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 Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)

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PostSubject: Re: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:39 pm

Chapter 34

The group went back upstairs and the ladies ran for the kitchen suddenly. Nathaniel sniffed and smelled why. He could smell something just beginning to burn. Zoe came back out with a relieved expression on her face.

“Saved them.” She said.

Nathaniel was just about to ask what they saved when the ladies brought out the food. He had to smile at how fast they got the stuff together. They had prepared an Italian dinner better than any they had prepared before. Capresei and Caesar salads, pizzas, calzones, paninis, and pastas galore. Nathaniel wondered if this was what a supper table in heaven looked like.

“Everyone have as much as you want.” Zoe said. “There’s plenty for all.”

Nathaniel made sure he got a serving of everything. When Arcanine nudged him and asked if he wanted to wash the meal down with some milk, he declined for the first time. He was way too full from that feast. He was feeling drowsy afterwards and fell asleep with his head in Selina’s lap.

Nathaniel woke up with Selina cuddling next to him. She must have felt in her sleep that Nathaniel had woken up as she woke up and gave him a light kiss.

“Always nice to wake up to that.” Nathaniel chuckled.

“Anytime.” Selina said.

“I feel like going for a quick flight. Want to join me?”

“Sure! A night time flight sounds nice.” Selina said.

“It’s night?” Nathaniel asked.

“You’ve been asleep for awhile.” Selina said. “It only feels like I’ve been asleep for an hour or so.”

“Well let’s go anyway.” Nathaniel said.

They left his room and walked up to the playroom. Nathaniel smiled at a cute scene there. Draco was sleeping in one of the cribs using Chad as a stuffed animal almost. Chad looked like there was no place he’d rather be snuggling close in his daddy’s arms. They decided to leave through Nathaniel’s door instead and went back downstairs. When they got outside Nathaniel leaped into the air with Selina and flew around the clearing a few times. They landed on the roof and sat stargazing with their tails entwined. The moon was full and Nathaniel felt that all was right with the world.

“Your father found something and gave it to me.” Nathaniel said.

“What was it?” Selina asked.

Nathaniel made sure his mind was still blocked before answering. “It was something that belonged to Anthony and your ancestor.”

“Really?” Selina asked.

“Yes.” Nathaniel answered. “I was wondering if you would take it.”

As he said that he let the ring fall into his hand and then asked, “Would you take it and promise that you will one day marry me?”

Selina’s eyes lit up at the gold ring with four emeralds in equal spacing around the ring and the flawless diamond that sat on top of it. Her eyes filled with tears and she threw herself onto Nathaniel with a hug.

“Of course I will.” Was all she said before she started sobbing with joy.

Nathaniel embraced her tightly and they looked to the horizon. The sun was just beginning to rise. Nathaniel thought it was perfect timing and slid the ring on Selina’s finger as the first ray caught the diamond and set it aflame. To Nathaniel it was an omen of a bright future. To Selina, it was a sign of the love that would forever continue to grow.

The group spent an entire week with Nathaniel’s family. It was with a new spring in their steps that they left on their journeys once more. A few things of note happened in the time they were there. The children’s wings broke through the same day Nathaniel and Selina were engaged. They also found that they could amplify each other’s powers instead of the boys just amplifying the girls. Shannon and Ethan were able to give much stronger telekinetic shoves. Holly and David froze larger areas. Alyssa and Monte were either able to see farther into the future or could see ahead much more clearly and could faster respond to that future. Rose and Krieg could teleport farther and with passengers. Their powers had developed to be individual powers of their own. Five of the kids also underwent physical changes. Ethan’s flaps disappeared fully and the girls began changing. Nathaniel knew from Cuprum what was happening to them. They were showing signs of their other feline within them. Shannon was becoming more like a tigress, while Holly was taking on the panther. Alyssa was becoming a lioness and Rose took on the traits of a cheetah. One last thing happened that Nathaniel was happy about for the kids when he left. Each pair discovered a second power they shared. Nathaniel had to laugh because the powers they received were powers that the girls counterparts on Charmed had. Shannon and Ethan were able to astral project. Holly and David could make small explosions. They made sure to be very careful about it. Alyssa and Monte could both levitate, and Rose and Krieg both were able to heal. With their Pokémon in their pokeballs and their bags packed, the trio left for Celadon City through a Gate opened by Nathaniel.
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Number of posts : 1610
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Localisation : Attempting to keep Sai from driving Kyle insane.
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PostSubject: Re: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:41 pm

Chapter 35

“Nathaniel that was one of the best Christmases of my life.” Chad said. “I can’t thank you enough for inviting me and my father.”

“No problem Chad.” Nathaniel said. “You guys are like family now. You’ll definitely be in the wedding.”

“I forgot about that.” Chad said. “When is it going to be?”

“Not sure for the actual wedding but there’s going to be a ceremony to officially pledge we will be married after we get home from the Indigo Plateau.” Selina said.

“Well to get to the Indigo Plateau we need to get the rest of the badges.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s rent a bike down cycling road and get to Fuchsia City.”

The ride down Cycling Road was uneventful. When they reached Fuchsia City, they left their bikes and went straight for the Gym. It was dark inside so Nathaniel used his Aura Sight. He saw shuriken flying towards them so he drew his blade and deflected them with a swiftness that surprised even himself. He charged energy into the blade and let the glow illuminate the gym. A black panthress stood at the opposite side of the gym staring at Nathaniel in shock.

“Impressive.” She said. “Those Shuriken wouldn’t have hit you and wouldn’t have hurt if they did anyway. But to hit them while they were moving that fast is a feat to be proud of. Welcome to the Fuchsia Gym. I am Janine, leader of the gym and sister to Koga of the Elite Four.”

“I am Sir Nathaniel of Pallet Town with Selina and Chad also from Pallet.” Nathaniel said. “We are here to challenge you for the Soul Badge.”

“Very well.” Janine said clapping her hands. As she did the gyms lights turned on and she stood up. “I accept your challenge as is my duty as leader. Who will battle first?”

“I will.” Chad said before sending out Bagon.

Janine threw out Weezing and the battle began. Bagon did something unexpected before Weezing could hit it once and evolved into Shellgon. Weezing used Sludge Bomb and Shellgon rushed under it and hit Weezing full on with Double Edge. Weezing then used Sludge, only to be hit by Dragon Claw. Seeing that Weezing didn’t have much left, Janine took a gamble and shouted, “Explosion!” When the smoke cleared, Shellgon had protected itself by using Protect, earning Chad not only a Soul Badge, but a Salamence as well!

Selina was up next and Janine sent out Arbok. Selina sent out Cubone. Cubone ate something before Arbok came in to attack. Nathaniel knew it was a White Herb to counteract Arbok’s Intimidate ability. With his attack back up to max, Cubone swung his Bone Club to fend off Arbok trying to use Bite. Arbok used Poison Sting after and Cubone deflected it with Bone Rush. When Arbok reared back ready to use Toxic, Cubone threw a Bonemerang and hit Arbok hard both times. Arbok switched to using Bite once more but was stopped by Cubone using Double Edge. Arbok became limp as a rope and Selina won her Soul Badge as well.

Nathaniel was up next. Janine sent out Crobat so Nathaniel sent out a Pokémon he’d transferred from somewhere else. Zapdos came out from the flash of light ready to finally battle for Nathaniel. Crobat began the battle with Toxic. Zapdos just let the attack hit it and looked at Crobat. There was a flash of light and the sound of something hitting a bug zapper for several seconds before burning out. When Nathaniel could see again, there was a blackened Crobat twitching on the ground and Zapdos still had a few sparks coming from it. Janine just stood there in the still bright light before the sparks that were circling the gym lights finally caused the bulbs to explode in a shower of sparks.

“Rather shocking end to the battle, don’t you agree Janine?” Nathaniel asked.

“You’ve clearly one.” She said from right in front of him. “This badge belongs to you.”

Nathaniel felt her place the Soul Badge in his hands. And he thanked her before guiding Chad and Selina out with his Aura Sight. When they exited into the bright sunlight, they cheered as they held their badges high.

Chapter 36

“Now we just have to Surf across the sea to reach the Seafoam Islands and then on to Cinnabar Island.” Nathaniel said.

“I’m not sure if my Gyarados is strong enough to carry me across and your Blastoise never had a passenger before.” Chad said. “Plus Selina’s Squirtle sure isn’t strong enough.”

“We could fly across.” Nathaniel said.

“Have you ever tried flying over water?” Selina asked. “It’s not nearly as easy as flying over land. There isn’t as much rising air to catch our wings. We have to flap allot more!”

“Let’s get down to the beach first and see what we can see.” Nathaniel said.

They walked down to the beach and Nathaniel was surprised to see someone he knew there.

“Gyarados!” Nathaniel shouted joyfully. “What are you doing here?”

“I heard you were going to get to Cinnabar Island by this way and thought I’d give you a ride.” He answered. “I met someone from my days as a Magikarp along the way who could give Selina a ride as well. I wasn’t counting on a third one though.”

“Can you fly across Chad since you use psionics?” Nathaniel asked.

“I could fly farther than you two could but I can’t fly that far.” Chad said.

“Then you ride on Gyarados and I’ll fly as far as I can before swimming.” Nathaniel said. “I’m a strong enough swimmer so I’ll be fine. If I get into some trouble I’ll use Blastoise as a floatation device.”

“If you’re sure about it.” Chad said climbing onto Gyarados.

“What about me?” Anthony asked.

“I’ll hold onto you while I surf on Gyarados’s friend.” Selina said. “Where is your friend anyway Gyarados?”

“She’s just a little shy.” Gyarados said.

“She?” Nathaniel asked hintingly.

“Yes it is like that but make fun of it at your own peril.” Gyarados said. “Come on out. These are the friends I told you about.”

A head poked out of the waves and one of the world’s most beautiful Pokémon came out. Nathaniel could tell by the look in its eyes that Gyarados was right, the Milotic was shy. Nathaniel guessed they may have actually met when Milotic was a Feebas. Selina walked slowly towards Milotic with Anthony on her shoulder. She calmly and slowly extended her hand to Milotic and began rubbing her neck. The Milotic closed its eyes with pleasure and relaxed. Selina swung herself onto the now willing Milotic and Nathaniel launched himself into the air.

They went south for awhile before Nathaniel’s wings began getting tired. Selina was right that you had to flap your wings allot over the water. He could see that they were about halfway to the Seafoam Islands so he tucked his wings in and dove into the waves. He unfortunately startled a Tentacruel when he stopped descending into the water. It rushed to attack him and Nathaniel blocked its Poison Sting attack with a few flicks from his sword. He sent out Blastoise and the battle really began when a few Tentacool arrived to help the Tentacruel. Nathaniel rushed to attack the Tentacool while Blastoise exchanged water attacks with Tentacruel. It wasn’t long before Nathaniel started to get annoyed by a bunch of Tentacool that just kept coming so he called back Blastoise. The Tentacruel rushed and the Tentacool were close behind. Nathaniel opened his jaws just before they reached him and let loose a cone of electricity that spread much farther than it usually would. Nathaniel smiled as every single one of the Pokémon that were attacking him seconds before teleported away to be healed at the wild Pokémon Center. Nathaniel swam upward and saw Selina looking at him anxiously.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “You were down there for awhile. I was getting worried.”

