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 The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)

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PostSubject: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:08 pm

The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Cubs in love!/When push comes to shove!)

It was a chilly day in the middle of November as Chimour promptly grabbed his book bag out of a nearby chair, having hastily scarfed down the remainder of his breakfast just a few moments ago as he now bolted out of the house obviously in a huge rush this morning. “Why?” You may find yourself asking? Well because ever since a few weeks ago after Bellfry had pulled a few hundred strings with the Denshire Falls board of education Chimour has been enrolled in the local school here in Denshire Falls, but with this being his first day since those last few weeks were given to him for preparation since obviously he hadn’t done so before, because school was out by default due to several teachers calling in sick with one dying, and lastly because it had been snowing so much lately.

And so Chimour still rushing just barely managed to make it onto the school bus bound for the school he’d now be attending, and had soon made his way towards the back of the bus, sitting down after spotting a familiar face which he had identified as Lig’s, a fellow diaper wearing fur, and expert at diaper filling.

“Hey Lig!”. Chimour greeted smiling having sat down in the seat across from Lig’s since Lig already had someone else sitting with him.

“Oh hey Chimour! Oh I’d like to introduce you to a buddy of mine okay?”. Lig asked smiling.

“Sure, go right ahead”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh well okay Chimour this is my buddy Kenny, and Kenny this is Chimour!”. Lig said getting his two friends acquainted.

“Hi!”. Kenny greeted smiling.

“Yo. Oh and hey Lig is he, well you know.. Like us?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yup, diapeed and all”. Lig said whispering this to Chimour so no one but Chimour, and Kenny heard him.

“Cool!”. Chimour said giggling, and smiling over towards Kenny who smiled back.

“So Chimour you’re finally going to school with me and the rest of the guys then huh?”. Lig asked.

“Yup”. Chimour said smiling.

“Well suppose I’ll have to introduce you to the rest of my friends then over at the school, since well we don’t meet up with each other outside of school much”. Lig said smiling.

“Oh well okay, I’m looking forward to it!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh and since this is your first day of school ever are you going to start off in first grade or something?”. Lig asked giggling at the thought.

“Nope. I took a few tests before being enrolled, and well I met the standards, and so I’ll be in the same grade as you”. Chimour said smiling.

“Ah well good luck on your first day at school buddy!”. Lig said smiling.

“Hehe tanksies!”. Chimour said smiling as he got himself comfortable, and fell asleep on the bus, trying to make sure he was one hundred percent ready for what the teachers had to throw his way today.

Soon though the bus had arrived at the school, and as soon as it had come to a complete stop in front of the building Lig got up, and tapped Chimour’s shoulder until he woke back up.

“Thanks Lig”. Chimour said yawning as he slipped his book bag over his shoulders with said book bag containing all of the books he’d need for the rest of the year.

“No problem”. Lig said as he walked back up towards the front of the bus, and soon exited it along with all the other students, and with Kenny following close behind.

Chimour had soon followed suit, not worried one bit at the lack of diapers in his book bag since his big brother Bellfry had dropped a bunch of changing supplies for him off at the nurse’s office, and so as far as that went he was covered. Chimour eventually caught up with Lig, and Kenny up in the halls who looked to be heading towards their lockers respectively as he got closer to them.

“You do remember which locker is yours right buddy?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Oh yeah, but guess who just so happens to be lockers buddies with me?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Hehe wow what a coincidence”. Lig said giggling as he accessed his locker, and took the books he’d need for the first class of the day out.

“Yeah I know right?”. Chimour asked smiling as he soon had his locker opened after putting in the combination, and began neatly cramming it with all the books he had been carrying all this time except for the ones he’d need for his first class which just so happened to be history something he, a seven hundred, and forty nine year old vampire bat fur should excel at, and also even more coincidental it was the same first class of the day Lig had.

“Wow you’re first class is history to? Hehe hey you wanna sit next to each other in class?”. Lig asked smiling.

“You know it”. Chimour said giggling as he put a few other things into his locker, and had soon closed it back, thusly resetting the lock.

“Oh hey just wanted you to know, but Slen and his goons also attend this same school, and even worse they’re apart of the detention squad, so be careful”. Lig said warning Chimour ahead of time as Lig guided Chimour towards the classroom which they both soon entered prior to of course sitting right next to each other in class.

