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 A Nasty Prank.

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: A Nasty Prank.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:00 pm

Well it's certainly been a while since I did a story. Well after looking through some pics and thinking I got a short story idea so I figured I'd write it up. Thanks a lot for providing some of the inspiration for this one ZeeZee. Hehehe.

A Nasty Prank.

It was a bright summer day out side and Lig smiled warmly as he played out and about. He was in his back yard playing some pretend games He was hacking and slashing away at a tree in his back yard with a stick he’d found. In his mind’s eye he was “Lig Defender of Diaper Kingdom.” and the tree was “The Evil Potty Overlord.” He was destined to beat this enemy. After a few more swift strokes Lig hopped back and raised his stick to the air in victory. Just then he heard his big brother from the back door.

“Lig come on in it’s nap time.” Warren told him.

“Awww Okay.” Lig frowned and trudged inside following his big brother. Warren lead Lig over to the couch.

“You can nap on the couch today so you’ll be all set to play when you wake back up.” Warren old him. Lig smiled and climbed up onto the couch and yawned.

“Sweet dreams little bro.” Warren said ruffling Lig’s short mane.

After that Lig soon drifted off to sleep. Warren smiled and walked out to the kitchen and called a few people up to tell them to put the plan into action. After getting several confirmations Warren then went about setting things up in the house. He went back to Lig’s room and changed things up a little bit and even mind a minor alteration to Lig’s plushie Bushy. Warren smiled as he stood back looking at the room and his hand work. He went back into the bathroom and set up the final piece of the puzzle. He smiled a bit to himself at how well planned out this was.

About an two hours later Lig yawned slowly waking up from his nap. He had had some pleasant dreams during the nap. The best of which was meeting Super Paws the Pawpers Pup. Lig giggled at the thought of that as he rolled over on the couch and felt his diaper squish wetly beneath him. He sighed contently at the feel of the warm, wet, and squishy diaper beneath him. It was just about his favorite thing in the world. Only one thing could make it better. Lig grunted softly and then sighed with a grin as he filled the seat of his diaper with a warm mess. Now it was perfect. Lig loved the feeling of a well used diaper.

“Hey there sleepy head sleep good?” Warren asked Lig.

“Uh Huh.” Lig nodded with a grin.

“Phew. Someone sure is a stinker. Come here and lay down.” Warren said laying out the changing pad.

“Okay.” Lig nodded and got off the couch and laid down on the changing pad like he had a thousand times before.

“That a boy. Now lets get you out of those icky diapers.” Warren told him as he untapped the very dirty diaper.

Lig simply nodded and laid back still not quite fully awake as Warren went about wiping up his little brother. Warren then began to powder Lig. He smiled and purred closing his eyes at the feel and scent of the powder like he always did. That’s when Warren put things into motion. From the bag next to him he pulled out a pair of feel and learn training pants and slipped them onto Lig quickly and threaded his tail. Lig’s eyes opened to see what was happening as this wasn’t normal part of a diaper change. His eyes then widened at what he saw now placed on him.

“Lig your getting to be such a big boy now. I think it’s high time we got around to potty training you. So from now on no more icky diapers. Just feel and learns. Maybe soon real big kid underwear!” Warren told him with a proud smile.

“Huh? But uh? Wha?” Lig stammered looking down at himself in shock.

“I know won’t it be great? Oh look your friends are here.” Warren said with a smile as he pointed towards the door.

Lig turned his head and saw three of his friends standing at the door. Balt, Dylan, and ZeeZee. He tilted his head to the side very confused as he saw them. Balt and Dylan weren’t wearing diapers like they usually did. They were wearing the Feel and Learn Training pants like he was. As for ZeeZee he was wearing what looked to be big boy briefs.

“Hey there Lig. Look at our new trainers!” Balt grinned patting his.

“Yeah they’re great! No bulky at all! I feel bigger already.” Dylan said proudly as he adjusted his glasses.

“Hi Lig!” ZeeZee said scampering over. “Isn’t it great! All the other mommies and daddies decided it was time to help their cubs be big boys like me! Look see Lig I’m a really big boy now I’m in big boy pants! No more trainers for me. But new big boys like you need em for now. But not for too long.”

