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 Odd Happenings (Complete)

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PostSubject: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:19 pm

Okay everyone, I’m going to make my first attempt at an original story instead of my usual fanfics. It will seem at the start something more along the lines of Kit Fox but I will tell you all now there is a twist to it so bear with me on that regard. Here’s the first portion. I’m still working on a title and am open to suggestions, but until then it will be known as Odd Happenings.

Odd Happenings
By, Riolu

Chapter 1

Belth woke up to the as always annoying blare of the morning wake up bell. He groaned and rolled himself out of bed to do a few stretches before getting the boring gray uniform of the orphanage his mother had dropped him off at on the day of his birth. He took a look at his desk, one of the few furnishings in his room, and gathered up the school work he would be turning in later that day. He noticed an additional paper he did not remember leaving on his desk. It was an odd drawing of a young anthropomorphic red fox with a white tail. He was happily playing around a garden and Belth felt a sense of peace when he looked at it. But then he felt a sense of unease. He felt like he’d heard of this before. His head started feeling fuzzy so he walked into the bathroom he had attached to his bedroom.

Belth splashed his face and then looked into the mirror. All he saw was the reflection of his piercing blue eyes, his unkempt black hair, and the black marks from the permanent marker that some punks in class decided to draw on him with when he fell asleep that still hadn’t faded completely. He shook his head in annoyance but then laughed at how he’d gotten back at those losers. He’d tied the backs of their underwear together and then slung them over one of the bars on the playground. They almost needed surgery to remove the wedgies they had received. That moment of fun cost Belth however. Even though the punks had started it by drawing demonic looking lines on his face since he had such a weird name, he still had to run laps each morning with a few other ‘trouble children’. The only reason the other two didn’t have to at the moment was because they were still walking bowlegged and couldn’t run at all.

Belth sighed and decided that he’d better get another morning in of running. He got to choose when he ran and when he didn’t, but he wouldn’t be up for adoption until he’d served his time. He left his backpack behind and took one last look at the picture. He finally remembered a story he’d heard about where a kid found a similar drawing and was later turned into the character in his drawing. Belth shook his head at the thought and tossed the drawing in the waste basket next to his desk before he left his room.

Outside he was stretching alone at the entrance to the forest on the orphanage grounds. The disciplinary official told him he could go ahead and wander the forest for the same amount of time since he was the only one of about thirty children that had time to serve to show up. Belth felt that strike him as familiar and remembered that in the stories he’d heard, the kids usually walked into some kind of forest and suffered some kind of head injury before waking up in their new form. Belth sighed and just made a mental note to keep on guard and watch his head.

Belth felt another familiar part of the story as he felt as though he was being watched. He made himself stay calm and act as if he didn’t notice. He eventually caught himself being off guard as he enjoyed some of the sounds of nature and gave himself a boost of speed along the jogging path. The feeling of being watched never left him, even when nature stopped making sounds and started calling instead. Belth grit his teeth in annoyance and carefully stepped off the path and into the woods, being sure to keep the path in sight. He did his business against an oak and just as he pulled his pants back up, he heard a loud snap. Thanks to reflexes he’d been forced to acquire growing up in the orphanage, he was able to cartwheel out of the way of a falling branch that he knew would have caught him right smack on the head. Suddenly afraid, Belth ran back to the path and out of the forest, not seeing the animal in the tree that had snapped the branch in the first place.

“Darn!” The raccoon muttered. “Almost had him.”

“We’ll get him next time.” An invisible voice chuckled next to the raccoon. “We’ve got plenty of time and can always buy more by getting him into some trouble and forcing him into this forest again and again until we get him.”

Belth ran straight up to his room and slammed the door behind him. He may be nearly six feet and 140 pounds at just a day short of sixteen, but something about that last event scared him like nothing else ever could. He grabbed the picture he’d thrown away and looked at it again. He felt that same sense of peace again but shoved it aside. Something about the picture still disturbed him. He looked closely at it trying to find what it was that disturbed him but couldn’t. He grit his teeth and then decided to rip the paper but as he tried to, his hands just stopped and wouldn’t cooperate. That’s when something happened that hadn’t happened in the longest time. Belth started to cry. He wasn’t sure why tears were falling but they were. What was happening to him?

Another bell rang signaling the start of breakfast so Belth shouldered his pack and walked to the mess hall. He grabbed a couple slices of toast and a carton of milk and sat down at a table in the corner of the room. He usually claimed this table and it was often vacated when he came to it if someone was there. He’d always been known as a ruffian and few dared cross him. There was definitely good reason after what happened to the last two kids who did. Belth chose the table because it was strategically located to allow him to monitor anyone in the room if they should come up to him to cause trouble, as had happened before. Belth really didn’t like the fact that he’d been forced to grow up the way he did but it couldn’t be helped with all of the other jerks that lived at the orphanage.

Belth looked down for a moment to take a bite of his toast and then a broken hard-boiled egg landed on his toast. Belth felt the top of his head and felt pieces of egg where he thought it may have hit since he didn’t feel much after all of the beatings he’d received in his earlier years. He looked up and saw most of the kids pointedly ignoring him. Others were watching to see what happened next. Belth looked at the one watching that was almost always a snitch and he pointed to the offender. Belth remembered him. He’d blown a spitball at him in class at least three times in the past week. Belth sighed and decided to just let it go until he heard the jerk sniggering something about him being stupid. That got Belth’s blood boiling. He didn’t care that the kid was half a foot taller than him, his grades were the only straight A’s in the whole orphanage, which was why he got away with sleeping in class so much. Belth leaped over two tables and landed right behind the kid and felt the jerk elbow him in the crotch. Belth only winced because he was accustomed to pain. He picked up the kid by the back of his shirt and swung him across the table. Food flew everywhere and the mess hall became a brawl.

Everyone was given the day off from lessons to recover from various injuries and nobody was punished this time because the workers couldn’t figure out who started the fight. When Belth had been patched up by the on site nurse he went to the place that, while scary at the moment, was the only place he could go to calm down after a fight. He took a deep breath before he walked into the forest again. He immediately felt like he was being watched again. He ran down the path this time and had to leap over a raccoon that nearly tripped him up. He stopped and looked back at the raccoon suspiciously but all it did was hiss at him and run away up a tree. Belth began to wonder if he wasn’t just losing his mind and ran back to the orphanage.

“I thought I had him that time!” the raccoon said to his invisible friend. “It almost seems like he’s figured out we’re after him.”

“I think he has but he’s just resisting.” The voice said. “He seems to be firmly against becoming what was in the drawing. Very odd for someone in his situation.”

“If he’s figured it out, how are we supposed to get him?” the raccoon asked irritatedly. “We have to find him unconscious or cause something to make him unconscious if he just wont hit his head, and he’s been far to careful and agile to get a good conk to the melon.”

“We won’t have to worry about it.” The voice laughed. “I’m sure we’ve got him this time. I left him something in his room to send him out like a light.”

Belth got back to his room and made sure he opened his door before he walked in. As he expected, a pail fell from the top of the door and he caught it before it could spill the water. He wasn’t too surprised when he saw that the pail was filled with rocks this time. He set it next to his door and shut it before turning on the light. He saw something on his desk he didn’t expect to see until tomorrow. There was little you could say about the orphanage but one of the things you could say was they knew how to make a cupcake. Everyone at the orphanage got a cupcake on their birthday all to themselves and this one had arrived a day early. Belth sat down at his desk and eagerly took the paper off. He was just about to take a bite when he saw the picture again. He realized that there had been three times that day he’d almost been hit on the head besides the brawl in the mess hall. Granted the raccoon almost tripping him hadn’t been directed at his head but he could have hit a root on the way down if he had tripped. He took a careful sniff of the cupcake and realized it was off somehow. He decided it was better safe than sorry and set his cupcake in a drawer. If he didn’t get one tomorrow on his actual birthday, he would eat the one and just assume they got the date wrong. If he did get one, it would mean that the cupcake he was about to eat had been drugged. He looked at his clock and groaned when he saw it was only 9:20. The day was going too slowly. How many more times would these strange things happen to him before the day was out? He got his answer when he lay down on his bed. Just once more because the bed collapsed and the headboard earned its name as it met Belth’s. The invisible friend of the raccoon flew in through the open window and shook his head at the unconscious Belth.

“Poor kid.” It said. “You should have eaten the cupcake. It had painkillers in it.”

So there you go guys, the first installment. The twist was that he tries not to become a furr and any reader of Kit Fox should be able to tell that Belt (sorry I never mentioned it but Belth is short for Belthazor) is going to wake up as the fox in his drawing. I’ll let you know now that most questions about the storyline you may have will probably be answered in future updates but go ahead and ask anyway if you’ve got questions. I’ve just got one for readers now. How badly did I do on my first try outside of fanfics? I realize the drawing was cliché but I tried to put the twist there to give it a bit more originality.

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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:06 pm

Hmmmm. Certainly a diffrent take on an old style. I like it thus far. My only piece of advice is to perhaps tone things a big down for him. He's a bit overly strong and smart. Most people would have fallen for at least one of those things things or if they did get out of them it would have been by pure chance. Like the falling branch. Now for him to dodge it is unlikely. For it to just barely miss him is much more likely.

Well anyway that said it's still fairly well written and I look forward to seeing what happens from here on out in the story.

Oh and a piece of advise to ya though. The other stories you posted on here really should have been done a part at a time slowly over time. You just posted everything you had all at once and that's quite intimidating to read.


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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:57 am

sorry about that! I just posted all that I have done on FTT. Thanks for the tips Lig. I'll put them into play in the second edition of Chapter 1. This got a lot of good reviews and advice over on FTT.
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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:21 pm

Please keep in mind that I'm copying my stories from FTT.

Okay guys, here’s the second try. I’m going to really try to listen to advice for this one so it may get a bunch of rewrites. Lig pointed out that I made him too big and strong but he has to be for my thoughts on how to run the story so that’s not going to change except for his size. He did point out one unrealistic event that’s going to change and I’ve decided to give this a new beginning, including what the invisible creature was. It has also been divided into a couple chapters. Here goes something!

Odd Happenings
By, Riolu


A raccoon climbed a tree in a forest of molting oaks. He waited on a branch and puffed his fur against a slightly chill wind. The raccoon was surprised at the weather for this time of year in this place. It was still above freezing when this area of North Dakota normally had snow by now. He didn’t have to wait too long before the branch shook under an invisible weight.

“Did you find him?” the raccoon asked.

“Of course I did.” A female pseudo dragon said becoming visible for the raccoon. “I’ve been in this business for a long time rookie.”

“It’s Rico, not rookie!” the raccoon snapped, still not getting the term rookie.

“Anyway,” the dragon said shaking her head. “He’s a rather tall boy in an orphanage just a short way from here. He’ll be out in this forest tomorrow morning.”

“And you’re sure he had one of those drawings and not one he did himself?” Rico asked.

“Positive!” the pseudo dragon answered purring. “I watched him draw it in his sleep myself. He’s going to be really cute when we take him.”

“They always are Rosall.” Rico laughed. “They always are.”

Chapter 1

Belth woke up to the morning bell with a grunt. He rolled out of bed and while he was on the floor decided to stretch a bit before getting dressed for the disciplinary jog he had to do. He laughed when he remembered it was worth it for what he did. Two pranksters decided to draw on his face when he fell asleep in class. He often did since he was usually bored learning about stuff he already knew. He got A’s and B’s in the class and kept up at least a 3.75 GPA each week. He got back at those two by tying the backs of their underwear together and then slinging them over a bar on the playground to let their own body weights give them a wedgie. It almost took surgery to remove them by the time someone realized they were hanging out there. They were let off the hook to run laps because they couldn’t run at the moment since they were walking bowlegged.

Belth walked into the bathroom and splashed his face with the always-cold water to fully wake himself up. He took one look at himself in the wall mirror hanging on the door and sighed. He was a tall boy of 5’5” and kind of skinny at only 130 pounds. Beneath his arms though were muscles that often deceived people into thinking he wasn’t very strong. A mistake people usually found out to their cost, sometimes in hospital bills.

He ran a hand through his black hair to get a look at his blue eyes before he walked back out into his room. He was lucky to be almost at the age of sixteen. There weren’t many kids his age at the orphanage that his mother dropped him off at so he got his own room. Belth took a look at his cluttered desk and gathered his schoolwork into his backpack for lessons on Monday. He finished his homework last Friday night so he wouldn’t have to worry about it over the weekend. He noticed that there was another sheet of paper on his desk and took a look at it. What he saw made him feel a sense of peace but then he felt a sense of unease. It was a picture of a young anthropomorphic fox playing happily in a garden. Its fur was red and it had an oddly white tail. Belth looked closely and thought that the fox was definitely diapered and realized why he felt a sense of unease.