After that class was over the padded duo then attended math class together, and then science class which Lig really excelled at. But near the end of science class, and beginning of the lunch period Chimour, and Lig both really needed changing, and so before lunch started the two super soggy, and messy cub buddies made their way towards the nurse’s office, and had both soon entered just as the nurse had finished with changing a young female rabbit fur’s Pawpers with said rabbit fur looking to be in her preteens, much like Lig, and Chimour.

“Okay Jessica, all done”. Nurse Rosetta said warmly as she disposed of the used Pawpers with Jessica, the aforementioned female rabbit fur adverting her attention solely upon both Lig, and Chimour, blushing as she did so which really showed on her mostly white fur, with the few patches of fur on her body which weren’t white being soot black.

And with that Jessica, still rather blushy as she sat there in just her pink tank top, and mostly all white pair of Pawpers got up, and off of the changing table prior to picking up her loose fitting soot black pair of jeans prior to putting them on, and doing up the zipper, and button, and with that left the three of them there which is when the kindly nurse Rosetta, a female brown bear fur which looked to be about twenty five to thirty two years old directed her attention to our two very smell protagonists.

“Pee yew! Smells like you two need changing pronto!”. Nurse Rosetta said smiling as she scrunched her nose up, causing Lig, and Chimour to start giggling a little since they could tell by the inflections in her voice that she was teasing them in good spirit.

“No but seriously the two you really need changing, so which one of you wants to go first?”. Nurse Rosetta asked kindly.

“Hehe I nominate Chimour!”. Lig said pushing Chimour forward a little towards Nurse Rosetta.

“Is that alright with you Chimour?”. Nurse Rosetta asked chuckling a little.

“Hehe okay, but just make sure to be gentle okay?”. Chimour asked pulling his pants down to expose his wet, and messy Pawpers.

“Don’t worry! You’re in good paws”. Nurse Rosetta said helping Chimour up onto the changing table, chuckling a bit more as Chimour laid down with the mess in the back of his Pawpers squishing quite audibly as she meanwhile as Chimour laid there got all of the supplies Bellfry had given her ready including some baby powder, another diaper, with this one sporting Chimour’s favorite diaper ninja, Shiro the bat ninja master, and lastly some baby wipes.

And so nurse Rosetta began changing Chimour, first by untapping Chimour’s Pawpers, but still keeping them folded against him just in case he spontaneously began wetting again as cubs like him often times do. Anyways soon enough a small breeze swept across Chimour’s front, and made him start wetting again which nurse Rosetta responded to by warmly chuckling until he had finished prior to her bringing the front of his Pawpers completely down, taking wipes in paw as she now began gently cleaning up Chimour’s wet front.

“Hey um.. Mrs. Rosetta?”. Chimour said as the kindly nurse continued cleaning up his front.

“Yes hun?”. Nurse Rosetta asked as she soon finished cleaning up Chimour’s front, discarded the used wipes, took some more out, lifted up Chimour’s bottom, and began gently wiping it.

“Umm.. Who was that girl that was just in here again?”. Chimour asked blushing a little.

“Her name’s Jessica, oh and why do ya ask?”. Nurse Rosetta asked smiling as she continued cleaning Chimour’s backside prior to finishing, taking the messy diaper out from underneath him, putting the used wipes into the diaper, balling up the diaper, throwing it into the nearby diaper pail, unfolding the new one, re-elevating Chimour’s backside, and sliding the new diaper underneath Chimour’s bottom before soon having his stubby, black tail threaded through the back of the diaper.

“Oh no reason…”. Chimour said blushing a lot more at the moment then he was awhile ago.

“Ah I see… You’ve got a crush on her don’t you?”. Nurse Rosetta asked chuckling as she powdered up her right paw, and re-elevated Chimour’s backside prior to rubbing in the powder as gently as she could.

“N-no! No I don’t..”. Chimour said still blushing really badly as nurse Rosetta soon finished powdering his backside, and laid it back down onto the diaper prior to re-powdering up her right paw, and now focusing on gently rubbing the baby powder into Chimour’s front.

“Suuuure you don’t”. Nurse Rosetta teased chuckling as she did so prior to soon finishing with powdering up Chimour diaper area as she now brought the front of his Pawpers up, and snugly taped them onto Chimour.

