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 Character stuff.

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Character stuff.   Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:50 pm

Ok you can post info on your character here. Pictures bios. Character sheets. The works. I'll post up a new characater I'm toying with at the moment. You might see him in an RP soon.

Name: Dylan.
Gender: Male.
Age: Varies anywhere from 4 to 12 usually no older.
Species: Cabbit. Hyrid between a cat and a rabbit.
Description: He has a light brown color furr with white on his chest and paws. He has long rabbit like ears with tuffs of white furr at the end. He wears light blue alot. Thats his favorite color. He still has his baby blanket and his bunny plushie. "Hoppy."
BIO: Is a kind hearted person and loves to make friends. Gets bullied alot by other kids. He's not that athletic and would much rather read a book or somthing of that nature then do a sport. Likes to go on walks though. Has great hearing and night vision. He is diapered due to a birth defect. A side effect of his hybrid genes.

There ya go. My new character. Expect a pic of him to show up sometime soon. I might give him and older sibling. Not sure yet. Ideas for one are welcome.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:12 pm

Name: Bunbun
Gender: Female.
Age: 2-ish
Species: Bunny
Description: A white bunny with a pink circle around her belly plushie. Her favorite color is pink. She has a Panda Plushie named, "Pan"
BIO: Really smart so she can speak. So, the other babies/ littlechildren don't like to play with her.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:53 pm

Name: Rinonno
Gender: Female.
Age: 18
Species: Kitsune-girl with Fallen Angel blood in her ((meaning she uses darkness related abilities))
Description: A kitsune girl with a father thats of evil ancestry. she has some of his mean-ness in her so she can mean on occasion, but tries not to ((although she LOVES toying with people =P))
BIO: She can be mean at times, but has her nice side. she tries her best to hide the fact she has to wear diapers.
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Sasha Nekosune

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:24 pm

Name: kaela
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: Demon Cax. ((cat fox hybrid))
Appearance: She has White hair and emerald eyes. her fur is blue her chestfur is a lighter blue then the rest of her fur other then her inner ears. She usually wears a shirt and a long skirt when alone she wears a onsie under a pair of short-alls. also she has small horns on her head and wings on her back. further information shall come out into the open later.
BIO: eversence she was a little girl she has had abusive parents who never potty trained her. at the age of 5 sa social worker took her from her home and she has had a great life ever sence she still wears diaper and is starting to learn to change herself.
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Tue Dec 19, 2006 6:52 pm

Well I've got a new character I may be using often. Here it is.

Name: Kalio
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Winged Artic fox.
Appearance: This pic.

BIO: He's a kind hearted. He's good with a kantana. He has some blader problems so he wears diapers descreetly though. And he likes to play his flute too. His parents were an artic fox and a Fox angel. Hence his wings. and some magic use.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:50 pm

Name: Haruhara Haruko
Gender: Female
Age: 19 with infantile tendencies.
Species: Martian (looks like human, cept with certain parts of animals. Think of a society of catgirls, cept there's guys too)
Appearance: See Pic:
BIO: Haruhara Haruko is a hot-headed, rash, rude, callous (with a bit of kindness in there for the right occasion) she flirts with almost everyone, will not hesitate to do something incredibly stupid, and is a terrible liar. When she giggles, something bad is about to happen. Ask your parents about the 1978 New York Blackout, that was her. Thought is was funny as hell. She wields a midnight blue Rickenbacker bass guitar, which she uses as a weapon. She also has a yellow Vespa which has sentience, and goes at incredibly fast speeds. She does have an occasional overactive bladder.
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Jim Hawking


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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Tue Jan 02, 2007 6:34 am

Name: James Jim Hawking (Jamie for short)
Gender: Male.
Age: Usually 11
Species: Dog Anthro
Description: Here's a picture of him, now just imagine him with light brown dog ears and a light brown tail, like the tail of a Golden Retriever.

BIO: Despite his youth, Jim is very level-headed, practical, and skilled. He has excellent mechanical expertise and sense of where all the money is going. He loves to be on the front lines in a fight, and can turn anything into a weapon, even other creatures.

