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 Riolu shorts

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PostSubject: Riolu shorts   Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:56 pm

*Riolu sneaks across a dark stage*
*Anthony bumps into him*
Riolu: Ouch! Watch where you're going.
Anthony: Dude! Can't see.
Lucario:*walks in* What are you two doing on Lig's stage?
*Riolu and Anthony shuffle guiltily*
Riolu: We were just going to borrow it while he wasn't using it to announce something.
Nathaniel: *Walks in* And what would that be exactly?
Anthony: *turns to whoever may be watching* That soon Riolu will be posting story shorts ghere on this thread. We will also answer any fan mail that may come our way. Now let's get out of here before Ninetales catches us.
*Riolu, Anthony, Nathaniel and Lucario suddenly Physically regress*
Nathaniel: Too late!

*Curtain falls and ominous shape of Ninetales walks past it.*
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:27 pm

*giggle* Yay! I'll look forward to them! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:36 pm

Hehehe cools. And you guys feel free to use the stage while it's vacant. Hehe. ^^


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:55 am

Thanks Lig. Sorry for ripping that idea off of you without asking first. I'm thinking I'm also going to remove most of the stories I've already posted here. Doesn't look like many are reading the later ones in the Nathaniel stories. I can always direct people to them on FTT I guess. What do you guys think? As for these shorts, I'm thinking of starting a whole new branch to my story tree (although it may include some of my old characters). Once I get the first one done I may have more ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:48 pm

Don't delete your stories just because people haven't responded! I know I just haven't had the time to sit down and read them, but new stories are always welcome here! Looking forward to seeing more! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:55 pm

You convinced me Zee-Zee. I wont delete them. I'll have to update them later and get the other story I'm working on up.

Okay guys, let's see if I can give this a try. I'll give basic idea first along with some character list. Tell me if this would be a good idea or not.

Main characters:

Name: Nathaniel (Nate)
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Species: Winged Otter/Squirrel Hybrid
Description: Otter/Squirrel Hybrid. Tail is the standard rudder shape but bushy and prehisle like a squirrel's. Paws are the nimble climing paws of a squirrel but slightly shaped like the otters paws (excellent for climbing and swimming). His fur is the standard water resistant fur of an otter with a chestnut brown color to it. He's taller than the average squirrel but shorter than the average otter. His head is a meld of both an otter and a squirrel. Still has feathered wings (waterproof) that can fold tightly to his body. Often wears simple solid color onesie and his diaper (although he usually puts on a pair of shorts when he goes outside).
Bio: Adopted by Skip and Zoe. Diapered due to hybrid defect. Doesn't remember much before Skip and Zoe but he knows they are not his parents. He looks to them more like older siblings than parents. Very friendly and eager to make friends but can be a bit of a show-off. Doesn't let it bother him that he's incontinent but can also appreciate other cubs efforts to become potty trained. Has the ability to transform into a Riolu at will. Likes swimming, climbing, and flying for physical activity and is very good at all three. He also likes movies, tv, video games (like most little boys) and enjoys reading with his big brother Skip. Likes to show off with reading some books a few years above his age level (although he reads it with a little difficulty (books like Dr. Seuss give him no trouble)). Is also strong enough to carry someone about his size when flying.

Name: Skippa (Skip)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Otter furr
Description: Tall otter furr with chestnut brown fur and an infectious smile. Usually wears a plain colored onesie over his pull-up or diaper and loose fitting pants.
Bio: Very fun loving and all around nice guy. Acts younger most of the time simply because he has loads of energy to expend. Wears absorbant garnments due to a childhood illness. Only needs pull-ups but wears diapers sometimes out of convenience, or comfort. He also wears them when he age plays as Zoe's little cub and a brother around more Nate's age. This is often times amplified by Ninetales cursing him younger. He almost always is in a good mood and has a grin that can make just about anyone smile. He also has a frown that can break just as many hearts. He is never angry but can be dissapointed sometimes and that is the only time he ever frowns.

Name: Zoe
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Squirrel furr
Description: A gentle beauty of a squirrel fur with chestnut brown furr. Clothing is random. Sometimes jeans and a shirt, sometimes it's a dress.
Bio: Very caring and loving. Likes taking care of cubs (particularly her first one (Skip)). Almost always in a good mood, she is rarely ever cross. She is sometimes irritated when people argue and has a look that can put a halt to almost any fight. The only thing that can get her to break her look is Skip's infectious smile.

Name: Anthony
Age: 3 1/2
Gender: Male
Species: Eevee
Description: standard Eevee wearing a diaper
Bio: Came to Nathaniel a few days after he was adopted. The two formed an instant bond and have been the best of friends ever since. Had a fascination with diapers when he saw Nathaniel being changed once and has worn them ever since.

Name: Arcanine
Age: Unknown (old enough to be an experienced mother, young enough to keep up with her kids)
Gender: Female
Species: Arcanine
Description: Standard Arcanine with a look about her that just screams a mother with a comforting motherly feeling about her too to young cubs.
Bio: Very loving. Arcanine was what some consider to be a pet for Skip and Zoe (she will usually correct anyone who thinks this). She took an instant liking to both Nathaniel and Anthony and loves them as if they were her own pups. She always seems to be lactating and will feed any cub who is hungry.

Name: Ninetales
Age: ???? (seems young and very active but her wisdom seems to speak otherwise)
Gender: Female
Species: Ninetales
Description: Standard Ninetales but with a maternal feel about her plus a look in her eye that speaks of the wisdom of centuries (if not a millenium)
Bio: Ninetales followed Nate home when Skip and Zoe adopted him. She had an irresistable atraction to him and now acts as a sort of aunt to him. She is very loving and protective (only when something threatens them) of those she looks at as her kits (Nathaniel and Anthony). She is friendly to others and tolerant of others touching her tails for the most part although she hates it when they are pulled (mainly because it causes an involuntary release of one of her nine curses). She holds nine different curses and sometimes likes to tease others by applying one at random moments (Skip is often targeted by physical regression). Her curses include:
Physical Regression: easy enough to figure out (anywhere between 6 months to 5 years)
Mental Regression: Simply makes the recipient act and sound younger. They are aware of the change and remember it after the curse is lifted.
Loss of Bladder Control: Self explanatory
Loss of Bowell Control: Self explanatory
Loss of Muscle Control: not full loss but muscles are weakened considerably. Crawling is the most efficient mode of transportation.
Form Control: Mainly for pokemon, Ninetales can revert a pokemon to a previous evolutionary stage. She can also turn furrs and humans into their inner pokemon.
Ability Loss: Ninetales can remove the attacks and abilities from someone, including things like magic and psionics.
Tickle Curse: Doesn't actually tickle but makes the recipient extremely ticklish.
Sleep Curse: makes the recipient more easily tired and can make them sleep longer.

Costar: Zee-Zee

Main Idea: Nate is moving into a new neighborhood and is looking forward to making new friends. This one may actually be a full length thing just to set up for further stories and also for anyone who may want to add my new fursona to their stories. I'd like to finish this one before anyone adds me though.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:50 pm

totally looking forward to the stories dude. And i thinkif you maybe just tried posting your stories one part at a time you might have more suscess. Just my opinion though.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:09 am

Thanks Raikan! I finished the first short over the weekend and should have it posted by the end of the day, or at least part of it. I'll have to post something asking where everyone is on my stories so I know how quickly or slowly to post the rest of my chapters.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:37 pm

Here comes the first installment guys. I hope you all like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'd like to thank Zee-Zee for agreeing to let me put him in this one. I hope I don't let him down and get the clever rodent right. If I don't, I apologize to my favorite big squirrel.

Nathaniel Moves In
By, Riolu

Nathaniel woke up when he felt a bump. He looked around and besides the fur that surrounded him from the three pokemon clustered around him, he saw Zoe in the driver's seat and Skip looking back at him in the mirror from the passenger seat. Skip widened his contagious grin and laughed a bit.

"Did you have a nice sleep buddy?" he asked.

"Uh-huh." Nathaniel yawned.

"Good." Skip said. "We'll be at the new house soon. It looks like there are going to be plenty of playmates for you in this neighborhood. We just saw a family of squirrels a minute ago. They had a little boy who looks pretty nice."

"I'll have to keep a look out for him when I stretch my wings." Nathaniel said as he started to pet the still sleeping Anthony.

"Do you need a change when we get there?" Skip asked.

"Don't I always when I sleep for more than a couple hours?" Nathaniel asked in response.

"You sure do." Skip laughed. "Good thing you wear diapers because pull-ups would mean Niagra Falls for you."

"Skippa!" Zoe said laughing. "Don't tease him too much now. You don't have much room to talk."

Skip laughed and looked out the windshield. "There it is! Home sweet home." He said excitedly.

Nathaniel looked and saw what looked to be more yard than house. It was a little thing but had a cozy feel to it. Zoe pulled the van into the driveway and parked it. She got out with Skip and went around to the back. As soon as Zoe opened the back, Arcanine leaped out and stretched like a cat while Ninetales waited to help Nathaniel down (since he was carrying the still sleeping Anthony) before she too stretched her legs. Anthony woke up when Nathaniel stepped onto the ground so Nathaniel set him down and let him stretch before looking at the house.

"Well what do you think Nate?" Skip asked.

"It looks nice." he answered. "Kind of a big yard though."

"It'll give the pokemon plenty of room to run around." Skip said. "Plus the backyard is bigger. We had a few things set up before we came and since the house is already unpacked for us, we can go right ahead to check it out."

"Can I just fly over the house and see it?" Nate asked.

"I'd rather be there when you go out there." Skip answered.

"Consider it done." Ninetales said touching Skip with one of her tails. There was a flash of light and Skip stood no taller than Nate. "Now he can fly over with you to see."

Skip laughed and Nathaniel grabbed hold of his hands before taking flight and sailing over the house. He nearly dropped Skip in surprise when he saw the backyard. It was bigger than the house and the front lawn combined! But the size wasn't what made Nate's eyes light up with joy. It was all of the trees, plus a small field in case any of the pokemon wanted to spar, and a swimming pool!

"YAHOO!" Nate shouted as he dove for the ground. He dropped Skip when he was a few inches above the ground and dove straight into the pool. Heˇ cut the water like a shark and zoomed upward before he hit the bottom of the 18 foot deep end and splashed up out of the water like a dolphin before splashing back in again. He used his bushy rudder to propel himself to the shallows and was surprised when Skip did a cannon ball right beside him. They both came up to the surface laughing and started splashing each other playfully. Nate had the upper hand with the extra apendages of his wings and soon Skip fled for the deep end. Normally Skip could easily outswim Nate, but when he was smaller (as he was now), Nate could keep up with him. They both leaped out of the water at the deep end of the pool and slid to a halt on the grass. They both shook themselves as dry as they could and laughed at each other when they saw not only the sopping clothes, but how much their diapers had clearly bulged.

"Let's go and change." Skip laughed. "You can play in the trees later if you like."

"Okay Skip." Nathaniel said with a grin that almost matched his.

They both waddled inside the back door and into the kitchen/dinning room. Zoe laughed when she saw them.

"I'm glad I had you wear a diaper for that long car ride Skip." she said still laughing. "I had no idea you would wet yourself that much."

"Most of it is from the pool." Skip said sticking his tongue out at her playfully.

"You must have dropped the water level half a foot between the two of you." Zoe teased. "Take those wet clothes off so we don't get the rest of the house wet. May as well throw away your diapers while we're at it."

