"So, my reason for wearing is equal measures need, sex, and comfort."

"Whatís funny, is I remember the doctor very clearly. He was very bald, and his nametag was scratched out. It just said 'Faust'. He was very nice though..."

"I just got really off topic didn't I?"

"Okay, my meta power is genius level intellect and the forge ability. I don't mean to boast, but Iíve moved to the point where all math is theoretical, and youíve seen what happens when I combined the mobius equations with a pocket watch..." There was a concerted HELL YEAH! from the rest of the team and she just blushed.

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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:15 am

Skip stood up, taking a deep draught from his canteen.

"Skippa, age eighteen. Skip for short."

"I'm not sure how to put this, but Iíve taken so many knocks to the head, that I have no idea where I'm from, or if I even have a family."

"It doesn't bug me, cuz Iíve got family here." He leaned over and noogied saito, with a look of brotherly affection.

My meta-gene ability is water bending, and due to some quirk of nature, I can survive on nothing but water.
speaking of which..." He looked down, noting that he was totally soaked. With a slight grin he said, "I think THAT has something to do with THIS."

"I can't stand being messy, just feels wrong... and I joined this party specifically because my buddy saito asked me to."

"also, thank you shinji, the sword is teh awesome."

He sat back down, taking another deep draught from his canteen.

Shinji stood slowly, stretching to this side until his back popped.

"Anytime Skip."

"Shinji Izumi, age withheld. Also known as Z.E.R.O. and several other less savory names." At the name z.e.r.o., there were several startled gasps.

"I'm not proud of my history, but it needs to be laid out."

"The reason I was never home when my daughter was growing up, was that... I worked for the trismagia, as z.e.r.o. the weapon smith. When I saw her that night I realized that something had to give, and so I broke my ties with them and went into hiding. My day job as a teacher is one Iíve always had, because it's the perfect cover."

"Iíve gotten ahead of myself... The same night I broke ties with them is the first time that terry saved my life. Orpheus and Mephisto saw me only as an enemy, and made to kill me.
I won't go into detail, but terry took a bullet for me, and convinced them to let me live."

"You wouldn't remember, but that was five years ago."

"I'm a terrible man, and i'm trying to atone for what Iíve done, please forgive me."

Terry got up, went over and hugged him, whispering, "Then you're forgiven."

Dante carefully laid the Sparda sword on the ground, and walked to the center of the group.

"Dante Sparda, age also withheld. Also called Anthony Redgrave."

"... Well, thereís a lot I either can't tell you, or probably shouldn't, so Iíll give you the simplest version.

"I am the son of the dark knight Sparda. I don't expect any of you to know what that means, hell, most of the time I don't know either."

"I am addicted to pizza and strawberry sundaes, and I have no intention of finding a cure." He burst into a case of the giggles, realizing that he sounded ridiculous.

"Iíve joined this group on a matter of both business and personal interest. Thank Terry for that."

"In the way of powers, I have a mishmash of super strength, magic, elemental hoopla, and the oddest collection of weapons you'll ever see. As a back up, thereís the 'Devil Trigger'. I do not plan on using it, but sometimes fate forces my hand..."

"As for diapers... Iíve honestly never tried, maybe I..."

He got really quiet all of a sudden, then walked to the packs by the door, grabbed one and left the room. Two minutes later he walked back in, his pants tossed over one shoulder. The diaper he'd chosen was one of the thick four taped kind and even on him it looked bulky.

"NO. FEAR." He sat down, pulling his coat off.

Ember flashed a devil-may-care grin and walked to the center.

"September artemis winters, age fourteen. ember if you don't mind."

"I am the daughter of Mikhail winters, Orpheus. I had no idea who he was until just a few weeks ago.
other than that: my power is almost the same as his, a sonic charge."

"...I wear diapers as a form of stress relief, and because I want to."

"And Iíve joined this group because that BASTARD hurt my terry!
Aaaand thatís all Iíve got" She blushed a bright red and wet herself as she finished.

Terry stood slowly and walked to the center, a slight limp evident in his step.

".................Eirye Wyngarde. It means... whorespawn. Son of Astor 'God-hand' and Felicia wyngarde."

(author's note: Eirye ispronounced: EE-air-yay)

"Marcus and I were thrown out of the Wyngarde house at ages four and five respectively. We lived on the streets as best we could, selling scraps, favors, even our bodies."

"thereís a lot of memory missing, thereís two whole years that i cant even account for... But i do remember being raped by Corsica."

"When I was ten, I saved a woman from a band of thugs and she in turn saved me by giving me a home.
her name was Beth Halcyon, and it is she from whom my middle name is derived."

"I had two wonderful years with her. I wore diapers during those years, because I wet the bed almost every night. And some days it felt good to be pampered a little."

"One night... Someone broke down the door, and shot Beth through the heart, then they broke my left leg into nothing but bone shards. As if that weren't enough, they took a roll of barbed wire and wrapped it around my neck, and looped the other end around the overhead light. I came to two days later, still hanging. Somehow I managed to drop off. My leg had healed, but it had done so the wrong way, so I had to fix it by breaking it again. On instinct I knew it would heal back if I held it in place, and so I discovered my healing factor." He winced as he spoke of breaking it.

"I spent several hours just crying over Bethís body... As soon as I could think straight I called the police. But I didn't stay because I knew they'd try to ship me to the orphanage or a foster home. So I took off, and met Anthony. We know each other from years before that..."

"A few days after Iíd holed up at the shelter, and for the first time since her death... I looked in the mirror and nearly died of shock... My hair had gone from black to silver and my blue eyes had dulled to grey."

"I decided I wanted revenge and went after the only man Iíd recognized that night, marcus. I didn't know at the time, but he'd been a puppet then, and he'd proven to be impossible to track down."

"So I went vigilante, hoping to find answers, and people kept falling into my lap... So to speak."

"So yes... My name, the one I chose, is: Terciel Halcyon Makoto, The Basilisk."

"My power seems to be this red static I produce when I get angry, but I have no idea how to control it and I don't have the slightest clue what it's supposed to do."

"As for my diapers... At first i wore them because I wanted to. But a few weeks ago, I got injured by a Corsica hireling named freed, the fight messed up my bladder and bowels enough that even my healing factor can't completely fix them. But I like being diapered and I like being a big toddler, so everything works out in the end."

Terry finished, smiling his half smile and Ember asked, "Okay. But where did you get those boots? They weigh a ton!"

He thought for a moment then looked up at her, a little fearfully, "I honestly have no idea..."

"Freed? Freed Phil... I knew there was something off kilter about him..." Shinji said, looking angry.

Terry was confused, "Freed... PHIL?"

"Mr. Phil, the English teacher." Shinji's eyes flickered back and forth from black to green, as he fought to control his anger. He muttered to himself, "Why would a knight of the holy order defect like that... unless it's a cover-up... which means... but no, that can't be right either... they exist solely to prevent gears, the house researches them, so why... why is a ... a double agent, it has to be, thereís no other reason..."

He looked up, blinking owlishly the way that his daughter sometimes did, "I don't know, in his case, do what you will."

Terry nodded, "Until then, we have much preparation to do. If I recall right cor has what amounts to a private army."

Shinji frowned, "that's not even counting his 'enforcers'."

"...I had totally forgotten about them..... as it stands, we'll have to take down boogey man. I have a feeling corsica's done something else to him..."

Shinji's face went pale, "Catalyst and tesseract. Honestly, even with three serei, a demon, and... whatever else we've got, we're still screwed by sheer numbers."

"We? You're fighting?"

"As much as I detest it... yes, I am. Also, it might be a good idea to teach the crew how to use the drive."

"You have a point," terry lughed and then turned around, "alright, everyone watch closely, i'm going to teach you a technique i stole from my sperm donor daddy!"


Elsewhere in the city, Will trudged amongst the steel buildings of the city, a stray thought suggesting that they looked like tombstones. He sighed, his fury since cooled, and looked up.

The chill wind bit at him, whipping in a dusting of fog overhead. A snowflake landed on his nose, and he blew it off, frowning.

From around the side of another building, he heard a scream. He rolled his eyes, "Where's a 'hero' when you need one?" and took off toward the sound, screwing together the halves of his pool stick.

"Get away from me!" Yukia Caswell shouted, pointing a can of mace at the four men surrounding her. In her other hand were several bags of groceries, and the book bag on her back was filled as well.

"Define 'away' Hun." One of them said, leering toward her.