Belth remembered one kid who was at the orphanage a year ago. He was about Belth’s age and was the only one Belth would have even considered trusting in the whole place. He was kind of weird though and made some funny art. It was always of “furries” as he called them. He told Belth a story of a child who drew one of them one day without realizing it. He was in a lousy home and while roller blading one day he fell in front of a forest and hit his head. He woke up later in a strange cabin as a baby fox furr and was adopted by a wolf. Belth laughed it off as a fantasy but the boy oddly disappeared while in the forest one day. Belth never even knew his name.

Belth put the drawing down with a shudder at the thought of something like the story happening to him. He liked the strength he had and it took him a long time to gain it. He would be out of the orphanage in a couple years and the thought of being younger now that he was almost an adult disturbed him. When he got out to the entrance to the forest he had to jog in as punishment for the double wedgie he administered, he found the head of discipline waiting for him alone.

“Hello again Belth.” He sighed. “I see you the most often but I can’t help but admire how you always get your punishments out of the way as soon as you can.”

“I can’t get out of here unless I pay every hour I owe right?” Belth asked rhetorically. “So where is everyone else? I can’t be the only one who’s in trouble, right sir?”

“Nobody else decided to show up today.” The man said. “Their decision I guess. Since you’re the only one to show up, you can take it easy out there. Just make sure you stay out there for an hour at least.”

Belth nodded his thanks and jogged into the forest. He sighed when he heard the silence. All of the birds left and the rest of the animals were beginning their hibernation. He usually liked to come into the forest to listen to the sounds. It calmed him somehow. As he got further along the path, he had to stop listening for the sounds of nature and heed its call instead. He stepped off the path and started doing his business against an oak. As he finished he got the feeling he was being watched. He could always tell when he was being watched after dodging a few bullies in his younger years. He just started to look around when he heard a loud snap. He jumped instinctively and fell to one side just in time to prevent a branch from hitting his head and instead catching it on the shin instead. Belth winced and got up. He was going to bruise he could tell but he could walk unimpeded. He looked up in the tree, but didn’t see what may have caused the branch to snap. He still felt like he was being watched so he decided to get out of the forest since he was likely done with today’s punishment.

He didn’t see the raccoon that peered out from behind the tree on another branch and attempt to snap his fingers.

“Darn it!” Rico muttered.

“I know.” Rosall said sympathetically. “That was a good try. You almost had him.”

“Not that!” Rico snapped back. “I know I almost had him but we have plenty of time to get him so there’s no need to worry.”

“Then what’s upsetting you?” Rosall asked cocking her head to one side.

“I can’t snap my fingers in this form.” Rico answered.

Chapter 2

Belth sat down with his breakfast and shuddered. He wondered if he was in one of those stories like the kid that disappeared was talking about. The thought scared him. He was just about to take a bite of his toast when pieces of egg fell on his tray. He felt his head where the egg had hit and then wiped the pieces out of his hair before looking around for the one who threw the hard-boiled egg. One of the other kids who was fortunately adept at evading everyone did what infuriated just about every kid in the orphanage. He snitched on the six-foot tall jerk that was pointedly looking down and trying not to laugh. Belth snorted in contempt but threw his tray at the jerk when he heard him mutter something about Belth being too stupid to get back at him. The tray caught the jerk full in the face and splattered several kids surrounding him with food. The mess hall erupted into chaos then as a massive food fight broke out. Belth took the opportunity to duck out of the mess hall and into the only place he thought he’d have an advantage against the six-foot lummox, the forest.

It turned out that Belth didn’t have to worry. Everyone was too busy with the food fight and the jerk was busy getting even with everyone else who hit him. Belth had a different reason to worry though. He again felt like he was being watched. Belth heard a twig snap and he ran off the path and deeper into the forest. Eventually he came to a thicker part of the forest and he decided to rest his legs. He was about to sit down on a log when he heard an angry hiss and tumbled forward with a jump. It was only because of the reflexes he’d gained from the many fights he’d gotten into at the orphanage that he managed to turn his head aside before he hit it against an oak stump. He rolled over and looked at the log to see an angry looking raccoon and laughed before staring suspiciously at the raccoon. This was the second time he nearly hit his head after a feeling of being watched. Belth felt the seldom ever felt fear rising and ran away from the raccoon and back towards the orphanage, yelling over his shoulder, “You’ll never take me!”

Rosall appeared next to Rico and looked at him.

“I think he’s on to us.” She sighed.

“Gee, ya' think?” Rico snorted sarcastically. “You’d think he’d want to be taken by us when he lives in a place like that.”

“I know.” Rosall said, irritated by the sarcasm. “It’s very unusual for someone in his position.”

“How are we supposed to get him now that he knows we’re after him?” Rico asked.

“I set something up in his room to hopefully change his mind.” Rosall snickered before disappearing from sight and flying over to Belth’s window to watch.

Belth kicked his door open and wasn’t surprised when a bucket fell from the top of his door. He’d suffered from that prank before and was only mildly surprised to see rocks instead of water. He scooped the rocks back into the bucket and set it next to his door before closing it behind him. He looked at his desk and saw the picture still there, but there was something on top of it. It was the most delicious looking cupcake he’d ever seen. He wondered why it said “Happy Birthday!” on it when his birthday was tomorrow and assumed that the orphanage had just gotten the date wrong. Belth set the cupcake aside for the moment and looked back at the drawing. He felt both peace and unease as he looked at it and decided to be rid of the thing. He picked up the paper and began trying to rip it but couldn’t bring himself to do it, no matter how much he mentally screamed at himself. He felt tears coming to his eyes and for once in his life, just let them fall. He’d cried before but he always tried to force them back and was usually successful. Belth set the drawing back down and peeled the paper off of the cupcake. He was about to take a bite when he smelled something off about it.

“Great!” Belth groaned as he put the cupcake down. “Now someone is trying to drug me. How can this day get any weirder?”

Belth got his answer when he got into his bed, feeling exhausted by the recent odd happenings. The bed collapsed before he could even gave a surprised yelp and the headboard earned a new definition as it met Belth’s and sent him out like a light. Rosall flew in from the windowsill and shook her head at Belth sadly.

“You poor thing.” She sighed. “You really should have eaten that cupcake. The painkillers I laced it with would have reduced the headache you’re going to have when you wake up.”

So how did I do this time?
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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:06 pm

Actually, I like the first version quite a lot more. It's funny how Belth tries to avoid the inevitable, even though we all know it's going to happen! ^.^ It's a nice story, I look forward to seeing more!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:55 am

Thanks Zee-Zee. Either way I slice it the next part is coming because this got even more great reviews on FTT. I'll have it up as soon as I can. Once I get my latest chapters on my Nathaniel stories up I'll take a break on them and let others catch up. Lig pointed out I may have posted them too fast for others to read.
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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:18 pm

I actually finished this on FTT if anyone wants to read it there. I will post another chapter once each day (unless I'm blocked) until I get all seven chapters posted to let you all keep up. I'll actually post three chapters today because I am not here on weekends.

Chapter 2

Rosall walked into a room with dark green walls furnished with a soft, violet carpet. The room was halfway between a nursery and an older teenager’s room. There was a rocking chair, a desk, a large dresser that also doubled as a changing table, a small kid’s picnic table, and a bed that could have its headboard and footboards raised as it was now with side bars to make it into a crib. Rosall had a top bar installed just in case along with a few restraints in case the small fox kit that was sleeping in the crib at the moment was in a panicking mood. Rosall walked up to the crib and carefully lifted the blanket just enough to check the bump on his head. With the bandage and ointment Rosall had put on just after he brought the fox here, the bump had gone down considerably. Rosall winced when she realized that the two-foot tall red fox would still have a splitting headache when he woke up.

“Poor little guy.” Rosall thought to herself. “I sure hope he doesn’t take this too hard.”

Rosall replaced the blanket and gently tucked it around the sleeping kit. Rosall’s mischievous side gave a sudden jump and she smirked as she quietly lowered the side bar enough for the fox to be able to climb out of. She then walked over to the rocking chair, sat down, vanished from view, and waited for her new charge to wake up.

Belth woke up and felt as if a giant fist slammed the top of his head. Normally he could have taken such a hit but if really hurt for some reason. Belth let out an uncharacteristic whimper and snapped his eyes open. He let out a groan when he saw he was in an unfamiliar room and closed his eyes, wishing it was all a dream. Belth knew it wasn’t a dream from the pounding in his head and on it and cried as he felt sure he knew what he would see when he looked at himself.

“Stop you crying!” Belth thought to himself angrily. “You’re tougher than this!”

Belth grit his teeth, noticing they felt different as he did, and open his eyes to look at his hands. Despite his knowing what he would see, he still burst into tears at the sight of the red, fluffy paw shaped hands in front of him. Belth could stop himself from sobbing but he couldn’t stop the tears as he looked at the rest of his body. He was covered everywhere in red fur, except for the new body part that made him feel somewhat better as he hugged it, his snow white tail. He didn’t need to feel his face to know what he looked like now. He remembered the drawing and knew he was part of another one of those stories. He’d been turned into a baby fox. Belth whimpered again and then mentally slapped himself.

“Get a hold of yourself!” He shouted inwardly. “If you’d remember, there were ways out of being this way in those stories as well! All you have to do is find the way!”

Belth got out from under the blankets and climbed over the short rail he assumed was incase he rolled around in his sleep so he wouldn’t fall out. He landed nimbly on the floor and was actually glad to have the tail. It really improved his already excellent balance. He realized his balance actually felt same only because he had the tail for the help. His new shorter legs were throwing him off a bit. Belth took a quick look around and was glad to find the room was empty. He rushed over to a dark colored door and listened at it. He didn’t hear any movement so he started to reach for the doorknob. Thanks to his new height, he could only touch the bottom of the doorknob with his fingertips.

“Going somewhere so soon?” a voice asked from behind Belth.

Belth leaped into the air in surprise and turned to see a smirking dragon sitting in the rocking chair in the corner. She had red scales with a slight brown tint to them and Belth actually felt afraid when he saw her. Her teeth didn’t scare Belth one bit; it was the other end that drew his attention. She was about four feet tall, but her tail was about six feet long and ended in a sting that wouldn’t look out of place on a scorpion. Judging by how skinny the tail was, it could move fast too.

“What’s the matter?” Rosall laughed. “You’re not afraid are you?”

“N-n-no!” Belth stammered. He mentally kicked himself for making it so obvious that he was.

“Why don’t you come here so I can take a better look at you then?” Rosall chuckled. She laughed even more when Belth shook his head and got up to go over to him. Belth turned back around and leaped to reach the doorknob, but was stopped in midair as Rosall’s tail wrapped around his waist. Belth froze with fear as Rosall drew him closer to her and panicked as she started to move her claws towards him. He started writhing in the coils of her tail and began flailing when Rosall actually touched him.

“He must be pretty ticklish if he does this before I even start.” Rosall thought to herself. “Maybe it’s not the best time anyway.”

Rosall switched from a tickling position to firmly cradling Belth in her arms. Belth struggle feebly against her but, short as she was, Rosall was too strong for Belth’s new body. Rosall set Belth down on top of the dresser and Belth was sure he knew what was coming next. As Rosall bent down to open a drawer and get a few things out, Belth tried to leap off the table but found himself held down by Rosall’s tail with his arms pinned to his sides.

“Oh come on now.” Rosall laughed. “You act as if you really don’t want to be here.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Belth asked angrily sarcastic.

“How about I make a deal with you?” Rosall asked. “You stop struggling and let me dress you and then we can just sit down and talk about this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about!” Belth snarled. “You kidnapped me, turned me into this and now you’re going to treat me like a baby!”

“You make it sound so evil.” Rosall said cocking her head at him. “Plus it’s very inaccurate. You wanted to come here so I brought you here.”

“DID NOT!” Belth snapped as he continued to struggle against her tail.

“I guess that was a bit inaccurate too.” Rosall said rubbing the bottom of her snout with one hand. “If you’d calm down I can explain that more. But I also didn’t turn you into what you are. That happened as you came here. As for being treated like a baby, not quite. Toddler would be much more accurate. Unless you want to be a baby, but judging by your struggles you don’t want me to arrange that. Now please hold still. I hate having to use excessive force but I will if I have to.”

