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 A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)

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PostSubject: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:22 pm

A Pawsome Johto Journey

By, Riolu

Chapter 1

Nathaniel woke with a stretch, accidentally shoving Selina in the process.

“Hey!” she said. “What’d I do?”

“You fell in love with a guy like me that’s what.” Nathaniel said laughing.

“Then for falling in love with me you get this.” She said planting a kiss on him. Nathaniel began purring and she shoved him away. “Darn it. I wish either I could do that and tickle your lips, or that you couldn’t do that and can’t tickle mine.”

“But it gives me something over you.” Nathaniel said smiling. “Let’s get changed so we can leave.”

“Do we have to leave so quickly?” Arcanine asked licking them both. “Johto will wait for us.”

“I’d rather not have a repeat of last night.” Nathaniel said thinking of how his siblings kept begging him to wait another day. “We’ve put the journey off for a whole week that we could probably have gotten our first badge in at least. Chad’s already left for Hoen and said he has his first badge already.”

“Okay then little one.” Arcanine said. “I guess it’s a good thing you said goodbye to all of your Pokémon then already. You do realize that Skip isn’t going to let you go without a goodbye right?”

“Since when has he ever?” Nathaniel asked laughing. “Good old Skip. He’s the big brother I always would have wanted if I had to have one. I remember in my past life I liked being the oldest but if I had an older brother, I would have wanted him to be just like Skip.”

Nathaniel got out of the crib with Selina and picked her up immediately. “Ladies first.” Nathaniel said as she protested slightly. She rolled her eyes at how he liked to use chivalry to his own advantage and let him set her on the table. Nathaniel didn’t treat her to the oil massage he normally would have in the mornings since they had to get moving and had her in a fresh diaper quickly. He then stopped her from getting him so they could change their two diapered Pokémon first. Anthony and Cubone were in a fresh diaper in no time and then Nathaniel was diapered. He had Arcanine wait to give them breakfast so they could avoid the siblings and they went outside.

“Leaving without saying goodbye?” Skip asked from the porch.

“I expected you to be here so we came out this way.” Nathaniel said as he gave Skip a hug.

“Good luck little brother.” Skip said. “Good luck to you too my future sister in-law.”

“Thanks Skip.” Selina said. “We’ll call when we get to Violet City at the latest.”

“You’d better.” Skip said. “We want to know you made it to Johto safely.”

Nathaniel and Selina waved goodbye as they walked down the path and out of the clearing. They continued through the still sleeping Pallet Town and up towards Viridian City.

“Any particular reason we’re walking to Johto?” Selina asked.

“We never walked to many places in our last journey.” Nathaniel said. “I thought we’d at least walk to Tohjo Falls before we began our flight.”

Selina nodded and they passed through Viridian City. They entered the building they would have to enter to get to Indigo Plateau, if it weren’t for the fact that they could fly over it. When they entered they headed through the south doorway and down the route. Nathaniel got a funny feeling when they began to head west that they were being watched. He used his Aura Sight and couldn’t see who was following them so he kept going. He still kept a lookout in case someone was just outside the range of his 360 degree vision he could use with his Aura Sight. They finally reached Tohjo Falls and decided to fly over the cave instead of going through it. They reached the other side and Nathaniel felt the feeling again. He looked around with his regular vision this time and saw something disappear overhead. He didn’t get a good look at it so he kept his sense about him. They reached a small body of water and could see New Bark Town on the other side of it.

“Ready to take our first steps into Johto?” Nathaniel asked.

“As soon as we land.” Selina responded smiling.

They flew over the water and came to a landing in the town. Nathaniel took a few moments just to savor the feeling of stepping into Johto and then rolled his eyes when he saw Selina asking directions to the lab. They followed the directions and came to the building. Inside they saw a younger looking squirrel at his desk working on something intently. He looked up when Nathaniel gave a polite cough and smiled at them.

“Welcome to the Johto Lab.” He said. “Call me Elm, Professor Elm, or just Professor, whichever suits you the most. What can I do for you today?”

“I’m Selina from Pallet Town and this is Nathaniel.” Selina said.

“OH!” Elm said jumping to attention. “You’re the bright pupil that Oak was talking about. And your name is here too Selina. I take it the two of you are here for your starter Pokémon?”

“As a matter of fact yes.” Nathaniel said.

“Wait here for a sec and I’ll go get them.” The excited squirrel said. He ran to a small room and came out with six pokeballs. “Now let’s see these first.”

He let three of the starters out and turned to Selina. “These girls are for you. Take good care of them please.”

“I will.” Selina said hugging the Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. The happy Pokémon just hugged her back as best they could.

“I’ve kept these in stasis for awhile.” Elm said handing Nathaniel his three. “I’m hoping there isn’t anything wrong with them. I was hoping to give these to you when you began your journey. I should have expected you to start in your home region.”

“Can something go wrong if a Pokémon is in stasis too long?” Nathaniel asked.

“I don’t think there would be for as long as they’ve been in stasis.” Elm said. “There have been recorded accounts of stasis weakening the muscles for some time after a being would come out. If anything is wrong with these three I’m sure they’ll be fine in a matter of days.”

Nathaniel sent out the three Pokémon and crouched down to the level of his three new Pokémon. “Hi guys. I’m Nathaniel, your new trainer.”

The Chikorita rushed him and began rubbing up against his leg and the Cyndaquil timidly shook Nathaniel’s hand. The Totodile walked around him sniffing for a bit. Then he opened his jaws and clamped down on Nathaniel’s tail. Nathaniel was prepared for it and his tail may as well have been made of stone as hard as it was. He let some of the energy he had charged there discharge and Totodile let go immediately spitting out a few hairs and rubbing his jaws.

“Just a small warning Totodile.” Nathaniel said. “If you’re going to bite my tail, make sure it won’t hurt. And if you bite Selina’s tail, then you’re in big trouble. Actually if you bite her period, you’re in trouble.”

Totodile nodded and then shook Nathaniel’s hand. Nathaniel thanked Elm and left with Selina and the new starters. When they got outside they found Arcanine off in some brush outside of town nursing Anthony and Cubone. The starters were all surprised by that and looked up at their trainers questioningly.

“You can go ahead if she lets you.” Nathaniel said. “Arcanine has a lot of milk to give so we make sure she doesn’t get to full. It hurts her when she is.”

“You can go right ahead little ones.” Arcanine said maternally. “If you hunger I have more than enough. I may look fierce but I won’t bite. My bark is worse anyway.”

Nathaniel could feel the starter’s curiosity but could also feel how embarrassed they were at the thought of suckling mother’s milk like infants. Nathaniel smiled and decided to help his a bit by picking them up and carrying them close to Arcanine. Arcanine nudged them toward her and growled when they started to back away. Cyndaquil immediately began suckling being the timid little thing he was. Nathaniel had to laugh since that was exactly what happened the first time he suckled Arcanine. Totodile looked like he was about to say he wasn’t hungry until his stomach growled and he rather embarrassedly began to suckle as well. Chikorita didn’t want to be left out so he began suckling too. Selina’s starters began to suckle when they saw Nathaniel’s begin. Nathaniel smiled at how cute the eight of them looked and wasn’t surprised when the six starters fell asleep as all who suckle Arcanine for the first time do.

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PostSubject: Re: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:22 pm

Chapter 2

Nathaniel and Selina had breakfast from Arcanine when the starters had finished suckling and waited for them to wake up. Nathaniel kept watch for whatever had been watching them and didn’t notice someone creeping up on them until he felt someone enter the range of his Aura Sight. He was stunned when he saw who it was and then was very irritated. He gated behind the one who’d been following him and grabbed him from behind.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU”RE DOING HERE?” Nathaniel asked angrily. He cooled off when he realized he’d scared his little stalker into crying. “I’m sorry for scaring you like that Ethan but seriously, why did you follow us?”

Ethan just turned around and sobbed into his shirt until he regained his composure. He looked up into Nathaniel’s still irritated eyes and sighed. “I didn’t want to be left at home again.”

“You’re not old enough to be traveling with us.” Nathaniel said.

“Mentally I’m ten!” Ethan said irritatedly. “And you and Selina are 18 and 17! It should be fine. It’s not like I’m coming as a trainer. I just wanted to come.”

Nathaniel groaned and rubbed his muzzle. “You can come with as far as Cherrygrove but then I’m calling Skip…”

“NO!” Ethan whined. “I don’t want to go back that soon.”

“I’ll call Skip and ask if you can come with.” Nathaniel continued. “If he says yes and you don’t get on my nerves too much during the journey, or anyone else’s, then you can come with. If you end up being too irritating though I’ll gate you back at the next available moment, capish?”

“Thank you!” Ethan said hugging Nathaniel. “And don’t worry if we get separated and a wild Pokémon attacks me. Linoone followed me so I can defend myself.”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and carried the otterish squirrel back over to the now fully awakened group.

“I’m not going to even ask how you managed to follow us.” Selina said when she saw Ethan.

“Why not?” Ethan asked. “Is it because you’re going to read my mind to find out?”

“No, I just don’t want to know.” Selina said. “I hope you brought some of your own diapers because we don’t have any in your size.”

“Oops.” Ethan said.

“That’s just great.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll gate home and get some if Skip agrees. You’re carrying them though. Plus for being so sneaky I’m not giving you any oil massages while I’m on my Johto journey. Plus when I gate back, you’re still coming with because I’m sure Zoe will have an earful for you.”

“Do I have to?” Ethan whined.

“Yes you do.” Arcanine said. “Plus you’ll take whatever punishment I see fit to dish out at any time during the journey. Come here to begin it.”

Ethan whined some more and shuffled slowly to Arcanine. Arcanine gave a sharp bark and Ethan ran up to her. She trapped him between her paws and stripped him to his diaper. She gave him first a few taps with her paw that must have hurt since Ethan began crying and then she roughly licked him clean from head to toe. Ethan had clearly wet and messed himself by the time Arcanine had finished with him. She let him get up and then she ordered him to climb onto her and when he did, she jerked herself in a manner that caused him to sit down hard and Nathaniel knew that there would be quite a mess to clean up later.

“Would you please pack his clothes away?” Arcanine asked. “He’s going to be marched into Cherrygrove City just like this.”

Ethan cried harder at that and Nathaniel couldn’t help but feel that Arcanine may have gone just a little far. But he sensed her frustration towards someone who had irritated her pup so much and decided that hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, especially if that woman is an angry mother and decided not to risk any backlash. Selina called back her starters and Cubone, but Nathaniel let his Pokémon stay out. He warned Totodile that Arcanine may make him suffer the same fate if he bit someone painfully as Arcanine would be angered at his irritating him. They saw Cherrygrove up ahead and Ethan hid as much as he could in Arcanine’s fur. Arcanine made sure she walked in such a manner as to squish the mess in Ethan’s diaper around even more. Nathaniel made a note to ask Arcanine later if she would go easier on Ethan for the rest of the journey.

Before they reached Cherrygrove, Nathaniel’s starters stopped abruptly. Nathaniel looked at them and saw a shocked look on their faces. He was about to ask what was wrong when he saw the puddles spreading beneath them. The starters began to run off crying but Nathaniel caught all three of them in a hug. The three tried to wriggle free but gave up finally and just sobbed into Nathaniel’s shirt. Nathaniel made a note to change his shirt when he got home and sent positive energy pulsing through his Pokémon to soothe them.

“I take it you’re either ashamed of what just happened, it never happened before, you’re afraid of what I must think of you now or some combination of the three.” Nathaniel said.

The starters looked up at him and nodded before continuing to cry into his shirt. Nathaniel wondered if they made something like a diaper for someone to cry on and spoke to his Pokémon again. “You guys can talk to me. If something is wrong I need to know. You three became my friends as soon as I became your trainer and I look out for my friends.”

“You were right about all three.” Cyndaquil said in a voice so quiet it was only because Nathaniel had truly exceptional hearing that he could tell what he said.

“I’ll get you guys checked at the Pokémon center when we get there.” Nathaniel said. “You don’t need to worry even if something is wrong. I have a way of taking care of this kind of thing.”

The trio of starters began sobbing this time with relief and Nathaniel walked back to the group with them before heading into Cherrygrove.
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PostSubject: Re: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:23 pm

Chapter 3

Nathaniel had Selina take his starters when they got to the Pokémon center while he made the extremely likely unpleasant trip back home. Nathaniel felt Ethan had been punished too much already after being walked through town in nothing but a very messy diaper. But Ethan had to face every punishment for all the worry and frustration he likely had caused.

“Nathaniel, Ethan’s…right here!” Zoe said worriedly at the start before finishing angrily.

“He followed me.” Nathaniel said. “He’s been punished by Arcanine already and he’s here to take whatever comes his way before I ask you and Skip if he can come with me through Johto.”

“Do you really think we’d let him after the stunt he pulled?” Zoe practically shouted.

“Of course we would.” Skip said from the doorway of the bedroom. “I assume that since Arcanine punished him she has even more planned for him if he continues to travel with you. Plus I’m guessing you are punishing him in some way.”

“Yes I am.” Nathaniel said. “He won’t be getting any oil massage from me at any point while I’m trying to clear Johto including when I’m home. Plus he has to come here to take whatever punishment is to come his way. He may have already been punished enough since Arcanine walked him through Cherrygrove just like this. But he has to take his lumps here as well if he wants to come back to Johto with me. I know what it’s like to be punished by you Skip so that would be a good place to finish. Whatever you have planned will likely be appropriate as well Zoe. I’m sure Shannon will want to lay into him as well.”

Ethan sobbed at the thought of what lay ahead for him. Nathaniel didn’t want to be around for it and promised to be back in an hour to see if they make the decision as to whether he could come with or not. He went back to the Pokémon Center in Cherrygrove and found Selina waiting outside of an examination room.

“Any news?” Nathaniel asked.

“No.” Selina answered. “How about you?”

“I left while they handed down their judgment and sentencing.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll be going back in an hour unless I have to take care of the starters.”

The door of the examination room opened and the starters came out with a nurse. “We checked them out and we’ve found something. The stasis they were in has weakened their bladder muscles but nothing else. It will take the same amount of time for them to get their bladders back up to normal strength and control as it would take to potty train any child. I recommend they wear diapers until then.”

“Thank you.” Nathaniel said. “Could I have some? I left the ones I use for my other Pokémon at home.”

“Sure thing.” The nurse said. “Go ahead and use the examination room. You’ll find the items you need in the cupboard.”

Nathaniel and Selina walked into the room with the starters, who still had no idea what was going on. Nathaniel set all three of them on the table and got out a diaper for each of them. He also set Anthony up on the table and decided to use him as a guinea pig, with his telepathic permission, and diaper him first in front of the starters. When he’d finished with Anthony the three backed away a bit.

“I don’t want to wear something like that!” Totodile complained. Cyndaquil just looked nervous about it and Chikorita, Nathaniel could tell, was just going along with the other three.

“You guys will unfortunately need them for awhile.” Nathaniel said. “Don’t complain so much. Anthony didn’t make a fuss about it. Plus I have many other Pokémon who wear diapers as well, and they actually like them. Even the ones who don’t actually need them.”

“I’d be willing to make a deal then.” Totodile said. “If you can prove you have Pokémon like that, then we’ll wear diapers too. But if you don’t, we get to put a diaper on you and then you’ll wear and use them.”

“Done.” Nathaniel said shaking Totodile’s hand. “Now lie down so I can diaper you.”

“Hey!” Totodile said. “You have to show us first.”

“We never said that.” Nathaniel said. “Even if I didn’t have any I’d put you in them even if I had to force you since you need them. Now please lie down or I will force you.”

Totodile adamantly crossed his arms. Cyndaquil on the other hand laid on the table immediately. Chikorita looked undecided. Nathaniel decided to try something new with his Positive energy. He fired a beam at Totodile and smiled as his power worked. All of Totodile’s muscles went completely limp and he fell to the table. Chikorita laid down seeing them both lying down. Nathaniel took something that Selina offered him and gave an oil massage to both Chikorita and Cyndaquil. He hesitated on giving the limp Totodile with the furious look in his eyes the treatment but decided to anyway. When he’d finished with the three of them he quickly diapered them and gave Totodile a few pokes with Negative energy and he could move again.

“I think I actually would have been willing to wear them just to get that treatment.” Totodile said. “You could have told me instead of turning me into a noodle.”

“That’s a first time thing and for certain other occasions.” Nathaniel said. “We’ll go meet those other Pokémon now.”

“But we’re already in diapers.” Totodile said. “What’s the…oh! I forgot about the other end of that deal.”

“I assumed when you said you’d wear diapers that you meant willingly.” Nathaniel said. “And the rest of the deal still holds. Here we go.”

Nathaniel opened a gate and they walked through into the cavern.
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PostSubject: Re: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:23 pm

Chapter 4

Nathaniel gave a shrill whistle when everyone was through the gate. The birds were the first to reach him and they intently examined the starters. The starters examined them as well.

“They aren’t wearing diapers!” Totodile said. “Looks like we win.”

“Actually, aside from Arcanine, they are the only Pokémon I have who are not wearing diapers.” Nathaniel said.

“So do you have like two other Pokémon or something?” Totodile asked. “You’d have to have at least five Pokémon in diapers for us to wear these willingly.”

“I’m going to have allot of trouble from you aren’t I?” Nathaniel asked.

“Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.” Totodile said sticking his tongue out at him. Nathaniel was glad to see Cyndaquil and Chikorita didn’t copy him at least. He hoped Cyndaquil wouldn’t stay so timid and grow some backbone while Chikorita would get some independence so he’d stop just following whatever the other two did.

The starters turned around when they heard a virtual stampede coming towards them. The three Mewtwo in diapers that were coming towards them clearly made Totodile nervous. He groaned when he saw the two Mew floating along in their wake also in diapers. There was the five and then came four more. Nathaniel’s Kanto starters and Pikachu. Then came Selina’s diapered Pokémon. Four of them were in diapers anyway. Kangaskhan was chasing after Mew with a diaper in her hands. She caught up with Mew and diapered him while Mew and all of the other Pokémon met the starters.

“These are the newest edition to the family guys.” Nathaniel said. “Get to know them while I go talk to Skip about something.”

Nathaniel left the Pokémon with Selina and walked upstairs. He could have gated but decided to give them as much time as they needed. He found Selina and Zoe in the living room and sat down across from them.

“Is Shannon taking her turn punishing him?” Nathaniel asked.

“Oh yes.” Skip said chuckling. “I think she’s probably punishing him even more than Arcanine did.”

“Why do you say that?” Nathaniel asked.

“She’s the one changing his diaper.” Zoe said.

Nathaniel winced. He remembered when Shannon decided to change his diaper once. She was very thorough and got the diaper on perfectly. But gentle, she was not. Especially when it came to removing feces that was stuck to fur. Nathaniel found out that when he had a bit too much fiber in his diet once that he could actually mess his diapers. The food would pass through him quicker than his normally efficient digestive system could handle. Nathaniel didn’t enjoy the messy diaper in the slightest. The change from Shannon though was even worse because he was sure he lost half the hairs in that area as she peeled some pieces off.

“She’s giving him an earful as well.” Skip said. “She feels insulted that Ethan didn’t tell her his plan at least. She is his girlfriend after all.”

Nathaniel chuckled. “So have you two passed your sentences yet?”

“I vented my feelings.” Zoe said. “I think Skip was much more effective though.”

“Trust me dear.” Skip said. “You’re angry chattering is still bad enough.”

“I don’t chatter!” Zoe said. “I may be a squirrel, but I’m no more long winded than any other furr.”

“You are when you’re angry.” Skip said. He stopped her from beginning to chatter at him by planting a kiss on her.

“What was I about to say?” Zoe asked when she parted from him.

“You were about to tell him what a good idea it would be for Ethan to travel with me.” Nathaniel offered hopefully.

“Yes he can travel with you.” Zoe said.

“Whew!” Nathaniel said relieved. “Don’t worry about him. He’ll have Linoone to protect him and Arcanine is likely to keep him in her sights at all times. She may not even let him leave her side. She still plans to give him additional punishment for irritating me so much.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn right?” Skip asked laughing.

“Especially when it’s an angry mother.” Nathaniel said. “I thought the same thing when Arcanine was punishing Ethan earlier.”

Everyone turned to the stairs and saw Ethan coming down with Shannon. Ethan, as Nathaniel expected he would be, was wincing at every step and Shannon was making sure he took the smallest steps he could. When they got up to Nathaniel, Shannon used her psionics to move Ethan onto the table and sat him down to a small yelp.

“One freshly diapered squirrel ready for you Nathaniel.” Shannon said. “I’m sorry but I have to make a jab at this and say that he didn’t make nearly as much fuss as you did when I changed you.”

Ethan smiled at that and Nathaniel let him have the small victory. He’d been punished a bit too much in Nathaniel’s opinion and deserved something. He sent the still wincing Ethan upstairs to pack his backpack with changing supplies and a couple sets of clothes and told him to meet him down in the cavern. He gated down to the cavern himself and located his starters. His own Pokémon had ceased their examinations and now the starters were just enjoying the scenery with Anthony, Selina, Cubone and the other Johto starters. Nathaniel had to laugh at how clear it was that Selina’s starters liked his. The Cyndaquils were looking at each other the same way the Squirrel’s used to. Completely shy of the other. The Chikoritas were friendly and had apparently hit off right away. What was funniest was Selina’s Totodile. It was clear the two liked each other, but Selina’s Totodile looked like she could keep his in line with just a look. Nathaniel guessed she may even be able to do that if she was still a Totodile and Nathaniel had a Feraligatr. Nathaniel made a note to borrow Selina’s Totodile if his got too rowdy.

“I see we’re locked even closer together now.” Nathaniel said. “With most of our Pokémon having a romantic relationship with one another, we may want to have a mass wedding when the time comes.”

“Maybe.” Selina laughed. “How’d it go with Ethan?”

“He’s still coming with us.” Nathaniel said. “He got an earful from Zoe. The always heartbreaking disappointment from Skip. And close but not quite as bad, a diaper change from Shannon.”

“Ouch!” Selina said sympathetically. “How’s he going to come with us if he’s going to be limping after that?”

“He’s not limping so much as wincing.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll just see if Arcanine will carry him.”

“Of course I will.” Arcanine said coming up to lick him. “I don’t intend to let the little scamp out of my sight. I’m almost tempted to have him on a leash. Now that’s a thought. I’ll let him know that if he wanders off too much I’ll put him on a leash and find a way to fasten it too me.”

“Would you go easy on him?” Nathaniel snapped.

Arcanine recoiled as though she’d been struck. She stared at Nathaniel in disbelief.

“I’m sorry Arcanine.” Nathaniel said. “Some of the irritation hasn’t worn off yet. But I still think Ethan may have received too much punishment. I just want to make sure you don’t go way too hard on him.”

Arcanine licked him. “I could never be mad at you little one. All is forgiven. If you insist I will go easy on him until he acts up again. Then I will administer additional punishment.”

“By all means.” Nathaniel said hugging her. “The journey won’t be as fun for Ethan. But let’s make sure it won’t discourage him from travelling. If he does misbehave then you may administer reasonable punishment. If he gets too bad though you won’t have to worry about him since I’ll send him back.”

They waited a couple more minutes until Ethan got to them. He was still wincing a little and gave a small yelp when Arcanine flipped him onto her back. He was lucky he was padded or Nathaniel suspected it would have hurt much more. He opened another gate and they arrived in Cherrygrove once again.
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PostSubject: Re: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:24 pm

Chapter 5

The group left Cherrygrove as quickly as they could. Nathaniel hoped to reach Violet City by nightfall, despite the fact that they couldn’t fly due to Ethan not being able to. Arcanine didn’t let Ethan off of her back for one second. Finally, Nathaniel got tired of the slow pace and stopped.

“Would you by any chance be able to hold onto Arcanine if she were to use Extremespeed Ethan?” Nathaniel asked.

“Probably.” Ethan said. “As a squirrel, I need a good grip to be a good treewhiffler. I could probably hold onto her mane while she used Extremespeed.”

“Would you mind using Extremespeed while we fly overhead then Arcanine?” Nathaniel asked. “If we can even get to Violet City by nightfall, I’d be happy.”

“Whatever makes you happy little one.” Arcanine said. “Be warned though youngling. If you pull on my mane too hard you’ll face another punishment. Fall off on purpose and unless you’re injured, you’ll get worse for slowing us down. Is that clear?”

“Yes Arcanine.” Ethan said quickly.

Nathaniel and Selina took off and Arcanine used Extremespeed to run along. Nathaniel and Selina used their respective psionics to keep up with Arcanine and Violet city was in sight shortly. They managed to get to the city a few minutes before sunset and the group went to see if the gym was open. It was and Nathaniel turned to Arcanine and Ethan.

“How’d he do Arcanine?” Nathaniel asked.

“He’s safe for the moment.” Arcanine said.

“Then he can watch our first Johto Gym battle.” Nathaniel said.

“YES!” Ethan shouted excitedly. He grabbed his stomach quickly as it began growling and brought his tail over his eyes in the same way Zoe does when she’s embarrassed. Nathaniel noticed the muscles there twitching in the same way his and Skip’s did as well.

Nathaniel laughed and said, “We’ll eat when we get to the Pokémon Center after the gym battle.”

They walked inside and saw a silver dragon at the end of the gym. The dragon sighed and stood up saying, “And I was just about to close the gym for the night. I’m Falkner, the leader here. Do you mind if we make this quick? I’ve had several battles already today, most of them rematches.”

“Sure.” Nathaniel said. “How’s a double battle sound? You use two and Selina and I use one each.”

“Perfect.” Falkner yawned. “I hope the two of you prove to be better than the rest of the trainers I’ve faced today. Let’s begin!”

Selina and Nathaniel sent out both of their Totodile and Falkner sent out a Pidgeot and Noctowl. Both birds immediately charged with Aerial Ace. Selina’s Totodile jumped in front and used Protect to block both and Nathaniel’s Totodile jumped over Selina’s and used Blizzard. Both of Falkner’s Pokémon were frozen solid and the two water Pokémon used Blizzard several times together. The ice shattered and both bird Pokémon were KO’ed.

“Thanks for making it quick at least.” Falkner said returning his Pokémon. “Lucky break for you on freezing both of my Pokémon. New Pokémon like that usually wouldn’t last long against the two of my experienced birds.”