"I swear, you people have no class." They whipped around, glaring at will, who yawned and casually flicked a knife at the one on the end. It went deep and he screamed, running off.

"I sincerely DOUBT that's enough of a show, so here's another, double head morbid!" the stick swung in a brutal close quarter circle, smacking into the man on the other end. He went down without a sound, and Will kicked his body aside.

"Come on, i'm gonna be a granddaddy by the time one of you gets the balls to move." one of them turned to the other and said, "You on yo own." and took off like his heels were on fire.

"So that leaves you?" will didn't seem concerned in the least.

"Hey-ey-ey-ey batter UP!" he flipped the pool stick so that the thin end was in his hand, and swung the butt end hard into the remaining assailant. Will's mouth went slack and his neck craned back, as he watched the man's go up, and swiftly back down several hundred yards away, "Out of the park? Frankly, that was totally unexpected and I'm scared shitless..."

Yukia coughed and Will shook off the odd feeling he'd had, turning toward her. He clicked his heels together and bowed at the waist, "Pardon, I'm sure you could have handled them, but I saw the perfect opening, miss..."

Behind his goggles, his eyes went wide, "Cas...well?"

"Y-you're will, from chemistry right?" Yukia asked, tilting her head to the side.

"D-g-ummm," he turned and smacked himself with the pool stick and then turned back, "Yup." he raised his goggles, showing eyes black lined from lack of sleep.

"Would you like an escort, Ms. Caswell?"

"Yes, please! and... call me Kassi." she tried to shift the bags around and dropped them, but will caught them and shifted them to his left, leaving his right hand open.

So they began to walk, and Kassi asked, "So what brings you here?"

"I got lost in my thoughts, and just started walking. You?" Kassi pointedly shook the bags she was carrying, with a wry grin. Will paused and replied, "I admit it, that was a dumb question."

"Okay... what's up with the scar, you a masochist or something?"

Will looked down, feeling embarrassed, "No, it's... punishment."

Kassi looked over, puzzled, "Punishment for what?"

"My naivetť. It's... my father's idea of straightening me out. Which is funny because he's the drunk." He laughed, letting the tension roll away, kassi tried to bite back a laugh, and failed miserably, "Ah, parents, hypocrites to the end."

"Too true." They walked on, talking about this and that, and will felt content in her company.

After nearly an hour of walking, kassi stopped in front of a duplex and said, "This is it." So will toted the bags up the steps for her, and turned to leave. Kassi grabbed his wrist and turned him towards her.

"Thank you will, you're my hero." She hugged him, tightly and planted a kiss on his cheek, and then stiffened, "You too huh?"

"I... I can explain that..." Will stammered. Kassi had felt the diaper around his waist, but she broke into a grin, "No need." She blushed scarlet around that grin, and will let out a crooked smile of his own, "Oho?"

She nodded, "Way more comfortable than panties." She blushed a deeper red realizing what she'd said.

"You have to hide it too?" Will asked, and Kassi nodded.

"H-hey, this Saturday, are you free?" She asked.

"I have all the time in the world..."

"Alright then, it's a date!" She held out a hand.

Will chuckled and took it, shaking. "It's a date."

They said goodbye, and Kassi went in, leaving Will with his thoughts. He'd actually had the girl of his dreams talk to him, and she'd set up a date! For the rest of the afternoon, he wandered around in a daze...

Inside the caswell house, kassi put away the groceries and carried her book bag up to her room. She opened it and after a bit of struggling, managed to pull out a pack of depends. A blushing smile covered her face as she ripped the package open and tugged off her pants.

The diaper she wore already was yellowed from use, and seemed a little small. She ripped the tapes and pulled it off, then readied one from the new pack and pulled it snugly on.

She stood up and looked in her mirror, checking out the new padding.

Kassi was sixteen years old, slim and muscular, but not disturbingly so. Her height was above average, like will's. breast-wise she was gifted, not small, but not large enough to be cumbersome either. The diaper accentuated her long legs, giving her a look that was more handsome than cute. But her face was the most incredible though, heart shaped yet not in the way that terry's was she had a look of maturity and at the same time a streak of mischievousness. The hair framing it was a black so dark that it had midnight blue highlights. All in all it was easy to see why will was drawn to her.

From down below, the door banged shut and a call came up, "i'm hooooome!"

Kassi's eyes went wide and she kicked the bag of diapers under her bed. she turned frantically, trying to find her pants, before realizing she was standing on them. With a nervous laugh she pulled them on and walked out of her room, totally forgetting the wet diaper still sitting by the edge of her bed.

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Elsewhere in the city...

Edard serpiente, the boogeyman, lay strapped to a table. Though he was gagged, he still managed to vocalize his discomfort through a gradually increasing muffled screech.

Corsica paced around the table, with a long vial of a viscous green fluid in his hands, the earbuds of an I-pod showing rather clearly from his ears. Every now and then he'd sing along with the music. "Now, son can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it goes. But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete, when i wore a younger man's clothes."

coming from corsica, that last line was more ominous than it sounded...

Edward strained against his bonds, and inhaled sharply. His power lashed out ,causing the table to rattle. Cor turned and raised an eyebrow. "Comfy? Good!"

A moment later, a familiar face stepped through the door, carrying a translucent collar. The face belonged to the young man who had given terry and ember so much trouble before.

"Ah, strife, there you are. is it ready?" Corsica looked absolutely giddy as he said this, and snatches of uptown girl sounded from the earbuds.

"Yup, just needs the juice."

Corsica chuckled and slipped into a sideways shuffle.

"You realize we have to knock him out, or we'll never get this on him." Strife said, looking bored.

"Well, do your stuff. If this works, I'll personally upgrade your power myself."

Strife handed the collar to corsica, who was once again singing along with the music. Tugging off his leather gloves his face broke into a malicious grin. He pressed the palm of his hand flat against edward's forhead and inhaled sharply.

The scream that got around the gag was heartrending, and edward's eyes streamed with tears.

You see, strife's power was exactly as his name suggested, he was able to cause pain with a touch.

After nearly an hour of straight torture, edward collapsed into unconciousness. by this time, corsica was singing along to 'we didn't start the fire'. Corsica slid the collar on and then jacked the vial into the side, filling the collar with it. It turned a vile green, and corsica tapped a red line on the side, causing many long metal neddles to sprout from the inner edge of the collar and dig into edward's neck.

Edward's eyes opened momentarily, just a 'knee-jerk' reaction. Corsica nodded and left the room.

A few minutes later he stepped into a small room filled with video screens. A plush couch sat in the center of the room, a table next to it heaped with cables, some ending in joystick-like hand grips, others acting as heart monitors and such. Corsica began to pull them on, and tilting his head forward, jammed the last one in at the base of his neck.

Collapsing onto the couch, he spoke in a series of halting latin-esque words, "nano priori boogeyman, deus ex machina Ezekiel sangui priori Overshadow!"

Serveral rooms away, Edward moaned and jerked into what can only be described as rigor mortis. Then his body eased back into life, and he opened his eyes, "Strife, I'm online, can you hear me?"

Strife nodded and undid the straps. Corsica did a few stretches, same as always, to make sure the body was working correctly. Then he spoke again in halting latin, "nano priori Boogeyman, sangui install 'Tesseract'."

The collar whirred to life and several jets of 'Tesseract' shot through the spikes. Over boogeyman's entire body, writhing green marks began to form. A centimeter or two above the skin, they looked almost like armor.....


Back at Leon's hideout...

Terry was suprised. Almost everyone on the team had produced a drive, or something similar on the first try.

Ocoa had managed to create a wide angle version, due to his long sword. Kin had shocked everybody by performing nearly ten short range drives in a matter of seconds, proof that a man with a short sword is still VERY deadly.

Skip had flat out refused, saying that if he used his blade that the entire floor would have collapsed. Dante said pretty much the same thing.

Saito had let out a war-cry and lashed out with a roundhouse kick, a kick that released a single horizontal drive. The roar it made was absolutely deafening.

Marcus had looked at his guns then up at the air, back and forth several times. He got a strange look on his face and then swung jackal in a two handed grip, pulling the trigger at the same instant. Instead of a roar, there had been a piercing whistle, and the floor was scorched in front of him.

Leo shook his head, and said, "I d-d-don't think a scythe would w-work to w-well."

Ember looked at terry and said, "this one's like yours." she dashed forward, and lashed out with the kotetsu, "JACK HOUND!" And the air had literally exploded around her sword.

