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 Dinar Disillusion

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PostSubject: Dinar Disillusion   Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:39 pm

Yup the lil Liger's got a new story for everyone to enjoy. ^^ What happens when a diaper loving dragon has a dream about using the potty and wakes up to find out he now can?! Obviously something is amiss here. How could such a thing have happened. Why would it happen. Who would do such a thing? Why am I asking so many questions? Find out! Read and have fun. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Dinar Disillusion

Dinar was a happy young flightless dragon. He Sported black scales with dark blue on his underbelly. His hair was naturally green and he had tan colored horns. Dinar was quite a happy teen despite his lack of toileting skills. He’d always had a weak bladder and when his parents had attempted to potty train him it didn’t work out so well. So Dinar has been in diapers for quite some time. He’s never been out of them for more then a little while and having gotten so used to them he can’t imagine why he would go without them. They’ve become as normal to him as a shirt. Just a fact of life. A fact of life not quite everyone in the family had completely accepted yet.

Dinar smiled as he clipped the last ring pin on the left side of his 3 layer thick cloth diapers. He always loved cloth diapers and had always worn them. He smiled as he pulled up his plastic pants and wiggled his tail through the tail hole and made sure no bits of diaper were poking out. This was his nightly routine. Dinar strutted in front of his mirror looking at his slim yet decently muscled frame clad in a thick cloth diaper. Exactly what he loved to see. He looked over his shoulder at his diapered bottom in the mirror as he walked over to his bed where he picked up his nightly glass of water. His mom had been giving him vitamin supplements in it for a while now. She could be a bit of a worry wart about health stuff. But it did taste alright so he downed the glass before turning on some soft soothing music on his stereo. He liked to fall asleep listening to it. Dinar had no idea that his original CD had been swapped out with an altered one. Or what the “supplements” really were. But he had no reason to suspect anything as he climbed into bed and snuggled down with a yawn. Soon his eyes drifted shut and he was off in dream land.

As Dinar laid there sleeping the string of vocals under the music were busy at work. Tonight they were effecting his dreams to a greater degree as the “supplements” worked on their thing in his body slowly strengthening muscled unused for quite a long time. Tonight was the one week mark for all this and results were sure to be felt by morning. If not sooner.

Said results were already apparent in Dinar’s dreams. In his dream he was about 4 or 5 again. His mom was telling him what a big boy he was now. He could keep dry through bed time and nap time. She told him that now it was time for him to start using the potty. Dinar didn’t know why but he felt excited. He nodded and cheered as his mom took off his diapers and put him in a pair of training pants. Mommy told him to use the potty whenever he felt he had to go. Dinar nodded with a grin in the dream even though a tiny lil voice in the very back of his head was saying No repeatedly. The dream seemed to jump then and Dinar was in the living room with Legos. He stopped playing as he felt a strange pressure below his tummy and then in his bottom too. Dinar was confused for a moment as to what it was before it dawned on him. He needed to go. He got up and scampered for the bathroom to use the potty. That same small voice though was still there saying no. It now was saying to just go in the trainers but it was getting even more quite. Dinar paid it no heed as he reached the bathroom and pulled down the cotton rubber coated trainers and sat down on the brightly colored plastic training potty. As he sat there he sighed as he went in the potty. All of the sudden mommy was standing at the door praising him for going in the potty like a big boy. The little voice was still there saying now and telling him to ask for his diapers back. The voice seemed to be crying too but it was so quite now. Nearly gone. Mommy told him that since he made it to the potty so easily she thought he was ready for real big boy briefs and wouldn’t have to wear training pants or diapers ever again. Dinar found himself cheering happily as he kicked the trainers off and scampered over to mommy who held out a pair of briefs at the ready. The voice was now almost gone and was now only crying and repeatedly saying diaper. Dinar stepped into the briefs. Something didn’t quite feel right. Like he was being tricked or something. But mommy then pulled the briefs up and that feeling went away and the voice was now gone.

