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 What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)

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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:08 am

I'm sorry it's been so long for so little to add guys. I've been busy strolling down memory lane and watching the third season of digimon on Youtube. Dang that site is handy! I can see just about every cartoon I've ever missed! Anyways, here you go! One more scene. Gotta think of how I'm gonna do the Raikan scene next.


Sai and Nate were flying over rooftops with Hinata keeping up below. Izuri had been nice enough to let her off with a warning for once. Nate was having fun flying with Sai but he had no idea where Sai was taking him.

"Where are we going again exactly?" Nate asked.

"I told you already." Sai giggled mischeiviously. "To see a friend of mine!"

"Okay well where does this friend live?" Nate asked.

"Just follow me." Sai said still laughing.

Sai led Nathaniel over to the Fist Well. The Fist Well was an interesting thing. From this end it was just a circle on the ground. But the other end of it was a hole back in Star City. An interesting thing about it was when you jumped down it was as if gravity was set on low while you wore a parachute. Nate (and just about every other inhabitant of the region) had learned ways of speeding up and slowing down when they went down any well to another city. When going into the well from the other side, gravity was as low as going down but it was reversed. Nate asked Skip once why the Star City even needed the gravity effect in the wells and Skip told him it was because not EVERY furr in Star City or the points was born with wings. It was rare for it to happen but it did occur. Plus there were pokemon that liked to travel between cities for various reasons and most of them needed the gravity as most couldn't fly. The trio quickly flew up threw the wel at top speed and forgot to slow down before they reached the top. They shot out of the well like a bullet but Nate felt like he'd smacked into a brick wall as gravity suddenly grew more intense and reversed direction. Fortunately he was going fast enough that he reached a certain area of Star City that had decreased gravity anyway and felt instant relief.

"Ouch." Nate said simply. "That hurt a bit."

"I've always wanted to try that." Sai laughed as he landed on top of one of the sky scrapers that Star City was famous for.

"Has anyone ever told you your bravery borders on insanity?" Nate asked landing next to him with Hinata vaulting over the edge next to them.

"Somebody may have mentioned something similar once or twice." Sai giggled. "I'll race you to the Zap Well!"

As Sai took off, Nate groaned and thought to himself, "Oh great! First a gravity slam, now I'm going to get knocked out of the sky by the world's biggest bug zapper! How long is it gonna take for Sai to get us all in intensive care?"
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:01 pm

AHEM....*Looks at the Anouncers with a frown before he breaks into a great grin and sits down*

let me say, that is just excellent! Sooo damned cute and adorable and funny at the same time. This is what I get for being so serious all the time and not taking time for myself. I end up getting zapped by a drunk Kitsune^^

Ecellent series of shorts, so adorable buddy!! You captured me head on.

*Leans down and whispers* Gee, now that everyone knows that I wear diapers, will anyone take me seriously?
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:10 pm

Zee-Zee's always taken you seriously it looks like. Kids just have trouble listening sometimes. You won't have to worry about Lucario at least. He's diapered and he's supposed to be my serious character. And as long as you can take Ninetales seriously after her getting drunk from one drink then she can do the same. Glad you like Uncle Rai!
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:24 pm

Here's another two scenes. One for Raikan's portion, and another ending Skip and Warren's portion. There's a bit of refference to a piece of art Lig recently posted on FA. You should put that little trilogy here on the Furr Den Lig!


Lucario was having one of his rare moments. Normally he was clam and serious by nature. Now he showed his tender and fun side since Raikan decided to leave the physical regression curse on for the moment. Ninetales (or Vulpix) had woken up too and was feeling very cranky.

"What's wrong Vulpix?" Lucario asked sweetly as he cuddled with the two poke cubs on the couch.

"It's Ninetawles." she complained grouchily.

"Not from where I'm sitting." Lucario laughed. "Come on. What's up?"

"Evwything fo staters." she lisped.

"Well that can't be helped." Lucario said. "We've got to let that alcohol run it's course in your older body before we turn you back."

"I knows." Ninetales growled. "But by then Waikan will bes back to nowmal and I won't gets to bwaby him."

"Is that all that's bothering you?" Lucario laughed. "Come on now. You get to baby others all the time."

"But Wai's so cute!" Ninetales whined. "You knows I wikes the cuties!"

Raikan blushed a bit. It had been awhile since anyone had babied him. "Tell you what Ninetales." He said. "Next time I feel like cubbing out to relax, I'll call on you. Okay?"

"Otay." Ninetales said before falling under the influence of her sleeping curse again.

"You're going to regret promising that." Lucario laughed.

"Why's that?" Raikan asked.

"Ninetales can go a bit overboard sometimes." Lucario warned. "Especially to those she finds irresitably cute. Watch out for her. If she feels you need to relax sometime, she might force baby you. I realize you're a legendary and probably very powerfull but on the world Ninetales came from, she was practically a legendary herself and she's been around a couple of millenia at least. It will be very hard to stop her if she sets her mind on babying you."

"Oh." Raikan said. "I'll keep that in mind."

"Maybe you should find a way to get her drunk when she tries." Absol muttered sleepily from the rug. "Then you just have to make sure she hits herself and you've effectively turned the tables. If she gets you in the process, try to reverse them with your crest."

