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 The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)

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PostSubject: The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)   Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:40 am

The Chimour Chronicles, I of III
It was a dark, and stormy night with little four year old Chimour, a timid vampire bat furry, who laid fast asleep in his crib. As he slept on his mother came in to check up on him and smiled at what a handsome little boy she had birthed, and she wasn’t wrong for being proud of how he looked. He had inherited his mother’s piercing red eyes, his father’s jet black fur, and was the most beautiful thing his mother had ever seen, but sadly she after that night would never be able to hold him again. Chimour’s father was out hunting and gathering that night, and had left his wife to watch after their son, so Chimour’s mother looked onward at him in his crib until he started to stir, and soon he woke up blinking adorably at his mother. “How’s my little man doing today?”. She asked him while she let the crib rails down.
“Fine mommy, but I think I need a change”. Chimour said blushing. “Again Chimour? How long will it take for you to learn how to use the potty like a big fur, and didn‘t I tell you to go before bed so this wouldn‘t happen?”. She asked a little sternly. “I tried mommy, but I didn‘t have to then…”. Chimour said getting redder in the face by the minute. “I have a friend who has a three year old girl that is already using the potty, so why don’t you?”. She asked. “I’m sorry mommy”. Chimour said starting to get teary eyed.
“Oh Chimour please don’t cry. I’m sorry for upsetting you, but you have to learn how to use the potty sooner or later”. She said in a soothing voice, and hugged her son motherly trying to calm him down. “O-Okay”. Chimour said wiping his small red eyes. “Now how’s about we change that diaper?”. She asked picking up Chimour and sat his diapered bottom down on the changing table. “Okay”. Chimour said with his face as red as a cherry when his mother pushed him down gently into a laying position untaping his pampers with a chuckle at her son’s expression, and took out some baby powder, baby wipes, and some pull ups out from underneath the diapering supplies cabinet. “You know I kind of like that you still aren’t potty trained because it gives me all the more reason to treat to like a baby”. She teased putting her index finger to Chimour‘s furry, little nose, and started tickling Chimour’s furry feet while she cleaned up Chimour’s front gently.
“Please stop tickling mommy,”. Chimour said giggling while she continued. “No can do baby”. She said still tickling Chimour as she finished cleaning up his front. “But I have to go!”. Chimour begged still giggling as he started feeling the sudden, intense urge to go potty. “Well if you have to go potty so bad then just go in your diaper”. She said with a chuckle as she retaped his sodden pampers back on and continued tickling him. “But I am not a baby!”. Chimour protested, but it was to late and he had lost control and started wetting his pampers.
Chimour was blushing pretty bad now as his mother chuckled while the telltale hissing sound was heard coming from inside Chimour’s pampers. “Well if your not a baby then prove it by using the potty like a big fur, or I will baby you like this for every time I need to change you since you can‘t prove me wrong”. She said smiling. “Okay mommy”. Chimour said still blushing. “Good boy”. She said smiling and proceeded to untape Chimour’s freshly soaked pampers while taking out some more baby wipes from the dispenser. “What are we going to do today mommy?”. Chimour asked as his mother cleaned up his front gently.
“Well not today, but I figured that we may go to the fair tomorrow, BUT only if you prove to me how mature you are and manage to keep from soaking, and or messing these pull ups I am going to change you into for the rest of the night.”. She said now cleaning up Chimour’s bottom, and soon after that threw his soaked pampers away before taking out the baby powder and started to rub some into Chimour’s front. “Okay I can do that”. Chimour said blushing since this was the most embarrassing part of a diaper change for him. “There we go all nice and powdered”. Chimour’s mom announced after rubbing in some more powder into Chimour’s bottom, and took out the pull ups with Buzz & Woody designs which had little fade when wet rocket graphics so she could measure how much Chimour had wet himself since he usually didn’t wear pants around the house and held them open for Chimour. Chimour giggled since he liked the colorful and cartoony graphics on the pull ups and stepped into them so his mommy could pull them up for him. “Okay so when you need to go potty just tell mommy and mommy will hurry you into the bathroom okay?”. She asked. “Okay”. Chimour said, and then walked off into the living room.