Terry watched all the proceeding's with a keen eye and as they finished, he spoke, "Remember, the drive is your last line of offense. If you use it without discretion, your muscles will tear themselves to bits. So, save it as an Ultimate Move, or whatever you call it."

After that, terry called the meeting to an end. "Alright, we've all been introduced and are comfortable in eachothers company. Now hopefully we'll be able to function as a team out there. For now, we're done, but i want to pull everybody back on new years day to plan strategy. okay?"

There was a concerted, "OKAY!"

Terry pulled ember aside, "You go ahead and head home okay? I need to see someone tonight."

"See someone? Terry..." ember's voice held a little hurt.

"Not like that ma petite, a grave I've been neglecting..."

Ember hung her head, "I... I'm sorry..."

"It's alright. I'll be about an hour or so, Will you be able to get home okay?" Terry asked.

Ember nodded, "yeah, it's only twenty minutes walking distance."

"Okay. I think 'Bunji' is going to be late too, he's probably going to escort Leo home."

They kissed, and Terry held Ember in his arms for just a moment, feeling very content.


Terry laid queen down in the snow, and knelt in front of the headstone.

It read: Beth Halcyon. Gone but not forgotten. 1981-2006.

"Hello momma. It's been a while hasn't it? ...I'm almost there, so close to making them pay for what they did to you. Maybe after this, I can rest, and put up the Basilisk for good. It would be a nice change..."

He sat there a while, not even feeling the cold.

"Do you remember the night we met?" he said, imagining she was really there, "I barely do and it worries me. Half of my memories are foggy at best, the rest are just... not even there."

For the longest time, he sat and talked. But Nearly an hour later he stood up dusting off the snow and tapped the side of his mask, sliding it closed. "Goodbye momma, I love you..."

He picked up queen and spoke in rapid german, a red circle appearing under his feet. "HA!" he slammed a boot down, and shot skyward.

A lone figure in a black hooded raincoat watched his passage and whispered, "Goodbye Eirye."
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Chapter Fourteen: If God Could Talk...

The next morning, ember woke up alone in her bed. Neither marcus nor argent had seen him that morning. He had come home the night before, because ember remembered falling asleep in his arms.

So, where was he?

He was Three miles away, on the roof of a McDonalds, to be precise. Beside him, face nearly unrecognizable from all the bruises, was will. He spoke with a slight slur, as if his jaw was swollen. "I don't Know why i even bother..."

"You're being abused," The way terry said, will knew It wasn't a question.

"Yeah, and?" he reacted the same way he always did, angrily.

"Why do you let them treat you like that?"

"Because i have nowhere else to go. Any other questions?" will snapped at him.

"If you need it, ember probably has room for you. Or, you could try the shelter, a friend of mine runs it."

Will paused, nursing a large cola, before continuing, "I'm a corpse. A graveyard would work."

"You're just not going to accept help from me are you?"

"What good will it do? Your girl would just have one more person to trip over."

"Are you worried about food then?"

"... I havn't eaten in three weeks. I haven't slept for even longer than that. I found out last night that i don't even need to breath... Food is a luxury that I don't have time for," Will mumbled.

"Why do you insist on being difficult?" Terry asked, truly concerned.

"One: never offer aid to your foil, it's bad for your image. Two: the living and dead never intermingle, or bad stuff happens. Three: I like you too much to put you at risk..."

"what are you..." Terry started before Will cut him off.

"The house of the rising sun wants me," he took a sip of the cola, "I'm their one failure."

"The house? I know of them... wait, what do you mean 'failure'?"

He took a long draught and began, "Four years ago I was normal, still living with my dickhead parents, but I was normal. They were just as bad as they are now... I'd been hearing rumors about the house, so i found them and offered myself as a research subject. They tripped over themselves, because they'd never had a volunteer subject before. I was young, I figured 'Hey, anything is better than home right?". They drained my blood and pumped me full of catalyst, but it didn't have any effect. I was just a dud."

"The head guy, Wraith, let me go, said he was sorry that nothing worked. The odd thing is, he was actually being honest. So i left and... a few nights later I woke up and my heart wasn't beating. I freaked like any normal would do, till i realized it didn't matter. After that I accidentally got cut up, but there was no blood. That totally scared me."

"They've been sending emmisaries after me for the past year, but as far as I'm concerned they failed. They told me I'd be a meta, I'm a Fuckin Corpse. This is probably the worst time to tell you, but Corsica is Wraith's boss. And to top everything off, Yesterday, the holy order tried to get me to join them..."

"Holy order? Shinji said something about them..." Terry asked.

"Some sort of cult, they use magic and think they're Gods given human form. Freed is one of them."

Terry paused, "But you use magic too..."

"That's something I picked up at 'The House'. there were a lot of old books lying around, so I just read to pass the time. One of the books was advanced magic, so I picked up some stuff. All the spells require blood though, and since I don't bleed..."

"Well, that explains the knives." Terry chuckled.
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there will be more soon, im just having issues with getting ahold of my laptop.
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"Exactly," Said Will, looking up at the gray, snowy sky, "Can I tell you something, without you freaking out?"

"sure, what's on your mind?"

He sighed, and spoke in a low voice, "As far as I can tell, being 'dead' means I don't age... and if what I'm thinking is true... then I'm going to live to see the end of the world, and I'm going to do it completely... alone."

Terry was quiet for a long time, "If I ever find a way, then maybe I'll join you. Armageddon goes better with popcorn and company."

Will chuckled silently, "Then I'll hold you to it."


Some distance away, in Corsica's office:

Corsica sat behind his desk, legs over the top, blowing a piece of fuzz up and down. under his legs and looking livid, squatted Boogeyman, who was completely unable to move. In the chairs accross from him sat strife and another man.

"Congrats Wraith, the latest batch of Tesseract works like a charm. My only concern is the time limit. Could you possibly extend it by another hour per dose?" Corsica asked, still blowing the fuzz.

Wraith was a short stocky blonde man with chubby cheeks and an always cheerful disposition. He was also the MOFO in charge for house-of-the-rising-sun. He thought for a moment before answering, "z.e.r.o. was the only one who knew how to modify the collars and with that we could have set the duration of drainage to be slower. Since he's M.I.A. though... I suppose I could make a stronger dosage. Maybe we should hook a tank up to it?"

Strife offered an idea, "Why not just use another method? You could make a pill out of it, or do what the diabetics do and use a side mounted pump. The collars were only used as a demonstration aide right?"

"Strife, you brilliant little psycho! I love it already. Wraith: pills, can you do it?"

"Sure. Minor note though, tesseract is a drug, despite the incredible benefits, IT WILL BE ADDICTIVE as a pill."

"It's not already?" strife asked.

"As a direct link to the bloodstream, no. Given time to dissolve in the stomach, however, allows it to affect areas in the frontal cortex. Ergo, addiction. With that note, I'm off to see the wizard." He flashed a grin and left.

Strife turned to Corsica, "You never did tell me what his talent is."

Corsica blew the fuzz hard and glanced over, "Never, under any circumstances, look him in the eyes. He's got the deadliest talent of all. The body harmony type, 'basilisk-eye'. From the intelligence I've gathered, he's able to induce lethal heart attacks with a glance. Here's the scary bit though, given a moment, he can 'mind-rape'."

"What?" Strife looked utterly smackle-dorfed.

Corsica rolled his eyes, "It means he can rip every shred of information from a person's mind, and leave them a vegetable."

"Wait a second! Basilisk?"

"The boy doesn't remember, no doubt due to mephisto's meddling, but he was a labrat for wraith for quite a while. Apparently something rubbed off, eh?" He glanced down at Boogeyman, "Ready for your medicine?"

Boogeyman cried inside as Corsica made a gesture with his hand, forcing his head to nod. "Good boy."


Far on the other end of the city, chiru stood in front of a group of nearly thirty men, all of them shivering and pointing guns at him.

He laughed, "can't you guys do better? you're still outgunned!"

A heavyset man in the front, holding an a browning pistol spoke up, "You one a them there 'tards boy? I says yer outgunned. FIRE!"

Chiru ducked and shot between them, hammering hands, knees, and faces left and right with his devastating kicks.

Forty five second later he pressed a foot into the man's groin, "Y'all wuz sayin?" He imitated the man's thick drawl.

"Ah give, the 'stangs 're movin out!"

