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 Nathaniel's Yoshi Story

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PostSubject: Nathaniel's Yoshi Story   Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:14 pm

(Just bumping this since Uncle Raikan posted on it on FTT. Thought you all might be interested in this. This one is a little adventure the Nathaniel from my other stories went on. If you want a little background on him, you'll need to read my first Story, A Tail of Five Brothers.)

This one is a bit of an off shoot I did awhile ago. It was meant to give Nathaniel one more power that could open many possibilities for later stories. Hope you all like it!
*By the way, if you remember the dream about yoshies Nathaniel had in the Kanto story, this is it!*

Nathaniel’s Yoshi Story
by, Riolu

Chapter 1

Nathaniel woke up and was surprised at the light that bombarded his eyes. He shut them quickly and wondered if he had gated in his sleep again. He reverted to his Aura Sight and found something odd. His Aura sight was much weaker! He could only see a few strong Auras around him. He slowly opened his eyes and was shocked to see six Yoshies standing around him. They were green, pink, red, blue, light blue, and yellow. Nathaniel rubbed his eyes and looked again. They were still there, so he pinched himself and it hurt. It was then he noticed how small his hand was. He took a look at himself and was utterly surprised to find that he had shrunk considerably. He looked like he couldn’t be older than one or two years old. He looked up again when he heard one of the yoshies walking towards him.

“What a cute little baby guys.” The green one said. “I wonder if its parents are around.”

“I don’t have any parents.” Nathaniel said.

“By the tree!” the green one said. “It speaks! You’re an orphan little guy?”

“Yes.” Nathaniel said. “I was adopted by four people who are brothers to me in all but blood. And don’t call me little guy please, I’m not usually this size. Call me Nathaniel, or Nate if you wish.”

“Call me Cyan.” He said. “You definitely spoke, so I’m not going crazy. If it weren’t for the fact that you speak so well, I’d be inclined to think you were fibbing. You certainly sound older so I believe you when you say you’re not usually this small. I would thus be inclined to believe you when you say you’ve been adopted by someone. So how did you get out here all by yourself?”

Nathaniel shrugged. “I must have used my method of teleportation called gating in my sleep again. Judging by my obvious change in shape, I’d guess I actually gated to another world somehow. Do Pokémon exist on this planet?”

“Pokémon!” the pink one laughed. “Those are just fairy tales. They don’t really exist.”

“They do where I come from.” Nathaniel said. “The last thing I remember is getting into bed with my Eevee, Arcanine, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.”

“He seems to be telling the truth to me.” The blue one said. “Besides, I’ve never seen or heard of any creature like him. If he says he’s from another world, it stands to reason that Pokémon could exist on that world if creatures like him do when they don’t exist on this one.”

“I suppose your right as usual Azure.” The pink one said. “Sorry about that. My name’s Rose. The red Yoshi over there is Garn. The light blue Yoshi is Sky, and the yellow Yoshi is Sunny.”

“Pleased to meet you all.” Nathaniel said. “This is kind of awkward asking but I have a physical need for diapers, could you guys get me some?”

“Okay!” Rose said excitedly.

“Rose, he’s not some doll to play with.” Sky said sternly.

“Could you just go home and get some by gating?” Garn said.

“NOOO!” Sunny said. “We just met him! I don’t want him to leave yet!”

Nathaniel was touched that they liked him already but tried to make a gate anyway. He couldn’t. That’s when it hit him. His Aura Sight was the way it was before he got any other powers! He tried gathering energy but found he couldn’t!

“Uh-oh!” Nathaniel said. How was he going to get home without his power to gate?

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PostSubject: Re: Nathaniel's Yoshi Story   Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:35 pm

Chapter 2

“That sounds allot like magic to me.” Cyan said after Nathaniel explained his situation to him. “I’ve only heard of Koopas and Wizards using magic before. My dad might know something about magic though. We could take you to him. We should anyway to see what’s to be done about you. We can’t leave an infant alone.”

Nathaniel, despite feeling frustrated at being called an infant, felt a surge of hope. Maybe Cyan’s father could tell him what’s happened to him, or point him in the direction of someone who does.

“First thing’s first though.” Sunny said. “We need to get him in a diaper like he asked.”

“I’ll go get some.” Rose said. “We’re not to far away from the village so I can rush over to grab some for him.”

Rose dashed off and was back a few minutes later with more than just a pack of diapers. She also had a basket of fruit with her.

“I got some fruit as well in case anyone was hungry.” Rose said. Everyone laughed when Nathaniel’s stomach growled in confirmation. Sunny and Rose gently laid him down upon his back and proceeded to diaper him. Nathaniel looked at the diaper with a bit of doubt. It looked a bit small for him. Then he remembered his current size and it looked like it would work. When Rose and Sunny were done diapering him, he had to admire how snug and comfortable it was.

“Anyone else want one?” Sunny asked looking at the others.

“No thanks.” The four others answered quickly.

“When she asked if anyone else wanted one, she meant get your tails over here so she could diaper the rest of you.” Rose said with an edge in her voice.

“Aren’t they a bit small for them?” Nathaniel asked.

“These are those one size fits all diapers.” Sunny said. “They’ll stretch enough to fit them. Those diapers are actually a bit big for you. We almost had to overlap the tapes.”

Nathaniel checked the diaper again and found the ends of the tapes just touching. He also noted how the top of the diaper came just about a quarter of the way up his stomach.

Nathaniel smiled at the yoshies when he got an idea. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind being diapered so much if a certain two yoshies were diapered also.”