"Ninetales showed me how to use them." Raikan said. "She never taught me how to reverse them though."

"I'll teach you while she's asleep." Lucario said as Absol fell asleep himself.

"Thanks." Raikan said.

"But first, since we've got another hour or so at least and it'll only take two minutes to teach," Lucario began. "Anything you'd like me to do for this baby experience?"

Thinking ahead just a bit, Raikan answered, "How about you teach me now that way Ninetales will see you babying me when she wakes up and she'll think that's what's been going on the whole time?"

Lucario nodded and pulled out both his and Raikan's crests. "The first thing you need to know..."


Warren froze as the moment the word go was sounded, he felt something cold on the back of his neck. He slowly turned around and saw a spear of ice floating right there.

"No fair!" Warren said, before blushing at how childlike he sounded. "Hey! Did you curse me or something?"

"Course not." Skippa said laughing. "You did that on your own. Although I sometimes bring out the cub in people."

"I dare you to try that again." Warren growled good-naturedly.

"I think you'd be prepared this time." Skip laughed. "How about this? New rule: we can only use our powers on the swords. Sound fair enough?"

"Allright." Warren nodded. "I'll start this time."

Skip nodded. Warren immediately shouted go like an excited cub trying to get the advantage of surprise and used his inner light to fling several blades across the room at Skip. Skip just smirked as tentacles of water leapt from the ground and slapped each blade away. They grabbed a few more off the stands and flung them right back at Warren. Warren got a bit more creative and had each blade blocked by another. Skip was surprised. Warren was good! Warren was equally impressed with Skip. They both tried to use several swords at once to attack ach other but found they couldn't effectively attack with more that four at once. Warren and Skip started by slashing wildly like ametuers but then started to cool down and fight more like the artists they both were. Each carefully tested each other's areas for weaknesses and tried to form strategies to distract with one while attacking with another. Neither were fooled by any attempt due to another use of their various powers. Suddenly, Warren got an opening as Skip shivered and almost made the hit. A tentcle of water barely slapped the blade out of the way in time and Skip retailiated by using the created opening on Warren's side. A semicircle of light stopped that blade and Skip felt a light tap on his rudder. He knew without looking Warren's knocked aside blade had slipped past just as he attacked and reached the tip just in time.

"You're good Warren." Skip laughed as he used the watery tentacles to return each blade. "If you're rusty now I'd hate to try you in top form. That one match wore me out."

"Really?" Warren asked.

"No not really but I've seen enough." Skip said. "There's actually not much I can teach you for fights like this."

"I just copied what I saw on some of the SciFi films me and Lig watch all the time." Warren said. "When it comes to actually handling the blade I'm not nearly as good."

"Have you ever considered moving your paws with a blade being manipulated like that?" Skip asked.

"Actually no." Warren answered. "But then that would be too easy."

"I suppose." Skip said. "You're just lucky I had another accident or that opening would have been a lot longer in coming."

"What's it like?" Warren asked.

"Warm and tingly." Skip answered.

"Not having an accident." Warren said. "I mean not having any control. I'd like to know the view of an adult closer to my age."

"It can be annoying sometimes." Skip said, showing his rare serious side. "Mainly just inconvenient. Although sometimes it's more convenient to use these instead of finding a bathroom. I'd say be careful if you decide you want to go full time like Lig. Consider both sides carefully."

"I'm not even sure about coming out yet." Warren said. "So it'll be a bit before I decide on that."

"You should probably start with Lig." Skip said.

"Too late." Warren said. "I told you first."

"I don't count." Skip said. "I knew and you trusted me enough to admit it. My guess is Lig already knows but is just trying to think of what to do with what he knows."

"He might but I don't think so." Warren said. "Oh well. Time will tell I guess. Thanks for the swords. I should probably get home. Lig'll be home soon. Fortunately he said he be going over to his friend Spencer's house tomorrow so I'll get to try some new single tape diapers I got."

"See ya later buddy." Skip said. "If you ever need anything I've at least got an ear to listen."

Warren smiled his thanks before shaking paws with Skip.
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:46 pm

Hehehehe. Wows! Very nice Riolu! Both parts where pretty gosh darn cute! And thanks for including that bit about the picture! Hehehe nice job. Your a really good writer. ^^


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:24 pm

Thanks a lot Lig! I never get tired of hearing that from guys like you Zee-Zee and Raikan. I look up to all of you (even though I'm a bit taller than Zee-Zee) as writters.

*Riolu walks onstage alone*
Hey guys! since everyone else is busy I'm the only one to give this announcement. We (meaning me and the writter) would like to warn everyone that the next scene has something rather disturbing in it. You might remember how Cole from Odd Happingings was set upon by a dragon and how Sai from this story universe had been brought home as an egg several times by the same type of dragon. The writter is going to get pretty descriptive about the process and warns the content might get a little mature. Just to warn you guys ahead of time so you can brace yourself for some vore (as we now know the term for stuff like this).
*walks back offstage*

Yes the next scene has some descriptive "soft vore" in it. In my defense I described these dragons in Odd Happenings BEFORE I even found out about vore and my slight interest in it (I've grown to like it only as much as diaper punishment stories, has to have a good ending and as PG as possible is preffered).
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:19 am

Okay guys, next scene isn't done yet but I'm posting what I got so far. Just another warning about the soft vore in it. (PS, for those who don't know the term, Soft Vore is just live oral swallowing, no chewing or dismemberment) And just a reminder so the dragons aren't hated too much, they do this so they can return kids home, not terrorize them. They're just scary that way. They help a bunch of kids who are genuinely lost on a regular basis.