The next morning Dinar woke up from the dream with a gasp. He shot up and sighed as he felt he was till wearing his thick diapers. He sighed glad it was only a dream. But just then he noticed something. His diapers were dry. Dinar pulled his sheets back and looked down at the diapers and even stuck a hand in his plastic pants. Sure enough the diapers were just as dry as when he put them on last night. Then it hit him. The same feeling of pressure from the dream. He cringed as he felt this. For the first time in his life he could really tell when he needed to go and now seemed to be able to hold it. Dinar didn’t know what to make of this. He could get up and use the toilet for the first time in his life. But at the same time he felt that this might mean the end of his diapers! He didn’t want to loose them. So Dinar tried to relax and wet the diaper. But he kept getting side tracked. Like there was a little voice in his head saying. “Come on try the potty. Using it once can’t hurt.” Dinar felt compelled strangely to listen to the voice. So he slowly got up feeling the bulk of three dry cloth diapers between his legs. He slowly walked to the bathroom feeling awkward now for some reason. He was now very conscious of the fact that he was walking through the house in only a diaper. It now felt strange to him and he couldn’t figure why. He’d had to have walked around like this a million times before. Usually in a wet and messy diaper. As he thought that he found himself involuntarily cringing at the thought of pooping in his pants. Dinar shook a bit. This all felt so strange. Why did his diapers feel so foreign to him? How was he able to hold it? Dinar wanted answers but he still felt compelled to use the potty. He stood in front of it and found himself pulling down the plastic pants. He then looked at his thick diapers which now seemed absurdly thick to him. His trembling hands found their way to the ring diaper pins and began undoing them. Dinar felt unease in the pit of his stomach as his diapers dropped to the floor leaving him standing there in the buff. At the same time though this also felt more normal. He walked over to the toilet looking at it. Even though he’d never used the toilet before somehow his hands seemed to know just how to aim at the bowl. After a moment or two of unease a steam began to flow into the bowl sending a wave of relief through Dinar as he stood there peeing in the toilet and felt the unfamiliar pressure being relived. Still though it felt so strange to Dinar and he felt like his stomach was in knots. Dinar then reached forward and flushed the toilet and sighed as the compulsions seemed to subside.

“Dinar? Did you just?” Came a female voice from the bathroom door.

“Mom!” Dinar blushed covering himself as he saw her standing at the door.

“Did you just use the toilet?” She asked in disbelief.

“Y-yes. It’s the weirdest thing.” Dinar said finding himself shaking and his voice seemed unsteady too.

“What is it sweetie? What’s wrong?” His mom asked him walking in still in disbelief her son had actually used the toilet.

“I….I had this really weird dream last night about being potty trained.” Dinar told her as he felt a knot twist in his stomach and whimpered.

“Really? Tell me about it.” She said looking at the dry diapers on the floor. “You woke up dry?”

“Yeah. Anyway in the dream I was excited to potty train and was really able to do it. But it felt like it wasn’t quite me. Like it was almost me but I was….ow.” Dinar groaned again holding his stomach again.

“What’s wrong?” His mom asked worried now.

“My stomach keeps hurting when I talk about it.” Dinar told her sniffling.

“Hmmmm. Try to continue hun. Mommy’ll get something for you tummy in a bit.” She told her teen son as though he were a hatchling. That usually helped to calm him down.

“It…was like I was missing a piece of me. The real me. I could hear a faint voice telling me to stop the whole time I was…ouch. The whole time I was training. But every time I went along…it got more faint. It sorta felt like the real me. How I was supposed to be. When I finally got put into briefs. It went away entirely and I woke up.” Dinar told her holding his stomach as it kept aching.

“Have you had any dreams like this before?” Mommy asked him curiously as an idea of what was happening formed in her mind.

“Sorta. It wasn’t quite like this though. They were all kinda like leading up to it I guess.” Dinar told her as she rubbed his stomach.

“So what happened when you woke up?” She asked.

“I felt my diaper was dry and I felt weird. A little like in the dream. A lil voice that felt like I did in the dream sorta in the back of my mind telling me to use the toilet. Ow I just sorta felt compelled to do it.” Dinar said sniffling a bit feeling very strange still as his stomach continued to hurt.

“I see. Come on sweetie lets get your diapers back on and we’ll figure this out together.” Mommy told him soothingly.

“Y-no!” Dinar said and then covered his muzzle. His body trembled at the mention of diapers. “Mommy this feels weird.”

“We’ll fix it sweetie I promise.” She told him rubbing his back knowing this was frightening him given the way he called her mommy like that.