“That’s right.” Sky said slyly.

“I’ll bet we could make it happen if we tried.” Garn said.

“Oh all right!” Sunny said. “I’ll wear diapers if I can diaper two of you.”

“Same here.” Rose said rolling her eyes.

Cyan sighed and walked over to Rose with Garn. Azure and Sky walked over to Sunny and all four of the other yoshies laid down in front of the girls. The girls made quick work of diapering them and laid down for the boys to diaper them. It was over quickly and Nathaniel smiled at how cute they looked. That’s when he realized just how young they looked as well. They couldn’t be much older than yoshi kids.

“So are you guys almost adult yoshies or are you yoshi kids?” Nathaniel asked to be sure.

“We’re not yoshi kids anymore, even though we have the tendency to dress like this often.” Azure said.

“AZURE!” Rose, Sunny, Garn and Sky yelled at the same time.

“We’re always trying to get each other in diapers some way or another.” Cyan whispered to Nathaniel. “Everyone makes a fuss about it when they are tricked, convinced, etc. into wearing them, but the truth is we all like wearing them.”

“I do too.” Nathaniel said. “So you guys are almost adult yoshies then?”

“We are just about ready to take our rite of passage into adulthood.” Cyan said. “We just have to wait for our friends Nite and Star to get back so we can make our pilgrimage to the Tree to eat the fruit that will begin our final growth into adults. We could stay like this if we really wanted since we can have eggs. We just form a group that has the potential to grow into stronger yoshies and live in a special valley of these super yoshies. It is said that in that valley is an entire grove of Super Happy Trees. While the village we live in is nice, it isn’t the paradise the valley is. We can one day leave that valley and return to our village to protect it as the elders of the village.”

“Sounds pretty cool.” Nathaniel said. “How about we eat and then see your father about me?”

The yoshies agreed and they chowed down. Cyan was munching down on a watermelon, while the two blue yoshies gulped down grapes. Sunny was eating a bunch of bananas while Rose and Garn ate a giant apple each. Nathaniel held onto a melon of some kind and wondered how he was going to eat the thing.

“Oh, here. Let me help you.” Cyan said. He took Nathaniel’s melon and smacked it on a rock before handing it back to Nathaniel in two halves. Nathaniel enjoyed the juicy fruit and surprised himself when he finished the whole thing. When they’d finished eating Cyan picked Nathaniel up and set him on his tail. Nathaniel found he could easily sit where he was and had a good hold. It was an even more secure perch than when he rode on Arcanine! The six yoshies then ran off towards the village with a very hopeful Nathaniel.

Chapter 3

Nathaniel knew he was getting some odd looks as the six ran through the village. He could somehow tell he was the one getting the attention and not the six diapered yoshi. He guessed that they were seen in diapers pretty often because of this. They reached a hut in the center of town and Nathaniel saw a fat old yoshi sitting on a bench talking to the biggest yoshi he could imagine. The black yoshi that he saw was easily ten feet tall and possibly then some. He had some funny red paint coming from below one of his eyes in the shape of a thunderbolt. He also held a spear that looked like a small tree. Nathaniel didn’t even want to guess what bird he got the feather that was sticking up from the back of his head from.

“You’re dismissed Thunderfoot.” The green yoshi said. The giant yoshi saluted with his spear and walked out of the hut.

“Look at what we found papa!” Cyan said excitedly with a young voice as he held Nathaniel towards the old yoshi.

“Odd looking child.” The green yoshi said after sniffing him. “You didn’t force put him in your mouth to find out what he was did you?”

“No way.” Cyan said. “We haven’t done that since we were yoshi kids.”

“That’s probably because you stuck so much in your mouth that you knew pretty much what everything was by the time you weren’t yoshi kids.” Cyan’s father said chuckling. “You’d better find this babe’s parents before they attack the village. If this child were older, he looks like he’d be pretty fierce.”

“My guardians are back on my home world.” Nathaniel said.

“By the tree, it speaks!” Cyan’s father said amazed. “And so articulately as well! So you’re from another world. Sounds like magic to me. I’ve only ever met one wizard who knew more than the existence of other worlds. He lives in the valley that I hope Cyan and his friends will reach soon. I may have a greatly expanded life span, but I won’t live forever to guard the village. And the Thunderfoot can only protect against so much.”

“Thanks.” Nathaniel said. “I was hoping you could tell me something that might get me home. Maybe when they leave on their pilgrimage they can bring me with to meet this wizard you spoke of. He might be able to help me get home!”

“I actually was about to call on the six of them.” Cyan’s father said. “I’d like for the six of you to leave now. The Thunderfoot brought word from Nite and Star. They’re stuck in two places and could use your help. They are actually on the way if you go by the correct route. I’ll give you a map to guide you so you can get the two of them and still get to the Happy Tree to complete your rite of passage.”

“Okay then.” Cyan said. “We can still bring Nathaniel though right?”

“If you think you can take care of him on your journey then yes.” His father answered.

“Then we’ll pack some diapers and extra fruit for the journey.” Cyan said.

“We’ll be back to join you as soon as we can Uncle Green.” Sunny said hugging the old yoshi. Everyone else gave him a hug and they left the hut with the map he gave them.

Chapter 4

They rushed to a shop before leaving the village and grabbed several packs. Each yoshi had one and they grabbed more packages of diapers than he thought they’d need. Then he realized they were packing diapers for all of them. They also grabbed allot of their favorite fruits and several melons for Nathaniel. Nathaniel was surprised by how much the packs held. The yoshies were actually given the stuff for free since they were officially leaving on their journey. There was allot of cheering from the villagers as the six left.