Meanwhile Back In The Woods…..
“And that makes eight”. Chimour’s father said picking up another rabbit he had killed. “I’d better not tell Chimour that he’s eating rabbit when I get back, I mean the little guy loves nature so much that he would probably throw a fit if he knew what he was eating”. He said to himself remembering the time he got Chimour to eat deer. “Well I better not keep em waiting”. He said taking flight and was headed off towards his house. “Mommy where’s daddy?”. Chimour asked. “He’s out getting us dinner”. She said trying to avoid saying the “H” word.
“Daddy’s not out hunting again is he momma?”. Chimour asked tearing up. “No he’s not. He’s uh….Buying us some food at the market”. She lied since she knew that Chimour would throw a fit if he knew what his father was out doing. “Well okay”. Chimour said. “Hey mommy?”. Chimour asked. “Yes honey?”. She asked.
“I got to go potty..”. Chimour said trailing off as he saw one of the rockets on the front of his pull ups start to fade. After hearing this Chimour’s mother jumped up off of the sofa and grabbed Chimour by the hand racing him off to the toilet. “Mommy I don’t think I can hold it in anymore…. I’m going to wet my pants”. Chimour said tearing up as he held his crotch still running towards the potty with his mother dragging him. “No your not, we’re almost there sweety, just hold on”. Chimour’s mother reassured and soon reached the bathroom with her son who was still clutching his crotch trying to stave himself off from soaking his pull ups. Chimour quickly pulled down his pull ups and after his mom helped him up onto the toilet he went to bathroom smiling at not having done it in his pants for once.
“Aw looks like someone’s a bigger fur then I thought”. Chimour’s mother chirped happily and tussled her son’s black hair which Chimour smiled and giggled at. “Just tell me when your done sweety and I will clean you up”. She said smiling. “I’m done mommy”. Chimour announced after a minute or two of sitting there on the toilet. “Okay”. She replied and wiped Chimour’s bottom clean. “Lets get back into the living room”. Chimour’s mother said taking Chimour off the toilet and after pulling her son’s pull ups back on walked back into the living room where she sat on the couch cuddling Chimour.
Mere minutes later there was a knocking at the door. “I’ll go get that dear”. Chimour’s mother said then going over and opening the door. “Hi honey I’m back from hun-”. Chimour’s dad said stopping short when seeing that Chimour was in the room. “Back from what daddy?”. Chimour asked. “Uhmm…I am back from….The market”. He said seeing his wife mouth it out for him.
“Well what’s for dinner?”. Chimour asked. “Well I got a good deal at the market on raw rabbit so I bought some”. He said. “Why did you get rabbit? You know I don’t like eating innocent animals”. Chimour complained. “Well the rabbits that they sold me died of natural causes”. He lied. “Well okay then”. Chimour said sitting down at the table and waited for his mom to cook up the rabbit.
Soon the family of three gathered around the dinning room table where after she finished cooking it Chimour‘s mother brought out the rabbit fully cooked. “Hey daddy guess what?”. Chimour asked eating some rabbit. “What son?”. he asked also eating some. “I made it to the potty today“. Chimour announced proudly. “Aw that’s great to hear son“. He said rubbing his little man‘s head happily.
“Yup I‘m a big fur!“. Chimour said happily and continued eating his food. “Well you still need to learn to wipe yourself and how to flush the toilet“. Chimour‘s mother pointed out eating some rabbit. “Well I will learn how to do that later“. Chimour said cleaning the rest of the rabbit off of his plate. Soon after their meal Chimour’s father was in the living room playing with his little boy’s ears on the sofa. “Did I ever tell you how fun your ears are to tug?”. Chimour’s father asked teasingly.
“Stop that”. Chimour said pouting. “Oh come on don’t get all gloomy on me”. He said then tickling his little boy’s feet. “Take this!”. Chimour said between giggle fits and jumped on his dad play fighting with him, after which both of them were on the floor still seeing who would top who. “That’s enough fun for tonight you two”. Chimour’s mother said. “Party pooper”. Chimour said then pouting.
“Which reminds me. Do you have to go potty?”. She asked. “Well actua-”. Chimour started, but was interrupted by the sound of a gun being fired. “….Not anymore”. Chimour said blushing and crying at having been so startled that he messed and wet his pull ups which were now in desperate need of changing. “It’s okay Chimour, I won’t count that one against you”. She said motioning to her husband to go see what made that sound. Chimour’s mother picked Chimour up and started heading to the back room with him so that she could change her son‘s pull ups.
“Okay sweety lets change those pull ups of yours”. Chimour’s mother said untaping Chimour’s pull ups, and started wiping up Chimour’s front while he started crying. “What’s wrong dear?‘. She asked her now weeping son as she started cleaning his front a little more gently in case she was hurting him. “I’m not the big fur I thought I was, am I mommy?”. Chimour asked still crying and was obviously still upset about wetting and messing his pull ups like that. “Oh there, there Chimour it wasn’t your fault this time”. She said now cleaning up Chimour’s bottom. “It, It wasn’t?“. Chimour asked as his mommy continued wiping his bottom.
“No of course it wasn’t, and so don’t worry about it okay?”. She asked now throwing away Chimour used pull ups after finally cleaning him. “Well okay mommy”. Chimour said smiling happily, but grimaced when he saw her take out some pampers instead of pull ups. “Chimour you need the extra protection at night, and it’s near your bed time so please don’t make this difficult for me”. She said rubbing some baby powder into Chimour’s front gently. “Fine”. Chimour said blushing as she powdered his front. “Thank you”. She said now rubbing the baby powder into Chimour’s bottom which after she finished that she placed the pampers underneath his freshly powdered backside.
“Anyway seeing as how you managed to stay dry and mess free for me tonight I think I will take you to the fair tomorrow, okay?“. She asked smiling as she pulled up the front of Chimour’s pampers and taped them up snugly. “Okay mommy”. Chimour said smiling as his mom picked him up and snuggled her freshly diapered little boy happily. Meanwhile Chimour’s dad discreetly cracked open the front door, and was confronted by a rather unpleasant sight. "Humans". Chimour’s father scowled with hatred clear in his voice, but his eyes bulged a little with apprehension when he saw that they were in the possession of guns and quickly but silently motioned to Chimour’s mother who set the freshly changed Chimour down on his bed and came back down the hall to her husband. Chimour’s mother's reaction was similar to her husband’s in the way it held anger towards the men, but was proceeded by worry when she saw that they were well armed.
In fact all furies hated humans, they came by every year but in different locations. “I guess luck would have it that this year they would end up at our door step” Chimour’s father said to which his wife hugged his arm tightly. But then another noise was heard, It wasn't a gun shot, it was more like a loud cry, which made Chimour’s dad turn into the house knowing exactly what was making that sound, but stepped on and snapped a twig by accident in mid sprint which was the straw that broke the camel's back. The human hunters turned their heads, guns cocked and loaded, and swiftly fired off a round at Chimour’s mother who was saved by her husband who jumped on her thus causing the bullets to miss their mark while Chimour still carried on crying for some unknown reason from the back room.
Chimour’s father managed to get himself and his wife inside and locked out the blood thirsty humans, while Chimour’s mom scurried off to the back room to see what was wrong with her son during which time Chimour’s father was barricading the front door. “What’s wrong Chimour?”. His mother asked concerned. “I fell and now my head is throbbing”. Chimour whimpered. “It can’t be that bad can it?”. She asked then looking at his head and was shocked by what she saw. “Oh my god Chimour you got a gash in your head!”. His mother said looking at the way the blood stained parts of his normally black hair crimson.
“Is that bad?”. Chimour asked. “Its very bad, but we can’t get you to a hospital because there are humans outside”. She said, when suddenly there was another sound of a gun firing, which scared her into leaving the room and finding her husband on the living room floor with a hole shot through his shoulder. Meanwhile the hunters were babbling amongst each other devising ways to reach their mark and then one of the huskier looking men decided to try a more crude approach and set up dynamite around the house and a few moments later set it off while the men were still talking.


