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 A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).

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PostSubject: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:06 pm

A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House

It was late one weekend night as a silver Buick made it’s way through the pitch blackness of the night, it’s headlights cutting through it sharply like a knife as it headed off, and towards some unknown location, but what for? Well the answer to that very question sat in the back of the Buick inside of a sized up car seat sucking a black, and cartoonishly shaped dog bone pacifier, smiling as he carried on doing so, completely content as he was. The fur inside that car seat was an all black beagle fur with piercing, sky blue eyes who was currently clothed in a black cotton baby t reading “Momma’s little angel”, and a pair of Pawpers brand disposable diapers. But the diaper he was wearing wasn’t one of those all white plastic backed ones though, but was actually cloth backed, and covered with various, cubby designs like balloons, kites, clouds, etc.

Now in this day and age mostly every diaper out there on the market for both cubs big, and small are plastic backed, but you see the Pawpers company, which coincidently started in the town of Denshire Falls, which our little puppy here currently lives in with his mommy, who was at the moment driving the car, decided that this would be a good move business wise to throw back to the classic, cloth backed design used centuries ago, back when Pawpers wasn’t fully furry owned, and went by the name of Pampers. Ofcourse the Pawpers company modernized the design used for back then, thusly making the diapers the black beagle fur in the back was wearing just as practical as all their other products.

Anyways this all may of not been possible if a certain lil liger didn’t suggest this idea to the higher ups, and so thanks to him Pawpers Vintage diapers were soon available in stores nationwide, but anyways getting back to the cub in the car seat his name is Victor, and the whole reason why his mommy, Veronica, was out so late at night driving was to get him over to his friend Chimour’s house since Veronica, and Chimour’s big brother Bellfry had previously scheduled a sleepover which Victor was super hyped about which showed as he sucked his pacifier faster, and faster out of the sheer anticipation.

“Excited are we my little puppy?”. Veronica asked her now sixteen year old son chuckling, having packed him a diaper bag with another twenty or so diapers, some changing supplies, his teddy bear, and even a few baby bottles of milk with said bag laying in the back of the car along side him.

“Yeth mom”. Victor said blushing a little, yet still happy, and super psyched as he continued sucking his pacifier at a now much less sporadic pace.

“Aw I just adore how you slur your speech when sucking on your paci”. Veronica said smiling as she continued driving, Chimour’s house soon coming into view as she got closer, and closer.

As Victor lightly blushed at that little comment Chimour was eagerly waiting in the living room, having set up his old school Nintendo Entertainment System with a bowl of dip on the table in front of him, and with a bag of chips close by, along with of course a few bottles of soda.

“You may wanna calm yourself down there little guy, you may get to excited, and need me to change you again”. Bellfry said shaking his head smiling, himself dressed in a black t shirt, and a pair of blue jeans which concealed a diaper just as thick as the one his baby brother was currently wearing, except his brother was wearing one of the same diapers Victor was wearing, and with no pants to cover them up, while he was wearing just a plain plastic backed one, but with of course a couple of diapered lion cubs playing on the landing zone since, well who says he can’t have a little fun indulging his inner child?

“Hehe oh okay big brother, but not being excited won’t keep this cubby dry for long, and that’s a promise!”. Chimour said giggling happily as he sat there, wearing a black baby t very similar to Victor’s except his read “Dun make me pouty! You wouldn’t like me when I’m pouty!”.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way you little scamp”. Bellfry said chuckling happily as he patted Chimour’s head, earning himself a little bit of giggling from the little guy.

Anyways getting back to Victor and his mommy Veronica they soon pulled into the driveway of Chimour, and Bellfry’s house with Veronica turning off her car after putting it into park, taking out her keys, unbuckling her seat belt, unlocking the doors, opening her door, getting out, making her way over to the back, opening the door on her son’s side, unbuckling him from his car seat, which he soon got out of, now standing outside of the car still blushing as he sucked his pacifier, taking her son’s bags out since besides his diaper bag her son also brought over another one filled with stuff he decided would be fun to have over, closing that door, and closing the door on her side, deciding not to lock it, since she was in a very nice neighborhood, and had taken her keys out of the ignition.