They walked for a long time along the road until they saw some kind of elephant in overalls blocking the path. No matter how hard they tried they couldn’t get past him as there was some kind of force field blocking them from going around it.

“The elephant appears to be the source of the force field.” Nathaniel said using his Aura Sight. “We need to shake him somehow.”

“How are we going to do that without an egg to throw at him?” Sky asked.

“We could do a ground pound.” Azure said.

Garn ran up to the elephant and tried a ground pound, but when nothing happened, the elephant kicked him and Garn laid on the ground in front of Cyan looking dizzy.

“I wouldn’t recommend you do that again.” Rose said.

“Well what should we do?” Sunny asked.

“Let’s do it together.” Cyan said.

Nathaniel clung tight to Cyan as all six of them ran up to the elephant and slammed the ground in front of him and Nathaniel smiled when the elephant flipped over. They flutter jumped over the fallen thing and ran forward again. They stopped soon when they saw a natural enemy of the yoshies.

“Shy Guys!” Nathaniel yelped. There were a dozen of them! The six quickly used their long tongues to snag six of them and Nathaniel was pleased when they swallowed them and created an egg each. Five eggs were launched and six Shy Guys disappeared. The last one ran away and Cyan handed Nathaniel his egg. Nathaniel smiled and took careful aim. The Shy Guy was about thirty feet away when Nathaniel lobbed the egg. Fifty feet away from the yoshies, the egg struck the Shy guy on the head and it too disappeared.

“Nice shot little buddy!” Cyan said.

Nathaniel smiled and they continued down the path until they reached a fork in the road. They checked the map and saw that one way would be the route they’d need to take if they were to go on the journey. The other way led them the way they’d need to go if they were to pick up Nite first. They turned down that path and by the time the sun was setting, they had reached a cave.

“Let’s stop here for the night before entering the spooky cave.” Sunny said.

“We’ll have dinner and change anyone who needs it before we sleep.” Rose said.

Nathaniel looked down at his diaper and was shocked by how wet it was without him realizing it. His diaper was actually sagging over the sides of Cyan’s tail! He checked everyone else and saw that theirs hadn’t sagged nearly as much, despite showing some obvious swelling.

“Our little buddy should be changed first.” Cyan said. “I can feel his diaper halfway down either side of my tail!”

Cyan lifted him off his back and this time the Cyan changed him. Cyan and Sunny then changed each other while Garn and Rose took care of each other, leaving Azure and Sky to handle each other. They passed out a piece of fruit to each other and after they ate, they set a guard schedule. Nathaniel found himself being used as a stuffed animal by Sunny and Rose. He didn’t mind and fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Nathaniel's Yoshi Story   Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:36 pm

Chapter 5

Nathaniel woke slowly. He felt something nearby looking for him. He tried using his Aura Sight, but he found he couldn’t. The more he knew something was there, the more terrified he started to feel. He looked around for the yoshies and found that they were gone. He felt as if the shadows around the camp were closing in and it truly seemed that way as the fire began to die. He found he couldn’t move and he couldn’t even scream as he felt something grab him.

“Wake up little buddy!”

Nathaniel woke up for real this time. The sun was rising and Cyan was looking down at him.

“That must have been some nightmare!” Cyan said. “You were screaming fit to wake the dead.”

A quiet roar echoed from the entrance of the cave.

“Darn!” Cyan said. “That was unlucky. You literally woke the dead. We were hoping to get through this cave without the bone dragons down there being awake.”

“Sorry.” Nathaniel said with his ears drooping.

“Hey! Don’t worry about it.” Cyan said. “Dream control is hard for a youngling. Come join us for breakfast. It’s a cultural favorite of all yoshies.”

“What is it?” Nathaniel said perking his ears up a bit.

“Fresh fruit salad.” Cyan said smiling.

“WOOOHOOO!!” Came an echo from the cave.

“I thought that would attract Nite.” Cyan said laughing. “Woe to the one who comes between Nite and a fruit salad. If you ever want a trip to intensive care, steal one bite from his fruit salad.”

They sat down and Nathaniel kept his eyes on the entrance to the cave as he thought about his nightmare. If felt so real. Maybe someone was looking for him. As he ate his fruit salad with its watermelon chunks, banana and apple slices along with grapes and its chopped melon, he felt a strong Aura approaching from the cave. In a flash, a black yoshi leaped out and grabbed what was left of the fruit salad with his long red tongue.

“Manners Nite!” Cyan said. “We have a guest so eat properly and not as we would in private.”

“Oh sorry.” Nite said in a baritone that sounded weird coming from a yoshi. “So who’s the kid?”

“His name’s Nathaniel.” Cyan said. “He’s coming with us to the valley. He needs to see a wizard that dad knew for help getting home.”

Nite ate his salad while they explained what was going on to him.

“We better follow the map to get Star before we head out.” Nite said. “We’ll have to go through the caves to get there. Before we head out though, there are two here who need a new diaper.”

Nathaniel looked down and was surprised he hadn’t noticed before now how much he’d wet. He was pretty much sitting on a water balloon. His feet were barely touching the ground! He decided to try to empty himself the rest of the way and yelped as the diaper burst and the resulting flood put out the fire.

“Well that’s one less thing we have to do.” Cyan said laughing breathlessly. “I’m guessing he’s one of the one’s you said needs a new diaper, but who’s the other one Nite?”

“I am Cyan!” Nite said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “I’m going to feel weird if I’m the only one in the group not wearing a diaper.”

