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 Team Libra - The Times of Darkness (Complete)

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PostSubject: Team Libra - The Times of Darkness (Complete)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:50 pm

Team Libra – The Times of Darkness

By, Riolu

Chapter 1 A New Place, a New Form

Nathaniel woke up hearing some kind of commotion. He sat up and saw a Koffing and a Zubat battling a Pikachu and a Chimchar. From what Nathaniel could hear, the poison Pokémon had stolen something from the Chimchar and the two wanted it back. Nathaniel had heard enough and sent an Aura Sphere at the poison Pokémon. He was surprised when the attack was much bigger than he remembered. He was even more surprised when he looked at his hands and saw that the silver bumps on his hands were actually spikes! He looked at the poison Pokémon and saw he had KO’ed them and the Chimchar had just picked up some kind of rock. The Pikachu was walking towards him though.

“Thanks for helping us.” The Pikachu said.

“No problem!” Nathaniel said shaking hands with the Pikachu. “My name’s Nathaniel.”

“Satoshi!” the Pikachu replied. “That’s Chimchar over there.”

“Satoshi’s a weird name for a Pikachu.” Nathaniel said. “But then again, Nathaniel’s a weird name for a Riolu.”

“What do you mean a Riolu?” Chimchar asked as he came up. “You’re clearly a Lucario.”

Nathaniel looked and saw he was indeed a Lucario. Suddenly, Satoshi and Chimchar slumped over in exhaustion. Nathaniel picked them both up and ran out of the cave he realized he was in. He saw a path at the end of a beach leading up to a town and walked up there hoping to find someone who knew the duo. A very friendly Wigglytuff said he knew the Chimchar but didn’t know the Pikachu. Wigglytuff pointed Nathaniel to a place called Sharpedo Bluff and then walked up a tall set of steps. Nathaniel walked with Chimchar and Satoshi through the town until he reached a set of steps leading underground that Wigglytuff had described. Nathaniel walked down and found a sheltered cave overlooking the sea and set Chimchar and Satoshi in a nest of hay. When he made sure they were comfortable, Nathaniel leaned against the wall and tried to think about what had happened to him.

“Okay Nathaniel.” He said to himself. “Let’s think about what you know. You used to be a furr and are now a Pokémon. You remember being a Riolu but are now a Lucario. You remember what attacks you know. You know you were part of a rescue team with… okay you can’t remember any teammates but you do remember having them. Your team name was Libra but you also can’t remember any accomplishments.”

“Talking to yourself?” Satoshi asked wearily.

“You should get some sleep.” Nathaniel said. “You took a beating from those two. You need to recover your strength.”

“I’m just glad I’m not the only one who used to be something else.” Satoshi sighed.

“We’ll talk in the morning okay.” Nathaniel said rubbing Satoshi’s head soothingly. “Sleep easy, rest well.”

Satoshi smiled and fell right back to sleep. Nathaniel decided to rest as well and slumped against the wall. He wasn’t really tired, but he didn’t feel like doing anything else yet and was soon asleep.

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Number of posts : 1610
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Localisation : Attempting to keep Sai from driving Kyle insane.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Libra - The Times of Darkness (Complete)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:52 pm

Chapter 2 A Tale of a Storm at Sea, A New Team is Formed

Nathaniel woke up and stretched his longer arms. He yawned and then smelled something that he wished he didn’t. It was the scent of stale urine. He looked down at his waist and saw that he was actually dry! He looked at Satoshi and Chimchar and saw that they were the ones who actually wet. Nathaniel began to get worried and tried using Aura Sight to see if anything was wrong with the three of them. Nathaniel found that he had strength in his bladder once again, but Chimchar and Pikachu had suffered from their battle with Zubat and Koffing and would be urinarily incontinent for awhile at least. Nathaniel looked around to see if there was any Poke lying around and found some. He left the two reluctantly and walked into town again. He walked around until he found that there was a Kecleon Store and went to see what they had.

“Hello there!” Kecleon said. “You look new here. Welcome to Treasure Town!”

“Thank you Kecleon.” Nathaniel said. “I just got here. So this place is a little new to me.”

“Well if you need anything let me know.” Kecleon said.

“Actually I do need something.” Nathaniel said. “What all do you supply?”

“My shop supplies to teams and also general needs for the general populace.” Kecleon said proudly. “If you need to find something, I probably have it.”

“Do you have diapers in stock?” Nathaniel asked.

“Sure! What size are you?”

“Not for me.” Nathaniel laughed. “I made a few friends already who got hurt yesterday and are going to need them.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed.” Kecleon said. “Most of the folks here in Treasure Town won’t give a hoot if you wear diapers and almost all of the rest will be kind about it.”

“Maybe it would help if I told you the species and then you would see that the diapers I need wouldn’t fit me.” Nathaniel said. “They’re for a Chimchar and a Pikachu.”

“CHIMCHAR!?” Kecleon spluttered. “How is he? Is he hurt badly? He was always such a kind Pokémon. Who would want to hurt him?”

Nathaniel explained what he saw to Kecleon and Kecleon ran back into his shack behind the stand. He came out with a crate of diapers and handed it to Nathaniel. He pushed his hand away when Nathaniel offered him some Poke for the diapers.

“If you promise to help Chimchar through this, the diapers are free.” Kecleon said. “If he needs anything else because of this, let me know! My brother and I like him and so do many others in town.”

“I give you my word that I will help him through this.” Nathaniel said.

Kecleon nodded his thanks and Nathaniel walked back to Sharpedo Bluff. When he got back down there, he saw two very embarrassed looking Pokémon trying to clean themselves up.

“It’s not your fault guys.” Nathaniel said setting down the crate. “You were hurt from that beating you received from Koffing and Zubat. I hope the two of you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of getting something that may help the two of you.”

Nathaniel opened the crate and pulled out two diapers. Chimchar’s eyes widened and he started to hyperventilate. Nathaniel walked up to him, kneeled down and pulled him into a hug while rubbing his back.

“It’s going to be okay Chimchar.” Nathaniel said. “Kecleon said he’d give them to me for free if I promised to help you through this and I will.”

“It’s not just that.” Chimchar sighed when he calmed down. “I don’t think the Wigglytuff Guild will accept someone who has to wear diapers.”

“Wigglytuff Guild?” Nathaniel asked cocking his head to one side.

“It’s some kind of group of Exploration Teams.” Satoshi explained. “Chimchar wanted to join but was always too timid to try. I was thinking of forming a team with him as well so I could find out how I became a Pokémon.”

“About that, what were you before?” Nathaniel asked.

“I used to be a human.” Satoshi answered. “I’m in the same boat you are sort of. I don’t remember a thing except I was human once. I do remember a storm at sea, but not much more. The next thing I knew, Chimchar woke me up on the beach and then we had to chase after Koffing and Zubat into the beach cave to get his Relic Piece back. Then you saved us and here we are.”

“I’m confused.” Chimchar said. “What about Nathaniel here?”

Nathaniel explained to Chimchar what Satoshi had heard last night. Once they were finished, Chimchar was still confused but accepted that his new friends really weren’t Pokémon. Then he grew melancholy again at the thought of needing diapers again.

“It won’t be so bad Chimchar.” Nathaniel said patting his back. “I used to be in diapers for awhile and I actually enjoyed myself. I’ll fight for your becoming an Exploration Team.”

“Actually, would you consider leading it?” Chimchar asked. “I think we could easily get by that way. You can say we’re your recruits and they’d have to trust you on that.”

“If that’s the way you want it then fine by me.” Nathaniel said laying Chimchar on his back. “Now just hold still for me and this will be over quickly.”

Chimchar sighed and closed his eyes. He whimpered as he felt the diaper slide underneath him but quickly relaxed as Nathaniel rubbed his stomach soothingly. Nathaniel taped the diaper up and patted the front to let Chimchar know he was finished and then got to work on Satoshi. Chimchar slowly opened his eyes and looked at the plain white diaper that was now around his waist. He sighed unhappily and got up. He stopped suddenly when he heard the crinkle of the diaper and then noticed how warm and snug it felt. He started to think it wasn’t so bad and wiggled around a bit to hear the crinkle again.

“Sounds like someone is enjoying himself.” Nathaniel laughed as he finished with the more resigned Satoshi. “I like the crinkle too except for the times I’m trying to sneak around. Is it comfortable Chimchar?”

“Yeah.” Chimchar said ashamedly.

“Hey, no worries Chimchar!” Satoshi said as he walked over to him. “I actually like how this feels too. I can see why Nathaniel enjoyed them.”

“Are you guys ready to go to this Wigglytuff Guild?” Nathaniel asked.

“It’s now or never.” Chimchar sighed. “Just let me gather a few things and then I’ll be up.”

Nathaniel walked up the steps with Satoshi and waited while Chimchar stayed below. Nathaniel turned to Satoshi and just looked at him.

“I think I’ll help you too Satoshi.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll help you find out how you became a Pokémon if I can. I also promise to help you with the same thing I promised to help Chimchar with if you want me to.”

“Thanks Nathaniel.” Satoshi said smiling. “Things are starting to look up thanks to you.”

Nathaniel smiled and then looked when he saw Chimchar come up the stairs. Chimchar dragged something over the stairs and it was completely hidden from view. Chimchar then nodded to Nathaniel and Satoshi and lead them through town as quickly as he could. Nobody either noticed or cared when the diapered Pokémon ran past and up the steps to the Wigglytuff Guild. Chimchar stepped aside with Satoshi and signaled Nathaniel to stand on the grate in front of the gate. Nathaniel did so and a couple voices rang out.

“Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected!”

“Who’s footprint, who’s footprint?”

“The Pokémon is… is…”


“Sorry, but it’s a Lucario and there aren’t too many of them around here.”

“Visitor, please wait while Deputy Chatot comes to see you.”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and waited until a Chatot came up and out of the gate. The Chatot looked him up and down and did a double take when he saw Chimchar.

“Hello there Chimchar.” Chatot said. “I almost didn’t recognize you there. Who are your friends here?”

“Do you two know each other?” Nathaniel asked.

“Not personally but we do know of Chimchar.” Chatot said. “He’s an aspiring explorer that we hoped to see here one day. I suppose that’s why you’ve come with these two.”

“Yes it is sir.” Chimchar said. “The Lucario here is Nathaniel and the Pikachu is Satoshi. We want to form an exploration team with Nathaniel as the leader, and I at least could use the training and everything the guild offers.”

“So we could form an exploration team without them?” Nathaniel asked. “Not that I’m not discarding the idea, it’s just that I didn’t know that.”

“Yes it’s possible to start an exploration team without joining the Wigglytuff Guild.” Chimchar said. “We’d just have to compete for the attention of the general populace. Wigglytuff’s guild is renowned for their exploration teams. They receive almost all of the mission requests from across the land. You have to be a member in order to take any of those missions.”

“That is correct.” Chatot said. “I expected you’d need some help Chimchar and it looks like your friend Satoshi could use the training as well. Nathaniel however looks like an experienced Pokémon. You made a good choice for a team leader. You three are accepted on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Nathaniel asked.

“You don’t mind my asking why Chimchar and Satoshi are in diapers.” Chatot answered.

“They were hurt in a battle and will need them for awhile.” Nathaniel answered. “I’ve already promised Kecleon I would help Chimchar through this and he has kindly offered to provide free supplies for this need. I’m willing to provide any and all care for this need my team has.”

“Very good.” Chatot said smiling. “I can see you’ll go far here. You are accepted then. We do ask that you do one mission before you are officially registered.”

“No problem, right guys?” Nathaniel asked smiling.

“Sure thing!” Satoshi said. “I’m ready for anything!”

Chimchar just nodded and Chatot handed them a slip of paper that Nathaniel recognized as a mission request. All they had to do was find a missing pearl that a Spoink dropped in a place called Drenched Bluff. Nathaniel nodded and Chimchar showed them on a map where they needed to go. They ran to the area and went right in. They were immediately set upon by a Lileep, an Anorith, and a Shellos. Chimchar attacked Lileep with Ember and Satoshi hit Shellos with Thundershock. Nathaniel brought his hands together to hit Anorith with Aura Sphere, but felt his hands forced apart as a long bone appeared in his hands and he used Bone Rush. Nathaniel learned several more attacks along the way through the dungeon. Extremespeed, Dark Pulse, Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Sky Uppercut, High Jump Kick, and Agility were used. Nathaniel smiled at the power boost he got from evolving and smiled even more when they reached the bottom of the dungeon and found Spoink’s pearl.

“Thank you for finding my pearl!” Spoink said excitedly bouncing up and down. “As my gratitude, please take this 5000 Poke.”

Nathaniel dropped his jaw at how much money they just received for the simple mission. Spoink left and then Chatot took the Poke and handed back 500.

“Hey! What gives?!” Nathaniel asked irritatedly.

“Guild rules.” Chatot said. “The team keeps item rewards and 10% of Poke rewards. We take the money and supply the teams under our training with some basic items plus room and board. It’s mostly guild dues so there’s nothing to get too upset about.”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and let the matter drop. Chatot showed them to their rooms first. Nathaniel noticed there was a crate of diapers within and glanced at Chatot meaningfully. Chatot took the hint and walked out of the room while Nathaniel checked his team. Aside from an enormous amount of blushing, they made no objections and cooperated as Nathaniel changed both of their diapers. He let them down a small chute that looked recently installed and then walked out of the room with his team.

“While you were gone I talked to Kecleon and he supplied us with another crate of diapers for you here.” Chatot said. “He sends his congratulations on your joining the ranks of the exploration teams. If you’ll follow me, the guild master would like to meet you and officially install you before dinner. Then it’s off to bed after a few introductions from your fellow trainees.”

Nathaniel walked with Chatot and his team into a room just off of the hallway to the bedrooms. Inside he saw the same Wigglytuff who helped him find Chimchar’s home. Nathaniel gave a respectful bow and then shook the offered hand.

“Well hiya!” Wigglytuff said. “Nice to see you again. And it’s nice to finally be installing you here Chimchar. Welcome aboard all of you. All I need to do is hand you your starting equipment and get your team name and we can head off to dinner.”

“My team is Team Libra.” Nathaniel said.

Chatot and Wigglytuff stood there in silence. Chatot couldn’t hold it in a cackled wildly. Wigglytuff merely chuckled before looking Nathaniel in the eyes.

“You certainly aim big don’t you?” Wigglytuff said. “Team Libra was a legendary rescue team long ago. Tales of their deeds are still told of how a Riolu who came from another world save the Pokémon world not once, but twice! He and his main team disappeared from time in the Purity Forest it is said. And the rest of his team disappeared awhile afterwards.”

“I think that was me.” Nathaniel said. He then told Wigglytuff and Chatot his tale. They stood there in a stunned silence just staring at him. Chimchar reached behind him and pulled something out. He offered it to Nathaniel and as he grabbed it, it began to shine brightly. When the light faded, Nathaniel was looking at what he recognized as a Lucario Rank Rescue Badge!

“Where did you get that?” Chatot asked.

“It washed up on the beach one day.” Chimchar said. “I knew it was Libra’s badge because it was the only one never accounted for. If it just shone for him like that, I think it means that the badge belongs to him. He is the Riolu in the legend. The leader of Team Libra.”

“That either proves he’s the one, or the one to replace him.” Wigglytuff said. “The legend said it shone for a Ninetales when the badge was delivered by a Celebi that sent him through time, thus making her the next leader. Awhile after she was made leader, Ninetales led an expedition with every team member into Purity Forest. That was when the team disappeared as well, along with the badge.”

“So they may have come looking for me and my team.” Nathaniel said. “I hope that I’ll find my team someday. I can’t remember any of them, but I do know that they were all my friends.”

“Until then it is an honor to have you in the guild Nathaniel.” Wigglytuff said. “I’m not sure if you’ll need it since you have a rescue team badge, but here’s your exploration team badge.”

Nathaniel took the new badge and pinned it to the headband he hadn’t realized he was wearing until now. He pinned his old badge to his headband right beside it and then followed Wigglytuff and Chatot to the mess hall. There he met each of the guild members. He met the sentries he heard earlier, Diglett and Loudred. Loudred also had the job of making sure everyone was up in the morning. He also met Dugtrio, who was in charge of updating the bulletins. Croagunk was in charge of the Swap Shop and Chimecho was in charge of both dinners and the assembly for teams who managed to get others to join them. He lastly met the rest of the trainees, Sunflora, Corphish and up until now the newest trainee, Bidoof. Nathaniel sat down to dinner with his teammates and went straight to bed. He was too tired to talk but he did hear Satoshi and Chimchar talking before he fell asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Libra - The Times of Darkness (Complete)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:53 pm

Chapter 3 The Guild and the Scream

Nathaniel woke in the morning when he heard footsteps coming. He sat up just as Loudred walked in.

“WAKE UP! IT’S MORNING!” he shouted as loudly as he could.

Satoshi and Chimchar jumped about two feet into the air and even Nathaniel almost wet himself in surprise. He found it odd to have control again. He walked over to Chimchar and Satoshi and saw that thanks to that awakening, they had filled their diapers to capacity. Nathaniel chuckled and changed his charges quickly. They found everyone gathered in front of the guild master’s room and they looked at them when they came out.

“You’re a little late in coming out.” Chatot said somewhat sternly.

“Sorry about that.” Nathaniel said. “I had something to take care of before we could come out. I’d like to ask that you do not wake my team like that again Loudred. I could tell you were coming and that is enough to wake me. I’ll handle my team if you don’t mind.”

“Sorry but I have a job to do and make no exceptions.” Loudred said.

“He’s right Nathaniel.” Chatot said. “Guild rules will not allow him to avoid waking you and your team like that. If they were merely members of your team and not fellow trainees, then the exception could be made.”

“As guild master I will be lenient to an extent however.” Wigglytuff said. “We do make exceptions for illnesses and we will count the unique need of your team as part of an illness. You will have a few extra minutes to get out of your room but will still be woken up at the same time as everyone else. Is that acceptable?”

“Very much so guild master.” Nathaniel said gratefully. “Thank you for your understanding.”

“Okay then!” Wigglytuff said. “Let’s show them the morning routine then! Chatot, lead our guild in the guild cheer if you please.”

“Ready everyone?” Chatot asked.

“READY!” the guild chorused back.

“ONE!” Chatot said.

“DON’T SHIRK WORK!” the guild chorused again.





“Very good!” Chatot said. “Time to get to work then. Take your usual jobs today, except you Bidoof.”

“What do you want me to do then?” Bidoof asked.

“I’d like you to show our new team around the base and town today.” Chatot said. “Chimchar should be able to help while you’re out in town but they’ll need a tour of the base.”

“Yup yup!” Bidoof said happily. “I’ll do it by golly!”

Nathaniel had to smile at his enthusiasm and followed Bidoof as he gave them a tour of the base first. He showed them the mess hall first even though they knew where it was already. When Satoshi asked him about that Bidoof said he just wanted to be thorough. He introduced them to Croagunk at the swap shop next.

“So what exactly do you do here Croagunk?” Nathaniel asked.

“What do I do here … heheheh.” Croagunk laughed. “If you come across some really interesting items, I can trade a few you find for an even better one.”

“Cool!” Nathaniel said. “What kind of items?”

“There are some special items out there that give certain benefits to specific Pokémon merely by having them in your toolbox.” Croagunk explained. “If you can find two of the same item, I can trade those two for one item that is even better for the same Pokémon the two were giving benefits to.”

“Thanks Croagunk.” Nathaniel said.

Croagunk waved him on smiling and Bidoof brought the team over to Loudred, who was standing next to a hole in the ground.

“So you and Diglett are the sentries.” Nathaniel said.

“That’s right!” Loudred said proudly. “If anyone visits the guild, they need to stand on the grate and Diglett identifies them by their footprints. He tells me and I announce the visitors to Chatot or the guildmaster.”

“It’s a very important job!” Diglett’s voice echoed from the hole. “You guys may be asked some time to take over for us while we go on a mission or something.”

“Thanks for the heads up!” Nathaniel yelled down the hole.

“OWWW!” Diglett yelped. “Don’t shout down the hole like Loudred did when you came! It echoes and hurts big time!”

“Sorry.” Nathaniel whispered before going on with Bidoof up a ladder to the next part of the base. When they got to the top, they saw Chimecho behind a desk and two different bulletins. Bidoof explained that Chimecho would call any Pokémon they recruited for their rescue team and she certainly could make herself heard. Nathaniel turned abruptly when he heard something behind him and saw one of the bulletin boards flipping. Bidoof explained that it was just Dugtrio posting more mission requests. He also pointed out the bulletin board known as the outlaw board. Nathaniel looked it over and was surprised to see that the Koffing and Zubat were nowhere to be seen on it. He shrugged and then walked up one more ladder and then out of the guild.

“I could probably take over from here Bidoof.” Chimchar said. “If you have something else to do then you can go right ahead.”

“Despite the fact I ordered him to show you around town today?” Chatot asked coming up. Chimchar gulped nervously until Chatot laughed, “Don’t worry. I’ll overlook it this time but make sure you ask first next time. Bidoof, you can help Sunflora and Corphish today.”

“Hey hey hey!” Corphish said excitedly as he came out. “That’s good news! I like exploring with my little buddy.”

“Oh my gosh!” Sunflora said. “This is going to be so much more fun now!”

“By golly, you guys make me feel like a little brother sometimes.” Bidoof said blushing.

The three laughed before heading down the steps. Chatot nodded to the remaining team and walked back into the guild. Chimchar walked them down the steps and showed them the first stop. It was the path down to the beach where Chimchar found Satoshi and the cave where Nathaniel found them. Walking into Treasure Town itself, Chimchar showed them the Duskull Bank and then the Chansey Daycare, where eggs could be hatched. There was another path but Chimchar said it was just to the residential area of Treasure Town. Before a bridge to a the rest of the area he was going to show them, there was the Electivire Link Shop, for linking attacks, remembering them and such. After the bridge and to the south was the Marrowack Dojo, a place with several mystery dungeons to train in, and Xatu’s Appraisal. Xatu was one of the only ones who knew how to open some special boxes found in some dungeons containing some rather valuable items. To the north side of the section were two familiar spots to Nathaniel. There was the Kangaskhan Storage and the Kecleon Store. Nathaniel decided to go and see what the Kecleon had today.

“Hello there Nathaniel!” Kecleon said happily. “How’s Chimchar doing?”

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Nathaniel said bringing Chimchar out from behind him.

“Glad to see you up and about Chimchar.” Kecleon said smiling. “My brother and I were worried about you. How are you holding up?”

“It’s a little embarrassing.” Chimchar said quietly.

“Don’t worry about it.” Kecleon laughed. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You need them and I think you’re being big about it by accepting it. Judging by the looks of it, your caretaker is experienced with diapers.”

“Self and others.” Nathaniel said.

“I thought you said you didn’t need them.” Kecleon said.

“I don’t anymore.” Nathaniel said. “When I evolved, I gained my control back. I’ll teach Chimchar how to handle it on his own when he feels a bit more confident about his situation.”

Nathaniel looked off a bit and saw a Marill and an Azurill coming up to the stand. The Azurill walked up with some Poke and placed it on the counter.

“Mr. Kecleon, could we buy an apple please?” he asked.

“Sure thing Azurill.” Kecleon said.

“Already got it big brother!” a young voice said from the shack. Nathaniel looked and saw a small, purple, and oddly enough, diapered Kecleon come out with a small bag. He handed the bag to Azurill and he thanked the Kecleon before walking back to Marill, balancing the bag on his head. The bag tipped over and an apple fell out. Satoshi ran up and picked up the apple for Azurill. Satoshi looked dizzy for a moment and looked around confused. Azurill was confused as well.

“Mr. Kecleon, I think you made a mistake.” Azurill said. “We only paid for one apple, not two.”

“The second one is a gift from us.” The younger Kecleon said.

“How’s the search coming for your mother’s Water Float by the way.” The older Kecleon asked.

“Did you say a Water Float?” a Drowzee asked as he walked past Satoshi. “I saw one awhile ago.”

“Did you really?” Azurill asked excitedly, not noticing Satoshi getting dizzy again. “We still can’t find it. Could you tell us where it is?”

“Not really.” Drowzee said. “But if you follow me, I can probably lead you to it. I’ll recognize some landmarks as we go along.”

“Sure! Thank you Mr. Drowzee!” Azurill said happily.

The trio walked off and Nathaniel smiled at how some Pokémon were so nice to help such cute kids. Satoshi looked uneasy however. Nathaniel took a glance at him and saw why he must be. His diaper was wet so Nathaniel hefted both Chimchar and Satoshi onto his shoulders to carry them back to the guild for a change that they both actually needed.

“Welcome back!” Chatot said cheerily. “Now that you’re back, I’d like it if you would kindly take at least one mission today.”

“Sure thing Chatot.” Nathaniel said. “Just let me take care of my team first and we’ll take a look at the bulletins.”

Chatot nodded and Nathaniel took the two down to the room. Once there he quickly stripped them of their diapers and tossed them down the chute. As he was cleaning them both, Satoshi spoke up.

“Did anyone hear any screaming when we were down at the Kecleon store?” he asked.

“No, why?” Nathaniel asked in return.

“When I picked up Azurill’s apple, I heard a scream for help but nobody else seemed to hear it.” Satoshi answered. “But something even weirder happened. If felt dizzy before hearing that scream, and then I felt dizzy again when Drowzee touched me as he passed by. Then I sort of blanked and saw Drowzee in front of a very scared looking Azurill.”

“Sounds like some kind of premonition to me.” Nathaniel mused as he tapped his team into new diapers. “This bears some investigation. Let’s go!”

Nathaniel went up to the next floor just as the outlaw bulletin was updated. Nathaniel stopped dead in his tracks and then walked over to the board. What he saw there made the color drain from his face, if not his fur. Posted on the bulletin, was a wanted poster for Drowzee! Nathaniel looked at his team and they rushed outside before Chatot could ask them what they were doing. Outside they saw Marill at the entrance.

“Where’s Azurill?” Nathaniel asked worriedly.

“I got separated from him and Drowzee.” Marill said sadly. “I was hoping a team would help me catch up to him. They were heading for Mt. Bristle.”

“Stay here.” Nathaniel said. “We’ll be back with your brother.”