“Just had some Pokémon to deal with.” Nathaniel said.

“That explains the light we saw.” Chad said.

“That was a blast of electricity that sent them packing.” Nathaniel smiled as he sheathed his sword. “Let’s get moving again.”

They continued swimming until they reached the Seafoam Islands. Nathaniel shook himself off and then sat down for a breather. The group decided to have a small drink of Arcanine’s milk while they rested.

“I’m going to go and try to get Articuno.” Nathaniel said. “Anyone else want to come with me?”

“Most of my Pokémon are weak to Ice attacks.” Chad said. “I’d rather they be much higher in level before I challenge Articuno to a battle.”

“I don’t think I’m ready just yet.” Selina said. “I’d like to have a bit more training first.”

“Give me a few minutes then.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll be back hopefully with a new Articuno.”

Nathaniel walked into one of the caves with Anthony close behind. After a bit of wandering he came to a large cavern. He explored a bit and spotted the white rock on an island. He walked down some steps to swim over to it but found the current to be too strong to swim across. He made sure Anthony was firmly on his shoulder and then leaped with as much strength as he could muster. He just about reached the island when he used his wings to glide the rest of the way. He smiled when he successfully landed on the island and walked up to the rock. He placed his hand upon it but kept his eyes closed this time. He opened them when the light he saw from beneath his eyelids faded and saw an Articuno looking down at him.

“You’ve summoned my offspring Nathaniel.” A chilling voice said. “Prove yourself to him and he shall serve you well.”

Nathaniel leaped back and sent out Zapdos. Nathaniel was glad he’d given Zapdos a Pecha Berry to cure poisoning before he’d battled Janine because he’d forgotten to heal Zapdos. Zapdos took one look at Articuno and leaped into the air. Articuno followed and the aerial battle began. Zapdos launched Thunderbolt while Articuno fired off Ice Beam. Hits were taken and attacks were dodged. Finally both birds landed and were breathing heavily. Articuno gave one more gasp and fell to the ground before teleporting.

“Articuno successfully captured.” Nathaniel’s bracer beeped.

Nathaniel smiled and walked up to Zapdos. He healed Zapdos best he could and then called the legendary bird back. Now that he’d finished what he’d wanted to do here, he gated back out to his friends.

“How’d it go?” Chad asked.

“My venture was successful.” Nathaniel said. “That makes it three legendaries I have now.”

“Congratulations.” Selina said.

“Now it’s on to Cinnabar Island and our seventh badge.” Nathaniel said.

Nathaniel flew half the way again but landed in the water instead of diving this time. He swam the rest of the way with them and smiled when he walked up on the shore of Cinnabar Island. The trio waved goodbye as Gyarados and Milotic swam northward. They then turned their attention to the gym.

“Let’s go guys.” Nathaniel said.

They walked up to the gym and found the door to be locked. Nathaniel rolled his eyes remembering the game and looked inside with his Aura Sight. He saw within an echidna laughing at them. Nathaniel looked around and saw a sign that said trainers must either find a way in or find the key to open the door.

“I’ve got your key right here.” Nathaniel said gathering some energy. He slammed his palm into the door and watched as the door flew clean off of its hinges into the gym.

“Will that work for finding a way in?” Nathaniel asked the echidna at the end of the gym.

“Only if you can fix the door.” It replied grumpily.

Nathaniel held the door in place and Chad zapped it in a few places. When they were done the door was fixed and the echidna was even grumpier.

“I suppose you’re here to challenge Blaine.” He said. “Well he’s not here so you can get going now that you’ve fixed the door.”

“Drop the act Blaine.” Selina said. “You know how he broke the door down and how Chad fixed the door. They could do that for the same reason I can read your mind and see that you are the Cinnabar Gym Leader.”

“Oh all right.” He snapped. “I’ll accept your challenge. First trainer, send out your two Pokémon.”

Chad sent out Vibrava and Gabite. Blaine sent out a Growlithe and a Rapidash. Rapidash used Stomp and Vibrava blocked it with Protect. Growlithe couldn’t launch a single attack because Gabite KO’ed it with Earthquake and almost beat Rapidash with it as well. Rapidash didn’t get to launch its next attack when Vibrava successfully hit it with Fissure. Blaine irritably threw the Volcano Badge at Chad and everyone watched as both Vibrava and Gabite evolved into Flygon and Garchomp.

“Well done Chad!” Nathaniel said as the happy dragon hugged his new fully evolved dragons.

“Thanks Nathaniel.” Chad said.

Selina went up next. Blaine sent out a Ponyta and an Arcanine this time. Selina responded with Cubone and Squirtle. Before the battle began Selina gave something to both of them. Both of Blaine’s Pokémon used Fire Blast and missed. Selina yelled out, “Go for it!” Nathaniel was surprised when Squirtle used Surf and Cubone used Earthquake. He was even more surprised to see both of Selina’s Pokémon standing while Blaine’s Pokémon were not.

“Those Focus Sashes sure came in handy.” Selina said as she caught her Volcano Badge. “I knew they would knock each other out if I used those attacks so I made sure they’d survive being hit if they were actually supposed to be KO’ed by one attack.”

“Brilliant move Selina.” Nathaniel said hugging her.

Selina returned the hug but let go quickly when Blaine snapped at them, “Can we finish this today please?”

Nathaniel stared at him angrily and sent out the two Pokémon he believed to be highest in level. Arcanine and Mewtwo. Blaine looked a little nervous and sent out a Magmortar and Ninetales. Arcanine kicked things off with Extremespeed on Ninetales. Magmortar ran up to help Ninetales but was stopped in his tracks by Mewtwo’s Psychic. Mewtwo gave a casual flick with his hand and Magmortar was launched not into the ceiling, but through it! Ninetales was dispatched by a Crunch from Arcanine and then everyone heard a loud splash outside.

“MAGMORTAR!” Blaine cried as he ran out the door. He left a badge behind for Nathaniel. Nathaniel grabbed it and then healed Ninetales, who licked him feebly in return.

“The old man may be a bit grouchy but I can be a good sport after getting one of his Pokémon thrown off the island.” Nathaniel said.

They left the gym and found Blaine on the beach pumping water out of Magmortar. Nathaniel walked up to the duo and healed Magmortar. Magmortar threw up what water was left in him and thanked Nathaniel. Blaine did as well and returned to his gym. Nathaniel turned to Selina and Chad smiling and they held their badges to the sky once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:42 pm

Chapter 37

“So what should we do now?” Nathaniel asked. “We could gate back to Pallet Town and have dinner or we could gate directly to Viridian and then back for dinner.”

“Dinner actually isn’t for a few hours yet.” Selina said. “I say we go to the Sevii Islands for a bit and then gate to Viridian, get our eighth badge and then gate back to Pallet before we go for the Indigo Plateau.”

“That’s right!” Nathaniel said. “Moltres is in the Sevii Islands at Mt. Ember. Let’s go for it!”

They hopped a boat that was heading for One Island and arrived quickly. Nathaniel checked a local map and saw which way to go. They stopped at the Pokémon Center before they left for Mt. Ember to heal from the last battle and changed any diapers that needed to be changed. They went up the long route and stopped on the way at a cave with some public hot springs.

“This looks like a good spot to take a break.” Nathaniel said. “How many hours do we have before dinner?”

“About four actually.” Selina said. “We can spend an hour here easily.”

The trio got a private hot spring to themselves and stripped down to their diapers when they got there. They let out all of their Pokémon and Nathaniel cried out in dismay when Charmander and the two Charizard jumped in the hot spring.

“What’s wrong?” Selina asked.

“They just…” Nathaniel spluttered.

“Oh!” Selina said laughing. “You’re worried about their tail flames. That was something humans got wrong about the Charmander family. Their tail flames can go out and they’ll be just fine. They need to dry off for awhile before they can light their tails again though. They need to light their tail flames before they can battle at 100%.”

Nathaniel sighed with relief and got into the hot spring himself. Anthony jumped in and splashed Nathaniel. He tried to float on his back and did for a bit until his diaper filled with the hot spring’s water and dragged him under. Nathaniel fished Anthony out and took off his diaper. We got out a pair of plastic pants that Anthony hadn’t worn in awhile and put it on over a new diaper. He made sure that anyone who was going in with a diaper on had a pair of plastic pants on as well. Anthony swam much better afterward and everyone just relaxed.

“It’s okay Cubone, the water’s fine.” Selina said.

Cubone was refusing to get into the water. Nathaniel looked at him with his Aura Sight and saw that Cubone was afraid.

“You may want to read his mind Selina.” Nathaniel said. “He’s pretty scared for some reason.”

Selina did and gasped at what she saw. Cubone may not have witnessed it, but he knew his mother had died drowning.

“Oh Cubone!” Selina said sadly. “I had no idea. Come here.”

Cubone walked up to Selina and she hugged him gently. Cubone cried on her shoulder and she rubbed his back softly.

“I know that must be hard Cubone.” Selina said. “If you really don’t want to get in the water, I won’t make you. But I’ll hold you and make sure nothing happens if you will get in. It feels so good and it might help you relax.”

Cubone nodded hesitantly and Selina cradled him. She lowered herself gently into the water and Cubone stiffened when his tail touched the water. He calmed down a bit when he was at shoulder height and stopped sinking and then enjoyed the water immensely.

They stayed at the hot spring for the hour they had planned to and the Pokémon had a great time. It was funny to see Articuno and Zapdos splashing each other like a couple hatchlings. Cubone was even swimming around with Anthony for a few minutes before the end. When they got out the group handled any diapers that were in need of changing again. Charizard changed Charmander for the first time and the pair of them thoroughly enjoyed the experience. All of the Pokémon were called back into their pokeballs and they continued on their way to Mt. Ember.

When they reached the mountain Nathaniel was the only one to go forward. Apparently several other trainers were going for Moltres as well. Nathaniel flew over a group of trainers while Selina and Chad remained below to battle them. They were going to buy Nathaniel some time before another trainer started up the mountain. Nathaniel flew as high as he could up the mountain before his wings tired and he continued on foot. He came to a bunch of boulders blocking the way and he smashed the ones he could while moving the ones he couldn’t. When he got past the boulders he found the white rock ready for him. He repeated the motion he made when he battled Articuno and looked at the flaming bird that was Moltres.

“My offspring is ready Nathaniel.” A voice said. “Prove you are worthy to master him.”

Nathaniel nodded to Anthony and the battle began. Moltres took flight and let loose a jet of flames from its mouth. Anthony used Fire Blast to counteract the Flamethrower and then used Hydro Pump. Moltres ducked around the attack and used Fire Blast this time. Anthony used Thunder and avoided the resulting explosion. Moltres was looking through the smoke for him and was caught off guard by Blizzard. Moltres was frozen solid for a moment before it used Fire Blast to free itself. It was in between the moment it took Moltres to free itself and get airborne again that Anthony used Double Edge. Moltres tottered and then fell to the attack and teleported.