“I thought this was supposed to be the first gym.” Nathaniel said. “Isn’t it supposed to be easier?”

“Not if you use Pokémon from a previous region.” Falkner said. “I thought the two of you were going to so I sent those two out. Here are your Zephyr Badges by the way.”

As Nathaniel and Selina caught the badges, Totodile began to glow. Nathaniel watched as Totodile evolved and hugged the Pokémon when he was done. Nathaniel made a note to devolve him when he saw the torn diaper beneath him or get him some bigger diapers since Chad was not around to make them change their size.

The group left the gym with Falkner and he locked up for the night. They waved goodbye and walked to the Pokémon center. Arcanine whispered something in Nathaniel’s ear and he rolled his eyes at her request. He nodded anyway and got a room with a request for a particular addition to it. They gave Nathaniel a key and they walked up to their room to see a couple Chansey leaving it as they arrived. When they got in, Ethan’s tail hung limp in dismay at seeing the crib that Arcanine had requested. Dinner for two, plus Pokémon was already set up and Nathaniel sat down with Selina. Ethan was wondering what he was going to eat when Arcanine nudged him towards her exposed belly.

“Do I have to?” Ethan whined.

“Not really.” Arcanine said. “You could always go home instead. For the most part, I will be providing your meals. If Selina and/or Nathaniel find it in their hearts to give you something else, I will not stop them. But they were not prepared to feed you so you will make do with me when they will not provide anything else.”

Ethan whined again and began suckling from Arcanine. Nathaniel and Selina just nodded to each other and cut some of the steak they had on their plates off and set it aside for Ethan. Arcanine took her turn to roll her eyes at that and ate the Pokémon food Anthony brought over to her. Nathaniel walked over to Ethan while he was suckling and checked his diaper as stealthily as he could. Ethan didn’t notice that, or the fact that his diaper was wet. Nathaniel waited for him to finish and then sat him down at the table to the cut up pieces of steak. He changed into a sleeper he had packed and waited for Selina to change as well by facing the opposite wall. Selina smirked at his gallantry since it was unneeded still as she was too young to have anything to show. Then she wondered what was on his mind since it wasn’t really like him to worry about it. Nathaniel could feel her probing his mind and just thought, “Later.” And she stopped. When Ethan had finished his steak, Nathaniel set him in the crib and changed his diaper quickly before helping the now drowsy squirrel/otter into a sleeper. He put up the bars and turned the lights low before getting into bed with Selina.

“What’s wrong?” Selina asked when they knew Ethan was asleep. “You seem troubled.”

“Just a stressful day.” Nathaniel said. “Not at all how I pictured it would go.”

“We’re already dressed for bed so a bath won’t work to relieve some of that stress.” Selina said to Nathaniel’s discomfort. “I have another idea though!”

She walked over to her backpack and got out a bottle and a bag of what looked to be formula. She walked into the bathroom and then came out with a bottle full of the stuff and put the powder away. She climbed back into bed and signaled for Nathaniel to rest in her lap. Nathaniel complied since he was a bit too tired and stressed to argue.

“This is Arcanine’s milk.” Selina said. “I just had some of it dried into powder so it could be used like that if Arcanine was nursing our Pokémon at the time.”

Nathaniel looked at Arcanine at the foot of the bed and saw she was indeed nursing eight Pokémon at the time. Nathaniel accepted the offered bottle and Selina pet his head while humming a soothing tune as he suckled. He felt immediately relaxed and was asleep with half the bottle left. Selina smiled and finished the bottle herself before turning out the light and falling asleep. Arcanine got up when the Pokémon stopped suckling and licked Selina gratefully. Her last thought before sleeping was her own gladness that Nathaniel would be taken care of even when she couldn’t. Her pup had chosen the perfect mate, or perhaps her pup had been chosen by the perfect mate.
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Chapter 6

Nathaniel woke up to find his Pokémon already awake. He saw Selina’s Pokémon changing his and he smacked himself in the forehead. He’d forgotten to check his Pokémon last night. Arcanine immediately licked him in the spot he’d hit and Nathaniel relaxed a bit. He got out of bed and walked over to his Pokémon. He stopped Selina’s Pokémon before they tapped his somewhat uncomfortable Pokémon into their new diapers and checked for diaper rash. All three were showing signs of having a rash so he healed them. He noticed that Croconaw’s diaper was going to be a tight fit so he stopped in front of him before he let Totodile finish.

“Would you mind if I do something to you?” Nathaniel asked.

“What is it?” Croconaw asked warily.

“I want to change you back into a Totodile while you are outside of battle.” Nathaniel said. “The moment you enter battle again though, you’ll be a Croconaw again. I want to make sure your diaper will still fit you, and I’d rather not have to let these smaller diapers go to waste.”

Croconaw thought about it for a moment and sighed. “I’ll do it until we run out of that package. But when I’m in my last one, we go and get me bigger ones for my Croconaw form.”

“Fair enough.” Nathaniel said using his power to turn Croconaw back into a Totodile. He stepped aside and let Selina’s Totodile finish with the diaper change before he turned to Anthony, who was being changed by Cubone.

“Why didn’t you tell me I forgot to change everyone?” Nathaniel asked.

“You needed the rest.” Anthony answered. “You probably would have put the diaper on wrong if you did it last night. I checked everyone before you conked out and they would have been fine for the night anyway. When we woke up, I just taught Selina’s Pokémon how to change a diaper and by the looks of it, they’re doing a good job.”

Nathaniel looked and saw that is was a good job for a first try. He made just a few adjustments and they were all set. He got breakfast ready before he woke Selina and then turned to get Ethan up. He lowered the bars and gently shook him. He wasn’t expecting the paw that suddenly socked him on the end of the nose. Nathaniel dropped to the floor clutching his sensitive snout with tears pouring from his eyes. Selina was having a hard time keeping her laughter in and even Arcanine was smirking. Nathaniel looked angrily at them and then at Ethan. Some of his anger evaporated when he saw Ethan had only rolled over in his sleep and ended up getting a lucky shot. Nathaniel looked next to him when he felt something poke him and saw Cubone offering him his club. Nathaniel accepted it gratefully and smiled as he heard Selina and Arcanine gasp as he raised the club high over Ethan. He brought it down and stopped it a fraction of an inch above Ethan’s head before reversing it and gently poking him. Ethan rolled over again; hitting the club upward this time, so Nathaniel poked him again and this time Ethan groaned and woke up. He looked at Nathaniel and laughed at his swollen nose.

“I did that, didn’t I?” He asked.

“You sure did.” Nathaniel said irritably. “I’m going to guess that this has happened before to someone else.”

“I almost did it to Skip.” Ethan laughed. “He knew it was coming though. He said Zoe’s done it to him before. When they were kids.”

Nathaniel smiled at that and his frustration evaporated. He could just picture Zoe bopping Skip in the nose and flooring him and had to laugh. He picked Ethan up and set him on the changing table. Nathaniel could tell by the bulge that he wasn’t going to like this one and blocked his nostrils with a bit of negative energy. He made the change as quick as possible for everyone else and threw the messy diaper away. Nathaniel was glad that water resistant fur was easier to clean and had Ethan in a fresh diaper in under two minutes. It helped that he didn’t need nearly as much protection against diaper rash as Selina did. He took care of Selina next and as thanks for the previous night, gave Selina an oil massage. Ethan turned away jealously only to be scooped up by Arcanine for a forced breakfast. When Nathaniel finished with Selina she made quick work of diapering him and they sat down for their own breakfast since the Pokémon had finished without them. When they’d finished, they packed everything and called back the starters. Anthony hopped onto Nathaniel’s shoulder and Cubone sat behind Selina’s head before they left the room and the Pokémon Center.

When they got outside, Arcanine jumped in front of Ethan and kneeled down. Ethan got the message and wisely climbed on. Arcanine stood up and looked over her shoulder at him before giving him a lick and the group took off. When they got out of the city they had to make a decision.

“Should we head straight for Azalea, or should we check out the Ruins of Alph?” Nathaniel asked.

“I vote the ruins of Alph!” Ethan said excitedly.

“You’re not old enough to vote.” Arcanine said.

“I am though.” Selina said. “I say we should as well. I’d like to check out the inside of them.”

“Fine by me.” Nathaniel said changing his opinion immediately. “I’ll look around for a few Pokémon on the outside. Keep an eye on Ethan for me Arcanine. And Ethan?”

“Yes Nathaniel?” Ethan asked.

“If you go inside the ruins, make sure you have Linoone out to defend you as well as Arcanine.” Nathaniel said.

Ethan nodded excitedly and the group went to the ruins. Ethan excitedly jumped off of Arcanine and grabbed hold of some of her fur and pointed to one of the chambers. Arcanine looked at Nathaniel and he nodded so Arcanine went with Ethan. Selina gave Nathaniel a peck on the cheek before heading into the main ruins. Nathaniel flew around the ruins to a patch of grass and walked around looking for a specific Pokémon.

“So what are you looking for here?” Anthony asked.

Nathaniel smirked and used his Aura Sight to locate one. He found it and gated right in front of it. The Smeargle fell flat on its tail and then leaped up ready to fight. Anthony was about to jump forward but Nathaniel stopped him.

“I don’t want this one KO’ed.” Nathaniel said. “Don’t attack, just dodge and defend. I want to see what this one knows exactly.”

Anthony nodded and then jumped forward to fight. Smeargle leveled his tail at Anthony and waited. Anthony smirked and decided to launch an attack anyway, hoping to draw Smeargle into the fight. Anthony opened his mouth and fired off Shadow Ball. Smeargle disappeared before the attack could hit and Nathaniel wondered if Smeargle teleported. Smeargle suddenly reappeared and slammed into Anthony, knocking him back a few feet. Nathaniel saw Anthony didn’t have any damage on him and recognized the attack Shadow Force! Anthony fired Shadow Ball again and Smeargle was hit. His tail began to glow pink and he slashed it vertically at Anthony and the attack Spacial Rend hit Anthony hard. Anthony used Protect to block the next dragon attack that hit him, Roar of Time. Nathaniel wondered how Smeargle learned all of these attacks and was sure he would capture it. Anthony used Morning Sun and then used Sand Attack. The Sand Attack lowered Smeargle’s accuracy enough to make the next attack miss. Nathaniel watched in shock as Smeargle used the attack Judgment! Nathaniel had seen enough and pulled out one of the Master Balls he had and threw it at Smeargle. It didn’t even see the ball as it hit and was captured with only a few shakes from the Master Ball. Anthony picked up the Master Ball, handed it to Nathaniel, and joined him in a cheesy victory pose. Nathaniel flinched suddenly when he heard a small explosion and decided to go and see what Ethan was up to.

Chapter 7

When he got to the ruins, he saw Arcanine limping out of the ruins carrying Ethan by the scruff of the neck with Linoone draped over her back. Selina came out behind him and sat down with a groan. Nathaniel ran up to them and looked them over for injuries.

“What happened to you guys?” Nathaniel asked worriedly.

“An enormous group of Unown attacked.” Arcanine panted. “Linoone took a chance and used assist hoping to pick up on one of our attacks. He picked up on Metronome somehow and used Explosion and while he did KO the Unown, he caught Ethan in the blast along with me.”

“Who knows Metronome?” Nathaniel asked as he healed the trio. “I thought we left everyone home who did.”

“I may have picked it up.” Anthony said.

“You know Metronome?” Nathaniel asked.

“Pikachu, the Mews and Mewtwos helped me learn it.” Anthony proudly proclaimed. “I’ve even learned how to do something with Metronome. I can control the attack somewhat!”

“What do you mean somewhat?” Nathaniel queried finishing up.

“If it’s an attack that won’t target the opposing Pokémon at all, then I can choose that attack with 100% accuracy.” Anthony explained. “If it’s a non-damaging attack that does target the opposing Pokémon, then I have 80% accuracy. The other 20% is divided into 15% of the time using an attack that still won’t damage the opposing Pokémon while targeting it, and the last 5% resulting in another attack entirely. If I’m trying to damage an opposing Pokémon, then I have 50% accuracy. Another 30% results in an attack that is somehow similar, then another 10% in another damaging attack. The last ten percent is divided evenly with 5% being another attack entirely, or I end up using Self Destruct, Explosion, or Perish Song.”

“Pretty cool Anthony!” Nathaniel exclaimed. “Two questions now. Are we all set to go and does anyone need a change?”

“I can leave now.” Selina sighed. “My diaper can wait until we get to the Pokémon Center before Union Cave.”

“I’m good as well!” Anthony yipped excitedly.

“I could… use a change.” Ethan grunted. Arcanine wrinkled her nose and dropped Ethan with a funny gagging noise. Ethan laughed out loud and jumped behind Nathaniel when Arcanine swiped at him with her paw. Nathaniel could tell Arcanine was just joking with him but nevertheless, picked Ethan up and gated to the tall grass for a change. He had Ethan cleaned and then melted down the used diaper with some of his acid before he slipped a new one on him. He gated back to the group and remembered something about the ruins.

“I just remembered a shortcut we could take!” Nathaniel exclaimed. “There’s an entrance to the lower levels of Union Cave from here. We could go through them instead of going through the route down to it.”

“I’m willing to give it a shot.” Selina said. “Let’s do it!”

The group went to where Nathaniel remembered the entrance from the games was and searched the area. Ethan ended up startling a Natu and before Arcanine could use Roar to scare it away, Ethan stopped her.

“Let me battle this one!” Ethan begged. Arcanine reluctantly nodded and Ethan sent Linoone forward. Natu started with Peck. Linoone just looked at it after the attack hit. Linoone rolled his eyes as if to say, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” And used Thunderbolt on the much lower level Pokémon. Ethan hugged Linoone as the Natu teleported away and called him back.

“What a rush!” Ethan shouted. “Battles sure are fun!”

“That one looked rather boring to me.” Nathaniel sighed. “Way too easy. One shot battles just end too quickly. You probably won’t get a challenge in battle with Linoone unless you battle another trainer.”

Ethan thought for a moment and nodded. The group continued searching until they found the entrance they’d been looking for. They walked inside and found the cave to be too dark inside to se properly. Nathaniel could see fine with his Aura Sight but the rest were in trouble. Nathaniel thought for a moment and decided to see if he could replicate Flash somehow. He first tried a burst of flames. It worked to a point but didn’t last long enough anyway. He fired a bolt of lightning at the ceiling but the electricity that arched across the ceiling (KO’ing several Zubat in the process) didn’t stay still long enough. Nathaniel then tried to use the energy projection. He found he could make a steady glow around his hand and could use it as a very effective torch. Now that they were set, they walked towards a ladder that one of the bolts of electricity revealed. Nathaniel made a sweep of the area with his Aura Sight just in case they missed something of interest and found a Pokémon he wasn’t expecting to see.

“You guys wait here.” Nathaniel said. “I’m going to go after something over this way.”

“Is there any way you can leave the light?” Selina asked.

Nathaniel looked around and picked up a rock. He tried to charge some of his energy into it but the rock exploded instead. He was watching with his Aura Sight and saw that the rock wasn’t made of a material that could hold the energy. That was when he remembered the crystal on his sword. It could hold energy so he looked around for some kind of gem, or at least quartz. He found a piece and charged energy into it.

“This should give you a couple minutes.” Nathaniel said. “That’s all I’ll need.”

Selina nodded and Nathaniel headed for a pond. He waded into the water and began swimming silently towards the Pokémon he saw floating in the water. When he reached the Pokémon, he was glad to find it still asleep. He gently tapped it with one of the Master Balls he had and caught t immediately. Smiling at his success, Nathaniel gated back to the group and left the cave with them.
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Chapter 9

“Did you find all you were looking for?” Selina asked Nathaniel as they walked down to the next city.

“Yes I did.” Nathaniel said proudly. “Caught them too!”

“So what did you catch?” Ethan asked.

“You’ll probably find out at the next gym.” Nathaniel replied. “If I don’t use them both in the gym, I’ll show you what I caught afterward.”

Ethan rolled his eyes and shook his head. They eventually reached Azalea Town. After a quick heal at the Pokémon Center, they went straight for the gym. Inside they found a forest themed interior and no gym leader in sight. It wasn’t until Nathaniel used his Aura Sight that he could see why.

“You must be the gym leader of the Azalea Gym.” Nathaniel said looking straight at the hiding leader. “I’m Nathaniel, and this is Selina. We’ve come to challenge you.”

“How in the world did you know I was hiding there?” a chameleon asked stepping out from in front of a tree.

“You can camouflage your scales, but not your Aura.” Nathaniel replied. “I must say it’s kind of weird if you are Bugsy.”

“Why is that?” Bugsy asked cocking his head to one side.

“Don’t Chameleons eat bugs?” Nathaniel asked. “I guess the furrs don’t, but the animal does.”

“I always found that funny.” Bugsy laughed. “I had the hardest time getting some of my Pokémon to trust me, let alone like me. Most of them were afraid I was going to eat them.”

“Do chameleon furrs still have the long sticky tongues?” Ethan asked. He gulped and said, “I guess so!” when Bugsy snapped his tongue right next to Ethan’s ear.

“So let’s get this started.” Bugsy laughed. “Which of you is going to battle me first?”

“Ladies first Selina.” Nathaniel said bowing. Selina chuckled and sent out Cubone. Bugsy at the same time sent out a Forretress. Cubone immediately threw Bonemerang at Forretress and rushed forward with Double-Edge at the same time. He caught his club before hitting and after slamming into Forretress with Double-Edge, attacked with Bone Rush and finished with a Bone Club on the back swing. Forretress looked as though he hadn’t even been hit at all until his eyes widened once and he fell. Bugsy stood there as if thunderstruck. He called back Forretress and tossed Selina her badge.

“Do you mind if we make this one three-on-three?” Bugsy asked when he could speak again. “That one was kind of short lived.”

“Sure!” Nathaniel chuckled. “Show me what you got!”

Bugsy threw a pokeball and out came a Metapod. Nathaniel threw his and out came his Cyndaquil. Both Pokémon ran forward and used Tackle. The two repeatedly used the attack and were evenly matched until Cyndaquil ended the fight with Blast Burn. Bugsy called back Metapod and sent Kakuna out. Kakuna hit the recharging Cyndaquil once with Poison Sting and the Fire Pokémon fell. Nathaniel healed Cyndaquil and set him aside before sending out the Pokémon he caught in Union Cave. Despite the fact that it wouldn’t be able to move much on land, Nathaniel was confident his new Lapras would do well. Kakuna tried Poison Sting again, only for it to be literally blown back with Blizzard. Kakuna froze solid and Lapras hit it with Hydro Pump. The Kakuna fell and Nathaniel hugged his big Pokémon to show his gratitude while Bugsy called back Kakuna. Bugsy smirked and sent out Scizor next. Lapras let out an unearthly cry on seeing Scizor before being hit by a powerful Silver Wind. Scizor hit Lapras again with Metal Claw and Lapras retaliated by trying to hit Scizor with Sheer Cold. The attack missed and Scizor hit Lapras again with Silver Wind. Lapras smirked once before fainting and Scizor smirked right back. The smirk disappeared in a flash when Scizor stiffened suddenly and then fell himself.

“I guess that means I win.” Nathaniel stated.

“What just happened?” Bugsy asked.

“I’d have to say Lapras used Perish Song and the attack KO’ed them both.” Ethan said from Arcanine’s back.

“And since Nathaniel still has another Pokémon in reserve, he wins.” Selina said hugging him.

Bugsy laughed and tossed Nathaniel the Hive Badge. The group said goodbye and walked outside. Right in front of the doors they cheered and raised their badges to the sky.

Chapter 10

“So now we head through the Ilex Forrest right?” Ethan inquired.

“That’s the idea but we should stop at the Pokémon center first.” Nathaniel answered. “I need to heal Cyndaquil and Lapras before we head through.”

“Plus I’m sure you could use a change by now.” Selina teased.

“I could say the same about you I’m sure.” Nathaniel retorted. “You said you could use a change when we got to the Pokémon Center before Union Cave when we thought of going that way. It’s been much longer than that! We should probably just stay the night since it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to go through that already dark forest at night. I’m not sure we can cross it in time.”

“Why do we even need to walk through it?” Ethan asked. “Couldn’t we just fly over it?”

“Arcanine would probably prefer to keep her eyes on you at all times.” Nathaniel said. “Plus there’s something in the forest I want to see anyway.”

They walked over to the Pokémon Center and got a room while Lapras and Cyndaquil were healed. Nathaniel went up to the room when he got his Pokémon back and saw Selina changing Ethan, to his obvious discomfort. Nathaniel laughed and let the starters out of their pokeballs. He went over to the window and let Lapras out into the pond behind the Pokémon Center. He turned back around again and checked each of his starters. Only Cyndaquil was in need of a change. Nathaniel had no sooner set him on the table and opened his diaper that Cyndaquil began glowing. Lying cutely on his back was now a Quilava. Nathaniel, despite the smile on his face, shook his head in slight annoyance.

“I know you must be excited to have evolved Quilava, but I’m going to change you back into a Cyndaquil until we run out of diapers for you, okay?”

Quilava nodded happily and Nathaniel changed him back into a Cyndaquil and rediapered him. Then he turned to the group and held up the Master Ball containing Smeargle.

“It’s time to introduce the third Pokémon I would have used in my battle against Bugsy.” Nathaniel announced. “Everyone, say hello to Smeargle.”

Smeargle appeared from the Master Ball and was immediately swarmed by the starters all trying to say hello at once. Smeargle just stood there very confused and a little frightened. Nathaniel called them off and picked Smeargle up and held him closely. Smeargle calmed a bit but still looked confused.

“Sorry about that Smeargle.” Nathaniel laughed. “I should have thought that one through a bit more. I just thought everyone would like to meet you. I didn’t think about if you wanted to meet everyone. We’re all really happy to welcome you to the family though.”

“Family?” Smeargle asked. Nathaniel was surprised to hear how young it sounded.

“Or team if you prefer that term more Smeargle.” Nathaniel said.

“No, family is fine.” Smeargle said. “It’s just this wasn’t what I expected when someone finally decided to capture me. I guess I really never knew what to expect. Trainers kept on using Legendary Pokémon against me and knocking me out.”

“That explains how you know all of those attacks.” Nathaniel said.

“I kept using Sketch whenever I could on them and learned their attacks.” Smeargle said proudly. “Could you put me down now? This feels kind of weird to be held by someone not much taller than me. I’m just an inch short of four feet and closing in on 130 pounds.”

“Okay then.” Nathaniel laughed as he set Smeargle down. “You have to admit how secure that felt though.”

“Yes, it did make me feel rather secure and safe.” Smeargle said without thinking.

“You want to know what else can make you feel that way?” Ethan asked slyly.

“No I do not want to wear diapers.” Smeargle said.

“How’d you know I was going to say that?” Ethan asked.

“Because nearly everyone in here is in diapers.” Smeargle answered. “And a few are in need of a change.”

Nathaniel laughed at that little exchange and made sure everyone got a fresh diaper. He took his Pokémon down to meet Lapras but found he was sleeping so they left him alone. They spent the rest of the day in their room while Smeargle entertained some of them by using their diapers as canvases. Then the group made sure they got a good sleep that night.

Nathaniel didn’t remember the strange dream he had last night. All he felt was a headache that quickly vanished after he was kissed good morning by two girls. It felt as though he’d watched a movie on fast forward, or he’d tried cramming a few months of memory into a few hours of sleep. He opened the window and waved to Lapras out in the pond before calling him back into his pokeball. He then woke the rest of the group up and after diaper changes and breakfast; they left the Pokémon Center and headed for the Ilex Forrest.

“So what are we looking for in here?” Ethan asked.

“We are looking for a big white rock or some kind of shrine.” Nathaniel answered.

Ethan slumped over for a moment and then sat back up saying, “Found it! It’s over that way!” Ethan led the way and sure enough, they found the white rock next to a shrine. Nathaniel helped Ethan off of Arcanine and made him wait by Selina.

“Close your eyes Ethan.” Nathaniel warned.

Ethan did and opened his eyes back up when the bright light he saw the flash from behind his eyelids fade. What he saw was a Celebi swinging its little feet against the rock, just sitting there looking at Nathaniel. Then he heard a voice that whispered through the leaves that sounded old and young at the same time.

“You have summoned my offspring Nathaniel. Prove yourself through battle and claim him as your own.”

Nathaniel sent Arcanine forward and the battle began. Celebi used an Ancient Power that was dodged and countered by Fire Fang. Arcanine still had a hold of Celebi as he used Recover and bit down with Crunch. Celebi screeched and hit Arcanine point blank with Magical Leaf. Arcanine let go of Celebi and then rushed forward using Extremespeed. Celebi retaliated with Ancient Power and then Confusion. Arcanine shook her head clear and let loose Overheat. The attack hit Celebi and he just floated there staring blankly. Celebi then disappeared and Nathaniel’s bracer beeped, “Celebi successfully captured.”

“Way to go Arcanine!” Nathaniel cried hugging her. Arcanine responded by licking her pup and increased when he healed her as he continued to hug her and bury his face in her mane. Nathaniel decided to do something special and used his strength to gently lower her onto the ground and proceeded to massage her paws. He was glad he did because they looked in to be in need of it. The pads were looking just a bit raw but went back to normal as Nathaniel pulsed positive energy through them. Nathaniel didn’t stop there and added a positive energy belly rub to it. When he stopped, Arcanine rolled over quickly and shook herself as if she’d just come out of a pool of water, and looked gratefully at her pup. She then pounced him and licked him as much as she could. Nathaniel giggled and laughed the whole time and resigned himself to her thanks. He was breathless when she stopped and couldn’t get up, so Selina and Ethan helped roll him onto Arcanine’s back and then Ethan hopped on to keep his brother steady while they continued through the forest.
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Chapter 11

Nathaniel could finally move again when they got out of the forest, but Arcanine still didn’t let him off.

“You should still rest.” Arcanine chuckled. “You can move your upper body but your legs are probably still wobbly.”

“Plus you just like carrying me.” Nathaniel said smoothly.

“Plus I just like carrying … HEY!” Arcanine barked. “How you get me to admit things like that, I’ll never know.”

“You’ll never know but you’ve managed to do it before.” Nathaniel laughed.

“Oh really!” Arcanine said. “Name one time.”

