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PostSubject: traction   Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:47 pm

this is a teaser chapter of a side project i'm working on. although it is part of evanessence canon, the emeritus has an almost microscopic part in it.

the main character does indeed wear diapers, for reasons as of yet unrevealed.

how ever, this is as far as i've written. enjoy.

A Side Story Of Evanessence.

"Have you ever seen a thunderstorm? I don't mean one of those all-sound-no-show deals you see in the city.
I'm talking about an ocean thunderstorm.
Lighting striking down into the water, throwing up a wash of spray that makes every tongue of energy seem bigger. Lightning arcing back up into the clouds in answer.
And the thunder, from so far away, sounds like the roar of a great beast.
I've only seen it once, but once is enough to ingrain the memory forever," I paused, taking a breath.

That will be quite enough, Mr. Eastmark. I asked for a short story, not a verbal orgasm over nature." Professor Jacobs was always like that, being a leopard, his patience was very limited anyway. That, and I think he doesn't like me. Then again, don't cats of any kind hate foxes?
I didn't argue, but took my seat. Aly, who sat next to me flashed a thumbs up and whispered, "I thought it was good, Will."
"Thanks, but I'm still getting an 'F'" I stuck my tongue out at her and she laughed. That same paw over mouth, shoulder shaking silent laugh that made her look so cute. The audible version however, was unbelievably infective and known to have fixed many a bad day.
"Care to share what's so funny?" Professor Jacobs growled, his spectacles dangerously close to the end of his spotted nose. Jacobs was well into his fifties and known to be an ass. I'd personally been on the receiving end of one of his tirades on more than one occasion… Since it was close to the end of class anyway, i decided to have some fun.
So yes, I took the bait and ran with it.
"Not at all chum, in fact I think a little humor would do you some good." I said standing up, "First, age alone does not a wise man make. Second, wipe the lipstick off your collar. We all know you can't get a date to save your life, so the only possible explanation is (OH-EM-GEE) Cross-Dressing! Thirdly, don't cop an attitude with me just because your home life isn't working out, until now I’ve done nothing to earn your enmity."
The professor went slack jawed, his right eye twitching, "I-I this is..."
"I know, unprecedented, unexpected, un-friggin-believable. Such is life." I bent forward ever-so-slightly, giving a mocking two-fingered salute and took off for the door.

Aly met me outside five minutes later. "Will! I can't believe you... how could you be so cruel?"
I paused for a second to gather my thoughts, "I consider that display to be completely fair. He's treated all of us like crap, turnabout is fair play."
she looked away, biting her lip.
"Forgive me for being so forward, but..." on a whim, i leaned forward and kissed her cheek.
She blushed a bright cherry red and then hugged me, giggling that infectious giggle.

For once, i'm glad i wear pull-ups to school, she would have known for sure if i'd worn tape-ons...
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PostSubject: Re: traction   Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:13 pm

Interesting =3.
This Will character facinates me, and the only thing I can criticise on is that fox furs are just so clitché. ^^
Clitché doesn't mean bad though, and so I hope you continue to work on this story ^^.
*Huggles you real quick*.
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PostSubject: Re: traction   Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:43 pm

I too hope to see more of this story :3

Clichè can be gooood <3 foxies are awesome
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PostSubject: Re: traction   

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