“Why don’t you guys go show Lig his room now?” Warren asked them.

“Yeah come on Lig. We all got new rooms too. Come on!” Balt said grabbing Lig’s paw and pulled him up to his feet.

The trio of cubs quickly ushered the wide eyed and still in shock Liger down the hall way back to his room. All of them doing exactly as instructed. Lig himself at the moment had so many thoughts and emotions running through his brain right now he doubted he could do anything other then stammer as he did before. However he was in for even more of a shock as the trio brought him to his room and opened the door.

“See Lig it’s a big boy room now like ours!” Dylan said as he opened the door.

Lig looked inside and walked in awkwardly, unused to not having the bulk of a diaper between his legs. His room seemed to be completely re done. His crib was gone. Replaced by a bed, (which was actually a simple cot dressed up to look like one.) His changing table was still there however where stacks of diapers had once sat was a package of the new training pants and a pack of briefs lay in the lower compartment where his other diapers were stored. Along with them in that compartment were various potty training books. Lig’s carebear, pawpers and various other diaper cub posters were now gone. In their place were posters for the Big Cub Rangers, Brief Boys, and various potty training posters with little tips and sayings on them.

“Neat huh Lig?” Balt told him.

“OH and Lig look at your new bed!” ZeeZee said and walked to one of the little doors and pulled it out as he did a potty was revealed. “See it’s a potty chair so if you wake up at night and gotta go you can just pull out the potty chair and use it instead of trying to find your way around at night when it’s dark to get to the bathroom.”

“Oh speak of that lets go show Lig the bathroom now.” Dylan grinned.

“Where? Huh? Bushy!” Lig exclaimed as he noticed Bush sitting on the new bed. He scampered over and picked up his plushie only to notice even Bushy had changed. Instead of his usual diaper Bushy was now wearing a pair of briefs.

“Hehe see Lig even Bushy’s on his way to being a big goy.” Balt said as they quickly lead Lig out of his room and back to the bathroom.

“Looky Lig you got a big boy potty in here.” ZeeZee said patting a potty chair which had been made to look like a real toilet.

Lig stared at it and then back at Bushy and himself. His head felt like it was about to explode from all of this. He was sure that any second now his head was going to pop like and over blown balloon. When he woke up this morning everything in the world was right and now things were turned up on their heads.

“Hey guys come on now lets go out to the living room. Warren’s got one more surprise for Lig.” Dylan told them all with a grin. With that the trio of cubs ushered their dazed friend out to the living room where Warren and Zena were waiting.

“Well Lig what do you think of all yoru new big boy stuff?” Warren asked.

“It’s…’s….” Lig trailed off sniffling as he stared at Bushy. The shock finally caught up to him and his body reacted by doing what it always did. Emptying his bladder .

“Oopies looks like Liggy had an accident. His dry signs are fading.” ZeeZee said as Lig felt the trainer quickly grow cool and wet. Nothing like his diapers.

“Uh Huh. Lig I’ve got one more surprise for ya. Are you ready?” Warren asked

“Uh…uh…huh.” Lig nodded near tears now. His loved diapers were gone, his room wasn’t his anymore, his friends were different now and even his beloved plushie wasn’t the same anymore.

“Surprise!” Everyone shouted as in leapt a familiar face. Lig’s eyes widened and he completely for got about the uncomfortable feeling coming from his trainers.

“I am Super Paws Pawper Pup! Protector of the Diaper Kingdom. I’m here to set things right!” The wolf exclaimed proudly as he stood their. His cape flowing an his diaper bulging prominently as the shiny superman style SP sign on his sleeveless top shorn bright.

“Super paws!” Lig said as Bushy dropped from his hand and Zena moved aside pulling in a big wagon which was filled with jumbo packs of Pawpers Cloud Softs

“That’s Right. I here a certain little Liger cub around here as been a very good member of the Diaper Kingdom. Promoting it with pride. It’s been one whole year now since his debut on a Pawpers commercials.” Super Paws said with a smile. “That means you now gain the rank Knight of the Diaper Kingdom.”