“Name one time I’ve done it to you before this one and I’ll name one for you.” Nathaniel retorted.

Arcanine rolled her eyes. She knew he was right that they’d done it to each other and probably the entire family had done it to each other on a regular basis. They continued down the path and stopped at a building along the way. Walking in they saw an elderly couple of Rabbits that smiled at them as they walked in.

“Welcome to the Johto Day Care.” The female said. “Do either of you trainers have any Pokémon in need of our services?”

“Actually I might.” Nathaniel said. “I’m just not sure how often I’m going to use my Lapras and I don’t know when I’ll be visiting home next to drop him off there. Can you take charge of him for me?”

“Of course my boy!” the male boomed with a chuckle. “We could take care of a Wailord if you needed us to. I’ve got just one question for the pretty miss beside you though.”

“What would that be kind sir?” Selina asked blushing.

“I wonder if you could take an egg off of our hands?” the man asked. “A trainer didn’t want it and we’d be grateful if a kind looking trainer such as yourself would take it.”

“Of course!” Selina said. “I’d love to.”

Nathaniel handed over his Lapras and said goodbye as the old man gave Selina her new Pokémon egg. They waved goodbye to the old couple and rushed to Goldenrod City. There they saw the department store of Johto. Nathaniel took a stop in the Pokémon Center to heal Arcanine before the group turned their attention to the gym. Walking inside, they found a snow white rabbit waiting for them.

“Hiya! I’m Whitney, the leader of the Goldenrod Gym.” She said. “I’m ready to battle if you’re ready to challenge me. I’ll even take you both on at once!”

“Fine by me!” Nathaniel exclaimed. “I, Sir Nathaniel of Pallet Town and Lady Selina of the same, do hereby submit our official challenge to you, Whitney, Leader of the Goldenrod Gym for the Plain Badge.”

“SO BE IT!” Whitney yelled as she threw two pokeballs. “MILTANK, CLEFABLE, YOU’RE UP!”

Nathaniel threw out his Chikorita in response. Selina sent out her Cubone instead and the battle began. Miltank rushed forward with Rollout while Cubone blocked the attack with Double-Edge. Clefable used Metronome and ended up using Thunder, which was drawn harmlessly into Cubone due to his Lightningrod ability. Chikorita used Razor Leaf and hit both opposing Pokémon. Cubone then hit Miltank with Double-Edge, and Chikorita was hit by Miltank’s Attract. Clefable tried Metronome again and used Splash. Chikorita moved despite the attracted status and hit Miltank with Frenzy Plant. Miltank collapsed and Clefable hit Chikorita with Meteor Mash. Cubone then used Bonemerang and hit Clefable hard both times. Chikorita finished the battle by using Tackle and began to glow. Nathaniel smacked his forehead again despite his happiness over having his last starter evolve because like the rest of them, their diapers wouldn’t fit their new forms. Nathaniel turned his new Bayleef into a Chikorita again and got a new diaper on him before accepting the plain badge from Whitney. The group then walked outside and did a cheesy victory pose with their third Johto badge.

Chapter 12

“Well that was quick.” Nathaniel said as they left Goldenrod.

“I know!” Ethan said excitedly as ever. “That couldn’t have taken more than a couple hours to get from Azalea, catch a legendary, and get your third badge.”

“Sometimes I feel like we’re in some poorly written story.” Selina sighed.

“Let’s hope the feeling passes.” Anthony said from Nathaniel’s shoulder. “I’m too amazing to be in a bad story.”

“Amazingly cute.” Selina laughed. Everyone joined in laughing as Anthony made himself even cuter by growling. “Growling just makes you cuter Anthony. If I remember correctly, it’s actually a cute move for contests in the video games.”

Anthony stopped growling and was silent the rest of the way out of the city. They took a detour on their way to Ecruteak to a park that usually held a Bug Catching Contest. When they got there, they found a frustrated looking liger outside the entrance.

“Did we miss the contest?” Nathaniel asked as he walked up to him.

“Sure did.” The liger said. “I’ve entered that contest several times and lost again today. I’ve been trying to win a Moonstone to evolve my starter. The only problem is that the Moonstone is one of the two possible prizes for first place and I just can’t seem to catch the right bug.”

“So who did you loose too?” Nathaniel asked.

“A guy named Sai and his Pikachu Hiroki.” The liger answered.

“Maybe you can find him and ask if he really needs that Moonstone.” Nathaniel suggested. “If he doesn’t, maybe he’ll be willing to part with it.”

“Maybe.” The liger sighed. “I just need to find him and I’m not sure how to do that.”

“I’ll help you.” Nathaniel said. “It won’t be too hard if he’s not too far away already.”

“You will!” the liger shouted excitedly. “Thank you! My name’s Brandon.”

“I’m Nathaniel.” Nathaniel said shaking his paw. “This is my buddy Anthony, my brother Ethan, and my friends Arcanine and Selina.”

“Nice to meet you all.” Brandon said.

“Okay then.” Nathaniel said. “If the two of you would help as well, we can get this done quickly. Ethan, try to focus and find this Sai with your Astral Projection. Selina, fly and teleport around and see if you can spot someone with a Pikachu. I’ll scan the area with my Aura Sight. What does Sai look like anyway?”

“He’s a fox furr with a bunch of weird markings on him.” Brandon replied. “He’s not that hard to miss, especially with his black wings and his two swords.”

“Got him!” Ethan said excitedly. “He’s not far from Ecruteak City. There’s an intersection in the path and he’s battling a Sudowoodo there with a Glameow.”

“I know the spot.” Nathaniel said. “I’ll go ask him to wait for you Brandon. You can meet up with us there.”

Brandon nodded and Nathaniel gated to the area and watched the ensuing battle. The Sudowoodo was looking like it had already had it but wasn’t giving up. The Pokémon battling it looked like it had hardly taken any damage at all. It was a Glameow that apparently liked Ghost attacks as it kept using either Shadow Claw or Shadow Ball. Finally the Sudowoodo had enough and ran straight for Nathaniel. A Pokeball came flying through the air and hit Sudowoodo just before it ran into Nathaniel. Selina teleported to the Pokeball and picked up her new Pokémon.

“Sorry for capturing him when you were the one who battled him Sai.” Selina called. “Had to save my boyfriend from being trampled.”

“No problem.” Sai said walking up to them. “I have an awesome team anyway.”

Nathaniel looked Sai up and down. He was a fiery orange fox furr and he was clearly an angelic with his black wings just as Brandon had said. He had an interesting necklace with a shuriken shaped diamond with a Pokeball held in the center. He also had a few cream colored crescent moons on his paws, ears and forehead. He had a Pikachu perched on his shoulder as well with the same cream colored moon on the belly. Judging by her tail, the Pikachu was a female. When Nathaniel checked him with his Aura Sight, he saw yet another furr with all three aspects of the angelics.

“So how did you know my name anyway?” Sai asked.

“We were looking for you because a liger named Brandon was looking for you.” Nathaniel answered.

“So why didn’t you call out to me from those bushes when you got there through whatever you call that portal?” Sai asked.

“I was just interested in your battle.” Nathaniel answered. “I may have to battle you some time.”

“I’ll look forward to that.” Sai said laughing. “So why is Brandon looking for me?”

“Because I wanted to ask if you really needed that Moonstone you won in the bug catching contest.” Brandon replied. “I wanted to evolve my starter with it.”

“What was your starter?” Sai asked.

“It’s a Skitty.” Brandon said sheepishly.

“What’s wrong with a Skitty?” Ethan asked.

“Nothing, it’s just not the Pokémon I was expecting.” Brandon answered. “It’s not often that a boy gets a Skitty as a starter. I was actually expecting more along the lines of a Shinx.”

“I’ll tell you what.” Sai said. “If you team up with me against these two, I’ll give you the Moon Stone no matter if we win or not. How about that?”

“If they’re up for it, so am I!” Brandon said excitedly.

“How about we each use three Pokémon?” Nathaniel asked. “That way it’s closer to a full double battle and none of us will lose all of our Pokémon.”

“Agreed!” Selina, Sai and Brandon said as they walked to separate sides of the field.

Ethan stepped to the side and center of the field and raised one paw up in the air. He then let it down in a chopping motion and four Pokeballs flew through the air. Nathaniel’s Smeargle and Selina’s Cyndaquil came out. Sai called out a Combusken named Blaze while Brandon sent out a Raikou. Raikou immediately rushed Smeargle using Crunch. Smeargle disappeared before the attack could hit and Raikou was hit hard with a Flamethrower from Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil was hit in return by Sky Uppercut from Blaze. Blaze was then hit from behind by Smeargle’s Shadow Force. Raikou swung around when he saw Smeargle appear and used Thunder. The attack missed and Raikou was hit again this time by Lava Plume. Smeargle was unfortunately hit by the attack as well and received a burn while Blaze stood strong from the attack. Smeargle attacked Blaze again with Roar of Time and KO’ed the Fire Pokémon with a critical hit. Smeargle was then hit finally by Thunder and Raikou was hit by Swift. Smeargle fell from the burn damage and then Raikou attacked Cyndaquil with Crunch. Cyndaquil launched another attack and defeated Raikou with Flamethrower.

Sai then called out a Buizel named Krystalis, who was sporting a red beret and sunglasses, while Brandon sent out a Suicune. Nathaniel sent out Celebi and Selina replaced Cyndaquil with Chikorita. Chikorita was KO’ed on the spot with a combined Aqua Jet and Blizzard. Celebi used Recover to heal from the Blizzard and was almost hit by Krystalis’s Iron Tail. Suicune also missed with the second Blizzard and was hit by Magical Leaf in response. Suicune then used Rain Dance, only to be KO’ed by the second Magical Leaf. Nathaniel was wondering why Krystalis hadn’t attacked when Celebi was hit by Razor Wind. Celebi used Recover again and was hit by a more powerful Aqua Jet. Celebi then used a very powerful Grass attack that Nathaniel wasn’t expecting, Leaf Storm. The attack hit and Krystalis almost went down. Krystalis used Agility and dodged the second Leaf Storm with a speed that amazed Nathaniel until he remembered Swift Swim. Celebi launched one last attack and then kept using Protect. Nathaniel wasn’t sure what the attack was until he saw both Celebi and Krystalis fall to the Perish Song. All of the Pokémon were called back and one last round began.

Arcanine came out for Nathaniel while Selina sent out Cubone. Sai sent out the Pikachu perched on his shoulder, whose name was Hiroki, and Brandon sent out Entei. Arcanine started the battle with Sunny Day and Hiroki used Lock-On for some odd reason. Entei fired off a Flamethrower that was blocked by Cubone’s Protect. Arcanine used Extremespeed on Hiroki and received a Zap Cannon in return. Entei used a Fire Blast that Cubone tried to block with Double-Edge before being blasted backwards by the attack. Cubone then got right back up and used a Bonemerang that got two critical hits. Hiroki almost KO’ed Arcanine with Volt Tackle while suffering a hit from Overheat. Hiroki saw that Entei was about to fall and used Lunar Dance to heal him. Entei saw Hiroki fall from the side effect of Lunar Dance and used Lava Plume, KO’ing both Cubone and Arcanine, and ending the battle with a tie.

“That was an awesome battle guys.” Nathaniel said as he shook hands with both Sai and Brandon. “Hiroki knows some impressive attacks!”

“Your Smeargle’s pretty impressive too.” Sai said smiling.

Nathaniel smelled something on the air suddenly and looked at Ethan.

“I didn’t do anything!” Ethan said quickly. A quick check from Nathaniel’s Aura Sight revealed that Ethan was telling the truth, and the fact that Brandon was diapered.

“Not to embarrass you or anything Brandon but do you need some help?” Nathaniel asked.

“What do you mean?” Brandon asked nervously.

“I kind of saw something about you that apparently you’re nervous about.” Nathaniel said sheepishly.

“He wears diapers, doesn’t he?” Sai asked laughing. “Don’t worry about it buddy. I find that to be pretty cute actually. I’ve changed enough diapers know a messy one. I’ll help you if you want me too.”

“O-o-okay.” Brandon stuttered while nervously smiling. “I usually find messy ones hard to handle on my own anyway.”

“Why don’t you just stick with me?” Sai asked. “We could travel together and I’ll help you out whenever you want.”

“OKAY!” Brandon cried excitedly. “Could I get a weapon though? Those blades look pretty cool!”

“I can help you guys with that.” Nathaniel said. “How about you guys just take a break from training for a bit and come meet my family? There’s an awesome blacksmith at my house who could probably hook you up with the perfect weapon. We can get you changed there too Brandon. What do you guys say?”

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Sai said. “What do you think little buddy?”

“Okay!” Brandon said.

Nathaniel smiled and opened a gate for them. They all walked through and came out in the cavern.
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WOW! Didn't realize that I was posting this much! 114 posts already! And I've only been here for a few days! All of the stories are curently up to date from FTT and I still have a third forum that I may becoming an admin for to post them on. My own brother just started his own forum too and made me an admin so I have to get the stories up on there too! Wow that's alot of work ahead! My Brother is still setting up his site so I can't give the adress yet, but here's the link for the site made by my friend angle if anyone is interested in joining since she says all are welcome there (provided you are friendly).
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Chapter 13

“WOW!” was all Sai and Brandon said when they saw the cavern.

“This place is actually beneath my house.” Nathaniel laughed as he let out all of his pokemon. Sai’s eyes widened with excitement when he saw the diapered starters. Nathaniel made a quick transfer with his bracer and sent his Lapras out into the water. Lapras immediately dove beneath the water and Nathaniel could see him frisking about happily. Sai was nearly bouncing when he saw all of Nathaniel’s other pokemon coming and Nathaniel could see he was mainly looking at Nathaniel and Selina’s diapered pokemon. Nathaniel noticed Ethan had disappeared and Arcanine tilted her head towards the stairs.

“If you’d like to get changed Brandon, you and Sai can follow me upstairs. You can go ahead and leave your pokemon here if you like.”

Brandon nodded and let out his six pokemon. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see that one of Brandon’s other pokemon was a Luxray. But he was surprised to see that another one was a Houndoom. Nathaniel was expecting another feline. Sai then sent out his pokemon as well. In addition to Hiroki, Blaze, and Krystalis, Nathaniel also saw the Glameow from earlier named Mirushi, who was wearing a black collar with a white bow. There was also a black Leafeon with green paws and leaves named Bri. Finally was a Buneary that Nathaniel found to be the most abnormal looking one of the bunch. It was fiery orange in color with light orange fluff and was wearing a diaper while sucking on a pink pacifier. Sai introduced the Buneary, who looked about ready to bounce off of the ceiling with pent up energy as Daisy. When Sai was done introducing her, Daisy bounded off excitedly to explore the cavern. Sai left Hiroki in charge and then went with Nathaniel, Selina, and Brandon up the stairs. He and Brandon stopped in shock when they saw Nathaniel’s room. The swords and other medieval regalia that hung from the walls barely registered to the two main pieces of furniture in the room, the changing table and the crib.

“The floor’s never been swept so I’d recommend you get your jaw off the floor.” Nathaniel laughed. “As friends I believe I can trust you. Like most chimeras, I have a bladder defect that forces me to need diapers. Hence the changing table. The crib I keep because sometimes I actually like to use it as a crib or may even need it if I have some of my pokemon sleeping in my bed with me. Or Selina since she tosses in her sleep almost as much as she snores.”

“I do not!” Selina shouted.

“How would you know?” Nathaniel asked laughing. “You’re never awake to hear or see yourself.”

“But you are sometimes.” Selina said smirking.

“Darn!” Nathaniel laughed. “You caught me on that.”

“Could someone tell me what’s going on?” Brandon asked.

“Selina has a psionic ability to read memories.” Nathaniel said. “It’s just one of a few she has. I have a lot more and Sai is a psionic apparently. I wonder if you have any of the angelic aspects to you.”

Nathaniel looked as Brandon said, “Not that I know of.” And saw that Brandon did indeed have one aspect of the angelics at least. If he had any others, they were overshadowed by his inner light. It was almost as bright as Nathaniel’s own! Brandon would indeed be a powerful force for good with his light to guide him.

“WOW!” Nathaniel said. He told Brandon what he saw and then he left the room for Sai to finally change him. Nathaniel walked in a couple minutes later and saw that Sai had actually sent Brandon off to dreamland somehow. He was sleeping in Nathaniel’s crib in just a diaper and Nathaniel also saw something unfamiliar in the house, a pacifier in between Brandon’s lips.

“That’s one of my psionics.” Sai said. “I can make a pacifier of energy and keep it stuck in someone. Brandon here conked right out when after sucking on it for a minute. I hope you don’t mind that I set the cutie in your crib.”

“No worries Sai.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s at least get you acquainted with my family. Brandon will be fine down here on his own while he takes a cat nap.”

Sai laughed and followed Nathaniel and Selina up the stairs to the playroom. Sai began looking really excited when he saw it and Nathaniel thought he was going to get whiplash as fast as his head was moving to look around. Nathaniel had to take him by the hand to lead him upstairs or he probably would have stayed downstairs for a lot longer. When Nathaniel got into the living room, he would have fallen back down the stairs if he hadn’t gated to the couch when a large, flying, and scaly projectile slammed into him. When Nathaniel could breathe again he hugged the dragon that had flown into him.

“Nice to see you again too Chad!” Nathaniel laughed. “Now would you let me up? We have guests.”

“Okay Nathaniel.” Chad laughed.

Nathaniel got up and introduced Sai and Chad. Nathaniel could tell by the look in their eyes that the two were friends all ready. Nathaniel looked around expecting seven diapered projectiles to hit him too but could find anyone else in the house even with his Aura Sight.

“Where is everyone Chad?” Nathaniel asked. “And where did Ethan go?”

“I teleported him to everyone else.” Chad said. “They all went on invitation to Poketopia. Daddy is house sitting and I arrived just yesterday. Skip said he’d come home tonight though if you’re still here. How’s the Johto journey coming along?”

“Three badges and a legendary already.” Nathaniel said smiling. “How’s Hoen?”

“I’ve already gotten seven badges and two of the pokemon I was after.” Chad said. “I was just about to go down to the cavern to let them out for some exercise.”

“Since nobody else is here there’s not much else to do I guess.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s go check out your new pokemon and I’ll introduce you to mine.”

Nathaniel just gated all of them down to the cavern and Chad first sent out his six pokemon that Nathaniel recognized. Gyarados, Dragonite, Salamence, Flygon, Garchomp and his diapered Charizard. Chad then sent out an Altaria and then the legendary pokemon Rayquaza!

“Collecting dragons still I see Chad.” Nathaniel laughed.

“Got another dragon-like pokemon on the way.” Chad said. “I just have to go and get it from Cinnabar when it’s ready.”

“Aerodactyl?” Nathaniel guessed.

“You got it!” Chad said. “There are only two more pokemon I’m going for in Hoen and then I’m heading to Sinnoh after the Evergrande Conference.”

“You’re after Latios and Latias in the Hoen region and then you want the Dragon Trio in Sinnoh right?” Nathaniel asked.

“You know me too well.” Chad laughed. “I’m hoping to get another pokemon that can become a Dragon pokemon there as well.”

“Arceus?” Nathaniel guessed.

“Dang you’re good!” Chad laughed.

“So Sai,” Nathaniel said turning to him. “I’ve been meaning to ask you. What other psionics do you have?”

“Aside from the Paci Seal as I call it, I also have something I call Empathic Reaching.” Sai answered. “I can sense emotions and when others are around me. Sometimes I can even plant an emotion in someone or amplify one they are already feeling. I can also sense when someone is lying with that.”

“Sounds like Mesprit.” Nathaniel said. “That explains how you knew I was watching you when you were battling Selina’s Sudowoodo.”

“That’s right.” Sai laughed. “That only has a short radius though. I also have an ability I call Rush. Give me very great speeds obviously and also keeps my agility. Another power I have is called my Phase Step. Just watch this and you’ll see what that is.”

Nathaniel watched as Sai blurred and slid backwards while leaving a blurry trail of himself behind. The trail vanished and Sai appeared right next to Nathaniel.

“I can do that and reach anywhere I’ve been before or anywhere I can get a good grasp of.” Sai explained. “I can’t do that with anyone unless I’m actually holding onto them or say if someone was riding on my back like Hiroki does on my shoulder. There’s just one more power I have that was a result of a misstep on my Phase Step.”

Nathaniel watched in surprise as Sai transformed into an Eevee before his eyes. He was off color with a fiery orange fluff and orange fur. Nathaniel watched wide eyed as Sai then shifted into a sort of in between from of Eevee and each of the Eeveelutions. Sai then turned back into himself and explained a bit more.

“I Phase Stepped one day onto the Mystery Lands one day and found my inner pokemon to be an Eevee.” He said. “It turns out that another of my psionics was my ability to transform back and forth between my pokemon and furr forms and I can also transform freely into the Eeveelutions almost. It used to be I only changed color and could use some of the attacks, but now I’ve been getting better and can get halfway there and use even more of the attacks. That’s all of my psionic abilities. So what can you three do?”
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Nathaniel, Selina, and Chad took turns demonstrating their psionics and then everyone got to telling their history. Sai started by explaining that he got Hiroki as his starter early in the Sinnoh region. His other pokemon were gifts from his mother however. He made friends with most of them in the Sinnoh region and his mother captured them for him. Blaze was a Torchic that hatched from an egg his mother received and the two bonded almost instantly, resulting in Sai’s receiving the Torchic as well. When it came time to begin his journey he decided to travel to Kanto and begin there. He’d since cleared Kanto twice, through both the Indigo Conference, and just last year, the Indigo Festival for coordinators. He went to Johto afterward and currently has the first four badges.

“That’s pretty cool Sai.” Nathaniel said. “I hope we end up meeting each other at Mt. Silver. Unless you and Brandon would consider traveling with us?”

“That would be pretty fun!” Sai said wagging his tail happily. “I think we could for awhile at least, but it’s up to Brandon as well.”

“We’ll ask him when he wakes up.” Nathaniel said. “Then we’ll also take him to see Chad’s father and get him some kind of weapon. Maybe I’ll even treat you guys to an awesome meal tonight. Chad’s father Draco works as a blacksmith at a place called Medieval Times.”

“I remember that place!” Sai said excitedly. “If you’re going to take us there then I’ll owe you big time!”

Nathaniel smiled and just sat back while he watched all of the pokemon play. He smiled at how all of them seemed like the best of friends already. After watching the pokemon play for awhile, Nathaniel decided to use his Aura Sight to check on Brandon. Nathaniel saw he was starting to wake up so he signaled for Sunny to follow him. He smiled when he saw that Selina had actually fallen asleep under one of the trees and left her there for the moment. When Nathaniel and Sai got up to the room, they found Brandon just waking up.

“So how was the cat nap buddy?” Sai asked.

“Imph wa…” Brandon said before trying to pull out the pacifier that was still in his mouth.

“How cute!” Sai laughed as he pulled out the pacifier for Brandon.

“Thanks. The nap was great.” Brandon said before standing up. Sai lowered the bar and then checked Brandon’s diaper with the skill of a pick pocket. Brandon didn’t even notice and apparently his diaper was fine because Sai didn’t change him. Brandon walked out of the room holding Sai’s hand and Nathaniel noticed he was arching his back a bit.

“Hey Brandon, would you hold still for a bit?” Nathaniel asked.

Brandon did and then Nathaniel used his Aura Sight again. He forced himself to look through the bright inner light and saw that Brandon actually did have wings under his shirt.

“How come you wear that shirt if it doesn’t have any holes to slip your wings through?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’ve always hid my wings because I felt a little awkward when everyone kept staring at them.” Brandon said embarrassedly.

“Well you don’t have to worry about that here.” Nathaniel laughed. “Most of the people who live here have wings. Would you like to borrow a onsie? I’ve got plenty of white ones.”

“Sure, I’ll borrow one.” Brandon said gratefully.

Nathaniel brought Brandon back in quickly and handed him one of his white onsies and left the room in case he felt a bit bashful. Brandon came back out in a minute and Nathaniel saw his wings for the first time. Nathaniel liked the golden coloring of them and nodded approvingly. He guided them back downstairs and found Selina gently stroking Anthony. Anthony was actually curled up sleeping in her lap and had a clear smile on his face. Nathaniel heard Sai breathing excitedly and Nathaniel saw that same look in his eyes that he had when he saw all of the other diapered pokemon.

“Hey Sai, can I ask you something?” Nathaniel asked.

“Sure!” Sai answered.

“Why do you get so excited when you see diapered pokemon?” Nathaniel asked.

“I really like babysitting and actually love to baby others.” Sai answered quickly with the excitement still in his voice. “I was wondering something about you and Selina by the way.”

“What exactly?” Nathaniel asked.

“You guys look like you’re ten but you sound older.” Sai explained. “Are you guys just really smart or are you like me, you lost years from your age somehow?”

“The second one.” Nathaniel answered. “Selina is seventeen and was made younger by a psionic that got a power surge it couldn’t handle. I’m an offworlder though. I was eighteen before I came here. Chad is still only twelve though. How old are you guys?”

“I’m ten all the way.” Brandon said. “How about you Sai?”

“My body is only 12 and ½ but I myself am 15 and ½.” Sai answered. “I actually met Dialga in the Sinnoh region and kind of upset him by slipping a diaper on him while he was napping. He made me a lot younger but accelerated my aging to a point. I stopped the fast aging at this age then.”

“You diapered Dialga!” Nathaniel spluttered. “Why in the world would you do that?”

“I thought he’d look cute in a diaper.” Sai shrugged.

Nathaniel, Selina, Chad and Brandon all broke into helpless fits of laughter, waking up Anthony. He asked what was going on and got enough from the bits and pieces that each of the four diapered furrs let out between breaths. He chuckled and shook his head smiling.

“He is definitely not the legendary I would see as most likely to be in a diaper.” Anthony laughed. “The second legendary I saw in a diaper was the one I thought most likely just because like me, Mew would be made even cuter in a diaper. I wonder if I should bring that little event up the next time I see Dialga or not.”

“Speaking of which, how’s yours?” Nathaniel asked panting.

“I could actually use a change.” Anthony muttered embarrassed.

“Same here if you don’t mind Nathaniel.” Chad said.

“No problem Chad.” Nathaniel laughed. “How about you Selina?”

“If a certain pokemon would get off of my legs and let them wake up, I can get up for a change as well.” Selina said hintingly.