After the blast Chimour’s father and mother were buried under piles of rubble, and Chimour screaming as loud as he could ran over to them, crying out in distress and other mixed emotions all of which he was to young to conceive but old enough to feel, something among the lines of "MOMMY, DADDY!!!PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD!!". At which his dad just chuckled and grabbed his son closely to him and he said the last words Chimour heard from him that or any other night....."Son I a-am...proud of you and I kn-know with your k-kind of bl-blood that you will survive....Just promise me one thing……And…..Never cry again“....
Then all went black…..
Chimour had survived in the end, all because his father had thrown him as hard as he could into the night sky, and Chimour with his wings extended pulled off a miracle, and flew through the rough winds, and more out of his survival instinct then anything else had found an old blackened clock tower which was to be the newly orphaned Chimour’s new home. “How am I gonna make it without my mommy and daddy?”. Chimour asked himself, and his tears started welling up in his eyes until he remembered his father’s dying words. “No I have to be strong, for them”. Chimour said throwing off the veil of hopelessness that had covered him moments before. And so Chimour began his life as an orphan out on the streets. It had been one year since that night as Chimour laid down in his clock tower home upon a mattress he had stolen before getting back up off of the stolen mattress and walking over to an opening in the tower which he looked at the city through.

“Another year older, but am I another year wiser as well?”. Chimour mused sighing since it was now he’s fifth birthday, and his first birthday without his parents there with him smiling down at him. “Well I guess I will go get myself something nice for the occasion, oh but first I probably should change”. Chimour said taking out some pampers and other changing supplies he had stolen and laid down on his bed where he untaped his dirty pampers. “It’s feels so weird having to do this myself”. Chimour contemplated aloud as he wiped his front up gently, and soon after wiping his front down proceeded to his messy bottom. “There we go”. Chimour said smiling as he finished cleaning himself and balled up the used pampers before unfolding and placing some new ones under him.

Chimour then took out the baby powder which after putting some in his paw he began rubbing in gently into his front and bottom sighing as he did so. “I really thought I would grow out of these”. Chimour said pouting as he took up the front of his pampers and taped them up nice and snug. “Oh well, atleast they’re convenient”. Chimour said looking at one of the only upsides to be diaper dependant. “Okay then lets go get me a present”. Chimour said slipping on some oversized black jeans he stole from a fur with black eyeliner around his eyes, and also slipped on some socks, shoes, and a black shirt with “Judas Priest” written on it in red whatever that is, and of course all of the cloths we‘re stolen.

“Okay lets get going then”. Chimour said unfolding his wings and flew off into the night deciding that he would steal himself a new bed since that old mattress he had back at the clock tower wasn’t comfy in the least. Chimour continued flying off into the night and eventually saw a store which bore a colorful sign that read “Beds for cubs” which got Chimour curious and so he landed on top of the building and snuck his way inside. When inside Chimour saw a variety of beds for little furs like him like small race car and boat shaped beds, but what really got his attention was a crib in the back of the store, and even though he knew he should be embarrassed for it he had wanted to sleep safe and sound in crib again like when he was still with his parents.

And so caving into his childish desires Chimour walked over to the crib and had snuck it out perfectly with the guards and people running the store being none the wiser. Chimour then flew back over to his clock tower where he set his new crib up before climbing into and sleeping in his crib. Chimour had plenty of other similar experiences to this one, but he had many other life lessons to learn, and he would soon find out that nothing lasts forever. And so two years later Chimour at the age of seven would now find out how cruel the world he was hurled into truly was, and came across someone he had befriended only to have him taken away.

It was in the middle of summer around ten in the mourning as Chimour awoke from another great dream, and woke up as he usually did, with a soaked and messy diaper. Chimour just sighed as he hopped his diapered bottom out of bed, and after laying down on the old mattress he had stolen Chimour got to work and untaped his pampers while humming a cheery tune, and started wiping his front clean gently with the baby wipes. “Wonder what I’m going to do today?”. Chimour asked himself as he moved on to wiping his messy bottom as gently as he had the front.

“Well I guess I could take a walk outside since the people I stole from don’t even know what I look like yet”. Chimour said smiling as he finished up cleaning his bottom and balled up his dirty pampers along with the used baby wipes which he threw away in the diaper pail he stole. Chimour then placed some new pampers underneath his bottom and started rubbing in the baby powder into his front before powdering his bottom and taping up his new pampers nice and snug. “Okay well time to get dressed for the day”. Chimour said slipping on his now not as oversized pair of black jeans followed by his socks, shoes, shirt, and backpack which he had stuffed with emergency changing supplies.

Chimour after getting properly dressed walked outside of his clock tower and started looking around the city. Chimour stole some bread and fruit from a nearby store without any one noticing and quickly walked off with his breakfast which he consumed quickly after exiting the store. Chimour walked around a bit more and soon saw a fox fur dressed in a black t shirt and blue jeans. “Hey”. Chimour said casually since the furry looked to be about his age. “What’s up?”. The fox fur asked. “Not much, but why are you here walking these streets by yourself?”. Chimour asked since he didn’t see anyone that could possibly be related to him.

“I don’t have a mother or father, so I am an orphan”. The fox fur responded with a sad look on his face. “Ah ….. Well um you could stay with me for a little while, if you want?”. Chimour asked sympathizing with him. “Really??!!! You mean it??!!!”. The fox fur asked happily. “Yeah, oh and my name is Chimour, and so what’s yours?”. Chimour asked smiling at the fox fur’s reaction to his offer. “Henry”. The fox fur said. “Well Henry how about we go have some fun?”. Chimour asked smiling. “Sure thing!”. Henry said excited, and so the two of them spent the rest of the day frolicking in the fields of flowers outside until the predictable happened and Chimour messed his pampers.

“What’s that smell?”. Henry asked holding his nose while Chimour just sat there in his now messy pampers blushing. “Chimour did you?”. Henry asked catching on. “Y-Yes”. Chimour said blushing with tears in his eyes. “Well that pair of pants is ruined…”. Henry said sighing. “Well n-not really..”. Chimour said blushing. “Oh I see”. Henry said stifling a giggle which Chimour just blushed more at and started crying. “Chimour don’t cry..”. Henry said sadly and hugged Chimour who had soon stopped crying, feeling like he did when his mother used to calm him down like this and blushed some more.