“Tell Lt. Magnezone to meet us at Mt. Bristle!” Chimchar shouted over his shoulder as they ran off.

“So this Lt. Magnezone handles outlaws?” Nathaniel asked as they reached the dungeon.

“Yes.” Chimchar answered. “He takes outlaws into custody when exploration teams bring them down.”

“Enough talk.” Satoshi said. “If those premonitions, or whatever they are, and my hunch are correct, it was Azurill screaming for help from Drowzee and we have to hurry.”

Nathaniel nodded and ran with his team into the mountain. They were set upon by a few Geodude immediately. A Doduo and a Spinarak came at them as well. Nathaniel charged the Geodude while his team handled the other two. A fourth Geodude sprung up and hit Nathaniel with a Tackle. Nathaniel barely felt it and laughed. One Force Palm took care of the Geodude and a 180 turn followed by a Wide Slash took care of the other three. Nathaniel turned again to assist his team, but saw Chimchar KO the Spinarak and Satoshi take out the Doduo.

“Nice job guys.” Nathaniel complimented. “Let’s hurry and find Azurill!”

“Right!” Chimchar and Satoshi agreed.

After another eight floors, they reached the summit and Nathaniel signaled for his team to halt. He snuck behind a boulder and looked at the scene behind it with his newly acquired Aura Sight. He listened closely when he saw Drowzee with Azurill.

“Just crawl through that hole for me and nothing will happen to you.” Drowzee said. “It’s supposed to be filled with treasure and I’m too big to fit. I’ll even be nice enough to give you a piece of it so you can get yourself a new Water Float. Hey, if there is a Water Float in there, how about you take it? Then we can all go home happy. If you don’t, I may just have to hypnotize you to do it. But there’s a problem with my hypnosis sometimes. Sometimes the ones I hypnotize don’t wake up again.”

Satoshi and Chimchar had heard enough. The rushed past Nathaniel and leaped upon Drowzee. Nathaniel walked out from behind the boulder and watched his team. He felt sure he could handle Drowzee on his own, but decided to give Chimchar and Satoshi the chance to battle on their own. It became clear to the duo that they couldn’t wrestle the larger Pokémon and they backed off for a change of tact. Chimchar ran around one side while Satoshi fought Drowzee full on the front. Drowzee hit Satoshi with Pound before being hit in the back with Ember. Satoshi took the opening created by the attack and used Thundershock. Drowzee looked hurt but shook the attacks off. Nathaniel decided to give his team just a little boost and used Agility to speed them both up. Before Drowzee could attack again, Satoshi hit him once more with Thundershock and Chimchar got him with Ember. Drowzee then hit Chimchar with Hypnosis before being hit twice more with Thundershock. Satoshi was then hit with Hypnosis and Nathaniel finally stepped in. One Geo Pebble was all it took and Drowzee dropped like a rock.

“Way to go guys.” Nathaniel said as he shook his team awake. “All I needed to do after you guys fought him was hit him once with a Geo Pebble. Are all three of you okay?”

“I could use a change, but other than that I’m good.” Satoshi answered.

Chimchar just blushed and shuffled his feet awkwardly. Azurill bounced into Nathaniel’s arms sobbing, “Thank you for saving me!”

“No problem Azurill.” Nathaniel laughed. “Let’s get you back to your brother and this guy to Lt. Magnezone.”

“Wait a minute!” Azurill said. “My brother and I don’t have anything we can pay you with so let me get you the treasure Drowzee wanted.”

“You really don’t have to.” Nathaniel said smiling.

“But I want to.” Azurill said. “My brother would too. Just wait here a sec.”

Nathaniel nodded and Azurill crawled through a hole. He came crawling back out a minute later with a tied sack. Nathaniel hefted it and found it to be pretty heavy. He slung the bag over one shoulder and set Azurill on the other. He was just contemplating how to get Drowzee out of the dungeon when a Magnezone and two Magnemite came floating towards them.

“I see you’ve successfully apprehended Drowzee.” The Magnezone said. “I thank you for that. This must be your first time doing an outlaw mission. Your badge can teleport outlaws out of dungeons when you defeat them for future reference. We’ll take him from here.”

“Thank you Lieutenant!” Nathaniel said saluting. He then raised his badge over his head and teleported back to Treasure Town with Azurill and his team.
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Chapter 4 The Spoils of War and the First Exploration

Chatot was waiting for the team when they got back after reuniting Azurill with Marill. He had an annoyed look in his eyes.

“How much trouble am I going to have from you and your team Nathaniel?” Chatot asked.

“Huh?” Nathaniel asked stupidly.

“You rushed out of here faster than it would have taken to grab any missions.” Chatot said agitatedly. “I believe I told you to take at least one.”

“We did.” Nathaniel said. “We handled the outlaw Drowzee.”

“How’d you manage that?” Chatot asked. “You couldn’t have taken that mission because your explorer rank… never mind. I guess you could have taken it with your rescue rank but the poster is still on the bulletin!”

“Excuse me Chatot!” a familiar voice said from above.

“Lt. Magnezone!” Chatot said looking up. “What’s up?”

“I am currently.” Magnezone laughed before coming down. “And now I have come to deliver the reward for Drowzee’s apprehension. This team here stopped him today at the top of Mt. Bristle.”

Chatot was silent and then put his beak into his wings despairingly. He accepted the money and gave Team Libra their cut before signaling them to go inside. Nathaniel heard a dinging, signaling the guild to dinner. Nathaniel sat down and ate his in silence. He could feel a tangle of emotions coming from Chatot and suspected he would be speaking with him after dinner. When they’d finished eating, Nathaniel took a quick glance and saw he would have to change his team before they slept. When he walked out of the room, Chatot walked past him and nodded towards the guild master’s room. Nathaniel sighed and walked into the room with Chatot.

“You can relax Nathaniel.” Chatot sighed. “I actually want to do something I don’t do very often. I want to apologize for jumping the gun back there.”

“How about I just promise to take the missions from the bulletins next time instead.” Nathaniel said holding out his hand.

“Unless it’s an emergency like this one was.” Chatot said shaking Nathaniel’s hand with his wing.

“Always nice to see guild members getting along.” Wigglytuff said as he came in. “So what’s in the sack anyway?”

Nathaniel hadn’t realized he was still holding onto the sack. He opened the bag and poured out several odd looking items. Chatot and Wigglytuff looked at them wide eyed.

“What are these exactly?” Nathaniel asked.

“I couldn’t tell you what they do exactly.” Wigglytuff said. “You’d have to ask Croagunk since these items are his specialty. All I can tell you are the names. What you’ve got here are a Shocker Cape, a Volt Torc and a Zapper Scarf. These here are a Fresh Bow, Spice Bow and a Bright Veil. Then you have a Storm Sash, a Volcano Torc, and a Blast Bangle. These are a Guard Ring, a Grass Blade, and a Drain Bangle. Then you’ve also got an Ember Cap, a Burst Sash, and a Blazing Ruff. There’s also a Prism Ruff and these seven collars, Aqua, Volt, Fire, Light, Dusk, Virid, and Icy. And you lastly have an Emit Ring, a Ravage Ring, a Fiery Globe, and a Dusk Globe. That is an excellent haul if I ever saw one. I actually recommend you keep them in storage for when you really need them because these items are too valuable to risk losing lightly.”

“Thanks Wigglytuff!” Nathaniel said as he packed up the items. “Goodnight to the both of you.”

Nathaniel set the sack down in his room and decided to put them in storage tomorrow. He was about to get out two more diapers for his now sleeping team when he saw how awkwardly put their tapes were. He smiled at their attempt to change each other and retapped them, without disturbing them, before settling in and falling asleep.

Nathaniel woke up again when he heard Loudred coming. He leaped to his feet this time and shook his team awake. It didn’t stop Loudred from shouting as soon as he came in however.


Nathaniel snarled angrily and Loudred ran out of there in a panic. Nathaniel sighed as he changed two thoroughly soaked diapers once again and marched out of the room in a huff.

“Does Loudred have to shout even if my team is already awake?” Nathaniel asked irritatedly when he got to the rest of the guild.

“I’m sorry Nathaniel but Chatot sounded like it was really important and I got excited.” Loudred said hiding behind Wigglytuff.

“He’s right that it is important.” Chatot said. “We’ve received reports that one of the legendary Time Gears has been stolen.”

“WHAT!?” everyone except Satoshi and Nathaniel shouted.

“What’s a Time Gear?” was what they asked.

“I forgot.” Chatot sighed. “Your amnesia wouldn’t let you know what a Time Gear is. Nobody knows what they really are, but everyone knows not to touch them if they are found. They are supposed to keep time in balance. When one is stolen, time is frozen in that area. What we want all of you to do is keep an eye out for anything related to the Time Gears or the thief who took it. Now let’s do the morning cheer and get to work!”

After the cheer was over, Chatot walked up to Nathaniel.

“I’d like you and your team to investigate something today.” He said.

“Let me guess. You want us to find the thief and bring him in.” Nathaniel said.

“No!” Chatot yelled. “We can’t waste our time right now on a wild goose chase. What I’d like for you and your team to do is investigate a waterfall to the east of here. See if you can find something there.”

“Yes sir!” Team Libra saluted. Before they left town, Nathaniel dropped off the items they received yesterday. When they reached the waterfall, Nathaniel walked up to it. He felt the falling water and pulled back his hand quickly. The water was coming down very quickly and was painful to touch. He heard his team talking behind him and looked to see Satoshi having another dizzy spell.
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“Are you okay?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Satoshi said. “Do me a favor. Trust and follow me.”

Nathaniel was about to question him when Satoshi ran straight for the falls and leaped into it. There was a splash of water and then he was gone. Nathaniel wasted no time in grabbing Chimchar and leaping into the waterfall as well. After the icy blast of the water, he found himself on steady ground and in a cave. Nathaniel laughed out loud when he saw Satoshi struggling to get up from his now heavy diaper. Chimchar was in a similar state so Nathaniel changed them both and then looked at Satoshi oddly.

“What?” Satoshi asked. “I had another vision. Someone came here before and jumped through. I couldn’t tell who it was, but the Pokémon looked familiar.”

“I guess we’ll talk about this later.” Nathaniel laughed. “Let’s explore this place first. And one more thing, warn me before you do something like this again.”

“Definitely!” Chimchar agreed. “I don’t want to experience that without warning again. I’m not too big a fan of water.”

Satoshi nodded and they walked further in. They soon discovered that it was a mystery dungeon. Nathaniel stayed in front of Chimchar the whole time because the place was crawling with water Pokémon. Chimchar fought off a few Tangela that came there way but was held back for the most part otherwise. Eventually they reached the bottom of the cave and saw a huge gem embedded in the cave wall.

“We should probably bring back something to prove we explored this place.” Chimchar said with glinting eyes.

Chimchar walked up to the gem and began to pull on it. Satoshi looked dizzy for a moment and Nathaniel wondered what was going to happen next. Chimchar eventually stopped pulling and put his hands on his knees gasping for breath. He set one hand to steady himself against the gem just as Satoshi yelled, “DON’T PUSH THE GEM!” Nathaniel felt the ground rumble as the gem sank into the wall slightly and he wondered what Indiana Jones moment was just triggered. He got his answer soon as Satoshi jumped on him and he saw a wall of water rushing towards them. Nathaniel grabbed hold of Chimchar and used Extremespeed to try and stay ahead of the rushing water, but it was no use. The water overtook Nathaniel and all he could do was try to keep himself and his team above the water while holding tightly to them. Eventually the tunnel they were being rushed down narrowed until there wasn’t any room left for air. Nathaniel held his breath and prayed to whoever would be listening that they’d survive this. He felt himself rushing upwards and just about thought he’d died when he saw the sun as they were shot out in a geyser of water. Nathaniel faced his back to the ground as they began falling and clutched his panicking team to his chest. There was a loud splash and Nathaniel felt a burning pain on his back. Then he realized it wasn’t just the back flop he just did that caused the burning, the water was hot as well. He felt ground beneath him and kicked off and gasped for air when he surfaced.

“Are you two okay?” Nathaniel gasped.

“We will be if you stop crushing us.” Satoshi wheezed.

Nathaniel loosened his hold and took a close look at his team. They apparently hadn’t suffered any injury and were breathing okay so he relaxed. The only thing that may have been wrong was the fact that they lost their diapers somewhere along the way. Nathaniel took a look around and saw an Ursaring, a Teddiursa, and an old looking Torkoal staring at them.

“That was some fall you guys had.” Ursaring said.

“How’d you guys come up through that geyser?” Teddiursa asked.

Nathaniel told them their tale since they seemed harmless enough and then the Torkoal spoke up.

“That sounds like quite a tale.” Torkoal laughed. “You must be tired after all of that. How about you rest here in the hot spring and then I’ll tell you how you can get back to Treasure Town from here. Let the water relax you and make all of that tension flow out of you.”

Chimchar and Satoshi shivered at that and Nathaniel shoved them through the water with a laugh. They landed on a ledge that kept their heads above the water. They sighed contentedly and leaned their backs against each other closing their eyes. Nathaniel smiled at how cute they looked and sat on another ledge. He sat cross legged and tried to see if he could meditate. He wasn’t sure how meditation worked but felt this might be a good spot to do it. He felt himself enter a very relaxed state and breathed deeply. He saw several things in his mind’s eye then. He could see an Umbreon, a Quilava and a Bayleef with a Grovyle. The Grovyle wasn’t familiar, but he felt like he’d seen the other three somewhere before. The four of them looked like they were searching for something but Nathaniel didn’t see any more when he felt a splash hit his face. He opened one eye and saw his teammates were splashing each other and laughed. He took one look at the other three in the spring meaningfully. Torkoal drew himself into his shell and Teddiursa hid behind Ursaring. Ursaring nodded then Nathaniel stood up and jumped near the ledge his teammates were on in a perfect cannon ball. He came up with a mouthful of water and sprayed them both further before joining them in their splashing.

“Not quite how I meant for them to relax but it works.” Torkoal told the drenched Ursaring.

“It’s nice to see kids having fun.” Ursaring said. “So I don’t mind.”

“Plus it’s funny to see someone as old as Nathaniel behaving so childishly.” Teddiursa laughed.

The others laughed as well and waved goodbye when the thoroughly drenched team left the hot spring feeling refreshed. Nathaniel had to toss the other diapers they had packed because they were too soaked to use anymore. They reached the guild again and Nathaniel had them get to their room before dinner while he made their report. He asked Satoshi the details of his visions before he walked in though and smiled at what Satoshi had learned and guessed.

“So how did your exploration go?” Chatot asked trying his best to hold back his laughter on seeing how wet Nathaniel was.

“We found a mystery dungeon behind the waterfall.” Nathaniel said. “We have reason to believe that someone was there before us though.”

“Really?” Chatot asked.

“Yes we do.” Nathaniel answered. “Satoshi sees things sometimes. They’re some kind of vision. He saw and heard the future when Azurill was in trouble. It’s why we reacted so quickly when we saw Drowzee on the wanted board. He saw into the past today though. Another Pokémon entered the dungeon. He said it was an outline only, but it was how he knew to jump through the waterfall to reach the dungeon inside. He also saw at the end of the dungeon the same Pokémon activate a trap that washed us out of the dungeon and landed us in the hot spring. With a second look, Satoshi was able to identify the Pokémon from his visions. It was a Wigglytuff.”

“Now that you mention it, I do remember that.” Wigglytuff said laughing. “I’d forgotten that memory until now. At least we know you really did investigate the waterfall. So what do you think Chatot?”

“Yes! I agree completely.” Chatot said.

“Agree about what exactly?” Nathaniel asked.

“That you are up for consideration for the big guild expedition.” Wigglytuff said joyfully. “We have a group expedition each year and you are hereby nominated for it.”

“Thank you Wigglytuff.” Nathaniel said. “My team and I won’t let you down.”

“Don’t get too cocky.” Chatot said. “You’re nominated, not guaranteed to go. Your success today helps but you will still be expected to work hard in order to go with.”

“Understood sir!” Nathaniel said saluting. “Permission to leave to my team.”

“Granted.” Both Chatot and Wigglytuff said.

Nathaniel bowed respectfully and left to his own room to find Satoshi tapping Chimchar into a new diaper. Nathaniel checked his and saw that Chimchar had gotten better but still needed an adjustment. Satoshi was better but Nathaniel still adjusted Chimchar’s diaper before sending the duo off to dinner when Chimecho chimed. When they were safely out of the room, Nathaniel shook himself dry and changed the hay that made their nests. He decided to try something and made one big nest for the three of them and went to dinner himself. After he finished eating, Chatot called everyone to attention.

“I have an announcement to make.” Chatot said. “As most of you are aware, we have a big expedition each year. Starting tomorrow, you will be monitored for consideration to come on our big expedition. So far we have one team in the lead for consideration to go. Team Libra had a very successful exploration today and so it is very likely they will be going. However, you all can try your hardest to get ahead of them so you may go as well. Exemplary work will be a credit to your going while failure may disqualify you. That is all.”

“Where is this expedition to?” Satoshi asked.

“Guild Master Wigglytuff has yet to tell me.” Chatot said. “It is up to him to decide when he wishes to announce the destination of the expedition.”

“I’m sorry Chatot.” Wigglytuff said. “I guess I forgot to tell you. We will be searching for the Fogbound Lake. Folk tales have said that those who find the lake forget ever seeing it. We’re going to try and find it ourselves.”

“That is all then.” Chatot said. “Everyone is dismissed to bed. We all have work to do tomorrow.”

Nathaniel walked back to the room with his team on his shoulders. They looked at him quizzically when they saw there was only one big nest. Nathaniel just smiled at them and laid down with one arm around either of them. They looked uncomfortable for a moment but then relaxed and snuggled close when they felt how much warmer the nest was with more in it. Nathaniel felt their breathing slow and watched them fall asleep. He smiled broadly when they each stretched a hand across his chest to grasp each other. He then let out a yawn and fell asleep.
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Chapter 5 Villains Revealed and the Expedition List

Nathaniel woke up in the middle of the night. He had a feeling that something wasn’t right in the guild. He carefully extracted himself from his teammates and got up to investigate. He took a look around and found Chatot up as well.

“I felt like something was amiss.” Nathaniel explained when Chatot looked at him. “I came to check on things.”

“I heard something but couldn’t make it out.” Chatot said. “Let’s keep looking.”

They checked the base from top to bottom and found nothing wrong until they reached the supply closet. Chatot was looking at one spot in the supply closet with a look of absolute terror on his face.

“I’m guessing something has been stolen.” Nathaniel said wearily.

“Not just something!” Chatot gulped. “It was that which this guild cannot possibly do without!”

“What was stolen?” Nathaniel asked.

“All of the perfect apples!” Chatot said. “The guild master will go berserk when he doesn’t get a perfect apple tomorrow!”

“Can’t we go to the Kecleon Store and buy some more?” Nathaniel asked. “It’s not likely that we’ll find the thieves before then.”

“I don’t think we’ll be able to find the thieves at all.” Chatot said. “But Kecleon rarely ever gets a single perfect apple in stock. That’s why you and your team will be going on an extremely important mission tomorrow. You must go to the heart of Apple Woods and bring back as many perfect apples as you can.”

“Will do.” Nathaniel said nodding. “I’ll see you in the morning then Chatot.”

Chatot nodded and returned to the guild master’s room while Nathaniel went back to his. He didn’t want to risk waking his team by crawling back into the nest, and didn’t feel like sleeping anyway, so he sat down and tried to meditate again. As he reached his most relaxed state, he saw many things. It was visions of a Riolu he could tell was himself. He was in many battles against blurry opponents. He had blurry figures fighting alongside him as well. Everything was moving too quickly to get a fix until he saw himself running through some kind of arch. Then there was darkness and he saw his first real memory again of seeing Satoshi and Chimchar for the first time. Things sped up again and he saw the same group as before. They were walking through a forest looking for something. They reached the end of it and found what they were looking for. Nathaniel couldn’t be sure because he’d never seen one, but he had a gut feeling that it was a time gear! The Grovyle snagged it and ran away with the other three. Nathaniel’s vision moved with them as he saw it from above and he could see a wave coming towards them. Behind the wave, color vanished and Nathaniel guessed that was time stopping in that area. He saw the group of four make it out of the forest in time and his vision ended abruptly.


Nathaniel opened his eyes and wasn’t surprised to see his teammates coming down from the involuntary jump that Loudred caused. What he was surprised to see was the puddle that was beneath him.

“Uh-oh!” Satoshi said. “Are you okay, or do we have to stick you in diapers now?”

Nathaniel checked with his Aura Sight and found nothing wrong so he said, “No we don’t. It looks like it may have been a onetime thing.”

“Are you sure?” Chimchar asked.

“If I have another accident today I’ll probably go back to wearing them but I’m pretty sure I don’t need them.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s get cleaned up and then go on our mission for the day.”

“If you end up needing them, can we put you in them?” Satoshi asked smirking.

“I guess that would be fair enough.” Nathaniel laughed.

Nathaniel changed his own team first and explained what the mission was for the day. Then he wiped himself off and threw the used wipes and diapers down the chute. When they were done, they walked out of the room and saw that everyone was already at work. Chatot was looking at him irritatedly.

“Sorry Chatot.” Nathaniel said. “Had some unexpected clean up to do this morning so it took a bit longer than expected.”

“Very well.” Chatot sighed. “Good luck getting those perfect apples today.”

Nathaniel and his team saluted and walked up the ladders and out to the path leading out of town. He headed for the place marked on his map and they soon reached Apple Woods. Grass and Bug Pokémon were in plenty. Chimchar showed what he was made of with several Fire attacks. Nathaniel helped with his own blaze Kick and whenever they came across a Bug and Flying Pokémon, Satoshi would add in his two cents with a Thundershock. The team plowed their way through twelve floors of that until they reached the heart of the forest. When they got there, Nathaniel saw that the tree with all of the perfect apples had been stripped almost clean. There were only some apples left on the top branches. Nathaniel wondered what happened to all of the apples when he saw Satoshi getting dizzy again.

“Those perfect apples sure were tasty.” A voice said from the tree.

Nathaniel looked and saw the Koffing and Zubat that had hurt Satoshi and Chimchar coming out of the tree with a Skuntank.

“Need some help getting those down?” the Skuntank asked. “Here you go!”

Skuntank turned around and slammed his head into the tree and a few perfect apples fell down.

“Go ahead and take them.” Skuntank said smiling.

“Don’t do it.” Satoshi said. “He’s just going to hurt us the moment we try.”

“What a smart little baby.” Skuntank said mockingly. “I heard you were a bad little boy so you need to be punished anyway. Koffing! It’s time for our super gas combo!”

Before anyone could do a thing, Skuntank let out a spray and Koffing shot a noxious gas that filled the clearing. When the smoke cleared, Chimchar, and Satoshi were out cold on the ground. Nathaniel was furious. Only Skuntank and Koffing were still there and Nathaniel guessed Zubat ran off before the attack could occur. Nathaniel turned to the utterly surprised Skuntank and Koffing with fire in his eyes.

“You two just made two big mistakes.” Nathaniel snarled. “One was using a couple poison attacks on a Steel Pokémon like me. The other was hurting my team. YAARGH!”

Nathaniel roared and leaped at Koffing with a Hi Jump Kick. As he hit, he struck Koffing with an Ice Punch and a Blaze Kick and sent him into the perfect apple tree. He then turned to Skuntank and was hit by a Flamethrower. Nathaniel shook off the attack and glared at Skuntank. Skuntank took an involuntary step backwards with a panicked look in his eyes.

“You should have taken the time to run while I was pounding on your friend here.” Nathaniel snarled. “Now it’s too late.”

Skuntank had just enough time to turn before he was hit by Extremespeed. Skuntank collapsed and tried to get up, but was knocked back down by five hits from Bone Rush. Nathaniel hit him once more with Aura Sphere for good measure before going to his team. He could tell they were going to be okay but he doubted he would be when he returned to base without a single perfect apple, since Zubat had apparently flown off with all of them. Nathaniel raised the Explorer Badge into the air and returned to Treasure Town.

“So how well did the mission go Nathaniel?” Chatot asked excitedly when Nathaniel walked into the guild master’s room.

“I’m afraid it didn’t go well Chatot.” Nathaniel sighed. “The mission failed. I didn’t manage to bring back a single perfect apple.”

“Oh that’s okay.” Wigglytuff said. “I’ll just have one from the supply closet.”

“Funny story guildmaster.” Chatot laughed nervously. “The supply closet was raided last night. We don’t have any perfect apples left.”

Wigglytuff was impassive for a moment. Then he sniffled a bit and Chatot flapped his wings in a panic. Nathaniel felt the ground begin to shake as he heard Wigglytuff beginning to cry when a perfect apple rolled in. Wigglytuff stopped suddenly and picked up the perfect apple joyfully and began balancing it on his head. Nathaniel turned to the doorway and saw Skuntank there with his team. He was about to ready an Aura Sphere when Chatot leaped forward and shook Skuntank’s paw enthusiastically.

“Thank you sir!” Chatot said breathing a sigh of relief. “You just saved us from a disaster.”

“A disaster he caused!” Satoshi yelled from the room beyond.

“What?” Chatot asked.

“I’m sorry about that.” Skuntank said. “My team and I were hungry and we saw those delicious perfect apples. There weren’t many left when this team arrived and I did knock some down for them. But when my team told me that they were the ones who beat them up once, I lost my temper and well, a fight ensued. We heard as we were paying dues for having done a mission earlier that the guild was short on perfect apples so we brought the ones we still had with us.”

“Well thank you very much!” Chatot said. “Is there any way we could repay you?”

“You could consider my team for this big expedition I’ve been hearing about.” Skuntank said.

“Of course!” Chatot said happily. “No trouble at all!”
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PostSubject: Re: Team Libra - The Times of Darkness (Complete)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:57 pm

Nathaniel shook his head wearily and walked out of the room. He saw his team staring angrily at Skuntank’s, and they were staring right back. Nathaniel shot them a look and they backed off quickly. Nathaniel gathered up his teammates and took them back to the room for a much needed change. He shot one more glare when he heard Koffing and Zubat laughing to shut them up as he reached the hallway and then sped into the room.

“I can’t believe that Chatot is considering them for the expedition!” Chimchar spluttered as Nathaniel set his team on the hay.