Most of Jim's family background is unknown, though it is known that he is the son of a famous hacker called the "Computer Wizard". Because he's only 11, people write him off as naive, though he's actually smarter than most adults. He's in many senses, a genius
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:03 am

Name : Ryan T. Rabbit (the T. changes meanings depending on his modd's an unstable middle initial)
Gender: Male (hard to guess, huh?)
Age: Never below 15, usually never above 19
Species: Rabbit anthro
Description: Ryan is about 5' 7" and weighs about 125 pounds, he has stark white fur except for patches of orange in the following places: (these are only the laces you will see when he is wearing at LEAST underwear.... XD)
His right ear and Right front paw
His left footpaw, the pads beign white instead of pink
On the inside of his upper left leg (just a few inches in a spiral patter around said leg)
some patches on his chest
and his tail is half orange and half white, in varying patterns
His personality can change from being a calm and rational teenager to acting like a spoiled cub, and he has other babyish tendencies... like carrying around a blanket around the house, or sleeping with stuffed animals... or his slight oral fixation.
He is subject to mood swings and gets along with different types of people at different times....

(separate addition to bio...for any fantasy Rp's I do)
At a young age Ryan started experimenting with the principals of magic, developing his cancellor theory while working on basic weapon skills in the meantime by beating on trees, not that they deserved it of course...they were just abundant and not easily destroyed. Since training himself he is now able to apply his magic cancelling theory against opponents, creating a small anti magic area, surrounded by an inescapable physical barrier, where magic does not work, in any way shape or form... this also severely limit's Ryan's abilities as a fighter, and it drains him heavily, so he doesn't use his anti magic abilities very often. He knows the basics of many varieties of magic ( he needed to understand them to make his barrier) but excels in music related spells, using an instrument as a medium, sometimes singing an accompaniment. His weapon of choice for non magical combat is the bow, along with a quiver of arrows

His anti-magic area takes al ot of his energy, leaving him frail and mostly useless for combat
Can do many varieties of magic, but isn't good at any that can actually hurt people
Doesn't own or wear any armor, and is easily injured
Can be distracted in battle
Has great bow accuracy, but his power isnt as good as it could be.
Carries teh following instruments in his pack: Guitar, flute, and a harmonica
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Mar 29, 2007 12:37 am

Name: Link Darkwinds

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Species: Kitten Neko Hybrid

Desc: Short for his age, only 3ft. 9in. weighs 67 pounds.

Bio: Hes a runaway because his parents never treated him kindly. He lives out on the streets, often getting beat by the local gangs. His cloths were filthy and torn. Scars and bruises run all down his body. If you look into his eyes you could see fear and pain. He always used to fight back against his attackers until he gave up because he could never fight them off. His spirit has been broken... He has no family, no friends, no home...

(( Picture coming soon! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:44 pm

Name: Arixamirosila aka Arix
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Species: Silver dragon

Description: Arix is a wyrmling dragon with some experience in life. He stands about 3 feet tall and weighs about 120 pounds. He has no hair, but has a large mohawk like frill that runs from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He wears black clothes because his personality enjoys dark, medieval things. He does enjoy wearing diapers, even though about this time, he would have gained control over his bodily functions...

What many do not know is that his particular family was gifted with psionic power. That means he has all areas of telekenisis and telepathy open and at his command.

Bio: Arix loves anything that is goth and or punk, yet he is kind hearted and enjoys playing games with other people. He will come to the aid of anyone in trouble and always lends a helping hand to those in need of support.

He may only be three, but he has learned much from his parents about the world and about how to use his powers.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:07 am

name: (the emeritus) whittford terciel ko-yami foxx
gender: male
age: permanently thirteen
species: white fennec-kyuubi
weapon: a six foot katana named tenchu. it shapeshifts in a pinch. but is possessed by a hateful spirit. it talks to ko-yami by rattling in it's sheathe.

appearance: five foot six. eighty-five pounds. has long silver hair and wears a white kevlar trenchcoat

bio: ko-yami died at age thirteen and through a series of unfortunate events ended up as an archangel, before falling from favor and becoming a demon.

after several hundered years he managed to turn things to his advantage and freed an old friend (kyrie) from the depths of hell. she fled from him in fear of his power. during this time ko-yami lost all but one of his wings in a battle.

