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 Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!

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PostSubject: Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:08 pm

Okay I know I have been lazy about my writing, so I finally got my padded butt up and wrote something new. So here is a new one, Co-starring everybodys favorite hyrbid, Lig!!!

Lightning Dance

Rai started as his eyes shot open suddenly, fully awake without the usual drowsiness as he got up from the spare bed, stretching and noting the time with a look of surprise. The orange glow of the clock read a little after 2:00 so why had his internal alarm malfunctioned and woken him up at this time…. A look out the window provided all the answer he needed as well as the echoing noise in the room. Rai was currently bunking in the spare room at Warren’s house, having come over for a movie night and to hang out with Lig.

The mewtwo sighed and arched his back a little, sighing at the resultant crack. Though he looked young, like he was 18, he had always felt he had an old mind in a young body. Every day, he felt like he was getting older. The noise outside pattered and became louder as rain pounded against the windows, a real thundering storm that would last through out the day. The distant rumble of thunder answered why he had woken up so suddenly. It was a thunder storm, the kind of storm that turned the entire horizon white and grey, the kind that pounded for hours, raining down lightning on the area below it.

For one reason or another, Rai always enjoyed those kinds of storms with a primal fascination to watch the lightning come down. Of course there was another reason why he had gotten up, not just to watch the storm. He looked down at the thick diaper around his waist, soaked through with a yellow patch on the front. He wore these whenever he stayed the night, not only for enjoyment but because it put lig at ease.

“Gonna get a rash…” He murmurs to himself, sitting down on the end of the spare bed with a squish as he pats the wet pamper for a few seconds before he goes about taking it off. Within a few minutes he had stripped the diaper off himself and had pulled on some skin tight swim shorts, bright red against his brown legs.

“It must be time again..” Rai thought as he snapped his fingers, producing a sparking light that danced on his fingers like a living lighting stream, lighting his way.

“Rai?” A sleepy voice asks as he turns around in surprise to find Lig standing at the doorway to his room, clad in his usual diapers and a star trek onesie. Bushy, the stuffed liger and night time companion, trailed in the young hybrids paw as he walked into the room.

“Lig, what are you doing up?” He asks as he hefts up the kid onto his lap, one hand gently rubbing the boys muzzle and neck. The kiddo had a surprisingly bright outlook on life despite losing his parents. Most others would have been despairing especially with the result of Lig permanently needing diapers from them but lig was not most kids. Chipper, young and an aspiring diaper model for pawpers, Lig also considered rai his uncle; most of the kids rai baby sat for or met at the daycare called him that and the appellation had stuck.

“The… the lightning woke me up and I was scared… so I was coming to see you… but why are you up?” Lig asked with a sniffle, looking up at him curiously as he tilts his head to one side. Rai looked down and let lig hop off his lap.

“Actually lig there is a very good reason I’m up right now. Come on, I’ll make you a bottle to drink and you can watch. I have to do something.” Rai says as he stands up and lig follows him out to the kitchen, his fledgling mane frizzy as he toddler after him due to the bulk of his diaper.

“Chocolate milk all right?” He asks, moving swiftly about the kitchen without waiting for a response as lig yawns sleepily, showing his pink tongue and fangs as he nods. Raikan walks over to lig and hands him the bottle, then he walks over to the couch where a green and black comforter lays.

“Here, you must be cold. Now sit down and just watch.” He says as he wraps the blanket around him and then opens the sliding glass door to the backyard. Lig watches, puzzled as Rai walks right into the pouring rain, immediately drenched by the deluge as he clears a space for himself by moving a few objects. Lig watches, his diaper squishing a bit as he shifts around and watches rai as the large pokemon closes his eyes.

When he opens them again they literally glow and spark as he places a foot out in front of him and begins to dance, a series of intermixed quick sharp steps and slow controlled actions that are beautiful to watch in the midst of the down pour. Raikan dances in the rain, seeming to hear an invisible beat in the air as his hands begin sparking and glowing, looking like errant comets as the glow grows strong. Lightning flashes down behind him a few miles off, lighting up the sky as the dance goes on.

Now his hands are sparking and now they drizzle sparks onto the ground with a crackle of energy. He oves and twirls, seeming to call out to something only he can hear, dancing to the beat. And as fast as it started, he ends it with a large hissing crackling of electricity heard, the hum of energy in the air. With a final thrust rai throws one hand straight up into the sky as lighting shoots from it in a massive thunderbolt. A huge cracking noise like thick ice breaking is heard, as lig squeaks a bit in fright, watching rai walk back to the door and shake himself off.

"Thats better, I gotta say. Now I know why I woke up when I did." He says as he pours himself a glass of water and drains it in a matter of seconds, wiping his lips. He walks over to the wide eyed Liger on the couch and sits down, rubbing his head.

"W-what was that Rai?" Lig asks nervously, his diaper very very wet now from the surprise of what Rai had done. He knew his uncle rai was a pokemon but that had been something very different. It hadn't been an attack more like a... Well he didnt know the right word but Warren would have used the word ritual.

"Well you know I am a pokemon... But I'm also a certain type, Thunder or Electric as its more commonly know.... I'm also psychic type but all Mewtwos are part psychic Now normally since a pokemon is used for battling he gets regular exercise and use of his powers. However, I retired from fighting a long time ago." He says as he snuggles up to Lig, rubbing his soft furry ears as he explains, with lig nodding sleepily.

"So what does that mean?" He asks with a yawn, eyes half closed as he listens to it as he might listen to a bedtime story, for rai had a strong endearing voice most of the time but the voice he spoke in now was softer and making him sleepy.

"Well what is means is that my body functions as a battery of sorts. Over time I accumulate an electric charge though when i used to battle i was able to instantly draw on the kind of power you just saw. Now though its more a slow steady accumulation. so I have to bleed it off every few months or so and storms like this make the best conduit to release it without consequence. I just release it up into the clouds where it is let off.." Rai blinks and looks down at the snoring bundle of crinkle and fluff snuggled into his side, Lig fast asleep against him as he shrugs to himself and snaps his fingers. With an effort of power, a blanket appears over him and the sleeping cub, snagging a pillow and stuffing it under his head as he closes his eyes and soon drifts off to sleep next to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:14 pm

this was pretty good, i liked it alot
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PostSubject: Re: Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:25 pm

Very nice Rai! I loved it! Fantastic job. You nailed Lig and that whole lil thing there was just pretty darn cool. Kinda giving me an idea for a character after reading the dance scene. That was very good. I could just see it in my head and practically could hear a tune. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:57 pm

HOLY SMOKES! UNCLE RAI WROTE ANOTHER ONE! *SQUEEE!* So cool! I wonder how strong you were before you retired?
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PostSubject: Re: Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!   Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:40 am

Awww, that's so cute, Rai! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!   

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Can it Be? A new story? YES!!!!
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