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 Edger's Aunt Jill

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PostSubject: Edger's Aunt Jill   Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:42 pm

Well I did this story a while back and forgot to post it up here. So here we go guys a nice story. ^^

Edger’s Aunt Jill

Edger sat in the back seat of the car looking out the window as they drove. The now seven year old Crow was dressed in a pair of deep blue overalls, a black t-shirt and his usual red scarf. Beside Edger sat his diaper bag. His mom was dropping him off at his aunt for a few days. She was going to be away on a business trip that week. Edger shrugged. He didn’t mind too much. Edger thought it was going to be uneventful probably a bit boring. He didn’t know how busy his stay there was going to be. It wasn’t long before they pulled into Jill’s driver way. She walked out as Edger hopped out of the car and his mommy grabbed his two big bags.

“Hey Sis.” Jill smiled and gave Edger’s mom a hug.

“Hi Jill. Thanks again for watching Edger for me. This came up so suddenly and Dale’s already off on his trip.” Edger’s mom explained.

“Oh don’t mention it. I don’t mind watching Edger for a few days. I’ve got things all planned out.” Jill nodded taking the bags off of her sister’s hands.

“Hi Aunt Jill.” Edger smiled up to her.

“Hi there Edger. Awww don’t you look cute. Your getting to be such a big crow.” Jill said with a warm smile.

“Well I’ve got to get going. There’s a key in the bag Jill for our house in case I forget anything.” Edger’s mom told her as she gave her son a hug. “Now you be good for Aunt Jill. Mommy will be back in a few days.”

“I will Mommy.” Edger told her as they finally ended the hug and she got into the car.

“Bye Sis! Have a nice trip. Stay safe!” Jill told her sister.

“Bye Mommy! See ya in a few days! Have a nice trip!” Edger chimed in waving as his mommy pulled

“Come on Edger lets go on inside. You can make yourself at home and watch some TV while I put these away.” Jill told Edger.

“Ok Aunt Jill.” Edger nodded.

With that the two crows walked inside. Edger grabbed the remote and hopped up onto the couch as he entered the living room. Jill meanwhile walked down the hall to the bed rooms. She stopped off in the one that was going to be Edger’s for his stay. It was set up in a rather plain manner as it was usually a spare bedroom for guest. Jill sat the two bags down and opened then. One bag had mostly clothes in it and a stuffed Raven. The other bag Jill opened was as she suspected full of changing supplies. Diapers, wipes, powder and the changing pad. She was right. Her sister hadn’t mentioned anything about Edger being trained an she had probably given up from the looks of it. Jill sighed to herself. Edger was now seven years old and such a bright little crow yet he was still getting around in wet and probably messy diapers. Jill could tell from the bulge in the overalls that Edger was wearing a diaper.

Jill zipped up the diaper bag and stood up with it. She walked with it back into her bedroom and opened her closet. She then sat the diaper bag inside it and locked the closet with a small key which she placed in her pocket. Her sister may have given up on Edger ever being potty trained but she hadn’t. She’d have Edger trained by the time her sister came back to get him. She smiled thinking of the praise and such she’d get from her sister when she arrived to find her son now wearing big boy underwear and not a wet or stinky diaper. Jill was well prepared for this. She’d put a plastic sheet on the guest bed, bought a good potty chair with various attachments, underwear in Edger’s size, cotton training pants, and packages of disposable trainers as well. She had gotten not only the kind that had designs that would fade when wet but also got the kind that would also rapidly cool as well.

Edger was still watching TV as Jill walked into the living room. He was watching a special on History channel about the moon an from the looks of it he was really interested in it. He was such a smart boy. Jill was sure she’d be able to potty train Edger during their time together. After all surely Edger would want to prove how smart he was by learning how to use the potty.

“Hey Edger mac and cheese sound good for Lunch?” Jill asked him.

“Huh? Oh yeah sure Aunt Jill.” Edger nodded with a smile breaking away from his show for a moment.

“Ok then I’ll go get started on it.” Jill told him as she walked into the kitchen.

She hummed to herself as she began to make the Mac and Cheese and lay out her plan for today. After lunch she was pretty sure it wouldn’t be long before Edger made a full use of the diaper he was currently wearing. That would be when Jill would in act things. She’d talk to him while changing him about potty training. At which point she’d put him in his new cotton training pants. She’s save the disposable ones for at night. She figured that if anything was going to take a while it would be night training as she knew her brother had been a bed wetter until he was nearly 13. So she figured that Edger might be like their brother in that regard. She’d have him day time trained before long she thought as she put some Mac and Cheese on a plate for each of them and set them on the table.

“Edger! Lunch is ready!” Jill called out to him.

“Coming!” Edger said as he turned off the TV and scampered out to the kitchen with a smile at the thickness of his diaper and the crinkles it make as he moved. “Mmmm looks good.”

“Well dig in sweetie.” Jill told Edger as she sat down and started to eat hers.

Edger nodded to her and with that dug into his Mac and Cheese. He was liking his aunt pretty well. She’d let him watch TV and from the looks of it wouldn’t be making him eat anything yucky. So all in all Edger thought this would be a pleasant lil stay over. Jill meanwhile smiled a bit as they ate. Edger seemed like such a good and bright boy. He’d so far behaved very well. She thought this would be a fun walk in the park so to speak.

