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 A new evil arising

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PostSubject: A new evil arising   Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:29 pm

O.K. I have been working on a adventure/action story. enjoy. the characters are anime characters. here they are:

Sailor Moon (yes I'm a Sailor scout junkie. go figure)
Voltron force (basically they'll come sooner.)
Liono (Thundercats leader)
Naruto (yes Naruto. can't have anime story without Naruto in the mix now can we?)
and more will be in as soon as I come up with more. if you'd like to see some anime characters that aren't up here then say so. here we go.

they may live in different worlds. they may fight different villains. but 1 villain has gotten way out of hand. not even the Z fighters can handle him alone. Vygar the terrible Saiyan (unbeknownst to the Z fighters who thought all the Saiyans died when Planet Vegeta was destroyed) has arisen from his slumber deep within the earth's ground. Meanwhile:

Goku: O.K Pan let's work on your Kamemeha wave.
Pan: O.K Grandpa. kamehameha. (with that a large wave is blasted)
Goku: whoa that's some power behind that.
Meanwhile on 3rd earth:
Liono: you feel that?
Cheetarah: yeah. something is brewing in the deep reaches of space. and its not Mumrah.
Liono: no. its much worse.

stay tuned as I will continue this series. this is not copywright this is a fan made story so you know.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:28 pm

Meanwhile at Serena's house *aka Sailor Moon*:
Serena: Come on Luna. What is going on?
Luna: its just as I suspected. something is definitely wrong.
Serena: not the negaverse again? I thought we got rid of all of them?
Luna: no Serena. its not the negaverse. its much more powerful. something we've never faced.
Meanwhile on Planet Aris.
Lance: and that should take care of all of witch Haggar's spells. now no more Robeasts will be created.
Princess Aurora: looks like you'll be putting up Voltron for a long time. he's not needed any...... *a rumbling is heard* what is that?
on Planet earth:
Goku: wait Pan you feel that?
Pan: yeah. something evil is coming. it feels like you when you go Super Saiyan.
Goku: its not Vegeta that's for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:22 pm

in a training ground:

Naruto: O.K. pervy sage what's going on?
Frog Sage: would you stop calling me that? its an evil force and its even worse than Orochimaru.
Naruto: wow that bad huh? even worse than the 9 tailed fox demon?
Frog Sage: yes. but its somewhere else and I don't know why we can feel it.
???: yes. yes. my time has come. *a dark menacing figure rises from the earth's crust. its Vygar. a Saiyan of unimanigable power.*
Vygar: yes finally I can come out to destroy the earth which my idiot predecessors Goku and Vegeta managed not to do. 1st to Goku's house. after that I'll scower the universe to destroy other worlds. ha ha ha.
Meanwhile back at Serena's house:
Ray: you guys feel that? its not the negaverse. its something way worse. should we transform Luna?
Luna: right away.
Sailor Scouts: O.K. Moon Prism power. Mars star power. Venus star power. Mecury star power. Jupiter star power.

we shall see the rest coming in my next chapter and comment if you want.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:19 pm

O.K. I'm gonna add some more to the fray. here they come.

Xiolan warriors: Omi
Can't remember his name. as soon as I remember I'll get these guys in the next chapter. now back to our story:

Meanwhile on 3rd earth:
Liono: Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight. *as he looks into the eye of Thundera he sees the earth in grave danger* just as I thought. I knew this would happen. time to call the Thundercats. thunder. thunder thunder. Thundercats ho. *as he says thunder the Sword of Omens blade gets bigger and when he says ho the symbol is shown* listen up thundercats hear my voice. the earth is in grave danger. although I don't know the danger and the threat I have a feeling they are gonna need our help.
Meanwhile back on earth Vygar makes his way to Goku's house but is stopped by a team which he hasn't seen before:
Sailor Moon: stop right there. your evil days are over.
Vygar: ha ha. and who might you be?
Sailor Moon: I am the champion of justice and in the name of the moon I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil. and that means you. I am Sailor Moon.
Sailor Scouts: and were the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Mecury. Sailor Mars. Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Venus.
Sailor: and you are?
Vygar: If you must know I am Vygar. the most powerful Saiyan of the Saiyan race. So you and your scouts just move along and go about your buisness. go play with your boats or something.
*just then a mighty yell is heard*
Goku: ka-me-ha-me-ha. *a blast is sent whisking by Vygar and barely nicks him.*
Vygar: hm. right on time.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:47 pm

O.K. I remember it was Clay. that was the Xiolian warrior. now back to my story. where we left off.