“What’s going on?” Came a male voice as they both looked to the bathroom door.

“Something’s up Chuck.” Mommy told her husband.

“What is it Lasa?” Chuck asked concerned as he noticed the diapers on the floor.

Lasa then went about telling Chuck what Dinar had told her. She didn’t want him having to tell it again as his stomach had hurt enough telling it the first time. Chuck listened to the events thinking about what this could mean. He was already forming an idea in his head.

“Dinar how long ago did those dreams start?” Daddy asked curiously.

“Sometime last week. When Uncle Jase visited I think.” Dinar told his dad as he thought back.

“Hmmm. Around the time I started giving him those Vitamin supplements Jase gave me for him.” Lasa said thinking as both of them had come to a conclusion.

“I’ll go call Rai to come over and get a look at things.” Chuck said as he walked out of the room.

“What’s going on Mom?” Dinar asked wondering what this was about. He could tell they’d piece it together.

“I think your Uncle may have done this.” Lasa told him with a sigh.

“Really? How?” Dinar asked curiously. “I mean I didn’t think I even could do this.”

“I don’t know how sweetie. How does being able to use the toilet make you feel?” She asked him.

“Strange….It feels really weird. I tried to just go in my d-diaper when I woke up but I couldn’t.” Dinsar told her finding it difficult to utter the word diaper.

“We’ll have you able to use them again in no time. For now though I think we should get you dressed.” Lasa told him looking to the diapers on the floor.

“Okay. But what about my… diapers?” Dinar asked finding himself shaking.

“We’ll put them back on you.” Lasa said soothingly.

“I don-do! Ow I do wanna wear my…diapers.” Dinar said as his stomach hurt once again.

“Alright come on with me sweetie.” Mommy told him.

Dinar nodded and followed her back to his room meanwhile his dad had called their neighbor Raikan and told him about the situation. He was not happy about any of this and made that very clear to Rai. His brother had tried to brain wash Dinar into being what he had thought was appropriate. He couldn’t believe it. He was ready to grab his brother and throw him out a window. Rai listened to him and told him he could bring someone else over to figure out how all this happened. Chuck agreed and Rai told him he’d be over soon.

“Alright here we go.” Lasa said as she slid two fresh cloth diapers under Dinar’s bottom and threaded his tail.

“Thanks Mom.” Dinar smiled as his stomach still acted upset as the diaper was slid under him and he was soon powdered.

“Be done in a jiffy.” Lasa told him softly as she pinned up the diapers and slid a pair of plastic pants on and made sure no diaper was sticking out. “How do you feel?”

“Achey but more like me.” Dinar said as he sat up trying to ignore in nagging voice saying this wasn’t right.

“Alright why don’t go get you some breakfast while I tidy up. It‘s on the kitchen table.” Lasa told him as he got up.

“Okay mom.” Dinar nodded still feeling weird and odd about wearing is diapers and kind of feeling like his mind was in a haze.

While Dinar walked downstairs his mom tidied up the room a little out of habit. In this case more of a worried habit. Her son wasn’t acting like himself and she may have inadvertently helped in making him like this. She knew somehow Jase was responsible for this. Although Dinar wasn’t his child he still acted like it and questioned their parenting methods and was not pleased to see Dinar still in diapers. He also wasn’t pleased to see Dinar taking an interest in other boys rather then girls. But he had been at least helpful and kind to Dinar at least on face value anyway. Lasa still felt like she wanted to ring his neck though.

“Hello I’m here.” Said a yellow Mewtwo who had suddenly appeared in the living room with a tan colored mouse with blond headfur who looked about Dinar‘s age.

“We’re in the kitchen Rai.” Chuck said as Dinar smiled a bit halfheartedly as he sat his cereal down which usually he would have been wolfing down. But today well that lil voice kept telling him how it was baby stuff with all the stupid lil marshmallows in it and that he should be eating something more grown up.

“I brought a friend to help. This is Click.” Rai said as he and the mouse walked into the kitchen.

“H-hi.” Dinar said with a bit of a smile thinking the mouse was cute before there was a twinge making him feel like it was wrong somehow.

“I’m here to try and help figure this all out while Rai here tries to fix it.” Click said as he walked over to the kitchen table sitting down across from Dinar where he sat up his laptop and this strange cylinder thing.