a year later he met another old friend (beth), neither recognized the other at first, but afterward beth came to adopt him.

seven years afterward she was killed in a horrid accident.

he lost control of himself for a while and when he awoke he kidnapped a child and raised her as his own. (ember)

she left him after reaching her thirteenth birthday.

ko-yami became despondent and vengeful, he swore to kill any demon who crossed his path.

so far he has kept that oath, and is looking for a way to bring beth back from the dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Wed Jul 18, 2007 12:52 am

Name: Xenon (The Redeemer)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Twilight Fox
Weapon: A corrupted binary blade named "Redemption"

Appearance: Six-Feet. Ninety-Six pounds. Dark blue fur but with a softer shade of dark blue for the belly fur. Traditionally wears a black hooded robe.

Bio: Xenon was born from the shadows of the Twilight Zone without parents and any love or care from any being around him which forced him to fend for himself throughout his life.

At age 7, Xenon joined the Order of the Twilight Knights and quickly gained status as Xenon, The Redeemer. Through a major event Xenon became the leader of the Order at age 21 and from that point has gone "lone wolf" to search for new members for the Order.

(There are many other details that are not listed here. For more information on the Order and the major event that happened please refer to the story "An Order Restored" on FTT. Picture of character will be put up shortly)

Caretaker: Xenon generally becomes a caretaker when he can to look for younger potential members for the Order but Xenon only spectates instead of actually taking any action when it comes to this. Even though Xenon grew up without love or care, he has a trait of loving and caring for others...but for his own reasons.


Name: Xenon (Cub Version)
Gender: Male
Age: 2 1/2
Species: Twilight Fox
Weapon: None

Appearance: Light blue fur (Refer to avatar picture for more detail)

Bio: Does not have a definite bio but does have reference to the older version of Xenon.
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Cuddy Fox


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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:53 am

name: Knuffy
species: timber wolf
age: 4
gender: male
info: peace loving, quiet fur which look after his 3 friends which is listed below

name: Cuddy
species: fox
age: 4
gender: male
info: unable to hear, he take advantage of having his heart to tell him what to do.

name: Nester
species: squirrel
age: 5
gender: male
info: inlove of Thewery

name: Thewery
species: cayote
age: 5
gender: female
info: inlove of Nester.

name: Debbie
species: wolf
age: 28
gender: female
info: caretaker of the cubs, mother of Knuffy and Cuddy
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:26 am

Name: Alexander P. Etynge, goes by Alex
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Galapagos Shark
Weapon: Volcanic Sand, he uses it to make a range of weapons including explosives with the mouth on his right hand. He also has another deadly trait, from using so many explosives his blood has become saturated with them. This means his blood is as flammable as gasoline, and if his heart is somehow pierced his whole body will detonate with the force of a hydrogen bomb.
He also has certain traits of his species~
Insensitivity to pain: Alex lacks thin sensory nerves called nociceptors that respond only to stimuli severe enough to cause tissue damage. Although the pain from injuries will not hinder him in battle, Alex, may not realize how sever his wounds really are and may end up causing more damage to himself.
Eyesight: He has very sharp eyesight and can see incredibly well in low-level light conditions.
Extra Senses: Alex has small pores (ampullae of Lorenzini) on the under side of his chin and along the bottom edges of his cheeks. These pores are very sensitive to electric fields produced by heartbeats so he can perceive opponents even if they cannot see them. Alex also has a thin line of pores running down the back of his arms and legs. These lines of pores, called lateral lines, detect movements. This sense is useless for detecting opponents (unless in water)
Smell: He has an amazing sense of smell that can detect faint traces of any bodily fluid from miles away, especially if there is wind to carry the scent. (his sense of smell is average for any other type of scent.) The smell of blood excites Alex and he's instinctively drawn to it.
Cold Blooded: Since Alex is cold blooded he requires less energy to survive than warm-blooded people do. He doesn't need to burn energy to maintain a constant body temperature, which allows him to survive long periods without eating food. Often, he has a big meal once every other week instead of having three each day. The one disadvantage to being cold blooded is that he is sluggish in cold weather. (Muscle activity depends on chemical reactions that function quickly when hot but slowly when cold.)
Teeth: Alex has triangular teeth with serrated edges. The teeth are set in his gums instead of his jaws so when opening his mouth the teeth tilt forward, allowing him to bite larger chunks. The teeth tilt backwards when he closes his mouth, giving him a firm grasp. Alex doesn't have trouble taking large bites out of raw meat when prepared food is not available and is actually a carnivore. He prefers to eat fish, squid, crabs, seals, whales, porpoises but will settle for anything with a lot of fat or blubber.
Skin: Alex's skin is covered by tiny tooth-like structures called derma denticles (skin teeth). The base of each denticle is anchored in his skin and then the raised portion (the pointed end) points down to his feet. This makes his skin very tough; it could even dull a knife blade. It feels silky smooth if stroked from head to feet but coarse if stroked from feet to head. The denticles are continually replaced so shallow wounds heal quickly.
Gills: Alex has 2 sets of gills on his neck and 3 sets on his chest. This allows him to breath underwater.
Desc: This-