After Lunch Edger went back out to the living room and over to the toy chest that his aunt kept out there. He sat down with some Legos in front of the TV and played with them as he watched a cartoon now. Edger started to build a robot out of Legos. He hummed a bit as he played with the Legos wetting his diaper yet again. As he continued to build and play his his Lego creations his bowels rumbled and revved up. It wasn’t long before Edger stopped momentarily and filled the seat of his diaper with a sigh and a smile on his face. Edger always loved filling his diaper and enjoying the soft warm feeling it gave him. A moment later he went back to playing with his legos as he sat there in his full diaper. Jill meanwhile had been keeping an eye on him. She noted the pause and soon caught the scent of a full diaper. She got up and went back to her room. She got the changing pad and wipes out of the closet and laid them out in Edger’s room. She double checked the dresser to make sure it was stocked with the undies, cotton trainers, and disposable trainers she had gotten. Upon conformation of this she nodded to herself, placing a pair of the cotton training briefs under foot end of the changing pad, and walked back out into the living room.

“Phew. I think someone made a mess in their pants.” Jill said after taking a sniff of the air.

“Hehe. Uh Huh.” Edger nodded with a giggle looking up to her.

“Ok silly come on and lets get you out of those diapers.” Jill told him and offered her hand.

“Okay.” Edger nodded getting up feeling his diaper sag as he took her hand and let her lead him back to what would be his bedroom for the next few days.

“Now lay down for me and relax.” Jill told Edger as she walked over to the changing pad.

“Uh Huh.” Edger giggled and scampered over and laid down on the changing pad for her and relaxed resting his hands behind his head closing his eyes.

Jill smiled seeing him lay down and then she herself knelt down. She undid the snaps of his overalls and revealed his dirty diaper. Jill shook her head a bit and then untapped the dirty diaper and began to wipe Edger up with the baby wipes humming softly to herself as she did so. Once finished she put the wipes into the dirty diaper and balled it up.

“My your getting to be such a big boy Edger. So smart.” Jill told Edger as she sat the dirty diaper aside now that it was rolled up.

“Uh Huh. Mommy says so.” Edger nodded proudly.

“I bet you could do anything you set your mind to. Read a long book, do some hard math, why I bet you could even master the potty.” Jill said as she got the cotton trainers out from under the changing pad.

“Yup I can do anything.” Edger grinned not really taking any notice of that last part just yet.

“Well I wanna help you be a big smart boy. Edger I think it’s time you finally mastered the potty.” She told him and slid the cotton trainers up his legs. As she was doing this Edger finally was jarred from his dazed state of pride and relaxation noting what she’d just said and the something not part of a normal diaper change.

“W-what?” Edger said looking down as she pulled his tail feathers through the hole in the back of the cotton trainers.

“Edger we’re going to use this time together to get you potty trained. Your such a big boy and so smart I know you can do it. We’ll surprise your mom when she comes back. She’ll come back and see you sporting a pair of big boy underwear instead of a silly old baby diaper.” Jill told him as she snapped his overalls up good.

“No diapers?” Edger said looking down at his overalls and the distinct lack of a bulge and felt the absence of the familiar thickness of a diaper as he stood up.

“That’s right no diapers. Now if you need to the potty’s in the bathroom just across the hall. You don’t need to ask to go use it. Just go use it. If you have an accident then come tell me and I’ll help clean you up. Now then you go run along and play while I do some chores.” Jill said as she rose gathering up the changing pad, wipes, and dirty diaper and walk out of the room before Edger could say anything.

Edger stood there a moment alone in the room and looked down at his overalls and gave a slight whimper and a pout. He didn’t wanna use the potty. He wanted to use his diapers. Why anyone would want to stop what they were doing just to go to a room and sit there for a minute or two to go and then clean up and come back was beyond him. It was just so much more convenient to just go in a diaper and then change it when you wanted to rather then be at the mercy of the call of nature. Edger crossed his arms. No way was he going to be potty trained. He remembered a few years back when his mommy had tried it. He’d managed to convince her to let him stay in his diapers. He’d do the same for his aunt Jill. Edger made a silent promise that he wouldn’t purposefully use the potty for his aunt Jill and would simply go when he needed too. If that meant wet pants, a puddle on the floor then that’s what he’d do.

Jill meanwhile sat down at her desk in her home office and sighed as she leaned back. She’d started the training and laid down what was what and moved on as not to provoke a reaction. She started up her word processor. She was going to keep track of her progress with this. She knew odds were there’d be an accident or two but she was certain that Edger would get the hang of things quickly. She smiled leaning back in her chair as she also looked over some potty training success stories online. She hoped to add her own to this list.

As she was doing this Edger went about searching his room. He found on the book shelf were a couple of children’s potty training books as well as some regular ones. In the closet he found his bag with his clothes and some of his toys in it. However his other bag. The one with all his diapers and related supplies were nowhere to be found in the room. Edger looked in the dresser only to find more cotton trainers like what he was wearing at the moment, pull-ups, and worst of all actual briefs. Edger groaned. He paced a bit wondering where his other bag was. He didn’t think it was just thrown away. Most likely it was somewhere in the house. Edger thought the most likely place to find it would be Jill’s room. So he stepped out into the hall way and looked around. His aunt was nowhere in sight. He scampered down the hall and into his aunt’s room. He first looked under the bed, then around the dresser, then finally went to look in the closet. He turned the knob only to find the closet locked. Edger smiled. He was certain this was where his diapers were. He’d make a point to see if he could get it open later perhaps. But for the moment he knew there wasn’t time.

So he went back to his room and sat down on the floor. He got out some of his toys and started to play. He knew before too long he’d have an accident. First of many he intended to have. He stopped playing for a moment to mentally check his cotton trainers. They already felt a little damp. Edger smiled. He tended to usually dribble between larger wettings. Which occurred about twenty minutes after he first noticed some dampness and about ten minute after his aunt checked in on him. Edger sat there as he felt a familiar urge and just did what came naturally and wet like he would if he was wearing a diaper. The cotton trainers absorbed maybe just under half the wetting before leaking. A wet spot soon began to spread in the crotch of Edger’s overalls as a puddle formed on the carpet beneath him. Edger just sat there and sighed as he felt the warmth from his “accident” It was about twenty minutes later when Jill came to check back in on him again.