Goku: oh my. your a Saiyan. Grr. you leave those girls alone. whoever they are.
Vygar: hm. fine. Kakarot. I will see to it that I will destroy you and the earth but not now. *and with a swoosh Vygar disappears with instant transmission*
Goku: where did he learn that technique? oh well. *goes back to being a Saiyan* so who are you guys?
Sailor Scouts: were the Sailor Scouts.
Goku: I know you kind of. your the protectors of earth right?
Sailor Moon: yep. and you must be Goku? but why did he call you Kakarot?
Goku: seems there's no need to introduce ourselves then. and don't worry I won't ask your real names. wait a second. I can feel another energy coming.
Sailor Mars: is it Vygar?
Goku: no. it feels different. like.... well let's put it this way. it feels like an ally.
*just then an alien Spacecraft lands and Liono and the Thundercats jump out*
Liono: I am Liono. Leader of the Thundercats. I felt some trouble on your planet. is everything O.K.?
Goku: no its not. I am Goku. and these are the Sailor Scouts. I will debrief you on the situation. nice to meet you Liono.
Liono: likewise Goku.
Sailor Mars: I knew it. I thought I felt another energy along with Vygar but Seren.... uh uh uh. I mean Sailor Moon wouldn't listen. * thinking to herself "that was close. almost revealed Serena's secret identity."*
Sailor Moon: well Sailor Mars if you would not be so skeptical all the time.
Sailor Mars: I'm not skeptical. Meatball head.
Sailor Moon: hey. I'm no meatball head.
Goku: Enough. this is a serious matter. now quit arguing.
Sailor Moon and Mars: yes sir.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:25 pm

Goku: the being you saw is a Saiyan.
Sailor Moon: A Saiyan? what's that?
Goku: hm. seems I'll have to teach you the basics. *thinking "here we go again. same as Majin buu."* as you can tell this is regular Saiyan. basically like a human. *powers up and his hair changes* this is super Saiyan. *powers up more* this is a Saiyan that has ascended from Super Saiyan. now watch because this is kind of tough. this is to go beyond. *powers up to Super Saiyan 3. it takes 2 minutes.* sorry that took so long this is Super Saiyan 3. now. I have to focus for this 1. stand back. *as Goku grows in power his whole body turns into a reddish ape color* now this is what I like to call Super Saiyan 4. huh? watch out I can feel a demonic power coming this way.
Sailor Mars: negaverse. gotta be. *just then Naruto comes up from a long trek.*
Naruto: O.K. which 1 of you are in leagues with that big power pervy sage felt? ah *looks at Goku* you. shadow clone jutsu. *makes clones of himself and runs after Goku but is stopped by Sailor Jupiter* hey what's the big idea?
Sailor Jupiter: just what do you think you are doing? he's not the threat. he's Goku. so back off.
Liono: and I am Liono of the Thundercats. pleased to meet you.
Naruto: so your not the bad guy. *sweatdrops* sorry. *disperses the clones* but why are you like that?
Sailor Moon: Super Jaiyin or something like that.
Goku: That's Super Saiyan Sailor Moon. and yes I'm Goku. these are the Sailor Scouts. *they introduce themselves while on the way to Master Roshi's house*
Naruto: so this Vygar guy. he's a Saiyan as well?
Goku: yes he is.
Vegeta: *who's there* what I think we should do is go after him before he kills any1. your friends better go home. we don't need cats and a bunch of teenagers in our way.
Goku: I felt it Vegeta. he's much more powerful than both of us even in Super Saiyan 4.
Vegeta: well what about fusion? although I hate the idea it could work.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:05 pm