Anthony hopped off of her lap and onto Nathaniel’s shoulder after she said that. Nathaniel had just picked up Selina, who protested only for a moment, when Sai tapped Nathaniel on the shoulder.

“I could take care of your friend Chad if he’d let me.” Sai said.

“It’s up to him.” Nathaniel said before gating up to his room. Nathaniel set Selina down on his bed and then set Anthony on the changing table. Sai appeared next to him suddenly and he grabbed a few supplies from the table before Phase Stepping out of the room. Nathaniel smiled and then got to work on Anthony. Anthony apparently had needed a change because he was showing early signs of diaper rash. Nathaniel healed the irritated areas and then diapered up his starting pokemon. With that done, he picked up his mate and got her done just as quickly. Before he could walk back out of the room however, Selina stopped him by checking his diaper and then hefting him onto the changing table. She made quick work of him and then they put on their medieval garb. They walked back downstairs to see Sai finishing changing Daisy.

“So are you guys ready to go to Medieval Times?” Nathaniel asked walking up to the group.

“I sure am!” Brandon said excitedly. “WHOA! Awesome stuff guys!”

“Thanks.” Nathaniel said. “Chad’s father made everything of mine. We can get you some stuff when we get there.”

“I’ll meet you guys there.” Chad said. “I just want to get my stuff on first.”

“Sure thing Chad.” Nathaniel said as he opened a gate. “We’ll likely be at your dad’s shop or in our private box. See you there!”

Nathaniel then waited until Selina, walked through. Brandon and Sai called out that their starters were in charge and Chad yelled out that Charizard was in charge until he came back. Nathaniel place Arcanine in charge of his and Selina’s pokemon before he walked through the gate with Sai and Brandon.
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Chapter 14

“Nice to see you again Nathaniel!” Draco said hugging him. “What can I do for you today, or is this just a pleasure visit?”

“I’ve got a new friend who could use a weapon and some armor.” Nathaniel explained. “Come on in Brandon!”

Brandon walked and looked around in wide eyed wonder. Draco managed to pull him aside and then got his measurements. Chad ended up with a suit of Chain mail of the same metal as Nathaniel’s stuff and then they focused on the weapons. They tried several different weapons but none of them seemed to fit Brandon. He just held his weapons awkwardly. Nathaniel thought about it and decided the key word was ‘held’. Nathaniel gave Brandon a pair of gauntlets that protruded claws when willed too. Brandon looked at the Wolverine style claws and smiled. He swung them a bit and slashed at a few invisible foes and Nathaniel saw they’d found the right weapon. Nathaniel paid for both items and walked out into the lobby. Sai and Chad were chatting on a nearby bench but Selina was nowhere to be found. Nathaniel used his Aura Sight and found her talking to her parents and grandfather. Nathaniel smiled and then signaled to Chad and Sai to follow him. Chad was decked out in his armor and carrying his giant hammer. Nathaniel nodded approvingly and then looked around for Anthony. He found the poor Eevee being smothered by a bunch of vixens. Nathaniel walked over and rescued the helpless pokemon and was surprised when the girls started squealing at him.

“OH MY GOSH!” they were saying in that rapid voice some groups of girls can have. “You’re Nathaniel! Can we have your autograph?”

“Depends on what you want me to sign.” Nathaniel joked. The girls giggled and he signed a few shirts, some pictures of him from the battle against the Elite Four, and one actual autograph book. When Chad walked up to see what was going on, they swarmed him next. Nathaniel backed out feeling relieved and guilty at the same time. Those girls were a little wild but Chad looked like he was coping. Sai walked over when the girls had left and laughed at the relieved look on Chad’s face.

“The price of being a celebrity.” Sai laughed. “One of you beats the Elite Four and the other wins the Indigo Conference. Big time stardom there.”

“I’ll have to be more careful while I’m in Pallet.” Chad sighed. “Those girls almost made me wet.”

“I’m just glad Selina didn’t see that.” Nathaniel chuckled.

“I did.”

Nathaniel gulped nervously and turned around to see Selina with her arms crossed and one foot tapping the floor. Nathaniel didn’t have time to raise his arms in defense when she threw herself on him and then he froze with his tail sticking straight in the air as she locked lips with him. Nathaniel shuddered as he felt his bladder release and then he relaxed. Selina parted from him and then she laughed.

“I guess that means you’re still mine.” She teased.

“I doubt I’d last very long if I wasn’t.” Nathaniel laughed.

“I’m not sure whether I’d be vengeful, or more like Amy Rose is to Sonic the Hedgehog.” Selina laughed.

“No world will ever know Selina.” Nathaniel said hugging her. “Now I bet I have a wet vixen to look after.”

“It had better be me and not one of those girls that were swarming you.” Selina teased as Nathaniel gated them to his room for a change. They returned right after and led the still laughing Sai, Brandon, Chad and Anthony up to the box. The show began shortly after and was spectacular as always. When it was over and special announcements were made, Selene stood up and addressed the crowd.

“We have a special treat for all tonight.” She announced. “Sir Nathaniel has temporarily returned from his journey in the Johto region. As some of you remember, he kindly demonstrated his skills with a blade against a visiting dragon the last time he was here. He has once again offered to demonstrate his skills against yet another dragon on his own this time. Please welcome our visitor, the keeper of time, Lord Dialga!”

The crowd cheered as an orb of light appeared and the aspect of Dialga stepped through. Nathaniel laughed as he heard Sai give a strangled squeak before diving out of sight of the twenty-six foot tall pokemon. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised at the size of him. While the average Dialga stands at almost eighteen feet, the aspects of legendaries are often bigger or just look more somehow. Nathaniel saluted the dragon pokemon, who nodded respectfully in return, before he leaped out onto the battlefield. Dialga gave one loud cry and then Nathaniel no longer heard the cheering crowd as all went silent to his ears. He was entirely focused on the fight he was about to engage in.

Dialga gave one more roar and then rushed at Nathaniel, claws glowing in what Nathaniel knew to be Metal Claw. Nathaniel focused and charged energy in two places at once, his entire body and his sword. His sword began to glow and Nathaniel swung it at the claws that were bearing down on him. The attacks met and Nathaniel didn’t move back one step thanks to the added strength. Nathaniel swung the claws aside and then jumped forward, swinging his sword at Dialga’s head. Dialga moved to dodge and Nathaniel reversed his swing and instead hit Dialga in the side of the head with his tail. Dialga staggered dizzily before opening his mouth to reveal an orb of blue energy. Nathaniel knew he wouldn’t be able to dodge the incoming attack so he raised a shield of energy around him in what he hoped would serve as Protect and flew backwards a few yards when Dialga’s Aura Sphere struck. Nathaniel was unharmed and gathered more energy into his sword. Dialga opened his mouth to reveal another orb of a darker blue energy and Nathaniel quickly channeled the energy he’d gathered in his blade into his special lung and focused on the energy he needed. Dialga fired the beam of dark blue energy that made the attack Roar of Time and Nathaniel let loose his fire line breath weapon with the extra energy he’d gathered. The attacks collided in a colossal explosion that rocked the building and smoke filled the battlefield. Nathaniel coughed a bit before gathering energy into his wings and unleashing it with a few flaps. The smoke cleared and Dialga stood at the other end of the field smiling. Dialga nodded his respect before giving one more cry and leaving the same way he came. The crowd was roaring in Nathaniel’s ears once again and he lifted his sword in salute to the crowd.

“So I take it you set that up Selina?” Nathaniel asked laughing as they walked down the path to home.

“I did when I visited my parents.” Selina said chuckling. “I thought you wouldn’t mind and it looks like you had fun.”

Nathaniel nodded and the group talked and laughed about the evening. Nathaniel saw when they reached the clearing that a light was on in the house, and someone was inside because a shadow passed in front of it. Nathaniel started breathing quickly and ran the rest of the way to the house. He only made it two thirds of the way because his favorite guardian met him the rest of the way and had him in a bear hug before Nathaniel could even say hello. Nathaniel laughed breathlessly and hugged the tall otter right back.

“Gee Skip; you act as if you haven’t seen me for weeks!” Nathaniel laughed, still struggling to breathe.

“I know.” Skip laughed, releasing Nathaniel. “It just seems to get longer every time you’re gone. So those must be the two new friends over there that Ethan mentioned before Krieg and Rose sent me home.”

“Yep!” Nathaniel said, happy to be able to breathe again. “Come on over here guys! I’d like you to meet my favorite older brother Skip. The fox there is Sai and the Liger is Brandon.”

“Pleased to meet you both!” Skip said cheerily shaking their hands.

“Likewise!” they both said simultaneously.

Skip smiled and let them all inside to see Arcanine waiting for them. Arcanine licked them all as a welcome home. Nathaniel hugger her in return and then sat down on the couch to tell Skip all that had happened since the last visit. When he’d finished, they turned on the TV and saw the rising stars portion of the pokemon league news. Nathaniel was surprised to see he was mentioned along with Chad, Selina and Sai. They even had the amount of badges that each of them had correct. They then focused on another area, Poketopia. A group of aspiring trainers were dominating the junior league there. Nathaniel laughed out loud when he saw that it was his own siblings who were attracting the attention. They were only using rental pokemon, but they were using them with such a skill that even some of the older trainers were being defeated by them. Nathaniel made a mental note to watch out for his brother when he became a trainer and turned off the TV when the section of the news was over. Nobody was ready for bed yet, so they went down to the cavern and then Nathaniel showed them the stadium. Sai and Brandon looked around in amazement at all that was under the house when Nathaniel lit the place up. All of the pokemon too a seat in the stands and then they all watched in fascination as an orb of light appeared at the end of the stadium. Nathaniel was utterly surprised when Dialga stepped through but wasn’t surprised when Sai dove off somewhere with a yelp.

“Greetings Lord Dialga.” Nathaniel said respectfully. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

“I merely wished to compliment your skills in our duel this evening.” Dialga said nodding. “I also wondered if you’d seen anything that might be linked to a distortion in time. I sensed one when I came in to duel you and actually, I sense the same one now.”

“I wouldn’t know really.” Nathaniel answered. “I wouldn’t know how to recognize one.”

“I think I recognize this as a distortion of my own making now that I focus on it.” Dialga muttered. “Now I know what it is I’m sensing! Where is that fox? There’s a fox furr with black wings around here somewhere that I’ve been waiting to see in the Sinnoh region again. Where is he Nathaniel?”

“What is it you plan to do to him?” Nathaniel asked, locating Sai hiding behind Arcanine as an Eevee.

“Nothing painful.” Dialga answered with a grin. “If he doesn’t come out, I’ll just track him down at a later date and he’ll never know when I’ll show up.”

“OKAY FINE!” Sai shouted jumping out from behind Arcanine. “What do you want? You already punished me for what I did to you. More than enough in my opinion.”

“Exactly enough actually.” Dialga growled. “I had to get help to get that thing off. Palkia still hasn’t let me live this down yet after I had to get him to strip it off. Giratina, even though he’s still laughing at me, is one of the only reasons Palkia hasn’t told anyone else about that. But I digress. I only wanted to find you to say that I forgive you for that. If that is why I haven’t sensed you anywhere in the Sinnoh region because you feared to return, then you need not fear me any longer.”

“Thank you Dialga.” Sai said with relief.

Dialga nodded and then left with a flash of light. Everyone laughed nervously at first and then full out with relief. Nathaniel looked around and saw that there were several diapers that would need to be changed, including his own. Sai was in his furr form again and was looking around excitedly, even though he was still shaking from Dialga’s visit. Nathaniel laughed and then took stock of what diapers he would need. He gated up to his room and grabbed each of them plus other supplies and then gated back to the stadium. Every pokemon was quickly rediapered. Nathaniel laughed when he saw that Anthony was actually being tickled by Sai now that he’d finished diapering him. Anthony finally squirmed free and hid behind Nathaniel’s back. Nathaniel laughed even more when Sai walked up to him and he felt Anthony duck behind him even more after peeking out from behind him.

“He is just so cute!” Sai laughed. “I’d vote him president of the cuties any day.”

“Wouldn’t that make him the cutesident?” Nathaniel chuckled. “Why are you hiding from him anyway Anthony?”

“I’d rather not be babied.” Anthony whimpered.

“Are you sure about that?” Nathaniel laughed. “You were pretty set against diapers before and look at yourself now. Plus suckling from Arcanine every now and again seems pretty babyish to me.”

“HEY!” Anthony barked. “Don’t use that one against me. You know just as well as I do that her milk is just tasty.”

“He actually suckles from your Arcanine?” Sai asked laughing.

“Most of us here have.” Nathaniel answered. “Arcanine is in a constant state of lactating so at least one of us suckles from her every day to make sure she doesn’t produce too much milk.”

“We’ve used her milk on some injured pokemon we used to find before they installed the system to teleport wild pokemon that are defeated in battle.” Skip explained. “Her milk is very nutritious and you could actually live off of the stuff if you had to. It helps that it’s very tasty as well just as Anthony said.”

“Why don’t you come on out of there Anthony?” Nathaniel laughed as he felt Anthony climb inside his armor. “How about you give it a try just like you did the day we left on our first journey? I’m sure Sai won’t be mean about it. He’s been really nice to all of us so far.”

“Okay.” Anthony huffed as he climbed out of Nathaniel’s armor and onto his shoulder. “He just better not overdo it!”

Nathaniel smiled and handed Anthony off to the now very happy Sai. He then gave a large yawn and realized that they would have to wait to do anything in the stadium until morning. Nathaniel said goodnight to everyone, and good bye to Chad since he was going to Cinnabar to pick up his Aerodactyl before heading back to Hoen. Sai actually set up a tent in the cavern for himself, Brandon and Anthony and Nathaniel opened a gate for Skip to get to his room. Nathaniel then gated to his own room with Selina and after they had stripped down, they changed each other and got into bed. They sat up quickly when they heard a noise coming from Selina’s backpack and found that the egg that Selina had received at the day care was shaking. It stopped and then nothing else happened. Nathaniel and Selina looked at each other smiling, knowing that soon they would have a new member of the family.
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Just doing a complete overhaul of updates here since I'm working on this one now.

Chapter 15

Nathaniel woke to the sounds of some kind of commotion coming from the cavern. Nathaniel groaned and stretched before going downstairs with Selina. What he saw when he got down there was an angry looking Daisy chasing after Anthony. Nathaniel looked at Sai and saw he was occupied at the moment with Mirushi. Sai was diapering the satisfied looking Glameow and Nathaniel started to put two and two together.

“It looks like Mirushi was jealous of the attention Anthony was getting but how did she manage to get Daisy to chase after Anthony?” Nathaniel asked.

“Mirushi here got the bright idea of sneaking Daisy’s paci into Anthony’s mouth while they were both sleeping.” Sai laughed. “Daisy’s really protective of that paci so she wasn’t happy to see Anthony with it. Don’t worry; I’ll stop them as soon as I’m done with my kitten.”

Nathaniel chuckled quietly and gated back upstairs with Selina before Anthony even realized he was down there. After they changed each other and got their traveling supplies ready and traveling clothes on, they walked upstairs. They found Skip up already as usual and he was making breakfast. Nathaniel groaned when he saw it was homemade breakfast burritos but then remembered that Ethan wouldn’t be joining them for awhile. Nathaniel took a couple for himself and Selina and sat down to eat just as Sai came in with a heavy load. He was carrying Brandon while having four pokemon hanging from his shoulders. Hiroki, Mirushi, Daisy and Anthony jumped off of him and then Sai’s pokemon took a seat on one of the couches. Anthony jumped into Nathaniel’s lap but Nathaniel got up and deposited him in Sai’s lap before heading into the kitchen for a few burritos for Sai and Brandon. Nathaniel grabbed something else as an idea came to him and walked back into the living room. Selina had already gotten a snack for Sai’s pokemon since it looked like they had already breakfasted on some berries. Hiroki was sitting firmly between Mirushi and Daisy to keep them apart. Daisy had apparently learned what happened and wasn’t too happy with Mirushi so Hiroki was making sure they didn’t start fighting. Nathaniel set the plates down in front of Brandon and Sai and then handed Sai a bottle full of Arcanine’s milk.

“You’ve got to be joking!” Anthony yelped when he saw the giddy look in Sai’s eyes.

“You said you’d try it just like you tried the diapers.” Nathaniel laughed. “And you tried them for a whole day so Sai can baby you for a whole day.”

Anthony huffed but Nathaniel saw something changing in his eyes. Curiosity finally got the better of Anthony and he let Sai cradle him and slip the bottle past his lips. Nathaniel laughed at how cute they looked as Anthony began to nurse the bottle and laughed at how jealous Mirushi looked. Nathaniel could see it was only the attention Mirushi was jealous of not the bottle feeding and wondered how much trouble there was going to be from her. As it was, trouble was only being prevented by Hiroki at the moment thanks to a warning paw on Mirushi’s shoulder. Nathaniel shook his head and ate his breakfast.

When everyone was finished with breakfast Nathaniel had to go downstairs again. Anthony had actually fallen asleep in Sai’s arms so Nathaniel came back up with a cloth sling that Sai could carry Anthony in. Anthony actually snuggled closer to Sai when he was put in the sling and Mirushi was clearly furious with jealousy. Sai noticed and bent down to scratch Mirushi behind the ears.

“Come on Mirushi.” Sai laughed. “Anthony isn’t replacing you or anything. He just hasn’t had this kind of treatment before. You and Daisy both have before so Anthony needs a bit more attention right now to get the full effect and see how much he likes it. I’ll baby you all day tomorrow if you’re still feeling jealous of him.”

Mirushi purred and rubbed up against his leg in a way that clearly said, “You’d better.” Nathaniel clutched his ribs to keep from laughing and gated to the cavern. He gathered up all of the pokemon that would be going with them before gating back upstairs with them. Sai and Brandon called back all of their pokemon except for Hiroki, who hopped onto Sai’s shoulder. Selina called back her Johto starters, Cubone and Sudowoodo. Nathaniel called back his own starters along with Arcanine and Smeargle. He hugged Skip goodbye and then opened another gate back to where they met Sai.

“Just a question before we get to Ecruteak Sai.” Nathaniel said. “Did you happen to use that Empathic Reaching of yours to get Anthony to try that bottle?”

“How’d you notice?” Sai asked laughing, confirming Nathaniel’s suspicions.

“Just the way his eyes changed so quickly from refusal to curiosity.” Nathaniel answered. “Normally he would take longer to convince to do something like that. Either that or you’d need to annoy him enough to get him to try it.”

“Like you did to get him into his first diaper.” Selina laughed as she showed Sai and Brandon that memory.

Sai and Brandon laughed uproariously until Anthony shifted in the sling a bit. The chuckled a bit more until they reached Ecruteak City. Nathaniel didn’t feel like going to the gym until Anthony was awake so he turned t the group and told them his new idea.

“How about we hit the Tin Tower?” Nathaniel asked. “I can catch Ho-oh there and then we can challenge the gym.”

“Ho-oh doesn’t live on top of Tin Tower anymore.” Brandon said.

“He doesn’t?” Nathaniel asked.

“Nope.” Brandon said. “I’ve been to the top of the Tin Tower and it is actually Raikou at the top of that one.”

“I thought it would have been Lugia since the Tin Tower was his before the Brass Tower burned down.” Nathaniel said.

“The Brass tower was actually rebuilt.” Brandon said. “The two birds left before then though. They’re both supposed to be on another island somewhere.”

“That must be Navel Rock.” Nathaniel said. “So where are Entei and Suicune located at then?”

“I was getting to that.” Brandon huffed. “Because the Brass Tower was once the Burned Tower, Entei took over that one. Suicune went over to the Whirl Islands and a Crystal Tower was built there. So while we’re here in Ecruteak, you can go ahead and capture two Legendaries.”

“Well that certainly makes things more interesting.” Nathaniel said. “Let’s go to the Brass Tower first. I’m sure I can beat Entei.”

The group headed over to the path that led to the Brass Tower. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see how big the tower was. It reflected the sunlight off the shiny golden surface and made Nathaniel squint his eyes. He turned to his group and then walked up to the Tower with them. There was a sign outside the tower giving a brief history of it. It was originally the home of Ho-oh and was not only the tower of awakening, but also represented the beginning of life. Nathaniel made a mental connection to it and the Cave of Origin in the Hoen Region. It was struck on night during a dry summer by a bolt of lightning. The tower erupted into flames and burned to the ground, killing three unnamed pokemon inside. When the life-giving rain fell and put out the flames, Ho-oh returned to the charred remains of the tower and mourned for the three pokemon. Then, using the power if its own flame, it resurrected the three pokemon with legendary strength to embody each of the three forces that had affected the tower. Raikou was the bolt that struck it, Entei was the flames that engulfed it, and Suicune was the rain that put out the tower. All five legendaries that were near Ecruteak left that night and Ho-oh returned at one point in time to the Tin Tower. The people then decided to rebuild the Brass Tower and Ho-oh left when it was finished.

When Nathaniel was done reading, he walked inside the tower and vaguely heard the same music he’d heard when he was in the tower in Lavender Town. He was about to ask Anthony about that when he realized he was still asleep. Nathaniel shrugged and walked up the steps. When he reached the floor he assumed was the last before the roof, he sat down with the group for a rest. He felt something breathing down the back of his neck and turned to see a Misdreavus staring at him. He was just about to ask what it wanted when it grew to three times its normal size and screamed at all of them using Astonish. There was a hole in the ceiling and three furs with wet diaper, and one of them was pretty angry. Nathaniel sent out Smeargle and it took one look at the Misdreavus and knew just what to do. Misdreavus tried to hit Smeargle with the rainbow colored Psybeam, but Smeargle wasn’t there anymore. He’d completely vanished, leaving behind a very bewildered Misdreavus. It used Protect to raise a glowing green shield around itself, thinking Smeargle had ducked around somewhere to attack from behind. Smeargle reappeared right in front of Misdreavus instead and slammed his tail right through Misdreavus’s shield, completing the Shadow Force attack. Misdreavus was still up, but only for two seconds more. A Shadow Ball, fire from somewhere above plowed it into the floor before it disappeared. Nathaniel looked up and saw Anthony looking at them from the hole he had made in the ceiling when he jumped from the fright of Misdreavus’s Astonish. Nathaniel gave him the thumbs up and then checked to see if everyone was okay. Selina had clearly wet herself and her shorts were about falling off because her bulging diaper had burst through the poppers of her onesie. Brandon wasn’t in as bad a state but he was breathing heavily from surprise. Nathaniel’s own diaper was only slightly wet because he’d pretty much emptied his bladder before the last change. Nathaniel looked to Sai and saw he was nearly unconscious because Hiroki was rubbing him right between the ears in a way that clearly made Sai feel blissful. Hiroki stopped and Sai got up and shook himself as if he’d just come out of a lake.

“Wow.” Sai said. “I knew what the Misdreavus was about to do and it still scared the heck out of me. Looks like I’ve got a wet cub to take care of at the pokemon center, but what about the kit I was looking after?”

“I’d be willing to bet that since Anthony jumped through the ceiling he needs a change.” Nathaniel laughed. “We’ll get everyone changed as soon as we get what we came for. There’s a new way to the roof now so it won’t take us very long.”

The four furrs then flapped their way up to the hole Anthony made and had to use Selina’s teleportation ability and Sai’s Phase Step to get through now that they could see where they were going. Nathaniel stood up on the tower and looked out to the horizon. He could see for miles up here and could also see the Tin Tower shining silver in the sunlight out to the east. At the northern most end of the tower, there stood the white rock with a flat, polished surface that reflected the light like smooth marble. Nathaniel walked up to it while Selina and Brandon waddled back a bit with Sai. From the flash of light that Nathaniel still hadn’t gotten used to, appeared the lion like Fire pokemon Entei.

“You’ve summoned my offspring Nathaniel.” A voice roared. “Let your power erupt forth and prove that it is enough to master him.”

Nathaniel back flipped to the other end of the tower with a single bound and tossed out Arcanine. Before either of the two could launch an attack, water rained down from the sky in a Water Spout attack and struck the unwary Entei. Anthony waddled forward growling cutely at Entei and jumped aside as a Fire Blast scorched the spot he was at a split second ago. The tip of Anthony’s tail began to glow as he wagged it side to side. He opened his mouth wide as a humongous jet of water erupted forward and the Hydro Cannon blasted Entei off of the Tower. Nathaniel stood there stunned and waited for a sickening thud, but never heard one. Instead, his bracer beeped, “Entei successfully captured.” Nathaniel heaved a huge sigh of relief and then heard Selina laugh as his diaper swelled enough to pop free of the onesie and send his shorts low enough to make them fall down.

“Well what do you expect?” Nathaniel quipped. “I thought I just saw the death of a legend! It scared the heck out of me!”

“How about you two go get yourselves cleaned up while I take care of a certain cub and kit?” Sai laughed.

“Sorry but the kit’s going to have to wait.” Nathaniel said. “I need him for one more battle over on the Tin Tower.”

“That’ll take too long.” Sai said. “You can’t fly over there because the air isn’t right for flight. Plus the white rocks have a special field around them that prevent any method of teleportation to them. Now are you going to go get cleaned up or am I going to have to change the both of you?”

Nathaniel felt something enter his mind and he smiled at Sai saying, “You don’t have to do that. You could just ask if you really want to change Selina and me. No babying at the moment though. I want to catch Raikou before we head to the gym. Then you we can stay at the pokemon center for the rest of the day and you can go ahead and baby me and Selina if you really want to. I’m getting curious about it on my own.”

“Don’t I get a say if he can baby me or not?” Selina asked with her arms crossed.

Nathaniel answered by kissing her, making them both nearly burst their diapers with the flood they’d let out, and saying, “Nope! I want a playmate.”

Sai just laughed and Phase Stepped telling them to wait for a second. He came back and then Phase Stepped each one of them to their room in the pokemon Center. Nathaniel offered to help him change everyone and Sai agreed since they hadn’t finished in town yet. Sai took care of Anthony while Nathaniel got Selina. Then Sai took care of Brandon while Selina took care of Nathaniel. Since the rest of the pokemon had been in their Pokeballs the entire time, they wouldn’t be in need of a change. Once everyone was ready, Sai locked the door to the room and everyone used their various abilities to get out of the building. They got over to the Tin Tower and Nathaniel was surprised there wasn’t a sign telling the history of this tower. He guessed that there wasn’t much to tell that the Brass Tower’s sign didn’t cover so he shrugged and walked inside. He heard the music from the tower in Lavender Town much more clearly this time.
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“What is that noise?” Brandon asked.