“Edger what do you say we go try and use the potty now?” She asked. Edger shrugged and got up. Jill sighed seeing the large wet spot on his overalls and the puddle in the carpet. “Oh Edger. Looks like you had an accident.”

“Uh Huh.” Edger nodded looking down at his pants.

“It’s Ok Edger. But you need to tell me when you have an accident so I can clean you up.” She said not wanting to put too much into this.

“Otay.” Edger nodded. He knew he’d probably just let her find out on her own.

“That a boy. Come on we’ll get you cleaned up and then try and use the potty. Maybe you’ll make it next time.” Jill said taking Edger’s hand.

Jill then lead Edger down the hall to the bathroom. She undid Edger’s overalls and took them off completely and put them aside. She then tugged Edger’s soaked cotton trainers down and had him step out of them. Edger stood there as she used some scentless wipes to clean him up. She then told him to go sit on the potty chair while she got him a fresh pair. Edger did as asked and sat on it. Edger sighed once she left. He really didn’t like sitting here on this potty. But he knew that he’d get his diapers back before too long. After a couple more accidents and no successful trips to the potty. She’d get the idea.

“Here we are. Fresh pair of trainers. Did we make a deposit in the potty?” Jill asked as she walked back into the bathroom with a fresh pair of cotton trainers.

“I dunno.” Edger said shrugging as he rose from the potty.

“Well lets see.” Jill said and looked into it. “Nope. I guess you must have gotten it all out in the accident. That’s Ok though. Step on into the trainers.”

“Okay.” Edger nodded and stepped on into the fresh pair of cotton training pants.

“There we go. Well what do you say we keep you like this for now. That way we don’t get any more of your clothes wet.” Jill suggested knowing she’d have to put Edger’s overalls in the wash.

“Sure.” Edger nodded seemingly chipper about it.

“Alright then you go watch some TV. I’ll go clean up.” Jill told Edger.

Edger nodded and scampered off to watch some TV. Jill then went back to Edger’s room and went about cleaning up the carpet there. She hoped there wouldn’t be many more accidents or at least not ones that leaked. Edger meanwhile smiled at having had his first accident. It was his first step back to diapers. He just kicked back and watched TV though. Jill finished cleaning before long and decided to join Edger. The two sat there on the couch watching TV. Then Edger felt his bowels rumble as they often did this long after a meal. Edger just smiled as he sat there watching the TV and just let the mess fill the seat of his cotton training pants. As he was doing his he wet again as well this time though not enough to make the cotton trainers leak. The two sat there for a little bit before Jill finally started to smell something. She looked down at Edger seeing him just sitting there obliviously.

“Edger did you go poopy?” Jill asked him.

“Dunno.” Edger said and shrugged.

“Edger stand up for me.” Jill told him as she got up as well.

“Okay.” Edger nodded and rose from the couch. Jill knelt down and tugged on the back of the cotton trainers and saw the mess inside.

“Edger you did go poopy. Edger you should have said you thought you had to go or at least told me you had an accident.” Jill sighed. Two accidents within an hour of each other. This wasn’t what she was hoping for.

“I’m sowwy aunty Jill.” Edger said and sniffled looking down at his feet glumly.

“Aww I’m sorry sweetie. I know it’s hard but we just need to keep trying.” Jill told him putting a hand on his shoulder. “Now come on lets go get you out of these dirty trainers.”

Once again Jill lead Edger back to the bathroom. She took down his dirty training pants noting they were also damp as well. Jill knew already this wasn’t going too well. She wiped Edger up good and had him sit on the potty while she went to get some fresh trainers. Jill stopped at the dresser thinking. She had planned to leave the disposable pull-ups for only night time use but Edger had already soaked through a pair of cotton trainers and messed and nearly soaked another. She didn’t want any stains on her carpet or furniture. So she grabbed a pair of Pull-Ups from the bottom drawer and went back to check on Edger.

“Alright Edger lets get you dressed.” She said and held out the Pull-Ups for him.

“What are these?” Edger asked pretending not to know.

“These are big kid Pull-Ups. They’ll help keep any accidents from leaking. But your such a smart big boy we won’t have too many more. Even so it’s Ok to have some. Just remember to really try and get to the potty in time.” Jill explained as she pulled them up into place and threaded Edger’s tail feathers.

“Okay Auntie Jill.” Edger nodded with a chirp. He was quite happy to be in the pull-ups rather then the cotton training pants.

“Alright now then wanna help me with supper?” Jill asked with a smile on her face noting the time.

“Sure Aunt Jill! I’m really good at helping out with that.” Edger nodded with a grin. He saw no reason not to enjoy things unrelated to this attempt at toilet training. Besides He knew the more distracted he was the better.

“Alright then come on. We’re gonna make some chicken nuggets and mashed potatos.” Jill told him leading him into the kitchen.

Jill wanted to keep Edger’s spirits up thinking that being sad about accidents wouldn’t help his training. So the two smiled and went about making Supper. Jill had Edger put a good helping of Chicken nuggets on each of their plates while she pealed a few potatoes and the two of them went about mashing them and mixing them up in a pot with just a bit of butter added to add a bit of flavor. Edger grinned happily just a chattering away about helping his mom in the kitchen with stuff like baking and sometimes this too. Edger was having a good deal of fun. With the new Pull-Ups adding a bit of thickness to that region and all this activity thoughts of the potty training were at the moment completely out of his mind. Once the two had finished they sat down at the table to eat there supper. Edger grinned as he ate his supper and talked with his aunt. He talked about stuff he’d seen on history channel and some other TV shows. Jill smiled amazed at how smart Edger was for his age. She wondered once more why he wasn’t potty trained yet as he obviously seemed to be quite intelligent.