“Really?” Lig asked his eyes lighting up like stars.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

Number of posts : 11138
Age : 30
Localisation : Pensalvania USA
Registration date : 2006-10-15

PostSubject: Re: A Nasty Prank.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:00 pm

“That’s right! Oh wait a second? Trainers? Briefs? That won’t due for the Knighting ceremony. I see the Evil Potty Overlord has influenced some here. Never feel though cubs! Super Paws nows what to do!” Super Paws said and pulled out a flute from his belt and began to play.

“Huh? What happened? Lig why aren’t you in diapers?” Warren asked with a look of confusion on his face.

“ZeeZee? What are you doing in briefs?” Zena asked.

“I dunno.” ZeeZee said shaking his head confused as the rest.

“Eee! I’m in trainers!” Balt Exclaimed with shock.

“Where’d my diapers go?!” Dylan asked with his jaw dropping.

“The Potty Overlord’s dark spell is broken. Your all yourselves again. Now then to remove the remnants of his dark doings.” Super Paws said and played his flue quickly. This time a sharp quick tune and in came four foxes dressed much like Super Paws. Their chest had DF on it.

“Diaper Foxes here and ready!” They all said at once. One’s main color was red, one blue, another green, and the last yellow.

“Diaper Foxes. We need you to fix these little ones up. Cloud Softs for the three hybrids and our special Pull-On Spy Pants for our new secrete agent ZeeZee. Meanwhile I’ve got some rooms to set right. Warren, Zena mind giving a super hero a hand or two?” Super Paws said confidently.

“Yes Sir!” The Diaper Foxes said saluted and grabbed a jumbo pack as one grabbed the singular pack of Pull-On Spy pants for ZeeZee.

“No problem.” Warren and Zena nodded.

With that the four Diaper Foxes went about their task of diapering up each of the cubs. Expertly removing the trainers and one pair of briefs with practiced paws and began to clean up those who needed it. Everyone go oiled up and a dusting of baby powder before their diapers and Spy Pants respectively were placed beneath their changes and taped up and pulled up. Meanwhile Super Paws along with Warren and Zena made Lig’s room like it was again in quick order. The two adults smiled as they worked.

“This really was a good idea Warren.” Zena smiled as she folded the cot back up.

“Thanks a lot Zena I think from the looks on the toher cub’s faces they enjoyed it pretty darn well.” Warren laughed as he placed the posters back up.

“Well you two did good setting this up. I’ve been to lots of these little ceremonies. Well a dozen anyway and well I don’t think I’ve ever had a better set up before.” Super Paws laughed as he placed the diapers and supplies back on the changing table.

“Thanks. Well you the Diaper Foxes were great. Now I know why Lig obsesses over your show so much. You guys are good.” Warren said as they finished up.

Meanwhile back out in the living room.

“There every bottom back in it’s popper padding.” Said the Red Diaper Fox.

“Thanks Diaper Foxes!” The cubs all said at once an hugged the Foxes who laughed lightly.

“Any time cubs.” The Diaper Foxes said as Super Paws, Warren, and Zena came back out.

“There almost all the wrongs have been righted. Your room and bathroom are back to their proper order. Only one thing remains.” Super Paws said picking up Bushy and handed him to Lig along with a Bushy size diaper.

“Thank you Super Paws!” Lig grinned and took Bushy and pulled off his briefs and laid him down and diapered him just like he himself was diapered. “There ya go Bushy!”

“There now everything has been set right. Diaper Foxes. Present garb.” Super Paws said. With that each Fox grabbed a box and stood in line by Super Paws. “Now then we’ll go in reverse order leaving our highest rank for last. ZeeZee step forwards.

“Yes Super Paws.” ZeeZee grinned and scampered over as his thick Spy Pants rustled softly. They were essentially pull-on diapers but they were enough like big boy pants for ZeeZee.

“ZeeZee. For showing loyalty and friendship to the Diaper Kingdom we now dub thee ZeeZee Special Operative Z.” Super Paws said placing a Cape with a Z on ZeeZee.

“Wows thanks Super Paws.” ZeeZee grinned and gave him a hug before moving off to his mommy to show off his new cap.

“Step Forward Dylan.” Super Paws said next. Dylan grinned and scampered over crinkling as he did so. “For intelligence and standing by your friends when most needed you are dubbed Dylan The Wise. Diaper Mage.”