"Who's a good bitch?" He asked with a smile and turned to leave. The man on the ground pulled a second gun and cocked the hammer.

"Bend it liiiiike....." chiru flickered out of visibility and back in, holding a dangerous pose, "CHIRU!" he yelled and let lose with a kick that sounded like a cannon being fired.

Later that day a Mr. Jasper Hardy, leader of the metropolitan mustangs was featured on the news, having landed five counties away...


Elsewhere, Kin Nakajima lounged on the couch in his living room, wearing nothing but a diaper.
Mrs. nakajima was in her room sleeping in that morning.

Kin switched between cartoons and soaps, "there is absolutely nothing good on today..."

He felt a pressure in his abdomen, "Either way... I think I've held it long enough." He pulled his legs in and squeezed ever-so-slightly, messing himself.

A contented smile spread accross his face, as a wicked smell spread through the room. "Ahem, time for YIFFIES!"

He pawed at the bulging mass inside his diaper, and his eyes closed in pleasure as the mess seeped around his extremities.

Within moments, he came, doubling the mess in his diaper. He stretched back out, "muuuuuuuuch better."


Further away still, near the edge of the city, Freed spoke in angry french into his cellphone.

<"I understand that 'sir', But This is hardly the time.">

From the other end in tinny tones, <"Silence. You will take up the jinki of lightning once more. The Holy Order has spoken.">

<"With all due respect, fuck you! I've been dealing with doppelgangers, a psycho rapist, and a teen... Demigod. Why don't you get off your sorry asses and do something constructive?!">

There was a barrage of shouted french through the phone, and Freed dropped it, his eyes wide with shock, <"A.... A gear, here? immpossible. They were exterminated weren't they?">

He picked up the phone, and the voice on the end was different, but still in french, <"Do you understand your mission?">

<"Which particular gear?">

The voice on the other end said but one word and the line went dead, <"LEVIATHAN.">

Freed dropped to his knees, "Why him?"

Moments later, a sightseeing skip passed by him, "Hey, you need a hand?"
The icy air didn't seem to bother him in the least.

"N-no, I'm just having a nervous breakdown, it'll pass... I hope."

"A'ight, suit y'self." skip said, taking a sip from his canteen and continued walking. The Airfoil broadsword on his back bumping as he moved.

Three minutes later freed, still on his knees, replayed a memory ingrained into him since his induction into the order nearly thirty years earlier.

Two hundred people were dead, The field flooded with water and blood. His own teacher, Master Kiske the sage of lightning, lay on the ground run through by an enormous broadsword.

The monster turned and looked at him, it's eyes a bright glimmering blue. The massive broadsword it had carried was whittled down and broken to the point where it was no more than a blunted and bloodied fragment of iron with a handle. The monster paused, taking a long draught out of a canteen on it's side. Then it spoke, "Deliver a message to your superiors. The Order WILL FALL."

Freed shook himself and looked up, "Aw shit. That was him wasn't it?"


Terry walked back through a mess of slush, winding his way through the maze of the inner city. From a window far above, corsica looked down on him leering, but terry didn't notice.

His diaper was in serious need of a change, but he didn't mind. To the contrary, he relished the warmth it provided.

He talked to himself as he walked, "This seems vaguely riduculous on some level... I just spent the morning with a corpse. I'm living with a group of people who enjoy being babied. I'm dealing with people who have awe inspiring power. This just seems too much like a comic book."

Two forms walked alongside his own, one wore the silver skull mask, and the other, a diaper and pink t-shirt. The basilisk spoke, "I couldn't agree more. But aren't 'WE' cut from the same cloth?"

"I suppose. After all, what normal person talks to himself... himselves?"

A new voice broke in, startling him, "More people than you'd think."
The voice came from a slightly thickset man, standing where chibi terry had been seconds before. His violent red hair was pulled into a short, messy ponytail and he wore a blue coat spotted with a white boomerang design.
"Digger Harkness." he said, offering a hand.

"Terry Makoto," said terry, shaking it.

"You're the basilisk, aren't you?"

"Am I that obvious?" Terry asked.

"With that silver 'do? Yeah, y'are. It took a while to track you down, I want to offer my assisstance."

"How does that news get around so fast?" He cocked his head to the side.

"Tales told in the underground. Rumor has it, the demon guillotine has joined you."

"Y-yeah... he did. Ummm, sure, we can use all the help we can get."

"Alright!" Digger did a little victory dance, and then stopped, "I have a tiny favor to ask."

"Yeeees?" terry said, hoping it wasn't too big.

"Can I get an autograph? My son, owen is a huge fan."

"Sure." he signed the slip of paper Digger handed him with a cursive 'basilisk' and sketched out the snake-biting-it's-tail symbol beneath it.
"We're meeting at leon's old hideout on new years to plan strategy. Hope to see you there."


"Hey... You got a hero name?" Terry asked.

"Can't you guess?" Digger said pointing to his boomerang patterned coat, "I'm the captain!"
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Everything louder than everything else pt. 2


The lights in Corsica's office dimmed, and he looked up. A figure in a long cloak stood in the doorway, a hood covering his face.

"M-master? I wasn't informed of your arrival."

"That matters little. Ezekiel Wyngarde, have you found that which I seek?"

Corsica dropped to one knee, "My subordinate, Wraith holds the key to your success. Tesseract as a pill, and a large supply of catalyst. Blended, the two form a compound capable of rendering a normal man into a gear with nigh impenetrable armor."

There was the slightest of shifts beneath the hood, Ano-No-Otoko was smiling, "Well done. And what of the boy?"

"His processing goes as you ordered milord. He will be broken a mere week after new years day." Corsica responded immediately.

"Perfect. Now all that remains afterwards is collaring the dragon."

"Y-you've located him?" Corsica blinked, totally taken off guard.

"Indeed, in Japan, where one expects to find a dragon."

Strife came running up the hall, "Cor, we've got an intru-"

He was cut off as Ano caught him by the throat, "Interesting... What is his Talent?"

"He's a neuromancer, of the cain subsect."

"Loyal I hope."

"Like a dog."

Strife attempted to free himself by loosing his power on Ano's hand, but it rebounded and he began to choke from the backlash. Ano released him, and nodded to corsica, "Have it prepared soon." Then he vanished on the spot.
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Chapter Fifteen: 45 seconds of ecstasy

Will stood at the kitchen sink, laboriously scrubbing dishes. He'd taken care of all the other housework as per usual and slowed just a little. He wasn't wearing a diaper at that moment because he'd run out of the small supply terry had given him. Behind him he heard the slow step and heavy breathing as his father entered the room. Will nearly gagged as he smelled the alcohol rolling off him. He ignored it, hoping the man would see fit to let him be.

It was to no avail.

His father grabbed him by the neck, in his other hand he held a serrated steak knife. All will saw was a flash of silver before the world went black.

Perhaps it was his fault?
Perhaps god just hates the living dead?

Either way, he saw it coming...


Kassi stood on her door step, waiting for will. Twenty minutes passed and he finally appeared, looking very haggard and leaning heavily on his pool stick. His goggles were clamped firmly over his eyes, "Sorry, I forgot the way here..."

"It's okay, where are we headed?"

"Anywhere you wish to go. I've got no preferences." Will said, unscrewing his makeshift walking stick and stowing a piece down either boot before rolling his pants back over top.

"How about a movie? Inter-National treasure two is playing."

"Richard Cage? the man only has two acting faces, bland and bland-er." He spoke with a laugh underneath his statement, so she'd know he was kidding.

"Well, what do you suggest then?"

"A romantic italian lunch for two, a long walk, and to finish it: A bottle of sparkling cider on top of the bridge."

"Whoa... helluva first date lover-boy. I love italian but it's so expensive..." Kassi was impressed, it was almost as if will had read her mind.

"Leave that to me, Mario owes me some favors..."

So along they went, a swift walk in the chilly weather, Will leaning on Kassi as if he were hurt.
The italian lunch started well, as 'Mario' really did owe several favors to will. The very atmosphere of the restaurant seemed suited towards romance, and as kassi wasn't about to lose the moment, she leaned over the table an kissed will. He went stock still for a moment, "That was... everything they say it is and so much more."

A minute later, Mario personally brought out two steaming plates of his finest dish, the 'heaven-on-earth lasagna'. True to it's name, it was heaven on earth. Will fumbled several times as he reached for the fork.

"Will, Why don't you just take off the goggles? You look like a bug."