“So these diapers are pretty much just plastic bags that catch urine and don’t let them back through.” Nathaniel said. “You don’t use any absorbent material inside the diapers?”

“There are those ones.” Nite said as he changed Nathaniel on a dry patch of ground. “We just prefer these diapers because we like the bulge we can get from them. We’ve never managed to burst them like that though!”

“Well none of us have ever sat on a stick in one that big before either.” Cyan said picking up a soaked and pointy stick. “He’s lucky it didn’t stick him when he fell from almost a foot up.”

After Nite had finished diapering him he got a diaper for himself. Nathaniel crawled over to Nite since he found he couldn’t walk on his new legs too well. Nite saw him looking up at him and smiled. Nite laid down on his back and Nathaniel diapered the black yoshi. When he finished Nite picked Nathaniel up and mounted Nathaniel on him as Cyan had done yesterday.

Nathaniel felt allot of strength in Nite’s muscles and felt even more secure. He felt brave enough to face whatever trials awaited them as they descended into the cave.

Chapter 6

It was dark in the cave so Nathaniel tried once more to use his Aura Sight. He found he could see thing more clearly this time but he still couldn’t see the cave. The yoshies got excited and Nathaniel used his normal sight when they rushed forward. They were heading for a box with the spots similar to a yoshi egg.

“We can get some eggs from this box.” Nite said. I’m wondering if you could as well.”

They found that Nathaniel could only hold one egg of his own, but Nite could trail more eggs behind him than the others. The others had six eggs, but Nite could have eight following him. They walked through the cave and Nathaniel saw an odd and very large Aura up ahead.

“I think there’s a bone dragon up ahead.” Nathaniel said.

His guess was confirmed when a loud roar and a fireball shot at the group. They ducked as it shot over tem and Nathaniel looked back to see several cave shrooms catch fire. They were trapped by it and Nathaniel looked at the bone dragon. That’s when he saw it was several bone dragons with multiple heads! There had to be at least twenty, if not more!

“EGG BARRAGE!” Nite shouted.

The yoshies launched every egg they had and Nathaniel watched as each head disappeared. When each one was gone, the bodies started shaking. They combined to make one massive bone dragon! Nathaniel looked at the last egg he had and then around the cave. There was a stalactite hanging over the bone dragon, but Nathaniel knew none of them could reach that high. It was then Nathaniel felt something. He looked at the egg and saw that it was glowing and pulsing with energy that was coming from him! He threw the egg at the stalactite and watched as the egg exploded! The blast from the egg carried the bone dragon’s head right into the path of the falling stalactite and Nathaniel winced as he heard the sound of breaking bones. He looked at the bone dragon again and saw that it had already disappeared.

“Well that takes care of that.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s get out of here.”

The yoshies were staring at Nathaniel with awe plain on their faces. Then they began cheering.

“Victory pose!” Nite yelled with glee.

Nathaniel heard a familiar music playing and watched as the yoshies spun around once and said together, “Yoshi!”

Now Nathaniel knew why this seemed somewhat familiar. The music that he just heard was from the Yoshi Story game after you beat a level, and the yoshies used the same pose. They walked further into the cave and saw a light up ahead. Walking through they came out into sunlight and Nathaniel heard someone screaming before he blacked out.

Chapter 7

Nathaniel was fairly certain he was dreaming again. The dream didn’t feel so scary this time though. It was actually a rather comforting one. He felt something calling out to him this time but he couldn’t speak. He truly woke up as something grabbed him again.

“You okay guys?” Cyan’s voice asked.

“What hit us?” Nathaniel asked groggily.

“A falling Star.” Sky laughed. “OW!”

Nathaniel opened his eyes and saw that the other five had all slugged Sky on top of the head. He looked next to him and saw why. Sky had made a horrible pun. The white yoshi Star was just beginning to wake up.

“Everyone okay?” she asked in a higher pitched voice than any of the other yoshies Nathaniel had met so far.

“I am now.” Nathaniel said sitting up. “Strike that! There’s something wrong.”

“WHAT!” Star asked anxiously jumping to her feet.

“I need my diaper changed.” Nathaniel said.

Everyone laughed at that and Star was the one to diaper him this time. She then went about changing Nite’s diaper as the others paired up and changed each other. Nite woke up as Star was wiping him up and when she’d finished changing him, he put her in a diaper as well.

“We’re going to have to stop using these.” Cyan said. “We’ll want to save as many as we can for those who really need them.”

“Agreed.” Everyone said looking at Nathaniel. Nathaniel blushed, since he could feel emotions again, at how much they cared about him already.

“I’ll carry him.” Star said. “I’m the lightest of us and can maneuver the best where we’re going.”

“What do you mean where we’re going?” Cyan asked. “We haven’t even told you yet.”

“I assume since all of us are together we’re completing our rite of passage.” Star said. “You came looking for Nite and me and now we’re heading for the jungle so we can begin the real journey.”

“Got it in one.” Nathaniel said. “Unless she was wrong about the jungle.”

“No she wasn’t.” Cyan said.

“I made a friend up in the air who can take us to a spot above the jungle.” Star said. “We can then flutter fall down and head on through.”

“So how do we get up there then?” Cyan said. “Other than our little buddy, none of us can fly.”

“I can’t fly either.” Nathaniel said. “I have too much baby fat. I can barely walk, let alone fly.”

“We just hop the worms until we reach the solid clouds.” Star said.