Meanwhile at the Xialion temple:
Omi: what is it Master Phong? is it the Haylin again?
Master Phong: no Omi. much worse. this being is a being of unsurmountable power. I want you to join 1 of my friend's student. you will know him when you see him. his name is Goku. Raymundo Clay and Kimiko will assist you.
Meanwhile on Aris:
Keith: is it bad?
Galatic aliance leader: yes. it seems the earth will need Voltron to battle this new threat. its what they call a Saiyan. Goku the Saiyan and some other people are there as well. but we might need Voltron just in case he gets bigger than them. can we count on you Voltron force?
Keith: yes. O.K. guys let's get to the lions. *they head to the robot lions* insert keys. set course for earth. I hope were not too late.
Meanwhile back on earth:
Goku: it seems as if some1 else might be coming.
Sailor Moon: Who?
Goku: don't worry he's a good guy. its 1 of the Xialion warriors. I heard Master Roshi talking about another Master who's a friend of his. he's sending 4 of his best warriors. Omi Raymundo, Clay and Kimiko. also I feel another force out there. it seems like some kind of robot. but I can feel the just hearts of the drivers of this mighty robot. we might need his assistance as well. with these many warriors there might be a chance. but let's be on our guard just in case.
Sailor Scouts: right.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:19 pm

meanwhile in the deep reaches of space the Voltron force head for earth.
Keith: you O.K. princess?
Princess Alura: yeah I just hope the people of earth are O.K.
*just then Goku reaches them telepathically, "hey guys."*
Keith: ah. *is taken back by the strange voice that is heard in his head* hello? *"don't be alarmed. I'm contacting you telepathically. are you the help that's coming?"* sure are. The Galactic Alliance asked for our help on earth. we are the Voltron Force. and you are? *"Goku. nice to meet you. you must be Keith the leader."* that's right. I have others with me. Princess Alura from Planet Aris is here as well. she's commands the Blue Lion. *"We'll skip the introductions til you arrive. I can't wait to see this robot of yours. I also have allies here with me. Naruto from the Leaf village and the Sailor Scouts. and Liono from 3rd earth. more are coming."* O.K. Goku. just sit tight we'll be there in a few minutes. *"O.K. be careful."* alright team let's get there quick.
Meanwhile Omi, Kimiko, Raymundo and Clay are on they're way to Master Roshi's island:
Omi: I wonder what Master Roshi looks like.
Clay: I don't know but if he's anything like Master Phong he should be powerful. there. there's the island. * they arrive via Dojo the dragon*
Omi: *looking at Goku* are you Master Roshi?
Goku: nope I am Goku. master Roshi is my master. you must be Omi, Clay, Kimiko and Raymundo. Ah and here comes the rest of the help. *the robot Lions come in for a landing.* um. that's not a giant robot...... those are Lions.
Keith: yeah but they combine to form Voltron. he is powerful. you must be Goku who I talked with earlier.
Goku: yes. and you must be Keith. now that we're all here. its time to tell you about what I know at least about Vygar.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:40 pm

Goku: O.K. so here's what I know. nothing.
Vegeta: I do. he's the legendary Saiyan that was spoken of on our planet Kakarot. I know you thought it was Broly but Broly never turned into an ape when he was a super Saiyan. Vygar is the 1 who still has a tail. now then I want to show you guys what I was talking about before you all came here. Fusion.
Goku: yes fusion. we have only done it twice but were powerful in it.
Vegeta: you mean 3 Kakarot. once when we fought Janemba. again when we became Vegito with the earrings. and again when we fought Omega Shenron. remember?
Goku: oh yeah. *sweatdrops* sorry. anyway here's what we'll do. me and Vegeta will both go super Saiyan 4 and do a fusion. so here we go. *they power up to Super Saiyan 4* By the way Vegeta found a way to go Super Saiyan 4 without the Machine Baby used.
Sailor Moon: Baby? aw how cute.
Goku: you wouldn't want to hold this baby Sailor Moon he was evil.
Sailor Moon: O.K. show us the fusion.
Goku and Vegeta: *stand 3 feet apart* Fu-sio-n *with each syllable they walk closer like a dance*
Sailor Moon: is that dance necessary? it looks silly. *Goku and Vegeta fall in disbelief*
Vegeta: stupid girl. do you want to see it or not? and don't interupt.
Sailor Moon: sorry. go ahead and continue with your silly fusion dance.
Goku and Vegeta: Again. Fu-sio-n *with each syllable they move closer and they're fingers touch* ha. *with that they fuse into 1 being. not Goku or Vegeta. a new being which the scouts had never seen before. every1 stood in awe at the power*
Liono: the the power. its immense.
Sailor Jupiter: even more powerful than my Jupiter up evolution. so this form does he have a name?
???: yes we're called Gogeta.
Omi: I have never seen such a funny dance or a silly way of doing something but I can tell this form is most powerful.
Gogeta: yes but it only lasts 30 minutes. or its supposed to. last time it didn't last that long. also when we do it we can't do it again for another hour. now then. Keith show us this Voltron.
Keith: got it. to the Lions. * they rush towards the lions* alright Voltron force ready?
Voltron Force: ready.
Keith: begin transformation. keys locked. dynopherms connected intercells up. megathrusters are go.
Voltron Force: Let's go Voltron Force. * the lions then begin a formation to form Voltron*
Keith: form feet and legs. *the orange and blue lion connect themselves to the black lion* form arms and torsoe. *the green and yellow lions connect themselves to black lion* and I'll form the head. *a head reveals itself out of black lions mouth.* how's that for a robot?
Gogeta: nice. hm. not bad at all.
Sailor moon: wow. a robot made out of 5 lions. cool. wish I had 1.
Sailor Mercury: Sailor Moon. you have a cat and your powers isn't that enough?
Sailor Moon: Yeah guess your right. mom would hate it if I brang a big lion like that home.
Gogeta: and as for the Xialion warriors you have your own powers right?
Omi: yep. I have the power over water. Clay has the power over earth. Kimiko has the power over fire. and Raymundo has the power over air.
*the fusion wears off*
Goku: see that's why we need you all. even Liono and the Thundercats. he has the Sword of Omens.
Liono: which only those of pure hearts can touch. no1 else. if Vygar tries to touch it it'll hurt him. did the same to our nemesis Mumrah once.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:01 pm