On the back of his yellow arm band is an image of the japanese kanji for danger written in red, indicating which hand has a mouth on it. The mouth itself can speak some short & simple words, such as telling him the quality of explosives he's using based on the taste. He enjoys playing pranks on people, but usualy they don't hurt anyone. He is lazy, but will tell people how to do something the way he does it. His hair covers his right eye, but he's not emo. He's usualy easygoing and carefree, but sometimes he'll do strange, slightly humerous, things such as lining silverwear against the wall, painting random objects neon colors, etc... This occurs more frequently after he's fainted from becoming enraged.
Bio: Alex was adopted when he was a baby by an extremely wealthy family, so he doesn't know who his parents are. His addoptive family pays little atention to him, but he's in no way abused. One thing his family overlooks is the fact that he's a musical genius, he is able to play any song by listening to it just once. He is considered strange by some because of his strong love of art and music. He is a DL but is incontinent from wearing them all the time, he doesn't mind though, and is actually very open about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:03 pm

Lets see, here we go:

Name: Neptune
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Anthro orca
Description: He's a midnight blue anthro orca, he also has a bright underbelly like all orcas.
BIO: He doesn't have to wear diapers, but he likes to, unfortunately he doesn't get to that often.
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Kin, the adorable fox


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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:42 pm

here's mine:

Name: Kin
Gender: Male (debating at the moment...>_<)

Age: officially 4, but sometimes 12. Might be others.

Species: Fox (Golden fox, but his actual category is a red fox.)

Description: He has golden fur, with black tipped ears and black feet, and is rather shy. He only talks a lot to his close friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Jan 31, 2008 8:47 pm

Species:Painted Dog(African Wild Dog)
Appearance:yellow and browness fur and white tip at the tail, wear orange or purple, diaper, sometime wear shorts, and rompers.
Info:He is very curious, and like to explore, friendly to others, like to to be with teenagegirls. His favorite food is yams, (sweet potatoes). Enjoy flushing things down the toilet. He hate wearing pink, getting smack in the rear, bad people, being alone and being in bed early.

Appearance:Has grey and white fur. Wear red shirt and blue jeans.
Info:Kijibwa caretaker, find him annoying sometime. Like to entertain kids.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:55 am

Name: Kayne Aldrak
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Husky/Wolf (/?)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Bio: Kayne was born 18 years ago by his Husky/wolf mother. His father, however, is unknown to him, and would stay unknown to him after his mother was burned alive in a house fire while kayne was at school 5 years after the initial birth. Kayne was devestated from the incident and was forced into a foster home. Three years later he was adopted by a mostly loving family. There he learned how to fight from on of his uncles using a pair of wrist blades hs got for his 12th birthday. By this age he also began to devolope an uncanny ability to manipulate the forces of lightning slightly. He then left them at 18 and began to live on his own.