Nate was diving down the Zap Well with Sai. Sai was going at a break neck pace (literally if he didn't pull up in time). Nate was going down fast but wanted to make sure he stayed within the boundaries of the well. He was afraid to leave it and get shot out of the sky by the perpetual storm that Zap Point was famous for. Hinata was sped up suddenly and grabbed Sai by the tail before spreading herself out. Sai yelped in pain as the sudden decrease in speed caused his tail to pop at the base and looked back at Hinata.

"What was that for?" Sai whined.

"You almost passed the too late point Sai." Hinata said. "You might not have done a face plant cause I'm sure you'd be smart enough to pull up at some point (stops a bit thinking about what she just said) but you would have hit the ground hard enough to break something. I'm not going to let my kit get hurt like that."

"HINATA!" Sai complained blushingly. "I'm not a baby."

Hinata just raised an eyebrow at Sai. Sai was no older than Nathaniel was and was easily still considered a kit by just about anyone's standards. Sai pouted a bit and crossed both his arms and legs, letting his momentum carry him down to the ground. Nate just laughed and reached the ground before them with a neat little flip onto his feet. When Sai and Hinata landed moments later, Sai returned to his excited self and grabbed Nate's hand before dashing down the path. Since Zap Point was one of the primary points, the well was outside of town rather than at the very edge of it like it was in Fist Point. About halfway to town, Sai dashed off into the thunderstruck plains and fields with Nate in tow.

"What's your friend doing out here in the fields?" Nate asked.

"She lives out here." Sai said.

"Oh!" Nate said suddenly realizing who the friend was. "It must be Hiroki the Pikachu right?"

"Must be." Hinata said as she caught up. "I don't know of any other friends in Zap Point Sai has."

"Yep." Sai said giddily. "She'll be really happy to meet you!"

Nate suddenly shrieked as the storm gave one of its occasional bursts of activity. Lightning began flashing wildy across the sky and striking a few places on the ground but mostly hitting some odd looking towers that Zap Point placed to gather the raw energy of the lightning. Nate looked up in terror and things seemed to move in slow motion. Two bolts of lightning were heading straight for the trio! Nate couldn't move and felt as though he could barely breathe. When Nate saw the bolts about twenty feet away, he saw a yellow bolt flash through one of the blue ones and a ball of waht appeared to be electricity flash through the other. Both bolts were effectively stopped and Nate felt he could move again. He looked to where the yellow bolt came from but didn't see anyone. When he looked to see where the ball came from, he saw illuminated by the lightning flashes a bright red fox that looked fond of black fur die in odd markings on his face. Nate tried to think where he'd seen similar markings before as they were erily familiar and he realized they were identicle to a demon on a show he watched with Zoe sometimes.

"Who's that guys?" Nate asked Sai pointing as the fox flew off, cutting a few more bolts with additionally flung balls of electricity.

"That's Cole the Runaway." Sai answered with admiration. "He's a bit of a moody guy but he's one awesome fox! I've been in a dragon with him once or twice before."

"It must be so cool to have a psionic like that." Nate sighed. "I wonder when we'll get ours."

"Who knows?" Sai shrugged. "Oooomph!"

Sai had been suddeny pounced by a bundle of yellow fur. Nate laughed as Sai began tussling playfully with a Pikachu he could only assume was Hiroki (and guess that she was the source of the yellow bolt). The two stopped for a bit and then Hiroki began giggling.

"Nice to see you again Sai-Sai!" Hirkoi laughed. "You were in the same state when we left each other last time!"

"What?" Sai asked before looking down. "Awwww man! Not again!"

Sai's shorts were bulging just a bit more than usual. Nate knew Sai had had an accident as a result of that wrestling. Sai was blushing clearly as his fur was almost as red as Cole's. Hinata was trying not to giggle as she hugged the embarrassed kit and Nate joined in in much the same state.

"I can support an effort but honestly I think you should give up on potty training Sai." Nate said.

"Yeah! Everyone knows you like diapers." Hiroki teased.

"So do you!" Sai retorted, sticking his tongue out.

Now Hiroki was blushing as her red cheeks got bigger. Nate laughed at the pair. He did remember Izuri saying how the two would bicker sometimes with teasing jabs but they were as close as brother and sister. Nate asked once why Izuri didn't just have Hiroki stay and she answered Sai just wasn't level enough yet. Despite the fact Hiroki would stay, Izuri also felt frequent visits were better for her in the long run as well.

"You must be Hiroki." Nate said changing the subject. "I'm Nate."

"Hi Nate." Hiroki said, thankfully distracted for the moment. "Sai's told me a lot about you. Nicee to meet cha'!"

"Likewise." Nate answered. "So Sai? Now that we're all here, what should we do?"


