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 Happy Hybrid Halloween

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PostSubject: Happy Hybrid Halloween   Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:12 pm

Well I couldn't let the holiday pass me by without doing something so here's a Halloween story which features a few guest furrs in it. Hope you all enjoy.

Happy Hybrid Halloween

“Hey Guys!” Lig giggled as he opened the front door.

“Hey Lig.” Balt grinned walking in.

“Hi Lig.” Dylan nodded as he walked in too.

“This Halloween is gonna be the bestest!” Lig cheered as he lead the others into the living room.

“Oh Yeah. Got my Costume.” Balt nodded patting the bag he brought with him.

“Go mine too.” Dylan nodded as he held his bag up a bit too.

“Great this should be cool.” Lig nodded.

“Well I know you three will have fun.” Warren said walking out and laid three trick or treat bags down on the coffee table. “So lets see those costumes you too. I wanna know what I’ll be escorting around.

“Well I’m gonna be a Jedi.” Dylan grinned getting his costume out.

“I’m gonna be a Frankenstien’s Monster!” Balt said getting out his costume with Appliances.

“Nice ones. OK you cubs get on as much of your costumes as you can and I’ll be back out to help you guys with the rest like the appliances I know Balt and Lig are gonna need. Oh I almost forgot. Everyone’s in a fresh night time diaper right?” Warren asked the trio.

“Yes.” The trio said.

“Ok then I’ll be back in just a bit.” Warren said and walked up to his room.

“See what I’m gonna be guys?” Lig said getting his costume out which was a Borg.

“Sweet!” Balt and Dylan said in unison.

With that the three cubs went about getting dressed. Balt putting on the ragged Frankenstein attire as Dylan started to get on his complicated Jedi robes. Lig meanwhile was securing the various pieces of his Borg costume. Meanwhile Warren was upstairs. Since this night promised to be long and have little breaks he diapered himself up before and started to get his own costume on which consisted of some fake blood stained clothes and various appliances for wounds. Warren grinned as he finished up and came back out to see everyone else was finishing up.

“Wow nice one Warren!” Balt laughed seeing Zombie Warren walk out into the living room all dressed up.

“Nice job with the wounds.” Dylan grinned fixing his glasses.

“Hehehe. You make a good Zombie big bro.” Lig giggled seeing Warren.

“Brains! Cub brains!” Warren said in a zombie voice and ruffled their headfurr and pretended to eat their brains one at a time. The cubs all giggled at the Big Liger’s antics. “Hehe. Alright then Balt your first step on up and I’ll get ya set.”

“Ok.” Balt nodded and scampered over to Warren with his stuff.

Balt sat down on the couch as Warren took the various appliances like the neck bolts and secured them in place. Warren then put Balt’s flat head top on his head making sure it would stay on for the night. After that Warren put in the lil stitching spots. Finally Warren used a bit of dye to blend the colors of the appliances well with his furr.

“There ya go Balt all Set.” Warren told Balt who scampered off. “Ok Lig. Get over here ya lil Drone.”

“I will comply.” Lig giggled trying to do a serious Borg voice and scampered over.

Warren laughed and picked up the various appliances Lig brought over. Warren went about putting on Lig’s eye piece first which fit over his eye and had a see through thing on it and a lil LED light in it. Warren then put on the lil spider shaped cheek implant and finally went about putting on some of the connective tubes here and there .

“Ok Your Maintenance Cycle is Complete Drone. Depart.” Warren smiled. “Jedi Knight over here please.”

“Affirmative.” Lig giggled and scampered off as Dylan came over.

Warren smiled knowing Dylan would be far easier. He lightly powdered Dylan’s face and paws with some furr dye to give his furr a slightly darker color. He smiled and fixed a few of the things on Dylan’s costume that needed to tie where he couldn’t reach.

“There you go Jedi. May the force be with you.” Warren told him. Dylan smiled and scampered off grabbing his light saber. “Ok then it looks like we’re all ready for some Trick or Treating. Everybody grab your trick or treat bags and lets head out.” Warren smiled.