Belth looked nervously at Rosall’s sting and finally admitted defeat. He made a mental note to cooperate for now but keep a look out for a chance to escape. Rosall smiled at his finally cooperating and at the look she saw in his eye revealing his thoughts. Rosall finished bringing out the objects and set them on top of the dresser. Belth wasn’t surprised in the least to see that they were diapering supplies along with a plain white diaper.

“Are you sure you’re going to cooperate now?” Rosall asked. “I’ll let you go if you promise you will.”

“Wouldn’t do me much good to struggle now would it?” Belth asked in response.

“I’ll take that as a yes and you’re right.” Rosall said smiling as she removed her tail. She kept a close eye on him as she puffed a bit of powder on his diaper area and he kept just as close a watch on the tip of her tail. Soon enough, Belth had the first diaper he’d worn in years on him and Rosall was beaming. It wasn’t quite the experience she’d expected but she found it to be fun nonetheless. She helped Belth off the dresser and then draped her tail over his shoulders warningly as she opened a few more drawers.

“Since you were so difficult with the diapering I’m guessing you won’t want to wear anything too young.” Rosall said. “So how about some plain color clothes instead?”

“Fine.” Belth sighed.

“How about this?” Rosall asked holding up a baby blue sleeper.

“I thought you said something not too young?” Belth snapped.

“Well you might be tired after the little chat we’ll have.” Rosall said in her defense. “Or would you rather just go around in your diaper?”

“No I don’t want to do that.” Belth growled. “Do you at least have a different color? Preferably darker.”

“Yes, I suppose this color might be a bit too young looking.” Rosall said. “If you want darker, how about a nice midnight blue?”

“That’s better I guess.” Belth conceded when Rosall pulled it out.

Rosall smiled broadly and helped Belth into the sleeper despite his protests he could do it himself. Rosall laughed when she pulled his tail through the hole in the back and saw the fur sticking out at every angle from the static. She smoothed it out with a few tugs along it and then zipped up his sleeper from the ankle to the neck. When she’d finished, she picked him up and then sat down in the rocking chair with him.

“Before we calmly talk about this, how about we have some introductions?” Rosall asked as she began to rock the chair. “My name is Rosall. I’ll be your caretaker for awhile. What’s your name?”

“Belth.” Belth answered muttering.

“Belth’s a funny name.” Rosall laughed.

“So is Rosall.” Belth snapped.

“It’s common Draconic.” Rosall chuckled. “I don’t have a full Draconic name because pseudo dragons like me are not one of those big powerful ones who need the big names to go with them. Is your name short for something?”

“Belthazor.” Belth answered.

“Now I think that name is just plain pothak!” Rosall said angrily. “What mother would give her child the name of such an evil demon?”

“One who thought he was going to turn out evil.” Belth muttered angrily. “I’m a rape child so she dropped me off at that orphanage. She told them she was sure I’d end up just like the father and gave me a name to match how evil she thought he was.”

“As cute as you are there is no way you’re going to turn out evil.” Rosall said adamantly. “Maybe we should just give you a new name.”

“No.” Belth said simply.

“Why not?” Rosall asked. “You have a new life now so how about a new name to go with it?”

“I don’t want a new name because I didn’t want this new life.” Belth argued.

“We’re back to that now are we?” Rosall laughed. “Maybe I should explain that a bit and you might see you really did want this.”

“This I’ve got to hear.” Belth said sarcastically.

“I usually don’t have to do this so my explanation might be a bit sketchy.” Rosall said. “I’ll start by telling you I’m part of a special organization. We pick up a certain, for want of a better term, signal that comes from a powerful wish. And it is only a specific wish. You were born into a world where you suffered from hardships on an almost daily basis. Eventually your mind grew strong enough to make powerful thoughts. One of them must have been a desire to get out of that place, am I not right?”

Belth kept silent but Rosall could see by his eyes that she had hit the nail on the head.

“Your mind responded to that powerful desire with a subconscious powerful wish.” Rosall continued. “It tapped into a subconscious desire for love and lost youth. You were forced to grow up in a place that sapped you of your childhood and left you feeling empty. With the wish for those things you lost, we were able to find you and sent you a subconscious message to help you. You responded while your subconscious mind was dominant during your sleep by making that drawing and choosing your form when you got here. So you did want to come here and you did turn yourself into the kit you are now.”

“You couldn’t have just told me that?” Belth asked.

“One, it’s against the rules.” Rosall answered. “Two, your conscious mind would have rejected it and dubbed it a lie. Still does by the looks of it. You really put up a fight not to become what you are now. It seems there’s a deep division between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. It took us three times to get you.”

“So that branch…” Belth began.

“That fell on you, and the raccoon that nearly sent you into a tree were both his attempts to get you.” Rosall interrupted. “I didn’t set the rocks on your door but thought if it worked, less work for me. The cupcake and the bed was me though. You really should have eaten that cupcake. It would have been delicious and it would have severely reduced the headache you woke up with. I saw as you were considering eating the cupcake that you tried to rip the drawing and cried when you couldn’t. That was because you were fighting an internal battle with external means. The fact that you failed to rip it was definite evidence that you want this on some level.”

“I still don’t believe it.” Belth said adamantly. Rosall could see by his eyes however that there was a sliver of doubt that she felt sure would eventually convince him.

“Believe what you want I guess but now you know what happened.” Rosall sighed. “It would be much easier though if you would just stop fighting this. I still don’t get why you don’t think you didn’t want this.”

“I was so close to being out of that orphanage.” Belth said. “Now since you mentioned some sort of organization and you said you’re my caretaker, I’m guessing I just ended up in another one, right?”

“I won’t lie to you, that is somewhat accurate.” Rosall answered. “It’s more along the lines of foster care. Once I feel you’ve adjusted to your new life, I tell the organization and we put you up as ready for adoption.”

“So now I have to wait several more years until I’m out of a new one.” Belth said starting to tear up. “Plus I worked so hard to be strong and now I’m a baby.”

“You’re not a baby.” Rosall laughed. “You’re exactly four years old. If it makes you feel any better I had to exert myself to hold you down. You’re going to be a very strong fox when you grow up.”

Rosall could see that her arguments were breaking apart Belth’s resistance. What she couldn’t see was that while his resistance was breaking apart, none of it was leaving. Belth was screaming at himself on the inside to keep it together. He felt like Rosall was only trying to brainwash him and told himself not to fall for it. Belth gave a large yawn in sync with Rosall and she smiled down at him.

“Looks like my kit could use a few more hours of sleep.” Rosall said to Belth’s tired growls. “We’ll talk more later in the morning if you want. Now are you going to promise to still behave? I’ll leave the side low if you do.”

Belth nodded and Rosall smiled once again. She could see he had no intention of behaving but decided to just let him face whatever punishment came of his actions. She set him down in the crib and tucked him in snuggly. She tried to give him a kiss on the forehead but he turned away quickly. Rosall chuckled and then walked out of the room. She turned out the light and made sure a small nightlight was on before closing the door behind her. She then curled up next to the door for when she expected Belth to come out of the room and vanished from view. Before they both fell asleep, they each had their own thoughts. Belth’s was that she’d find him a tough cookie to crack with her brainwashing attempts. Rosall’s were that she’d win him over eventually with the claw holds she’d left behind in his resistance. Only time would tell who would win the battle of wills in the end.
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Chapter 3

Belth woke up three hours later. He wasn’t sure why he woke up at all until he felt something different when he stood up. His diaper was heavier and warmer at the front. Belth snarled under his breath in annoyance but left it for the moment. He climbed over the railing once again and looked around the room. He didn’t see Rosall anywhere but didn’t let that fool him. He walked around the room and kept his ears pricked as he felt around every nook and cranny to make sure he was alone.

“Maybe she went back to that organization.” Belth thought to himself before looking around the room for a possible means of escape besides the door. Belth didn’t see any windows and the only vents were too small for even his smaller body to fit through. Belth sighed and then decided to handle a more pressing problem. His diaper was starting irritate him so he fumbled for the zipper and pulled it down in the dim light of the plain bulb coming from one of the power outlets. He finally managed to get a hold of it (he still wasn’t used to his new fingers yet) and pull down the zipper. Even in the dim light he could see that his diaper had a distinct yellow tint to it and he wrinkled his nose in disgust. He began to reach for the tapes and gasped when he felt the diaper tighten uncomfortably. He jumped when the door opened up and Rosall came in. She shook her head at him smiling in the way some adults do at naughty children they think are funny.

“Maybe I should have told you that when I asked you to behave, that meant stay in your crib until I come and get you.” Rosall said. “I’m just glad you only wanted your diaper changed and weren’t trying to escape or something ridiculous like that.”

Belth knew that Rosall was completely aware that that was his intent. He growled at her and then asked, “What kind of diaper is this?”

“It’s an early model of some high tech diaper developed on another world.” Rosall answered. “It was made to ensure that children don’t take off their own diapers and cause a mess. Later models just had several improvements made to them relating to how well they worked and also things like self adjusting. We haven’t been able to make our own yet so you’ll have to make due with the early models we’ve managed to make so far. You’ll need my help if you want it changed so come here.”

“I don’t want it changed.” Belth growled. “I want it off.”

“I’m sorry but that’s just not an option.” Rosall said taking a step towards him. “Like it or not, your new body needs them. Besides, you seemed happy enough when I checked on you an hour ago. You were even smiling in your sleep.”

“Prove it.” Belth snarled as he took a step back with each step Rosall took. Rosall just smiled and pulled out a digital camera and showed him a picture of him clearly smiling in his sleep. Belth glared at the picture angrily as if to blame it for his current predicament and didn’t notice Rosall’s tail flash towards him and wrap around him under his arms. They lifted upwards and had his hands tied as they were raised in the air and before Belth could even let out a yelp, Rosall began tickling him mercilessly.

To Belth’s irritation, he found himself giggling helplessly and decided to take out his anger on the closest thing he could. He yanked his arms and raised into the air enough to start snapping his teeth at Rosall’s tail. He felt a sudden sting and went completely limp. He didn’t even realize he was on the floor until he saw Rosall standing over him with a saddened look in her eyes.

“Please don’t ever make me do that again.” Rosall said wiping a drop of blood off of her stinger. “I really don’t like to use my sting on children. I used just enough this time to relax your muscles but I can use more next time. Your diaper change is going to have to wait for a bit. You’ll be finding out about a side effect of the sting in a moment.”

Belth couldn’t even speak because his tongue was relaxed as well. He began crying when he felt his diaper begin to grow even warmer. His bladder had relaxed so much that it just let its contents flow right out. Rosall saw his still exposed diaper swell and picked up the floppy kit and set him down on top of the dresser before beginning the process of Belth’s first diaper change in years.

“You should consider yourself lucky your new body hasn’t had anything to eat yet.” Rosall sighed. “If you had anything in your bowels, we would have emptied them as well without any muscular action to hold them back.”

Belth could finally move again when Rosall had finished changing him and she patted the front of his diaper before zipping his sleeper back up. She picked him up again and Belth didn’t struggle for fear of being stung again. She carried him over to the rocking chair and hugged him close to her as she began to rock. Belth looked up at her when he felt something hit his head and saw that Rosall was actually crying. Belth looked away quickly because he felt uncomfortable seeing Rosall, regardless of the fact that she wasn’t human, cry and he knew his resistance may slip if he felt sorry for her. It didn’t help much so he looked for a reason to be mad at her instead. He found it when he touched a spot on his neck and felt blood there. He clamped his hand tightly upon it when he felt Rosall’s hand trying to pry it away from there but let her take a look at it when her tail wrapped around his wrist and gently pulled the hand away. Rosall held her hand over the small wound and Belth saw a golden light emanating from her hand. He tried to squirm away but there wasn’t any place he could go in Rosall’s arms. He felt a tingling feeling on his neck and put his hand to it immediately when Rosall’s hand stopped glowing and she let go of his wrist. When he felt his neck, there wasn’t even any dried blood on his fur. Belth looked up at Rosall in surprise and saw her smiling softly at him.

“How did you do that?” Belth asked in awe, defenses completely forgotten for the moment.

“Just a little power I have.” Rosall answered. “Have you ever seen the show I recognized your name from?”

“Charmed?” Belth asked.

“That’s right.” Rosall answered. “I’m just like those white lighters on the show. I can heal you. I can sense you. I can orb. I can hear your call. I’m your guardian angel Belth.”