“You two really shouldn’t eavesdrop.” Nathaniel chided as he untapped their diapers. “You two just let me worry about Skuntank and his cronies.”

“By the way, how did you do today?” Satoshi asked.

“Huh?” Nathaniel asked blankly.

“Did you have another accident today?” Satoshi asked further.

“Not to my knowledge.” Nathaniel said. He took a look anyway and felt he was dry, plus there was no scent of urine. “No accident today. I guess you miss out then Satoshi.”

Satoshi laughed and Nathaniel finished changing them both. Chimecho rang for dinner so Nathaniel brought the team to the dining hall and snorted in annoyance when he saw Skuntank had taken their seats. He sat down at another open space at the table and began eating as soon as the food arrived. When he and his team finished Nathaniel stood up to leave but was stopped when Chatot spoke up.

“Before we all head off to bed, I have a couple announcements to make.” Chatot said. “Firstly is that we clearly have new faces at the table. Please welcome to our guild Team Skull.”

The guild just sat there in silence. Chatot coughed meaningfully and Wigglytuff began to frown. The guild cheered halfheartedly and the ground began to shake again as Wigglytuff began sniffling. Then the guild gave a forced cheer and Wigglytuff calmed down. Chatot sighed in relief and then continued.

“They will be helping the guild for awhile and are actually in the lead for most likely to come on the expedition after completing a vital mission for the guild when Team Libra rather unfortunately failed.” Chatot said. “That brings me to my next announcement. We actually need to go tomorrow. The guild master will receive my report on your recent work and decide tonight who is going with and who will stay behind. You are all dismissed to bed.”

Everyone filed out, Nathaniel in the lead with his team on his shoulders. Nathaniel set his team into the hay and was about to get in himself when he heard Chatot cough politely at the entry. Nathaniel turned to face Chatot and sighed.

“I’m guessing you have some bad news.” Nathaniel said.

“I’m afraid so.” Chatot said. “I’d rather tell you all to spare you having to tell your team Nathaniel. I don’t want the three of you to get your hopes up on going on the expedition. You saw how upset the guild master was about your failed mission. I would say you should go because that was your only failed mission but it was such a big one. The guild master won’t look at you favorably for failure to acquire his favorite food. I’m sorry.”

“So am I Chatot.” Nathaniel sighed. “I guess we’ll see in the morning. Goodnight sir.”

“Goodnight to you all.” Chatot said nodding as he left.

Nathaniel turned around and hugged his disappointed team. He felt his shoulders getting wet from their falling tears and rubbed their backs soothingly. They soon cried themselves to sleep and Nathaniel set them down. They moved in their sleep until they were snuggling together. Nathaniel didn’t feel like sleeping so he decided to try and meditate again. He felt his relaxed state come more easily and saw what he knew to be his past again. Things were still fuzzy until he saw the four again. They were in a cave this time. Nathaniel was still watching them from above. The Umbreon stopped at one point and looked directly at him. He didn’t appear to see Nathaniel however and kept searching with the rest. They reached another room in the cave and there was yet another Time Gear. Nathaniel watched helplessly as they stole this one as well and escaped again before they were frozen in time.


Nathaniel opened his eyes and knew he hadn’t slept a wink. And yet he felt refreshed at the same time. He looked down and groaned when he saw he’d had another accident and realized it must have been either triggered by Loudred rousing him from his meditations, or it was the meditation itself. He woke his teammates ant told them his suspicions as he cleaned them up and then himself.

“So maybe before you meditate next, we should diaper you.” Satoshi said smirking.

“We’ll discuss that later.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s go see who’s all going.”

They walked out into the main room and found everyone excitedly waiting in front of the guild master’s room. Chatot came out with Wigglytuff and Wigglytuff handed Chatot a sheet of paper with a broad smile on his face. Chatot cleared his throat and began to speak.

“This is the list of those who are going on the expedition with the guild master and myself. The first on the list is Team Skull.”

Everyone either groaned or gave a half hearted cheer.

“The next on the list is Sunflora, Corphish, and Croagunk.”

“YES!” they shouted simultaneously.

“Then there’s Diglett, Loudred, Chimecho and Dugtrio.”

“HOORAY!” they shouted.

“Hold on, the guild master ran out of room and had to write this next one sideways. Bidoof is going as well.”

“BY GOLLY!” Bidoof shouted. “Wasn’t expecting that!”

“That is all.” Chatot said. “Wait a minute! Guildmaster, that means we’re leaving Team Libra alone at the guild!”

Team Skull laughed until Wigglytuff said, “Move your feather Chatot.”

Chatot did and squawked in surprise. “Team Libra is going as well! But that means everyone is going!”

Team Skull looked thunderstruck and Nathaniel could just imagine them completely white if he were in a cartoon. Wigglytuff then said, “Of course! This is going to be a fun trip with all of us going!”

“But who’s going to watch the guild with all of us gone?” Chatot spluttered.

“He’s right guild master.” Skuntank said. “Someone really should be left behind.”

“Nope!” Wigglytuff said smiling. “A few old friends of mine have agreed to come and manage the guild while we are gone. There are plenty of other rescue teams to do the missions posted as well so we have nothing to worry about.”

“I think this is a great idea.” Nathaniel said smirking at Team Skull. “I must say I wasn’t expecting to go after yesterday though.”

“Mistakes happen.” Wigglytuff said. “We all fail a mission every once in awhile. I couldn’t tell you how many I failed in my early exploring days. So let’s all get ready. We leave in two hours time.”

“Also we need to divide into teams as we need to make our way to our destination in groups.” Chatot said. “All of us in one group would move too slowly. Team Skull and Team Libra will go on their own by whatever route they choose. The guild master and I will also be going in another group.”

“I have to travel with Chatot?” Wigglytuff asked whining. “Darn, he’s no fun.”

Chatot spluttered for a moment as the guild laughed and continued. “Dugtrio, Chimecho and Croagunk will also travel in a group. Sunflora, Corphish, Loudred and Diglett will travel in another. Bidoof will come with the guild master and I.”

“HOORAY!” Wigglytuff shouted. “Now things will be a bit more fun.”

“I sure will try guild master, yup yup.” Bidoof said.

Everyone cheered except for Team Skull and Nathaniel went to pack up supplies for his team.


Stay tuned for Chapter 6: A Legendary Encounter and a New Mystery
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Got it up on FTT so here it is here as well!

Chapter 6 A Legendary Encounter and a New Mystery

When everyone had assembled outside, Chatot marked on everyone’s maps where they were headed for. Everyone was told that they could take whatever route they wished as long as they were there within three days. Nathaniel looked at the map and saw that there were many possible routes but the quickest ways had shortcuts through mystery dungeons. Nathaniel decided to do one more thing before leaving and took his team to Sharpedo Bluff. Once there, he took the diapers they still had there and stored them at Kangaskhan’s storage. He hoped they’d see a few Kangaskhan statues along the way in case they ran out of diapers. Nathaniel also ran to Kecleon’s and bought something else. He stored it at Kangaskhan’s as well and then left Treasure Town with his team.

“I think we should take some short cuts through mystery dungeons.” Nathaniel said pointing out a couple of them. “If we cut through Craggy Coast and then Mt. Horn, not only will we grow stronger along the way, but we will also cut traveling time by days. We may even reach the rendezvous point by nightfall.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Satoshi said.

“Not to me.” Chimchar said. “Craggy Coast has a whole bunch of Water Pokemon. If we do go that way, we’ll have to be careful.”

“We defended you in the Waterfall Cave; we’ll defend you there as well.” Nathaniel said.

They took off and made it to Craggy Coast in under an hour. They were set upon immediately on entry by several Water Pokemon. Nathaniel took out a Krabby, Gastrodon, and a Spheal in one shot with Wide Slash while Satoshi brought down a Wingull with Thundershock. That left one more Pokemon for Chimchar to handle. Chimchar hit the Dratini that was menacing him with Flame Wheel and brought the dragon Pokemon down. They kept on through that for nine floors and found a TM for Satoshi before they left the dungeon. It wasn’t far to Mt. Horn and they took a break when they reached the base of the mountain.

“So do either of you need a change before we head up the mountain?” Nathaniel asked.

“I could use one.” Satoshi said. Chimchar just scuffed the ground so Nathaniel took it as a yes. He walked over to the Kangaskhan statue that was at the mountain’s base and summoned two diapers. He thought there was no sense using those he packed when they had the statue right there. He then laid them both down and made quick work of changing them. When he’d finished, he decided to try something that seemed familiar somehow. He began to massage them both and sent them into a state of near bliss. He realized when he stopped that he had sent them both to sleep. He smiled and decided to let them nap and took out something he’d packed. He then sat down again and tried to meditate. The images were fuzzy again except for one figure. He saw himself as a Riolu sleeping contentedly as he hugged a thick luxurious tail of a Ninetales. Nathaniel felt tears coming to his eyes as he saw that and his meditation ended. It was just as well too. He looked down at his waist and saw he’d wet while meditating again. He was glad he’d thought to put on the diaper he’d packed first. He was actually glad to wear one again as well. He had a bit of a mental struggle after he disposed of the one he was wearing as to whether or not to put on another one. He decided not to and woke his team up from their nap. They didn’t need an additional change so they walked over to the dungeon entrance.

“What were you crying about?” Satoshi asked.

“What do you mean?” Nathaniel asked sounding genuinely perplexed.

“I can see your fur matted in the pattern of falling tears Nathaniel.” Satoshi said sternly. “You can’t fool me easily.”

“I was meditating again.” Nathaniel said.

“Did you wet again?” Satoshi asked.

“Does it look like it?” Nathaniel asked slightly irritated at being interrupted. “I saw a piece of my past a bit more clearly this time. It brought back a piece of my memory with it. I saw myself as a Riolu again and I was sleeping while hugging the tail of a Ninetales. I remembered her and now that I do, I realize how much I miss her. I couldn’t miss what I didn’t remember.”

“The story does say she disappeared like you did.” Chimchar said. “Maybe she went into the future like you did and you’ll see her again.”

Nathaniel smiled at the thought and walked into the dungeon. Chimchar became excited quickly when he saw the local Pokemon. They were all either Grass or Bug Pokemon. Chimchar made up for inactivity in the previous dungeon by taking the lead and attacking every Pokemon he could with a Fire attack. Satoshi got a few good hits against a few Beautifly they saw with his new Shock Wave attack. When they reached one of the higher floors, Chimchar slowed down a bit because there were a few Aerodactyl flying around. Nathaniel took care of them with an Ice Punch every here and there while Chimchar focused on the Pokemon he had an elemental advantage over. They finally reached the end of the dungeon and saw the rendezvous point about a mile away. It looked like someone had already reached it judging by the tent that had been set up. The team reached it in a few minutes and saw Wigglytuff had arrived with Chatot and Bidoof.

“By golly!” Bidoof said in shock. “You guys got here already! WOW!”

“Comes with being a Lucario Rank Rescue Team Leader.” Nathaniel said. “Now I’m certain I’m the Riolu of legend.”

“How is that exactly?” Chatot asked.

“Yes do tell us.” Wigglytuff said.

“I’ve been meditating lately and getting visions from my past.” Nathaniel said. “I meditated just before going through Mt. Horn and saw myself as a Riolu hugging the tail of a Ninetales that I remembered. She was the one I remember leaving in charge before I crossed something else I remember from another of my meditations. I got here by using something called the Passage of Time. I’m still not sure what happened to my memory though, or how I evolved into a Lucario. I’ve seen something else though. I think I know who’s responsible for the theft of the Time Gear. There’s a group of four Pokemon led by a Grovyle who stole it. I think they may have stolen a second one as well because I saw them steal a Time Gear from two places.”

“I sure hope you’re wrong.” Chatot said. “I guess you can do whatever you like until everyone else arrives.”

“Thanks Chatot!” Nathaniel said saluting. “We’ll take a look around and report back.”

They walked down one trail and entered a very foggy area. Chimchar tripped on something and picked it up. It was some kind of glowing red gem that was warm to the touch. Chimchar stuck it in the item box and they continued on. They didn’t see anything of interest, especially because of all the fog. When they got back to camp, Nathaniel looked back at his team and saw a weird look in Satoshi’s eyes.

“Did you have another vision Satoshi?” Nathaniel asked.

“Not really.” Satoshi said. “It was more like a feeling. I think I’ve been here before. I just can’t say for sure though.”

“Maybe you have.” Chimchar said. “Maybe you found the Fogbound Lake and lost your memory like others who found the lake have. Maybe that’s how you lost your memory.”

“That wouldn’t explain how he became a Pokemon.” Nathaniel said. “Granted he could have been a Pokemon before he lost his memory, but it also wouldn’t explain why his first memory would be of a storm at sea near Treasure Town. We’re almost on the opposite side of the continent according to the map. How would he have gotten from here to there without any memory of it happening?”

“Good point.” Satoshi said. “Chimchar may be right but it does seem unlikely. Maybe we’ll find out when we find the lake, if we do anyway. It’s hard to find anything with all of this fog.”

Nathaniel nodded and walked back into camp. He found that everyone else had arrived already and they were waiting for their report.

“We couldn’t find the lake in the fog.” Nathaniel said. “One group would find it impossible to do on their own. Therefore I recommend we split into groups in order to find either the lake, or a way to lift the fog.”

“Good idea.” Wigglytuff said. “I’ll split us up. Team Skull can go off on their own. Then we’ll split into pairs. Loudred can go with Corphish, Sunflora with Dugtrio, Diglett with Chimecho, and then I want Bidoof and Croagunk to go with Chatot.”

“But who’s going to go with you guild master?” Chatot squawked.

“I was hoping that Nathaniel would come with me.” Wigglytuff said.

“Why me?” Nathaniel asked. “How did I win this pleasure?”

“You clearly have worked the hardest and are an excellent leader Nathaniel.” Wigglytuff said. “I’d like to see you in action for myself. Your team looks much stronger than before and I’m sure they can handle this place on their own.”

“I don’t want to be a lousy leader and just jump at this.” Nathaniel said. “I want to know what my team thinks of this first.”

“Go right ahead Nathaniel!” Chimchar said. “This is an opportunity to be taken. To actually get to go with the guild master into a dungeon is an awesome honor. I’m not sure which is the most renowned Pokemon. The ancient tales of the Lucario that gave the rescue rank its name, the Riolu of legend who erased that rank by outshining the Lucario and started the ranks we have today, or Wigglytuff. He hasn’t saved the world like the Riolu, but he’s easily reached the fame that the ancient Lucario must have had.”

“It wasn’t just me.” Wigglytuff said blushing. “I had the help of my team. I’m just the well known one because I started the guild. Plus there are several other teams that have gathered a substantial amount of fame like Team Charm, Team Raider, and there was the old Team ACT. They weren’t as prominent as the old Team Libra but they were the first team to reach the Master Rank if you don’t count Team Libra as a Master Rank team instead of the first and last Lucario Rank team.”

Nathaniel felt a stirring of recollection at the name Team ACT and guessed he’d known them when he was a Riolu. He handed the explorer badge to his teammates and stood with Wigglytuff. When he was alone in the clearing with Wigglytuff, he heard his team coming back towards him. He only needed to look and saw why they were coming back. He asked Wigglytuff to wait a second and changed them both before handing Chimchar the sack with the diapers since Satoshi was carrying the toolbox. They thanked him before they ran off and then Nathaniel walked into the forest with Wigglytuff. They took a different route this time and found some of the local wild Pokemon. Nathaniel looked at Wigglytuff and smiled. Wigglytuff smiled right back and the two of them charged. Nathaniel landed a five-hit Bone Rush to a Pachirisu while Wigglytuff hit a Buneary with Hyper Voice. Nathaniel shot an Aura Sphere over Wigglytuff’s head to hit a Smeargle and Wigglytuff returned the favor by throwing an Iron Thorn at a Stantler that was about to attack Nathaniel. Nathaniel then used Wigglytuff as a springboard to hit a Cherubi with Blaze Kick and then swung him around for Wigglytuff to hit a Dunsparce with Brick Break. When the room was clear, Nathaniel was panting, but laughing right along with Wigglytuff.

“Legendary Rescue Leader indeed!” Wigglytuff laughed.

“You’re not so bad yourself!” Nathaniel said as he offered Wigglytuff his hand.

The two shook hands and then noticed something. The fog was rapidly thinning and vanishing. The two smiled at each other and then looked up in surprise. It was no wonder the Fogbound Lake was so hard to find. It was raised on a plateau! The duo walked towards it and saw Satoshi and Chimchar being menaced by Team Skull in front of a statue of Groudon.

“Apparently I was wrong to trust those guys.” Wigglytuff said sadly.

“I didn’t want to say anything without sufficient proof.” Nathaniel said patting his back.

“No worries.” Wigglytuff said pulling out a perfect apple from his toolbox. “You just leave them to me while you and your team get up to Fogbound Lake.”

Nathaniel nodded smiling and watched as Wigglytuff rolled his perfect apple out into the center of the group. Wigglytuff ran out crying, “Come back appley!” Team Skull looked a little nervous as Nathaniel walked out and Wigglytuff picked up the apple.

“Whew!” Wigglytuff sighed with relief. “I don’t know what would have happened if I’d lost my perfect little appley. I see you guys found a way to lift the fog. Good job! How about you head on up to the lake Team Libra while Team Skull and I wait here for the rest of the guild?”

“Why don’t we all just wait here guild master?” Chimchar asked.

Nathaniel noticed Satoshi getting dizzy and said, “I’m sure the guild master will be fine here with Team Skull Chimchar. Let’s obey orders and get up to that lake.”

Nathaniel picked up both members of his team and set them on his shoulders with a small squish. He realized he’d have to change them soon and walked to the base of the plateau. He used the Kangaskhan statue to get them two new diapers and then asked Satoshi what he saw with his visions.

“I saw what was going to happen to Wigglytuff.” Satoshi laughed as Nathaniel untapped his diaper. “They’re going to try that noxious gas combo of theirs to the same effect it had on you. Then Wigglytuff is going to beat the snot out of them and leave them somewhere nearby. I never realized Wigglytuff was so strong.”

“He and I made quite the team.” Nathaniel said smiling as he taped his team into their new diapers. “But I wouldn’t trade you two for five of him.”

“We wouldn’t trade you for anything either.” Chimchar and Satoshi said simultaneously as they hugged him. Nathaniel hugged them back and ran into the cave with them. They sat on his shoulders and waited for any Pokemon to come as Nathaniel charged through. There were a few Bug Pokemon and several Fire Pokemon with just a couple Flying. Every time one Pokemon got close, Chimchar or Satoshi would blast them away from Nathaniel. Nathaniel himself would clear the forward path with an Aura Sphere. Eventually they came to a small room with a Kangaskhan statue. When they began to walk past it, they heard a strange noise. It sounded like a muffled roar that slowly grew louder as it echoed through the room. Eventually it grew loud enough that Nathaniel felt the floor shaking. It slowly faded after that and Nathaniel felt his team’s diapers sagging down his shoulders.

“Wh-wh-what was that?” Chimchar stuttered.

“That was scary, that’s what it was.” Satoshi said with an edge of panic in his voice.

“Relax guys.” Nathaniel said. “We’ll take care of whatever comes our way. I don’t remember exact examples, but I do know I’ve taken on some pretty big and scary Pokemon before, and I’m even stronger now that I’m a Lucario.”

Chimchar and Satoshi relaxed visibly at that so Nathaniel took the opportunity to change them. He put the used diapers in a nook and walked further into the dungeon. There were plenty of Bug Pokemon for Chimchar to fight. Volbeat and Illumise came at them often. Nathaniel took care of any Magmar that came their way. First with a Blaze Kick to deflect the Fire Punch, and then a Bone Rush to finish them off. Satoshi helped whenever he could by attacking from a distance with Shock Wave. Eventually, they got out of the cave and came to a barren expanse of ground. They team walked forward for a bit before they heard the roar again, this time louder than before. The ground shook with the sheer volume and shook even more at intervals that Nathaniel knew were footsteps heading straight for them.
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“So what is this a statue of Chatot?” Bidoof asked looking at the statue that Team Libra had regrouped at about an hour before.

“That is the legendary Pokemon Groudon.” Chatot said. “Legend says that it raised the landmass after the world’s creation.”


The guild looked around worriedly when they heard the enormous roar coming from the top of the plateau.

“So what would it be like if someone were to battle Groudon?” Bidoof asked nervously.

“It may as well be suicide.” Chatot said as his throat constricted.

Everyone in the guild looked at each other worriedly and ran towards the plateau with Team Libra on their minds.

Nathaniel saw the Pokemon that shook the earth with each step it took. He was only half surprised to see it was a Groudon. Chimchar looked really nervous as Groudon continued to walk closer and Nathaniel watched as his diaper began to sag so much that it actually touched the ground. Satoshi’s diaper was approaching the same state, but he had a determined look on his face. Nathaniel admired his courage and then hoped they could defeat the legendary that didn’t look too happy to see them.


The three of them gave him their answer very quickly. An Aura Sphere and two Gravelrocks struck Groudon and sent him into a state or rage. Nathaniel ran forward and attacked with Extremespeed to get in close. Groudon swiped at him with his enormous claws in a Slash attack. Nathaniel felt the attack hit and was glad of his new Steel element once again. Groudon was hit once again with two Gravelrocks and he roared once again. Nathaniel used Agility and then hit Groudon with a flurry of attacks. Force Palm, Ice Punch, Blaze Kick and finished his combo with Close Combat. Groudon hit Nathaniel with Fire Blast and nearly KO’ed him before he was hit with four Gravelrocks. Groudon roared even louder this time and then nearly squashed Nathaniel flat as he fell face down on the ground. Nathaniel dusted himself off after the roll he did to dodge Groudon’s unintentional Body Slam.

“You may have beaten my guardian, but you will not get the Time Gear from me!” A voice said to Nathaniel from behind.

Nathaniel turned and saw another legendary Pokemon he vaguely recognized. It was the Being of Knowledge, Uxie.

“We’re not here to steal a Time Gear Uxie.” Nathaniel said. We were not even aware that there was a Time Gear here until you said it out loud.”

Uxie swore under his breath and then said, “Now you know unfortunately and I cannot allow you to know the secret by the risk that you may tell others.”

“On my honor as the Leader of the Lucario Rank Rescue Team Libra and the…” Nathaniel said as he looked at the exploration team badge. “Silver Rank Exploration Team Libra, I swear that I will not divulge the whereabouts of the Time Gear unless it be deemed absolutely essential.”

“Lucario Rank you say?” Uxie asked. “You just blew any chance of my trust. That rank has been disbanded for a long time now. And as for that nonsense about Team Libra, they disappeared long ago as well.”

“Perhaps I can prove to you I am who I say I am.” Nathaniel suggested.

“How?” Uxie asked.

“I know the being of knowledge has the ability to wipe clean the mind of those who see his eyes, which explains why those who’ve found this place do not remember it.” Nathaniel said. “Can you instead read someone’s mind by twisting your power?”

“I can but only if someone is willing.” Uxie answered. “I can sense your memory is damaged however. How will I be able to trust what I see?”

“If I meditate, my memories become clearer.” Nathaniel answered. “If you read my mind during my meditation, you’ll see my memories and then you can judge whether or not I am who I claim to be.”

Uxie nodded so Nathaniel sat down and closed his eyes. Before he could begin meditating however, he felt something heavy jump into his chest. He fell over with the wind knocked out of him and saw Satoshi sitting on his chest.

“Could you wait a moment while I tend to my team?” Nathaniel wheezed.

“No need.” Uxie said. “I read into your mind before you sat down since you already agreed to my reading your mind. I realize I can trust you. You may not be who you think you are, but you truly believe you are and that is enough for me.”

“How come I didn’t feel you in my mind?” Nathaniel wheezed again.

“I started just as your teammate hit you.” Uxie answered. “You would have been distracted enough not to notice and your guard was already down.”

Suddenly, Satoshi gave a yelp of surprise and Nathaniel’s chest became drenched and covered with gel as his chest spike punctured the drooping diaper. Nathaniel groaned and Satoshi gave a sigh of relief. Nathaniel groaned at the knowledge of what he was covered in. Satoshi sighed with relief because the spike he had impaled his diaper on had missed a very sensitive area. Uxie actually laughed at the event and relaxed from his former state.

“Come with me.” He said still laughing. “I’ll take you to a spot where you can get cleaned up.”

Chimchar walked a few steps before untapping his diaper and letting it fall to the ground. He dragged it off to a spot where it could decompose and then walked with the team and Uxie to the shore of a crystalline lake. Nathaniel looked at the water and then at Uxie hopefully. Uxie nodded and Nathaniel grabbed both of his teammates before leaping into the water with them. Nathaniel came up with a splash and threw both his teammates out into a deeper area. They came up coughing and then laughing before swimming back towards Nathaniel. They had a splashing match for a bit and then Satoshi helped scrub the last bits of gel out of Nathaniel’s fur that was still clinging to him. When they got out of the water, they noticed Wigglytuff had already arrived and made friends with Uxie.

“Looks like you had some fun.” Wigglytuff laughed. “I heard about how you took on that Groudon illusion. Excellent work!”

“That thing was an illusion?” Chimchar asked in shock. “Sure didn’t feel like one.”

“I conjured him to help me defend my Time Gear.” Uxie said. “It usually is enough to scare away those who make it this far. Then they end up running into me and forget all about this place.”

“Speaking of which,” Nathaniel said. “Satoshi here believes he may have been here before. Have you seen him before and wiped his memory?”

“I’m afraid not.” Uxie said shaking his head. “My removing his memory wouldn’t even leave a sense of dejavu behind. I don’t even recall seeing a Pikachu in the longest time anyway.”

Satoshi sighed and looked out across the lake. Nathaniel sat down next to him and watched the last rays of the sun disappear. That’s when he noticed something in the lake. He peered at a glowing orb in the center of the lake and saw within it one of the Time Gears. As the last vestige of sunlight disappeared, the rest of the guild arrived and geysers began shooting out of the lake. The glow from the Time Gear made them beautiful enough. But when a bunch of Volbeat and Illumise began flying around, they made a gorgeous light show for the guild to remember in later days after the now successful expedition.