“Alright how can we help?” Lasa asked as she walked into the room.

“Bring me some of those supplements you’ve been giving him. Hmmm. Plus his Stereo.” Click said as he powered up his laptop.

“Why my stereo?” Dinar asked puzzled.

“Given what’s happened I don’t think this is purely the result of something chemical.” Click told him as he flicked his tail up which had a gold cap at the end which plugged into his computer.

“He’s a cyborg isn’t he?” Chuck asked Rai as he watched now noting the gold band on his face and arm.

“Yes. A few limbs and his eye. Also some nervous system augmentations.” Rai said as he pulled up a seat next to Dinar who was now fidgeting. “What’s wrong?”

“Urg. There’s that pressure in my rear from the dream. I think that means I gotta go.” Dinar said blushing as he had to say it like this which felt very awkward now.

“Hmmmm. Well try and go right here in your diaper.” Rai told him watching. He wanted to gauge Dinar’s reactions.

“Eww!” Dinar exclaimed in genuine revulshion for a moment and then went wide eyed. “S-sorry. I don’t know I said that. I’ll try.”

“Alright give it a go.” Rai said and watched as Dinar tried to relax and go in his diaper. Dinar seemed to be struggling and there were shifting looks on his face of near tears and revulsion.

“I can’t. I just can’t.” Dinar said with a sigh as he sat there now feeling a very strong urge to get up and go to the restroom.

“I see. This is strongly engrained whatever it is.” Rai said as Lasa returned with the pills and the stereo.

“Great set em down right here.” Click said as he motioned to part of the table.

“Alright. I hope it helps.” Lasa told him sounding very worried.

“Alright now lets see.” Click said picking up one of the pills and dropped it into the cylinder which he pressed a button on and there was a whirring sound as he typed up a bit and hooked up the MP3 Stereo to the laptop and began looking at the files. After a few moments the whirring stopped and there was a soft chime sound heard.

“What did you find?” Chuck asked leaning forward.

“Chemical analysis complete. Hmmmm. Well there are two major active ingredients. One is a…I supposed the best layman’s term for it is truth serum. Makes subjects much more susceptible to suggestion. It’s used a lot in hypnosis if your trying to implant a suggestion.” Click told them as he read the read out. “Second active ingredient is a protein enhancement enzyme. Huh that’s funny. This stuff looks like a muscle regenerative Rybodine’s working on. It hasn’t even started clinical trials yet.”

“Doesn’t Jase work for Rybodine?” Lasa asked chuck crossing her arms.

“Yes he does. Knowing him he snuck this stuff out of the lab.” Chuck groaned as he rubbed his head.

“So what do that Rybodine stuff do?” Dinar asked curiously.

“Targets weakened muscles and strengthens them by binding with it. But animal studies have shown it’s only effective if you keep taking it. My best guess it strengthened your weak bladder.” Click explained as another chime sound was heard.

“Now what did it find?” Lasa sighed as she looked over Click’s shoulder.

“Looks like the sound tracks have been altered. There’s the normal track but another one under it that plays at a different frequency. Can’t hear it consciously but you still perceive it. I think this is our culprit for the change in Dinar’s behavior. Dinar every time you’ve listened to your music on this you’ve been subjecting your self to subliminal hypnosis. That plus the pills made the suggestions in them very strong.” Click explained sounding very much like a young scientist.

“So by listening to them I’ve been brain washing myself?!” Dinar asked in disbelief for a moment.

“No wonder it’s happened so quickly and strongly. Dinar sleeps listening to it.” Chuck explained.

“Rai can you do anything for him?” Lasa asked hopefully.

“Please Rai. I don’t like being like this. I don’t feel like me. It’s like someone carved out a piece of me.” Dinar asked Rai with those big pleading eyes of his.

“Now that we know the problem I’ll be able to fix it. Face me Dinar and lean forward.” Rai told him.

“Alright.” Dinar nodded and leaned forward as asked.

Rai then leaned forward as well and gently put his hands on each side of Dinar’s head as he closed his eyes. Dinar felt the world around them slowly fade until all there was where just him and Rai sitting in their chairs in a dark void. Once things came into focus Rai let go and opened his eyes. Dinar did as well and got up and then looked down to receive quite a big shock.