Belth was touched by that. He realized his resistance was slipping and shook his head clear. Rosall smiled inwardly. She knew she had scored points there, but she began to wonder at what cost. She was only a temporary guardian and she knew she was becoming attached to Belth.

“So what does pothak mean?” Belth asked.

“It’s Draconic for stupid.” Rosall answered with a laugh. “Don’t let me catch you saying it. It’s often used in a ruder context and I really shouldn’t have said it then. Now wait here please Belth. I’m sure you must be hungry by now. I’ll be back with something for you.”

Rosall set Belth down in the rocking chair after standing up. Belth watched in awe as her body glowed white before breaking into countless balls of light before zooming upward and vanishing. Belth considered trying to leave then but realized how hungry he was. He’d need his strength if he was going to escape so he waited for Rosall to come back. He waited for several minutes and Rosall still hadn’t returned so he decided to try something.

“Rosall?” Belth said out loud questioningly. Two seconds later, Rosall appeared in a reverse of the way she left holding a baby bottle in her hands.

“What’s wrong Belth?” Rosall asked seeing a look in Belth’s eyes that weren’t there before she appeared.

“You don’t really expect me to drink from that do you?” Belth asked, his admiration quickly fading.

“It’s the only container I’ll allow in your room.” Rosall laughed. “I don’t want to stain the carpet. If you let me feed you though, I’ll bring up some actual food that I’m pretty sure you’ll like.”

“I don’t want to be treated like a baby.” Belth said feeling some of his resistance return.

“Please.” Rosall whined giving a face that had worked on other charges before. “I haven’t done this in a long time.”

Belth felt his resistance not only slip, but fall flat on its rear when he saw her face. Belth looked away and tried to close his eyes but it was as if the face were painted on the backs of his eyelids. He struggled feebly with himself and then sighed in resignation. Rosall nearly cheered when she heard that and quickly scooped Belth up and sat down with him cradled in her lap. Belth stopped her before she could put the bottle in his mouth and gave her a stern look.

“What is it first?” Belth asked suspiciously.

“Just plain 2% white milk.” Rosall answered truthfully.

“No drugs or laxatives or anything?” Belth asked.

“Nothing else at all.” Rosall laughed. “Now come on and drink up before your food gets cold.”

“Fine, but if you try to breast feed me, tail or no tail I will bite.” Belth growled before starting to nurse the offered bottle.

Rosall felt as though she were in paradise. Even with the angry look that had been on Belth’s face almost the entire time he’d been in the room, Belth was adorable suckling the bottle. It took Belth a little bit but he finally figured out a rhythm to sucking the bottle to get a steady stream of milk to come out. In a matter of minutes, the bottle had been drained and Belth sighed with relief. Rosall set him down on the floor and gave him one tap on the back before orbing out of the room. She did hear Belth give a loud belch for someone his size just before she did and laughed when she got back to Belth’s meal.

Belth waited again and sat down at the picnic table. He took the opportunity to mentally smack himself for his weakness in the past few minutes and tired to gather the pieces of his resistance. He realized that some of them were gone and he began to fear Rosall was winning him over. He actually physically smacked himself when he caught himself thinking if it were such a bad thing just before Rosall orbed back in with a plate.

“Had to reheat it for a few seconds.” Rosall said as she set the plate down in front of him. Belth’s mouth watered when he saw what it was. He’d always liked chicken when he was a human, but now he felt an irresistible attraction to the chicken strips in front of him. He didn’t even care that he didn’t have any sauce to put on them. He went right to work and had the two strips gone in under a minute. He was about to ask for more when he realized he was full. He rolled his eyes in annoyance upon realizing that his new body meant a new, smaller stomach. Rosall smiled at him and waved her hand at the plate. It orbed away somewhere and Belth looked at Rosall again in admiration.

“Should we get you dressed or are you fine in your sleeper?” Rosall asked. “We’re not going anywhere so you can stay in it if you like.”

“I’m good I guess.” Belth answered.

“Just don’t try to change your own diaper again.” Rosall said jokingly. “I do have sleepers for you that zip from the back. Now your behavior hasn’t quite merited leaving the room yet so I’ll have to bring you something to do. Do you want to read or maybe do a drawing?”

“Do you have something I could read like maybe about the world I’m going to be living in now?” Belth asked.

“Do you really expect me to bring you something like that?” Rosall laughed. “You and I both know the only reason you’d want to read stuff like that is so you can use the knowledge to try and escape.”

Belth was glad for his red fur because he blushed at being caught. Unfortunately there were other signs to catch his embarrassment with and Rosall laughed at his twitching tail. She orbed out and brought him back a few pencils and some paper instead. She set them down in front of him and smiled at him.

“How about you just draw something instead?” Rosall asked with a laugh. “Maybe you can draw something to get some of the frustration you’re feeling off your chest.”

Belth rolled his eyes but picked up one of the pencils and began to draw. Rosall smiled and then orbed out of the room. She sat down on a couch in the living room and her trainee came out of the kitchen.

“So how is he doing?” Rico asked.

“I can’t really tell for certain, but I think he’s coming around.” Rosall sighed. “There are times when I think he’s so close and the next moment he moves impossibly far away. I’ve left definite cracks in his resistance but he still has a long way to go. My powers impress him but the more I use them, the more difficult things get.”

“Why is that?” Rico asked.

“I had to heal him once today.” Rosall sighed. “That power is triggered by one emotion only, love. I’m growing attached to him Rico. I’m not supposed to grow attached to him because he’s going to be adopted eventually.”

“And that becomes hard because attachments are often mutual.” Rico said comprehendingly. “Neither one of you will want to lose the other. Maybe we should ask to have him transferred to another home.”

“We can’t do that.” Rosall sighed. “It would be severely detrimental to his progress towards being up for adoption. Belth barely trusts me as it is. He wouldn’t trust anyone else and that would stop any progress at all.”

“Maybe you could let someone his own age talk to him.” Rico mused.

Long chapter, next post complete.
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Rosall thought about that for a moment and then said, “That might help but I don’t know anyone with a child his age.”

“No.” Rico laughed. “I mean let someone his mental age talk to him. Someone like me.”

“You could have mentioned that instead of making me feel stupid now.” Rosall snapped as her scale turned a deeper shade of red. “If you think that will help, then go right ahead. He’s up his room drawing.”

Rico nodded and walked up a set of stairs and down a hallway to the only room with a light shining from under the door. Rico knocked and poked his head in. Belth looked up in surprise and recognized the raccoon immediately.

“YOU!” Belth shouted.

“So you recognize me then.” Rico laughed.

“You tried to knock me out with a tree twice!” Belth snarled.

“The first one was a branch actually.” Rico said walking in and closing the door behind him. Belth stared at Rico in surprise when he saw what Rico looked like in full. He was wearing a plain blue robe, tunic and pants, but that wasn’t what drew Belth’s eyes. It was the white, feathered wings that were coming out of Rico’s back that surprised him. Rico saw Belth staring at his wings and laughed.

“Do you like my wings?” Rico asked flapping them a bit. “Comes with being an angel.”

“You’re an angel too?” Belth asked.

“In training I guess.” Rico said sheepishly. “Getting you was my first job. Sorry about trying to knock you out, but we had to in order to bring you. You have to be unconscious for the trip.”

“You couldn’t have taken me in my sleep?” Belth asked irritably.

“Your mind would have been too active and you might have woken up.” Rico said. “You’re much harder to wake up when you’ve been knocked out. Rosall could have gotten you much faster if she’d have just stung you but she wanted to let me try and get you.”

“Well then why did she hit me with my headboard?” Belth asked.

“She’s a pseudo dragon.” Rico said as if that explained everything. “They like being mischievous. Do you mind if I draw with you?”

“Help yourself.” Belth muttered.

Rico sat down and began to draw a picture while he took a look at what Belth had drawn so far. He was focusing on one picture and Rico recognized it as a self portrait of Belth’s human self. Rico realized just as Belth did that the drawing was sketchy at best. Belth was getting very worried because he was forgetting what he used to look like. Rico had finished his first drawing quickly. He took a look at it and smirked as he got an idea. He set the paper off where Belth would probably see it if he just glanced up and then decided to do Belth a favor. He began drawing Belth’s old self much better than Belth himself was doing and waited for Belth to notice the first drawing. Rico had a talent for drawing things quickly and finished his second drawing just as Belth noticed the first. Belth snatched it and saw that it was a picture of himself, only he looked different. He was still the red fox but he looked much older, a few years younger than the age he was before he was taken. Plus there were two other changes. His tail was no longer white, but the same red as the rest of his fur, and it had split into six tails! He also had his own set of white feathered wings.

“Am I going to look like this?” Belth asked, slapping himself mentally for actually liking the drawing.

“Eventually.” Rico answered. He cheered mentally when he saw a different look in Belth’s eyes. It was a look of recognition.

“This looks a lot like…” Belth said before looking up at Rico with sudden realization.

“Nice to see you again Belth.” Rico said.

“How?” Belth asked simply.

“There are a lot of things I can think of for that question so maybe I should just tell my story.” Rico laughed. “Yes I’m the same person you knew in the orphanage a year ago. I had almost the same wish you did. My drawing therefore was different. I was made into an older raccoon because I wanted something else. I wanted to help others escape as well. One person in particular. I just drew the one I wanted to help the most. Here’s how I saw him.”

Rico slid his second drawing over to Belth and waited while Belth looked at it. Belth looked away quickly as he felt his resistance slip again, but like with Rosall’s pleading face, the picture was imprinted in his mind. It was a picture of him as he used to be, but it showed inner feelings that Belth didn’t know he had until now. He was trapped and despairing. He was all alone and looking for anyone.

“I’m sorry that you don’t think you wanted this Belth.” Rico said hugging the now sniffling kit. “But it really isn’t so bad right? I myself wish I could have ended up like you but I wanted to help others like you even more. In the year I was here, I was accepted into the organization and trained by Rosall. My wings grew in quickly and I was distracted by my training, but I never forgot you the whole time. I was overjoyed when I heard you wished to come and I begged the organization to let me go and get you myself. I really wasn’t supposed to be able to but they gave the task to Rosall and let me go with. I missed you Belth. You were the only friend I had in that place.”

“I missed you too Rico.” Belth said still sniffling. “You were the only one I even trusted there. Some of the things you did I thought were weird but you were the only one I was comfortable talking to. I just wish now that our positions were switched. I wish I was the one to save you. Maybe I could have stood this place if I stayed the same age.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Rico said. “That is outside our control. It would be much easier Belth if you just accepted it.”

“I’m not ready to yet Rico.” Belth sighed before yawning. “I’m too tired right now to accept it.”

Rico laughed and picked up Belth. He felt a small squish as he did so and Belth widened his eyes in surprise. He hadn’t even noticed he’d wet himself again.

“Let’s get you changed first before we set you down for a nap.” Rico said to Belth’s displeasure. “Sorry but your new body probably will need a lot of sleep for awhile until it adjusts. You’ve gone through a lot so you’ll need the rest.”

Belth nodded but then winced as he felt a sharp pain. Rico noticed and frowned. Belth could feel something happening but wasn’t sure what. It wasn’t until he felt pressure building that he knew what was going on. He began to cry as his tail hitched up and Rico knew what was happening as Belth felt his diaper began to push out in the back with the disgustingly warm load he let out. Rico sniffed sympathetically, wishing he hadn’t as he smelled what Belth had done. He gently set Belth down o the table and winced along with Belth as they both noticed the squish. Rico opened a few poppers that Belth hadn’t noticed in the crotch of his sleeper and got to work. It was easy to clean thanks to Belth having just messed himself and in no time at all, Belth was in a new diaper. It was little consolation to Belth as he continued to cry. Rico picked the kit back up after refastening the snaps and carried him over to the rocking chair. He gently began to rock with Belth and hugged him close as he rubbed his back. Belth didn’t care for once as his resistance slipped and he hugged Rico as he was slowly lulled by the rocking motion and the comforting feeling of Rico rubbing his back. Belth was soon asleep and Rico carefully put him in the crib and tucked him in. He looked at the bars and thought for a moment before lowering the railing completely. He ruffled Belth’s headfur gently before walking out of the room and turning out the light behind him.

Rico jumped as Rosall orbed right in front of him and gave her an annoyed look.

“You know I don’t like it when you do that Rosall.” Rico growled.

“I’m a pseudo dragon, what do you expect?” Rosall laughed. “I was watching the whole thing by the way.”

“I know that.” Rico said. “You’re lucky Belth hasn’t figured out how to really use his nose yet.”

