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 Team Libra - Friends and the Sky

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PostSubject: Team Libra - Friends and the Sky   Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:26 pm

I decided to get a start on this story at least. Won't be too long I guess but here it is. Anthony's adventures when he parted with Nathaniel.

Team Libra - Friends and the Sky
by, Riolu

Chapter 1

Anthony woke Cyndaquil and Chikorita the next morning. After diaper changes and breakfast, they continued on, not sure of any real destination.

"I wish we had even the slightest clue as to where Shaymin was." Cyndaquil sighed.

"I know." Anthony said. "But we don't so we need to find someone who does."

"Maybe we should head back to the Hot Spring and ask Torkoal Elder?" Chikorita offered.

"Why listen to that old fuddy duddy?" someone asked.

"Who said that?" the three of them asked at once.

A small patch of taller grass shook with laughter and looked up with a smirking white face. "Do you have any idea how many people use that same response? Anyway, I'm the one who said that. I can tell you where Shaymin is."

"Really?" Anthony asked. "Where?"

"Where what?" the pokemon (who was secretly Shaymin (bet nobody could tell that...NOT!)) asked.

"Where can we find Shaymin?" Anthony asked.

"Where can we find Shaymin what?" Shaymin asked.

"Why do you keep repeating my question?" Anathony asked.

"I'm waiting for something." Shaymin laughed.

"Where can we find Shaymin please?" Cyndaquil asked.

"There you go!" Shaymin said gushingly. "Manners make a good boy." He saw there serious faces and said, "Okay. You can find Shaymin just about anywhere cause he goes just about everywhere. I'll be nice though and tell you where you can find him now."

"Yes please! Do tell!" Chickorita said.

"He's within five feet of you." Shaymin laughed.

"Well that was easy." Anthony said (thinking that this seemed too easy (or like some badly written story)). "We need your help Shaymin."

"What cha' need?" Shaymin asked.

"We're looking for one of the guardians of the seven treasures." Anthony explained. "We need his help to save a friend. Could you lead us to him please?"

"I could if I could fly." Shaymin said. "At the moment though, I can't. Something was stolen from me and I need it back before I can fly again."

"If we help get it back, would you take us to see Giratina?" Cyndaquil asked.

"I'll do more than that!" Shaymin said happily. "I'll join you guys and help out! Just one question though, how did you know I knew where to find the seven treasures?"

"Dialga told us you flew all over the place and that you'd probably seen the whole world so you'd probably have some idea as to where the seven treasures were." Chikorita explained.

"Well then, he's right." Shaymin said. "I know where each of the seven treasures is most likely to be located. Only problem is, I have no idea what each of the seven treasures are and therefore, which pokemon guards each of them. So we may end up getting a few of them as we head for Giratina."

"Well, let's get you back your belonging." Anthony said.

"Right!" Shaymin said. "Follow me!"

Shaymin walked off and the team followed. There was a bright flash of light and suddenly, the confused Team Libra members found themselves standing on the summit of a mountain.

"Hey you crooks!" Shaymin yelled. "Give back my flower!"

Anthony looked and saw a Muk rise along with several Grimer. It looked at them all and laughed.

"Who's gonna make us?" Muk laughed. "You can't beat all of us and these guys look like wimps!"

As soon as Muk finished speaking, he was KO'ed by Anthony as he surged out from beneath him and sent him flying down the slope of the mountain. The Grimer looked over and saw their leader slowly rise before he fell again. The ran away to their fallen leader as fast as they could, leaving behind the head of a small red flower. Anthony looked at it oddly.

"I realize that was easy but we needed a flower?" Anthony asked Shaymin.

"Yep!" Shaymin said as he picked up the flower, revealing it to be a pendant, and strining it around his neck. Shaymin glew gold and then stood before Anthony looking completely different. He looked like a cross between a white dog and a reindeer with a scruff of green hair and part of a red scarf. The lower half of his legs were green as well. He flew a short ways into the air and said, "Now we can get after those treasures."

There was another flash of light and they found themselves in the spot they were before the were on the mountain. Shaymin motioned with his head and took off to the southeast.

"Bottomless Sea, here we come!" Shaymin whooped.

Chapter 2

Time seemed to fly by as well as the land. Shaymin led them to the entrance of an underwater dungeon and stopped. He turned to the team and looked at them seriously for once.

