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 super hero meme!

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PostSubject: super hero meme!   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:32 pm

Hehehe, I know some did this, it was goin arround fa for a bit, so if ya did post it!

What is your basic power?
I can turn water pink, then I can control it to do whatever I want!

Wears bright pink diapers, a matching shiney pink cape, and mask, and purple rubber boots and gloves.

What element are you best with?
Water what else?

Can you fly?

Do you lean towards good or evil?
Good... for now anyways

What do you fight for most?
Im part of ligs diaper super team!

What`s your superfurry catch phrase?
Pinkyphin to teh rescue!

Your nemesis is?
dunno yet

Your rival?
dunno yet

Your mentor?

Your alter ego?
Neppy teh teen blue orca.

Your love interest?

Why did you become a super?
Because even sissys need a super fur!

Weaknesses? Be honest.
Scared of teh dark, his powers get deactivated if hes put in blue rubber

Who would you have on your team?
ANyone who wants ta be!
But of course my bro wraith, binki, damian dolphin an chinook.

Closing comments?
hehehe, this was fun!
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super hero meme!
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