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 Movies Your Looking Forward too.

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PostSubject: Movies Your Looking Forward too.   Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:11 am

Well I thought this would be an cool thread to have and well I just saw the trailer to a movie that I just had to share! The plot for this one looks fantastic OK I'll set it up for ya.

District 9.

In this movie some years ago an alien ship arrived on earth over Africa. It's occupants turned out to be the last surviving refugees from their homeworld. The government has set them up in slums and segrigates them from doing much of anything they may like. The government has their ship but problem is can't do much of anything with it or the alien weapons because their weapons are keyed to alien DNA sequences. In the movie one Gov. Agen gets infected with a virus and begins to transform and hides in District 9 where the aliens are and slowly gets a feel for them and what exactly is going on.

Anyway the Trailer is way cool and I'm finding some other neat stuff for it on youtube as well.


A promotional Trailer put out by the Fictional organization which keeps tabs on the aliens:

Anyway I just had to share that. I thought it was cool as heck. Well then again I would being a huge fan of science fiction. What can I say I'm a nerdy lil Liger. XD


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Movies Your Looking Forward too.
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