“You did a great job Rico.” Rosall said ignoring the comment. “I could see a lot of Belth’s resistance slipping away with each minute. You did a great thing in there.”

“Thanks Rosall.” Rico said. “I just wish I could help him more. It’s one thing to get him here, it’s another to get him to realize he wants to be here.”

“Maybe there is a way.” Rosall said.

“How exactly?” Rico asked.

“You’ll see after your own nap Rico.” Rosall said. “You’re still tired after bringing him here.”

“How can you tell?” Rico asked. “I thought the black rings around my eyes would hide that.”

“It happens to all of the new recruits.” Rosall laughed. “You go and get some rest. An hour wouldn’t hurt you.”

Rico nodded and walked into the guest room. He fell on the bed and was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Rosall smiled as she shut his door and orbed off to pick up a few things to set the next plan in motion.
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Chapter 4

Rico woke up feeling refreshed. He started to get up but felt weighted down. He started to wonder why the blanket was so heavy and then wondered why he was in a sleeping bag. He started feeling around and noticed something different as he moved. He found the sleeping bag had holes on either side and then it hit him that they weren’t holes, they were sleeves! He wriggled out from everything and then took a look at himself. He was much shorter and he noticed he was chubbier too.

“ROSALL!” Rico shouted.

Rosall orbed in with a smile on her face and laughed when she saw Rico.

“You…” Rosall said gasping.” Look… ha-ha… so… hee-hee-hee… CUTE!”

“How exactly am I supposed to work when I’m a baby?” Rico asked.

“Oh don’t be silly.” Rosall laughed. “You’re the same age as Belth. I already informed our superiors of your other wish and they gave me something to make you younger. It’s only temporary at the moment but we can make it permanent if you really want this. The organization will then keep your records until you grow up again and you may get right back in.”

“So what happens to me if I do make this permanent?” Rico asked feeling happier now.

“You’ll be put up for adoption since you will obviously be adjusted to your new life if you choose to make it permanent.” Rosall answered. “How about we go and get you dressed and show Belth his new playmate?”

Rico nodded excitedly and hopped into Rosall’s arms. They walked over to Belth’s room and opened the door quietly. Rosall carried Rico over to the changing table and set Rico down, making sure to be careful with the tiny wings he still had. She got out the necessary supplies and diapered Rico before taking out a red sleeper for him. She had him in it in a few seconds and set him on her hip before turning to wake up Belth. When she saw the crib she dropped Rico, who gave a yelp of pain when he landed on his tail. Belth’s crib was empty!


Belth woke up when he felt a breeze ruffle his head fur. He looked up wearily and stared in shock. He was out in the middle of a dirt road surrounded by rolling grasslands with a few clumps of trees poking up every here and there. Belth looked around at his new surroundings and saw a large set of stone steps leading up to a standing ring of stone that was about twenty feet in diameter. Belth could only see grass beyond it and wondered why someone built the thing in the first place. Belth looked around again and started to feel afraid before he shook himself and felt a surge of joy.

“I don’t know how but I’m free!” Belth thought to himself. Belth wondered where to go and decided the best way to go was down the path.

“How could this have happened?” Rosall asked herself for the fourth time in two minutes.

“Rosall snap out of it!” Rico yelled in his smaller voice. “Surely this isn’t the first time a charge has gotten out of his room without your knowing. You need to calm down and think. Try to sense him.”

Rosall finally composed herself and concentrated. She was grateful Rico was there to get her focused again. It was true that some of the children had left their room when they weren’t supposed to without her knowing, and one had even gotten out of the house. But this time was different. As Rosall tried to sense Belth, she couldn’t find him anywhere in the house, or even in the boundaries of the city the house was in. He was outside her range somehow!

“I can’t sense him!” Rosall said starting to panic once more. “Either he’s too far away or he’s…”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!” Rico snarled. “I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to how he got out of here without our noticing it. Give me your hand. I have an idea how we can find him again.”

“Tell me Rico.” Rosall said hopefully as she held her hand out to him. She gasped as she felt a rush leave he body and looked at Rico.

“Now tell me how that sensing power works.” Rico said. “I’ll use my own power and get around to other places and try sensing him while you go to the organization and try to figure out how he got past you.”

“You just close your eyes and concentrate on him.” Rosall said. “I didn’t know you can steal the powers of others.”

“Borrow actually.” Rico said. “I need it from a willing person in order for it to work. I can only borrow one power at once. Thank goodness my weapon of choice was an athame. I’ll still be able to use one if necessary. Now hurry over to the organization and see if you can find out what happened. Make sure you listen for Belth. If he gets into some kind of trouble he may call you.”

“Thank you Rico.” Rosall sobbed as she hugged the tiny raccoon. “I felt so useless. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t here.”

Rico returned the hug and Rosall orbed from his grasp. Rico ran into his room and grabbed his double edged knife, known to many as an athame. He then blinked his eyes and he disappeared in that blink.


Belth wasn’t in any mood at the moment to call for Rosall. He felt as if a huge weight had lifted from his chest. He may still be the same small kit he woke up as, but he wasn’t being treated like a baby at least. He continued walking down the path and eventually came to a fork in the road. It looked like he was on one of the arms of a Y. He decided to turn down the other arm instead of continuing forward and happily hummed to himself as he walked down the path. His good mood was shattered when he felt the front of his diaper grow warmer and he growled angrily. He popped open his sleeper and was just about to grab the tapes when he remembered what happened the last time he did.

“Stupid diaper.” He snarled as he snapped the sleeper closed again. He continued down the path and eventually got over wetting his diaper again. He eventually saw what was at the end of the path and wondered why someone would build two of those structures he woke up near. He looked out to the grasslands and felt an urge to just run. He gave out a whoop and did just that.


Rico appeared at the top of a tall building in a city that was blisteringly hot. Small wonder it was because the area was surrounded by volcanic plains. The sky was dark from the ash that floated in the sky but Rico could still see thanks to the lights from the city. Rico closed his eyes and focused his thoughts on Belth. He felt some kind of wave come out from him and he likened it to something like echolocation. Nothing came back to him so he blinked his eyes again and disappeared.


Rosall didn’t go to the organization. She finally got her focus back thanks to Rico and went to someone else instead. She went to her old retired mentor, a silver dragon named Adalon.

“You seem troubled Rosall.” Adalon said without turning from her chair in front of a fireplace to see Rosall when she orbed in. “Having trouble with a charge?”

“You always knew what kind of trouble I got into.” Rosall laughed for the first time since Belth disappeared. “One of my charges has disappeared without a trace.”

“One of them?” Adalon asked turning towards Rosall.

“My trainee has become a temporary charge.” Rosall said. “He’s taken my power of sensing and is out looking for my charge. I don’t know how he got out without my noticing though.”

“What was he doing before he disappeared?” Adalon asked.

“He was taking a nap.” Rosall answered.

“How difficult has this one been in accepting his new life?” Adalon asked.

“Very.” Rosall muttered. “He’s been struggling with it almost every step of the way.”

“Then I think I may know how he escaped.” Adalon said standing up. “I’ll help you look for him since he must have used a power to escape.”

“But he’s only four!” Rosall exclaimed.

“If I remember correctly, you got your powers pretty early too when I brought you here.” Adalon laughed. “You were orbing at the age of eight, and you had already figured out how to use the natural abilities of you pseudo dragon form since you were six! I’ve heard of natural borns using their powers from the womb so there’s no real time that is too early for them to have powers.”

“But how did he do it in his sleep?” Rosall asked.

“You orbed in your sleep a few times.” Adalon answered. “You were having nightmares and orbed right into my bed.”

“But if it’s something subconscious, why would he escape when he wants to be here?” Rosall asked.

“If it was just a nap his conscious desires would still be at the surface and the subconscious use of his powers would result in his disappearance.” Adalon answered. “If he’s been struggling as much as you say then it would be entirely possible for him to do as he did. Enough talking now. Keep listening for him and I’ll try to find him.”

“But you don’t know what he looks like!” Rosall exclaimed.

“How do you think I knew every time you were up to some kind of mischief?” Adalon asked laughing. “One of my powers is being able to see and hear your surface thoughts.”

Rosall laughed at finally learning why she could never pull a prank on Adalon. Adalon then orbed just as Rosall could, leaving her to listen intently for even the tiniest call from Belth.


Rico appeared in another dark city. It was dark due to a perpetually storm that hung over the city. Lightning rods were every where being constantly struck. Rico felt pretty sure Belth wouldn’t be here without calling for help. But he was tough in his old life and may have been able to calm his new body enough to keep from doing so. A quick attempt to sense Belth proved he wasn’t there at all. Rico blinked again and vanished on to the next city saying worriedly, “Belth, where are you?”


Belth was at the moment running gleefully through the tall grass towards the forest. His wet diaper was completely forgotten as he let the tall grass tickle him when he leaped about. He stopped when he saw a short tree sticking out of the ground that ha some delicious looking fruit growing on them. Belth felt his stomach rumble so he leaped for some of the lower pieces and grabbed a couple. He took a look at them and felt the soft pink skin. They almost looked more like berries than anything. He took a sniff at one of them and they smelled incredibly sweet. He took a bite and was reminded slightly of strawberries, only ten times sweeter and bigger. He ate three of them and decided the forest could wait as he lay down under the tree and watched a few clouds pass by.


Rico appeared in yet another dark city. This city was dark only because it was actually underwater and too far down for any sunlight to reach. Rico thought that this would be a place that Belth would definitely be interested in and tried sensing for him again. He sensed another thing incoming instead and turned as a familiar silver dragon appeared.

“Hello aunt Adalon.” Rico said.

“Now that’s cute.” Adalon laughed.

“Well Rosall is serving as a sort of surrogate mother at the moment and I didn’t feel like calling you granny.” Rico chuckled worriedly.

“Aunt is fine then.” Adalon said. “You’re still worried about your friend Belth.”

“Rosall must have come to you.” Rico said. “I’ve checked three cities so far and I still can’t find him.”

“I’m here to help.” Adalon said. “I’ll check the cities without the gates. You check the last one.”

“Do you have some sort of mind reading power?” Rico asked suspiciously.

Adalon just nodded before orbing away with a laugh. Rico chuckled and then blinked before disappearing once more.


Belth realized he’d dozed off a bit when he snapped to attention. He wondered what had made him so wary when he felt the wind shift oddly. He looked around and saw a shadow pass over the ground. He looked into the sky and thought for a moment that Rosall had found him again. The he realized that the dragon that was flying over the berry tree he was under was too big to be Rosall, way too big! Belth stared in silent horror as it suddenly swooped down and landed right in front of him. Belth realized it was big, but not as big as it was up close compared to the hundreds of feet in the air it was a moment ago. The dragon was at least 70 feet long from nose to tail. Its scales were a muddy gray and its wings stretched like sails. It had glowing yellow eyes that were staring at Belth hungrily. Belth couldn’t look away from the eyes or move as the dragon slowly stretched a claw towards him. Belth felt his diaper flooding to capacity and started to squirm before the dragon hooked one claw in his sleeper. There was a sudden rip as the dragon quickly tossed Belth in the air and took a snap at him.


Rosall felt Belth’s terror like a sledgehammer when he sent out a subconscious call and orbed towards the call as quickly as she could, letting out a silent scream of worry for the kit.


Adalon felt Rosall’s terror from a small city that seemed more like a cluster of schools and libraries. She’d already visited another city that held fitness centers, dojos and the like and had planned to go to a city that was a major industrial and mining area, hoping Belth wouldn’t have gone to the area that was slightly disreputable. She quickly followed to where she felt Rosall going with her own orbing power.


Rico had just arrived in a city that was, in a word, green. It had many different types of crops growing along with flowers as well. It also had many wood products as well. Rico used the radar again and found something he didn’t expect. He found Belth, and he wasn’t alone. Rico felt the power coming from the creature and knew it could only be one of the dragons that live in the areas around the four larger cities. He quickly blinked again and rushed to aid his friend.


Rosall, Adalon and Rico arrived near the tree at the exact same time. All three were afraid of what they would find. They found a dragon, just as Rico expected. What they didn’t expect was for the dragon to be looking around as if confused. Rico tried sensing Belth again and found him to be gone from view once more. Rosall could tell where he was though. She smiled as tears came to her eyes and she grabbed hold of Rico before orbing away. Adalon chuckled as she realized what happened after sensing for the kit herself.

“Poor little guy.” Adalon chuckled while the dragon continued to look around. “Got scared and activated his power without realizing it. I’ll bet he went straight home too since he didn’t know where he was going.”