“It’s the music from Giratina’s home.” Nathaniel answered. “I guess this must be the place where life symbolically ends in the Johto region. But I don’t get why I heard it in the Brass tower as well.”

“I didn’t hear a thing.” Selina said. Sai and Brandon both shook their heads when Nathaniel looked at them so Nathaniel turned to Anthony.

“It was likely because you are the master to be.” Anthony told him telepathically. “Sometimes Giratina actually sends the dead back to be reborn. That is a very rare occurrence indeed so the music in the place where life symbolically begins is so faint that only the master can hear it.”

“So where does life symbolically begin in the Kanto region?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’m not sure myself.” Anthony said. “The memory eludes me at the moment. I want to say it’s the Tree of Beginnings but that place is pretty much in a separate kingdom of its own.”

Nathaniel shrugged again and began climbing with his teammates. He kept his Aura Sight going at the max and Sai really focused on his Empathic Reaching. It seemed like the tower was empty for some reason. Selina checked her bracer and found out that the Ghost pokemon that liked to hang around the Tin Tower were likely out in the surrounding forest at this time of day. The only other pokemon the group saw were a bunch of Rattata on a higher floor and they ran off when Brandon sent out his Skitty and Sai sent out Mirushi. Sai made sure to give Mirushi a scratch behind the ears to placate her jealousy before calling her back. When they finally reached the top of the tower, Nathaniel wasted no time in summoning a Raikou.

“You have summoned my offspring Nathaniel.” A voice rumbled. “Strike without holding back you power and show you are worthy of him.”

Nathaniel sent out Anthony to battle and he hopped out of Sai’s sling. Nathaniel smirked before the battle began and made a note to get that sling back to carry Anthony in the future. He was getting to like being carried like that and Nathaniel thought he was adorable in it just as much as Sai did. Raikou ran forward with electricity running all over his body and tackled Anthony with Spark. Anthony was paralyzed by the attack but still wagged his tail using Metronome and used Façade. The attack hit with double the power thanks to Anthony being paralyzed in addition to the other bonuses he got for his element and ability. Raikou wasn’t looking to hot from that attack and tried to bite down on Anthony with Crunch. The attack missed as Anthony disappeared. Anthony reappeared from underneath Raikou and sent the tiger like pokemon sprawling. It got back up and snarled before charging at Anthony again with Spark. He took the attack and got a point blank shot at Raikou with Shadow Ball. Raikou was still standing and this time did hit Anthony with Crunch. Anthony responded with his last attack, Last Resort. The powerful attack hit and Raikou released Anthony before disappearing. Nathaniel cheered and hugged the Eevee as he healed him.

“Raikou successfully captured.” Nathaniel’s bracer beeped. Nathaniel gave Anthony one more squeeze and then handed him back to Sai, who cuddled the Eevee once before putting him back into the sling. Anthony was beaming with pleasure after all the attention from his latest battle. Nathaniel then turned to the group and pointed to the gym in the city below.

“Could we stop for dinner first?” Brandon asked.

“What happened to lunch?” Nathaniel asked in return as his stomach growled loudly.

“We were so busy climbing towers that we forgot we were hungry and now it’s almost dinner time.” Brandon answered.

Nathaniel looked at his bracer and then at the sun and realized that it was indeed almost dinner time. Nathaniel laughed as everyone’s stomach growled and then peered out into Ecruteak to see if there were any obvious spots to eat at that looked good. He couldn’t tell from this angle so he decided to take the group elsewhere. He opened a gate and the group stepped through into the streets of Pallet Town in front of Nathaniel’s favorite spot. He still couldn’t read the name but it was the Italian spot Skip took him to on his first day in Pallet.

“Wow!” Brandon said seeing the restaurant.

“Nice!” was Sai’s comment.

Nathaniel smiled and walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his whole family sitting at a large table. One of the workers came up to him when he saw them standing at the door.

“I’m sorry sir but we are booked up tonight.” He said.

“Sorry.” Nathaniel replied. “Would you mind if I just spoke with my family then before I leave.”

“NATHANIEL!” eight voices shouted before Nathaniel was buried by eight diapered projectiles. Nathaniel felt someone lifting each of his siblings off of him and saw his favorite older brother looking down at him laughing.

“You can extend the table for them.” Skip told the worker still laughing. “These guys are family.”

Sai and Brandon visibly blushed at Skip referring to them as family and followed Skip back to a now extended table. Nathaniel picked up one of the plates and went right for the buffet along with everyone else and then sat down before turning to Skip.

“So what’s the occasion bro?” Nathaniel asked.

“We booked this place a week ago as a possible celebration for the tournament we planned to have the kids enter in Poketopia.” Skip answered. “It really is a celebration because all eight of them got the top spots in the tournament against even professionals using their own pokemon! They came out as top eight and Ethan won the final round against Shannon.”

“Uh-oh!” Nathaniel laughed.

“No worries.” Skip laughed, realizing what Nathaniel was implying. “Shannon was a good sport about it. Glad you decided to show up so now it can be a real family event!”

“We skipped lunch so I thought we should get a big dinner.” Nathaniel said digging into his capresei salad. “I got two more pokemon I was wondering if you would take home for me. They might even be able to carry the kids if they’re the friendly kind.”

Skip just nodded because his mouth was full of shrimp scampi at the moment. Everyone ate their fill and then they made more room for desert, the gelato bar! When everyone was done, Nathaniel insisted on paying for his group but was talked down by his insistent family before they left. Nathaniel did leave a tip at least and then walked with the family to the woods. That’s when he first sent out Arcanine. She went wild when she saw all of the gelato smeared faces and licked everyone clean in a few minutes.

“I thought you might like that Arcanine.” Nathaniel laughed. “You probably got enough to fill a dish from all of us.”

“Gelato tastes even better when you lick it off of someone’s face in my opinion.” Arcanine said licking her jaws. “Thank you little one.”

Nathaniel smiled and called back Arcanine before calling out his two new legendaries. They stood close together when they saw all of the staring faces and then looked at their new master. Nathaniel walked up to them and gave them a few positive energy pulses with a scratch under both of their chins and told them he wouldn’t be needing their services just yet and asked them to take his siblings home. They nodded and kneeled down to let four diapered little furrs onto each of their backs and stood back up.

“I’ve got a little job for you guys.” Nathaniel told them. “Since you guys are turning out to be such good trainers, I’d like it if you would make sure that while I’m gone my pokemon get some exercise each day. Bring a few of those willing each day to the stadium and you can go ahead and battle them. Whether you use your own pokemon against them or use them against each other is fine with me. That way you guys don’t have to stop battling just because you guys leave Poketopia. Will you do that for me?”

“YES!” the eight giddy little furrs squealed. Nathaniel smiled and gave each of them a hug before opening another gate and stepping back into Ecruteak City. After that meal, Nathaniel felt ready to take on the gym leader and went over there with Selina. Chad and Brandon already had the badge but they went to watch anyway. Nathaniel stepped inside and saw the gym leader hanging from the ceiling at the other end of the field. The vampire bat swooped down and pulled out a couple Pokeballs.

“Glad to see some challengers.” He said. “And it’s good to see you two again as well!”

“Thanks Morty.” Sai and Brandon said together.

“Let’s not waste time then.” Morty said excitedly. “I’ll battle both of you at once. I get four and you both get two. Last team standing wins. GO!”

From Morty’s Pokeballs came a Mismagius and a Haunter. Nathaniel sent out Smeargle while Selina experimented with her new Sudowoodo. Mismagius immediately used Magical Leaf on Sudowoodo, but the attack was blocked by Sudowoodo’s equally powerful Faint Attack. Haunter’s eyes glowed as he tried using Hypnosis, but his intended target wasn’t there. Smeargle was nowhere to be seen. Sudowoodo became surrounded by a glowing green sphere and the Protect blocked both Shadow Balls that were fired at it. Mismagius fell to the ground when Smeargle slammed into it from behind and didn’t get back up. Morty called back Mismagius as Haunter missed Smeargle with Hypnosis and then sent out his Duskinoir. Sudowoodo was brought down when steam surrounded Duskinoir’s hand and slammed into Sudowoodo with Ice Punch, but Haunter was also brought down by the pink arch of energy that Smeargle fired from his tail in a slashing motion. The Spacial Rend was a critical hit and Morty looked very excited at how the battle was going. He sent out his last pokemon, his Gengar and waited for Selina to send out hers. Selina threw out a Croconaw and Nathaniel looked at his belt in surprise. He laughed at how Selina managed to do that but let it slide. Gengar very quickly hit Smeargle with Thunder and Croconaw was hit by Thunder Punch from the sparking fist of Duskinoir. Smeargle’s tail began to glow blue and Croconaw rushed at Duskinoir with his jaw open wide. Both attacks hit their intended targets and Gengar fell to the Roar of Time while Duskinoir fainted from the super effective Crunch. As Morty called back his pokemon, Croconaw began to glow and grow and became the fully evolved Feraligatr. Morty laughed as he handed Selina and Nathaniel their new badges and they held them in the air in their cheesy victory pose before heading to the pokemon center for their night as babies.
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Chapter 16

Selina woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed. She noticed she was in the crib Sai had ordered for her alone and looked around fro Nathaniel. All she saw were the contentedly sleeping pokemon and Brandon. Sai was sleeping still as well and looked very happy with one arm hugging Anthony to him and the other resting on the placated Mirushi. Selina decided to try something to find Nathaniel and began to tap into Sai’s mind. It took her awhile but she managed to do it without waking him and accessed his power of Empathic Reaching. Using it, she found Nathaniel on the roof of the pokemon Center. She got some clothes on and since she had a grasp of him, she was able to teleport up to him and found him focusing on something.

“Penny for your thoughts?” she asked him.

“Only a penny?” Nathaniel laughed. “I was just thinking about maybe trying something new.”

“Like what?” Selina asked.

“I was thinking of maybe changing my coloring.” Nathaniel answered. “I’m getting a little bored with the plain black look. I was just contemplating what color to change myself instead.”

“If you really want to change your color, maybe I can help.” Selina said. “I personally like the black look on you but maybe a change in color would be interesting. How’s about we work together and change each part of you a different color? We can keep the all black look in mind for if you want to go sneaking around at night and it should be easy to change back.”

Nathaniel nodded and he and Selina focused. When Nathaniel felt Selina access his powers they got started. Nathaniel made his own thoughts and Selina made hers and they looked together at the end product. Nathaniel was pleased with how he turned out. His wolf head was now a silver color and his otter body was the same color as Skip's chestnut brown fur. His lion legs were a golden brown instead but the rest stayed about the same. The scales on his arms were still black but the fur running down them was the same color as his otter body. His wings were white once more and Nathaniel smiled at Selina when he realized that they both had thought of the same colors for each of the parts of his body. That was when Nathaniel realized they were still connected and noticed something sealed in Selina’s mind.

“Are you aware of that psionic power that’s sealed in your mind?” Nathaniel asked.

Selina shook her head and used her connection to Nathaniel’s mind to see inside her own. When the both focused on the power, they found that they could unlock it, and so they did. When it was unsealed, they found out what the power was. It was the same power that made Selina ten!

“When I tapped that power to lessen it for that furr, I must have somehow trapped a portion of it in my own mind.” Selina explained. “So now I have the same power. I can age or regress someone!”

“You know,” Nathaniel said. “I kind of wondered what I’d look like if I were physically my mental age. Do you think we could try that?”

Selina nodded and they focused together to make sure they could control it. It turned out that Selina could have done it herself and looked at the finished project. Nathaniel grunted when he felt how the material of his onesie and shorts were stretching painfully against his larger body. He was much taller and when he looked, he had quite the set of muscles. Selina laughed at him and set him back to normal. Nathaniel pouted jokingly and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before they gated back into their room.

“Well at least I know I have a strong handsome furr to look forward to being the wife of.” Selina said.

“And I don’t need your new psionic to tell that I’m going to have the most beautiful wife on the planet.” Nathaniel said giving her another peck on the cheek. “I think that before we try that again, we should get Chad to make my clothes adjust with me. That hurt a bit. I’m surprised the clothes didn’t just tear off.”

Selina laughed and then they woke everyone up. Diapers were changed in quick order and breakfast was eaten. Nathaniel slipped the sling over his shoulder and looked at Anthony. He rolled his eyes and hopped in but Nathaniel could see that he liked being carried in it. Nathaniel smiled down at the cradled Eevee and gave him a positive energy belly rub before walking out of the room with everyone else. After they turned their key in and stepped outside, Nathaniel looked at his bracer. The next stop was either Olivine or Cinnawood City. Nathaniel remembered from the games that the Olivine Gym was the sixth one but decided they’d choose whether to get to that one or the Cinnawood Gym when they got to Olivine. They group proceeded out of the city and soon came to a ranch. Nathaniel recognized the place as Lonlon Ranch and saw that there was also what looked to be a saloon advertising the sale of MooMoo Milk. Nathaniel was about to suggest they go in to check it out when Selina gave a yelp of surprise. Nathaniel turned and saw her set her backpack down before pulling out the egg. Everyone watched in surprise as it started shaking and glowing before hatching into what looked to be another egg. Nathaniel and Selina smiled at the newborn Togepi and Selina nuzzled the sleepy pokemon. It chirped happily and hugged Selina’s muzzle. Everyone ‘awed’ at that and Nathaniel told them to wait while he saw if the saloon had bottles of MooMoo Milk for babies. Nathaniel walked in and was glad to see it was a family oriented place instead of a rough and tumble western saloon. Nathaniel walked up to the bar counter and asked if they had baby bottles of the famous milk and was handed three disposable ones. Nathaniel paid the bill for them and thanked the bartender before getting back to the group. Nathaniel wasn’t surprised to see that Selina had stolen his pokemon and introduced them to Togepi. Togepi was chirping excitedly at all of the pokemon surrounding him and was clearly very happy. Nathaniel came up to the group and offered Selina one of the bottles. She took it and cradled the hyper Togepi in her arm before teasing Togepi’s lips with the nipple. It didn’t take long for Togepi to start draining the bottle and Nathaniel wondered what to do with the other two. He smirked and looked at Anthony, who just rolled his eyes in a way that said, “If you must.” Nathaniel chuckled and gave Sai one of the bottles while he offered Anthony the other. Anthony’s eyes widened in surprise when he tasted the milk and began sucking it down rapidly. Nathaniel laughed at how cute Anthony looked and laughed even more when he saw Sai had been shanghaied into bottle feeding Mirushi. Nathaniel just shook his head at the fact that the three of them were all feeding Normal pokemon and then heard a small whining noise. Togepi had emptied his bottle and wanted more. Before Togepi could start crying, a pacifier appeared in his mouth from Sai’s Paci Seal and Nathaniel heaved a sigh of relief.

“Before we have a huge disaster,” Nathaniel said. “Who else want some milk?”

All of the pokemon, even Arcanine, wanted to have some of that milk so the whole group walked up to the saloon. Togepi was bouncing happily in Selina’s arms the whole way. Nathaniel saw that there was actually a sign that told trainers to go around to the ranch if they wanted to get their pokemon some of the milk. Nathaniel shrugged and brought them to the spot and a few of the ranch hand filled two entire troughs for them. Nathaniel made sure he paid the bill for everyone and got a few extra bottles as well. Nathaniel watched as the smaller pokemon shared a trough and laughed at Arcanine eagerly lapping up milk with Brandon’s larger pokemon. Nathaniel then took one of the bottles they were given for free and fed Anthony another one. He didn’t seem to mind being bottle fed anymore as long as the stuff inside was tasty. The farm hand came up to the rest of the group and offered them each a tankard of the milk and Nathaniel accepted his gratefully. He looked before he took a drink and decided to wait until Sai was done with Mirushi, Selina was done with Togepi, and Brandon was done with the curious Skitty. Nathaniel was surprised to see each of the normal pokemon fall asleep in their trainer’s laps and chuckled when Anthony gave a small, contented snore. He then picked up his tankard and lifted it into the air with his friends.

“Since I can’t think of some profound toast, bottoms up!” Nathaniel said before chugging the tankard simultaneously with them. Nathaniel’s eyes widened identically to what Anthony’s looked like. This milk was even better than Arcanine’s! Nathaniel felt guilty for liking it so much until he saw Arcanine watching him with a smirk.

“I can see what you’re thinking little one.” Arcanine said. “I agree with you. This is better tasting than my own so do not feel guilty.”

“How do you know what your own milk tastes like?” Nathaniel asked raising an eye at her.

“Skip bottle fed me my own milk when I was ill once.” Arcanine said sheepishly. “I was too weak to even lap water from a bowl so I didn’t have much choice. Skip had to find a way to get me my nutrition so my own milk was the only choice.”

“Have you had any of your milk since then?” Nathaniel asked her telepathically.
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“Don’t even think about it.” Arcanine laughed. “I’m not about to be bottle fed anytime soon.”

Nathaniel mentally snapped his fingers. Arcanine knew exactly what he was thinking. When all of the milk was gone, the trainers called back their pokemon, some of whom needed a diaper change when they got to Olivine, and set off down the trail once again. Since he hadn’t done so in awhile, Nathaniel rode on Arcanine and seeing him do that, Brandon rode on Raikou and let Selina ride on Suicune while Sai mounted Entei. The big cats seemed to enjoy having a rider and actually frisked about at moments. Arcanine and Nathaniel laughed at seeing them and then Arcanine turned to Nathaniel.

“I couldn’t help but wondering why it is you changed your fur color little one?” Arcanine asked. Nathaniel saw Sai and Brandon nod in agreement and chuckled.

“I just got bored with the plain black look so Selina and I used one of my psionics to change my fur.” Nathaniel answered. “What do you guys think?”

“I like it but that black fur could have come in handy.” Sai answered with Brandon nodding in agreement. “The black fur would be handy to sneak around dark places in.”

“I can always change it back.” Nathaniel said.

“I don’t care what you look like little one.” Arcanine said. “I’ll always be able to tell it is you and it is you I love, not your form.”

“Thanks Arcanine.” Nathaniel said hugging her around the neck as far as he could. “I love you too.”

Everyone smiled at the tender moment and the group proceeded once again down the route. They finally reached the port city of Olivine and went straight to the Pokemon Center. After changing each of the diapered pokemon, they headed for the gym. They found out that the gym leader was absent at the moment so the group decided to instead go to Cinnawood City. They walked down to the docks but found that the ferry to Cinnawood had already left and wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours. Nathaniel knew he could call on Lapras and had Feraligatr to surf on but they would only be able to carry one furr each. Nathaniel was contemplating how to possibly use some of their psionics to cross when he heard screams coming from the beach. Nathaniel ran down to the beach with his group and saw a few trainers walking up to challenge a familiar looking Gyarados and Milotic. Nathaniel thought fast and pulled out two Master Balls from his bag and threw them at the cornered Water pokemon. They were successfully captured and Selina levitated the Master Balls to Nathaniel to the accompaniment of the trainers' disappointed groans. Nathaniel let his two new pokemon out of their balls and apologized for having captured them.

"We can forgive you for saving us I'm sure." Gyarados said. "We came here to give you a ride anyway. I'd rather that be my only task however and you let us stay out in the world."

"Of course!" Nathaniel said. "You two are friends only. Normally I would have asked if I can attempt to capture you first but circumstances forced me to capture you. If you'd rather stay free out in the world that is fine by me if you think you can handle it."

"Excuse me?" Milotic asked felling irked by Nathaniel's last comment. "What do you mean if we think we can handle it?"

"I don't think the system that brings wild pokemon in for healing targets the pokemon of trainers." Nathaniel answered. "If you two are hurt out there, you may not get help as quickly as you need it. You both are very desirable pokemon so you may be attacked by trainers, plus there's no accounting for wild pokemon."

"You won’t have to worry too much." Anthony said sleepily from the sling.

"Good afternoon little buddy." Nathaniel said smiling.

"Don't little buddy me, I'm hundreds if not over a thousand years older than you." Anthony growled. "Anyway, you have a psionic that can help. It's a link between you and your pokemon that would allow them to call you for help if they need it. Then you can just gate right to them and heal them or give whatever assistance they may need."

"Cool, thanks for telling me Anthony." Nathaniel said rubbing his belly with positive energy. Anthony's eyes rolled in bliss and then closed in slumber. Nathaniel made a quick call with his bracer and got Lapras out as well. He then sent out Feraligatr and Sai, Selina and Brandon got on the first three Water pokemon while Nathaniel told Feraligatr to swim with them while he flew as far as he could. Feraligatr nodded and Nathaniel leaped into the air and saw their next destination sparkling on the horizon.

Nathaniel flew onward and made sure he kept everyone in sight. He was about halfway to the destination he saw when he wings finally began to tire. He hovered in the air and waited for everyone to catch up before he gently swooped down and landed on Feraligatr, being careful not to get Anthony wet. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because Anthony woke up to the sound of raging water as they approached the Whirl Islands and the Crystal Tower. The whirlpools surrounding the islands made the Water pokemon uneasy. Nathaniel just smirked and decided to see if he could do something. He gathered a huge sphere of energy in his hands and started spinning it. When he felt it would be big enough, he threw the clockwise spinning sphere into a counterclockwise spinning whirlpool. There was a huge splash and then the whirlpool shrunk and the water became calm. Interestingly enough, the rest of the whirlpools collapsed as well. They had been intricately laid to keep each other spinning and when one stopped, they all did. Nathaniel smiled and urged Feraligatr towards the islands. He reached one in that Nathaniel didn't remember from the games that held the Crystal Tower. Nathaniel reached for it and began climbing up to it. When he reached the top, he found Selina, Sai and Brandon waiting for him at the top.

"I could have just gated up here, couldn't I?" Nathaniel asked.

"We're not close enough to the white rock to prevent us from doing so." Sai laughed.

Nathaniel shook his head chuckling and called back the four Water pokemon below. Nathaniel then turned to the Crystal Tower, took a moment to admire how it sparkled in the sun, and then walked inside. Nathaniel was surprised that the place was devoid of any wild pokemon. It took awhile to reach the top of the tower but the group finally did and saw the white rock at the end of roof. Nathaniel touched it and blinked the flash out of his eyes to see two Suicune in front of him. One was larger than the other and it was staring at Nathaniel intently.

"You have summoned my offspring Nathaniel." it said with a chill voice. "Let your strength shine forth before me and claim him as your own."

The larger Suicune leaped to the other end of the roof and watched as Anthony leaped out of the sling. Suicune looked at Anthony and gave a howl. A steady wind began blowing from behind him and Nathaniel knew he used Tailwind. Nathaniel shouted "Metronome!" and Anthony obliged with an Energy Ball. The orb shot from Anthony's mouth and struck the Suicune squarely on the head. Suicune growled and then launched a stream of bubbles from it mouth at Anthony with the attack Bubblebeam. Anthony slid across the tower from the swift attack and used Metronome again. The attack turned into Thunder and Suicune took more damage from the attack than Nathaniel expected. Then he remembered Energy Ball can lower special defense. Suicune started moving slowly and Nathaniel took advantage of its paralysis by ordering Anthony to use Quick Attack. Anthony sped forward and slammed into Suicune at a blinding speed and Suicune disappeared completely. Nathaniel scooped up the Eevee and gave him a healing hug as Nathaniel's bracer beeped, "Suicune successfully captured."

"Well done Sir Nathaniel." the aspect of Suicune said. "I was interested to see how well you would do. I'd heard of your prowess but I never saw it for myself. As a reward for the successful capture of my offspring, I offer you two gifts."

"What are they?" Nathaniel asked.

"The first is the advice you stick around to see the coming sunset." Suicune answered. "You'll see an incredible sight as the last rays of the sun hit the Crystal Tower. The other is an offer to speed your way to Cinnawood City when you leave."

Nathaniel accepted the gifts and the group had another late lunch while they waited for the setting sun. It came and just as the final ray of sunlight hit the tower, the tower lit up and many colored lights lit up the darkening sky as they danced across it. Nathaniel admired the synthesized Northern Lights and smiled as he turned to Suicune.

"Thank you for that gift." Nathaniel said when the light show finished. "We'll take our leave of this place now."

Suicune nodded and instructed they spread their wings. Nathaniel did and faced Cinnawood City. He found himself speeding across the water suddenly and whooped at the exhilarating speed. They arrived at the city too soon in Nathaniel's opinion and they checked into the pokemon Center for the night.
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Chapter 17

Nathaniel and the gang walked up to the gym the next morning, three of them ready to challenge the gym leader. When they got inside, they saw a fox furr with feathered wings fighting against a black bear that Nathaniel assumed was the gym leader. The fox was using a Ralts and a Gardevoir against his Hitmontop and Gallade. Nathaniel was interested to see that the Ralts was diapered and battling very well against the two larger Pokémon. It helped that the Gardevoir kept using defensive and supportive attacks to help Ralts. The Hitmontop came at Ralts with the lightning quick Bullet Punch but was stopped by Gardevoir’s Barrier. Ralts then sent Hitmontop flying into the back wall with Psychic and turned to the Gallade. The battle stopped abruptly when Gallade noticed Nathaniel’s group standing behind the fox and he placed both of his hands together in a sign of respect for the combatants. Hitmontop gingerly got up and repeated the gesture before both Pokémon were called back by the gym leader. He let out a booming laugh and turned to the fox.

“You’re really good!” He said. “I can see you’ll be ready for the Mt. Silver Conference, even without getting the badges from this region. It was pleasure to help you practice.”

“Thank you Chuck.” The fox said as they both bowed to each other. The fox turned around and stared wide eyed at Selina before they both squealed and ran up to each other excitedly.

“It’s good to see you again Angel!” Selina said.

“You too Selina!” the fox said. “How have you been?”

“I’ve had a lot happen to me since we last met.” Selina answered. “I’d really love to catch up and introduce you to everyone but we should probably do it somewhere else. The gym leader does need his gym and we’re taking up his space.”

“Okay!” Angel said happily. “I’ll wait while you kick his butt.”