Nate and Skip nodded and pulled off their pants first. Their diapers had soaked up so much water that they had undone the snaps of their onesies so they just pulled them off as well. Zoe hung the wet clothes out on a laundry line outside and sprayed them with a hose before she let them just hang there. She walked back inside and found the two young otters fumbling with the tapes of their diapers. Zoe held a paw over her mouth when they finally got them undone and they fell to the floor with a loud wet plop. She picked them both up and tossed them in a garbage can before she sent the grinning duo outside to shake off once before they walked through the house. Thanks to their water resistant fur, the two were almost completely dry when they came back inside.

"Hey Zoe? Why did you hose our clothes down if you wanted them to dry off?" Nate asked.

"That pool is a salt water pool and I didn't want the clothes to get crusty when they dried." Zoe explained as she picked them both up.

"That's cool that it's a salt water pool." Nate said. "I don't know why but it just feels so much nicer than chlorinated water."

Zoe smiled at how much Nate had already grown to like the new home and carried him and Skip into the livingroom and up a flight of stairs. She took them both into the bathroom just at the top of the landing and set them both on the large counter.

"Since you're still this small Skip I'm going to stick you in another diaper." Zoe said. "Unless you want to grow up again and help me with the last couple of boxes. It doesn't matter to me either way."

"I'll grow up again and get into a pull-up please." Skip said. "I'm not going to leave you to do all the work."

Zoe smiled and pulled the crest on a chain that Ninetales had given her out of her white t-shirt and pressed the 9-Tail Crest against Skip. There was another flash and Skip was his old size again. Nathaniel slapped a hand over his eyes since Skip was in his birthday suit and he felt a little weird being around Skip when he was both naked and older than him. When he was the same age he didn't mind but it just struck him as odd to see a grownup completely naked. He heard a rustling as Zoe pulled out a fresh pull-up from one of the drawers beneath Skip and another rustle as Skip slid it up his legs. One Nate heard the velcro-like tail hole tape being fastened he looked again. Now that Skip had something on he felt much more comfortable.

"You go get a pair of pants on at least." Zoe said giving Skip a light swat with her bushy tail. "If someone comes over at least you'll have more than just an absorbant pair of underwear on."

Skip chuckled at the thought and walked out and down the hallway. He took one turn and was out of sight. Zoe shook her head at him and then laid Nathaniel down on the counter. She pulled out a diaper and laid it underneath him before she pulled out a bottle of oil. Nathaniel's eyes lit up when he saw it and he went completely still with anticipation. Zoe squirted a bit onto her paws and began rubbing it into Nathaniel's diaper area. Nathaniel gave a contented sigh and actually began purring somehow. Zoe shook her head in and wondered once more how he managed to purr. Nathaniel didn't know for sure but Skip said he may actually have a bit of dragon blood in him and some of them could actually purr. When Zoe finished, she taped up his diaper and picked him up again.

"Let's go get you some clothes on." Zoe said. "We don't want the whole world to see your diaper when you go flying around now do we? We'd better find Anthony and see if he needs a change too."

Nathaniel giggled and Zoe carried him down the same way Skip went, walking past a room with a computer desk and many books inside it along the way. They saw Skip in the master bedroom contemplating whether or not to add a onesie to his current atire of a pull-up underneath a pair of sky blue pants. Zoe shook her head and stiffled a laugh when Skip flexed a muscle in a mirror and opened the door straight across from the room. There were a couple boxes still unopened inside but the furniture for Nathaniel's room was already set up. In one corner was a big bed that could convert to a crib that could even close at the top. In another was a dresser that combined into a changing table, currently occupied by Anthony who was getting a diaper change finished up by Ninetales.

"So that's where you went Anthony." Zoe said chuckling as she brought Nathaniel over to the dresser.

"I thought I'd spare you the trouble while you took care of the cubs." Ninetales said as she helped Anthony off the dresser. "Anthony really needed the change too. The poor kit was soaked."

"Was not!" Anthony protested. "I was just wet enough for a change."

"Sounds like you still need a nap." Ninetales laughed.

"Do not!" Anthony protested again.

"How about now?" Ninetales asked as she pressed a glowing tail to his forehead. Anthony yawned and rolled over onto his side and was snoring softly in a matter of seconds.

"I thought you couldn't put anyone to sleep with that one." Nate said.

"If they're already tired enough I can." Ninetales explained. "I can also make those already sleeping sleep deeper and longer."

"How often have you done that to me?" Nate asked suspiciously.

"Only when you really needed the rest." Ninetlaes answered as she picked Anthony up and deposited him on the bed. "Remember those couple times you had a cold? I did it then to give your body a boost. If you remember, the cold was gone within an hour of waking up or before you woke up every time. You have fun flying around. I'm going to go and relax in the sun with Arcanine."

"How is it you both knew I was going to go flying?" Nathaniel asked.

"We know you well enough by now." Zoe answered tickling him a bit.

"Hehe! Stopit!" Nate laughed.

Zoe and Ninetales both laughed. Ninetales walked out of the room as Zoe sat Nate on the top of the dresser. She opened a couple of the drawers and pulled out a plain white onesie and a pair of black shorts. Nathaniel stuck his arms in the air and Zoe slid the onesie on him. Nathaniel stood up on the dresser and while Zoe slid his tail through the back of the onesie, he snapped it into place over his diaper. He then stepped into the shorts one leg at a time and let Zoe pull them up over his onesie. Zoe then helped him down onto the floor and gave him a light swat to the rear with her bushy tail and Nathaniel took off. He leaped down the stairs and used his wings as a sort of parachute and then shot out the front door. Nathaniel waved once to Arcanine and Ninetales, who were laying on the grass beneath a tree, and leaped for the sky. It didn't take long for him to get airborne and he purred once again as the wind whistled through his fur. He looked down and saw the all of the houses below and decided he'd try to get to know the lay of the land better. Maybe he'd see that family of squirrels while he was at it. He felt something wierd in his pocket as he flew higher and grabbed a small card from it. It took him a little bit to read it but when he was done he realized it was his adress and phone number along with a note from Zoe.

~If you get lost Nate, find an officer or maybe someone who looks friendly and has kids and ask if they can help you find our house or call us. Zoe
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:37 pm

"How did she get this in my pocket without me knowing it?" Nathaniel wondered as he slipped the note card back in his pocket. He felt another nice breeze and felt the joy of flight surge through him. He flew even higher and then did an abrubt dive, letting the thrill of the speed rush through him before he swung higher into the air and did a loop. He finished up with a few spins before going back to the task at hand. He looked around for a bit and saw his house, only recognizable by the fact that Arcanine had set the tree on fire when one of Ninetales's tails made her sneeze. Skip was busy putting out the flames and waved at Nathaniel when he was done. The tree didn't look too bad, just bare of half its leaves. Nathaniel chuckled and did a few more tricks in the sky again and looked around once more. He got the feeling he was being watched and saw a young squirrel looking up at him with wide eyes from a tree in a backyard. Nathaniel smiled and did a few more tricks for the squirrel's entertainment before he swooped in for a landing. He over shot the landing and triped as his feet hit the ground. He heard the squirrel gasp just before he did a roll that Skip taught him and stood back up on his feet.

"Tadaa!" Nate said turning to look at the squirrel.

"WOW!" he said as he climbed down the tree. "That was cool!"

"Thanks." Nathaniel said bowing for effect. "I'm Nate. What's your name?"

"My name's Zee-Zee!" The little squirrel answered.

"Z Z?" Nate asked.

"No." Zee-Zee laughed. "Zee-Zee."

"Nice to meet you Zee-Zee." Nate said offering his paw to him. Zee-Zee politely shook Nate's hand while Nate took a better look at him. Nate was almost a head taller than him so he guessed he was older. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with an magnifying glass on it with the word clever written on it. Judging by the slightest bulge Nathaniel had learned to recognize, he was wearing trainers. He was also wearing a pair of glasses that made him look really clever for his age. Nathaniel already felt like he liked him so he decided to joke a bit.

"So do you live in that tree you came down from?" Nate asked.

"No silly!" Zee-Zee laughed. "I live in my house. I was just climbing the tree. Where do you live?"

Nathaniel looked around a bit and pointed to the thin trail of smoke in the sky, "Right near that smoke over there. The tree in my front yard caught fire but Skip put it out."

"Who's Skip?" Zee-Zee asked. "Your big brother?"

"Kinda." Nate answered. "He and Zoe adopted me cause I don't have a mama or a papa. I was told they'd be my new mommy and daddy but I never felt like calling them that. They felt more like an older brother and sister to me."

"Why don't you have parents?" Zee-Zee asked.

"I don't know really." Nate said. "Skip and Zoe told me the orphanage never knew either. I don't remember much about the orphanage. We just moved in over there."

"You're really good at flying." Zee-Zee said. "Wish I had wings. What's it like to be a flying squirrel?"

"I'm not a flying squirrel!" Nate laughed jokingly. "They have a flap of skin that let's them glide. If you want to know what it's like to fly, I can show you better than I can tell you. I can fly you around your yard if you'd like."

"Really?" Zee-Zee asked excitedly.

"Sure." Nate said happily. "Just ask whoever takes care of you first."

"Mama!" Zee-Zee shouted as he ran for the back door.

"What is it Zee-Zee?" a tall female squirrel asked as she opened the door. "Oh! Who is this?"

"This is Nate." Zee-Zee chattered excitedly. "He says if I ask you he can fly me around the yard. Can he mama? Please?"

"Can you really fly with those wings?" she asked Nate.

"That's how I got here." Nate said happily. "If you're worried about him falling, I wont fly too high. If I drop him he'll only fall a few feet. I have something at home that I can use to take others higher up with but it's probably still packed."

"Oh!" Zee-Zee's mom said in realization. "You must have been with that couple who passed by a few minutes ago. An otter and a squirrel."

"That's Skip and Zoe." Nate said nodding. "We moved in over by that smoke over there."

She looked over to where Nate was pointing and just barely saw the last remains of smoke floating into the sky.

"Was that your house on fire Nate?" she asked worriedly.

"Nah! Just the tree in the front yard." Nate answered. "Skip put it out though. So can I fly Zee-Zee around miss..."

"Just call me Zena." she said. "And as long as you don't go to high or crash into anything it's okay with me."

"YAY! Thanks mommy!" Zee-Zee squeeled as he ran over to Nate.

"I promise I wont fly him more than a foot higher over the fence Zena." Nate said happily. "Now stand with your back to me and stick your arms into the air Zee-Zee."

Zee-Zee did as he was instructed and bounced a bit with excitement. Zena got a wierd look on her face but said nothing and then Nate grabbed hold of Zee-Zee's hands as he jumped over them and took off with Zee-Zee. He went as high as he could without breaking his promise and flew around the yard. Zee-Zee laughed excitedly and waved his tail to someone watching from the window next door. Nathaniel flew around the yard three times before Zee-Zee started squirming a bit. Because he was afraid he might drop his new friend, Nate went in for a landing and let Zee-Zee down.

"You okay Zee-Zee?" Nate asked seeing a look of concentration on his face.

"I gotta go potty!" he squeaked. As he began shuffling towards the door, Zena scooped him up and ran over to the door. She was having a bit of trouble getting the door with the squirming squirrel in her arms so Nathaniel opened the door for her and followed her inside. They ran to a bathroom and Nate waited outside of it. Zena helped Zee-Zee get his shorts down and Zee-Zee almost ripped his pull-up in his haste to get them down so he could sit on the training potty. He sat down not a moment too soon. He sighed with relief as he filled the potty and gave a small grunt as he finished. He stood up and wiped himself off before he started to pull his trainers back up but saw that the stars on the front of them were blurred.

"Oh no." Zee-Zee whined. "Now what is Nate going to think."