"I... m-my eyes are really light sensitive right now, it'll hurt if I do."

From outside came the screeching of brakes, and then a muffled crash. Seconds later the window of the Restaurant was broken in and customers went fleeing in all directions. A big burly man balancing a tire iron over his shoulder stormed in, calling out a challenge, "DEAD-MAN where the fuck are you!?"

Will let out a melancholy sigh and stood up, "Kassi, please run now, or at least find cover, this will be over soon."

"A-are you crazy? They'll butcher you!"

Will smiled a grim smile and pulled a set of knives from the pouch on his belt. He lined them up between his fingers, giving a clawlike impression. "I'm not called 'deadman' for nothing..."

He kicked his chair aside and wound his way toward the man, smacking into chairs all the way there, "Yo Ugly! You rang?"

The man looked down at him, "What the hell is this? They didn't say nuthin' about no kid."

"Kid? tch! Choose your words wisely, or they WILL be your last." Will growled and took a swipe at him with his impromtu claws. The man easily ducked aside and caught the blow on the tire iron, sending a jarring backlash back into will's arms.

By now a small group of other men surrounded them, ducking in between strikes to land wounds on will with knives or brass knuckles. Will, having gained no ground, skidded backwards, "Who hired you?"

"There is a house in new orleans..." The man said with a grin.

"Then I have no need to bother with mercy. You know what you signed up for." Will's demeanor changed instantly, he whipped a knife accross the neck of one of the lesser assailants, slicing his jugular and causing a large arterial spray. He drenched his hand in the blood and then shoved his hand into the artery itself. His knives dropped, forgotten.

"Into the light, I command you!" The let out a gurgling scream as his body melted around will's hand, a long sword of night black essence taking it's place. "Argetlahm."

With barely a swing, many of the group fell in a en-masse. The man with the tire iron suddenly looked pale, "W-what are you?"

"I'm the corpse-walker, Bitch!" And with a mighty thrust, he ran him through. The sword dissolved, breaking off into feather-like pieces, that in turn faded in the air. Will stood in the middle of the carnage and sketched a cross in the air with his fingers, "Requiscat im pace. Let their journey be swift." As he finished, the corpses momentarily burned with a pale cyan fire and were gone.

Kassi peered over the median wall she'd been hiding behind, and stared fearfully at will.

"It's safe now." He sounded tired, bone weary.

"I'm not so sure..."

"I won't hurt you... These men knew what they signed up for when they took the job from wraith."

"Who's wraith?" Kassi asked, still not totally trusting him.

"The bastard who made me into a monster."

"He didn't just murder innocent people, you did!"

"Ms. caswell, they were hardly innocent. I recognized the big ones voice, he was the lieutenant of the west-side gun'z."

Kassi's voice caught in her throat, "A-aren't t-they the ones w-who..."

"Yeah, the skin trade. Although, why they sent a higher up after me... Wraith must be getting impatient." Will dropped into a sitting position, and pulled off his shirt. His chest and arms were covered in knife wounds and bruises. The deeper cuts bled in a way, not the coppery red you'd expect but a thick black ichor that seemed remniscent of oil, but you would've needed a magnifying glass to see it. Beneath a skein of bandages on either arm, the edges of a light grey tattoo could be made out.

"H-how are you not bleeding?" Kassi came out from behind the median and squatted next to him, getting curious.

"I told you, I'm a monster, a deadman. It means I can't die. And you know... immortality brings all the boys to the yard..."

Kassi let out a small chuckle at his joke, then asked, "There's something wrong with your eyes isn't there?"


"May I?" Will nodded, and she slipped his goggles up, stifling a gasp.

Running horizontally across his eyes was a gash, the skin red and raw. What little of his eyes that could be made out were a pale milky white. Several jagged diagonal scars cut their way down to just above his nose.

It was pretty obvious he'd never see again.

"D-does it hurt?"

"No worse that any other day..." He chuckled mirthlessly.

"Will, you have to leave that place, your folks really ARE trying to kill you." Kassi whispered.

"I plan on it. But I need to go back one more time. To open their eyes... so to speak." He heaved himself upright, pulling his shirt back on.
"I think we'll have to cut or date short tonight."

"It's okay. Thanks for saving me."

"For you? A thousand times." He grinned and slipped his goggles back down.

Will walked Kassi home and they spoke at length on many subjects, but eventually the conversation turned to will's magic. Kassi just had to know where the massive sword had come from.

"I believe it's a summoning spell, the sword has always been there, waiting to be used. It just requires a lot of blood to call it. According to the research I did way back when, the most advanced enchanter could control up to six with a human sacrfice, but had to offer some of his own blood as well. Templar magic, that's why the sword had such an odd name."


"Yes, I believe it's Druid for 'Bite Me'."

Kassi immediately burst out laughing.


Later that night he stood once more in front of the sink, scrubbing dishes. The sharp 'tap tap' of his mother's heels alerted him that she was behind him. He whipped his arm up and caught the cigarette between his fingers just before she put it out on his neck.

"Enough is enough."

He heard another set of footsteps and his father spoke, "What the fuck is going on in here?"

The alcohol scent wasn't there, inwardly he grinned, because now it was garuanteed that his father would remember.

He pulled a small bottle from his pocket, filled with the blood he had collected up at the restaurant. dipping his fingers in it, he drew a circle in the air that filled with blood and then drained, showing an abstract tracery. "From this moment, I render you both sterile and impotent, as I am. I seal the toxins of alcohol from affecting your bodies. Until you have reformed, I pronounce both damned."

His father made to grab at him but will backed up, "Pay attention. I'm rather tired of being abused."

"On what fucking grounds?! You spoiled little prick!"

Will slid his goggles up, to reveal his ruined eyes, and his mother gasped. His father dropped to his knees, about to speak.

"Don't make false stories. The last time I believed those was when you ripped open my leg when i was five, even the doctor knew better. You did this old man, whether under the influence or sober doesn't matter, it hurts like hell! As much as I'd like to let you feel it, I'll refrain because even I'm not that sick."

He turned on his mother, "As for you... putting one of your cigarettes out on your own skin. NOT FUN!"

The both of them stuttered, starting to speak but Will cut them off, "William Eastmark dies yet again tonight. You have no son. Hopefully you can raise your other children right. Goodbye."

An hour later, there came a knock on the Caswell's door, and Mrs. caswell opened it to find Will standing on the doorstep, "Yes?"

"Is Kassi home?" Will asked, his eyes hidden behind the dark lenses of his goggles.

Kassi wriggled past her mother and wrapped her arms around him, "Momma, can he stay the night, He's got nowhere else to go now."

"If someone doesn't mind explaining this to me first." She said, completely confused.

Two and a half hours later they sat on the living room floor, Mrs. caswell (esme to her friends) inspecting the damage to will's face. She'd actually taken everything well, even when Will admitted to her that he worked with the basilisk. In fact she turned out to be one of terry's fans and to top it off was even a nurse at the hospital where he'd been treated. The whole Deadman idea fascinated her and she continually asked questions about it.

"I can stitch the major areas together, and with some work, your eyes can be pulled back together, but i highly doubt you'll be able to see again."
She glanced over at kassi, wearing a diaper and t-shirt, "Would you mind getting the thread please?"

In the days leading up to their date, kassi had been found out, and her mother (being a nurse and all) knew that kassi had no physical need to wear diapers. She decided to let it be, but wanted to scare her daughter a bit just for fun, by offering to diaper her when she came in from school. Obviously, Kassi freaked out, and then esme calmed her down, telling her she didn't mind and she could be diapered as much as she wanted.

Talk about one cool parent...

She ran off to grab the thread, and esme looked at will, "How could someone do this to you? You don't deserve such brutality at all..."

Will seemed despondant, "I do, I'm a monster."

"Hun, that's not you, it's what they put into you. Although... this is much easier to fix without all the blood that would usually accompany it."


Kassi came back with the thread, and a tiny curved needle, which esme threaded, and commenced sewing will back together.

some twenty minutes later, she placed gauze over the wounds and wrapped a snug bandage around will's head, like one would a blindfold.

"Will's fixed now!" Kassi hugged him, and then pulled him upright, "c'mon, i've got a sleeping bag you can use."

Once in her room, She stuck a diaper and a clean t-shirt in his hand, "Here ya go, get comfy."

He felt his way into the bathroom and changed quickly, feeling his way back to the living room.
"What're you doing will? It's in here," kassi said from her doorway.