Adalon walked up to the dragon and reached for one of its claws. There was a blue sleeper that wasn’t too badly damaged dangling from it. Adalon pulled off the sleeper and then saw a crushed diaper half buried in the dust. Rosall chuckled even more and then orbed home to fix Belth’s sleeper. The dragon shrugged its wings and flew off to go and continue its self appointed task to return runaway children home.
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Was hoping for some comment but oh well. Maybe I posted too fast again. My usual fans liked the story although some said it was too short. The mod who's always been a big help was somewhat disappointed with the way the story turned out but this is my first one outside of the Nathaniel stories. Here's another chapter for you guys.

Chapter 5

Belth looked up when he realized he wasn’t sliding down a dragon’s throat or being chewed to pieces. He saw he was back in his crib and wondered if maybe he’d dreamt the whole thing. Then he looked down at himself and saw he was stark naked. He quickly pulled the blanket on him when he saw a bright white light fill the room as Rosall entered with a smile on her face.

“We certainly had a little adventure now didn’t we?” Rosall laughed. Then she gave a wail and threw herself at Belth and wrapped him in a tight hug crying, “OH BELTH! I was so worried about you.”

Belth was touched once more that Rosall cared so much about him. He realized that this time, he didn’t care that he was. Rosall took the blanket that Belth had covered himself in and wrapped him up tightly, yet comfortably and Belth realized he actually liked it. Rosall carried the swaddled Belth over to the rocking chair and sat down as she held him close and sobbed her relief. Belth gave a sigh of contentment and snuggled closer to Rosall. Rosall gave a gasp of surprise and looked at Belth intently.

“Are you felling okay Belth?” Rosall asked with tears still streaming down her face.

“I guess I must have had some sort of an epiphany after a near death experience.” Belth said shyly. “I don’t want to struggle anymore. I think that’s how I got out in the first place. It showed me that I really don’t want to be on my own yet. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to stay here.”

“Of course it’s okay Belth.” Rosall sobbed as she hugged the kit even closer to her. “I love you Belth.”

“I don’t like that name anymore Rosall.” Belth said. “If it’s not too late, I’d like that new one you were going to give me.”

“Since you struggled with yourself and the demonic name, how about we name you Cole, after the human half of the demon Belthazor?” Rosall asked.

“I like it.” Cole sighed tiredly. “Cole it is.”

Rosall smiled at the now sleeping kit and unwrapped hi just enough to put a new diaper on him before wrapping hi up again and orbing him to Rico’s room. The young coon was sleeping after tiring his young body out with excessive use of his powers. Rosall gathered him up similarly to Cole and orbed to her own room where she curled up in her own bed with them to make sure the children wouldn’t have nightmares from Cole’s last adventure.


Rosall woke up a while later and looked at the bundles she had fallen asleep with. She started to panic when she saw they were both empty but a quick scan of the house revealed that both Rico and Cole were downstairs. Rosall felt much more at ease when she saw that Adalon was with them. She orbed downstairs and was surprised when two diapered projectiles knocked her onto a couch.

“You two certainly seem happy.” Rosall laughed as she hugged her charges close to her. “How did you get out of those blankets without waking me up?”

“I blinked and then taught Bel… I mean Cole how to control his own teleporting power.” Rico answered. “Turns out he can shimmer.”

“Which explained to me how I got out of the house and away from that dragon.” Cole said happily.

“You know Cole,” Rosall began. “That dragon…”

“Wouldn’t have hurt me, I know.” Cole interrupted. “Adalon explained to both Rico and me what that dragon does. I was surprised Rico didn’t know since he’s been here for a year.”

“I’ve only ever seen a picture of them gobbling children in the areas outside the cities.” Rico said defensively.

“So what did Adalon tell you exactly?” Rosall asked.

“Exactly what would have happened.” Adalon answered from the kitchen, coming out with a big bowl of scrambled eggs.

“Hey! Not in the living room.” Rosall said when she saw the bowl.

“Learn to relax a bit Rosall.” Adalon laughed. “You were never this clean when you were the hatchling I brought home. Plus they won’t make too big a mess anyway. I brought them bibs and we’ll be feeding them ourselves.”

Rico and Coles giggles at Adalon’s first comment stopped abruptly when they heard they were going to be fed and wearing bibs. Rico was actually interested to see how that would go. Cole was a little apprehensive. He’d finally accepted that this was his new home but he wasn’t so sure about being treated like a baby yet.

“Anyway,” Adalon laughed. “I told them what the dragons were for. They fly around those areas looking for lost and runaway children. They can tell just by looking into the eyes of those children if they are lost or if they had run away. Those eyes have an entrapping power to them. Cole experienced that before the dragon hooked both his sleeper and his diaper. When the dragon tried to eat him, apparently the fear Belth felt activated his power and allowed him to escape just before the dragon could get him into his mouth. If the dragon had gotten him into his mouth, he would have swallowed Cole whole and then the dragon would have been able to track down where Cole’s home is and gone there to release him as an egg that would have hatched in a day or so.”

“I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t have been digested.” Cole said. “Those dragons sound pretty cool now. It’s nice of them to help lost children get home even if it’s kind of scary being eaten to do it.”

“You’re not really eaten.” Adalon said. “Just swallowed into a different stomach. Those dragons have four tubes in their throats. One is for eating actual food while the other swallows living creatures that the dragon puts into its mouth. The dragon interestingly enough can swallow creatures just like a snake can if it has to. Another tube leads to their lungs and another leads to a special lung that is similar to my lung that allows me to use my breath weapons. That lung is filled with an energy that allows them to use true magic.”

“Does that mean my power isn’t magic?” Cole asked.

“In a way it is.” Rico said. “Our powers are linked more to our minds. Those dragons’ using true magic gives them much greater power.”

“Magic isn’t all powerful.” Adalon said. “There are limits to what it can and can’t do. The dragons mainly use their magic to fulfill their self appointed tasks of returning lost children home.”

“How do they turn kids into eggs anyway?” Cole asked.

“Rosall could probably tell you that.” Adalon laughed. “I can’t tell you how many times I found her in an egg at my doorstep.”

“You ran away from aunt Adalon!” Rico said incredulously.

“This I’ve got to hear.” Cole laughed.

“What can I say?” Rosall asked defensively. “I was a wild child. Inside that stomach are two tubes, both are one way. One makes sure children swallowed do not get out. The other one is the only exit. Eventually the dragon forces children down that route and they begin to slide down it, being covered in a kind of mucus as they go along. The mucus forms a kind of crust that hardens and forces the body into a fetal position. It eventually hardens into a shell and the child is released at their home inside of an egg.”

Cole shuddered at that, even though he was kind of interested as to how that would feel. He looked up when he felt Adalon behind him and she quickly had a bib tied around his neck. Rico was given a bib as well and both of them were placed onto the two dragons’ laps while they were spoon-fed the eggs. Cole’s eyes widened when he tasted them. The orphanage never had eggs like them at breakfast. They were delicious!

“What’s in these eggs that make them so good?” Cole asked between spoonfuls.

“So you like them.” Adalon said happily. “This is my own recipe. I put some cheddar cheese in with the eggs along with a bit of garlic and onion. I also added a few drops of whatever pepper sauce I could find.”

When the two had finished eating, Rosall draped Cole across her lap while Adalon did the same with Rico. Cole looked up at Rosall questioningly and saw her smiling as she place one hand on his stomach. Cole rolled his head back with bliss when Rosall began rubbing his belly and he began to murr with pleasure. He didn’t even care when he felt his diaper grow warmer and begin to swell. Rico was receiving similar treatment from Adalon with similar results. Rosall and Adalon stopped a few minutes later and picked up both kids before orbing up to Cole’s room. Both began to complain about stopping but were silenced when the dragons began scratching them behind the ears. The dragons set them both down on the dresser and removed their wet diapers and wiped them off before picking them up again, never stopping the ear scratching the whole time. Cole was in too deep of a state of bliss to wonder why they hadn’t been rediapered. If he had asked, he would have received his answer a few seconds later when Rosall and Adalon carried the two into a large bathroom and set them down on a towel while they filled a tub. Rico and Cole looked at each other and got identical grins on their faces. Before Adalon and Rosall could turn around, Rico and Cole streaked out of the bathroom and went separate ways into the house. Cole ran for his room to hide but stopped abruptly when Rosall orbed in front of him tapping her foot.

“Catch me if you can!” Cole giggled before he shimmered to the living room. Cole hid under the table and watched for Rosall to arrive. He suddenly felt something wrap around his foot and yank out and upward. Cole didn’t see a thing until Rosall became visible to him with a grin on her face.

“No fair!” Cole pouted. “You were invisible.”

Rosall chuckled and orbed up to the bathroom again. Rico was already in Adalon’s arms and she was chuckling as he struggled. Rosall shook her head remembering how Adalon always succeeded in getting her whenever she decided to be playful and avoid a bath. Rosall and Adalon held their respective cubs tightly and walked towards the steaming tub. Rico and Cole looked at each other once more and smirked. Rico blinked and Cole shimmered right above the bathtub. They grabbed hold of each other just before gravity took them and they made a gigantic splash that drenched both dragons. Both Rico and Cole gave a yelp of pain and leaped out of the tub, getting the floor and the dragons even wetter with the upsurge of water.

“OUCH!” Rico yelped as he shook himself off, getting the whole room in the process.

“TOO HOT! TOO HOT!” Cole cried as he too added water to the rest of the room.

Rosall and Adalon just stood there staring blankly. They were completely drenched from head to toe. They both looked at each other and began to giggle helplessly. Adalon went and refilled the large, half empty tub. Steam still rose from the water but it lessened considerably when Adalon used the ice breath silver dragons were known for on the water for a second. She then turned to Rosall and smiled.

“It seems your charges were eager to give us a bath as well.” Adalon laughed hintingly.

“Indeed.” Rosall laughed back. “Well, we’re wet now and we can’t stay in these clothes so we may as well bathe with them since the tub has plenty of room.”
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Rico and Cole looked at each other with looks that plainly said, “Uh-oh!” They turned away and covered their eyes when they saw Adalon and Rosall begin to strip off their clothes. They heard chuckling behind them and felt the dragons pick them both up. Rosall and Adalon then stepped into the tub and sat down with a sigh of pleasure. Rico and Cole were glad that the water wasn’t too hot anymore but they both were uncomfortable being in the tub with Rosall and Adalon.

“I’m glad you have a tub the size of a hot tub Rosall.” Adalon said. “I don’t know why, but I just like being in a large tub of water when I bathe.”

“It’s just easier to relax in.” Rosall said. “There’s much more room to spread out, although it doesn’t seem like Rico and Cole are enjoying this too much. What’s wrong boys?”

Cole and Rico just kept there eyes shut. They didn’t want to see anything. They may have been sixteen mentally, but the orphanage they came from was boys only and they felt awkward around Rosall and Adalon. Adalon could feel this and laughed. She passed that tidbit on to Rosall and she laughed as well.

“You don’t have to feel so awkward boys.” Rosall said reaching for some shampoo and squirting it onto her hands. “Mothers do this for their babies a lot in this world. Brings forth some natural instinct apparently.”

Cole felt some of the old resistance return at that. Adalon felt it as well and shook her head.

“Bad choice of words Rosall.” Adalon said as she scrubbed shampoo into Rico’s fur. “Cole still isn’t completely open to being treated like a baby. Rico is at least curious about it and already likes some of the aspects, but Cole still isn’t ready to take that step. Besides, he chose to be a toddler, not an infant.”

“Mothers still do this with toddlers.” Rosall argued as she scrubbed the still tight-eyed Cole. “I can remember you doing it for me when I was eight even.”

“If you’d remember correctly,” Adalon said, to Rico and Cole’s astonishment. “That was when I treated you like a baby to try and get you to settle down. You were way too feisty as a child, even for a pseudo dragon.”

Cole and Rico giggled at that. Cole decided to try and relax. He spluttered and coughed when he felt water splash his face and he opened his eyes. He looked at Rico and Adalon and saw them both laughing at him. He splashed them and Rosall began laughing. Cole was splashed back by Rico and Cole got ready to splash them when he got splashed again by Rosall. Cole realized it was Rosall who used her tail to splash him in the first place and glared up at her.

“You were falling asleep on me.” Rosall explained. “It was better to splash you instead of dunking you.”

“So what was the second splash for?” Cole asked sternly.

“For making Rico splash the both of us.” Rosall said sticking her tongue out at him.