"I think he'll understand." Zena said, knowing that Nate was wearing a diaper thanks to experience as a mother and sometimes babysitter. "It wasn't too bad of an accident. You almost completely made it honey. Even with my having trouble with the door."

"I don't mean to be nosey but I heard that." Nate said from around the doorway. "It's okay ZeeZee. I don't think any less of you for having an accident. When I flew for the first time I almost dragged myself to the ground because of the weight of the diaper I was wearing. I got too excited and flooded it."

"Really?" Zee-Zee asked brightening a bit.

"Really really!" Nate answered. "I'm sure you'll get it eventually. I think you're lucky. You have the choice on whether you are potty trained or not. I don't have the choice. I have to wear diapers 'cause I'm a hybrid and have a defect. I'm part otter, part squirrel."

"Oh." Zee-Zee said sympathetically as he pulled on a new pull-up. "I'm sorry you don't get to choose."

"I'm not." Nate said. "I actually like diapers but I know not everyone else does. If you want to be potty trained, then I say go for it."

Zena helped Zee-Zee get the back tape of the squirrel style pull-up (like Nathaniel's diaper, made for those with bushier tails that would be harder to get through an elastic hole) and then Zee-Zee pulled his own shorts back on. He came back out, considerably cheerier after his accident and smiled at Nathaniel. Zena did as well when she walked out after her son.

That's all I got sent so far! Should have the rest up later!
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:56 pm

Squeee! Thanks for writing me into the story, Riolu! I love it! ^.^

And I also love the family you've created - they're all very likeable and I'm sure there are going to be a whole lot of fun stories featuring them! *happy little bounce* Thanks again!

Clever big squirrel!

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*blushies* Aww! Thanks Zee-Zee! I'm simply ecstatic that you like it so far. Here's the rest of it!

"That was very nice of you Nate." Zena said. "It looks like my Zee-Zee isn't the only one who's clever for his age."

Nate smiled at them both and gave Zee-Zee a one armed hug and said, "Yep! We're both clever big squirrels. Right Zee-Zee?"

"Right!" Zee-Zee chirped in response.

"Nathaniel?" Zena asked. "Do you think Skip and Zoe would let you stay for dinner? You're welcome to if they say it's okay."

"That would be great." Nate answered pulling out the card. "Zoe slipped this into my pocket before I left. We can call and ask."

Zena took the card and looked at the phone number. "I'll dial it for you and then you can talk to whoever picks up."

Nate nodded and took the phone after Zena dialed the number. It wasn't long before he heard Skip's voice on the other end say, "Hello?"

"Hey Skip." Nate said. "Remember that family of squirrels you told me about? They saw us too. I'm calling from their house right now. Zena asked if I want to stay for dinner and said I should ask you. Is that okay?"

"Hold on a sec." Skip said. Nathaniel heard him talk to Zoe for a moment but couldn't hear what was said. "Is Zena the mother we saw?"

"Yep." Nate answered. "Her's son's name is Zee-Zee."

"Let me talk to her then." Skip said.

Nate handed the phone to Zena and she said, "Hello?"

"Hi Zena." Skip answered. "This is Skip. I'm Nathaniel's legal guardian. Nate can stay for dinner if that's okay with you."

"Of course he can." Zena said happily. "That's why I offered."

"Would you mind doing me a favor?" Skip asked.

"What do you need?" Zena asked.

"Would it be alright if Nathaniel spends the night at your place?" Skip asked. "We're still unpakcing his room over here and it's a little crowded at the moment."

"Sure." Zena said happily. "Our boys have already beome good friends so this could be nice for them."

"Thanks so much." Skip said. "I'm sure you probably know by now that Nate wears diapers. I'll send a diaper bag over for him. Do you know what an Arcanine looks like?"

"Our neighbor described one to me once." Zena answered. "Isn't it a large four legged dog with a mane and red fur with black stripes?"

"That would be it." Skip answered. "Do you mind taking care of his needs for tonight? I can send his Ninetales over if you want along with Arcanine. She's good at changing diapers."

"No, I'll be fine." Zena said. "I like taking care of kids. Arcanine doesn't need to stick around either if she doesn't want to."

"She might want to simply beacause Nathaniel is there but he might not want her around for his first sleepover." Skip said. "Thanks again Zena."

"No problem Skip." Zena answered. "Bye."

Skip hung up and Zena looked at Nathaniel with a smile. "Well dear," She said. "you'll be staying longer than dinner. Skip just asked me to have you spend the night here."

"Alright!" Nate whooped.

"YAY! A sleepover!" Zee-Zee hollered.

"He's sending Arcanine over with a bag for you Nate." Zena said. "Do you need a change now? I've got a few diapers left from when Zee-Zee used to wear them and they might just fit you. Or we could put you in one of his pull-ups until Arcanine shows up."

Nathaniel felt his diaper and concluded audibly that he was, "Fine until Arcanine shows up."

"Okay then honey." Zena said. "I'm going to call Zee-Zee's daddy and ask him to pick up something for dinner."

"What's daddy gonna get?" Zee-Zee asked excitedly.

"Something a lot of kids have at sleepovers." Zena answered. "How does pizza sound?"

"That sounds fantastic!" Nate said happily.

"Okay then." Zena said smiling again. "You two go play then or maybe put in a movie while I call him."

"Just one question." Nate said. "Do you have any rules as to how high I can climb that tree outside? I could watch for Arcanine to arrive from it if I can climb high enough."

"You can climb as high as Skip and Zoe trust you to climb then." Zena answered. "If that means to the top, then just be careful."

"Can I fly out to meet her if I see her?" Nate asked.

"Only to the front lawn." Zena answered chuckling. "Now go play so I can catch my husband before he gets too close to home."

"Okay!" Nate and Zee-Zee said simultaneously. They ran out the backdoor and immediately charged the tree. They sucrried up it to the first branches and then Nate looked at Zee-Zee.

"How high are you allowed to climb?" Nate asked.

"Mommy says that as long as I'm climbing with someone I can climb as high as they can." Zee-Zee answered.

"You sure that's what she said exactly?" Nate asked. "I don't want to get my newest friend into trouble the day I meet him."

"Maybe she said someone older." Zee-Zee said trying to remember. "Now I remember! My uncle Rai told her it should be with someone older than the other cubs at the daycare! Oh. That means I can't climb up there with you."

"Don't worry Zee-Zee." Nate said. "I'll fly you over the fence when I see Arcanine coming. She's really nice and I'm sure she'd like to meet you. After that we can play."

"Okay!" Zee-Zee said cheerily.

Nate climbed higher into the tree until he got as high as he could without breaking any branches. He could just see over the house and some of the roads surrounding the neighborhood. He peeled his eyes for the familiar form of the motherly Arcanine and soon spotted her racing down some of the roads with a couple bags slung over her back. She stopped every now and again to sniff the air, making sure she could still smell Nate. Nate knew how difficult it was to track him in the air so he launched himself from the tree and high into the air. He gave out a shrill whistle and Arcanine spotted him. She ran down some roads towards him and Nate zoomed down to Zee-Zee. He grabbed hold of Zee-Zee's hands again and flew him over the fence to the front lawn. It wasn't long before Arcanine rounded a corner and raced towards Nate. She skidded to a halt just in front of him and greeted him with her usual lick, causing the just as usual giggle.

"So this must be the new friend Skip mentioned you'd made." Arcanine said looking at Zee-Zee. "He looks nice. What's your name little one?"

"I'm not little!" Zee-Zee said proudly standing on the tips of his toes. "I'm a big squirrel! My name's Zee-Zee!"

"She calls almost every cub little one." Nate said. "She even callls me little one. If she called you little one it just means she likes you already."

"I like any friend of yours dear one because they make you happy." Arcanine said. "I like it when you're happy. It makes me feel that much warmer. Here are your bags. Skip packed clothes for tonight and tomorrow in one along with one of your plushies and a few other things. The other has enough supplies to last until dinner tomorrow just in case. Would you like a drink before I go?"

"No thanks!" Nate said hurriedly, looking at Zee-Zee. "Thanks for bringing my things Arcanine."

"You're welcome dear one." She laughed as she dumped the bags onto the ground. "It was nice to meet you Zee-Zee. I hope to see you again real soon."

She gave Zee-Zee a quick lick, causing his tail to stand on end in surprise, before she ran off once again. As she turned the corner Zee-Zee looked at Nathaniel and said, "I like her. She seems nice."

"She is." Nate said smiling as he picked up both bags. "She's the closest thing I know to a moma."

"Well let's go inside and play!" Zee-Zee said excitedly. "We could watch a movie if you want."

"That sounds nice." Nate said as he rummaged through one of the bags. "Oh boy! Skip slipped one of my favorites in this bag."

"What movie is it?" Zee-Zee asked.

"Have you ever seen Alvin and the Chipmunks?" Nate asked.

"Yeah." Zee-Zee answered. "They're funny. Is that what Skip put in?"

"Kind of." Nate answered. "This is a special copy that changed the chipmunks into pokemon called Pachirisu."

"I think my uncle Rai told me about them." ZeeZee said. "He said they looked like tiny squirrels like us."

"I guess you'll see when we watch it then." Nate said. "If you want to that is. Hey! Skip put in my Pokedex too!"

"Isn't that a book on all of the pokemon?" ZeeZee asked.

"You really are clever for your age." Nate complimented. "Yes it is. It has pictures of them and everything. I'll show you them later."

Zee-Zee nodded excitedly before grabbing Nate's hand and running inside with him. He took Nate into the livingroom and Nate checked everything Skip had packed in the clothes bag. Aside from a blue onesie and green shorts along with a red sleeper, there was the movie and the book of pokemon (called the National Pokedex). There was also one of his favorite plushies (a stuffed Buizel) and (to his embarrassment) his paci.

"I really only need this at night." Nate explained nervously to Zee-Zee. "I grind my teeth at night sometimes and this stops that from happening."

"Okay." Zee-Zee said. "Let's put that movie in and take a look at your book."

Nate smiled with relief. He hadn't really lied to Zee-Zee about the paci, but he didn't tell him he actually liked sucking on it sometimes when he wasn't grinding his teeth. They put the movie in and started it before they sat down on the couch. Nate pointed out the three pokemon that lived with him and told Zee-Zee about them. Zee-Zee got excited when Nathaniel turned the page past Dragonite.

"That looks like my Uncle Rai!" Zee-Zee said excitedly. "It's just a different color and he usually wears clothes."

"Your uncle is a Mewtwo?" Nate asked in awe.

"He's not really my uncle but I call him uncle anyway." Zee-Zee said.

"I see." Nate said comprehendingly. "It sounds like the way I feel about my family. Anthony the Eevee isn't really my brother but he feels like one sometimes. Just like Skip does all the time and Zoe is always like an older sister. Arcanine feels like my moma sometimes and Ninetales feels like an aunt. I've even got an uncle Absol who comes by sometimes to visit Ninetales, but he doesn't do that very often. He scares some people when he's around just cause he looks a little spooky and he feels wierd when that happens."

"Ooh! What does he look like?" Zee-Zee asked.

Nate smiled and turned the pages until he reached the entry on Absol. "He does look kind of scary." Zee-Zee said shivering a bit.

"Yeah." Nate said sadly. "In a a lot of places they're hated because some people think they cause natural disasters or they're an omen for them. But the truth is they sense them comming and go to warn people. Most Absol are loners because not many people like them and most are scared of them. But most Absol are actually very friendly when you get to know them."

"Wow." Zee-Zee said. "That sounds hard. I wont be mean to an Absol when I see one."

"There's one more pokemon I want to show you." Nate said. "Ninetales can turn me and others into pokemon when she wants to and this is the one I turn into."

Nate flipped the pages until he reached the entry on Riolu.

