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 Another Story!

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PostSubject: Another Story!   Fri Nov 24, 2006 10:45 pm

It was originally based on a comic I made that was weird... Now for randomness!

"Okay let's do this man!"
"Well I'm just waiting for you!"
"I'm ready when you are!"
"Fine, bring it chump!"
"I summon the super cool, super powerful card of dooooom!"
"Oh nooooooo!!!!!"
"Hahahahahahah! You lost! Chump!"
"Not so fast! I activate the even more cooler and powerful card of doooooom!"
"Awww man, I lost..."
(Anyways...) ZiRanJie! (It means Nature in Chinese!!!)

"Aaaaand in the blue vest is our reigning chamion, Li!!!!! And his opponent, Drake! Who miraculously gotten this far!!!" An announcer man said.
"Hey! What was that supposed to mean?!" Drake shouted. (Think of it as an anime. His head gets big, gets angry eyes, and the vein!)
"Umm...forget that last comment. Okay battlers, bring out your Z-Souls! (Z is short for ZiRanJie because it's the first letter)" the announcer announced.
"Gladly! Come on out, Huo!" Drake called out. Out of his hand formed fire. It hovered there for a second before he threw it onto the field. (Which resembled a pokemon battle field. but in the backround is a cheering crowd)(Huo is the Natural Spirit of Fire, except this is one in the evolutionary chain of the Z-souls)(So it's basic)(Oh and think Hinotama Soul from yugioh) It started to grow larger and larger. It stopped it's growth until it was at least 5 feet tall.
"Hey Li! Let's see you beat Huo!" Drake taunted. Li didn't answer and summoned his Z-Soul forward. It was Shui. (The Natural Spirit of Water, except this is also one of the evolutionary chain)(And basic)(Think a water drop with eyes) It looked nervous as it grew 5 feet tall.
"Fiiiiiiight!" The announcer said.

After a ridulously long amount of time......(To be continued!)
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PostSubject: Re: Another Story!   Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:11 pm

very very confusing but a ok start. if you write a story like this always try to explain a little on what things are (not just in brackets)
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Another Story!
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