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 Kenny's Troubles.

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PostSubject: Kenny's Troubles.   Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:57 pm

Phew. I've had this story in the making for a little while now and I've only just gotten it done. Well anyway here we have the story of a Young Croc named Kenny. Kenny here as you might know is a lil croc who loves his diapees and really doesn't like the potty. If you'd heard stories about people flushing your primitive baby relatives down them you'd be nervous too! Well it looks like Kenny gets to face his fears of the potty head on and have himself a struggle for the right to potty whenever wherever he wants.

Kenny’s Troubles

It had been a long day at school and Kenny the crocodile was walking home. He’d just aced his math test and was feeling quite good as he walked down the side walk wearing a t-shirt with Pokemon on it and a pair of jean shorts which didn’t do much to hide the tell tale bulge of the disposable diaper beneath it. Kenny was 8 and would be 9 in a few months. He was glad that it was Friday. He was looking forward to what would be a long weekend. Monday was a teacher in service day. As Kenny walked though his bowels tightened and a block before home his bowels moved and filled the seat of the young Croc’s diaper. He gave a content sigh as the seat of his diaper filled and his bladder once again relaxed warming the front of his diaper. Kenny loved the feeling of a well used diaper. He stood there a few moments basking in the blissful feeling he got from his warm dirty diaper before he continued down the side walk home. He gave a reptilian purr as he felt the mess in his diaper squish and shift with each step. He did give a bit of a sigh though. His mom would be gone all weekend on a business trip. But he’d have his dad to hang around with and he was happy with that. So he picked up his pace a bit and before long was walking up the steps of his front porch and inside.

“Dad I’m home!” Kenny called out happily.

“Hey there champ. Have a nice day at school?” Said a Crocodile with darker green brown scales as he walked over.

“Uh Huh! I aced my Math test!” Kenny grinned and pulled it out of his back pack and showed his dad.

“That’s great! Very good Kenny.” Daddy smiled as he looked over the math test and the smell from Kenny’s dirty diaper finally reached his nose. “You poop your diaper Kenny?”

“Yes.” Kenny nodded with a big of a giggle.

“Ok then lets go get your dirty diaper changed Ok. Daddy’s got a surprise for ya.” Daddy told Kenny with a smile. “Go over and wait by the couch.”

“Yes daddy.” Kenny nodded and scampered over to the couch and sat down with a grin feeling the mess in his diaper squish. In a few moments his daddy came back with a big paper bag and some changing supplies.

“Ok Sport lay down now for me.” Daddy said as he laid out the changing pad and sat the bag and the changing stuff down.

“Okay.” Kenny nodded noting the bag. He thought his daddy had gotten him some new kind of diaper. His mind was spinning wondering what kind it could be.

“That a boy.” Daddy nodded as he pulled down Kenny’s shorts exposing his bloated soggy dirty diaper. “Phew you did a number on this diaper.”

“Uh Huh. We had Tacos today for lunch.” Kenny nodded with a big smile as his dad untapped the dirty diaper.

“Well you’ll be out of this dirty diaper and cleaned up soon.” Daddy said as he opened the dirty diaper and started to wipe up his son lifting his legs and pulling the dirty diaper away and wiped his son’s bottom clean.

“Nice and clean.” Kenny smiled as his daddy finished wiping him up.

“Ok Kenny now close your eyes for daddy.” Daddy asked his son as he lowered his bottom down to the changing pad.

“Okay Daddy.” Kenny nodded an closed his eyes expecting a fresh diaper to be slid into place. However what he felt was quite different. His feet were being threaded through something and before he knew it whatever it was had been pulled up to his waist and had his tail threaded through.

“Kenny your mom and me have been very patient with you. Waiting for you to decide when you were ready for potty training. But your eight years old and you’ll be nine in two months. It’s time for you to be a big boy and learn to use the potty.” Daddy said as Kenny opened up his eyes and looked down at his wait to see a pair of pale blue briefs where his diaper should be.

“B-but I dun wanna use the potty.” Kenny said voice quivering in shock as he looked down at the achingly thing garment.

“I know you don’t want to son but it’s high time you learned. These are your new training briefs. They’ve got a little bit of padding just in case but they won’t hold much so if you feel em getting damp you get to the potty. And don’t go wasting your time trying to find your diapers and put them on. I went through the house today and threw away all your diapers. From now on this is a diaper free house.” Daddy told Kenny as he put the wipes away.

“I….but….no….more diapers…” Kenny said just trailing off as he sat there in shock and looking a little pale.

“That’s right. I know it’s a big change but you’ll get used to it. Now come on. It’s time you learned the basics of the potty.” Daddy said as he held his hand out to Kenny.

“P-potty….” Kenny stuttered as he got up feeling very awkward without the bulk of even a disposable diaper between his legs.

Daddy then took his hand and lead Kenny up the stairs to the upstairs bathroom. He’d done some shopping online to prepare for this. He wasn’t sure if he could get Kenny to sit on a regular toilet so he’d also bought a larger sized potty chair like a toddler would learn to use for Kenny. Daddy was hoping though that this would be a short time transition phase though. Emptying and cleaning a potty chair wasn’t much better then needing to change a diaper plus he wanted Kenny to be able to use public restrooms when they were out and about. Daddy smiled down to Kenny trying to get him over his irrational fear as he opened the bathroom door.

“Now Kenny I know your not comfortable with the big potty so for this I got you a training Potty see.” Daddy said as he walked over to the large red and yellow colored potty chair.

“I don’t wanna go flushy down the potty.” Kenny said not really getting any closer.

“That’s why I got this. The training potty doesn’t flush. Come take a look. There’s just a pan in the bottom that daddy empties when you’ve gone pee or poop in it.” Daddy told Kenny feeling like he was talking to a boy half Kenny’s age.

“I dunno.” Kenny said as he walked over and looked down into the large plastic potty and indeed there was no lever to flush him away and no hole in the bottom of the potty.

“Come on Kenny. You wanna be a big boy. Big boys don’t pee or poop their pants. Big boys don’t wear diapers like babies. Come on and try. I know you might not have to go but sit on the potty and try.” Daddy told Kenny trying to encourage his son to use the potty.

“Do I hafta daddy?” Kenny asked looking up at his father.

“Kenny you’re a big boy. Your too old for diapers. Just pull down your trainers and sit on the potty for daddy just for a little bit.” Daddy told Kenny again this time a bit of firmness creeping into his voice.

“I’ll t-try.” Kenny said meekly as he slowly stood in front of the potty and pulled his trainers down still afraid that somehow this potty would find a way to flush him down it.

“That’s it Kenny. Now sit down on the potty and try to go if you can.” Daddy smiled encouragingly.

“O-okay.” Kenny nodded and sat down on the potty slowly feeling the cool plastic of the potty contact his bottom which made him flinch.

“Good boy Kenny now you sit there for a little while and see if you can pee or poop in the potty for Daddy.” Daddy told Kenny as encouragingly as he could.

Kenny nodded as he sat there on the potty feeling very shaky and having a knot in his tummy as he sat there. He tried to see if he could go for his daddy if only to be able to get up off of the potty sooner but as hard as he tried to go he just couldn’t seem to make himself go. Kenny hadn’t had a try at potty training in quite a long time and wasn’t sure how to make himself go or really how to stop from going. Daddy meanwhile stood back off to the side watching his son. He smiled with hope that before long Kenny would get the hang of this. He was already looking forward to not changing anymore diapers. At least that’s what he told himself. He really didn’t mind the diaper changes but he hated having to explain to everyone about his son’s diapers. Being asked why such a big kid was still wearing diaper instead of going to the potty like a normal boy his age. Some would ask if Kenny was slow and he always came back with the truth telling them Kenny was quite bright but people would always respond with “Well why is he still in diapers then? If he’s so bright he should be able to use the potty just like any other boy.” Daddy was hoping for quick success and to put an end to all that.

“Daddy. I don’t think I can go.” Kenny told him with his voice shaky and higher then usual wanting to get off the source of his anxiety.

“Well alright it has been a few minutes. But remember if you feel like your about to go try and hold it and get to the potty.” Daddy reminded him.