"Okay guys, here's the deal." Shaymin said. "I know a shortcut to the bottom of the dungeon but we wont be able to leave until we beat the guardian if we do. Are you confident enough in your abilities that you think you can take on anything?"

Anthony looked at his teammates and nodded. "We've taken on probably a dozen legendary pokemon at least. I'm sure we can handle it, especially if you'd help us."

"Um..." Shaymin mumbled. "Could I sit this one out?"

"What happened to that confidence when we tackled those guys who stole your pendant?" Anthony asked laughing.

Shaymin took off the pendant and returned to Land Forme before saying, "It's right here! I wasn't strong enough to beat them all and I'm not strong enough to tackle any of the guardians, but now that I'm on a team, my confidence is through the roof!"

"Why does this seen really wierd?" Anthony thought to himself.

"You guys are Secret Rank right?" Shaymin asked.

"Yeah but we don't have the Explorer's Badge with us." Anthony answered.

"Don't need it." Shaymin said. "You can use the entrance anyway."

Shaymin slapped his paw against the wall and another opening appeared. Shaymin rolled up into a ball and rolled down the slope. Anthony and the others followed after him.

"You know." Cyndaquil said to Anthony. "This doesn't seem like the place we'd find someone who governs dimension."

"Who knows?" Anthony said. "Maybe that's what he wants us to think."

They continued running and eventually came to a large room. They turned when they heard a voice behind them say, "SEEKERS OF THE SEVEN TREASURES! SHOW ME YOUR POWER AND PROVE YOUR WORTH TO CLAIM THE PRIZE!" They saw the speaker clearly wasn't Giratina. It was a purple Kyogre instead.

"Well at least we'll get an extra treasure out of this." Shaymin said. "Don't worry. We'll get to Giratina eventually."

"Probably after getting the other six treasures." Anthony thought bitterly to himself.

Kyogre roared and let loose the huge jet off water that was the attack Hydro Pump at Cyndaquil. Anthony jumped in front of him and used Protect before the attack could hit. Chikorita dashed to one side while Shaymin did the same on the other. Cyndaquil leaped over Anthony and fired a Flamethrower at Kyogre to get his attention. It worked because Kyogre blocked the attack with Ice Beam. This gave Shaymin and Chikorita the opportunity to use Energy Ball and Razor Leaf respectively. The attacks hit Kyogre on opposite sides and made him roar with pain. He struggled for a moment, trying to decide which of them to attack, and was hit in that one precious moment by a Shadow Ball from Anthony. Kyogre froze in place and then grew transparent before vanishing altogether, leaving a small box behind. Shaymin waddled up to it and opened it up. He lifted it into the air and took out the Treasure he called the Aqua Monica.

"That's one location down!" Shaymin said excitedly. "Let's head for the next one!"


Two treasures later, after a battle in the Shimmer Desert to the northeast of Bottomless Sea against a yellow Groudon for a Terra Cymbal and a against a gray Rayquaza in the Sky Stairway to the northwest for a Sky Melodica, they were heading east to the Great Volcanoe. They passed a place called Dark Crater along the way and Anthony got a shiver across his spine as they did. He looked and realized that Cyndauil and Chikortia did too. Something was familiar but they couldn't tell what. It didn't matter to them at the moment so they made a note to bring Nathaniel by when their mission was complete. They reached the Great Volcanoe and took the shortcut once again. Anthony expected the same speech as the last three but this one was different.


Anthony turned and saw Heatran standing behind them. He stomped his feet on the ground and then let loose a Heat Wave that engulfed the room. Anthony felt the tips of his fur singe and heard Shaymin an Chikorita gasp in pain as the fire attack hit hard. Cyndaquil rushed forward and hit Heatran Point Blank with Fire Blast. That was a mistake as Heatran absorbed the attack with Flash Fire and laughed as he trapped Cyndaquil with a strengthened Magma Storm. His laughter stopped abruptly as Anthony came up underneath him and got a critical hit with the four times as effective Dig. Heatran dropped to one side and dissappeared, leaving behind a box. Anthony grabbed the Fiery Drums from it and watched as Heatran reappeared.

"That was an impressive battle." Heatran said. "One hit surprised me. If you'll have me, I'd like to join your team."

"Absolutely." Anthony said. "We could use the extra help."

Heatran nodded and then followed the team out of the dungeon as they moved on to their next destination.
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Team Libra - Friends and the Sky
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