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 furr high (Kais style)

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PostSubject: Re: furr high (Kais style)   Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:29 pm

just one more chapter
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PostSubject: Re: furr high (Kais style)   Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:04 pm

ok... final chapter... im cold. in desperate need of alcohol and exausted but i got it done. hope you like it kari

* * *

One fine morning Kais woke. Grumbling like an old man he staggered out of the room leaving his room mate sleeping peacefully on the double bed spread over 2/3 of it. The diaper he was wearing strangely dry as it fell from him body as he ignored it walking naked towards the kitchen. Catching a few unusual glances from the others. He glanced at the calendar as out of instinct he threw 2 tea bags in a mug and began boiling water. He froze as his eyes fell on today…
“Oh man… I forgot about that…” he grumbled as he poured the freshly boiled water into the mug leaving it while he made his way to the showers…

At roughly the same time Kari woke up…or should I say fell out of bed. In a almost exact fashion she grumbled to her self as she staggered to the shower. Her soaked diaper almost bright yellow from the night. Over a month had gone since she decided she wanted Kais… and he was still unwilling to give in to her. As she returned to her room now showered and almost dressed she looked at the calendar.

“Is it me or is it a little colder than usual?” Kais asked himself as the hot water of the shower hit his body the steam quickly rising about him as his eyes still closed he began the usual task of lathering his fur. The fur seemed unusually smooth as he brushed his shoulder with one hand. He froze as his fingers left the shoulder…his eyes bolted open as he looked down at his body. His fur had gone leaving a well tanned body of skin in its place he cried out in shock as he spun round. His once multiple tails had been reduced to 1 shimmering pure white tail. The shock could have killed him as he burst through the shower rooms naked into full view of every one on his floor staring hard into a full body mirror. Before him stood a human… fox ears broke his wet flowing hair like icebergs his eyes wide in fear and amazement his shoulders were covered with fur. His face had changed. His muzzle was gone only a cattish nose remained. In most truth put some stockings and a skirt on him (if you could keep it on him) he would look like a girl. His scream was so loud that over 2 miles away as Kari was walking towards school with Lig and Keala their keen ears picked up the distant cry…
“What the hell was that?” Kari asked alarmed
“Beats the hell out of me” Lig replied “say… isn’t there a football match on today?” he asked trying to change the subject with the first though that came into his mind. He punched himself mentally… he never was that interested in sports.
“Oh yeah!” Keala cried “The fur high hot shots vs. the templar knights… this should be a good match! Kais is playing.”
“Ohhh.” Kari mumbled blushing lightly. Lig quickly laughed
“You’ve been asking him for over 2 months Kari! Give it up already” he laughed making her blush harder “sure he’s good. Some even say a little cute but I doubt he’s gonna change his mind.”
“But I think I fallen for him.” she whined a little Lig’s brief description making her lust rise
“He’s out of you league.” Keala said softly as they turned into the school “but I know who is…”

As they reached the doors they were greeted with a deathly silence. As the eyes of everyone fell on them. A slight murmur of disappointment ran along the corridors as a cheerleader racoon slipped over to them
“Have you heard about kais yet?!” she frantically asked them. They looked at her blankly
“What do you mean?” Kari asked quickly
“Oh never mind.” The cheerleader muttered turning. The strong arm of keala grabbing her slamming her into the lockers
“She asked you a question.” She glared “answer the question.” Her eyes pieced the cheerleader like knives
“Ow!” the cheerleader cried out pathetically struggling against the ½ demons claws “I don’t know! That’s why I asked you…”
“You’re lying!” keala shouted “tell us!”
“Keala! Stand down!” a strong voice sounded from the doorway the sun rising behind it coating him in a siluette. The voice was familiar yet different. As the door closed the form took shape in the shielded eyes of the masses. Before them a fox boy stood clad in demin pants, trainers and topless his eyes fell on keala as he walked forward ignoring the wave of mutterings as people saw him
“K..Kais?.. Is that you?” Lig stammered. The fox boy nodded. “I don’t believe you! What does kurenai tekken mean?!”
“Crimson fist.” The fox boy replied the Aquila burning brighter than ever in on his arm.
“What the hell happened?” keala asked letting go of the cheerleader. Kais stooped down lifting the cheerleaders chin softly
“Are you ok?” he asked softly. She nodded as he gently massaged her shoulder helping her up. With a tearful second glance she ran off. He turned to keala his eyes holding hers
“That was uncalled for keala.” He said though gritted teeth ignoring her question “you need to control your anger.” He walked past them heading down the corridors eyes constantly following him
“Don’t you have anything better to do?” he asked harshly as he dragged the from out of the way of his locker before disappearing to class pulling a spare tee-shirt he kept in locker over his bare chest.

Mid way though the morning lesson a soft knock rapped on the door. Though all eyes constantly gazed at kais…even the teacher’s he endured prating for lunch to come. His day was about to get worse. The door slid open the racoon he had helped up earlier poked her head in
“excuse me sir… the nurse needs kais for a medical.” She said softly looking at him as he lifted his head his eyes meeting hers
“Well kais? You heard the lady” the teacher said quickly getting a few giggles in reply “get goin.”…