Selina chuckled while Nathaniel and the others looked on confusedly. Selina stepped up and placed her challenge along with Sai and Nathaniel’s to Chuck. Chuck accepted and then sent out a Machamp for Selina to battle. Selina responded with Cubone and Machamp laughed uproariously at the tiny Pokémon. Cubone glared at Machamp and walked up to him before giving his foot a tap with his club. Machamp laughed even more until Cubone slammed his club into Machamp’s shin full force. Machamp gave a yelp of pain and began hopping around clutching his leg with all four of his hands. Cubone then slammed his club into the ground and surprised everyone by sending a beam of light along the ground that exploded underneath Machamp with the attack Fissure. Machamp stopped holding onto his leg and fell over, KO’ed. Chuck stood there in open-mouthed shock. He only raised his arm and called back Machamp before turning to stare at Selina. He took out a badge and threw it to her before turning to Sai. Chuck shook his head and sent out the familiar Gallade. Sai responded with his own fighting Pokémon, Blaze. The battle began and Gallade started with Psycho Cut. Blaze stopped the attack with Night Slash and then back flipped under the attack to catch Gallade in the chin with Blaze Kick. Gallade staggered backwards and then charged forward with Psycho Cut again. Blaze ducked under the attack and then leaped upward with Sky Uppercut. Gallade did the limbo to dodge the attack, but failed to dodge the attack Blaze use next that surprised everyone. Blaze was surrounded by what looked like blue fire and dive bombed Gallade with Brave Bird. Gallade dropped like a rock and Blaze stood there breathing heavily. Sai ran onto the field and hugged the Fire Pokémon happily while catching the badge Chuck tossed to him. Sai got off the field with Blaze and then Nathaniel stepped up.

“I recognize you.” Chuck chuckled. “This is going to be fun.”

Chuck threw out a Poliwrath and Nathaniel responded with Bayleef. Chuck laughed and ordered Poliwrath to use Blizzard. The icy wind came towards Bayleef and Nathaniel yelled out, “Reflect!” A square of orange light appeared in front of Bayleef and the attack was cut considerably. Bayleef then swung the leaf on his head around and the attack Razor Leaf struck Poliwrath with amazing force. Poliwrath tried using Hypnosis but missed when Bayleef jumped over it and landed on him with Body Slam. Poliwrath got up moving slowly and was knocked back down when a flurry of pink petals slammed into him rapidly three times from Bayleef’s Petal Dance attack. Poliwrath tried getting up once more but Bayleef KO’ed him with a simple Tackle. Bayleef let out a cry of victory and began glowing. Nathaniel rushed across the field and leaped onto the newly evolved Meganium and hugged him as Chuck gave him his fifth badge in the Johto region. Nathaniel and Selina held their badges up in a victory pose and Sai joined them awkwardly. Nathaniel laughed and patted Sai on the back before walking out of the gym with everyone.

“So how do you two know each other exactly?” Nathaniel asked turning to Selina and Angel. “Sorry, manners first. I’m Nathaniel. These are our friends Sai and Brandon.”

“You already know my name.” Angel said shaking Nathaniel’s hand with her own, surprisingly, clawed hand that looked like a slimmer version of Nathaniel’s own. “It’s nice to meet you all. Selina and I met at trainer’s school when we helped a psionic together.”

“It was the same one who made me younger.” Selina explained. “Angel here was affected as well but was made older by three years.”

“Then you must have been older mentally.” Nathaniel said.

“She’s an off-worlder just like you Nathaniel.” Selina explained. “She came here at the age of four (making her sixteen mentally) and visited the school about a year after she arrived. She was already a talented psionic and when she helped me out, she was aged to the age of eight. She didn’t let that dampen her spirits one bit and actually was accepted into trainer’s school early.”

“I got out after three years and already have six Pokémon.” Angel said proudly. “Would you like to meet them?”

“Sure!” everyone said excitedly.

Angel threw three pokeballs into the air and introduced her starter Pokémon Ralts first.

“He’s been my buddy since I received him at the age of ten.” Angel said. “You’re probably wondering why he’s diapered. He likes them a lot and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. This Gardevoir here was my parent’s Pokémon. She and I had been friends since I came here and she took over the parental role even more than my own parents did. She likes taking care of me and all of my diapered Pokémon.”

“Wait a minute.” Nathaniel said. “Hold the phone. Clearly, with your claws, you’re a chimera. Does that mean when you say Gardevoir takes care of you that you wear diapers due to the chimera defect?”

“That’s right.” Angel answered uncaringly. “I’m part red fox and part chaos dragon. Chimeras, even those who are only made up of two animals, have an even greater chance of being diaper dependant than hybrids do. I don’t worry about it though. I personally like them, and it looks like you do too.”

Nathaniel looked at her questioningly and Selina laughed as she said, “She has telepathy. She can both read and project surface thoughts at will.”

Nathaniel shrugged and then waited while Angel continued. Angel looked around for a bit and finally came up with a diapered Eevee hiding behind her Gardevoir.

“This little guy is just a little shy around others.” Angel said. “He’s a tough little fighter and likes diapers just as much as Ralts does. I got him as a graduation gift from the school.”

“He’s kind of cute.” Anthony said from the sling still draped over Nathaniel’s shoulder. Anthony hopped out of the sling and the little Eevee in Angel’s arms leaped down to meet him. The little Eevee sniffed at Anthony once and then began frisking about him. Anthony had one of his playful moments and the two started running around chasing each other. The group laughed and Angel threw out two more Pokémon. Nathaniel was surprised to see that they were three Latios and Latias.

“I befriended these two on a field trip to South Island.” Angel said. “Selina wasn’t there when that happened because she went to Faraway Island and managed to befriend a Mew. I wasn’t sure for awhile which of us was the luckier one but now I don’t really care.”

Latios and Latias nuzzled Angel affectionately before flying off to play with Anthony and Eevee. Angel then looked around and frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Nathaniel asked.

“My other Pokémon ran off awhile ago after I put him back in his pokeball.” Angel answered. “He hates it when I do that, even if it’s because he was KO’ed in battle. The only reason I know he’s still following me is because he came to Gardevoir a few times for a diaper change.”

“What Pokémon is he?” Nathaniel asked. “I might be able to find him with my own psionics.”

“He’s not a Shaymin is he?” Sai asked.

“Yes he is!” Angel exclaimed. “Have you seen him?”

“He's watching us from the top of the Pokémon center.” Sai said. “I can sense his emotions and he’s curious to meet us, but he’s still a little miffed about being put inside his pokeball. He’s about ready to forgive you so a little encouragement on my part should bring him to us.”

The group watched as a Sky Forme Shaymin flew down to them and looked at all of them before turning to Angel.

“I’m ready to forgive you now Angel.” The Shaymin announced telepathically.

“Oh thank you Shaymin!” Angel said snatching the Pokémon out of the air and hugging him tightly to her.

Shaymin squirmed out of her grasp and then turned to everyone else and said, “Hi! I’m Shaymin!”

Introductions were passed around again and then Nathaniel asked, “Isn’t he supposed to be wearing a diaper?”

“Only in Land Forme.”’ Angel answered. “He has some nerve damage in that Forme and needs them for bladderal problems. So he really only needs them at night because he likes to be in Sky Forme the rest of the time.”

“And in really cold places.” Shaymin added. “If it gets way too cold or if I’m frozen, I revert to Land Forme. I feel like I’m stronger when I’m in Sky Forme so I enjoy being like this.”

“So how did you two meet?” Nathaniel asked.

“I found Shaymin the day I started my journey.” Angel answered. “He was lost and hurt and when I nursed him back to health as much as I could, the aspect of Shaymin gave him to me as a gift, provided I would always take care of his need.”

Nathaniel nodded and then turned to Selina with a meaningful look. Selina read his mind and then turned to Angel.

“So where are you headed now?” Selina asked.

“Anywhere I want.” Angel answered. “Why?”

“Nathaniel and I were just wondering if you’d like to travel with us to Mt. Silver.” Selina answered. “That is if the three of you don’t mind.”

“The more the merrier I say.” Sai said excitedly looking at the new diapered Pokémon that would be travelling with them.

“I’m fine with it.” Brandon answered. “Gives us a guaranteed challenging opponent when we all get to Mt. Silver.”

“I’d love to travel with you guys.” Angel said. “Let’s just go get some lunch so I can learn about you before we leave.”

Nathaniel laughed and looked up a few places to eat at in Cinnawood. He found a Chinese buffet and he treated the whole group to it and gave them each a dollar for a tip if they went to the Mongolian barbeque that is the place as well. While they ate, Nathaniel, Sai, and Brandon took turns telling Angel about themselves. Nathaniel was last and Angel squealed when she heard that Nathaniel and Selina were engaged. She gave them sincere congratulations and the group then focused on eating as big a lunch as they could so they would only need a light dinner, if not just plain skipping it. When they were finished, they left the buffet and Nathaniel gated them to Olivine City.
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Chapter 18

When they arrived in Olivine City, the group headed straight for the gym. Nathaniel was relieved to see that the gym was opened and walked inside. Nathaniel saw the gym leader at the end polishing a Magnemite. Both of them seemed really happy and were even happier when they saw everyone walking in.

“Hello there!” The lioness said. “I’m Jasmine, Leader of the Olivine Gym. How many of you are here to issue a challenge?”

“Just three of them Jasmine.” Brandon answered.

“BRANDON!” Jasmine squealed excitedly. “How are you? Nice to see you again.”

“I’m fine. It’s nice to see you too Jasmine.” Brandon answered.

“I hope you don’t plan on asking for a rematch.” Jasmine said. “Your Fire Pokémon mopped the floor with me last time.”

Brandon just shook his head and signaled Sai forward. A look of recognition passed over Jasmine’s face and she smiled.

“A fellow coordinator!” Jasmine exclaimed happily. “This is going to be fun Sai.”

Sai just grinned and the one-on-one battle began. Jasmine sent out a Skarmory and Sai sent Hiroki into battle. Hiroki was immediately with by Aerial Ace and she responded with Rain Dance. Skarmory dove for Hiroki with air visibly swirling around its beak and missed when Hiroki sidestepped the attack. Hiroki glowed faintly using a weakened Moonlight attack and dodged another Drill Peck from Skarmory. Hiroki then tensed up and Nathaniel watched as sparks began running along her body. Hiroki was soon covered in electricity and let it loose straight into the air. Skarmory flew into the air using Fly to dodge the attack, but the now 100% accurate Thunder had the ability to hit flying foes at double the power. Coupled with Skarmory’s Flying element and the critical hit, Skarmory was brought down in one shot from Hiroki. Sai ran up and hugged the Electric Pokémon gleefully and accepted the badge from Jasmine.

“Well done Sai.” Jasmine said. “Hiroki looks like a strong contest Pokémon.”

“She led me to victory many times in the Kanto region.” Sai said. “I’m very proud of her.”

Hiroki smiled and hugged Sai back before getting out of his grasp and taking her usual spot on his shoulder. Sai stepped back and Selina and Nathaniel tried to decide who would battle Jasmine next.

“I could battle you both at the same time.” Jasmine offered. “Just be warned I’ll use my top two contest Pokémon.”

Nathaniel and Selina nodded and Jasmine threw two Luxury Balls shouting, “Rusty! Sparkle! Show time!”

A Steelix and an Ampharos came out of the twin flashes of light and stood ready to battle. Nathaniel sent out Quilava and Selina chose her Cubone. Nathaniel looked at Cubone and wondered why, as often as Selina used him, he hadn’t evolved yet. Then he noticed that he was holding onto an Everstone and Nathaniel smiled. As long as Cubone held that, he would remain in his cuter base stage. The battle began when Rusty the Steelix burrowed underground with Sparkle the Ampharos. Quilava did the same to meet them but shot right back out of the hole when Cubone used Earthquake. Quilava was KO’ed by the four times as effective ground attack. Nathaniel just dropped his jaw and looked at Selina with a raised eye. Selina smirked and pointed out onto the field. Nathaniel laughed when he saw that both Rusty and Sparkle had crawled out of their respective holes and fainted. Nathaniel ran out onto the field and sent several healing waves over each Pokémon and all three slowly got up. Nathaniel looked at Quilava when he started glowing and growing before finally evolving into Typhlosion. Nathaniel hugged his final, fully evolved starter and accepted the offered badge from Jasmine after she gave one to Selina.

“I’m not sure I should give you this but I guess I owe you for healing my Pokémon.” Jasmine chuckled. “I’ve seen you battle anyway and I know you would have earned this anyway. Good luck in the Silver Conference.”

“Thank you Jasmine.” Nathaniel said before performing his victory pose with Selina and Sai. They left the gym and Nathaniel opened a gate for a shortcut to Ecruteak City. They passed through and then Angel turned to Nathaniel.

“Do you mind if we go back to Pallet Town after we get to Mahogany Town?” she asked.

“Sure, why?” Nathaniel answered and then asked.

“I just feel like taking a break.” Angel answered. “I’ve been gone for awhile so it would be nice to go back and visit.”

“No problem.” Nathaniel said. “Just one condition though. If it isn’t too late, we challenge the gym before we head home.”

Angel nodded with a smile and they headed east from the city. They crossed a couple bridges and then came to a third. On it, a Pokémon was being bullied by a few teenagers. Nathaniel recognized the small Pokémon as Tyrogue and glared at the five who were picking on him. Three were rats and the other two were ferrets.

Nathaniel grit his teeth in anger and felt his energy building without his calling for it. His vision faded for a bit and he heard the legendary Mewtwo telling him, “If you want, you and your friends can turn them into Pokémon. They are not evil but they are on the path so it will only be temporary and should hopefully deter them from the path they are on. We will guide your sight to their parents and let them take the five from there.”

Nathaniel smirked and felt a surge of energy. Four separate waves of energy shot from him and Nathaniel’s friends looked around in confusion when they felt the energy enter them. Mewtwo told Nathaniel that the same way he turned Giovanni into a Pokémon would work, and Nathaniel smiled. Selina and Angel were both reading his mind and told Sai and Brandon telepathically what had happened. Sai drew both of his blades with a grin and Brandon donned his gauntlets. Selina teleported her staff into her hands and then Nathaniel saw the air surrounding Angel’s claws begin to ripple. Nathaniel knew her telekinesis was being used and would leave a major impact from her fists.

“Just a question before we begin.” Sai said. “Do we have to make it quick or can we beat them up first?”

“Oh by all means, let’s kick their butts before we teach them a lesson.” Nathaniel said smirking as he drew his own blade.

Nathaniel turned in time to see the rat that appeared to be the leader just about to kick the helpless Tyrogue. He suddenly flew backwards from a kick that was almost invisible to Nathaniel’s eyes when Sai used his dash psionic to leap through the air spinning. Nathaniel let loose a burst of energy at the slower two rats and as they flew backward, they were sent sailing into the air by a tug from Selina’s own telekinesis. One of the ferrets began to run but his face met a fist from the teleporting Angel. The other ferret turned to see Brandon behind him and pulled out a knife. A shuriken thrown by Sai knocked it out of his hand and then Brandon slugged the ferret in the jaw with a roar worthy of a fully grown lion or tiger. The five rodents huddled on the ground in terror when Nathaniel’s group was done venting their anger on them.

“You know, you should probably thank me.” Nathaniel said. “If we hadn’t been coming by, you would have gotten worse and worse until one day I would have to make the punishment I am about to administer permanent.”

“What are you going to do to us?” the leader whimpered.

“You three are going to live as Pokémon for awhile.” Nathaniel said. “For how long, I don’t know. You will be given to your parents and you should still be able to talk to them and tell them the truth of what happened. Now I suggest you brace yourselves because it looked like it hurt when I turned someone else into a Pokémon permanently.”

The five screamed in terror and then yowled in pain as they began to glow and flash. When the lights cleared, there were three Rattata and two Sentret huddled together on the ground. All five looked at each other and passed out. Nathaniel chuckled and Shaymin, who had been flying overhead watching the whole thing, came down with his eyes glowing.

“I’ve temporarily taken control of your Shaymin with his permission.” A voice spoke from Shaymin. “I will lead you to their home. Follow me please.”

Nathaniel slung the two Sentret over his shoulder and Sai, Angel, and Brandon each picked up another. They suddenly jumped and began scratching and biting the four of them furiously. Before Nathaniel or any of the others could do anything, there was a rush of heat and the five were blasted off of them clearly KO’ed. Nathaniel turned around and saw Selina staring at her Togepi awestruck. Togepi chirped happily and Nathaniel joined in staring at Togepi.

“Did Togepi just use his first attack?” Nathaniel asked.

“Metronome.” Selina answered. “It turned into Heat Wave.”

Togepi began chirping excitedly and then began glowing. Everyone watched as the baby Pokémon grew slightly and evolved into Togetic. The new Flying Pokémon began flying around excitedly and it took Sai’s speed to catch Togetic, he was so fast. Nathaniel chuckled and picked up the same two again. Sai, Brandon, and Angel picked up the same three as well and Selina lifted the mercifully unconscious Tyrogue into her arms. They followed the patiently waiting Shaymin and came to a house on the outskirts of town. By the time they reached the door, the five were awake and Nathaniel incapacitated the two Sentret with a tap to their noses. The Rattata took the hint and decided to behave. Nathaniel knocked on the front door and a ferret and a rat opened the door.

“Can we help you?” the rat Nathaniel assumed was the mother asked.

Nathaniel was about to explain why he had come when the lead rat wailed, “MOM, DAD, LOOK WHAT THESE MEAN PEOPLE DID TO US!”

Selina’s fur flared up and she projected an image of what had transpired to both of the rodents standing in the doorway. They both bristled and the weasel held onto the lead rat while the mother spanked him soundly.
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“Thank you for teaching these boys a lesson.” She said over the rat’s anguished yelps. “I just wish I knew a good way to punish them for trying to pin something this big on you.”

“I’ve got an idea if you’ll go for it.” Selina said. “No offense but it looks like you didn’t do a very good job raising these boys.”

“None taken.” The ferret grunted. “Obviously if they got into this much trouble you are correct. So what about this idea?”

“What you need is a second opportunity to raise them right.” Selina said.

“Diaper discipline!” the rat laughed. “That may work while they are this small but we can’t handle them all when they get back to normal.”

“I have a way to make them manageable.” Selina said. “I can make them younger if you are willing to deal with the struggles of having five infants with the minds of rebellious teens. Just be warned that they’ll likely have to age back to this point on their own because I have no idea when I’ll be back in Mahogany Town to reverse the effect of what I do to them. That means you’ll have to deal with them for almost two more decades.”

“We can handle that.” The rat said. “It will do them good to have that happen. What do you think about that darling?”

“I only wonder how young you can make them.” The ferret answered. “These five were a handful as toddlers and I’m no spring chicken anymore.”

“It would take more energy than I have to make them all infants.” Selina said. “Actually, I think I can but not much else.”

“Tap into my energy.” Nathaniel said. “I can gather the energy and then we can not only regress these delinquents, no offense to the parents, but we can also shave a few years off the parents. That way they’ll have the extra decades.”

“It won’t work like that.” Shaymin said in the same possessed voice. “There’s a twisting point in someone’s age where you would have to do it very differently to make someone younger or older. Not to mention you would need a lot more energy. We of the legendary council will take care of this for you instead. We’ve taken enough of your time as it is.”

Nathaniel watched as the five rodent Pokémon shrunk somewhat and just turned cuter. The rat’s furr took on a darker and glossier color and the ferret’s muscle filled out a bit as his furr turned from an ashy color to jet black. The two looked at each other and smiled.

“We can thank you for even more now.” The rat said. “I feel like we have a whole new life thanks to you.”

“Please take these as our thanks.” The ferret said handing Nathaniel a couple stones. “One stone will evolve that Togetic when you are ready for him to and the other will evolve the male Ralts I smell one of you has when he evolves into a Kirlia. That’s only if you want a Gallade instead of another Gardevoir though. Thank you so much. Our children have a chance for a clean slate now too.”

Nathaniel nodded and then left with his group towards the city. Shaymin sneezed and was in his Land Forme suddenly with his eyes normal again. Angel quickly put him in a diaper and set him on her shoulder. Togetic sat on Selina’s shoulder and Brandon looked like he felt left out from not having a Pokémon on his shoulder. Nathaniel got an idea and sent out Arcanine. Nathaniel whispered to her and she ran up behind Brandon before flipping him onto her back and trotting off with him. They reached the Pokémon center and Selina handed Tyrogue to the desk nurse. The Tyrogue woke up briefly but fell asleep again after seeing Selina. Selina sat down on one of the benches to wait for Tyrogue to come out but Angel shooed her off.

“Don’t worry about Tyrogue.” Angel said. “I’ll stay behind to wait for him. You go with the others to the gym, get the badge and then we’ll wait for Tyrogue together.”

“If you don’t have a long lasting battle you should be back in time.” The desk nurse said. “He doesn’t look too bad considering what happened. We can release him to you when you get back if you promise to make sure he doesn’t battle for awhile. That’s only if he wants to go with you though. We’ll transfer him to the wildlife center otherwise.”

Selina reluctantly nodded and walked over to the gym with the boys. Inside, they found a polar bear looking at them from a throne carved from ice. Nathaniel began wondering if it was something to do with the Frozen Throne from Warcraft but noticed the bear was old and Nathaniel guessed maybe it was for joints or something.

“Welcome to my gym.” The polar bear said. “I am Pryce. I’m going to be closing the gym up for the night soon so how about you kids tag up and we’ll get this done twice as fast.”

Sai and Brandon looked at each other and nodded. They both stepped forward and Pryce threw out two pokeballs. Out came a Dewgong and a Weavile. Brandon sent out Houndoom while Sai sent out Daisy. Daisy was clearly ready to battle as she was bouncing on her feet excitedly. The battle began and Weavile surrounded itself with Protect while Dewgong sailed on top of a wave of water and crashed towards Houndoom and Daisy with Surf. Houndoom forced the attack backwards with Heat Wave and then Daisy leaped into the air with Jump Kick and knocked Dewgong off the wave. Dewgong fell to the floor and lay there unconscious. Daisy turned just in time to see Weavile bearing down on her with Brick Break. Weavile’s falling arm was caught inches away from Daisy by Houndoom’s Fire Fang. Weavile flinched and Houndoom swung him away from Daisy before letting loose a powerful stream of fire in Overheat. Weavile hit the opposite gym wall and was stuck in a small indent left by his body. Nathaniel fired a concentrated beam of healing energy at Weavile and caught him when he fell from the wall. Weavile and Dewgong were called back and Pryce tossed both Sai and Brandon their new badges. Sai and Brandon made way and Selina stepped up with Nathaniel.

“Thank you for healing my Weavile.” Pryce said. “I still won’t go easy on you though.”

Nathaniel smiled and Pryce sent out a Mamoswine and a Delibird. Nathaniel sent out Arcanine and Selina sent out Sudowoodo. Nathaniel raised an eye at her but realized that his choice of a Fire Pokémon against a Ground Pokémon had the same result. He was just glad Rock Pokémon were not weak against Ice attacks. The battle started and Delibird leaped into action with Blizzard. Arcanine blocked the attack with Heat Wave and Mamoswine charged forward. Before he could attack Arcanine with Stone Edge, he was hit from the side by Sudowoodo’s Double-Edge. Arcanine leaped over Sudowoodo and shot a jet of flame from her mouth to block the beam of ice that Delibird shot from his towards Sudowoodo. Mamoswine got back up and stomped one foot on the ground. Nathaniel was impressed with Pryce’s combo then because a Ground attack like Earthquake wouldn’t hit a Flying Pokémon like Delibird. Sudowoodo blocked the attack with Protect, but Arcanine was not as fortunate. Arcanine withstood the shaking attack and smirked coyly at Mamoswine. Nathaniel could almost see the hearts in Mamoswine’s eyes and knew that Arcanine had successfully used Attract. Delibird flapped his stubby wings and Blizzard hit both Sudowoodo and Arcanine from behind. Sudowoodo then stomped his foot onto the ground and Nathaniel wondered why he was using Earthquake, until he saw the rocks fly from the floor into the air before they cascaded down upon both Delibird and Mamoswine. Delibird was brought down by the critical hit of a four times as effective attack. Sudowoodo smiled but was then hit from behind by Mamoswine’s Double-Edge. Sudowoodo, despite being a Rock Pokémon, was brought down by the attack. Arcanine glared at Mamoswine and let loose a Howl that made everyone’s fur stand on end. With her attack increased, Arcanine leaped at Mamoswine with flaming jaws and chomped down on his leg with Fire Fang. Mamoswine finally broke free of his infatuation with Arcanine, but the flinch that freed him cost him the battle when Arcanine shot from her jaws the focused blast of flames that made the attack Overheat. Nathaniel ran onto the field and got Sudowoodo conscious again before leaping into Arcanine with a snuggling tackle. Arcanine licked Nathaniel as much as she could from her position on her side and murred with pleasure as Nathaniel sent pulses through her body to heal and massage her. Nathaniel caught the badge Pryce threw to him and left with the group when Selina got hers. All four of them raised their badges in a victory pose and then rushed back to the Pokémon Center to check on the Tyrogue. Selina didn’t even make it into the door when she was tackled by the excited Tyrogue. It had remembered her and everyone knew it was eager to join her. Selina could see he was a pretty young one and knew she would need a new baby Pokémon now that Togepi had evolved. Selina scooped the happy Tyrogue into her arms. Angel came out with a smile on her face and then turned to Nathaniel expectantly. Nathaniel nodded knowingly and opened up a gate to Pallet Town.
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Chapter 19

Nathaniel steped through into the clearing and knew something was
different. Angel looked around in confusion until Selina told her
telepathically where they were.

"It's really quiet." Nathaniel mused. "Everyone must be out in town."

"We can at least drop our stuff off inside." Selina offered. "Our
pokemon can relax in the cavern too while we go out looking for

"Not a bad idea." Nathaniel said nuzzling Selina. "Thanks."

Selina giggled and Nathaniel opened up another gate to the cavern
beneath the house. They stepped through and Angel's eyes lit up in
amazement. She laughed as Nathaniel braced himself before being tackled
by his numerous pokemon. They were all clearly excited to see him
again. Nathaniel gated out from underneath the pile and then sent out
all of his pokemon. Selina, Sai, Brandon, and Angel followed suit and
the pokemon were busy with introductions.

"Let's get out of here before they turn their attention back to us." Nathaniel whispered.