And so finally with a knock at the front door from Veronica, having given her son the job of carrying both bags, Bellfry came, unlocked it, and opened it up, smiling as he ushered the both of them in, which they both accepted, entering the house with Victor immediately setting his bags down on the floor once inside.

“Victor!!!”. A very excited Chimour greeted, snuggle pouncing Victor to the ground when he saw him.

“Hey bat boy”. Victor said a little surprised, but smiling from behind his pacifier as he said so.

“Hehe wow I didn’t know you liked the Vintage Pawpers too!”. Chimour said giggling as he noticed that Victor was wearing a diaper that matched his own.

“Yeah mom bought em fow me”. Victor said blushing a little underneath Chimour.

“ ‘Mom’? Silly dontcha mean ‘mommy’?”. Chimour asked smiling warmly as he got up, and off of Victor, helping him back up after he had done so.

“Don’t waste your time dear I don’t think he’ll ever call me that again”. Veronica said not upset, but sounding a little disappointed.

“I’m thowwy mommy if you want me to caww you dat dats otay”. Victor said blushing, yet smiling a tiny bit as he did so after getting back up.

“Aw thanks little guy! That really means a lot to me”. Veronica said smiling warmly as she turned her attention back to Bellfry. “So I’ll be picking him up in the morning right?”. Veronica asked, double checking with Bellfry one last time before leaving.

“Neh you can pick him up later in the afternoon because from the night they’ll be having they’ll probably both be sleeping in late”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Oh okay, oh and be good for Bellfry okay Victor? Oh and when you need changing don’t be embarrassed to ask”. Veronica told her son, smiling warmly as she did so.

“O-otay mommy”. Victor said blushing a bit more at the idea.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that Veronica. I’ve seen lots of wet and poopy diapers in my day, so I’ll know when, and when not to check him to see if he needs changing, or if it slips past me I’m sure my baby bro will be more then happy to do the honors himself right baby bro?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“You betcha!”. Chimour said giggling happily.

“Well it’s good to see my little puppy is in good paws here tonight”. Veronica said smiling warmly once more. “Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow little one”. Veronica said giving her son a goodnight kiss, and hug, with him hugging back prior to her soon leaving the house, entering her car, and pulling out of the driveway, heading back towards her house.

“Hehe so whatcha wanna do tonight ‘puppy’?”. Chimour asked giggling as he hugged Victor a little more while his big brother closed, and locked the door back.

“Oh well I see you’ve got your Nintendo hooked up”. Victor said blushing after taking his pacifier out of his mouth which he set down on the table nearest to him.

“Hehe yup yup! So you wanna play some Dragon’s Lair?”. Chimour asked giggling.

“Hah you’re not going to get me with that joke, I own a Nintendo too you know”. Victor said lightly punching Chimour in the shoulder.

“Hehe drats… Well how about we play some Battletoads together?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“But that game’s almost impossible to beat with two players…”. Victor said sitting down on the couch.

“Well where’s the fun in playing an easy game?”. Chimour asked smiling as he put the game in, turned his television to the right channel, and turned on the system, handing Victor the second player controller as he did so.

“Ho boy you’re playing Battletoads with him baby bro?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he picked up the nearest phone.

“That’s the idea big bro!”. Chimour said smiling happily as he and Victor both pressed “start”, and began playing together.

“Well I wish the both of you the best of luck, because you’ll need it, oh and hey what do you cubs want on your pizza?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Oh well where are you ordering from?”. Victor asked, blushing at that cub comment.

“Pizza Hut as usual”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Oh well I’d love the Hawaiian Luau pizza if that alright with you Victor?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Well what’s it have on it?”. Victor asked still focusing very hard on not dying as he played.

“Pineapple slices, ham, and bacon”. Chimour said licking his lips at the sound of it as he continued playing with Victor.

“Ah sounds delicious”. Victor said smiling as he continued playing.

“Okay so that’s one large Hawaiian Luau pizza for the both of you?”. Bellfry asked.

“Yup!”. Chimour said smiling warmly.

“Well okay what about on the side, oh and what kind of 2-liter do you guys want?”. Bellfry asked.

“Breadsticks, and Pepsi Victor?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“That’ll do”. Victor said smiling as he continued focusing as the soon beat the first level.