*Chapter 7 The Great Duskinoir and a Great Problem is next!*
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Chapter 7 The Great Duskinoir and a Great Problem


Nathaniel groaned as he felt his teammates jump out of the nest is surprise. He hadn’t heard Loudred coming this time because he was too tired from the long march back home. He sighed and got up to check on his teammates. He wasn’t surprised to see that they had filled their diapers once again to capacity. He threw their diapers away and changed them quickly. They got out of their room just in time to join in the morning cheer.


“Very good.” Chatot said. “I know we just got back from the expedition which we are to speak nothing of, but we have work to do and we expect you to do a good job as always. You are dismissed to your usual stations.”

No sooner had Diglett gotten to his post than everyone stopped as he called out, “Pokemon detected, Pokemon detected.”

“Who’s footprint, who’s footprint?” Loudred asked.

“No footprint!” Diglett said. “Please hold.”

Diglett came back a minute later looking very flustered.

“Who’s visiting?” Chatot asked.

“I-i-i-i…” Diglett stuttered.

“OUT WITH IT!” Loudred shouted.

“IT’S THE DUSKINOIR!” Diglett gasped.

Chatot squawked excitedly and flew up the ladder. Nathaniel looked at his team and saw that they were just as confused as he was.

“Who’s this Duskinoir?” Nathaniel asked Wigglytuff.

“He’s a quickly rising star in the ranks of the Exploration Teams.” Wigglytuff explained. “He’s had several successful missions and is very knowledgeable. What’s more, he’s a solo explorer!”

“So what rank is he?” Nathaniel asked.

“He’s not really part of any team.” Wigglytuff said. “So he doesn’t have a rank. He’d probably be a Gold Rank at least though.”

Nathaniel looked at the ladder when he heard Chatot coming back. A friendly looking Duskinoir came down with and Chatot introduced him to the guild. Nathaniel got some weird vibes from Duskinoir that confused him. He made a mental note to keep an eye on Duskinoir.

“Welcome to the guild Duskinoir.” Wigglytuff said as he shook his hand.

“Thank you guildmaster.” Duskinoir said. “I would have visited sooner but I heard you were on your yearly expedition to Fogbound Lake. Did you find anything?”

“Nope!” Wigglytuff said happily. “Nothing at all.”

“What a pity.” Duskinoir said.

“How long do you plan to be here in Treasure Town?” Nathaniel asked.

“Not sure exactly.” Duskinoir said. “But I’d be happy to help the guild while I’m here.”

“And we’ll accept the help gratefully!” Chatot said. “I’m sorry to cut this short but I want the rest of you to get going with your duties today.”

“AWWW!” the guild except for Nathaniel said at once.

“I’ll be around for awhile and would love to meet you all personally later.” Dusknoir laughed. “Please don’t let me interrupt the guild’s activities though.”

“HOORAY!” everyone shouted. Nathaniel waited with his team when he saw Chatot cast a look at him. Duskinoir walked into the guild master’s room with Wigglytuff and then Chatot came up to Nathaniel.

“I’d like your team to do run an errand today.” Chatot said.

“Why just an errand?” Nathaniel asked. “Isn’t that a bit of a waste of our talent?”

“It would be but we don’t have anything really worth your time today.” Chatot said. “All of the missions we would have given you have been taken already. There’s been a shortage thanks to Wigglytuff’s friends after they watched the guild for us. All I’d like you to do today is go down to Kecleon’s shop and ask if he’ll be getting a shipment of Perfect Apples anytime soon. We’re still low on them.”

“Sure thing Chatot.” Nathaniel said. “Anything you want us to do afterward?”

“Whatever you like.” Chatot said as he walked into Wigglytuff’s room.

Nathaniel hefted his team onto his shoulders and carried them all the way into town. He saw the Kecleon brothers talking to Azurill and Marill when he got there. Kecleon looked up at Nathaniel when he arrived and smiled.

“Hello there Nathaniel!” Kecleon said cheerily. “What can we do for you today?”

“We just need to know if you’ll be getting any perfect apples in anytime soon.” Nathaniel answered.

“Unfortunately we don’t plan on stocking perfect apples anytime soon.” Kecleon replied. “How are you doing by the way Chimchar?”

“I’m holding up.” Chimchar said slightly embarrassed.

“I haven’t checked how much you guys have healed yet!” Nathaniel said shocked. “That brings up another question though. Might I inquire as to why your brother wears diapers Kecleon?”

“I’m just a little slow developing and prefer them over trainers.” The younger Kecleon said. “I should be out of them soon.”

“Hope I am as well.” Chimchar said with his voice lowered again.

“Um… mister Nathaniel?” Azurill piped up.

“Yes Azurill?” Nathaniel asked kneeling down smiling.

“My brother and I were wondering if you could do us a favor.” Azurill asked.

“Whatcha’ need?” Nathaniel asked.

“We heard our Water Float turned up on the beach and when we got over there, all we found was this note.” Marill said handing it to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel looked at it and read, “We found your Water Float. If you want it back, you’ll have to find it at Far Amp Plains.”

“So you want us to get it for you.” Satoshi said. “I’m sure we can do that no problem.”

“Oh thank you!” Marill cried. “I tried going myself but there were too many Electric pokemon.”

“Electric pokemon are easy.” Nathaniel said but quickly continued as Satoshi gave an indignant snort. “They’re easy for me to beat with my Bone Rush. Plus I know Dig as well! We’ll be back as soon as we can.”

Nathaniel rushed out of town with his team and they reached the Amp Plains quickly. As was to be expected, Electric pokemon were in abundance. Nathaniel was glad to find a few TMs to teach to his partners and they rocked the house with Satoshi’s new Iron Tail, Dig, and Brick Break while Chimchar used Wide Slash, Dig and Flamethrower. They eventually reached a Kangaskhan statue and took a rest.

“Far Amp Plains is just ahead.” Nathaniel panted. “Let’s take a diaper check while we’re here.”

“We’re both wet.” Satoshi said to Chimchar’s embarrassment.

Nathaniel smiled and began to change them both.

“Hello Duskinoir!” Kecleon said. “How may we help you today sir?”

“I don’t need anything thank you.” Duskinoir said smiling. “I’m just seeing the sights today. Speaking of seeing, have you seen Team Libra anywhere? Chatot is beginning to wonder what they’re up to now.”

“They left for Far Amp Plains to get a belonging back for a couple of well liked children in the town.” Kecleon answered.

“Far Amp Plains…” Duskinoir thought. “OH NO!”

Duskinoir rushed off leaving behind a very bewildered Kecleon behind.

When Nathaniel had finished changing his team, they continued further into Amp Plains. The Electric pokemon got stronger as they went and Nathaniel’s team was beginning to tire. Nathaniel told them to hold back while he took care of any pokemon that came their way. What came his way next were several Electabuzz and Ampharos. Nathaniel waited for the first wave to reach him and used Wide Slash. After taking out the first three, he used Hi Jump Kick to hit an Ampharos and swung around in midair to hit an Electabuzz in the side of the head with Blaze Kick. He landed and swung around again to block a Fire Punch from an Ampharos with Ice Punch and then switched it to Force Palm as a counter. He swung around again and hit an Electabuzz that was heading for his teammates with Aura Sphere and then felt a Thunder Punch hit him inbetween the shoulder blades. He swung around once more using an attack he didn’t realize he knew until now, Counter. After defeating the Electabuzz that hit him, he dodged a Thundershock with Detect and threw one last attack, Bone Rush.

“Whew!” Nathaniel panted. “What a brawl!”

“Nice moves!” Satoshi complimented.

“If your done showing off, maybe we should find that Water Float.” Chimchar said tapping his foot.

Nathaniel nodded and they walked further into the plains. Nathaniel looked around when they found a blank stretch of land. The only adornment was a large rock around the center. Suddenly, the sky went dark and Nathaniel could only see if he used his Aura Sight. What he saw made him nervous. There were eight Luxio sneaking towards them and a Luxray right in front of them.

“Stop the sneaking and show yourselves!” Nathaniel shouted. “All nine of you!”

“You’ve intruded upon my territory.” Luxray growled. “I am not under your jurisdiction. Prepare to face the wrath of Thunder Clan!”

Nathaniel reached into the toolbox quickly and pulled out an orb. He held it into the air and let the Luminous Orb light the area. The eight Luxio backed off for a moment, and them leaped right at them again. Chimchar and Satoshi burrowed underground while Nathaniel took out three Luxio with Wide Slash. The remaining five hit him with Spark and paralyzed him. Nathaniel ate a Heal Seed and his teammates leaped out from underground and took out two more of the Luxio. Luxray reached Nathaniel and hit him with Thunder, paralyzing him again. Used Dig again and Chimchar blasted Luxray with Flamethrower. Luxray hit Nathaniel with Thunder again and was hit in turn by bot a Dig and a Flamethrower. Luxray fell and Nathaniel, sured of his paralysis, KO’ed the two remaining Luxio with Bone Rush. There were nine flashes of light and all of the fallen Electric pokemon got back up.

“Heheheh.” Luxray chuckled. “You can’t beat us that easily! RROOOOAAAARRR!”
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Luxray and all eight of the Luxio leaped back and fired Charge Beam directly at Nathaniel. There was an explosion and when the smoke cleared, Duskinoir was standing in front of Nathaniel with his arms opened wide. Luxray stared at him first with shock and then with anger. Duskinoir stared him down and then spoke.

“They are not here to intrude upon your territory Luxray.” He said. “They are here simply to retrieve something that has been stolen and placed in this area. There was no need to fight and it can be stopped now.”

Luxray thought for a moment and then said, “Very well. If they leave quickly, there will be no further battle. Come Thunder Clan! Let us leave them to their search.”

Luxray left with the eight Luxio and Nathaniel turned to Duskinoir. Both of their faces were expressionless as they both attempted to study each other. Chimchar and Satoshi were openly admiring however.

“Thanks for the save Duskinoir!” They said excitedly.

“You’re quite welcome!” Duskinoir replied smiling. “The nomadic Thunder Clan settle here at this time of year and when I heard you came here, I rushed to help. That was a devious trap I must say.”

“Why don’t you come out from hiding Team Skull?” Nathaniel growled. “I saw you when I saw Thunder Clan sneaking up on us. I wonder how you evaded Luxray’s X-Ray vision though.”

“We had Invisify Orbs.” Skuntank chuckled as he stepped out from behind the boulder he was hiding behind. “Looks like that plan for revenge failed. Let’s book it boys!”

Skuntank and his cronies sped past Team Libra and Duskinoir faster than they could react. Nathaniel was about to give chase when Duskinoir put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. Nathaniel looked at the fleeing Team Skull and then laughed out loud when he saw they were now being pursued by Thunder Clan.

“Hey Nathaniel!” Satoshi shouted from the other end of the clearing. “Do you think this is the Water Float?”

Nathaniel and Duskinoir walked over to Satoshi and Chimchar and saw that the object they had found was indeed the Water Float that Marill and Azurill had been looking for. Nathaniel smiled and then smirked at Duskinoir before raising his badge into the air and leaving the dungeon with his team. When he found himself in the center of town, he began to walk over to the Kecleon Store. He heard something behind him and saw Duskinoir appear in a flash of light.

“I don’t need a badge to get out of a dungeon Nathaniel.” Duskinoir laughed. “An Escape Orb gets the job done just fine.”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and continued on to the Kecleon store. He found Marill and Azurill there and handed them the Water Float. Azurill immediately jumped into Nathaniel’s arms and managed to convey a tight hug without arms.

“You’re quite welcome kiddo.” Nathaniel said returning the hug.

“Oh great!” Azurill said frowning suddenly. “Now I feel guilty again about having no reward for you.”

“No reward necessary!” Nathaniel laughed. “I got to see Team Skull chased by a bunch of angry electric pokemon so that was reward enough.”

“Thank you again Nathaniel.” Marill said. “We have to get going now though. Come on Azurill.”

“Thank you again mister Nathaniel!” Azurill called over his shoulder as the two left.

Nathaniel smiled and then turned when Kecleon tapped him on the shoulder.

“I must insist on rewarding you with something.” Kecleon said. “My brother went on a little trip today with a few of my dungeon workers to Apple Woods. We’ve got a whole bushel of perfect apples that I’d like you to take to your guild at no charge.”

“Thank you very much Kecleon!” Nathaniel said smiling. “Wigglytuff is going to have an absolute fit when he sees all of them!”

“So have you checked Chimchar yet?” Kecleon asked.

“I intend to check my team tonight to see how well they are healing.” Nathaniel said looking to his team, only to see they weren’t there. “I wonder where they went.”

“I think I saw them walking to the beach with Duskinoir as you walked up.” Kecleon said.

Nathaniel growled quietly in his chest. Duskinoir may have protected him from Thunder Clan’s group attack, but something about him still unsettled Nathaniel. Nathaniel said his goodbye to Kecleon after grabbing the apples. He walked back to the guild and past Chatot, who had a look of absolute awe on his face. He set the bushel in the supply closet and then walked back to his room. He donned a diaper and then began to meditate. His past flew by although he saw something new, a clear battle against a Groudon. He then saw something that set his heart pounding. The Grovyle that had been stealing the Time Gears was standing in front of Uxie! The Groudon that normally protected Uxie was incapacitated and Uxie’s strength was failing. Grovyle dove into the lake and grabbed the third Time Gear Nathaniel witnessed him stealing. Grovyle and his group managed to escape again and so did Uxie fortunately, but he was clearly hurt.

Nathaniel leaped to his feet and ripped off the wet diaper he was wearing. He ran out of the guild past Chatot before he could speak and even past his own teammates. He ran out of town and tried to think of what time it was when the Time Gear was stolen. He had just reached the entrance to Craggy Coast when he found Uxie and realized it had happened hours ago. Uxie had collapsed in exhaustion so Nathaniel cradled Uxie in his arms and ran back to Treasure Town. When he reached the guild he shouted for Oran Berries as he ran into the guildmaster’s room and placed the unconscious Uxie on Wigglytuff’s bed.

“What happened to him?” Chatot asked worriedly.

“He battled the one who’s been stealing the Time Gears.” Nathaniel said sadly.

“That would be Grovyle would it not?” Duskinoir asked as he came in with a handful of Oran Berries.

“How do you know that?” Nathaniel asked suspiciously. “You’ve been hiding something ever since you came here Duskinoir. Spill it!”

“I know because I’m here for him.” Duskinoir said. “I regret to say that I have been hiding something, just as you have hidden something from me. You know Uxie who comes from the Fogbound Lake and guards one of the Time Gears.”

“We swore not to tell Duskinoir.” Wigglytuff said frowning.

“I know.” Duskinoir sighed. “I would have expected no less. What I’ve been hiding is the fact that Grovyle and I come from the same place. We both come from the future. He and four others planned in the future to steal the Time Gears. They fled into the past to steal them and I followed to stop them. I didn’t want to reveal that in case I changed the future, especially if it resulted in what will happen if all of the Time Gears are stolen.”

“Then there’s nothing to forgive on either side of us.” Wigglytuff said happily. “But what will happen if Grovyle steals all of the Time Gears?”

“Darkness will happen.” Duskinoir said. “Time will stop and then so many things that we take for granted will as well. The sun will never rise. Rivers will stop flowing. Wind will cease to blow. Seasons will not change. Rain will not fall. It will be an endless night that could corrupt the kindest of pokemon.”

“That’s terrible!” Chatot squawked. “We msut assemble the guild and all teams willing to help. Grovyle must be stopped!”

“I can help.” Uxie whispered weakly.

“Relax Uxie.” Nathaniel said gently grabbing his hand. “You need to restore your strength first.”

“I can’t help physically but I’ve telepathically told my fellow guardians to be extra vigilant.” Uxie said before falling back to sleep.

“I wonder who those fellow guardians are.” Nathaniel said. “We should go and find them so we can help defend them.”

“Agreed!” Chatot said. “Tomorrow we will send out the guild to look for the other guardians while we ask all other teams to search for Grovyle.”

“Leave Grovyle to me.” Duskinoir said. “He’ll be trouble for even that Gold Rank Team ADW I met today.”

“And we have no way of locating Team Charm or Raider unfortunately.” Chatot said. “We’ll watch Uxie Nathaniel. You go and rest with your team. I’d like you to go to the Norther Desert to see if there is a guardian there.”

Nathaniel nodded and left the room to find the guild assembled outside the room. He was bombarded by several questions that he couldn’t answer fast enough so he gave out a shrill whistle that brought on silence faster than Team Skull when they ran from Thunder Clan.

“I’ll explain at dinner if Chatot is not out by that time.” Nathaniel said.

“By the way, it’s ready.” Chimecho said.

Everyone filed in and waited at their seats. Nathaniel decided to eat first and the rest of the guild ate their dinners quickly. When Nathaniel had finished, he stood up and saw Chatot still hadn’t joined them. He sighed and then turned to the waiting guild.

“As you all clearly saw, Uxie has been hurt.” Nathaniel said. “His Time Gear has been stolen by a Grovyle that we now know is from the future just as Duskinoir is. DON’T INTERUPT!” he said raising a hand as the guild started to speak up. “I’m not sure of the details myself and won’t go into the details of what happens if Grovyle steals all of the Time Gears but it will be really bad. We are therefore going to try and locate the other Time Gears tomorrow and help protect them. That is all I know. I therefore suggest that you go and get some rest for tomorrow because I’m not in the mood right now for any questioning.”

Nathaniel backflipped over his chairand left the room before anyone could question him and walked to his room. He turned when he heard Satoshi and Chimchar peek into the room nervously. Nathaniel sighed and then smiled comfortingly at them.

“I won’t bite guys.” Nathaniel laughed. “I was just upset about Uxie being hurt.”

“Would you mind answering just a couple questions?” Satoshi asked coming in.

“From my team, yes.” Nathaniel said pulling Satoshi into a hug to reassure him.

“Why does it seem like you don’t trust Duskinoir?” Satoshi asked.

“He just gives me a weird feeling.” Nathaniel sighed. “And now he’s dropped a bombshell like this. I’m not sure I can trust him after that. Where did you go with him anyway?”

“Down to where I found Satoshi.” Chimchar said joining in the hug. “We told him Satoshi’s story so far and he says he’ll help Satoshi if he can. He even told us a bit about Satoshi’s power. It’s called Dimension Scream. It allows him to see and hear across space and time.”

“Interesting.” Nathaniel said. “So what was your other question?”

“Do you know where we’re going tomorrow?” Satoshi asked.

“To the Northern Desert.” Nathaniel answered before he collapsed back into the nest in exhaustion and fell asleep with his team in his arms.
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Chapter 8 The Time Gears and Grovyle’s Team

Nathaniel woke up early that morning. He had a mental debate as to whether he should meditate or wake up his team and get an early start. He decided instead to meditate and see if he could see Grovyle and possibly his next destination. He found his meditative state hard to reach but eventually got there and saw Grovyle immediately. He was standing over a map with the other three and pointing at one part of it. The Umbreon looked up suddenly and Nathaniel felt himself snap out of his meditative state. Nathaniel found he hadn’t been meditating long enough to wet himself but he was still damp with sweat. Despite feeling refreshed from meditating, Nathaniel felt as if he’d really exerted himself. He woke up his teammates when he felt his heart get back under control and got them ready. He then told them what he saw and Chimchar pulled out the team’s map. Nathaniel then recognized where Grovyle had been pointing to. They were heading for the Northern Desert!

“Let’s go guys!” Nathaniel said. “We’ve got to get there before they do!”

Nathaniel rushed out of the guild, running over Loudred in the process, and headed for the Northern Desert with his team right on his heels. They didn’t see any signs of Grovyle or his group when they got there so they went straight in. Inside the dungeon, Nathaniel took the lead because the dungeon was filled with Ground Pokemon. Nathaniel put his Ice Punch to good use with an occasional Fighting attack thrown at the Rock pokemon. Eventually they reached the end of the Northern Desert and all they saw was a large patch of quicksand. Nathaniel looked around in confusion and groaned.

“Looks like we came all this way for nothing.” Nathaniel sighed. “Grovyle must have been wrong.”

“Maybe not.” Satoshi said.

“Did you have another vision?” Nathaniel asked.

“No I didn’t.” Satoshi answered. “But I’m getting the same feeling I had back at Fogbound Lake.”

“You know what?” Chimchar asked. “I think he’s on to something. Let’s think about this. Fogbound Lake had the fog to hide it. Maybe the other guardian had something else.”

“I’d think an unending sandstorm but the weather is clear.” Nathaniel said. “The only other thing would be… THE QUICKSAND! That’s not really quicksand! It’s a sinkhole! Most likely to an underground cave with its own lake!”

“Are you sure?” Chimchar asked nervously.

“Positive!” Nathaniel replied. “Let’s jump in together and if it doesn’t get us to a cave and really is quicksand, all we have to do is use the badge to escape.”

Satoshi nodded and jumped onto Nathaniel’s shoulder with Chimchar. CHimchar clenched his eyes shut and Nathaniel leaped into the center of the quicksand. He watched as the sand covered his paws and slowly began to rise. He held his head into the air and grabbed hold of the exploration team badge just in case as the sand reched his neck and began to engulf his now slightly panicking teammates. He held his breath just before the sand closed over them all and waited as he felt himself sinking further. Finally he felt himself falling quickly and he landed in a pile of loosely packed sand. He looked around and saw his teammates crawling out of the pile. He laughed as he saw them get up and began shaking themselves to get as much sand out of their diapers as they could. Nathaniel laughed even more when he took their diapers off and he found that some of the sand had turned into mud. He cleaned them up as best he could and then rediapered them. They still had plenty of sand in their fur and he saw that he was almost gray with the amount of sand he had in his fur. Then he got serious and looked at Satoshi.

“How’s that feeling?” Nathaniel asked.

“Even stronger now!” Satoshi said.

“Then let’s go!” Nathaniel said.

They rushed through the cave and fought off even more Ground and Rock pokemon. The team had to wade through several sandstorms along the way thanks to the Tyranitar that showed up on several of the floors. Eventually, they reached a Kangaskhan statue and Nathaniel had to change his team’s sandy diapers again. When he was done he made a mental note to get them washed off at the next opportunity. They continued further into the cave and had to fight off even more Tyranitar. It was fortunate that Nathaniel knew so many Fighting attacks because they were exceedingly effective against the Dark and Rock Tyranitar. There were a few Ninjask flying around as well that Satoshi handled. Finally they reached the bottom of the cave and saw a familiar glow at the center of the lake that was there. They began walking to the water when something shot out of the lake and stayed floating right in front of them. It was the being of emotion Mesprit. And she was currently exhibiting one very powerful emotion, rage. Nathaniel knew there would be no reasoning with Mesprit and attacked. He hit Mesprit with Dark Pulse and his team followed his lead by hitting Mesprit with a Shock Wave and a Flamethrower. Mesprit sent them all flying backwards with Psychic and Nathaniel got a sense of dejavu. Nathaniel fired an Aura Sphere while his team ran forward. Mesprit blocked the Aura Sphere with Protect and then KO’ed both Chimchar and Satoshi with a Psychic that sent them into opposite walls of the cave. Nathaniel used Agility several times in a row and was in front of Mesprit faster than she could blink. Nathaniel then chomped down on Mesprit with Crunch and finished the battle with Dragon Pulse. Mesprit went limp in his jaws and then Satoshi and Chimchar limped to Nathaniel slowly. Nathaniel smiled at them until he felt something hit his back. He couldn’t move a muscle and saw Grovyle walk around him. Satoshi and Chimchar tried to stop him from reaching the lake, but were to weak and Grovyle just shoved them aside. Nathaniel broke free of his petrification caused by a Stun Seed just as Grovyle leaped out into the water. Nathaniel knew he could reach Grovyle in time but decided to make sure he wouldn’t make it out in time. Nathaniel swung around to see Grovyle’s group and hit them all with Aura Sphere. Nathaniel looked back when he felt the ground shaking and saw a wall or freezing time rushing towards him. He growled in frustration and raised his badge to escape from the dungeon with his team and Mesprit.

“I’m sorry I attacked you.” Mesprit said weakly after se had been told of the events. “I thought you were the ones Uxie warned me about.”

“It’s only a logical assumption.” Nathaniel said. “I’m just sorry I couldn’t stop Grovyle from getting that Time Gear.”

“This means there’s only one left.” Duskinoir said. “We have to find that last one. I’d be willing to bet that Azelf is guarding the last one.”

Satoshi banged through the guildmaster’s door suddenly in a big hurry.

“I just used the Dimension Scream on something Bidoof found in the Crystal Cave!” he panted. “Grovyle was attacking a pokemon that refused to let him get the Time Gear! I don’t know if it was past, present or future but it doesn’t matter. We need to go now!”

“We’ll get going at once.” Nathaniel said.

After a trek through the Crystal Cave, Team Libra arrived at a room with three crystals that looked more like obelisks standing in a perfect triangle. One was orange, another was red, and the last was green. Nathaniel looked at Satoshi and saw a weird look on his face.

“What’s up buddy?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’m getting that feeling that I’ve been here before again.” Satoshi answered.

“So that must mean we’re in the right place.” Nathaniel said thoughtfully. “You had that feeling at both other places with the Time Gears. There was something protecting each place. The fog and the quicksand. Now it looks like these crystals are the guardians.”

Satoshi walked up to the green one and touched it. It turned blue and Satoshi got his dizzy look again, signaling a Dimensional Scream. Nathaniel caught him when he stumbled backward and looked at him worriedly.

“Are you okay?” Nathaniel asked.

“I heard a familiar voice telling me how to get through this.” Satoshi said. “I’ll be fine but turn the other crystals blue. Grovyle is probably already inside.”

Chimchar ran up to the other crystals and touched them a few times each until they both were blue. When all three were blue, they glowed briefly before flashing and a bolt of energy shot from the tips of each and collided into a ball of energy in the center. Nathaniel grabbed Chimchar and pulled him away and then turned to watch. There was another bright flash and then a mound of crystals appeared in the center of the three with a tunnel in the center of them. He turned to his team and nodded before they walked inside.