After Supper Jill smiled as Edger helped her clear the table. He brought over all the plates and things. She smiled warmly and thanked him as they loaded the dish washer together. Once they were done and the dish washer had been set the two went back out to the living room. They sat down on the couch and started to watch some TV. Edger sighed and snuggled up to Jill. She looked down at him warmly. Sat there head rested against her side. She could help but find the little crow adorable. She noted Edger’s cute little habit of nibbling on the end of his lil scarf. A habit most small avians had. For a moment Jill forgot how old he really was and the feats of intelligence performed during supper. He looked like nothing more but a cuddly fluffy adorable chick. Jill had forgotten he planned routine all together in the fun they had. She had planned to take Edger to the potty not long after supper. But what with the activity or peacefulness of the current moment she’d forgotten. Her mind was only called back to it as she noticed the tail end of a Pull-Ups commercial on TV.

“Oh I almost forgot. We should try to go potty now.” Jill said as she sat him down and rose from the couch.

“Okay.” Edger nodded stretching. As he did Jill noticed that the dry signs which should have been present were completely faded away.

“Looks like we may be too late again.” Jill said seeing Edger’s gone dry signs.

“Sowwy Auntie.” Edger told her once more looking down at his feet.

“It’s ok. Lets go try anyway in case there’s more.” Jill told Edger taking his hand gently.

Once more Edger entered the bathroom with his aunt. This time she pulled open the sides of the Pull-Ups and tossed them in the garbage while Edger sat on the potty again. Jill once more walked back into Edger’s room and got out a fresh Pull-Up. She was still thinking on Edger’s lack of toilet training and thus far lack of success in it. From what she could tell Edger must have gone in the trainers while they were either eating or on the couch and either way she hadn’t noticed when he did it. Which to her meant he probably hadn’t noticed either. Jill put this thought aside though as she walked back into the bathroom and had Edger step into a fresh pair of Pull-Ups. She noted that there was some pee in the potty but not much. Just dribble from what she could tell but she praised Edger for that anyway. She wanted to keep his self esteem up.

So the two went back into the living room. Jill popped in a movie for them. She wasn’t sure if Edger would think he was too big for it or not. But she though he might still like it. Disney’s Robbin Hood. Edger of course chirped happily and sat there excitedly as they watched the movie. Jill really marveled at this aspect of Edger. He was very smart and clever for his age in most things. Yet at the same time he still had some lil cub tendencies. Most cubs that were as advanced as Edger probably would have said this show was for little cubs. As the movie went on she watched as Edger giggled and laughed at the funny parts of the movie and cheered on Robin hood. She was happy Edger was enjoying the movie though. Jill was happy about that. She noticed though that as the movie wore on Edger leaned back and snuggled up to her and yawned now and again. She could tell Edger was getting tired. He’d had a long day after all of fun and of potty training.

At the end of the movie Jill picked Edger up noting that his Pull-Ups felt soggy. She once more headed to the bathroom. They once again went through the potty ritual. She took off Edger’s soggy Pull-Ups and tossed it as she had Edger sit on the potty. Edger sat on the potty groggily. He sniffled a bit . Being tired and sitting on this potty wasn’t helping him stay on task. Jill eventually came back with another pair of Pull-Ups. Edger had hoped that since it was bed time she’d put him in a diaper. She held it out to him and told him to step in. Edger pouted a bit but did as he was told and stepped into them as Jill pulled them up into place threading his tail. She then picked him back up and carried him back to his room. She pulled back the covers and laid Edger down in the bed and tucked him in.

“Sweet dreams Edger.” Jill told him with a smile and gave him a kiss on he forehead before she left turning out the light.

Edger sighed as he laid there. It didn’t feel right. The bed didn’t feel the same. Edger looked to his side sighing at the bed’s lack of bars. His bed at home sporting short ones. The room was also fairly dark and plain as well. There was no night light to give the glum any illumination. And to top it all off Edger laid there now all too aware of the absence of the bulk of his diapers. The Pull-Ups provided little bulk. Edger whimpered a bit as he laid there. He’d held up pretty good that day using his good smarts to rationalize that he’d get his diapers back before too long. He knew that even if he didn’t manage to get his aunt to quite the potty training his mommy would give him back his diapers. But right now in the dark room Edger couldn’t help but let his mind wonder. It meant a few more days without diaper. And what if his mommy listened to Jill and decided to keep up the potty training? What if she threw out all his diapers and other cub things. What if he never got to wear diapers again? All the what ifs spun through Edger’s head as he laid there. Though eventually exhaustion from all this thinking and all the activities of the day took it’s toll on him and he finally fell asleep.

Edger slept lightly that night. Tossing and turning in his sleep. When he woke up the next morning he shivered under his covers. His Pull-Ups felt soggy and Edger looked down and noticed that they’d leaked and wet the bed. Not only that but the Pull-Ups themselves felt so cold. Not at all like his diapers. Edger whimpered and sniffled as he sat there feeling cold and uncomfortable. He hadn’t slept well at all now he had woken up wet and cold. Still groggy from his unrestful sleep Edger’s emotions got the better of him for once and started to cry softly. Jill walked in just after he’d started crying. She stood there a moment and saw the wet bed.

“Awww it’s Ok Sweetie.” She said coming over to comfort her nephew.

“I-I’m all wet and…and the P-p-pull-ups awe cold.” Edger said crying into her shoulder and slowly calming.

“Shhhh it’s Ok sweetie.” She nodded and pulled back the covers to see the damage. A wet patch were Edger sat . Then she figured out why Edger was cold. “Oh I’m sorry sweetie. I put the wrong kind of Pull-Ups on you last night.”

“Huh?” Edger asked looking up at her his tears mostly gone now and him just whimpering a bit.

