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 Deadman's guide to the galaxy

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PostSubject: Deadman's guide to the galaxy   Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:53 pm

Deadman's guide to the galaxy.

As many of my works are still under construction, and will be for the forseeable future, (Thank the 'rents for this.) I have decided to compile a guide to fill in the blanks. the guide itself is still under construction, and as things come to me, they will be added. also, information on a.b.a. is being written up as well. post date: soon.

Evanessence universe:

Before i get into anything else... the twenty five elements.

the base nine:

Fire. conforms to the color red.
Water. conforms to the color peach.
Wind. comforms to the color white.
Earth. conforms to the color purple.
Lightning. conforms to the color yellow.
Light. conforms to the color blue.
Shadow. conforms to the color black.
Time. conforms to the color pink. A very rare abilty, currently only one mage is able to use it.
Ether. conforms to the color green. Rare ability, but tends to run in families. Ether is able to assume all forms of matter at once, solid, liquid or gas.

The spin-offs:

Chaos. A hell-derivative of lightning. It amplifies all elements that come in contact with it. Often simply called red-lightning.
Binary. Accesible only to a single mage. allows 'digitization'.
Blood. Accesible only to a reaper.
Bone. Accesible only to a reaper.
Life force. Also used to make plants grow quickly.
Speed. Another derivative of lightning, allows the mage to move at a speed beyond human comprehension, and gift others with that same speed.
Unknown. Also called plasma. effects... currently unknown.
Hellfire. Hell-derivative of fire. incredibly difficult element to control.

An element user is referred to as a M.A.G.E. (Mentally Advanced Genetic controller of Elements)

The world of evanessence isn't one world, but SIX worlds.

Lost Earth: Our world. by the time evanessence starts, this world has been vacant for over eight thousand years. It's inhabitants fled due to complete ecological meltdown caused by ozone depletion and nuclear poisoning.

The man leading the fleet of ships that took everyone off planet was named Riven Takuro. (remember this name.)

Tarra: The first world upon which the refugees landed. It's atmoshpere contained the Pandora virus which caused all but a tiny handful of people to become furry (or feathery).

There are five main groups in Tarra and one side group.

Feline: Cats, Lions, Tigers, e.t.c. They inhabit the desert continent of kataria.
Lykon: Wolves, Dogs, Baskervilles, e.t.c. They inhabit the grand forest continent of lykonia.
The coalition: Foxes, Hyenas, and some other miscellaneous carnivores. The southern summer continent 'wild-land' is their home.
Falci: Falcons, hawks, doves, storks, e.t.c. They call the high peaks of falconia their home.
Highland: Deer, Horses, and most other herbivores. They prefer the colder northern climes.

Human: Occupying the north pole, humans are viewed as the fur equivalent of lepers, and are referred to as half-breeds.

The capital of kataria is 'Azu Metro'.
Near the top of kataria is a forest where it snows year round, it's called 'Baron's bane'.

The mountains of falconia encompass a single, massive city.

Of interest: although anyone can become a mage, most continents tend to specialize.
Kataria mostly births fire or lightning users.
lykonia, earth and water.
falconia, wind.
highland, light and shadow.

the major religion of Tarra is l'unarc. which means they worship the nine moons that circle the planet. the moonlight element is restricted solely to those ordained by the moon priestess.

once every thousand years or so, the moons aline in a sort of hex pattern and turn blood red. this opens the gate to the "Main Plaza" of the outer darkness, and opens all eleven gates between the upper echelon and Tarra.

also of interest: it seems that there was a civilization on Tarra long before the refugees landed... The ruins are evident all over.

Earth-2: An almost exact copy of lost earth. however, atlantis didn't sink in this version.

Paradise city is located here, and is the nexus of another outer darkness gate.

Ember's parents (Artemis and Athena) also met and fell in love here.

Setting of both 'Code Artemis' and 'The Pristine Forest SpellBook'. Both currently in the works.

Earth-3: A world where technology hit an all time high. People are able to mentally log onto the internet (think ghost in the shell). There was a very popular game released there similar to world of warcraft and dot-hack. However, the player's limits are based on the actual players themselves...

There was also a subsequent virus released into the network that caused net users and players alike to be stuck online for long periods.
there were also points where a holographic interface would allow a user to broadcast his or her doings in 3-d.

unfortunately, some wacko used magic and caused the 3-d interfaces to go haywire. somehow, the net fused with the otside world and the game... became real.