“Moltres successfully captured.” Nathaniel’s bracer beeped.

“Way to go Anthony!” Nathaniel said excitedly hugging the tired Eevee. While he had a hold of Anthony Nathaniel healed him and then gated to the bottom of the mountain.

When he reached the bottom he found Selina and Chad to be alone.

“Where’d everybody go?” Nathaniel asked.

“To the nearest Pokémon Center.” Chad said happily. “We battled so many of them that all of my Pokémon are fully evolved now!”

“That’s great Chad!” Nathaniel said. “So that makes your team Salamence, Charizard, Gyarados, Flygon, Garchomp and now Dragonite.”

“That’s right!” Chad said happily. “I’m ready to go. How about you Selina?”

“I am if Nathaniel is.” She answered. “Did you get Moltres?”

“Anthony got him for me.” Nathaniel said proudly. “On to the Viridian City Gym!”

Nathaniel opened a gate and they arrived in Viridian City. They headed for the gym and snuck their way through the crowd of trainers trying to avoid a battle. They successfully made it and entered the last obstacle between them and the Indigo Plateau.
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PostSubject: Re: Furrther Adventures in Kanto (Complete)   Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:42 pm

Chapter 38

“Who enters the Viridian Gym?” a voice asked from the shadowy end of the gym.

“Nathaniel, Selina, and Chad of Pallet Town.” Nathaniel said. “We come with seven badges each to increase the number to eight by winning the Earth Badge from the Viridian City Gym Leader.”

“Then I, Giovanni, accept your challenge!” a crocodile said stepping out from the shadows. “Who is first to battle me?”

“I am!” Chad said stepping forward.

“Very well then.” Giovanni said. “Select your Pokémon!”

Chad threw out his new Dragonite and Salamence. Giovanni responded with Nidoqueen and Nidoking. Both Salamence and Dragonite began with Dragon Pulse and the Nido royalty responded by punching through the attacks and then using Horn Drill. Dragonite and Salamence jumped over the attack in sync and used Earthquake. Neither of Giovanni’s Pokémon fell to the super effective attack and turned to use Blizzard. Dragonite was the unfortunate one to fall and Salamence was outraged. So he vented his feelings with Outrage. It was ladies first when Nidoqueen was struck off the field and stuck in the wall KO’ed. Nidoking tried Horn Drill unsuccessfully again and was hit by the second Outrage. Nidoking was still up and used Megahorn. Salamence barely withstood the attack and used the last Outrage to KO Nidoking and win Chad the Earth Badge.

“Way to go Chad!” Nathaniel shouted. “Well done! Well done indeed!”

“Congratulations Chad.” Selina said hugging the happy dragon.

“Thanks guys!” Chad said. “I didn’t know dragons wagged their tails when they’re happy.”

“You’re doing that on purpose and you know it.” Selina said ruffling his purple hair affectionately.

“You’re up next Selina.” Nathaniel said. “Good luck!”

Selina stepped up to face Giovanni and threw out Mew and Kangaskhan. Giovanni responded with his own Kangaskhan and Dugtrio. Dugtrio burrowed underground and Mew used Metronome, resulting in Magnet Rise. Selina smiled at that result and ordered Kangaskhan to use “Earthquake!” Mew was unaffected by the attack due to Magnet rise and Giovanni’s Kangaskhan was hit hard. His Dugtrio shot back up the burrow he made and fainted. Earthquake did twice the damage from Dugtrio using Dig and it was a Critical hit resulting in his KO. Giovanni’s Kangaskhan responded to the attack by KO’ing Kangaskhan with Fissure. Mew used Metronome again and nothing happened besides his tail stiffening. Kangaskhan began tightening its fist but before it could launch Focus Punch, it was hit by Mew’s Focus Punch and KO’ed by the 150 strength attack’s critical hit.

Nathaniel healed Kangaskhan while Selina bounced up and down hugging Mew a little too tightly with her new Earth Badge. When the field was clear, he turned to face Giovanni.

“Are you ready?” Giovanni crocodile grinned wickedly.

“See for yourself!” Nathaniel said sending forth his two Pokémon.

Mewtwo with his armor and cloak on stood ready to battle alongside Anthony. Giovanni first sent out a Ryhperior. His next Pokémon got Nathaniel’s team a little nervous. Giovanni had an armored Mewtwo of his own. Mewtwo gave his cloak a twirl and threw it to the sidelines and just as it touched the ground, the battle began. Two Shadow Balls were launched and countered by Giovanni’s Mewtwo using Shadow Ball, creating a large explosion. Nathaniel knew the armor Giovanni’s Mewtwo was using not only protected it, but enhanced it as well. Ryhperior came through the smoke using Rock Wrecker and was barely dodged by the two Pokémon. Both turned to face it and slammed him with two simultaneous Iron Tails. It charged at them using Horn Drill and they spun around it to dodge only to be hit by Blizzard. They reacted quickly and used a blizzard of their own. The smoke was cleared by all of the wind and Ryhperior was clearly KO’ed. Giovanni’s Mewtwo however was perfectly fine. It looked as if it hadn’t been damaged at all! Mewtwo and Anthony healed themselves with Recover and Moonlight and used Protect just in time to avoid being hit by another Blizzard. Anthony and Mewtwo looked at each other and nodded before rushing across the field. Mewtwo clashed with Mewtwo exchanging Iron Tails. Anthony stood off a ways and used what Nathaniel recognized to be Assist. Anthony was surprised by something and Nathaniel saw his eyes glow for a second. Nathaniel watched with his Aura Sight and saw Anthony reaching deeper into Glaceon. Nathaniel smiled knowingly. Articuno would use a similar combo that earned it being known as a cheapskate Pokémon. Mewtwo was blasted backwards by an enormous Shadow Ball and just as Giovanni’s Mewtwo turned to face Anthony; it was hit with an unavoidable attack thanks to Articuno’s Mind Reader. Sheer Cold took a long time to work as Giovanni’s Mewtwo kept standing by sheer force of will. It was a useless gesture as he couldn’t use any attacks with its energy drained by the One Hit KO attack. Mewtwo walked up behind it and gave it a light tap on the chest and caught it as it fell backward.

“Useless weakling.” Giovanni growled at the Mewtwo. “I give you the strength and you fall to one attack. You win Nathaniel. Take your Earth Badge and leave.”

Nathaniel took the Earth Badge and glared at Giovanni. Nathaniel felt energy gathering within him even though he wasn’t focusing. His vision whited out and he saw himself standing in the council of Legendaries.

“What’s going on?” Nathaniel asked.

“You’ve been summoned at the request of Mewtwo.” A loud voice said. “He has petitioned for an action to be taken and we’ve agreed he may request you take the action.”

Nathaniel turned and saw a ghostly looking Mewtwo walking up to him. Vague memories began to flow but they slipped away before he could grasp them.

“Nathaniel,” Mewtwo began. “I need you to do me a favor.”

“After what I just saw, name it!” Nathaniel said angrily remembering Giovanni’s Mewtwo.

“I need you to capture my offspring from Giovanni.” Mewtwo said. “Giovanni is slowly reaching the evil stage and we hope that removing my offspring that I allowed him to capture my serve as a warning to draw him off his current path.”

“What happens if Giovanni becomes evil as a result of this?” Nathaniel asked.

“Then you will be given the power to transform him into a Pokémon and then you must defeat him to make the change permanent.” Mewtwo said. “We will deal with him from that point. Then his son will likely take over as gym leader. He at least treats his Pokémon well even if he treats them as nothing more than tools. If we do not help my offspring now, he will likely suffer merely for fighting his best and losing to you.”

“I’ll do it if you can tell me how to steal a Pokémon.” Nathaniel said.

“One of your Master Balls will be transformed into what you know as a Snag Ball.” Mewtwo said. “It will also serve afterwards as a Luxury Ball to hopefully help my offspring get over the pain he’s suffered at Giovanni’s hands. You’ll know if Giovanni crosses the line. Good luck Nathaniel!”

Nathaniel gasped and found himself back in the gym. He checked his backpack and looked at the Master Balls. None of them looked any different until he looked with his Aura Sight. One of them was glowing brightly and he snagged that one. He walked over to Giovanni’s Mewtwo and pulled off its helmet.

“What are you doing?” Giovanni asked angrily. “I told you to leave.”

“This Mewtwo doesn’t belong to you anymore Giovanni.” Nathaniel growled. “He’s coming with me to be mine as long as he wishes.”

Giovanni stared in shock as Nathaniel gently tapped the unconscious Mewtwo and successfully captured it. Giovanni roared and leaped at Nathaniel with his jaws opened in savage fury. Nathaniel focused some of the energy that had gathered in him and bopped Giovanni on the end of his snout. Giovanni was stunned for a moment and Nathaniel took that time to draw his sword.

“You’ll know if Giovanni crosses the line.” Mewtwo’s voice echoed back to him.

Nathaniel felt allot of energy gathering and knew what he had to do. He channeled all of that gathering energy into his blade and watched it glow brightly. When the tip began blinking like a tiny star he rammed the blade into Giovanni and let the transformation take place. Giovanni’s scales changed color and his skeleton reshaped itself slightly. When his transformation was complete, a Feraligatr stood there in shock. Before Nathaniel could give Mewtwo or Anthony an order to attack Giovanni bashed his way past Nathaniel and out of the gym.

“Don’t worry Nathaniel.” Mewtwo’s voice said in his mind. “He’ll be found eventually and you will recognize him on sight. Go to your home and take care of my offspring. Thank you for your help.”

“Anything to help a mistreated child and a caring father.” Nathaniel said.

Nathaniel felt Mewtwo’s joy just before he left his mind. He turned to his companions and saw Chad talking with Selina.

“I just explained what happened to Chad.” Selina said. “I was reading your mind and saw and heard everything.”

Nathaniel nodded and said, “Let’s go home.”
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Chapter 39

They gated to Nathaniel’s house and Nathaniel stopped them before they stepped into the clearing.

“I need some time alone with Giovanni’s old Mewtwo.” Nathaniel said. “Could you make sure we’re not disturbed?”

“Sure.” Selina and Chad said together.

Selina and Chad walked through the front door while Nathaniel took the entrance to his room. He made sure with his Aura Sight that nobody was down there and went into his room. He sent out his Mewtwo first.

“I may need your help Mewtwo.” Nathaniel said. “This Mewtwo may be a bit more trusting if another Mewtwo is nearby.”

Mewtwo nodded and Nathaniel sent out the still unconscious Mewtwo. Nathaniel went about removing his armor and began healing him. Mewtwo moaned and opened his eyes as Nathaniel continued. It started to panic but stopped when Nathaniel’s Mewtwo placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. The two just stared at each other for a bit and waited until Nathaniel finished healing.

“You should be fine now friend.” Nathaniel said smiling. “You don’t have to worry about Giovanni anymore. He’s no longer your trainer.”

“Where am I?” the Mewtwo asked in a surprisingly young voice.

“You’re in my room beneath my brother’s house outside of Pallet Town.” Nathaniel answered. “My name’s Nathaniel. You may stay here as long as you like and I’ll take care of you for as long as you want me to.”