"It would be improper and immoral for a man of my age to sleep in the same room as an unrelated innocent woman," he sounded regretful when he said it.

Kassi's mouth made an'o' and she paused for a moment, "Okay, let me bring it in there then."

She carried in a sleeping bag and pillow for him. He slid into it gratefully, and pointed his face towards where he assumed kassi was, "I don't know how I can ever thank you two for this..."

"You deserve it will. Besides, I think you make the perfect boyfriend. By the way, I'm a little bit more to your left" she grinned and kissed his cheek.

Will cracked a smile, one side going too far up due to the scar on his cheek, making him look slightly goofy.

He relaxed and For the first time in almost two months, he fell asleep and his dreams... were good.

As he slept, he moved his hand up to his mouth and began to suck his thumb.

And so, in one day Deadman Will lost his sight and his family. Only to gain a new family that did love him.

For something to be gained, something of equal value must be lost.
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more soon...
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Bravo is all I can say.
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chapter sixteen: Midnight at the Lost and Found

"Meine Gott!" Terry sat straight up in bed.

"Whuzzat?" Ember rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock, it said seven in the morning.

"Tai, He's a meta, I don't know why i missed it before."

"Y'sur? h'din s'm liii wan." (You sure? he didn't seem like one.)

"I'm sure of it, no normal man should be able to take the hits he has." He said, confident of it now. "we're already out for vacation, so I need to get ocoa and see if he can track him."

"ffffirs... you need a change." Ember said, stifling a yawn.

He rolled out of bed and palmed a diaper from the pack by the door. He opened his own and looked down, all the padding had slid to the rear making it wet and squishy and leaving the front very uncomfortable. he slipped it off, unfolding another and sat down on it.

"Want me to lotion you up?" Ember asked, her morning cottonmouth gone. Terry nodded, "Yes please."

She did the job quickly, eliciting the usual reaction as well. Terry then pulled out a pair of plastic pants adorned with a silver butterfly and slipped them on. By that time, ember had already changed and lotioned herself, and was reaching for a pair of plastic pants as well.

Terry pulled on a black coat and using several rubber bands, tied his hair back in a tight ponytail. As a finisher, he pulled his driving cap on and spun it so the bill shaded his eyes. Then he did the unexpected: He picked up don leon's wrist igniter and slid it onto his left hand, over top of the bandages. Picking up limelight he turned around, "Ready Ma Petite?"


"The spell is like so," Terry said and spoke several german words with an odd accent. The consonants ended with a pronounced click, the vowels stretched out and the sibilants turning to a hiss. Ember attemtped to say it and produced what amounted to a gurgle.

Several times terry repeated it, and at last ember pronounced it correctly. Terry beamed, "Now, let's try that in the air."

They both kicked off and terry intoned the spell, ember attempting it a little more hesitantly beneath him.

"Now, lean forward like you're skydiving, angle your body upwards just a hair and spread your arms." Ember did, and an updraft sent her rocketing skyward. Terry's outline flickered and he appeared above her, adjusting her arms.

"Now... the spell, say it again." She did and took off forward, terry following to the side.

"You're doing very well with this. Are you sure it isn't your first time?" Terry joked.

Ember stopped and turned around, "Yeah it is. Aside from riding piggyback on you, I've never flown in my life."

Terry stood on a flickering red platform, gaping at her.

"What is it? Do I have a june-bug in my grille?" She asked.

"Em... You're flying for real, there's nothing holding you up."

Em looked down, "Holy SHit!" She windmilled her arms and tilted sideways, still suspended in midair. Then, with a devil may care grin, she took off,"Catch me if you can!"

Terry was hard pressed to keep up and was conjuring platforms left and right to gain speed.


They arrived at the Izumi penthouse and ember (floating two feet off the ground) rang the bell. A very happy looking sable opened the door.`
Her diaper was loose and twisted around and her her hair was mussed up, both obvious signs that something naughty had been going on.

"Can we borrow ocoa for a while?" Ember asked.

"Don't break him, and I'll let'cha borrow him." She giggled, very content.

Ocoa leaned over her, "What's up boya?"

"Can you track a metahuman you've never met before?" Terry asked.

"Yeah, if I have some idea of his powers, or a good scent... let me grab my blade and we'll find this guy."

As they left, sable noticed that ember's feet never touched the ground, "Wicked." she said with a smile.
She turned to go into the house and a milky white fluid dripped down one thigh, making it obvious why she was so happy.

Terry led them to the school, and ocoa snuffled around the entrance for a moment before voicing his findings, "One basilisk, One harpy." He looked at Emmie when he said harpy, making her laugh.

"A crazy leg. A snowman. A corpse." He sniffed again, puzzled, "Yup, thats a corpse. Lessee... My hunny. The crazy sword guy. My hunny's daddy. A ghost."

"Oh... the ghost is kin, funny smell there... Hmmm... Your guy has density based abilities. He can shift his own molecular density. EH?"

"What is it?" Terry asked.

"There's another scent," Ocoa's eyes went wide, "A Canaanite Neuromancer!"

"What's that mean?" Ember asked, floating a foot or so above terry's head.

"Someone who can bring pain with a touch... I ran into a cult of them back in japan... it ended very messily." he shook his head, "Alright, let's find this guy!"

And so they went, with Ocoa sniffing the way. Much later he stopped in front of a back alley, "It's really strong here..."

There was a heavy concrete door blocking the way, but terry heaved it aside with so mch as batting an eye. He held up a hand, "Wait a sec."

He bit down on his thumb, drawing blood, and drew the finger accross his face, making a mark on each cheek that looked like sevens. The effect was startling. Combined with the hat and his 'shorter' hair, it made him look barbaric.

"welcome to niflheim." He said enigmatically, and entered the door.


It led down a steep downward staircase... At the bottom, once their eyes adjusted, ember and ocoa gasped.

There was a City down here!

An enormous cavern, with what looked like a huge market sprawling accross it, here and there dotted by a tavern or an inn.

"Terry, where are we?" ember whispered.

"Niflheim, the underworld." He replied, "Unsheathe your blades. I want it clear that we can handle ourselves."
Ocoa pulled the chainsword from it's holster but refrained from revving it up. Ember quickly pulled kotetsu, angling it so that it looked bigger than it was.

Terry pulled limelight from his belt but left it in the case, and headed for the nearest tavern.

Inside was a wreck, drunks and other undesriables either bickering, fornicating, or being total pains in the ass.

He growled low in his throat and shoved aside several drunks, making his way to the bar.

"The blonde with mismatched eyes. Where is he?"

The bartender sneered, "That information is gonna cost ya."

Terry whipped Limelight up, pressing the tip of the case into the mans adam's apple, "You were saying?"

"T-two blocks down, the Ashwood house." Terry turned on his heel and left, a moment later the bartender pointed out the door yelling, "What are you louts waiting for? Kill him! First man to bring me his head gets free booze!"

Every patron in the bar immediately exited, charging after the three.

"Uh, Ter... we're being tailed," Ocoa said, glancing over nonchalantly.

Terry's face was split into an angry grin. His eyes were thin red slits, glowing red like the eyes of the devil himself. A burst of red sparks ran down his left arm, and his smile got wider, a sadistic laugh crawling from his throat. And then, he spoke.

"Party time," His voice was deeper, thicker sounding. Without the rasp or Terry's usual demure tone, it was absolutely bone-chilling.

"Hey asshoooooles!" He raised his left arm, the igniter glinting on his wrist, and snapped his fingers, "Napalm..."

The red sparks arced into the sparks thrown off by the igniter, and Immediately exploded into a massive cerulean fireball, "DEATH!"

Ember and Ocoa were at a loss for words, they both gaped at the sight, until Terry walked between them, "Tour seasons over, let's move."

The ashwood house was a second bar, rundown and painted a stiff shade of gray. Terry marched right in. Making sure limelight was in full view he called out, "Tai, getcher ass over here!"

A familiar face came out the door moments later, a head of blonde hair, red bangs framing mismatched eyes. He didn't wear a shirt, and his hands were covered by massive red gauntlets, "You got business with me?"

"Yeah I-" Basilisk suddenly cut off, gripping his forhead, "ENOUGH!" When he moved his hands back down, his eyes were grey again.

"It's me."

"Diaper boy?" Tai asked.

"Eh heh... I was trying to go incognito," He blushed.

