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 Care Bears: New Friends and Old enemies.

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PostSubject: Care Bears: New Friends and Old enemies.   Fri Dec 01, 2006 11:00 pm

OK guys here's my CareBears story. Now I realize it's not that much right now but it'll get better as we go along. I'm going to be introing more characters as we go along. Anyway I hope you enjoy this first installment.

Care Bears: New Friends and Old enemies.

“Hey wait up Champ!” Kindness cub called out as he raced his older friend down the path. Kindness loved to hang around with the other care bears but often got out paced when he was with Champ. Kindness cub was about four and a half. He was baby blue and wore a diaper just like Hugs and Tugs. He had a bottle and two diaper pin on his chest.

“What’s keeping ya?” Champ called back seeing Kindness catching up with him. When Kindness did he stopped and caught his breath.

“Sorry Champ. I’m still kinda tired.” Kindness said sitting down on a nearby bench panting.

“You didn’t get much sleep again last night did you?” Champ asked him sitting down next to the cub.

“No not really.” Kindness said leaning back on the bench. “I keep having dat dream.”

“I thought Bedtime helped ya with that.” Champ said looking a bit confused.

“He did but it didn’t work.” Kindness said pouting a bit and looking a sad overall. Champ not being one to see a friend sad wrapped an arm around the cub.

“Hey don’t worry. It’ll stop soon buddy.” He said reassuringly. “How about this. I need to train a bit harder to compete with Brave Hear so you can ride on my shoulders. That way you don’t have to get tired out more and I get extra training.” Kindness smiled at Champ. Champ was always a good sport. Good with compromises.

“Sure.” Kindness said smiling to his friend. Champ then got up and placed Kindness on his shoulders.

“Come on lets get going now.” He said as they jogged off down the road again. They were jogging down the road idly chatting about strategies Champ might use to win. After a while though Kindness got kind of quite.

“Hey what’s up Kindness?” Champ asked as he kept up his jog.

“Well um…..” Kindness said trailing off kind of embarrassed. Champ took a few second and realized that there was something sort of squishy on his back. Then he realized what had happened.

“Need a change huh?” Champ asked. Kindness nodded.

“Yeah.” He said meekly.

“No problem buddy. I may not be a good changer but we’re pretty close to a rest stop. Bright heart put a system in there that can change diapers. So no worries.” He said smiling. Kindness let out a sigh of relief. Not long after that the rest area came into view. They stopped by it. “Ok lets get you changed.” He said and walked in. He laid Kindness down on a table and pressed a button. Then a star with two arms came out of the ceiling and started to change him. It did an expert job of it too. It cleaned him up, powered him, and tied the diaper just right before applying some plastic pants with a star pattern on them.

“Wow it did a good job. Dese are really comfy.” Kindness said grinning. He looked up to see Champ coming out of a stall.

“I had to use the rest area too.” He said smiling. Well after there rest stop the two decided to keep to a walk for the rest of the way. The sun was beginning to set so Champ was heading them back home. He saw Kindness yawning a little so he scooped the cub up in his arms and carried him the rest of the way. Eventually they got back to Bedtime’s house. Champ walked in. Bedtime came in and greeted him.

“Looks like he’s tired. Did you two have fun?” Bedtime asked taking Kindness in his arms.

“Yep we had fun. We talked about sports and ways I might beat brave heart.” Champ said smiling. He had fun with the cub today. He gently roughed

“Yeah it was gweat.” Kindness said only half awake.

“Well I better get going. I wanna get home before it gets too dark out.” Champ said and waved at he left for his own place. Bedtime smiled and carried Kindness upstairs. He tucked him into his crib with his panda plushie and a pacifier.

“Sweet dreams.” He said smiling as he turned out the light and turned on the night light. With in seconds Kindness was fast asleep. Bedtime turned on the monitor and then walked to his room to get some sleep himself. Kindness slept soundly for a few hours. But eventually slipped into a nightmare. The same one he’d been having for about a week now. He was all alone in some dark place. Then all of the sudden he could see two red eyes staring at him. Then it started to chase him. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. Then he would feel a cold hand wrapped around one of his legs that would then start to pull him towards the red eyes. He finally shot up in his crib and started crying as he held his plushie close. Bedtime heard him over the monitor and was in the room in seconds.

“Awwww. What’s wrong?” He asked picking Kindness up out of his crib and holding the crying cub. Kindness clung to him and buried his face in Bedtime’s chest.

“It was the dweam again.” Kindness said through his tears.

“Awwww. It’s ok. It’s all over now. You’re safe and sound.” Bedtime said cuddling him. Kindness snuggled into him whimpering. Bedtime decided to let him stay with him the night. He could keep anymore bad dreams away. So he carried the lil guy back to his room. Kindness was starting to feel a lil better as he snuggled up to Bedtime. Bedtime just held the little cub close and told him he was safe and that he’d keep the bad dreams away. After a little while kindness finally nodded back off to sleep.

Well thre ya go. Tell me what ya think of it.


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Care Bears: New Friends and Old enemies.
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