"He looks cool!" Zee-Zee said, pointing to the picture of Lucario on the evolution chain on the page. "Does that mean this one turns into that one?"

"That's right." Nate said, impressed at how quick Zee-Zee was catching on. "The Riolu that I turn into can evolve into this Lucario. They go from cute to cool when they evolve. Oooh! The previews are over! The movies about to start!"

Zee-Zee and Nate sat and watched the movie with rapt attention. Nate got up at one point when the three Pachirisu started singing Witch Doctor and made Zee-Zee laugh out loud when he started lip singing with them and dancing along. Zena was watching and held her ribs at the sight to keep from laughing. It was a few minutes later that her husband, Zed, got home with the pizza. He walked straight to the kitchen without being seen and set the box on the table.

"So that's Zee-Zee's new friend." Zed said. "He looks like a nice boy."

"He is." Zena said, a few tears still running down her cheeks from watching Nate. "He's a riot too. You should have seen him lip singing and dancing to Witch Doctor."

"Do I smell pizza?" Nate called form the livingroom.

"You sure do!" Zena answered. "Come and get it!"

Zee-Zee and Nate came running in excitedly. Nate stopped when he saw Zed and held out his hand saying, "Hi! I'm Nate! You must be Zee-Zee's dad."

"It's nice to meet you Nate." Zed said shaking his paw. "I'm Zed. Let's get you two washed up before you eat."

Nate and Zee-Zee ran to the sink and, with help from the parents, wahsed their hands before they ran back over to the table. Zee-Zee sat up in his booster seat while Zed sat down next to him. Nate sat across from Zee-Zee, just tall enough to sit at the table without a booster seat, and Zena sat next to him and Zee-Zee. She handed them both a plate and then gave one to herself and her husband. Zed opened up the box and Nathaniel saw the delicious looking cheese pizza inside.
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"I didn't know what you liked on your pizza so I just ordered cheese." Zed explained.

"Well for future refference I eat just about anything." Nate said. "I'm not too picky."

"Quite a vocabulary for one so young." Zed said sonding impressed.

"I'm like Zee-Zee." Nate said. "I'm clever for my age. I think Zee-Zee might be smarter though. I didn't know as much as him when I was his age."

"When you were his age?" Zena asked laughing. "You say that like that was a long time ago."

"Nah." Nate laughed. "Just one or two years ago."

"Well that was very nice of you to say." Zed said.

"Yep." Zee-Zee said blushing a bit. "Thanks Nate."

"Before you begin eating, do either of you need a bib?" Zena asked.

"No thanks mommy. I'm a big squirrel remember?" Zee-Zee answered.

"I probably wont either." Nate said. "I probably wont be in my clothes much longer anyway so it wont matter much if I get a little sauce on them. I usually get dressed for bed after dinner if I'm not going to go anywhere else."

"Okay." Zena said. "Just remind me to change you after dinner Nate. We forgot we were going to do that before we ate."

"Only thing I'll have to worry about is leaks." Nate said taking a bite of his slice of pizza. He swallowed before he added, "I never get a rash for some reason. We don't have to worry much about leaks either. The diapers I've got are really good about preventing them."

Zena nodded before taking a bite of her own pizza. Zee-Zee only had room for one slice while Nate managed to eat two. Zed and Zena finished the pizza between themsleves while Nate and Zee-Zee went back to the movie they had put on pause. Zena came out when she was done eating and walked over to Nate.

"Time to get you changed honey." she said.

Nate nodded and walked over to the bag. He looked at his onesie and saw there was a bit of sauce on it so he grabbed his sleeper while he was at it. Zena took the bag from him and asked if he would mind being changed in the living room or if he wanted to be changed somewhere else (casting a look at Zee-Zee in the process). Nate said he didn't mind so Zena opened the bag and pulled out a mat that Skip and Zoe had thoughtfully packed up. She laid Nate down on the mat and pulled his shorts off and set them aside. She then opened up his onesie and pulled it off too. Zee-Zee thoughtfully looked away and focused intently on the movie. Zena chuckled at the soaked diaper that was sporting a slight yellow tinge and untapped it. She rolled it up after removing it and set it aside as well. She began wiping Nate up first and stopped when she felt something wierd. She lifted some of Nate's fur up and squinted at his skin. She couldn't see anything but it felt different somehow.

"Does your skin itch at all Nate?" Zena asked. "It feels dry, scaly almost."

"Nah." Nate said shaking his head. "It's always been like that. Skip thinks I might be part dragon cause when he looked at my skin under a microscope it looked like I had scales. Plus I seem to digest things so well like some of the dragons he knew that I rarely use my diaper for anything other than urinating. That second part I really like cause I really don't like messing my diaper. I like the scales too cause Skip says that the scales, combined with my water resistant fur, makes it really hard for me to get diaper rash."

"Well aren't you the lucky little squotter then?" Zena said rumaging through the diaper bag.

"Squotter?" Nate asked. "Never heard that before. I've always just called myself one or the other, never had a term for being an otter/squirrel hybrid before."

Zena chuckled and then, when she didn't find any powder or cream in the bag, shrugged and pulled out a new diaper that was thicker than the rest. She taped it arond his tail first and then lovingly pulled the front flap up and taped it around him, remembering when she used to do it for Zee-Zee and now only did it on extremely rare occasions (like when she ran out of them at a park once when she was babysitting a couple of rabbits for a friend). When she was done she helped him back up and helped him into his red sleeper. When she zipped it up, it was obvious to anyone that he was diapered if they knew what the significant bulge meant. She saw something hanging out of the bag and pulled it out, recognizing it as a paci clip.

"Do you have a pacifier somewhere Nate?" She asked holding up the ribbon.

"Yeah." Nate said sheepishly as he walked over to the other bag. He pulled it out and handed it to Zena, who attatched it to the ribbon and then to his sleeper. Zena spotted something else in the bag and pulled out a bottle filled with some kind of milk.

"When would you normally drink this Nate?" Zena asked.

Nate blushed some more and wished that Zoe and Skip had forgotten for once to pack him a bottle before saying, "Usually before I go to bed, Skip or Zoe would feed me if Arcanine was sick. Sometimes Ninetales would if they were busy."

"Why would Arcanine being sick matter?" ZeeZee asked.

Nate was visibly blushing by now. "It's milk from Arcanine in there." He mumbled just loud enough to be heard. "They give that to me instead of vitamins cause her milk is chock full of em. It's really good too. When Arcanine isn't sick, I'd usually take the milk straight from her cause she gets too full of milk if she doesn't lose some every once in awhile. Skip and Zoe told me she's always been producing milk cause of some disorder."

"You don't need to be embarrased here sweetie." Zena said hugging Nathaniel. "I've seen kids twice your age doing some of the same things you do. You've nothing to worry about."

"Thanks Zena." Nate said hugging her back, feeling a lot better. "Um... would you feed me maybe?"

"Sure." zena said smiling. She sat on the couch next to Zee-Zee and patted her lap. Nate hopped up and said thanks to Zee-Zee for not watching his diaper change. He hopped back down when he saw the used diaper was still on the floor and threw it away before packing up his dirty clothes. Then he got back up on Zena's lap and wasted no time when Zena offered him the bottle. Nate surprised both Zena and Zee-Zee when he began purring and Zena smiled, remembering once again when she used to do the same thing for Zee-Zee. She would always be proud of her big squirrel but she did miss her baby sometimes (even though he always would be her baby as all kids are to their mothers). Nate stopped when there were a few mouthfulls left and looked at Zee-Zee.

"Would you like to try some Zee-Zee?" Nate asked. "Arcanine's milk is really tasty and it can make big squirrels like us really strong. I'm sure we can put it in a cup if you don't want it from the bottle."

Zee-Zee thought about it for a moment and said, "Okay."

Zena picked Nathaniel up and took him with her to the kitchen for a cup to put the milk in. Zena set the bottle on the counter first though and then started to gently pat Nate on the back. It only took three and then Nate let out a belch that almost seemed to shake the walls and made Zed (who was reading an evening paper at the table) almost fall out of his chair in surprise. Nathaniel excused himself before he started giggling a bit.

"You know, you really shouldn't laugh at belching." Zena said (trying her hardest not to laugh as well).

"I'm not laughing at that." Nate giggled. "I'm laughing at the look on Zed's face."

Zena looked and began laughing herself. Zed was utterly astonished at how such a loud noise could come from such a small creature. He began laughing as well and was joined by Zee-Zee when he peeked in to see what the noise was that almost made him wet his pull-up. He then realized he had to go and ran upstairs to get on his potty. He groaned a bit when he saw he had gotten a little into his pull-up again when there was a knock on the door.

"You okay Zee-Zee?" Zed asked. "Did you make it?"

"Almost daddy." Zee-Zee said. "I got just a tiny bit in my pull-up."

"Well that means your getting better at it." Zed said encouragingly. "If you're not getting a lot in it then you are getting better. We need to get you in your night time pull-up anyway."

Zee-Zee nodded somewhat more cheerily and followed Zed into his room. He helped Zee-Zee only with the tricky tapes at the back of the pull-up and watched as his little grown-up squirrel got himself into his pajamas. Zee-Zee then ran back downstairs and Zena handed him the cup of the rest of Arcanine's milk.ˇZee-Zee's eyes lit up when he tasted it. It reminded him a little bit of melted vanilla ice cream! Nate was right, it was good!

"Wow this is good!" Zee-Zee said. "You're lucky! You get to drink this whenever you want."

"You wouldn't want to drink too much of it ZeeZee." Nate said when Zee-Zee had finished drinking it. "Skip says Arcanine's milk goes through you quicker thanˇmost other things do. The little bit you drank wont affect you but if you were to drink it on a regular basis, you'd find yourself having to potty a lot more and you might lose any potty training you may have."

"Oh!" Zee-Zee said looking at the empty glass with a little bit of apprehension. "You're sure it wont do that to me with this much?"

"Positive." Nate said. "Zoe drinks a bit of it every now and again and she never had any problems. She drinks more than you just did on a weekly basis and she's fine so one little glass like that wont hurt you."

Zee-Zee let out a sigh of relief and then the kids went back out to continue watching the movie. Whe it was over, Zena said they had time for one more movie before bed, so they stuck the origional version of the movie in. Zed and Zena joined them and the two of them laughed until they could hardly breathe when Nate got up for Witch Doctor again and was joined this time by Zee-Zee (who kept up pretty well). When the movie was over, Zena carried them both upstairs and tucked them into Zee-Zee's bed. She kissed the both of them on the forehead and turned out the ligh as she left the room. Nate snuggled closer to Zee-Zee and leaned over to whisper something.

"This has been one of the funnest nights of my life Zee-Zee." He said sleepily. "I hope we can do this again really soon!"

"Me too Nate." Zee-Zee yawned as he drifted off.

Nate smiled and stuck his paci in his mouth, sucking contentedly as he drifted off to sleep with dreams of days to come with his new friend Zee-Zee and the many other friends he hoped to make.

The stage lights up as Riolu walks in with Anthony, Lucario, and Nathaniel in his new form.