“Really?” the Mewtwo asked with an edge of excitement in his voice.

“Yes.” Nathaniel answered smiling even more. “If I’m not taking care of you then I’m sure Mewtwo will. By the way, we should probably give you a nick-name if you’re going to stay. It’ll be a little confusing calling you both Mewtwo.”

“Okay.” The Mewtwo said happily.

“What about me?” Mewtwo asked jealously. “Don’t I get a nickname?”

“Okay then.” Nathaniel said laughing. “I’ll name you first since I caught you first.” Nathaniel thought for a few moments and asked, “How does Radin sound?”

“I like it.” The other Mewtwo said. “Sounds like a strong name, and he had to be strong to beat me in that armor.”

“Radin it is then.” The newly named Radin chuckled.

“And you shall be called Gavin.” Nathaniel said to the other Mewtwo.

“Cool name.” Gavin said. “I love it! Thank you!”

Gavin surprised Nathaniel by sitting up and hugging him tightly. Gavin looked over Nathaniel’s shoulder and saw something that made him curious. Nathaniel felt the curiosity and looked at what Gavin was looking at. Gavin was looking at the diaper that Radin was wearing while he was placing his cloak on a hook.

“Would you like to wear one too?” Nathaniel asked smiling.

“What is it?” Gavin asked.

“It’s called a diaper.” Nathaniel explained. “Younger people and some Pokémon wear them. Plus some older ones who need them for the same reason the younger ones do will wear them as well. I’m wearing one too.”

Nathaniel showed Gavin his slightly damp diaper. Gavin prodded the diaper a bit and looked up at Nathaniel.

“Why is it so squishy?”

“I peed and the diaper prevented it from getting my pants wet.” Nathaniel said. “Both Radin and I need to wear them for the same reason in that we have no control over our bladders. I also happen to like wearing them anyway. I’m not so sure about Radin because he’s usually embarrassed to be seen by strangers in them.”

“Actually I’ve grown to like them as well.” Radin said. “They’re nice and soft. They are very warm and comfortable too. Plus it makes me feel loved when someone changes me. Speaking of which.”

Nathaniel laughed and Radin hopped up onto the changing table. Gavin watched the change with great interest as Nathaniel wiped Radin. Nathaniel decided to try something to possibly entice Gavin into wanting to wear them as well and pulled out the oil. He gave Radin a very extensive massage and then threaded a new diaper over his tail and fastened the tapes. Mewtwo was in such a state of bliss that he’d gone completely limp.

“So do you want to wear one?” Nathaniel asked Gavin.

“Sure I’ll try it.” He said trying to hide his excitement.

Nathaniel laughed inwardly at the young Mewtwo’s attempts and said, “I just have a few things first. One is that if I put you in one you will use it. Two, the oil massage is a first time thing only and then every now and again for some occasion or another, don’t ask for one. Finally is that at the end of the day, if you can honestly tell me you don’t like wearing diapers, then that is the only way you’ll get out of them. Is that clear?”

Gavin nodded his head excitedly. Since Radin was still incapacitated on the table, Nathaniel laid Gavin down on the bed. He gave Gavin the same treatment he’d just given Radin and then pulled out a diaper. He looked at Gavin as if to say, “Last chance to back out.” And Gavin just nodded at him feebly. Nathaniel threaded his purple tail through the diaper and brought the front flap up over his legs. One last nod from Gavin and Nathaniel sealed Gavin forevermore in diapers with the fastening of the tapes.

Nathaniel smiled as he saw Gavin’s happiness soar in his Aura and hugged the Mewtwo as he started to cry.

“You’ll never face treatment like you suffered from Giovanni again.” Nathaniel said. “As long as you are my Pokémon, I will never let that happen. I promise you.”

“And I will make sure of that as well little brother.” Radin said finally getting up and joining in a group hug.

“Thank you so much.” Gavin said drying his eyes.

“Would you like to meet the rest of your new family Gavin?” Nathaniel asked. “Or would you like to go someplace to rest first?”

“I could actually use a nap.” Gavin said yawning.

“I don’t expect that this would be the best place to do that.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s go down to the cavern so you two can better get to know each other. I’m guessing by how much you care for Gavin already that you’d like to be his caretaker Radin?”

“Yes I would.” Radin said.

“Then the position is yours.” Nathaniel said. “Just remember I’m still the trainer here and have the higher position.”

“I know you’re kidding but don’t worry.” Radin said. “I owe you too much to try to undermine you. What should we do with your armor Gavin?”

“I like how it looks but it feels so wrong somehow.” Gavin said. “Plus Giovanni could do some pretty bad stuff to me with it. I’d like to keep it for looks and protection but, it doesn’t feel right wearing it. The power I got from it was just wrong.”

“I’ll see if a friend of mine could make something like it and then stash this one away.” Nathaniel said. “It looks like it can do something besides amplify power. It looks like power can be focused as well. While it seems a curse to you, there may be another Mewtwo who’d see it as a blessing if it were unable to fully control its own power. You’ll never have to wear it again if you don’t want to Gavin.”

“Thanks Nathaniel.” Gavin said.

Nathaniel led Gavin to the stairwell he made down to the cavern. When they got down to the cavern, Gavin’s eyes lit up with joy.

“What did I do to deserve going to such a paradise?” He asked.

“Welcome home Gavin.” Nathaniel said hugging him. Radin joined in the group hug once more and then the two Mewtwo walked further into the cavern.
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Chapter 40

Nathaniel gated directly into the living room and was ready for the eight diapered projectiles that immediately tackled him. He stood strong and then decided to tickle as many of them as he could. They all tickled him right back and Selina, Chad and Cuprum leapt to Nathaniel’s aid along with Anthony. When they’d finished they all laid on the floor gasping for breath with a ridiculous grin on each of their faces.

“It’s good to see you guys too.” Nathaniel said. “I know we’ve only been gone a few hours but we got our eight badges already.”

“It’s no problem Nathaniel.” Skip said picking Nathaniel up. “This is your home and you may come and go as you please. Congratulations on earning your eighth badge.”

Skip sat down on the couch with Nathaniel draped across his lap. He began to rub Nathaniel’s belly and smiled as Nathaniel began to purr. Selina sat next to Skip and placed Nathaniel’s head in her lap. She gave him a light kiss before starting to scratch his ears, causing Nathaniel to purr even more deeply.

“We were actually going to have a late dinner at Medieval Times.” Skip said. “Is that okay with you guys?”

“Sure.” Selina said. “We could stay here if you order some pizza. We could use a night at home rather than out on the town.”

“Okay.” Skip said. “We’ll call before we leave. I’m too busy pampering my favorite brother right now to call.”

“I’ll do it.” Zoe called from the kitchen.

“Could you do me a favor while you are there?” Nathaniel asked. “I need to see if Draco could make a replica of certain armor for me. Tell him if he can to put it on my tab whatever the cost may be and I’ll pick it up when I can.”

“Sure thing.” Skip said continuing the belly rub.

“Would you guys like to meet my new Mewtwo?” Nathaniel asked.

Everyone said yes so Nathaniel stopped Skip’s belly rub.

“Okay then.” Nathaniel said. “His name is Gavin and he may actually be sleeping. He may be a little shy so we’re only going in small groups. Skip, Ethan, Shannon, and Zoe will get to see him first. No complaining or you won’t get to see him before you guys leave.”

“I’m actually going to go with them.” Chad said. “I’ll deliver the armor myself. Would you guys mind watching my Pokémon while I’m gone?”

“Sure Chad!” Nathaniel said. “Tell Draco he can keep the armor for as long as he needs it and we only need the armor to look like it. We don’t need anything else.”

“Any metal preferred?” Chad asked.

“If it won’t be too much he can use the same metal he used for my armor.” Nathaniel said.

Nathaniel got off of Skip’s lap and then led the first group down to the cavern. He used his Aura Sight before allowing them to enter and saw that Gavin and Radin were both awake anyway. He walked into the cavern and over to where they were sharing some berries from the orchard.

“Hey guys.” Nathaniel said. “Just wanted to introduce Gavin to some of the family if he was still awake.”

“We just took a quick power nap.” Radin said. “We just woke up actually and got some berries to eat.”

Nathaniel introduced Gavin to the first group and asked them to send down Remus’s family. The process was repeated with Michael’s family and then Jim’s along with Cuprum. Nathaniel went back upstairs with them and found everyone was getting into character for the night. Nathaniel made sure Chad had Gavin’s armor before they left and he gave Nathaniel his Pokémon as well.

Nathaniel waved goodbye to everyone until they were out of sight and then walked down to the cavern with Selina, Anthony, and the other Pokémon that stayed behind. When they got down there Nathaniel sent out all of his Pokémon and Chad’s while Selina sent out hers.

“Okay guys.” Nathaniel said. “Have fun down here for awhile and chow down on some berries. After Selina and I have dinner I think we should train for the Indigo Plateau. What do you think?”

The Pokémon all agreed and Nathaniel went upstairs to wait for the pizza. He brought it down when it arrived and he and Selina split it before Nathaniel walked to the tunnel. The Pokémon followed and they reached a dead end. Nathaniel focused some energy into his palm and sent the energy up the wall and watched as it dropped down to make the spiral staircase. They walked up and Nathaniel sent some flames into the tracks to light up the stadium. All of the Pokémon walked into the stands and Nathaniel stood opposite from Selina.

There were many battles that night and by the time it was all over Nathaniel was sure all of their Pokémon were at least level 80.

“I think we’re ready for the Indigo Plateau.” Nathaniel said as he healed Gavin after a battle with Selina’s Mew. “I hope Chad doesn’t mind that we let his Pokémon join in training as well.”

“He probably won’t if his Pokémon didn’t mind.” Selina said. “I wonder if the kids are going to be mad though that they weren’t here training their own Pokémon.”

“They’ve all been in a battle before.” Nathaniel said. “The girls just might be mad that their Skittys got so high in level without them. But then again they may thank us when they see how much fun the Skittys had.”

“Yeah don’t worry about it.” Shannon’s Skitty said. “If they get mad we can take the heat. You just make sure you’re out of the kitchen.”

The kids’ Pokémon went upstairs with Nathaniel and Selina while the other Pokémon remained in the cavern. Nathaniel found his older brothers waiting for them on the couches. Skip was the only one still awake since he was playing SSBB on the Wii. He tossed Nathaniel and Selina a controller when they came up and Nathaniel saw Draco come out of the kitchen with a controller of his own. They played for awhile while they talked about the evening.

“I don’t think the kids will be too mad about their Pokémon training on their own without them.” Skip said. “And like Shannon’s Skitty said, they can help. The kids have been forming a bond enabling them to communicate with their Pokémon. I’ve already decided to give Linoone to Ethan and the sleepyheads over there have decided to give their Pokémon to their own kids as well.”

“Cool.” Nathaniel said. “So what can you do about the armor Draco?”

“It’ll be easy enough.” He said. “I’ve actually started already and it should be done in a couple weeks.”