The group (thankfully in Nate's opinion) decided to move out to Meadow Point Fields to play and had a wonderful game of tag in the tall grass. The also hitched a ride on an oddly speedy (for the species anyway) Torterra without it's noticing and played in a forest by climbing through the trees a bit with some young Treecko (after proving to a protective mother Sceptile they weren't any danger). They even enjoyed a bit of a snack of local fruits. After all of that the group decided to nap under a shady tree.


Nate awoke with a jolt. Things were suddenly very dark and he felt as though something scary was nearby.

"Not a move until a shove, down my gullet you slip like a hand in a glove. Not a sound or a cry, til my wings reach the sky."

Nate suddenly felt all of his muscles go limp. He tried to cry out for help but his throat wouldn't move except to breath. He felt something sliding down his chest and heard a very silent tearing sound. There were a few more such motions and and he heard a few pops and the tell-tale rush of air as his wet diaper was suddenly opened and felt a sudden jerk as it and his clothes were suddenly yanked away. Nate began to scream silently in his head as he suddenly realized what was going on.


Nate screamed inwardly even louder as he felt something slimy wrap around his arms and chest. He began crying to himself as he felt the jaws of what he knew now for sure was one of the drgons of the star region close around his waist. He felt himself being licked all over and being coated in a slimy coat of saliva before something tight squeezed around his shoulders. He knew the dragon had just began swallowing him. Nate fell silent as tears began falling down his already slick face. He knew that once the shoulders were swallowed there was virtually no way of escaping being swallowed. The dragon continued to lick him as he continued to swallow Nate further down the gullet. Soon enough he felt his feet enter the dragon's mouth and that's when he began screaming again. Normally Nate didn't mind being tickled, but it was sheer torture when you couldn't move about, and his feet felt incredibly ticklish as the pads were licked. If one were to look at the dragon now they would see him slurping the last bit of Nate's tail down like a piece of furry spaghetti. If Nate weren't so terrified as his whole body began sliding down the dragon's long throat, he would notice that being swallowed actually felt like getting a whole body massage as the throat pulsed around him. Eventually he felt his head hit something before it squeezed through what Nate guessed was the sphincter. With a wet flop and a squishing sound, Nate entered the cavernous belly of the dragon and began shaking as he sobbed silently. A few minutes later he felt something else knock into him and pin him to the fleshy floor of the slightly slimy stomach. Nate still couldn't see and couldn't speak either but somehow he just knew that it was Sai who was on top of him. Apparently Sai was in the same position as he got off and began feeling Nate's face. Nate felt his just to be sure and then flung himself at Sai and began shaking even more as he clung to him. Sai was much calmer (Nate guessed it was merely due to experience) and began hugging the scared little hybrid and rubbing his back soothingly.

Nate looked up sharply when he heard someone yelling something and yelped when the floor of the stomach lurched suddenly. He heard the dragon roar in anger and slight annoyance and guessed (correctly) that Hinata had Focus Punched the dragon's gut.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" the dragon roared. "I'M DOING MY JOB!"

Now Nate heard Hiroki joining in. "THERE WAS NO JOB TO DO YOU STUPID EXCUSE FOR A GECKO!"
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:48 am

I gotta say, pretty good. I can imagine it would be scary though

Out of curiosity, did you mean the esohogas when you put "squeezed through what Nate guessed was the sphincter."? Or are these dragons built differently?
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:21 pm

He's in the esophagus but being squeezed through the sphincter muscle that controls what enters and exits the stomach. There's one at both ends.
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 1:37 pm

Kay guys! I promise I'll work on this more when I wake up later tonight. I've been reading, RP'ing and playing around lately so haven't done much yet. I've also started something else new as well that I just can't get out of my head. A repetitive dream can do that to ya!
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:42 am

Here's the remainder of the scene. It's kind of rushed because I want to get to other stuf I want to work on. Only two scenes left before the end of this one.

Nate felt Sai flinch and wondered if Hiroki had just made a huge mistake. Judging by the crash, she had. Nate felt the floor vibrate and heard the dragon screech as Hiroki zapped him point blank after a clumsy shot. There were many more crashes and flinches from the dargon as Nate heard Hiroki and Hinata trying their hardest to take the dragon down or at least make him hurl. There was finally one more crash and Nate and Sai both jumped as they heard a cry of pain from both Hinata and Hiroki that was suddenly cut off. Nate began crying again and felt the stomach jump as the dragon took to the skies. Almost immediately Nate could see again and he was surprised by what he saw. He expected the belly of the dragon to be a slimy pink place bt intead it looked like his birthstone, the opal. Nate would have been happy to see something this pretty if it weren't for the fact he knew where he was. Sai was still hugging Nate to him and Nate began to calm somewhat but he was worried about Hinata and Hiroki.

"You don't have to worry about those two." Nate heard the dragon say. "I never hurt anyone if I can help it. Those two have just been teleported to the wildlife wing of the main pokemon center in Star City."

"Why did you have to eat us?" Nate screeched angrily at the dragon. "We weren't lost or running away!"

"If you were just lost I wouldn't have eaten you." the dragon said. "Our definition of a runaway is a child who's away from home in a place they shouldn't be at. You definitely shouldn't have been out here on your own."

"We had pokemon to defend us!" Nate snapped back.