They found themselves in another dungeon and right in the middle of a monster house. There were several Glalie, Absol and Floatzel all staring at the team angrily. Nathaniel focused and he and his team started to vibrate faster and faster until Nathaniel cupped his hands together and flung the glowing sphere that formed at the Absol that was standing directly in front of him. The Absol disappeared as the Aura Sphere struck. Satoshi gathered electricity and launched a new attack four times in a row thanks to Nathaniel having used Agility three times and then filled the room with electricity with Discharge. Only one Glalie was left standing and so Chimchar was in front of it in a blink of an eye and rolled at the Glalie as flames erupted around him, making the Glalie disappear when the Flame Wheel struck.

They continued through and fought off several other pokemon as they did. Nathaniel looked around when they entered a large cavern and saw a glow at the center of a lake. Nathaniel sighed with relief that the Time Gear hadn’t been stolen yet, until he saw two figures battling on the shore. Nathaniel scooped up his team and his form blurred as he ran with Extremespeed until they reached the two. Nathaniel saw Grovyle standing over the defeated Azelf, or so he thought.

“You’ll never have the Time Gear.” Azelf said with his voice growing in strength. “NEVER!”

As Azelf shouted, spiked crystals began shooting up everywhere and Nathaniel smirked with satisfaction as he saw that it would be impossible to reach the Time Gear now. Grovyle growled angrily and turned to Azelf. The leaves on Grovyle’s arms began to glow, combine, lengthen and curve, readying the attack Leaf Blade. He held the attack at the ready above Azelf and sighed.

“I’d rather not have to do this since you may not survive afterward.” Grovyle said. “But if I have to, I will be merciless and attack you to lower these crystals. I will go all the way if necessary.”

“You won’t get the chance!” Satoshi yelled as he charged electricity and fired it as Shock Wave.

Grovyle slashed through the attack with his Leaf Blade and said, “Stay out of this! I have no quarrel with you!”

“You’re stealing the Time Gears and threatening the world!” Chimchar growled as he shot at Grovyle with an unsuccessful Flamethrower. “It’s our job to protect all in this world and so we do have a quarrel!”

“I can see there can be no talking to you.” Grovyle sighed. “I guess I’ll take this opportunity to avenge my comrades since because of your friend, they were trapped in time right on the edge of the desert.”

Grovyle ran at Team Libra and tossed two seeds. Chimchar fell asleep from the Sleep Seed and Satoshi froze as when the Stun Seed hit him. Nathaniel leaped forward and swung his foot around with a Blaze Kick, only to hit empty air. Nathaniel jumped into the air again as Grovyle attacked from underground using Dig. Nathaniel came down with his foot again as he finished the High Jump Kick and caught Grovyle in the gut with the attack. Nathaniel blocked Grovyle’s next Leaf Blade by turning one of the spikes on his hands into three slightly curved blades, forming the attack Metal Claw. Nathaniel didn’t even try to block the next Leaf Blade from Grovyle’s other arm in order to take advantage of the opening and hit Grovyle with Ice Punch. Grovyle froze solid and was then defrosted when a Fire Punch from behind KO’ed him. Nathaniel looked up in surprise and saw a smiling Duskinoir fading into clarity.

“I thought you might need some help.” Duskinoir laughed. “I guess you didn’t need much, even though I said I should handle Grovyle.”

Nathaniel kicked an orb out of Grovyle’s hands before he could use it and Grovyle groaned before collapsing completely. Nathaniel picked up Grovyle and slung him over his shoulders before hearing Grovyle mutter in his sleep. Nathaniel barely made it out and his blood ran cold. He handed Grovyle to Duskinoir and then picked up his own teammates. He looked to Azelf and saw him nod his thanks. Nathaniel set a few Oran Berries he’d found in the dungeon down next to Azelf and then escaped from the dungeon with a troubled mind.
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Chapter 9 The Time of Darkness

Nathaniel tossed and turned that night. He couldn’t get Grovyle’s words out of his mind. He barely heard them and couldn’t even remember most of what was said, but the feeling they left was still with him. Nathaniel finally sat up and tried to meditate. He couldn’t get into his relaxed state and then sighed. He needed answers. He looked at his team and left the toolbox and the exploration team badge behind with a note before he snuck quietly out of the room.


Satoshi groaned after he hit the nest from the three foot drop his jump had caused. He looked around when he felt something different. Nathaniel was nowhere to be seen! Chimchar noticed as well and looked at Satoshi questioningly.

“I wonder where he went.” Chimchar said.

“Doesn’t matter at the moment.” Satoshi said. “Let’s get ready without him.”

Satoshi and Chimchar changed each other and then picked up the toolbox. Satoshi grabbed the note that was on top of it and read, “Guys, I fell troubled about something and cannot meditate. I need to find answers elsewhere. Go about the day as you normally would and tell Chatot I’ll speak with him if he has anything to say about my leaving. Nathaniel”

“I wonder what was troubling him so much that he couldn’t tell us.” Satoshi said feeling a little hurt.

“Let’s obey orders I guess and go about our day.” Chimchar sighed unhappily.

They got out to find Chatot waiting for them. Chatot looked around for Nathaniel in confusion so Satoshi and Chimchar explained the note they’d found.

“How unfortunate.” Chatot sighed. “I’ll speak with him when he returns then. Anyway, you’ll all be happy to know that the Time Gears have been returned to their places and time will soon return to normal in those areas. The ringleader of the thieves that stole the time gears has been captured thanks to the brave efforts of Team Libra and Duskinoir. Duskinoir has asked that we all meet in the town square today because he is returning to his own time with Grovyle. The time is fast approaching so we should all leave now if you please.”

The guild saluted and then made their way out into town. At the center of town, they found a swirling disk floating in midair. There were a few Sableye keeping some of the townsfolk from getting too close to it. Satoshi stood next to Chimchar and looked around until he saw Grovyle being led, bound and gagged, by two Sableye towards what Satoshi assumed to be a portal to Duskinoir’s time. Duskinoir was following Grovyle and turned to face the crowds when they got in front of the portal.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must now wish you all goodbye.” Duskinoir said. “I thank all of you for your help in this matter and can rest easy knowing that the future Grovyle had been trying to bring about has been stopped. I will now return to my own time with Grovyle so he may face trial for his crimes.”

The Sableye shoved a struggling Grovyle through the portal and the other four Sableye followed with the portal fluctuating for each of them as they passed through. Duskinoir turned to Satoshi and Chimchar and smiled. He beckoned them to come closer and they did wondering what last piece of wisdom he was about to impart to them was. Suddenly, Duskinoir grabbed hold of them both and leaped backwards through the portal and the shocked townsfolk watched in shock as it fluctuated a few times before it collapsed and disappeared.

Duskinoir walked across the ruins of a high tower. A pair of glowing red eyes opened to greet him.

“Grovyle has been captured and waits in the dungeons below, along with two others.”

“GRRRRR!” was the response.

“As you wish my lord.” Duskinoir said.

“Satoshi wake up!” Chimchar’s voice said worriedly.

“What happened Chimchar?” Satoshi asked groggily.

“Duskinoir grabbed us and now we’re here. Wherever here is.”

“We’re tied up here to be executed.” An unfortunately familiar voice said.

Satoshi opened his eyes and almost fainted from sensory overload. He was tied to a stone pillar by several strong ropes in between two other pillars, each holding a tied up Chimchar and Grovyle. It was Grovyle who’d spoken.

“What do you mean executed?” Chimchar asked. “You’re the one who was stealing the Time Gears! We did nothing wrong!”

Grovyle shook his head despairingly. A door opened up and in came six Sableye followed by Duskinoir. Chimchar looked up hopefully when Duskinoir walked in.

“You are all here to be executed for conspiracy against, or for being accomplice to said conspiracy, the continued existence of the Lord Dialga.” Duskinoir said wickedly. “Your execution is to be held immediately. You may scream as much as you like.”

As the Sableye advanced slowly with there claws bared, Grovyle whispered to Satoshi and Chimchar, “We can get out of this. If their claws weaken the ropes, we can attack when they are weak enough and then escape.”

Satoshi hated the thought of working with Grovyle, but nodded as little as he could so as not to alert the Sableye to a plan. Chimchar did as well and they braced themselves as the Sableye got close enough and began to furiously claw at them. As Grovyle planned, the sharp claws weakened the ropes and the trio burst from their bonds and knocked the Sableye backward. Grovyle quickly pulled out an unseen orb and a blinding light filled the area. When the ghost pokemon could see again, all three of the former prisoners had vanished.

“FIND THEM YOU FOOLS!” Duskinoir shouted.

They all rushed out of the only exit to the room and left the area clear. Grovyle came up from underground with Satoshi and Chimchar. Grovyle signaled for them to follow him and despite their misgivings, Chimchar and Satoshi followed. They came out of a ruined looking tower to a horrible sight. Satoshi knew that somehow, the dark future Duskinoir had foretold would happen if the Time Gears were stolen had happened all the same. Grovyle sighed and then began walking away.

“Wait a second Grovyle!” Satoshi said irritatedly. “I want some answers.”

“Fine but keep moving.” Grovyle snapped. “I can see you want to return to your own time as well so follow me. We need to get away from our pursuers first.”

As they ran after Grovyle, Satoshi asked what questions he could between panted breaths.

“Why is this time like this? I thought if the Time Gears were returned the future wouldn’t be like this.”

“It is true that stealing the Time Gears would eventually result in this endless time of darkness.” Grovyle said. “But this was not caused by the Time Gears being stolen. Sometime in the near future from your time, a place known as the Temporal Tower will collapse. Dialga, the governor of time, live at the Temporal Tower and uses it to keep time flowing. With its collapse, Dialga lost control of time, and it stopped completely to cause this. The reason I came to your past with my friends was to take the Time Gears and place them in the Temporal Tower to stop it from collapsing. Time in the areas the Time Gears were taken from would then proceed to flow again.”

“Why didn’t you ask for help then?” Satoshi asked.

“Would anyone have believed me?” Grovyle asked back.

“Of course not!” Chimchar answered. “I’m not even sure I believe it.”

“I think I do.” Satoshi sighed.

“WHAT?” Chimchar yelped.

“It makes sense given the evidence.” Satoshi answered. “If the Time Gears were indeed returned and this still happened, then that could be the only explanation. I think if Grovyle can get us home Chimchar, then we should help him.”

“Fine!” Chimchar huffed. “But if I get the feeling that you are wrong or really are just a crook Grovyle, then I will stop you.”

“Good luck with that!” Grovyle laughed. “You can help I guess since now I’m short a team, but don’t hold me back or you’ll be left behind. I have a world to save after all.”

They wander first through some ruins when they heard the sounds of the Sableye following them. It turned out to be a mystery dungeon that Satoshi felt would work to lose them for sure. What he hadn’t counted on was the surprise that waited for them at the end. Grovyle was suddenly enveloped by a purple mist with green lights floating around in it. A similar looking substance sprang up from a nearby rock and a face formed in the mist. It was a Spirtomb! It laughed maliciously before firing a tangled beam of purple rings from its mouth at Satoshi, using the attack Dark Pulse. Satoshi jumped over the attack and then his form and Chimchar’s began to blur as he used Agility not once, but three times! Satoshi then gathered a large amount of electricity in his body and let it all loose as he used Discharge. Spirtomb was paralyzed by the attack and helpless to dodge the four Flamethrowers that struck him almost simultaneously. The mist shrank back into the rock and disappeared from around Grovyle. The rock gave a terrified squeak and then bounced away very quickly.

“That’s what has happened too many of the good pokemon that used to live in this world.” Grovyle sighed. “There’s just a feeling of despair and evil surrounding the world now that time has stopped that drives even some of the purest of heart to the state Spirtomb is in. That’s what I want to stop, no matter the cost.”

Satoshi now felt a new respect for Grovyle and his cause. He still didn’t trust Grovyle completely but he was willing to work with him if it would stop the horror that was this time. They continued onward and Chimchar finally spoke up again when they got to a forest.

“So how are we going to get back to the past exactly Grovyle?” He asked.

“We’re going to find a friend of mine.” Grovyle answered. “Her name is Celebi. She’s a pokemon who has the ability to travel through time. She’s a little weird but she share’s my goal and resolve. She can help us get back.”

“I sure can!” a happy voice piped up.

There was a small flash of light and a pink Celebi appeared in their midst.

“It’s unfortunately good to see you again Grovyle.” Celebi said hugging him. “I take it the quest didn’t go too well. Where are the other four you were traveling with?”

“One was lost as we went through the passage of time.” Grovyle sighed unhappily. “The other three were frozen in time when the leader of these two attacked us in the Quicksand Cave. We need to use the passage of time again Celebi.”

“Of course Grovyle!” Celebi said cheerily. I’ll come with this time to help.”

“Thanks Celebi.” Grovyle said. “You can let go of me now.”

Celebi jumped away from Grovyle blushing. Satoshi looked at Chimchar and laughed. Grovyle looked at them confusedly and then shrugged. Satoshi and Chimchar laughed even more at that and followed Grovyle and Celebi into the forest. Satoshi groaned in annoyance when it proved to be yet another Mystery Dungeon. Right away a Vulpix charged at Grovyle and Celebi. It opened its mouth and let loose a jet of flames at Celebi in a Flamethrower attack. Satoshi charged at it using Shock Wave, but the attack shot off in another direction. The attack was drawn to a Rhydon due to its Lightningrod ability. Celebi used Recover to restore her lost health while Grovyle charged at Rhydon with the leaves on his arms glowing. Chimchar ran at the Vulpix, who had just hit Satoshi with Confuse Ray. Chimchar was hit with Confuse Ray as well just as Grovyle brought down the Rhydon with a single Leaf Blade. Celebi saw Satoshi and Chimchar were in trouble and let out a soothing noise in Heal Bell. Satoshi and Chimchar immediately felt their minds clear and attacked the Vulpix together. The Vulpix vanished and the four pokemon sighed with relief. They continued deeper and deeper into the forest until they finally reached a rocky clearing. Satoshi saw at the end of it, a set of arches made of a glowing blue light. The air rippled underneath it and somehow, Satoshi felt that the sight was familiar. Celebi nodded to all three of them and the group walked forward. When they reached the middle of the clearing, they were quickly surrounded by the six Sableye. Duskinoir floated down in between them and the arches with a wicked smile on his face.

“Stand strong guys, we can bet them.” Satoshi said.

“You think so do you?” Duskinoir chuckled. “Take a look up there!”

The group followed where Duskinoir was pointing. At the top of a cliff, was Dialga! Only he didn’t look like Dialga. His gem and the lines on his body were a flaming red just like his eyes. The portions of his body which should have been blue were a dark blue almost approaching black in color and the metallic portions were a dark, dull gray. Grovyle groaned and shook his head.

“It’s all over now.” He said.

“Oh dear Grovyle, no!” Celebi cried.

“Duskinoir would have been hard enough to beat.” Grovyle sighed. “But with Primal Dialga here as well, we’re outmatched. But at least there is one ray of hope left. The last partner who was lost in our first crossing. He’s still out there somewhere and will make sure the mission is complete.”

“I don’t think so Grovyle.” Duskinoir laughed. “Why don’t you tell us who that last partner is exactly?”

“He’s a human with the power of Dimensional Scream.” Grovyle said with increasing bravery. “His name is Satoshi.”

Satoshi stood there in shock. Chimchar dropped his jaw and looked at Satoshi and then to Grovyle. Celebi saw the expression on their faces and got a worried look.

“But that’s my name.” Satoshi said barely above a whisper. “I have the ability to use Dimensional Scream. I know I used to be human. That must mean that’s me.”

“That’s right Satoshi.” Duskinoir laughed when he saw the hope slip from Grovyle’s face. “There’s nobody left to complete your task Grovyle. My lord Dialga’s existence will be maintained and this dark time will last forever!”

“Not if we can help it.” Chimchar said determinedly. “We can still do this guys. We don’t have to win. All we have to do is break through and get to the passage.”

“I don’t see how you’ll manage to do that!” Duskinoir laughed.

“That’s because you’re a one-eyed idiot!” a voice said from behind the group as a Shadow Ball flew through the air and slammed Duskinoir into the ground as a simultaneously launched Aura Sphere hit Dialga. A flurry of seeds flew through the air next and all eight of the menacing pokemon found themselves unable to move. Satoshi turned around and saw someone he was beginning to doubt he would see again. Nathaniel stood there smiling with three others behind him. Grovyle’s teammates, Quilava, Umbreon, and Bayleef were smiling as well. Satoshi and Chimchar ran through the Sableye and leaped into Nathaniel’s outstretched arms. Nathaniel hugged them to him as tightly as he could and let a few tears fall with the joy of being reunite with them once more. The Umbreon nudged Nathaniel and he nodded before pulling out a cluster of seeds tied together with a string. Nathaniel ran and leaped over the group of Sableye and stopped only once to kick some dirt contemptuously on Duskinoir before walking over to the Passage of Time. Celebi came up with Grovyle and the other three and Nathaniel set the seeds at the base of the arches. Celebi went into the arches to direct to passage and the others followed. Quilava lit the string of seeds before he went in and Nathaniel smiled once more at his teammates before he jumped into the Passage of Time with them. Duskinoir was just beginning to move again when the flames from the string reached the cluster of seeds and exploded the forty some Blast Seeds. Duskinoir, when he could see again, saw only a floating spark in the air where once there was the Passage of Time.
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Chapter 10 The Return and Explanations

When Satoshi opened his eyes, he found himself on the beach he met Chimchar on. He was still in Nathaniel’s arms and he sighed happily before falling asleep from exhaustion. Nathaniel looked down at the Pikachu and smiled. He looked at Chimchar and saw he was sleeping as well. He turned to the other five Pokémon that were standing around and motioned for them to follow him. Umbreon, Quilava, Bayleef and Grovyle used an Invisify Orb when Nathaniel went into town but they may not have needed to. Everyone in town was fast asleep. Nathaniel led them to Sharpedo bluff and set up a few nests for everyone to rest in. The five of them sat down in the nests and Nathaniel set his teammates down in a larger nest he’d made for them. They woke up and sat up as well.

“Glad to have you two back.” Nathaniel said almost crying.

“How did you get to us?” Satoshi asked. “I thought you left for some answers.”

“I did.” Nathaniel answered. “I went to the Northern Desert and found these three. Once I got them out of the desert, they began to move with time again and I told them I needed some answers. I found out exactly why Grovyle said he had to stop Duskinoir and I rushed back to town with them and we all watched with an Invisify Orb. When we saw Duskinoir had already take Grovyle back, we were just about ready to go and complete his task without him. But then something else happened. Duskinoir grabbed you two as well and all four of us decided to go and rescue our teammates.”

“Did you just say ‘our teammates’?” Chimchar asked confused.

“Yes I did because these are the three teammates that disappeared with me long ago.” Nathaniel answered happily. “The Quilava was the Cyndaquil who woke me up just as Chimchar woke you up Satoshi. The Bayleef was the friend of Cyndaquil and the first Pokémon we recruited for our team. And the Umbreon was the Eevee named Anthony. My friend through thick and thin no matter the adventure. Team Libra is back together again and better than ever with our two newest members. It would honor me to no end by the way if two others present would join us.”

“I don’t think so.” Grovyle sighed. “I don’t think it would be the best idea.”

“Why not?” Satoshi asked.

“I’m sorry my friend but I’d rather not say at the moment.” Grovyle said.

“So how exactly did you two meet Grovyle?” Nathaniel asked.

“I found him one day as a human in that dark future.” Grovyle answered. “I was struggling with the dark feelings that the future instilled in many. When I met him though, I felt all of the dark thoughts that were trying to ensnare me into evil suddenly vanish. We eventually met your teammates who were minus some of their memory. Satoshi was also minus his own memory before he came to that dark future. They hatched a plan with me to try and find a way to bring light back to the world and set time flowing again. They remembered they got there with the help of a Celebi and that’s when we decided to go and seek our friend here.”

“I told them what had happened since my own connection with time allowed me to know what had occurred.” Celebi said. “I myself hadn’t tried to stop it because I too was struggling with the dark. Satoshi cured me of that. I told them of a way to stop it by restoring the tower with the Time Gears. They sought out each and every place the Time Gears were located at and with Satoshi’s Dimension Scream, they knew how to reach them. When they had accomplished that, I led them to the Passage of Time and sent them back to repair the tower.”

“Two questions.” Nathaniel interrupted. “One, how does Duskinoir come into this? And two, how were you guys separated?”

“Duskinoir was after us almost as soon as I found Satoshi.” Grovyle answered. “It seems Dialga still could sense distortions in time and knew that Satoshi could stop his existence so he sent Duskinoir to stop us. Duskinoir almost had us once. It was your team who saved us and then pledged themselves to our cause. As for how we were separated, it happened just before we left the passage of time. Satoshi leaped at me for some reason and then he disappeared. I can only assume that’s when he lost his memory.”

“Would you happen to know why my memory and my teammates’ were damaged Celebi?” Nathaniel asked.

“I think it must have been because of how far into the future you leaped.” Celebi answered. “The Passage of Time has a habit of dumping others in places they don’t expect if they don’t have someone who can direct the passage.”

“So how did I end up here and my team in the future when I went in after them?” Nathaniel asked.

“The passage doesn’t run straight through the river of time.” Celebi answered. “It snakes and weaves its way through it. You just entered at the right moment to end up here while they went a ways into the future.”

“So my own team who went in after me may have ended up anywhere else in the time stream?” Nathaniel asked sadly.

“I’m afraid so.” Celebi sighed. “I told them it was risky to use the passage and that they may end up even further away from you.”

“Wait a minute!” Nathaniel cried. “You’re the Celebi who sent me here?”

“I remember it now yes.” Celebi said. “Before you ask, no I don’t remember much of the rest of the team. I can only remember the Ninetales you asked me to give the badge to. It was so long ago Nathaniel that I can’t remember much at all from that time. I cut myself off from most of the world after the rest of the team left.”

Nathaniel groaned. He was starting to get a headache from all the talk of time travel. He started to think about the next move the group should make. He figured that they should get the Time Gears once again first of all, but he realized they may not have enough time to get them all. There were more of them now to do it but they still needed help.

“I’ve got it!” Nathaniel shouted jumping to his feet. “I know what we need to do now. We first need to get to the guild and explain what happened and what is happening. Then we need to get their help to retrieve the Time Gears. Once they have them we can get to the Temporal Tower and restore it before it collapses.”

“You’ll have to be pretty convincing if you want the Wigglytuff Guild to help.” Grovyle said. “Remember that I’m a criminal here and the truth may be hard for them to believe.”

“They’ll listen to me.” Nathaniel said. “I’m a Lucario Rank Rescue Leader after all. Once I tell them that my teammates were helping you, they should realize that we made a mistake.”

“There’s also the matter of finding the Temporal Tower.” Grovyle sighed. “It’s located in a place called the Hidden Land.”

“No problem.” Anthony said. “We just find it, that simple!”

“It really isn’t that simple.” Said an old voice as it came down the stairs. Nathaniel had to step in front of the intruder to protect him from some of the attacks that were about ready to be launched. Torkoal nodded his thanks when saw Nathaniel had stood ready to defend him. He sat down on Nathaniel’s vacant nest and then spoke.

“You don’t need to worry about little old me.” Torkoal laughed. “I heard enough as I was coming here to know that you are not crooks. I saw Team Libra walking through town and decided to come and welcome you back. I’m just old and slow so it took awhile. I heard just about everything along the way to those steps so maybe I can be of some help. The Hidden Land is called the Hidden Land for a reason; otherwise it would have been the Look Here I Am Land or something. I remember that the tales go that only those with some kind of proof can go to the Hidden Land or maybe it was reveal the way to the Hidden Land. I’m not sure but some say that this proof was something or some quality or maybe it was a quality that brought something to the one with the quality that would be able to find or reveal the way to the Hidden Land.”

“So what is this quality?” Nathaniel asked.

“It was always described as some form or another as Purity of Heart.” Torkoal answered. “Some good soul with the heart of a hero. The proof, when described as something has also been described as some sign or symbol. I remember seeing an example of the symbol once but can’t remember what it looks like anymore.”

“I wonder…” Nathaniel mused. “Chimchar, show Torkoal your Relic Piece.”

Chimchar did and Torkoal looked like he was about to have a stroke. Nathaniel gave the old turtle a light tap on the head and Torkoal passed out. Based on what they just saw, they knew that Chimchar was the pure heart that had received the proof needed. All they needed now was to find out how to present it. Nathaniel figured the guild could help and they walked up the staircase just in time to watch something that in Satoshi’s opinion at the moment was the most beautiful thing in the world. It was a sunrise that reminded them of what they now were trying to save.

After they watched the sun rise, the group sped through the town without being spotted this time and came up to the front of the guild. The gate was closed at the moment but Nathaniel figured that Diglett would be waiting below the grate to identify early visitors. Nathaniel contemplated having Grovyle stand on the grate as a joke but thought better of it and had Satoshi and Chimchar stand on the grate.

“Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected!”



Suddenly, Diglett shot up from the ground and stared at Satoshi and Chimchar in disbelief. He zipped back down into the guild and Nathaniel heard someone yell even louder than Loudred for once.


The gate opened in two seconds and the guild came pouring out. Satoshi and Chimchar were buried by the members while Nathaniel was set upon by Chatot and Wigglytuff. They didn’t notice until after they got done welcoming the team back and saying how worried they were that Grovyle and the others were standing off behind them. Chatot stared at them for a second and then looked questioningly at Nathaniel.

“There had better be some kind of explanation for this.” He said.

“There is Chatot but let’s do it inside.” Nathaniel said. “There’s much to explain.”