Goku: so since we have an hour..... *sees something on TV.* hush every1.
TV anchorrman: we now go live to where some1 has been terrorizing the city. we now go to our correspondent on the scene.
TV correspondent: here we are at what was 1 the holding place of the World Martial Arts Tournament. a being only known as Vygar has issued a warning to some1 named Kakarot. if this Kakarot doesn't show within the next 24 hours what you see here which is quite devastating even though no1 lives here he said more towns could lie in ruin or even the whole island.
TV anchorman: sorry to cut you off there. but it seems we have a live breaking report coming from Hercule's home. we go there live.
TV correspondent at Hercule's house: we are here with Hercule who saved us all from a terrible fate years ago. Majin Buu. he has this to say.
Hercule: this guy thinks he's so tough. I can use that same technique I used years ago to defeat Kid Buu. he won't know what hit him.
TV correspondent: there you have it folks. even at 55 Hercule will never give up. back to you.
Vegeta: turn that rubbish off. you and I both know it was you Kakarot who defeated Majin Buu. not that half-wit.
Goku: I know but he did help a little.he convinced every1 to give power when I couldn't remember?
Vegeta: yeah I know. it was embarrassing. the people of earth should be thanking you Goku not some worn out old Martial Arts expert.
Master Roshi: I heard that.
Sailor Moon: I remember that. it was after we were brought back to life somehow. was that you Goku?
Goku: kind of. it was Vegeta's idea. there we were. I was fighting Kid Buu. I almost didn't have any strength left. *Flashback*
Vegeta: Goku. there's still 1 hope. ask Dende something. *back to the present*
Goku: he asked me to ask Dende to bring the earth and the people of earth back. of course this used up 2 wishes. see our dragon Dende made could only grant 2 wishes each time but the Namek's dragon could grant 3. so.
Dende: O.K. please bring back the people of earth.
Namek's dragon: this might take awhile. I haven't brought back an entire planet before.
*Back to present*
Goku: he did it alright so I said:
Goku: I get it. bring Gohan and Piccolo and the boys here to help us fight.
Vegeta: no. You have saved the earth how many times?
Goku: gosh. maybe 100s of times I don't know.
Vegeta: give me a ballpark statistic.
Goku: Maybe 10.
Vegeta: well its time they helped save themself. its time for the Spirit Bomb.
*Back to the present time*
Goku: so of course I was skeptical because it didn't work on Frieza when I tried it on him. but with every1s help and the final wish I brought Kid Buu down 1 and for all. but of course I had 1 request: that if he came back that he would be a good guy instead of bad. obviously my request was heard and Kid Buu returned as a good kid named Uub. so yeah in a way Hercule helped alot.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:30 am