“At any rate you’re all clean now, and ready for lunch so skedaddle while I change your buddy Lig here”. Nurse Rosetta said smiling as she picked Chimour up, and off of the changing table prior to standing him back up, patting his freshly padded bottom, and handing him his soot black jeans which he slipped on prior to doing them up, still rather blushy from all the teasing as he made his way over towards the lunch room.

Changing Lig’s diaper was very much the same, and soon nurse Rosetta had finished with him as well taping him into a diaper with Super Paws on the landing zone, smiling as she handed him back his blue shorts which he wore so often, but not before giving his padded bottom a pat much like she did for Chimour’s.

“Hehe thanks Mrs. Rosetta!”. Lig said giggling as he slipped on his shorts, and made his way towards the lunch room where he knew his buddy Chimour was at waiting in line.

Soon Lig caught up with his buddy Chimour in line smiling as he grabbed a nearby lunch tray, and giggling as he saw they were serving tacos of all things for lunch today.

“Hehe looks like your big brother Warren’s gonna have a huge mess to clean up once you get back home huh Liggy?”. Chimour asked giggling as he got some tacos, a carton of chocolate milk, some corn, some cheese covered nachos, and lastly some fruit cocktail prior to waiting on his friend at the end of the lunch line to fill his lunch tray as well.

“Hehe you bet, but hey you’re one to talk huh?”. Lig asked giggling as he picked out pretty much what Chimour did, and caught up with him prior to leading his friend over towards a lunch table where only a raptor fur, a tyrannosaurus fur, a raven fur, and Kenny, who Chimour had met recently on the bus, sat.

“Hehe you got me there”. Chimour said smiling as he sat down at the table Lig had led him over towards.

“Well anyways Chimour I’d like to introduce you to my friends here. You and Kenny have already met, but this is my friend Tony”. Lig said smiling as he motioned towards the greenish tyrannosaurus fur who at the moment wore a pair of kaki shorts, and a similar shirt to Lig’s but instead of being black, and red was blue, and black.

“Hey!”. Tony said energetically, offering Chimour his hand which Chimour promptly shook, smiling as he did so.

“My friend Spencer”. Lig said motioning his paw towards the aforementioned raptor fur who was wearing a grey, and sleeveless t shirt, along with a pair of cargo pants.

“Hey”. Spencer said smiling as he offered Chimour his hand since Tony had finished shaking it.

“Nice to meetcha”. Chimour said smiling as he shook Spencer’s afore offered hand.

“And my friend Edger”. Lig said smiling as he motioned his paw one last time towards the aforementioned raven fur which much like Chimour dressed in all black attire with the small exception of a red scarf which had a very small microcomputer built in, but otherwise wore a black t shirt with short sleeves, and a pair of black shorts.

“Salutations!”. Edger greeted smiling as he waved towards Chimour happily, with Chimour of course waving back, smiling as he did so.

“So anyways Lig we’re having Mexican again..”. Tony said giggling softly as he began eating his tacos.

“Hehe I know what you’re getting at, but Chimour already made a dirty diaper joke about that, so sorry Tony, but he beat ya to it”. Lig said giggling softly as he began eating his tacos as well.

“Hehe drat!”. Tony said taking a hiatus from eating his tacos as he snapped his fingers.

“So he already knows about ya wearing diapees Lig?”. Spencer asked smiling as he focused on his food as well.

“Knows about it? Heck he’s a crinkly fur himself!”. Lig said giggling as he continued eating his food.

“Oh? By need, or because he likes wearing em?”. Edger asked curiously as he began eating his food.

“Because I like wearing em! Of course I was never potty trained either, so I guess I also need to wear em”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh same here”. Edger said smiling as he continued to eat his food.

“I was never potty trained either, so I just wear cloth at home, and disposables out in public”. Kenny said smiling as he continued eating his food.

“Ah well as for me I have very weak bladder muscles, and so I wear em since that way it’s more convenient, and so I don’t have to worry about accidents”. Spencer said smiling.

“What about messing?”. Chimour asked curiously as he continued to eat his food.

“Well thing is even though I can hypothetically use the potty for that I don‘t because I don’t mind just messing my diaper like everyone else here, and so I use them for both”. Spencer said smiling as he continued eating his food as well.

“As for me, well I’m incontinent, so enough said right there!”. Tony said smiling as he continued eating his food like everyone else.

Anyways after that conversation they had had for the most part it was completely quiet at that particular lunch table, excluding the sounds being made as the six of them continued eating their lunches, and remained for the most part silent until Chimour set his nachos aside, cleared his throat a bit, and got their attention.