The setting of: OtherNet. currently in the works.

Tetra-Tarra: This is where the ships filled with criminals were sent. It was ravaged long before it was resettled and many of it's continents float in the sky (these are called aer-lind). It also does not rotate on it's axis, meaning that an entire half of the planet is permanently dark.

It is also home to the Methuselah virus, which causes it's victims to literally become vampires.

A most prominent one being the bolverk...

The actual planet beneath is rumored to be filled with nothing but poisonous swamps, but in fact is actually a world spanning forest.

This is the setting for the story: Bridge. the first chapter of which was released on fox tales times.

the last four worlds are located just past the lyra constellation, and orbit a rather large blue sun.

These worlds are secretly watched over by Three Knights. Each is usually prepped for his or her position for years before taking the mantle.
Their entire purpose is to keep the balance of the world.

The knights are actually the vessels for the demon BASILISK. (Ko-yami is the only knight capable of interfacing with the basilisk at a concentration of more than seventy percent.)

Near the beginning of time, the three were chosen to bind the basilisk and contain it's massive powers.

Emeritus: The ultimate spell-caster. Demon form is the salamander. Ko-yami is the eighth of this line and is one of the few knights able to control the pristine forest spell-book.

The weapon created for the emeritus is the REKKA, an oddly shaped bastard sword capable of magnifying fire to titanic levels.

It was split in half by the seventh emeritus 'Fade', who dissapeared a hundred years before Ko-yami was born.

The two halves are 'Tenchu' which is inimical to demons and 'Masamune' which is inimical to angels.

The emeritus's mind is an encyclopedia of spells. depending on the situation, a spell will automatically pop into his or her head when needed.

Black Prince: A knight who's power is being 'unbeatable'. They tend to be berserkers as well. Demon form is the darkling.

The sword created for the black prince is the KUROHIME, a massive sword that was held for a long time by lucifer (see the original draft of evanessence for clarification.) It's hand guard sprouts horns and it's blade gains an elemental lengthener, but only when held by a knight.

The line itself is somewhere in the nineties.

Satoshi: The master swordsman, Literally untouchable when they hold a sword. Demon form is the harpy.

The blade of the satoshi is a wickedly shaped katana called ZERO-SHIKI (type-zero)

The satoshi's mind is constantly memorizing sword techniques. even if it's a new technique, they can almost instantly copy and improve upon it.

The line here is around one hundred thirty.

The satoshi and black prince have a tendency to kill off their predecessors...
Those of the emeritus line however, are all currently still alive, even tho it's been over ten thousand years since they were first drafted into their positions...

the lines of satoshi and black prince also became somewhat corrupt and they have neglected their duties for several millenia.

Near the end of evanessence, four more nights come into play. But i'll withold their info for now.

The Outer darkness

Main plaza: there are three doors here. one leads to the deadzone, one to the divine court, and one to the lower echelon.

Deadzone: regardless of what parallel reality or world you live in, there is only one deadzone. This is where the souls of the dead travel into the afterlife. There are 'reapers' who guide the souls. The reapers are called ch'a'ron, or gr'm depending on whether or not they have wings.

Divine Court: The base of the divine guard. the guard themselves are angels and are ranked depedning on how many wings they have. the highest of them is a 32 winged angel named justice.
The divine guard decide who goes to heaven, and who to hell.

The court can only be reached by crossing a mile wide whole in space, just after opening the door.

Lower Echelon: a massive space that is divided into nine precincts. each one corresponding to one of the nine base elements. it can only be traversed by an unimaginably powerful demon or a gate-sorcerer.

Tenth precinct: between the upper and lower echelons. it looks like the inside of a church, but where the altar should be is a door so tall that it fades out of sight near the top.

Upper Echelon: the realm of demons. not much is known about this place. but deep inside is the throne room of satan.

interestingly enough, the upper echelon and the divine court aren't hell and heaven. they are smaller representations of their grander counterparts. which is why they are subject to 'contamination', ergo... justice going demon or a demon becoming a good guy.

and the fact that you can indeed 'die twice'.

so where are the real things? your guess is as good as mine.
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Deadman's guide to the galaxy
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