“Do you want me to change you?”. Henry asked smiling down at him. Chimour still blushing merely nodded his head silently. “Okay”. Henry said taking Chimour’s backpack hoping that there was something Henry could use to change him with inside and after taking out some pampers, baby powder, and baby wipes pulled down Chimour’s baggy jeans there in the field of flowers and started wiping his front as soon as he untapped his pampers.

Henry continued cleaning Chimour and soon finished up throwing away the used baby wipes and pampers before placing some new pampers underneath Chimour’s bottom and started rubbing in some baby powder into Chimour’s front and back. “And there we go Chimour all nice and clean”. Henry said smiling and he pulled up the front of Chimour’s pampers and taped him up snugly. “Thanks”. Chimour said still blushing and pulled up his pants. “Hey what are friends for?”. Henry asked smiling. “Well I guess we should head back home”. Chimour said getting up and collected his backpack filled with changing supplies which he slipped back on.

“Yup”. Henry said smiling as he walked off with Chimour towards his clock tower home until Chimour heard the sound of gunfire from behind him, and upon looking down saw that his new friend Henry had been killed. “HENRY!!!!!”. Chimour cried out in pain as he crouched down to his friend saying how he was going to be alright and how he was going to live, but in the end none of it helped and Henry eventually passed away leaving Chimour alone again.

Three Years Later…..

By now Chimour had grown infamous for his thieving, and it had given him a new name. The name they chose to brand Chimour with was “Phantom Thief”, and he lived up to it, for no one had ever managed to catch Chimour and if one should ever get close he would just disappear into the night like a phantom. But all good things must come to an end, and so at the age of ten Chimour was finally caught. It had been a snake fur who caught Chimour that fateful day, and managed to after injecting Chimour with some special venom paralyze Chimour so he could stuff him into the back of his police car.
“Where are you taking me chief?”. Chimour asked moments later from the back of the police car when the venom‘s effect wore off. “Shut up and be good or I will bust your face open with my club you no good punk!”. The officer said. “Heh many people before you have tried, and none have succeeded, so why do you think you can do it?”. Chimour asked impudently. “Because I am the one with the gun, and unless you want the back of your head all over my back sit I suggest you shut the hell up!”. The officer shouted. “A gun? Really? You think that is gonna tip the scales in your favor?”. Chimour asked laughing. “Here we are you little shit. Now get the fuck out of my car!”. The officer yelled then opening Chimour’s door and threw him out of his car, but to the officer’s great anger Chimour merely pulled off some acrobatics in midair and ended up unscathed and on his feet.

Chimour looked up at there destination and saw that he was taken to a prison, but merely sighed not showing any fear and was lead into the building. “We’ll see how brave you are when you meet your cell mate!”. The officer said pushing Chimour hard in the back. “So this is him? The phantom thief? But he’s just a boy officer”. A young fox girl from behind a bullet proof glass made booth said. “Trust me on this, this little shit IS the phantom thief, and we ARE going to lock him up in a cell with the rest of the trash who didn’t fit into proper society”. The officer said sneering. “But he’s so young….”. The fox girl said.

“Well maybe his worthless parents played a part in turning him into such a delinquent”. The officer said before being slammed straight in the jaw by a painful uppercut that sent him reeling. “I can take a lot of psychical and verbal abuse, but when you insult my parents I WILL hurt you!”. Chimour said with a mean look on his face. “You see!!! He is the phantom thief! The fact that he dislocated my jaw proves it!”. The officer said after relocating his still aching jaw. “Well alright”. The fox girl said then signing the papers and approved Chimour’s sentence of a lifetime in jail. “Okay now you will refer to all officers here as sir, and if you don’t comply then you will be beaten until you do. Now do I make myself clear?!!!” . The fox girl asked.

“Yes Sir”. Chimour said. “Good now empty your pockets”. The fox girl said. “Yes Sir”. Chimour said emptying his pockets and gave the fox girl some food and money he had stolen. “Is that everything?”. The fox girl asked. “Yes Sir”. Chimour said.

“Very well, now get dressed”. The fox girl said getting out of her bullet proof booth to hand Chimour the local prison garb. “Yes Sir….”. Chimour said removing his shirt, his pants, and thusly left his diaper exposed. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!!!”. The officer said then breaking down into fits of laughter while still occasionally rubbing his jaw. “You don’t by chance have any more diapers in this prison do you Sir?”. Chimour asked blushing. “No”. The fox girl said breaking down into fits of giggles herself.

“And even if we did you wouldn’t be allowed them because we would love to see the prisoner’s reaction when they find out they have a baby in their midst!”. The officer said still laughing up a storm. “I got an idea Bruce”. The young female fox said smiling. “What would that be Shelby?”. Bruce asked still rubbing his jaw. “Well since we have a baby for a prisoner why don’t we make the nursery a few miles away his prison with guards around to make sure he doesn’t escape?” Shelby asked smiling. “Not a bad idea you got there Shelby, but what will he wear?”. Bruce asked getting a smile at what he thought she was going to say.

“He will only be allowed to wear diapers since we all know babies can’t help but need them”. Shelby said smiling. “Great idea”. Bruce said laughing and then took Chimour by the arm, and when he resisted zapped him with the taser rendering him paralyzed and shoved him back into the car with only his diaper on. And soon after Chimour was put into a nursery for a prison cell, with nothing to meet him but humiliation after humiliation day in, and day out. “Hello baby boy”. A young attendant from the prison addressed Chimour while giggling. “I am not a baby you filthy, STD carrying, harlot!”. Chimour responded.