“I’m wearing underwear!!!” Dinar exclaimed as he looked down at the plain briefs he wore.

“Of course you are! Your 15 years old! Not a baby.” Came a voice from a what appeared to be an older version of Dinar.

“What’s going on?” Dinar asked staring at this older version of himself. It was large and well muscled and wearing similar underwear.

“This is a mindscape. Aspects of your mind will take on a physical form here. Right now we’re in your mind. And I’d say that there is the physical manifestation of the hypnotic suggestion.” Rai explained very calmly.

“So this big bully here is the reason I’m feeling so strange? The reason I can’t use my diapers and just feel weird in general around the cubby stuff I like?” Dinar asked Rai who responded with a nod.

“Hey you don’t need those stupid things anymore! It’s high time you gave that stuff up so you could become like me! Big and strong. A man! Not some miserable baby.” The older Dinar chided him crossing his arms as a faint cry could be heard.

“What’s that sound?” Dinar asked hearing the cry which after he acknowledged it got a little louder.

“That’s nothing. Nothing you need to worry about.” The older Dinar said stepping forward and glaring at the younger one. “You’ll get out of here if you know what’s good for ya. Let me handle things. You’ll be much happier being normal. You’ll probably get a lot of girls.”

“I was happy before and I don’t really like girls.” Dinar told his older self as he tried not let fear show.

“Well you’ll be even happier now! And don’t you say that! We are not some sort of twisted faggot!” The older self fumed and growled.

“Don’t be afraid of him Dinar. Keep at it.” Rai said finally speaking up again.

“You shut it you old freak!” The older self yelled at him as Dinar began to walk around his older self still hearing the crying. “Where the fuck are you going?”

“To find out what that crying is.” Dinar told it as he walked on into the voide hearing the cries get louder as he seemed to get closer.

“I told you it wasn’t your concern now go back!” The older self demanded as it followed him.

“No. It sounds like a Hatchling. I can’t just leave it crying like that.” Dinar said soldiering on as the haze that he’d been feeling was fading.

“I said go the fuck back! Get outta here now or I’ll throw you out!” The older self yelled sounding a bit more desperate.

“I said no. This is my mind!” Dinar told him as a cage in the distance came into sight and the crying became quite clear.

“For the last time I’m warning you! Turn back!” The older self tried to command him sounding even more desperate.

Dinar ignored him feeling more like himself the closer he got to the cage. Once he reached it and looked inside he was in awe to find a toddler version of himself trapped inside. The toddler dragon was wearing what appeared to be cloth trainers. Ones in desperate need of a change given the bulge in back and the puddle the small dragon sat in. The toddler Dinar looked completely miserable and scared.

“What the heck are you doing keeping him in a cage?!” Dinar shouted up to the older version of himself.

“Keeping him from making you a baby! I’m trying to help him too. I’m potty training him. But he’s a stuborn baby who won’t even try to use his potty chair. He’s not coming out until I’m satisfied he’s potty trained.” The older self explained rather self righteously as the toddler self cringed away from him into the corner farthest from him and the training potty that was in the cage with him.

“He’s like maybe three years old for cripes sake.” Dinar said as he stood up to find the lock on it.

“Exactly. He’s well old enough to get out of those diapers and start using the toilet!” The older self growled.

“Well I judging from those tears and his trainers I’d say your wrong.” Dinar said as he found the lock which fell off the door at his touch. “Come on lil guy it’s ok.”

“No! You stay in there you little brat!” The older self yelled which had the opposite of his desired effect as the toddler ran over to Dinar who scooped him up.

“Put him down!” The older self yelled although not quite as menacing as before. His muscles seemed to have shrunk some too.

“Come lil guy. I guess you’re my inner hatchling. Wanna get out of those trainers?” Dinar asked.

“Yeth.” The toddler self nodded smiling up to him.

“No he doesn’t! He has to get potty trained!” The Older self continued to yell as it’s muscles were now even smaller and it had lost some height.

“Let me give you a hand. Over there.” Rai said pointing to part of the void which seemed brighter. There seemed to be a wall there and along it there was a changing table.

“Come one time to get you out of those nasty trainers and into something thicker and comfier.” Dinar smiled softly as they walked towards the changing table.