Riolu: We hope you enjoyed the first of hopefully many shorts the writter will be making.
Anthony: Maybe I'll be in them a bit more next time.
Lucario: You sound a little annoyed.
Anthony: Of course I'm a little annoyed. I was voted fan favorite on FTT! You'd think he'd use me a bit more.
Nate: I'm sorry you feel that way Anthony. The story was supposed to introduce the new me to all of our new friends here at the Furr Den.
Riolu: Anyway... We'd like to thank a few people before our curtain time runs out.
Nate: First is to our buddy Zee-Zee. Thanks for joining in on this one!
Lucario: We apologize to him and all of the fans of our favorite big clever squirrel if we didn't get him quite right. We realize he sounded a little older than he usually does.
Anthony: Yeah. The writter isn't the best at getting the younger voices down and all that good stuff. Our second thanks is to the Admin Lig!
Riolu: Yes. A big thanks to the one who's Adventures of the Happy Hybrids inspired this thread. We also thank him for letting us borrow his stage.
Nate: Our third and final thanks is to someone who was mentioned a few times in the story. We never did ask your permission to put you in the story so we only mentioned a name and gave a brief glimpse that only a reader of your stories or Zee-Zee's might get.
Lucario: All that and you still didn't say his name. Thank you Raikan. For those who didn't catch the refference, when Zee-Zee was flying with Nathaniel once he waved his tail at someone watching from a window. That would be his friendly uncle Rai.
Anthony: *looks up* Oops! Curtain's coming down! Thank you all again and we hope to see you all again soon!
Riolu: *as they run off stage* See you all next time on Riolu's Shorts!
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Woo! Yay! More! More! *a little squirrel sitting in the best seat applauds the gang on the stage*

Great story, Riolu! I think you capture Zee-Zee, Zena and Zed very well! And I love the little references to my stories, it's very flattering! ^.^ You're a great writer and I can't wait to see more!

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:44 pm

*Is sitting next to zee in the audience, diaper bag over one shoulder as he claps slowly* That was quite enjoyable, dont you think zee?

Gee Nate, I think this is a great story. I just finished it up and I loved it bud. I see much potential in you and I cannot wait to see more.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:49 am

CLEAR! *zapped with a defibrilator* Holy smokes! This is awesome to get even acknowledged by my favorite writters. But to actually be complimented by them? Thank you so much! I'm glad you guys liked it.

I'm opening the floor to some requests for joining but since I'm not familiar with some of you, I'd like to ask that you send me a template of your character(s) that you'd like me to use plus maybe some story they may have been in.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:46 am

Okay. Two pieces of news. One, the requests have been moved to my request thread. The other, got a new short idea so one should be coming soon. If it doesn't come tomorrow it should be up on Monday! I may even get it up today if I keep it short enough!
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:45 am

*Riolu and Anthony walk across the stage*
Riolu: Hi everyone! Your favorite friendly Riolu has returned with another short.
Anthony: I'm in this one more this time!
Riolu: *rolls his eyes* Yes. Because Anthony was so irritated with only a few lines in the last story, the writer decided to put a bit more focus on him. No guest stars this time guys. You won't see Nate for long either. I'll be showing up this time.
Anthony: This story is going to be mainly a standard fun time with Nate and his pokemon. Speaking of which, where are Nate and Lucario?
Riolu: They're off working with the writer on his main stories. Nate is off being that cool chimera in Johto while Lucario is off in the Mystery Dungeon story.
Anthony: Oh. Well what about that third one the wirtter's working on? Dragons right?
Riolu: Yeah that's the title. He's putting that one on pause until he finishes one of the others unless he gets a lot of requests to continue it. Anyway, we're getting off topic here so on with the show!
Anthony: Roll clip!

Sparring and Snacking
by, Riolu

Anthony charged forward, head down to tackle Arcanine. All Arcanine had to do to stop the tiny diapered pokemon was lift one paw and place it on his head. She laughed as he kept running and then gave a bark of surprise as he managed to shove her over onto her back. Anthony ran across her stomach and looked her straight in the eye, growling. He stopped immediately when Arcanine leaned up and licked him across the face. He froze and fell over onto his side.

"I didn't know you knew a ghost attack Arcanine!" Nate laughed as he applauded the two.

"She doesn't." Ninetales said, licking him as he leaned against her side. "Anthony was just caught off guard and embarrassed by it. Besides, a ghost attack like Lick wouldn't work on a Normal Pokemon like Anthony, remember?"

"Oh yeah." Nate said. "I forgot cause it looked like it worked on him as an attack. I guess Arcanine wins that round."

"You wouldn't last much longer." Anthony retorted as he picked himself up off the battle field in the back yard. "Let's see you try to beat her."

"Okay." Nate said, accepting the challenge eagerly. "Ninetales?"

Ninetales smiled and touched Nathaniel with a glowing tail. There was a flash of light and in the place of the hybrid, there sat a young Riolu.

"Thanks Ninetales!" Nate said running onto the field. He stepped over to one point on the field and Arcanine did the same for the other. Anthony leaped off the field and Ninetales signalled to start with a jet of flame into the air. Arcanine charged quickly, but Nate met her halfway across the field. He slid underneath her and gave a few whacks with his palms before twisting to the side and catching her hind legs with his whole body. Her legs flew into the air and Arcanine tripped as Nate rolled back to his feet and ran at her again. Arcanine was ready for him and pounced on her favorite pup. She pinned his arms to the ground and began to bear down on him. Nate smirked and flipped over, his foot catching her chin, and then heaved his arms upward when his feet touched ground. Arcanine stood almost straight upward on her hind legs and was then knocked over onto her back when Nate pounced into her belly.

"Give up?" Nate asked looking up at her.

"Not yet." Arcanine answered rolling over, burrying Nate beneath her. Arcanine felt movement beneath her and then it stopped. She looked under her and saw a hole in the ground. She barely had time to look up before Nate popped up from underground in front of her and smacked his tail into her nose. Arcanine clapped her paws over her nose and signalled with her tail that she gave up.

"Sorry Arcanine." Nate said hugging her around the neck. "Didn't mean to get your nose."

"I'b otay." Arcanine said. "Thad wath a good thwack. Yoof been pwactithing thad dail hit Skib showed you."

"Yep." Nate said proudly. "He said the otter's rudder is one of his better tools. A hefty rudder equals a hefty whack. A Riolu's thick tail works almost as well."

"It'll come in handy when you learn Iron Tail." Ninetales said dripping some Oran Berry juice onto Arcanine's nose. "Just remember it is better to hit the opponent rather than a specific body part. That is just low and crude to disable your opponent thusly and is frowned upon almost everywhere."

"Right." Arcanine said, her nose healed once again. "Well, after all that sparring, I'm sure you two are ready for a snack."

"Not quite yet." Anthony said. "I want to spar with Nate just to make sure that wasn't a fluke."

"Oh come on Anthony." Nate laughed. "Does it really matter?"

"Yes." Anthony said smiling, already getting more adrenaline pumping through his veins.

"Okay then." Nate said, just before Anthony charged headlong into him. Nate rolled backwards to lessen the impact and laughed. After several exchanges of blows, Anthony and Nate slumped to the ground back to back.

"Whew!" ANthony said laughing. "Now that, was sparring."

"You haven't beaten me yet." Nate laughed.

"Aye, but I haven't lost either." Anthony said. "What do you say we get a drink ad a change and then do something else?"

"Otay!" Nate wheezed happily. Ninetales made quick work of changing them both and then Arcanine slumped over onto her side. It wasn't long before the two she considered her full-time pups were suckling away at her teats. When Arcanine began licking them, he began purring. He always loved the taste of her milk fresh from her and when she treated them like this, he felt so secure and happy. When they both had drank their fill, Ninetales licked the bit of milk that was dribbling down their chins off and smirked at Nathaniel.

"I still don't get how you can purr when you're a Riolu." She laughed. "I'm supposed to have changed your form completely."

"Doesn't matter." Nate said smiling.

"I think it's cute he can still purr." Arcanine said licking Nathaniel once again.

Nathaniel giggled and then let out a cute yawn. It was one of those contagious ones that make everyone else yawn and all three of the other pokemon let out a yawn of their own.

"Looks like a certain couple of kits could use a nap." Ninetales laughed.

"Who? Us?" Anthony said innocently.

"Yes you." Arcanine said picking him up by the scruff of the neck.

"Hey let me go." Anthony said sleepily as he went limp in her jaws.

"Uh-uh!" Arcanine said, albeit muffled by Anthony.

"Let's get you two upstairs for a nap then." Ninetales said picking Nate up in her tails.

"Can we just nap out here?" Nate asked sweetly. "It's nice out and you guys could use a nap too. We weren't the only ones who yawned."

Ninetales and Arcanine looked at each other. Whe they both looked at Nate again, he was pouring on the puppy dog eyes that they weren't sure was more effective when he was a Riolu or when he was in his furr form. It didn't matter because they both agreed and set the two of them down beneath a tree and then curled around them. Ninetales began humming a simple lullaby from a time long past and almost forgotten (the lullaby certainly was) and soon all four of them gave a gentle sigh and fell asleep (to the accompaniment of two faint hissing noises coming from Nate and Anthony).

*Riolu and Anthony walk back onto the stage*
Riolu: Well guys, that was probably the shortest work the writter has ever made.
Anthony: At least I got a bit more action out of it.
Riolu: Always about you, huh buddy?
Anthony: Of course! I was elected for Cutesident, remember?
Riolu: Only by one of our biggest fans and now one of our best friends.
Anthony: Yeah. Sunny sure is a nice guy.
Riolu: Back on topic please. We don't want to irritate the writter.
"NO YOU DO NOT!" *stage shakes*
Anthony: Whoah! Maybe we should just cut this one short.
Riolu: *hurriedly* We hope you all liked the latest edition to Riolu's Shorts. See you next time!
*both run off the stage, trippping over each other in their haste*
*Ninetales walks on smirking with a megaphone and button controlling an earthquake feature for the stage in her tails*
Ninetales: Don't you just love special effects? *follows after the two*
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:32 pm

Awww, cute! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:34 pm

Well guys, good news and bad news. Good news is, we've got a new short coming with a new character and two co-stars! Bad news is, it will be the last one for a bit. I've got two stories to complete and two more ideas for stories I'd like to start working on. Hope you all enjoy the next one!
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:21 pm

*Enter Riolu and Anthony*
Riolu: Hi everyone!
Anthony: Welcome once again to Riolu's Shorts!
Riolu: This one might be a bit longer this time but we don't know.
Anthony: The writter doesn't tell us how long things are going to be. We do this before he even starts the story.
*Enter Lucario*
Riolu: Hey Lucario! What are you doing here?
Lucario: Well, now that the Times of Darkness is over and I won't be in the side story that will be coming soon, I figured I'd join back in on this.
Anthony: Cool! Well welcome back.
Lucario: Thanks. I also come with news for this coming story. We've had another volunteer to join in on these so we will be having two guest stars this time.
Riolu: Really? Who are they?
Lucario: You all know the lovable big squirrel Zee-Zee. He'll be joining in once again. But this time, we are pleased to announce that his Uncle Rai will be joining in!
Anthony: ALRIGHT! I love his stories!
Riolu: The writter does too. That's why he's so happy to add him in. We hope you all enjoy this latest installment of Riolu's Shorts.
Anthony: Let's hope I'm in this one again.
Lucario and Riolu: *roll their eyes and drag the vain little Eevee off the stage*

Another Sleepover and a New Friend
By, Riolu

"WEEEEEEE!" Zee-Zee screech happily.

"YAAAAHOOOOOO!" Nathaniel yelled exultantly as he zoomed through the skies with his new friend strapped to him. Nate had finally convinced Zena to let him take Zee-Zee even higher into the skies. Instead of a foot above the fence, this time, the sky was litterally the limit. Nate's wings were getting a little tired so he stopped forcing speed into his flight and fell into a lazy glide. Zee-Zee looked down at the ground through the goggles Nate gave him that worked almost a well as his glasses.

"WOW." Zee-Zee chirped. "You can see everything from up here!"

"I know." Nathaniel said happily as he felt the winds pass through his furry face. "Anthony loves the view from up here too. You about ready to go back down yet?"