Everyone nodded and used their various methods of teleporting to
leave the cavern and get back up to the clearing. Nathaniel wiped his
forehead with relief and turned to the group again. Before he could
speak, the door to the house opened and three dragons walked out of the
house. Nathaniel turned and saw Chad, Draco, and Cupprum standing in
the doorway before Chad swooped into Nathaniel, nearly breaking his
ribs with a bone crushing hug.

"Nice to see you too Chad." Nathaniel gasped.

"I got all eight badges!" Chad shouted happily.

"Great." Nathaniel wheezed. "Can you let me breathe please?"

"Sorry." Chad laughed as he released Nathaniel. "That's not all I
managed to do. I also caught myself three legendary dragon pokemon."

"Nice!" Nathaniel said. "Oh! By the way, Chad, this is the newest
memeber of the group, Angel. Angel, this is Chad, the last winner of
the Indigo Conferance and my good friend."

"Pleased to meet you." they said to each other simultaneously.

"So where is everybody?" Nathaniel asked.

"All gone." Cupprum yawned sleepily.

"I can tell that." Nathaniel laughed. "But gone where?"

"They split up and went four each to a different region." Draco
explained. "The kids recently discovered that their psionic powers not
only link to their pairs, but also the brothers and sisters can link as
well. Unfortunately they did that subconciously and things went really
wacky. They couldn't control their own power with all eight of them so
close together. Fortunately for us, Chad here discovered another
psionic power and was able to severely hamper their powers until they
could control themselves."

"Wasn't easy." Chad laughed. "I got a huge migraine doing that.
So Skip and Zoe took Ethan and Shannon off to one region while the
others took their pairs and went off to another region each to give
them a tour of the regions they decided they would spilt up into for
their first journeys."

"They decided to do that huh?" Nathaniel laughed. "Probably be
easier on the gym leaders I guess. So which region did each of them go

"Skip and Zoe were the only ones to specify." Cupprum yawned again. "Ethan was very adamant on going to the Johto region."

Nathaniel slapped his paw to his forehead and groaned. "Where are they supposed to be now?"

"Skip just called and said they'd be spending the night at the Lake of Rage." Draco answered. "Where did you come from?"

"Mahogany Town." Nathaniel answered wearily.

"You must have just missed them." Chad laughed. "You guys are still gonna stay here tonight right?"

"Of course." Nathaniel laughed. "We'll just get back to Johto tomorrow and hopefully catch up with Skip."

"No rush." Draco said. "He said they'd be there tomorrow too.
It's too late to do much tonight so you guys can spend the day in town
tomorrow and then return to Johto later that night and catch Skip
before he leaves."

"That's good." Angel said. "I really wanted to see the town again."

Nathaniel nodded and then yawned simultaneously with Selina,
causing a group laugh. "Now we just need to decide where everyone is
going to sleep." Nathaniel said. "We don't really have any guest rooms
and I'm not sure we should use the empty ones or not."

"How about we all just camp down in the cavern?" Selina asked.

"Like Sai and I did our first night here?" Brandon asked.

"Sounds like fun." Sai yawned. Everyone laughed again and then
Sai picked up both Brandon and Angel, who gave a surprised yelp, and
Phase stepped down to the cavern. Nathaniel looked at Chad, who shook
his head smiling, and then picked up Selina and gated down to join the
others. Brandon and Angel were laying dizzily on the ground while Sai
chuckled a bit.

"Before we get too sleepy, does anyone need a change?" Nathaniel
asked. Brandon and Angel both nodded and Selina gave Nathaniel her
answer by giving him her sure-fire way of making sure he needed a
change. When their lips parted, to the giggles of the other three furrs
watching, Nathaniel chuckled at Selina before gating upstairs to pick
up a few supplies. Sai met him up there and Nathaniel looked at him
with a smirk.

"I think I just got an idea." Nathaniel chuckled wickedly.

"You're not going to try to put me in a diaper are you?" Sai asked suspiciously.

"No." Nathaniel laughed. "Selina has the power to regress someone
if she wants. She can also tap into other minds and use their psionics.
Maybe if I can get her to tap into my mind, I can tap into that psionic
and we can give those three some fun. What would you say to that?"

"Sounds like fun." Sai said giggling helplessly. "Would you like me to change you before we get back down there though?"

"Meh, why not?" Nathanile answered shrugging his shoulders.
Nathaniel hopped up onto the changing table and wasn't surprised to see
his soaked diaper almost popping open his onsie as Sai pulled his
shorts off.

"Looks like we've got one wet puppy." Sai chuckled. "It's a wonder these things don't leak."

"If it were a diaper from my old world it sure would have."
Nathaniel laughed as Sai opend his diaper. "It's kind of hard to get
these to leak. The diapers in this world are great."

Sai smiled and finished changing Nathaniel. When the diaper was
taped back up, Nathaniel hopped off the table and striped off his
onesie and put on a new one. He then rummaged around in his dresser and
came up with a pair of pajama pants and put them on. They were really
long on him but it didn't bug him. Nathaniel looked in the mirror and
was surprised to see how much he looked like his older brothers dressed
like he was. He turned away from the mirror and started grabbing the
changing supplies he'd need. He thought for a moment before grabbing
the actual diapers and smirked before grabbing three that were made for

"Aren't those a little small... oh! Right." Sai said as he caught
onto Nathaniel's thoughts. Nathaniel smirked and then the two of them
gated back down to the cavern.

"Took you guys long enough." Selina laughed. She saw the diapers
Nathaniel was carrying and looked at him oddly. As Nathaniel was sure
she would, she started prying into his mind. Before Nathaniel could
start trying to delve into her mind for that power, Selina laughed and
telepathically said, "You could have just asked. One condition though,
I get to make you older too."

Nathaniel nodded and felt his size changing immediately. The
pajama bottoms fit him perfectly now but he grunted at the tightness of
the onesie. Selina quickly tugged his pants down and snapped open the
onesie. Nathaniel quickly shrugged off the onesie before tugging his
pants back above his diaper, which was close to tearing off.

"I'll be right back." Nathaniel laughed. He gated up to the
basement of the house and foun Chad and Draco just coming down. They
looked startled to see Nathaniel but he could tell they did recognize

"How'd you get so tall?" Chad asked.

"This is what I'd look like if my body matched my mental age."
Nathaniel said. "Selina has a psionic abiltiy to age or regress someone
within the limits of their age."

"So why the color change?" Chad asked.

"Just felt like it on that one." Nathaniel laughed. "Hey! Could you guys do me a favor?"

"Sure! What do you need?" Draco asked.

"Can you make my clothes change size with me like my armor and
sword does or like Chad did for my pokemon's diapers?" Nathaniel asked.
"Come tho think of it, maybe you guys could do it for my friends too
since they might change size at any time. Angel, Brandon and Selina
will be soon."

"How small?" Chad asked came up to Nathaniel and started zapping him with thin bolts from his claws.

"That tickles." Nathaniel giggled as the bolts flew across his
belly fur. "They'll be toddlers at the youngest. I'm sure both Selina
and I would prefer not to make them completely helpless."

"Do you think maybe I could join in?" Chad asked shyly.

"If you really want to then no problem." Nathaniel laughed. "I'm
sure Selina wont mind making another toddler and Sai would love another
kid to take care of. You'd better ask your dad first though."

"He doesn't need to." Draco laughed. "He can go right ahead. He
doesn't see you as much anymore so it's no biggie to me if he spends
some time with his friends."

Chad leaped at Draco and gave him a quick hug before turning back
to Nathaniel. "Anything you wear should shrink and grow with you now.
Let's get going."

Nathaniel chuckled and gated them both down to the cavern. Sai
was a bit surprised to see Chad but said nothing. Chad walked up to all
four of them and explained as he zapped them what he was doing. Brandon
and Angel looked at each other questioningly and both gasped in
surprise as they both began to shrink. When Selina was done, they
looked like they couldn't be any older than four.

"Hey! What gives?" Brandon asked.

"We just thought you guys might enjoy yourselves a bit more like
this." Sai said gesturing to himself and Nathaniel as both Chad and
Selina began shrinking to the same age. "Just relax and have some fu...

Nathaniel shook his head and tried to keep from laughing as Sai
started shrinking as well. Unfortunately, Chad hadn't made it so his
clothes would adjust so they were hanging around the shocked fox in

"Selina, why'd you turn Sai into a baby?" Nathaniel asked when Sai stopped aging backwards to a kit looking no older than two.

"I thought it would be funny." Selina giggled cutely.

"Change me back pwease." Sai lisped embarassedly.

"No." Selina pouted.

"Selina!" Nathaniel said warningly as he tapped his foot.

"Humph." Selina said as she crossed her arms. Sai began growing again but stopped when he looked like he was almost six.

"Hey!" Sai yelped. "I thought you were going to change me back."

"And I thought you were going to be a baby with us." Selina said sticking her tongue out at him.

"He was supposed to be helping me." Nathaniel sighed.

"He can help like he is." Selina retorted.

"Selina..." Nathaniel began.

"OH NO!" Sai shouted.

Nathaniel looked and saw that the poor kit was standing above a slowly
growing puddle. Nathaniel shot a look at Selina and rushed over to Sai.

"How old were you when you were fully potty trianed?" Nathaniel asked
as he leaned down and rubbed Sai's back comfortingly as the kit started
to cry.
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PostSubject: Re: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:51 pm

"About eight when I stopped wearing..." Sai mumbled.

"Wearing trainers?" Nathaniel asked.

"Yeah, those." Sai mumbled embarassedly. "On the second time through anyway. The first time I was trained I got it at five."

"HEY ARCANINE!" Nathaniel shouted. Arcanine came running and stopped
in surprise when she saw everyone looking different. "Can ou keep an
eye on those four while I take care of Sai since Selina wont change him

"Sure." Arcanine said. "I'll get Kangaskhan and Gardevoir to help me."

"I'll be back to take care of them with Sai." Nathaniel said. "Just
make sure they don't get into too much trouble. Kangaskhan and
Gardevoir can stick with what they're doing right now."

Arcanine nodded and then Nathaniel picked up the miserable kit and
gated up to one of the bathrooms with him. Nathaniel helped the kit
strip off his wet clothes and, despite his embarassed protests, cleaned
him up a bit before setting him on one of the changing tables.

"It looks like you'll be needing something Sai so I'd like to know, would you prefere pull ups or diapers?" Nathaniel asked.

"If I have to then pull ups please." Sai muttered sadly.

Nathaniel hugged him and rubbed him a bit between the ears. Sai started murring with pleasure and cheered up considerably.

"Don't worry about it Sai." Nathaniel said soothingly. "It really
isn't so bad. Plus this means you get to relax a bit more until we
continue the journey. I'm sure Selina will change you back and then
you'll be back to normal in every way that is normal for you."

"Thanks Nathaniel." Sai said hugging him back.

"For what it's worth," Nathaniel said as he reached down to pull out
one of his older brother's pull-ups. "You make a really adorable kit."

Sai perked up a bit more and said, "Thanks." He took a look at the
pull-up Nathaniel was starting to slide on him and asked, "Isn't this
thing too big for me?"

"Not when we get Draco to make things adjust to your size." Nathaniel
answered. "You'll have to borrow one of my onesies or a sleeper if you
want to wear anything over your pull-up. All of your clothes got wet

Sai blushed visibly at the thought of wearing babyish clothing.
Nathaniel rubbed in between his ears again and said, "You can stay in
just a pull-up until we go somewhere if you'd prefere that."

"No thanks!" Sai said quickly with a deeper blush. "A sleeper would be
nice. The less of my pull-up showing the better. Hiroki's never going
to let me live this down as it is."

"I don't know." Nathaniel said smirking. "She might one day."

"What do you mean by that?" Sai asked.

"Just that a dream I've had makes me feel like someday soon we'll have
a bunch more friends and one of them might be able to help if Hiroki
gets too bad." Nathaniel answered. "Now let's go see Draco about
getting you adjusted."

Nathaniel helped Sai off the table and the duo walked out the door.
Sai's pull-up fell down once but Sai pulled it back up blushing
furiously and held it until Nathaniel found Draco. When Draco saw Sai,
he was hard put not to laugh and quickly adjusted Sai's pull-up when he
was asked. As the two walked down to Nathaniel's room, they heard Draco
giggle to himself before he started laughing. Sai was still blushing as
Nathaniel took him into his room and got out his old sleeper.

"This is the only sleeper I've got." Nathaniel said. "Hope you don't mind looking like a Darkrai."

"Not at all." Sai giggled. "I can scare Selina like that."

Nathaniel chuckled and helped him into the black sleeper with the red
neck opening. Nathaniel pulled out a white cap and slipped it on Sai to
complete the look and chuckled at how cute he looked. Sai blushed a bit
but he had to admit when he looked in a mirror that he was pretty cute.
Nathaniel smiled and scooped the kit onto his now broad shoulder. Sai
yelped in surprise but smiled from the height. Nathaniel gated back
down to the cavern and found a large nest had been made up already. He
also found the four he had left below wiggling a bit uncomfortably in
their diapers. By the smell of it, two of them were messy. Nathaniel
looked up to Sai and smirked.

"Ready to be my little helper?" Nathaniel asked.

"You bet!" Sai said sounding a bit like his old self again. Nathaniel
wasn't surprised to see that it was Selina and Brandon who were messy
since it seemed that dragons never did. Nathaniel decided that Brandon
would be first and laid the little liger down. Sai brought over the
stuff while Nathaniel rubbed his belly before untaping the diaper.
Natahaniel was glad that he could block his sense of smell but gave a
pretend gag all the same.

"Whew!" Sai giggled. "We've got a stinky kitten here."

Nathaniel chuckled as Sai and Brandon giggled and began wiping Brandon
clean. When he was done, Sai handed Nathaniel a bottle and Nathaniel
smiled. Nathaniel poured some of the contenets onto his hands and began
rubbing the oil into Brandon's diaper area while sending pulse after
pulse of positive energy into him. Nathaniel could have sworn the whole
cave heard Brandon's purring. Nathaniel laughed when he finished
because he'd sent the liger straight off to dreamland with the massage
he'd administered. Nathaniel let Sai tape him back up while he next
went to Angel.

"I take messy ones first and then it's ladies first." Nathaniel said as he helped her lie down.

"What about Selina?" Angel asked.

"She was naughty so she can wait." Nathaniel said. "Although she can
earn a few points if she says a certain something to a certain someone.
I might not give her the massage I'm going to give everyone else if she

Selina walked over to Sai while Nathaniel cleaned Angel up and hugged
him tightly. Sai looked down at her in shock and hugged her back gently.

"Sorry Sai." Selina said sadly.

"I forgive you Selina." Sai said embarassedly. "It might not be too bad. I might actually have some fun."

"So does that mean you don't want me to change you back?" Selina asked.

"Not just yet anyway." Sai said blushing visibly again. Sai looked
over to see he was about finished with Angel and looked back to Selina.
"Do you want me to get you cleaned up while Nathaniel takes care of

"Yes pwease." Selina said snuggling Sai before laying down with a squish.

Sai smiled and made a gagging noise when he opened Selina's diaper.
"Wow! This kit sure did a number on her diaper!" Selina giggled and
decided to act ticklish as Sai wipped her up. Sai finally got her
cleaned up despite the kicking and since Nathananiel still wasn't done
with Chad, she decided to tickle him back with her tail. Sai giggled
and just tickled her back before grabbing her tail. Selina grabbed his
tail in return and held onto it tightly. Sai looked at her a raised an

"Want to trade?" He offered. "My tail for yours?"

Selina nodded and grabbed her tail while Sai took his own. By that
time, Nathaniel finally came over and used his rudder to rub Sai
between the ears while he gave Selina her massage. Both of them made
nearly identicle murring noises and rolled their eyes in a state of
bliss. When Nathaniel had finished, they both were half asleep.
Nathaniel smiled broadly and scooped them both up with his wings. He
then walked over and scooped up the sleeping Angel and Brandon while
lifting Chad on his tail. He walked slowly over to the nest and set
each of them down gently. Arcanine walked over and got int the nest
with them and nudged all five towards her. Angel and Brandon started
suckling in their sleep and Selina and Chad wasted no time in starting.
Sai was very apprehensive however. He looked pleadingly at Nathaniel
but Nathaniel was already suckling as well.

Arcanine nudged him again and whispered to him, "They won't judge you
for it little one. Take a drink and sleep. There's a bright morning
awaiting you."

Sai blushed furiously but started suckling once Arcanine nudged him
for a third time. He was surprised he got the hang of it so quickly and
even more surprised at the taste. Sai began to actually enjoy it and
didn't even realize it when the spell of Arcanine's milk came over him
and he fell asleep. Arcanine smiled at all of the cubs that were still
suckling from her in their sleep and began her nightly licking of them.
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Chapter 20

Nathaniel woke with a groan. He had another
strange dream that left him with a headache. It wasn't a very good one.
Despite several happy looking pokemon being in it, including Anthony
interestingly enough, there was a bad feeling hanging about. Not only
did it look like Anthony was heading for a dark place, but there was
also a feeling of an evil hanging about that made the dream feel more
like a nightmare. Nathaniel shook his head slightly but that made his
head feel worse, and he couldn't concentrate to bring in positive
energy to soothe his aching skull. It wasn't until Arcanine started
licking the back of his head that the headache subsided. As it
dissappeared completely, Nathaniel shuddered with relief. At least
that's what he thought, until he felt his diaper start bulging a bit.
Nathaniel sighed and crawled out of the nest with a grunt of thanks to
Arcanine. He stretched each limb and took in a few deep breaths. It was
then that Nathaniel smelled the stench of stale urine. Nathaniel looked
around and saw that Sai had unfortunately leaked.

"Why didn't you wake me up when that happened?" Nathaniel asked Arcanine.

was fast asleep when that happened." Arcanine answered. "When I woke up
it already smelled like that so it wouldn't have made a difference."

shrugged and gently woke Sai first. Sai mumbled a bit before opening
his eyes. They widened when he felt he was wet and then they started
tearing up. Nathaniel rubbed him between the ears to calm him down and
gated up to one of the bathrooms with him.

"I'm sowwy Nathaniel." Sai lisped.

fine Sai." Nathaniel said as he started to strip off the wet sleeper.
"I should have known to put you in a diaper for the night instead. Skip
told me he only needed pull-ups because he didn't wet heavily enough to
leak. We tend to wet more at night if we don't have any control so I
should have guessed you'd leak. We'll just remember the next time
you're this age to diaper you for bed."

Sai sighed unhappily as
Nathaniel peeled off the soaked pull-up and tossed it down to an
incinerator. Nathaniel waded up his sleeper and sent it down a laundry
shute before pulling off his own pajamas and doing the same. Sai looked
at him wierdly, while giggling at how far down Nathaniel's legs his
diaper sagged, as Nathaniel started untaping his diaper.

"What are you doing?" Sai asked.

WE are doing is taking a bath." Nathaniel said. "I guess we should get
the others first though. Would you mind filling the tub while I go down
and get them?"

"Sure." Sai said blushing a bit at the thought of being bathed. "This sure is a big tub."

big in case my brothers decide to bathe together instead of alone."
Nathaniel said. "They are always bathed by someone when that happens
though. Don't get in the tub without me though. Wouldn't want the risk
of you drowning."

Before Sai could protest, Nathaniel grabbed a
bathrobe and gated down to the cavern. Nathaniel wrapped it around
himself quickly and walked over to the nest. The four were starting to
wake up and were clearly wondering who leaked.

"Bath time kids." Nathaniel said.

"Bath?" Brandon asked worriedly. "As in, with water?"

"You're not going to be one of those cats who say cats don't take baths, they clean themselves are you?" Nathaniel asked.

"When I'm like this, I'd rather not I guess." Brandon muttered. "Let's get it over with I guess."

smiled and opened up a gate. The kids rushed through (excpet Brandon,
who walked through) and Nathaniel followed. Nathaniel found Sai had the
tub almost full and saw that there was a llot of steam rising from it.
Nathaniel helped the kids strip down first, Sai being visibly
embarrassed to see Angel and Selina, and then tested the water.

winced and asked Sai, "Are you part red dragon orsomething? This is
going to boil them and there isn't enough room to add anymore water. I
can't reach the plug either to drain some of it."

"Sowwy Nathaniel." Sai said sadly.

worry." Nathaniel said rubbing Sai briefly between the ears. "I have an
idea. I'll just use a blast of ice from my breath to cool it down."

"Let me try!" Angel said excitedly.

"Okay, but be careful." Nathaniel said.

took a deep breath, focused, and exhaled her breath weapon. It wasn't
the cold they wanted, it was fire instead. Nathaniel ruffled Angel's
headfurr afectionately and used his own ice to cool the water down.
Nathaniel tested it again and found the water to be perfect.

better." Nathaniel said. "Nice try Angel. I'll try to help you get the
hang of that chaotic breath later. Hop on in guys."

The four
younger kids all looked at each other with a grin and leaped into the
air. They latched together in mid air and landed in the water with a
giant splash that soaked both Nathaniel and Sai. Nathaniel looked at
Sai and chuckled before he jumped into Nathaneil and knocked them both
into the tub, splashing those already in the tub. The group all laughed
at each other's antics and then settled down while Nathaniel started
scrubbing each of them. Sai helped a bit until Nathaniel started on
him. Sai almost made waves with the vibrations from his murring as
Nathaniel gave him a thorough scrub while adding positive energy to it.
When Nathaniel had finished he started to climb out. Sai pulled him
back in before he could though and everyone swarmed him. Before
Nathaniel could ask what they were doing, they had their little paws
and claws scrubbing him all over. Nathaniel laughed and struggled a bit
because it tickled as they did but let them scrub him anyway. When they
were all done, Nathaniel drained the water and got out. He toweled each
of them off before any of them decided to shake themselves dry, and
complimented Brandon for being a brave little liger and taking the bath.
After Nathaniel dried everyone off, he opened a gate and motioned for them to follow.

"Come on guys!" He said. "Let's get some diapers on before we flood the house."

Everyone, even Sai, laughed at that and ran through the gate.
Nathaniel gathered some energy near his bladder, hoping to strengthen
it for the time being. He then followed his little friends into the
gate and turned to Sai first.

"Okay buddy!" He said lifting him onto the changing table in
his room. "Do you still want pull-ups or would you like to try diapers
this time?"

"Pull-ups pwease." Sai said cutely embarrassed.

"Okay then." Nathaniel said as he leaned through another gate
and grabbed another of Skip's pull-ups. "Can I make a deal with you

"What kind of a deal?" Sai asked as Nathaniel helped him pull his pull-up on.

"We'll be going out into town today." Nathaniel explained as
he fastened the back tapes of the pull-up. "I'll pack a couple of
these. Hold on a sec, this thing's still big."

"Just use a little of your own energy and it'll adjust." Chad
said. "All you have to do is make the connection between the pull-up
and Sai."

"Thanks Chad." Nathaniel said doing as instructed. When the
pull-up tightened to fit Sai, Nathaniel continued, "If you wet all of
them today, you have to wear diapers for the rest of the day. Also, if
you end up leaking, you'll have to wear diapers as well. You don't have
to worry about Hiroki. I think we'll leave the pokemon behind to have
some fun on their own today. Arcanine is probably the only one we'll
bring simply because she'll follow us anyway."

"Well..." Sai mumbled, blushing visibly. "I guess that sounds okay. As long as Hiroki doesn't see me in a diaper."

"Thanks buddy." Nathaniel said rubbing Sai between the ears.

Sai began murring with pleasure and got a dreamy look in his
eyes. Nathaniel smiled and set him on his bed before picking Angel up
and setting her on the changing table.

"Time to get another kit diapered up." Nathaniel said
cheerily. Angel giggled and made Nathaniel smile even more. He pulled
out another diaper for her and threaded her bushy fox tale through the
tail hole and then brought the front flap up between her draconic legs.
He taped her up and tickled her belly quickly before setting the
giggling kit back on the floor.

"Maybe when we go to a park we can practice that chaos breath
of yours." Nathaniel said smiling. "Your psionics should help you get
it. Now where's my other kit?"

Selina jumped into his arms and Nathaniel swung her through
the air a couple times before he laid her on the changing table. He
repeated the same process he did with Angel except he added some powder
to Selina. Angel, being part dragon, had a tougher hide and was a bit
more resistant to diaper rash. When he had Selina taped into a fresh
diaper, he kissed her once on the forehead, with a kiss to the cheek in
return, and set her on the floor. Sai was recovered from the ear
rubbing and got down onto the floor as well.

"How about you get chad for me since he won't need any powder Sai?" Nathaniel asked. "I'll handle our little kitten here."

"Otay!" Sai said happily. He helped Chad onto Nathaniel's bed
and caught the diaper Nathaniel tossed to him. "Let's get a certain
hatchling into a diaper."

Chad giggled while Sai proceeded to diaper him. Brandon was
undergoing the same treatment from Nathaniel except he was getting some
powder added to his change. When both were finished, Nathaniel
inspected Sai's work.

"Well done Sai." Nathaniel said. "I guess you getting younger hasn't affected how well you can diaper someone."

"Nope!" Sai said grinning at him. "It sure hasn't. So why don't you lie down and let me get you ready?"

"Whoops!" Nahaniel said, now his turn to blush. "I'd forgotten about me. That wouldn't have been good."

Everyone laughed at him for that and he joined right in. They
laughed at him even more when Sai treated him just like a baby and he
acted the part as he was diapered. When they were all done, Nate
rummaged through his drawers and came out with several onesies and

"Okay." Nate said. "The white one is for me but we'll get me
last. Sai, can you dress yourself in the green set please? Then you can
help either Brandon into the red one or Chad into the blue one."

"Okkies Nathaniel!" Sai lisped cutely.

"Don't get too into character Sai." Nathaniel warned laughing
as he slid a purple onesie on Angel. "You might start acting younger
than you want too."

"Point taken." Sai said glancing at his pull-up before he slid
the green onesie over it. "Can I leave this unsnapped? That way if I
have to go I don't have to unsnap it if I'm in a hurry."

"Fine with me Sai." Nate said as he finished threading Angel's tail through the hole in her shorts.