“Yes daddy.” Kenny said getting up off the potty as if spring propelled and pulled his trainers back up.

“I’ll be in my den working on some paperwork if you need me Kenny. I’ll be around to check on you later.” Daddy said kneeling down and gave Kenny a hug. “I’m really proud of you for trying this. You’ll be a big boy just like everyone else in no time.”

“I guess…” Kenny nodded as he hugged his dad with a bit of a pout.

After that daddy went back down stairs to his study. Kenny meanwhile decided to see if what his daddy had said was true. If he really had thrown out all his diapers. Kenny scampered into his bedroom noticing no real change from before. Only real difference now was that his changing table was bare empty. Kenny looked it up and down and even looked in the space between it and the wall. Nothing. He then scampered over to his dresser. They kept some of his disposables there. He opened up the bottom drawer where his disposable diapers had been only to find them replaced with more trainers and to Kenny’s shock full fledged briefs. He picked up a pair an examined them. They were even worse then the trainers. They didn’t have any amount of padding at all. Kenny quickly put them back in the drawer and shut it. He then scampered over to his closet. They’d kept jumbo packs and such in there. Empty. Kenny dug around in his closet for a few minutes to see if even one diaper had been passed over. Nothing. Next he scampered over to his bed and looked underneath it on the off chance one might have fallen or been kicked down there. Once more Kenny found nothing. He sighed and laid on the floor on his belly looking under the bed and gave a bit of a whimper. Not a single diaper left in his room. This left only four more places to search. The cabinet by the couch in the living room, the closet by the front door, the upstairs bathroom, and the down stairs bathroom.

Meanwhile Daddy sat back in his comfortable chair at his study’s desk. He put on a set of ear phones with soothing instrumental music and soft sounds of nature. He turned on his computer and started to continue work on a few financial spread sheets for the company that needed to be done. He worked for Aven Computers Incorporated. ACI for short. He smiled listening to the music as he though of doing things with his son. Thinking how much better his son’s life would be once he was potty trained. Sure he’d miss the diapers for a little while but he was sure that would fade after a while. He’d get used to using the potty. He wouldn’t be teased much more by some of the kids at school. That’s what daddy kept telling himself as he continued to work on the spread sheet and keep his mind off of his own childhood.

Kenny sighed as he made his way out of the upstairs bathroom having searched the sink cabinet. Just like his room not a diaper to be found. Kenny pouted and slowly and quietly made his way down stairs. He didn’t want his daddy to know he was searching for his diapers. Especially if he got lucky and found some. So he slowly made his way to the cabinet beside the couch in the living room and opened it up. There was a tub of baby wipes in the cabinet. Kenny smiled hoping this meant at least one diaper had been left behind. But once more his search was in vane. So he then made his way to the front door closet. His diaper bag was kept in there usually. But this time however there was nothing in there. Kenny pouted hanging his head. Only one place left to search. The down stairs bathroom. Kenny’s last ray of hope for a diaper. He slowly made his way to it stopping with a sigh as he noticed an identical red and yellow potty chair in this bathroom as well. He opened up the bathroom cabinet and looked through it searching every spot before finally coming up empty handed. Kenny just sat back on the cold bathroom floor closing the cabinet and sighed as he sat there. There wasn’t a single diaper in the house. Not a one. Kenny sniffled and rubbed his eyes as he realized he was now completely without diapers of any kind. He sat there sniffling on the cold bathroom floor feeling the coolness of it easily seep through the negligible padding of his trainers.

However soon the coolness of the tiled floor was offset as Kenny felt warm wetness spreading through the front of his trainers. He sighed feeling the warmth and for a moment forgetting he was wearing trainers and not his diapers. He soon snapped out of it though as the trainers reached capacity and a puddle started to form on the floor beneath him. Kenny looked down as he felt his thighs get wet and saw the slowly expanding puddle. He whimpered and tried to stop grabbing the crotch of his soggy trainers but just couldn’t seem to exert any control over his bladder. All Kenny could do was sit there as the puddle expanded and his stream finally tapered off and stopped leaving him sitting in a puddle on the floor of the bathroom. Kenny sniffled again and whimpered as tears welled up in his eyes and he began to cry. He wanted to be dry and most of all he wanted his diapers back.

“Kenny are you Ok?” Daddy asked as he came into the bathroom having heard his son crying. It only took a glance to answer his question. “Oh my looks like you didn’t quite make it sport. But at least you got to the bathroom.

“I don’t wanna potty train!” Kenny said still crying his daddy picked him up out of the puddle and stood him on a dry patch of floor.

“Now Kenny I know it’s hard and I know accidents aren’t fun but we’ve gotta keep at this. Keep trying. You’ll get it eventually.” Daddy told him as he pulled down the trainers.

With that daddy went about wiping his son up and drying him up thinking that Kenny had actually been trying to make it too the potty as the accident happened in the bathroom. Kenny just stood there sniffling some as his daddy dried him up. Once this was done Daddy then sat Kenny on the potty and told him to stay there and try to see if he could go any in the potty. Kenny sighed and sat on the cold potty as his daddy walked out of the room to take the trainers to the laundry room. Kenny just looked down at the potty he sat upon feeling uneasy about sitting on it and wanting badly to have his diapers back. Riley didn’t wanna used the potty. He wanted his diapers back and as he sat there on the potty for the second time he decided he was going to do everything he could to get his diapers back. Even if this meant being uncomfy and a little bad.

A few moments later Daddy returned with a fresh pair of training pants which he had Kenny step into before he pulled them up into place. He told Kenny to go play but to try and pay more attention to when he had to go. Kenny nodded glumly and scampered from the bathroom wanting to get away from the potty that dwelled within. Kenny made his way up to his room and hopped up on his bed. He heard a crinkle when he did and for a moment thought it might be a missed diaper. But upon checking the be realized it was just the plastic cover over the mattress. So he once more laid back on his bed and hugged his croc plushie as he tried to think of how to get his diapers back. His daddy obviously wanted him to learn to use the potty. So he’d have to do something to make his daddy not want to make him do this. Convince him he just couldn’t do this. Kenny thought and thought. Then an idea came to him. His daddy thus far had changed his trainers every time he went in them. What if there weren’t anymore training pants to change him into? Then his daddy would have to put him back in diapers wouldn’t he? What else could Kenny wear? Kenny then thought of the second article of clothing that laid in his dresser. The undies. Those thin things with no padding at all. Kenny shuddered at the possibility of wearing those. But surely his daddy wouldn’t put him in those if he couldn’t even keep the trainers dry right? Even if daddy did then wouldn’t that just mean Kenny would wet through those briefs much faster? Kenny nodded to himself. So with that he made up his mind. He’d do everything he could to have as many accidents in his pants as possible.

Kenny hopped up off of his bed with a bit of a smile. Certain this plan would get him back into diapers. He tried to think of a good place to have his next accident. Preferably some place far away from the potty. So Kenny decided to have his next accident in the kitchen. With that he went downstairs but stopped as he heard his daddy in the kitchen making supper. So Kenny went into the living room. He sat down by the window and waited. It didn’t seem like an accident was happening. So Kenny got up and discretely make his way to the bathroom. He grabbed a plastic cup from the stack there and filled it with water and drank it down. Then another and one more after that one. After that Kenny went back to his spot by the window already feeling himself dribbling a bit into the trainers. So he sat there on the floor and just let the water take it’s course. In a little while it did and the dribble soon turned into a stream as Kenny sat there soaking his trainers and soon after the floor beneath him. Kenny sighed as he felt the warmth in the trainers and closed his eyes imagining them to be cloth diapers. He was so absorbed by this that he didn’t notice his daddy coming into the room.

“Kenny not again. And on the carpet this time.” Daddy sighed walking over to his son and picked him up under the arm pits. “Now I’m gonna have to wash that part of the carpet.”

“Oops.” Kenny said simply as he looked down at the wet spot on the carpet he’d just made

“Well lets go get you into some dry trainers.” Daddy told Kenny.