"Nope!" Zee-Zee chattered happily. "I want to catch a cloud first."

"Are you sure about that?" Nate laughed. "They're not what you think. They're made of water."

"I know that." Zee-Zee laughed. "I just want to feel one anyway."

"Okay then." Nate said, not too surprised that Zee-Zee knew about clouds being made of water, being the clever squirrel he was (he wished he'd known that the time he tried to land on a cloud for a nap). "Here we go then. Through a cloud and then a steep dive before the landing!"

Nate zoomed for the nearest cloud and Zee-Zee opened his mouth wide as they flew through it. They both came out sneezing (the misty water had gone up their nose) and then they dove for the ground. Both let out excited yells before Nate leveled off and flew ten feet above Zee-Zee's street and landed neatly in Zee-Zee's front yard. Nate unclipped the harness Skip had made for high flying passengers and let Zee-Zee down before they tried to shake themselves dry.

"That was soo cool!" Zee-Zee said. "I really wish I could do that on my own."

"We'll do it again sometime." Nate said, teeth chattering a bit despite the sweater he was wearing for the high altitudes he'd brought Zee-Zee up to. "Maybe we should go inside and take a hot bath. We're both wet with really cold water." Nathaniel glanced down at both of them. "And with something else."

Zee-Zee hid his embarrassment with his bushy tail. It may have been worth it as fun as the ride was, but he still felt embarrasssed at having used the diaper Nate made him wear going up into the air.

"Why did I have to wear a diaper again?" Zee-Zee asked.

"As exciting as the flight was you might have leaked." Nate said. "Plus there are no potties in the air and it can take awhile to get down to the ground, get unclipped and then to the bathroom. And also, even if you didn't leak, trainers get cold when they're used. Diapers take longer for that to happen. I took Skip up in the sky once when he was wearing a pull-up and he got a cold that lasted a month after that flight. Don't worry Zee-Zee, I wont tell anyone."

"Thanks." Zee-Zee said. He sneezed once and then they both laughed as they ran into the house dripping.

"My goodness!" Zena laughed when she saw the two. "What did you boys do? Land in a lake?"

"Nah. Just a cloud." Nate laughed. "Can we take a hot bath? It usually helps after a chilly flight."

"Sure boys." Zena said. "Let's go run one."

They walked over to the bathroom and Zena started the tub while the boys tried to undress themselves. Nate's hands were too cold, so he couldn't grab his clothes. Zee-Zee managed to get the sweater over his head but couldn't get it off the rest of the way. Zena, seeing her son's plight, laughed and helped him get the sweater off. She started to help him with the rest of his clothes but he insisted on being a big squirrel and doing it himself. Nate however accepted the help gratefully when Zena offer to help him too. Zee-Zee managed to get down to the soaked diaper he was wearing, but he couldn't get the tapes. His finger tips were just too cold and he couldn't get ahold of the ends of them. He finally let Zena (who tired her best not to laugh at how cute Zee-Zee looked) help him with them and she rolled the diaper up before throwing it away. She did the same with Nate's and helped the boys into the tub.

"Will you two be okay by yourselves while I go check on that cute little Eevee of yours Nate?" Zena asked. "He's been asleep the whole time you were gone."

"We'll be okay." Nate said, feeling totally relaxed by the somewhat steaming water. "Zee-Zee's too clever to drown in a tub and I'm part otter so I can swim really well."

"Okay." Zena said smiling. "Try not to get too much water on the floor now."

She walked off and smiled when she heard the first splash. "Boys will be boys." she thought as another splash followed by a lot of laughing echoed from the bathroom. She walked down to the couch and saw Anthony just starting to wake up.

"Morning sleepyhead." She said picking up the Eevee. "Nate's back and taking a hot bath with Zee-Zee. Would you like to join them?"

"No thanks." Anthony said. "I just had my bath three months ago."

Zena looked at him wierdly and then Anthony burst into giggles. Zena began laughing too and then Anthony nodded to let her know he did want to join them. Zena carried the adorable little fox-like pokemon into the bathroom and was surprised at how little water there was on the floor. The splash fight had stopped and the duo were leaning against the back of the tub, looking as if they were almost asleep. Nathaniel smiled when he saw Anthony and wave a bit. Zee-Zee looked up too and smiled at Anthony as well.

"I thought you boys had fallen asleep on me for a second there." Zena laughed as she stripped off Anthony's wet diaper.

"Nah." Nate said as Anthony was lowered into the water with them. "The hot water is just really relaxing after that."

Zena heard the phone ring and left the trio in the tub to start a new splash fight after Anthony squirted them with a bit of water. Nate slapped the water loudy with his rudder and ended up splashing all three of them. Zee-Zee tried the same thing but all he ended up doing was make a bit of water splash upwards instead. He looked at Nate questioningly and he explained it was the otter part of his tail that could do that. Nate then grabbed hold of some of the shampoo that was nearby and squirted a bit onto his paws.

"What are you doing?" Anthony asked.

"I thought we'd make it a real bath, that way we don't have to take one later." Nate explained.

"Good idea." Zee-Zee said.

The trio each started to wash each other and Zena walked back in to see them all very soapy. She stiffled a laugh at the mostly white squirrels stood there scruubing Anthony and then knocked on the door to get their attention.

"Boys, the sleepover we had planned tonight is going to change a bit." Zena said.

"How so?" Nate asked.

"Zed just got asked to dinner and was asked to bring me along." Zena said. "I called someone else to watch you guys tonight instead."

"Who?" Zee-Zee asked, guessing already who it might be since he usually watched him when his mom and dad went out somewhere.

"It will be your uncle Rai sweetie." Zena said. "I just called him and he's agreed to watch the three of you tonight. I already called Skip and Zoe and they said it was okay."

"Uncle Rai! Hooray!" Zee-Zee cheered excitedly.

"Just rinse yourselves off and we'll get you dressed and over to his house." Zena said smiling.

"Okay." Nate said. He slapped his rudder against the surface of the water again and the splash rinsed off him, Zee-Zee, Anthony, and unfortunately, Zena. She stood there with a blank look on her face while Nate looked at her with worry. She finally cracked a smile and began laughing.

"I was going to give my face a rinse before I left anyway." Zena said still laughing. "Plus I needed to change for dinner anyway."

"So I'm not in trouble?" Nate asked tentatively.

"No sweetie." Zena laughed. "Just dunk yourself next time instead of making a tidal wave. Now let's just get you boys dries off."

"You might want to drain the tub and close the shower curtain for Anthony." Nate said. "If you don't get a towel on him soon after he's out of the water, it's like putting a sprinkler indoors."

"HEY!" Anthony pouted.

"I'll just dry him off first then." Zena said.

She picked Anthony out of the water and immediately wrapped him in a towel. She almost dropped him when he began shaking himself off in her arms and then he relaxed there as she began rubbing him dry. When she began drying him between the ears, he got a slight look of bliss in his eyes. Zee-Zee and Nate laughed and they both got out of the tub on their own. Nate slipped on some of the water on the floor and would have fallen if Zee-Zee hadn't stopped him. After a word of thanks, Nate quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. He then shook himself off and removed the towel, completely dry.

"Thank you otter fur." Nate said. He always liked the fact that he could dry his fur quickly after a bath. Zee-Zee was already toweling himself off but Nate used the dry parts of his towel to help. Zee-Zee tried to stop him for a moment (he's a big squirrel after all) but Nate explained they'd be done sooner and Zee-Zee wondered why he didn't think of that. When everyone was dried off and put into their diapers (trainers for Zee-Zee of course), they got their clothes back on and Zena had them wait downstairs while Zena got herself ready.

*Riolu, Anthony and Lucario walk onto the stage*
Riolu: Don't worry guys! This isn't the end of it.
Anthony: This is just what the writter's got so far. He's working on more but this is all he has on google docs.
Lucario: We'd like to apologize for the writter sticking Zee-Zee in a diaper at the beginning of the story.
Riolu: Yeah. Sorry buddy. I'm sure the writter is gonna try to make sure Zee-Zee is a big squirrel for the rest of the story.
Anthony: I still don't see why he worries about that. Wearing diapers doesn't make you any smaller. Just like being potty trained doesn't make you a big boy.
Lucario: Well for Zee-Zee it does. It's at least important to him and we should support him in that!
Riolu: Before we get to far off topic, stay tuned for the rest of this one!
*curtain closes when Riolu hits the lever with an Aura Sphere*
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*giggle* It's worth wearing a diaper if it means getting to fly up to the clouds! ^.^ Thanks for writing me into another story, Riolu, I love it! You really have become one of my favourite writers! *hugs*

Clever big squirrel!

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*Blushes but hugs back* thanks Zee-Zee! I know I've said it before but you're one of my favorites too! The rest should be coming today. I finished it on the way to school this morning.
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*Riolu walks back on stage*
Riolu: Okay guys, I'm gonna keep this short a sweet. Here's the rest of the story!
*Walks back off*

"So what's your uncle Rai like?" Nate asked.

"He's really nice." Zee-Zee said. "He loves taking care of cubs but he can be a little... um..."

"Mean?" Nate asked worriedly.

"No!" Zee-Zee answered reassuringly. "I can't remember what Moma said he was at times."

"He's just a little stern when cubs get too out of line." Zena said as she walked in. Nate turned to look and dropped his jaw. He had a hard time deciding whether she was prettier or Zoe was when she dressed girly. She was in a pretty red dress and looked ready for a very upscale restaurant.

"Wow moma!" Zee-Zee said. "You look nice!"

"I think Nate thinks so too." Anthony said waving a paw in front of his face. "I don't get why he does this when he sees Zoe dressed like you are."

Nate gulped and glared at Anthony and said, "You do something similar when you see a pretty vixen. You sometimes even act extra cute just to get their attention and have them fuss over you for a bit."

"Do not!" Anthony retorted, but his blush advertised otherwise.

Zena laughed and said, "Thanks boys. Let's get you over to Rai's house. Grab your bag Nate."

Nate did and then they walked out the door. Zena led them to the house next door and knocked politely. There was a slight sound of soft footsteps that grow a little louder and then the door opened, revealing a tall figure. Nate looked up at him in awe. Mewtwo was one of the few pokemon he'd never seen before and he wasn't dissapointed. He looked even cooler than the Mewtwo in Nate's pokedex. He had goldish yellow fur on top, with a darker brown on the lower area and tail. He was also wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Anthony used his tail to shut Nate's open mouth and Raikan smiled down at them both.

"So these are the other two I'll be watching then Zena?" Raikan asked. "What are your friends' names Zee-Zee?"

"This is Nate Uncle Rai." Zee-Zee said tugging him forward. "And this is his buddy Anthony!"

"H-h-hi." Nate stuttered (rather uncharacteristically of him), offering him his paw to shake.

"No need to be scared Nate." Raikan said shaking his paw. "I don't bite."

"Sorry." Nate said. "I've just never seen a Mewtwo before, let alone got to meet one. I thought Mewtwo were supposed to be purple, or rarely sometimes green?"

"I'm just differednt that way." Raikan said smiling. "Come on in boys. Have a nice evening Zena. Nice dress by the way."

"Thanks Raikan." Zena said. "Behave for your uncle Rai Zee-Zee."

"Okay moma." Zee-Zee said, blushing a bit as Zena kissed him on the cheek in front of his friends. He ran inside dragging Nate behind him and led Nate right to the livingroom. Anthony followed at a slower pace (guessing Raikan might tell them later not to run in the house). Raikan walked in after them after chatting with Zena and looked at Zee-Zee with a slightly stern look.

"You shouldn't run indoors Zee-Zee." Raikan said.