“Such a big mouth for such a little brat”. The attendant said taking out a pacifier gag and after little resistance from Chimour had the pacifier gag over his mouth. “That’s better”. The attendant chuckled. “I kind of thought that the straight jacket idea was a tad weird, but having you in one certainly makes torturing you a lot easier”. The attendant said sneering. “Anyway just for that harlot comment I think I will let you wallow around in your own filth for the whole day since we know babies need someone to change them when they use their diapers”. The attendant said laughing. “Can you say “diaper rash” Chimour?”. The attendant asked crouching down to Chimour’s level.

“No of course you can’t, not with you being a brainless cub who still craps in his pants”. The attendant said suddenly getting much more violent and kicked Chimour repeatedly in the head until she made him cry. “Aw did baby get a booboo?”. The attendant asked smiling down as Chimour continued sobbing as blood trickled down from his injured head, and into his right eye. “I think you’ve learned your lesson, or I’m I mistaken?”. The attendant asked taking the nearby paddle before removing the pacifier out of Chimour’s mouth, but still wrapped around his head so she could put it back in in a heartbeat. “Well baby? Are you going to apologize to me for calling me a harlot?”. The attendant asked smiling. “NO! YOU SICK, DEMENTED, FREAK OF NATURE!!! YOU ARE A PSYCHO , YOU ARE A BITCH, AND YOU ARE BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT A HARLOT!!!”. Chimour replied.

The attendant seemingly calm put the pacifier back into Chimour’s mouth so he could not talk and put him over her knee. “Well okay baby if that’s the way you want it. But lets see how you fair with no diaper changes for the whole week”. The attendant said taking the paddle firmly in hand. “This is going to hurt you a lot more then it’s going to hurt me”. The attendant said spanking Chimour with surprising strength and stamina, and by the time she got to fifty smacks Chimour had cried so much that his tear wells ran dry, and she had absolutely no intention of stopping either. By the end of it she had smacked Chimour’s bottom over two hundred times causing him to wet himself, mess himself, and bleed from his sore bottom, so that his pampers were dyed brown, yellow, and red. “There we go baby, and as I said before your not going to be changed for a week, and so I hope you like sitting in your filth and all of the blood I drained from your bottom”. The attendant said leaving the room for a beaten, humiliated, and diapered Chimour to wallow in his misery, shame, and agony.

The attendant made good on her threat to and by the end of the weekend Chimour had a really nasty case of diaper rash, but since there was nothing he could do about it he just sat there and watched the small mini television they put in there which of course only had cartoons and television shows for little cubs, but oddly enough Chimour found the shows very soothing and at least had something to distract him from all of the unimaginably cruel torture he was being put through, and so in the a way the educational cartoons and television shows preserved Chimour’s sanity. “Okay baby it’s been a week now, oh and I was even nice enough to bring something to treat that diaper rash”. The attendant said walking into the room. Chimour looked up at her with a look of exhaustion, and had by now lost all will to resist. “Okay baby lets change that stinky diaper of yours”. The attendant said picking up Chimour with ease and laid him down on the changing table where she untaped the ten year old Chimour’s pampers. “Looks like baby really had to go didn’t he?”. The attendant asked giggling and started wiping Chimour’s front down.

“Bottom’s up baby”. The attendant said which Chimour obediently responded to and lifted his bottom up into the air which the attendant started cleaning up. The attendant soon cleaned Chimour’s bottom up and after she did that she threw away his dirty diaper into the diaper pail before slipping another really thick diaper under him and started rubbing in the diaper rash cure into Chimour’s front and bottom which Chimour responded to with moans of pleasure at how it felt when the cream touched his skin. “Okay now all I have to do is rub in a little baby powder into your front and bottom before taping you up and you’ll be set kiddo”. The attendant said smiling and rubbed the baby powder into Chimour’s front, and then into his backside before finally taping his pampers up nice and snug. “Now play safe, enjoy your programs, and your three baby bottles of milk will be brought to you shortly”. The attendant said picking up Chimour and sat him back down into his play pen where he continued watching his programs.

The attendant soon arrived and with three baby bottles of sour milk. “Okay baby time for num nums”. The attendant said smiling down at Chimour who cried a little since the milk gave him explosive diarrhea, but wasn’t going to resist since he didn’t want to be brutally beaten again like the last times he resisted. “Aw I know baby I know, but your still a prisoner and so you need to drink whatever we give you, even if it does make you mess your pants”. The attendant said picking up Chimour and soon after sitting him in her lap she removed the pacifier and started feeding Chimour the rancid concoction which was sure to have the back of his pampers filled in a couple of hours. Chimour drank the milk as fast as his little jaw muscles would allow, so that he wouldn’t have to suffer the way the milk tasted for as long. “Aw looks like the little baby was hungrier then mommy gave him credit for”. The attendant said smiling.

Chimour ignored the taunts made by the attendant and just focused on getting rid of all of the foul liquid brought before him as quickly as possible. “Okay baby time for baba number two”. The attendant said taking another baby bottle out as Chimour finished with his first and started feeding it to him. Chimour continued drinking and soon had finished his second baby bottle, but also had his tummy aching from all of the sour milk he had fed it. “Last bottle for today baby, and after your done with this one your free to watch some more television until beddy bye time”. The attendant said smiling as she started feeding Chimour the next and final baby bottle filled with sour milk. Chimour’s stomach was really aching now, but still he continued drinking, but near the end of his third baby bottle he lost all control and cried in humiliation as a thick, hot, sticky, and watered down mess made it’s way into the back of his diaper. “Aw baby made a mess”. The attendant said chuckling.

“It’s okay baby I will take care of that dirty diaper of yours tomorrow, but until then I hope you don’t mind diaper rash”. The attendant chuckled some more as she put the pacifier gag back around Chimour’s mouth before sitting the weeping Chimour back down into his playpen where he continued sobbing in his messy pampers before eventually falling asleep. Two months later into his diaper torture and Chimour started to lose all hope, and all faith he had in god because surely if there was a god he wouldn’t stand around watching on as Chimour’s suffering took place in this hell hole. Chimour just sat there in his wet and messy pampers watching the television wishing for a happy ending of his own, but knew deep down within his heart that he was forsaken, and he was going to die like this.