So yet again Kenny found himself sitting on the potty while his daddy went to go get some fresh training pants. By now Kenny’s fear of the potty had more or less subsided to just being uneasy mixed with anger towards the potty as though it was consciously responsible for having his diapers taken away. Daddy soon returned with the fresh trainers and put them on Kenny. This was going pretty poorly so far. So many accidents and only dribble in the potty. He had to think of something to prevent these accidents and get better results though at the moment he couldn’t think of anything.

With that daddy lead Kenny out to the kitchen where he’d prepared supper for them. Nothing special just some microwave pizza and juice. The two sat down and ate quietly. Daddy sighed inwardly at how quite it was. Usually he and Kenny would be just a talking about the day’s events or about something random. But tonight it was silence only broken by the sound of chewing and such. Daddy sat there watching his son which is when he notice that Kenny had stopped mid chewing of his pizza and had a familiar look on his face. Kenny had just felt the urge to go poo and as soon as he had decided to do what he’d always done. Just go that instant.

“Kenny are you pooping?” Daddy asked putting his glass down.

“Um…dunno.” Kenny replied even though the look on his face stayed the same.

“Your supposed to do that in the potty. Hold it if you have to poop.” Daddy told Kenny trying to sound just a little more firm.

“I know.” Kenny nodded as he sat there feeling the mess expanding in the seat of his trainers.

“Kenny are you going or not?” Daddy asked looking at his son.

“Nope.” Kenny said after a sigh once he was finished. He then added though. “Not anymore.”

“Kenny! You knew you had to go.” Daddy said as he got up from the table and once more picked up his son. “Why didn’t you hold it or at least try to hold it or get to the potty?”

“I want my diapers back!” Was all Kenny had to say as he crossed his arms as his daddy carried him back to the bathroom and stood him there.

“Kenny your 8 years old. You don’t wanna still be getting around in diapers in high school! I know you don’t like this but you’ve gotta get used to it. No more diapers.” Daddy told Kenny as he pulled down the ruined trainers and started to wipe Kenny up.

“Why?! I don’t care if I wear em to high school! I want to! I want my diapees back!” Kenny said getting very huffy.

“Kenny you already get teased don’t you. Don’t you want that to stop. It’ll just get worse as you get older.” Daddy told Kenny as he cleaned Kenny up.

“I don’t care. My friends wear diapers too. Why can’t I?!” Kenny once more ask wishing his daddy would have at least used wipes to clean him up.

“If all your friends were jumping off of a cliff would you?” Daddy asked him trying to sound convincing. He of course knew that many of them in fact did need the diapers for medical reasons unlike Kenny.

“No but this is different! Sides some of them gotta wear diapers.” Kenny said firmly as daddy sat him on the potty.

“Yes they need them. But you don’t. You can be potty trained.” Daddy said seeing Kenny walk right into that one.

“Not all of them! I still don’t wanna give up my diapees!” Kenny protested and got up off of the potty.

“Kenny I’m doing this for your own good. You’ll be better off for this. Now sit on the potty.” Daddy told him even though a little voice in the back of his mind seemed to ask if it really was for Kenny’s good or for what he perceived to be Kenny’s good or even for daddy’s own good.

“No! I’m not sitting on the potty again!” Kenny said getting rather upset now and stomped his foot.

“Fine then but you are gonna have to sit on that potty eventually.” Daddy told him and lead him back to the bedroom and put him in a pair of trainers again noting that they were running low. “Now you stay up here and you use the potty if you have to go. Not your pants.”

Kenny just crossed his arms and looked away all pouty. Daddy just shook his head and left the room deciding to leave Kenny to cool down after all this. He couldn’t help but wonder now if this would succeed or not. He had hope when he started out but it was becoming quite clear that Kenny was going to have none of this and wasn’t about to cooperate with this. Daddy tried to think over his options as he washed the dishes. Perhaps switching Kenny to the briefs now would help things along. At this point the trainers were still absorbing at least half of what Kenny was putting out and acting at little like a diaper. Maybe switching to briefs which wouldn’t hold anything and which would chill more quickly would give greater encouragement for Kenny to use the potty. Although he wasn’t sure if this would work or if Kenny would just do the same as he’d been doing in the briefs. He contemplated perhaps spanking as a means to get him to use the potty but given his own childhood memories in that regard quickly discounted it. He wasn’t about to become like his own father.

Meanwhile Kenny laid on his bed glumly. He hated these trainers. He tried to think of a faster way to get his diapers back. These trainers held so little. Not much like his diapers. Much too thin. Kenny then sat up as an idea sprang to mind. The trainers were at least a little like a diaper soaking up some of his wetting. But one obviously wasn’t thick enough. But maybe he could do with the trainers what he usually did with his cloth diapers and wear a few at once. That would make them more absorbent. Although there would still be leaks because he had no plastic pants to put over them. But at least it would feel more like a regular diaper. So with that in mind Kenny got up and scampered over to his drawer and got out a few more training pants. He slowly stepped into them and pulled them up over the current pair one at a time. He managed to get three on which left only three in his drawer. The now four layer thick trainers were much thicker. Much more like a diaper. Kenny sat down on the floor and grabbed his DS and started to play some Kirby. Something to take his mind off of all this. Which it did quite well. Kenny sat there feeling more at ease in the thicker trainers as he played and much like the usual didn’t even notice when he was wetting the trainers. He just smiled as he felt the spreading warmth in his pants as he played. He lost all sense of time as he sat there. So he was still sitting there in the multiple trainers, two of which were already wet through, when his daddy came up to have him use the potty before bed.

“Kenny it’s time to use the potty before b-” Daddy said as he opened the door and then saw the multiple trainers Kenny was wearing. “Kenny are those your other trainers?”

“Y-yes. Yes!” Kenny said having stuttered being startled at so suddenly being disturbed.

“Kenny your only supposed to wear one at a time. They’re not diapers!” Daddy said now a bit frustrated.

“Well they’re all I have! You took away my diapers!” Kenny shot back as he put the DS on his night stand.

“Kenny I’m doing this for your own good. You’ll thank me eventually.” Daddy told him as he walked over and pulled his son up and checked the trainers. The two closest to Kenny’s body were soaked and the third one was quite damp with the fourth still dry.

“No I won’t! I don’t wanna use the potty I want my diapers back!” Kenny said trying to get his arm free.

“Kenny you are gonna use the potty.” Daddy said firmly although he had no idea how to back that up. “Now come on. It’s time for you to get out of those wet trainers and sit on the potty.”

“I don’t wanna!” Kenny pouted as he daddy lead him out of his room and to the bathroom.

“You will.” Daddy said as he then pulled down the four trainers and had Kenny stubbornly step out of them.

“I don’t think so.” Kenny said crossing his arms as he stood there next to the potty.

“Kenny sit on that potty now!” Daddy told him firmly.

“No.” Kenny said as he shook his head.

“Kenny one last chance. Sit on that potty now.” Daddy warned him.

“No!” Kenny said once again and looked away.

“Fine then have it your way. We’ll just have to speed things up.” Daddy said walking out of the bathroom with the wet trainers.

Kenny looked at his daddy as he walked out of the bathroom a bit worried what his daddy meant by this. He gulped at the only idea that came to mind. Of course he was right. Daddy walked to his room and grabbed the rest of the training pants. If Kenny was just going to use them like a diaper then they weren’t doing any good. Daddy took them down stairs. He stopped looking up the stairs to make sure Kenny wasn’t watching before he went to the basement door and opened it and went down into the basement with them. He put the wet ones in the washing machine with the rest and then took the rest over to a large box with a lock on it. He unlocked and opened it to reveal all the diapers he’d taken from Kenny stored in the large box. He put the trainers in there and then closed and locked the box again. Daddy stood there a moment and wondered why he hadn’t actually thrown the diapers away. Did he really want to go through with this? Did he think he really would eventually be successful? Daddy wonders this for a moment and shook his head. He was going to keep at it. In the end it was for Kenny’s own good. Wasn’t it?