Nathaniel looked around and saw off a ways that there were indeed pink and green worms hanging in mid air. The yoshies ran for them and jumped on the first one. It began moving up through the air and Nathaniel noticed that there were blue ones heading downward as well. By jumping on several of them, the yoshies made their way higher and higher into the sky. Star jumped off of one of them onto a cloud and Nathaniel was relieved that Star did not fall through. The others jumped off as well and Nathaniel looked around. He didn’t like what he saw. There was an absolute swarm of Shy Guys flying towards them all. The yoshies ducked as they flew overhead and ate some of the back ones. When they turned back around the yoshies launched their eggs at the swarm. They took out a good portion of them, but only Star managed to eat one before they flew off again. They came around for one more pass and Star handed Nathaniel her egg. Nathaniel charged energy into it and lobbed it at the center of the swarm. The egg exploded once more and took out the rest of the swarm. Star gave Nathaniel a thumbs off and then walked over to a thin patch in the clouds. Star motioned everyone to come over and Star peered through the thin spot. He signaled to the others and ground pounded the thin spot and they all fell through the cloud.

Nathaniel gave a yelp as they fell until he felt Star land on something. He hadn’t realized he had his eyes closed and opened them again. He saw that Star was standing on a very large serpentine dragon. It was heading for a patch of clouds and Nathaniel looked back. He was glad to see that the others had landed safely on the dragon as well. He felt they might be needed as something didn’t feel quite right about those clouds. When the dragon flew over them, Nathaniel didn’t notice any thin patch and had his suspicions confirmed when clouds began forming a wall around them. They were trapped.

“Were trapped!” Sky shouted.

“Obviously.” Garn muttered audibly.

Nathaniel used his Aura Sight and saw something coming. He used his normal sight and saw that it was some kind of cloud with feet. It looked different from the other clouds and Nathaniel could tell just by looking at it that it was evil.

“The only way we can get out of here I think is if we can beat that thing.” Nathaniel said.

“That won’t be easy.” The cloud said wickedly. “I may look like a fluffy cloud, but I have a spicy center.”

“I wonder what the rest of you tastes like then.” Nathaniel said and he leaped off of Star onto the cloud and sunk his sharp baby teeth into the cloud. He was surprised at the flavor. He was sweet! Like cotton candy!

“He tastes like candy!” Nathaniel shouted joyously.

The cloud screamed and tried to run away, but he couldn’t leap high enough due to the eight yoshies repeatedly licking him. It wasn’t long before Nathaniel got full and he jumped back onto Star. The cloud was growing smaller and smaller until it was only a red ball. Cyan ate the thing and started looking like something from a Christmas special. He was changing from green to red and back again rapidly. He opened his mouth and flames shot from them and burned a hole in the clouds. They looked over the edge and before they jumped to the jungle below, Nathaniel heard that familiar music again and they did their victory pose.

Chapter 8

Everyone was tired after fluttering down to the jungle. They set up camp and it was Star and Nite who used him as a plushie this time.

Nathaniel knew he was dreaming this time. He was also sure that someone was looking for him. He tried to call out this time but he still couldn’t find his voice. He saw some blue light heading for him but woke up before it got close enough for him to see what it was.

“You’re soaked again little buddy.” Cyan said.

Sure enough, Nathaniel had a giant water balloon attached to him again. Cyan helped him out of the diaper and tied it shut since it was impossible to roll up. He took Nathaniel down to a small stream before diapering him and set him in the water. Nathaniel murred with pleasure as Cyan began rubbing him all over, washing the dust of the road out of his fur. When he was done with his bath Cyan helped him out of the water and leaped back in surprise when Nathaniel instinctively shook the water out of his fur. They had a chuckle about it and Cyan took Nathaniel back to the camp and put him in a fresh diaper. Nathaniel had a melon for breakfast and then mounted Cyan. Before they left the campsite, Nite hefted Nathaniel’s previous diaper onto the flames and Nathaniel laughed as the diaper immediately popped open and doused the flames.

They walked through the jungle and they came to a weird set of huts. They started walked past them when a bunch of strange creature began throwing things at them. The yoshies ran for it and Nathaniel wondered if this was how Indiana Jones felt when he was chased by the boulder. It was at least the old Mario game when the barrels were lobbed at him from above by Donkey Kong. Eventually the yoshies had enough and split up to work their way closer to the meanies. Nathaniel sprung from Cyan to one of them and found he could lift him. He threw the thing at another and they all ran off when the yoshies each ate one.

They continued walking through the jungle until something happened. Sky was suddenly pulled into a plant when a red tongue came from the plant and snagged him. Nathaniel leaped off of Cyan and tried to slice the stem what he recognized as a particularly nasty species of piranha plant. His claws bounced off the surface, but the plant spat Sky out. The only difference was Sky was tiny! The plant looked at Nathaniel and suddenly grew larger. Fortunately, before it could open its jaws, it was hit by eight eggs at once and the bulb flew clean off the stem and disappeared. Nathaniel sighed in relief and noted when he sat back down on Cyan’s tail his diaper was drooping half way down his tail again.

“We’ll change you when we get out of this jungle little buddy.” Cyan said.

They eventually got out of the jungle and stood on a beach. Cyan changed Nathaniel and then the yoshies did their victory pose with the accompanying music again.
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PostSubject: Re: Nathaniel's Yoshi Story   Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:37 pm

Chapter 9

“So where does the map say we should go from here?” Nathaniel asked.

“Uh-oh!” Cyan said when he checked.

“What’s wrong?” Nathaniel asked.

“According to the map, we have to go straight through the ocean.” Cyan answered. “Yoshies can breathe underwater for quite awhile but we can’t say the same for you.”