"Well, the fireball was new," Tai said, grabbing terry's wrist so he could look at the igniter, "This was leon's wasn't it?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Just a hunch. So, whadja need me for?"

So Terry told him, leaving nothing out. Tai thought for a moment, then made his decision, "Hell yes! Now, let's get outta here. Niflheim is no place for kids."

Terry nodded and began walking back the way they came, only to come to a dead stop, as the reprobates he's fried a few minutes ago were back up and looking angry.

Tai pushed him aside and held up both hands, Systematically twitching his fingers, seconds later his gauntlets made a distinct click and he grinned, "Watch this."

He dashed forward swinging, Every time a punch connected there was a loud bang and the target would fly backwards about fifteen feet. Finally they grouped together and came at him. But tai, not even registering a threat, inhaled sharply and reared backward, "nano priori... MAGNUM OPERA!"

From inside the gauntlet there came a very loud 'Kaboom!' and Tai shot into the middle of the clump.

The effect was similar to putting rockets on a bowling ball...

Ten minutes later, As the four stepped into the light at the top of the stairwell, Tai slid the wristguard up and down and a handfull of bullet casings dropped out. "Remind me to thank shinji for these," He said, grinning broadly.

"Sure thing, but for now I have gotta find a bathroom..." Ember looked at him, completely confused. He noticed and explained, "Well, I don't wanna change in public." To which she started laughing.

Around the giggles she said, "Well, I don't think there's any restrooms here, so we'll either need to go home, or find a restaurant or something."

Eventually ocoa asked, "What the heck IS niflheim?"

Tai explained, "In norse mythology it's hell. But here in this city, it's the remains of a much older city that the engineers just built over top of. Every gangbanger, murderer, burglar, or general good-for-nothing knows where it's at."

"So why were you down there?"

Tai merely laughed, "Me? I'm a good fer nuthin."


Will awoke around twelve that morning, at first he wasn't even sure he was awake because the world was black. Then he felt the snug pull of the stitches around his eyes and knew that he was.

He felt around for a moment before his hand wrapped around his poolstick. Screwing it together, he used it to pull himself upright. He tapped it left and right as he moved, making sure he wasn't going to bump into anything, and headed towards the kitchen.

Esme spotted him, "Good morning Will!"

"Yes... it is," He said with a slight smile. A lopsided smile, but a smile nontheless. HE found a chair and sat down with a squish, making his eyes go wide beneath the bandages.

"Whatcha want for lunch?" Esme asked.

"N-nothing. I don't actually 'need' to eat."

"But you still can, correct?"

Will nodded.

"Then place an order."

Fifteen minutes later, Will bit into the most delicious burger he'd ever tasted. Between mouthfuls he spoke, "I had a lot of time to think last night."

"What did you think about?" Esme asked, sitting on the other side of the table, also eating a burger.

"That I'm going to have to go back out. I think I'm endangering you two while I'm here."


"You've never met wraith... He's jolly on the outside, but... He treats people like cannon fodder."

"The kind of guy who wouldn't hesitate to kill just to get to someone?"

"Right," Will said, taking another bite.

"Well, I can't let you live on the street, that would be cruel."

"It's not as if I'd die from it..."

"Stop being so morbid. If wraith comes after you, we'll just whup his ass. I've got a loaded gun on the mantle, and a whole buttload of chloroform in the closet."

"I... Can't tell if that last part was a joke..." He chuckled.

"We... had an incident with a robber a few years ago and I've kept a bottle of it ever since, just in case it happens again." She shrugged as if to say 'stuff happens', "Soooo, need a change?"

Will nearly choked on his burger, and would have blushed had he been capable of it, "W-wha I....Huh?"

"I'm a nurse, I do this kind of thing all the time."

By this time, will had regained some of his composure, "Honestly... I'm not even sure why I'm wet."

"Because you've been through a serious traumatic event and both your body and psyche are adjusting. Even a deadman has an off day. Night wetting is very common anyway. Plus, it's a good thing you were already diapered."

"Alright then, this one didn't go on right anyway."

After they finished eating, will layed down on the floor and esme began to untape his diaper.

"Umm, where's kassi?" He asked, shivering a bit as his privates were exposed.

"At the store getting more diapers, she already decided you were staying here, thinks you're the cutest guy she's ever met." Esme giggled, and cleaned him with a wet wipe.

"Me? Cute? She must be blinder than I am. I'm a gangly, greasy, overweight..."

Esme began to lotion him up, mildly suprised that his body didn't seem to have any reaction, "Overweight? Will, your ribs are showing. And you're not gangly at all, in fact you look just right. As to the greasy, it's nothing a little conditioner won't cure."

"T-thank you," he said as esme taped him up.

"Any time," she replied with a smile, "For now though, you've got a full tummy and I think you should get a little more sleep."

Will nodded and felt his way back into the living room, to the sleeping bag laid out on the floor. He crawled back into it and yawned widely, falling asleep only a few minutes later.

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Freed ran in the direction skip had taken the day before, hoping to catch sight of him, "Damn... I need to exercise more. I'll never catch him at this rate."

He grabbed a trashcan lid as he ran and shot a bolt of lightning into it. With a small grin he tossed it ahead of him and jumped on it, firing small bursts of lightning.

An old lady looked out her first story window in time to see freed air surfing by. Regretably, she blamed the vision on the bottle of gin sitting on her nightstand.

"HYaaaaha!" On the lid he quickly covered a lot of distance and soon saw skip walking a few hundred yards ahead. He fired a more powerful burst and shot forward, closing in fast.

"Ride the LIGHTNING!" Freed grabbed the lid, whipping it up and fired a massive charge of lightning into the makeshift board. Skip turned around eyes wide, staring at the projectile, which from his perspective resembled a lopsided roman-candle.

Almost without a second thought, skip brought his arm up, his fingers meeting the center of the lightning burst. Then he brought it back in a circle, meeting his other hand. Both hands moved, snakelike and touched at the fingertips. Skip let out a suprised smile and let the stolen lightning flow back out of him in a single burst.

The impact blew a hole in Freed's makeshift board, and consequently knocked him several yards away. He stood back up, glaring at skip.

"Uhmmm, Who're you?" Skip looked completely lost.

"HRAAAAARGH!" Freed charged him, visualizing his master's body lying dead.

Skip side stepped him, putting out a leg, which Freed obligingly tripped over, "Hrargh? Not much of a name..."

"Hrmgh," Freed snarled at him, and then drew a circle in the air, "Sacred Edge!" A burst of lightning in the shape of a spearhead shot toward skip.

Skip moved quickly, his slim body bending at an impossible angle. He met the spear with his finger tips and moving his arms in a circle, again touched the fingers together. Windmilling both arms, he pointed at Freed, "Skip Edge!"

Two spears of lightning shot toward freed and His eyes widened behind his purple snglasses, "S-shit..."

He did the only thing he could, he curled into a ball and rolled aide. If anything, Skip's return shots had seemed even bigger than freed's original. Not just that, but TWO? Even for Freed such a thing was unheard of. He decided to follow his orders and retrieve the jinki before he took Skip on again.

He got back to his feet, "This isn't over yet, Gear. I'll be back!" He snapped his fingers and disappeared in a burst of blue sparks.
Thirty feet away he could be made out, sneaking surreptitiously alongside a building.

"Gear?" Skip mulled, "How'd he know about that?"


Terry and ember arrived back at Ember's apartment.

Terry had briefed tai on where to meet and when. Afterwards, Tai had bid them farewell and headed uptown, for "brew-skies" he claimed. Ocoa took off as well, heading back to sable with a dreamy look in his eyes.

Once inside, terry plopped down on the floor, he looked worn out. He stripped down to his diaper and lay back, stretching his arms.

The diaper encircling his waist was bulging at the crotch from his wettings. Yellow from the tape landing strip to the lip at the very back and the tapes strained to keep it closed.

Ember shut the door and looked down at him, once again marveling at the way he looked so feminine.
"Do you want me to change you?" she asked.

Terry nodded, smiling widely. She placed a pacifier in his mouth, untaped his diaper, and pulled the front down. Terry was hard, the skin of his member pulled tight enough that ember was sure it must hurt. She looked up at him, "Yes or no?"

He blushed a bright red, shaking his head 'no'. Ember giggled, because the blush had made him look babyish.

"Okay then, one change, coming up," She said, and swapped his wet diaper for a dry one. As she lotioned him up, he squirmed and she stopped, waiting. A moment later, she continued, and taped the diaper up.