Daddy walked out of the basement and then back upstairs to Kenny’s room. He opened the other drawer which contained briefs. He pulled out a pair and looked at them. They were plane white with blue along the legs and waist bands. They featured a 2 ply seat unlike the usual ones which had only a one ply seat. Daddy knew though that these would most likely get soaked over the night. But maybe that would give Kenny more incentive to use the potty next time. So with the trainers in hand he walked back to the bathroom where Kenny still stood waiting although now over by the sink and with a nervous look on his face.

“Kenny come here and get your briefs on.” Daddy said holding out the briefs.

“No not those!” Kenny said with a gulp.

“Yes these. If your going to use your trainers like diapers then well it’s time they left. These are all there is now.” Daddy told Kenny. “Now get in them.”

“T-this isn’t over.” Kenny said a bit nervously as he stepped into the briefs.

“I doubt it is but we’re a step closer.” Daddy said as he pulled the briefs up. “Now it’s time for bed.”

“What? In these?” Kenny said shocked at how thin they felt. It barely felt like he was wearing anything at all.

“Yes in those. Now off to bed.” Daddy pointed to the door.

“Yes daddy.” Kenny nodded sounding a little defeated as he walked out of the bathroom.

Kenny just knew he’d wake up soaked by morning. These briefs wouldn’t hold anything. They felt so foreign to him. He’d never worn anything this thin before in his life. He sighed grabbing his plushie as he climbed into bed. He wished things were like normal again. He hoped tomorrow would bring his diapers back. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep

Meanwhile Daddy sat down in the living room on his laptop looking over some potty training websites. He wanted ideas on how to get Kenny to use the potty. It was a bit hard to apply though as the post were for training much younger kids. So daddy discounted the idea of snack rewards. He did however stop at one idea and thought on it. One parent had suggested making the child change their own wet underwear and if they wet the bed change their own sheets and participate in washing them. Daddy knew he couldn’t let Kenny help in washing as if he was down in the basement he might discover his diapers were down there and then the process would be made that much harder. But making him change his own underwear and sheets might just help get him to use the potty. There was also another post suggesting letting the child spend more time outside so if an accident happen it wouldn’t be on a carpet. Daddy thought both sounded like a good idea. Tomorrow he’d go about putting these new rules into action.

The next morning Kenny rolled over in his bed with a yawn and a shiver. He looked down and saw that he’s soaked his sheets and briefs. He groaned as he laid there in his wet bed for a while. He eventually did get up and get out of bed and looked down at his completely soaked and chilly briefs. They weren’t a bit like diapers and at this point pretty uncomfortable. What he wouldn’t give right now for the warm feeling of a freshly used diaper around his waist. Just then he heard his daddy come to his door.

“Morning Kenny. Looks like someone had an accident. You’ll have to work on that. You don’t wanna wake up wet every morning.” Daddy told him very casually.

“I only woke up wet cuz I don’t have any diapers.” Kenny said dryly.

“No you woke up wet because you peed in your bed.” Daddy told him sounding like he was merely correcting him. “Now then get cleaned up and into a clean pair of underwear. Don’t forget to change your sheets.”

“What?” Kenny asked a bit confused.

“Your underwear and bed are your responsibility. It’s your responsibility to use the potty like a big boy and if you don’t then your responsible for the consequences. I’m not going to be changing anymore wet pants or beds.” Daddy told Kenny crossing is arms. “Now get to it. I’ll have breakfast ready down stairs and use the potty before breakfast.”

After that daddy walked down the hall and down the stairs leaving Kenny standing there quite shocked. He’d never even changed his own diaper and now he was being told that he had to change his own underwear and the bed. Kenny stood there trying to think what to do. Should he cooperate with this new rule? His undies were uncomfortable and chilly. But at the same time Kenny didn’t want to put on another pair. He wanted his diapers. Not undies! But then Kenny’s mind turned back to his original idea with the trainers. Keep going in them until there aren’t any left. So Kenny sighed and walked over to the dresser and opened the drawer which once had contained extra diapers and now had only the torturously thin and worthless briefs in it. Kenny grabbed a fresh brief and walked to the bathroom. He took off the wet briefs and put them in the hamper, then dried off before putting on the new briefs. What he did not do though was use the potty as he’d been told to. He wasn’t about to sit on that potty when he didn’t really have to. So he stuck his tongue out at the potty and walked downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast which consisted of toast and some bacon and a glass of OJ.

“Did you go potty before you came down?” Daddy asked as Kenny started to eat.

“No.” Kenny told him simply after swallowing his food.

“Why not?” Daddy asked even though he already had a good idea of the answer.

“I don’t wanna.” Kenny told him quite simply and continued to eat.

“Want to or not you will eventually.” Daddy told him.

The two spent the rest of breakfast in silence. Neither really wanting to talk to the other. Daddy could really see this was going down hill from his optimistic hopes. But he still had hope that this would work with time. So he’d push on. Kenny meanwhile still had hopes that he would eventually convince his daddy that potty training wasn’t about to happen and give him back his diapers. Of course he still didn’t know they were still in the house. But eventually he and his daddy finished breakfast.

“Ok Kenny you head outside and play. I put a potty out on the padio for you. Use it if you need to go. Try using the potty instead of your pants.” Daddy said as he put the plates in the dish washer.

“Humph.” Was all Kenny said as he walked outside and snubbed the potty he passed.

Kenny walked out back and sat down behind the tree in their good sized fenced back yard. Kenny just sat there looking up into the branches of the tree wondering how it’d come to this. Daddy meanwhile went inside to do some of the morning house hold chores. He didn’t think Kenny would use the potty soon but at least outside he wouldn’t need to clean up anything. Just as he was thinking that Kenny felt his briefs warm as he began to pee which soon began wetting the ground beneath his bottom. It was kind of nice but Kenny knew it wouldn’t stay warm for that long and it was still nothing like a diaper. Kenny sighed as he leaned back. He so wanted to be wearing a nice crinkly diaper again. His mind wondered to some of his friends who he knew were wearing a diaper right now. He sighed envying them. Of course just at that moment Kenny heard something hit against the fence near the tree and a moment or two later he saw a familiar t-rex head in three shades of green pop up.

“Hi Kenny! You up for some fun today?” The T-Rex asked cheerfully.

“I would if things didn’t stink so bad right now Tony.” Kenny huffed.

“Huh? Mommy just changed me and I don’t….” Tony trailed off as he got a good look at Kenny and saw that instead of a signature thick disposable or cloth diaper he saw the slightly yellowed briefs. “Where are you diapers?!”

“My Daddy took em all and threw em away! He says I need to start using the potty and be a big boy. I am a big boy! I just like using diapees instead!” Kenny said shaking a bit as he talked now starting to vent.

“Wow! I never thought your daddy would do that. Glad that can’t happen to me. Doc Filous says I can’t ever get trained.” Tony said absently.

“Your not helping you know! I haven’t worn any diapers since I got home from school yesterday and Daddy made me sit on the potty a few times. But I won’t do it anymore. But he’s still not giving me back my diapers!” Kenny fumed and hit the side of the tree sniffling.

“Gee that sucks. I know how much you don’t like em.” Tony nodded feeling sorry for his friend and wanting to help. Just then though his face brightened as he got an idea. “Hey! We’re the same size. You can wear some of mine!”

“Really?!” Kenny said face brightening up at the prospect of being diapered again.

“Sure. Give me a minute and I’ll bring one over.” Tony nodded before his head disappeared behind the fence.


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Kenny sat there with a smile on his face. He got up and peeked around the tree and saw his daddy nowhere in sight. He walked up to the house and looked through the glass sliding door. Daddy wasn’t anywhere he could see out the window. Kenny was in the clear. So he scampered over to the gate in the fence that separated his back yard from Tony’s and opened it up. In a few moments he saw Tony coming out of the house with a satisfyingly thick looking diaper.

“I snuck ya one of my night time ones. I know you like your diapees real thick.” Tony smiled holding the diaper.

“Wow thanks Tony Come on lets get this diaper on me.” Kenny smiled as he scampered onto the patio.