They finished playing and then Skip went upstairs to bed. Draco walked downstairs with Nathaniel and Selina and stripped to his diaper before climbing into the crib next to Chad. Nathaniel and Selina continued downstairs and let the eight Pokémon down to the cavern before they went into his room. They changed each other while Arcanine walked in and laid down on the bed. The two remained in nothing but their diapers and crawled under the covers before giving each other a kiss goodnight and falling asleep as they suckled Arcanine.

Chapter 41

They stayed at the house training for another week before they set out once again. Nathaniel decided they should arrive in style and sent out the three Legendary birds in their new armor. Nathaniel mounted Articuno while Selina rode Moltres sidesaddle and Chad got on Zapdos. All three of them were in full battle regalia and looked every bit the conquering heroes. The birds leaped into the air and circled the clearing, letting loose their cries, before heading northward.

“So have we decided what each of us is going to do?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’m going to enter the Indigo Conference.” Chad said. “I want to see how I stack up against other trainers.”

“I’m going to enter as well.” Selina said. “I’m hoping we meet in the finals Chad.”

“I’m going to challenge the Elite Four.” Nathaniel said. “I want to challenge the strongest trainers in the Kanto region.”

They continued to fly on until they reached the Plateau. They drew plenty of attention and if it weren’t for the law in the city that no battling was allowed outside the numerous stadiums, they likely would have been battled by every trainer there. Nathaniel called back his birds and they walked to the registration.

“Nathaniel, Selina, and Chad of Pallet Town.” Nathaniel said. “Selina and Chad are here to register for the Indigo Conference. I’m here to challenge the Elite Four.”

“Would you mind doing us a favor then?” the receptionist asked. “The Elite Four like to put on show battles during the Conference. Would you mind being their opponent in the main stadium each day of the tournament? You still get the credit for clearing Kanto if you beat them all.”

“Sure.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll get to complete my challenge with an audience. What happens if I lose to one of them?”

“Then they continue their own battles.” The receptionist answered. “The first of the Elite Four tries to become the second by challenging the second each tournament and everyone is trying to advance. Winner goes on to the next day to challenge the next member. It usually ends with the Elite staying in the same order. If anyone does change order, they get back in their old position next year usually. I’ve just finished entering you all in. The Elite Four is probably going to want to meet you.”

“Thank you.” Nathaniel said. “Where should I go to find them?”

“They’ll probably find you.” The receptionist said. “But if you want to seek them out, you can head for the main stadium.”

“Thanks again!” Nathaniel said.

They left and walked towards the main stadium. They stood outside the main entrance and it wasn’t long before. Nathaniel felt someone watching him. He scanned the area with his Aura Sight and saw that there were indeed a few people watching him. He smirked and Gated behind one of them and watched as the squirrel leaped five feet up a tree.

“Kind of jumpy for an elite trainer.” Nathaniel said.

“Can you blame me?” The squirrel retorted. “So you must be the bright pupil with the psionics my grandfather mentioned.”

“You’re Oak’s grandson?” Nathaniel asked.

“The name’s Shigeru.” The squirrel said holding out a paw. “I’ll be the last one you face in battle. Let’s go meet the others shall we?”

Nathaniel walked back over to Selina and Chad, who were laughing at the way the squirrel jumped up the tree, and waited for the others Nathaniel saw with his Aura Sight to show up. Nathaniel watched as four trainers walked up to him. He guessed that the orca was Loreli, the grizzly was Bruno, the vampire bat was Agatha, and the brass dragon was Lance. Shigeru confirmed it in introducing them and then the five said their farewells.

“This is going to be rather interesting.” Nathaniel said. He looked forward to facing Loreli tomorrow.
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Chapter 42

Nathaniel walked up to the gate to his entry point in the main stadium. He looked back on the day and hoped he did as well as Chad and Selina had. Both made it through the qualifying rounds with ease. A machine next to the elevator required him to place the six Pokémon he was using in the six slots. Nathaniel looked over his collection of Pokémon and considered what he was about to face. Loreli was known for her water and ice Pokémon. He selected his Pikachu first, then Moltres, Zapdos, Charizard, Venesaur, and finally Anthony. The elevator rose and he heard the crowd cheering as he stood in his box ready to face the smiling Loreli.

“And now ladies and gentlefurrs!” the announcer blared. “We have our main event for the day. Sir Nathaniel of Pallet Town has challenged the Elite Four and will face Loreli today. The rules are a single full battle to the finish and only the challenger is allowed to substitute. Are the trainers ready?”

Nathaniel drew his blade and swung it high in answer. Loreli signaled and the announcer began the battle. Loreli sent out Cloyster as her first Pokémon. Nathaniel selected Pikachu. Pikachu didn’t waste any time and attacked with Volt Tackle. Cloyster blocked it with Protect and then used Icicle Spear. Pikachu was hit by the attack five times before he could slam Cloyster with Iron Tail. Pikachu ran at cloister again and Cloyster used Protect. Pikachu just smiled and used Feint. The attack broke through the Protect and then Pikachu used Thunder at point blank range. The crowd cheered at the KO.

“That was well done Nathaniel!” Loreli shouted. “Your Pikachu is well trained. I’m looking forward to the rest of the battle.”

“Thanks Loreli!” Nathaniel said. “Don’t think you can butter me up with compliments though. I’m going all out in this battle.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Loreli said as she sent out her Dewgong next. Nathaniel kept Pikachu in play and the battle began. Pikachu used Thunderbolt and Dewgong blocked it with Hydro Pump. Then it used Aurora Beam to be blocked by Charge Beam. Pikachu used Volt Tackle and KO’ed Dewgong and itself in the same attack. Nathaniel called back Pikachu and sent out his next Pokémon.

Jynx came out seconds before Charizard did. The battle began and Jynx used Blizzard. Charizard countered with Heat Wave. Jynx then used Psychic and Charizard was thrown into the air. Charizard used Flamethrower to have it blocked by Protect. Jynx attempted to use Lovely Kiss but the attack never reached Charizard. Charizard opened his jaws wide as Jynx was puckering her lips and fired a small fireball at her. The fireball erupted into Blast Burn and that was the end of Jynx. Loreli recalled her Pokémon and sent out her next one.

Mamoswine stomped the ground and then charged forward at Charizard. Charizard was helpless as he recharged his energy and was taken down in one hit by Stone Edge. Nathaniel called back Charizard and sent out Moltres. Mamoswine immediately used Hail and Moltres missed with Fire Blast. Mamoswine used Blizzard and froze Moltres. Moltres defrosted almost immediately and prevented Mamoswine from hitting him by using Overheat. The attack KO’ed Mamoswine and the Hail unfortunately brought down Moltres.

Nathaniel called back Moltres and did a mental head count. He’d lost Pikachu, Charizard, and Moltres, while Loreli lost Cloyster, Dewgong, Jynx, and Mamoswine. That left Loreli with two Pokémon and Nathaniel with Anthony, Venesaur, and Zapdos. Loreli sent out her Slowbro while Nathaniel sent out Zapdos. Slowbro used Metronome and Zapdos used Thunder. The attack KO’ed Slowbro thanks to a critical hit, but Zapdos was brought down by a lucky Destiny Bond.

Nathaniel felt pretty certain as to what the next Pokémon was going to be. Sure enough, after he sent out Venesaur, Loreli sent out her Lapras. Nathaniel hopped to end it quickly and had Venesaur use Frenzy Plant. The attack hit, but so did Lapras’s Sheer Cold and Lapras was still standing after the attack. Nathaniel sent out his last Pokémon with a prayer. Anthony looked ready to fight and leaped aside to dodge a Hydro Pump. He fired off a Shadow Ball and dodged another Hydro Pump. Lapras then used another KO attack, Perish Song. Nathaniel knew he had to end this quickly before Perish Song played its final note. Anthony was way ahead of Nathaniel and used Assist. He ended up using Focus Punch from Radin and Nathaniel breathed a sigh of relief when Lapras fell.

Nathaniel flew out onto the field and dive bombed Anthony in a bear hug. The crowd was in an absolute uproar and was cheering wildly.

“After a close shave, Nathaniel has defeated the first member of the Elite Four!” the announcer blared over the audience.

“Congratulations Nathaniel!” Loreli said walking up to him. “That was a close shave. You’ve only received a taste of what the Elite Four is made of. I look forward to your battle with Bruno tomorrow.”

“Thank you Loreli.” Nathaniel said as he shook her hand.

Nathaniel didn’t celebrate that night. He made sure his Pokémon that battled today got some special treatment for their hard fought battle and then he was ready to go to bed. He felt as if he’d been out there battling. Selina didn’t let him go to sleep just yet. She had some special treatment of her own to dish out. A long, relaxing bath and an oil massage were just the beginning. Before falling asleep with him she gave him a massage similar to the way Skip would. Nathaniel couldn’t tell at the end which he liked more. He didn’t have time to decide either as he fell asleep the moment the rush of pleasure faded.

Chapter 43

Nathaniel was again walking down to the elevator to his box. He was even happier today because Selina and Chad had not only made it past the entry levels of the tournament, they also were placed on opposite sides of the tournament chart. They had even made it past the top 32. The top eight would be determined tomorrow along with his battle with Agatha if he defeated Bruno today. Then it was the semi-finals and his battle with Lance. The last day of the tournament would be his battle with the champion Shigeru and hopefully would be a battle between Selina and Chad.

The elevator explained the rules to him. It was a knock out battle of five rounds. The first to win three rounds would win. If it got down to the fifth round, it would end in a double battle. Nathaniel was again required to preselect his team. Nathaniel selected Charizard to be first, then Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and in a double battle, Radin and Gavin. The elevator rose to an excited crowd.

“And now it’s time for the second elite battle!” the announcer said. “Bruno is Nathaniel’s next opponent. Are both trainers ready?”

Nathaniel swung his sword again and Bruno let out a loud roar. Both of the trainer’s first Pokémon came out. Bruno’s was an Onix. Charizard started the battle with Steel Wing. Onix blocked it with Protect. Charizard then tried Metal Claw, only to be slammed backward by Iron Tail. Charizard recovered from the blow and used Flamethrower. Onix just plowed through the attack using Double Edge. Charizard fired Blast Burn in a last ditch effort, but was KO’ed by Rock Slide when the powerful attack missed.

The Pokémon were called back and Nathaniel sent out Articuno against Bruno’s Hitmonchan. Articuno immediately used Blizzard and Hitmonchan dodged it using Detect. Articuno tried an Ice Beam, but it was blocked by Protect. Articuno then used Fly but was hit by the now four times as effective Sky Uppercut. Articuno didn’t stand a chance when the four times as effective became eight thanks to a critical hit and he was brought down.

The crowd wasn’t happy and Nathaniel was getting nervous. If he lost one more round, he’d lose the battle. He sent out Zapdos and Bruno responded with Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee used High Jump Kick and it was Zapdos’s turn to dodge with Detect. Hitmonlee looked hurt after missing and Zapdos took full advantage of that with Drill Peck. Hitmonlee arched its back in pain and swung its foot around with Rolling Kick. Zapdos caught the foot in its beak and proceeded to zap Hitmonlee as much as it could with Thunder. When Zapdos let go, Hitmonlee toppled over in a faint. The crowd began cheering again and the trainers called back their Pokémon.