“No! Stop that! Stay away from that thing!” The older self said as it now wasn’t anymore muscled then Dinar was and was only marginally taller then him.

Dinar just ignored the formerly older self as he carried his toddler self over to the changing table and laid him down. Rai just stood back and watched as Dinar got the toddler’s soiled trainers off and began wiping the lil guy up. The older self kept asking him to stop as he soon slipped and became younger then Dinar. Dinar himself was unaware of the transformation his briefs were undergoing as he finished wiping his toddler self up and slid three thick cloth diapers under the lil dragon’s bottom. The toddler self giggled and smiled at the diapers as his tail was threaded through. Dinar’s briefs were now gaining padding of their own as they seemed more like trainers now. Dinar smiled as he began powdering up the toddler as the former older self was now whining for him to stop as his briefs had transformed to cartoon print ones and now seemed to be trainers as well. Dinar still unaware of this finished powdering up his toddler self and then picked up some ring diaper pints and securely pinned up the diaper as his trainers now finally finished their transformation into diapers as he slid some plastic pants onto his toddler self.

“There ya go all done. Now doesn’t that feel better?” Dinar grinned happily as he picked him up.

“Uh Huh! Look now we’re all diapeed!” Toddler Dinar grinned and pointed.

“Wow we are.” Dinar grinned happily noting he was now diapered again and the older self was now a baby in thick diapers sucking his thumb.

“You feel better now?” The toddler self asked him cheerfully.

“Lots better. Just like myself again. How bout you?” Dinar asked ruffling the toddler’s hair.

“Great! Now we can get back to normals.” The Toddler grinned as the world around them went dim and fuzzy.

“I’ll make sure to cub out extra tonight for ya inner Hatchy.” Dinar smiled as he opened his eyes and leaned back now back in the kitchen where he was.

“Did it work?” Lasa asked curiously.

“Uh Huh.” Dinar grinned cheerfully as he felt his diaper was now wet.

“He’s back to normal. Did it all by himself too. I just provided the setting and he went right to business. The lad’s got a strong mind.” Rai told them as he sat back.

“So everything will be back to normal now?” Chuck spoke up.

“Yes. Now that Rai’s fixed the mental component things will be back to normal. Dinar you’ll be wetting your diapers just like before. The physical component to this is worthless without the mental one.” Click told everyone.

“Alright. What about my music though?” Dinar asked looking to his stereo.

“While you were under I wiped it clean and reuploaded the songs onto it from a CD. So it’s right as rain.” Click smiled dreamily.

“Thanks Click was it?” Dinar asked as he leaned forward now able to appreciate the cute mouse as he normally would.

“No problem.” Click nodded with a smirk obviously picking up on the looks.

“I’m glad this has all been resolved. If I see your brother again though hun I’m gonna have a few words with him.” Lasa sneered thinking of the man.

“Agreed. I’ve got a-” Chuck said just as he was cut off by the door bell.

“Who could that be at this time in the morning?” Lasa asked as she waked out of the kitchen to answer the door.

“Company this early?” Chuck tilted his head confused as Lasa opened the front door.

“Hey Sis in law. How is everyone?” Jase asked standing at the door.

“Peachy Jase. Please come on in.” Lasa told him with forced cheer.

“Something up?” Jase asked as he came in sensing tension.

“Jase what brings you back our way?” Chuck asked with the same forced Cheer.

“Had another meeting out this way. Thought I’d stop by and see how things are. Maybe have a cup of coffee.” Jase said as he sat down noting that everyone was staring at him. “Um. Something wrong?”

“You tried to brain wash me.” Dinar said glaring at him.

“What?! What are you talking about?” Jase asked trying to sound surprised.

“We figured out what the pills were Jase.” Chuck told him leaning forward.

“And we figured out what you did to Dinar’s Stereo.” Las said leaning forward on his other side.

“Oh.” Jase said and took a deep breath to compose himself. “Well it was for his own good. Look at how your raising him. He’s 15 years old and still getting around in diapers!”

“Yes by his choice and partly by need.” Chuck glared at his brother.

“Well I fixed the need part. As Parents its your job to fix those bad choices and make the right ones for him! I mean letting him use diapers at this age? Allowing his perversion? Your clearly not doing your job so I will.” Jase said sounding very self righteous.