"Wild pokemon do not count for us." The dragon said in rebuttal. "And despite those two being tamed (somewhat), they were still wild pokemon. Now please just relax while I get you back to this Zoe of yours."

"How'd you... Oh, right." Nate said. He remembered that these dragons could tell where a child's home was or where a guardian was along with who they were and what they looked like. As Zoe was in the region, she was easier to reach. Nate eventually got himself back under control and just sat next to Sai saddly. Sai merely looked annoyed and Nate guessed it was because he was rather experienced when it came to being eaten by dragons. He suddenly felt the floor heave and Nate was tossed into Sai. He clung to his fox buddy and felt the floor heave again, taking them both to one end of stomach wall. A small opening appeared and the stoach contracted sharply around the duo and forced them into the hole. The dragon gave a gasp after they were forced in and groaned as he realized he'd put them both in when he was only trying to get Nate.

"Well miss, the egg's gonna be a bit bigger than what I'd normally give you." The dragon said to Zoe as he stood outside the pokemon center with her. "Now that I look at your boy's family more closely, I remember that otter. I brought him back to that rabbit that cared for the both of you after that flying accident. She's the caretaker of the other one that's going to be in this egg. Would you mind returning him to her for me?"

"Oh sure." Zoe said. In truth, she actually had another idea she'd discuss with Skip later.

Nate felt a slimy ubstance begin to coat his fur alnd cover him and Sai. As they slowly traveled down a tunnel he felt it harden into a crust and felt himself being forced into as much of a fetal position as possible considering he was squished next to Sai. The crust soon hardened into a shell and Nate knew he'd been put into an egg with Sai. Despite the fact he was glad to have his best friend with him for this, he felt incredibly cramped. He felt a sudden drop and a jolt and then some odd motion. He could hear a few muffled sounds and recognized Zoe's voice. He knew he was safe then and, feeling exhausted by the ordeal, fell into a gentle sleep with Sai.

Zoe caught the large egg as it dropped out of the dragon and cradled it gently. A nurse came out with a sleeping Anthony (he was not a ver cooperative little fox when it came to checkups and immunizations so he was often knocked out in one way or another) riding on a very happy Arcanine (she on the other hand behaved very well and the nurses liked to reward her with a bit of grooming and massaging). There was a sudden series of crashes and explosions and the dragons suddenly took off. The reason became clear as Hinata and Hiroki blew a hole in the wall of the pokemon center and jumped out. Hinata had sensed the dragon and Sai and was eager to get to them. Hiroki was just as eager.

"The dragon's gone already but Sai's close for some reason." Hinata said after looking around for a bit.

"Well let's find him then." Hiroki said as they jumped out of the reach of a few nurses that dived at the still not fully recovered (in their opinion anyway) pokemon. Hinata made a sudden turn and saw a pretty squirrel holding an egg that gave off Sai's Aura.

"You have my friend in there." Hinata said approaching Zoe. "May I have him please? His guardian is likely very worried about him."

"Sorry cutie but no." Zoe said.

"I tried being nice now I'll say hand him over." Hinata said as her paw began to glow.

"Or what small fry?" Arcanine growled as she stepped protectively next to Zoe and the egg containing her pup. Anthony woke up to and looked at the Riolu and Pikachu. Hiroki met Anthony's gaze and they both blushed for some reason as they couldn't turn away from each other.

"I'll make you hand him over." Hinata said. "I don't normally give more than two chances and this makes a fourth. Give me the egg."

"Hold on now." Zoe said getting down to Hinata's level. "My little brother is in this egg too. I happen to know Izuri and I'm guessing it must be Sai in here since Nate went to visit him. I promised to take Sai home and I will when the egg hatches. If you two are so worried about him, you can come along with us if you like."

Hinata stopped he threatening stance and blushed as she realized her mistake. She could tell now Nate was in the egg too and realized why Zoe and Arcaine wouldn't let her have it. "Sorry. And thank you. I'd like that."

Zoe smiled and hopped on Arcanine. She helped Hinata and Hiroki get on in front of her and giggled when she saw Hiroki and Anthony still staring at each other. She remembered when a certain otter started looking like that. Arcanine took off at top speed and Zoe's eye began to shine. There was a flash of light and all of them dissappeared.
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:53 am

Here it is guys! The last bit of this one! Hope you enjoyed reading this one!


Back at the Two residence, Lucario was feeding Raikan in a highchair he had for the odd times he'd need it if he babysat an infant at his own place. He seemed a bit embarassed by it but both he and Lucario enjoyed it (and they both knew the other enjoyed it).

"You know, were a bit alike Raikan." Lucario said thoughtfully.

"How's that?" Raikan asked after gulping down a bit of the ramen Lucario made from scratch. Lucario was no five star chef but his ramen was still delicious.

"We're both so serious most of the time but cubs always seem to show a bit of our softer side." Lucario said. "Sure we both can be stern sometimes (although you seem to be a bit more) but it's obvious to anyone we love cubs of all forms. Plus we both like being cubs every now and again."

"You like it too huh?" Raikan chuckled beyond another mouthful of ramen. "I'll have to babysit sometime then now won't I?"

"I probably wouldn't say no." Lucario said. "Depends upon when you ask me."