They headed down to the lower level and each group told their tale. The guild, though shocked at first, reluctantly believed them. They then welcomed Nathaniel’s old teammates to the guild but only halfheartedly welcomed Grovyle. Wigglytuff for once ignored this but gave a sincere welcome to Grovyle. Nathaniel then laid out his plans for saving the Pokémon world. He and his old teammates would each take a small group of the guild members to each of the Time Gears for retrieval. The guild members would be going to explain to each of the guardians why they were needed. In the meantime Satoshi and Chimchar, along with Chatot, would be looking for where they were to present the proof. It turned out that Wigglytuff knew where to go when Chimchar showed everyone the Relic Piece. He and Chatot, despite his not remembering it, had explored a cave before and found a wall with markings identical to the ones on the Relic Piece. It was home to a group of ruffians that Wigglytuff warned them to watch out for. Wigglytuff made an addition that he and Grovyle would be going somewhere else while Satoshi and Chimchar went to a place known as Brine Cave with Chatot. Satoshi and Chimchar gave out a huge yawn that made Nathaniel laugh and he ordered them to get a bit of rest before they set out. The rest of his team was fine at the moment so they set out immediately after Nathaniel put his team into their nest and gave them a much needed diaper change.
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Chapter 11 To the Hidden Land

Satoshi and Chimchar woke up quickly when they heard a familiar, “IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!” When they looked around, they saw instead of Loudred, a laughing Chatot. He’d used the power of mimicry to perfectly imitate Loudred’s voice. He apologized by trying to change Chimchar and Satoshi, but did a lousy job of it. Chimchar and Satoshi fixed their extremely crooked diapers and then went with Chatot out of town. They finally reached the Brine Cave and Chatot turned to them.

“We’ve got to be serious now.” Chatot said. “I expect you to live up to the reputation your team has been gathering and not hold me back while we’re in here. You two are likely Diamond Rank by now, if not Super Rank. Are you both ready for this?”

“YES SIR!” Satoshi and Chimchar said saluting. Chatot looked at them and none of the three could resist laughing at each other.

“I guess a positive attitude will help us as well.” Chatot laughed. “Let’s go!”

The dungeon was strangely quiet, broaching on eerie. They encountered only one Pokémon every three floors or so and each one ran away from them. They eventually reached a large cavern and Chatot got a strange sense of de ja vu. He knew that something terrible was about to happen but couldn’t remember what. He looked up at the ceiling and saw the disaster that would befall Satoshi and Chimchar if he didn’t act quickly. He dove for them and shoved them aside just as three shapes fell from the ceiling and attacked Chatot with Hydro Pump.

“CHATOT!” Satoshi and Chimchar yelled as they saw him fall flat in front of a Kabutops and two Omastar.

“Hey lookie here boys!” the Kabutops laughed. “We’ve seen this wimp before and KO’ed him the exact same way.”

“I remember you ruffians now.” Chatot said weakly. “You shall not harm them, our prized recruits.”

“We’ll just see about that!” Kabutops laughed before turning to Chimchar. He was stopped in his tracks when a blast of electricity filled the room from Satoshi’s Discharge. Chimchar’s eyes were ablaze with anger and his flame was burning like an inferno. He opened his mouth wide and shot not a Flamethrower at Kabutops, but a Fire Blast! Kabutops was still standing from the attack somehow, which was more than the Omastar could say since they were KO’ed by Satoshi’s Discharge. Kabutops didn’t even see the attack that KO’ed him when Satoshi charged in from behind and swung his glowing tail into Kabutops’s head with an Iron Tail. Satoshi breathed heavily and then ran up to Chatot with Chimchar.

“The wall is just up ahead.” Chatot croaked. “Go on without me.”

“Don’t worry about Chatot Team Libra.” Wigglytuff said coming in from behind with the rest of the guild, Grovyle, and Nathaniel’s team. “I’ll take Chatot back to the guild. There’s nothing more we can do from here anyway. Chatot saved you just as he saved me when we explored this place long ago. Don’t let his saving you go to waste.”

Satoshi and Chimchar nodded before heading into the next room with Grovyle and Nathaniel’s team. Grovyle clearly had the Time Gears judging by the sack he was carrying on his back. Chimchar spotted the design on the wall and set his Relic Piece in a small indent that was in front of it. A beam of light shot from the pattern on the wall out through an opening in the cave and out to sea. The opening was quickly blocked by a shape and a Lapras came in.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Lapras said. “Wigglytuff alerted me you would be coming. We met long ago when he came exploring this place. I helped him and Chatot and he promised not to tell anyone about this place unless it was an emergency. The time has come for the Relic Piece to lead the way for the chosen to reach the Hidden Land and the Temporal Tower. I see there are many here worthy, but I can only take three of you at the maximum. The one the Relic Piece belongs to must come and then only two others. Who is it to be?”

“Chimchar, Grovyle and Satoshi.” Nathaniel said quickly. “You guys go ahead. The bomb I planted to close the Passage of Time only delayed Duskinoir I think. Dialga might be able to open it back up and send Duskinoir through. He’ll probably know how to reach the Hidden Land since Dialga lives there. We’ll stay here to stop him or at least slow him down and give you time to reach the Temporal Tower.”

Satoshi nodded and hopped onto Lapras with Chimchar and Grovyle. Lapras nodded at them and then sped out into the sea and across the water. The land vanished behind them quickly and the stars began to come out before they saw something on the horizon. The team watched in shock as Lapras began to leave the water and actually fly towards a strange orb of blue light that Lapras revealed was actually a moment in time where the Hidden Land had been hidden for so long. If anyone had wanted to reach the Hidden Land without Lapras’s help and the Relic Piece, they would have had to be at that exact spot at that exact moment in time. Lapras finally flew into the orb of light and flew through an area where no ground or sea could be seen below. A large island was floating in the middle of the large area surrounded by a yellowish gray cloud. Lapras landed at one spot and explained that to reach the Temporal Tower, they had to reach a Temple in the Hidden Highland and place the Relic Piece in something called the Rainbow Stoneship so they could get up to the tower. Satoshi looked and saw the tower in the distance floating on a separate island, and above it was a ring of angry red clouds. Satoshi looked to both of his friends and nodded before they all began running towards the tower.
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Chapter 12 The Last Adventure

Satoshi and his team were hard pressed to reach the temple. There were several powerful Pokémon they had to plow through. Dragonite and Garchomp were the strongest. It didn’t help that there were Manectric with Lightningrod to negate Satoshi’s Electric attacks. Plus the Abomasnow made things difficult by making a constant hailstorm. After using a few of the Reviver Seeds they had packed, they finally reached the Temple Lapras had mentioned. Inside were a few mosaics of Mew, Groudon and Kyogre, and Dialga and Palkia. Passing through the room they came to an overgrown courtyard and a set of steps up a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, there was a stone with writings on it.

“Can anyone tell what they say?” Satoshi asked.

“IT SAYS THAT THIS IS THE RAINBOW STONESHIP!” Grovyle and Chimchar said together along with an unfortunately familiar voice. The team was quickly set upon and restrained by six Sableye and Duskinoir came up the other side of the pyramid. Duskinoir laughed and pointed down the side of the pyramid. The Sableye pushed and pulled Satoshi and his friends down to a small area where a portal to the dark future stood.

“So close this time Grovyle.” Duskinoir laughed. “But you didn’t have someone who could send you right to the Hidden Land to wait in ambush like I did.”

“Actually he did.” A voice said as a flurry of attacks and projectiles rained down on the six Sableye and KO’ed the lot of them. Nathaniel walked up to Satoshi and smiled triumphantly as he said, “I counted on you waiting for us here so I had Celebi get us to the exact moment in time that the Hidden Land was hidden and then seal us in time until the moment Satoshi got here. I believe that’s checkmate. Unless you’ve got Primal Dialga hiding around here, which I doubt since he wouldn’t dare come to a past where his past self could destroy him. He’d be a distortion of time and Dialga would not only sense that, but could also eliminate it since he still has control of time.”

Duskinoir smirked and the Sableye got back up. It was over once again very quickly thanks to Team Libra and Grovyle being four times faster than normal. Duskinoir tried to get up once again but the Sableye were smart enough to run away through the portal. Nathaniel signaled to his Teammates to get to the Rainbow Stoneship while Satoshi, Grovyle and Celebi guarded the rear. They left and then Duskinoir chuckled.

“Is this really what you want Satoshi?” Duskinoir asked. “Do you really wish to erase yourself from existence? If you stop the future you came from from happening, then you never will have existed to come back to the past.”

“He’s right unfortunately Satoshi.” Grovyle sighed. “When this is over, we will not exist. You, me, Celebi, I’m also guessing even Nathaniel’s teammates. But we all agreed that what we were doing was worth it when you had your memory. We all made a pact to stop that dark future no matter the cost.”

Satoshi felt dizzy and his Dimensional Scream activated. He couldn’t see anything but he heard his own voice making the pact to stop the dark future. Then his voice and that of the others joined in swearing to the pact. Satoshi nodded and turned away from Duskinoir. Duskinoir surged upwards and towards Satoshi but Grovyle slammed into him. Celebi tossed Satoshi the sack containing the Time Gears and grappled with Duskinoir as well. They both gave Satoshi one last look goodbye before they jumped into the portal with the screaming Duskinoir and closed it behind them. Satoshi sniffled once and whispered his goodbye to his friends before picking up the sack and rushing up the pyramid. He stepped onto a circular stone that had an indentation on it and Chimchar placed his Relic Piece in it when Satoshi explained that Grovyle and Celebi sacrificed themselves to make sure they succeeded. The circular stone began to glow many colors and lifted into the air and towards the Temporal Tower. When they reached a pathway to the tower, they felt a small tremor. It was coming from the tower! It was in the process of collapsing! The team looked at each other and nodded before rushing headlong into the tower.

It was a long climb with the tower shaking a few times as they went. Several Pokémon attacked along the way including Metagross and Salamence. They eventually came to a Kangaskhan statue halfway through and the tower shook again with greater force. Nathaniel knew they were running out of time so they couldn’t stop for a change. Satoshi and Chimchar were fine anyway so they ran the rest of the way through the tower, blasting their way through any Pokémon foolish enough to get in their way. They emerged at the top of the tower and saw some kind of monolith at the far end of it. Anthony, Quilava, and Bayleef ran forward to check it out and saw that there were five indents that looked like they were gouged out of the rock. Just as the team figured that the Time Gears go into the indent, a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of the trio and blasted them backwards, all completely senseless. Another flash of light filled the area and Dialga stood between Team Libra and the statue. Nathaniel became very worried when he saw that Dialga looked exactly as he did in the dark future.


“We’re not here to desecrate it!” Nathaniel shouted, surprised to hear Dialga speaking when he couldn’t in the future. “We’re here to save it and all of time!”


Nathaniel knew Dialga hadn’t gone completely primal yet so there was still some time left. Dialga let out a roar that rippled the air and Nathaniel used Detect while Satoshi and Chimchar sped up to Dialga on the speed of Nathaniel’s Agility and dove underground. They all avoided the Roar of Time and then Nathaniel rushed up to Dialga. Just as his teammates struck Dialga from underground, Nathaniel slammed into Dialga full force with Close Combat. Dialga began to totter and fell when Satoshi and Chimchar struck both of his front legs with the chopping arms of Brick Break. Nathaniel swept them both up and leaped over Dialga and to the statue. Nathaniel heard an ominous rumbling noise so he quickly got out the Time Gears. He, Chimchar and Satoshi placed each of the Time Gears into the statue just as the tower began to shake violently. Lightning began to strike the tower very quickly and Nathaniel watched horrified as pieces were blasted from the tower. He began to think they were too late and braced himself as there was a bright flash of light and then all went dark as he felt himself thrown through the air.

Nathaniel felt someone shaking him, but he didn’t want to open his eyes. He was afraid he would see something terrible if he did. He opened his eyes anyway and saw Satoshi and Chimchar standing over him. Anthony, Quilava and Bayleef were slowly getting to their feet as well.

“Were we too late?” Nathaniel asked worriedly.

“NO YOU WERE NOT.” A voice said.

Nathaniel sat up and saw Dialga standing in front of the statue smiling. He was back to his normal color and Nathaniel gave a huge sigh of relief. They had succeeded in saving time.


Visions filled Nathaniel’s head. He saw time flowing normally in the areas the Time Gears were taken from. He also saw Treasure Town and the Pokémon there. They were all happy, as if they knew that everything was as it should be now. Nathaniel then saw Temporal Tower. There were huge pieces that had been blasted out of it, but it was still standing. The pieces that had been blasted out were actually floating nearby. His vision snapped back to normal and he smiled at Dialga.


Nathaniel nodded and raised his badge to teleport his team to the entrance of the tower. They walked down the path to the stoneship and Nathaniel noticed Satoshi, Anthony, Quilava and Bayleef were lagging behind. Chimchar noticed as well and looked at Satoshi questioningly. He was just about to ask if Satoshi was okay when tiny beads of yellow light began coming off of all four of them.

“What’s happening to you guys?” Chimchar asked in a panic.

“I think I know.” Nathaniel sighed sadly. “I thought this might happen. You guys are fading from time, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Satoshi answered half crying. “Now that the future we came from doesn’t exist, we can’t either. Please don’t cry Chimchar. I knew this would happen and I accept it. You gave me great times and the best friend anyone could ask for. Do me a favor and live life to the fullest extent you can. Live happily in the bright future we brought into existence.”

“Okay Satoshi.” Chimchar said with tears gathering in his eyes. “I’ll do my best as always. You gave me a lot also. I’ve grown stronger because of you. You helped me to become who I am. I’ll never forget you Satoshi.”

Satoshi smiled and sighed happily. He slowly faded from sight along with Anthony, Quilava, and Bayleef. Nathaniel waved goodbye to his team before they disappeared and then knelt down as Chimchar rushed into him sobbing. Nathaniel held him close and cried along with him as he carried the broken-hearted Fire Pokémon back to Lapras and on to Treasure Town.
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Chapter 13 The Bright Future

Nathaniel and Chimchar told their tale when they got back to the guild. They mourned the loss of their friends and teammates but continued their operations as an exploration team. On one slow day, Chimchar went down to the beach and just stared out to sea. Nathaniel came looking for him and saw him watching the waves. Nathaniel sat down next to him and Chimchar leaned into him and began sobbing once more. Nathaniel rubbed his back and knew that it would take a long time for Chimchar to recover from this loss.

Dialga stood looking out into the distance on top of Temporal Tower.


Dialga let out a roar that echoed across the Hidden Land and his gem glowed brightly.

Chimchar was still sobbing into Nathaniel’s chest on the beach. Nathaniel continued to hold him and rub his back soothingly. He heard an odd noise and turned towards the cave where he had first seen Chimchar and Satoshi. There were several beads of yellow light gathering together in front of it. Nathaniel turned Chimchar to face it and they both ran forward when four familiar figures appeared from the lights. Chimchar plowed right into Satoshi as Nathaniel swept three smaller Pokémon into his arms, Anthony the Eevee, Cyndaquil and Chikorita. Nathaniel smiled now that the team had been reunited and brought them all back to the guild for a joyous reunion and celebration.
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Figured I'd just update this stuff anyway.

Chapter 14 The Graduation and an Old Friend

Nathaniel woke up when he heard Loudred coming. He braced himself for impact but still had the wind knocked out of him when all five of his teammates landed on him after jumping at Loudred’s wake up call. He slowly sat up, causing all five of them to fall into his lap and laughed breathlessly.

“It’s been a week since you guys got here and you’re still not used to that.” Nathaniel chuckled.

“We still haven’t and we’ve been here just as long as you have.” Satoshi said in his older teammate’s defense.

“Well let’s get all of you changed before we head out there.” Nathaniel said scooting his teammates off of his lap. He got out five diapers and tossed two to Cyndaquil. Nathaniel took care of Satoshi and Anthony while Cyndaquil got Chimchar and Chikorita. Nathaniel then changed Cyndaquil and started to walk out of the room. He stopped when he heard Anthony sigh wearily before following him.

“What’s up with you?” Nathaniel asked turning to him.

“Just missing having control again.” Anthony said. “It was a nice switch but I guess I missed the diapers too. I’m just wondering if it was a good trade off.”

“To be honest, I prefer you three like this.” Nathaniel said. “You three are so much cuter like this and I couldn’t get used to seeing you guys in your evolved forms anyway. I wonder why you guys came back like you are now anyway.”

“I’d guess that since we evolved in response to that future and it no longer exists, Dialga’s brining us back reversed the evolution.” Cyndaquil said.

“Enough chatter.” Chikorita said. “What’s done is done. Chatot and Wigglytuff said there was going to be a big announcement this morning so let’s go.”

Team Libra walked down the hallway and found everyone waiting for them in front of Wigglytuff’s room. Chatot apparently hadn’t told them anything yet and nodded when they came in.

“Thanks for joining us.” Chatot said. “Don’t worry. I realize you have more to take care of now that you have the rest of your team back. The guild master would like to make the announcement today. The floor is yours sir.”

“Thank you Chatot.” Wigglytuff said as Chatot backed up for him the step forward. “Only one group of you will be given an assignment today because it is time for the annual Guild Graduation Exam!”

“WHOAH!” the guild said simultaneously before breaking out into excited chatter. Nathaniel just looked at his group confusedly.

“For those not aware,” Wigglytuff said speaking over the guild to gain silence. “The Guild Graduation Exam happens only once a year. Passing means you are no longer required to do guild duties and may go off to start your own team. You will still be required to pay guild dues if you take missions from the guild. The group that has been chosen for the graduation exam is Team Libra.”

“WHAT!” a couple of the members asked in a slightly upset tone.

“I took it last year and failed.” Loudred said. “It took me three years to even take that test. Why is Team Libra getting to take it when they haven’t even been here for one? Bidoof should take the exam before them at least because he got here before they did!”

“That is true.” Chatot said. “But they are the most ready for this at the moment. They have become the strongest recruits in the shortest amount of time and so have moved up in the ranks to become this year’s potential graduates. Bidoof may have been here longer but he’s not ready for the test yet. You of all people should know that Loudred.”

“Oomph.” Loudred said wincing.

“Was it really that hard?” Satoshi asked.

“I can’t talk about it, guild rules.” Loudred said.

“Only Nathaniel, Satoshi and Chimchar may go.” Chatot said. “The rest of your teammates are not official members of the guild. They are more along the lines of your recruits. Wigglytuff has your exam ready so listen up.”

“Your test is to go to a place called the Mystifying Forest.” Wigglytuff said. “In the center of the forest there is a place called the Luminous Spring. Pokemon used to go there to evolve. There is a treasure there that you must find and bring back. But be warned, there is a terrible danger in the Mystifying Forest. There is someone there who calls himself the Grandmaster of All Things Bad and he has minions as well. Be careful and good luck!”

Nathaniel nodded and then handed the rescue team badge to Anthony with instructions to do a few missions while he was off on the exam. He then left the guild and headed off to the Mystifying Forest. He spotted the Teddiursa and Ursaring from the Hot Spring at the entrance and ran up to them.

“What are you guys doing here?” Nathaniel asked.

“We’re off to the Luminous Spring to see if it’s working again.” Teddiursa said excitedly. “I’m going to try to evolve.”

“Aren’t you guys worried about the Grandmaster of All Things Bad?” Chimchar asked.

“The who?” Ursaring asked.

“We were told that he lives near the Luminous Spring and has a bunch of minions as well.” Satoshi said.

“We’ve played in the Luminous Spring many times before and haven’t seen anyone like that.” Ursaring said. “I think someone was pulling your leg.”

“That doesn’t seem like Wigglytuff.” Nathaniel muttered. “Sure he’s a bit strange but I don’t pin him as the kind to give a warning without basis. Especially on something as serious as the Graduation Exam.”

“So that’s what you guys are doing here.” Teddiursa said. “Good luck with that.”

“I guess we’ll meet up with you at the Luminous Spring then.” Nathaniel said. “See you later.”

Nathaniel walked with his team into the forest feeling slightly confused about what Wigglytuff said. He didn’t have long to dwell on it because they were soon attacked by many Grass Pokemon. Nathaniel kept using Ice Punch and Blaze kick whenever they came at them and then stopped when he saw on Eevee. He wasn’t prepared for when the Eevee attacked him with Quick Attack. It reminded him of Anthony and he couldn’t bring himself to attack it. Satoshi noticed his dilemma and slammed his glowing tail into the Eevee, KO’ing it with Iron Tail. Nathaniel shook his head as if to clear it and ran ahead. They came to a clearing and Nathaniel got the feeling they were bring watched. He heard something move in the trees behind him and told Satoshi and Chimchar to go on ahead before bounding after the noise. Satoshi turned to Chimchar and shrugged before they walked forward together. The ground suddenly gave way and they fell into a small cavern. Satoshi heard an evil laugh and the hole they fell through began to close and leave the cavern in darkness.

Nathaniel felt certain he’d heard something in the trees behind them but didn’t see anything. He tried using his Aura Sight but nothing was nearby. That was when he realized that he couldn’t sense Satoshi and Chimchar either. He ran back towards the clearing hoping he hadn’t sent them into danger without him.

“You fools fell for my trap.” An evil, yet familiar voice said. “Now prepare to face the wrath of the Grandmaster of All Things Bad and my minions!”

Suddenly, the light began to return and the speaker was revealed along with his minions. Satoshi had to bite his tongue when he saw the entire guild except for Bidoof surrounding them.

“Sorry to ruin the surprise Wigglytuff.” Nathaniel laughed as he jumped down next to his team. “You should have left someone a little tougher than Bidoof to guard the hole.”

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” Wigglytuff said. “I am the Grandmaster of All Things Bad!”

“That’s right!” Chatot said half heartedly.

“Grandmaster of All Things Bad at Acting.” Nathaniel whispered to his giggling teammates. “I guess this is part of the test so let’s humor them.”

Satoshi laughed right along with Chimchar and the battle was over quickly. Nathaniel and Satoshi used Agility together and then the attacks flew. Nathaniel leaped through the air and KO’ed both Diglett and Dugtrio with Ice Punch. Chimchar brought down Croagunk, Loudred and Sunflora with three rapidly fired Flamethrowers and Satoshi took down Chimecho and Chatot with Discharge. Wigglytuff was the only one left laughed evilly before Nathaniel hit him on top of the head from his blind spot with Hi Jump Kick and then a linked Close Combat. Wigglytuff got back up in a flash of light from a Reviver Seed and raised an Orb quickly. He and the other guild members disappeared in another flash of light from the Escape Orb and Nathaniel just laughed at them.

Nathaniel grabbed his helplessly laughing teammates and leaped out of the hole. He felt like he was being watched again but walked through a parting in the trees at the other side of the clearing. At the end of the trees, they came to another clearing and saw Ursaring and Teddiursa looking at a shallow pool of water sadly.

“I’m guessing this is the not so Luminous Spring.” Nathaniel said.

Teddiursa nodded sadly and stood up. Suddenly, the dim clearing started getting brighter and a pillar of light appeared in the center of the spring.

“You who seek awakening,” a voice from somewhere said. “This is Luminous Spring. Is evolution what you seek?”

“Yes please!” Teddiursa said excitedly as he ran across the water. Teddiursa stood in the center of the light and the voice spoke again.

“Very well, let us begin.”

Teddiursa began glowing and changing shape. There was a flash of light and in the light stood another Ursaring. He looked at his paws and smiled happily before running up to the older Ursaring and giving him a bear hug, which was promptly returned. They waved goodbye to Team Libra and then left. Nathaniel then looked at Chimchar.

“Do you want to evolve while we’re here?” Nathaniel asked. “I’m pretty sure you’d be able to plus it might stop your need for diapers since it worked for me and all of my teammates when we evolved.”

“I think I will actually.” Chimchar said happily as he walked across the inch deep water. Satoshi was about to walk out there as well but Nathaniel held him back explaining he’d need a Thunder Stone with him and they didn’t have one unfortunately. The voice spoke again as Chimchar stepped into the light.

“I’m sorry but you cannot evolve.”

“Why not?” Nathaniel asked. “He should even be at a high enough level to evolve twice!”

“He meets the requirements but neither he nor the one beside you may evolve.” The voice answered. “There is a spatial distortion around them that prevents them from evolving. You may return if you seek the evolution of another but I cannot help your friends.”

Nathaniel sighed and said, “Let’s find this treasure that Wigglytuff told us about and get out of here guys. Sorry about the disappointment Chimchar.”

“It’s okay.” Chimchar sighed. “I guess if I think about it, I’m sort of like Anthony. I’d probably miss the diapers.”

“I know you like them but I also know it can be embarrassing to need them as well.” Nathaniel said hugging Chimchar. “Let’s find that treasure and then not worry about it anymore.”

“Would this be what you’re looking for?” A familiar voice asked.

Nathaniel looked up and saw who had been watching them. It was a very familiar looking pink Celebi. Nathaniel stared at her in surprise as she held out a small golden box to him.

“You look like you’re surprised to see me Nathaniel.” Celebi laughed. Nathaniel knew it was the Celebi who’d sacrificed herself in the Hidden Land then and jumped up to hug the little legendary.

“Wow!” Celebi said. “You sure know how to thank a former teammate.”

“How did you get out of the Dark Future without being erased from time?” Nathaniel asked.

“I still was.” Celebi said. “Because of my own connection with time however, I had a dream that showed me all that happened up to that point. It gave me a massive headache to take in all of that memory in such a short time but I could comprehend it all. Now that I know what happened, I’m ready to join your team again if you’ll have me.”

“Absolutely Celebi.” Nathaniel said. “How’d you find this anyway?”

“I watched Wigglytuff place it right in front of the spring.” Celebi answered. “I picked it up and was about to give it back when Wigglytuff disappeared so I waited for him to come back. He did with the guild and talked about how it was all part of the graduation so I waited to give it to you.”

Nathaniel laughed and accepted the small treasure box. He then raised his badge and all four of them escaped from the dungeon.

“Gee guys!” Nathaniel said laughing when he saw everyone from the guild. “You look like you all got quite the whipping! What were you all up to while we were taking our exam?”

“Various missions.” Chatot answered for the guild, looking at them all sternly. Chatot was covered in some kind of an ointment for some burnt feathers that were sticking in odd directions. Everyone else had some form of bandage, cast or other healing object of some kind on them.

“And how exactly did Wigglytuff get that shiner?” Nathaniel asked looking at Wigglytuff’s black eye. “Plus what happened to you Chatot? Usually you two stay at the guild. Or was it empty while we were gone?”

“Of course not!” Chatot squawked. “We left Bidoof behind. Notice he doesn’t have a single scratch on him.”

‘Only because I scared him away.’ Nathaniel thought to himself with a chuckle. Nathaniel then set the treasure box down in front of Wigglytuff to prove they had successfully retrieved the treasure of Luminous Spring.

“Well done.” Wigglytuff said. “Not only did you get the treasure, but you also beat the Grandmaster of All Things Bad as well.”

“I don’t believe I mentioned that.” Nathaniel said suspiciously. He aimed a small kick at the padded rears of his teammates because they were doing a horrible job of holding back a giggle fit.

