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 Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)

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PostSubject: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:30 pm

Furrther Adventures in Kanto

Author’s note: This is the first of hopefully many sequels to the story A Tale of Five Brothers. For those of you who haven’t read the story, you may want to stop reading this one and read that one instead. This story is written with the assumption that readers will have already read A Tail of Five Brothers. Please enjoy and feel free to comment as the story is posted. I only ask that you be polite (if not nice) when making the comments.

Chapter 1

Nathaniel woke up and stretched. He looked around his room and thought of the decorations he would put in. His room, being underground in a second basement, had solid rock walls and had the feel of a cave. Nathaniel thought make it a medieval theme. Torch lamps, maybe a few swords or shields hanging on the walls.

Nathaniel sighed and looked under the covers. Sure enough, his diaper was soaked again. At least it wasn’t the floods he used to have back when he received a different power each night. He then got out of bed and shook the sleeping Eevee that was on his bed awake.

“Rise and shine Anthony.” Nathaniel said. “We begin our journey tomorrow and we need to be in shape for it.”

“Haven’t you ever heard the phrase, ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’?” Anthony said groggily. “I didn’t sleep for centuries, or do anything else required of the living for that matter. I have catching up to do.”

“You haven’t exercised for centuries.” Nathaniel said smirking. “You’ve got to catch up on that. Come on. If you keep thinking like that, you’ll be using that excuse for the rest of your life, because you’ll never be caught up.”

“Oh alright!” Anthony said grumpily. “At least show some respect for your elders and let me make my fur presentable.”

“Elder is debatable here.” Nathaniel said. “You’re only a few months old and I’m ten as of today.”

“Physically we are.” Anthony retorted. “Comparing how old we are mentally, I have several centuries on you.”

“And yet you’re arguing as if you were your physical age.” Nathaniel chuckled.

“Our minds have both been influenced somewhat by our new, younger bodies.” Anthony said after he finished smoothing his tail. “Now let’s get our jog over with.”

They went to a stairway that Nathaniel made a few months ago and opened the door that from the outside looked like a cellar door. They walked outside, took a deep breath, and ran off into the woods. The chilly air didn’t bother either of them. Their fur kept them warm enough and they were far enough south to avoid too much cold. Nathaniel heard familiar footsteps behind him and didn’t need to use his Aura Sight to tell Arcanine had caught up with them. They reached a familiar river and took a rest. They both cuddled up to Arcanine to make sure they didn’t get too cold, and decided to suckle just enough to stave off hunger in case the family had a special breakfast planned. When they finished they said hello to the friendly local Gyarados, who just woke up before racing back to the house.

Nathaniel went down through his door again and got himself dressed for the day. His attire consisted of a cloth diaper and plain plastic pants, along with a plain white onsie and white shorts. His favorite outfit, and just enough to keep him warm in the cold weather. He’d pack something warmer for his journey since he’d probably go to a place that wasn’t right next to the sea. He remembered he hated the cold when he was human and loved the fact that his fur kept him warm in the winter without overheating him in the summer. It only needed a slight boost in the winter and he was good to go. He didn’t hate the snow; he just remembered that where he lived for a good portion of his past life, it was always too cold to play in the snow.

When he was set, he and his two canine companions went upstairs and into the living room.


Nathaniel jumped three feet in the air. He hadn’t expected anything this early. Everyone was sitting on a couch and smiling at him. Skip, Zoe, Ethan, Linoone, Shannon and her Skitty were on one. Remus, Sela, David, Mightyena, Holly and her Skitty were on another. Michael, Gabriella, Monte, Delcatty, Alyssa and her Skitty shared the third couch. And Jim, Janice, Krieg, the Dratini sized Dragonite, Rose and her Skitty sat on the last one. Nathaniel was surprised to see Professor Oak there as well. He had several packages on the table.

“Thanks everybody.” Nathaniel said.

“You’re welcome Nathaniel.” Oak said. “We decided to give you your presents early this morning. We knew you’d want to get everything set today. These packages are the items from the pokemon league in their desperate attempt to make sure you don’t take advantage of the badges you’ve already earned. They told me you still count as having them; they just are not applicable when it comes to your eight badges in the four main regions. You also still get the starters. These are my gifts and the other Professors have gifts for you as well since they don’t want to be outdone by me. They want you for their labs when you become a researcher. These starters are specially bred and raised by me. They each know a special attack they would normally be unable to learn until they are at their final evolution.”

“Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon?” Nathaniel asked.

“Correct as always my star pupil.” Oak said smiling. “You’ll find from the league, a complete TM Case, a ticket set that will give you access to many places in the pokemon world such as the Sevii Islands, five nuggets, and a total of ten Master Balls. Your family also has a few gifts for you.”

“The first one is from me.” Cuprum said. “I have here a check for some money from my large account. A total of $10,000 will be given to your trainer account.”

“The next gifts are from the rest of us.” Skip said. “We each saved up and you’ll get a total of $20,000 added to your trainer account. The next gift is a much bigger one. We decided long ago that when you went on your journey, Arcanine would go with you. Arcanine is now officially your pokemon.”

Nathaniel couldn’t speak. He tried but nothing came out. So he instead leaped upon his favorite big brother and motioned for everyone to join in a group hug. Everyone did and they held on until everyone announced against their will that they were hungry. Everyone laughed and the girls went to the kitchen and brought out a breakfast of bacon, venison sausage, and Denver omelets. As everyone enjoyed the rest of their breakfast, Nathaniel looked forward to the rest of the day.

Chapter 2

After a big breakfast, Nathaniel patted his slightly distended stomach contentedly.

“Professor, do you mind if I meet my three new Pokémon?” Nathaniel asked.

“Not at all!” Oak said handing Nathaniel the three pokeballs.

Nathaniel took them outside, with everyone following, and Nathaniel called out his three new Pokémon. From the flash of light, three reptilian Pokémon appeared. They all slowly opened their eyes and Nathaniel used a trick to keep shy or scared Pokémon calm. He kneeled down to their level and smiled when they saw their new trainer’s face for the first time. Nathaniel looked into his Pokémon as well to learn more about their personalities as well.

The Bulbasaur smiled right back at him. Nathaniel could tell from this he was very friendly. His Aura depicted him as very kind and caring as well. Nathaniel knew he’d have no trouble with Bulbasaur.

The Charmander was passive for a moment then gave a small smile. Nathaniel guessed Charmander was either polite or may be a little nervous. Judging by his Aura, he was a fighter. But he was compensating for something and was fearful of not being liked if he didn’t compensate for it. Nathaniel made a mental note to help Charmander with that.

Squirtle took awhile longer to smile. He was clearly a shy Pokémon, and flinched when Nathaniel moved his hand to rub him on the top of his head. Under that soothing touch, Squirtle relaxed. Nathaniel looked at his Aura and confirmed that Squirtle was just naturally shy. Nathaniel made another mental note to be patient with Squirtle. Nathaniel stopped rubbing Squirtle’s head and Squirtle did smile, if a bit nervously.

Nathaniel stood up and everyone came to meet the new Pokémon. Squirtle immediately hid behind Nathaniel’s leg. Bulbasaur saw how nervous Squirtle was and ran off a ways trying to get everyone’s’ attention. Arcanine also saw Squirtle’s fear and ran to block everyone off. Fortunately they got the message and went to meet Bulbasaur. Nathaniel could tell Bulbasaur was a little nervous with so many people but he was okay. He then felt his feet getting wet and looked down. Squirtle must have been really scared because he wet himself with the rush of people. Squirtle started to cry and Nathaniel could tell he was afraid of any anger or frustration that may come his way. Nathaniel smiled, kneeled down to hug Squirtle, only to find that Charmander already was! Nathaniel smiled more broadly and picked them both up in a hug. He sent a mental message to Anthony to watch Bulbasaur for him and bring him if he starts looking. He then took Charmander and Squirtle down to his room. When he reached his room he felt almost a click in his mind. It felt allot like what happened when Anthony connected to him when his mind emerged in his Eevee body.

“Charmander, Squirtle, can the two of you hear me?” he asked telepathically.

“Whoa!” they both answered.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Nathaniel said. “If we can talk like this, we must be friends already. You don’t have to worry Squirtle. I’m not mad at you. I know you’re shy and that many people coming at you must have been scary.”

“It happens allot.” Squirtle said sadly. “I can’t help it. If I get scared like that, it just happens.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll never be mad at you for something like that. It would be hypocritical of me to be. I have trouble controlling my bladder too.”

As he said that he showed them his diaper. Nathaniel wasn’t expecting the looks on their faces. They were curious, not shocked, or surprised.

“What is that?” Squirtle asked.

“I guess you guys have never seen a diaper before.” Nathaniel said. “Diapers are a protection against accidents like the ones you had outside Squirtle. They catch the urine and absorb them to prevent a mess. It was alright outside since the ground would absorb it, but maybe you’d wear one Squirtle since we’re going to go into buildings allot. While I wouldn’t be mad at you Squirtle, it would be a bit embarrassing if it happened and they had to clean their floor.”

“I could try it.” Squirtle said.

“And it might boost your confidence.” Nathaniel said. “You wouldn’t have to worry about having those accidents. Plus diapers are actually very comfortable. Despite the fact that I’ll need them for the rest of my life, I actually like them. Maybe you will too. I just have to run to town to see if I can find some for you, I don’t think mine will fit you right.”

“Could you get me some too?” Charmander asked.

Nathaniel looked in surprise at the extremely embarrassed and worried Charmander. Now Nathaniel knew what Charmander was compensating for. He was worried people wouldn’t like him if they knew he had accidents as well. It also explained why he comforted Squirtle like he did.

“You need them too, don’t you?” Nathaniel asked just to be sure.

“Only at night.” Charmander said sadly.

“You can relax Charmander.” Nathaniel said smiling. “The same thing goes for you as it does for Squirtle. If you need them, I don’t mind.”

“If it makes you guys feel better, I’ll wear them too.”

Nathaniel looked toward the door and saw Bulbasaur looking around the frame.

“How long have you been there Bulbasaur?” Nathaniel asked.

“Please don’t be mad, but I was here from the time you showed Squirtle your diaper.” Bulbasaur said.

“I’m not mad.” Nathaniel said laughing. “It’s very nice of you to offer. If you really want to do that, I’ll grab you some as well. I’ll go grab them alone and you guys can wait here with Anthony and Arcanine. Get to know each other, and I’ll be right back okay?”

“Okay.” They said in unison.

Nathaniel laughed before gating out of the room.

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PostSubject: Re: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:31 pm

Chapter 3

Nathaniel gated behind his first destination. He decided to try the Pokémon center first, since it is the most like a hospital and may have a pharmacy. He walked around the building and went through the door. He asked the rabbit at the front counter if the Pokémon center had a pharmacy for Pokémon as well or if he would have to go to the Pokemart to find diapers for Pokémon.

“We carry diapers for Pokémon.” The nurse said. “If you tell us the species, we’ll give you the correct diapers for them. We don’t charge much for them. Some diapers are at the Pokemart as well, but those are special ones or if you needed swim diapers for a Pokémon you’d go there as well. They also carry cloth diapers and plastic pants for them. You can get the ones you’d need from me.”

“Thanks!” Nathaniel said. “I have a Charmander, a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle who need them.”

“I’ll give you a package for the Charmander and Bulbasaur,” the Nurse said. “But I would strongly recommend you get swim diapers for the Squirtle. Water Pokémon frequently would battle in the water so you’d want a swim diaper for that. A regular one would hamper their abilities greatly.”

“Okay.” Nathaniel said. “I was going to grab them some plastic pants anyway.”

The nurse handed him two different packages and Nathaniel noted they were classified by shape and size. There was also a list of species that the diapers were made to fit. Nathaniel paid from his trainer’s account, thanked the nurse again, and walked out with the bag to the Pokemart. He walked in and asked one of the clerks if they could help him. The ferret clerk walked him over to the right section and Nathaniel noted there were also diapers for trainers as well. He looked around until he found the right package of swim diapers for Squirtle, and then looked at the plastic pants. He grabbed a pair with a flame pattern thinking of how Charmander would look in them. He also grabbed a camouflage pattern for Bulbasaur, and a wave pattern for Squirtle. He walked to the counter and placed his items on the counter. He paid for the slightly more expensive purchase and walked around behind the building and gated back to his room.

Squirtle jumped when he gated in and Nathaniel knew that if he wasn’t already empty he would have wet again.

“Sorry Squirtle.” Nathaniel said. “I’ve got the diapers here. Who wants to go first?”

Bulbasaur volunteered and Nathaniel placed him on the changing table in his room. He brought out one of Bulbasaur’s diapers and his plastic pants. He then took the little used cream and powder out, and used both on Bulbasaur before taping it snugly and the sliding the plastic pants over it. Bulbasaur moved around a bit and smiled. Nathaniel could tell he liked the diapers and smiled himself.

He picked Squirtle up next and took out one of the swim diapers.

“That one looks different.” Squirtle said. “And what did you put on over Bulbasaur’s diaper?”

“I put a pair of plastic pants over Bulbasaur’s diaper. If I can’t change his diaper in time, it may leak if he wets too much and can’t hold it all. The plastic pants prevent leaks when such an event occurs. You’re diapers are different because they are meant for when a Pokémon goes swimming. Most water Pokémon often do, so I grabbed you some.”

“Okay.” Squirtle said and relaxed on the table.

Nathaniel did it slowly to make sure he did it correctly. He never had to use any cream or powder on himself so he wanted to make sure his own Pokémon were protected against rash. When he’d finished rubbing the powder and cream in, he threaded Squirtle’s tail through the diaper and taped it snugly around him. He then slid Squirtle’s wave pattern plastic pants over the diaper, threading his tail through and making sure all of the edges of Squirtle’s diaper were tucked into them. Nathaniel could tell that Squirtle liked the diapers as well thanks to the smile on both of their faces.

“I know you only need them at night Charmander, but do you want to put one on now?” Nathaniel asked.

“Actually yes.” Charmander said. “They look like they like the diapers, so I want to see what I’m missing.”

Nathaniel smiled and lifted him onto the changing table. He made quicker work with the cream and powder this time since he was getting better at diapering, and taped the diaper around Charmander’s tail. If it were not for the flame on Charmander’s tail, he could have just threaded it through as well. He then taped the diaper snuggly around him and got out the plastic pants. He remembered reading in the pokemart that the pants were resistant to attacks, while not preventing damage to the Pokémon, so he treaded Charmander’s tail though the hole and was pleased when there was no damage left from the flame. He slid the plastic pants up the rest of the way, and set Charmander on the floor. Nathaniel smiled broadly when Charmander had a smile to match the others.

Nathaniel smirked a bit and looked at Anthony. Anthony could tell what Nathaniel was thinking and gave a low growl.

“Don’t even think about it.” He said. “If ever I want to wear them, I’ll ask. Got it?”

“Okay, okay.” Nathaniel laughed. “You’ve got to admit, you’d look as cute as they do.”

They indeed looked cute as they walked around. Nathaniel smiled at how much more confident Squirtle already seemed. Charmander seemed less afraid now, and he admired at just how kind Bulbasaur really was. He wore them just to make his friends feel even more comfortable about it. Nathaniel knew things were going to be just fine on his journey with these three. And with Anthony and Arcanine by his side, he knew he’d go a long way.
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PostSubject: Re: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:52 pm

Chapter 4

“Are you guys ready to try and meet the family again?” Nathaniel asked Squirtle and Charmander.

“Just stay close and maybe introduce me to a few at a time, and I should be fine.” Squirtle said.

“I’ll be okay.” Charmander said. “I just hope they don’t mind my being in a diaper.”

“They won’t.” Nathaniel said. “All of the kids are in diapers, and my older brothers are as well. We even have one Pokémon in diapers as well. He even asked to wear them. I’ll introduce them six at a time.”

Nathaniel picked Squirtle and Charmander up and set them on each shoulder. He used his wings to steady them and walked to the stairs. He felt something nudge the back of his leg and he looked to see Bulbasaur wanting to be carried as well. Nathaniel smiled and leaned down. Bulbasaur jumped and sat right behind his head. Nathaniel held his wings in a way to steady all three of them and walked up the stairs. He used his Aura Sight to look at where each of the family members were and was pleased to see the first group he wanted to introduce his new Pokémon to was in the play room and everyone else was on another floor. He walked into the playroom. Skip looked up and smiled. Nathaniel put a finger to his lips before Skip could shout out anything. Zoe, Ethan, Shannon, Linoone and Skitty all saw this and kept silent.

“I wanted to introduce my Pokémon in smaller groups.” Nathaniel said. “Guys, these are my two favorite brothers, Skip and Ethan. Skip’s wife, Zoe, and Shannon. The Skitty is hers and Linoone here is the proud father of three other Skitty as well.”

Squirtle was much more relaxed this time with fewer coming at him. They also came slower this time. Skip smiled and raised an eyebrow when he saw all three of them wearing diapers.

“When you guys all rushed us, Squirtle had an accident and confessed that it happens to him a lot when he gets scared. Charmander wets at night but decided to wear one now when he saw that Squirtle and Bulbasaur liked the diapers I got them. Bulbasaur decided to were them to make Squirtle and Charmander feel better about wearing them.”

“That’s nice of him.” Skip said. “Welcome to the family guys.”

The process was repeated in the living room with Remus’s group. Then again on the second floor with Michael’s group. And finally in the attic, Jim’s group was introduced. The Pokémon were really happy to meet the diapered Dragonite. Nathaniel then took the Pokémon outside and found Oak and Cuprum on the porch. Cuprum, while bundled up against the cold due to his being a reptile, still showed a diaper bulge. The two looked up when Nathaniel walked out and smiled on seeing his Pokémon. Introductions and explanations were given and Nathaniel sat down with them.

“What are your feelings now Nathaniel?” Oak asked. “You’re beginning your journey tomorrow and will be farther from home than you’ve ever been before.”

“I’m excited professor.” Nathaniel said. “I’m looking forward to traveling. I can remember I was just about out of the orphanage in my old world, and I was scared to be without the support of a home. I don’t have to worry about that though, because if I miss home too much, I can just gate home for awhile and gate back to where I was when I’m ready to continue. I also get to travel with an unending supply of food thanks to Arcanine. Plus I now have four great friends to travel with as well. What more could I ask for?”

“You’re very lucky Nathaniel.” Cuprum said. “You won’t even need to worry about some of the obstacles that most trainers would face. Your claws are sharp enough to cut any trees you’d have to. You can fly with those wings. You’re an excellent swimmer, and you’re strong enough to push just about any boulder. You also can smash some rocks if you need to. The only HM moves you’ll need are Flash and Defog.”

Nathaniel smiled. His journey was going to be much easier than most trainers would be. He’d make sure he found enough challenges to prevent the journey from getting boring. He looked at each of his starters and smiled.

“Would you guys like to meet a friend of mine and then get a bit of training in?” He asked.

“Sure.” Bulbasaur said.

“I’m game.” Charmander said excitedly.

“Okay.” Squirtle said a bit nervously.

Nathaniel climbed onto Arcanine’s back and set each of the starters and Anthony in front of him. Arcanine knew where to take him and headed straight for the river. When they reached the river, Nathaniel hopped off and gave a whistle. Gyarados raised his head out of the river and Nathaniel heard Squirtle gasp. Nathaniel helped each of the starters off of Arcanine and walked over to Gyarados. Squirtle was clinging tightly to Nathaniel and even Bulbasaur was hiding behind his legs. Charmander looked nervous, but followed Nathaniel anyway.

“Hiya' Gyarados!” Nathaniel said cheerily. “These are my new friends Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Guys, this is my friend Gyarados. I’ve been friends with him for a few months now.”

“Nice to meet you.” His Pokémon said nervously.

Gyarados smiled and nodded before diving back into the river. Squirtle heaved a sigh of relief. Nathaniel felt his plastic pants and wasn’t surprised to feel the diaper squish underneath. Nathaniel checked how wet it was a deemed it okay for now.

“Okay.” Nathaniel said. “As far as I know, you guys know only three attacks. Bulbasaur and Squirtle know Tackle. Bulbasaur and Charmander know growl. Squirtle also knows Tail Whip and Hydro Cannon, while Bulbasaur knows Frenzy Plant. And Charmander finally knows Scratch and Blast Burn. Do you guys mind practicing your Normal attacks against each other? We’ll save your other attacks for something else.”

“Okay with me.” Charmander said raising his claws.

“I’ll try it.” Bulbasaur said.

“Could I just swim for a bit?” Squirtle asked.

“Are you nervous about hurting someone or about being hurt?” Nathaniel asked.

“I just don’t really want to battle my friends.” Squirtle answered. “I don’t want to see anyone hurt.”

“You won’t have to worry.” Nathaniel said smiling. “We’ll stop before we knock each other out. I have the power to heal everyone when we need healing so we’ll be fine. How about you partner with me, and we’ll even battle in the water. Charmander and Bulbasaur can practice against each other.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“I’ve got an idea.” Nathaniel said. “Anthony, Arcanine, will you instruct Bulbasaur and Charmander while I’m in the water with Squirtle. Maybe Gyarados will be kind enough to give him a few pointers while we battle.”

“Sure thing.” Anthony said. “Arcanine and I will whip these rookies into shape.”

“Anthony be nice.” Nathaniel said as he stripped down to his plastic pants. Fortunately kept water from getting in very nicely. When he was ready he looked at Squirtle and they both dived into the river. Nathaniel quickly located Gyarados and swam up to him.

“Would you mind giving Squirtle a few pointers on tackling while we battle?” Nathaniel asked. “We’re trying to get some training in and he’d be grateful tips from an experience fighter.”

Despite the fact that only bubble came from Nathaniel’s mouth, Gyarados understood Nathaniel and nodded. They swam back to a waiting Squirtle and after Nathaniel used his positive energy to recharge his air, he signaled Squirtle to begin. Squirtle took just a bit to learn the controls of moving through water and charged straight for Nathaniel. Nathaniel gave a quick flick with his tail and barely dodged Squirtle’s tackle by moving over his charge. Nathaniel and Gyarados were both impressed. Squirtle looked a bit dejected about having missed and Gyarados swam up to give him a whispered tip. Squirtle nodded and smiled as he waited for Nathaniel to signal again. Nathaniel nodded and Squirtle charged much faster this time. Nathaniel tried to move to the side this time, but Squirtle anticipated the move and rammed him right in the stomach. Judging by the feeling of spreading warmth, Squirtle actually hit him hard enough to make him wet his diaper. Nathaniel was already healing thanks to all of the positive energy he was storing. He smiled at Squirtle and then turned his attention quickly to see how Bulbasaur and Charmander’s battle was going.

They were taking turns attacking each other. Judging by their Auras’ they hadn’t taken too much damage yet.

“How are they doing?” Nathaniel asked Anthony.

“Charmander’s a natural battler!” Anthony said. “Not much Arcanine and I can tell him to help him improve his scratch. Bulbasaur needed a bit of help, but he’s a fast learner! How are things going down there?”

“Excellently.” Nathaniel said. “Squirtle has already managed to make me wet my diaper with a good shot to the gut. He only needed a bit of advice on underwater movement to improve on his tackling. He was already pretty good at it because he just barely missed me. I’m going to see how good he is at dodging.”

“Leave him with enough energy to practice outside of the water.” Anthony said. “Water battling is different from land battling. These two are pretty good already. Not much they can improve upon at their level.”

“Glad we got such good Pokémon.” Nathaniel said. “We’ll make a few more passes down here and then be back up.”

“See ya' then.”

“Okay Squirtle.” Nathaniel said. “That was a good shot. I’m going to attack you now. I want you to dodge. We’ll take a few turns attacking each other and then practice on land for a bit. Not much different there except there is a distinct lack of water. You have to run and there are fewer directions a target can go. Are you ready? You don’t have to worry. My hit shouldn’t hurt you.”

“Okay.” Squirtle said nervously.

Nathaniel decided to use his natural speed instead of adding any negative energy. He sped toward Squirtle and swiped at him with his claw. Squirtle almost dodged over it but Nathaniel caught his tail as it passed.

“That was good Squirtle.” Nathaniel said. “A bit faster and you would have avoided my claw completely. As I passed under you, you also could have attacked, whether with your Tackle, or Hydro Cannon. Give me your best shot now.”

Squirtle charged and Nathaniel backflipped. As Squirtle passed over him he shot downward and caught Nathaniel right on the chin. When Nathaniel finished three extra backflips and the world stopped spinning, Nathaniel congratulated Squirtle and tried to hit him again. Squirtle tried the same maneuver and would have dodged the swipe if Nathaniel hadn’t changed the direction of the stroke at the last moment.

“Almost Squirtle.” Nathaniel said. “That would have worked if I hadn’t been expecting it. Just my tip, try not to use the same move the same way too often. You’ll get predictable and much easier to beat. Let’s speed things up. No more turns, try your best to hit me without being hit yourself. We’ll stop when someone takes two hits.”

They swam away from each other and then charged each other. Nathaniel zipped underneath Squirtle’s Tackle and flipped over to land a slap from his tail on Squirtle’s back. Squirtle came back quickly and did a corkscrew spin to avoid Nathaniel’s claw. He then did a similar flip and tackled Nathaniel solidly in the back. Nathaniel swam away and charged Negative energy. He swam at Squirtle ready to claw him when Squirtle zipped upward faster than before and hit him with Hydro Cannon as he passed beneath him.

“Well done Squirtle!” Nathaniel said. “That was perfect! Not to confuse you or anything, but if you know you can’t dodge the attack, take it head on to reduce the damage. Let’s go on land for healing and then you can practice with Charmander and Bulbasaur on land.”

When they got back on land, Nathaniel sent out several healing waves and sat down against a tree while he watched the trio get some more practice in. Anthony sat down beside him and smiled at the starters. Nathaniel could tell he was impressed and proud of them. Nathaniel was too and thought of how much more fun his journey was going to be with these three.

When the three finished practicing, they came to Nathaniel for healing and when he’d finished his stomach announced to all present that it was hungry. Everyone laughed until one by one they too had the same problem. Arcanine laughed as she licked her jaws. Nathaniel smelled berry juice on them and judging by a different set of amusement, she’d eaten all of those berries and his Pokémon would either have to wait until they got home, or suckle Arcanine. Either way, Nathaniel decided to suckle Arcanine when she offered him her teats. He felt surprise from his starters, but also curiosity. He invited them mentally to join him and kept drinking. Anthony already had and Bulbasaur was the first of the three to start. Squirtle was just shy and Charmander was a little embarrassed, but they took each others’ hands and went to join them. Arcanine’s hypnotic effect with her first time drinkers struck again as the trio fell asleep still suckling. When Nathaniel was full he got up and waited for the trio to finish. He made a quick check of their diapers and found that they’d need to be changed soon. Soon they stopped suckling Arcanine and Nathaniel gently picked each of them up and sent Anthony a mental message to meet him back at the house. He then gated straight to his room.

Even though he felt tired himself, he knew he had to get new diapers on his Pokémon before he rested. He had just removed the plastic pants from each of the sleeping starters when he noticed Charmander’s diaper swelling more. When it stopped Nathaniel lifted him onto the changing table and removed the soaked diaper and tossed it in a pail. He used one of the wipes he had on a wipe warmer and cleaned Charmander up. He used a bit more powder and cream and decided to double diaper Charmander, just in case. He then placed the sleeping Pokémon on his bed and picked Squirtle up. He noticed that Squirtle had also wet even more since he changed Charmander. He removed the soaked diaper and was surprised to see that it was holding just as much as Charmander’s diaper did. He took a look at the package and found that it was designed to hold as much while keeping out water. Nathaniel nodded approvingly and finished diapering Squirtle. He picked up Bulbasaur and found him to be even wetter as well. He guessed that his gating had caused the extra wetting in them and quickly diapered Bulbasaur. He checked himself and felt it would be okay for the nap. He picked up Bulbasaur and got into bed with him. He set his crib up and put the top bar down. He tucked himself and the trio in before letting out a yawn and drifting off.
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Chapter 5

Nathaniel woke to someone sniffling. He was instantly alert when he felt that something was wrong with one of his Pokémon. He looked around and saw Charmander was kneeling at the corner of the crib crying. Nathaniel only needed to sniff once to tell what was wrong.

“Poor little guy.” Nathaniel thought. He grabbed the top bar and sent a surge of energy through it. The electronic lock clicked and the top bar lifted. Nathaniel lowered the bars and raised them a bit when he got out. He picked up the still crying Charmander and carried him to the changing table. He opened Charmander’s diaper and winced as the smell got stronger. Nathaniel blocked the smell from coming to his nose with a bit of energy focused at his nostrils. This was a handy technique he developed after changing the messy diapers of his younger siblings a few times in the previous months. He cleaned Charmander as quickly as he could while still being thorough. He thought to himself as he had with Krieg a few times that scales were so much easier to clean than fur. He checked Charmander for signs of diaper rash and saw that some of his scales had a small sign of irritation. He decided to try something he’d never had the chance to before. He was always careful never to let his siblings get diaper rash, and despite his trying once just to be able to try this, he was never able to get diaper rash himself. He used his healing on Charmander and saw the irritation fade quickly. He then finished diapering Charmander and put his plastic pants back on him.

“You had some redness that indicated the starting of diaper rash.” Nathaniel said telepathically. “All it took from me was a little healing and it was good as new. You okay? I know messy diapers are unpleasant. I’ve felt how my brothers feel about them. That’s the only thing about diapers they don’t like.”

“I agree with them.” Charmander said. “I almost didn’t want to wear diapers anymore when I woke up and did that.”

“You woke up and messed your diaper!” Nathaniel said. “I’m so sorry Charmander. I thought you did that in your sleep. Next time if you really don’t want to mess your diaper and I’m asleep, wake me up and I’ll help you. I guess you were fortunate in one regard. You didn’t sit in it. If you had it would have squished all over and made a bigger mess.”

Nathaniel heard something from behind him. He looked and since the covers were off of them, Nathaniel saw the backs of both Squirtle’s and Bulbasaur’s diapers begin to bulge. Nathaniel felt worried then. Neither Squirtle nor Bulbasaur had said anything about having problems when they were asleep. He made a note to take them to the Pokémon center after dinner. He set Charmander on the floor and picked up the still sleeping Squirtle. He set him on the changing table and cleaned him up. Just as he was taping up his new diaper, Bulbasaur woke, and sat up on the bed.

“What the?” Bulbasaur said. “What happened? I feel like I’m sitting in mud and it’s not fun this time. This feels weird.”