“I assume you mean gay when you say perversion. Call my son that again and you will be eating your own tail.” Lasa told him placing a hand on his shoulder and squeezing very hard.

“Besides Jase. Notice the abundance of successful diaper users in this town? Notice he decent blend of orientations in the town? Then notice the fact that the town is more economically stable then most of it’s neighbors. You’re a blind bigoted idiot brother.” Chuck told him.

“So what now?” Jase asked grimacing under Lasa’s grip.

“You get the hell out of my house. And Don’t come back. Apologize to your Nephew on the way out and we won’t press any charges.” Lasa told him giving him one more squeeze before letting go.

“One moment. Before he goes I have something for him.” Rai said stood up.

“Um. That’s Not necessary I’m fine.” Jase said noticing how tall the yellow Mewtwo was.

“I insist. Perhaps this will help you.” Rai told him as he took his head in his hands and glowed for a moment. “It is done.”

“Wha?” Jase asked sounding confused as to him nothing happened.

“You’ll feel the effects later. Maybe while you dream.” Click chimed in.

“Now apologize and leave.” Chuck told his brother very commandingly.

“I’m sorry Dinar.” Jase said as he stood up and then quickly made his exit out of the house as fast as he could.

“What did you do to him?” Dinar asked as they heard a car screeching out of the drive way.

“I implanted a subliminal thought in his mind. With time it should help him root out the source of his troubles and come to terms with them. Help him better himself.” Rai explained as the looked to the door. “Well at any rate I believe it’s time I get going. Click will you be coming along?”

“You can stay for breakfast if you like.” Dinar suggested hopefully.

“I’d like that very much.” Click smiled with a bit of a blush.

“Very well have fun.” Rai said as he teleported off to home.

“Well looks like things are getting back to normal.” Lasa smiled warmly as a fart sound issued from Dinar who sighed with great relief as he filled his diaper.

“I’ll say. Phew. Want a change sport?” Chuck offered his son with a laugh.

“Hehe. Thanks dad but not just yet. Wanna just bask in the glory.” Dinar leaned back and grinned as Lasa put some of the left over breakfast on a plate in front of Click.

“Yup He’s certainly back to normal.” Lasa laughed lightly.

“Well I better eat quick before I loose my appatie.” Click giggled as he dug into his breakfast.

“Hey what can I say I’m a dragon who loves his diapers. And I’m glad to be back to my old self.” Dinar nodded happily.

With that everyone continued to talk around the breakfast table about this and that as Click soon finished his breakfast wetting his own diaper. No one seemed to mind the smell from Dinar’s dirty diaper. Especially not Dinar himself. They were all just glad he was back to normal. Click was happy to have helped and suspected he may well have just made a new friend. Given the looks of interest he was getting from Dinar more then a friend. Only time would tell how this would turn out. In the mean time though all is back as it should be with our dragon boy. After this Disillusion brought on by his Uncle it’s not unreasonable to foresee a future full of diapers for this young dragon. Not unreasonable in the slightest.

The End.

Well I hoped everyone Enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. ^^


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:03 am

Ooh, really nice story, Lig! I liked it! Even though Zee-Zee would have something to say to Dinar about diapers and potties... ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:09 am

Of course even you would have something to say to that uncle too right Zee-Zee? I know Nate would have some choice words for him if Ninetales hadn't locked a pacifier in his mouth to keep him from saying them...
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:18 pm

-growls at jase- aduls are eeeebil
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:39 pm

Is a typical 'Lig short', isn't it? Good job on this story, Lig!
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Noah Kokoro


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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:40 pm

Nice short story
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:51 pm

bwo no aww adults aww ebil wook at hi pawents
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:15 pm

Quite right. They sure showed him a thing or two! Plus I'll bet he's gonna go through a bit once that little trick of Uncle Raikan's takes effect!
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:18 am

Hehe deffinitly one of your best so far Lig! ^^.
I just hope my newest story I'm working on does this well...
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:12 pm

Great story, Lig. I noticed your stories have gotten better, as has your grammar. Keep up the good work, and boo! Evil Jase! ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Dinar Disillusion   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:32 pm

'Twas a good story
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Dinar Disillusion
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