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 Mew + MewTwo

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PostSubject: Mew + MewTwo   Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:09 pm

So far, contains diapers. :3

Mew's eyes slowly wrenched open as the glorious sunlight beamed through the glass windows. He grunted as he made himself comfortable, sitting up, feeling his flooded diaper rub against his skin. He gave a gaping yawn before muttering "It's morning". He got out of bed, levitating in the Playroom, to check on MewTwo. He was fast asleep, and it was obvious he had been tossing and turning through the night. Mew gave a unexpected sigh. See, normally, it was the MewTwo that looked after the Mew, however this MewTwo was adopted, and Mew, although being 2 years younger, takes care of him. Mew decided to check on his parents before he changed himself. He hovered into their bedroom, and no-one was in the bed. The quilt was all over the place, but his stalky eyes noticed a white letter hanging on the bed. He floated towards it, opened it, and began reading.
"Dear my dearest children, I hope you haven't forgot! We're on holiday, remember? I am so sorry you couldn't come, since you are both legendaries it costs an absolute fortune to get you in! However, we'll all go on a holiday next year, once we start saving up some more money. We will be back in three weeks. Love you, Mum xxxxxxx"

"Boring, lame..." Mew muttered as he flicked through the Sky channels, remote in his hand in a fresh diaper. Everything on T.V was so boring today, he thought. The sound of cascading stairs approached him until the MewTwo appeared, stretching his arms wildly.
"Morning Mewtwo"
"Mornin'" he replied, followed by a stretch and a grunt.
Might aswell go upstairs, Mew thought. He hovered upstairs, and entered his room, the sun whipping his eyes with great lashes of light. He turned his almost medieval desktop computer on, the hard-drive whirring away. Mew was, definately, a computer whizz. Finally, the Windows Loading sequence came up. He rest on his bed, waiting for a knock. There it came, followed by a blushing, half-naked MewTwo tip-toeing into the room, the letter in his hand.
"Err, m-m-mew.." he stuttered. His face was as hot as a stove and in 24 shades of red.
"What's the matter, Mewtwo?" Mew replied, sympathetically and caring. MewTwo pointed at the bulge on the front of his diaper.
"No need to be embarrassed about it, I'm here to help!"
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Number of posts : 185
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PostSubject: Re: Mew + MewTwo   Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:28 pm

Mew hovered into the Playroom, grabbing the crinkled changing mat. He flattened the main creases. MewTwo layed down on the soft mat, legs up high, waiting to be changed. His face was still burning up, though.
"There's no need to be so embarrassed, MewTwo!" Mew giggled. The red intensified as Mew took off his diaper, grabbed a new one, wiped his areas, applied the powder to the new diaper, and taped it shut.
"There we are, that's not bad, is it?" said the Mew, who tickled MewTwo's belly.
"Aah, that tickles!" MewTwo giggled.

"You have E-mail" said the robotic voice of the computer.
"Oh shut up" Mew demanded, muting the speaker on the desktop screen. There was one thing on his mind, something about MewTwo. He hadn't said a word for hours. After Mew spending hours trying to figure out why he had been so quiet, he decided to see what was up with him. He switched off the monitor, casually walking through the playroom and down the steep stairs, looking left. He wasn't in the living room. He walked to his right, and there he was. He was just sitting there, in casual clothes, on a wooden chair, just staring at the wood-patterened plastic floor, as if he had been hypnotised. Mew sat in a chair next to the MewTwo.
"What's up buddy?" Mew questioned.
Mewtwo didn't answer with words; instead, he answered with tears spilling out of his bloodshot eyed.
"Aww, what's the matter sweetie?"
MewTwo began blubbing before answering Mew's question.
"I feel so sorry for you, having to change me!" he bubbled. Mew began comforting him, soothingly rubbing his back, whilst he said:
"I don't mind, you know that! It's not your fault, and anyway, you're cute!"
MewTwo slowly and eventually stopped crying and rested on Mew's shoulder, calming down slightly, whilst Mew coaxed him. His last tear was heard by Mew; the tear crashing on the floor like a meteorite falling to earth.
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Age : 21
Localisation : United Kingdom
Registration date : 2010-03-17

PostSubject: Re: Mew + MewTwo   Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:12 pm

After Mew had finally calmed him completely, he decided to return to the Television. He switched the power on, and the Sky on, lazily slumped his body onto the sofa, with the remote in his hand again. He felt the forward area of his diaper get warmer and warmer and then did he realise that he wet himself. He blushed as he tried to ignore it, not wanting to miss any of the Sonic adventures!
The adverts popped up in-front of the Sonic series. Mew began hearing footsteps behind him, as MewTwo sat on the sofa.
"Watcha' watchin'?" he curiously asked.
"Adverts at the mo, but Sonic!"
Finally, the adverts ended. It was now 1:00 PM, according to MewTwo's eyes. It always seemed like hours before the adverts end for Mew and MewTwo.
I wonder if I can sit on Mew's lap, MewTwo thought. He sheepishly approached the laid-back Mew, sliding across the sofa. MewTwo was light, so it wouldn't be too bad. He finally gathered all the courage he could.
"C-c-can I s-s-s-sit on your l-l-lap?" MewTwo stammered sheepishly.
MewTwo breathed in heavily, and more calmly and clearly said the words.
"Could I sit 'n your lap, little bro?" he asked, his fave turning into a tomato again.
"Sure", said Mew. Mew braced himself as the smaller MewTwo hopped onto his lap.

Mew glanced at the living room clock. It read 3:00. Mew was getting tired having the slightly heavy MewTwo on his lap.
"Hey, buddy, not sounding rude or anything, could you shift off for a sec?" he asked.
No answer.
MewTwo hung his head to the side. He was asleep! The strong Mew levitated the cute MewTwo and got out of the space, carefully dropping MewTwo back onto the sofa. His head was hung on the sofa, his mouth open like that. He looked so cute. He then felt something at the back of his own diaper, which squished around that area. He forgot to change himself! He darted to the bathroom and changed himself before he got a rash, dumping the almost leaking diaper in the bathroom bin, when he also remembered that he had to buy Lunch for him, and the MewTwo.
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PostSubject: Re: Mew + MewTwo   

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Mew + MewTwo
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