“Yeah. I bet those undies don’t feel good.” Tony said as Kenny stripped off the wet briefs tossing them to the other side of the patio.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Kenny sighed as he laid down waiting for his friend to help him into the diaper. Kenny and Tony might not be any good yet at changing their own diapers but they’d learned by now to do a good job of changing each other.

“And something tells me I don’t wanna know.” Tony nodded as he began to slide the fresh diaper under Kenny’s raised bottom.

But while this scene was going on outside inside daddy had been thinking while he was doing the chores. This potty training business wasn’t easy on Kenny. It wasn’t easy on him either. More and more as he did this he felt himself having to supress his own desire for the crinkly garment his son wanted back so badly. He’d enjoyed diapers for as long as he could remember. He snuck some in his younger years and brought some during high school. He got quite adventurous with wearing them. But of course one day at school his classmates noticed what he was wearing. He was panted out in the hallway and teased relentlessly. He swore off diapers not long after that. But the damage had been done and he was teased the rest of his high school career and even some in college as a few old classmates had gone to the same one as him. Daddy didn’t want that to happen to Kenny. He was in second grade now and other kids were starting to tease him. Daddy didn’t want it to get worse. At the same time though he also found himself receiving comments at work from coworkers. Whenever one talked about training their child or when He’d absently mention he had to get more diapers after work and then hear “Isn’t your boy toilet trained yet? Isn’t he a bit old to still be wearing diapers? Why haven’t you trained him yet? Why is he still in diapers? Is he slow or something?” Daddy would always blush at these and in a way felt much as if he was the one being teased like back in high school.

He knew that this would be hard. But as he thought he decided that maybe he could make it a bit easier. He decided to finish up the chores later and see if Kenny wanted to play catch. So he grabbed a baseball and two mitts and walked out back. He opened the door and Tony heard the sound as he had just folded the diaper over his friend and had yet to tape it. Kenny’s face paled and he felt as though he were cursed.

“Hey Kenny why don’t we-” Daddy said and then caught sight of Kenny laying nearby on the patio with Tony folding a thick disposable diaper over him. “Kenny! You know full well your not supposed to wear those anymore now get up.”

“No! I wanna wear diapers!” Kenny shouted up at his daddy although there was some fear in his voice.

“Kenny it’s time for you to be a big boy and stop wearing diapers. Now get up.” Daddy said trying to say so more firmly but not having much luck.

“W-well what about Tony? His mom says he’s a big boy and he wears diapers!” Kenny shot back trying to think of something.

“That’s different. Tony has to wear them. He doesn’t have a choice. He can’t be potty trained. But there’s nothing preventing you from being potty trained.” Daddy said however he was finding less conviction in his voice.

“I still wanna wear diapers! I don’t care.” Kenny said shaking and looked to Tony who just sat there having no idea what to do.

“Tony take the diaper and go back home.” Daddy told him looking to the young t-rex.

While all this was going on however the three had failed to hear a car pull into the parking lot. Kenny’s mom had returned early. Her conference as it turned out had been canceled. But she smiled to herself. The trip hadn’t been a complete waste. She’d met a very nice pair of Liger brothers in the air port. The younger one wore diapers too. After looking at the Liger she recognized the little one from a few Pawpers commercials. She chatted with his older brother who’s name she learned was Warren. She told him about her own son and things at school. He told her about his own town and how it had a great many diaper users in it and how common it was there. He told her that were was some new property available in town. A lot of new housing that was looking for tenants. He’d even given her a brochure for the housing and general info on the town too. She thought it was a wonderful idea. She even called Shirley on the plane. Her t-rex next door neighbor. He son was a diaper wearer too although he wore out of medical necessity unlike Kenny. The two mothers thought relocating here would be a fine idea. They could help each other move and such. Plus moving together would mean their boys wouldn’t be split up and would at least have each other right off the bat in the new setting.

She walked into the house. She couldn’t wait to go over all this with her husband. She had known about her husband’s own fondness for diapers for a while now. She was cleaning his study once and noticed he left his computer on and saw the journal entry detailing his high school life and lingering desires and also concern for Kenny in that he may suffer the same teasing. This would be the perfect solution. They’d all be happy. She just knew he’d love it.

As she walked through the house she heard voices coming from out back. She instantly recognized the voices as her husband, son and their neighbor’s boy. From the sounds of it they were arguing over something. She couldn’t make out much until she got to the door and heard the last bit of it and came out speaking up.

“Howard what’s going on?” She asked her husband in that you better give me a good answer voice.

“Huh? Sarah? Your home early.” Howard said started looking over to her. He knew at this point with pretty much zero progress made he was in for it from her.

“Yes they cancelled the conference. Now answer the question.” Sarah told him crossing her arms as she looked at Kenny who just laid there shocked to see her back.

“Well…um. You see. Alright who am I kidding. Hun I thought that while you were at the conference I could try and start potty training Kenny. I started last night when Kenny got home. I thought if I made some progress with him by the time you got back home then we’d continue. I didn’t want Kenny to….well I didn’t want him to end up getting teased so much like I did. And I guess to be entirely honest I didn’t wanna hear from the guys at work about how my son still wasn’t trained.” Howard explained folding like a blanket in front of his wife as he always did.

“Tony finish taping up the diaper before there’s a puddle on the Patio. Howard come inside with me.” Sarah told them confidently with authority in her voice.

“Yes ma’am.” Tony nodded and taped up the fresh diaper around Kenny as Kenny’s mom and dad went inside.

“This has gotta be the weirdest two days of my life.” Kenny said sitting up with a crinkle as he looked at the back door.

“No argument here. Wow your mom’s definitely the one wearing the pants in the family.” Tony nodded.

“Uh Huh and now I’m the one wearing the diapers in the family again.” Kenny said with a warm smile as he patted the fresh crinkly diaper around his waist lovingly.

With that the two boys scampered over to the tree to talk about what had just happened. Meanwhile Howard followed his wife inside feeling like he was marching down the green mile to the electric chair. He knew he’d overstepped himself here in doing all this without talking with her first. He was regretting the whole thing now.

“Howard sit down hun and relax. I’m not gonna bite your head off.” Sarah told him gently as she saw how pale and nervous he looked.

“Ok.” Howard nodded and sat down at the table with her.

“Howard I know I understand why you did all this. I know you just wanted what’s best for Kenny.” Sarah started. “But do you really think this helped him any? Did he learn anything from it? And how do you think he feels about you right now?”

“I know. I know. I started having nagging bits of doubt last night. I already started regretting it. I just wanted to see it through though. Try. I don’t want Kenny to be teased into misery.” Howard said shaking his head and looking down at his hands feeling like dirt. “Kenny probably hates me now.”

“I don’t think he’s capable of hating you. He’s too much like you.” Sarah said taking Howard’s hand. “In more ways then one.”

“W-what do you mean?” Howard asked blushing wondering if his high school secret was once again out.

“Howard I’ve known you liked diapers for a few months now. You left your computer on when I was cleaning the study and well I read the journal entry you had up. And before you go all pale and panicy on me let me say this. I don’t care.” She told him warmly.

“R-really? You don’t?” Howard asked with surprise and relief in his face.

“No I don’t. Howard I just wish you felt comfortable enough with it to tell me about it.” She smiled as the color slowly returned to Howard’s face.

“I would have but…I had put it behind me and was trying my best to just forget about it and just not think about that.” Howard sighed holding her hand.

“Well you don’t have to worry about it. I think I have a solution.” Sarah told him as she handed him the brochure Warren had given her.

“What’s this?” Howard said as he looked at it.. The cover showed two Ligers. An older one and a younger one. Warren and Lig. Warren was wearing a t-shirt and some jean shorts with what looked like a diaper sticking over the waist band. The younger was wearing a Pawpers T-shirt and a diaper. They were standing next to a sign which Howard read aloud. “Welcome to SunnyValley.”

“It’s a town the next state over. I met the two on the cover of it. The older one was quite nice. He gave me the Brochure. The town is made up mostly of people who wear diapers for one reason or another. I talked with Shirley on the phone with it. Hun. I think we should move there. Shirley is going to do the same. We can both move at the same time. There’s a new housing development there looking for good tenants and we all fit the bill. What do you think Howard? “ Sarah asked him, though she knew she already had him from the growing smile on his face.