Raikan chuckled again and took another forkful of offered ramen. Lucario looked up suddenly and his eyes glowed for a bit.

"What's up?" Raikan asked.

"Nate's back." Lucario answered. "And he seems stressed out by something."

"How can you tell exactly?" Raikan asked curiously.

"He and I share some kind of bond." Lucario answered. "I can tell where he is and what he's feeling if I focus. I can't do it if he's in another dimension like he was today so I've been watching for his return. He feels like he just had a terrible fright of some kind."

"Go see what's up then." Raikan said. "I can tell he's like a little brother to you."

"What about Ninetales?" Lucario asked.

"I'll take care of her." Raikan said.

"Not what I meant but okay." Lucario said as he hefted the slightly chubby yellow Mewtwo out of the higchair and stood him on the floor. Lucario pulled out his crest and reversed the last curse on Raikan. Raikan grunted as the shirt Lucario had put on him after he'd shrunk out of his clothes got real tight, real fast. There was a sudden rip and it was in tatters on the floor.

"Good thing that was just a plain white t-shirt." Lucario laughed and then he ran off out the door and to Nate's house as fast as his legs would carry him.


Lucario nearly broke the door off its hinges as he charged inside, causing evry occupant in the living room to jump about two feet into the air.

"Geeze Lucario!" Skip gasped grabbing his chest. "I'm too young to have a heart attack yet."

"Sorry." Lucario said looking around worriedly. "Where's Nate?"

"In there." Hinata said pointing at the egg sitting on the coffee table. Lucario finally noticed Hinata and was surprised as he sensed the strength of her Aura.

"Who are these two?" Lucario asked, gesturing to Hinata and Hiroki (who was still locking eyes with Anthony). "And how did Nate get turned into an egg?"

"I'm Hinata. That's Hiroki." Hinata answered. "Nate was swallowed..."

"Oh!" Lucario interrupted (causing Hinata to growl a little irritably). "I forgot about those dragons. Now I know why Nate feels so scared. Nice to meet you by the way. So what brings you here?"

"You would have learned that if you hadn't interrupted me." Hinata said sharply. "My friend and Nate's, Sai, was swallowed with Nate and somehow they got put into the same egg."

"My sincerest apologies for interrupting you little wave guider." Lucario said truthfully with a bow that would impress some of the most chivilrous of knights. "So what are we to do with Sai when they both hatch?"

"I was just about to talk to Skip about that." Zoe said. "I was thinking of asking Izuri if we could adopt Sai as another little brother."

"You sure about that Zoe?" Skip asked. "We're already taking care of two kids if you count Anthony and sometimes we have three counting me. With only three fulltime caretakers, do you think it's a good idea to have four when the only fur between those three is barely old enough to have a kid herself?"

"Just a question." Hinata said. "I'm glad somebody finally wants to adopt Sai but does he want to be adopted by you guys?"

"The two in that egg are so much like brothers I'm sure Sai would be thrilled to make it so." Zoe said.

"Then you've got yourself another caretaker." Hinata said. "I've looked after Sai enough to help out when help is needed."

"I'd be willing to stick around for longer periods too." Lucario said. "Now that I take a closer look at Sai, I think he'd be interesting to hang out with. I can tell he'll have some Aura power when he grows into it and I'd love to teach him."

"I could sense that too." Hinata said. "I just never thought I'd have enough patience to teach him without snapping at him every now and again to reign him in. And you'll have Hiroki to keep an extra eye out for him."

"That's always assuming she can take her eyes of Anthony." Arcanine laughed. This elicted laughter from everyone else as well (aside from the oblivious duo).

Nate woke up suddenly and began shifting. Sai did as well and soon they began hearing several snaps and cracks. Skip and Zoe looked at the egg and patiently waited for the two cubs to tumble out. They did with an extra loud snap and almost rolled right off the table. Nate was caught by Zoe and Skip caught Sai before they both hit the floor. The two cubs blinked a bit before their eyes adjusted to the new light. Sai looked around confusedly while Nate just smile up at Zoe.

"I made it back." Nate said.

"So how was your first time being eaten?" Skip asked.

Nate stoped smiling and gave Skip a glare that silenced him immediately. Skip knew Nate never wanted to go through that again and likely wouldn't want to talk about it either. Nate felt he'd been a little hard with that glare and his face softened. That was when he noticed Sai and his lack of clothing. He glanced down at himself and his bushy rudder began twitching madly in embarrassment. Despite the fact Zoe and Skip both had seen him naked plenty of times before during changes, he felt akward being in the buff at the moment.

"Hey Zoe, could we get a diaper on me please?" Nate asked. Sai gave a sudden yelp and covered himself as he realized he too was nude.

"I think you two could use a bath first." Zoe said. "Care to help me Hinata while Skip calls Izuri?"

Sai blushed enough to be visible as Hinata nodded and followed Zoe upstairs after Skip handed Sai off to Zoe. Nate agreed he needed a bath as he still felt some of the slimy lining of the egg still clinging to his fur. Zoe walked into the bathroom with the two and set them on a rug while she ran the water.

"Can we make it a bubble bath please?" Nate asked putting on as cute a face as he could.