Nathaniel sent out Moltres this time and Bruno sent out Hitmontop. Moltres just stood there as the battle began and Hitmontop took advantage of that with Triple Kick. Before Hitmontop could get back, it was blasted by a now glowing Moltres with Sky Attack. Hitmontop was still standing and blocked Moltres’s Fire Blast with Protect. Moltres then used Overheat to finish the battle and bring it down to the double battle.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve had to go this far in a battle.” Bruno said. “I’ve won or lost before now usually. This is going to be exciting.”

Nathaniel sent out Gavin and Radin while Bruno sent out Machamp and Steelix. Machamp ran forward using Dynamic Punch but was stopped in his tracks by Gavin’s Psychic. Steelix rushed Gavin to help Machamp with an Iron Tail, but was blown backwards by an Aura Sphere from Radin. Radin fired another Aura Sphere to finish Steelix, but was then hit by Machamp’s Fissure. It was down to Gavin and Machamp now. Machamp came after Gavin with another Dynamic Punch. Gavin flipped over Machamp and used Psycho Cut while his back was turned. Machamp turned and hit Gavin with the Dynamic Punch he tried to hit him with seconds before. Mewtwo staggered and then used Me First. Before Machamp could use Fissure, Gavin hit him with it. By mere seconds, Nathaniel had won. The crowd roared even louder than yesterday.

“That’s two you’ve beaten with a close shave.” Selina said.

“I know.” Nathaniel said as he was changing Radin. “These Elite are allot stronger than the Gym Leaders. Bruno almost got me today. A few more seconds and his Machamp would have hit Gavin with Fissure thanks to its No Guard ability. If it weren’t for Me First, we would have lost. It makes me wonder if we’ll beat Agatha or not.”

“I think you’ll do fine.” Chad said. “You’ve got some excellent Pokémon to battle Agatha with.”

“Thanks Chad.” Nathaniel said as he taped Radin’s diaper.

Nathaniel and the others had a fun night this time. They ordered pizza to their room, and Chad got in touch with his babyfur side again. They watched three movies in a row. The first was The Rise of Darkrai. The second was Giratina and the Sky Warrior. They finished with the third movie in the trilogy and loved it. Afterward they all handled any diapers that needed changing and went straight to sleep. Selina made sure that Nathaniel had a reward for winning again and gave him her version of Skip’s treatment before they suckled Arcanine and went off into dreamland.

Chapter 44

Selina and Chad both made it once again. Nathaniel was ready to face Agatha and looked at the rules. It was a three round double battle. Best of those three meant victory. Nathaniel mentally went over the Pokémon he remembered Agatha having. He knew she’d have at least two Gengar, maybe three if her Haunter evolved, plus her Arbok and Crobat. He wasn’t sure of her last Pokémon but was sure it would be either a ghost or a poison Pokémon. He looked over his team and set Gavin as one of the first, Radin as a second, and Anthony as a third. He then looked for others to use. He decided to place Blastoise with Gavin, Pikachu with Radin in hopes of seeing Crobat in that one, and Arcanine with Anthony. With his team set, he rose to the stadium to the applause of several thousand. He raised his shield to the people in salute and turned to face the almost silver vampire bat that was Agatha.

“I’m looking forward to this young man.” She said. “Don’t go easy on me because I’m old, or a lady. I can appreciate chivalry but not in a Pokémon battle. That’s where I find it insulting.”

“Then I will give you one of the greatest battles you’ve ever had madam.” Nathaniel said bowing.

“I hope you’re being genuinely polite.” Agatha said smiling. “I can’t stand it when someone tries to get me to go easy on them with flattery.”

“It’s time to begin day three of Nathaniel’s challenge to the Elite Four!” the announcer blared. “Are both trainers ready?”

Nathaniel signaled with his blade and Agatha raised a wing. They then sent out their first teams to begin the match. Agatha sent out a Gengar and an Arbok. Gavin and Blastoise stood opposite them. Gavin struck Arbok with Psychic while Blastoise charged Gengar using Bite. Gengar stopped Blastoise with Hypnosis and then turned to Gavin. Arbok was currently using Bind so Gavin was busy. Gengar used Nightmare on Blastoise and then went to help Arbok, who was now being immolated by a lucky Magma Storm by Gavin’s Metronome. Gengar fired Shadow Ball at Gavin and KO’ed him with a critical hit. But it was too late for Arbok, who was KO’ed as well. Gengar turned to Blastoise who had finally woken to Nathaniel’s cries. Blastoise used Hydro Cannon and Gengar used another attack. Blastoise was KO’ed by Destiny Bond as his attack KO’ed Gengar and the first round ended in a tie.

“Your Pokémon are impressive Nathaniel.” Agatha said as she recalled her Pokémon. “I can’t wait to see more.”

“Then let’s make sure you don’t.” Nathaniel said as he sent out Radin and Pikachu. Agatha sent out another Gengar and Crobat. The battle began and Radin use Metronome. He ended up using Dark Void and sent both of Agatha’s Pokémon to sleep. Pikachu took the opportunity to use Rain Dance. Radin then hit the sleeping Gengar with Shadow Ball while Pikachu hit Crobat with the now 100% accurate Thunder. Both Pokémon woke up and looked furious. Radin used Protect to block Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and the Surf that Pikachu used from behind him. The wave Pikachu rode crashed down upon all three Pokémon and when the water drained from the field, only Pikachu and Radin were standing. Rain Dance had boosted the power of Surf just enough to produce a double KO.

Agatha smiled and sent out her last team. Yet another Gengar and a Mismagius. Nathaniel sent out Anthony and Arcanine and the final round began. Both Gengar and Anthony used Shadow Ball while Mismagius used Magical Leaf. Arcanine charged through the attack to protect Anthony and got a critical hit with Crunch on Mismagius. Mismagius then used Hyper Beam and Arcanine was blasted half way across the field. Nathaniel could tell she didn’t have much left in her and ordered “Overheat!” Mismagius couldn’t move to avoid it and was KO’ed by another critical hit. Arcanine made one more move and hit Agatha’s Gengar with Crunch. Gengar turned and used Lick on Arcanine to KO her. Anthony was enraged and hit Gengar while its back was turned with Sheer Cold. Unfortunately for Anthony, Gengar had planned for that and had used Destiny Bond. It was a rather useless gesture however when all was said and done. Nathaniel still had more wins than Agatha did with two ties and one victory.

“Nathaniel has won his third battle!” the announcer blared as the crowd went wild. Nathaniel made sure his Pokémon received special treatment that night and was again given special treatment by Selina. His last thoughts before bed was wondering what it would be like when they were finally married.
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Chapter 45

Nathaniel was anxious to begin his next battle. Lance was the only one standing in his way now from getting to Shigeru. Selina and Chad would be facing each other in battle tomorrow. Both were guaranteed credit for clearing the Kanto region. Anyone else had to be in the top eight and make it past a panel of judges. Nathaniel looked at the rules and saw it was again three teams, but all teams must be KO’ed for victory. No substitutions could be made at any time. A team battles until they can no longer battle.

Nathaniel thought about Lance’s Pokémon and what Pokémon he should use. If Lance held true to the pattern of his predecessors in having Pokémon they would use in the games, he would likely have three Dragonite, a Gyarados, an Aerodactyl, and a Charizard. Nathaniel selected Articuno for his first team, Blastoise for his second, and Anthony for his third. He had to think for a bit about his next Pokémon. He finally decided to just go with power. Zapdos was teamed with Articuno, since Lance usually started with Gyarados. Gavin was teamed with Blastoise, and Radin was teamed with Anthony. As soon as he had his Pokémon selected, the elevator activated and he rose to the applause of a jam packed stadium.

“Nathaniel has impressed us all with his skills and now it is time for him to do so again against the last member of the Elite Four, Lance the Dragon Master!” The announcer blared.

“I’m looking forward to this Nathaniel!” Lance shouted. “It’s been awhile since anyone has made it to me. I hope this will be an entertaining battle.”

“I’ll do my best Lance!” Nathaniel shouted before signaling with him that they were ready to battle.

Lance stuck true to Nathaniel’s hope and sent out Gyarados first along with a Dragonite. Nathaniel’s Articuno and Zapdos came out and the battle began. Gyarados used its Quick Claw and then Rain Dance. Dragonite and Zapdos used Thunder simultaneously and hit Gyarados and Articuno. Articuno was paralyzed and Gyarados was KO’ed. Articuno was too paralyzed to move and was hit by a second Thunder. This time it fell to the attack and Zapdos was ready to avenge him. It used its own Thunder again and hit Dragonite hard. Dragonite then came after Zapdos with Blizzard. Zapdos dodged it with Detect and then used Thunder again. Dragonite took the hit and used Blizzard again. Zapdos was hit but fired off one last Thunder. The rain cleared as Thunder hit and Dragonite fell.

“Your Pokémon are well trained Nathaniel.” Lance said as he called back his Dragonite. “So far this has been one of the best battles I’ve had.”

“Thanks Lance!” Nathaniel said. “Let’s keep it going.”

Lance smiled and sent out his next team. Charizard and Aerodactyl came out roaring. Nathaniel couldn’t help but feel sorry for Zapdos since he knew he couldn’t beat them both. That didn’t mean Zapdos couldn’t try and he launched Thunderbolt at Aerodactyl. The attack hit, but so did Charizard’s Flamethrower and Aerodactyl’s Hyper Beam. Nathaniel called back Zapdos and sent out Gavin and Blastoise. Gavin used Metronome, ended up using Assist, and then used Blastoise’s Blizzard. Aerodactyl was KO’ed but Charizard avoided the attack. He didn’t avoid the second attack that KO’ed him though.

“Nice shot with Hydro Pump Blastoise!” Nathaniel shouted.

“Nice shot indeed!” Lance said as he called back his Pokémon.

Lance then sent out his last team of two Dragonite. Both Gavin and Blastoise used Blizzard but the attacks were countered by another double Blizzard. Nathaniel was getting chills that had nothing to do with the Ice attacks. He could see the power the two Dragonite had. They were going to be tough to beat. Blastoise and Gavin then used Protect to block a double Hyper Beam that was headed their way. They failed to use it a second time when Lance’s Dragonites both use Hyper Beam again and KO’ed Nathaniel’s Pokémon.

Nathaniel called back his Pokémon and said a prayer as he sent out his last two Pokémon. Anthony and Radin both came out and used Blizzard on seeing their opponents. Nathaniel was stunned when the Dragonite did nothing to protect themselves until he remembered that they had to recharge from Hyper Beam. He was glad when they both were Frozen solid and then watched as Anthony and Mewtwo charged forward and slammed the statues with Iron Tail. The ice shattered and the Dragonites both used Hyper Beam again. Nathaniel’s Pokémon were blasted backward and lay unmoving on the ground. Nathaniel was silent. It felt as if his heart and time had stopped as everything went silent.

“Please get up guys.” Nathaniel thought to himself. “Even if it’s only to give up, please get up!”