“We heard about it from someone.” Wigglytuff said hopefully. Nathaniel just stood there tapping his foot with one eye raised and then it was Chatot who cracked.

“Okay fine!” Chatot cried. “Yes it was us! You figured it out! The whole guild was in on it! We needed everyone in order to give you an actual challenge and we couldn’t even do that! Normally it would just be the Guild master and myself to deal with in and exam.”

“CHATOT!” Wigglytuff cried. “Now you’ve ruined the surprise for everyone else in later graduations.”

Nathaniel just shook his head at how crazy this day had turned out. He nearly fell over laughing when he saw what was inside the treasure box. It was just like Wigglytuff to have them retrieve a Perfect Apple for him. Wigglytuff handed them a reward for their graduating and then offered them one last dinner and a night at the guild before they left to a place of their own. Nathaniel accepted the 10000 Poke and the offer and had a wonderful celebratory meal that night.
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Chapter 15 A Cold Battle and More Friends

Nathaniel woke up and felt confused. He didn’t hear Loudred at all. He guessed Chatot must have told him not to wake them up now that they were no longer guild recruits. Nathaniel woke up each member of the team by changing them and then picked up the crate of diapers. He walked out of the room with his team and dropped the crate of diapers in surprise when the guild members that were waiting outside shouted, “GOOD LUCK TEAM LIBRA!”

“Ouch.” A muffled voice said from under the crate. Nathaniel picked up the crate again and looked at Anthony. Anthony got up and looked very dizzy for a moment before shaking his head clear and glaring at Nathaniel. The guild laughed and Nathaniel bid them all farewell. Nathaniel knew just where they were going to go and they reached Sharpedo Bluff after walking through the cheering town. They all were cheering their heroes and congratulating them at the same time for graduating. Nathaniel walked down the stairs and into what looked like from the outside, the open mouth of the Sharpedo. Nathaniel found Celebi was already there and standing near an opening that hadn’t been there before. Oddly enough it was situated where the throat would be.

“I worked on this last night.” Celebi said smiling. “I figured this would end up being our base so I had this carved to make room for any future recruits. It’s just a straight tunnel right now but we can dig chambers in it to make rooms for each pokemon that joins our team.”

Nathaniel smiled and gave Celebi a hug for being so thoughtful. Celebi blushed, even though it wasn’t very visible and smiled. Nathaniel set down the crate and was just about to start on some nests when he heard something at the top of the steps. He walked up the stairs and saw a Mr. Mime standing there.

“Can I help you?” Nathaniel asked.

“Actually you can.” Mr. Mime said. “I was wondering if you would take a little expedition. There was once a great explorer by the name of Shear. He was a Scizor who went exploring a place called Crevice Cave one day and never returned. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind going to see if you can find out what happened to him. Interested?”

“Sure.” Nathaniel said chuckling. “Sounds like fun. I’ve got a good team for a place like that too.”

Mr. Mime thanked Nathaniel and then left. Nathaniel gathered up Cyndaquil, Chimchar and Satoshi and then left Anthony in charge while he was gone. When they got to Crevice Cave, Nathaniel discovered it may not have been the best idea to bring two Fire pokemon and was glad that Satoshi was with them because there were several strong Water pokemon there as well. After breaking through them, they came to a small cavern and saw a giant block of ice that was a really weird color. Nathaniel peered into the red ice and discovered something frightening. A Scizor was stuck in the ice! There was a sudden burst of light and cold and standing in front of the block of ice was a Froslass.

“Admiring my trophy are we?” Froslass giggled. “I charge high rates to look and I don’t think you have enough by the look of you. So you’re going to have to work off what you owe by serving as another trophy! OUCH!”

Froslass screamed in pain as two Flamewheels, an Iron Tail and a Blaze Kick hit her simultaneously. She ran away screaming and thee ice around the Scizor shattered. The Scizor slumped over and a cave was revealed behind him. Nathaniel left the Scizor he assumed was Shear in the care of his teammates and walked inside the cave. What he saw in there made his blood run colder than the ice that surrounded him. There were several other pokemon incased in ice, and they all looked familiar. Nathaniel recognized each one of them as he looked at them and his heart nearly stopped when he saw one of them was a Ninetales. His blood began to boil then and Nathaniel felt his fur rising. Nathaniel didn’t even notice that his Aura was becoming multiple colors at once and was even visible. All he saw was a red haze and he let out an unearthly roar before he held both of his hands together. There was a brilliant flash of light and then Nathaniel blacked out.

Nathaniel felt warm all over when he woke up. He sniffed a bit and his nose tickled when it met a familiar smelling fur. Nathaniel sneezed and opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by cream colored fur. Nathaniel started to paw some of it away but his arm felt weird. It felt weaker and when he looked at it, he realized it was the paw of a Riolu, not that of a Lucario. He heard a comforting humming that sounded achingly familiar and tears came to Nathaniel’s eyes as he fell asleep again with a smile on his face.

“How’s he doing Ninetales?” Anthony asked the resting Fire Pokemon.

“He woke up about an hour ago.” Ninetales answered. “I sent him right back to sleep though. He still hasn’t fully recovered from that blast. I’ve never even heard of the attack Cyndaquil described him using.”

“I think I have.” Anthony said. “I’m not sure where I’ve heard of it from, but the name Aura Storm sticks out. You guys are lucky the ice protected you. Nathaniel was unlucky that a piece of ice landed on his head. At least everyone got out alright.”

“Absol is still missing though.” Ninetales sighed unhappily. “He was the last one to go through the passage. Celebi says he may have gone in at the exact second he needed to in order to go somewhere else in time.”

“I think we’ll see him again.” Anthony said patting Ninetales. “All of us are here besides him. It’s only a matter of time before the whole team is back together again.”

“Speaking of which,” Satoshi said coming down the steps. “I’d like to go to the Hidden Land tomorrow. I want to ask Dialga if he can bring Grovyle back like he did us. Since Nathaniel can’t come yet, would you lead Chimchar and me?”

“I would be happy to.” Anthony said. “Now that we’re an Ultra Rank Team and a Secret Rank, whatever that does for us, I’m sure we can handle the Hidden Land.”

“What do you mean Secret Rank?” Ninetales asked.

“It was just something Scizor bestowed upon us for rescuing him.” Anthony said. “We should get some sleep. We’ve got a big job ahead of us tomorrow.”

Anthony and Satoshi walked down the tunnel and into the rooms that had been carved out of the walls. Ninetales smiled at them and then lifted one of her tails to reveal the smiling face of a young, fluffy Riolu. Ninetales gave her kit an affectionate lick and made sure he didn’t need a new diaper now that she’d put the full Nine-Tail Curse on him before covering him up again and settling down to sleep through the night with peaceful dreams for the first time since she’d lost him.
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Chapter 16 Parting Ways and New Members

Anthony got Satoshi and Chimchar up bright and early the next morning. They walked down to the beach together after changing and found Lapras resting in the shallows. Lapras agreed to take them back to the Hidden Land and got them there even faster than last time. They were careful to avoid as many Pokemon as possible along the way and made it to the Temporal Pinnacle within an hour. They saw that they were not the only visitors Dialga had that day. The former guardians of three of the Time Gears were there as well.


“I have a question for you Dialga.” Satoshi said stepping forward. “I know that you were the one who returned me to life or whatever it is you did. I want to know if you can do the same for another who helped to save you.”


“Oh.” Satoshi said sadly with his ears drooping.


“How?” Satoshi asked. “I thought he faded from time.”


“Where can we find him?” Satoshi asked determinedly.


“So where can we find the treasure Giratina guards?” Satoshi asked impatiently.


“Well thank you anyway Dialga.” Satoshi said. “You’ve been a bigger help then I should have expected.”


“As do we.” The lake trio said together.

“Sure!” Satoshi said eagerly. “We’d love to have you join us.”

“Especially since three of us are leaving for awhile.” Anthony said.

“Huh?” Satoshi and Chimchar asked simultaneously.

“I think you should leave finding Shaymin to me, Cyndaquil and Chikorita.” Anthony said. “We were Grovyle’s teammates longer than you were but I will promise you that I will offer to bring you with when we convince Giratina to send us to him to get him back. You should help Nathaniel in the meantime though. You are another leader in the team Satoshi. Cyndaquil and I are two others and we’ll need to leave Nathaniel with some help to lead the team with us gone. Ninetales is still weak from being frozen so she can’t help him yet.”

“Okay Anthony.” Satoshi sighed. “Let’s get back to base first. You’d better keep that promise though. You may have been part of Grovyle’s team longer, but I was his first friend.”

Anthony nodded and sealed the promise with a paw shake before all seven members now of Team Libra escaped from the dungeon and left on Lapras, who decided to make the number eight. When everyone got back, they found a very happy Nathaniel wide awake and looking well as a Riolu again. Nathaniel’s good mood reversed quickly when Anthony told them what they had learned and decided to do.

“I suppose that’s the best plan of action.” Nathaniel sighed unhappily. “Good luck then Anthony. Do us a favor though and keep an eye out for Absol while you’re out there. He’s the last member of the team to find besides Grovyle.”

Anthony nodded and hugged Nathaniel goodbye before he packed some supplies and left with Cyndaquil and Chikorita. Nathaniel watched them leave until they were out of sight and went back down with Ninetales where he softly cried himself to sleep. Ninetales licked him comfortingly to ease his sleep curled up close to him. She noticed that Satoshi was hanging around the entrance to the tunnel and beckoned to him with her tail. He came out and Ninetales wasn’t surprised to see Chimchar come out with him. Ninetales could tell they already missed Anthony as much as Nathaniel did but they did not have the mental regression curse upon them to elicit the same reaction. Ninetales beckoned them to come closer and swept them close to her when they were within range and began licking them both. They struggled only briefly out of surprise but then buried themselves into Ninetales’s tails and snuggle close to Nathaniel before they too fell asleep. Ninetales smiled at them but then frowned as she looked up at the stars.

“Take care of yourself and the others Anthony.” Ninetales said. “Nathaniel is already broken hearted to be parted from you again. He would be devastated if you or the others were hurt. And my beloved Absol, I hope that wherever or whenever you may be that you are safe.”

Ninetales closed her eyes then and cried herself to sleep just as Anthony would likely do with Chikorita and Cyndaquil when they eventually stopped for the night.
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Chapter 17 A New Joy and Friend

Nathaniel woke up the next morning surrounded by a familiar warm, cream colored fur. Nathaniel got out from under the tails and looked up at a smiling Ninetales. He giggled as she tickled him briefely and then hugged her around the neck, burrying his nose into her fur and taking in her warm scent.

“I know I said it before but I’ll say it again.” Nathaniel said. “I missed you Ninetales.”

“I missed you too Nathaniel.” Ninetales said licking the back of his neck, causing a shudder. “Let’s get you changed. We wouldn’t want a rash hampering your recovery now would we?”

Nathaniel laughed and laid down for Ninetales. He marveled once again at how she could use her tails as extra hands as she changed him. It made diaper changes much faster. When Ninetales had finished, Nathaniel tottered to his feet again but fell over. Ninetales caught him on her back and scooped him on. Nathaniel chuckled at how much she was clearly enjoying his helplessness. He looked around and was confused to see that Chimchar and Satoshi were gone.

“They went on an exploration to a special place Sunflora told them about.” Ninetales said noticing his look. “I’m sorry but you’re not quite ready yet to go exploring. I think you’ll be ready tomorrow though. You didn’t hurt yourself as much you did after the Sky Tower.”

“Did they take anyone with them?” Nathaniel asked.

“Dialga actually asked to go along with them.” Ninetales answered.

Nathaniel smiled and felt sure his team would do well wherever they were at.


Chimchar and Satoshi were at the moment staring at the massive monster house they had stepped into. It was filled with many different water pokemon and a few of them unfortunately had the Volt Absorb ability.

“This isn’t good.” Chimchar said nervously.

“I sure hope the treasure Sunflora mentioned flowed into the Surrounded Sea from all over is worth it.” Satoshi said. “That is if we can get past these guys.”

“NO PROBLEM!” Dialga said from behind them. He raised his head and let out a roar that rippled the air in the room. The wave struck each of the pokemon and they all flinched from the pain before dissappearing. Dialga stood behind Satoshi and Chimchar panting as he recharged from the exhausting Roar of Time.

“Nice work Dialga!” Chimchar said.

Dialga smiled as Satoshi said, “You sure know how to clear a room.”

Satoshi and Chimchar walked with Dialga to the set of steps they hoped would be the last in the lengthy dungeon. When they got to the next floor they discovered it was just one room. The team knew they had reached the last floor because there were chests scattered across the room. Chimchar and Satoshi tried to open some of them but found it to be impossible. Dialga was staring at another object that was resting in a pool of water.

“Looks like we’ll have to bring these three to Xatu.” Chimchar said puffing for breath. “He knows how to open chests like these. What do you have there Dialga?”


“Of course!” Satoshi said coming up to look at it. “It must be an orphan so it will need someone to look after it.”

Chimchar carried the three small chests over and looked at the egg. “This egg looks different.” He said.

“How so?” Satoshi asked, since he’d never seen a pokemon egg before. “How can you tell?”

“I used to help Chansey at her daycare.” Chimchar said. “Most pokemon eggs are yellow with green spots. This one is completely different as you can see.”

Satoshi looked at the egg again. It looked like it was a transparent blue with a red sphere floating in the center surrounded by tiny yellow dots in a ring. Satoshi gingerly reached into the pool of water and carefully picked up the egg. Satoshi nearly dropped it in surprise when it wiggled slightly but he clutched it to him tightly. It felt warm to Satoshi and while he had no experience with eggs, he felt sure it would hatch soon. Dialga chuckled and scooped Satoshi onto his back while Chimchar hefted the chests. Chimchar then raised the Explorer badge and the trio escaped from the dungeon.


Dialga walked down the steps with Satoshi still on his back. Nathaniel looked up from his perch on Ninetales back after she stopped running around for his entertainment (and hers). Ninetales walked over and helped Satoshi off of Dialga before he nodded to them and walked down the tunnel to his own room. Nathaniel peered at the egg and felt a hint of recognition.

“Something tells me this egg is going to hatch into a really special pokemon.” Nathaniel said. “Where’s Chimchar?”

“Getting three chests appraised at Xatu’s.” Satoshi answered as he gently rubbed the egg. “It seems to me that this was a worth-while trip.”

“It sure was.” Chimchar said coming down the stairs with Chatot. “I met Chatot out in town and he has something very interesting to tell us.”

“I’ll tell you the less exciting of the news first.” Chatot said. “The chests contained three very potent Blue Gummis. If a Water pokemon were to eat all three of them, it would immediately have the maxiumum possible IQ.”

“IQ?” Satoshi asked.

“The IQ I’m referring to isn’t about your intellignece.” Chatot explained. “It referes to IQ abilities. Pokemon with higher IQ have special abilities that help them and others in various ways. The other thing I wanted to tell you was what that egg you found might be.”

Chatot stopped speaking as the egg began glowing brightly. Satoshi and Nathaniel stood a few feet away from it and watched with eyes shining almost as brightly as the egg. There was a brilliant flash of light and as the light faded, Nathaniel saw a shape uncurl itself from the center of it. When the light faded completely and the spots dissappeared from everyone’s vision, they saw a small blue Pokemon looking up at Nathaniel and Satoshi expectantly.

“Kyah?” it said questioningly.

Nathaniel felt excitement grow as he recognized the newborn pokemon. Nathaniel sat down next to the baby and hugged the prince of the sea, Manaphy.

“Welcome to the world Manaphy.” Nathaniel cooed as he nuzzled the now happy baby. “I’m Nathaniel.”

“Na…” Manaphy said. “Na-than-yel.”

Nathaniel squealed and nuzzled the now giggling pokemon. Everyone chuckled and then gathered close trying to get Manaphy to say their name as well. Everyone except for Ninetales, who took a few steps back expecting trouble. Her fears were proven when Manaphy, overwhelmed by too many pokemon talking to him at once, let out a wail and began crying loudy. Nathaniel grit his teeth because he couldn’t cover his ears and Chatot fell over as if he were in pain. Chimchar actually jumped out of Sahrpedo bluff in a panic, making a loud splash as he hit the water below. Satoshi backed up and Nathaniel started bouncing Manaphy and rubbing his back soothingly. Manaphy started to calm down but was still crying softly.

“Poor thing.” Ninetales said laying down behind Nathaniel to wrap her tails over the both of them. She leaned down and licked the sniffling Manaphy. Manaphy calmed a little more but suddenly started crying even more again. Nathaniel wondered what was wrong until his keen ears heard a small rumbling through the crying.

“I think he’s hungry.” Nathaniel said.

“Give him a Blue Gummi.” Chatot said still clutching his head with his wings. “I knew the egg was going to hatch into a Manaphy. He’s a water pokemon so he’ll love those Blue Gummis.”

Nathaniel took one of the gummis from a cringing Satoshi as a soaked Chimchar came down the stairs. Nathaniel offered one to Manaphy. Manaphy took it and looked at it questioningly.

“It’s a gummi Manaphy.” Nathaniel said laughing.

“Goomi?” Manaphy asked cutely. Manaphy nibbled it at first but then bolted it down in famished gulps. Manaphy began giggling happily again before letting out a yawn and falling asleep in Nathaniel’s arms. Nathaniel chuckled until he felt a warm wetness spread both in and out side of his diaper. Ninetales flicked her tails away quickly and fortunately found they were dry. Nathaniel sighed and then looked up at Ninetales.

“I think you need to make me older again Ninetales.” Nathaniel said. “I may not be well enough to go exploring but I should be well enough to take care of a baby.”

“Are you sure about that?” Ninetales laughed. “There are times when Purity Forest can be an easier task than childcare is.”

“I’ll be physically fit enough to do so.” Nathaniel said. “Now would you please reverse the curse?”

Ninetales sighed and lifted the curses from Nathaniel. There was a ripping noise that woke Manaphy that was revealed to be Nathaniel’s diaper being ripped off of his larger body. Nathaniel gingerly stood up and Manaphy looked around before wrinkling his nose at the scent of urine. Nathaniel took a few steps and, while stiff, found that he was able to walk around without too much trouble.

“I’m going to take Manaphy down to the beach so we can get washed up.” Nathaniel said. “Plus he might like seeing the sea.”

“I’d like to talk to you all when you get back.” Chatot said.

Nathaniel nodded and then walked out to the beach with Satoshi and Chimchar. Manaphy stared at the sea excitedly and knocked Nathaniel over into the waves when he tried jumping out of Nathaniel’s arms and into the sea. Nathaniel and Manaphy came up laughing and then Nathaniel scrubbed both Manaphy and himself off. Manaphy giggled the whole time and when Nathaniel had finished, Nathaniel let Manaphy splash around with Chimchar and Satoshi while he rested. His ribs were twinging a bit from the fall and he didn’t want to get on Ninetales’s bad side by coming back battered. When they were finished playing, Satoshi and Chimchar waddled out of the waves with Manaphy. Their diapers left drag marks in the sand from the weight of the sea water and Nathaniel stiffled a laugh. Manaphy peered curiously at the diapers and Nathaniel realized he would have to diaper the pokemon when he got back. He helped Satoshi and Chimchar dispose of the diapers and hefted them onto his shoulders while he carried Manaphy. He winced at the weight and his teammates got off of him. Nathaniel nodded gratefully to them and then walked through town with a small limp.

“Ninetales is going to kill me.” Nathaniel muttered to Satoshi and Chimchar’s obvious enjoyment. “Don’t laugh. She might punish you for not making me take it easy.”

Satoshi and Chimchar visibly paled. They gulped nervously and continued to walk back towards base with Nathaniel. Nathaniel stopped on the way at Kecleon market and was greeted warmly by the brothers.

“What a cute little guy you have there!” Kecleon said tickling Manaphy’s chin. “He looks newly hatched. Let me guess, you need something for him.”

“Swim diapers if you please.” Nathaniel answered smiling. “If you have any that are good for day use as well as swimming that would be helpful.”

“We have makes like that but they are not quite as absorbant as the ones I gave you for Chimchar.” Kecleon said to Chimchar’s embarrassment. “We’ll bring some right out. By the looks of the little guy, he should actually be about the same size as Chimchar and Satoshi.”

The younger Kecleon came out with a package of the diapers Kecleon had described. Nathaniel thanked the brothers and when he tried to pay for them, they refused the Poke.

“You can use these for Chimchar.” Kecleon said. “They’ll come in handy in wet dunegeons.”

“Thanks again Kecleon.” Nathaniel said gratefully. “Keep trying buddy. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of potty training soon.”

Nathaniel and his team walked away waving to the now embarrased Kecleon standing behind the counter in a wet pull-up he had recently started wearing. The older Kecleon sighed as he shook his head and smiled before leaving a sign that said he’d be back in five minutes and walking inside the storage shack with his little brother. Nathaniel chuckled and then walked down the steps of Sharpedo Bluff to see Ninetales and Chatot waiting for them. Nathaniel motioned for them to wait and then set Manaphy down on the nest Nathaniel had spent most of his time in for the past two days. Manaphy looked up at him trustingly and giggle happily when Nathaniel tickled his belly a bit. Nathaniel then pulled out one of the new swim diapers for Manaphy and slid it gently beneath him. Manaphy looked at it curiously as Nathaniel brought the front flap up over Manaphy and tapped the diaper snugly around him. Manaphy smiled when he heard the crinkle as he stood up and looked around to see where it came from. Nathaniel laughed at how cute Manaphy looked every time he turned to locate the crinkling noise. Nathaniel finally prodded the diaper and Manaphy figured out it the sound was coming from the white thing around his waist. Manaphy giggle and then looked up at Nathaniel.
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“Goomi?” Manaphy asked sweetly.

“Looks like our little buddy has an appetite on him.” Chimchar laughed.

Satoshi picked up one of the Blue Gummis and handed it to Manaphy. Manaphy looked at him curiously and cocked his head to one side.

“Satoshi.” Satoshi said slowly.

“Sa-to-shi?” Manaphy said questioningly.

Satoshi laughed and hugged the Manaphy quickly before running back over to Chimchar, who was attempting to put his diaper on by himself. Nathaniel noticed he didn’t do too bad a job and smiled when Satoshi helped him make a couple small adjustments. Nathaniel made sure Manaphy ate the gummi slowly this time and watched as Chimchar helped Satoshi after he attempted the same task of diapering himself. When Manaphy had finished eating he gave a satisfied yawn and fell asleep in Nathaniel’s lap. Nathaniel smiled and settled back in the nest as well.

“Nathaniel, we still need to talk.” Chatot said.

“Just keep the volume down.” Nathaniel said. “Manaphy didn’t get a nap today and it is almost time for bed anyway.”

“I’ll make sure the tyke stays asleep.” Ninetales said as she laid one of her tails on the sleeping pokemon. “There! The slumber curse should keep him in a deep enough sleep.”

“I wanted to know what exactly you planned to do with Manaphy.” Chatot said.

“Keep him of course.” Nathaniel chuckled. “We’ve taken good care of him so far.”

“So it appears.” Chatot said.

“That’s a little morbid Chatot.” Nathaniel growled. “What do you mean by that?”

“All known facts about Manaphy, what little exist due to his being so rare, lead to his being raised in the sea.” Chatot explained. “I don’t know how he will react to being raised on land.”

“If something happens I know what to do.” Nathaniel said.

“Do you now?” Chatot asked with slightly narrowed eyes.

“Yes I do.” Nathaniel said. “I know three perfect guardians for him should he truly need to go to the sea.”

“Pray tell who?” Chatot asked.

“Three of my teammates actually.” Nathaniel said. “Kyogre and Lugia are both legendaries from the water so they would be a good choice.”

“That is about all they have in common.” Chatot said. “In terms of protection I would not doubt them as they are no doubt strong pokemon, especially if they live up to your team’s expectations. But as caregivers I would disqualify them.”

“What about Lapras?” Nathaniel asked, conceding privately to himself that Chatot was right about Lugia and Kyogre.

“Better but still no.” Chatot answered. “She’s a kind pokemon and would likely know how to take care of Manaphy, but she would lack the strength to defend him if need be. She’s a newer member and I’ve even talked with her before you recruited her and she told me she has very little battle experience.”

“Then she could be the care giver while Kyogre and Lugia took care fo the defense.” Nathaniel said.

“In which case they would have to defend Lapras as well and that would hamper their attempts to defend Manaphy.” Chatot argued. “I’m sorry Nathaniel but I don’t think any of your teammates are capable of both defense and care. I have someone in mind who I think would be able to take care of Manaphy and probably should just to be on the safe side.”

“I actually have two more who would be able to both care for and defend Manaphy.” Nathaniel said grinning. “One is great with kids and they both are tough. I myself battled one of them on one of my adventures.”

“Are you thinking of who I think you’re thinking of?” Ninetales asked as she suddenly felt victory within Nathaniel’s grasp.

“Who’s the older of the two at the moment?” Nathaniel asked.

“The brother is because I’ve been too busy to make him the younger one.” Ninetales laughed, glad that Nathaniel was thinking of the ones she thought of. “I’ll go bring them out to meet Chatot.”

Ninetales ran down the tunnel and came back with two pokemon that looked like mismatched twins. They were the Eon Dragons Latios and Latias. Chatot looked at them and then turned to Nathaniel with narrowed eyes.

“How would they be able to?” Chatot asked. “They belong to the skys, not the sea.”

“But we can breathe underwater for extended periods of time.” Latias said to Chatot’s surprise.

“Ninetales briefed us along the way.” Latios said. “If worse came to worse, we would be more than capable of taking care of Manaphy.”

“Maybe but you don’t share the same connection with the sea Manaphy does.” Chatot said.

“Only Lugia and Kyogre share that connection!” Nathaniel snapped. “You seem determined to squash every attempt I make at providing Manaphy with a caregiver Chatot.”

“Only because I care.” Chatot sighed. “I want to make sure Manaphy has the perfect caregiver if he can have it. Another thing about Latios and Latias is they were in primarily southern seas. Manaphy is more known for northern seas. I’ll grant that you could probably send all four of the legendary pokemon you suggested but Manaphy would not get all he needs from one place. The division may end up confusing him. The pokemon I know can defend Manaphy, care for him, and also teach him all he needs to know about the sea. I must insist that he would be the optimal choice.”