*it has been an hour. Goku continued answering questions*
Goku: there might be 1 more hope. have you ever heard of the Hyperbaulic time chamber? *they all shake their heads* of course not. we may need to train for a year to get stronger.
Sailor Moon: but the news said that Vygar will attack in 24 hrs. we don't have that kind of time Goku.
Goku: that's why we'll use the Hyperbaulic time chamber. we can train for a year in there and only half a day will pass. the Voltron force won't need to since their robot is'nt like us. but me and Vegeta must work on a new technique and you Sailor Scouts can too.
Sailor Moon: wait. I have a better idea. I need to see Raini. she can call Paleos. maybe he can give us new powers.
Goku: Paleos? who's that?
Sailor Mars: he's better known as Pegasus the keeper of dreams.
Goku: cool. O.K. so how about you guys Xialion Warriors and Liono?
Omi: we can train here.
Liono: I'll train with you Goku.
Sailor Moon: then its settled. I'll call him. but I think we can trust you now Goku. Sailor Scouts how about it?
Sailor Scouts: O.K.
*they transform back into normal teenagers*
Goku: hey I know you guys. you were at Gohan's school 1.
Serena: yep. sorry for keeping a low profile but we wanted to make sure we could trust you. O.K. Master Roshi can I use your phone?
Master Roshi: sure. *just then King Kai conacts them telekenectically*
King Kai: I can be of assistance. I'll see if we can get more help.
Goku: great King Kai. the more help the merrier.
Serena: *on the phone* yeah and bring my other transformation pen will ya.
Raini:*on the phone* O.K.
Serena: she's on her way. I hope Paleos can help us.
Ray: me too.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:50 pm

Raini: *who just arrived by boat* hi Serena. who are your friends?
Serena: Raini. this is Goku Liono, Vegeta, the Voltron force, Xialion Warriors and Naruto.
Naruto: hey Goku. maybe I can train with you as well.
Goku: sure. alright Serena. show us this Paleos.
Raini: how does he know about Paleos? *gasps* you didn't reveal your identity to them did you?
Serena: yes but I trust them and Luna will understand. most of them are from different planets like us anyway so what's the big deal?
Raini: alright. *sighs* Moon Cosmic Dream Action. *she transforms into Sailor Mini-Moon* O.K here goes. *pulls out a bell*
Goku: wow what a bell. is that a weapon?
Mini-Moon: just watch. Pegasus help protect people's dreams again. Crystal Twinkle Bell. *she rings it and Paleos appears*
Paleos: hello Raini. I guess you need my help again. and I know why.
Mini-Moon: yes Paleos. I need you to upgrade us.
Paleos: O.K. I'll see what I can do. Pegasus Power. *as the sky over Roshi island turns a bright yellow all the sailor scouts transformation pens change again. this time a planet. Paleos faints*
Mini-Moon: Paleos.
Paleos: I'm O.K. Raini. listen Sailor Moon and all of you. although this new power is quite powerful it might not be enough. so listen sailor scouts I also upgraded Sailor Planet attack. it is no longer known as that. it is now Sailor universe attack. also sailor Mars Mecury Jupiter and Venus you now have to say: Cosmic Dream Action when you use the pens. Sailor Moon and Mini-Moon. I have revived the Pure heart chalice but its now inside the pens. to use them say this: Moon Crisis Cosmic Dream Action.
Serena and Mini-Moon: can we try it now?
Paleos: sure.
Serena: O.K. Raini. Moon Cosmic Dream Action *she turns into Sailor moon* Ready?
Sailor Mini-Moon: oh yeah.
Sailor Moon and Mini-Moon: Moon crisis Cosmic Dream Action. *the pure heart chalice appears and poors its light on Sailor Moon and Mini-Moon*
Sailor Moon:wow. its like my super Sailor Moon mode but better.
Goku: O.K. off to Dende's lookout. Naruto and Liono and Vegeta and I will train there. *they all head for Dende's Lookout* O.K. 1/2 a day is all we need. Naruto and Liono let's go. *Naruto, Goku, Vegeta and Liono head into the Hyperbaulic time chamber while the Sailor Scouts, the Voltron Force, the Xialion Warriors all stayed behind to start their own training regimen*
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:47 am