Chimour had lost all hope, and all will to talk or even move, and just sat there in his filth watching the educational television for cubs before him until eventually the attendant who had made it her business to humiliate, beat, feed sour milk to, and then change him when he eventually messed or wet himself to add insult to injury walked into the room smiling down at Chimour. “Wow baby needs a change and bad!”. The attendant said lifting Chimour up and off of his messy, diapered bottom, and laid him down onto the changing table where she untaped his pampers and started cleaning him up. The attendant eventually moved onto his bottom which after she cleaned up she threw away his used pampers along with the baby wipes. “Okay baby mommy’s almost done”. The attendant said putting some more really thick pampers out underneath Chimour’s bottom and then started rubbing in the baby powder into Chimour’s front and back before pulling up the front of his new pampers and taping him up nice and snug. “There we go!”. The attendant said smiling and set the freshly diapered Chimour back down into his playpen.

Bellfry a fellow vampire bat fur, and big brother to Chimour, who had been living on his own at the time of the incident and believed Chimour to be dead with his parents, was off flying towards the town where his parents and little brother lived until he smelled a familiar scent. “That scent..”. Bellfry said trailing off. “It can’t be…”. Bellfry said only knowing one creature able to give off a scent quite like that. “I better go check it out”. Bellfry said flying over towards Chimour’s clock tower, but found nothing when he got there except various items ranging from a crib to an old, dirty mattress. Bellfry saw a package of open pampers and one lying on the floor which he picked up and smelled, and had picked up the scent he had smelled earlier underneath the diaper’s scent. “Chimour’s alive…”. Bellfry said shocked by this revelation, and knew that if his brother were still truly alive that he must go find him, and save him from whatever fate that might of befallen him.

And with that Bellfry flew off into the sky in search of Chimour while Chimour sat in his playpen completely zoned out. It took Bellfry awhile, but after getting many leads from several random furries Bellfry had found out that Chimour was in jail doing time for numerous thefts, and in a panic flew off to the prison since he feared for his little brother’s safety. Bellfry entered the jail in a rage and marched up to the fox girl behind her bullet proof booth. “Who do you think you are?”. Bellfry asked hotly. “Um what?”. The fox girl asked looking up from what looked like a magazine on fur fashion. “You condemned by brother to this hell hole, and he wasn’t even an adult, but still you put him into prison with men most likely more then twice his age!”. Bellfry accused in anger. “Oh you mean Chimour?”. The fox girl asked giggling. “No he’s not in there, but me and officer Bruce over here found the perfect place to stick him”. The fox girl said smirking.

“WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY BROTHER???!!!”. Bellfry asked getting mad. “I think it’s best you back on out of here real slow like mister before I blow your brains out”. Bruce threatened pointing his gun at Bellfry which was the last mistake he ever made as Bellfry simply walked around the bullet fired at him and soon had officer Bruce slung around the room in fifty different pieces. “Good god!”. The fox girl said vomiting. “TALK OR YOUR NEXT!”. Bellfry shouted. “Okay okay! We are holding him in the abandoned nursery a few miles away, BUT it’s guarded by guards with guns so your never going to see your baby brother EVER again!”. The fox girl said putting emphasis on “baby”. “We’ll see”. Bellfry said then walking over to the fox girl. “Wait! I talked! Please don’t kill me!!!”. The fox girl begged. “Never! Slime like you deserves no mercy, and so I hope you like roasting in the deepest pits of blackest hell!”. Bellfry said doing the fox girl like Bruce and soon had her in fifty pieces.

Bellfry flew off leaving the bloody mess he left behind for the janitor to clean up, and after awhile of flying laid his eyes on his brother’s prison. Chimour still sitting down in his now wet and messy pampers heard the fluttering of wings which caught his attention and so he looked outside of the window and felt his heart beat a little faster as he recognized what he saw as his big brother Bellfry. “Bewwfwy!”. Chimour cheered in baby talk since the pacifier gag around his mouth limited his speech and was so happy that he regained his spirit and will that these people have gradually robbed him of. “Hold on Chimour… I am busting you out of there!”. Bellfry said flying towards the nursery and slammed his fist into the wall thusly creating another entrance.

Bellfry soon seeing the state Chimour was in felt like kicking himself for not getting here sooner, but atleast he has a chance to make things right now. “Okay brother hold still so I can get that straight jacket off of you”. Bellfry said and soon had removed Chimour’s straight jacket. “Thanks brother”. Chimour said after removing his pacifier gag. “No problem man”. Bellfry said smiling. Just then the attendant came barging in and as soon as she saw Chimour out of his straight jacket had started chuckling. “Looks like the widdle baby boy pulled a Houdini and got out of his jacket“. The attendant said chuckling. “Let me have a crack at her first Bellfry, I mean I hadn’t stretched my arms and legs for so long that I think I could use the exercise”. Chimour said ignoring the attendant and started stretching a little. “Knock yourself out”. Bellfry said chuckling. “Okay”. Chimour said smiling and soon had his foot firmly planted in the attendant’s face and whilst she lay there on the floor he broke all four of her limbs so she couldn’t get back up.

He had soon done her like she had done him and forced her into the straight jacket, before placing a diaper underneath her and started powdering her front, her bottom, and finished by taping her pampers up nice and snug. “Well what can I say? Payback’s a bitch baby”. Chimour said smiling down at the attendant as he put the pacifier gag around her head. “I think it’s time for a spanking”. Chimour said chuckling as he looked at the attendant who was now shaking in fear as he took out the paddle. “Okay Bellfry I will spank her three hundred times since I am tired from all of this, and you will spank her for a couple thousand, deal?”. Chimour asked. “Heh I could do five thousand easy”. Bellfry said smiling. “Well okay”. Chimour said smiling and placed the attendant on his knee and did his three hundred smacks before handing her to Bellfry who did his five thousand smacks leaving the attendant blushing, crying like a baby, and wallowing in her own filth, whimpering pathetically. “And now for the coup de grace ”. Chimour said taking the wooden paddle firmly in hand and broke it over her head.
“Okay brother lets get going”. Chimour said completely satisfied as the blood trickled down the attendant’s forehead. “Can you fly?”. Bellfry asked. “Yup”. Chimour said smiling. “Okay just wanna make sure because last time I saw you, you could only manage to hover around a little before landing back down on your diapered bottom which I see is still diapered”. Bellfry teased as he flew up into the sky where Chimour soon joined him. “That’s not funny”. Chimour said pouting with a little bit of a blush on his face. “Aw come on baby brother you know I didn’t mean it like that, infact I think you look really cute in diapers”. Bellfry said smiling. “I’m not cute”. Chimour said blushing. “Are you kidding? You are cuteness defined”. Bellfry said chuckling. There was a pause between the two brothers before Chimour finally spoke up. “I kind of need a change”. Chimour said blushing. “I know, I could smell you from back there, but I figured you wouldn’t feel comfortable being changed around that psycho chick, so how about I change you when we get back to the clock tower?”. Bellfry asked smiling. “I didn’t say anything about wanting YOU to change me”. Chimour said blushing intensely.