She picked him up, suprised that he was lighter than she'd thought and layed him on the bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep.

"Sweet dreams Terry," She whispered and kissed him on the cheek. Even though he was asleep, he smiled behind the pacifier.

Three hours later ember awoke, lying on the ceiling. She opened her eyes to see terry about seven feet below looking up at her, totally puzzled.

"Emmie, You's ferlyin again?" He clapped his hands over his mouth, Blushing bright red.

Ember slowly descended, "Whats the matter? That was cute!"

"Nuh uh. I di'in mean talk like dat." He mumbled behind his hands.

"Terry, there's nothing wrong with that at all, the lisp makes you sound like a real toddler." She giggled and fell the last foot, landing on top of him.

"It does?" He grinned, and hugged her tightly, "Den I guess I'm go'n talk like this f'om now on."


Esme sat next to will's sleeping form, fingers to his neck, checking for a pulse. She was perplexed, as his breathing was regular but she couldn't detect a heartbeat. According to her own senses, Will was dead. But that merely confirmed what he'd told them before.

"This is a physical impossibility," She whispered, and removed the bandages from Will's eyes. Some of the shallower cuts were healing over, but other than that there was very little change. She replaced them and moved lower, removing will's shirt and checking out the injuries beneath it. It was the same deal there, except for a deep cut at the center of his chest. A tiny pool of black liquid seeped up from the injury. Curious, she ran a finger through it.

"Not blood...," she whispered, looking closer, "More like motor oil...?"

She placed two fingers above the wound, probing it, and immediately drew them back. For beneath Will's skin she'd felt a whirring vibration that had nothing to do with his breathing.


"Possible," will murmered, startling her, "I have no idea what Wraith did to me back then. During the workings, I was out cold."

"I f-felt something... like your heart wasn't where it was supposed to be. But it wasn't a beat either... more like... Gears meshing together."

"That would explain quite a bit then. Back when... Back when I was researching... even the most detailed books said that a corpse can't live solely by magic. It invalidates the exchange...," he paused, gathering his thoughts, "So magic and technology... He must've put a lot of work into this..."

"Y-yeah, he did... You're a marvel Will, a one-of-a-kind marvel." Esme smiled, patting his hand.

Suddenly Will stiffened, "He told me it didn't work... That he'd... f-failed. Ooooh..." He fell back against the pillow beneath him.

Kassi crouched down next to him, making Esme jump in suprise, "Don't let it bother you. You're unique and that's why I like you."

Will smiled up at her, "Thank you."

"Of course," She grinned and kissed his cheek, "Want something to drink?"

"Yes please! Do you have any milk?"

She brought him a cup and he tilted it up. He drank it slowly, savoring the flavor as the glass clinked against his teeth. Handing the cup back, he yawned widely and laid back down. Kassi kissed him again, "Sweet dreams."


Bunji stood on the doorstep of leo's apartment, feeling slightly apprehensive about knocking. Leo had said to come by, but...

"Oh, to hell with waiting!" Marcus huffed and rapped hard upon the door. Moments later, a plump middle aged woman opened the door.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a pleasant voice.

Bunji blushed, "I-is Leo home?"

"That depends. Who are you?" She asked.

"Kugashira, Bunji." He answered, smoothing his hair back, so he didn't look like a vagabond.

"Oh! Leo told me about you, you're with Basilisk right?" She said, wide-eyed. (Yet another fan she is. =p)

"Actually, I'm his little brother. Not so little anymore, but..." He said, sounding a wee bit sheepish.

"Obviously," she chuckled, "Come on in, Leo's in the shower at the moment, but you can wait in the living room."

Felicia, for that was her name, talked with Marcus as they waited. Mostly it was along the lines of: 'What's the Basilisk like?'

Some time later, they heard the squeak of the plumbing as the shower turned off and the sound of humming as leo dried himself. Then the door opened.

Leo wore nothing but a pink pair of goodnites and was drying his long hair with a towel, so he didn't immediately see marcus.

"Y'know, AH always thought kitties hated water," He drawled in his thickest southern accent.

"Bun-Bunji!?" He lifted the towel up and as soon as he saw him, he pounced!

"Heya, kitty cat, I missed you."

Felicia headed to the kitchen and leo nuzzled up against marcus, giggling happily.

All of a sudden, Leo looked down, realizing he was only wearing a goodnite and began to redden. "I-I aaah..."

Bunji placed a finger over his lips, "Hush, It looks absolutely adorable on you. In fact, I only wish i looked that good."

"T-t-then m-maybe you should d-dress like l-leo?" He stuttered, smiling up at Bunji.

"I don't think your tante would like that," Bunji hugged him, "I'm afraid I'm a frightful wreck underneath these charming good looks."

"T-take it off B-Buuuuunji," Leo said, drawing out his name. Sitting in his lap, leo looked so tiny, and with that smile... Bunji would almost swear the boy had whiskers.

"O-okay," He replied, slipping his pants and coat off. Leo immidiately grabbed the coat and wrapped himself in it, giggling.

He looked up at Bunji, grinning from ear to ear. Bunji's diaper was wet, the front yellowed and bulging just slightly.

Leo felt behind him, at the bit of weight at the small of his back. It turned out to be Bunji's guns, "Hmmm... H-how ya use t-these?"

"Toss me one and I'll show you," Bunji replied. Leo tossed him one and he caught it, spinning it around his finger.

Bunji posed, right arm above his head holding the pistol, left hand forward. Then he moved forward slowly and struck the gun Leo held.
"Your basic 'parry'. The way I fight is similar to Terry in terms of swords. But when using a gun as a sword, your strike is thrown off several degrees due to the way the handle intersects the blade, err... barrel. Meaning this is mostly based on french fencing, as their epee's are made of a similar view."

"F-f-france? You kn-now french f-fencing? T-that just m-makes you even c-cooler!" Leo gushed, trying out the move.

"Since these don't fire bullets, they're good for use as blunt swords," Bunji continued, blushing from Leo's comment,"Unless, of course, the wielder uses them to amplify their natural ability. I think your ice might actually function well with one of these."

Felicia watched from the kitchen doorway, amazed becase she hadn't seen Leo so happy in a long time. She was also entranced by the way the two of them sparred, as if dancing. "They really don't fire bullets?" She asked, startling Bunji.

Leo filled in for him, "They d-don't work like a n-normal gun. B-bunji has powers that m-make them w-w-work."

"Otherwise, it's like holding a metal stick," Bunji finished, making Leo giggle again.

After some time, they stopped, Leo having learned a great deal during that little session.

Bunji looked down, noting that he was soaked and began to dig in the pockets of his coat for a spare diaper.

Leo giggled, "L-looking for this?" He said, holding up a thick white diaper.

"That would be it."

"I'll g-g-give it to you on one c-cond-dition," he said, blushing.

"What's that?"

"Kiss the kitty," Leo replied, turning bright red.

"Is that it? You don't need to look so serious about it," He said, scooping Leo into his arms and planting a kiss on his lips.

Leo didn't answer, but handed the diaper to Bunji, a deep rumble sounded from his chest.

Bunji ducked into the bathroom to change his wet diaper and was back out a minute later. He picked Leo up again and the rumble started once more.

Leo leaned against him, his nose next to Bunji's neck and slipped his thumb into his mouth. The rumble grew in pitch until it became a full throated purr, and Bunji smiled, "Good kitty."

Leo is three years older than Bunji, rather odd isn't it?
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Kin, the adorable fox


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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:24 pm

*giggles* And HEY *blushes* Not a funny smell *pouts*

Oh, Ride the Lightning is an Xbox Live Achievement for Resident Evil 5 X3
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:38 pm

whadda bout the smell now?

anywho, the ride the lightning is a move i pulled from the guilty gear arsenal of ky kiske (who was freed's mentor...)


i so evil XD
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Kin, the adorable fox


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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:39 pm

There is no funny smell round me! D:

Never played Guilty Gear before

you are more evil than the devil
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:41 pm

still not getting thew smell thing... having a blonde moment.

you ought to

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Kin, the adorable fox


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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:42 pm

I may be wrong, but when Terry(?) was sniffing around he said a ghost, and someone else said it was Kin, funny smell there XD ....I am amused

I prolly won't be able to for a while, moving day is in a week

Evil and soggy Razz
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PostSubject: Re: A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)   

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A.B.A. (comments and suggestions PLEASE)
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