“Okay just lemme call it in”. Bellfry said smiling as he dialed the number for their local Pizza Hut, and soon placed it in, smiling as he hung up the phone. “Okay boys it’ll be here in about thirty minutes so I hope your tummies can hold on for it”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Oh I’m sure we’ll manage”. Victor said smiling as he got some chips, dipped them into the dip, and ate some of them before returning back to playing.

“Okay oh and real quickly do any of you need changing?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“I’m a little wet, but I dun need changing yet!”. Chimour said smiling.

“I’m much the same”. Victor said blushing a little, having wet himself a little on the way here.

“Ah okay, oh and you don’t have to be so embarrassed about it Victor, so just loosen up some, I mean after all it’s not like me or Chimour here think any less of ya for it”. Bellfry said smiling as he put his paw on Victor’s shoulder, making him a smile a little.

“Okay turbo tunnel time!”. Chimour said smiling as he and Victor beat the second level together, now moving onto the third.

“Oh yeah this level… Well I think I remember a little bit of the patterns it throws at you”. Victor said, soon him and Chimour making it up to the turbo tunnel where they both boarded their vehicles, the both of them very easily passing the first few parts rather quickly, until the walls, and ramps kept coming faster, and faster until it had both of their sets of eyes spinning.

“Darn it I died!”. Victor said frowning as Chimour carried on, struggling a little himself to not end up smashed against one of the walls.

“…Yes I did it!!!”. Chimour said feeling accomplished as the both of them moved onto the fourth level because of him.

“Well done!”. Victor said congratulating his friend with a pat on the back.

“It isn’t over yet Victor”. Chimour said smiling, although giggling happily when Victor patted him on the back like that.

“I know”. Victor said, although putting his game face back on as they tried their paws at finishing this level as well.

Well all their effort didn’t get them much further as they both soon lost after Victor’s character died forcing them to start over from stage one. with Chimour not accepting that, and turning off the game, frustrated as he set the controller down, crossed his arms together and pouted.

“Sorry..”. Victor said sighing as he set his controller down as well.

“Isn’t your fault.. This game is just hard, like way, way harder then what this cubby is accustomed to, and so actually beating the game tonight wasn’t gonna happen..”. Chimour said sighing as there was a knock at the door, prompting Bellfry to go, and answer it, paying the pizza guy, and placing the box of pizza, box of breadsticks, and 2-liter of Pepsi down on the table in front of Chimour, and Victor after he moved the chips, and dip out of the way.

“Thanks big bro”. Chimour said sighing as he opened the box, and grabbed him a slice of pizza which he began promptly eating.

“No problem”. Bellfry said smiling as he patted his little brother’s head.

“Hehe so what you wanna do now Victor?”. Chimour asked smiling while Victor grabbed himself a piece of pizza as well.

“Oh well I wanted to watch this”. Victor said blushing, setting his piece of pizza down before he looked through his bag, taking something out, and showed his buddy Chimour his copy of the first Care Bears movie on digital video disk.

“Ah cool! Hey big brother can you pop this in for us?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Sure thing”. Bellfry said smiling as he got up, took the movie from Victor, took it out, and placed it into their digital video disk player, turning it to the right channel before he started the movie, and also made his way over towards the kitchen where he went about collecting a couple of sippy cups up which he brought back over towards them, pouring the Pepsi into them before screwing the tops back on, and handing them to the both of them.

“A sippy cup? Are you sure we couldn’t drink it from a glass?”. Victor asked blushing a little.

“Well remember, me and your mom are friends, so I know that Veronica sometimes bottle feeds you in her lap late at night before having you sleep in your crib, so I don’t think drinking from a sippy cup will be much of a change for you”. Bellfry said chuckling at Victor’s shyness.

“Mommy, er I mean mom told you all of that?”. Victor asked blushing as he now began drinking from his sippy cup without any further excuse.

“Well yes, and really that’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I mean this town is filled with people openly liking the more cubby, and infantile life style, so just relax okay?”. Bellfry asked smiling as the last preview for another movie ended prompting the movie to start up which both Chimour, and Victor paid a lot of attention to.

“I guess you’re right…”. Victor said trying to calm himself down as he continued eating his pizza, after setting his sippy cup aside.