With that the three hybrids grabbed their trick or treat bags and scampered for the door with Warren close behind. Warren smiled seeing the neighborhood all decorated up for the holiday. The night started out rather well. Warren lead them around to various houses trick or treating while holding spare bags. The cubs all got various comments on their costumes and were getting pretty good hauls.

“Hey it’s ZeeZee!” Dylan pointed as they walked.

“Hey ZeeZee!” Lig waved and scampered over to him with the others close behind.

“Nice Costume ZeeZee.” Balt said looking at it not really knowing Who ZeeZee was with the pants, button up shirt, and trench coat and some lil LED blashlight thing in his paw with a blue light.

“Well I see our Clever squirrel had to dress up as one of the cleverest in science fiction.” Warren said recognizing the costume.

“Hehehe. Thanks guys! Yeah I’m Doctor Who! Cuz he’s really smart! He’s a big Clever grown up and So am I almost!” ZeeZee Prattled with Zena smiling. She was dressed as a Witch.

“How’s your night been so far?” Warren asked her.

“Pretty good. ZeeZee’s having fun. Not sure about Zed though.” She said as he finally caught up with his wife and son. Warren stifled a laugh when he saw Zed dressed up as an old british Police Box.

“Hey Zed. Let me guess. The Clever squirrel insisted the Doctor couldn’t go anywhere without the Tardis right?” Warren asked now laughing a bit.

“Yeah.” Zed nodded catching his breath with the now four cubs went up to another house and got some more candy. Each of them bragging about their hauls and costumes.

“Well we gotta be heading down further. You guys have fun.” Warren said as the two group parted ways with the Cubs waving good bye.

Our group continued now through the streets trick or treating and eventually ran into another familiar face. Two Bats. The taller Dressed as a Pirate, Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean if he was right. While Chimour was sporting robes like a wizard’s

“Hey Bellfry!” Warren smiled as they convereged.

“Ooo Hey Chimour! Nice Wizard constume!” Lig giggled.

“Neat.” Balt nodded.

“I’m kinda like one cuz Jedi have force powers.” Dylan grinned.

“Thanks guys. Yeah trick or treating around here is fun. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff!” Chimour cheered.

“Oh there’s another house! Come on!” Balt grinned and lead the way to it with everyone else following.

“So going the same way Bellfry?” Warren asked as they walked.

“Uh Huh. You thinking what I’m thinking?” Bellfry asked as they walked.

“Oh Yeah. Lets stick together tonight. Chimour can join the sleepover after trick or treating and once the four of em fall asleep we can enjoy some more movies.” Warren suggested as they waited the cubs’ return.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Bellfry nodded with a smile.

And with that the night progressed with the four cubs leading Warren and Bellfry from house to house getting candy from each. They were all having fun playing between houses and chatting with other cubs they saw that they knew as they went along. Among them were Tavi dressed as a Ninja. Max, the self proclaimed King of Halloween dressed as a sort of scare crow with a royal touch and a crown. Tacki who was dressed as a period specific Napoleonic Soldier. Warren had no clue what rank although he knew Tacki did for sure. As the night wore on the two older brothers soon were holding several bags of candy and the four cubs were beginning to tire. Warren also felt his bladder urging and wet his diaper. He knew odds were Bellfry had already wet and he was certain the cubs would need changes when they got home. So with that they began their way back home hitting a few more houses along the way. It wasn’t long before they reached Warren’s place and the four cubs smiled walking inside the house setting their bags down by the couch and all slumping into it.

“Ok guys lets get you out of costume and comfortable.” Warren told the four of them.

There were nods and various “Yep”s and “Ok”s from them as they started to get their costumes off with Warren helping them and gently removing the appliances from Balt and Lig. Chimour and Dylan giggled as they were the first out of their costumes since theirs didn’t include any appliances. Lig and Balt were the last to get out of their costumes but it only took a little while for all four cubs to once again be dressed in just their obviously well used diapers.

“Ok little ghouls. Time for some diaper changes.” Bellfry said having laid out changing pads and gotten the changing supplies out.

Warren walked over and sat down by one. Lig and Chimour giggled and scampered over to their respective big bros. Warren and Bellfry hummed little Halloween tunes as they untapped their lil brothers’ soggy diapers and began to wipe them up front and bottom. After that the soaked diapers were dumped and fresh ones slid into place with their tails threaded through. Next they were powdered up before the fresh night diapers were taped up snuggly.