Bulbasaur’s voice was cracking as he said that and he began sobbing. Squirtle woke up and got scared that something was wrong. He started crying too and Nathaniel set him next to Charmander who began to comfort him. Arcanine walked in and saw the crying Pokémon. She went and began licking both Squirtle and Charmander, who still was sniffling a bit. Nathaniel picked Bulbasaur up and rubbed his stomach soothingly as he opened his diaper one handed. Bulbasaur sobbed louder when he smelled the contents of his diaper. Nathaniel put a little positive energy into the belly rub and quickly cleaned the miserable Pokémon. Bulbasaur’s crying eventually died down to a whimper as Nathaniel rubbed in the cream and powder. He then took something extra out. It was a bottle of baby oil. He felt that Bulbasaur deserved it after that experience. He rubbed the oil in and Bulbasaur calmed down and then his eyes rolled in bliss. Nathaniel smiled when the room was finally quiet again. He could feel how unhappy his Pokémon were through that ordeal and it made him feel unhappy as well. When he’d finished spreading all of the oil, he took a look for diaper rash on Bulbasaur and healed any signs of irritation. He then put Bulbasaur into a fresh diaper and slipped the plastic pants back on him. He noted that Charmander and Squirtle were a little bit jealous of Bulbasaur and laid them down to give them a positive energy massage.

“I gave Bulbasaur that oil massage because he was the only one unfortunate enough to sit up in a messy diaper.” Nathaniel said. “I gave him the massage I’m giving you now to calm him down. I promise that I’ll give you both an oil massage sometime. Right now though we should get upstairs and see what everyone else is doing.”

“Actually you should change your diaper first.” Bulbasaur said.

“Nathaniel, if you don’t mind that is, could we change you?” Squirtle asked timidly.

“What?” Nathaniel asked surprised.

“Might be a good idea.” Charmander said. “If we ever have to change our own, or each other’s diapers, we should learn now.”

“Okay.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll get the stuff down and walk you through it.”

Nathaniel got a disposable diaper out, along with the powder and cream. He knew he wouldn’t need the powder and cream, but they needed to learn how to use them as they would need them. He laid down and unpinned his cloth diaper for them. They then got it off of him and put it in his cloth diaper pail and cleaned him up with wipes. Nathaniel was impressed. The three of them were doing a good job together. They spread the cream and powder on his diaper area and then taped his disposable around his waist. He stood up and checked their work. He made a quick adjustment with the tapes and then deemed it a job well done. He looked around and saw Anthony come in with the clothes he left by the river. He pulled them on and they went upstairs.

Nathaniel saw his younger siblings and the girls watching a movie in the playroom and he told his starters that they could stay and watch if they wanted. They saw the others liked the movie that was in and went to watch as well. Nathaniel smiled since it was one of his favorites, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Anthony went to watch as well, making Nathaniel smile even more. He almost had a millennium of mental age, and here he was watching a movie with the same excitement as his younger siblings. He then noticed Cuprum was watching as well and laughed out loud. Cuprum had actually lived for two centuries before becoming an infant again. Everyone looked at him when he laughed and they all rushed him. Nathaniel was helpless as they dragged him over to the TV and they pinned him there.

“What’s going on guys?” Nathaniel asked laughing.

“You haven’t spent any time with us today.” Ethan said as he sat on Nathaniel’s chest. “You’re not going anywhere else. We have a punishment to dish out for not playing with us today.”

“What are you going to do?” Nathaniel asked pretending to be scared.

Ethan just got a vicious glint in his eye, and everyone began to tickle him. Nathaniel writhed under the relentless assault. He could have tried to use his power to get free. But he firstly didn’t want to risk hurting them. And he also doubted he could focus enough to be able to use his abilities. All he could do was roll on the floor and try to block the more sensitive areas. Whenever he managed to get one to stop, there was always someone else to take their place. Everything went downhill when their Pokémon decided to help and pinned him to the floor spread eagle. He had absolutely no defense as they mercilessly redoubled their barrage of tickling. Nathaniel was screeching with laughter by now and knew two things. One was that if he called upon Anthony or Arcanine for help, they’d help his tormentors, as Arcanine had done in the past. And two was that if he hadn’t already emptied his bladder in his sleep, he would have heavily wet himself by now.

“Guys, let him breath at least.” Skip said from the stairs. “You shouldn’t tickle him that much. If he kept on screeching like that, all of Pallet may have heard him. I’m already scared police may show up asking who was being murdered. You can stop keeping him down here anyway. Dinner is ready.”

Everyone leaped off of Nathaniel and stampeded up the stairs. Nathaniel just laid there and gasped for air. Skip smiled and walked over to him. He picked up the limp Nathaniel and carried him over to the stairs. He stopped as Nathaniel’s Pokémon walked past him up the stairs and then walked up himself.

Nathaniel could only manage a smile when everyone shouted for the second time that day, “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHANIEL!”

Nathaniel, still limp looked around the room as best he could. They had prepared a dinner of his favorite Italian foods. Another thing that drew his eye was a large cake that Nathaniel could tell by the smell was an ice cream cake. Nathaniel was a bit surprised though. There certainly wasn’t enough food here for them all. He turned his head and looked at Skip questioningly.

“This is only a light dinner.” Skip said. “We wanted you to have some of your favorite foods on your last night, but we also booked a spot at another restaurant you’re going to like. You’re birthday gifts will be out in town as well.”

“Okay.” Nathaniel slurred. He was still limp from all of the tickling and glared at his siblings when they started laughing. He couldn’t stay mad at them though and laughed with them. When he could move again, he sat at the large coffee table with Skip’s group and dug in. the Pokémon all sat away from the group eating food made specially for them. The dinner was over quickly and Nathaniel looked at the cake. He could tell that the only way they would be able to cut into it at the moment would be if he used his power to cut it.

“We’re leaving the cake to defrost in the open air.” Zoe said. “We’ll eat the cake when we get home. Every body ready to go?”

Zoe was nearly deafened by the excited chorus of fourteen furrs shouting yes at once. She wiggled a paw in her ear and then scooped up Shannon.

“Everyone grab your charge and let’s go then.” She said.

Ethan rode on Skip’s shoulders, while the other boys hopped onto the backs of their fathers. Oak was nice enough to carry Cuprum on his shoulders while Nathaniel carried his three Pokémon as he did earlier in the day. Sela carried Holly and Gabriella took Alyssa, leaving Janice with Rose. They strapped a few diaper bags together with enough diapers for all present and draped them across Arcanine’s back. Anthony laughed at the sight of how many were being carried until Arcanine picked him up by the scruff of the neck. He only struggled for a second before going limp in her mouth. She then flipped him up onto her back and growled when he was about to get off.

“I think I’ll just stay up here and keep the bags steady.” Anthony said nervously.

Nathaniel just laughed and walked outside with everyone following. It wasn’t a long trek to Pallet town so they were there in a few minutes. Nathaniel let Skip take the lead since he had no clue as to where they were going. He almost threw his Pokémon off of him when he did see where they were going as he jumped up and down with excitement. The castle he saw before him was actually a place for a dinner and a show called Medieval Times! The place was expensive to get into, but it had a five course dinner and an awesome show of jousting and intense battles.

“I think you’ve guessed where we’re going.” Skip said laughing. “We actually booked a private box to watch the show from. We also have a knighting ceremony for you since it is not only your birthday, but you are beginning your Pokémon journey tomorrow as well. When the show is over, we’ll be buying you several gifts from the shop. You mentioned that you’d like to decorate your room with a medieval theme. Here’s where you can get some of the best stuff to do that.”

Nathaniel was nearly hyperventilating with excitement. He had to use the same technique he used to breathe underwater to give himself enough air. The next thing he knew, his Pokémon were clinging tightly to him and he was at least 500 feet in the air. Rather than fly down to the ground and scare his nearly panicking Pokémon, he gated to the ground.

“Maybe we should go inside before you decide to play Fly Me to the Moon again.” Skip said laughing.

As they walked in, Nathaniel sent several pulses of positive energy through his Pokémon. Their heart rates returned to normal and Nathaniel looked to see a dragoness at the ticket booth. Skip walked up to her and she gave him a slip of paper. He then walked them up to the entrance and they got their complementary souvenir photos taken. They then walked into the shopping area of the castle and Nathaniel stared at all they had. There were dragon statues, standing suits of armor, swords, goblets, and wall shields. There were also toy weapons and hourglasses. That which caught Nathaniel’s eye most firmly however was the section labeled blacksmith. Nathaniel walked over to look and saw that it held items for actual use. Suits of armor, weapons, and shields, all in many sizes and shapes. Skip walked up to Nathaniel and smiled.

“You know, we have ten years of birthdays and Christmases to make up for.” He said. “We’ll get you several decorations for your room, and we’ll get you a custom suit of armor along with a shield of your design and any weapon you show the most potential for. Blacksmith! Please get measurements for my brother’s armor and fit him appropriately.”

The green dragon looked at him and smiled. He took out a tape measure and got all sorts of measurements.

“Let’s see how strong you are to determine what kind of armor to suit you up with.” The dragon said.

“Okay Mr.?” Nathaniel said.

“Draco.” He said. “Just call me Draco. No Mr. please.”

He took out a strange looking coat and asked Nathaniel to hold out his arms as he put it on.

“This is about the weight of a simple chain shirt in your size.” Draco said. “Tell me if it is too heavy or if you can go heavier.”

Nathaniel tried it on and found it to be very light on him. He asked for a heavier suit and Draco brought back a suit with a label on it saying Breastplate. Nathaniel felt the weight differently but could easily hold more and asked for something heavier. He brought back one saying Scale mail this time and again Nathaniel asked for heavier. Draco brought back Chainmail this time and Nathaniel felt a bit of the weight this time. Nathaniel knew he was close to getting the right armor and made a suggestion this time.
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“Mind if I try Full Plate?”

“Are you serious?” Draco asked genuinely surprised. “Full Plate is the heaviest suit we have. I can let you try it but I don’t think you’ll like it.”

He brought back the suit and put it on Nathaniel. Nathaniel grunted a bit. Draco wasn’t kidding when he said it was heavy. But Nathaniel found he could move in it. He knew that if he could get just a bit stronger he would be able to effectively wear the armor, but until then, a negative energy boost to his strength will do.

“Suit me up with a set of Full Plate!” Nathaniel said as he walked easily with the suit on.

Draco stared at him with the shock plain on his face. He nodded and began his work. He took note of Nathaniel wearing a diaper under and made it just a bit bigger in that area to accommodate them. He then did something to the armor he was making that shocked Nathaniel. Draco put his hands over the armor and zapped it with some kind of energy!

“You’re a psionic!” Nathaniel said with surprise.

“Just as much as you are.” Draco said. “I can tell you’re a psionic because I felt the muscles in your arms when I put those weighted suits on you. You’re strong, but there’s no way you’re strong enough to wear Full Plate like that without having some kind of power. I have an awesome knack for metals. These pieces of armor, once you wear them, will adjust to you. They will be bonded to you and grow in size as you do. My gift to a fellow psionic on his tenth birthday is charging the same price for a standard set of armor for this really special suit of armor. Have you heard of the metals Mithril and Adamantium?”

“Sure.” Nathaniel said. “Mithril is a metal as hard as steel yet only half the weight. Adamantium is a metal that is the same weight as steel, yet twice as hard.”

“Correct.” Draco said. “The metal this armor is made of is my own special mix of the two. I psionically mixed the two when I put the two melted metals together. The result was a metal that was half the weight of mithril and twice the hardness of Adamantium. I’m also going to make your shield the same way. If you choose a weapon that is mostly made of metal, I’ll do the same for it.”

“Wow Draco!” Nathaniel said. “That is so cool!”

Draco smiled and picked up the helmet first. It was made specifically for wolves, and since Nathaniel was mostly wolf, it fit him perfectly when it shrank to his size. Nathaniel noted it kept his jaws free and he’d thusly be able to use his breath weapon without damaging the armor. Draco then helped him get the armor on and taught him and his Pokémon how to put it on him. That way he could put it on himself, or have the help of his Pokémon. He also showed his the useful feature he added to make it easier for diaper changes. The armor fitted itself to Nathaniel and he went to look at himself in the mirror. He loved the armor. It was decorated to make him look more like a dragon. Nathaniel also saw that there were some holes in the arms of his armor. Nathaniel remembered the trick he did with the fur on his arms and they fit through the holes perfectly. He also noted the armor protected his wings as well while still giving him freedom of movement. He felt the weight of the armor and felt like he was carrying the chain shirt instead of Full Plate. The more he looked at his armor, the more he liked it.

“Let’s see what weapon style you’d be best with.” Draco said.

They tried out several weapons and Nathaniel tried his best with each of them. He quickly found that he was best with swords. The trouble was deciding what type of sword. The great sword he was excellent with and he was no slouch with the standard long sword. He was even decent with a long sword and short sword in each hand. They settled that he would have for his custom made sword, a hand-and-a-half sword, more commonly known as a bastard sword. It was a beautifully plain blade. The hilt of the sword was a dragon’s neck ending in a head with a crystal flame coming from it. The crystal served a double purpose. It was there not only as the pommel, but also could be used to help grip the sword in the other hand. Nathaniel twisted it about in the light and saw many colors within it.

“Since you’re going to become a trainer I’ll let you know something.” Draco said. “You can actually safely use that blade on wild Pokémon. The psionics I put in that blade will only allow it to do damage as if it were a battle. The blade will not do actual harm to them.”

“And if you were to charge energy into it, there are all sorts of thing you can do with it.” Anthony said.

“Awesome.” Nathaniel said. “Thanks a lot Draco!”

“Save your thanks for just a bit.” Draco said. “I’ve still got a shield for you. This shield will actually be the standard size round shield until you grab your sword with two hands. It will then shrink to the size of a buckler to give both of your arms freedom of movement. If you do not want to use either your sword or your shield then you can easily strap the shield to your back and sheathe your sword. We still need to make the design on the shield however.”

Nathaniel was impressed with how much Draco was doing for him and knew he needed to find a way to thank him. He logged that away fro the moment and focused on the design for his shield. He decided to ask Anthony for advice.

“I can give you an idea for a centerpiece on the shield but it will be up to you for the rest.” Anthony said. “In the center should go a standard pokeball. Coming from the pokeball will be the ring that surrounds Arceus. Extending from the pokeball overlapping Arceus’s ring will be a pair of wings. The wings represent the furr population. The ring of Arceus represents the Legendaries. And the pokeball represents the connection between Furrs and Pokémon. This has been the seal of the masters for as long as I can remember. The color of the background and whatever else you may want to put on the shield is up to you.”

“I think I’ll add one thing to the center piece to make it my seal.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll add the triquetra to the center of the pokeball. True it is the centerpiece of Charmed. But it is really the Celtic symbol for trinity. It shows a few things about me in particular. It will yes show I like Charmed, but that’s not an important one. It will show my religion, that of the triune God. I do remember that in both my lives I was steadfast in my faith. It will also symbolize that I come from three races. Humans, furrs and Pokémon. I once was human and will never forget that. I am now a furr and am glad to be. I will be an ambassador for and to the Legendaries and I have an inner Pokémon. This encompasses my past, present and future. It will be on the natural silver color of the shield and around it as if to make the five points of a star will be starting on top and moving clockwise, the silhouettes of a winged fox, a wolf, a dragon, a lion, and an otter. For not only the pieces that make up my form, but to the five who helped me the most in my early days in this world. You Anthony, along with Remus, Jim, Michael, and most importantly, Skip.”

Nathaniel told Draco the designs for his shield. Draco nodded and walked over to the shield he had already prepared for Nathaniel. He zapped the shield again and Nathaniel watched as Draco made the designs exactly as Nathaniel had pictured it. Nathaniel smiled when Draco had finished and hugged him tightly as he thanked him many times. Nathaniel was surprised by something though. When he hugged Draco, he was surprised to feel the unmistakable cushioning of a diaper! He looked up at Draco with a questioning look.

“If that’s a secret Draco, I’ll keep it.” Nathaniel said smiling. “Just wondering if you’d mind telling me a reason. No need if you’d rather not.”

“Thanks for keeping it a secret.” Draco said smiling.

“What are friends for?” Nathaniel asked rhetorically with a wider smile.

“I’m a babyfur, since you asked.” Draco said. “I just do this job another hobby.”

“Would you consider teaching me a few things some time?” Nathaniel asked excitedly.

“I would if you had a place for it.” Draco said. “This is the only place I can pursue my hobby of blacksmithing and I can’t use the materials for my own recreation.”

“I have a spot for it.” Nathaniel said. “I just would have to set the place up with all of the necessary equipment.”

“When you’re ready you let me know.” Draco said. “I’ll tell you what you’ll need, where to find it, and then how to use everything.”

“Thanks Draco!” Nathaniel said. He made a note to himself to take Draco up on that offer when he took a small vacation after travelling through Kanto.

Skip paid Draco for the armor, shield, and weapons and helped Nathaniel belt his sword on. Nathaniel hefted his shield and then hugged Draco once more before walking with Skip back into the shopping area. As quickly as he went out there, he stopped just as fast. Across the way he saw a sight that made him unsure whether his heart was pounding or had stopped completely. It was the most beautiful creature he had yet to see in the Pokémon world. An Arctic Fox with wings that may have been even whiter than his stood before him. And she was walking this way! Nathaniel tried to give her some kind of greeting when she stopped in front of him, but he found his throat constricted.

“We’ve been waiting for you Nathaniel.” She said smiling. “My father, King Carul is ready to begin your knighting ceremony and give his blessings upon your journey. We may want to get you a glass of water first though.”

She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “We are aware of what you go to become. That makes this ceremony all the ore important. The fact that you know the meaning of the symbol you bear on your shield proves that you are the one we’ve been waiting for. My father, my husband and I form the three parts of the Angelics and have been selected as the ones to begin your ascent to the position of Master.”

Nathaniel was even more surprised by this new information. He nodded mutely and accepted a chalice Anthony came up to him with. He had to relax to smile a bit at how well Anthony was balancing it. As he finished the water he felt much more at ease.

“What is your name?” Nathaniel asked the vixen.

“My name is Selene.” She answered. “My husband is Edward. He was gifted with the inner light. My father Carul was gifted with Psionics. Come with me. It is time to begin the ceremony. You may have a few come with to witness. We need a father figure, a mother figure, and no more than three friends, plus any squires you may have. We can allow your Arcanine as well as a bonded one. Whether she is a mount or a battle companion, it makes no difference.”

“Skip would be the one I would look to the most as a father figure even though I love him as a brother.” Nathaniel said. “Zoe will thus serve as my mother for the purpose of the ceremony. Arcanine will indeed come. For friends, I choose Cuprum, Ethan and Professor Oak. My four squires are my Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Anthony.”

“Hey!” Anthony said.

“Sorry Anthony, but I have to get you in somehow.” Nathaniel said.

“Okay.” Anthony huffed. “But you owe me for this!”

“Lady Selene, may I delay the ceremony enough to get something for my squires, and possibly my mount?” Nathaniel asked.

“Very well.” Selene answered. “I assume you are thinking along the lines of armor. I would recommend nothing heavier than Studded Leather for your squires. Arcanine would likely be able to wear something heavier. You do have plenty of time tonight. You are the only ceremony we need to perform and the feast does not begin for an hour yet.”

“Thank you lady.” Nathaniel said bowing.
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She smiled at his gallantry and left. Nathaniel went to find out where he could get armor for his Pokémon and went for it. He bought them each a simple suit of Studded Leather and had them try it on. They liked the look of it and weren’t bothered by the extra weight. Even Anthony liked his new armor. Nathaniel considered their dept settled but knew he’d still thank Anthony somehow. Arcanine looked battle ready in her armor. The armor was also made with a detachable portion to be used as a saddle. Arcanine licked her pup as best she could with his armor on and Nathaniel hugged her in return. When they were finished getting their new armor Nathaniel gathered Skip, Ethan, Zoe, Cuprum and Professor Oak and led them to where the knighting was to take place. Walking in he saw the lady Selene sitting on a throne next to a larger one. In it was an old looking arctic fox, and next to him in a throne of equal size to Selene’s was a winter wolf judging by his snow white fur. Zoe kneeled down and hugged Nathaniel and sent him onward. Cuprum, and Oak shook his hand heartily and stood off to the side with Zoe. When Nathaniel went to shake Ethan’s hand, he surged forward and nearly knocked him off his feet with a tight hug. When he let go he ran and leaped into Zoe’s arms to watch the ceremony. Nathaniel’s “squires” nodded and stood in a different group away from Nathaniel. Arcanine gave Nathaniel another lick and walked over to the squires and laid down behind them to watch her pup. Skip was the only one who walked up to the thrones with Nathaniel and nodded to him before stopping at the base of the steps leading up to the thrones. Nathaniel gave Skip a hug which was promptly returned and walked slowly up to the thrones and kneeled before the thrones. Nathaniel couldn’t remember the whole ceremony but he was knighted with the blade upon each shoulder and dubbed Sir Nathaniel, he felt a surge of energy flow through him. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew he was stronger than before.

Chapter 6

The rest of the night flew by. The show and food was excellent and Nathaniel loved all of the other gifts he got. He remembered that he was going to get his starters check at the Pokémon center and told the family that he would gate home when he was done getting them checked. He walked into the Pokémon center and got an awkward stare from the nurse at the counter. He realized that he and his Pokémon were still in their armor. He shrugged and walked up to the nurse.

“Could we please get these three a quick check up?” Nathaniel asked as he placed Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur on the counter.

“I’ll call the nurse in room 3.” She answered. “If you head through that door, just walk down the hall and you’ll come to it. The nurse will be waiting for you.”

Nathaniel nodded his thanks and walked through the door. He walked down the hallway and came to room 3. He opened the door and the kangaroo nurse just finished put the phone down and smiled at him as he walked in.

“What seems to be the problem?” She asked.

Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur got embarrassed when she asked. Bulbasaur was uncharacteristically shy, and Charmander lost his usual confidence. Nathaniel also noted that the diaper he felt on the shoulder Squirtle was sitting on was swelling. Nathaniel told the nurse about the event that happened earlier. He asked her if it would be possible to check them for anything that may have caused them.

“We can put them through an x-ray and see if they have any damage for some reason.” She said. “I don’t see how they would have had something happen though. I actually checked them myself while they were in their pokeballs. If you’d strip that armor off of them and then remove their diapers, we can place them on the table there and scan them.”

Nathaniel helped them get their armor off and then removed their plastic pants and diapers. He found to his surprise and theirs, that Charmander’s and Bulbasaur’s diapers were wet. He threw the three used diapers away and cleaned his Pokémon up before putting them on the table belly up.

“Just relax guys.” Nathaniel said seeing them tense on the table. “You wont feel anything. This will be over quickly and then we’ll see if something is wrong with you guys.”

His Pokémon relaxed at his voice and Nathaniel decided to try to hum something to keep them calm while the x-rays were being taken. He remembered Orassion from The Rise of Darkrai and the effect it had on Pokémon. He hummed it the best he could and it did the trick. His Pokémon closed their eyes and weren’t even aware of the x-rays being taken. When they were finished the nurse took a look at her computer. Nathaniel took a look at his Pokémon and found that he had sent them off to dreamland.

“That was very well done.” The kangaroo said. “An excellent Orassion. If you need more diapers for them, you can take the ones you need from the cabinet there. You’ll find everything you need.”

Nathaniel went to the cabinet and got out the necessary powder and cream along with the diapers for each of them. Nathaniel made quick work of diapering them and after he had slipped on their plastic pants without even waking them, he walked over to look at the computer. He looked at the images that were posted and while he didn’t understand what he was seeing exactly, he did know that something was wrong.

“Something has, for want of a better term, fired the nerves in the bladders of your Pokémon.” The kangaroo said. “Those nerves let your Pokémon know when they have to pee. Without them, their bladders will fill until they reach capacity and then let everything out. This is similar to that which most Hybrids suffer from, except they are born without those nerves. We can’t fix that damage unfortunately so I would suggest we prescribe them something that will actually shrink the size of their bladders. Smaller wettings are a better idea than an unfortunately timed flooding that will severely hamper your Pokémon’s’ battling. As for their bowels, there is minor damage to the nerves there as well. It doesn’t effect them much, but when they are relaxed, their bowels may give a sudden movement and cause an accident. Sleeping is the time that will happen most often. We can’t fix this damage either, but they are fortunate in one regard. The nerves haven’t been damaged nearly as badly as the nerves in their bladder. The nerves in their bladders may as well be gone, but the nerves in their bowels may one day heal. It will be a long process but they may one day be able to gain control over their bowel movements again.”

“Some good news at least.” Nathaniel said. “They like their diapers and don’t mind wetting them. They hate messing them though and I’m sure they’ll be happy that they may one day heal. Until then I’ll take good care of them and help them through this. Is there any way of finding out the cause of the nerve damage?”

“Judging by the x-rays they were susceptible to some kind of energy and when it struck them it zapped their nerves into their current state.” The nurse answered.

Nathaniel felt a pang. He thought that it may have been any of the energies he used on them. Whether it was his healing, or possibly the gating, that was the only energy he knew to affect his Pokémon. He thanked the nurse and carried his sleeping Pokémon into the lobby once more. Arcanine had been waiting for him and felt his unease. She walked up to him and nudged him with her nose.

“I think I did this to them Arcanine.” He said. “I think I made them actually need their diapers. They may have one day stopped needing them, but now we’ll never know because they’re going to need diapers for the rest of their lives.”

Nathaniel started crying softly. Arcanine tried to lick all of the tears that were rolling down his face, but a few still fell on the slumbering Pokémon. The tears woke them and Nathaniel felt their fear when they saw him crying.

“What’s wrong Nathaniel?” Bulbasaur asked concerned.

“Is it something about us?” Squirtle asked fearfully.

“If something’s wrong with us, please tell us.” Charmander said putting a brave face on.

Nathaniel told them what was wrong with them. He also explained what he believed may have caused the problem. He hugged them close and buried his head in them and kept telling them how sorry he was.

“Okay stop!” Charmander said sternly. “We forgive you even if it is your fault. We were all probably going to wear diapers all the time anyway and we would have lost bladder control in the process. As for messing our diapers, we can live with it. It’s unpleasant but you do an excellent job of taking care of us. It was only that bad because it was our first time and we were caught off guard. Please don’t cry like that. It hurts to see you so sad or scared.”

Nathaniel cried even more but he was smiling this time. He hugged his Pokémon tighter until Charmander gave a weird noise and Nathaniel realized he was hugging them too tight. He loosened his hold and set them on Arcanine’s saddle. He climbed aboard himself after Anthony leaped upon his shoulder and they left the Pokémon center. Arcanine raced behind the building and Nathaniel opened a gate to his room.

Chapter 7

When they stepped into Nathaniel’s room, they all jumped off and Nathaniel offered to put their armor back on. The declined for the moment and Nathaniel took his own armor off after helping Anthony and Arcanine out of theirs. He set the armor on his bed along with his sword and shield and walked up the stairs to the living room. Everyone was waiting for him to show up and Skip cut the cake expertly. Nathaniel smiled at the continuation of the Italian theme. The ice cream cake was made from Mint, Vanilla, and Strawberry gelato! The colors of the Italian flag. Everyone had a slice and relished it. Nathaniel had to laugh when he saw his starters. They had the gelato smeared all over their faces. That was fine by the gelato loving Arcanine, who quickly became their own living washcloth. They squealed just as much as Nathaniel usually does when Arcanine washes him with her tongue. This made everyone present laugh.

“It’s been a long night for you kids.” Skip said. “But it really is time for bed. I’m sure Nathaniel won’t leave tomorrow without saying goodbye so you can cling to him then and beg unsuccessfully once more for him to postpone his journey.”

Oak was kind enough to stay and help get the children to their cribs. The boys playfully struggled to avoid going to bed. The girls were too tired to resist when the ladies carried them off to bed. When Oak had finished helping the older brothers and Nathaniel corner the boys and get them into their respective father’s clutches, he picked up the mature Cuprum and carried him to his room. Nathaniel called goodnight up the stairs and went down to his room.

When he got there, he took out a large backpack and began grabbing the things he’d need for the journey. He first made sure he had several disposables for him and his Pokémon packed up. He had decided that he’d use disposables on his journey and would were cloth diapers only at home. He also packed a few days travel rations. Food that wouldn’t expire easily or be smashed in his backpack. He also placed a few water bottles in the bag. He set the items from the Pokémon league in their appropriate places and hit himself on the forehead for not selling the nuggets earlier in the day. He packed a couple extra onises and shorts along with a pair of jeans and a jacket for when he got to a colder area. He tried to think of what else to pack but couldn’t think of anything he’d need. He set his bag by the door and put every suit of armor along with his shield and sword next to the bag.

His packing done, he hefted his Pokémon onto his bed. Arcanine hopped up as well and Nathaniel climbed in and they all snuggled together as they suckled Arcanine to help themselves reach dreamland faster for dreams of what tomorrow and future days would bring.
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Chapter 8

Nathaniel woke from a strange dream involving Yoshies for some reason. He looked at the clock after yawning and knew it was time. He looked at his pokemon and, as usual, Arcanine was the only one awake. She licked her favorite pup good morning and he got out of bed. Nathaniel looked at his other pokemon and checked the status of their diapers. They had all messed again but without Charmander waking up this time.

He took Charmander first and laid him on the table with a squish. Charmander woke up as Nathaniel thought he might and he placed a hand over Charmander’s mouth. Charmander nodded even though he’d already wrinkled his nose with disgust. Nathaniel untapped the diaper and quickly blocked the scent from reaching his nostrils so he could get it over with quickly. He cleaned Charmander up and noticed he’d gotten a full blown case of diaper rash. Nathaniel felt sorry for his pokemon, but couldn’t help but feel excited as well. This was the perfect opportunity to test whether or not he really could heal diaper rash or not. He charged his positive energy and went to work on Charmander’s rash. It worked wonderfully! Charmander’s scales were completely unmarked. He rewarded Charmander for being his guinea pig by applying a generous amount of oil to his diaper area and massaging him thoroughly with positive energy to boost the experience. Charmander’s eyes glazed over with absolute bliss. He was disappointed when it was over but Nathaniel told him he needed to change the others. He diapered Charmander and let him pull his own plastic pants up while he took care of Squirtle. Squirtle had a minor case of diaper rash and it wasn’t until Nathaniel was healing him that he woke up. He kept silent when he saw what Nathaniel was doing and was rewarded with the same treatment Charmander received to the same result. When Nathaniel had diapered him and given him his plastic pants, he picked up the slowly awakening Bulbasaur and cleaned him up. Bulbasaur surprisingly only had some irritation and Nathaniel took care of that easily. He then diapered Bulbasaur and put the plastic pants on him. Squirtle looked at him questioningly and Nathaniel told him that now the three of them had each gotten the oil massage once. Now they were even.

Nathaniel smirked and got a cruel prank in his mind. He picked up the still slumbering Anthony and set him belly up on the changing table. He took out the oil again and massaged him the same way he’d massaged Charmander and Squirtle and Anthony woke up. His eyes immediately rolled in bliss and when Nathaniel finished he made a few motions.

“Wait a minute!” Anthony shouted as he quickly rolled over. He looked at himself but didn’t find the diaper he was expecting. Nathaniel and the starters broke into helpless fits of laughter and Anthony scowled at them.

“Not funny guys.” He said. “Fine! If you’re so determined to get me to try a diaper, put one on me.”