“So uh.. Guys I was curious if you could tell me anything about that girl Jessica?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Which one?”. Spencer asked curiously.

“Oh just the one our baby batty buddy here has a HUGE crush on!”. Lig said giggling.

“I do not! And the mostly white, rabbit fur one wearing the pink tank top, and black jeans..”. Chimour said blushing.

“Ah yes that one. Well what would you like to know my fellow night toddler?”. Edger asked smiling.

“Night toddler?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yup. That’s what I call fellow Goth furs, well if they’re padded like you, and me. Reason being that we’ve both toddled around the house before right?”. Edger asked smiling.

“Right!”. Chimour said giggling. “Anyways can you tell me what kind of people Jessica hangs out with?’. Chimour asked curiously.

“And you’re certain you’re not in love with her?”. Edger asked grinning.

“No I’m not”. Chimour said pouting a little.

“Hehe alright well you see she’s a very bashful fur, and so she doesn’t hang around anyone really.”. Edger said.

“Oh well okay”. Chimour said sighing a little.

“You should go over and see her man”. Spencer said chuckling.

“Huh? You think?”. Chimour asked uncertainly.

“Well yeah, I mean you’ll never know if she say likes you unless you go over there, and take the chance to get to know her”. Spencer said smiling.

“Well okay…”. Chimour said nervously as he picked up his tray, and made his way towards a lunch table where nobody else sat other then Jessica, which fortified what Edger told him about her.

“Good luck buddy!”. Lig cheered on as Chimour made his way over to the table which he soon sat down at, and next to Jessica, surprising the young rabbit fur just a bit.

“Hey..”. Chimour greeted shyly as he looked down at his tray.

“Hi…”. Jessica responded just as shyly, if not more so then Chimour.

“So… Uh where you from?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Oh me? I was born, and raised here”. Jessica replied.

“Ah, well why are ya, well you know?”. Chimour asked.

“I… I’d rather not talk about it”. Jessica replied.

“Sorry. Well for me I was never potty trained, so that’s why I wear em”. Chimour said thinking that if he shared some info on himself that she’d be more keen, and less shy to tell him stuff about herself.

“Ah okay…”. Jessica replied.

“I’m sorry, am I bugging you?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“No it’s just that I’m not used to socializing with fellow classmates, and well you’re the first one to bother coming over here, and try to have a conversation with me”. Jessica said.

“Ah okay well do you want to get together sometime, and I dunno.. Watch a movie or something?”. Chimour asked blushing.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”. Jessica asked blushing just as much as Chimour.

“N-no! I just thought it’d give us both something to do, and give us both a way to sorta spend time with each other..”. Chimour said blushing.

“Oh well how about this instead? How about you come over to my place tonight, and once there we can spend time together? See I’m having a sleepover tonight, and I’d really like it if you could come”. Jessica said shyly.

“Sure! I’m there! But um can you tell me where you live?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Oh sure. I live at 1109 Acacia Avenue”. Jessica said smiling.

“Cool! And “Acacia Avenue” like in that Iron Maiden song?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Yup”. Jessica said smiling.

“Yeah I really enjoy Bruce Dickenson’s vocals on the whole album”. Chimour said smiling.

“Yeah.. But I prefer Paul Di’anno more personally”. Jessica said smiling.

“Me too, and wow you listen to metal Jessica?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Yeah. Why would I not?”. Jessica asked smiling.

“It’s just most girls are usually turned off by the whole metal scene”. Chimour said.

“Yeah, but I’m not most girls, I’m my own fur”. Jessica said.

“I like you Jessica, I think we’re going to have loads of fun tonight”. Chimour said smiling.

“I sure hope so”. Jessica said smiling.

“Well guess I’ll see ya then!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh okay”. Jessica said smiling as she waved Chimour off, and so soon Chimour had returned back over towards the table where Lig, and the guys sat before soon sitting back at the table.

“So how’d it go?”. Lig asked smiling.

“It went fairly well! She invited my to her sleepover tonight”. Chimour said smiling.

“Glad to hear it, oh and you’d better hurry up bud, lunch is almost over”. Lig said smiling since all of them had finished their lunches with their trays now completely empty.

“Oh right!”. Chimour said gobbling up the rest of his food as fast as he could prior to all six of them putting their trays up, and exiting the lunch room together.