"Normally no, not this late but given what you went through we'll make an exception this time." Zoe said agreeably and squirted a bit of bubble bath into the water as it filled. Nate sniffed the air and blushed when he noticed Zoe used her formula of bubble bath (scented with lavender).

"Did you have to use that one?" Nate whined. "I smell all flowery when you use it."

"The sea breeze one you and Skip normally use won't get rid of the smell of that egg film." Zoe explained.

Nate gave her a questioning look and then took a sniff at himself. He gave a cute little gagging noise and he wondered how he hadn't smelled it before. Sai just giggled and was about to hug Nate but pulled away before he touched him. He didn't have nearly as much of the stuff on him. Nate guessed it was his water proof fur got the stuff to stick to him more.

"Good thing this stuff doesn't spread its scent further than half an inch from your fur." Sai said still giggling.

"A very good thing indeed." Zoe said smirking as she picked the boys up and set them in the tub. Nate laughed immediately as he sunk in the bubbles over his head.

"Where'd they go?" Hinata asked teasingly. There was a sudden flurry of bubbles as Sai and Nate flapped their wings rapidly and when the bubbles settled, their head and chests were above the bubbles but Zoe and Hinata were covered. Hinata and Zoe had matching expressions. Narrowed eyes at the boys before they turned to each other and promptly burst into a fit of giggles.

"You could probably just jump in and join them now Hinata." Zoe laughed. Hinata blushed at the thought of bathing with two boys but decided to anyway since she was covered in soap anyways. Plus, she thought, she could get at them much easier now. Zoe picked the still giggling pink Riolu up and set her in the tub. Hinata immediately grabbed a loofah and squirted the first bottle of fur wash that came to paw on it. Nate groaned as Zoe took the same bottle and did the same.

"Great." Nate said sarcastically. "First I smell like lavender, now lilac. May as well string a chain of daisies around my neck while were at it."

"Oh don't be such a baby Nate." Zoe laughed.

"I'm only four." Nate pointed out. "That makes me entitled to pout like this."

And he put on a cute little pout that made Hinata almost drop the loofah she was scrubbing Sai with as she giggled uncontrolably. Nate and Sai just smiled and Zoe joined in as she continued to scrub Nate. The water began vibrating a bit as Hinata scrubbed Sai between the ears and Zoe scrubbed Nate right in between the wings. Nate was purring and Sai was murring and the sound erupting from their chests were causing the ripples. Hinata just laughed and continued for a bit as did Zoe. Lucario came in then and chuckled as well.
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:53 am

"Skip could use you downstairs Zoe." Lucario said. "I'll watch these three for you."

"Thanks Lucario." Zoe said, smirking at how Lucario had said three. "We were just about done anyway."

Zoe wiped off as much of the bubbles as she could and then went downstairs while Lucario drained the tub. When she got downstairs she was surprised to see Izuri in the living room with Skip.

"Nice to see you again Zoe." Izuri said hugging the squirrel when she rushed over to her. "You were one of the few cubs I never had any trouble with, unlike this lovable lump here." She said affectionately pointing to Skip.

"It's great to see you again too." Zoe said and then had a sudden realization. "Wait a sec! If you're here, who's looking after Ethan and Brandon?"

"Kana's looking after them for me while I'm out." Izuri said.

"I remember her." Skip said shuddering, yet smiling at the memory overly doting Kangaskhan that helped Izuri from time to time.

"I understand you wanted to adopt Sai Zoe correct?" Izuri said.

"Absolutely." Zoe said. "Partially for Nate's benefit but also for his. Those two are practically brothers. They even seem to think on the same wavelengths sometimes. And since nobody else seems to want to adopt him, I figured I'd spare him any more disappointments from future rejections and adopt him into one of the best possible places for him."

"I have no problem on one condition." Izuri said.

"What's that?" Skip asked.

"It's not really my condition." Izuri admitted. "It's Kana's actually. She would like to come here as well. Sai actually met Hinata through her. Kana practically raised her and she'd like to be with both of them if that's okay."

"Absolutely." Zoe said.

"No problem." Skip said right after. "It'll help to have an extra caretaker and we love her anyway."

"She's bringing two more with." Izuri warned. "She's gotten her hands on another egg plus a darling little Buneary named Daisy that hasn't decided to leave yet."

"We don't mind having more pokemon around." Skip said smiling.

"Mommy?" Sai asked peeking over the banister of the stairs.

"I'm down here sweetie!" Izuri called, then gave a sudden gasp as a diaper-clad Sai flew down the stairs and hit the wall at the end of them. Sai flopped on the floor for a moment and then got right back up and dove into Izuri's arms.

"I have some news for you Sai-Sai." Izuri said smiling. "Another couple would like to see about adopting you."

Sai's ears drooped. He didn't look forward to adoption interviews anymore since every one of them ended with the couple deciding to try elsewhere. "Oh. That's... great."

"I think this one is going to be different Sai." Izuri said. "They have a nice little boy who would love to have a brother like you. He happens to have one of the most adorable little Eevee's I've ever seen along with a very motherly Arcanine, a beautiful Ninetales and a Lucario who's just a big softy when you get to know him."

Sai looked up sharply and it took him only two seconds to connect the dots. "You two want to adopt me?" He practically squeaked as his throat constricted in sheer excitement.