Anthony laid back down with a huff. Nathaniel was surprised but wasted no time in diapering Anthony. He didn’t know when another opportunity like this would show up! Fortunately Bulbasaur’s diapers were equipped with a tail hole that could be opened if needed. Nathaniel had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at how cute Anthony was. An Eevee his age in diapers would be cute enough, but he was even cuter with that angry look on his face. Nathaniel pulled out something he had bought at the pokemart for just such an occasion. He pulled a pair of plastic pants up over Anthony’s diaper and then attached the removable locks. That was when Anthony leaped back to his feet.

“What are you doing?” He shouted. “I thought you were going to let me out of these after getting a good laugh in. Let me out of these!”

“I’ll make you a deal Anthony.” Nathaniel said when he had control of himself again. “If you wear them for the day and can honestly tell me that you didn’t like them, I’ll take them off you and I won’t make you wear them again. Deal?”

“Fine!” Anthony huffed. Nathaniel smirked. He’d scored on that one. He could see something Anthony couldn’t. Anthony was too angry right now to realize it, but Nathaniel could tell by his Aura that he did indeed like diapers.

“Anyone care to wear their armor?” Nathaniel asked.

Everyone, even the angry Anthony, wanted to begin their journey wearing their armor. Nathaniel helped Bulbasaur and Anthony with their armor while Squirtle and Charmander helped each other. They then helped Arcanine into hers and Nathaniel into his. Nathaniel belted his sword to himself and put on his shield. After hefting his backpack, Nathaniel and the others walked up the staircase outside and went around to the front of the house. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see everyone already up and waiting to say goodbye. His first hug went to his two favorite brothers, Ethan and Skip. He hugged everyone in turn. They all followed him to Pallet Town where the population was lined up to watch him leave. He was the first trainer in awhile to leave from Pallet Town so it was a big deal to them. He paraded with his family to the gate of the city opening to a path headed north. Professor Oak was waiting for him there and handed him a laptop computer when he got there.

“This is a very special computer Nathaniel.” He said. “It is the league’s standard issue to trainers. It is a combination Pokedex, Pokegear, Pokenav, and Poketch. It also has the function of a PC if you are within a certain range of a Pokemon center. It will even tell you the condition of your Pokemon and give you some information on opposing pokemon if you look at them with the laptops built in camera. Good luck on your journey Nathaniel!”

Nathaniel didn’t say thank you to the Professor. He instead embraced him in a hug before he ran down the path toward Viridian City. Arcanine and his Pokemon were right beside him as he ran. He gave a leap and landed perfectly on Arcanine’s saddle. He drew his blade and turned around. He swung his sword through the air so that it flashed in the sun for all in Pallet Town to see. He gave one last look to those standing at the gate. His family was waving bravely. Oak and Draco were cheering him on. And those three, Edward, Carul, and Selene watched him from the gate as well. He felt a feeling coming from the three of them, and knew they wished him luck upon his journey as well.

Chapter 9

He sped down the path upon Arcanine again and his pokemon caught a ride with him. He expected to come to a place that some consider being a place or great evil. Others see it as an opportunity. He expected to see the tall grass where Pokemon would gather. But all there was the straight path. He asked Anthony about that.

“If you’re looking for wild pokemon you’d have to leave the path.” Anthony said. “For the most part, Pokemon would stay off the paths. The paths need to be clear for everyone to travel from place to place.”

“I’d always wondered about that.” Nathaniel said. “In the games it seemed that only trainers could get from one city to another due to some obstacle or another. Arcanine, let’s leave the path and let each of you battle one wild pokemon.”

Arcanine leaped from the path and into the dreaded tall grass off the path. Almost immediately a Pidgey leaped up in alarm and attacked. Nathaniel sent Charmander out first since he was the most eager to battle. The Pidgey swooped in for a Tackle only to be deflected by a Scratch from Charmander. Pidgey tried again, and Charmander once more deflected the attack. Nathaniel had seen enough and gave Charmander his first battle order. “Blast Burn!” Charmander opened his mouth and shot a small fire ball at the Pidgey. As soon as it struck the bird the ball exploded into a pillar of flame and the Pidgey fell to the ground. Nathaniel was shocked when the Pidgey teleported after fainting.

“What just happened to Pidgey?” Nathaniel asked Anthony.

“That is something the Legendaries did to help wild pokemon when they were KO’ed.” Anthony said. “They are immediately teleported to a place of healing and released back into the wild.”

“Very wise of them.” Nathaniel said. “Excellent work Charmander!”

Apparently the battle drew the attention of another wild pokemon because a Rattata charged from the grass. Nathaniel didn’t want Bulbasaur to have to battle a Pidgey so he sent him out next. The two exchanged vicious tackles until Nathaniel shouted “Frenzy Plant!” A green glow appeared below Bulbasaur and Nathaniel saw a few areas of the ground begin to rise in a line heading for Rattata. When they had gathered beneath it many thick, thorny vines shot up from the ground and sent Rattata sailing into the air. It teleported before it even hit the ground again. Nathaniel smiled and congratulated Bulbasaur before he turned his attention to yet another Pidgey that came at them.

Squirtle uncharacteristically charged the Pidgey without fear. It was yet another Tackling match before he set Pidgey flying at Nathaniel’s order of “Hydro Cannon!” Nathaniel didn’t even see where the Pidgey had gone. He congratulated Squirtle and looked around to see if there were any more wild pokemon heading for them. Nothing showed up so Nathaniel looked around with his Aura Sight to find some. He saw two Rattata up ahead and headed straight for them.

The Rattata immediately attacked when he came bursting through the grass and had almost hit him when Anthony used his own Tackle on one. It flew a good ten feet backwards and Nathaniel remembered that Anthony had higher stats than the average pokemon of his level and species. The other Rattata was busy trying to get out from underneath Arcanine’s paw. Arcanine would have none of that and hit the rat that had dared attacked her pup point blank with Overheat! The attack hadn’t even ended before the pokemon teleported. Anthony finished the other Rattata with another Tackle before it could get up. Nathaniel was impressed with them. He felt something and used his Aura Sight. He sighed and raised his shield to give a Pidgey that was attempting to dive bomb him a haymaker. The Pidgey struck the shield with a loud “PONG” and stayed there spread eagle before teleporting.

“Nice move!” Anthony said.

Nathaniel thanked him and congratulated him on his own victory before climbing aboard Arcanine again and waited for his pokemon to climb on as well. They left the tall grass and continued onward to Viridian City. Nathaniel had to drop his jaw at the sight of the place. He had grown so used to the tiny Pallet Town that he had forgotten what a city looked like. He took a quick check of his pokemon and found that they were unharmed and were not in need of a change. He decided to look up the Viridian Gym on his laptop and found that even if he felt his pokemon could have taken the gym leader, they were the only gym in all of Kanto that had a badge requirement. It required that any challenger who went to the gym needed to have each of the other seven badges. Nathaniel shrugged and decided to head straight for Viridian Forest to get to Pewter as quickly as possible.

The trek through the city was interrupted when he reached the center of the city. The trainer’s district was apparently the center of Viridian City. The Battle Square was much bigger and Nathaniel saw several battles happening at once. Nathaniel saw both new trainers and experienced ones battling. Nathaniel tried to get through as inconspicuously as possible for a trainer in a suit of armor, riding a pokemon also in armor. As he expected, a trainer walked up to him wanting a battle. Nathaniel noticed that he had an experienced look in his eye. Nathaniel checked league rules and found that trainers with fewer gym badges may refuse a battle with a trainer with more. Nathaniel looked at the trainer through his laptop and found that there was a function that tells trainers about other trainers. He saw that this trainer had seven badges and just about refused when Arcanine slid him off of her. Nathaniel looked at Arcanine questioningly and she nodded at him.

“One-on-one.” Nathaniel said.

“You don’t get to decide that.” The trainer said. “The rules of the league say that the challenger gets to decide the battle style.”

“The rules also say that if a trainer is challenged by a trainer with more badges, the challenged trainer may override that rule and choose the battle style.” Nathaniel said smirking. “You have seven badges and I have none.”

“What!” the trainer said. “Then I’m not going to waste my time on a noob like you.”

The trainer began to walk off and Nathaniel shouted after him. “Then I challenge you to a one-on-one battle. The rules of the pokemon league say that a trainer may not refuse an official challenge from any trainer with the same amount of badges or less. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit and the challenging trainer receives the money they would have won from the trainer if the trainer would have lost.”

The trainer stopped in his tracks. He turned around angrily and threw a pokeball into the air. A flash of white light blasted down to the ground and from it appeared a Charizard. Nathaniel sent Arcanine forward as she wanted and the battle began. Arcanine immediately used Extremespeed and the Charizard took a step back from the hit. The opposing trainer shouted “Fire Blast!” and the attack hit Arcanine hard. Arcanine looked hurt to Nathaniel and he ordered her to be evasive. Arcanine didn’t listen and she again used Extremespeed and struck the Charizard again. Charizard looked a bit mad about that one and got another direct hit with Fire Blast. Arcanine was looking bad but continued to hit Charizard with Extremespeed. Charizard gained an odd red glow around it and Nathaniel knew its ability had come into play. Its fire attacks would be much more powerful! It hit Arcanine once more; this time with Blast Burn and Arcanine just stood there and took the hit. Nathaniel was shocked! Arcanine not only was unhurt by the Blast Burn, she looked like she hadn’t taken a single point of damage! Then Nathaniel and the other trainer remembered at the same time that Arcanine’s ability was Flash Fire! It made it so that not only were Fire attacks ineffective, they increased the power of Arcanine’s Fire attacks! Nathaniel smiled at how sly Arcanine was and just as he thought of ordering Overheat Arcanine unleashed the attack at what appeared to be ten times the power! Needless to say, Charizard fell to the attack and Nathaniel won the battle.

The opposing trainer and several onlookers just stood there in shock. A trainer without badges just defeated an experienced trainer with seven! The trainer called back his Charizard and ran off in a huff. Nathaniel hugged Arcanine and then remembered he needed to go to the pokemart. Trainers got out of his way as he walked to the building and went inside. He walked up to the counter and took out his Nuggets. After selling them all, he bought a few pokeballs in case he saw a pokemon he actually wanted. The clerk gave him not only a free Premier Ball that came with a purchase of ten or more pokeballs, but also five free Pokeballs since he had just started his journey. He went back outside and he and his pokemon rode out of the city and into the Viridian forest.
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Chapter 10

The sunlight diminished when they passed through the checkpoint to enter the Viridian Forest. There was a cal silence to the place that made Nathaniel uneasy. He felt like something would jump out of the trees at any moment. He decided for peace of mind to use his Aura Sight while in the forest.

A noise that he didn’t see came from nearby him and made him jump six feet in the air. He looked around and saw that Charmander was clutching his stomach. Nathaniel reverted to his normal vision and laughed. He realized that none of them had bothered to eat breakfast before they left home. Nathaniel decided that they all could use a break and they suckled Arcanine for a few minutes. Nathaniel realized that Arcanine would probably be hungry and told his Pokémon to wait while he went to find any berries that may be growing in the forest for Arcanine to eat.

Nathaniel used a bit of negative energy and leaped into the trees. His climbing lessons with Michael and Zoe came in handy as he leaped through the foliage. It wasn’t long before he heard something from further ahead. He used his Aura Sight and saw a bunch of Beedrill attacking something near a berry tree. He increased his speed and came to the clearing where he saw the Beedrill. Sparks were keeping them from getting too close but Nathaniel saw that the unfortunate Pikachu that the Beedrill had taken into their heads to pick on wasn’t doing any real damage to them. It must have been fighting them for awhile because the poor thing looked exhausted. Only fear and survival instinct kept it going. Nathaniel decided to be the one to make sure it survived.

“Bee gone or bee defeated.” He shouted at the Beedrill, hoping the lousy puns would get their attention.

The puns got their attention alright. And they were infuriated by them. One charged Nathaniel with its front stingers pointed straight for him. Nathaniel quickly drew his blade and used it to knock one stinger aside while deflecting the other with his shield. With the stingers out of the way, Nathaniel reared his head back and slammed it into the Beedrill’s skull as hard as he could. When his helmet stopped ringing, Nathaniel looked at the Beedrill just in time to see it teleport. The other Beedrill charged and Nathaniel quickly gathered energy into his hand. He then channeled the energy into his sword and swung it horizontally and smiled upon receiving the desired effect. A wave of energy flew from his blade and struck each Beedrill. It wasn’t enough energy to knock them out as it was thinly spread, but the Beedrill took it as a warning and flew off with all due haste. Nathaniel nodded and sheathed his sword.

Nathaniel took a look at the exhausted Pikachu and walked towards it. The Pikachu got a scared look in its eyes before collapsing at the base of the tree. Nathaniel ran the rest of the way towards it and quickly pumped positive energy into its tiny body. It had surprisingly few injuries and they faded quickly. Nathaniel kept the flow going for a few more seconds and stopped. The Pikachu was instead of being unconscious, in a peaceful state of sleep. He left it alone for the moment and picked some of the Oran Berries that were growing in the lower branches of the tree. He placed them in his backpack and picked up the slumbering Pikachu before running back towards his Pokémon.

His Pokémon looked up in surprise when he came back with the Pikachu. The starters and Antony came up to take a look at the Pikachu after Nathaniel set him down against a tree. Nathaniel walked up to Arcanine and offered her the Oran berries.

“Thank you Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel dropped the Oran berries and his jaw dropped almost as far. Arcanine finally spoke to him! He’d been waiting for this and had always wondered why they could never speak to each other before.

“So you can finally understand me.” Arcanine said. “I’m glad for that. What’s wrong with the Pikachu little one?”

“He’s just exhausted from a long battle with a Beedrill swarm.” Nathaniel said. “I brought him along to make sure he’d be okay. When I’m sure he’ll be okay I’ll let him go. First requirement is that he wakes up.”

No sooner had he said that when he heard a commotion behind him. He looked around to see his Pokémon scrambling to get away from the now awake and scared Pikachu. Sparks were coming from its cheeks and it was watching Nathaniel’s Pokémon warily. Nathaniel smiled and began walking towards it. It took one look at him and sent a bolt of electricity his way. Nathaniel sidestepped the bolt and charged allot of negative energy into himself. He continued walking towards the Pikachu again and ignored the electricity that the Pikachu bombarded him with. When he got close enough, he kneeled down to the Pikachu’s level and gently hugged him. The electricity stopped abruptly as the Pikachu stared now at Nathaniel with surprise instead of fear.

“I’m glad to see you’re okay Pikachu.” Nathaniel said. “Sorry for the scare. I just wanted to make sure you would be okay after I chased off those Beedrill.”

“You chased off the Beedrill?”

Now it was Nathaniel’s turn to stare in shock. Either this Pikachu could speak, or he’d gotten some sort of Doctor Doolittle power and could understand animals now. That’s when he remembered his knighting ceremony. He felt stronger somehow at the end. He must have received a power in the waking world!

“Yes.” Nathaniel said smiling. “I chased off the Beedrill after beating up one of them. How are you feeling?”

“Actually, much better.” The Pikachu said. “Did you heal me somehow?”

“Yes.” Nathaniel answered. “After I did that I brought you here to make sure you slept safely.”

“Thank you.” The Pikachu said finally relaxing.

Nathaniel smiled and started rubbing Pikachu on one of his cheeks. He saw Pikachu was enjoying that and he added some positive energy to it. Soon he was giving the Pikachu a whole body rub, and it loved every minute of it. When Nathaniel stopped the Pikachu lay there panting as if it had tangled with the Beedrill again.

“Any chance you’d like to come with me?” Nathaniel asked.

“Go with you where?” The Pikachu asked in return.

“Come with me on my journey through Kanto.” Nathaniel answered. “I’m traveling to each of the eight gyms and eventually to my final destination, the Indigo Plateau. After that it is on to the rest of the world.”

“I will on one condition.” Pikachu said. “I want to battle with one of your Pokémon.”

“Fine by me.” Nathaniel said. “Just let me capture you first so you won’t teleport if I end up knocking you out.”

Pikachu nodded and Nathaniel tapped him on the head with the Premier Ball he had received in Viridian City. The ball shook in his hands a few times and then pinged. Nathaniel then sent out his new Pikachu and looked to see which of his Pokémon should battle. He decided to make it a fair battle. Bulbasaur had a resistance to Pikachu’s attacks and Squirtle was weak against them. That left Anthony and Charmander. Because Anthony had those increased stats, Charmander was selected to battle Pikachu.

Both sides signaled when ready and the battle was underway. Charmander charged in for a Scratch and Pikachu sent a Thunder Wave at him. Charmander immediately slowed but kept his charge and got a solid strike on Pikachu. Pikachu then used Quick Attack and Charmander responded with an Ember. Pikachu then ran back across the field and did a quick reverse towards Charmander. Nathaniel was shocked to see Pikachu using Volt Tackle! He shouted for Charmander to use Blast Burn, but Charmander was too slow. He launched the Blast Burn just before Pikachu reached him and the resulting explosion KO’ed both Pokémon. Nathaniel healed both Pokémon and carried them over to Arcanine. She had finished her lunch of Oran Berries and let Nathaniel climb onto her. The other hopped aboard as well and Arcanine sped through the forest until they reached the checkpoint. They walked through and blinked as the sunlight hit their eyes. Smiling that they had made it through the forest with a new friend, Nathaniel urged Arcanine onward toward the first goal, Pewter City.

Chapter 11

It wasn’t long before Nathaniel had yet again drawn the attention of several trainers yet again. Unfortunately they all were without badges so Nathaniel could not reject their challenge. Fortunately Nathaniel had several Pokémon with advantages over his opponents. His Pokémon either knew powerful attacks, or were just stronger than the opposition. After giving the Pokémon center enough work to make a lunch rush at a fast food joint look as easy as riding a bike, he added himself to the long line. Several trainers were being directed to examination rooms for healing. He had already healed his Pokémon, he just needed to get them some rest and an actual meal. He got a key from the desk and went to the room.

He looked at one of the pamphlets in the room and decided to call a pizza place that advertised their pizzas being edible by both furrs and Pokémon. He had it delivered to his room and decided to check the condition of the diapers on all present. His own was wet and was starting to get heavy. Anthony glared at him when Nathaniel found his to be wet as well. Nathaniel lastly checked the starters and to no surprise were they wet as well. He started by removing their armor. He then changed the starters first and moved onto Anthony.

“So how do you like the diapers Anthony?” Nathaniel asked when he’d finished rediapering him.

“Okay, I admit it.” Anthony said. “I like wearing the diapers. I only have a problem with using them.”

“I’ve been wondering about that.” Pikachu said. “Why are you guys wearing them anyway?”

“Those three need them.” Nathaniel said pointing to the starters. “I made a deal with Anthony that if he wore them for the day and could honestly tell me he didn’t like them, I’d never make him wear diapers again. Since he just admitted to liking them however, he’s going to wear them awhile longer.”

“Could we try the same thing for me?” Pikachu asked quietly.

“You sure you want to?” Nathaniel asked. “You’ll have to use them as well.”

“I can live with that for one day just to see if I really would like them.” Pikachu said.

“Okay then.” Nathaniel said. “Charmander’s should fit you so we’ll start now. Hop on up here.”

Pikachu jumped onto the changing table and Nathaniel decided to start his first diapering experience with an oil and positive energy massage. It had the same effect on Pikachu that it had on the rest of his Pokémon. Pikachu was still in a half hypnotized state when Nathaniel taped the diaper on him and stepped back. Pikachu stood up and looked at himself. He prodded the diaper a bit and smiled at the crinkling noise it made. He then looked a bit enviously at the plastic pants the other Pokémon were wearing. Nathaniel promised Pikachu that he’d get him a pair of his own and turned his attention to his sixth Pokémon. He helped Arcanine out of her armor and gave her a full body positive energy massage. She licked her pup thoroughly as thanks afterward and the Pizzas arrived a minute after she’d finished.

When they had finished eating the four cheese pizzas, Nathaniel pulled out something from his backpack. It was the TM case the Pokémon League sent him. He looked at his Pokémon and considered which he would use in the Pewter Gym. Then he realized he didn’t know the gym rules. He looked that up on the laptop and found that it would be a two-on-two battle. That made up Nathaniel’s mind to use Squirtle and Bulbasaur. He used the TM case to teach them each one attack. He taught Bulbasaur Energy Ball, and he taught Squirtle Water Pulse. With the attacks ready they left the room and Nathaniel locked the door behind him. He gave the key to the front desk and headed for the Gym.

On entering, Nathaniel at first thought the place was deserted. Then he noticed a Badger across the way with fur that almost matched the color of the surrounding rocks in the gym. He was sitting cross legged and wore nothing, from what Nathaniel could see, except for a pair of khaki shorts. It opened its eyes and looked up at Nathaniel.

“Hopefully you’ve come with a challenge worthy of a gym.” He said. “I’m Brock the Badger, the gym leader here. What is your name?”

“I am Nathaniel the Chimera from Pallet Town.” Nathaniel answered him. “I have indeed come to challenge the gym and give you the honor of being the first gym leader I defeat.”

“I usually am, but how many times will it take you to beat me I wonder.” Brock said. “Let’s begin. GO GEODUDE!”

Appearing from a flash of light came the Pokémon easily described as a floating boulder with arms. Nathaniel thought he knew the next Pokémon to come out, so he decided he’d rather have Squirtle face this one. Squirtle charged and when the battle had begun, immediately attacked. Squirtle opened his mouth and a ball of water started to form in front of it. Squirtle launched it at Geodude successfully using Water Pulse for the first time. The attack hit Geodude and it charged at Squirtle. Nathaniel winced at the critical hit from the Tackle. He knew that Squirtle couldn’t take another hit and just before he ordered “Hydro Cannon!” Squirtle was surrounded by a blue Aura visible by natural sight. Squirtle’s Torrent Ability had kicked in and made his Water attacks much more powerful. Hydro Cannon was launched and Nathaniel winced once more when Squirtle returned the favor of Geodude’s earlier critical hit. Nathaniel had to take a quick look around for Geodude and found him in a dent in the wall behind Brock, clearly KO’ed. Brock returned Geodude and Nathaniel called Squirtle back. Squirtle looked at Nathaniel expecting healing but Nathaniel told him to wait until the end of the battle.

Nathaniel was right about the Pokémon he expected Brock to use. The gigantic snake of boulders Onix came out with a roar. Nathaniel ordered Bulbasaur forward and the second round began. Onix came in for a tackle that was met and stopped by Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip. Bulbasaur then fired an Energy Ball. The Onix clearly was barely holding on so Nathaniel shouted “Frenzy Plant!” for a big finish. It wasn’t as impressive a victory as Squirtle’s was, but Onix was still KO’ed. Brock called back his Onix and took a deep breath.

“Well done Nathaniel.” He said. “That was indeed a worthy challenge. As proof of your victory in the Pewter City Gym by the rules of the Pokémon League, I hereby award you with this Boulder Badge.”

Brock walked up to Nathaniel and shook hands with him. When he removed his hand from Nathaniel’s the Boulder badge was left behind. Brock then offered him a badge case if he wanted one and Nathaniel accepted. Nathaniel placed the first of many badges he planned to win in his badge case and left with his Pokémon.
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I have to apologize to Raikan before I post this chapter. I wasn't on the furr den to ask you if I could do something in Chapter 13. The character was meant to be a tribute to one of my favorite writters. He's only based on the form, not really the personality. Please don't be mad at me for it!

Chapter 12

Nathaniel remembered to do something before heading to the Pokémon center. He first healed Squirtle and then walked over to the Pokemart. Once inside he walked over to the aisle where they kept the diaper supplies. Once there he let Anthony and Pikachu select a pair of plastic pants. Anthony declined insisting he be let out of them. Pikachu was easier and chose one with thunderbolt prints. Nathaniel grabbed a few more packages for his Pokémon and took them to checkout. They left the Pokemart and went back to the Pokémon center. Nathaniel had each of his Pokémon healed again, and went back up to his room. Nathaniel grabbed all of his stuff and noticed he didn’t have enough room for all of the diapers he’d bought.

“You know what guys?” Nathaniel asked. “I think we should go home for dinner. We’ve got a few pieces of good news to tell the family. We’ve got the first badge, and we’ve got a new edition to the family. There’s a Pokémon center just outside Mt. Moon. Let’s reach that and then gate home. Then we’ll spend the night and that’s when I’ll let you out of diapers Anthony.”

Everyone agreed and they left the Pokémon center. Nathaniel tied the bags with the diapers in them to his backpack and they were off. Everyone except Pikachu was once again in armor and Pikachu was clearly envious. Nathaniel made a mental note to get him some armor before they left Pallet Town. They raced along the route towards Mt. Moon and decided for the sake of time to keep on the road.

About halfway along the route Nathaniel stopped abruptly. He had thought he’d seen the most beautiful creature in the Pokémon World when he saw Selene. He felt that he was wrong then when he looked at someone standing in the road up ahead. A snow white winged folf was shining in the full moon light. Nathaniel felt the same sensation as when he saw Selene except it was much more intense this time. He would have fallen to his knees as they were so wobbly if Arcanine had not caught him. The folf had clearly spotted him already and walked towards him. Nathaniel could only stand there and watch her walk toward him. She looked into his eyes when she was a few feet away and stared. Nathaniel felt as if he were trapped within her blue eyes. The folf finally blinked and Nathaniel felt freed. The folf smiled at him.

“It is nice to meet you Nathaniel.” She said.

“How did you know my name?” He asked. “And who are you?”

“My name is Selina.” She answered. “Like you I have all three portions of the Angelics. One of my psionics allows me to look into the minds of others. I can tell you are wondering why you were the one chosen to be the next Master and not me. The answer is because I did not receive them in the right amounts at birth to become the Master. I can also see that you’ve met my parents and grandfather. They have caused a boost in your power that unlocked a few other powers within you.”

“You’re Selene and Edward’s daughter?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yes.” She said. “I inherited my three portions of the Angelics from them and my grandfather.”

“I didn’t know they had a child.” Nathaniel said. “Do you mind my asking you a personal question?”

Selina laughed and said, “We just met and you want to ask that since I’m a hybrid do I have the same birth defect that has occurred in not only you, but your brothers and sisters as well. I’m glad that you asked if I minded first. I may have taken offense if you hadn’t. Yes I suffer, or benefit as I look at it, from the same defect as you do.”

“I feel like it is a benefit as well.” Nathaniel said. “I like wearing diapers.”

“I couldn’t tell for sure.” Selina said. “In all of the memories I looked at, you never showed any outward signs of liking them. I can see memories and read active surface thoughts, but I can’t read minds to that degree as of yet.”

“So what brings you out here?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’ve graduated from a boarding school for future trainers nearby.” She answered. “I’ve been training in the area after earning the Boulder Badge while investigating reports of a powerful Pokémon haunting the Mt. Moon area. Some trainers can only recall some powerful attacks hitting their Pokémon before they white out after encountering it. They can’t remember what species it is and their pokedexes never updated.”

“And you’re looking for a Pokémon that dangerous?” Nathaniel asked shocked.

“I’ve got some powerful Pokémon.” She said. “I think I can take care of myself.”

“Be careful if you find it.” Nathaniel said. “I think I’ll take a look around for it from the air. Wait a sec! Why haven’t you done that?”

“I’m not that good at flying yet.” She answered. “I studied too much, so my flight ad psionics have suffered as a result. Good luck finding it and you be sure to be careful as well.”

“Thank you Selina.” Nathaniel said. “I hope we meet again in the near future.”

Selina smiled and did something that paralyzed Nathaniel once again. She gave him his first kiss. She then walked down the path towards Pewter City. When Nathaniel could move again he realized that he had heavily soaked his diaper and was walking with a large waddle. The weight of the diaper was even forcing him bowlegged. Despite the inconvenience, Nathaniel smiled. He had his first mutual crush.

Chapter 13

They reached the Pokémon center and got another room. Nathaniel changed in there and ordered his Pokémon to remain behind while he flew around the area. Before he could leave the room Arcanine blocked the door.

“Arcanine I can’t fly with you.” He said exasperatedly.

“I know.” She said. “But don’t go alone.”

“Arcanine, if I could bring you then I would.” Nathaniel said. “I can’t bring any of my other Pokémon if this Pokémon is as strong as Selina says it is, so I have no choice but to go alone.”

“Put me in my pokeball then.” Arcanine said.

Nathaniel was stunned. Arcanine had never been in a pokeball since Nathaniel had known her. He wasn’t even sure that Arcanine had a pokeball. He couldn’t imagine putting her into a pokeball. And he said as much.

“Don’t worry.” Arcanine said. “Just send me out before you confront the Pokémon so I can leap to your rescue if need be.”

Nathaniel agreed and called Arcanine into what was actually her Luxury Ball. Nathaniel attached it to a spot that Draco had put on the armor for the purpose and grabbed a few pokeballs and one master ball in case he really wanted to capture whatever Pokémon it was. He left Anthony in charge and was even nice enough to remove the locks from the plastic pants. He told Anthony mentally as he left that he was to still be in diapers when he got back.

When Nathaniel left the Pokémon center, He leaped into the air and flew high enough to see almost the entire Mt. Moon area. He had to use his technique for breathing underwater to get enough air for himself. He used his Aura sight and looked for something that might match the brief description he had. It had to be high enough in level to beat a team of six Pokémon. He saw several Aura’s that fit the bill but he knew that several were probably trainers with one of the angelic traits. When he filtered out which ones he thought were trainers he found what he was looking for. One Aura stood out near Cerulean City. He swooped towards it and landed softly about a hundred yards away from it. He looked ahead with his Aura sight and was sure he’d found his Pokémon. He let Arcanine out and told it to wait behind the bushes they were in.

Nathaniel tried to creep up closer to the Pokémon, but it easily heard it in even his light Full Plate. It was six foot seven and had yellow and brown fur. It wasn’t the size that surprised Nathaniel, he knew it was big. It was actually the color that surprised him. He knew that Pokémon of this species were usually purple, or rarely green if it was one of those alternate color Pokémon. The Pokémon that stood there looking at him with sad eyes was a Mewtwo!

Nathaniel felt the sadness as well when he saw the Mewtwo’s eyes. The sadness was because no trainer had ever tried to help it when it asked. They always attacked and he was forced time and again to defend itself. Nathaniel also felt hopelessness as it readied itself for yet another battle. Nathaniel knew it was reading itself too fast for him to try to talk so he leaped forward with his arm blades at the ready. He felt a wave of Psychic energy slow him as he rushed towards it and felt the pain of being hit by the attack but kept the charge. When he reached it he made several slashes in quick succession. The Mewtwo leaped back to get away form the barrage and threw several stars at Nathaniel that he recognized as the attack Swift. He knew he couldn’t dodge so he blocked to the best of his ability. He charged Mewtwo again but this time slugged him in the side of the head. Mewtwo went flying but stopped himself. He began what Nathaniel knew would be a Hyper Beam and saw something charge at it. Arcanine clamped her jaws around one of Mewtwo’s arms in a Crunch and Mewtwo passed out with the pain.

