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 1 last hope.

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PostSubject: 1 last hope.   Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:09 pm

my last story was a bust so now I'm gonna do a super hero story including all your super hero creations. every1 is invited to join in. but there's a few rules O.K.
1. your character has to have its own super villain to fight. (you know your Lex Luthor to your Super Man that kind of thing.) but that doesn't mean you won't fight another villain later on in the story.
2. your character has to have a weakness. I mean come on no super hero is invincible (not even Super Man.)
3. it has to have super powers or weapons (if your character is like Bat man then weapons O.K.?)
4 and finally: we take turns writing a piece of the story. that's about it. oh yeah and the super hero has to have a place of origin: planet, lab, whatever but he/she has to come from somewhere oh yeah and it can be furry, human whatever. so I'll put my super hero and Super Villain 1st and show ya how its done:

Super Hero: Micro Man
age: 25
name: Mike Infinity.
Super Power: the ability to change sizes at command.
Species: human
Place of origin: lab.
appearance: kind of looks like Clark Kent and has a suit that can change sizes when he transforms into big or small size.
bio: being a scientist Mike Infinity did some research on humans and bugs. 1 day while experimenting Mike Infinity wanted to see what it looks like to be a bug so he tried an experiment on himself but something went horribly wrong. he mixed the chemicals for the experiment wrong and awoke to see that he now was the size of an ant. he tried to return to normal a lot of ways and 1 day he said "I just want to be normal size" and grew back to human size. he realized he could become a giant later on.
weakness: metal bars. metal bars keep him from metamorphing.

Super Villain: Mega Matter.
age: 30
Name: Thomas Kettle
Super Power: the ability to turn massive at command.
species: human.
Place of origin: lab.
appearance: Looks like Lex Luthor. he has clothes that can change.
bio: he was in the same lab when Mike Infinity was working on the experiment. Mike tried to warn him about the formula and since he was tiny he couldn't hear him. after finding Mike he blamed Mike for the incident since he made the formula. now they are mortal enemies.
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1 last hope.
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