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 Character stuff.

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:22 am

Name: Chimour.
Gender: Male.
Age: Varies from 1 - 16 years old
Species: Vampire Bat
Description: Chimour is a mostly black furred vampire bat fur with a few specks of white thrown into his coat, and also has red eyes, black hair, and always wears all black attire comboed with his black eyeliner.
BIO: One dark and stormy night in a house far off in the woods Chimour at the age of four lost his parents at the hands of human hunters. Chimour hadn't finished potty training by this time since his mother had been so slack with him, and so with no one else to help train him Chimour was completely diaper dependant. Also because he didn't have any other ways to survive Chimour resorted to thieving and fighting for his right to live. Chimour also needed a place of refuge since the house his parents raised him in was demolished via dynamite thanks to the hunters who slaughtered his parents, and so after days and nights spent flying over the city scouting for a home Chimour finally found it, an abandoned clocktower where he slept when he wasn't out thieving. Chimour eventually after many years became a thing of urban legend and was branded with the name "Phantom Thief" since no one had managed to catch him, and if they ever got close he would just disapear into the night just like a phantom.

(Please note that most of this info is outdated significantly, like the Chimour in all of my stories on this site, and on FurAffinity is ALL black, and I also changed up the storyline a good bit since then. Also I never specifically say at any point in any of my stories Chimour actually wore black eyeliner, so just disregard this, and his bio as a whole).

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:20 pm

Here's Zee-Zee's seldom-seen big cousin ^.^

Name: Sammy Eichhorn
Gender: Male.
Age: 4
Species: Squirrel
Description: Small and cute, like his cousin, but a bit taller and slimmer, with longer, scruffy headfur, and no glasses. Generally wears a cute T-shirt and baggy shorts hiding either pull-ups or a diaper, depending what he's wearing at the moment.
BIO: Sammy's a lot more shy and nervous than Zee-Zee - he gets scared around people he doesn't know, especially grown-ups, but he also worries that cubs are going to be mean to him. When he gets to know someone, he's a lot of fun, and he's still as active and excitable as any squirrel, and loves to run around and climb trees. He also loves to read picture-books and invent stories.
He's got a weak bladder and struggles to get to the potty in time, although he tries. The other cubs at his preschool tease him about his accidents, so he's very self-conscious about needing pull-ups or even diapers (he switches from one to the other, depending what kind of mood he's in).
But he's a good friend and playmate and a very nice little cub - I need to write and draw him more! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:53 pm

I haven't been on in a while, so I thought I'd post the bio for my main fursonia, Dylan.

Name: Dylan Wuff
Gender: Male (sissy at times).
Age: Varies from 2-17 depending on the roleplay.
Species: Wolf.
Description: A dark green wolf with lighter green, scruffy hair between his ears. He has light green on the insides of his ears, muzzle, tummy, and the underside of his tail as well, and has a fairly lanky build (especially as a teenager). His outfit varies depending on his age, though usually consists of a shirt with his name written in the center and just his diaper. As a kid, when out-and-about, he normally wears blue jean shorts, and as a teenager he wears brown pants. He is also occasionally seen in sissy attire (a dress/pink diaper/other pink clothes) in the right settings.
BIO: As a toddler, generally very cute and cuddly, but also shy around new people, but once he warms up he can be fun and playful. As a teenager/kid he doesn't change too much, besides becoming wiser and slightly more outgoing around others.
Dylan wears diapers 24/7 almost completely due to the fact he likes them and did not want to be trained. He loves his diapies, except when bullies find out and tease him for it.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:46 pm

Full Name: September Artemis Shorai
Most often called Ember

Other aliases: Stytch, That hussy! (by one of the other chevalier), Orpheus

Gender: Female
Age: Indeterminate. speculated to be in her late teens.
Species: Silver fox
Description: silver-white fur and shoulder length black hair shot through with silver. Her ears are Long and pointy. She prefers long coats, sunglasses and light, flashy armor. Her left arm is a metal prosthetic.

Has a thing for big swords as well...