Eventually the bath was finished and everyone was dried off. Rosall and Adalon swaddled Rico and Cole in a towel and brought them back into Cole’s room. They were swiftly rediapered and set onto the floor. Rosall opened up the drawers and started taking out a few different articles of clothing. She let the kids choose what they wanted to wear and helped them into their clothes. Cole chose a plain green onesie and shorts while Rico decided to just wear a plain blue t-shirt and nothing else.

“If we go somewhere else today you’ll have to put something else on okay?” Rosall asked.

“Okay Rosall.” Rico said happily crinkling as his tail swished from side to side.

Adalon chuckled and said, “I’ve got to go now. I’ll finish patching up Cole’s sleeper and bring it back. All it needs is the seam of the zipper sewed back and it’ll be good as new. I have another errand to run as well so I’ll be back later.”

“See you later then Aunt Adalon.” Rico said hugging her leg before she orbed away.

Rosall smiled and picked the both of them up and orbed downstairs. She set them both down in front of a cabinet and opened it up to reveal hundreds of movies.

“Take your pick boys.” Rosall said. “We’ve got movies from many worlds so there’s plenty to choose from.”

Rico and Cole both looked around and eventually decided on something familiar. Rosall smiled at their selection and put in Pete’s dragon for them. Rosall went into the kitchen while they watched it and thought how ironic it was that Cole would choose that one when it was somewhat similar to his own situation. A dragon rescuing a boy from a terrible home and helping him until he settled in. Rosall cried at the thought of how it ended when the dragon had to leave to help someone else. It was reversed in her case because it would be Cole who left to a new family while she was assigned a new charge to take care of. She may even lose Rico if he decided to stay as a toddler instead of training him for another couple of years. Rosall sighed unhappily and decided she would make the most of the time she had with them. She started to think of things to do that day to make it as fun as possible.
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I figured I'd just go ahead and post the rest of this so here comes the last of Odd Happenings!

Chapter 6

When the movie was over, Rosall came out into the living room and told the boys her plans for the day. They would first be going out for lunch and then to a park. Afterward they would head to the mall and would explore there for a while and see a movie after dinner. Both Cole and Rico turned to each other excitedly and then hugged Rosall. Rosall hugged them back and orbed them up to Cole’s room and firstly got a pair of shorts for Rico. Then she packed a diaper bag and slung it over her shoulder before taking both their hands and orbing them to a burger joint for lunch.

Rosall ordered them both chicken nuggets while getting herself a cheeseburger. The otter asked Rosall if she wanted their drinks in anything for them and Rosall smirked before asking her to fill a couple bottles she had packed. Cole whined a bit at seeing them but Rico just wondered what it was going to be like drinking from a bottle again after over a decade. Rosall took the number they were given and walked Rico and Cole over to a table. The two clambered up into the chairs, with Rico showing off his diaper to all who happened to look, and sat down. Their heads were barely above the table so Rosall told them to wait at the table while she went to get something for them. Cole kicked his feet against the legs of the chair and looked over at Rico.

“I really don’t get what you see in being treated like a baby.” Cole said.

“Some of it is fun.” Rico grunted.

“Are you okay?” Cole asked seeing Rico wince.

“I think I’m about to experience one of the more unpleasant parts of this.” Rico said in a strained voice.

Cole wondered what he meant until he felt a familiar pinch in his nether regions. He clutched his stomach and tried to hold back what he knew was inevitable and then there were two muffled farts as both Rico and Cole messed their diapers. Because they were both sitting down, the mess spread around and Cole whimpered while Rico made the mistake of shifting uncomfortably in his diaper. Rosall came back with two highchairs and smelled what had happened. She staggered backward dramatically after giving an exaggerated sniff in an attempt to make her charges laugh but only served to make them feel worse. Rosall shook her head and picked them both up and carried them to the bathrooms. Rico and Cole both groaned when they saw Rosall carrying them into the women’s room but relaxed when they saw it was made for only one person at a time. Rosall set them both on the floor and then locked the door. She then went over to the changing table, opened it up and set a sheet down. Cole signaled that Rico could go first this time since it was his first time having this happen and received a hug from Rico and an approving nod from Rosall.

“Hold your breath boys!” Rosall said. “These may be those eggs you ate!”

Rosall lifted Rico onto the table and set him down with a squish. Rico winced at the disgusting feeling and whimpered as Rosall helped him lay down. Rosall removed his shorts and then gingerly untapped the diaper. When she opened it up, all three of the room’s occupants gagged and Rosall sped up her work. It took a bit but Rico was finally cleaned up and in a fresh diaper, smelling and feeling considerably better. Rosall then did the same with Cole and put both of the diapers in the trash bin before helping both cubs wash their hands and then her own. They walked out of the bathroom and laughed when they heard a lady that rushed in gag at the smell hanging in the room. When they got back to the table, they found their food just arriving. Rosall lifted them both into their high chairs and Cole now didn’t care that he had to sit in one and use a bottle because he saw the chicken Rosall had ordered him. He ate the chicken as rapidly as he could and Rosall laughed at Rico’s astonished expression.

“Foxes seem to have a strong like of chicken.” Rosall explained. “Some traits of the creature we become are given to us. Pseudo dragons are playful, tricky and cute just like me.” She stopped for a moment as both Rico and Cole snorted with laughter. “And Cole received one trait of the fox. An addiction to chicken. I’m glad he didn’t get the mischievous or sly side of the fox. I don’t think I have the same amount of patience Adalon needed for me to take care of a child like that.”

When lunch was finished, they left the restraint and walked to a park. Cole was surprised when he looked up and saw stars in the sky. Rico saw the look and nudged Rosall to point it out to her. Rosall chuckled and lifted Cole up and set him on one hip while Rico climbed onto the other.

“Why did we just eat lunch if it’s night?” Cole asked.

“It’s always nighttime here Cole.” Rosall answered. “You see, the world we live in is kind of weird. I don’t fully understand it myself but from my understanding, it is made up of eight cities in separate pocket dimensions that are connected by this central city. This central city is the City of Eternal Starlight or Star City for short.”

They continued walking for a bit until they reached a clearing in a small forest. Rosall carried Cole through the whole way and when she stopped he asked why they had.

“Because we’ve arrived at the park.” Rosall said setting him down.

Cole looked and saw a playground that dwarfed anything he’d seen back on earth. Cole felt childish excitement building and couldn’t fight the urge to run right for a set of monkey bars that led connected to the playground. Cole climbed a ladder to get up to them but he couldn’t reach the bars. Rosall came to his rescue and helped both him and Rico get up to them and made sure they didn’t fall the whole way across. Rosall smiled at the whooping cubs and went to sit on a bench to watch them while they played. She let them play for about an hour and then met them both at the bottom of a slide that ran for 50 feet. Both cubs were laughing excitedly and Rosall had to buy them both a scoop of gelato to convince them to leave without a fuss. Cole got a plain vanilla since he’d never had gelato before and Rico got himself a scoop of caramel. Rosall declined getting any since she had to make sure the duo didn’t get any of the rich ice cream onto their clothes. When they were finished and threw their cups away, Rosall carefully checked their diapers and while they were wet, they would be fine for awhile. Rosall then orbed them both to the largest mall Cole had ever seen. Rosall saw his awestruck look and tickled him lightly to get his attention.

“This mall is actually bigger than the Mall of America in your world.” Rosall said proudly.

“How much bigger?” Cole asked. “I’ve never been to the Mall of America before but I heard it was a full three levels with a fourth floor that had a few theatres in it.”

“This one is half as big again as that.” Rosall said. “Five floors and a theatre on top to make a sixth. The amusement park inside is about the same size though. Would you two rather ride a few rides, or would you like to walk around the mall for a bit before we go and see a movie?”

“Can we ride like one ride and then go shopping?” Rico asked.

“Who said anything about buying something?” Rosall asked laughing. “Sure we can. There’s only one store I want to buy something for you at though.”

“Okay!” Rico and Cole said happily.

They walked inside and Rosall bought three tickets for a ride. Fortunately the one she wanted to take them on would allow them both on. She checked the diaper bag in for the duration of the ride and then showed them what she’d chosen for them to ride. Cole’s eyes lit up excitedly while Rico gulped nervously. It was the log ride! The line was short so in a couple of minutes, they were seated on the log and ready to go. Rosall noticed that they both waddled to the log before they got in and could tell that one was wet from excitement, and the other was wet from nerves. Cole was sitting at the front of the log while Rico sat behind him, gripping the side bars tightly. Rosall sat right behind a divider and patted Rico comfortingly on the shoulder. Rico relaxed a bit until they turned a bend and started going up a small incline. The drop after was only a ten-foot one but both cubs gave different screams as they dropped. Cole was excited and Rico was still nervous. The screams ended abruptly when water cascaded over them and both cubs spit out some water. Rosall laughed and realized it may not have been the best idea to bring two children in diapers onto a ride they were going to get wet on. There were several quick bends that made Cole giggle excitedly and then they came to another nerve wracking climb. Rico whimpered and Rosall stroked his back soothingly with her long tail. Cole was already laughing before they reached the top and gave out another excited scream as they made a thirty foot drop this time. Rico kept his scream in this time and then laughed when the splash at the bottom not only got some spectators wet, but also Rosall behind him. Rosall shook her head and then laughed along with him. They next went down a few gentle curves and came to a dark tunnel. Rico was beginning to enjoy himself now but gave a small yelp when there was a bump before they started moving very quickly through the dark. It was Cole’s turn to whimper this time as they went through the tunnel and several unexpected turns, rises and falls. Rico was enjoying the ride now until there was another bump and an ominous cranking noise. They started rising and Rico saw an arch of light at the top. He started to whimper when he realized it was the big fall and Rosall rubbed his back again.

“Let’s be brave for this one.” Rosall said. “They’ll take our picture at the top so let’s stick our arms in the air and scream our heads off excitedly.”

Rico felt Rosall slip her tail into his hand and he squeezed it nervously. He felt much better and decided he would enjoy this last fall no matter what. When they finally reached the top, all three of them raised their hands into the air and screamed as they dropped down fifty feet and ended in a colossal splash. All three of them were drenched from head to toe, and were laughing uproariously as they got off the log when it came to a stop. They walked into a small gift shop for the ride and located their picture on the screens. Rosall laughed at how cute they looked and bought a few copies. She picked up the diaper bag and brought them into a changing room that the shop had thoughtfully provided. It was equipped with powerful wall driers that Rosall stood under for a few moments before coming out completely dried off. She then turned to her charges and smiled.

“Okay kids; let’s get your clothes off so we can dry you both.” Rosall said.

She stripped them both down and set their clothes under the drier while she set them both on a bench that was in the room. She untapped their diapers (which were drooping down to their knees with all of the water they had absorbed and then pulled out two very thick night diapers.

“But it’s not even dinner time yet!” Rico protested.

“I know honey.” Rosall said. “But this way we’ll only have to change you once before the movie begins and then we have another so you can sit through the whole movie in another one.”

Rico thought about it for a moment and then nodded approvingly. Rosall put them both under the wall drier and had to grab hold of them with her tail to keep them from being blown off their feet. When they were both dry (and very fluffy), Rosall put them both into a night diaper and considered double diapering them so they wouldn’t need to even change before the movie.
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PostSubject: Re: Odd Happenings (Complete)   Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:40 pm

“What would you guys say to being double diapered?” Rosall asked. “That way we won’t have to stop for a single change until we get home tonight.”

Rico nodded at the idea and Cole just shrugged his shoulders in a way of saying, “Whatever.” Rosall smiled and then used her sting to carefully cut a few holes in the diapers they were currently wearing. She then pulled out two more night diapers and taped them into place on them both. When she went over to the now dried and very warm clothes, she looked at the shorts doubtfully. She decided to have Rico stand up and helped him pull his shorts on. As she thought, the shorts were stuck halfway up the diaper and Rosall laughed.

“Well boys, you won’t be wearing your shorts tonight.” She said chuckling. “It’s a good thing I bought something else for you to wear.”

Rosall put all of the boys’ clothes into the diaper bag and then pulled out two sleepers. One was black and the other was Rico’s red one. She helped them both into them and all three of them sighed with relief when they zipped past the diapers. There was a considerable bulge though that made it obvious to anyone with any diaper experience that they were diapered. Rosall helped them onto the floor and slung the bag back onto her shoulder. She took both of their hands and laughed when she began to walk when both boys struggled to even waddle. She picked them both up and held them on her hip with her tail wrapping them to her and her wings to steady them. She kept her arms around them unless she had to use them to open a door and walked over to customer service. She rented a double stroller (to Cole’s groans) and put them both inside next to each other. She set the diaper bag in the basket and then brought them to the store she wanted to bring them to first. Cole was surprised to see it was a Build-A-Bear Workshop.