“Aw come on Chimour, I mean I used to change your diapers all the time when I still lived with you, mom, and dad, and so why should it matter if I change you now?”. Bellfry asked. “Because I am ten years old and it’s embarrassing”. Chimour said blushing. “So? I wear diapers to you know”. Bellfry said pulling his pants down a little while still flying and flashed Chimour a view of what looked like pampers like what Chimour was wearing. “Why are you in diapers?”. Chimour asked curiously. “Well you know those frequent urges to use the bathroom I kept having?”. Bellfry asked. “Yeah? So what of them?”. Chimour asked.
“Well it lead to many accidents since I had to go so often and sometimes was to far away from a bathroom at the moment to do anything about it but piss my pants”. Bellfry said. “And so anyway our mother and father just decided it would be easier if I just went back to diapers so I wouldn’t have to worry about it”. Bellfry said smiling. “Well okay I guess you can change me, but only if I get to change you to”. Chimour said still blushing at the idea. “I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Bellfry said smiling, and soon the two of them had reached Chimour’s clock tower home. “I still can’t believe you live here”. Bellfry said landing into the clock tower.

“Well with nowhere else to call home I had to think of something”. Chimour said laying down on the old mattress. “Okay”. Bellfry said smiling as he got some changing supplies gathered up along with a new diaper. “Oh yeah bring some diaper rash cure to”. Chimour said blushing. “Okay”. Bellfry said taking up the diaper rash cure and walked over to Chimour where he untaped his brother’s pampers with a grimace. “Wow Chimour this diaper rash is really bad…”. Bellfry said getting a little upset for Chimour. “What does not kill me makes me stronger”. Chimour said smiling. “Well okay”. Bellfry said wiping his brother’s front down gently before wiping his brother’s bottom up.

“Okay now lets treat that diaper rash”. Bellfry said applying the diaper rash cure to his brother’s diaper areas which earned a positive reaction from a happy Chimour who loved how the cure felt so much that he was positively giddy after his brother was done. “There we go”. Bellfry said smiling down at Chimour and after getting rid of his used diaper Bellfry placed a new one under him before rubbing in the baby powder into Chimour’s front and Chimour’s bottom before finally taping Chimour’s new pampers up all nice and snug.

“Thanks brother”. A freshly changed Chimour said hugging his brother. “Aw no problem bro”. Bellfry said smiling. “Well what are we going to do now?”. Chimour asked. “Well after you change me I am going to take you back to my place so you will have a proper home”. Bellfry said laying down on the mattress Chimour was on a few seconds ago. “Okay”. Chimour said happily and after he untaped his brother’s well used pampers he began work on cleaning his brother’s front gently and carried on to his backside which after wiping clean he threw away the used wipes and diaper before placing another underneath him. Chimour then began rubbing some baby powder into his brother’s front and bottom and soon after that pulled up the front of his brother’s new pampers and taped them on all nice and snug.

“Okay Chimour, lets get going”. Bellfry said pulling his pants back on. “But can’t I bring any of my stuff with me?”. Chimour asked. “Well there really is no need to bring the crib, or anything else except your pampers and changing supplies since I kind of have a nursery in my house you can sleep in which has everything you have here”. Bellfry said smiling. “Why a nursery?”. Chimour asked blushing. ‘Because you seem to like living like a little cub what with sleeping in cribs and with stuffed animals and all”. Bellfry said smiling. “No I don’t..”. Chimour said not wanting to admit it. “Chimour don’t worry. You can live like that if you want, and I won’t think any less of you for it”. Bellfry said smiling. “Really?”. Chimour asked still blushing. “Really”. Bellfry said smiling and pulled Chimour into a hug. “Well okay”. Chimour said smiling and hugged his brother back.

“Okay well lets get going then baby brother”. Bellfry said smiling. “Okay”. Chimour said happily and after hugging Bellfry one last time Chimour went over and had soon gathered up his changing supplies along with the rest of his diapers before flying into the sky with Bellfry, and flew closely behind his big brother still smiling. “I think your really going to love the nursery brother”. Bellfry said smiling. “Do you have any stuffed animals?”. Chimour asked. “Yup, I have several piles of them in the nursery”. Bellfry said. “Sweet”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh but I sleep in the nursery to, and there are no spare cribs”. Bellfry said. “Well why did you tell me bringing my crib wasn’t necessary?”. Chimour asked. “Because the one crib I have in the nursery is big enough for two”. Bellfry said smiling. “So in other words I will be sleeping with you?”. Chimour asked. “Yup”. Bellfry said smiling. “Well okay”. Chimour said smiling. And soon the two of them had reached there destination and both landed in front of Bellfry’s home. “Welcome home brother”. Bellfry said unlocking his front door allowing access into his house for the teary eyed Chimour. “Thank you brother”. Chimour said wiping his eyes and walked into the house where he set his pampers and other changing supplies down on the floor close to the door way. “Aw it’s okay brother”. Bellfry said smiling and hugged his brother.