Wears diapers by choice, and partly because she gets distracted easily.
On occasion she wears a pair of thickly padded panties

She is an adept timetraveler as well.

Favorite color: black

BIO: Born as the only daughter of Artemis Daimyo, and Hinata Shorai. Ko-yami kidnapped her because she asked him to, by timetraveling backward to meet him before she was even born.

after thirtten years she split up from him and the group of 'chevalier' who traveled with him.

little did anyone know... she was still in contact and was deeply enamoured with him.

Her left arm was devoured by tenchu early on, when she grabbed it to defend Ko-Yami. She doesn't seem to mind, and on a weekly basis performs a missing arm gag just to get a couple of giggles.

like the rest of the group who travel with Ko, she has blood oathed herself to him by choice, and both of them have gained from that choice.

(this is her human form, i have yet to draw up a fur one.)

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:50 am

My char will sound completely random compared to a lot of the bios posted thusfar

Name: Matashi Oha, aka Matt
Age: Looks to be around 23 but is really nearly 11,000 years old
Species: Celestial Red Fox
Description: Flame red fur, gold eyes, a lot of scars all over his/her/? body, jet black headfur kept in a braid that reaches his knees, wears a kimono and padding, though not for personal choice. He carries a katana named 'Tyranny's Bane' and wears a single gauntlet on his left paw. He is a warrior but very paternal.

Bio: His story goes back centuries. I'll give you the highlights. He was cursed by his magic instructor at a young age for being childish and thus was forced to be padded forever, though the curse caused many mental problems later on, mostly being flashbacks and mirages in his vision. Later in life he met a beautiful arctic vixen named Rebecca and they wed, living together for centuries before she was cut down in battle against an alien invader he never was able to find. After the loss of his wife he drove into a deep depression, studying for long hours tirelessly to cope with the loss. He thus became a great mage, a keeper of ancient texts and lore. He traveled the world, telling stories and doing great things. He adopted a daughter along the way, a foxgirl named Eve. She's just a young child but he clings to her desperately, his substitute for the lost Rebecca. He now teaches and raises Eve, though will, if asked, tell a tale of his past.

Sidenote: he can change gender at will but rarely does so. He also has a pair of large feathered wings, one white and one black on his back, his sign of celestial blood.
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Torterenek Waker

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:10 am

Name: Flare
Age: eternally 2 (he placed ths enchantment on himself.)
Gender: male
Species: golden dragon
discription: seen wearing nothing but a diaper with baby disney characters on the picture tape. he is a normal looking dragon baby, except for his diaper. has the intelligence of a full adult, can talk like a 10-year-old. has the pitch of a 5 year old. can fly like a pro.
Bio: Flare was abandoned at the age of 1. his parents were taken away by hunters. he wondered the earth, looking for his purpose in life. he found his place with these frinds of his. his life before two was hell. death and carnage, he witnessed threefold. he had to run from certain death. his horrors were later abolished. all defeated by his, and his friends', hands.hewitnessed many troubles i the world by his wandering. a rather grim price he had to pay.
weapons and armor: his claws, magic, a powerful sword and shield, and his strong, powerful gold scales (inherited from his parents).
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Torterenek Waker

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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:57 am

Name: Torterenek Waker
Age: 2-20+ mostly
Gender: Male
Species: White Dragon
Description: wears a blue t-shirt and, more often than not, a disposable diaper with planets and stars and moons. he is all white scaled, except for on his belly and underside, where he is a light tint of yellow. has two horns pointing back on his head like a demon, two ear flaps, and spines going from the top of his head to the end of his tail where the tip thereof is like a devil's.
Bio: Torterenek lived a long and difficult life up to the age of 18. he reached his 20th birthday when he realized his full potential and power. he can change age at will, create creatures and worlds after they come out on paper, which becomes living creatures and everything. his one and only world is called Furtopeda. he decided that the universe didn't need any more worlds from him, so he stuck with just Furtopeda.
Weapons of Choice: Typical dragon weapons and powers, swords, guns, and archery equipment.
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PostSubject: Re: Character stuff.   

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Character stuff.
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