“Wow…Just Wow. Wish we’d known about this place earlier.” Howard said as he looked it over reading the brochure.

“I checked online. There’s a branch of your company there. You could transfer there no problem. So what do you say. We go for it?” Sarah asked.

“Lets do it.” Howard said unable to suppress some excitement creeping into his voice.

“Alright then. We’ll start making the arrangements today” Sarah nodded with a smile. “Now then. You need to go patch things up with your son Howard. Explain exactly why you did all that, then tell him about our move and that his friend’s coming too, and then you two go out and do some shopping. I want you coming back home with a happy boy and a pack of diapers for each of you.” Sarah told her husband laying things out.

“For both of us?” Howard asked blushing a bit.

“Yes. You like diapers just like your son. It’ll help to heal things up to demonstrate it like this. It’ll make both of you happy.” Sarah explained.

“Oh…Ok hun. You know I love you. Oh and here’s the key to the big storage bin in the basement. It’s where I put Kenny’s diapers.” Howard told her handing her the key.

“Ok I’ll have everything back in order by the time you get back. Take the diaper bag from my car fro Kenny.” Sarah told Howard.

“Thanks.” Howard nodded and walked out back.

While this talk between the grown ups had taken place Kenny had used this time to tell Tony the horror story that had been the last 24 hours. Tony sat there listening to his friend recount the events. He shuddered at the idea of all this and was just glad that this couldn’t happen to him. He gave Kenny a hug. Kenny had smiled and was glad he had a friend like this. Just then though Tony saw the back door open.

“Kenny your daddy’s coming back out.” Tony told him and pointed.

“OH great.” Kenny groaned looking around the tree and saw his dad heading to the tree.

“Tony would you head over home. I need to talk with Kenny.” Howard asked very politely.

“Yes sir.” Tony nodded and getting up and waving bye to Kenny as he walked back over to the gate in the fence.

“I’m not taking off the diaper. I’m not.” Kenny said crossing his arms and looking away form his daddy.

“I wasn’t going to ask you too.” Howard said as he sat down opposite Kenny.

“Well what do you want then.” Kenny asked still not looking at his dad.

“I wanted to apologize. Kenny I’m sorry I did all this. I shouldn’t have forced this on you. I’ll understand if you don’t like me anymore.” Howard told his son solemly.

“Why’d you do it?” Kenny asked looking at his daddy now.

“I didn’t want you to get teased into misery like I did when I was your age. I know you were started to get picked on and I wanted to try and do what I could to curb it like this. I know now though it was probably a bad idea from the start.” Howard explained.

“What do you mean like you?” Kenny asked a bit curiously.

“When I was your age Kenny an even as I got older. I liked diapers too. I was toilet trained at the time so I couldn’t wear any and I couldn’t tell my parents. I remember watching diaper commercials intently when I was your age. But there weren’t any advertised in my size. I didn’t even know they made any that would fit me until I got older and did some looking around for myself.” Howard started to explain with a sigh.

“Really?! You liked diapers too?” Kenny asked in some disbelief although his dad’s voice sounded genuine.

“Uh Huh. But I didn’t’ get to wear any until I was older. After I got my driver’s license. I saved up money from my part time job and brought my first adult diapers. I really got to enjoying them too. Started to get more adventurous with them. I started wearing them during the day while I was out and about. One day at school though someone started to notice the crinkling though. He told his friends. Then when we were in the halls they snuck up on me and pulled down my pants. Everybody saw them and they all started laughing and pointing and calling me names. I got picked on about it for the rest of my time in high school. I stopped wearing them not long after that. I hoped they’d stop but they never did. After that they pulled down my pants a few more times only to find briefs. They chided me asking where my diapers where and telling me I should wear them so I wouldn’t have an accident and all that.” Howard said finishing up his story.

“Wow that’s really mean.” Kenny said having intently listened to his dad’s story.

“Uh Huh. I guess that plus pressure from work. I don’t know. It’s not excuse. Can you forgive me son?” Howard asked him.

“I forgive ya daddy.” Kenny nodded and gave him a hug.

“Thanks sport.” Howard smiled hugging his son close. “But your mom and me think we came up with a good way to get around the teasing issue.”

“How?” Kenny asked looking up at his daddy.

“By moving here.” Daddy said and showed Kenny the brochure and started to read it to him.

“Wow. Sounds great!” Kenny grinned happily at the thought of that. Then he thought about Tony. “What about Tony? I don’t wanna leave my best friend.”

“Your mom already talked with Tony’s mom. So we’ll be moving at the same time. We’ll probably even still be next door neighbors moving into the area.” Howard explained to Kenny.

“Cools! I get to move to a cool town and keep my bestest friend.” Kenny grinned happily.

“That’s right. We’ll be moving before too long. There’ll probably be a lot of new friends for you and Tony in the new town. A lot of cubs just like you and him.” Howard told his son and sighed looking at the brochure.

“Really? Wows. This is gonna be great!” Kenny cheered happily.

“Uh huh. Well come on. What do ya say you and me get out. Do some shopping and have lunch. I think I owe ya a new toy and some more baby things after all this.” Howard said rubbing Kenny’s head.

“Yeah! I gotta replace all my stuff!” Kenny said now remembering that and crossed his arms with a pout.

“No you don’t. I lied. I didn’t throw out a single thing. I just locked it all up down in the basement. Mommy’s putting it all back in it’s proper place now.” Howard explained.

“Oh…..well okay. But I still get to pick out some new stuff right?” Kenny asked looking up at his daddy with his arms still crossed.

“Yes you still do. We’ll be shopping at the mall so we can stop at the Pawpers store they have there.” Howard nodded.

“Okay lets go!” Kenny said hopping to his feat.

“Ok champ come on. First though lets get you some shorts.” Howard laughed lightly as he took Kenny’s hand and lead him inside.

Howard quickly retrieved a pair of shorts from Kenny’s room and told Sarah they were leaving now. She already had much of Kenny’s room back to normal. He went back down stairs and put the shorts on Kenny. They didn’t do a whole lot to hide that tell tale diaper bulge but Howard suspected that was the way Kenny liked it. So with that the two went out to the car. Howard had to stop at his wife’s to grab the diaper bag from the back and put it in his car. With that done though they both buckled their seatbelts and they were off down the road. They weren’t too far away from the mall so it took them almost no time at all to arrive there. As soon as Howard stopped the car and turned it off Kenny unbuckled himself and hopped out of the car. Howard couldn’t help but smile at his excitement as he grabbed the diaper bag from the back and took his son’s hand as they walked into the mall.

“So where to first Kenny? Toy Store first or to the Pawpers shop?” Howard asked as they walked into the mall.

“Pawpers Shop!” Kenny cheered without hesitation.

“Ok you got it.” Howard nodded.

So with that the two started to make their way to the Pawpers Shop. Daddy had been in here often enough to pick up diapers for Kenny. The shop wasn’t too large and mostly had stuff for younger cubs. But they still did carry the full Pawpers size line and some bigger cubs stuff. What the store didn’t have they could order for you or you could order it on their site and have it shipped to the store. Howard had looked at the site in more detail then he’d like to admit. He still had those diaper desires and each time he had bought diapers for Kenny here his eyes had always eventually met the adult sized package of diapers which sported a very confident looking dragon on them. Howard couldn’t help but feel more excited himself as they approached the shop. His wife knew about his desire for them and more then just told him he could or should get them had nearly commanded him to get them for himself. He smiled thinking she enjoyed that. She’d always worn the pants in the family as it were.

“There’s the shop Daddy.” Kenny grinned and pointed at it tugging Howards hand as he picked up the pace.

“Ok Ok.” Howard smiled as they walked towards the shop and then inside grabbing a shopping cart. “Ok now what first Kenny? It’s your call.”

“Um…..A new onesie!” Kenny said after trying to think of something before this came to him.

“Heh. You got it.” Howard nodded walking Kenny over to where the onesies were.

“Ooo look a Wall-E one!” Kenny grinned as he scampered over to a Wall-E themed onesie on the rack.