“I could breathe underwater but not for too long.” Nathaniel said. “I can use one of my powers in a certain way to make it possible but it will tire me out after awhile.”

“We’ll find the closest point then and cross the shortest distance possible.” Cyan said. “Let’s rest for a bit first though. That was rough going in the jungle.”

“It sure was.” Sky said shivering. He was back to his normal size again fortunately.

Nathaniel tried to call out again in his dream. He knew for sure that someone was looking for him. He wanted to find out who it was. Unfortunately he was slowly waking up and the two pink lights that were rushing towards him didn’t make it in time.

“You sure flood those diapers when you sleep little buddy.” Cyan said.

Nathaniel snapped his eyes open and saw another water balloon diaper. He sighed and let Cyan change him again. Star carried him this time and they ran across the beach. Nathaniel watched the sea as they ran and peered out as far as he could when he saw something on the horizon getting closer. When it got close enough he saw it was some kind of ship.

“Hit the dirt!” Nathaniel yelled as he heard a loud bang coming from the ship. The yoshies ducked and watched as a cannon ball plowed a large ditch in the ground. The yoshies ran and avoided the cannon balls as much as they could. Eventually Nathaniel spotted something that could help.

“Get me an egg from that crate!” He shouted. Star ran up to the crate and took out the only egg that was in it. Nathaniel aimed carefully and put allot of power into the egg and his arm. He lobed toward the ship and watched as the egg arched and then fell straight toward the ship. Nathaniel bounced with joy as the egg produced the desired effect of blowing up a good portion of the ship and sinking it. He laughed when he saw several Shy Guys falling with a few pieces of the ship.

“Nice shot little buddy.” Cyan said.

Nathaniel beamed with pleasure as the yoshies all commented him. He began giggling wildly as they began tossing him in the air as well. They continued further down the beach until they came to a cliff.

“This is it guys.” Cyan said. “We dive down from here and then swim straight forward.”

Nathaniel used his Aura Sight and saw that there was even a current that would speed the journey if they went down far enough. The yoshies ran forward and ground pounded straight for the water. Nathaniel opened his eyes and saw they were still sinking slowly. Their speed was increasing a bit and Nathaniel saw why. The yoshies were all still in their diapers and they were filling up with the sea water. The added weight was serving as an anchor. It wasn’t long before they reached the current and were pulled along.

“Incoming!” Azure shouted.

Everyone looked and saw a group of ominous looking fish with rather large dorsal fins. Nathaniel looked closely with his Aura Sight and relaxed so much when he saw what they were that he filled his diaper past capacity and it actually exploded. Star grabbed him with her tongue as the explosion lifted him off of her and hugged him close.

“Don’t worry guys.” Nathaniel said. “Those are dolphins. They actually look a little bit like yoshies around the eyes.”

Sure enough, they did. Their eyes stuck up in the same way, and they had the same friendly look. The dolphins swam up to the yoshies inspecting them as if they were some new toys. An older one seemed to recognize them and gave a few squeaks to the others. The dolphins nodded to it and then made a few motions with their noses at the yoshies diapers. The diapers sank quickly and then the dolphins started nudging the yoshies.

“I think they either want us to follow or ride them.” Nathaniel said looking at the dolphins with his Aura Sight. “Either way they are trying to help us.”

The eight yoshies grabbed a dolphin each and Star set Nathaniel in front of her. She held on to him as Nathaniel held the dorsal fin and the dolphins took off like bullets through the current. They were swimming for a long time before they started to swim upward. Nathaniel could feel his breath drawing shorter and knew he didn’t have much time left. His vision was just starting to grow dark on the edges when the dolphins broke free of the water and sailed upward to the top of a cliff. As the dolphins reached the peak of their jump, the yoshies jumped off with Nathaniel and landed on the cliff. They looked back over and saw the dolphins hit the water. The dolphins poked their heads back above the water and the yoshies waved their thanks as the dolphins squeaked goodbye. Nathaniel smiled before passing out as the yoshies did their victory pose with the music once again.

Chapter 10

Nathaniel tried moving once again in his dream. He found he still couldn’t and he couldn’t call out either. This dream felt different anyway. If felt a bit more towards his first dream. He remembered seeing a light of some kind in each dream. In the first, it looked like some piercing blue eyes. The second had crescents of a few different colors. The third had a blue light and the fourth had two pink lights. This one had several red lights and they were again coming for him. He was slightly afraid of them but he didn’t need to be, because he woke up once again before they reached him.

“Soaked again little buddy!” Cyan said.

“Just change me and get over with it then.” Nathaniel said disappointedly.

“Rough sleep?” Cyan asked.

“I’ve had dreams ever since I got here of something looking for me.” Nathaniel said. “This one got the closest to me before I woke up. I want to see what it is that’s coming for me and why.”

“Who knows,” Cyan said. “Maybe this wizard dad mentioned will.”

Nathaniel shrugged and let Cyan get the diaper change over with. His soaked diaper, which they must have put on him while he was asleep, was again used to douse the flames.

“No breakfast?” Nathaniel asked.

“We’ll eat when we get to the tree.” Cyan said. “We’re almost there.”

They walked along for awhile until they came to a mountain with an entrance to a cave. What they saw there shocked Nathaniel. There were eight yoshies groaning on the ground and what Nathaniel assumed to be a wizard was walking around them casting what appeared to be healing spells. Nathaniel was even more shocked by the deep gouge in the ground that Nathaniel had a bad feeling could have held the roots of a tree.