Physical apperance: Kayne's has the fur pattern of a black and white Siberian Husky, with the addition of his red tribal tatoos embedded in his fur. He has a long, black, wolf like tail with a red tip. He has medium length, jet black hair, with red-dyed bangs that hang over his piercing red eyes. He wears a pair of red tinted glasses that hang low on his muzzle, and sets of earrings in both ears. Around his neck is a red collar with the word "Kayne" engraved in it. His normal adronment includes a black leather top with a deep red chest plate, covered by a black trench coat, as well as a pair of baggy black pants. On his wrists he wears a pair of retractable arm blades in which he is VERY proficient in.

Personality description: Kayne's normally a very friendly and compationate guy. He's much like a young husky, as he's usually very playful and affectionate. His sense of humor mainly hovers around inuendos, and somewhat sadistic comedy. When he gets angry, which is usually hard to do, he can be relentless, especially if one of his friends, or worse yet, family is hurt. When angerd enough, he become somthing... not his self...

Ailities: kayne wields his wrist blades with great proficiency, and is very agile. He can also maipulate electricity slightly, but can only do such menial things as chanel it and throw a bolt or to. propelling the energy, however, takes ALOT out of him.

Dark Kayne (only really used in battle role playing)

Species: Demonwolf
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 450 lbs
Physical description: Kayne's dark form is somthing rarely seen, and normally, if you see it you won't be living for very much longer, let alone seeing. He's huge, with a black fur pattern and deep, sinister, red tribal tattos over his body. His head is of a demonic nature; horns petruding from his head and spines from the top of his muzzle. he has deep glowing red eyes which seem to burn with a hatred for all that lives. He grows razor sharp crimson claws on his hands.

Personality description: There's not much to say except that he's very much unhappy. If you get in hsi way, he'll likely kill you

Abilities: Kane's dark form has immense strength and reflexes, as well as the ability to manipulate lightning to a much more devestating degree. He also wields his wrist blades with more ferocity then his previous form.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Tue May 13, 2008 3:15 pm

Name: Raye Crescent A.K.A Jolt

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Wolfcoon (Wolf + Raccoon)

Ability Able to control electricity (or lightning)

Appearance: Small but intelligent and fast. Hes a bit skinny for one his age but that doesn’t make him weak. He mostly wears all black. Black trip pants and a black silk vest. He has one blue eye and the other is green. He has the fur of a raccoon but the build of a wolf. (( I can’t figure out a way to draw him, I have artists block right now… TT^TT If anyone draws him I’ll be so grateful! <3 ))

Bio: He grew up in a orphanage and he hated it. Raye was always picked on for his “gift”. After he left the orphanage at the age or 18, he got a decent job and a apartment. For once, he was happy. Whenever he wasn’t at work, or had nothing to do, he trains his powers to learn how to control them and make them stronger. Eventually, he was discovered by some of his friends he works with, thus, them gave him the nickname Jolt. Raye rather liked the name, for he thought it suited him rather well. Unfortunately, word of Raye’s powers spread fast, and caught the attention of a major corporation that wants to use Raye’s powers for theirselves…

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Tue May 13, 2008 4:35 pm

Name: Arix
Species: Anthro Iguana
Gender: Male
Clothes: Jeans and a black T shirt
Bio: He's a kind iguana who has a bit of a caretaker side, but also loves to wear diapers.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:07 pm

Name: Jawshy

Age: 2 - 15

Species: Gray fox

Gender: Male

Clothes: A light blue T-shirt with an image of a basketball on it, socks that are slightly too large for him Razz, a simple white diaper; usually with basketball designs on the landing strip, if he's wearing shoes; simple blue sneakers, and a black collar with a heart-shaped tag on it. Smile He often wears sleepers or a onsie as well, often blue or pink. Along with the occasional girly dress getup. Razz In his older form he usually wears a plain pair of jean-shorts. But both forms will often go in nothing but a diaper a lot of the time. :3

Bio: On the surface Jawshy is quiet and reserved. He spends most of his time alone playing, or clinging to his parents or siblings. He's extremely curious around strangers but also unbelievably shy so he tends to get quite nervous when he's meeting someone new and will often hide behind his mother, or the nearest object of a size sufficient to hide behind. But once the ice is broken he's very clingy and attentive to those he holds in favor. While often well behaved he can sometimes be a handful. He hates to be told 'no' and can throw quite a tantrum when he feels like it. In addition he isn't always keen on getting his diaper changed. But aside from certain cases he's generally very well behaved, friendly, affectionate, and playful.
In his older form he is still quiet and reserved. He acts a rather bit more mature than most kids his age and prefers to be alone or hanging out with someone older. He enjoys music and plays the piano, as well as playing sports such as; basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball. While he is quiet he absolutely adores any opportunity he can get his paws on to show off his talents. Usually to an older crowd to gain some respect. He also tends to be a bit of a flirt at times.
Despite most of his friends being older than him he enjoys looking after his younger siblings and caring for them. He's very affectionate and isn't afraid to change a few diapers.