They must have heard him and they both began to glow. Nathaniel cheered right along with the crowd as they both got up after using recovery attacks and stood strong. Both Dragonites and Lance were stunned but quickly recovered. “Hyper Beam again!” Lance shouted and the Dragonites opened their mouths wide. Nathaniel nodded to his Pokémon and Radin fired Hyper Beam at Anthony from behind. Anthony at the same time used Double Edge and ran forward inside Radin’s Hyper Beam. Both Dragonite launched their Hyper Beams at Anthony and the four attacks exploded. Anthony was clearly KO’ed and the Dragonite were slowly picking themselves off of the ground as the smoke cleared.

“GET BACK DOWN!” Radin shouted using Blizzard on the still recharging Dragon Pokémon. The attack finished them off and the crowd nearly broke Nathaniel’s eardrums with the volume of their cheering. Nathaniel didn’t care and rushed across the field to Anthony. He cradled the fox like Pokémon in his arms and began to heal him. Nathaniel relaxed when Anthony began breathing easy and knew he’d fallen asleep.

“You batty Pokémon.” Nathaniel said. “Thank you my flying fox.”

“That was the absolute best battle I’ve ever been in.” Lance said walking up to Nathaniel. “I’m proud to have lost to you.”

“Thanks Lance.” Nathaniel said shaking his hand. “I might challenge you to a rematch one day.”

“I’ll look forward to it.” Lance said smiling.

“Congratulations Nathaniel!” Selina said hugging him in their room later.

“Thanks Selina.” Nathaniel said. “Good luck tomorrow by the way guys. I hope you both fight your hardest.”

“Thanks! We will!” Chad and Selina said together.

Nathaniel healed all of his Pokémon and changed Radin and Blastoise. Nathaniel let Radin change Gavin and smiled at how young Gavin acted around Radin at moments like these. He was like a different Pokémon. Nathaniel stripped off the still sleeping Anthony’s diaper and laid him belly down on the table. He then began a long and slow massage of every muscle. Anthony deserved the most attention after today. As Nathaniel finished, Anthony slowly woke up.

“Wow.” He yawned. “I feel great! What happened?”

“You were hit by two Hyper Beams that exploded a third one you were running inside of while using double edge. Bad news is it KO’ed you and scared me half to death. The good news is it brought the Dragonites down to the point where Radin could KO them with a single Blizzard. We won because you pulled that move off almost perfectly at five feet away from both Dragonite. While you were sleeping I gave you a full body positive energy massage and I’m going to do something else special for you before we’re done.”

Nathaniel flipped Anthony over and pulled out another diaper. He laid it to the side first and got out the oil to finish Anthony’s positive energy treatment. When he’d finished he diapered Anthony and ordered dinner for everyone. While they ate dinner Nathaniel looked through the episodes of Pokémon that were there and had them watch as many episodes focusing on Eevee they could. Nathaniel gave Anthony the oil treatment every time he changed Anthony a total of four times before they went to bed that night. He changed Anthony even when he really could have waited just to make sure he got everything he felt Anthony deserved that night. While they were watching the episodes, Nathaniel even had Anthony lying on his back across his lap and gave him a positive energy belly rub the whole time. Anthony fell asleep that night as soon as his lips began suckling Arcanine that night. Nathaniel was exhausted as well by how much energy he had used and fell asleep just as quickly. He didn’t even notice as Selina changed his diaper and gave him a massage before she too fell asleep. All of them were too tired to feel Arcanine licking them while they slept. She gave extra attention to Anthony for making her pup so happy and to Selina for caring so much about him.
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Chapter 46

Nathaniel was in a box reserved for the Elite Four and their guests. He was eagerly awaiting the battle between Chad and Selina. He looked up when he heard the door open and was surprised to see Professor Oak come in.

“Hello professor.” Nathaniel said rising to greet the graying squirrel. “I suppose you’re here to watch your grandson battle me. How’s my family doing?”

“Why don’t you ask them yourself?” Oak said smiling as they walked in.

Nathaniel rushed into Skip’s arms and allowed himself to be set upon by the kids. He noticed Selina’s family and Draco were coming in as well.

“How did you all get here?” Nathaniel asked.

“We were actually flown here courtesy of the Elite Four and their champion.” Skip said. “They invited us to be their guests for the last day’s battles since we’re family of those involved.”

“That’s great!” Nathaniel said smiling. “Win or lose, it will be nice to show my family how far I’ve come.”

“We’ll cheer for you either way.” Skip promised with a hug.

“Selina and Chad are coming out!” Ethan shouted to everyone within fifty feet of the box.

Everyone took a seat as the Elite Four and Shigeru walked in to the box.

“Ladies and gentlefurs!” Shigeru blared over the PA system. “We are proud to present the two trainers who have made it to the end of this Indigo Conference! Selina and Chad of Pallet Town!”

Shigeru paused to let the crowd cheer for them.

“Their battle today shall be as they have battled for their entire time since becoming one of the top sixteen. They shall battle with a full team of six Pokémon. Are both trainers ready to begin?”

The crowd roared as they both signaled they were. “Then Sir Nathaniel of Pallet Town will signal to them when to begin the battle!” Shigeru said.

Nathaniel walked up to the edge of the box and the crowd fell silent. Nathaniel reached deep within him and gathered allot of energy. He mixed all of the several energies that were building and fired them all into the air from his mouth. The blue sky was lit by the multiple elements that flew from his mouth and the explosions that followed. The sonic portion of it then broke the sound barrier and the crowd roared as the battle began.

Selina began with Buneary while Chad sent out Salamence. Nathaniel wondered why they both had decided to use their starter first instead of saving them for last. Maybe they just were hoping to get some winning momentum at the start. Buneary used Ice Beam and Salamence blocked it with Flamethrower. Salamence then used Fly and Buneary leaped into the air to meet it with Bounce. The attacks collided early and both Pokémon fell to the field below. Buneary then used Dizzy Punch and Salamence used Headbutt. Both Pokémon were hit hard and Buneary tried another Ice Beam. The attack hit successfully and Buneary dodged Salamence’s Flamethrower. Unfortunately Buneary dodged right into the path of Salamence’s Double Edge. Even more unfortunate was the fact that Salamence forgot it didn’t have Rock Head anymore and suffered from recoil damage. The attack KO’ed both Pokémon and the crowd cheered for the surprising ending to that round.

Selina and Chad wasted no time and threw out their next Pokémon. It was Squirtle versus Charizard. Charizard used Aerial Ace, and Squirtle took less damage by withdrawing her head. When Charizard leaped backward, it was knocked on the head by Squirtle’s Skull bash. Charizard retaliated by using a Flamethrower that was cut through by Hydro Pump. Charizard tottered and fainted.

Chad called back his Charizard and sent out Dragonite. Squirtle fired an Ice Beam that Dragonite countered with Thunder. The stronger attack broke through Ice Beam and hit Squirtle. Nathaniel could tell that the only reason Squirtle was still standing from the attack was because the Ice Beam took allot of strength from Thunder. Dragonite flew into the air and Squirtle used Withdraw. Dragonite came down to attack Squirtle and was stopped by Protect. Squirtle used Aqua Tail and Dragonite blocked it with Iron Tail before using Thunder again. Squirtle stopped it with Protect and began to use Skull Bash. Before it could launch the attack however, it was sent sailing into the Elite Four’s box by a critical hit from Focus Punch. Fortunately for Squirtle, Nathaniel caught her. Unfortunately for Nathaniel, he caught Squirtle with his head first. He looked down and saw that Squirtle was KO’ed and signaled to Selina that she was. Selina flew up to the box and called her Pokémon back before sending out her next one.

Her Kangaskhan came out and the battle began again. Both Pokémon stood there for a moment and charged each other with Focus Punch. The fists collided and the Pokémon were blown backwards from the force of the two attacks meeting. They did the same thing again and this time missed each other’s fists and both got a critical hit to each other’s heads. Both Pokémon crumpled together and were called back for the fourth Pokémon on either team.

Selina sent out Charmander and Chad sent out Garchomp. Flygon used Sandstorm and Charmander countered it with Sunny Day. Garchomp then rushed Charmander and the two exchanged Dragon Claws until both were KO’ed. Selina and Chad then sent out Bulbasaur and Flygon. Bulbasaur fired Solar Beam but missed when Flygon used Protect. The sun faded and so did Bulbasaur when Flygon used a successful Fissure.

Selina called back Bulbasaur and sent out her last Pokémon. Nathaniel knew what was coming and the crowd awed at the adorable, diapered Mew that came out to face Flygon. Mew used Protect to block the Fissure that was used on it and then used Blizzard. Flygon flew into the air to avoid the attack and Mew used one of the few attacks that would hit a flying Pokémon with Metronome. Mew used the Dragon attack Twister. Flygon flinched and was unable to finish his attack and then Mew hit him with Blizzard. Flygon was KO’ed and Chad sent out his final Pokémon.

Gyarados glared at Mew and let out a roar before the battle began. Gyarados charged at Mew ready to use Bite. Mew used Protect to stop one attack, only to be hit by Hydro Pump. Mew then used Ancient Power and not only hit Gyarados, but raised all of his stats. Mew moved just fast enough to use an attack before Gyarados did and used Thunder. Gyarados survived the attack and hit Mew with Hydro Pump once again. Mew couldn’t take much more and took a chance with one more Metronome. Mew unfortunately used an Explosion that was blocked by Protect.

The crowd was cheering so loudly that they almost couldn’t hear Shigeru as he said, “And so with his last Pokémon by the skin of his teeth, Chad has won the Indigo Conference! Congratulations Chad on your victory! And well played Selina! That was a truly spectacular battle! And now it is time for the next event for the day! Nathaniel and I will now have our battle to finish, one way or the other, his Elite Challenge!”

The crowd raised its cheering to even greater heights as Shigeru leaped nimbly down a few poles and into a waiting box.

“What a show off.” Chad said as he flew up to the Elite box.

“Show him how it’s really done Nathaniel!” Selina said as she landed next to him.

Nathaniel flashed them a smile and leaped off the box. He let himself fall dangerously close to the crowds before zooming into the sky and giving a few fancy acrobatics and landing with a neat flip onto his waiting box. He raised his sword in salute to the crowd and turned to face Shigeru.


Chapter 47

Shigeru began things by sending out a Pidgeot. Nathaniel countered with Pikachu. Pidgeot was slightly faster and used Aerial Ace. Pikachu met Pidgeot halfway with Volt Tackle and Pidgeot went flying against its will. Pidgeot flapped its wings once to stabilize itself and used Fly. Nathaniel thought “BIG MISTAKE!” and yelled for Pikachu to use “THUNDER!” Thunder was another of the few attacks that would hit a Pokémon while it was flying and it hit Pidgeot hard. The KO’ed Pidgeot was called back before it hit the ground and then Shigeru sent out Alakazam. Pikachu used Surf and Alakazam used Protect to block it. When Pikachu turned to attack Alakazam again, Alakazam wasn’t there. Alakazam teleported behind Pikachu and used Psychic. Pikachu flew across the field and used one hand to flip back onto his feet. He used Metronome and Nathaniel groaned at his luck. Pikachu use Self Destruct. The attack hit Alakazam, but he was still standing.