“What happened here?” Nite asked as he made sure Nathaniel was still firmly on his back.

“A super koopa and a magikoopa took the tree.” The wizard said as he cast a spell on a pink yoshi. “I wasn’t here in time to stop the magikoopa from summoning several other magikoopa. The eight here didn’t stand a chance against them. Green one, what is your name?”

“Cyan, son of Noishi.” Cyan answered.

“Hah!” the wizard shouted. “I thought you were related to that little rascal. Always messing around my house, trying to cast some spell or another. I fixed him by leaving out a spell he could cast and he didn’t like the results. My name is Merlon.”

“So you’re the wizard my dad mentioned.” Cyan said.

“Not now Cyan.” Nathaniel said. “We have to get the tree back before we can socialize.”

“And you seem like just the right person for the job.” Merlon told them. “These eight can’t go get the tree themselves, and you eight will need someone like this boy to lead you. He looks like one destined for leadership of a team. He’ll help you get the tree back, won’t you boy?”

“Yes sir!” Nathaniel said saluting. “Just a few questions. What’s a super koopa and where can we find him and the tree?”

“You might know of a super koopa.” Cyan said. “A famous fictional one is King Bowser and also Bowser Jr. A super koopa is a koopa of royal blood and is much stronger than a regular koopa. It’s a pity that all of them are raised by rather aggressive parents or wicked nannies. There are actually several peaceful, or at least good natured koopas out there. But super koopas are always raised for evil.”

“Okay. So where do we find this one?”

“That one is actually a descendant of another one that stole the tree long ago.” Merlon said. “You can find him in a castle not to far from here. If Noishi gave you a map, I can mark it for you.”

Merlon marked the map and they set off at once. Nathaniel was determined to help his new friends complete their rite of passage. They had helped him this much so it was the least he could do in return. When the castle came into view, Nathaniel turned to his friends and said, “Let’s go!”
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Chapter 11

The yoshies snuck up to the castle as close as they could and hid while Nathaniel used his Aura Sight. He searched the castle and found the tree. The super koopa was looking through it for something while the magikoopa looked like it was chanting a few spells. Nathaniel searched around some more and saw a way to get past all of the guards and the walls. There was a drainage grate that led directly to the room where the super koopa was. Nathaniel then watched the guards on the walls until they could make a break for the pipe to the room. When the patrolling guards were at the right point Nathaniel signaled and they made it to the pipe. They had to crawl so Nathaniel took the lead. Fortunately by the smell, this pipe was used for bathing water, which meant it wasn’t used very often. Nathaniel led the way with his Aura Sight until they were under the grate. It wasn’t a far jump so the yoshies gathered under it and leaped upward. They slammed through the grate and Nathaniel saw the enormous super koopa look at them with surprise.

“HAH!” he roared. “Those wimpy yoshies send babies to get their precious tree back? What a joke. I’m in a good mood so I’ll make you guys a deal. You must be going on that rite of passage you yoshies head to this tree for. Eating a specific fruit on this tree is what you must do and you become much stronger. I want whatever fruit will do that for me. You show me which fruit and I’ll not only let you leave here with your lives, you can have your stupid tree back as well.”

“You won’t need them to do that sire if you give me a few more minutes to fin it.” The magikoopa said

“You had your chance.” The super koopa shouted. “You’ve been chanting that same spell for an hour now and nothing has happened. If they don’t tell me then you may by all means continue. I want to speed things up. So how about it? It’s a win-win situation if you just help me out.”

Nathaniel looked at the tree with his Aura Sight. He found the fruit that would do as the super koopa wanted. He also saw that the super koopa was clearly lying about his end of the deal. He looked at the fruit specifically and smiled as he saw exactly what the fruit was supposed to do.

“Trust me guys.” Nathaniel whispered. The yoshies looked at him and nodded and Nathaniel crawled up to the tree. He used his claws and climbed into the tree for one of the fruits. He picked one and handed it down to the super koopa.

“This is the one?” he asked.

“Yes it is.” Nathaniel answered as he got back onto Nite.

“Is he speaking the truth?” he asked the magikoopa.

“He is.” It answered.

“Very well then.” The super koopa said as he swallowed the fruit. “You all can live but the tree stays. I need food for my new pets. HAHAHAHA!”

The super koopa suddenly got much bigger. Nathaniel swore he looked exactly like Bowser would when he uses the smash ball in SSBB.


The magikoopa barely had time to gulp before the super koopa slammed him through the ceiling with a casual flick from his tail.

“Wait for it guys.” Nathaniel said. “Just wait for the fruit to work.”

“What do you mean wait for it to work?” Rose asked.

“Hasn’t it already taken affect?” Sunny asked.

“Not to the full extent.” Nathaniel said. “He wasn’t meant to eat that fruit. All we have to do is eat a fruit ourselves and maybe weaken him a bit before the final effect happens. We’re too far away for the real effect of the fruit to work for you guys. It will make you much stronger, faster, and give you infinite eggs. We just have to buy the fruit some time to work.”

The yoshies rushed the tree and grabbed a fruit each and each began to glow. The reached back and flung the egg that appeared in their hands at the super koopa.


He belched forth some flames and the yoshies scrabbled to dodge them. They continued pelting the super koopa with eggs and avoiding his flames until something began to happen. The super koopa looked at himself with panic in his eyes as he began to shrink. He tried to cry out but only a strange babble came out. Soon the panic was replaced by a different light as he reached his final size… and new age.