“I must have grabbed the cool alert ones instead. That’s why they’re cold.” Jill explained as she picked Edger up and sat him down on the floor.

“Oh…” Edger said with a sigh. He didn’t know she’d had those kind as well.

“Well at any rate at least we know they work. They’ll help you know when your having an accident to help you make it to the potty.” Jill smiled as she pulled open the sides of Edger’s Pull-Ups and sat it aside.

“That’s….inventive.” Edger said although he really that’s messed up as she got out a fresh pair of Pull-Ups that looked to be a new pair of the cool alerts.

“Uh Huh.” Jill nodded and held out the Pull-Ups to Edger and had him step on into them. “There we go all done for now. Well come on Edger. Lets go have some breakfast.”

“Okay.” Edger nodded with a sigh feeling more like his smart self as he recovered.

Edger still wasn’t feeling all that happy though at the moment. But he followed her none the less and took his seat at the table. Breakfast was ciniman oatmeal with a pop tart and some juice. Edger smiled a bit and ate his breakfast. It was pretty good. Jill smiled seeing Edger perking up. She knew yesterday was hard and today hadn’t had the best of starts but she was hopeful that with the cool alerts things would improve. Edger meanwhile as he ate was feeling that maybe he’d make some progress today. He knew he just had to keep at it. After he was done eating he felt a lot better now and more like his usual self. Well not quite but close.

“Well lets go try and use the potty now.” Jill said as she finished clearing the table.

“Okay.” Edger nodded even though he was groaning on the inside.

Jill had decided to take Edger to the toilet more often today. She was confident that with more frequent trips to the potty and the Cool Alert Pull-Ups Edger would begin to have some success. Edger of course wasn’t happy about having to sit on the potty already. But he followed Jill none the less and sat on the potty. He sat there with a sigh. He felt himself dribbling into the potty as he had yet to wet the Pull-Up. After a while Jill had Edger get up and told him to pull up his Pull-Ups. Edger sighed as he got up and did as asked. Jill smiled looking into the potty.

“Good job Edger. You managed to go pee in the potty.” Jill smiled thinking this was a first step to success.

“Thanks.” Edger said although more flatly then he’d meant to.

After that Edger went back to his room for a little while to play. He went to his closet and got out his bag from it. At least he still had the clothes and toys he brought. So he got out his plushie and toy robot and sat on the floor and began to play wit them for a while letting his mind weave a fun story for the two toys. Edger was having some fun playing with his toys for a while not even thinking of the potty when he smiled as he began to wet his Pull-Ups. This smile quickly went away though as Edger quickly felt his Pull-Ups turn cool which made him squirm as he felt this. Not at all comfortable. Edger sighed and looked down at the cooling Pull-Ups and gave a slight whimper. He didn’t like this. Edger sat there in the cold Pull-Ups and sighed trying to figure what to do next. Seeing as these were cool alerts he couldn’t continue like he had been simply feigning not knowing he was wet. Edger knew that this was going to amp things up some.

“Edger Potty time again.” Jill said as she walked into the room.

“Okay.” Edger said getting up and letting himself sigh.

“First lets check your Pull-Ups.” Jill said and walked over to Edger. She had thought though that Edger would have told her and known he’d gone by now. But when she looked at his Pull-Ups she saw the dry signs had gone “Edger. Looks like you had an accident. Sweetie you need to tell me when you have them so I can get you dry.”

“I know…” Edger sighed and pouted looking down at the floor.

“Well lets go try to use the potty anyway and get you into a fresh Pull-Up.” Jill told him as she got one from the dresser.

So once more it was the same routine of going to the bathroom, taking off Edger’s wet Pull-Up, wiping, and Edger sitting on the potty for a few minutes. Once that was done Jill Put Edger back into a fresh pair of Pull-Ups Cool Alerts. Edger then went off to the living room. Jill sighed and walked into the kitchen to start on lunch. She was thinking about Edger’s recent accidents. He knew to come tell her when he had an accident. Now that he was in the cool alert Pull-Ups he’d have to know when he had one because the Pull-Ups would get cool hence their name. Jill sighed as she thought about this. There must have been a reason why Edger hadn’t come to her. She thought more as she made some lunch meet sandwiches. The only reason she could come up with was that Edger was embarrassed about the accidents. Meanwhile out in the living room Edger sat there watching TV. Some history channel. A special about the dark ages. As he sat there and watched he thought about his current situation. It seemed like she was going to keep at this. Edger sighed at the thought of more of this. He was already kind of frayed with the potty training so far. There had to be a way out of this situation. Just then Jill walked in with lunch.

“I made lunch meat sandwiches for lunch.” She smiled setting the tray down on the coffee table.

“Oh. Mmmm Turkey.” Eder grinned and grabbed a sandwich.

“I’m glad you like them.” Jill smiled and sat down eating a sandwich too. “Watching History channel again I see.”

“Uh Huh. A special on the Dark Ages. I like history a lot. It’s my best class.” Edger told Jill as he ate his sandwich.

“OH I bet. Then again I bet you do good in all your classes.” Jill smiled warmly.

“Uh Huh. All of em except Gym but I still get mostly Bs in it. I don’t like gym. I’m not good at sports. Except flying but we never do any flying sports cuz not everybody can.” Edger told her an sighed as he took another bite.

“Awww. Well that must not be too nice. How do you like school? Do you have a lot of friends?” Jill asked seeing as Edger had been wearing diapers to school and was at the same time so smart she thought he might not be the most popular.

“I like school. I’ve got a couple of friends. A folf named Lowell, he’s got artificial legs. They’re way cool. I told him that. He’s pretty smart like me. Oh then there’s Sabe. Hehee. He’s a Sabertooth. He’s really silly and active. Now he’s good at gym. Heheh. OH and then there’s Lowell’s cousin Spencer. He’s a Raptor. Lowells adopted. I like his dad he’s nice. So’s Spencer. We’ve had a few bully problems and he Helped.” Edger said prattling off his friends.