“Oh now that’s a nice one. Want it?” Howard asked picking up one off the rack in Kenny’s size.

“Yeah!” Kenny nodded excitedly.

From then on things went much like that moving from section to section adding at least one new article of clothing for each to Kenny’s wardrobe. Many of them were Disney themed or anime themed or what have you. Kenny was excited to get all of them. After a while though they finally worked their way to the diapers. Kenny picked out a package of some thick Gator themed ones. It was at this point Howard decided to get his as well. He looked at the sizes and saw that the kind Kenny had just gotten was also available in his own size. Howard smiled and grabbed one off the shelf for himself blushing as he did.

“Your getting some too daddy?” Kenny asked surprised as he looked up at his dad picking out a package of diapers.

“Uh Huh. I haven’t worn in years so I think I’m over due to try some. Besides Mommy’s orders.” Howard told Kenny with a bit of a laugh.

“Hehehe. Cools! We’ll match.” Kenny giggled and grinned before picking up on the last thing his dad said. “Hehehe mommy told ya to get em?”

“Uh Huh. She said she wanted both her boys coming pack with at least one package of diapers.” Howard explained still with a slight blush but a smile as he held the package before placing it into the cart.

“Hehehe. Guess mommy knows what’s best huh?” Kenny asked with a giggle.

“Yup she knows best.” Howard nodded patting his son on the head. “Now what next?”

“Umm….Oooo look! New cloth diapees.” Kenny grinned and scampered over to the cloth diapers.

Howard followed him over. It appeared that Pawpers was now producing cloth diapers as well. These were quite a good thickness and the hanging sample felt very soft and comfortable. Kenny was positively gooshing over them having always loved a good cloth diaper. Howard smiled as he felt the soft cloth diaper sample remembering his own toddler years. He looked over them and saw that they had these in the full size range. They came in packages of 10 each and were reasonably priced.

“Well what do ya say we buy some of these then. One for each of us.” Howard suggested to his son.

“Ooo! Good idea. Oh but your gonna need plastic pants too daddy or your gonna leak. Can I get some new ones too?” Kenny asked hopefully.

“Ya know your right. I will need some and sure. You could probably use some new ones anyway.” Howard nodded as he grabbed two packages of each size for the cart.

“Yay! Some nice new Plastic pants.” Kenny grinned as he felt his diaper grow warm and wet comfortably.

“Alrighty come on lets go get some.” Howard nodded.

The two then walked over to the plastic pants and such looking over the various designs. Kenny and his dad picked out various plastic pants talking about the designs on them and laughing lightly. Howard couldn’t help but enjoy this. His diaper desires had come back full force and he couldn’t help but smile and laugh as they talked and joked about the diapers and plastic pants. Howard felt closer with his son and already knew things would be alright as they proceeded to the check out counter. Howard paid for their purchase and held most of the stuff. Kenny wanted to hold the bag with his own new diapers.

“So where to now daddy?” Kenny asked curiously.

“Well how about we get you that new toy I promised and then go grab some lunch?” Howard asked.

“Yay! Toys next!” Kenny cheered happily and took his daddy’s hand nearly dragging him down the halls of the Mall.

So once more the father and son duo were on their way to the toy store in the Mall. Kenny loved the one in the mall. They had almost anything you could ask for and if they didn’t well they could get it for you. Howard never minded a visit to the toy store. It was nostalgic and he loved seeing the look of bright eyed joy on his son’s face and he looked at the various toys and rattled off all sorts of details on this character or that as he picked up one toy or another to look at. It always brought back memories of when Howard himself was that age.

This trip wasn’t too different from any other. Kenny early lead the way into the toy store and went into his lil search mode trying to find exactly what he liked. Howard couldn’t help but smiled as he watched. It was nice seeing Kenny happy. He’d seen more frowns and pouty faces of the last 24 hours from his son then he would have cared to see and was happy to make up for it. So he followed Kenny about until he finally settled on a toy which he picked up and held up to his dad.

“This one Daddy! Please!” Kenny asked giving the cutest face he could as he held up a stuffed character from a TV show. An Alligator wearing Gladiator like armor and a diaper of all things. The tag on it read Grent the Diapered Gladiator. Under it was the Super Paws Logo “Grent is my Fav!”

“Heh. Alright come on lets go get your new stuffed friend paid for. Then I think it’s time for lunch.” Howard said with a light hearted laugh at the stuffed toy as they made their way over to the counter to pay for it.

“Huh. Can’t figure why these things are selling so good.” Mused the obviously board teen fox behind the counter as he scanned it and rung up the total.

“Here ya go.” Howard told the teen and handed him the money for the Purchase handing the stuffed toy to his son who held it close.

“Thankees Daddy! You’re the best!” Kenny grinned happily as his dad put the receipt in his pocket.

“No problem now where did you wanna eat? Lot of choices in the food court.” Howard asked as they walked out of the store.

“Burger King!” Kenny cheered right away.

“Ok then lets go get us some grub.” Howard said as once more they walked off to the food court.

The Food court was quite a good sized area. It had at least a dozen small restaurants of some form selling all sorts of foods there. There were a few small versions of big fast food chains. A KFC, a Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, and a few more miscellaneous ones that were more a local flavor. Lots of people had some stuff from each on their plates trays sitting at the many tables in the food court. It was quite active as usual. Howard and Kenny had to wait in a short line. But luckily the service people were experienced and most of the people in the line already knew what they wanted so it wasn’t long before Howard and Kenny were up at the front of the line. Howard ordered a Whopper meal for himself and ordered Kenny one of the Mighty Cub Meals. This tended to be their usual order while at places like this. It didn’t take long for their order to pop up.

Howard grabbed the tray and lead the way over to a table where he and Kenny sat down at to eat. Kenny couldn’t help but giggle happy to hear his diaper crinkle and squish a little from recent wetting as he sat down. Howard was glad to see Kenny back to his happy self. The father and son sat at the table eating their food and soon the two started to talk about this or that. Howard asked about Kenny’s new plushie and Kenny began to weave Gladiator Gator from Super Paws. He went on to explain the Gator’s back story about being a gladiator fighting to gain his diapers back and how once he did get them back he freed the other gladiators who together captured the potty obsessed emperor and proceeded to diaper him up and then go forth to help any other furr gain their diapers back.

As Kenny told the back story to his dad though he stopped part way through and had a look of concentration on his face for a moment followed by a sigh and a content smile on his face. Howard had seen this reaction many times before. It meant only one thing. That a certain little diapered croc had just messed his diaper. Howard decided though to let Kenny finish his story though before he brought it up. He had to admit this character did sound quite interesting. Probably the sort of thing he’d been into at Kenny’s age where such things around then.

“Wow this Gladiator sounds like a pretty strong and well thought out guy.” Howard told Kenny with a warm smile as Kenny finished the last of his happy meal.

“Uh Huh! He’s the bestest! I really like him well guess cuz we’re pretty close. Gator, Croc. Not that big a difference.” Kenny nodded with a grin.

“Well anyway now that we’re both finished eating I think it’s time we made a trip to the bathroom. I think I know a lil croc that needs his diaper changed.” Howard told Kenny as he finished up his own food.

“Hehehe Otay daddy.” Kenny smiled as he stood up feeling his diaper sagging under his shorts as his dad dumped their trays.

“Ok come on lil guy lets go.” Howard said offering a hand.

“Carry?” Kenny asked giving his dad those big cute hatchling eyes and held his arms up to him.

“OH alright.” Howard nodded slinging the bags over a shoulder and then picked up Kenny with one hand supporting his bottom which made his full diaper squish as he was picked up and made Kenny giggle.

Howard just smiled at his son as he carried him away from the food court and over to a nearby restroom. He walked on in and found the men’s room was empty. He then walked over to one of the changing “stalls” which were essentially changing tables with deviders between them to provide some privacy. Howard proceeded to unfold the changing table and laid Kenny down on it with a squish. As Kenny laid back and relaxed Howard sat the bags down and opened Kenny’s diaper bag getting out a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder which he sat on the space provided on the changing table. At which point he pulled down Kenny’s shorts revealing his soggy dirty diaper.

