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 You you believe in BigFoot?

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: You you believe in BigFoot?   Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:12 pm

Well to help get postage up for the site I thought I'd go ahead and make some new threads. So here's the first.

What do you guys think about Bigfoot? And when I say big foot I mean him by whatever name the natives of the area might call it too. What do you guys think about him? What do ya think it is? Any thoughts on it? If it was real what would you do if you came face to face with it? Well I'll start.

Firstly I think bigfoot's real. My theory is that bigfoot is likely a surviving decedent of our own early hominid ancestors or he's a new species of hominid type ape which has begun to parallel our evolution. Often times advantageous traits do tend to re evolve. Such as the saber tooth cat. Various species have evolved, gone extinct, and re evolved again when the conditions benefited it. Perhaps bipedalism in apes goes through a similar cycle.

As for what I'd do if face to face with bigfoot. Well I'd probably stand there dumb founded in awe of him and depending on what he did next I'd probably pass out and need a change of pants. XD


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Drake Silverscales


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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:09 pm

interesting subject, my self i don't think Bigfoot is real. I think it was a guy in a ape suit just trying to get famous and go, "yea you know the Bigfood vid, that was so me. haha i fooled everyone." And besides sence then there as been no pics or vids sence then, though granted there has been some eye witness accounts. But i just take them at face value and put no meaning into them.

And if i saw Bigfoot face to face, i would most likely faint or run screeming.
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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:15 pm

Hmm, I believe in a lot of freak creatures...I also believe in aliens and I may not be the best person to comment on this...

Personally I believe SOMETHING is out weather or not that thing is the missing link I don't know

"Our Business is Life itself"
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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:48 pm

Sasquatch? (native name) difficult to say. personally i dont believe he/she/it is real. ive seen to really funky s**t in my time (all 20 years of 'em) but nothing compares to the myths i've heard. the myth of the lycanthrope 7th child of vietnam, the Lake Tianchi Monster of korea, hell even our Niseag (nessie) of loch ness. never beleived in 'em but they make great stories

i hate to admit it... but i'd do probably what most would do if the met something like bigfoot... I'd shoot it
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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:01 pm

What is "Bigfoot?" A bipedal primate? If its an undiscovered species of primate, what's so unlikely about that? And nothing forbids to think that it could be a intelligent species. If Bigfoot is meant as a misidentified known species or an unidentified one, perhaps extremely endangered species due to low numbers, then why would Bigfoot not be real? We haven't discovered every species of plants and animals on the planet.

I find it unlikely that Bigfoot could be some sort of branch off of our evolutionary tree, as in a modern day homo erectus or cro-magnon species. Considering the low number of sightings there are, I don't think that such a species has enough of a gene pool to ensure genetic survival. A modern day caveman is not very likely in my opinion.

I attribute most Bigfoot sightings to be sightings of particularly bipedal species of primates. We're physiologically similar and considering they have evolved to blend with their environment, it is not surprising that they should be difficult to make out, especially with the distance primates usually keep from other species.
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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:49 pm

The evidence for it being a prank that one time where ever that was in america near that construction site is pretty convincing but it dosn't explain why there are stories all over the place.

My bet is on no but if they ever do find it I won't be shocked either.

I have often threorized that unicorns are or were real, not magical but just look at all the "Black beutey" "flicka" "Sea biscuit" and all the other "magical" horse movies.

If there was a breed of horse or at least rare individuals that have a trait causing them to have one horn similair to cows or deer pleanty of stories would be bound to exgagerate there abilities.
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Cuddy Fox


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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:13 pm

Some things in the world are unknown. Believing in Big Foot is like believing in the Yeti or in UFOs or in the Paranormal. Some stuff is suppose to be unexplain.

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PostSubject: Re: You you believe in BigFoot?   

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You you believe in BigFoot?
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