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 Tip: How to "wear" baby diapers without it ripping,

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PostSubject: Tip: How to "wear" baby diapers without it ripping,   Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:57 am

This is mainly for teenagers since Goodnites don't fit adults. However, if Goodnites DO fit you, it'll work.

Okay, one day I had ran out of diapers, pharmacist was closed. Almost had a heart attack. Wait, they do Goodnites!

I thought of a good idea of "double pampering" more suitable for the AB/DL, but I tried it anyway. I bought a packet of Goodnites and a small pack of Baby nappies.

Got home. I have 5 hours to myself, my mum was at work. So, I opened both of the packets, took one out of each. I put on the pull-up, but not fully. I grabbed a baby nappy and put it in the middle of the pull-up, and taped the stray things to the side of the pull-up. I pulled the pull-up fully.

So, wearing a baby nappy without the stretch or the fuss for the win!
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Tip: How to "wear" baby diapers without it ripping,
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