Nathaniel rushed up and began to heal Mewtwo before it could teleport away. It was then Nathaniel saw how ill the Mewtwo was. It was burning with fever. Nathaniel poured on the healing to fight the disease and soon felt the fever break within Mewtwo. Nathaniel guessed that with the fever it had, it couldn’t use the telepathy that Mewtwo communicated with for the most part. When it tried asking for help in other ways, trainers either attacked it in what they thought was defense, or in hopes of being able to catch it. Despite the fact that Nathaniel had healed it, the Mewtwo wouldn’t wake up and Nathaniel guessed that it was probably just exhausted. When he stopped healing it, he was relieved that it didn’t teleport away. He hefted the Mewtwo onto Arcanine’s back and made sure he wouldn’t fall off. He then walked with Arcanine towards Cerulean City.
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Chapter 14

Nathaniel led Arcanine through the fortunately quiet city. Nathaniel was glad that almost everyone had dinner at this hour and walked to the Pokémon center. He asked for an examination room just to make sure that the Mewtwo was alright and a Chansey and Blissey came up with a stretcher. A Happiny was walking behind then and Nathaniel guessed it was a student learning from them. Arcanine was made to wait in the lobby but Nathaniel was allowed to come with Mewtwo. Nathaniel held the sleeping Pokémon’s hand when they entered the room. An x-ray was taken along with a blood test. The blood test revealed that a fever and an infection had been broken and the source of the infection that caused the fever was revealed in the x-ray. Nathaniel wondered if someone was sending him a sign when he saw that Mewtwo had suffered from a bladder infection that would leave him in the same state as his starters. Nathaniel signed a few forms that stated he would take custody of the Mewtwo and release it if necessary. Nathaniel hopped this would not be this case.

A few minutes later the Mewtwo opened it eyes and looked around fearfully. Nathaniel kept a gentle grip on the Mewtwo’s hand and slowly hummed Orassion hoping to keep it calm. It worked to some effect but Nathaniel could tell it was still nervous. Its eyes locked with Nathaniel’s and if it weren’t for Nathaniel humming Orassion the brief flare of panic Nathaniel saw in its eyes probably would have enveloped him and caused the room to look like a disaster area.

“It’s okay Mewtwo.” Nathaniel said. “Nobody here is going to hurt you. We’ve helped you actually.”

Mewtwo’s eyes widened in surprise. He then communicated with Nathaniel in a broken telepathy.

“What is this place?”

“You’re in the Cerulean City Pokémon Center.” Nathaniel answered. “After our little battle I healed you best I could and brought you here for anything I couldn’t heal.”

“You helped me, even after I attacked you?” the Mewtwo said shocked.

“Yes.” Nathaniel said smiling. “I understand why you attacked. You’d been attacked by so many trainers you were trying to ask for help. It was only natural to assume I’d do the same. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through your fear to speak to you so I had to bring you down unfortunately. Once you were KO’ed, I began healing you. The Pokémon Center can do little for you. I’d broken the infection that was giving you the fever that prevented you from asking for help and you weren’t damaged from the battle. I’m sorry to say that neither I nor the Pokémon Center can repair the damage left by the infection.”

“What damage?” The Mewtwo asked fearfully.

“It was a severe bladder infection.” Nathaniel answered. “It left severe nerve damage that will prevent you from having bladder control. I’m willing to take care of you if you’d like. Or it will be my responsibility to release you back into the wild if you like. Since it is a big decision, I’ll let you get the rest you need while you think about it.”

“Thank you.” The Mewtwo said.

Nathaniel smiled again. He could see by Mewtwo’s Aura and by his feelings that whichever way Mewtwo chose, he’d earned a new friend.

Chapter 15

Nathaniel walked back out to the lobby and went to the video phone by the transfer machine. He phoned the Pokémon Center by Mt. Moon and got the nurse at the desk. He asked her to go to his room and ask his Pokémon to come to the phone. It wasn’t long before all five of them got there and Anthony put it on speaker.

“What’s up Nathaniel?” He asked.

“I’d like to transfer you guys to this Pokémon Center in Cerulean City.” Nathaniel answered. “I’ve got a Pokémon here that I need to stay with. We’ll go home after a shot at the gym tomorrow.”

Anthony rolled his eyes and said, “Okay. We’ll get our pokeballs.”

The nurse came back on and asked for her help with transferring everything. She called back all of Nathaniel’s Pokémon and placed his belongings in the machine. The transfer was successful and Nathaniel returned the key to his room. Nathaniel got a room for his Pokémon and left them in there. He also ordered food for them and paid electronically through his trainer’s account. He ate from his travel rations quickly and returned to Mewtwo. He found him sleeping peacefully and Nathaniel settled himself into a chair and fell asleep himself.

He woke up to find Mewtwo looking out the window. He checked with his Aura Sight and saw that he was fully rested so didn’t complain about his being out of bed. He walked up and stood next to Mewtwo looking out the window as well. Mewtwo didn’t turn to look at him as he spoke.

“I’ve thought about your offer.” Mewtwo said.

“Have you reached a decision?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yes.” The Mewtwo answered. “I feel it would be ungrateful of me not to accept your offer, so I accept.”

“Don’t base your decision solely on that.” Nathaniel said. “I don’t want you to feel forced into it.”

“I don’t feel that.” Mewtwo said turning toward him. “You helped me just for the sake of helping me. You’ve become my friend. I’d rather stay with you than go back to a lonely existence in the wild where I’ll probably be attacked again by other trainers who are only looking for a strong Pokémon.”

“Then welcome to the family Mewtwo.” Nathaniel said smiling. “We should get started right away. Would you lie down on the table please?”

Mewtwo did and looked at him quizzically. Nathaniel went over to the cabinet and looked for a package that had Mewtwo listed on the species list. He found one and pulled out a diaper for him. Nathaniel was surprised they made one that big. He pulled out from his backpack that he had brought with him the bottle of oil. He gave Mewtwo the same massage he had given to his starters, Anthony and Pikachu. When he’d finished the massage, Mewtwo was still in a state of absolute bliss. He threaded Mewtwo’s tail through the giant diaper. Mewtwo didn’t realize that he was being diapered until Nathaniel taped it around him. He looked again at Nathaniel with a quizzical expression on his face.

“If you don’t know Mewtwo, it’s called a diaper.” Nathaniel explained. “Because you don’t have any bladder control anymore, you’ll need to wear this.”

“But what about your other Pokémon?” Mewtwo asked nervously. “Won’t they laugh at me?”

“They might, but it wouldn’t be mean.” Nathaniel answered.

“How can you be sure?” Mewtwo asked again.

“One reason is that they might be afraid of what you’d do to them if they did laugh.” Nathaniel said. “Another reason is that it would be hypocritical of them since most of them wear diapers as well.”

Mewtwo’s eyes widened in shock. “Really?”

Nathaniel laughed at how much of a child Mewtwo sounded like. “How about I show you?”

Mewtwo got a shy, yet excited, look in his eye and nodded. Nathaniel took his hand and walked into the lobby with him. Fortunately nobody was in the lobby except for the Nurse and they walked upstairs. They came to his room and found all but Arcanine sleeping. Arcanine smiled at how the much shorter Nathaniel was holding a six foot Pokémon’s hand as if it were a shy child. Nathaniel motioned for Mewtwo to keep quiet and checked his Pokemons’ diapers. Pikachu was wet, the starters were wet and messy again, and Anthony was soaked. Nathaniel was glad that his starters were regular at least. He changed each of them first and kept Charmander quiet as he was the only one to wake up. He then changed Pikachu and kept him quiet when he woke up as well. He then cleaned Anthony up and to keep him quiet, kept him out of diapers. It wouldn’t have mattered as Squirtle and Bulbasaur gave a huge yawn and woke up.

“Okay everyone.” Nathaniel said. “Since you guys are all awake, I’d like you guys to meet the newest member of our family, Mewtwo.”

Mewtwo shyly said hello and Bulbasaur was true to his nature and was the first to greet him. Mewtwo lost his shyness shortly thereafter when the Pokémon made no mention of his being diapered as they greeted him. Nathaniel took the opportunity to look at the Pokémon League rules while they were getting to know each other. He firstly found out that he didn’t have to worry about having to deposit one of his Pokémon. The League rules stated a trainer may carry as many Pokémon as he wished provided he could care for them all. It was only in battle that six Pokémon was the limit. Nathaniel then looked at the rules of the Cerulean Gym and found that it was a double battle with four Pokémon. Nathaniel looked at his Pokémon and immediately ruled out Charmander. He kept open to Arcanine only because she was higher level than the rest of his Pokémon. He looked to Squirtle and thought how he could be useful on what would probably be a water field. He knew Bulbasaur and Pikachu would be handy for an elemental advantage. He looked at Anthony and thought the only reason he’d use him was because he had higher stats than the usual Eevee. Then he looked at Mewtwo and knew that he would be excellent due to his being a high level Pokémon with the high stats that Legendary Pokémon are known for. When he’d made his decision, he left the Pokémon center and walked over to the gym. He was glad that people were too surprised by a yellow Mewtwo in a diaper to laugh at it. Inside the gym he was surprised to find it empty. He was proven wrong about it being empty quickly when a dolphin leaped from the water onto the Gym Leader’s position. Nathaniel was surprised to see his first aquatic mammal furr. She was a cute one too.

“Hiya!” She said. “I’m Misty, Gym Leader of the Cerulean City Gym. What’s your name?”

“I’m Nathaniel the Chimera from Pallet Town.” Nathaniel said. “I’m here to make my attempt at earning the Cascade Badge.”

“Fantastic!” she squeaked. “I’ve been waiting for someone else who could give me a decent challenge. I beat at least five trainers yesterday. I actually lost to a winged folf a few hours ago. She was the only real fun I’ve had lately.”

Nathaniel smiled at that. He guessed that Selina must have battled while he was sleeping near Mewtwo. She must have heard that the Pokémon haunting the Mt. Moon area had disappeared and continued her journey.

“I assume you know the rules of the Gym.” Misty said. “I’ll send out my Pokémon first. Staryu, Starmie, GO!”

The two Pokémon appeared in the water and Nathaniel was sure of whom he’d use first. He signaled to them and Bulbasaur and Pikachu leaped onto two of the floating platforms in the pool. Both Misty and Nathaniel signaled they were ready and the battle began. Staryu and Starmie both leaped from the water and used Swift. Bulbasaur countered it with a Razor Leaf and Pikachu dove into the water. Nathaniel recognized and barely believed what Pikachu was about to do. He shouted for Bulbasaur to use Protect and Pikachu rose with the water in a huge wave! Pikachu hit all three Pokémon with the attack Surf and landed on a platform behind Misty’s Pokémon. Bulbasaur was unharmed thanks to Protect and Misty’s Pokémon weren’t hurt much by the Water attack. They were hurt allot however by the Energy Ball and Thunder that hit them simultaneously. It was an instant KO.

Misty called her Pokémon back and Nathaniel did the same. Misty got an mischievous glint in her eye and threw her two pokeballs into the water. There was a flash of light but Nathaniel couldn’t see what was beneath the water. He used his Aura Sight and was surprised to find a Gyarados and a Tentacruel. He smirked and sent Squirtle and Mewtwo out to battle. The battle began once more and Misty had her Pokémon fire attacks from the water. Nathaniel told Squirtle to use Protect for defense and Mewtwo to use Swift for offense. He could tell Misty’s Pokémon were getting hit while his were safe. She had Tentacruel reveal itself as it came up using Constrict. Mewtwo was too fast for it and used Psychic to throw it out of the pool before it could land a hit. It was KO’ed and Misty called it back. She then ordered Gyarados to fire Hyper Beam. Squirtle turned as it came up and fired off the equally powerful Hydro Cannon. Mewtwo had done something similar except his was Hyper Beam. Squirtle’s Hydro Cannon met and canceled Gyarados’s Hyper Beam, and Mewtwo’s Hyper Beam shot from behind the attacks and made a direct hit on Gyarados. Gyarados stayed there for a moment before falling like a cut tree as it fainted. Misty called her Pokémon back and tossed Nathaniel the Cascade Badge with a smile. Nathaniel thanked Misty and put the badge in his case and left the Gym.

When he left the Gym he walked around behind it and opened a Gate. He walked through with his Pokémon and smiled as he appeared in his room.
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Chapter 16

Nathaniel took off his Pokémon’s’ armor and checked the status of everyone’s’ diapers. No one was in need of a change so he walked everyone upstairs to the playroom. It was empty and Nathaniel looked at the clock and saw why. It was just now breakfast time so he walked upstairs to the delicious aroma of sausage and bacon in a frying pan.

Skip was the only one in the living room and rushed Nathaniel when he saw him. It was hard to tell who was giving who a bigger bear hug and Mewtwo almost thought they were trying to crush each other. When they released each other Skip stepped back and took a look at Nathaniel.

“Not gone two days and you already look a bit taller.” He laughed. “How’s the journey gone so far?”

“Two badges and two new Pokémon.” Nathaniel answered smiling.

Skip was introduced to Pikachu and Mewtwo. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see that Mewtwo was shy once more on meeting a new face. Nathaniel explained this to Skip and Skip smiled as he showed Mewtwo his own diaper. Mewtwo was surprised by this and Nathaniel explained it to him. Mewtwo was much more comfortable and Nathaniel made a note to see if he could find a pair of plastic pants that could blend in with his fur color. Skip told Nathaniel that breakfast wouldn’t be ready for a few minutes yet so Nathaniel made a quick decision.

“I’ll go do a bit of shopping then.” Nathaniel said. “I have a few things to buy Mewtwo and something to buy Pikachu. Would you mind watching everyone else for me?”

“I’ll watch the smaller ones.” Skip said. “I think you should take Arcanine with you though.”

Nathaniel looked at Arcanine and saw her nodding. Nathaniel smiled and took the three downstairs to gate them to his favorite spot into Pallet Town. They came out behind the Pokémon Center and Nathaniel walked over to the Pokemart. He immediately went to the diaper supplies and found the package of diapers he’d need for Mewtwo. He also looked until he found a pair of plastic pants that actually had a furry surface of the same fur color as Mewtwo. He paid for them both and helped Mewtwo into them. Aside from a slight bulge that you’d only see if you were looking, Mewtwo showed no signs of being diapered! Smiling, Nathaniel and the others headed for the next destination.

Nathaniel was hoping that the shopping area would be open at least and was not disappointed when he reached Medieval Times. He thought he’d pay a visit to Draco first while he was here. He found him in his smithy putting the finishing touches on a sword. Nathaniel admired the work before speaking.

“Nice sword Draco! Is it for anyone special?”

“It’s for anyone who tries to sneak up on me.” Draco said jokingly. “It’s nice to see you again Nathaniel. What can I do for you today?”

“I need a chain shirt for a Pokémon of mine and was hoping to get quality work.” Nathaniel said. “Do you know where I could find such a shirt?”

“I think I might.” Draco said smirking. “What’s the species … never mind. I’m guessing it’s for the Mewtwo there.”

“That would be correct.” Nathaniel said. “I’d be willing to pay for the full price if you make it from the same metal as my armor.”

“You got it.” Draco said. “Just leave him here for a bit while I fit him and I’ll have a good set of armor ready for him when you get back.”

Nathaniel thanked him and walked out into the shop area again. He took Pikachu to the same spot he got the Studded Leather Armor for everyone else from and bought him a suit. Pikachu clearly enjoyed the armor and gave Nathaniel a hug. Nathaniel returned the hug and decided to see if Selene was free for a visit.

She met him in the shopping area and Nathaniel felt his usual awe at her beauty. It wasn’t as intense this time and Nathaniel could speak at least. She smiled when she saw him and motioned for him to follow her. They walked into a small study and she sat in one seat and motioned for him sit across from her.

“So what brings you back to Medieval Times Sir Nathaniel?” She asked when he had sat down.

“Visiting old friends and also bringing business.” Nathaniel said. “I stopped in to say hello to Draco and I also wanted to buy a good Chain shirt for my Mewtwo.”

“You captured a Mewtwo already!” She said surprised.

“He was ill and outside his usual area.” Nathaniel said. “I learned of him from your daughter actually.”

“I wondered if you’d mention Selina.” She said smiling. “I understand that you put some moves on her.”

“WHAT!” Nathaniel spluttered. “I didn’t… she came… ACK!”

“It’s alright.” Selene said. “I was only kidding. She said she felt charmed by you somehow. I was impressed by my daughter’s first crush. I only hope it is true and you didn’t use some mind control psionics or something.”

“I almost suspected her of doing the same thing when I first saw her.” Nathaniel said.

Selene laughed at that. “So it is a mutual crush then. I am even happier now that you’ve come to see us so I could confirm this.”

“I also wanted to ask you something.” Nathaniel said. “During my ceremony, I felt a surge of power, and later, when I’d gone to the Viridian Forest, I was able to speak to both my Arcanine and Pikachu. Did you gift me with that power during the ceremony?”

“No.” Selene said. “We opened you to accept the full powers of a Master. That was the surge of power. You’ll find that you have even more powers as time goes on. You will discover them in various ways at various times. You’ll not likely find them at your seeking them.”

“Thank you milady.” Nathaniel said rising and bowing to her. “It has been a pleasure once again but Draco may be done with Mewtwo’s armor by now. I’m only staying in Pallet for a day and it would be rude of me not to spend time with my rather large family.”

“Go with my blessings upon your journey once again.” Selene said. “And also go with my blessings on any relationship you may seek with my daughter. She favors you and you clearly favor her. From what I know of you, you and she would make an excellent couple.”

Nathaniel blushed and tripped over the chair as he left the room, making him blush even more. He went back to Draco’s smithy and saw Mewtwo waiting for him within.

“The armor is ready.” Draco said with a smile. “I hope the both of you like it. It is one of my best works.”

Nathaniel could see why. Draco had made the links so small you had to peer closely to see them. Nathaniel could tell that you would need something almost as thin as a needle to pierce the armor as you would most chain armors. Nathaniel was curious about one thing though. He wondered why it was blue.

“I just made the shirt blue so it would look more like an actual shirt.” He told him. “It makes it a bit deceptive as to how strong Mewtwo’s defenses are. Plus he’d be able to use it as a regular shirt if he wanted. I think he’d look cute in just this shirt and his diaper.”

Mewtwo jumped at that and gave Draco a questioning look.

“Self conscious about that are we?” Draco laughed. “Don’t worry. It’s not as rare as you think for Pokémon to be in diapers. Allot of trainers wear diapers for some reason or another and their Pokémon often wear diapers as well for a variety of reasons. I’ve even seen a Lugia in diapers if you’d believe me. If you really are still worried about that, you still shouldn’t. I just have an eye for someone in diapers. Comes with wearing one yourself most of the time.”

Mewtwo looked even more surprised at that but was considerably more relaxed. Nathaniel thanked Draco and paid him for the service. He left promising to visit again and grabbed Pikachu on the way out. Pikachu happily showed Arcanine his new armor. Nathaniel felt he should treat them to something before he left town and walked to a Gelato stand. He got just plain vanilla for everyone and almost dropped his cone when Arcanine thanked him by licking him rapidly. Arcanine ate hers from a dish while Pikachu gave his cone rapid tiny licks. Mewtwo tentatively licked his and smiled on his first taste. He then licked his cone more boldly and got allot on his face. Nathaniel got just as much and he, Pikachu and Mewtwo could have been triplets if their races were the same. Arcanine took care of the cleanup by licking their faces clean.

When they were done giggling over the shocked look on Mewtwo’s face they all mounted Arcanine and she took off towards the woods. Nathaniel felt ready to introduce the family to Mewtwo and Pikachu as the house came into view.
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Chapter 17

Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see his Pokémon playing with his siblings when he entered the clearing. He wasn’t even surprised that his older siblings were acting younger again and playing with them. He was surprised however to see Selina watching from the porch. If it weren’t for Arcanine walking towards her, he wouldn’t have been able to get any closer to her as he’d frozen again. Selina looked up at him and smiled as Arcanine carried him onto the porch.

“Did you enjoy your trip into town Sir Nathaniel?” She asked.

Nathaniel gulped and said. “Yes. I did everything I set out to do and came back with what I needed. I spoke with your mother while I was there.”

“Oh you did, did you?” She said smiling wider.

Nathaniel was getting nervous around her, and yet he wanted to be near that enchanting smile. “Yes. She told me what happened exactly when I went through the ceremony.”

“Did she say anything else?” She asked.

“No. Not really.” Nathaniel lied.

“Are you sure?” She asked knowingly.

“Darn!” Nathaniel thought. I forgot she can look into my mind. Nathaniel got an idea then and focused some energy into his mind hoping it might form a barrier against her power.

“You really don’t have to do that.” Selina said. “You could have just asked me to stop reading your mind. Very effective shield I must say. I guess that since you have Mama’s blessing that makes us a couple.”

Nathaniel gulped nervously. He couldn’t remember ever being able to get a girl for himself in either life as a human. Until he graduated from high school he wasn’t interested in a relationship. And now here was a girl practically forcing herself upon him.

“There’s no need to be so nervous.” Selina said. “I mean you still have some mental aspects of an adult. I’m technically seventeen so that’s only one year’s age difference.”

“You’re seventeen?” Nathaniel said amazed. She looked to be the same age as he was.

“I was the unfortunate recipient of a young psionicist’s ability.” She said. “He was practicing his power and an unfortunate power surge sent his power out of his control. I tapped his mind to try to stem off the power and ended up losing seven years of age.”

“I’m sorry.” Nathaniel said and he sat down next to her and placed a comforting arm on her shoulder.

“Don’t be.” She said smiling. “It gave me the opportunity to start my journey at the usual age while still having gone to the school. And what have you to be sorry for when you hold me like this.”

Nathaniel thanked God that he had dark fur. It made it much easier to hide how much he was blushing. It didn’t make much of a difference though as there were new things to reveal embarrassment or discomfort such as his tail, which was prone to involuntary jerking if he wasn’t controlling it. Selina laughed and Nathaniel saw she almost had tears in her eyes. Thanks to his power of empathy, he could tell she was only teasing him and she genuinely liked him. She also liked teasing him and it was his reaction to her that gave her more reason to like him. He could also hear Arcanine chuckling behind him. She was amused by her pup’s actions and thought it was kind of cute. Nathaniel relaxed as best he could until he saw that his family had been secretly watching the whole thing. He was so stiff with embarrassment that he couldn’t move. It didn’t help much when Selina tried a kiss to get him moving again. He was no longer stiff, but entirely limp instead. He felt as if Skip had given him one of his special treatments again.

Skip laughed and picked Nathaniel up. Nathaniel just glared at him, daring him to comment. As usual however, Nathaniel couldn’t resist smiling at Skip’s grin. Skip laughed again and walked into the house and Nathaniel saw where his older sisters had disappeared to. They were making a very large amount of breakfast for everyone. Skip helped Nathaniel out of his armor before placing him in a new couch they had next to the coffee table. Selina hopped onto the couch next to him and Cuprum sat on the other side of her. Nathaniel was wondering where the other Pokémon were and Selina had apparently read his mind.

“They’re eating outside at the picnic table.” She said. “And before you ask, I did not read your mind. It was clear by the way your eyes were moving around what you were looking for. I hope you don’t mind that I take advantage of your helpless state to make you a little cuter.”

Before Nathaniel could even try to make any objections she pulled his shorts off. He had never been embarrassed by his diapers before, but now he was. His diaper had almost popped the snaps of his onsie open. Nathaniel was amazed yet again at how well the diapers were made in this world and how they were almost impossible to spring a leak with any single wetting.

“Geeze Nathaniel!” Skip laughed. “Zoe never made me wet my diaper that much. Selina must make you pretty nervous to make you produce that much to flood your diaper with. Better get you changed before you eat breakfast.”

“I’ll do it.” Selina said.

Nathaniel looked at Skip with pleading eyes. “Haven’t I suffered enough already?” they seemed to ask.

Skip smirked and nodded to Selina. Selina quickly grabbed a few things and changed him right on the couch. Nathaniel thought two things at once. One was wondering if it were possible to die of embarrassment. The other was being thankful for not only not being self conscious getting changed in front of his family, but also thankful to God for not being old enough to have an erection.

He found when she’d finished that he could finally move again. Nathaniel hoped that he’d one day get over his embarrassment around Selina. He ate a big breakfast and bolted for the door when he felt Selina was distracted by something. She wasn’t and followed him at a leisurely pace. He went to the picnic table and begged Arcanine to help him. Arcanine whispered something to Mewtwo and she ran off around the house and Nathaniel was sure he heard the sound of Selina being tackled by Arcanine. Nathaniel hoped Arcanine hadn’t hurt her as Mewtwo actually picked him up. Nathaniel was surprised at this but trusted Mewtwo. He knew he could trust whatever Arcanine was doing because when he usually asked her to help and she helped the opposite party, she did it alone. Mewtwo carried Nathaniel to the door to his room and brought him down. Nathaniel actually felt a need for a nap after his time with Selina and yawned in Mewtwo’s arms. Mewtwo set Nathaniel in his bed and converted it to a crib with the top bar down. Nathaniel noticed Mewtwo was still wearing the plastic pants he bought him at the pokemart.

“You know Mewtwo; you don’t have to worry about being in diapers here.” Nathaniel said. “Here you’re family and nobody will care if you’re in diapers or not. Most of those living here are in diapers. Would you take off the plastic pants while you’re here and wear them if you want out in public?”

Mewtwo thought about it for a moment and then slid his plastic pants off. Nathaniel smiled at the sight of him in nothing but what appeared to be a blue t-shirt and diaper. Mewtwo actually looked more comfortable that way. Nathaniel couldn’t fight his drooping eyelids anymore and gently drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 18

Nathaniel woke with a yawn and looked directly into a pair of deep blue eyes.

“WHOA!” he yelped as he jumped and hit his head on the top bar.

“Kinda' jumpy, aren’t ya’?” Selina said laughing as Nathaniel rubbed his head.

“I probably need another change thanks to you.” Nathaniel retorted irritably.

“I could help with that.” She said right beside him.

“WHOA!” Nathaniel said hitting his head yet again. “How did you get in here?”

“Another psionic ability.” Selina said laughing. “I have the ability to teleport to areas I can see within a certain range. You should stop jumping like that. You may end up with a concussion one of these days.”

“I might not jump like that if you’d stop scaring me.” Nathaniel said.

“I scare you do I?” Selina said leaning in close.

Nathaniel leaned back and this time felt himself wetting. He knew he liked her, but she made him so nervous at the same time. She seemed a bit too eager to start a relationship with him. It threw him off since he couldn’t remember ever having any girl like him like that before. Closest he’d gotten was Arcanine and she was more maternal than anything.

“Listen Selina.” Nathaniel said trying to be forcefully gentle. “I really like you. And I mean REALLY like you. But I don’t have any experience with girls. This is all new to me and I feel like you’re coming on a bit too fast and strong. I may really be eighteen, but my new age influenced me somewhat as well. I’m not ready for this much yet.”

“Oh.” Selina said. “Okay. I’ll ease up. I REALLY like you too and I was just eager to make sure it worked. If you’re really that uncomfortable I’ll slow down. I just think it’s kind of cute when you get embarrassed like that.”

“A little bit here and there I don’t think I’d mind much.” Nathaniel said. “I just can only take so much at once though. I want this to work too. Being eighteen gives me that mentality to want this. But the age of my new form tempers that. If we really are sure we want to have a serious relationship, I think we should wait until my new form is ready for it.”

“I can wait then.” Selina said. “Nothing too serious until both our bodies are ready. I may do a few things to make you squirm now and then as I won’t be able to resist not doing so. But I’ll resist it enough to make sure I don’t go overboard.”

“Thanks Selina.” Nathaniel said finally relaxing. “That’s all I ask. We can be a bit more than friends until then, but we’ll make sure we don’t take it quite as far as being a couple yet. I guess it would be a sort of a self arranged coupling.”

“Fine by me.” Selina said hugging Nathaniel. “So can I change you?”

Nathaniel agreed since he didn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore. He actually didn’t feel any of the old discomfort around Selina anymore now that they had all of their feelings out in the open. She didn’t change him in any embarrassing or arousing manner. When she’d finished cleaning him up she pulled out something with a questioning look at him. It was the oil and Nathaniel was undecided for a moment. He’d never had the oil used on himself before but he wasn’t sure he wanted this much yet. He decided to treat it as an act of trust and nodded. Now he knew why his Pokémon always went into a state of bliss when he used it on them. It felt great. She taped up his diaper when she’d finished and helped him off the table when he had use of his limbs again.

Nathaniel decided that just a bit of payback was in order for earlier. He checked Selina’s diaper and found her to be just as wet as he was. She giggled and he did also as he lifted her into his arms and set her on the table. He was just as chaste about changing her as she was about changing him the second time. It was very fortunate that all of the diapers in this world were unisex. He was nice enough to return the favor for the oil massage, and added his positive energy into the mix for her being so understanding. When she could move again she hugged him before he helped her off the table.

“Now I’m sure I love you Nathaniel.” She whispered in his ear.

“I love you too Selina.” Nathaniel whispered back.

Hand in hand they walked upstairs together.
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Chapter 19

Nathaniel found his Pokémon with his siblings in the playroom watching something on the TV. Nathaniel had to clamp his hands over his mouth to keep from laughing. It was three Pachirisu singing Witch Doctor from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Selina was having similar trouble and when they looked at each other they couldn’t hold back their laughter any longer. Skip looked at them and motioned for them to come and join them.

“Have a nice nap Nathaniel?” He asked.

“And a nice conversation with Selina.” He said.

“Really? Do tell.” Skip said smiling.

Nathaniel told him away from the others about all that had happened since he woke up. Skip smiled and Nathaniel could tell he was happy for him.

“I’m glad you settled things between you two.” He said. “As funny as it was earlier, I would rather you two be together for the long run than be entertaining for a short time until you don’t like her anymore. Let me know when you two get allot more serious okay?”

“Sure Skip.” Nathaniel said.

“Nathaniel?” Selina said.

“Yes Selina?” Nathaniel said.

“Could we talk in private?” She asked.

“Sure.” Nathaniel answered wondering what was going on.

They walked into the living room and Nathaniel could smell lunch cooking. Smelled like it was going to be tacos. Nathaniel made a note to be absent a few hours after lunch. The result of Mexican foods in just one of his younger siblings pushed his ability to block scents to its limit. Changing any more broke through and he wasn’t as good at handling the scent as his older siblings were.

Selina led Nathaniel outside and turned to him. “Nathaniel, I was wondering how much you would mind if I were to travel with you through Kanto. Could you stand having me around all the time?”

“I’m sure now that we know where we stand I could.” Nathaniel said. “I would love for us to travel through Kanto together.”

Selina was overjoyed and leaped into him. She embraced him in a tight hug and before he could resist, she had planted a kiss on him. Nathaniel decided to through caution to the winds and surprised her by embracing her as well and returning her kiss with a much longer one. He wouldn’t have cared if anyone was watching or if he was teased about it afterward. He was where he wanted to be right then. His ten year old self was temporarily stripped away so he could enjoy the moment. It started to seep back in and he pulled away from Selina smiling.