The time came for the match to begin as the final lesson was cancelled for anyone wanting to watch. Even the nerds took these days as blessings as they flocked to the stadium. Waiting at the back door keala stood her back to the wall waiting for kais to arrive. The others keeping her seat for her as she waited. The sun hit her face like heavenly light as kais walked up to the path
“Come to ask me to go out with you again?” he asked quite casually. Much more relaxed than he had been all day.
“no.” she shot back in a huff “I came to say good luck.” She trailed off looking to the side blushing hard. He smiled gently caressing her hair with his delicate hand before lifting her chin extracting a long and passionate kiss from her. They held for long seconds gently wrestling with their tongues before breaking away.
“Don’t get any ideas Kari… that was just for luck.” He said calmly. “I take it Keala told you that I was out of your league?” he asked softly as she held onto him closely. Out of reflex his hand gently squeezed her backside making her murr a little. She nodded
“yes… but I don’t believe her.” she said as if reassuring him. He sighed pushing her away holding her at arms length. His eyes turned soft as they looked deep into each others souls
“I’m sorry Kari for having to hurt you like this but she’s right.” He said softly
“B…b…but…” she stammered
“We could not love each other the way the gods intended” he said softly “you are not my type. I’m not yours. You may think you like jocks but you don’t want such a dominating boyfriend as I don’t like a overly submissive girlfriend.” He could see the tears form in her eyes as he pulled her close letting her sob into his chest. “I want you to be happy… that’s not something I could give you.” He gently rubbed her back and head as she cried into his chest “please understand.”
“I…I under stand.” she sobbed pulling away from him. “Can we still be friends?” she asked sobbing
“I will always be your friend.” Kais said boldly “I will watch over you like you watch over me. And I still expect a kiss before football games.” He said half laughing. She giggled as with a final squeeze of her ass he let her go she meeped as he swatted her diapered ass playfully, Kari giggling like mad “get up there and enjoy the game.” He watched her rush round the corner his mind racing wondering if he had done the right thing as he walked into the changing rooms. Like every other game he undressed completely as he began prepping his gear for the match. One of the lions slapped his ass as he bent over extracting laughter from the other players
“Now that is one fine ass!” the lion crowed resting his hands on it once again as if he was going to try and tease his backside. Kais spun round grabbing the lion’s wrist faster than light as he slammed him into the bench
“Let’s get this straight!” Kais snarled tears flowing from his eyes “I am not and never will be your bitch Leo! Get that into your empty head!” he pushed the lion away silence filling the room as he changed “that goes for all of you!” not wanting to raise his anger any higher the quarterback, a timber wolf tried to change the subject
“so I hear you had a medical today.” He said as kais pulled on the padding pulling his jersey over his hands covered in fingerless gloves. As a symbol of his friendship with Lig, Keala, Kiru, Bun and Kari he folded up a bandana tying round his head just above his eye brows. Each had put textile dye on their left hand and pressed it to the bandana a print of their paws each in a different colour. Kais turned to him
“Here’s a tip.” He said grinning a little “If she keeps saying how cute you are. Then if she says “I want to take your temperature” And her thermometer is bigger than a normal thermometer… Run…”(a terrible adult joke). He finished getting dressed his helmet under his arm as the doors opened and in a rough formation the entire team marched onto the pitch. The roar of the crowds deafening yet thrilling. His heart beat faster and faster as he walked out into the sun. The match was about to begin. He looked for his friends. The waved at him as he gave a quick salute to them. Kari sat with them watching as she pulled keala close whispering

“So. Who ‘is’ in my league then?” she asked… keala laughed
“You haven’t noticed?”
“What do you mean?”
“Look to your left.” Keala ordered. Kari looked left. Her eyes met with Kiru’s who looked away blushing furiously.
“So… kais said I should be more dominant…” she muttered as hers and kais’s eyes met. He nodded to her as with a smile she turned and grabbed kiru by the tail “c’mon ‘ere’ lizard boy!” she demanded pulling him to her locking lips with him. down on the pitch a he smile broke on kais’s face as he watched
“I hope your good for each other” he muttered as the ball was passed to him. like magic he disappeared the second he caught the ball racing towards the goals he seamed to blink from existence as he jumped left and right dancing round the opposition

TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!!

* * *

That night a very tired fox boy retreated to his dorm room. As he opened the door he looked in trying to penetrate the darkness. He began to undress as he stood by a chest of drawers his clothes falling from his frame as he tried to look into the mirror in the darkness. A pair of warm strong arms wrapped around him as his roommate embraced him the light turned on as he smiled to himself his roommate… a snow leopard a good ½ foot taller than him beamed at him as he looked up into her eyes. Her markings a very pale pink. her eyes were as blue as his own. She was Tanya… 2 years older than him. and a complete dominant she had fallen for the cute fox when they had met last year when he was pushed into her room due to no spaces in any others. she loved the fact he had been bound, stripped, hog tied and left on her bed with an apple in his mouth as an 'initiation' to the school. when they first met she looked like she wanted to eat him as she walked around the bed looking at every aspect of his naked body before she untied him pulling him into a great hug. constantly saying how adorable he was
“Hows my wittle fox boi?” she asked playfully licking his hair
“Battered and tired.” He groaned accepting the glomp
“Awww! My wittle foxy’s ready for bed.” She chimed leading him to the bed gently pushing him to the bed. She lifted a very thick diaper from under the bed. Her favourites because he couldn’t put them on himself. Usually he struggled but he was far too exhausted to complain and she lifted his legs sliding the diaper under his ass gently bringing it between his legs her rough tongue trying to tease his privates with a attentive lick as she taped it tightly pulling him into a big hug
“Thank you Tanya…” Kais managed to utter as she laid him on the bed sliding under the sheets pulling him close to her as he closed his eyes. She fell asleep the murring fox boy already sleeping a smile on his face in her warm arms…


now if you excuse me... 'im gonna bed'
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PostSubject: Re: furr high (Kais style)   Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:21 pm

good, now everyone i will add one final chapter to this
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furr high (Kais style)
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