*Goku Vegeta, Liono and Naruto have been in the Hyperbaulic time chamber for a whole day. Serena, Voltron force and the Xialion warriors have been training outside and are now ready to face Vygar*
Serena: its been a full day. they should be done by...... *Goku, Vegeta, Liono and Naruto come out looking a little older.* wow. you guys look older.
Goku: that's because time moves fast in there.
Naruto: yeah I need a haircut though.
Ray: I'll help. sit down Naruto. *she cuts Naruto's hair to a short cut* there you go.
Naruto: good job Ray. looks great.
Goku: so how was your training guys?
Every1: great.
Goku: O.K. were ready then. Vygar better look out.
*they go to the island where Goku feels him*
Vygar: ah. Kakarot. finally now we can continue our fight. but why are they with him?
Serena: because we are here to make sure you don't win.
Voltron Force: that's right.
Liono: yeah.
Naruto: so you'd better watch out Vygar.
Xialion Warriors: because for the protection of earth.
*they all agree on the saying*
Every1: you'll be destroyed.
Serena: ready Scouts?
Scouts: ready. Moon Cosmic Dream Action. Mars Cosmic dream action. Mercury Cosmic Dream action. Jupiter Cosmic Dream Action. Venus Cosmic Dream Action. *they all transform into the Sailor scouts. more powerful than ever* your in big trouble.
Naruto: yeah. my turn. 9 tailed fox give me power. *he gets more power from his demon that's trapped inside him*
Liono: and you better believe I'm gonna make sure there's no way you'll be able to destroy the earth. Thunder Thunder Thunder Thundercats ho. *his sword gets longer again but this time Liono becomes bigger and stronger* hm.
Goku and Vegeta: now our turn. *they power up to a new transformation* heh. how do you like it. we call it Super Saiyan 5.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:56 pm

Vygar: grr. that's it. hm. I have a plan.
Goku: what are you up to Vygar?
Vygar: just this. *shoots an attack in the air and it does nothing just floats there*
Sailor Moon: um. *sweatdrops* that wasn't a very powerful attack.
Goku: oh no. look out. he's gonna become something more powerful than a Super Saiyan. A huge Gorilla.
Sailor Moon: what's that?
Goku: during a full moon which was destroyed alot of times thanks to my friends a Saiyan becomes a giant gorilla. and when that happens he's almost unstoppable. *as he speaks Vygar transforms into a giant gorilla*
Vygar gorilla: ha ha ha what are you gonna do now Kakarot? you have a tail but even with it you can't stop me.
Goku: Voltron Force listen. there is a way. I'll send it to you telepathically so he doesn't know your gonna do it. *Goku sends a message to them. "now listen and listen well. we Saiyans have 1 weakness. our tails. cut it off and we revert back to our Saiyan like state. well take it from there."*
Keith: right. O.K let's form Voltron. keys locked dynopherms connected intercells up. megathrusters are go.
Voltron Force: let's go Voltron Force.
Keith: form feet and legs. form arms and torsoe. and I'll form the head. O.K. team follow my lead.
Goku: O.K guys let's keep Vygar busy so they can do their job.
Every1: right. *they distract Vygar. Sailor Mecury uses Mecury Aqua Rapsody*
Sailor Mercury: Super Mecury Aqua Rapshody. *her normal Aqua Rapshody has now become a big tidal wave.*
Jupiter: my turn. Super Jupiter up evolution. *her normal Jupiter up evolution now looks like a big dragon along with others*
Goku: now. do it.
Vygar: wha....? *before he could react*
Keith: form Blazing Sword. *they put Voltron's hands together and a sword comes out* say goodbye to your tail Vygar. *with effort the Voltron Force cuts Vygar's tail off*
Vygar: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! my power.
Goku: every1 ready because now comes the hard part. defeating him 1 and for all.
Vygar: curse you Kakarot. how did you know my weakness. or our weakness for that matter.
Goku: simple. every time some1 grabbed my tail when I was a kid it would hurt. then when Yajirobe cut Vegeta's tail off he lost power. same with Gohan.
Vygar: *who was now back to normal size and writhing in pain* gr. curse you Sailor Scouts and Voltron Force. curse you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! *with that angry shout his power goes to 100,000 and is still rising*
Goku: O.K. Xialion warriors, Liono, Sailor Scouts and Naruto its our turn. good job Voltron Force.
Sailor Moon and Mini-moon: right. Moon Crisis Cosmic Dream Action. *the pure heart chalice appears and Sailor Moon and Mini-Moon transform*
Naruto: right. 9 tailed fox give me full power. rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *with a rage of a thousand fires Naruto is engulfed in flames*
Sailor Moon: Naruto!
Goku: settle down Sailor Moon. he's O.K. just wait for it.
Naruto: *with a deeper voice* now you'll see the true power of the 9 tailed fox demon.
Liono: and with the new ability I learned you're going down.
Goku and Vegeta: fu-sio-n ha *they combine together to become Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta*
Gogeta: and with all of us to deal with and my new attack......
Every1: you'll be Moondusted.