“Oh well that’s very nice.” Jill nodded. She was a bit surprised but at the same time those friends might not have known or might have just been some of the few good ones.

“Uh Huh. We’ve all got a lot in common though.” Edger told her finishing his sandwich.

“Oh? Like what?” Jill asked curiously.

“Well we all like anime and some scifi stuff and horror to some extend and well. We all um…wear…..” Edger trailed off a bit there blushing a little at telling his aunt especially in the midst of this potty training.

“I see sweetie you don’t have to say. Well maybe you can help them with the potty once you’ve mastered it.” Jill told him surprised that there were that many cubs in an area around Edger’s age still in diapers.

“Yeah.” Edger nodded although not sounding as enthusiastic expected.

“Well come on Edger lets go use the potty again. We wanna keep these Pull-Ups Dry.” Jill told him and took his hand.

Edger nodded and followed her back to the bathroom. He’d yet to wet these Pull-Ups so he just pulled them down and sat on the potty as he was told. Edger sighed sitting there waiting. Jill was noticing more and more that Edger was seeming to be more mopy about this then he’d seemed previously. Edger’s tail feathers twitched some as he sat there. He was getting tired of this and the more he thought about his diapers the more he felt their absence and the more it bothered him. Edger practically jumped off the potty when his aunt told him to get up. He then pulled up his Pull-Ups and scampered back out to the living room.

Jill Shrugged and walked back to the laundry room to do some laundry she’d been meaning to get done. Edger climbed back up on the couch and laid down watching the special. Edger yawned a bit as he laid there. He hadn’t slept that soundly last night and was feeling tired. Edger laid there watching TV as his eyes got heavy and eventually drifted shut. Jill meanwhile as loading the washer thinking once more about Edger. She knew something more was bothering Edger other then accidents. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it though. She wanted to figure it out and help Edger if she could. Make him happy. The only thing that she could think of was to talk with Edger about it.

Meanwhile Edger laid on the couch tossing this way and that. Whimpering softly. His dreams filled with the anxieties he’d been keeping bottled thus far. Edger was in a dark house. He was wearing just a t-shirt and his diaper. It was dark. He heard a growl. Just then he saw a tall thin monster standing at the end of he hall. It looked vaguely avian. The monster had feathers all ajar. Good sized claws. It’s beak was jagged and toothy. It looked at him menacingly. Edger took a step back and then it started to run at him. Edger gasped and turned tail and ran as fast as he could. But he just couldn’t seem to get any speed. It felt like something was weighing him down. Edger eventually tripped and the monster was right over him.

“Hhhello baby! Tiiiiime to grrrrrow up.” It said in a whispery voice with one hand caressing the diaper.

“N-no please.” Edger whimpered.

“Yessssss!” It grinned and grabbed the diaper and dug into it and shredded it off of Edger.

“No! Diapeee! My diapee!” Edger cried as it was torn from him.

“Nnnnnow tiiime for the rrrrrest.” It laughed and hopped off of Edger and made it’s way to his room.

“No! No! No! Get out of my room!” Edger cried and got up stumbling a bit and ran after it. He caught up to it just as it stood over his changing table.

“Nnno morrrre diaperrrrs for youuuuu.” It hissed and began to shred them tossing the pieces everywhere.

“Nooo! Stop! Pwease!” Edger cried and ran to it and tugged on it’s leg. “No! No! I want my diapee! Pwease.”

“Youuuu waaaant diaperrrrr?” The monster asked holding up the last one.

“Yes! Pwease give me my diapee!” Edger begged it.

“Tooooo baaaaad.” It hissed and shredded the last one. “Nnnnnno moooore diaperrrrrrsssss.”

Edger’s eyes filled with tears as the monster destroyed the last of his diapers. He was scared and lonely and all of the sudden he felt himself wetting. It felt cold and uncomfortable as a puddle formed on the floor and his room started to change. His changing table turned into a plain desk. His bed’s rails disappeared and it turned plain. Everything that gave Edger some sort of comfort had just gone up and he fell to his knees in the puddle sobbing for his diapers which laid in tiny pieces on the floor around him. All the while the monster was laughing and behind it’s laugh an ominous flushing sound could be heard.

Meanwhile outside of Edger’s dream Jill had finished loading up the washer and set it to a cycle. She decided she’d go back out to the living room and have a talk with Edger. Figure out what was bothering him. She walked out and saw Edger laying asleep on the couch. It took her a moment before she realized he was tossing a bit and whimpering. She walked over to him and could tell he was talking softly in his sleep. Jill tilted her head and listened. She heard him saying what he had in his dream. Calling out for his diapers and crying in his sleep as part of the real world seeped into his dream as he wet his Cool Alert Pull-Ups. Jill finally put it all together. Edger’s lack of progress in potty training, unwillingness to tell her about accidents or try to get to the potty. He didn’t want to potty train. He wanted his diapers back. Evidently so badly he was having nightmares about it.

“Shhhhh it’s Ok Edger wake up it’s just a bad dream.” Jill told him as she scooped him up into her arms as he started to come too. Edger buried his beak in her shirt sobbing softly.

“I dun wanna do dis auntie!” Edger cried clinging to her as the cold feeling around his waist seemed to follow him from his dream. “Pwease. I wan my diapees!”

“Shhhhh it’s OK Edger it’s alright. I understand.” Jill said stroking his back. She had wanted to potty train Edger but she could see that it wasn’t doing any good. Ultimately she wanted him to be happy. This seemed to be traumatizing him.

“Pwease. No more potty. No more pull-ups. Pwease.” Edger sobbed as

“It’s Ok Edger. No more potty.” Jill told him as she carried him back to her room and sat him down on her bed.