“So where to next Lig?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well after lunch we always have gym class, you know to kinda burn off all those calories we just ingested”. Lig said smiling.

As the six of them kept going in the direction of the gymnasium they soon started hearing sounds coming from further down the hall, sounds which sounded like a distressed fur calling out for help.

“Well, well, welly, well, well! Look at what we have here…”. Came a reptilian voice from down the hall, and around the corner.

“Oh no that sounds like Slen..”. Lig said as we grew closer to the source of the reptilian tone, before soon turning around the corner to see Slen, and his whipping boys, Daniel a muscular, and brutish grey rhino fur, and Travis a fairly muscular weasel fur with brownish fur, bullying what appeared to be a solid black beagle fur which appeared to be in his teens with his blue jeans down exposing his Pawpers.

“Looks like one widdwe puppy here is to much of a cubby to wear underwear like the rest of us, and is instead wearing diapees just like a widdwe cubby wubby!”. Slen said mockingly as he snapped his fingers thusly prompting Daniel to get in closer, and beat the beagle fur up.

However before Daniel could lay even a finger on him Chimour came in like a bat out of hell, and delivered a solid hook to Daniel’s face, thusly sending him back a few feet.

“What the hell? Oh it’s the diaper brigade. Came to rescue diaper butt here did ya? Well I think it’s time you cubbies learned not to meddle in affairs that don’t concern you!”. Slen said as he snapped his fingers prompting Travis to now attack them, but before he could the fight was abruptly interrupted as the gym teacher, Mr. Nasty came in blowing his whistle to get their attention.

“What’s going on here, and why aren‘t the ten of you in gym class?”. Mr. Nasty asked.

“I’m sorry sir… Are we late? Oh and as for what’s going on here Slen, and his goons were picking on this beagle fur over here, and were about to assault him, so I stepped in”. Chimour explained.

“No you’re not late, but I came out here thanks to all the commotion to see what was going on. Oh and how very noble of you, but really why should I believe that?”. Mr. Nasty asked.

“But it’s the truth! I mean how else would you explain Victor sitting down over there with his pants around his ankles?”. Lig asked calling the beagle fur by name.

“Yeah, I mean we’re not the culprits here, it’s Slen, and his goons who’re the ones at fault!”. Edger said testifying his, and his friend’s case.

“Do you have any proof? And Victor probably didn’t do up his jeans correctly, so they fell down, and he did along with them thanks to being tripped. And who’s to say Slen, and his friends here weren’t trying to help him back up?”. Mr. Nasty asked smugly.

“But it’s true! Slen and his goons jumped me!”. Victor said.

“Shut up! I’ve heard all I’ve needed to hear, and as for you, you’re coming with me”. Mr. Nasty said pointing at Chimour.

“Me? Why?”. Chimour said shocked.

“Because you assaulted Daniel over there. Isn’t that right Slen?”. Mr. Nasty asked.

“Yes sir it is! He knocked em out cold”. Slen said with a smirk.

“This can’t be happening…”. Chimour said completely flabbergasted.

“Shut up! You did the crime, and now you must accept your punishment. You are to go to the principles office, receive twenty licks, and have you’re big brother pick you up from school, and also you’re to be suspended for tomorrow. Do I make myself clear?”. Mr. Nasty asked.

“Yes sir..”. Chimour said bitterly as he desperately tried to restrain himself from socking this teacher one.

“Good, now be an obedient little cubby, and head over to the principle’s office, and also since you’re new to this school I’ll have Lig guide you there”. Mr. Nasty said as he and everyone else except Lig, and Chimour went into the gymnasium.

“Damn it. The fucking prick…”. Chimour said swearing underneath his breath since it was the only method available for him currently to vent his anger, and vent it fast.

“I know buddy, I know… We used to have a good gym teacher called Mr. Cooper, but he passed away very recently from a heart attack, hence why the hiatus for school to start back up was so big, and well I guess we got stuck with mean old Mr. Nasty since the school had to hire someone quickly, and on such short notice.”. Lig said sighing.

“Well lets get this over with..”. Chimour said sighing as he walked over towards the principle’s office with Lig leading him there. Talking amongst each other about what had happened, and about how to get Mr. Nasty fired.

And so soon they arrived, with Chimour entering the principle’s office like he was on death row, and soon met up face to face with the principle, Mrs. Evans.