"Provided you don't mind a few extra pokemon coming to live here as well and a couple rules." Zoe said.

"Did I hear that right?" Nate asked excitedly as he poked his head around the stairs.

"If you heard we're adopting Sai then yes you did." Skip said smiling.

"YEAH!" Nate whooped as he snuggle pounced his soon to be little brother (by barely a year).

"Who are the extra pokemon?" Sai asked as he returned the hug to Nate.

"Hinata and Hiroki are two of them." Zoe said laughing. "I don't think you could pry Hiroki away from Anthony anyways."

Everyone except the two pokemon in question laughed at that. They were sleeping but still facing each other, smiling in their dreams.

"The other three are Kana, Daisy and whatever is in Kana's latest egg." Izuri said.

"Uh-oh." Sai said blushing. "Does Kana really have to live here?"

"Oh stoppit." Izuri laughed. "Everyone who sees can tell how much you like it when you're babied. Especially by me or Kana."

Sai just blushed even more but nodded admittedly.

"You seem to be the type that doesn't like it all the time though." Skip pointed out. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll have some time outside of being babied. You just have to manage to dodge Kana, Ninetales, and Arcanine."

"I can live with it." Sai said sighing (although it was obvious he liked every bit of it even to someone who didn't know him). "But does that mean you won't be my mom anymore?"

"You'll always be my kit." Izuri said nuzzling Sai. "You'll just be like Nate is to them. Another little brother. And they'll be your elder siblings. Plus you'll have the pokemon who are like two older sisters and one little sister with you as well."

"Speaking of which, where's Hinata?" Sai asked.

"Giving me a lot of trouble coming down." Lucario grunted as he carried a struggling Hinata downstairs. She was clinging to the railing desperately before Lucario finally got her back out, revealing her to be wearing a diaper.

"Lucario!" Nate laughed. "Was that absolutely necessary?"

"After a kick to the shins for saying how cute it was for a Riolu to know Aura Sphere (especially one with such a cute shade of fur), yes." Lucario said, setting down the now still (and incredibly embarrassed) Hinata. "Had to block her attacks too to make sure she didn't Aura Sphere me."

"Why didn't you weaken her muscles too?" Nate asked as everyone just giggled at the sight of Hinata (while Sai tried to cheer her up (rather successfully as Hinata was only embarrassed to be diapered in front of so many she didn't know)).

Lucario's only response was him slapping himself on the forehead and sitting down in an empty chair with an embarrassed laugh. Hinata bust a gut when she heard of Lucario's lapse in memory. Sai looked over at Hiroki then and saw she and Anthony were still sleeping.

"Wow. Heavy sleepers." Sai laughed.

Skip smirked and pulled out a diaper from a nearby cupboard. He stealthily sneaked it under Hiroki and taped it up quickly without disturbing the sleeping Pikachu at all.

"You're probably gonna pay for that in the morning but it'll be worth it." Sai laughed.

"I'm gonna get going and pack your things Sai-Sai." Izuri said kissing him on the cheek. "You do know right that the only reason I've been trying to get you adopted is so I can help other cuties just like you right? Otherwise I'd keep you as long as I could?"

"Of course mommy." Sai hugging her around the neck. "I understand other kids need you. Thanks for giving me a brother."

"Your quite welcome my little kit." Izuri said before kissing him one more time and touching an amulent around her neck. Her eyes glowed and there was a sudden flash before she was gone, leaving a happy Sai with his new family and Nate with a beloved brother.

*Anthony and Riolu walk in*
Anthony: That was such a cute end.
Riolu: *smirks* Yeah. You and Hiroki make quite the couple.
Anthony: I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT ONE! *pounces at Riolu*
Riolu: *dodges and runs away giggling with Anthony hard on his heels*
*Lucario and Ninetales walk in*
Lucario: *shakes his head at the pair* Since those two didn't finish we will.
Ninetales: We hope you all enjoyed this latest of Riolu's stories, even the scarier moments.
Lucario: *smirks* Or the adorable moments where you see what happens when you give a Ninetales a glass of Sake. Ohhh! That would make a good children's book almost!
Ninetales: I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT ONE! *pounces at Lucario*
Lucario: *laughs and runs off with Ninetales tossing curses at him*
Nate: *shakes his head despairingly at the pokemon as he walks on stage* Always interesting with them around at least. See you all on the next Riolu short!
*walks off as the curtain falls with the sounds of the canine pokemon still chasing each other*
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:49 am

*applauds* Great story, Riolu, a real epic! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:11 pm

Thanks Zee-Zee! I was kind of scared for a moment I scared a few people off with the dragon bit. It was pretty good wasn't it? I'm sure my buddy Sunny Fizzy Prower enjoyed it. He and I seriously are so alike one would think we were twins or something (if it weren't for looking different (far as I know as I've never physically met him) and being born two years apart).

Riolu: *rolls his eyes* Great! The writter get's one person to say one story is epic and suddenly he thinks he's CS Fox.
Anthony: Yeah that's just perfect. Now he's gonna get a big head on his shoulders.
Riolu: At least the dragon's wont be able to eat him if that happens. He wont fit!

Did that just for effect. Thanks again Zee-Zee!
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PostSubject: Re: What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)   

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What a Day (A Completed Riolu Short)
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