“Weally?” Edger asked sniffling still as he was calming down from his dream.

“Really.” Jill nodded and unlocked her closet door. “Edger sweetie. Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t like this? Talk to me?”

“I…dunno. I was scared. I didn’t know if you’d be nice and give them back.” Edger told her rubbing the tears from his eyes.

“Edger sweetie I wouldn’t even have started this if you’d told me how much these meant to you.” Jill told him as she took the bag that contained his diapers out of the closet.

“Sorry. I guess I was just too shocked to say anything. I didn’t expect this to happen!” Edger said getting a bit worked up again.

“Shhh settle down sweetie. Well at any rate we’ll stop potty training.” She said laying out the changing pad on the bed beside Edger. “Now lay down.”

“Okay.” Edger nodded as he laid back and rolled over onto the changing pad with a sigh.

“I guess I probably should have run this idea past you mom huh? I was thinking I’d surprise her and help you potty train. So I guess I made a big blunder here. Getting you all upset and worked up. I’m sorry Edger.” Jill told him as she pulled open the sides of his Pull-Ups and opened it like a diaper.

“Uh Huh. But I guess I probably shoulda said something instead of trying to just go along with things and even then kind of resist.” Edger said with a bit of a pout.

“Well we’ll have no more of the potty. I’ll empty out your bottom drawer for you so those training pants won’t bother you.” Jill told him as she began to wipe him up.

“Hehehe. Okay. What ya gonna do with em?” Edger asked curiously with a smile as he was wiped up.

“Well I think I’ll just donate the rest of everything to the local daycare. They can always use extra.” Jill said as she finished wiping up Edger and then pulled out a fresh diaper noting it’s thickness.

“Oh Hehe. Yeah I guess it’s for the best. Some cubs might like potty training but not me!” Edger said with a giggle sticking his tongue out at the thought. Though his eyes did light up seeing the thick diaper that was about to be on him.

“I guess so. Well ya know what your already clever and grown up enough. Your entitled to some cub stuff so you don’t grow up so fast.” Jill told him as she slid the fresh diaper under him and threaded his tail feathers.

“Hehe right!” Eder nodded grinning feeling the thick soft diaper under him.

“Almost done.” Jill told Edger and powdered him up liberally before she finally taped up his thick diaper snuggly.

“Ah. Lots better.” Edger grinned as he laid there basking in the comforting feeling of a fresh crinkly diaper. “Fankees Jill.”

“Your welcome. Well come on lets go clear out your room of those training pants and undies.” Jill told him as she put the tub of wipes and powder back in the bag.

“Yeah!” Edger nodded and hopped off of the bed.

Jill smiled at him seeing him so happy. She put his changing pad back in his bag and followed him. Jill stopped once by the laundry room to grab a basket she wouldn’t be needing for a bit and followed after Edger again into the bed room. They opened the bottom drawer. Making a big deal out of the event telling the training pants and undies they were “outta here!” Edger had fun giggling as he tossed each one of them into the basket with them making a little game of it. Once the drawer was empty Jill sat the basket down and sat down on the floor with Edger and opened up his bag. She handed Edger diapers one at time for him to put in the empty drawer. Edger smiled as he placed each one in place happily bobbing his head and humming a tune to himself. Jill could believe how much more open and upbeat Edger seemed. He was now happy as could be. And Jill had to admit Edger did look so cute sitting there in his thick diaper stocking the drawer with more diapers.

Once the two were done stocking the dresser with Edger’s diapers Jill got up and scooped Edger up into her arms. Edger giggled and snuggled up chirping happily. Jill felt she had to make things up to him considering how upset her potty training attempt had got him. So she carried him out to the living room and sat down on the couch holding him close and stroking his head feathers. Edger just sighed relaxing as he rested against her. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to some cartoons. Edger grinned approvingly a he watched them snuggled up with his aunt. He was feeling more like himself again. Relaxed and at ease. Edger smiled watching the cartoons in his diaper. He was a bit surprised how affected he was by the absence of his diapers for nearly two days. He resolved he wouldn’t go through something like that again as he sat there snuggled with his aunt. He sealed his resolve by wetting his diaper with a grin on his face.

“Hey Edger. What do ya say I order pizza for us?” Jill asked with a warm smile on her face.

“Ooo! I like Pizza! Oh and can we watch a movie too?” Edger asked sitting up and looking up at her.

“Course we can.” Jill nodded as she sat Edger down on the couch and rose. “The movie case is just over there. You go pick something out and I’ll go order us that pizza.”

“Okay.” Edger nodded and hopped off of the couch and scampered over to the movie case.

Jill called up the Pizza place and ordered a pizza and some sodas while Edger meanwhile picked out the movie. StarTrek. Edger wasn’t as big a Trekee as his friend Lowell or Sabe’s cousin Lig but he did enjoy the shows and movies. The newest one he thought was pretty cool. So he brought that one over to the couch while his aunt Jill came out. Edger handed it to her and she popped it into the DVD player. Edger hopped up onto the couch and watched the movie with Jill for a while. She had to get up when the pizza came though. Edger didn’t mind. He just grinned and grabbed a slice once the box was opened. The two sat there watching the movie an eating their supper as the night wore on. Edger snuggled up to Jill once he was full and sighed contently feeling relaxed and comfortable as he felt himself adding more wetness to his diaper. Of course after that pizza wetness wasn’t the only thing soon to be added to his diaper. Edger sighed contently as he felt the seat of his diaper fill as he sat there snuggled up with his aunt. He was as at ease as could be. Snuggled with Auntie, Good movie, full tummy, and best of all full diapee. Jill eventually took notice of this as the smell from the diaper though faint reached her nose. She decided to wait though until the movie was over to change Edger as he seemed to be enjoying himself. She didn’t need to wait too long as in just a few minutes the movie came to an end.