“Isn’t he a cute baby?” Nathaniel asked toddling over to him. He sat down next to the super koopa and tickled him a bit. The super koopa actually started giggling and playing with Nathaniel. “The fruit not only regressed him physically, but mentally as well. The fruit is supposed to regress those meant to eat it to the physical age this little guy is at. You’d then grow up much stronger than you normally would. That is what would happen in your rite of passage. You’d be raised by those eight yoshies in the valley until you decided to leave as a stronger yoshi. This cutie ate the fruit for the wrong reasons and so was not meant to eat it. So his mind was regressed as well. He’s an innocent little child now and will have no memories of his former life. I think we should take him to the valley. Maybe he’ll grow up to be the first good super koopa.”

“What should we name him then?” Cyan asked.

“Call me unoriginal, but the only name I can think of is Bowser.” Nathaniel said.

“It could work.” Garn said. “He’d give the name Bowser new fame as the first good super koopa.”

“Didn’t mark you as one to say that.” Azure said.

The yoshies laughed and Star brought out a diaper for the little guy. Bowser gurgled happily as Star tapped him up and plopped him on her back. The other six yoshies ate another one of the fruits and lifted the tree together. Nathaniel ate one of the fruits and used his sonic breath to blast open the wall and clear a path for them to get back to the mountain.

Chapter 12

The yoshies began regressing as soon as they replanted the tree. Nathaniel stayed the age he was and watched as the eight yoshies came out to pick up the yoshi kids that were sitting in front of the cave now in need of diaper changes. They looked in alarm at first at Bowser but Nathaniel explained what was going on.

“He’ll be raised well here.” Merlon said. “We thank you for getting back the tree. Is there anything we can do for you in return?”

“I came along on this journey to find you.” Nathaniel said and then explained his story to Merlon. Merlon picked Nathaniel up and smiled.

“I think I can help you, but you should say goodbye to your friends first.” He said.

Nathaniel gave a tearful farewell to the yoshies who had become such close friends with him. He promised them that if ever he found a way to move between his world and theirs freely, he would visit again someday. Merlon carried Nathaniel across a beautiful valley filled with fruit bearing trees. They reached a small hut and walked inside. Merlon pulled out a sheet of paper and placed it on a table near the door.

“That’s the same spell I used on Noishi.” Merlon explained. “I’ll leave it there in case the melon doesn’t fall far from the vine.”

“Don’t you mean apple from the tree?” Nathaniel asked.

“Only if it were the pink or red one.” Merlon said. “Green yoshies just naturally favor watermelons while it’s the red and pink ones that like apples.”

Nathaniel looked at the spell and saw what it would do right away. He chuckled at the thought of Cyan using it. It would cause him to uncontrollably wet and mess his diaper for ten minutes straight, or until the spell was lifted. And the diaper would be made strong enough to hold it all while the spell continually supplied whoever casted it with feces and urine.

“Nice one.” Nathaniel complimented. “That should discourage someone from wanting to mess with magic. No pun intended.”

“Yes it should.” Merlon chuckled. “It did backfire a bit with the smell and the clean up, but Noishi did stop at least. Now your story sounds allot like the power of projection. You must have projected here in your sleep. Some new powers do that. Projection will sometimes send you where you are needed rather than where you want to go. Projection also has the habit of sometimes projecting your inner self, or yourself with aspects of it. The reason your powers were so weak at the start is that projection will weaken them for awhile. You’ve actually mastered that quicker than most would. Your dreams sound like someone searching for you from your world. They must have sensed your consciousness was missing and came to find it.”

“That makes sense.” Nathaniel said. “The legendary council must have sent them looking. I can identify what pokemon were looking for me. Each of them were searching along different lines, but none of them could reach me because I was on multiple lines.”

“I have a spell that should dispel your projection.” Merlon said. “You should be able to return whenever you like, but I’d recommend you get some more control of projection in one world before you try to project to other worlds again. All you have to do is focus on something and you should be able to reach where you want to go, unless you pick up interference from where you need to be like you did here.”

“Thank you Merlon.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll take your advice on that. I’ll see you again someday.”

Merlon smiled and chanted a quick spell. Nathaniel’s vision went black and he knew he was asleep again.


Nathaniel looked around. He saw a ghostly figure walking up to him and recognized it as a Mewtwo.

“Welcome back to the pokemon world Nathaniel.” He said. “We’ve been looking for you.”

“I was…” Nathaniel began.

“In another place in space, time, and another dimension entirely.” Mewtwo said. “We tried to get Darkrai and Cresselia to find you in your dreams, but they came back saying they couldn’t quite reach you. Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina tried to find you and said they sensed you, but couldn’t reach you because you were outside all three of their areas.”

“So what are you doing here now?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’m here to suppress your memory of this little venture.” Mewtwo answered. “I’m also going to suppress your ability of projection. You’ll probably think when you wake up that those events were a dream. When you become a fully fledged master, you will gain all of these memories back, plus your ability to project. We don’t want to have Dialga slow time to an almost standstill again while you are away in some other place.”

“Allright.” Nathaniel said. “Probably a good idea.”

Mewtwo nodded and then held up his hand to Nathaniel’s head. Nathaniel felt an odd sensation and blacked out. Before he woke up, he heard something he wouldn’t remember until he became a master. He heard the victory music and the voices of his eight friends saying “Yoshi!”
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That's the end of this one. I know it was short but other than the length, how did I do on this one? Anyone like what happend to Bowser? Please comment on my stories when you can guys, I'd love to get them.
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Story bump!
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Nathaniel's Yoshi Story
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