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 another anime crossover story

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PostSubject: another anime crossover story   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:20 pm

alrighty as I said in my post in Discussion Forum I'm working on a new story but....... instead of me writing it all. your gonna help. whoever wants that is. I'll do the plot and my character. *pick it soon as we get started* and you just follow along and add your part of the story. sound good. here goes. by the way I'm gonna choose Goku from DBZ. you choose whoever. but remember its an anime story so its gotta be an anime character. so here we go.

it has been a year since the evil Saiyan Vygar had been destroyed. Goku still got calls from his new friends checking on earth as usual. 1 day.
Goku: hey a letter from Serena. cool. *reads the letter*
Serena: dear Goku, how has it been? can't believe its been a year since we beat that evil Vygar. you should have heard the fuss Luna made when she found out we showed our true identities. she was furious. anyway talk to ya later, your partner in crime fighting. Serena aka Sailor Moon.

O.K. I'll quit there and let you guys do your stuff with the story. but remember 1 part of the story at a time. once you've done yours no matter the size please allow others to make up a part and remember I started the story so I get the plot line and let me do a few parts as well. remember this is our story and whoever joins in gets to be a part of it so when I say hold up for some1 please do.
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another anime crossover story
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