“Hey Victor are you always this shy?”. Chimour asked giggling as he continued eating his pizza.

“Yes, well actually much less so around my mommy, I mean mom… Why do I keep calling her that?”. Victor asked blushing.

“Hehe oh so you’re a lot less shy around your mommy huh? And you don’t have to keep calling her mom, I mean it’s not like I wouldn’t call my mommy that if she were still with me”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh okay… And yes it’s different because around mommy I don’t feel any need to be so big, so it’s easier to express myself without fear of ridicule…”. Victor said still blushing a little.

“Huh it seemed easier for you to call her that when she was still here forty or so minutes ago. Why is that?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Because it made her happy, and well I like it when I can make her smile…”. Victor said.

“Hehe cute, oh and I heard you sleep in a crib at night?”. Chimour asked smiling as he continued eating his pizza.

“Yes”. Victor said blushing a little, but not as badly as he was before.

“Good then you won’t have to expect any change from the norm tonight, since I’ve got a nice big crib which we can share for the night!”. Chimour said smiling.

“R-really?”. Victor asked sounding pretty happy when he heard this.

“Yup! Hehe I can’t imagine sleeping in anything but a nice and cozy crib”. Chimour said smiling as he continued eating his pizza.

And so eventually the two cubs had downed the pizza, breadsticks, and were now both working on finishing their sippy cups of Pepsi with the movie now almost over. Anyways by this time both of their diapers had seen some usage, but surprisingly enough Chimour was still the drier, and cleaner of the bunch, having only soaked himself a little, while Victor’s diaper was sagging from usage now as he concentrated a little, pushing a big and stinky load into the back of his diaper, smiling as he had finished before going back to watching the movie with his friend. His messy diaper didn’t go unnoticed for long though as Bellfry got up, and checked his little brother first seeing as how it was most likely him who had messed himself, but finding that he was only half way soaked, and still nowhere near messy he turned his attention to Victor who immediately began blushing when he noticed Bellfry standing in front of him with his paws at his hips, looking down at him.

“Victor did you make a stinky in your diaper?”. Bellfry asked him smiling warmly, but with no audible response from a now very red faced puppy. “Well if you’re not gonna tell me can you get up so I can check you?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as Victor hesitantly got up, prompting him to first stick his two forefingers into the leak guard of Victor’s diaper, and then give his bottom a vigorous pat.

“The verdict?”. Chimour asked giggling as Bellfry had finished.

“He’s poopy”. Bellfry said chuckling as Victor stood there blushing even more. “So what’ll it be Victor? We’ve got about twenty more minutes until bed time, so do you want me to change you now, or wait until then?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Can we wait?”. Victor asked blushing.

“Sure thing, and by then I bet my baby brother will need changing too”. Bellfry said smiling as Victor soon sat back down on the mess he had made, noticeably smiling a little at the squish it made when he did so.

“Hehe wow almost bed time already huh?”. Chimour asked smiling as their movie finished up.

“Yeah I guess it’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun”. Victor said sighing a little.

“Hehe dun worry puppy I think if it’s okay with my big brother we’ll do this again next weekend!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Yeah that sounds fine with me”. Bellfry said smiling as he sat there, in a soaked diaper himself.

“Cool! Oh and maybe we can have a bigger sleepover next time?”. Victor asked.

“Sure. I’m certain Lig, Zee, and the other’s won’t mind having one next weekend”. Chimour said smiling as he hugged Victor as he now began filling up the back of his diaper, and began wetting himself.

“Smells like you need changing there Chimour”. Victor said scrunching his nose up a little.

“Yeah you managed you fill your diaper up before me, but trust me it was just a fluke since besides Lig no one’s better then me at filling up his, or her diaper!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Huh I guess it was because I had so much to eat before coming over…”. Victor said blushing a little.

“Must be! Hehe next time it’ll be me who’s messy first, and you can count on that!”. Chimour said smiling as he continued hugging Victor as the twenty minutes they had left soon ran up prompting Bellfry to get up and off of his own soggy bottom, and lead the both of them into Chimour’s room, along with Victor’s diaper bag.

“Okay cubs who wants to be changed first?”. Bellfry asked setting the diaper bag down, patting the changing table invitingly as he asked.