“Alright Edger I think it’s bed time now.” She said getting up and scooped him up into her arms like a toddler with one hand supporting his diapered bottom and making it squish.

“Hehehe Otay.” Edger nodded with a grin wiggling his bottom a bit into Jill’s supporting hand.

“Looks like someone likes a squishy diaper huh?” Jill asked as she carried him back to his room.

“Uh Huh.” Edger nodded smiling and blushing a bit.

“Just like any little chick.” She smiled bouncing him a bit and making his diaper squish more.

“Hehehe. Squishy!” Edger grinned chirping happily as they entered the bed room.

“Well you’ll be nice and fresh soon.” Jill said sitting Edger down and rolled out the changing pad. “Now lay down sweetie.”

“Otay. Changee time.” Edger said enjoying his baby play as he scampered over and laid down giggling as he felt his diaper squish as he did.

“That a boy.” Jill nodded and untapped the dirty diapered and opened it seeing the good sized mess inside. “My someone sure was a busy chick.”

“Hehehe Yup!” Edger grinned proudly as Jill started to wipe him up.

“Well you’ll be nice and clean soon.” She said as she wiped his bottom clean as well as is front putting the used wipes in the dirty diaper. Once finished wiping she unfolded a fresh diaper. “Time for a fresh diapee.”

“Hehehe fresh diapee time!” Edger cheered happily as Jill slid the fresh diaper under his bottom and threaded his tail Feathers through the back.

“Now it’s time to powder the chicky.” Jill told Edger and started to powder him up rubbing it into his bottom and front gently. Lastly she folded the diaper over him in place and taped it up snuggly. “There we go all done baby.”

“Fankees.” Edger yawned and held his arms up to her.

Jill smiled and picked him up from the changing pad and pulled back the covers of the bed. She laid him down in the bed and gave him a hug and a kiss on the forehead. She then smiling thinking of one more thing. She went to his bag and got out a stuffed Crow that Edger had and gave it to him. Edger smiled sleepily as he cuddled the stuffed animal. Jill stroked his head feathers as she tucked him in and wished him sweet dreams before she left the room leaving the door opened a crack so that the light from outside could softly filter into the room for him. Edger sighed as he laid there in bed feeling infinitely more comfortable in it tonight then he had last night. He was tucked in with his plushie and had the security of his thick diapers and even some light now to keep it from being too dark. Edger soon drifted peacefully off to sleep.

The next two Days at Jill’s went much as the first two only Edger was in much better spirits and any thought of potty training had completely left both their minds. Edger played and watched TV and Jill all the while happily took care of Edge. She enjoyed playing games with him and found herself much enjoying taking care of Edger as a toddler as well as his actual age. Changing diapers had become second nature to her and she had fun changing Edger and baby talking to him while doing so. With all this she wondered why she even considered trying to potty train him. She now knew why her sister hadn’t tried toilet training Edger again. Maybe the diapers were even part of why Edger was so smart. At any rate Jill would miss Edger when he left but she knew she’d volunteer to baby sit for her sister more often.

Finally the fifth and last day cam and not long after Edger’s morning diaper change and after they ate breakfast they heard a car pull up into the drive way. Edger grinned and hopped off of the couch and scampered over to the front door as Jill smiled coming out carrying both of Edger’s bags with all his things in it.

“Mommy!” Edger cheered as he scampered out to her as she got out of the car.

“There’s my boy.” She smiled and picked him up into a hug. “So did you have fun at aunt Jill’s?”

“Hehe Yeah.” Edger nodded as he hugged her and snuggle close smiling.

“I’m glad you did Sweetie. So no problems with him sis?” Mommy asked Jill holding Edger in her arms.

“Nope. He was no trouble at all. I’ll say he sure is a bright kid for his age but still has a lot of good cub qualities. If only all cubs were as well adjusted as him.” Jill told her sister happily.

“Well I’m glad. Mind if I keep your number on hand in case I need a sitter again?” Mommy asked her hopefully.

“Course not. I’d be delighted to take care of Edger again whenever you need.” Jill nodded ruffling Edger’s head feathers.

“Alright then. Well thanks again Sis. You’re a life saver.” Mommy told her sister gratefully.

“Bye Aunt Jill. I had lots of fun.” Edger smiled as mommy let him down.

“Me too sweetie. I’ll see you again some other time. You be good for your mommy.” Jill told him as his mom put his bags in the car.

“Hehe don’t worry I will.” Edger nodded chipperly.

“That a boy.” Jill said giving him a light pat on his padded bottom to usher him to the car.

Edger giggled and scampered to the car and hopped on in buckling up his seatbelt as Jill closed the back door for him. She said her final goodbyes to her sister and stood back watching the car pull out of the drive way with Edger and his mom waving some as they drove down the road. Edger sighed as he leaned back in his seat. The last few days sure were a change from the normal and the first two were pretty trying. But he smiled having had fun with his aunt and confident that no further potty training attempts would be made on her part. He looked forward to seeing her again. But for now he was content to be heading back home with his mom. So he sighed and smiled looking out the window as he felt his diaper once again grow warm and wet. He was a happy little crow happy to be diapered and heading home after a stay at Aunt Jill’s.

The End.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed it oh and keep your eyes out for a short Potty Wars story too. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Edger's Aunt Jill   Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:27 pm

I already read this on F.A. so lets cut to the part where I shower you with praise!
It's a very nice story, and I think you did a very cute job crinkle buns ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Edger's Aunt Jill   Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:04 am

One cute story Lig that shows just how horrible potty training can be.
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PostSubject: Re: Edger's Aunt Jill   Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:01 am

Adorable story, Lig! Edger's such a sweet little cub! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

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Edger's Aunt Jill
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