They walked back into the house together and saw that Arcanine and Mewtwo were indeed watching. They also had apparently relayed what was happening to his other Pokémon who were smiling at Nathaniel when he walked in.

“Something we’ll have to get used to.” Nathaniel said laughing. “My Pokémon are apparently interested in our relationship.”

“I may have something to keep their minds off of us.” Selina said. “I’ll show you some other time though.”

Nathaniel could tell it was going to be something hilarious by her Aura and feelings. He didn’t look any further because he wanted it to be even funnier when she showed him. Nathaniel noticed that his Pokémon were getting hungry and the smells emanating from the kitchen weren’t helping.

“How about we go outside and visit a friend of mine before lunch?” Nathaniel said. “A nice jog will do us good before we eat.”

His Pokémon agreed and the group of nine walked into the woods. They reached the river and Nathaniel gave a whistle. Gyarados came up from the river and smiled seeing Nathaniel again.

“Nice to see you again Gyarados.” Nathaniel said. “Three new friends for you to meet. My new Pokémon Pikachu and Mewtwo and my new friend Selina.”

“Seems more than just a friend to me.” Gyarados said smiling.

“I forgot to mention I can understand you now and Selina can as well.” Nathaniel said smiling.

Gyarados’s eyes went wide. “Sorry. Didn’t mean any offense. Was just a bit of fun I hoped would make your new Pokémon laugh. Boy this is awkward. First thing I say that you can understand has to be a teasing comment.”

“No worries Gyarados.” Nathaniel said. “You’re right anyway. Haven’t reached anything serious but it is a strong possibility when we’re both old enough.”

Gyarados smiled again. “It’s been nice meeting all of you, but I must be off. I do have a river to patrol.”

With that Gyarados slipped back underwater and swam off. Nathaniel heard someone’s stomach growl behind him and saw Mewtwo clutching his stomach. Selina’s did as well and Nathaniel got an idea.

“Hey Arcanine, mind if we take the edge off our hunger before we head back?” Nathaniel asked with a mischievous glint in his eye. He made sure that his shield was still up and hoped Selina wouldn’t read his mind.

“Of course not little one.” Arcanine said smiling. “Drink as much as you want.”

She laid down in front of them and his smaller Pokémon began suckling. Nathaniel looked at Selina and Mewtwo before he began to suckle himself. They were both clearly surprised. Nathaniel could feel their curiosity growing and knew they’d soon begin as well. He felt them get down beside him and take Arcanine’s last two teats and they tentatively began. Nathaniel could tell that they liked it from their first taste. He stopped suckling and his smaller Pokémon stopped as well. Nathaniel watched as Mewtwo and Selina began slowing in their suckling. Nathaniel smiled as he saw what he knew would happen to almost anyone who suckled Arcanine for the first time. They fell right asleep.

Arcanine got up after they stopped suckling completely and Nathaniel put the sleeping Mewtwo on her. He picked up Selina himself and instructed his Pokémon to make sure Mewtwo got back to the house without falling off Arcanine. He flew back with Selina and watched as the wind ruffled her head fur. Nathaniel smiled when she put her arms around him in her sleep and landed outside the house. He walked in still cradling her and while they all smiled, the whole family kept quiet to let Selina sleep. Nathaniel walked over to the couch they shared for breakfast and set her down. He sat down next to her and smiled even more broadly when she snuggled next to him. Lunch was brought out and the aroma of food woke Selina. She smiled when she realized where she was. She twined her tail with Nathaniel’s and they stayed that way the whole time they ate their tacos. Nathaniel laughed when he saw Shannon trying the same thing with Ethan. Ethan was having none of it however and Skip laughed when he saw the same expression on Ethan’s face that was on Nathaniel’s earlier that day.

Selina, Nathaniel, and his siblings all ran back outside to play after lunch and Nathaniel saw that his Pokémon had finished their meals just as they got out there.

“Um Nathaniel, could you help me with something?” Nathaniel heard Mewtwo ask him privately.

Nathaniel glanced over at Mewtwo and saw he had put his plastic pants back on. Nathaniel guessed he probably needed a diaper change and just didn’t want anyone else to know about it. Nathaniel motioned him over and they gated to his room. Nathaniel put up an extension on his changing table and Mewtwo laid down upon it. Nathaniel got out the necessary items and pulled off Mewtwo’s plastic pants. He really was in need of a change as it had a distinct yellow tinge to it. Judging by the bulge, and the fact that Mewtwo was levitating himself an inch off the table, he had messed his diaper as well. Nathaniel put a block on his nostrils and opened the diaper. Nathaniel was glad that this wasn’t the taco diaper he’d probably have to change later. He cleaned Mewtwo up and rediapered him quickly. That’s when he heard something at the doorway. He looked with his Aura Sight and saw Anthony was hovering around there as if undecided about something. Nathaniel smiled knowingly and gated behind Anthony.

“YIKES!” He yelped. “Don’t scare me like that Nathaniel!”

“Sorry Anthony.” Nathaniel said smiling. “I just thought I’d make up your mind for you.”

“What do you mean?” Anthony said sheepishly.

“You came down here undecided about whether or not you want me to diaper you.” Nathaniel said. “I thought I’d make it easier for you and make the decision. If you want me to diaper you you’ll have to use it. It’s the rules for Pikachu so it’ll be the same rules for you. Using them isn’t so bad anyway.”

“I feel embarrassed using them when I don’t need them though.” Anthony said sadly.

“Maybe you do have a need for them.” Nathaniel said. “With your new younger form, you probably changed a bit from your old self. Maybe now because of that you need diapers emotionally.”

“Maybe.” Anthony said. “Doesn’t make it any less embarrassing.”

“I think you’ll get used to it.” Nathaniel said. “Mewtwo is starting to get used to people seeing his diapers which embarrasses him.”

“I guess so.” Anthony said. “It’ll take awhile but you’re right. I think eventually I might get used to using them. Heh heh! When did you get so wise?”

“I had a few good role models.” Nathaniel said thinking of Skip, Oak, Cuprum and Anthony all at once. “Are you ready for this?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Anthony sighed.

Nathaniel smiled and picked Anthony up. He brought him into his room and placed him on the table after helping Mewtwo off. He then brought out the diaper and looked at Anthony once again and he nodded and closed his eyes. Nathaniel smiled at how Anthony was looking at being diapered as if he were getting a shot. He made it as quick as possible while still making it secure and let him know with a positive energy belly rub that it was over.

When they were finished Nathaniel took them both back outside and Nathaniel was treated to an odd sight. Everyone who wore them was romping around in nothing but a diaper. Nathaniel quickly realized why as he ducked an oncoming snowball. They didn’t want to get their clothes wet in the snowball fight. Nathaniel quickly removed his onsie and threw it on the porch. He reached both paws into the snow and lifted. He was pleasantly surprised when he came up with a huge chunk and hefted it at the one he knew had thrown the snowball at him. He knocked Selina clean over into a snow bank and Nathaniel wasn’t sure where she went since her fur blended right in with the snow.

Nathaniel felt it would be unfair to use his Aura Sight so he used his other keen sense to see if he could find her. His nose did the trick and he found he could pretty much pinpoint her location. He couldn’t tell what she was doing under the snow bank, but Nathaniel was sure it was probably something sneaky. He picked up another large chunk of snow and held it at the ready for whenever she popped up. He felt something hit him in the back and saw the sneak when he looked behind him. His own brother, who actually was blood in his past life, Ethan had hit him point blank. Nathaniel remembered that that was just like him when the boulder above his head shattered and pretty much buried him in the snow.

“Sneaky to use my brother as a distraction while you hit my own boulder Selina.” Nathaniel said. “Very clever to hit my weapon instead of me by the way. Much more effective.”

“Thanks!” Selina said laughing as she hit him with another snowball.

“I’ll get you after I turn my traitor brother into a snow drift.” He shouted.

Selina ran off giggling while Ethan ran screaming enough to cause an avalanche from the roof of the house, burring Skip and a few others in the process. Ethan didn’t stand a chance and Nathaniel caught him in two seconds flat. He held him down with his hefty otter’s tail while he scooped up allot of snow. He held it above his head and then gently lowered it onto Ethan. Just as Ethan sighed with relief, Nathaniel gave the boulder he’d made a sharp tap and it collapsed in a heap on top of him. Nathaniel nodded at his work and then took a look for Selina.

His nose was getting too cold to smell much anymore so he decided the heck with it and used his Aura Sight. He found her quickly enough in the edge of the woods about to snipe him with another snowball and he opened a gate behind him. He watched with satisfaction as the snowball flew through the gate and hit the tree behind her. As she turned to see what the noise was he stuck his head through the gate and planted a kiss on her. Nathaniel enjoyed the shocked expression on her face and pulled his head back through closing the gate behind him. He then scooped up a boulder since he knew she was going to come for him and turned. He wasn’t expecting her to teleport to him and she tackled him before he could throw it at her. She had him pinned in the snow and Nathaniel saw a vicious glint in her eyes. Nathaniel could feel himself wetting yet again and the trickle became a flood as she planted a kiss on him.

When their lips parted Nathaniel was surprised at the quiet. He looked up from the hole in the snow he was lying in and saw why. The snowball had stopped and everyone was staring at the two love birds in the snow. Nathaniel felt a bit of embarrassment, but it stopped when he saw the sisters glance at each other. He laughed when they started advancing upon his younger brothers in the hunting crouch of all cats. His brother didn’t know what he was laughing at until it was too late. Nathaniel saw it coming and laughed even more when he saw the girls clearly plant a kiss on the briefly struggling boys. They stopped moving completely and Nathaniel could see with his Aura Sight that they had successfully kissed their prey. Shannon had Ethan, Holly claimed David, Alyssa had pounced Monte and Rose was on top of Krieg. Nathaniel was happy when he saw their Aura’s for a few reasons. One was that all eight of them were wetting. And the other was that, after the shock had faded, they all were clearly enjoying it. The older ones in the family had all been hoping that they would end up together. The history of the house had repeated itself.
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Chapter 20

After numerous diaper changes, Zoe announced that she and the other girls were tired of cooking today and had a place planned to go out to eat. Nathaniel put his white onsie and shorts back on and looked at Selina. She was putting on a black onsie and shorts. She also pulled out from the closet, a set of black robes. Nathaniel put on his shining armor and noted how they almost made something similar to Yin and Yang. He had his black fur and she had her white fur. He was wearing white and she was wearing black. Since she looked like a sorceress almost, Nathaniel reasoned he was might and she was magic. She even pulled out a staff while he had his sword and shield.

“Were going to Medieval Times, aren’t we?” He asked her in his mind.

“Yes we are.” She answered telepathically. “I got us a couple of private boxes. There’s also a good discount on your family now since you’re friends of the family now. You guys get in free anytime to the box I’d normally use plus a discount in the shopping area. You and I are getting our own box with our Pokémon.”

“I say for the second time today, I love you.” Nathaniel said adoringly.

“Love you too.” She said.

“You know.” Nathaniel said. “If it weren’t for my white wings, we’d be opposites. And you know what they say about opposites, they attract.”

“Did you do that on purpose?” She asked.

“No I just like this armor and...”

“No. Did you turn your wings black on purpose?”

“WHAT!” Nathaniel yelped. He looked at his wings and found they were indeed as black as his fur. He must have discovered another new power!

“Wow.” She said. “That’s certainly convenient timing. I wonder if we could try something.”

“What?” Nathaniel asked.

“I might be able to tap your powers.” She said. “How about we look more like Yin and Yang by turning your wings white and mine black?”

“We could try but let’s make sure it’s okay with your parents before we keep it that way.” Nathaniel said.

Selina focused and Nathaniel felt something in his mind. Nathaniel recognized Selina somehow and relaxed. He watched as her wings darkened until they turned jet black in stark contrast to her fur. Nathaniel couldn’t help but think that it made her fur look even more gorgeous by comparison. The white fur also helped the look of the wings and Nathaniel wasn’t sure whether she was more beautiful now or when she had white wings. Nathaniel focused on the new power and his wings were once again as white as her fur.

Everybody was impressed at their attire and at Selina’s new wings. Nathaniel was equally impressed by his older siblings’ outfits. They certainly looked like the nobility they were probably going to be treated as in Selina’s box. Nathaniel looked at his younger siblings and decided he’s get them an early birthday present when they got there so they didn’t feel left out. He made sure before they left that his Pokémon were wearing their armor and Mewtwo insisted upon wearing his plastic pants. They slung several diaper bags over Arcanine and they were off. Nathaniel’s older siblings were carrying their respective charges and Cuprum rode on Arcanine. Nathaniel was once again carrying the starters and laughed when he saw that Selina was carrying a very content looking Anthony. Mewtwo wasn’t left out and had Pikachu riding on his shoulder. Nathaniel thought that there would probably be several things he’d buy when he got there. Thanks to all the trainers he fought in Pewter City and the rich trainer in Viridian plus the two gym leaders, he had allot to spend.

They reached the castle and walked right in. The dragon at the ticket counter waved them on through when she saw Selina. They turned down the offer for any pictures and walked right into the shopping area.

“Mind if I borrow my younger siblings for a bit guys?” Nathaniel asked.

“You think you can handle all of them?” Skip asked laughing.

“I’m sure they’ll behave until they get back to you if they want to keep all of the early birthday presents I plan to buy them.” Nathaniel answered.

Nathaniel was nearly crushed under his siblings as they all tried to hug him at once. Nathaniel called them to order and they took hands with their partners. He took them over to the spot he bought the studded leather for his Pokémon and bought sets for the boys. He also bought a set of robes for each of the girls. He then took them to another counter and bought the boys each a wooden shield and sword. He bought the girls a staff and an amulet each. He brought the happy group back to their guardians and was thanked thoroughly by all of his siblings.

Satisfied that each member of his family was properly dressed, after double checking Cuprum who looked like an infant prince, he turned his attention to Mewtwo. It seemed to him that something was missing. He needed a bit more to his outfit. Nathaniel brought Mewtwo over to the outfits again and asked for a little help finding something for him.

“You should get him a cloak.” Draco said from behind him.

“Do you really think so?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yep. Something for a traveler.” He answered.

“Thanks Draco.” Nathaniel said.

“No problem.” He said. “Got to go now. Have a few touch ups to do on one set of armor for the next show. We rotate between three sets of armor for each cast member in armor. That way one is always ready for them and this one is the last one I need to fix before tomorrow’s shows.”

“See ya’ later then.” Nathaniel said.

Draco walked off and Selina helped Nathaniel find what Draco mentioned. It was a plain brown cloak with a hood to it and Nathaniel was a bit skeptical at first. But when Mewtwo put it on, Nathaniel quickly changed his mind. It completed the look for Mewtwo nicely. Mewtwo clearly liked it as well. It could easily pull all the way around him if he wanted or he could make the part in it bigger. Nathaniel guessed he was thinking partially of how much it would hide his diapered state. Nathaniel paid for it and they walked back into the shopping area. He sent Mewtwo back with the other Pokémon and turned to Selina.

“We should see your parents quickly if we can.” He said. “We should make sure they don’t mind you having black wings.”

They found Selene easily and she was shocked but not displeased by Selina’s change in wing color.

“It’s new.” She said. “It actually is rather attractive when you look at it long enough. My only question is why did you do it?”

Nathaniel and Selina explained the events leading to her wings turning black and Selene smiled.

“Then I approve strongly.” She said hugging them both. “I look forward to seeing your relationship grow even more in the days to come.”

“How did you know it had grown?” Nathaniel asked.

“I can see it by how much more comfortable about the subject you seem.” She answered smiling. “I must be off. Show’s going to be starting soon.”

She walked off and Selina led Nathaniel back to his Pokémon.

“Time for you guys to meet my Pokémon.” She said.

She threw her pokeballs into the air an out came her six Pokémon. A Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Kangaskhan, Buneary and a Mew! The starters and Buneary Nathaniel could tell were female and Nathaniel had to hold his mouth shut to keep from laughing. Now he knew what Selina planned to use to keep his Pokémon occupied if they wanted to be alone together. He wondered how that would turn out and then looked at the Kangaskhan and Mew. He asked Selina telepathically about them.

“I figure Mew could play with Mewtwo.” She said. “Kangaskhan is a bit different. She has a larger than normal maternal instinct. I figured she would just love Anthony.”

Nathaniel chuckled at that and sure enough, Kangaskhan was already snuggling the struggling Anthony. Nathaniel hoped for both of their sakes that Kangaskhan didn’t take things too far. Nathaniel noted they were all dressed up for the evening as well. The three starters were all in armor. Kangaskhan was dressed similarly to Selina and Buneary looked like a proper princess. Nathaniel could see that she also had something under her apparently easily removable dress that made Nathaniel sure he was looking at a warrior princess. Mew was dressed in a robe and cloak in its size.

When they were ready they were ready they walked to their private box and seated themselves for the show. Nathaniel noted to his immense enjoyment that Selina’s Pokémon were going after his Pokémon. Both Bulbasaur were friendly and Nathaniel could tell they were probably at the same stage as he was with Selina. Both Squirtle were shy and every time they looked at each other they would turn away. Nathaniel checked the Aura’s and found that they both liked each other but were too shy to talk. His Pikachu and Selina’s Buneary were just staring at each other. Nathaniel didn’t need to use his Aura to see they were clearly infatuated with each other. Nathaniel had to stifle his laughter when he saw Anthony pouting from Kangaskhan’s pouch. Mewtwo and Mew were just chatting using telepathy and Nathaniel could sense they were becoming fast friends. Nathaniel did laugh out loud when he saw his Charmander. He was in the same position Nathaniel himself had been in earlier that day. He took his Charmander aside and told him of his earlier conversation with Selina and recommended he try it with Selina’s Charmander. Charmander blushed when he found out Nathaniel knew he was crushing on Selina’s Charmander. Nathaniel offered to talk to Selina’s Charmander for him and Charmander accepted. A quick chat and things calmed down between the two. Nathaniel was glad that they could now enjoy the show with much more comfort.

The show was just as exciting as usual. Falconry and war horse side shows getting all of the usual excitement. Nathaniel noticed his Pokémon were in the same state he first saw them in at the beginning of the show except for Charmander who was much more at ease. Anthony even seemed to enjoy himself from Kangaskhan’s pouch. At the end of the show they gave announcements to those in the audience of those there for special occasions.

“Our last special occasion is a young couples’ first date.” Selene said.

Nathaniel stiffened and felt he knew what was coming next.

“My own daughter Lady Selina and Pallet Town’s own Sir Nathaniel.” She said.

Nathaniel felt some of the old embarrassment creep in as the spotlight shown on them.

“Both are not only skilled trainers, but also are skilled with the weapons they bear.” She said. “Perhaps they will be kind enough to demonstrate their skill against a dragon who has so kindly agreed to grace us with his presence tonight.”

With the applause and the urging from Selina, Nathaniel couldn’t refuse. He and Selina both used their wings to glide down to the field and they raised their weapons in salute to the crowd.

“Then ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the roof as it opens to the sky.” Selene said. “It is with great honor that we introduce the Emperor of the Sky. Please rise for the Lord Rayquaza!”

The audience was ecstatic when the ceiling opened and a giant Rayquaza dropped from the sky and coiled up on the opposite side of the field from Nathaniel. Nathaniel stared at the Rayquaza in awe. Most Rayquaza are around 23 feet long. This one was easily 33 feet long if not longer! He knew immediately that this was the Legendary Rayquaza’s physical representation in the world. He suddenly wasn’t feeling nearly as confident about the coming fight. He felt stiffness in his muscles and couldn’t relax until He felt Selina take his hand. He looked at her and saw in her eyes that she’d take on Rayquaza if he would. Nathaniel felt much braver again and nodded smiling.

“Are all combatants ready?” Selene asked.

Rayquaza roared and Nathaniel and Selina raised their weapons in answer. Selene saw this and raised her paw. She brought it down and Nathaniel used his energy to speed his charge to Rayquaza. Rayquaza saw his charge and slammed his tail into his path. Nathaniel leaped above it and flew towards his head. Rayquaza started to fire a Hyper Beam but his aim was thrown off by what looked to be a tightly packed ball of air. Nathaniel spun in the air to not only get momentum in his swing, but also to see what Selina did. She had made a ball of telekinetic energy at the end of her black staff and flung it at Rayquaza. Nathaniel charged energy into his sword for a greater impact and struck Rayquaza a blow to his jaw. Rayquaza swung to the side but recovered and took to the air. He flew around the field and successfully hit Nathaniel with a Dragon Pulse. Nathaniel blocked most of the blast with his shield but was sent flying nonetheless. Selina flew up behind him and crashed down with her staff onto the top of his head. Rayquaza looked dizzy for a moment and then swung at Selina with an Iron Tail. Nathaniel dived in at just the right moment and deflected it with his shield. The shield flew off and Nathaniel grabbed his sword in both hands. The two began attacking each other sword to Iron Tail. The sound of clashing metal rang several times throughout the castle until Rayquaza’s tail flew back out of the necessary energy to use Iron Tail and Nathaniel’s sword flew from his hands. Nathaniel then went at Rayquaza with his energized claws resembling Chidori. Rayquaza slashed at him furiously with Dragon Claw and the two looked evenly matched. Nathaniel couldn’t keep it up for long and flew backwards to recover some strength while Selina bought him some time. Nathaniel was impressed with his future girlfriend as she held off Rayquaza with skillful flicks of telekinesis channeled through her staff. Nathaniel saw Rayquaza rear back ready to fire Hyper Beam. He leaped in front of Selina charging as much energy as he could and let it all out in a huge burst of flames. The two attacks met and the resulting explosion rocked the castle. When the smoke cleared all three combatants were still standing. Rayquaza smiled and let out a roar once more before flying off into the night. The crowds cheering was deafening as Nathaniel took a bow hand in hand with Selina.
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Chapter 21

The trip home was filled with talk of the last part of the show. Everyone was impressed with Nathaniel and Selina, who was spending the night. They stopped in the wood on the way to check diaper status and everyone needed one. The older ones changed their charges first while Nathaniel and Selina changed Nathaniel’s Pokémon. Kangaskhan was a big help and the older ones were changed shortly after the little ones were. They placed the used diapers in a pile and Nathaniel and Cuprum disposed of them with their acid breath.

The younger ones were half asleep when they got back to the house and were taken upstairs immediately. Nathaniel stayed in the living room on the couch with Selina and when she twined her tail with his, he didn’t fight it this time. The older ones came back downstairs and Nathaniel passed the time with them by relating his journey thus far to them. He also told them of his decision to travel with Selina.

“I’m really happy for you two.” Skip said. “I’ve always hoped that you’d find love in this world Nathaniel, and you found yourself the perfect match. Another plus to this is not only have you found love for yourself, but you’ve found love for four of your Pokémon as well.”

“I know.” Nathaniel said smiling. “That only binds us even closer together. I even found a friend for Mewtwo. He needs all the friends he can get. I just wish I could find someone for Anthony.”

“I’m too old for that anymore.” Anthony said from Kangaskhan’s pouch. “My time for love was long ago. I don’t think that I would be able to fall for a Pokémon anyway since I used to be a furr.”

“You had a girlfriend in your old life?” Nathaniel asked.

“A beautiful vixen.” Anthony said wistfully. “I had always hoped to have children with her but sadly I died before we could. I looked in on her later as a ghost and found to my joy that my death hadn’t prevented her from finding love again. She actually was with my friend that you got your head from. They had a daughter who was as beautiful as her mother and another son shortly before he died as well. It was from the son that Remus came, but I lost track of the daughter.”

“She was your daughter.” Selina said.

“WHAT!” everyone said shocked.

“How do you know this?” Nathaniel asked.

“It was knowledge passed down through my family.” Selina said. “His daughter was conceived shortly before he died. Anthony’s wife was the only one who knew she was pregnant with Anthony’s child. Remus’s ancestor was informed but nevertheless raised her as his own and it wasn’t spoken of except to tell each generation their ancestry. Only one was born each generation and I am the last in the chain.”

“You’re Anthony’s descendant!” Nathaniel said even more surprised.

“Yes she is.” Anthony said. “It’s been a long time since I could remember my wife’s face but now I can and Selene is the spitting image of her. If Selina was a pure vixen, she would be too. That may also explain why she has all three aspects of the Angelics.”

“Yes.” Selina answered. “Each child has had at least one aspect of the Angelics down to me. Many have had two and a few in between have had all three. They were never strong enough however to have been noticed by the Legendaries for the post of Master.”

“I never knew.” Anthony said.

“The legendaries never did either.” She said. “Otherwise I’m sure you would have been told.”

“Then I too give my blessing on the both of you such as they are.” Anthony said. “Would you mind doing me a favor though?”

“Absolutely.” Selina said.

“Would you please GET ME OUT OF THIS POUCH?” He said.

“That may be a bit much for him.” Nathaniel said. “He’s still getting used to being in a diaper. Being mothered is pushing it.”

“Okay.” Selina said laughing. She pulled Anthony out of Kangaskhan’s pouch and carried him back over to the couch. Nathaniel could tell she was also having a mental conversation with Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan looked a bit disappointed about something but brightened up quickly at something.

“What’d you tell her?” He asked her telepathically.

“I told her to lay off Anthony.” She answered. “I told her he was uncomfortable being her sort of adopted child. What I told her to cheer her up is a surprise.”

Skip yawned and everyone else began after he did. They all said goodnight to each other and Nathaniel’s older siblings walked upstairs. Nathaniel put his wing around Selina and they walked down to Nathaniel’s room with their Pokémon. Nathaniel looked and saw that he might have to make a few changes to his room to make sure everyone had a spot to sleep. He took a hammock he had stashed away and set it up. Mewtwo immediately claimed it and after Selina helped Mew out of its costume, Mew laid down and curled up in the crook of Mewtwo’s arm. Mewtwo smiled and used his cloak to cover the both of them. Nathaniel helped his Pokémon out of their armor and Selina helped her Pokémon out of their outfits. Selina then did something that surprised Nathaniel. She picked her Charmander up and placed her on the changing table! Charmander was surprised as well but didn’t struggle. When Selina was done, Charmander move around a bit and smiled. Nathaniel smiled as well thinking of how this might help his own Charmander. Selina then diapered her other two starters and let them get used to the feel of them. She whispered something in Nathaniel’s mind and he scooped up the two Charmander. Selina picked up the Squirtles and Kangaskhan picked up the Bulbasaur. All six were put in Kangaskhan’s pouch and Nathaniel was surprised at just how much room Kangaskhan had in her pouch. The starters were all stretched out comfortably in there and they were soon asleep. Nathaniel looked at Pikachu and Buneary and saw they were still staring at each other.

“What are we going to do about those two?” He asked Selina.

“I was just getting to Buneary.” She answered.

She picked up Buneary and her eyes never parted from Pikachu’s. Selina diapered Buneary as well and then picked up Pikachu. She placed the both of them in Kangaskhan’s pouch as well. There was still enough room for them and Nathaniel noted something about Kangaskhan.

“Is she lactating?” He asked Selina telepathically.

“Kangaskhan always have milk unless they’ve been emptied by those they mother.” She answered. “I’ve never actually nursed her since her teats are all in her pouch. I told her upstairs that she might be able to mother these eight and apparently I was right that they’d go into her pouch willingly at least. We’ll have to see tomorrow if they go for the rest.”

“At least we have enough room to sleep now.” Nathaniel said.

Arcanine hopped up onto his bed and Anthony actually joined Mewtwo on the hammock. Mewtwo hadn’t fallen asleep yet and put him under his cloak as well. He sent a mental goodnight to Nathaniel and Selina before Nathaniel felt him drifting off. Nathaniel looked at Kangaskhan and saw she was rocking herself similarly to a kangaroo and had fallen asleep herself. Nathaniel helped Selina out of her robes and she removed his armor. They both removed their shorts and tossed them in a clothes hamper next to the empty pail Nathaniel used for his cloth diapers. They looked a bit undecided for a moment, but then removed their onsies as well. Nathaniel didn’t mind and Selina didn’t have anything to show yet so it wouldn’t matter that they slept in nothing but their diapers. Nathaniel saw that Selina was actually wet.

“Want to try one of my cloth diapers for tonight?” He asked her.

“Yes please.” She answered.

Nathaniel lifted her onto the changing table and untapped her diaper. He wiped her up and threw the diaper away. He then picked up the bottle of oil and Selina nodded excitedly. Nathaniel gave her the usual treatment and then put one of his cloth diapers on her. She was surprised at the thickness of them as Nathaniel pulled a pair of plastic pants on her. Selina leaned up and gave him a kiss which brought about the response she was hoping for.

She hopped off the table and placed him on it and returned the favor of the last change. She gave him a thorough oil massage and put him in one of his cloth diapers as well. She pulled his plastic pants on him and carried him over to the bed. She laid him next to Arcanine and got in beside him. She then pulled the blanket over them both and cuddled up as close to him as she could. Nathaniel returned the earlier kiss and wasn’t surprised when both of them wet yet again. They didn’t worry about it though and both suckled Arcanine before drifting off to sleep.
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Chapter 22

Nathaniel woke up and wasn’t surprised to see Arcanine already awake. She was always awake before her pup in case he woke up needing her. Selina was firmly latched on to him and Nathaniel just smiled and stayed in his current position for a few minutes. Selina woke up and looked at Nathaniel’s smiling face and hugged him closer before letting him go. Nathaniel threw off the blanket and looked at both of their entirely soaked diapers.

“I wonder why I always seem to flood my diaper when I sleep.” Nathaniel said.

“It’s a couple things.” Selina answered. “Most just wet more at night for one thing. The other thing is because of Arcanine. Your drinking her milk before bed isn’t helping. Plus she licks the back of your neck while you sleep. I woke up to her doing that to me. It’s actually an old mother’s trick to stimulate the young to pee. It also helps soothe the young and virtually guarantees a peaceful and very restful sleep.”

Nathaniel smiled at Arcanine. Arcanine only smiled back and licked her pup’s face. Nathaniel giggled and then laughed when Arcanine licked her new pup good morning as well.

“I guess that means you’re now an official part of the family.” Nathaniel said.

“I should just move in then.” Selina laughed.

“Not a bad idea.” Nathaniel thought to himself.

Selina laughed and Nathaniel knew she’d heard that. Nathaniel started to lift her onto the changing table but she reminded him Pokémon first. Nathaniel looked under Mewtwo’s cloak and saw something that surprised him mildly. Mew was actually wearing a soaked diaper now! And judging by the smell, both Mewtwo and Anthony were messy. Nathaniel groaned as he remembered what they all had for lunch yesterday. It was going to loads of fun changing everyone. Selina made a funny gagging noise from over by Kangaskhan and Nathaniel guessed that there were at least three messy diapers over there if not more.