And I guess that's it.. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:23 pm

name: Wraith H. Fireorca
species: fireorca. desert subspecies
age: 17
abilities: power to create and control fire with his mind, able to turn into babyfur, ability to turn into a kind of "living" orca plushie
skin: charcoal black w/ creamy white underbelly. has fire

clothes:light green shirt. black pants. aquatic diaper that sits cockeyed on his hips. sometimes a baseball cap. bright red collar with purple sheepskin lining and electric blue stitching. black clasps and silver dolphin-shaped tag.
----scifi version: has on a full body ARPA armour/hydration suit (ARPA stands for Amphibious Reactive Powered Armour, and it gives him the strength to lift cars, bust down walls etc) the armour is silvery-blue with red lining

bio: wraith has two modes, quiet and reserved or outgoing and attention-getting. hes an accomplished shapeshifter and very protective of babyfurs, acting as a big brother to all of them.

avarix "hunter" hellraptor
blue eyes
charcoal black skin with electric blue stripes or other color variation
clothes: purple t-shirt, white diaper and same collar as wraith.

bio: avarix is the quiet one, and usually somewhat shy but he is deep down the kindest raptor pretty much on the face of the earth
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Fri May 29, 2009 11:30 pm

name: Maximilian Rose-thorn (Maxy)
species: raccoon
age: 3 1/2 to 22 (depending on situation)
appearance: Long red hair with gray and black raccoon markings on body. Green eyes. Pigeon toed left foot.
clothes: black Sith robes or just general black clothing the younger he is.
powers: wind control
personality: Quiet and unemotional on the surface. But a raging fire storm just below the emotional mask. Slight tendency to suck his thumb regardless of age.

Name: Roxana Rose-thorn
Age: 35
Species: Raccoon
Appearance: Simple light blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.
Bio: A kind but firm women. She doesn't take any guff from anyone especially her son Maxy. She'd do anything for him but all little cubs need discipline from time to time.
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species: Tiberian fiend
age: 2-17
appearance: burnt black skin with a red tone,shiny white horns curling down from behind his ears, crystal blue eyes, and green tiberian crystals growing out his back
clothes: a cheap armor that looks like it was made in someones garage, with the branching tiberian crystal insignia on the side
powers: spits tiberian crystals, extremely fast, heals (excuse the pun) like a dog.
personality: always appears like hes analyzing your every move. is quite, but can be OVERWHELMINGLY friendly once he's determined your a friend.

bio: sarkar has had a hard life. orphaned as a pup when his pack was killed, he has had to provide for himself his entire life. was briefly detained by nod and injected with a serum that made him anthro. he then used his newfound intelligence and hands to escape the facility. he now makes his living as a mercenary, but often feels the bitter sting of lonelyness. LOVES diapers
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Well, let's join in then, shall we?

Name: Nido Thunderpaw III
Species: Arctic Folf
Age: 4, but mentally 12
Appearance: Yellow eyes, dim white body and a fluffly tail
Clothes: Depends on the situation, but always diaperes
Personality: Shy, but friendly and dependable. That is, to furrs of his age. Adults need to put more effort to get to Nido's beating heart
BIO: Originally hauling from Earth, Nido was transfurrized to the furr world by Relibria Inc. at the physical age of 3. However, a bad adult female furr (one he's trying to forget) took him with her for adoption. His life went only downwards from then, until the - very recent - night he escaped, wearing only his nighttime diaper and the harness the bad adult used to make him wear...

(Note: I included the BIO in here as well, thought it would be useful Wink
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Character stuff.
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