Each of the big brothers smiled and patted their brother’s diapers and ushered them off waiting for Balt and Dyaln. Chimour and Lig nodded and scampered off as Balt scampered over to Bellfry and Dylan over to Warren. The two older brothers repeated the process again wiping, powdering, and finally taping up the fresh night time diapers onto the cubs.

“There every cub in a fresh diaper.” Bellfry smiled as they all climbed up on the couch and were munching some of their candy.

“Ok cubs. Now it’s time for a Weather Family Halloween Tradition. The Scary movie marathon!” Warren told them using a scary Vincent Price voice at the end there.

“Yeah!” They all cheered happily and snuggled down with Snacks as Warren walked over and popped Hocus Pocus into the DVD player.

After that the cubs began watching the movie as Warren and Bellfry went into the Kitchen. Warren got out some pre-prepared bottles of Chocolate milk for them. He smiled glad he’d made a few extra. He also grabbed two larger ones for himself and Bellfry. Warren carried them out to the cubs and gave each of them one and then he and Bellfry settled down in a smaller love seat near the couch with their own bottles to watch the movie.

After a while the cubs had worked their way through Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and a few short Holloween cartoon specials. All of which sat there sleepily with their bottles sitting next to them now drained. Warren got out the big blanket and pillows from the storage closet and walked over to the couch and reclined it down into a bed and laid out the pillows for all of the cubs. Warren and Bellfry went about tucking the four of them and getting hugs from their lil brothers. Before they yawned and rolled over all snuggled up falling asleep.

“Alright now time for the R movie marathon.” Warren grinned to Bellfry.

“Good. I love a good R rated movie.” Bellfry nodded as Warren lead the way up to his room. “Oh hey man would you mind doing me a favor and giving me a change? Kinda soaked from everything ya know.”

“Sure I don’t mind. Mind helping a Liger with a diaper change too?” Warren asked with a bit of a blush as they entered his room.

“No problem kitt witty. In fact you can go first.” Bellfry told him with a grin. Warren blushed deeper and then got out his changing supplies and laid the bed. “Okay Kitty witty off with the pants and on the bed.”

“Okay.” Warren nodded blushing as he took off his pants and realized he was still in costume. He then took off his shirt too and removed his own appliances and laid down on the bed.

“My looks like the big wittle Liger had a flood.” Bellfry said having fun teasing Warren a little bit.

“Uh Huh.” Warren nodded blushing as Bellfry untapped his soggy diaper.

“Well not for long.” Bellfry told him and soon started to wipe Warren up front and bottom just like he would for a cub cooing and baby talking now and again. He then slid a fresh thick diaper into place under Warren, threading his tail as he did. Next Bellfry powdered Warren well rubbing it in and received a content purr from the over sized feline cub. Bellfry then taped up the fresh diaper and gave it a pat on the front. “There ya go all done.”

“Thanks Bellfry.” Warren smiled getting up. “Now get undressed and it’s your turn.”

“Yes sir.” Bellfry nodded and got out of his pirate costume showing his own very soggy diaper as he laid down.

“My looks like someone sure did have a flood.” Warren said as he untapped Bellfry’s diaper with a smile and went through the same process of wiping, powdering, and taping up a fresh thick diaper.

Once both of the big brothers were diapered up they settled down in Warren’s bed and watched some scary movies on his TV for a while before the events of the busy night took it’s toll on them as well. Eventually the two older brothers drifted off to sleep with the TV still on for a few minutes after turning itself off as programmed too. Warren and Bellfry snoozed away looking much like their younger brothers snoozing just downstairs. It had been a long night filled with fun, candy, scary movies, and good friends best of all. All the best things about Halloween.

The end. Happy Halloween!


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PostSubject: Re: Happy Hybrid Halloween   Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:48 pm

Awesome job Lig! X3
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Hybrid Halloween   Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:05 pm

This was way too cute! I'm gonna have to add a Halloween Story to my list of things to write.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Hybrid Halloween   Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:15 am

good job Lig. that was awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Hybrid Halloween   

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Happy Hybrid Halloween
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