"Sorry uncle Rai." Zee-Zee said.

"Zena said you boys have had a bath already." Raikan said. "So we won't have to worry about that tonight. Zena also told me you have everything you'll need in your bag for tonight Nate, and she gave me pajamas for you Zee-Zee. Is there anything I need to know about in your bag Nate?"

Nate blushed and opened his bag to show Raikan the contents. In addition to his and Anthony's diapers, pluss his sleeper, there was a bottle of Arcanine's milk for both of them. Raikan pulled the two of them out and looked at them.

"So when do you drink these two Nate?" He asked.

"One's for me." Nate said. "The other is for Anthony. We drink them before bed or when you put us down for bed."

"Are you usually fed or can you drink them by yourselves?" Raikan asked.

"I can feed myself but Anthony usually needs help." Nate said.

"I can feed myself too!" Anthony yipped indignantly.

"Yes but you look funny when you do it." Nate chuckled. "You lay on your back and hold the bottle in all four paws."

Anthony huffed a bit but he knew Nate was right. Raikan just smiled at the pair and marveled at how the two acted just like brothers to a certain degree.

"So what would you kids like for dinner?" Raikan asked.

"You wouldn't happen to have any ramen would you?" Nate asked. "I'm feeling like asian for dinner for some reason. Except sushi. I don't know why, but I never could get a taste for it. Maybe it's the seaweed that's on most of the types I've tried."

"I think I've got some." Raikan said. "How about we go check."

Raikan led the trio into the kitchen and opened up a cupboard. He rummaged around a bit and found a few cups of instant ramen noodles. Nate's eyes lit up when he saw that one of the flavors was a spicy shrimp.

"OOOH!" Nate squealed. "Can I have that one? I really like shrimp and I like spicy stuff too!"

"Okay." Raikan said. "I forgot I had these for times I need a quick meal. Are you guys hungry now? It's close to dinner time."

"Sure!" Nate said. "I can eat."

Zee-Zee and Anthony just answered with rumbling bellies that elicted a laugh from both Raikan and Nate. Raikan pulled out a few more cups and filled them with steaming tap water. He told them to wait a bit before they started when the doorbell rang. Raikan went to the door and was surprised when he saw an Absol standing on the doorstep.

"Um... sorry to disturb you but is Nate here?" The Absol asked shyly, hoping Raikan wouldn't be the type to chase him away like some others did.

"Who are you exactly?" Raikan asked?

"UNCLE ABSOL!" Nate yelled, making Raikan jump as he rushed past and tackled the Absol to the ground.

"Well hello to you too." Absol wheezed when he got his breath back. "Are you getting heavier? You knocked the wind out of me on impact this time."

"Sorry Absol." Nate said. "Oh! This is Raikan. He's a friend of my new buddy Zee-Zee."

"Ninetales told me about him." Absol said. "Um.. is it okay if I come in mister Raikan?"

"Just call me Raikan or Rai." Raikan said, relaxing a bit after the scare Nate gave him. "Since Nate clearly knows you, then that's fine by me."

"Thank you Raikan." Absol said after scooping Nate onto his back. He nervously scooted past Raikan but Raikan stopped him with his tail.

"You don't have to be nervous about whether I go by the stereotype most Absol are afflicted by." Raikan said. "I know the truth about your race so I wont judge you based on that."

"Thank you Raikan." Absol said again, visibly relaxing this time. Nate already liked Raikan, but now he felt a growing respect for him. Absol felt the same respect and felt happy at the prospect of another possible friend (it was hard for him to make friends given his apperance and the stereotype in places with knowledge on pokemon). Absol walked into the kitchen and was almost knocked over when Anthony ran into him excitedly. Absol nuzzled him affectionately and looked at Zee-Zee who had a bit of a nervous look in his eyes.

"This is my Uncle Absol Zee-Zee." Nate said bounding over to him. "You remember me telling you about him right?"

"Yeah." Zee-Zee said. "He looks a little scarier than the one in the book."

"Don't worry." Nate said. "He's one of the friendliest Absol you'll ever meet. He's just a little shy around strangers."

"Hi." Absol said, walking tentatively up to Zee-Zee. "You must be the friend Ninetales told me about."

"Yeah." Zee-Zee said, still a little nervous around Absol. "I'm Zee-Zee. Nice to meet you."

Nate looked back and forth between the two and hoped they wouldn't be nervous around each other for the rest of the night. Raikan walked back in and rcognized something in Zee-Zee's eyes besides the nervousness from meeting Absol.

"Do you ave to go potty Zee-Zee?" Raikan asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"YES." Zee-Zee squealed as he realized he had to go. Absol, sensing what was to come, scooped Zee-Zee up (with a surprised yelp from the squirrel) an ran for where he could smell the bathroom. Nate, who was still on Absol's back, hopped off with Zee-Zee and helped him get his pants down before he turned away. Zee-Zee got his pull-up down and sat down on the training potty Raikan had and let out a releived sigh. When he was done, he took a look at the inside of his pull-up and was glad to find it dry. He pulled his pull-up back up and Nate helped with the tail tape. After they got his pants back up, Zee-Zee looked at Absol in a new light. Now Absol didn't seem so scary.

"Thank you Absol." Zee-Zee said, hugging the slightly embarrassed Dark Pokemon.

"Your welcome Zee-Zee." Absol said, leaning down to lick Zee-Zee the same way he licked Nate whenever he was proud of him for something. "Way to hold it in."

"I take it he made it then." Raikan said stepping around the corner. "Good job Zee-Zee."

"Thanks Uncle Rai." Zee-Zee said.

"Can you watch them for a minute Absol while they eat?" Raikan asked. "I've got to go do something in my room."

"Sure, no problem." Absol said knowingly. "I don't blame you after how high Nate made you jump."

Raikan looked stunned for a moment but then walked into his room and closed the door. Zee-Zee was clever enough to realize what had happend but Nate (while he knew Raikan was diapered from knowing the signs as well as he did) didn't realize Rai had wet himself. Absol took them both back to the kitchen and made sure they both had bibs (despite Zee-Zee's protests that he was a big squirrel) before they started eating. Anthony hadn't managed to attain the ability to use silverware but did have enough talent to drink the ramen out of the cup without spilling anything. Nate actually made decent use of the chopsticks that came with the cup and tried to help Zee-Zee get it but used a fork to make Zee-Zee feel better when he couldn't get the hang of it. Raikan came back a few minutes later (Anthony and Absol noticing the slight aroma of baby powder as he did but saying nothing). He joined them in eating and when all of them were done, let them sit out in the livingroom to watch a movie. He checked Nate and Anthony and found them both to be wet so he had them lie down while he made quick work of changing them. Absol helped a bit by handing Raikan a few things but he didn't have nearly as much talent for changing diapers as Ninetales so he didn't do much else. When the two were changed, Absol walked out the back door for a bit of fresh air and Raikan joined him (while listening intently to make sure the kids didn't get themselves into trouble.

"You don't find too many Pokemon in this world." Absol said, shyly trying to strike up a conversation.

"No you don't." Raikan said. "So how did you get here?"

"I came with Nate when they moved into this world." Absol said. "I left before they reached their house just to wander around since I did that a lot in the world we came from. It doesn't look like I'll be needing to do that as much anymore cause in this world, everyone seems so much nicer. Some I've met are frightened of me but nobody holds that stereotyp about Absol here. It's also nice that everyone can understand what you're saying. In the world I was born in, that wasn't always the case."

"Yeah." Raikan said wistfully. "This place is nice. It's also full of cubs to care for."

"You really like that huh?" Absol chuckled. "Um... I don't mean to pry but... umm... Would you mind to teeribly much if I were to ask why you wear diapers?"

"I'd rather not go into that." Raikan answered, a hint of bitterness creeping in from memories. "How'd you know anyway?"

"When I came to this world I gained the ability to sense a minor disaster." Absol said. "I can sense when someone is going to have an accident. I haven't fine tuned it yet to where I can see far enough ahead to prevent one bu I sensed you wet yourself when Nate scared you. Nate probably knows too and Anthony is likely by now. Nate just knows when someone is wearing any kind of absorbant underwear and Anthony probably smelled the baby powder like I did. You don't have to worry about them. They wont change their opinion of you at all based on that. Usually it would affect you positively anyway."

"Nice to know." Raikan said. "Thanks for helping Zee-Zee by the way."

"No problem." Absol said. "I'm not gonna stay here much longer. I wanted to see Nate for a bit before I go and spend the night with my vixen. I've missed her."

"Drop by anytime." Raikan said. "It's been nice meeting you."

"Likewise." Absol said as he stated to walk back inside. Raikan followed after him and smiled at the two squirrels sitting on the couch. They were each scratching one of Anthony's ears. Raikan marvelled at how Nate looked a little bit like an older Zee-Zee (minus the glassed and adding a bit more bulge). He realized that if you took away the otter influence, he'd look almost exactly like Zee-Zee. They could have been brothers. They almost seemed like it when he thought about it. He couldn't tell which would be the older though after what Zena told him about Nate. By age it was obvious but mentally it was a tough choice. Zee-Zee was always Zee-Zee but Nate was all over the place. He seemed so mature at times but at others he acted younger than Zee-Zee.

Absol walked over to Nate and nuzzled him before he said, "I've got to go now Nate."

"Awwww." Nate whined, proving Raikan's thoughts about him acting young. "Do you have to?"

"Yes I do." Absol laughed. "You know what Ninetales might do to me if I show up late."

"She's probably gonna do it anyway." Nate giggled. "You like it when she does that anyway."

"Yes she's going to." Absol said blushing enough to make him look like his alternate color form. "But when she does it if I'm late, it's not nearly as much fun."

"I guess." Nate giggled. "Will I see you later then Uncle Absol?"

"I'll stick around awhile this time I guess." Absol said. "I don't feel like wandering as much anymore. By the way Zee-Zee, you should try to go potty. If you don't, you'll have an accident in about five minutes."

"Oh!" Zee-Zee said, realizing Absol was right. "Thank you Absol!"

Zee-Zee ran for the bathroom and Raikan looked at Absol confusedly.

"I thought you said you couldn't detect it far enough in advance to prevent that?" Raikan said.

"Normally I can't." Absol said. "But this was something different that's easier for kids to hold back."
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:15 pm

"Oh." Raikan said, understanding what Absol meant. "Well, like I said, come by anytime."

"Thanks." Absol said. "I just might do that."

Absol nuzzled Nate and Anthony goodbye and then did the same for Zee-Zee (with an added congrats for making it) and then left. Raikan sat next to Zee-Zee when he got back on the couch and watched the movie with them. He recognized it as a pokemon movie and then knew which one it was when Darkrai showed up.

"Is this movie a little scary for you guys?" Raikan asked.

"Nah." Nate answered. "I've seen it before and Skip wouldn't have let me bring it if Zena hadn't said it was okay for Zee-Zee to watch. Besides, Zee-Zee hasn't gotten scared yet, have you?"

"Nope!" Zee-Zee said. "It's too cool to be scary."

"Even with the nightmares from Darkrai?" Raikan asked.

"Even with them." Zee-Zee said. "Darkrai seems a lot like Absol to me. Spooky, but he looks like he'd be nice if you got to know him."

"I've never gotten to meet a Darkrai." Nate said. "But I met another Legendary Pokemon who told me the same thing."

"What's a Legendary Pokemon again?" Zee-Zee asked.

"A Legendary Pokemon is a Pokemon so rare that in most worlds they are believed to be simply stories." Anthony explained (trying to sound like a professor). "In others, the term Legendary applies to their power or abilities. Legendary Pokemon are among the strongest of Pokemon in battle and few others can contest the stronger ones in one-on-one battle. Some Legendaries are related to the creation or shaping of the planet and so their abilities are considered legendary in that regard."