“Well since Victor’s a guest here he can go first”. Chimour said smiling.

“Thanks Chimour”. Victor said blushing as he walked over to Bellfry, who picking him up as if he were an actual cub, laid him down on the changing table prior to taking the needed changing supplies out of Victor’s diaper bag, and untapping Victor’s dirty diaper, but while leaving the front over Victor’s front to act like a shield just in case.

“No problem”. Chimour said smiling as Victor began wetting into the diaper openly after a cool breeze swept across his front, causing his face to turn a really bright shade of red.

“Okay then lets get to work stinky”. Bellfry said smiling as he brought the front of the diaper down once Victor had finished, taking up wipe in paw prior to very gently wiping up Victor’s front.

“Do you have to tease me?”. Victor asked blushing as his front continued being gently wiped clean by the big vampire bat.

“Why yes I do puppy, and wow you sure can fill a diapee can’t ya?”. Bellfry asked carrying on after he set aside the used wipes, and after finishing up with Victor’s front, before he lifted up Victor’s backside with fresh wipes in paw which he promptly began using to now wipe up Victor’s messy bottom.

“I guess…”. Victor said blushing, but giggling lightly as he did so.

“Aw see you like being treated like a little stinky puppy! Oh yes you do!”. Bellfry said chuckling as he continued cleaning up Victor’s bottom before soon finishing, taking the diaper out from underneath Victor, placing the used wipes into it, balling it up, discarding the used diaper into the diaper pail, taking out the new diaper, lifting up Victor’s bottom again, sliding the new diaper underneath Victor’s now elevated backside, threading Victor’s tail through the back of the diaper, and powdering up his right paw before he began very gently powdering up Victor’s backside.

“Ah okay I am enjoying this a little bit…”. Victor said blushing, but giggling a little as this carried on.

“And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it because lots of furs who’re in someway cheated out of their childhood all seem to enjoy it themselves, so it’s not unnatural or wrong in any way”. Bellfry said smiling warmly as he continued powdering Victor’s backside before soon finishing, gently lowering down Victor’s bottom, re-powering up his paw, and now very gently powdering up his front.

“Thanks Bellfry”. Victor said feeling much more at ease now.

“No problem cubby, and there ya go, good as new!”. Bellfry said smiling as he finished powdering up Victor’s front, and lifted the front of Victor’s new diaper up, and over his front prior to taping it on all nice, and super snug.

“Thanks!”. Victor said once again, smiling as he did so, although a little surprised as Bellfry picked him up again, and soon laid him down into the crib him, and Chimour would soon be sharing together, tucking him in with one of his chilled baby bottles of milk, and with his teddy bear.

“No problem, and okay you’re next little guy!”. Bellfry said smiling as he picked up his now giggling baby brother, and laid him down onto the changing table, the entire process repeating itself as Bellfry soon finished, laying Chimour down into the crib with Victor, tucking him in as well with his teddy bear, and a chilled baby bottle filled with milk of his own before turning on the mobile to the crib, turning on the night light, turning off all the other lights, and leaving, but at the same time making sure to leave the door open a creak, and leave the lights in the hallway on as he walked over to his room, and went to changing himself out of his soaked, and now kinda messy diaper.

“Tonight was fun huh Victor?”. Chimour asked yawning a little before he began drinking from his bottle, and snuggling his teddy bear contently.

“Sure was”. Victor said yawning, and doing much the same as Chimour was now doing, the two of them both soon falling soundly asleep while cuddling their teddy bears, and after draining at least half of their bottles each.

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:19 pm

Woot! Fantastic job Chimour. Very cute story all around. ^^


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:25 pm

Tanksees Lig!!!
*Snuggle pounces you*
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PostSubject: Re: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:50 pm

bellfry the bat... chimour, you just got a giggle out of me n.n
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PostSubject: Re: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:03 pm

terry wrote:
bellfry the bat... chimour, you just got a giggle out of me n.n
Bellfry is Lig's character, so Lig got a giggle out of you.
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PostSubject: Re: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:41 am

Heheh, it was a cute story bro.
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PostSubject: Re: A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).   

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A Puppy’s Sleepover At “Bat Boy’s” House (A short story).
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