“Thank you.” Dylan nodded as his cape was placed on. His had a D on it. Dylan scampered off.

“Balt Step Forward.” Super Paws said next. Balt grinned and scampered over to him. “For Strength and Bravery in the face of danger you are dubbed Balt the Brave.”

“I like that.” Balt grinned as his cape with a B was placed on him and he scampered off.

“Now last but certainly not least. Lig step forward.” Super Paws said as he go the cape ready. Lig grinned and scampered over. “For strength of spirit and purity of heart. For Bravery and Wisdom you are dubbed Knight Lig the Honorable.”

“Thank you.” Lig said with a huge grin and a single tear as the cape was placed on him.

“Ok everybody get together. Lets get a picture.” Zena said holding the camera while Warren had stood off to the side with the camcorder taping the whole thing.

Everyone giggled and laughed and got into place. Super Paws Stood tall in the middle in back. To each side just in front of him stood the Diaper Foxes. And then in front of all of them stood the four newly dubbed cubs. Zena smiled and snapped a few pictures of the pose as it changed jus at little form picture to picture. Lig had the biggest smile of all. On his face.

“Now then. With our little ceremony over who’s hungry? We’ve got lots of pizza, chips, soda and movies. “ Warren asked them with a smile. All the cubs cheered and jumped up and down.

“Well you cubs all have fun. It was an honor meeting all of you.” Super Paws told them.

“Awww your leaving Super Paws?” Lig said with a pout.

“Yes I must go. Diaper Kingdom needs it’s protector after all. But don’t worry you’ll hear from me again soon.” Super Paws smiled and kneeled down giving Lig a hug.

With that everyone exchanged hugs and goodbye. The cubs waved sadly as their padded Heroes walked one by one out the door waving back at them. The cubs sighed but where quickly turned to other matters such as pizza, chips, and pop. Everyone sat down and ate and talked about the events that had just transpired and the initial masquerade had been revealed as what it really was.

“Wait you guys all knew this was gonna happen? When?” Lig asked in disbelief.

“Oh not long.” Dylan said as he sipped his soda.

“Since the day before yesterday.” Balt laughed as he ate a slice of pizza.

“I made little suggestions like putting Bushy in undies.” ZeeZee giggled.

“You guys!” Lig said and gave each a light hearted punch in the shoulder. “Your meanies! Hehe.”

“Hehehe I know!” Balt laughed.

“Boy you should have seen the look on your face when we showed you your room!” Dylan nodded.

“I think we really scared Lig. Heck it looked like we scared the Pee out of him at the end!” ZeeZee giggled.

“Hehe Yeah!” Balt and Dylan both laughed.

“Ha ha ha. How do you know it was cuz I was scared? I wet like that all the time.“ Lig said crossing his arms

With this light hearted mood the day went on with everyone snacking and laughing and playing and watching movies. It was a fun day that lasted well into the night as what was originally planned to only be a day event turned into a little sleep over as all the cubs eventually ended up snuggled up together asleep on the couch. It had been a long day but a good one ultimately. Lig’s world had started out right side up, got turned upside down and given him fright only to be turned right side up and made all the better. Lig was physically and emotionally exhausted as he drifted off to sleep in his thick diaper along with his other padded friends. This was the best day Lig had ever had and the best sleep he’d ever had too. All the new Members of the Diaper Kingdom laid fast asleep. The day was done but would never be forgotten by any.

The end.

Well that's all folks. I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading. ^^


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: A Nasty Prank.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:14 pm

Heehee, I said it on FA too, but I love this story, Lig! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: A Nasty Prank.   Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:07 am

AWWW! That's just plain adorable! This would have been good as another adventure of the happy hybrids. That was kind of mean of Warren though to pull that prank. *shakes finger playfully at him* Cute that Zee-Zee ended up in a diaper and didn't complain. (Glad it was pull on like his usual trainers though. I'm still not sure whether he's cuter in trainers or diapers)
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PostSubject: Re: A Nasty Prank.   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:16 pm

*chuckles* We would never actually do that would we? Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: A Nasty Prank.   Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:45 am

To Lig? NEVER! (well maybe, but I wouldn't like it)
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PostSubject: Re: A Nasty Prank.   

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A Nasty Prank.
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