It turned out that all of Nathaniel’s Pokémon were messy. Selina’s were all just wet so Selina, Nathaniel and Kangaskhan changed all six of Nathaniel’s messy Pokémon. Nathaniel took care of Mewtwo and Anthony on the hammock with a little psychic help from Mew to keep it steady. Selina changed Charmander and Squirtle on Nathaniel’s bed and Kangaskhan took care of Pikachu and Bulbasaur on the changing table. Selina’s Pokémon were taken care of next. Kangaskhan and Selina took care of the same Pokémon as before while Nathaniel took a bit longer to take care of Mew who had developed a minor case of diaper rash.

When they were all done they walked upstairs and into the living room. Nathaniel could smell breakfast cooking and he walked into the kitchen. Skip was busily making a kettle of soup that Nathaniel recognized.

“Shrimp and hotroot soup for breakfast Skip?” Nathaniel said questioningly.

“I thought it was a good idea.” Skip said without looking up. “It should put a spring in your step for when you leave today. This kettle is actually only enough for you, Selina and your Pokémon. The others will be having their own breakfast when they wake up in a couple hours. I was going to come down and wake you guys in an hour. Did you guys have a nice sleep?”

“It was a good sleep with a rude awakening.” Nathaniel said.

“What happened?” Skip asked.

“Nothing bad.” Nathaniel said. “Just got Selina pregnant is all.”

“WHAT!” Skip spluttered.

“Just kidding Skip.” Nathaniel laughed. “I’m planning on staying a virgin for quite awhile yet. It was just that all six of my diapered Pokémon were messy with those tacos they had for lunch yesterday.”

“Give me a heart attack why don’t ya’.” Skip said laughing. “For future reference, please don’t scare me like that again okay? As for those diapers, all I can say is tough luck.”

“I promise Skip, you will know when I’m serious.” Nathaniel said. “And it will be at a time when it will be good news.”

“Okay.” Skip said. “Wait a minute! You’re going to do that to the others some time aren’t you?”

“I’ll save it for future use but I probably won’t do it today.” Nathaniel answered. “We’ll be leaving right after breakfast so say goodbye to everyone who isn’t up for me will ya’?”

“Sure thing.” Skip said. “Soup’s almost ready. I used half the amount of hotroot we used during that one contest. I’ll set more out for those like you who love it hot.”

Nathaniel smiled remembering the contest and how Ethan won it by having the nerve to put all of the hotroot powder in his mouth instead of letting the contest go any longer. He walked back out to the living room and waited for the soup to arrive on the couch with Selina. Skip came out with the kettle and gave everyone a bowl. He set the bowl with the extra powder on the table and they dug in.

Nathaniel was impressed by the amount everyone used. Each of the Pokémon used three scoops each. The Charmanders actually used five scoops and Arcanine used eight in hers! Nathaniel was the most impressed by Selina who used the same amount as he did without flinching. Twelve scoops and they both could have used more if they hadn’t run out of powder. When they were finished they went back downstairs to make sure they had all they would need. They each grabbed enough diapers to last them a couple days and Kangaskhan offered to carry them in her pouch. Mewtwo was the only Pokémon who wanted to take his armor this time so they were all set. Nathaniel donned a new white onsie and shorts while Selina put on a black onsie and shorts. They switched their wing colors again so that their clothes offset their fur and feathers. Nathaniel smiled when he saw them in his mirror and noted they were almost twins.

They went back upstairs and Nathaniel saw his two favorite brothers and Shannon were up. Ethan looked excited about something and leaped into Nathaniel’s arms when he got upstairs.

“I just discovered my psionics!” He said excitedly.

Nathaniel changed his plans quickly and Selina was listening in on them and nodded her agreement. Nathaniel followed Skip, Shannon and Ethan outside and Ethan stood off a ways holding hands with Shannon. They brought out a ball and tossed it. When it landed, Ethan made a sweeping motion with his hand and the ball went flying! Arcanine went after it and brought it back.

“I was watching that with my Aura Sight Ethan.” Nathaniel said. “Your psionics connected with Shannon’s somehow. What is going on is that you can do one of two things. You can either channel her powers, or you can reverse the flow and amplify her powers. Right now it looks like you can only do it if you’re in contact with each other but I suspect that eventually you will be able to do it at greater distances. There’s not much I can help you with Ethan except to advise you to have Shannon as your teacher. She can teach you about her power more than I can. I would recommend that you don’t reverse the flow yet until I can help Shannon control that much more power. We’ve got to get going so give me a hug guys. I’ll be gone longer this time.”

Nathaniel gasped when he heard his spine crack as Ethan and Shannon hugged him from either side as tightly as they could. He gasped for breath when they let him go and Skip was nice enough to hug him a bit more gently or Nathaniel knew he would have squeezed him as well. Nathaniel called his Pokémon into their pokeballs except for Anthony and Arcanine and Selina called all of hers back. Nathaniel climbed onto Arcanine and Helped Selina up behind him. Anthony hopped up in front and sat his diapered rear on Nathaniel’s lap. Nathaniel opened a gate and they rushed through, appearing just outside of Cerulean City.
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Chapter 23

Nathaniel turned to Selina before they entered the city. “Do you mind my trying to get Zapdos before we head for Vermillion City?”

“If you think you can find him and then actually beat him, then be my guest.” She said.

“I’m not going to beat him; I’m going to capture him.” Nathaniel said.

“You can’t capture a legendary Pokémon.” Anthony said. “You find where they call home and then defeat them in a battle. Instead of teleporting to be healed like all the other wild Pokémon do, they are teleported straight to your PC.”

“Well that’s a relief.” Nathaniel said. “I can remember the hardest part of capturing a legendary Pokémon in the games back in the human world was keeping it from fainting.”

Arcanine sped through the city causing many heads to turn wondering what had sped past them. Arcanine dashed across the route to the east of Cerulean until they came to a small river. Nathaniel apologized to Arcanine and called her back into her pokeball. Nathaniel took Selina’s hand and made sure Anthony had firm hold on his shoulder before flying low and fast over the river. He came to a small area where he knew the Power Plant would be.

They walked inside and met surprisingly few Pokémon. It was probably because Nathaniel had let Arcanine back out along with Mewtwo. The duo made for a fierce pair and may have scared off most of the wild Pokémon. Nathaniel searched through the Power Plant until he found a strange white rock. Selina saw it as well and was clearly shocked.

“We really shouldn’t be able to see that.” She said. “We don’t have enough badges to be able to see any of those.”

“What is it exactly?” Nathaniel asked.

“That’s right.” She said. “Human’s only put a couple in the video games. If you’ll remember the white rock you find before you would see Shaymin in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, these serve much the same purpose. They are a focusing point for the Legendaries in their homes. It allows them to send their offspring into the world for trainers to attempt to capture. A trainer would normally need enough experience in order to see some of the rocks. Since we can see them, all you have to do is touch the rock and it will unleash a Zapdos for you to fight. Be warned, you will only get one shot per year! And once you capture a Zapdos, you cannot capture another in the same way. Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

Nathaniel answered by walking up to the rock and placing his hand on the smooth surface. Light shone across the surface and then there was a blinding flash. Nathaniel jerked back and covered his eyes. When he could see again he saw a Zapdos perched upon the rock.

“You have summoned my offspring Nathaniel.” A voice said. “Prepare yourself for battle.”

Zapdos extended its wings and let out a cry. Nathaniel sent Arcanine forward and the battle began in earnest. Zapdos launched a quick Thunderbolt and Arcanine stopped it with Flamethrower. Arcanine then struck hard with Extremespeed and Zapdos missed hitting her with Drill Peck. Arcanine then hit Zapdos with Fire Fang and Nathaniel watched with satisfaction as Zapdos not only flinched, but was burned as well. Nathaniel hoped to wrap it up with one last shot and yelled, “Overheat!” The attack missed completely as Zapdos used Detect. Nathaniel called back Arcanine for Mewtwo and Zapdos missed Mewtwo with Drill Peck. Mewtwo threw Zapdos against the wall with Psychic and followed the attack up with Swift. Zapdos used Detect again as Mewtwo fired off Hyper Beam as a finishing move. Despite the attack missing, Zapdos fell to its burn. As it teleported away, Nathaniel heard a beeping coming from his laptop. He checked it and a voice from it said “Zapdos successfully captured.”

“YES!” Nathaniel shouted. “Are you going to try Selina?”

“I don’t have any Pokémon strong enough.” She said. “Mew may be a legendary, but he’s not high enough in level yet to take on Zapdos. And you won’t be able to help me in the battle.”

“I guess we should get to Vermillion City then.” Nathaniel said.

They walked through a broken door with a blinking exit sign above it. Nathaniel called back Mewtwo and hopped onto Arcanine. Selina hopped on behind him carrying Anthony on her shoulder and they gated back to Cerulean City.

Chapter 24

Arcanine rushed back through Cerulean City. They were unimpeded and they went south towards Saffron City. Along the way, Nathaniel saw a building that, if memory served correctly, was a Day Care for Pokémon. They went around the front of the building and Nathaniel found he was right. They walked inside and a kind-looking kangaroo looked up at them.

“What can I do for you kids?” she asked.

“I’ve got one Pokémon I’d like you to take care of for me since I’m not sure I can care for another one while I travel.” Nathaniel answered.

“That’s my job.” The Kangaroo said. “So is it the lovely Arcanine you’re riding, or is it the sweet looking Eevee on your girlfriend’s shoulder?”

“Neither.” Nathaniel said laughing. “I just caught a Zapdos over at the abandoned power plant and I’d like to make sure it is well taken care of until I have need of him. With seven Pokémon to take care of already, the Zapdos may be a bit much.”

“Are you sure you want to leave Zapdos behind?” Selina asked surprised. “Zapdos is pretty strong. He’d be an excellent Pokémon to bring with us.”

“He’s a bit too strong yet.” Nathaniel said. “If I’m way too strong, this journey is going to be too easy and boring. Zapdos can stay here until we get to the point where he wouldn’t be too strong.”

“Makes sense to me.” Selina said.

Nathaniel used the PC to bring Zapdos over and handed him to the kangaroo.

“Your Zapdos will be just fine.” She said. “He’ll even be a bit stronger when you come back for him.”

Nathaniel thanked the kangaroo and left. They headed further south and entered a city that made Nathaniel’s jaw drop. He thought the other three cities he’d been to were big. This place was HUGE!

“It helps to be smack dab in the center of Kanto.” Selina said reading his mind again. “Celadon City isn’t much smaller. Vermillion is only a bit larger than Cerulean because it’s the port city of Kanto.”

Nathaniel grit his teeth and they headed through to the center of the city. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see that, as with the other cities, the trainer’s district was in the center of the city. It did have something that none of the other cities Nathaniel had been to had. The trainer’s district in Saffron City had one of the tallest buildings he’d ever laid eyes on. It was the Silph Co. building.

“Do you think they’d let us into Silph Co.?” Nathaniel asked.

“You have to be a VIP to get past the first floor.” Someone said from behind Nathaniel.

Nathaniel turned and saw a green dragon with blue wing leather and blue scales going down his neck, probably stretching down his underbelly, and ending at the end of his tail. He also had an interesting mane of purple hair with eyes to match.

“Oh.” Nathaniel said. “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” The dragon said. “I came to challenge you to a battle.”

“You’re on.” Nathaniel said. “How many badges do you have?”

“Same amount as you do.” The Dragon said. “I have two and so do you.”

“How did you know I had two?” Nathaniel asked.

The dragon held up his arm and Nathaniel saw an odd bracer on it. “This bracer is the new trainer’s laptop. It showed me that you were from Pallet Town, had two badges, and it showed your starter Pokémon to be an Eevee.”

Nathaniel looked at the trainer through his laptop. It showed his name was Chad. He was also from Pallet Town, had the Boulder and Cascade badges, and started out with a Bagon.

“Since you’re the challenger and we have equal badges, you choose the battle style.” Nathaniel said.

“Double battle with only two Pokémon.” Chad said. “No Selina, I’d rather it be just me and him instead of you two tag teaming.”

“Okay Chad.” Selina said. “Just a warning, Nathaniel is pretty tough.”

“You know him Selina?” Nathaniel asked.

“Back when I was older I used to babysit him for Draco.” Selina answered.

“You’re related to Draco?” Nathaniel asked, now seeing some resemblance.

“You know my daddy?” He answered with another question.

“He’s a friend of mine.” Nathaniel said. “He made me an awesome set of Full Plate.”

“Cool.” Chad said. “Enough talk for now, let’s battle!”

Nathaniel hopped off of Arcanine and set out Pikachu and Anthony. Chad threw out his Bagon and a Charmeleon. Selina decided to officiate and signaled for the battle to begin. Charmeleon rushed towards Anthony and Anthony disappeared to Charmeleon’s confusion. Pikachu and Bagon were exchanging Ember and Thundershock. Charmeleon rushed at Pikachu from behind only to be hit square in the chin by Anthony as he burst up from under the ground. Nathaniel complimented Anthony for the critical hit from his Dig. Charmeleon was down and Bagon was infuriated. He used Double Edge on Pikachu who jumped over the oncoming attack that struck Anthony instead. Anthony was shaking on his legs but was still up. Pikachu started doing something with his arms and Nathaniel was shocked to recognize Metronome. He was even more shocked when Pikachu unfortunately used Explosion. When the smoke cleared Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see Pikachu KO’ed. He was surprised however to see both Anthony and Bagon KO’ed as well. Chad was equally surprised at the tie.

“Great battle Chad!” Nathaniel said.

“Same to you.” Chad said. “Wasn’t expecting that Explosion.”

Nathaniel felt an explosion of a different kind as his stomach loudly announced to the group that he was hungry once more. Selina and Chad laughed as their stomachs growled along with Arcanine’s. They looked for a restaurant that served Pokémon and found a Chinese buffet. Nathaniel and Selina let out their Pokémon and Chad seemed undaunted by the fact that the majority of their Pokémon were diapered. He let out the rest of his Pokémon. There was a Dratini, a Trapinch, and a Gible.

“How’d you get all of them?” Nathaniel asked.

“Through trading.” Chad answered. “There were some trainers from other regions looking for some of the harder to find Kanto Pokémon that I knew where to find. I caught them specifically to trade them and got these guys. I also have a Magikarp at the Day Care to the north of here. It needs just a bit more experience before it’s ready to evolve into a Gyarados.”

“You really like dragons.” Nathaniel laughed.

“He always did.” Selina laughed. “You should see his collection of dragon plushies.”

“SELINA!” Nathaniel and Chad said at the same time. “Not in public!”

“Sorry.” She said laughing at them. “I’ll save the embarrassing comments for private moments.”

They all ate their fill and Nathaniel insisted on paying the bill. They left the restraint and Nathaniel got an idea.

“Hey Chad!” Nathaniel said.

“What?” he asked.

“Would you like to come traveling with us?” Selina asked.

“Hey!” Nathaniel said. “I was going to ask him.”

Chad laughed. “Same old Selina. I’m not sure about traveling together Selina.”

“Are you worried about…?” Selina asked.

“Yes.” Chad said quietly.

“I’m sure Nathaniel won’t mind or be mean about it.” Selina said.

Nathaniel decided to keep his Aura Sight to himself. He really wanted Chad to come along, and he didn’t want to scare him off if it was something embarrassing.

“If you come along we can tell him later Chad.” Selina said. “I’m sure you’ll find him to be understanding.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.” Chad said. “Before we head to Vermillion though I’d like to go check on Magikarp first.”

“Great!” Nathaniel said happily. “And no problem going for Magikarp.”

The trio called back their Pokémon and they headed back to the Day Care.
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Chapter 25

When they reached the Day Care the kangaroo looked up in surprise at Nathaniel.

“Back for your Zapdos already?” She asked.

“No.” Nathaniel answered. “We’re just here to pick up a friend’s Magikarp.”

“Oh.” She said. “I’ll go get him for you Chad.”

“I wanted to check what level he was at first.” Chad said.

“And how many levels has my Zapdos gone up by?” Nathaniel asked.

“Magikarp is almost level twenty and Zapdos hasn’t increased its level yet.” She answered. “Do you want to pick up Magikarp now?”

“Yes please.” Chad said excitedly.

They paid the kangaroo for taking care of Magikarp and left the building. Nathaniel decided to check Draco with his Aura Sight just to see if he had any Angelic influence to him. Nathaniel was stunned by what he saw. He did have the strong inner light, and was clearly a psionic. Nathaniel also saw that he had a very minor portion of the Angelics that would have given him wings. It wasn’t quite enough for feathers to develop but there was an increase in physical ability. What shocked Nathaniel the most was the fact that Chad was wearing a diaper. Nathaniel knew that this was what he and Selina were talking about and decided to let Chad tell him on his own. He’d just decided to travel with them, and Nathaniel didn’t want him to leave already.

“Let’s fly over Saffron and avoid the crowds.” Chad said.

“You can fly without feathered wings?” Nathaniel asked.

“It’s a psionic ability.” Chad said. “I can fly the same way Mew can. I can even use my wings for extra speed or sharper turns.”

“Cool.” Nathaniel said.

They flew in their own ways over Saffron City. They almost flew high enough to where Nathaniel would need to use his breathing technique since the buildings were so tall. They all looked at each other and decided to race for Vermillion City. They all cheated a bit on the way there. Nathaniel used his negative energy to increase his wing strength to go faster. Chad used his wing techniques and Selina cheated most of all by using short bursts of teleportation. Thanks to that, they all reached Vermillion City at the same time.

“Darn.” Nathaniel said panting. “Now we’ll have to decide some other way who’ll face the gym leader first.”

“I say ladies first.” Chad said. “It’s only good manners.”

“You just want me to go first so you can study the gym leader’s style of battle.” Selina said.

Chad just stuck his tongue out at her and flicked it in the usual reptilian manner. Selina made a quick grab and had a hold of Chad’s tongue. Chad squirmed more than he probably would have if Selina had a hold of his ear.

“To save the argument I’ll go first.” Nathaniel said. “Would you please let go of Chad’s tongue Selina.”

“He has to apologize first.” Selina said. “It’s what I always do when he sticks his tongue out at me.”

“Otay! I sowwy! Owww!” Chad said best he could.

Selina let go and Chad’s tongue zipped back in like a string of spaghetti. The walked towards the gym and they found a shrub blocking the way. Nathaniel recognized it as one of those cuttable trees and charged energy into his claws. He made a quick swipe and watched with satisfaction as the shrub became kindling. They walked to the door of the gym and Nathaniel found the door to be locked. He used his Aura Sight and saw the gym leader laughing at him inside. He also saw that there was some current of energy coursing through the walls and door of the gym. Nathaniel knew that he was supposed to receive a shock when he touched the door but was fortunately too tough to be shocked. He charged allot of energy into his hands and tried to part the energy surrounding the door. The energy parted but the door was still locked and Nathaniel couldn’t charge any additional energy to break it down. He instead studied the energy again. He found two separate lines of energy and tried to locate the epicenter of them. He found two holes in the energy in the shape of two of the bricks. He pushed on them both and heard the door click as the energy stopped coursing along the outside of the gym. He smiled and walked into the gym with Selina and Chad.

“Nice security system.” Nathaniel said. Pretty hard to find the buttons that lock the doors. I must say that the amount of energy used on the door to shock people was pretty ineffective though.”

The laughing wolf at the end of the gym stopped laughing at that. “So we’ve got a tough guy here. I’m Lt. Surge, leader of the Vermillion gym. Hopefully the three of you are stronger than the last challenger to be able to get into the gym. He didn’t stand a chance against my Pokémon. I’ll warn you now, I don’t hold back.”

“Neither will I.” Nathaniel said. “Enough talk. I, sir Nathaniel of Pallet Town hereby challenge you to an official gym battle for the Thunder Badge!”

“I accept.” Surge said. “Go Raichu!”

Nathaniel decided on a cliché and sent out his Pikachu. The battle began quickly as Raichu launched a Thunder at Pikachu. It missed completely as Pikachu used Dig. Pikachu came up using Metronome and after Raichu flew backwards a few feet, Pikachu raised his tiny hand and slammed the ground in front of him. The blast of white light shot from his hand towards Raichu and just as Raichu stood up, it exploded into him and Nathaniel cheered for Pikachu as Fissure got a successful hit.

Surge growled fiercely as he threw the badge at Nathaniel. Nathaniel smirked as he caught it and said “Easiest badge I’ve earned so far.”

Surge snarled when Nathaniel said that and Chad stepped up to battle. Surge sent out an Electrode and Chad used Trapinch. Trapinch burrowed underground to avoid the Swift that was sent its way and sent Electrode sailing into the air. Electrode came down with a strong Tackle. Both Surge and Chad could see that neither Pokémon would stay up for another hit. Surge shouted for Electrode to use “Explosion!” and when the smoke cleared, Trapinch was still standing!

“I absolutely hate that attack but it sure comes in handy.” Chad said smiling.

Surge cursed the attack Protect under his breath as he threw the badge to Chad as well. His next Pokémon had Nathaniel slightly worried. Electivire came out of the pokeball Surge threw onto the field. Selina didn’t bat an eyelid and sent out her Mew. Nathaniel slapped his forehead relieved because he felt much more confident at Selina’s chances of winning. Mew was faster and used Metronome. Nathaniel groaned when it was Charge Beam. Nathaniel knew Mew’s Special Attack would increase, but Electivire’s speed would increase without him taking any damage thanks to its Motor Drive ability. It shot forward and slugged Mew with Thunder Punch. Mew was paralyzed by the hit, but thanks to Synchronize, Electivire was as well. Nathaniel smiled as he watched Mew gulp down a Cheri Berry and cured its paralysis. Mew used Metronome again and Nathaniel was glad to see Earth Power. Nathaniel could tell that the hit nearly brought down Electivire. Mew charged forward with the end of its tail shining. Electivire couldn’t move due to paralysis and was helpless when Mew KO’ed him with Mega Punch.

Surge howled at his third consecutive loss in less than ten minutes and threw Selina her badge. They walked out leaving Surge to his misery and cheered as they held their new badges in the air.
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Chapter 26

“So it’s on to Celadon City next right?” Chad asked.

“That’s the plan.” Nathaniel answered. “Unless we’d like to stop over in Lavender Town to see the tower with all of the ghosts. That thing’s still there right?”

“Yes it is.” Anthony said. “Giratina interfered when they were about to take it down for the radio tower you see in the generation II games. They simply built it on another patch of ground.”

“That’s good.” Nathaniel said. “I’d rather not have to go into that dark tunnel just to see some Ghost Pokémon.”

“Besides, we should stop in Saffron anyway to get you a bracer instead of that Laptop.” Chad said. “You can’t put anything more on that Laptop anyway so it’s a good idea to get something more portable.”

“You mean I can’t put something like World of Warcraft on this thing?” Nathaniel asked as he took out his laptop.

“Nope!” Chad said. “I’ve tried. It’s completely full and can’t handle any additional programming.”

Nathaniel gated them just outside of Saffron and they headed for the Trainer’s district. They were challenged by several trainers when they got there. Due to how well the three of them worked together in a tag battle, they always one and only had a few Pokémon faint. They went to the Pokémon Center to join the throng they sent there and when they’d healed their Pokémon, walked over to Silph Co. Once inside, Chad took them to customer service and both Nathaniel and Selina got a new bracer traded for their laptops. It had a flip open screen and still had all of the functions of the old laptop. Nathaniel and Selina put them on and they left the building. They walked through to the east side of the city and left. They decided to fly again over the route and reached Lavender Town without incident.

“So that’s the ghost tower.” Nathaniel said.

The tower looked just as he expected it would. It was an ancient looking place that seemed to be in a state of slight disrepair. It looked like the perfect hangout for ghost Pokémon.

“Are dead Pokémon really buried in there?” Nathaniel asked.

“No.” Anthony answered. “Tombstones honoring dead Pokémon are in there but they are not actually buried there.”

“So what usually happens to the bodies?” Nathaniel asked.

“Either Giratina or one of the Duskinoir that serve him will take care of the bodies.” Anthony said. “The body of any deceased is left somewhere by someone significant to the deceased and are fetched at a later date. The souls remain housed in the bodies until they reach a portion of Giratina’s home that is actually the Spirit World. Depending upon if they are headed for heaven at the end of time or if they are going elsewhere, they will be in one of two sides to the Spirit world.”

“Nice to know a bit about the afterlife of this world.” Nathaniel said. “How did you learn about this stuff anyway?”

“The Master learns many secrets of the Pokémon world that others may never get the chance to.” Anthony answered. “You’re going to learn the history and the duties of the legends when you go to receive their blessings upon your claiming the full powers of the Master.”

Nathaniel looked forward to it. There was so much he wanted to know. Bulbapedia only told him so much of how the Pokémon world worked. They went inside the tower and Nathaniel heard a strange, sad yet comforting music emanating from what seemed to be the tower itself.

“Do you guys hear that?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yeah.” Chad said softly.

“What is that strange music?” Selina asked.

“I’m not surprised that you can hear it Nathaniel and only mildly surprised you can Selina.” Anthony said. “But for Chad to hear it, he would definitely need all three aspects of the Angelics to hear it.”

“He does.” Nathaniel said. “I looked at him with my Aura Sight and found the inner light as well as a tiny bit of the third aspect of the Angelics. It wasn’t enough to get his wings but it is there.”

“You looked at him with your Aura Sight.” Selina said worriedly.

“No need to worry Selina.” Nathaniel said.

“What are you worried about Selina?” Chad asked curiously.

“He knows thanks to his Aura Sight.” Selina said.

Chad pale and Nathaniel sighed. “That’s why I said don’t worry about it Selina. I wasn’t going to tell him I knew until he told me himself. I didn’t want to embarrass him and I wanted him to trust me. If you want it kept a secret Chad, I haven’t told anyone yet and will keep it that way.”

Chad heaved a sigh of relief and gave Nathaniel a quick hug. Nathaniel nodded and then turned to Anthony.

“Back on the subject of the music please.” He said.

“Right!” Anthony said shaking his head. “The music you hear actually plays in Giratina’s home. Giratina’s home serves as a gateway to the spirit world for those who die suddenly, violently, or long before their time. The music serves to comfort the dead so that they may come to accept that they are no longer amongst the living. It has the sad notes to it so that they are encouraged to enter the Spirit World regardless of where they are heading. Those dead are not usually aware of where they are headed until they are there. The ghost tower has a very minor connection to Giratina’s home and the dead in his home may look into the tower to see whoever may be mourning their loss at their tombstones. There are other places besides the Ghost Tower that also have the connection. But they are in different regions.”

“The ghost Pokémon are still in this tower.” Nathaniel said. “How do people without Pokémon come to see their deceased?”

“The ghost Pokémon leave the mourners alone.” Anthony said. “Trainers are a different story.”

“Well let’s go be part of that story then.” Nathaniel said.

They climbed the first set of stairs and found a few gypsy looking furrs standing near a couple of gravestones.

“Did you hear that Fuji got nabbed by the ghosts again?” one asked the other.

“Why he keeps coming here when the ghosts keep trying to make him one of them I’ll never know.” The other said.

“Sounds like we batter help this Fuji guy.” Nathaniel said.

“Do you think they meant ghost Pokémon, or actual ghosts?” Chad asked.

“Whether they meant real ghosts or not, they couldn’t have harmed the man because they can’t interfere with the physical plane.” Anthony said. “Unless they are really strong and they come across a stupidly weak channeler, they can’t possess the living either. Why do you ask? You’re not scared are you?”

“Of course he isn’t.” Selina said. “He was just curious. And I know because I read his mind, so no comment!”

They walked up several flights of stairs without seeing a single Pokémon. Nathaniel guessed they had one more floor to go when a Haunter popped out using Astonish. Nathaniel jumped and could feel his diaper getting wet thanks to the now laughing Haunter catching him off guard. Nathaniel called out Mewtwo and a battle began.

The Haunter tried to Lick Mewtwo, but Mewtwo pulled a similar move to Selina grabbing Chad’s tongue. He used his Psychic on the tongue and pulled downward. The tongue stretched oddly and when Mewtwo released, Haunter was slingshot up into the ceiling. As it came down Mewtwo hit it point blank with a Shadow Ball. The Haunter didn’t even move. It just teleported.

“Nice work Mewtwo! Return!”

They walked up more flights of stairs and they came to a long room. At the end was an old wolf comforting a crying Cubone. He looked up as Nathaniel, Selina and Chad walked up to him.

“Are you Mr. Fuji?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yes I am.” The wolf said smiling. “Let me guess. You heard some of those crazy channelers saying I was captured by the ghosts or that some of the ghosts were trying to kill me or some other nonsense.”

“Got it in one shot.” Nathaniel said. “I take it you’re not in any trouble then.”

“No.” Fuji laughed. “Worst that happens to me here are the ghost Pokémon playing harmless tricks on me. I’m just here with Cubone. I marked his mother here a few months ago. Cubone are already lonely Pokémon, but now this little guy has nobody. I don’t suppose one of you would mind…”

“Taking care of the little cutie.” Selina said. “No problem. I’d be happy to. How old is he?”

“Only about six months.” Fuji said. “I can’t thank you enough. His mother came to me with his egg when she was ill. No sooner had she gotten over her illness three months ago then she…”

“I understand.” Selina said sadly. Nathaniel knew she saw in Fuji’s mind what happened and made it a point not to ask.

“I’m just glad Cubone didn’t see it happen.” Fuji said. “I’m glad you decided to take care of him. He needs more than the friend he’d get from one of you other two. He needs a mother.”

“I’ll make sure he has the mother he needs.” Selina said. “Whether it’s me or my Kangaskhan, he will receive the maternal attention.”

“Cubone, now your mother can rest in peace.” Fuji said. “Can you feel her happiness? She’s ready to move on. All you need to do is go with your new mommy. Will you do that?”

Nathaniel saw something with his Aura Sight. He remembered what Anthony looked like when he saw his Spirit the first time he met the sisters. This was the same except for it being of a Marrowack. Nathaniel could feel a strong sense of hope coming from her. Nathaniel knew she wanted her child to go with Selina. Nathaniel felt Selina in his mind and knew she saw what he was seeing. He asked her to transmit the sight and feeling to Cubone and it was done. Cubone stopped crying even though the tears continued to flow. Cubone nodded and walked into Selina’s waiting arms and watched as Marrowack’s happiness grew before it began to fade as it passed into the next world.

“You helped them both.” Fuji said. “I can’t thank you enough. Please, take these flutes. You trainers should find them to be of some use.”

“Nathaniel looked at the five flutes Fuji handed each of them. They were red, yellow, blue, black, and white. Nathaniel knew what each of the glass flutes did. The red one cures a Pokémon of Infatuation in battle. The Blue one cured sleep while the yellow one cured confusion. The white one attracted wild Pokémon while the black one repelled them. They thanked Mr. Fuji and Nathaniel opened a gate to Saffron City. Fuji whispered something in Selina’s ear and she nodded before they all walked through.
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Chapter 27

When they got to Saffron City Nathaniel stopped the group.

“Not to embarrass anyone, but should we make a stop at the Pokémon center for a change?” He asked.