“How about we be fair about this Chatot?” Nathaniel sighed. “Firstly is that we only worry about this if worst comes to worst.”

“I’ll grant that if you agree to at least meet the pokemon tomorrow.” Chatot said.

“Agreed.” Nathaniel said. “Because however the egg hatched in my team’s care, thus making us Manaphy’s guardians, I will reserve the right to confirm or decline his eligability for myself.”

“I suppose I’ll have to agree to that.” Chatot sighed. “You must promise to be fair in the judgement though.”

“I will.” Nathaniel said. “I also will be able to make conditions to his taking Manaphy.”

“Only if the conditions are reasonable.” Chatot said. “Anything else?”

“No.” Nathaniel sighed wearily. “I think we have a deal.”

Chatot shook Nathaniel’s hand and then flew out of the bluff. Nathaniel shook his head sadly and then turned to his teammates.

“I’ll be fair but I won’t give up Manaphy without a fight.” Nathaniel promised.

Chimchar and Satoshi nodded determinedly. Ninetales smiled at her kit and Latias smiled broadly with her brother. Latias then tapped Ninetales on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Ninetlaes giggled and Latios took off like a bullet. It didn’t matter because Ninetales still hit him with Latias’s requested curse. Latias flew up to her brother and poke him before flying off giggling. Latios giggled childishly and then flew off after his big sister. Nathaniel shook his head smirking and then turned to Ninetales, who was staring at him with a stern look.

“Uh-oh.” Nathaniel said. “I know that look.”

“I was watching you down on the beach.” Ninetales said. “I saw how you exerted yourself. I really should punish you severely but I will instead give each of you three a choice of a curse, besides urinary incontinence for you two smaller ones.”

“Why not that one?” Satoshi asked.
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“Because you’re both already urinalily incontinent.” Ninetales laughed. “Before you ask why you have to be cursed, it’s because you both should have stopped Nathaniel from exerting himself.”

Nathaniel smirked in a way that said, “Told you so.” He then discussed with his teammates and they all chose the sluber curse. Ninetales nodded and applied the curse. All three pokemon fell asleep in the nest and Ninetales nodded approvingly. Because there wasn’t enough room in the nest anymore, she went down the tunnel to her seldom-used room and fell asleep herself. The curses Nathaniel and his teammates chose would prove to be disastrous in the morning.

Chapter 18 Disaster and Goodbye

Nathaniel woke up th next morning when he felt someone shaking him urgently. He opened his eyes and saw Ninetales standing above him with a panicked look in her eyes. Nathaniel looked around and suddenly felt the same way. Chimchar and Satoshi were starting to stir next to him, but Manaphy was gone!


Nathaniel raced out into town with his Aura Sight sweeping the area. Chimchar and Satoshi were running from place to place and soon the town was in an uproar over the missing Manaphy. Nathaniel almost blasted Chatot with an Aura Sphere when he shook his head at him in disapproval but he didn’t want to waste time. Nathaniel ran down to the beach to see if Lapras knew where he was but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Manaphy staring out to sea. Nathaniel walked up to Manaphy as relief washed over him, but the panic quickly came back as Manaphy slumped over on the sand.


“He’s suffering from a fever but what would have caused the fever, I can only guess.” Chatot said back at Sharpedo Bluff. “I’m thinking this may be why Manaphy were supposed to be raise in the sea. If so, there is only one thing I can think of that will cure him now.”

“What is it and where can we find it?” Nathaniel asked worriedly.

“It’s called the Phione Dew.” Chatot answered. “Only the Phione can give you one and they live at the very bottom of Miracle Sea.”

“Get your swim diapers on guys.” Nathaniel said to Chimchar and Satoshi. “We’re going to Miracle Sea.”

“Not without me you’re not.” Ninetales said. “You may be storng enough for explorations now but I insist you go with a full team.”

“Miracle Sea is going to be filled with Water pokemon.” Nathaniel said. “I’d rather not have half of my team be weak against the majority of the attacks in the dungeon.”

“Too bad.” Ninetales said warningly. “It’s either that or you stay here with me.”

“Will you look after Manaphy while we’re gone Chatot?” Nathaniel asked.

Chatot nodded and then Nathaniel motioned to his teammates. Ninetales scooped Satoshi and Chimchar, now sporting swim diapers, onto her back and then took off after Nathaniel. It seemed only a matter of seconds before they were at the Miracle Sea and wading their way through a monster house. Chimchar stood back from the fight and pelted whatever pokemon he could with throwing items like Gravel Rocks or Iron Thorns. Satoshi was in his element, literally, when he fired off his electric attacks. Nathaniel focused on his attention on some of the larger foes like the Mantine and noticed Ninetales. She was proving that Water pokemon were no problem for her when she shot many of them down with Energy Ball after Energy Ball. Nathaniel reminded himself to get back on her good side as soon as possible if he was still on her bad side. Evetually the room was cleared when the last Qwilfish was taken down by Satoshi’s Shock Wave. Everyone panted heavily at odd intervals and headed for the stairs. There was a Kangaskhan statue so Nathaniel changed Chimchar and Satoshi before sitting down to rest.

“We’ve got to keep moving.” Satoshi said urgently. “Manaphy needs us!”

“We’re no good to Manaphy if we don’t get the Phione Dew because we were too exhausted to make it through the dungeon.” Nathaniel gasped. “Give me a minute and I’ll be ready.”

It actually took Nathaniel two minutes to get back up and they continued further into the dungeon. Evetually they reached a large room. Nathaniel looked around and saw several light blue pokemon playing in the center that reminded him slightly of Manaphy. He recognized the Phione and started to walk towards them. There was a sudden crash and the Phione scattered in terror as a Gyarados crashed in.

“Give me the Phione Dew and I will spare you!” The Gyarados roared. He roared with pain when an Aura Sphere struck him in the side of the head and turned to look at his assailant with murder in his eyes. He was hit suddenly by a Thunder Punch when Nathaniel appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and he roared in agony. He looked down at Nathaneil quickly and swept his tail around to use Aqua Tail on him but missed as Nathaniel jumped up to his eye level. With a quick tiwtch, Gyaradow faced Nathaniel and sent him against the opposite wall with a point-blank Hyper Beam. There was a shriek of rage as Nathaniel hit the wall and Gyarados was brought to the floor as a furious Ninetales leaped into him and hit him point blank with an Energy Ball. Gyarados tried only once to get back up but was stopped by a second Energy Ball plus a Thunder and a Fire Blast. Gyarados twitched a bit before suddenly leaping into the air and slithering off wildy yowling in horror.

“Are you okay?” A small voice asked Nathaniel.

Nathaniel looked up and saw one of the Phione staring at him intently. Nathaniel nodded and gingerly got back on his feet. The Phione smiled and began bouncing around Nathaniel excitedly.

“Thanks for saving us!” he cried. “So what brought you to Miracle Sea?”

Nathaniel explained his story and then the Phione said, “I’ll come back with you and give Manaphy the Phione Dew he needs. But I’ll do it only on one condition.”

“What condition?” Nathaniel asked.

“The condition is that you let me join you team when we get there as thanks for saving all of my friends from that bully.” Phione answered before running to the others for a Phione Dew.

Nathaniel nodded and then raised his badge when Phione came back with the dew. All five team members escaped and when they got back to Treasure Town, Nathaniel ran carrying Phione with him to Sharpedo Bluff. Phione quickly admisitered the Phione Dew and then Manaphy eased into a peaceful slumber. Nathaniel knew Manaphy would be fine and thanked Phione with a hug. Phione just blushed and then walked down the tunnel to choose a room. Chatot nodded to Nathaniel before flying off again. Nathaniel then wept as he realized he needed to let Manaphy go to the sea where he belonged.


A few hours later, Nathaniel stood out on the beach with Satoshi, Chimchar, Ninetales and Manaphy. Chatot arrived shortly with a Walrein and Nathaniel spoke with Walrein for a bit. Nathaniel was convinced as Chatot was that Walrein would be perfect for Manaphy but asked Walrein if he could make a request.

“What request would that be?” Walrein asked.

“You let me send four of my teammates with you to help so that when Manaphy is older, if he wants to return they may lead him here again.” Nathaniel answered.

Walrein nodded and then Nathaniel hugged Manaphy goodbye. Walrein took Manaphy by the hand and started going out to sea with him. Satoshi and Chimchar had to be held back by Ninetales as Manaphy began wailing.

“Nathaniel! Satoshi! Chimchar!” Manaphy wailed.

Nathaniel waved goodbye sadly and as Manaphy dissappeared beneath a wave, he felt something he only half expected. A Shock Wave and a Flamethrower knocked him off his feet. Nathaniel looked up and saw Chimchar and Satoshi staring at him with pain in their eyes worse than the pain Nathaniel had in his eyes when Anthony left. The only time Nathaniel had seen more pain was in chimchar when Satoshi vanished from time. Nathaniel made a signal with his hands and three pokemon on top of Sharpedo Bluff flew off after Walrein. A large pokemon leaped from the sea beneath them and then all four dove into the waves. Chimchar and Satoshi both gave huge wracking sobs and burried themselves in a very shocked Ninetales’s tails.

“I realize I deserved that in a way.” Nathaniel said. “I promised I wouldn’t give Manaphy up without a fight and it looks like I did. I’m sorry for that. I chose to fight in another way instead. I sent our four teammates after him to watch out for him and bring him back one day when he’s older if he so chooses. Chatot was right that Walrein was perfect for Manaphy and he had to be raised in the sea. I’m sorry but I would rather have seen him go than been sick all the time on land with us.”

“I’m sorry too Nathaniel.” Satoshi said with a muffled sob. “I just felt as if my heart were torn out when Manaphy left like that.”

“That was the first time he said my name.” Chimchar sobbed. “And he had to say it like that. I’m sorry I hit you Nathaniel.”

“Let’s get some rest.” Nathaniel sighed as he got up with help from Chatot. “We’ll feel a bit better in the morning. Manaphy helped me heal from my sorrow of Anthony leaving again. And now when I look at it, there is a dawn to the night we now face. Each day we do our best brings us one day closer to Manaphy and Anthony’s return.”
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Chapter 19 A Charming Adventure

Nathaniel stopped meditating when he heard excited voices at the top of the stairs. It was three days after Manaphy had left and everyone had finally gotten over the argument on the beach. Nathaniel grunted and got off the mat Ninetales had woven for him to meditate on. He stripped off the wet diaper he was wearing and wipped himself off before walking upstairs to see what all the commotion was about. Nathaniel found Loudred, Corphish and Bidoof trying to decide who would go down the steps and he laughed out loud to get their attention. They jumped higher than Nathaniel's team ever did when Loudred woke them up and shuffled nervously.

"What's all the hubbub bubs?" Nathaniel asked laughing.

"The Master Rank Team Charm are visiting the guild!" Bidoof said excitedly. "They're talking with Wigglytuff about something but they want to meet you guys too! By golly this is exciting!"

"This could be interesting." Nathaniel said. "Tell them I'll be there as soon as possible."

"Yup yup!" Bidoof said saluting his idol before running back to the guild with Loudred and Corphish. Nathaniel chuckled and walked back down to his sleeping teammates. Ninetales, who was wrapped around them protectively, looked up at Nathaniel with a questioning look. Nathaniel mouthed, "In a minute." and shook his teammates awake. The groaned groggily and struggle to wake up. Nathaniel and Ninetales helped by openeing their diapers and exposing them to the cool morning air. They then got them both cleaned up and in new diapers before Nathaniel sat back down.

"We had a few visitors while you two were asleep." Nathaniel said. "Bidoof, Loudred and Corphish came by and told me Team Charm are at the guild and would like to meet us."

"WHOAH!" Chimchar yelled. "Are you serious? Team Charm want to meet us! Let's get going then!"

"Why does that name sound familiar?" Satoshi asked.

"Team Charm was one of the Master Rank teams that Wigglytuff mentioned while we were on the expedition to Fogbound Lake." Nathaniel answered. "I guess since we're one rank away from Master Rank now we are potential rivals."

"We're really at Hyper Rank?" Chimchar asked increduously.

Nathaniel showed him the Hyper Rank Badge and Chimchar whooped with joy. He grabbed hold of one of Nathaniel's hands then and tried to drag him up the stairs. Nathaniel laughed and then scooped up both of his teammates. He stopped suddenly when he heard Ninetales give a small cough.

"I'm fine now Ninetales." Nathaniel laughed. "It's been almost a week since my injury. I think I'll be okay."

"You won't mind then if I send one teammate with you." Ninetales said. "Until I'm satisfied you are okay you will have a full team whenever you go exploring."

"We might not be going exploring today Ninetales." Nathaniel said.

"But if you do you will have a teammate with you still and you wont have to run back here to pick one up." Ninetales said smiling. "Face it Nathaniel, I win."

Nathaniel chuckled and then nodded. He was happy when Ninetales chose Celebi as their teammate to come along. If they went to a challenging dungeon, Celebi knew some excellent supportive attacks like Heal Bell and Safeguard. Celebi nodded good morning and then everyone rushed for the guild. There they found the whole guild clustered around a smiling trio of pokemon outside of Wigglytuff's room. They were a Gardevoir, a Lopunny, and a Medicham. They looked up when Nathaniel walked over and the guild parted for the trio to pass.

"It's nice to finally meet you Team Libra." Gardevoir said. "We are Team Charm. Wigglytuff has had nothing but praise for your skills even since the great expedition when we were watching the guild for him."

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well." Nathaniel said shaking Gardevoir's hand. "I've heard of your skills as well from Wigglytuff. It's an honor to receive such praise from such a team as yours. So what brings you to the guild? Surely a Master Rank Team doesn't need our help."

"We were here to visit our old teammate and ask him something." Lopunny said. "Long ago Wigglytuff was part of Team Charm."

"I can believe that." Nathaniel laughed as he remembered when he teamed up with Wigglytuff in the Foggy Forrest. "What did you need from him?"

"We discovered a key long ago and we think it will open a place called Aegis Cave." Medicham answered. "Wigglytuff took it with him when he left and he's looking for it now."

"Found it!" Came a yell from Wigglytuff's room. Wigglytuff came out of his room followed by Chatot and handed an odd glod key that had three stones at the end. One red, another blue, and the last one was silver. Gardevoir took it and smiled at Wigglytuff.

"Thank you my old friend." she said. "We have a gift for you."

Gardevoir pulled out a small box and handed it to Wigglytuff, who opened it quickly and let out a squeal of joy. Nathaniel rolled his eyes smiling as Wigglytuff pulled out a Perfect Apple and began balancing it on his head happily. Everyone laughed and then Gardevoir spoke up again.

"We would be honored if you would come to Aegis Cave with us Wigglytuff for old times sake."

Wigglytuff apparently hadn't heard Gardevoir as he was too busy balancing the Perfect Apple on his head. Lopunny laughed and said, "Some things never change." Everyone else laughed and then Loudred came up to Team Charm with Bidoof and Corphish.

"Excuse me but would you mind if we tagged along?" Loudred asked.

"Of course!" Medicham said. "We would be happy to let you come and explore Aegis Cave. We would love it if Team Libra would come along too. It would be a sort of race to see who can get to the bottom of Aegis Cave first. Will it be the guild's finest, the Master Rank Team Charm, or the rescuer of the whole world?"

Nathaniel smirked and accepted the challenge. He would show them what a Lucario Rank Rescue Leader could do with a Hyper Rank Exploration Team.


"Well this is interesting." Nathaniel said when all three teams entered the dungeon. They were in a tiny room with a tunnel leading further into the dungeon. In the center of the room was an obelisk of some blue stone. There were some indents that looked familiar to Nathaniel on it. Everyone took a look and they all looked stumped when they tried to read the markings that were strange looking letters.

"Maybe we'll find out what these letters mean further in the dungeon." Nathaniel suggested. The other two teams nodded and ran further into the dungeon. Nathaniel laughed when he knew they were gone and looked at his teammates.

"You already know what those letters mean don't you?" Chimchar asked smirking.

"So do you." Nathaniel answered. "You read the same letters near the Rainbow Stoneship."

"I knew they looked familiar." Satoshi said excitedly. "What do they say?"

"Ice." Chimchar answered. "That's all it says."

Nathaniel rubbed his chin a moment and then hit the rock full force with Ice Punch. He felt vibrations pass up his arm painfully and his fur stood on end. He shook his hand before sucking on it a bit to the laughter of his team. He shook his head wondering why he thought that would work and motioned for his team to follow him further into the dungeon. Nathaniel nearly swore when they walked right into a monster house. It was a very disturbing monster house too because all of the pokemon looked like floating eyes.

"Unown!" Nathaniel said excitedly. "That's why the letters were so familiar to me! Those letters were in the Unown text! I'm a fluent reader of them!"

"So what are that bunch spelling?" Satoshi asked pointing.

"I dare not repeat it." Nathaniel said as Chimchar hurled himself upon the Unown in question. Nathaniel didn't have time to watch Chimchar pound them because he had his own Unown to deal with. He struck down eight at once with the surrounding attack of Dark Pulse and turned to the rest. Before he could take one step, they all gave a screech of pain and dissappeared. Nathaniel looked around in confusion until he saw Celebi smiling to herself.

"Perish Song." Nathaniel said knowingly. "Nice!"

"Thank you." Celebi said.

"Look!" Satoshi said excitedly. "Some of them dropped something!"

Nathaniel looked and saw that there were three stones on the ground where once there had been Unown. Nathaniel picked them up and saw that they had a letter imprinted on each of them. I, C, and E were the ones and Nathaniel smiled knowingly. He looked around and saw Chimchar had picked up a few stones himself. There were two E's, an S, an R, a C, a T, a K, an O, and an L.

"I think I may know what to do with these." Nathaniel said. "This I, C, and E may have something to do with the obelisk in the first room."

They rushed through the dungeon, picking off several Unown along the way, and finally got back to the room with the obelisk. There were three exhausted pokemon leaning against the walls. Corphish, Bidoof, and Loudred were panting heavily as Nathaniel walked in.

"Don't worry." Loudred gasped. "We're okay. That was tough for us. Team Charm already figured out that Obelisk somehow. They held up some stones and walked right through it."

"Thanks Loudred." Nathaniel said as he pulled out the three stones. The stones began glowing along with the obelisk and there was a bright flash of light. The obelisk had dissappeared and when Nathaniel looked at Loudred, it was clear he hadn't seen a thing. His team had however and rushed down the steps. Nathaniel nodded to the guild memebers who had decided to use an Escape Orb and walked down the steps himself.

The team came to a large room that was clearly a dead end. Nathaniel got a funny feeling and looked around. He wasn't surprised when a Regice dropped down from the ceiling. He was surprised when he got a feeling of nostalgia when he saw it. He was also surprised when it just stood there. Nathaniel took a step forward and then did a quick backflip as an Ice Beam hit the ground right where his foot had been. Nathaniel blurred as he used Agility three times in quick succession and his teammates charged. They got right up to Regice but failed to launch a single attack as Regice was blasted by three rapidly fired Aura Spheres. Regice suddenly dissappeared and a blue light took his place. It flew into Nathaniel and he heard a voice in his head say, "YOU HAVE GAINED THE GUARDIAN'S PERMISSION." There was a rumble and then a tunnel opened up to reveal the way deeper into the dungeon. Nathaniel smiled and walked with his team further into the dungeon.
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"Hey! There's another one!" Satoshi said excitedly.

The team walked into a room almost identicle to the one before they faced Regice. Nathaniel noticed the walls were tan instead of the bluish color of the previous part of the dungeon. There was also an obelisk of golden-brown stone with four letters on it this time. Nathaniel was about to look at them when he felt something cumple under his foot. He looked down and saw he was standing on a note adressed to his team.

Team Libra,

We've already gotten past this obelisk. It looks like we're winning the race. Good Luck!

Team Charm

Nathaniel laughed an took a look at the obelisk. The letters spelled ROCK. Nathaniel looked in the toolbox and pulled out all four of the stones and held them up. There was a flash of light and another staircase appeared.

"Before we go in, how are your diapers holding up?" Nathaniel asked his teammates.

"I don't wear them so I'm fine." Celebi laughed.

"I can change that if you tease them again." Nathaniel quipped. "I wasn't asking you anyway."

"I'm fine for now." Satoshi answered as he sneakily checked Chimchar's diaper. "And it looks like Chimchar is fine too."

Chimchar leaped two feet into the air at Satoshi's comment and blushed furiously. Nathaniel saw his diaper sag just a bit and realized Satoshi had scared him into wetting a bit. Nathaniel laughed and checked Chimchar himself. He would need a change soon but could last a bit. Nathaniel motioned with a cock of the ear towards the stairs and the team ran down. Nathaniel wasn't surprised when a Regirock dropped down and had a feeling he knew what would happen if they made it past Regirock.

Nathaniel blurred once again with three Agility's an rushed Regirock with his team. Regirock raised his arms and there was a massive Explosion. Nathaniel stood there and let the smoke rise from his fur while his team lay stunned a few feet away. Nathaniel looked up angrily and saw Regirock was still standing. Nathaniel swung his hand up quickly and clenched his fist. A bright white glow surrounded it and before Regirock could stop him, Nathaniel slammed his fist full force into Regirock and sent him flying into the opposite wall with the sheer force of his Focus Punch. Regirock dissappeared and was replaced by another light that flew into Nathaniel accompanied by the same voice again. The floor rumbeled and the wall opened once again.

Nathaniel turned to his team and was surprised when Chicmhar and Satoshi leaped to their feet completely unharmed and Nathaniel felt his strenght return. Celebi however struggled to her feet and Nathaniel realized she had used Healing Wish, a move that dropped her health down to the absolute minimum while restoring the health of all her teammates. Two seconds (and Recovers) later, Celebi was at full health again and the team walked down the tunnel to come into another room similar to the entry room. It was made with some gray stone as was the polished obelisk with five letters upon it.

"Now do either of you need a change?" Nathaniel asked.

"We both do." Satoshi answered to Chimchar's embarrassment.

"Will you stop answering for me please Satoshi?" Chimchar asked.

"Don't you find it more embarrassing to answer yourself?" Satoshi asked as Nathaniel began changing him.

"Point taken." Chimchar sighed as Celebi kindly began changing him to save time.

The diapers were changed quickly and Chimchar disposed of them with a Flamethrower. Nathaniel pulled out the last five stones he had picked up and revealed a third staircase. He immediately heard the sounds of a battle below and ran dow the steps to find Team Charm battling Registeel. Like Regice and Regirock before him, Nathaniel got a feeling of nostalgia when he saw Registeel and wondered if he'd battled him before. He tried to remember the adventures he'd had but like with the rest of his team, some of the memories were kind of fuzzy. Medicham was the only member of Team charm still standing and was knocked down when Registeel used Explosion. Nathaniel had seen enough and cupped his hands together. A glowing blue sphere grew between them and Registeel saw it. Registeel lung his arms backwards and and orange sphere appeared in front of Registeel before he fired Hyper Beam straight for Nathaniel. Nathaniel decided to take the hit, smirking as the damage was cut greatly by his Steel element and fired his Aura Sphere. The attack collided solidly with Registeel and he too turned into a ball of light that flew into Nathaniel with the same voice once more. Nathaniel ran over to Team Charm and used a few of the Oran Berries he had in the toolbox to heal them.

"Thank you." Gardevoir said. "Looks like we owe you one. You win the race but we're going to continue onward. Maybe we'll be able to help you further on in the dungeon."

"I'll look forward to that." Nathaniel said smiling as he helped Gardevoir up.

Gardevoir left with her team down the tunnel and then Nathaniel followed with his team. They blew through a few floors of the dungeon, each swarming with Unown. Nathaniel made a note never to eat Alphabet Soup again just before he descended another set of steps and came to a very large room. At the end of it were several statues of pokemon and a large red obelisk. Nathaniel heard something behind him and turned to see Team Charm coming up behind him. They walked up to the obelisk and Nathaniel heard a voice as he touched it.

"Let forth your Aura and earn the treasure."

Nathaniel focused on his Aura Sight and looked at his own Aura. He focused even tighter and move some of his Aura into the obelisk. There was a flash of light and the obelisk was gone. So were the statues. In their places were real pokemon in their stead. Four Hitmonlee, four Bronzong, and one very big Regigigas. Nathaniel backflipped to his team and turned to Team Charm. They nodded and the battle began. Nathaniel blurred as he used Agility and sped up both his team and Team Charm. Celebi quickly used Safeguard while Gardevoir and Medicham used Reflect and Light Screen. Lopunny used Helping Hand and then Satoshi and Chimchar made their move. They both tensed and Nathaniel felt the energy rising inside of them before they both let loose a Discahrge and Lava Plume. The Bronzong and Hitmonlee shattered into pieces of stone but Regigigas still stood. He looked like he had hardly noticed the attack! Nathaniel ran up to Regigigas and leaped straight for his head. Nathaniel swung his foot around and the Jump Kick got his attention. Unfortunately for Nathaniel, it was the attention of a Mega Punch that made his tail crack painfully as he got stuck in the ceiling. Nathaniel watched as both teams rushed Regigigas and were sent flying back after launching a few attacks when Regigigas stomped his foot onto the ground with Earthquake. Nathaniel clenched his fist and felt energy gather as his Focus Punch readied itself and fell from the ceiling. His fist made a direct hit on the top of Regigigas's head and he quickly switched his attack to Close Combat before the slow moving Regigigas decided to speed up. Regigigas stood there as Nathaniel landed at his feet before kneeling. Nathaniel could see that Regigigas was exhausted and struggled to help the giant back to his feet. His teammates helped and Regigigas looked at them. Nathaniel couldn't tell what Regigigas was thinking since he didn't have much of a face so he stepped back with his team. Regigigas raised a fist and slammed it into the ground. There was an echoing noise and then three flashes of light appeared before they were replaced by the three Regis that had been defeated by Nathaniel previously.


"Then I will accept all four of you as full members of Team Libra." Nathaniel said remembering where he had seen the Regis at last.

Nathaniel smiled and then raised his badge high to escape from the dungeon with the newest memebers of the team.
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Team Libra - The Times of Darkness (Complete)
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