“We have a bunch of cool stores from other worlds.” Rosall said seeing Cole’s surprise. “We just make a few improvements every here and there. If you’ve ever been inside one of these before, you’ll find the one you were in to be pretty bland compared to what you’re about to see.”

Rosall was right. Cole looked around bright eyed at all of the selection available. He’d never been in one before but he was certain they didn’t have this many different outfits or animals to choose from. Both boys squealed with joy when Rosall told them they could each make one animal and have one outfit for them. She let them both out of the stroller and they ran over to the animals. Cole blushed when a bunch of cute vixens awed at him and turned to Rico when they reached the animals.

“I think I may have just found something good about being this young.” Cole said.

“Took you that long to find something?” Rico laughed.

“Hey! I just don’t like some of the same things you do.” Cole snapped. “Anyway, we’re adorable and definitely attract the ladies’ attention. Just too bad we can’t ask them out.”

“I thought we didn’t like girls.” Rico said remembering the bath.

Cole knew what he was thinking and said, “We don’t like them that much, but a date is another story. I wouldn’t mind going out to eat with one and having a party or something.”

“Don’t tell Rosall that.” Rico laughed. “Knowing her she might set something up. I can see two possibilities but Rosall can probably find a third. She may have a babysitter take us out to eat and have a slumber party or set us up on a play date with someone ‘our own age’.”

Cole laughed nervously and then went about choosing his animal. He finally settled on a raccoon and laughed when Rico came back with a fox. They went to get them filled and the attendant there awed at their selection. Rosall had been watching and smiled as well. When they were done getting them stuffed, they went and started looking for clothes for them. Rico managed to find diapers and smiled. He showed Cole and despite his better judgment (thinking of how Rosall might turn it to her advantage) he got one along with Rico. The put them onto their animals and then went looking for other clothes for them. They couldn’t find anything else that interested them until another attendant showed them a special type of shirt in the same section they found their diapers in. It was a onesie that had snaps on the inside that the boys could use to make their animals wear a t-shirt if they wanted to see the diapers on their animals instead of covering them with the onesie. They each selected one and put a blue one on the fox and a red one on the raccoon. They decided afterward that they were done and went to find Rosall so she could pay for them. They were paid for quickly and Rosall looked at the boys before she gave them their new plushies.

“Do you boys want me to orb these home or do you want to hold onto them?” Rosall asked.

“We’ll hold them!” The boys answered excitedly to the awes of many surrounding shoppers.

Rosall smiled and put both boys back into the stroller before she handed them the wrong plushies. Cole and Rico swapped and Rosall laughed at how cute they looked. She checked her watch and realized it was almost dinner time and got an idea. She pushed the boys out into the mall and to an elevator. When she got inside, Rico asked if he could push the button sweetly and Rosall lifted him to push it. She was about to tell him what button to push when Rico excitedly pushed all six of them. Rosall rolled her eyes and laughed as she put Rico back in the stroller. She waited as they stopped on each floor and finally got off on the sixth floor.

“We’re going to see two movies tonight boys.” Rosall said. “We’ll have dinner in the theatre since they’ll bring you pizza or hotdogs in this one. Since we’ll have enough time, we’ll see a second one and then it’s off to home and bedtime.”

“Fair enough.” Cole said happily. Rico agreed and then Rosall pushed them up to see what movies were showing from their world. They settled on two that Rosall only agreed to so they wouldn’t have to switch theatres. One was Escape to Witch Mountain with the Rock and the other was an older (both age wise and how long it had been out) comedy, Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler. Cole was surprised they were showing it in a theatre and Rico explained that they did some of the older movies each day just to give movie goers something random each day. Rosall paid for her ticket and laughed when she got both Cole and Rico in for free. She tried to correct the mistake but the admissions lady told her to forget about it.

“They’re cute enough to pass for under three.” The lady explained. “At least to me. I recommend you give them a bottle or a paci to complete the illusion for the rat in there who is a real stickler for ages. Nobody else working here, even the owner, cares if two cuties get in for free.”

Rosall laughed and then walked inside, taking the lady’s advice and pulling out two pacis. Rico sucked on his but Cole sat there grumbling with it in his mouth until he accidentally sucked it once. He felt something and began sucking some more and felt relaxed. Rosall chuckled at how much younger and cuter the two looked walked up to the counter. She ordered a small cheese pizza for them and asked to get their drinks in the bottles Rosall had packed. Rosall paid for it and was given a slip that would let the delivery boy know who to give the pizza to. Rosall was then about to take the two out of the stroller and leave it in a holding area but she was told by the cashier she could bring the stroller in if she wanted. She’d just have to sit next to a handicapped seating for wheelchairs. Rosall thanked the cashier and then gave the tickets to the rat blocking the entrance to the theatres. The rat gave the two boys a glance when he saw the tickets but let Rosall through. Rosall walked them into the theatre and found that the seating she needed gave the boys the best seat in the house. Rosall grabbed something from the bag and pulled out a baby blue blanket. Rico and Cole looked at it when Rosall spread it over them and they felt how warm it was. Rosall tucked it around them and their plushies, leaving their arms free and then waited while the previews began. The pizza came during the first one showing the sixth Harry Potter movie was coming soon. The delivery boy also handed Rosall a few paper plates and offered a couple bibs to her as well. Rosall thanked the boy and gave him a tip before putting the bibs on the boys and placing the plates on the blanket in front of them. She then gave them both a slice of the pizza while they watched a preview for the third Pokémon Diamond and Pearl movie. The movie finally started and the boys paid rapt attention to it. They jumped at a few of the scarier moments in the story but always laughed about it. When the movie was over, Rosall lifted the blanket and checked their diapers while they guzzled down the last of the soda in their bottles. The soda had done a number on their diapers but they could withstand another movie. Rosall then looked the boys in the eye seriously.

“I’m going to go and get some popcorn for us.” Rosall said. “If anyone tries to kidnap you, I want you both to call for me and I’ll be here in two snaps of my tail to save you. Understand?”

Rico and Cole both nodded and then Rosall walked out of the theatre, leaving them both to watch more previews of coming movies. Cole began wondering why they shouldn’t just use their powers to get away and voiced the thought to Rico.

“She’d have to track us down then and she’d be too emotionally distraught to get any accurate reads on where we are.” Rico explained. “Besides, two snaps of Rosall’s tail is less time than it would take for us to use our power. She can whip that thing faster than even one of those Andalites from the Animorphs. Plus we really wouldn’t have to worry about too many people trying to take us, just furrs with too strong of a parental instinct to resist taking a couple of cuties like us.”

Rosall orbed back in with popcorn and refilled bottles for the both of them. She took a couple small bags she was holding next to the bucket of popcorn and filled them with popcorn from that bucket. When the movie started, Rosall handed them both a bag each and started munching on the popcorn that was left. Rosall wasn’t sure whether she approved of the boys watching Happy Gilmore or not since mentally they were sixteen, but their new forms spoke otherwise. She looked at them when they laughed at Happy Gilmore’s first shots with a golf ball and realized they weren’t the type to take some of the things in the movie seriously. She relaxed and enjoyed the movie after that. When it was over, she saw the empty bottles of soda hanging out of the sleeping cubs’ mouths. Rosall smiled and replaced the bottles with pacis without even waking them up. She then orbed over to customer service and got an awe when the lady at the desk saw the sleeping duo. Rosall chuckled and got her deposit back before lifting the cubs out of the stroller and wrapping them both in the blanket. She felt them shift a bit and saw they had snuggled closer together. Rosall smiled even more and orbed home. She made sure she checked their diapers and changed them both before she put them in the crib together. Rico woke up during the change and smiled up at Rosall.

“So does this mean you’d like to remain like this?” Rosall asked.

Rico just nodded sleepily, a smile behind his paci and fell asleep again. Rosall smiled and set him in the crib with Cole and watched as they snuggled closer together again as she tucked them in with the blanket that she remembered Adalon had given her so long ago. Rosall then orbed tiredly to her own bed and cried at a sudden thought. Now that Rico had chosen to remain a toddler and Cole had finally begun to accept his new life, they were both up for adoption now. Rosall cried herself to sleep and didn’t wake up when Adalon orbed in and placed an envelope on her bedside table, leaning against the alarm clock that would go off in the morning.
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Here's the last chapter. Pretty short cause it's just a closing.

Chapter 7

Cole woke up early the next morning felling very warm. He realized it was because he was under a very warm blanket and had a bundle of fur snuggling up next to him. Cole shimmered out of the position and into the rocking chair. He sat there and just thought about the recent events that started as odd happenings but became inner struggles. It almost seemed like a badly written version of the stories Rico had told him what seemed like a lifetime ago.

“If this is a story, what section is it now?” Cole said to himself.

“That depends on where you want to take it.” Rico muttered from the crib.

“Sorry if I woke you Rico.” Cole whispered.

A gentle breathing told Cole that Rico had fallen asleep once again. Cole chuckled quietly and then thought about what Rico said. Where did he want to take the story? He thought about all that had happened to him in the past couple of days and compared it to his old life. He was much happier here definitely. Some of the aspects of his life now he didn’t like but he could live with. Some of the babyish aspects he actually liked if he was honest with himself. Then he thought about how many people he liked in his old life and realized the only one he really did was Rico and now he was here. He then thought about those in his new life and realized that he actually not only like some here, he actually loved them. He’d never known what a family was like since he was dropped off at the orphanage almost at birth, but he felt he could guess with those close to him now. Rico was like a brother and Adalon was like an aunt or a grandma to him. Then he thought about Rosall. She was so frustrating at the beginning and he had struggled with her for what seemed to him like days but was in actuality merely hours. Now he tried to think of how he felt about her and realized she was like one of those fun moms that deep down, Cole realized he’d always wanted. Cole thought about that and then realized that it wouldn’t stay that way for long. She was only a foster parent and he would be adopted by someone else. He realized that, by extension, Rico too would not be his brother. Cole tried to shake the thought from his mind but couldn’t and began to cry softly.


Rosall woke up feeling something wrong with Cole. She glanced at her clock but saw something blocking the time. It was an envelope addressed to her from Adalon. She grabbed it before orbing to Cole’s room and saw him crying in the rocking chair. She walked over and was surprised as she picked him up when he hugged her tightly and began to silently sob into her shoulder. Rosall sat down and began to rub his back with her tail as she rocked in the chair. She didn’t know what had upset Cole but she would wait until he was ready to tell her. In the meantime, she opened the envelope and took a look at the letter she found inside. What she saw made her smile and she hugged Cole to her gently.

“Now what’s the matter Cole?” Rosall asked. “What’s got you crying like this?”

“You got me crying like this.” Cole answered.

“What did I do this time?” Rosall asked laughing.

“It’s not what you did, but what you’re not going to do.” Cole answered.

“What am I not going to do?” Rosall asked.

“You’re not going to keep me.” Cole sobbed. “I realize now that I really did want all of this. But what I want most is something I can’t have. I want you to keep me. But you have to let me be adopted by someone else.”

“Maybe you should read this.” Rosall said showing him Adalon’s letter.

Cole looked at the letter and read it.

My dear Rosall,

I have come to the decision that I will come out of retirement and return to the organization. I made a condition with the bosses however for my return. It is that I must replace someone in the organization temporarily. I have decided that the one I will replace is you. The board agreed and you are placed as being on a vacation at the moment. Because you are no longer an active member of the organization, you are free to do something that I know you desire to do with all your heart. I have already filed the necessary paperwork for you. You are now the legal guardian of both Rico and Cole. My congratulations to all three of you.

With the greatest love,


Cole could hardly believe his eyes. Rosall waited for a reaction patiently, knowing this was a lot to take in for Cole. Cole turned to Rosall with a new look in his eyes and sobbed loudly with joy before hugging her tightly. Rico woke up and was given the news as well. He blinked right into Rosall’s arms and joined the hug. Cole felt like he’d finally found what he’ been looking for his whole life and sighed happily. He didn’t care when he felt his diaper expand at the back and grow warm at the front. Rosall just smiled and set the blissful kit on the dresser and changed him lovingly.

When she was done, Cole leaned up and gave Rosall a kiss on the cheek saying, “I love you mom.”

Rosall teared up and hugged her new kit to her as she whispered back with a small sob of joy, “I love you too Cole.”

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Odd Happenings (Complete)
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