Sai nodded appreciatively and pulled his shorts on. When he'd
finished threading his own bushy tail through the tail hole, he went
over to Brandon and slid the red onesie over him. Nathaniel meanwhile
was slipping a pair of black shorts on Selina and threading her bushy
white tail through the back. Sai did the same for Brandon (although his
tail wasn't nearly as bushy) and then turned to Chad with the blue set
while Nathaniel got himself dressed. After they were all in their
clothes, Nathaniel made sure the wing slits in the back were
comfortable for everyone and then he released the energy that was
focused near his bladder. Nothing happened so Nathaniel wasn't sure if
it had worked or not. Nathaniel just shrugged and told the kids to wait
for him on the bed while he went down to get Arcanine. They all jumped
up on it and sat patiently as Nathaniel gated down to the cavern.

"Hey everybody! Listen up!" He hollered. The pokemon all
either turned towards him or ran up to him and paid rapt attention to
him. "Your trainers and I are going to go out into town today. We'd
like all of you to stay here and just enjoy yourselves while we are
gone. We'd like to request that you do not battle but simple wrestling
or sparring will be fine as long as you don't hurt yourselves. The
usual pokemon are in charge while we are gone. Anthony is in charge of
my pokemon, Hiroki is in charge of Sai's, Charizard is in charge of
Chad's and Kangaskhan is in charge of Selina's. I don't really know who
is in charge of Brandon's or Angel's but I can guess that Gardevoir is
for Angel's pokemon. If none of the rest of Brandon's pokemon have any
objections, Skitty is in charge. I'd just like to remind you that those
in charge are peacekeepers, not dictators. Any questions?"

There was a mumbled no, not really, etc. and then Arcanine
stepped up to Nathaniel and said, "You're not going to leave me behind
now are you?"

"Of course not." Nathaniel whispered. "Since there are no
questions, I have one last instruction for all of you. Have fun and
enjoy your day of vacation!"

Nathaniel walked back through the gate with Arcanine and found
all of the kids having a tickle fight. Unfortunately for Sai, it was
younger versus older, and Sai was all alone. There was one kid sitting
on each of his limbs while they tickled him mercilessly. Nathaniel
laughed and jumped onto the bed with Arcanine to assist his little
buddy. Arcanine got hold of Selina (so Nathaniel wouldn't have to go
easy on her) while Nathaniel took both Chad and Angel at the same time.
Now that it was one-on-one Sai fared much better against the remaining
Brandon. After about five minutes of tickling, everyone laid down in a
heap, still breathless with laughter.

"Wow that was fun." Nathaniel wheezed.

"Yeah." Sai mumbled.
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"Uh-oh." Nathaniel said. "I know that tone. Did you have an accident because of that Sai?"

"Uh-huh." Sai answered sadly. "I didn't notice until now cause I was having so much fun."

"Did anyone else wet?" Nathaniel asked.

"We all did." Selina answered. "But we can stand another
wetting before we need to be changed. You'd better get Sai out of his pull-up though. They get cold instead of retaining heat like our diapers do."

Nathaniel nodded and picked the miserable kit Sai up and set
him on the changing table. That was when they both noticed something that sent Sai actually crying with embarrassment. Sai's pull-up had leaked. Nathaniel quickly rubbed Sai between the ears to calm him down and then placed a paw under his muzzle to look him directly in the eye.

"It's okay buddy." Nathaniel said. "This one really isn't your
fault. The tickling was probably what caused the accident and the thrashing caused the leak. If you really want, I wont count this as the leak we mentioned earlier."

"Weally?" Sai lisped still sniffling a bit.

"Really really." Nathaniel answered. "I think we should
because this might happen again but since we haven't even had breakfast yet, I won't if you don't want me to."

"Oh." Sai said sadly. He thought about it for a moment and
then looked back at Nathaniel, blushing furiously. "Would you diaper me pwease?"

Nathaniel pulled Sai's damp shorts off and was gald to see his
onesie had somehow escaped the leak. He then asked Sai after he unsnapped the onesie and striped off the pull-up, "Are you sure about this?" Sai just nodded, even when Nathaniel warned him no takebacks. He wipped Sai up before taking out a diaper for him and told him last chance before putting the diaper beneath him and taping it around his tail. He decided that since the poor kit was still miserable about
this, he would make his first diapering from him a good one. He pulled out the bottle of oil and squirted a bit onto his hands. Sai's eyes widened a bit when he saw what was about to happen and Nathaniel knew he was actually curious now. Nathaniel smiled and then began rubbing the oil in and poured on the positive energy. Sai went completely limp
and instantly began murring with pleasure, his eyes rolling in sheer bliss. Nathaniel smiled and extended the massage a bit more than he usually would before taping the diaper snuggly around Sai and snapping his onesie back into place. He pulled out a new pair of shorts for Sai and slipped them on him while he was still limp and then picked up the kit and craddled him in a hug.

"You really do make an adorable kit Sai." Nathaniel said
affectinately nuzzling him. "Don't feel ashamed about wearing a diaper. Maybe next time we make you younger, we'll make you a bit older and train you from there. We'll take it year by year."

"Thanks Nathaniel." Sai said hugging him back. "Am I weally that cute?"

"See for yourself." Nathaniel said smiling as he turned to let
Sai see them in a mirror. Sai almost dropped his jaw when he saw them. He counldn't deny on any level that he was cute. His oragne fur against the forest green set with the obvious diaper bulge screamed cute. Adding to the view were the tear stains on his face and his craddled
position in Nathaniel's arms. Sai cheered up a bit when he saw himself
and the smile that started to show made him giggle.

"See! Told you you're adorable." Nathaniel said smiling. "If only you didn't have a mom. I'd adopt you in a heartbeat."

"Hey!" Selina said laughing. "Wouldn't I get a say in that?"

"Not until we're official Selina." Nathaniel laughed. "I'd
adopt you too if we weren't engaged. Same goes for the rest of you."

There was a large round of blushing all around and then a
group hug when Arcanine nudged them forward. When it was over,
Nathaniel set Sai down again and turned to them all.

"How's about we go out to eat for breakfast?" Nathaniel asked.
"Maybe after we can visit Professor Oak. He might let you guys play
with the starters. Or we could go for a walk in the woods or maybe go
to me secret training area and work on some of your abilities or
skills. What do you guys think?"

They didn't answer. They instead started to drag him forward
towards the exit to the yard. Nathaniel stopped them just long enough
to go and pack a diaper bag for a whole day and then went back to them.
He opened a gate and they ran through tugging on his arms. They came
out in the woods just outside of Pallet Town and they excitedly ran
out. Nathaniel followed them with Arcanine and they soon came to a spot
Angel led them to. Nathaniel was surprised that a small town like
Pallet had so many buffets because they were standing in front of a
breakfast one. The kids all looked at him with equally adorable
pleading faces and he smiled as he nodded. The kids ran inside,
squealing happily and generally disturbing the patrons. Nate walked in
after them while Arcanine ran into the woods to snack on some berries
she could find. The badger hostess had her hands full trying to get the
kids to wait. Nathaniel just shook his head and stiffled a laugh before
walking up and helping her restore order.

"Sorry about them." Nathaniel said. "Table for six please."

"Buffets for all of them I hope?" the badger asked worriedly.

"Yes definetly." Nathaniel answered. "All any of the serveres would
have to do is get us a few drinks. Can you fill some bottles?"

There were a few indignant cries before the badger answered (in a very relieved tone), "Of course. Right this way then."

The badger led them to a table close to the buffet table (in hopes the
kids have as many places to go and get underfoot) and sat them down.
She placed a plastic number on the table and then quickly left. The
kids were eager to get to the buffet table but Nathaniel told them to
wait until he had ordered from whoever would get them their drinks. He
pulled out five baby bottles in the meantime and took a look at prices
while he was at it. He was surprised to see the place even had a
separate price for bottles of various sizes listed. Kids under three
were given a free buffet with purchase of a drink. The same was true
for kids under seven except they were $3 apiece. He would only be $7 at
the current time with a $3 drink. The kid's drinks would end up to a
total of $10 so he calculated it out as $35 for breakfast. A vixen came
and cooed over an embarrassed Sai before she took their order and went
to get each of the bottles filled with the milk Nathaniel had ordered.
Some of the kids complained and tried to get Nathaniel to change the
drinks to soda since they were in a restraunt but Nathaniel told them,
"We'll be going out to eat for each meal today so you guys can have
milk with breakfast."

The kids pouted a bit and Nathaniel
laughed as he wondered if this was what it was like being a parent. He
also wondered if the kids were actually becoming kids and spoke of this
worry to them.

"Nah." Angel answered. "I fell the same. I
just feel like playing the part while we're in public. I'd draw some
odd looks if I acted my real age when I look like I'm under four."

Everyone else nodded and Nathaniel hoped they were right. Fun as this
was, he wasn't ready to be a parent yet and he wanted to make sure he
had a wife to help him when that happened (prefferably Selina). He also
didn't want to have to explain to their parents why their kids were
toddlers again (although when he thought about it he didn't think Draco
or Chad would mind too terribly much). He finally let them run up to
the buffet and watched as they stood on the stand the buffet had
thoughtfully provided to reach the food. When they all came back with
plates loaded with various meats, grains, pastries and fruits, he went
up to the buffet table while making sure to keep on the kids. He got
back just as the drinks arrived and they ate their fill. Sai kept
looking embarrassed as he took drinks from the bottle Nathaniel had
packed and made Nathaniel chuckle silently. It didn't help that it was
silent because Sai could still feel Nathaniel's amusement and that
embarrassed him all the more. When the bill came, Nathaniel asked if
the waitress could refill the bottles since the pamphlet said refills
were free and as she took the bottles, he looked at the bill in
surprise. The total cost was only $20. He looked at the details and saw

"Apparently the buffet thought you kids were either three years old or under." Nathaniel teased.

The younger four laughed while Sai blushed again. Nathaniel made a note
to try and help him relax sometime. They left after Nathaniel had paid
and the refills had come and then Nathaniel went out and whistled for
Arcanine. She came running, still munching a pecha berry she had in her
mouth. Nathaniel had her lean down a bit and then put the four younger
children on her back. He then hefted Sai onto his shoulders and the
group marched on their next destination, excitedly awaiting the rest of
the day.
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PostSubject: Re: A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)   Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:54 pm

Chapter 21

"Well then." Nathaniel said looking at everyone as they walked down the street. "What do you guys want to do next?"

"Could you take us to that spot you mentioned so we can practice my breath?" Angel asked cutely.

"That's a possiblity." Nathaniel laughed. "I think I have an idea for that. Selina could probably help you out with that if she projects that memory from me to you. That would leave me free for a little fun with Sai, Brandon and Chad."

"What kind of fun?" Brandon asked curiously.

"I was thinking we could probably have a sparring match with our weapons." Nathaniel answered. "What cha' think of that?"

"Sounds like fun." Chad answered excitedly. "I actually just want to see what happens when you and Sai spar really."

"Oh yeah." Brandon said. "That would be interesting to see."

"It's kind of unfair at the moment." Nathaniel said. "But if he's up for it then so am I."

"I'll go get the weapons." Sai said.

"Just ask Cupprum where to go when you come find us." Nathaniel said. "He'll know cause it was where I first met him."

"Okay!" Sai said before he hopped off of Nathaniel's shoulders and phase stepped back to the house. Nathaniel then opened a gate for everyone and they stepped out onto the plateu where Nathaniel spent a few days mastering his abilities. Arcanine laid down and let the cubs jump off of her before she leaped onto a tall boulder and laid in the sun to watch. Nathaniel felt Selina in his head and brought up the memory for her. Nathaniel felt that with their powers of telepathy, the two of them should be able to master the breath. Chad and Brandon flew up onto the boulder and laid back against Arcanine. Nathaniel used his Aura Sight to scan the area for Sai but he wasn't in range yet. So he turned to Angel and watched her practice. It looked like she was having some difficulty but Nathaniel guessed that was because she was using only his memory for refference. Nathaniel was about to walk up and give her a few pointers when she let loose a jet of flames from her mouth.

"I DID IT!" She squealed excitedly. "I wanted fire and I got it!"

"Well done." Nathaniel said, kneeling down to pat the happy kit on the back. "Let's prove that that wasn't just luck and try fire again."

Angel nodded and after a few seconds, let loose another jet of flames. She and Selina clapped excitedly while Brandon and Chad applauded from the boulder. Nathaniel congratualted Angel again and suggested she try a sonic breath this time. Angel focused a bit and when she let loose her breath weapon again, it was a blast of ice instead.

"Awwww." Angel pouted. "I thought I had it."

"Try fire again." Nathaniel suggested.

Angel let loose another jet of flames and looked at Nathaniel quizzically.

"Now I see what's going on." Nathaniel said. "You've gotten the feel for fire but you haven't learned the feel of the other energies yet. All you need to do is randomly let loose a breath and learn the differences. Then you should get it no problem. You're doing great so far. You've already mastered one breath quicker than I did."

"Thanks Nathaniel." Angel said, feeling a bit better. She went back to practicing as Nathaniel kept watch for Sai. He wasn't long in coming and was soon standing next to Nathaniel with the groups' weapons.

"I'm back." Sai said smiling.

"I can see that." Nathaniel said. "I can also see that a certain kit needs a diaper change."

Sai looked down with a shocked look on his face and then looked back up glaring at Nathaniel. Nathaniel laughed and walked over to Selina. She laughed as well as Nathaniel pulled her shorts down, revealing her to be the kit in need of a change.

"That wasn't very nice." Sai pouted.

"I thought your reaction was rather cute." Nathaniel laughed.

Sai just blushed and turned away as Nathaniel made quick work of changing Selina. She got back up and went back to helping Angel while Nathaniel went over to Sai and rubbed him between the ears before he picked up his sword. Sai smiled after that and picked up his own two. The swords shrunk down to his size and Sai sped off to stand opposite from Nathaniel. Nathaniel raised his sword in salute and then held it ready. Sai repeated the gesture and used his Dash to close the distance between him and Nathaniel. Thanks to his Aura Sight becoming so strong, Nathaniel was just able to keep track of Sai and blocked both blades. Sai was surprised at first but recovered quickly. He used his blocked swords as levers and swung up to deliver a kick to the side of Nathaniel's head. Sai let go of his swords on impact and landed on his padded rear, clutching his foot and howling in pain from both his foot and now his injured tail from landing on it.

"Oops." Nathaniel said to himself. He kneeled down and gingerly grabbed hold of Sai's foot. He gave another scream of pain and didn't notice as he heavily wet his diaper. Nathaniel winced when he felt that Sai had indeed cracked one of the bones in his foot. Nathaniel had used his negative energy to strengthen himself against the blow. He didn't realize he would overdo it and become so hard that Sai would hurt himself. He used his postive energy to mend the bone and then to soothe the pain. Sai's tail had only been bruised but Nathaniel healed thatas well before he started rubbing Sai between the ears to comfort the still sniffling kit.

"Sorry about that Sai." Nathaniel said. "Maybe next time we spar we should be around the same size as each other huh?"

"I's okay Nathaniel." Sai muttered as he began relaxing. "I'll try someone my own size from now on."

Nathaniel smiled and then noticed Sai's wet diaper. He was about to point it out to Sai when he realized he too was wet. Nathaniel smiled and got out some supplies for changing. He asked if anyone else needed a change and it turned out that the only one who didn't need a change was Arcanine. Nathaniel considered for a moment trying to convince her to wear a diaper but remembered her reaction to even suggesting she try a bottle at the Lon-Lon Ranch. With help from Sai, Nathaniel got everyone into fresh diapers in a few minutes. Sai was fortunately starting to lose some of his embarrassment over being in a diaper and that made Nathaniel feel a bit happier.

"So..." Nathaniel began. "Anybody feeling hungry at all?"

There was a round of grumbling stomachs in answer so Nathaniel laughed and opened up a gate back into town.

"Wait a minute!" Angel shouted. "I think I got my breath down! Let my try once before we leave."

"Okay." Nathaniel agreed. "Let me give you an order to shoot and if you can nail it, we'll know you have mastery."

Angel nodded and shot off each breath as Nathaniel called out each energy in random order, sometimes using the same breath twice. Angel got eleven in a row before she messed up and shot sonic instead of electricity. Nathaniel still congratulated her as did everyone else. Angel almost glowed with pride as Nathaniel sat her at the front on Arcanine. The group walked through the gate and they came to one of Nathaniel's favorite restaurants. It was the Italian buffet who's name he still couldn't pronounce. Arcanine looked excited when she saw it and Nathaniel made a note to order her a bowl of gelato when he got inside. He found out that kids were getting free buffets that night. There was a "celebration of the bambinos" when Nathaniel asked about it and it took Nathaniel a bit to remember that that was an Italian word and they weren't referring to the diaper brand. After paying in advance, he sat the kids down at a long booth and made them stay there while he went and got the food for them. A kind attendant gave him a tray for the plates and also brought back bottles filled with Italian sodas. The kids all loved them and didn't care when Nathaniel told them that the soda was just club soda, it was the Torani syrup that was Italian. After a hefty lunch of various pastas and salads, the kids hit the gelato bar and generally made a mess of their faces. Nathaniel didn't bother to clean them before they left and wasn't sturprised when Arcanine jumped up from her empty gelato bowl and began licking them off vigorously. All of the kids were giggling happily as Nathaniel lifted them onto Arcanine's back and they set off again.

"So what should we do now?" Nathaniel asked. "Anybody want to go swimming? I know a nice spot for it."

"Yeah! Let's go swimming!" Sai said happily from his shoulders.

"SWIMMING! SWIMMING! SWIMMING!" Selina, Chad and Angel chanted together. Brandon looked a little nervous.

"What's wrong Brandon?" Nathaniel asked. "I though tigers liked to swim."

"I'm a liger. Not a tiger." Brandon said. "I just don't like the water so much."

"You could climb a few trees on the bank I guess." Nathaniel said.

"No! I'll go. I just.. um...." Brandon said.

"Don't worry." Nathaniel said, ruffling his tiny mane affectionately. "I'll be right there the whole time."

Brandon nodded thankfully. Nathaniel smiled and opened up a gate. Selina recognized the spot right away when they went through. It was the same spot where Nathaniel had introduced her to Gyarados so long ago. Nathaniel helped them all off of Arcanine and then helped them strip down to their diapers.

"Who's first for a swim diaper?" Nathaniel asked as he began rummaging through the bag. He heard the group giggle before he heard a full out laugh and a splash. He looked behind him and saw they all had jumped into the river (except for Brandon, he walked in and was splashing happily in the shallows). Nathaniel shook his head and then burst out laughing when Arcanine jumped in after them. Nathaniel stripped his clothes off quickly and sprung into the water. He ended up splashing everyone and he knew it so he stayed underwater. He chased his tail playfully for a bit before he rolled over and simply watched the children from below. He laughed, sending a stream of bubbles to the surface, when he saw their diapers were drooping almost to their knees from the weight of the river water.

"Good thing they can stand where they are." Nathaniel thought to himself. "They'd sink like rocks out here. It's a wonder they can stand at all!"

Nathaniel eventually decided to swim up to the kids and they swarmed him as soon as he surfaced. They all dunked him first and then ganged up on him in a splash fight. It was hard to tell who was winning thanks to Nathaniel using his strength to create waves to splash all of them. They eventually stopped and all of them waded (and waddled) out of the water and onto shore. Just as their diapers brok free of the water, Nathaniel had a moment to see the drooping down halfway between their knees and their ankles before they fell off completely. Nathaniel laughed at everyone's various embarrassed reactions and got everyone rediapered before opening a gate to take them to their next destination.

"Where are we going now?" the kids asked.

"Home first to gear up, and then we're off to Medieval Times for dinner." Nathaniel answered.

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Chapter 22

When everyone got through the gate, Nathaniel immediately noticed a few boxes on his bed. They were adressed to him from Selina's mother Selene with a note saying she'd heard they were in town and in those sizes. Nathaniel ripped one open and saw himself looking at what could only be described as a royal's outfit in his size. He opened the other smaller ones and noted they were similar to his but in smaller size. Nathaniel picked up a princess gown and held it up teasingly in front of Sai.

"NOOOO!" Sai wailed.

"Just kidding buddy." Nathaniel laughed at Sai's embarrassed reaction to everyone else's laughter. "This one is for Selina. Can you be a big girl and dress yourself?"

In answer, Selina grew to her full age and somehow resized the dress to fit her. Nathaniel was stunned again by how pretty she was. Not a knockout broad type, but like the angels he remembered from paintings in his past life. Selina just giggled and planted a quick one on him before she quickly got her dress on. Nathaniel just stood there in the usual wet diaper he had when she kissed him before Sai gave his tail a quick tug. Nathaniel looked and saw the smaller cubs were struggling to get their clothes on. Nathaniel, Sai, and Selina helped them out before Nathaniel helped Sai into his outfit. Nathaniel then got his own on and then strapped his sword on. He turned and saw Sai was strapping his somewhat oversized sword on across his back as well. Nathaniel thought he looked a little goofy like that so he raised an eybrow at Selina. She caught his thoughts and tapped into one of her psionics and one of Chad's simultaneously (like she actually did with herself) to make Sai increase in age while making his clothes grow as well. When she finished, Sai looked about ten and his swords were much better sized to him. The other cubs started scrambling towards Selina as well. Selina rolled her eyes and increased them as well to about six.

"Okay guys." Nathaniel said. "Ready to go?"

"YES!" They all chourused. Nathaniel nodded and opened one more gate. On stepping through, they found themselves just outside of the castle. Nathaniel and Selina led the way inside, drawing much attention as they appeared to be a young couple with a bunch of excited youngsters. It didn't help that Selina drew a lot of attention anyway. When they were finally in, Selina walked off to go and see her parents quick before the show started. Nathaniel knew they would be surprised to see her at her normal age again. He led the kids up to the private box and waited for Selina to join them. When she got back, he immediately turned to her.

"You didn't set anything up did you?" Nathaniel asked.

"Maybe..." Selina teased.

"Who am I fighting this time?" Nathaniel asked exasperatedly. "Palkia? Giratina? Or perhaps Groudon."

"Actually, I got you set up to fight a master swordsman like yourself." Selina laughed. "Only he preferes to use two katana's instead of a bastard sword."

"Me?" Sai asked.

"Yep." Selina said with a smile.

"Didn't we just do that?" Nathaniel asked as a serving wench cam with the first course (a tomatoe bisque, yum!). "It didn't end so well, remember?"

"You'll be the same size this time." Selina said reassuringly before she picked up the bowl by its handle and took a sip.

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and ate the rest of his dinner while the show started. Nathaniel noticed when he was shrunk down to the age of fifteen as he took a bite of his herb-basted potatoe and Sai was sized up to that age as well while he was nibbling on the garlic bread. Just as the finished their spare rib and roasted chicken, the pastry of the castle (it reminded Nathaniel of the McDonald's apple pie only better) arrived as the show was reaching it's final moments. Nathaniel gulped his down, knowing he'd be going up soon with Sai. Sure enough, they were called down by Selene and they both flew out. Nathaniel drew his sword and gave a salute. Sai did as well with both of his and just before they began, Selina urged them not to use their psionics to make it an absolutely fair fight. They both nodded and charged across the dusty field like the jousters did earlier.


"That was awesome guys!" Brandon said for the tenth time as the group walked back to Nathaniel's house.

"Yeah." Angel agreed, twirling a new staff around. "Thanks for the staff by the way Nate."

"Your welcome." Nathaniel said before stopping. "Uh... Nate?"

"Well, Nathaniel's too hard to say when we're younger." Angel said in her defense.

"Oh." Nathaniel said and thought about it for a moment. "Come to think of it. I seem to remember being called that before. I guess that will be okay for friends and family."

"Aww." Chad whined jokingly. "But Nathaniel sounded so noble. Now it's just Nate."

"Yeah." Sai laughed. "It doesn't sound as impressive to say, 'Make way for Lord Nate!' now does it?"

Everyone laughed a bit at that. They finally reached home and gated straight to the cavern. Selina set everyone back to their normal ages, but quickly turned them younger again upon their complaints. Sai blushed with embarrassment when he realized he had complained along with them.

"Alright guys." Nate laughed. "We'll let you stay like this until morning."

"Oh good." A voice said from behind Nate. "It's been awhile since Sai was this cute."

Nate turned and Sai blushed even harder when they saw Hiroki standing there with Anthony. Nate walked over to Sai and sat down to rub him between the ears to try and calm him. Nate looked down when he heard a hissing and realized it may have worked too well.

"Awww. That is so cute." Hiroki teased. Sai blushed a bit despite the trance he was in. Nate whispered something in his ear when he stopped rubbing and Sai giggled wickedly. Selina caught on right away and levitated Hiroki into the air straight for Nate.

"Gotcha'!" Nate cried in triumph as he cuaght Hiroki. "You should really be nicer to Sai. Since you think this is so funny, we'll just have you try it."

"NOOOOO!" Hiroki screamed. She blasted Nate head over heels with Thunder and took off running. Anthony smirked and neatly tripped her with his tail as she passed. This gave Nate just enough time to snag her again. Hiroki tried to break free with another Thunder but Nate was ready for her that time. He merely shrugged off the blast and grabbed a diaper that was floating past from Selina. Nate held down the squirmming Pikachu (who had enough sense to realize her electric attacks weren't working) and slid the opne diaper beneath her. She wasn't making things easy for him though and continued to struggle with all of her considerable (for a Pikachu anyway) might. Nate finally smirked as he heard Selina in his head and instead held Hiroki down while Selina and Angel teamed up with their telekinesis to snuggly diaper Hiroki. That wasn't the end of it however. Nate next put on an old set of locking plastic pants and just managed to get it into place and locked. Hiroki tore at it as soon as Nate let go of her and glared at him when she couldn't make a single mark.

"You umphf.." Hiroki began before a paci of pure energy apperead in her mouth. Hiroki tried to pull it out and then glared at Sai when she couldn't.

"You'll be like that until morning is all Hiroki." Nate said with an approving nod to Sai. "Maybe then you won't tease Sai so much. Let's get some sleep guys."

Everyone helped to get ready for bed and nobody objected when Arcanine convinced them all to have one last snack before bed. Anthony giggled a bit at Hiroki before walking off with her, laying a comforting tail on her shoulder as he went. Nate saw the gesture before he fell asleep but couldn't finish his train of thought as sleep embraced him. "I wonder..."
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A Pawsome Johto Journey (Ch. 23)
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