"So how many Legendary Pokemon have you met Nate?" Zee-Zee asked (pretending to understand Anthony even though there were only a few bits he missed).

"As of today, two." Nate said. "I've seen others but I've only met two legendary pokemon."

"Which two?" Zee-Zee asked. "Are they those two in the movie?"

"No, I've never met a Palkia or Dialga." Nate said. "Back at my old home, I got to meet the one who is said to have created them and the universe."

"Wow." Raikan said sounding impressed. "You've actually met Arceus?"

Zee-Zee looked at him wide eyed (thinking how lucky Nate was and how cool it would have been to meet a legendary pokemon).

"I met AN Arceus." Nate corrected. "I didn't meet THE Arceus. He was really nice. I got lost in a sort of open Zoo for pokemon and he brought me back to Skip and Zoe. He told me a lot of things about Pokemon too that I didn't know before. I was actually lost for a few days so he distracted me from being worried about Skip and Zoe by telling me some stories or little known facts. I know a lot of what he called "Legend Lore" now because of that."

"Wow." Zee-Zee said (even more envious of him now). "So who's the second Legendary Pokemon you met?"

"Why don't you ask your Uncle Rai?" Nate giggled.

Zee-Zee got a confused look for a second and then widened his eyes in realization. Nate was impressed at how clever Zee-Zee was again. Zee-Zee looked at Raikan who fidgeted a bit.

"Yes Zee-Zee, I'm a Legendary Pokemon." Raikan said. "I don't like to brag about it though."

"I forgot about you being a Legendary." Zee-Zee said (remembering the first sleepover with Nate). "So does that mean you're really strong?"

"Yes but I haven't battled in a long time." Raikan said. "I don't want to either. I prefere to battle only in self defense."

"Could you show us a couple attacks at least?" Anthony asked cutely.

"Maybe some other time." Raikan said.

"When was the last time you used one?" Anthony asked.

"First time that comes to mind was when I was babysitting a Mew." Raikan said (almost having a flashback in the process). "I used an Ice attack to cool off his bottle."

"Did he know any attacks?" Anthony asked.

"Water Gun." Raikan muttered, remembering bathtime for that Mew and the chaos it brought.

Anthony caught the look in Raikan's eyes and giggled at what that Mew could have possibly did with that attack.

"So do you know any stories about Mewtwo?" Zee-Zee asked.

"One in particular comes to mind." Nate answered worriedly. He looked at Raikan and said, "But it's not a very good one. Maybe it would be better as a bedtime story but then again maybe I shouldn't tell it at all."

"I think I know the one you're talking about." Mewtwo said. "As far as I know it only happend on one world. I think you can tell it as a bedtime story if you include Mew's story with it."

"Okay Raikan." Nate said. "Uh-oh. The music coming up always makes me cry for some reason."

The movie was coming to an end. It was the part of the Rise of Darkrai where Orassion is played by the towers. Tears gathered in Nate's eyes as the thrilling music played. Nate actually had a music box in his room that Skip made that played the song. He used it for a lullaby every now and again. Raikan smiled at Nate and looked to see Anthony was closing his eyes with a look of joy contentment on his face. When the movie was over, Raikan checked the clock and decided they had time for one more movie.

"This disc has every Pokemon movie on it." Nate said proudly. "We could watch another one."

"Which one do you want to watch?" Raikan asked going to the menu.

"How about Lucario and the Mystery of Mew?" Nate asked. "Lucario is one of my favorites."

"Are there any movies with Mewtwo in it?" Zee-Zee asked.

Raikan and Nate glanced at each other. They wondered whether they should watch them or not. In two of the ones with a Mewtwo as one of the main pokemon, Mewtwo wasn't very nice (even if he became nice at the end of one), and in the other he gets hurt and is still a bit grouchy.

"Yes but they aren't the best ones to watch." Nate said. "Especially with the story tonight."

"Oh." Zee-Zee said, not understanding what was so bad about Mewtwo. "Well let's watch that Mew movie instead."

Raikan started the movie and then asked Nate, "Should we feed you your bottle now so you don't have to take time for it during your story?"

"Um..." Nate said, feeling a little embarrassed as usual about being babyish around Zee-Zee. "Okay. If you really want to."

"I guess I'll show you kids one attack." Raikan said. "One of it's more practical uses anyway."

Raikan's eyes glowed blue and he made a gesture with his hand. The two bottles floated towards him and he grabbed them both and set one aside. He patted his lap and Nate got in his lap wide eyed.

"Was that Psychic or Confusion?" Nate asked.

"Confusion." Raikan answered as he craddled Nate and stuck the niple of the bottle between his lips. "Didn't need the power of Psychic for such small objects."

Nate nodded and began suckling. Raikan smiled at how cute Nate looked like that and almost laughed when he got an image of Zee-Zee like Nate was. Anthony thought the same thing and actually rolled off the couch laughing. Zee-Zee looked at him wondering what was so funny and then went back to watching the movie. When Nate finished his bottle, Raikan patted him once on the back. that proved to be a mistake as Nate let out a room shaking belch that rattled the windows, shook the TV, made Anthony leap to his feet in alarm (yipping something about an earthquake), and made Zee-Zee jump off the couch in surprise. Zee-Zee ran off to the bathroom because Nate almost made him wet himself. Raikan sat there with a shocked look on his face, just staring at Nate.

"Sorry Raikan." Nate said when he got his breath back. "Excuse me."

"Your excused." Raikan said (still wondering if he'd set off a bomb somehow). "Does Anthony do that?"

"No." Nate said. "He doesn't get gas from the bottle very often anyway. Unless he says he feels uncomfortable, he wont need to be burped."

"Okay." Raikan said (still with the look of shock on his face). "For future refference, do you need to all the time?"

"Sometimes if I'm not it comes out the other end at night and Anthony really doesn't like that." Nate said giggling a bit. "He says when he wakes up from the noise he's almost knocked back out by the smell."

"Hey uncle Rai?" Zee-Ze asked as he came back out. "Where's Sirius at?"

"He's at another friend's house." Raikan answered. "Did you make it?"

"Yep!" Zee-Zee said proudly.

"Good job Zee-Zee!" Nate and Raikan said together. Zee-Zee smiled and sat back down on the couch. Nate got off Raikan's lap and sat next to Zee-Zee while Raikan set Anthony on his lap and began to bottle feed him too. Even though Raikan was holding it, Anthony still held the bottle with all four of his paws and made the other three laugh at him. Anthony ignored them and finished the bottle in a couple minutes. When Raikan offered to burp him (rather reluctantly as he was still afraid there would be a repeat of what happend with Nate), Anthony declined and said his stomach felt fine. Raikan nodded and then Anthony just rolled over and curled up in his lap. Raikan smiled and began stroking Anthony while the movie continued. When it finished, Raikan picked up the sleeping Anthony and Nate and carried them to a guest room while Zee-Zee followed with the night bags. Raikan changed a wet and messy Anthony without waking him up surprisingly and then changed Nate (who was only wet). After the diaper changes, Raikan helped Nate into his sleeper while Zee-Zee put on his pajamas and then tucked the tiro into the bed.

"Let's hear your story Nate." Raikan said.

"Okay." Nate said. "I just want you to know Zee-Zee that your Uncle Rai isn't like the Mewtwo in this story."

Zee-Zee nodded confusedly. Nate was about to begin but Raikan told him to maybe shorten it to cliff notes version when he saw how late it was. Nate nodded and began the story.

"The story takes place after the creation of the world. At the very beginning, Mew were created by all of the legendary pokemon and they populated one island in particular. They were happy there and lived peacefully for years. Then came one day when one Mew, for unknown reasons, began experimenting with the other Mew. He had clearly lost some of his sanity somehow and the experiments were excrutiatingly painful. He eventually captured all but two Mew. They were a mother and her son. They actually fled to the Tree of Beginings and stayed there while the young Mew grew. They had a simple existance there. They weren't as happy as they were when they had the Mew of the island for company but they made due with each other and the tree. In time, odd creatures began to show up at the tree. These were new species of Pokemon. What had happened was the crazed Mew had experimented so much that he brought out the attack Transform in the Mew race and got them trapped in their new forms. The grown Mew, seeing this and knowing the torture they had gone through, became determined to stop the Mew. His mother was able to stop him from charging headlong into battle and convinced him to train himself for the eventual showdown. The new Pokemon helped the Mew to train and taught him as many attacks as they could. When Mew felt confident enough in his abilities, he kissed his mother good-bye and flew off to confront the insane Mew. When he got there, he was shocked by what he saw. The Mew had experimented on himself and created a unique Pokemon. He was much stronger now and a lot bigger than the Mew who had come to face him. He had become, the first Mewtwo. Mew laid down his ultimatum and Mewtwo defied him. The two clashed with their attacks and it soon became evident that Mewtwo was the stronger of the two. However, Mew had an advantage over Mewtwo. He had learned almost every single attack known to any Pokemon, including those known by Legendaries as they too had helped to train him for this showdown. After a long and hardfought battle, Mewtwo was finally defeated, but Mew was terribly wounded. Mewtwo's head finally cleared and he saw and felt the horrors he had wrought. He felt remorse for his actions and used the last of his power to do what he could for those he had harmed. The Mew was healed, even though scars remained, and the victims of his experiments had their memories erased. They never knew they were once Mew and never remembered the horror of their torture. Mewtwo faded but his spirit remained. It was then that Arceus appeared before the two combatants and the Mew's mother. For their actions, they were bestowed the power of the Legends and sat as members of the legendary council. That is the story of Mew, Mewtwo, and the Creation of Pokemon. Many dismiss this as a fairy tale but there is some evidence for it. Mew is said to contain the DNA of all Pokemon within him. This is almost true. It is not that Mew contains the DNA of all pokemon within him, it is that every Pokemon's DNA is a piece of Mew's DNA."

Zee-Zee was quiet for awhile and the said, "Wow." He looked at his Uncle Rai and smiled. "That Mewtwo was a little like you. He was good in the end and I know you are too. That was a good story Nate."

"Thank you Zee-Zee." Nate and Raikan said together.

"Good night boys." Raikan said, gently kissing the already sleeping Zee-Zee and the half-asleep Nate on the foreheads. Raikan removed Zee-Zee's glasses and set them on the beside table and then walked out of the room and left the door open a crack. Nate sighed happily and as he too drifted off to sleep, he hoped he could spend the night at Raikan's again sometime soon. As Raikan fell asleep himself in his own room, he thought the same thing.

*Riolu, Anthony and Lucario step onto the stage*
Riolu: Wow. Good story huh?
Anthony: The writter kind of spoiled things a bit there.
Lucario: Yeah. He was going to fit that in to the other Nathaniel stories as the way that world was created.
Riolu: Anyway, that was really cool of Zee-Zee not to judge Raikan or any other Mewtwo based on what the first one in that one world did.
Anthony: Maybe we should stop talking about the story and let the folks form their own opinions instead of listening to ours.
Lucario: Good idea. We hope you all enjoyed the latest edition to Riolu's Shorts.
Riolu: We'd like to add a thank you to Zee-Zee once again for joining the story and to Raikan for agreeing to appear in our stories.
Anthony: We couldn't have made this story nearly as much fun without you.
Lucario: The next short is a ways off. The writter has a lot to do at the moment.
Riolu: Yeah. Two stories to finish and two stories to start!
Anthony: So until next time...
Everyone: Thanks once again for reading Riolu's Shorts!
*bows as the curtain closes*
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Riolu shorts
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