“My looks like daddy’s hatchy really gave his diapee a work out.” Howard smiled as he gave the diaper a pat before he untapped it leaving it in position for a moment incase the breeze from the AC made for any last minute accidents.

“Hehe Uh Huh. Nice at be back in em again.” Kenny nodded quite proudly and gave a slight shiver as the breeze whisked around his diaper area making him wet a bit more into his diaper.

“Well it’s nice to see you happy back in them again.” Howard told Kenny as he waited a moment to make sure he was done before unfolding the dirty diaper.

With this said Howard began to wipe up Kenny’s front first and then pulled the dirty diaper out from under him and soon began to clean up his bottom, disposing of the used wipes by tossing them into the dirty diaper as he went. Once he was finished wiping Kenny up and unfolded the fresh thick diaper and slid it into place under his son’s scaly bottom and threaded his tail through the tail hole. Kenny gave a reptilian murr at the feel of a fresh thick diaper under him and smiled as Howard opened the baby powder container and began to powder up Kenny’s bottom and then front respectively. Kenny sighed contently at the powders scent and feel, always put at ease by it’s soothing nature. Once Howard had dusted off his hands he then proceeded to pull the front of the diaper up over Kenny and finally taped it securely into place before lastly pulling Kenny’s shorts back up into place.

“Ah a nice thick fresh diapee.” Kenny smiled brightly as he sat up with a crisp fresh crinkle while daddy tossed the dirty diaper into the diaper pail nearby.

“That’s right. Now ready to head on out lil buddy?” Howard asked as he let Kenny down off of the changing table.

“I guess but….hehehe I got an idea.” Kenny said with a grin on his face that only looked a little mischievous.

“Oh and what would that be?” Howard asked with a smile knowing that grin his son had.

“Well I just got a diapee change. You just got some diapees too. Why don’t you put one on daddy?” Kenny suggested with a giggle.

“Oh does my lil hatchy want him and his daddy to match huh?” Howard asked Kenny giving him a pat on the head.

“Yup Yup.” Kenny nodded hopefully.

“Well…..I guess it couldn’t hurt.” Howard nodded as he opened the bag that contained his package of pawpers.

“Yay! We’ll match! Just wait and see daddy you’ll like wearing em again. You said you used to so I bet you’ll really like em now!” Kenny cheered happily.

“Ok then. You wait right here while I go get changed into one.” Howard told Kenny as he pulled a thick diaper from the package and grabbed the baby powder.

“Okay daddy can do!” Kenny said giving a silly salute.

After getting the salute Howard smiled and walked on into the bathroom stall and sat the supplies down on the top of the toilet. He took a deep breath being both nervous and excited about wearing diapers again and in such a public setting as well. But once he was composed he undid his pants and pulled them down along with his briefs. He then grabbed the powder and began applying it to himself smiling at how nice it felt to do so. Once he was done with that he sat the powder aside and then took the thick adult sized diaper in paw. It looked just like the ones his son wore only this one was sized big enough to fit him. With great anticipation he proceeded to unfold the diaper slowly and then placed it between his legs and threaded his tail into the hole and got it up to snuggly fit his tail. With this done it was relatively easy to pull the front of the diaper up and then tape up each side securely. Howard smiled as he finished taping it up amazed at how well he’d done diapering himself since he hadn’t done it in years. Amazingly his skills at this were just as sharp as ever. With that done Howard looked down at the briefs around his legs for a moment. He was about to pull them back up but decided to simply take them off entirely. So with that done Howard finally pulled his pants back up over his diaper which did make them bulge in tell-tale places. Howard blushed a bit at his. Anyone who took a good look at that region would almost certainly know he was diapered. None the less it didn’t lessen how good it felt to be wearing the diapers again. So he swallowed his pride and grabbed his briefs and the powder before heading out of the stall.

“So what ya think?” Howard asked Kenny as he stood there and turned around once.

“Hehe Daddy’s diapeed just like me. Hehe. I can tell cuz of the bulges.” Kenny giggled as he stood there giggling.

“Uh Huh like father like son I guess.” Howard nodded putting his briefs in his bag and put Kenny’s powder back in the diaper bag and picked the stuff back up. “Alright champ what do ya say we head home?”

“Okay daddy.” Kenny nodded and took his dad’s offered hand.

So on that note the two crocs walked out of the mall. Howard may have been a bit self conscious now that he was wearing diapers. Every now and again wondering if anyone had noticed that he seemed to be just as padded as his son. If anyone in the mall or the parking lot had noticed though they didn’t say anything aloud. All things said though Howard was smiling happily as he loaded up the back of the car with the stuff they had bought and Kenny climbed into the front passenger seat. Kenny was smiling as well having had a lot of fun on this little outing. All the nastiness of the last 24 hours had been purged and now only did Kenny have his diapers back along with some new baby stuff he now had his dad back in diapers as well. He looked over to his dad with a smile as he got into the car and started it up. Kenny felt a lot closer to his dad then he had before. That’s not to say they weren’t close before but now they shared something that has been a big deal to each of them. Kenny leaned back looking out the window as they drove. He was thinking about his dad’s history with diapers and trying to envision what a teenaged diapered version of his dad might look like as the scenery passed. The image he came up with made him smile as his eyes got heavy and he drifted off to sleep on the ride back home.

It wasn’t too long before they arrived and Howard parked the car. He smiled at his sleeping son. Hatchlings or cubs or what have you always had a way of looking their cutest when they’re asleep. Howard decided to unload the car first quietly so as not to disturb Kenny. Sarah came out and helped having heard the car pull into the drive way. It didn’t take her too long to notice while they were unpacking that her husband’s bottom was now just as poofy as her son’s usually was.

“Oh I see someone couldn’t wait until they got home to try on a new diaper.” Sarah said teasingly with a smile.

“Heh. Well it was Kenny’s idea. He wanted us to match and well… it did sound nice to get diapered up again.” Howard nodded as they took the last of the stuff inside.

“I see. Well you look good in them hun.” Sarah said following her husband out to the car and watching as he gently picked their sleeping son up from the seat while she gently closed the door.

“So how’s it going with the housing development in that town?” Howard asked quietly as they walked inside.

“Oh quite well. I talked with the head guy there. Had Shirley come over and we did the set up for everything over the phone. The man seemed quite nice and went over things easily with us. We’ll be next door neighbors still in the new neighborhood. I’m not sure who else we’ll be living by though. But I’m sure we’ll get to know them well. So I’d say in a week’s time we should be all set for the move.” Sarah told her husband quite proudly of how expertly she’d handled it as they made their way to their son‘s room.

“Wow you do fast work hun.” Howard nod as he laid Kenny down on his bed.

“All this must have tired him out. It’s so cute to see him napping during the day like this. We’ll tell him the good news when he wakes up.” Sarah told Howard after giving Kenny a kiss on the forehead.

“Uh Huh. Guess so.” Howard nodded with a smile.

“Well come on crinkle buns. Lets head back to the bedroom and settle your diaper things for now. And get you out of those pants. I wanna see how you look in a diaper.” Sarah said giving his padded bottom a good pat.

“Heh. Yes dear. Guess I’ll be getting more of this kind of treatment huh?” Howard asked blushing but smiling none the less.

“You bet. I know it’ll help you relax now come along.” Sarah told Howard leading him off to their room by the hand.

So with that the couple made their way to their bedroom. Howard knew that his new diapers were going to be with him for a long time and that he had plenty of diaper play to look forward too. Sarah was happy to make her husband and son happy with the move. She was going to have some fun mothering both her boys in the new town. Kenny snoozed soundly dreaming of the new town they’d be moving too. It’d be so nice to have lots of other diapered friends just like him. All and all it seemed that everything was going to be all right and they’d seen the end of Kenny’s Troubles.

The End.

Well that's it. Hope everyone enjoyed it. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Kenny's Troubles.   Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:28 am

That was very heart warming and made my day ;D
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This is too adorable, Lig. I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner.
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Aww that was cute
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Kenny's Troubles.
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