Chad scuffed the ground with his foot and nodded.

“I think we all did when that crazy Haunter attacked us.” Selina said. “You don’t need to be so embarrassed remember Chad. Nathaniel doesn’t mind and would even be supportive. Your own father is a babyfur and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case.”

“You may have taken that a bit far Selina.” Nathaniel said. “She is right though Chad. It would be hypocritical of me to have a problem with your wearing diapers Chad.”

“Say what?” Chad asked.

“I have a physical need for them.” Nathaniel said. “I’ve always liked them too. I’m DL but there are some aspects of a babyfur that I have. I do like to … well let’s talk about that later. It’s getting late. We should actually just spend the night at the Pokémon center. If you need anything from us Chad, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thanks Nathaniel.” Chad said.

They walked to the Pokémon center and checked in for a large room. Once they got there, they let out their Pokémon and ordered a few pizzas. Selina took Cubone over to a table and Nathaniel was surprised o see her pull off a pair of plastic pants. He must have been so distracted by the Marrowack he hadn’t noticed that Cubone was diapered. It was only a baby so Nathaniel thought it made sense. Selina took off the wet diaper he had on and made a gesture to Nathaniel when she went to throw it away with the wipes she used to clean him up. Nathaniel got the message and gave Cubone his special oil massage. When he finished, Selina lovingly diapered him and brought back his plastic pants. The Cubone struggled when she tried to put them back on him so she just left them off. Nathaniel checked the other diapered Pokémon and found them all to be clean and dry so he turned to his traveling companions.

“Who wants to be changed and who wants to change themselves?” He asked.

“Would you mind changing me too much Nathaniel?” Chad asked. “I’d like one of those oil massages you gave Cubone. He looked like he really loved it.”

“I don’t do that for every change just to let you know.” Nathaniel said. “But I will this time. How about you Selina?”

“I’ll change myself and then take care of you when you’re done with Chad.” She said smiling. “Do you want any of the special treatment I used to do when I used to babysit you Chad?”

“Could I think about it until after Nathaniel is changed?” He asked.

“Sure, no rush.” Selina said. “Just make sure you give me an answer before we eat.”

She walked into the bathroom while Nathaniel lifted Chad onto the table. He pulled Chad’s sky blue shorts off and wasn’t surprised to see that his sky blue t-shirt was actually a onsie. It seemed everyone who wore diapers in this world wore onsies for the convenience of cutting down the diaper bulge. Keeps them from sagging too much as well when Nathaniel thought about it. Nathaniel popped open the snaps and watched as Chad’s diaper immediately sagged about an inch lower than it would have when it was dry.

“Haunter really scared you huh?” Nathaniel asked.

“I was already a little wet.” Chad answered.

“So do you want to tell me why you wear them?” Nathaniel asked as he opened Chad’s diaper.

“It was a childhood injury.” Chad answered. “It happened when I was three. I was in daddy’s forge and touched something I shouldn’t have. His hammer fell on me and, while my bladder has healed, I was in diapers too long to ever get out of them. I couldn’t train myself to use them. Selina helped me allot. She started babysitting me when I was four. She was very responsible at the age of nine so both her parents and my dad let her. She got me to accept being in diapers, and then she got me actually liking them. I didn’t know at the time that daddy was already in diapers and liked acting younger as well. It wasn’t until Selina got me liking some of the younger things that I found out about daddy liking them too. Since we both were babyfurs, he got to live out his like through me.”

“Sounds nice.” Nathaniel said as he finished cleaning up Chad. “So Selina was asking whether or not you wanted to be a babyfur tonight. If you really want to, I’ll stand in for Draco. You’ll have plenty of playmates most likely.”

“I think I’d like that.” Chad said smiling.

Nathaniel smiled and brought out the oil. He put some on his hands and squeezed a bit more onto Chad’s scales. He rubbed the oil in and added the positive energy and Chad was no different from anyone else he’d given the treatment to. While he took Chad to heaven on earth with a side trip to paradise, he calculated Chad’s age. If Selina was nine when he was four, and she’s seventeen now, that made Chad twelve years old. He finished the massage and threaded Chad’s tail through a clean diaper. He taped it up and then snapped Chad’s onsie back into place. He helped Chad off the table just as Selina came out.

“What took you so long?” Nathaniel asked. “It shouldn’t take that long to change a diaper unless it was really messy.”

“I was preventing it from becoming messy.” Selina said sticking her tongue out at him.

Nathaniel quickly stuck his hand through a gate and caught her tongue gently in his fingers. He let it slip through back into her mouth and she knew he was only being nice letting her tongue go. She got the message though that if she could do it to Chad, he’ll assume that he could do it to her. She walked up to Nathaniel and hefted him onto the changing table. She changed him quickly and just had his shorts back on when they heard a knock at the door. Nathaniel answered as Chad hid out of sight and Nathaniel paid for all of the pizzas.

“So you’ve decided to be a baby tonight.” Selina said smiling at Chad.

“Toddler.” Chad said. “I don’t want to be completely helpless.”

“Okay then.” Selina said.

Selina cut his pizza up for him and made a makeshift bib of napkins. Everyone enjoyed their pizza and Nathaniel had to change his starters’ diapers when they were done eating. They looked through some of the available movies on the TV and stuck in The Rise of Darkrai. Chad sat on the floor while the four Pokémon couples watched from Kangaskhan’s pouch. Anthony was on the floor as well serving as a plushie for the baby Cubone and Mew sat off a ways with Mewtwo. Chad’s Pokémon were clustered around him incase he needed a plush. Magikarp was the only one not nearby and was actually in a large tank of water they had ordered for the room. Nathaniel and Selina sat on the bed using Arcanine for a pillow while they watched the movie and kept an eye on everyone. They changed a few diapers during the movie and all of the Pokémon quickly fell asleep at the end. Arcanine as usual was the only one awake. She would remain so until she knew her pups were sleeping peacefully.

“We should probably give you a bath before we fall asleep too Chad.” Nathaniel said.

“Actually I think I’ll give you both a bath and then shower in the morning.” Selina said.

Nathaniel’s wings twitched agitatedly. He wasn’t sure about being bathed by her firstly, and he was even less sure about bathing with Chad. Selina knew his misgivings and rolled her eyes.

“You know where we stand Nathaniel.” She said. “Nothing is going to happen. And as for bathing with Chad, don’t worry about it. You’re both boys so it’s nothing to worry about. Chad’s a toddler anyway so he won’t care. He can get in the act when he wants to pretty easily.”

Nathaniel decided to just try it once and hope for the best. He followed Selina into the bathroom with Chad and saw that the tub was pretty big. It could have held all three of them with room to spare if they really wanted. Nathaniel started to pull his shorts down but Selina slapped his hand away lightly. Nathaniel looked at her quizzically until he knew what she was getting at. He rolled his eyes and held his arms away and let her undress him. She kept him in his sodden diaper while she undressed Chad and Nathaniel decided to try to finish off whatever was in his bladder while she did. Selina felt this and turned around to give him a kiss. That did the trick and Nathaniel’s diaper drooped almost down to his knees as a result. She finished with Chad who soaked his diaper laughing at Nathaniel. She then removed and threw away their used diapers and helped them both into the tub. She turned on a few taps and the tub filled quickly with hot water. Nathaniel and Chad would have wet more if they had anything left in their bladders when they sighed and relaxed. It felt as relaxing as a hot spring. Nathaniel just relaxed in the water as Selina scrubbed both him and Chad. He only got out of the water if Selina needed to get at something under the water. Nathaniel almost would have slept in the tub if Selina hadn’t pulled the plug, causing Nathaniel to shiver in what felt to be colder air. His tongue rolled out as Selina used a blow drier on him to dry him off as Chad helped her by scrubbing Nathaniel with a towel. Nathaniel returned the favor by wiping down Chad’s scales while she dried off his mane.

She took them both out into the room again and diapered them both before helping Chad into bed. Nathaniel stopped her when she tried to help him by checking her diaper and he found her to be soaked. Nathaniel guessed it happened when she kissed him and he lifted her onto the table again. He changed her quickly and left her in just a diaper as she had left both him and Chad and helped her into bed. He got the three of them under the covers and began suckling Arcanine. Selina did as well and Nathaniel saw out of the corner of his eye Chad begin at Arcanine’s urging. Nathaniel smiled as Chad quickly fell asleep still suckling and joined him as he felt Selina drifting off as well. Arcanine smiled at her two sleeping pups and began her nightly licking of them and her new hatchling, who she’d treat just as if he were her own pup as well.
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Chapter 28

Nathaniel woke up when he felt something moving at his side. He grabbed Selina’s hand before she could walk off without even opening his eyes. He stretched a bit and then got out of the bed without waking Chad. He picked a surprised Selina up in both of his arms and held her firmly when she struggled slightly. He kept his mind blocked but it didn’t matter anyway. Selina knew what Nathaniel had planned when he took her into the bathroom.

She didn’t struggle when Nathaniel removed her soaked diaper. She looked at him questioningly when he removed his as well and carried her into the tub. He just smiled and silenced a coming complaint with a kiss. He let their involuntary releases drain out of the tub before he plugged it and filled the tub with hot water again. He didn’t let himself relax as much this time and began scrubbing Selina. He made sure as he scrubbed her to add some positive energy pulses to it. She was almost in the same state of bliss she would be in if Nathaniel had given her his oil massage. He quickly cleaned the spot where Selina had released the contents of her bladder on him as he had her in his arms and then pulled the plug. He had her swaddled in a couple towels quickly and shook himself dry just as Chad opened the door.

“ACK!” Chad yelled and he covered his eyes before closing the door.

“So much for keeping them all asleep.” Nathaniel said.

He looked at himself and found himself to be dry so he began work on Selina. He took out the blow-dryer and watched as she rolled her tongue out as just as he did when she used it on him. He rubbed her dry the rest of the way and carried her out into the room again.

Chad hid under the covers when he saw them coming out. Nathaniel smirked and brought Selina over to the table. He quickly diapered her and hopped up for her to diaper him just as quickly.

“It’s safe to look now Chad.” Nathaniel laughed as he slipped on his onsie. Chad came out from under the covers and peeked from behind his fingers. Seeing Selina slipping on her onsie, he removed his hands and waddled over to Nathaniel. He had a pleading look in his eyes that pushed Nathaniel to his limits to resist.

“No oil massage this time Chad.” Nathaniel laughed. “We need to take care of the Pokémon and get going again. Maybe some other time.”

Chad pouted a bit as Nathaniel began to clean him up. He was nice enough to use positive energy as he rubbed in the powder. This made Chad feel a little better and he was smiling when Nathaniel tapped up his diaper. He let Chad put on his sky blue onsie and shorts as he went to check each of the diapered Pokémon. Anthony was still on the pillow they had set on the floor for him. His diaper was clean and dry. The Cubone that was using him as a combination pillow and stuffed animal was soaked however. Nathaniel thought it prudent to leave the baby Cubone asleep for the moment in case it was a fussy one. Nathaniel walked over to the couch where Mewtwo had his cloak draped over him and the Mew that was curled up on his chest. Nathaniel lifted the cloak and found them both to be wet. He then went over to Kangaskhan, who was just waking up and gently pulled her pouch a bit wider. Judging by the smell, all eight of them were messy. Nathaniel once again was amazed at how well the diapers were made in this world. They did a great job of cutting down the odor. The only reason Nathaniel could smell a thing was because one, he had an excellent sense of smell. And two, was because they really did a number on the diapers judging by the bulge. Selina took the two Squirtle while Kangaskhan took care of the Bulbasaur. Nathaniel changed Pikachu and Buneary as quickly as he could as Chad voluntarily changed the two Charmander.

The smell unfortunately woke Anthony. He in turn woke the sleeping Cubone when he shook his head at the smell. Cubone started sniffling as Anthony started to get up so he laid back down and let the Cubone cuddle him. Nathaniel smiled at the big brother role Anthony seemed to be filling for Cubone and chuckled as he realized just how cute they both looked in diapers. Nathaniel finished with Pikachu and set him down next to the freshly diapered Buneary. He went over to Cubone and started to pick him up but Cubone hugged Anthony even closer and Anthony gasped as Cubone hugged him a bit too hard around the middle. Cubone loosened only slightly and Nathaniel watched as Anthony’s diaper began swelling. Selina chuckled and Nathaniel laughed as Cubone let go of Anthony immediately for her. Kangaskhan beat Nathaniel to Anthony so Nathaniel went over to wake up Mewtwo.

Mewtwo was already awake and watching the whole thing trying his best not to laugh and rudely awaken Mew. Nathaniel gently woke the sleeping Mew and handed him off to a waiting Chad after he’d already got his own Pokémon up from their bed. Chad changed Mew while Nathaniel took care of his Mewtwo.

When everyone was done they all began to feel the morning hunger. Chad got out some food for his Pokémon while Kangaskhan rounded up the eight that had slept in her pouch last night. Nathaniel, Chad, Selina and the remaining Pokémon nursed from Arcanine while Arcanine and Kangaskhan shared in some of the food Chad offered them. Breakfast was done quickly and all of the Pokémon were called back into their pokeballs. They packed up everything they needed and left the Pokémon center.

“So now it’s on to Celadon City?” Chad said questioningly.

“That’s right.” Nathaniel said. “There are three Rainbow Badges there with our names on them. Then we gate back to Saffron and get the badge here before gating back to Celadon again and renting some bikes down Cycling Road and hitting Fuchsia City. After we’re done with all there is to do there, we Surf southward until we hit the Seafoam Islands. If any wish to try to get Articuno when we get there, we can try. Regardless of whether we do or not, we still head west from there until we hit Cinnabar Island and gain the badge there. Then we Surf northward and take a break in Pallet Town before we press on to Viridian and beat that gym before we go to Indigo Plateau. That’s when it’s anyone’s option whether or not to enter the tournament for the credit of clearing this region, or challenging the Elite Four for the same reason.”

“You make it sound so easy.” Selina laughed. “That’s going to take awhile to do. Why don’t we just gate back to Pallet Town from Cinnabar anyway?”

“Fine, do it the easy way.” Nathaniel laughed.

“We won’t have to worry about that if we don’t get there.” Chad said. “Let’s get going.”

They left the city limits and flew onward to Celadon. When they arrived Nathaniel was impressed yet again with the size of the city. It wasn’t quite as big as Saffron, but it was still huge. They walked to the trainer’s district and Nathaniel saw one of the main attractions to Celadon City. The humongous Department Store.

“Enjoying the scenery?” Anthony asked smirking.

“How’d you get out of your pokeball?” Nathaniel asked shocked when Anthony jumped onto his shoulder.

“No bonds can hold me.” Anthony said jokingly. “I know enough about pokeballs to know how to escape one easily.”

“I’ll have to see if they make a pokeball for that.” Nathaniel joked. “To answer your question, yes I am. The Department store is huge!”

“Each of the main regions has a department store.” Anthony said. “They hold the standard items of a regular pokemart, and then items that you can’t buy anywhere else. You name the item and they probably have it.”

“So would they have something like the Azure Flute?” Nathaniel asked.

“No way!” Anthony said. “The Azure Flute must be earned in order to obtain it. It’s a different challenge for each trainer so no use in asking me.”

Nathaniel looked at Selina and she rolled her eyes. He got the same feeling she did. Anthony was clearly fibbing.

“Whatever he knows, he sure is doing a good job of hiding the information.” Selina said telepathically. “I really don’t want to try to read his memory of how he got his if he did because I have a millennium of memories to go through.”

Nathaniel nodded and they turned towards the gym. Walking in Nathaniel thought they’d gone into the wrong place for a moment. It looked like he’d walked into a greenhouse. The Gym was filled with flowers and plants along the walls. The field was actually a grass floor with the lines painted upon it. At the end of the field was a rabbit watering some of the plants. Judging by the droplets Nathaniel saw on the other plants, she was just about finished.

“Excuse me.” Nathaniel said. “Are you Erika of the Celadon Gym?”

“That I am.” The rabbit said smiling as she finished watering the last plant. “Have you come for a botany lesson, or a gym battle?”

“All three of us have come for a gym battle.” Nathaniel said.

“So few ever come to actually learn how to care for plants.” She laughed. “As gym leader of the Celadon gym, it is my duty to accept your challenge. Who’s first?”

“I’ll go first.” Selina said stepping forward.

Nathaniel didn’t argue with her and gave her some room as Erika threw out her first Pokémon. Vileplume came out from the flash of light ready to battle. Selina quickly sent out her Charmander and the battle began. Vileplume ejected some purple powder from the center of its flower and Charmander used Ember on the Poison Powder attack to blast it away. Vile plume tried again with a green powder and a yellow powder both to the same effect so Charmander was unaffected by both Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. Before Vileplume could launch another attack, Charmander leaped forward with fire around its teeth and clamped them down on Vileplume in a successful Fire Fang. Selina jumped for joy when the attack caused Vileplume to flinch and she ordered another Ember from point blank range. The two fire attacks proved to be too much for Vileplume and it fell to them. Erika smiled as she called back her Vileplume and tossed Selina the Rainbow Badge.

Chad was up next and sent out his Charmeleon. Bellossom was the Pokémon selected to fight Chad and the second gym battle began. Bellossom started out strong and used Petal Dance. Charmeleon luckily blocked all three hits with Protect. While Bellossom was confused from the after effects of Petal Dance, Charmeleon opened its jaws wide and used Flamethrower to devastating effect. Bellossom fell to the one attack. Erika did the same thing for Chad that she did for Selina and turned to Nathaniel.

“Let’s see if you can make it three for three.” She said. “This last Pokémon is one of my strongest.”

Before they could choose their Pokémon, they were distracted by something. A strong white glow was filling the gym and Chad’s Charmeleon was nowhere to be seen. In its place was a brand new Charizard! Congratulations were quickly passed out and then Nathaniel and Erika sent out their Pokémon. Nathaniel had Anthony leap forth while Erika sent out a Tangrowth! The battle began when Tangrowth started out strong with Power Whip. Anthony sidestepped the attack and fired off a Shadow Ball. Tangrowth blocked it by using Poison Jab to shatter the attack. Anthony then used the attack from an old TM he had found. It was Double Edge, and with his Adaptability Ability, its power was doubled! Tangrowth blocked the attack this time by using Protect. Since Anthony’s attack didn’t do any damage he didn’t receive recoil damage fortunately. Nathaniel was stunned by the attack Anthony used next. For some reason, Anthony used Hydro Pump! Tangrowth was equally surprised when the attack hit it. Anthony leaped forward ready to use Iron Tail but was surprised when instead he used Leaf Blade! It was after being hit by Leaf Blade that Tangrowth fired off Solar Beam and got a direct hit on Anthony. Nathaniel was shocked once more when Anthony used Morning Sun and then Moonlight to restore himself to full health! Anthony fired off another attack that surprised everyone in the room, Thunder. The attack paralyzed Tangrowth and Anthony fired off two attacks in rapid succession. It was hard to tell whether Nathaniel or Tangrowth were more surprised when Tangrowth was hit by both Fire Blast and Blizzard. Fire Blast was blocked by Protect, but Blizzard got through to KO Tangrowth and win Nathaniel his Rainbow Badge.
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Chapter 29

“Since when can you use all of those attacks Anthony?” Nathaniel asked when they’d left the gym.

“That was the first time.” Anthony said. “You’re not mad are you?”

“After that performance?” Nathaniel asked loudly. “Heck NO! You were amazing! I couldn’t be mad at that.”

“That’s a relief.” Anthony said. “I still wonder how I was able to do that.”

“Let’s try it when we show the family and I’ll watch with my Aura Sight.” Nathaniel said.

“What do you mean when we show the family?” Chad, Selina and Anthony asked simultaneously.

Nathaniel laughed at how much like his family they sounded. “I think we should go visit my family either now or after battling the gym leader at Saffron City. We could spend a day or two there and visit your families as well.”

“I’d like that.” Selina said. “Let’s challenge the Saffron Gym first.”

“I second the motion.” Chad said.

“Motion carried.” Nathaniel said laughing. “But before we go, does anyone need a change?”

Everyone was announced themselves fine for the moment and Nathaniel gated them to Saffron City. They walked for the gym when they got there, but were stopped by a trainer on the way. They checked the trainer and found that he didn’t have a single badge. Chad made it somewhat fair when he battled the trainer and sent out his Magikarp. The other trainer sent out a Metapod. It was a tackling match that was clearly a draw as neither Pokémon could hit the other. Selina just about called it a tie when something wonderfully unfortunate happened. Metapod began shining and evolved into Butterfree. The trainer smiled as he ordered his Butterfree to use Confusion and Magikarp flew into the air. Nathaniel couldn’t even see where Magikarp went. The old saying what goes up must come down was disproved that day. Magikarp never came down. A Gyarados came down right on top of Butterfree instead. It was an instant KO. The trainer called back his new Butterfree and Chad hugged his new Gyarados who nuzzled him right back.

“Thanks for the battle.” The trainer said. “I got just what I wanted. I was trying to make my Metapod evolve into a Butterfree, and it looks like you got an evolution out of the battle as well.”

“Glad we both can leave happy.” Chad said shaking hands with the trainer.

When the trainer had left, they entered the gym and found a black bear pounding a punching bag inside. He looked up and gave a roar of joy when he saw the trio.

“Finally!” He said. “It’s about time someone challenge my gym.”

“I think we’re in the wrong place.” Selina said. “The Saffron City Gym is supposed to be a Psychic gym. This looks like a Fighting dojo.”

Nathaniel slapped his forehead remembering the games. There were two gyms in Saffron City. One was an unofficial gym that you could get a Hitmonlee of Hitmonchan at. At least he’d get some decent practice here.

“Okay then.” Nathaniel said. “I, Sir Nathaniel of Pallet Town, challenge you to an official battle.”

“The rule of this gym is a three-on-three battle.” The black bear said.

Nathaniel sent out his Mewtwo while the bear sent out Hitmonlee. When the battle began, Hitmonlee used Hi Jump Kick and was caught at the height of his jump by Mewtwo’s Psychic and he plummeted to the floor as a result. It was a one-hit-KO. The bear growled as he called back his Hitmonlee and sent out Hitmonchan. It came at Mewtwo with Mach Punch, but was blocked by Protect. Mewtwo then sent him flying over the bear’s head with another Psychic. The bear repeated his earlier gesture and sent out Hitmontop. Hitmontop came in for a Triple Kick and Mewtwo flew over the attacks to dodge. He then made the motions to use Shadow Ball, but the orb in his hands wasn’t black. It was the blue attack Nathaniel recognized as Aura Sphere! Hitmontop wasn’t quite finished but was quickly defeated by Swift.

“I guess that means you win.” The bear said.

“Too bad I don’t get a badge for this.” Nathaniel said. “It wasn’t a complete waste of time at least. Mewtwo learned Aura Sphere, which means he’d have to be level 100 now. How’d you get to be so high in level anyway Mewtwo?”

“It helps to have loads of trainers attacking you when you’re just looking for help.” Mewtwo answered. “That and the few other battles I’ve done with you as my trainer got me the rest of the way up to level 100.”

“Wow.” Nathaniel said. “I’m not sure what to do now. I’d like to keep you with me, but then I’d be tempted to use you in every battle and that would be too easy. If I do resist temptation, that would mean not letting you battle and that would be boring for you.”

“I won’t mind not battling.” Mewtwo said. “I’ve had enough battling to last me a long time. Just save me for when you really need me.”

“Well that’s good.” Nathaniel said relieved. “I’d rather not have to leave you at home with all of the hyper kids. Fun as they are, sometimes they don’t give you a chance to breathe and you need to come up for air.”

“Let’s get over to the other gym so we can get our badge.” Selina said. “I actually want to see all of those hyper kids.”

“That’s because they adore you.” Nathaniel said.

“Rightfully so.” Chad said. “She was an excellent babysitter. That combined with her youthful appearance makes her very popular with kids.”

“It also helps to have an extraordinary amount of patience.” Selina said smiling.

They left the dojo and walked over to the actual gym.

“Hello Nathaniel, Selina, Chad.” Said a tortoiseshell furred cat at the far end of the gym. “Madame Sabrina has been expecting you.”

“Drop the gypsy act Aunt Sabrina.” Selina said laughing. “You won’t…”

“Scare away your boyfriend with the knows all sees all routine.” Sabrina interrupted laughing. “I know Selina. I was only showing off.”

Selina and Sabrina rushed towards each other and embraced each other in a hug.

“Nathaniel, this is a family friend Sabrina.” Selina said. “She helped me learn what control over my psionics I have. She is the most famous psionic in the world.”

“Don’t be too modest dear.” Sabrina said smiling. “You have complete control over your psionics. What you lack is ability. You have the control but haven’t practiced to make them stronger. I’m proud that you’ve finally made it here to challenge my gym. I accept all of your challenges.”

Chad went first this time. He sent out his Trapinch while Sabrina sent out Mr. Mime. Trapinch started the battle with a Faint Attack while Mr. Mime used Protect. It then struck Trapinch five times with Doubleslap. Trapinch countered with a Crunch. Mr. Mime hit Trapinch with Psychic and then Trapinch used Earth Power. Mr. Mime tottered for a moment before fainting and Chad was given his Marsh Badge.

Selina leaped forward next and Sabrina sent out Venomoth against Selina’s … CUBONE! It was too late to call Cubone back so the battle Nathaniel expected to be over in a flash began. Venomoth fired Psybeam and Cubone used Protect. It then threw its club for a Bonemerang. Nathaniel was surprised when both hits were critical hits. Venomoth was flying lower as a result and fired off another Psybeam. Cubone dodged and charged in for a Double-Edge. It was unharmed thanks to its Rock Head ability. Venomoth couldn’t say the same thing. It couldn’t say much in fact as Cubone’s second attack KO’ed it. Selina hugged the happy little Cubone as Sabrina proudly gave her the Marsh Badge.

“I’m going to do things a bit differently for you Sir Nathaniel.” Sabrina said. “To give the Master-in-training a challenge, I’ll say that this battle is a double battle.”

“Fine by me.” Nathaniel said as he blocked his mind. He felt something recoil quickly as the block came into effect and felt a pang as he saw Sabrina clutch her head for a moment.

“Very effective shield you’ve got.” She said. “Felt like a sledge hammer when that block came up so quickly. I’ll remember to try to either asking you if I could read your mind, or be much more subtle when I do. Let us begin then.”

Nathaniel sent out Charmander and Bulbasaur and Sabrina sent out Alakazam and Kadabra. Sabrina had both of her Pokémon use Psybeam and Bulbasaur and Charmander leaped over the attacks.

“Let’s try out a combo attack!” Nathaniel shouted. “Razor Leaf and Heat Wave!”

Bulbasaur launched his Razor Leaf in perfect timing with Charmander’s Heat Wave. Nathaniel smiled in satisfaction as the leaves caught fire without being reduced to ashes. The combo attack was avoided by Alakazam because Kadabra threw itself in front to take the attacks. Sabrina sighed in dismay as her plan to have Kadabra use Recover after being hit fell as Kadabra did. Charmander and Bulbasaur then tried another combo attack. Alakazam used Reflect to cut the damage. But it didn’t cut the damage from Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn enough to prevent it from fainting.

“That was well done young master.” Sabrina said smiling as she returned her Pokémon. “I’m proud to give you your new Marsh Badge.”

As Nathaniel took his Marsh Badge, he was surprised to see Charmander and Bulbasaur begin to glow. He watched joyously as both of them evolved into Charmeleon and Ivysaur. His joy was only dampened slightly when he saw that their diapers had ripped off thanks to their new size. He hugged them both tightly and they left the gym all smiles.

Chapter 30

They went over to the pokemart before they left and grabbed some new diapers for Charmeleon and Ivysaur along with a new pair of plastic pants for them. After he paid for them he put them on his newly evolved Pokémon and they walked outside. There must have been some battle going on as most of the trainers were watching a battle at the center of the square and no other battles were being fought. Nathaniel, Chad and Selina squeezed through the crowd until they saw the battle that was going on. It was a tag battle between two wolves with a Mamoswine and an Abomasnow, against a weasel and a skunk with a Magmar and a Steelix. With the hail that was going on in the battle, combined with the fact that the wolves kept using super effective attacks, the battle was over quickly and the wolves were the victors.

“Anyone else think they can beat us?” One of the wolves yelled to the crowd.

“We’ll take on anyone who thinks they can.” The other wolf said as he used a few items on the two Pokémon.

“I’ll take you guys on.” Nathaniel said.

“Who’s going to battle with you?” the first wolf asked. “We only do tag team battles.”

“I’ll battle with him.” Chad said stepping up.

“Okay then!” the first wolf said. “So how many badges do you guys have?”

“Five each.” Nathaniel said.

“Possibly worth the time.” The first wolf said.

“You guys already know our Pokémon.” The second one said. “Send out yours.”

Nathaniel sent out Charmeleon while Chad sent out Charizard. The battle began quickly. Charizard and Charmeleon both used Heat Wave while Abomasnow and Mamoswine used Blizzard. The Blizzards were much stronger than the Heat Waves and it was only because Blizzard was a slightly inaccurate attack that allowed Charmeleon to avoid the attacks. Charizard was not as lucky and was hit by both attacks. Nathaniel knew that the Hail was making the ice attacks stronger so he ordered Charmeleon to use “Sunny Day!” The hail stopped instantly and Charizard used Flare Blitz on Abomasnow. Abomasnow was knocked out, and Mamoswine retaliated by using Rock Slide. Charmeleon was nearly knocked out by the attack and flinched. Charizard nearly fell to the attack as well when he was hit incredibly hard. Charizard was on one knee when Nathaniel noticed something. There was a thin red glow around Charizard. The glow began to grow and everyone saw it. Charizard’s Blaze was coming into effect. It then opened its mouth wide and fired a tiny fireball at Mamoswine. The wolf laughed until the fireball hit Mamoswine. That was when the fireball exploded into the enormous pillar of flames that was Blast Burn. Mamoswine only stood there when the flames parted. When everyone looked at it, they could all see by the vacant look in its eyes that it had been KO’ed. The crowd cheered for Nathaniel and Chad until two things happened. One was that Chad’s Charizard collapsed. The other was Nathaniel’s Charmeleon begin shining like a star. Nathaniel slapped his forehead as the diaper and plastic pants were ripped apart again as his Charmeleon became a Charizard. Nathaniel’s Charizard ran up to Chad’s and lifted him onto his shoulders before running into the Pokémon center with Nathaniel, Chad and Selina close behind.
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Chapter 31

Nathaniel waited in the lobby with his freshly diapered Charizard and Selina. Chad was in the examination room with his Charizard. Nathaniel went over to the Pokemart quickly after Selina promised she’d watch his Pokémon for him. He came back with a new pair of flame patterned plastic pants for his Charizard. He sat back down after helping Charizard into them and wondered what was taking so long in the examination room. Finally, after an hour of waiting, Chad came out half happy, and half sad.

“How’s Charizard Chad?” Nathaniel asked.

