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 Riolu shorts

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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:30 pm

Just noticed that comment Sirrius about your friend having pokemon on his platinum named after his friends. LOL! I did that too somewhat. So far I've got a Pachirisu named Zee-Zee. A Mewtwo named Raikan (mainly my contest pokemon since I can get excellent combos off), and yes, a Mightyena named Sirius. Thanks for the comments guys!
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Number of posts : 1610
Age : 28
Localisation : Attempting to keep Sai from driving Kyle insane.
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:45 pm

Okay everyone. I might step on a couple toes here with this final piece of the sotry and hope Zee-Zee and Sirius forgive me at the end but here goes.

Just as Nate reached the door the knob began turning. Ninetales reached the door at that moment and with one of her tails, yanked open the door and with two more, wrenched a soaking figure inside.

"What happened to you?" Nate asked worriedly as a Lucario peeled off a dripping white robe with a hood and hung it on a nearby coat hanger.

"I ran in through a storm." Lucario said wearily. "It's on the way. Should be here in no more than two hours."

"Sit down." Ninetales said tenderly. "You look exhausted."

"Make sure you take those wet clothes off first." Zoe said from the kitchen as a few beeps sounded.

Lucario rolled his eyes an took off what appeared to be the only other clothing he had on, a pair of thin-materialed white pants. This revealed a soaked pullup beneath, causing several eybrows in the room to be raised.

"Looks like you could use a change." Nate giggled.

"Don't make me use this." Lucario growled affectionately as he held up a crest that was hanging around his neck. Nate recognized the 9-Tail crest that gave him the ability to distribute and remove the same curses Ninetales had.

"That doesn't scare me." Nate laughed as Ninetales forced Lucario to lie down. "There's not much it can do to me that I don't like."

"I can think of one." Ninetales said warningly. Nate took a look at the glowing glowing tail and gulped, realizing it was the only curse he REALLY didn't like. It would cause him to lose control of his bowels. Because he so rarely messed his diaper, it really bothered him when he did.

"I was thinking more the tickle curse." Lucario said as he resigned himself to Ninetales diapering him. Nate giggled a bit when Lucario sat up with a crinkle and dragged him to the couch to sit down and watch the movie. While the theme song played, Nate introduced Lucario to everyone and then sat on his lap to watch the rest of the movie. Zoe came out with popcorn and gave each of the cubs a bowl before sitting on another couch with the adults and a larger bowl. As the movie ended (with Nate in a few tears over Lucario's fate) a loud crash resounded outside, causing all of the cubs to jump (and have a few accidents in the process). Nate laughed before anyone started crying and that got everyone else laughing as well.

"I think the sky's trying to tell us it's bedtime for cubs." Skip laughed. There were a few complaints first and then every cub let out a yawn simultaneously. They then were carriedn upstairs by the adults, Lucario, Sirius, Arcanine, Ninetales, and a now fully grown Absol. Nate widened his eyes a bit when he saw that his crib had gotten bigger and realized Skip had done that so they all would fit inside. Each of the tired cubs were diapered up (even Zee-Zee, who was too tired to complain for some reason) and placed in the crib together. There was plenty of room for them all and still was when Lucario got in with them at Ninetales's urging. They all were asleep the moment their heads touched the pillows. Raikan rubbed each of the cubs affectionately on the head and was about to walk out of the room with Sirius when Skip stopped him.

"You guys should probably stay here for the night." Skip said. "It's sounds like a doozy of a storm out there."

"You sure you have room for us?" Raikan asked. "That crib looks like it would only hold another cub Nate's size so Sirius wont fit, and where are you gonna put me, Zena and Zed?"

"You could take the couch downstairs Raikan." Zoe suggested. "Zena and Zed can take our bed. I suppose I can sleep in that crib downstairs for one night."

"What crib downstairs?" Zena asked.

"We have a play room downstairs that has a crib set up for the occasional nap." Zoe explained. "If Ninetales would shrink Skip down, we'd fit comfortably. I hate to ask this but can we have her physically regress Sirius too just for the night to fit him in this crib here?"

"I'll leave that up to Sirius." Raikan said. "But I think it's a sensible idea."

Sirius thought about it for a moment and then nodded slowly, a blush evident on his cheeks.

"No need to worry little one." Ninetales said. "It only changes your physical age. Nothing else that may usually go along with such things."

There was a small flash of light as Ninetales touched Sirius with one of her glowing tails. Raikan smiled when he saw the familiar puppy on the floor. He lovingly diapered up Sirius for the night and set him into bed with the others. He was out cold the moment his head hit the pillow as well.

"There must be some magic to this crib." Raikan said. "The cubs went down so easily."

"Just another curse of mine." Ninetales said. "I have one that makes them sleepy and sleep a bit longer."

"Well that's handy." Raikan commented.

"I've only put a temporary one on them." Ninetales said. "The curse will wear of while they're sleeping. I'll set Sirius back to normal in the morning. Unless you'd both like to keep him like that. You seem like a sensible creature to me Raikan. Take this."

An orb of light appeared above Ninetales and with a small flash, another 9-Tail Crest appeared. Ninetales gave it to Raikan and walked downstairs with him, explaining as she went (along with Arcanine and Absol following) how to use it.

"So that's why Zee-Zee didn't complain about being diapered for bed." Zena said. "Good thing too. I left his night-time pullups at home because I thought we'd be home tonight."

"You have a nice sleep." Zoe said as she picked a regressed and sleeping Skip up off the floor.

"Good night Zoe." Zena and Zed said together.

Each of the occcupant's of the house slept soundly that night despite the storm. Raikan on the couch with the three canine like pokemon sleeping a few feet away, curled together in front of the lightly crackling fireplace. Zoe, with her first cub in the crib downstairs. Zena and Zed, in an unfamiliar yet still comfortable bed across the hall from their sleeping son, who looked adorable next to the rest of the sleeping diapered cubs (and Lucario). Nate, who was snuggled close to Lucario, had a dream that night he knew would be true. He would be friends with the cubs sharing the crib with him for a long time to come.

Riolu: Whew! That was a long one.
Anthony: I know right. Hey Lucario! You're finally in one!
Lucario: Yep. Some of you might be wondering how Nate and Ninetales sensed me coming. Well, Nate and I have some mysterious connection and Ninetales could sense the 9-Tail crest I'm wearing.
Riolu: Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this short.
Anthony: We've decided we'll probably move this into it's own thread since it can't be really considered a short as long as it was.
Lucario: Thanks again for reading!
*trio walks off the stage as the curtain closes*
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:40 pm

Riolu, that was an awesome story! *hugs the whole gang* Thanks for writing me in to it!

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:37 am

*giggles* Great little story bro *snuggles8 Thanks for putting me in it Smile I loved it

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PostSubject: Re: Riolu shorts   

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Riolu shorts
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