the final showdown will be on the next part. Don't miss it. you'll love it.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:50 pm

and now the final showdown:

Xialion warriors: here we go.
Omi: my new technique. ultimate Tsunami strike water. *a huge tidal wave bigger than Sailor Mercury's comes out and hits Vygar*
Vygar: heh heh heh. I have a better idea. if I can't win then no1 can. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *he begins to glow bright*
Gogeta: no that's... that's Cell's ultimate destruction move. if it succeeds the earth will be gone. O.K no more fooling around time for the big guns. every1 ready?
Every1: yes.
Gogeta: Sailor Scouts use that attack Paleos was talking about. Xialion Warriors on my mark use all your powers at once. Naruto use that attack I taught you. Liono its time to unleash all of thundera. if we do it right we can blow him away before the attack finishes. I'll get ready with my Ultra Big-Bang Kamehameha. now let's finish this once and for all.
Sailor Scouts: Sailor Universe..........
Liono: Ultimate Thundera.......
Naruto: 9 tailed fox Kamehameha.......
Xialion Warriors: Wudai power.......
Gogeta: Ultra Big-Bang Kamehameha............
All: Attack. *all their attacks fire at the same time and disperse Vygar's attack*
Vygar: fine then I'll destroy the earth with your attacks instead. *starts pushing their attacks back at them*
Gogeta: come on every1 with every ounce of your power push the attack back to Vygar.
Sailor Scouts: with the power of the universe.
Liono: with the power of Thundera.
Naruto: with the power of the 9 tailed fox.
Xialion Warriors: with the power of Wudai.
Gogeta: and the power of the Saiyans........
All: we shall punish you. *the attack goes back towards Vygar and he is engulfed in the attack*
Vygar: NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *the attack completely overwhelms him and he is gone*
All: yeah.
Sailor Moon: is he.. is he gone?
Gogeta: I think so. I don't feel him anymore. wait........ he's still there.
Vygar: *who is badly wounded by the attack and still standing* curse you Kakarot. curse you all. this is not the end. not by a long shot. RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *he powers up a big ball of energy and Gogeta's fusion wears off*
Goku: oh no. its Kid Buu's attack all over again.
Vegeta: if it hits all of us are history. Kakarot I hate to say it but we need help again from the people of earth.
Sailor Moon: count me in.
Every1 else: us too.
Goku: listen up people of earth. Vygar the 1 you saw on T.V is about to destroy the earth. please give me all the energy you can. * just then he thinks of Hercule* Hercule needs it. *the people of earth agree and raise their hands* Here goes. Spirit Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sailor Moon: you can do it Goku.
Paleos: no he can't. he needs help. his power is almost gone. listen up every1. gather around Goku and help him. Sailor Moon time for you to use that power that was given to you.
Sailor Moon: right. *she gets out her Sceptor* Here we go. Moon Ultimate dream Magictation. *they all stand side by side with Goku*
Every1: were here Goku.
Goku: let's do this. here it comes Vygar. your end. hyah.
Sailor moon: hyah. *they both send their attacks and this time Vygar is completely and utterly destroyed by it and there are no signs of life of him left*
Goku: we did it. yeah.
Sailor Moon: yeah we sure did Goku.
*Goku passes out and transforms back into a Saiyan*
Sailor Moon:rest up Goku. you need it.
*later at Goku's house Goku has recovered*
Raini: you mean we have to say goodbye?
Serena: yep. our job is done.
Liono: yeah I'm needed back on 3rd earth.
Keith: and were needed back on Aris.
Naruto: and I must get back to my training with Frog Sage.
Xialion warriors: and we must get back to protecting the Shen-gong-wu.
Goku: if I need your help again. I'll let you know.
Every1: yeah. were a team.
*and so with a sad goodbye the Sailor Scouts, Naruto, Liono, the Voltron Force, the Xialion warriors and Goku and Vegeta part ways. but as Goku said there may be a time when they might need to join up again. who knows. only time will tell*

A new Evil arising.
created by: David_in_diapers
no copyright infringements. this is fan made.

I hope you enjoyed it. if you did please comment. who knows maybe I'll make another. bye.
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PostSubject: Re: A new evil arising   

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A new evil arising
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