“But I think a certain someone needs a bath”. Bellfry said smiling down at Chimour who simply blushed since he also didn’t know how to bathe himself. “Well since I am pretty sure you don’t know how to bathe yourself yet how about you let me do it?”. Bellfry asked. “Yeah I mean your already changing my diapers so why not?”. Chimour asked blushing a little more. “Just remember Chimour. I won’t think any less of you for needing certain things or wanting them, so don’t worry about it”. Bellfry said smiling and lead Chimour by his paw into bathroom. “Okay lets run you some bath water”. Bellfry said turning one of the knobs and soon had the bathtub filled. “Well okay”. Chimour said and removed his cloths leaving him naked except for the pampers he had on.

“I don’t think regular diapers and water mix brother”. Bellfry teased. “But what if I you know go while you bathe me?”. Chimour asked blushing, but knew there was a good chance of such a thing happening with him not being potty trained. “Well then just go now, and I will clean you up before putting you in the tub”. Bellfry said. “Okay..”. Chimour said blushing as he focused a little and soon had started wetting and messing his pampers. Bellfry just waited patiently for Chimour to finish and hummed a little song to himself until he did. “Okay… I’m done brother”. Chimour said blushing while he stood there in his now filled pampers.

“Good now lay down for me”. Bellfry said calmly. “Okay”. Chimour said laying his diapered bottom down on the floor with a squish. Bellfry soon untaped his brother’s pampers and began cleaning his front and bottom up, and had soon finished, helping his brother back up while throwing away the used diaper and baby wipes. “Okay now that that’s taken care of get into the tub so I can start bathing you”. Bellfry said smiling. Chimour did as he was told and soon after laying down into the tub Bellfry started washing him gently. “You really, really smelled when I met you back there at the nursery, and it wasn’t the mess you had made in your pampers that I’m talking about”. Bellfry said and continued washing Chimour and soon had only one place left to clean being Chimour’s front, which as soon as he had started washing Chimour’s face lit up like a Christmas light.

“Okay only one thing left to do now, and that’s to wash that hair of yours”. Bellfry said taking some shampoo in his hand. “Chimour close your eyes so that the shampoo doesn’t get in them”. Bellfry said. “Okay”. Chimour said closing his eyes and soon felt Bellfry rubbing the shampoo gently into his hair. “So brother after I am finished washing your hair how about dinner?”. Bellfry asked. “Well anything is okay, but please don’t make me eat rabbit, deer, or any other woodland creature”. Chimour said. “Well I was thinking more along the lines of just feeding you a few baby bottles of milk”. Bellfry said. “Why?”. Chimour asked blushing. “Because I don’t feel like cooking, I am not going out to eat this late at night, and because we both know you like that kind of treatment as long as it’s done in a friendly, less embarrassing atmosphere”. Bellfry said.

“Well okay”. Chimour said blushing a little. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fun”. Bellfry said smiling and finished washing Chimour’s hair. “Okay now get out of the tub so I can dry you off”. Bellfry said pulling the bathplug so that the dirtied water drained out of the tub leaving Chimour laying there naked. “Okay”. Chimour said getting out of the tub. “The cloths you came here in are filthy though, so I am going to have to wash him, and since I don’t have any cloths in your size your going to have to just walk around the house with nothing but your pampers on”. Bellfry said drying off Chimour. “That’s okay, well as long as nobody else sees me like that except you”. Chimour said blushing. “You know I wouldn’t do that to you brother”. Bellfry said smiling, and grabbed his now naked brother’s paw and walked him over into the nursery.

“Okay now get up on the changing table so I can get you into a new diaper”. Bellfry said. “Okay”. Chimour said laying down on the changing table. Bellfry soon laid some fresh pampers underneath his brother’s bare backside, and started rubbing some baby powder into Chimour’s front and bottom before finishing up and taping on his brother’s new pampers all nice and snug. “Okay brother lets go get those baby bottles of milk I promised”. Bellfry said helping Chimour off of the changing table and walked him over to the kitchen where he opened the fridge and took out three chilled baby bottles filled with milk for Chimour and three more for himself. “Why did you stock your fridge up with baby bottles filled with milk?”. Chimour asked. “Because I usually drink them for supper when I don’t feel like cooking, and when I don’t feel like going out to eat”. Bellfry said smiling and walked Chimour into the living room.

Bellfry soon sat down on the couch and patted his lap which Chimour laid down on. Bellfry then cradled Chimour’s head in the nook of his left arm while using his right to feed Chimour his bottle. “I am so happy to find out your not dead baby brother… I will never let anyone hurt you ever again”. Bellfry said smiling and continued feeding Chimour who was just as happy. But by the time Bellfry had finished feeding Chimour his last baby bottle Chimour had drifted off to sleep, and as he slept Bellfry put a small bat shaped pacifier into Chimour’s mouth which as he suckled peacefully his big brother Bellfry finished his three bottles as well and picked up Chimour walking off into the nursery where he laid Chimour down into his new crib with a teddy bear.

“Got to go put your cloths in the wash real quick”. Bellfry said picking up Chimour’s cloths and put them into the washing machine. And with that done Bellfry had walked back off into the nursery where he got into the twin crib with Chimour and snuggled up to him before finally going to sleep himself.


Enjoy guys.
(Oh and Bellfry is Lig's character NOT mine, and Lig helped me see this story through to the end, so next time you talk to him make sure to give him a pat on the back, OR if you hate this story a kick in the teeth I guess).
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)   Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:19 am

Very Nice Chimour. Pretty darn good stuff. I had fun helping with this and thanks for using Bellfry. ^^ *Huggles*


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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)   Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:21 am

Thanks Lig =)
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)   Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:14 am

So that IS Lig's Bellfry. I just thought that was a common bat name to be honest. Nice one bro. A little dark but with prevaling light is one style I particularly like in stories. You could work on your formatting a bit but otherwise it was pretty good. And thanks a lot for helping him Lig!
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)   Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:02 pm

Okay guys I just had something to add to this.
You see I am currently working on a new story, and in the first Chimour story it was more of an extreme exaggeration what kind of punishment Chimour could take, so disregard how much he could take in this one because I'm making his tollerance for pain much more realistic in the following story, and stories yet to come!
Anyways see ya later.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)   

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The Chimour Chronicles, I of III (Finished)
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