Nathaniel called back Pikachu and sent out his next Pokémon. Arcanine was ready to fight and Alakazam fired Shadow Ball when she came out. Arcanine leaped around it and slammed into Alakazam with Extremespeed. Before Alakazam could attack again, Arcanine used Crunch and while she still had her teeth clamped on him, she used Fire Blast and KO’ed Alakazam.

Shigeru called back Alakazam and sent out Gyarados. Nathaniel was just about to call Arcanine back when she turned and shook her head at him. Nathaniel nodded and Arcanine charged. Gyarados fired Hyper Beam and Arcanine canceled it out with Overheat. Gyarados fired off Hydro Pump and Arcanine leaped around it. Then she clamped down on Gyarados’s tail with Fire Fang. Gyarados flinched and Arcanine clamped down on his tail again with Crunch. Before Gyarados could attack again, Arcanine used Attract and Nathaniel had to laugh at the sight of a love struck Gyarados. Gyarados seemed undecided about attacking Arcanine and when Arcanine hit him with Extremespeed, he made up his mind and hit Arcanine with Hydro Pump. Arcanine could only move feebly on the ground and Nathaniel called her back.

“Thank you Arcanine.” Nathaniel said as he called her out in his box. He healed her quickly and she gave him a tired lick.

“Go get him for me little one.” Arcanine said.

“With pleasure.” Nathaniel said lovingly before turning to face Shigeru. “She was one of my favorites Shigeru. I may not take battles personally but I’m going to get your Gyarados.”

“We’ll see about that.” Shigeru said.

Nathaniel threw out Venesaur and the battle began anew. Gyarados used Blizzard and Venesaur avoided the attack. Venesaur then used Frenzy Plant and KO’ed Gyarados. Shigeru sent out his own Arcanine and a critical hit from Fire Blast KO’ed Venesaur. Blastoise then returned the favor with Hydro Cannon. Blastoise was unable to avoid being attacked by Solar Beam from Shigeru’s Exeggutor. The critical hit KO’ed the water Pokémon and Nathaniel sent out Charizard. Charizard attacked with Flare Blitz and KO’ed Exeggutor, brining his own health down by a third in the process. It was then that Shigeru sent out his last Pokémon.

Tyranitar roared when he saw his opponent and a sandstorm whipped up. Nathaniel groaned as he remembered Tyranitar’s Sand Stream ability. He decided to cancel the sandstorm by having Charizard use Sunny Day. That attack unfortunately gave Tyranitar the opening it needed to bring Charizard down with Hyper Beam.

Nathaniel called back Charizard and said, “My last Pokémon is one of my strongest Shigeru. I hope you’re ready to finish this.”

“Always!” Shigeru smiled.

Nathaniel then threw out the Pokémon that had saved him several times against the Elite Four. The amazingly adorable, diapered Eevee name Anthony came out and the crowd cheered seeing their favorite Pokémon of Nathaniel’s. Nathaniel watched as Anthony took stock of the situation, his opponent and then focused on one attack within him all in a few seconds. “GO FOR IT ANTHONY!” Nathaniel shouted and Anthony opened his mouth wide. Nathaniel smiled at how lucky it was that he used Sunny Day with Charizard as it made Anthony launch Solar Beam at the still recharging Tyranitar. There was an explosion of light that extended past the stadium and everyone was blinded for a few seconds. After everyone blinked allot and could see again, the crowd was absolutely silent when they saw that the Tyranitar was still standing. The Tyranitar stood there glaring at Anthony and Anthony gave a glare right back that made him look even cuter. Tyranitar then winced and sank to its knees before falling flat on its face and the crowd probably shook the entire Indigo Plateau with their cheering. Shigeru called back Tyranitar and walked up to Nathaniel, who had glided out onto the field and was now swinging Anthony through the air in celebration.

Not a word was said between them. They just looked at each other, smiled and shook hands before bowing to the audience.
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Chapter 48

Nathaniel spent a few joyous weeks at home before travelling again. During that time he tried to teach his little siblings to fly, without much success. They could glide, but their wings weren’t strong enough yet for actual flight. He even continued to help them gain control and strength with their Psionics. He also babied some of his Pokémon when they wanted to be babied. It was a vacation so he made sure they had the best they could have. Three days before he left was one of the happiest he could remember ever having. He went through the ceremony that may as well have been his wedding with his beautiful Selina. The family and friends smiled at the bliss that showed on their faces as they shared the kiss at the end of the ceremony. Because it wasn’t the actual wedding, they only went on a day long honeymoon to the top of Mt. Moon. It was a camping trip and they sat with their tails entwined as they watched the stars come out and they watched as the Clefairy danced in the light of the full moon.

“I’m going to go alone this time.” Nathaniel said as he packed his bag. “Consider it my sort of bachelor party that I didn’t get.”

“It wasn’t a real wedding.” Selina laughed.

“I’m only going to get a couple legendaries anyway.” Nathaniel said. “Or try to anyway. I’m not sure if Mewtwo will show up for me since I already have two.”

“Okay then.” Selina said. “You just be sure you hurry back.”

“Yes dear.” Nathaniel said kissing Selina before slipping backwards through a gate with only four Pokémon. Anthony, Arcanine, Gavin, and Radin.

When he got to Cerulean City, he headed straight for the Unknown Dungeon. He let out all four of his Pokémon when he got in there and they headed on through. Any time they saw a Pokémon, it would run away at the sight of two Mewtwo and Nathaniel. Arcanine helped as well, but they may have run away to laugh if they saw Anthony. After a long walk, they finally found the white rock.

“I hope this works.” Nathaniel said.

He walked up to the rock and closed his eyes as he touched the rock. A bright light flashed and Nathaniel looked up. He saw a nine foot tall Mewtwo looking at him.

“Why do you try to summon another of my offspring?” Mewtwo’s aspect asked. “You already have two.”

“I wanted to battle one in the place I should have received one.” Nathaniel said. “I have not truly earned either of the two I have. I helped them both and they stayed with me. I would like to try to actually capture one.”

“Very well.” Mewtwo said with his voice echoing in the cave. “I suppose I owe you anyway. You saved two of my offspring. I should give you the opportunity to capture one of my offspring in a real battle.”

There was another flash of light and a green Mewtwo stood before Nathaniel. Anthony took charge and attacked with Shadow Ball. He backed off when Mewtwo blocked the attack with his own Shadow Ball and Arcanine leaped forward. She used Crunch on his tail and was thrown off by Iron Tail. Gavin leaped forward and used Shadow Ball. It was dodged and then Mewtwo hit Gavin point blank with his own Shadow Ball. Radin got mad at that and leaped on Mewtwo. Nathaniel blinked and missed what happened but there was some explosion and Radin stood there without Mewtwo.

“Mewtwo successfully captured.”

Nathaniel called out his new Mewtwo and looked him up and down. He then held out his hand and said, “Welcome to the team Mewtwo.”

Mewtwo smiled and shook Nathaniel’s hand before they gated to the Vermilion Pokémon Center.

Chapter 49

Nathaniel watched the horizon as they sped across the sea in the boat. Nathaniel had given the sailor, who actually worked for the Pokémon league for this purpose, an old sea chart that Shigeru had given him. It would take him to an island that was supposed to be the home of Mew. It wasn’t long before the island came into view and they stepped ashore. Nathaniel looked and saw another boat there as well. He went further into the island until he heard a familiar voice.

“We have to find Mew. It’s the only Pokémon that could turn me back to normal and then I promise you will all be very rich people. You can even sell the Mew when I’m done with it. We just have to capture it.”

“Right Giovanni!” several voices said at once.

Nathaniel peeked through the underbrush and saw Giovanni standing near the white rock with eight other people. Nathaniel checked with his Aura Sight and saw that these were truly evil people and put his hand on his sword. He continued to look at them and recognized all eight of them. They could easily be eight members of Team Rocket if they existed in this world. Nathaniel also knew that if he didn’t stop them here, Team Rocket may just spring up. Two of the eight were scientists. He recognized one from the episode with the Red Gyarados as the one responsible for it. The other one was Professor Namba. They had a machine that Nathaniel guessed would direct Mew’s Transform attack to Giovanni and allow him to become a furr again. The other six were the brute squad apparently and were famous duos. Jessie and James, Butch and Cassidy, plus Attila and Hun. Nathaniel rushed out as he felt the sword gather energy and turned all six of them into Pokémon. His own Pokémon dispatched them and they disappeared just as Giovanni successfully summoned a Mew.

“RUN MEW!” Nathaniel yelled as he turned the scientists into Pokémon as well. Anthony KO’ed them with Blizzard and they too disappeared. Giovanni looked furious. He leaped at Nathaniel using Crunch, only to be blasted off the island with his sonic breath weapon. Nathaniel watched as he slowly teleported as he fell through the air.

“Is it safe to come out now?”

“Come on Mew. Nobody is going to hurt you.” Nathaniel said and the pink Pokémon flew out to meet him.

“Those were bad trainers weren’t they?” he asked.

“And they would have done horrible things to you.” Nathaniel said.

“Then let me repay you for saving me.” Mew said. “Go and summon another Mew and I’ll fight it for you.”

Nathaniel shrugged and did, but Mew stood next to the blue Mew that appeared. “On second thought, beat us both and have two Mews.”

Both Mew were suddenly frozen solid and disappeared as Anthony hit them both with Sheer Cold from behind. Nathaniel called them both and then decided to give the three new legendaries nicknames. The pink Mew was named Sextus, Mewtwo was named Septimus, and the blue Mew was named Octavian, for being his sixth, seventh, and eighth legendary Pokémon to be captured, even though they were not captured in that order. With his Pokémon named, he opened a gate and went home.


Nathaniel had a dream that night from the legendary Mewtwo. He only came to confirm to Nathaniel that Giovanni and his cronies were taken to the same place as the ninja he “met” when he was rescuing Krieg.

Nathaniel spent the entire winter season with his family. His Mews and last Mewtwo, to no surprise, developed an interest in diapers and the five legendaries were inseparable friends. They had formed a small family of their own and took turns being younger and older. Nathaniel decided he would leave them behind when he went to Johto in the summer. He and Selina both decided to leave the starter Pokémon behind as well. Selina even decided to leave her Buneary and Kangaskhan behind and would go with only Cubone. Nathaniel would then leave Pikachu and travel with only Anthony and Arcanine.

Chad had decided to go to Hoen instead. He told them that there were a few dragons he wanted to capture in that region, and wanted to do that instead. Nathaniel and Selina were sad that their friend would not be traveling with them but accepted it. They were glad at least that they would have all of spring to spend time with him now that he and Draco were moving in.

They woke up one morning to good news. Chad had discovered his own power to teleport to a few specific areas. He could only gate to his new home at the moment, but Nathaniel suspected it was actually the people dear to him he could teleport to. They found that he could only teleport once before teleporting back to where he was before he teleported. Nathaniel smiled looking at what the future held. With Chad’s new power, they would never be far apart and the next journey they went on would still be a fun one.
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