“He was just right behind me.” Chad said. He reached back through the door and came out with his Charizard trying to hide behind him. It didn’t work and Nathaniel could see how embarrassed it was to be in the giant diaper that was now around its waist.

“The point blank Rock Slide after the double Blizzard, combined with his forced learning of Blast Burn caused some damage to his nerves.” Chad said. “They were able to repair some of it by drawing off some of his undamaged nerves in another area. His baldderal nerves will grow back one day, but he may have been in diapers too long to ever gain back control.”

“Then it’s a good thing he has someone to help him through this.” Nathaniel said. “You know what it’s like to need diapers after an injury so you can give him any emotional support he’ll need. We also have another diapered Charizard here who might be able to help him out as well.”

“So are we still going home?” Selina asked. “Or does this change our plans a bit?”

“I think we still should.” Nathaniel said. “If you stay with us for the time we’re there, it may help Charizard to be around so many people who wear diapers. He’s going through the same thing Mewtwo is apparently so since Mewtwo got over allot of his embarrassment there, Charizard might as well.”

“Right.” Chad said. “Let’s go! Return Charizard.”

When everyone was called back, Nathaniel opened a gate to his favorite spot to gate to in Pallet. They walked out from behind the Pokémon Center and then Nathaniel led them to one of his favorite spots in Pallet Town. He was shocked when he saw that only the Medieval Times gift shop was open thanks to Christmas. He’d forgotten that it was Christmas!

“Oh my goodness!” Nathaniel said. “I forgot about it being Christmas. It sure arrived quickly. There are a couple of things I need to buy here. Charizard and Ivysaur need new armor now that they’ve evolved. Plus we should see if you can spend Christmas with us Chad.”

“Maybe they don’t need new armor.” Selina said.

“Why wouldn’t they?” Nathaniel asked.

“You’ve unlocked another power even if you don’t realize it yet.” Selina said. “Do you remember what power that is that I’m talking about Anthony?”

“Not really.” Anthony said. “I can’t recall everything from my past life. I need to see or hear something pertaining to it to trigger a memory. A direct question about something will trigger the knowledge but vague questions like that won’t do.”

“The power of stage control.” Selina said.

“I’m getting something.” Anthony said. “I’m not sure if that was the actual name of it, but I do remember what you’re getting at. I used to be able to control what stage of evolution my Pokémon were in to an extent. They had to be willing to be subject to the power first of all. They also have to have been in that stage of evolution before. I generally used it on Pokémon who evolved when they didn’t mean or want to. What Selina is getting at is reverting Charizard and Ivysaur back into their base forms. The only hitch is when they go into battle, they immediately return to the stage they were in. So Charizard will always be Charizard in battle.”

Nathaniel sent out Ivysaur and Charizard and asked their opinion on the subject.

“I’d rather be a Charmander again.” Charizard said. “I’d feel a little awkward having a relationship with Selina’s Charmander when I’m big enough to be her father. Wait a minute! Will I have control of my stage?”

“Once I did that for my Pokémon, they had the ability to change their stage between the stage I placed them in and the stage they used to be.” Anthony said. “I could always control their shape as well if they were misusing the power. It took some focusing but they lose their battling ability if I force them into a previous stage and hold them there. When they willingly let me subject them to the power, it was a permanent thing. I always had that power so it took a large amount of trust.”

“I trust Charizard won’t abuse the ability I’d give him.” Nathaniel said looking at him warningly. “I could think of something fitting as a punishment if he were to do so. I assume you’re thinking of fathering Selina’s Charmander from time to time. Do so kindly, or I may inflict the same amount of discomfort on you that you inflict upon her. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir!” Charizard said saluting.

“Quit that.” Nathaniel said laughing. “I really do trust you Charizard. I’m sure you wouldn’t but I am serious that that is what will happen if you betray the trust.”

Nathaniel searched through his mind until he found something new. He was just about to access it when Chad stopped him.

“Wait a minute.” He said. “Let me do something to him first.”

“What?” Nathaniel asked.

Chad walked up to Charizard and pulled his plastic pants and diaper off. He zapped the plastic pants with the same energy his father used. He then zapped both the diaper and Charizard and replaced them.

“Okay then!” Chad said. “Now Charizard’s plastic pants and diaper will shrink as he does. I’ll have to zap him and his diaper again when he’s a Charmander to make them grow as he does as well. I had to make it so that any diaper Charizard wears will shrink with him. Charmander uses different diapers so he’ll need to have those ones grow as he does. The plastic pants are fine though. I’ll do the same thing for Ivysaur if you like.”

Nathaniel thanked Chad and focused once more. He watched as Charizard glowed for a moment and then became Charmander once more. Chad repeated his earlier action with one of Charmander’s old diapers and then Nathaniel turned to Ivysaur.

“Do you want the option of being a Bulbasaur outside of battle again?” Nathaniel said.

“Since it’s only an option, then yes.” Ivysaur answered. “I’m not sure if I really want to be a Bulbasaur or not. I’d rather see what Selina’s Bulbasaur thinks of me before I make any decision.”

Chad went through the same process for Ivysaur that he went through for Charizard and Nathaniel went to work. When Ivysaur was a Bulbasaur, Chad zapped one of his diapers and then Bulbasaur focused. He evolved once more into Ivysaur and Selina let out her Bulbasaur.

“Do you recognize me?” Ivysaur asked.

“You look different, but your voice sounds too similar to not be the Bulbasaur I love.” Selina’s Bulbasaur said.

“So do you prefer me like this,” he asked as an Ivysaur. “Or this?” He asked, returning to a Bulbasaur.

“I’m not really sure.” Selina’s Bulbasaur replied after getting over her shock. “Ivysaur looks so strong and protective, but Bulbasaur is so much cuter. At least you’re not a Venesaur. It would look more like a daughter and father when I do this.”

Selina’s Bulbasaur gave Bulbasaur a quick lick and Bulbasaur stiffened in shock. Charmander walked up and gave him a light poke and he tipped over stiff as a board. Selina’s Bulbasaur licked his other cheek and then Bulbasaur went limp before getting back up again.

“It wouldn’t look too bad if I were to do that to an Ivysaur.” She said. “But then again it might look like a youngling with a crush on an older guy. At least with this way we look like young lovers.”

“Okay then.” Bulbasaur said smiling. “I’ll stay like this. But when it comes time to defend you, I shall be your strong Ivysaur.”

Nathaniel smiled at their antics. “Let’s get going to Medieval Times anyway. We still need to let your families know you’re back in town and will be spending Christmas with my family.”

They then walked into Medieval Times and Nathaniel headed straight for the blacksmith. Draco looked up and smiled when Nathaniel entered.

“Always nice to see you Nathaniel.” He said as he hammered away at another sword. “What can I do for you today?”

“I need your permission for something.” Nathaniel said.

“Permission for what?” Draco asked.

“I’d like your permission to have Chad spend Christmas with my family.” Nathaniel said.

“You’ve met Chad!” Draco said happily. “I was hoping you two would meet. I guess he knows about your diapers since you’re inviting him to spend Christmas with you.”

“I also know allot about him.” Nathaniel said with a hint clear in his voice.

“Does he know you know his history?” Draco asked slightly worried.

“Yes and he’s just fine with me knowing.” Nathaniel said. “I hope you don’t mind too much, but I kind of stepped in for your role last night.”

“He let you do that!?” Draco said shocked.

“Selina thought he might.”

“Oh! Selina was there. That makes allot of sense. Chad just loved her as a babysitter. She helped him allot after his injury and brought me and Chad much closer together.” Draco said smiling. “How did you two meet?”

Nathaniel related most of what had happened since meeting Selina. He left a few things out but Draco was old enough to fill in the blanks and laughed at some points.

“Sounds like you’re set for your journey.” Draco said. “With friends like those two at your side and the Pokémon you have, what else do you need? I’ll let Chad spend Christmas with you guys on one condition.”

“Name it!” Nathaniel said excitedly.

“You see if there’s room for one more.” Draco said.

“Who’s coming?” Nathaniel asked playfully.

“Ha ha.” Draco fake laughed. “I’d rather not be home alone when I know Chad is in town. Your family wouldn’t mind would they?”

“Of course not!” Nathaniel said. “We’ve got plenty of room and the family is fairly wealthy so we can house you for Christmas easily. You might have to sleep on the couches, but we do have the room. Actually, since the two of you are baby furs, you probably wouldn’t mind sleeping in the cribs in the playroom would you?”

“You guys have spare cribs?” Draco said amazed. “Wow. If they’re big enough then of course we wouldn’t mind.”

“I’ve seen Michael and Jim laying down comfortably in one of them and they are pretty big guys.” Nathaniel said. “The cribs will have no trouble holding either of you.”

“Great!” Draco said happily. “If you guys have a video phone you can use that bracer to call them and ask them now.”

“I forgot this thing had a built in pokegear.” Nathaniel said and he opened the screen. He went to the pokegear function and found his home phone was plugged in. He remembered that he didn’t even know his home phone and guessed that when Professor Oak filled out the forms to make him an official trainer, he must have put his home phone there as well. He called and the screen had the word “calling” on it. A few seconds later Skip’s grinning face appeared on the screen.

“I was wondering when you were going to call.” Skip laughed. “How are you doing brother? Where are you at? How are you and Selina doing? What’s the occasion for calling?”

Nathaniel laughed at how eager Skip was on screen. “In order. I’m doing just great. The group has five badges each. I’m actually in Medieval Times right now with Draco. Selina and I are at the same stage we were at when we left. And I called because I need a favor.”

“You know I’d do just about anything for you Nathaniel.” Skip said. “Name it and if it’s within my power, consider it done.”

“I’d like to invite a few friends to spend Christmas with us.” Nathaniel said. “Selina of course, plus I’d like to invite Draco and his son Chad to spend Christmas with us.”

“Sure thing Nathaniel.” Skip said. “We’ve got the room and the more the merrier. We’ll see you when you get here.”

“Later Skip!” Nathaniel said before closing his bracer. “All set for the two of you to stay. They’ll either offer you one of their beds or they’ll offer the crib if Skip told them about you. I don’t think he did so you…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll say something.” Draco said. “I never asked Skip, is he a baby fur as well or does he wear diapers for another reason?”

“He doesn’t really need diaper since a pull-up will do.” Nathaniel said. “But he is a baby fur like you so you’ll be welcomed at the home. He and his brothers all indulge in being a baby fur right along with their own kids. If you and Chad were to age play younger, you won’t look out of place at my home.”

“Cool!” Draco said as he put the finishing touches on the sword. “That finishes my work for the holidays. Any sales can be handled by the other shop keepers. I’m ready to go.”

They walked back out into the lobby and saw Selina talking with her parents. She hugged them both and she walked over to Nathaniel with Chad.

“My parents just approved of my staying at your place for Christmas.” She said. “They had only two conditions.”

“What are they?” Nathaniel asked.

“One is look up.” Selina said smiling.

Nathaniel looked up and saw a plant feared by all of the sane young boys. It was the dreaded mistletoe! Despite knowing what would happen, Nathaniel looked down just in time for Selina to lock lips with him. Nathaniel decided to just enjoy the moment and found himself purring as the kiss drew on.

Selina laughed and pushed him away. “Don’t do that when I’m kissing you. That tickles way too much.”

“Now I have a weapon against you!” Nathaniel said joyfully joking.

Everyone present laughed and the four left. They headed into town and then off into the woods for their Christmas destination.
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Chapter 32

It wasn’t long before the house came into view. Nathaniel smiled at seeing his home again. Even though it was only a couple of days, it felt like he’d been gone for weeks. He walked up to the front porch and reached for the door. Before he could touch the knob the door swung open and he found himself looking into the sky.

“What hit me this time?” Nathaniel wheezed.

“The eight siblings that have been waiting anxiously for you to return.” Skip laughed from the doorway.

Nathaniel looked into the excited faces of his younger siblings and could tell they had as much to tell him as he had to tell them. He got up and dusted himself off before getting them all in a group hug.

“You guys look like you want to tell me something.” Nathaniel said. “To avoid confusion, you tell me Ethan.”

“Shannon and I have been practicing our power and we helped the others discover their power as well!” Ethan said excitedly. “I think they have the same thing going as I do. David can freeze things just like Holly, while Monte has the same future sight as Alyssa.”

“It’s called premonition.” Monte and Alyssa said together.

“Whatever.” Ethan retorted. “And Krieg can teleport just like Rose. We’ve all even managed to use our psionics within ten yards of each other.”

“That’s great guys!” Nathaniel said patting Ethan on the back. He stopped when Ethan winced though. “Your back okay Ethan?”

“Their backs have all been sore since you left.” Skip said. “They have these knotted muscles that act up every now and again.”

“I’ll take a look at them when we get inside.” Nathaniel said.

They walked inside and Nathaniel had Ethan strip down to his diaper first. He focused some positive energy into his hands and used his Aura Sight. He put his hands onto the knots he found and was shocked at what he saw when he spread positive energy into them. He saw that the two knots Ethan had were actually growing wings!

“If you guys all have the same thing happening,” Nathaniel began in a shocked tone. “Then you eight have all three aspects of the Angelics. These knots on Ethan’s back are the start of wings. It’s probably going to hurt when they break through the skin but having these wings is worth it. I’ll teach you guys to fly when you’re old enough.”

“I’m really going to get wings?” Ethan asked excitedly.

“Yes you lucky little bugger.” Nathaniel said ruffling his head fur. “You’re really lucky because you have those flaps from being a flying squirrel.”

“They’ve been shrinking lately.” Ethan said.

“What?” Nathaniel asked shocked. “Are you sure?”

“Positive.” Ethan said.

“I wondered about him having those.” Cuprum said. “I don’t remember anyone in Zoe’s family being a flying squirrel. Maybe the Legendaries gave Ethan those flaps so he could learn some basic flight before he got his actual wings in case you didn’t have the time to teach them to fly.”

“Sounds like something they’d do.” Anthony said.

“Let me check the rest of you to be sure you all are getting your wings.” Nathaniel said.

They all stripped down to their diapers with impunity that surprised Draco and Chad. Nathaniel checked them all and found they were indeed growing wings. When he was done they all just stayed in their diapers and convinced Nathaniel to strip down as well. Selina had to give Nathaniel a little encouragement by stripping down to her diaper first. When they had all of their clothes in a heap, they turned to Nathaniel’s older brothers. They showed mock fear in their eyes and tried to run but were tackled by the younger children. They struggled playfully but let them strip them of their clothes as well. Cuprum didn’t let them get close enough to him to strip him as well. He took his onsie off and threw it on the pile. Nathaniel was glad Cuprum was wise enough to do that since the eight probably would have crushed the infant dragon.

“You may want to strip down as well before they realize you guys are wearing diapers too.” Nathaniel whispered to Draco and Chad.

They nodded and shyly stripped down as well. They felt a lot more comfortable afterward however and were glad that the kids just accepted them. Remus, Jim and Michael flashed them surprised looks but let it go.

“Having a diaper party out here kids?” Zoe asked from the kitchen door.

“Looks like it.” Nathaniel laughed. “I just hope the four of you can handle so many in diapers.”

“I’m sure the older ones won’t make us do it all by ourselves.” Zoe said. “If we’re overworked then they can pick up the slack I’m sure.”

“Only if there are allot more diapers to change than there are people to change them.” Skip said. “Otherwise I think I see a Christmas filled to the brim with toddlers.”

“It’s a good thing then we invited a nice couple to spend Christmas with us who were willing to help if such an event occurred.” Zoe said.

Chad and Draco stiffened at that. Zoe saw the looks on their faces and said, “Don’t worry. It’s someone you know. Selene and Edward are coming over while Carul uses their gift of a vacation in the Orange Islands.”

Chad relaxed since they knew about him being in diapers after Selina babysitting him so much. Draco was a different story however. What would his bosses say about this? He was just about to put his clothes back on when Selene and Edward walked through the door. He froze when he knew they saw him.

“I’ve always wondered why you wore diapers to work Draco.” Selene said. “I’m glad to hear from Selina’s explanation how you and Chad have grown closer together from a shared interest.”

“You told them?” Nathaniel asked Selina.

“I did just now so they wouldn’t make a fuss.” Selina said. “You can relax Draco. Nothing has changed in the slightest. Them knowing your secret hasn’t changed their opinion about you. They still think of you as a loving father, a marvelous blacksmith, and a good friend.”

“I didn’t know you guys thought of me as a friend.” Draco said.

“Not officially until now.” Edward said. “But we always cared for the well being of both you and your son. We hoped Selina would help Chad when we offered her as a babysitter. We had no idea she helped you more than just by removing your worry for Chad. We couldn’t be happier at how things turned out.”

The tension that existed in the room just moments before was gone faster than Ethan was when he swallowed a bowl of hotroot powder. Selene and Edward looked at their daughter and then at Nathaniel and saw that their diapers were soaked, likely from the kiss under the mistletoe.

“I’ll take this one Edward.” Selene said picking up her daughter.

“Does anyone mind if I take Sir Nathaniel?” Edward asked.

“Be my guest.” Zoe said as she returned to the kitchen.

Edward picked up Nathaniel and Nathaniel felt powerful muscles in the arms of the winter wolf. Edward carried Nathaniel to a changing table downstairs while Selene carried Selina into the bathroom. Edward laid Nathaniel down on the changing table in the computer room and untapped the diaper. Nathaniel felt Edward had something on his mind so he struck up a conversation to end the awkward silence in the room.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Nathaniel asked.

“Only a penny?” Edward joked.

Nathaniel laughed and Edward said, “I was just wondering something. Do you have any idea when you plan to marry my daughter?”

“Hold up a second.” Nathaniel said. “We’re only ten! We can’t get married yet.”

“You’re only physically ten.” Edward said. “You’re right that you two are too young to marry yet. But I was wondering I guess actually when you planned to propose marriage.”

“How young do furrs usually marry in this world?” Nathaniel asked. “I could propose a promise to marry if it’s within a certain range.”

“With parental consent, I’ve seen legal marriages as young as fourteen.” Edward answered. “Four years may be pushing a just a bit, but would you consider doing it that early? Maybe even a little mock ceremony?”

“Why so soon?” Nathaniel asked.

“Carul isn’t getting any younger and I’d rather not take a chance that his granddaughter won’t get married before he… you know.” Edward answered.

“I can’t see myself falling in love with anyone else.” Nathaniel said. “I think I could propose to her before we leave this Christmas. Then we should hold whatever mock ceremony you’d like to plan sometime after we get home from the Indigo Plateau.”

“Then I hope you’ll take this.” Edward said after taping up Nathaniel’s diaper. He held out something he pulled from his pocket and Nathaniel heard a gasp from the door. He gated behind whoever it was and saw that it was Anthony!

“Why are you eavesdropping on us?” Nathaniel asked sternly.

“I came down needing a change.” Anthony said. “The conversation was too interesting for me not to listen in.”

“What was with the gasp?” Nathaniel asked.

“I recognize that ring.” Anthony answered. “I used that ring to propose to my own wife.”

“I know that.” Edward said. “I thought it would be a good idea.”

“It’s brilliant!” Anthony said. “I thoroughly support it and give it my blessing.”

“That is a good idea.” Nathaniel said. “It sort of repeats the ring’s history. Anthony influenced my form so I fill his role. And Selina is the direct descendant of Anthony’s wife, so my proposing with it would be like having it happen all over again.”

“Then you’ll take it?” Edward asked excitedly.

“Yes.” Nathaniel answered. He took the ring and stuck it in his arm fur. Using a little energy the ring stayed there ready for whenever Nathaniel decided to propose. Nathaniel picked Anthony up and as thanks for giving his blessing on Nathaniel and Selina, he gave him a full body oil massage. When he rediapered Anthony they walked back upstairs. Just before getting up there, Nathaniel blocked all thoughts of the plan from his, Anthony’s and Edward’s mind so that Selina would be totally surprised when Nathaniel took to one knee an popped the question.
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Chapter 33

Selina was already in the living room when Nathaniel came back up. She was watching Skip, David, Alyssa, and, oddly enough, Dragonite playing a game of Super Smash Bros Brawl. Skip was clearly the dominant predator in the game as Pikachu. David looked severely annoyed as Samus when Skip kept leaping over the three of them and using Thunder. Alyssa thankfully wasn’t cheating even though she was getting her tail handed to her as Lucas by Dragonite using Charizard. It was all over when the Smash Ball showed up. David hit it with Samus’s up B move and Skip leaped over it and not only hit Samus with his down B, but also broke the Smash Ball. Skip launched Pikachu’s Volt Tackle and with one skillful move, struck all three of them and Star KO’ed them all. The battle was finished and Nathaniel saw that Skip had set the game to shuffle the players. The next four selected were Nathaniel, Ethan, Selina, and Linoone.

Nathaniel was wondering how Linoone was going to play when Skip pulled out a joy pad. Linoone walked up to it and placed his paws on it in a manner that showed he knew how to use that thing. Nathaniel was a bit worried since Linoone was likely Skip’s Pokémon and would be a serious threat. Nathaniel chose one of his favorite characters, Lucario. Selina was about to choose the same character but shifted her decision instead to another of Nathaniel’s characters, Metaknight. Ethan went for a character Nathaniel remembered from his past life was a mainstay of his, Ness. Nathaniel was really scared when he saw what Linoone had selected. Another of the characters he was excellent with, Pikachu.

They shifted the rules to ninety-nine life stock match with ten minutes on the clock at Super Sudden Death mode. Ethan didn’t get to select any aspect of the battle, so he shifted the items. He left only two items on, the Smash Ball, and Bombombs! Nathaniel groaned remembering how Ethan used those at point blank range or from above. They changed one more thing before beginning. They hit team battle and Nathaniel was paired with Selina while Ethan battled with Linoone. They selected Final Destination as the stage and began.

Nathaniel immediately charged his Aura Sphere while Ethan ran up to him. Selina used her side B attack and hit Ethan from behind Nathaniel. Linoone leaped over them with a bombomb Nathaniel hadn’t known was there and hit both Ethan and Selina. At 300% damage, they both were goners. Nathaniel avenged them both by hitting Linoone with a fully charged Aura Sphere. Something Nathaniel remembered about Aura Sphere, it grew stronger the more damage Lucario had, and Lucario was at 300% damage. The battle went on with KO’s abounding. Ethan liked to use the C-Stick on the Game Cube controller he was using to use a quicker smash attack to send people flying instantly. The battle was almost over when Nathaniel managed to get the power of the Smash Ball. Ethan and Linoone tried to run but Aura Storm caught them both directly and when it had finished, sent them both to the screen for one last KO. It was only because of those two KO’s that Nathaniel’s team won.

“That was way too close.” Nathaniel said. “Good job guys.”

“Thanks.” Ethan and Linoone said together.

“Would you like to see a real battle?” Nathaniel asked.

“YES!” Everyone shouted.

“I did something to the house before I left on my journey guys.” Nathaniel said. “Come and see.”

He led the excited group downstairs and into his level of the house. He opened a hidden door to another stair case. They walked down to a pitch black area. Nathaniel focused his flames to two small pillars at the bottom of the steps, and just like the treasure room in National Treasure, the flames shot across a track and revealed a stadium worthy of the Pokémon league.

“How did you build this place?” Skip asked in awe.

“It wasn’t easy.” Nathaniel said. “It took allot of focus and careful strikes but I blasted and carved the rock loose and gated the excess away. It’s perfectly stable and won’t harm the house. I’ve even dug further down and found an incredible cavern down a tunnel. I’ll show you the tunnel after the battle. You can take a seat in the stands.”

Everyone did and Nathaniel contemplated how he was going to do this. He decided that there would be a tag team battle.

“It will be a three Pokémon tag team battle between Chad and Selina, versus me and Mewtwo.” Nathaniel announced.

“Me!” Mewtwo said.

“Since you can’t be in the battle, how about being a trainer in the battle. You can use three of my Pokémon.”

“Okay.” Mewtwo said. “I’ll try it at least.”

Nathaniel and Mewtwo walked over to one side of the field and Selina walked with Chad to the other. Nathaniel handed Mewtwo three pokeballs telling him what each contained.

“Rules are thus.” Nathaniel shouted. “No substitutions. The tag battle consists of three rounds, two wins needed for victory. The round ends when both of one team’s Pokémon are defeated. No time limit. Agreed?”

“Agreed!” Chad and Selina shouted from the other end of the field.

Nathaniel threw out Pikachu first. Selina responded with Buneary while Chad threw out Gyarados. Mewtwo sent out Ivysaur to battle. Nathaniel could tell Selina planned to have Buneary distract Pikachu with their mutual adoration of each other. But Nathaniel could tell that wasn’t going to happen by the look that passed between Pikachu and Buneary. They must have agreed at another time if they were to battle they would go all out. The battle began with Ivysaur using Razor Leaf. Buneary dodged using Bounce and Gyarados responded with Blizzard. Pikachu avoided the attack and hit Gyarados with Thunder. Gyarados fell to the second attack and Buneary hit Ivysaur with Bounce and that left only the two lovers left to battle. Pikachu took advantage of Buneary’s turned back and hit her with Iron Tail. Buneary turned around and hit Pikachu with Ice Beam. Pikachu then hit Buneary with a strong Volt Tackle and ended up knocking itself out as well as Buneary. Nathaniel ran onto the field and healed all four Pokémon. Three of the recovered Pokémon went into the stands after the fourth began glowing. When the light cleared, Venesaur stood strong. Nathaniel hugged his new Venesaur and he walked into the stands to watch the rest of the battle.

Nathaniel sent out Arcanine next while Selina threw out Kangaskhan. Chad sent out Trapinch while Mewtwo sent out Squirtle. The battle began quickly with Arcanine hitting Kangaskhan with Extremespeed. Kangaskhan countered with Dizzy Punch. Meanwhile Squirtle was having a biting match with Trapinch. Arcanine leaped backward from Kangaskhan and shook her head clear. Then she opened he mouth wide and chomped down on Kangaskhan with Fire Fang. Trapinch apparently decided it had had enough and used Earthquake. The attack knocked out Squirtle, Kangaskhan, and Arcanine. It immediately began glowing and a new Vibrava stood in its place. Nathaniel rushed out to heal the Pokémon again and then watched as Squirtle evolved into Wartortle. The four Pokémon ran into the stands and Selina and Chad sent out the three remaining Pokémon they were not going to use. Selina sent out her Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander while Chad sent out Bagon, Charizard and Gible.

They then sent out the Pokémon they were going to use. Nathaniel sent Anthony onto the field and Mewtwo threw out Charizard. Chad used Dratini and Selina sent out her Mew. The battle began and Mew used Flamethrower. Anthony used Fire Blast and Nathaniel saw something interesting with his Aura Sight. Anthony’s Aura shifted slightly and Nathaniel noticed Anthony’s already unstable DNA shifted halfway to Flareon. Anthony’s DNA was actually more and less stable at the same time than a normal Eevee. He could shift into being able to use the same attacks the eeveelutions were capable of using without evolving. Nathaniel smiled and made a note to practice this with Anthony later. The Fire Blast cut through the Flamethrower and hit Mew. Mew didn’t take much damage since the Flamethrower cut the power of the Fire Blast. Charizard fire his own Flamethrower at Dratini who countered with Fire Blast. The attacks cancelled each other out instead of one blasting through the other. Mew used Blizzard this time and Anthony countered with his own Blizzard. Dratini tried to use Blizzard but Charizard had his turn to cut through the attack with Heat Wave. Both Dratini and Mew were burned by the attack. Mew used Metronome and Anthony used Protect. Mew unfortunately used Earthquake and Dratini was the only one hit by the attack. It used Double Edge somehow and knocked itself and Charizard out. It was down to Anthony and Mew now. Mew used Metronome again and Anthony countered with Shadow Ball. Mew came in for an Iron Tail and Anthony Blocked it with Leaf Blade. It wasn’t until Mew and Anthony countered each other’s Thunder that Mew succumbed to its burn. Anthony smiled and them a few seconds later fell to the burn it received from Mew’s Synchronize Ability.

Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see Dratini evolve when he healed him. He proceeded to heal the other Pokémon as well and turned to face the cheering crowd. He looked to Mewtwo and then to Selina and Chad and made his decision.

“I declare this battle a draw due to a loss, a win, and a tie on both sides.” He shouted.

Everyone cheered even more. Ethan ran onto the field and up to Nathaniel.

“Could we see that cavern now?” He asked.

“Sure thing Ethan.” Nathaniel answered.

He walked over to the center of the field where the giant Pokeball was etched into the ground and had everyone stand back. He gathered energy into the palm of his hand and slammed it into the center. The Pokeball began to form a spiral staircase downward. Nathaniel led the stunned family down the stairs until they came to the bottom. A neat archway was there and Nathaniel led them through to an enormous cavern.

“WOW!” was the only word anyone could speak.

The place reminded Nathaniel of the Pal Park in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games. There was a mountainous area, a field area, a deep pool that was freshwater and even a boy of salt water. There was also a small forest growing in another area thanks to a light coming from the top of the cavern. The light came from some crystals that shed the same energy the sun did. There were two things in the cavern that were not in the Pal Park. One was an orchard that had many different kinds of berries. Nathaniel checked the berries and found that they didn’t affect Pokémon at all except for food. They wouldn’t help contest stats if they were made into poffins or pokeblocks. They also wouldn’t cure or heal anything. There were all sorts of flavors and mixes of flavors to be had.

The other thing that was there was another tunnel that Nathaniel hid from the family. He wasn’t sure where the portals he saw down there led. He would keep the tunnel sealed until he felt ready to face whatever was beyond them.

The Pokémon absolutely loved the cavern. Everything was peaceful until Wartortle got into a fight over a very delicious looking berry with Gible. Before anyone could stop the two, they had already KO’ed each other with Critical hits. Nathaniel rolled his eyes and healed them. They apparently got over their fighting and decided to share the berry. They split it in half and then ate it. As soon as they swallowed them, they began the process of evolution. Blastoise and Gabite stood where Wartortle and Gible used to be.

“I guess some good things do come from useless bickering.” Chad laughed as he hugged his new Gabite.

“I guess so.” Nathaniel said after reverting his Blastoise into a Squirtle.

“Do you mind if we just stay down here?” Mewtwo asked. “It’s just so much fun down here and it would help us all get to know each other even more.”

“Is anyone going to come back up with us?” Nathaniel asked. “No? Okay then. Anthony is in charge then. I’ll finish making the other stairwell up to my room and send down some diapers for those who need them.”

Nathaniel led the family up a nearly finished stairwell he’d been making before he left. He reached the top and blasted open a wall into his living area. He gated the debris away and then rushed to his room. He grabbed every package of diapers he had and dropped them down the center of the stairwell. He saw that his Pokémon got them and turned to see Arcanine right behind him.

“What are you doing up here Arcanine?” Nathaniel asked.

“I couldn’t leave my pups and hatchling all alone now could I?” She asked in response.

“Thanks Arcanine.” Nathaniel said hugging her. He gave his usual giggle as she licked him in return.
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Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)
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