“Okay Chimour lets get this over with. Your big brother has already been called, so all that’s left to do now is get your spanking out of the way”. Mrs. Evans said as she took out her paddle which had holes drilled into it so that there’d be less wind resistance thusly creating a more painful spanking.

“Do I have to take my diaper off?”. Chimour asked.

“No you can leave it on because it won’t be thick enough to matter”. Mrs. Evans said as Chimour got over her desk, and as she began spanking him.

The first few whacks made Chimour cringe, the next few made him yelp, and by the twentieth smack Chimour was crying with his diaper sagging since he had wet it heavily during the spanking.

“Okay all done, now we’ll just wait for your brother to arrive, and then you can go home okay?”. Mrs. Evans asked.

“Okay”. Chimour said still sniffling as he walked out of the office, and over to Lig, who he stood next to with Lig trying to comfort his friend prior to Chinour’s big brother soon enough arriving there to the school.

Bellfry soon walked through the doors where he met up with Chimour prior to hugging him just as tight as Lig did before.

“You’re not mad at me?”. Chimour asked sniffling.

“No. I mean they told me you were sent to the principle’s office for assaulting one of Slen’s friends when I asked them way you were being punished, and so knowing you, you were obviously trying to stop them from picking on someone, and somehow ended up being the one demonized”. Bellfry said infuriated with how the people at this school treated his baby brother.

“Uh huh! It was that mean old Mr. Nasty! He had all the evidence he needed, and yet he acted like none of it even existed, and just put all the blame on Chimour..”. Lig said saddened.

“Well baby brother I’m not letting you come back to this school before this Mr. Nasty is fired, and replaced as soon as possible”. Bellfry said as he continued holding his baby brother close to him.

“My bottom huuurts brother…”. Chimour said still sniffling as he held onto Bellfry’s jacket, and buried his teary eyed face into his brother’s chest.

“Sssh… There, there it’ll be alright baby brother”. Bellfry said as he picked up Chimour and continued holding him. “Lig you should get back to class, and if this Mr. Nasty pulls anything else similar to this during class I want you to report it to me. Do you understand?”. Bellfry asked.

“Yes sir, I understand”. Lig said as he made his way back towards gym glass while Bellfry meanwhile carried his baby brother back towards the car he drove here in.

“Well I was really hoping your first day of school would be a nice one, but I guess these things don’t always work out like how we wanted them to”. Bellfry said soon reaching his car which he stood his brother up next to.

“Oh and baby brother do you need changing?”. Bellfry asked since he knew that after what his brother’s bottom had been through, that it’d probably be very soggy at least if not messy.

“Yes. That mean principle spanked me so hard that I soaked my Pawpers”. Chimour said sniffling sadly.

“Well okay lets get you changed then”. Bellfry said as he opened one of the back seat car doors of his car, and took out the diaper bag he brought with him prior to searching through it, and taking out Chimour’s pacifier, a fresh diaper, with this one featuring Shiro the bat ninja master, some baby powder, some wipes, and lastly the changing mat which he laid out in the backseat of his car, and which he also laid Chimour down on after lifting him back up.

“Here baby bro this’ll help”. Bellfry said plopping Chimour’s black, and bat shaped pacifier into his brother’s mouth prior to undoing Chimour’s jeans, taking them off, uncapping the diaper one tape at a time, and not bringing the front down all the way, but instead holding it over his baby brother’s front to act as a shield given how likely it was that his baby brother would just start going again mid-change.

“B-Bwothew..”. Chimour said still very upset through his pacifier, even though the pacifier did help a lot in calming him down as he began wetting his Pawpers again like his big bro anticipated.

“Yes baby brother?”. Bellfry asked frowning a little, never liking it when his little brother was upset like this as he focused on taking wipe up in paw, and gently cleaning up his baby brother‘s front after he was done wetting.

“I tink we shouwd get me padded in my speciaw diapees for da night…”. Chimour said still very sad as his brother finished wiping him, and took the diaper out from underneath him, soon balling up the diaper with the used wipes prior to tossing it aside in a diaper pail he brought with him, unfolding the fresh diaper he had picked out for his baby brother, and laying it underneath his brother‘s backside after gently lifting it up, and just as gently lowered it back down onto it before threading his brother’s stubby tail through the back.

“Oh? Your super special treasured diapees? Bro what’s the occasion?”. Bellfry asked curiously as he powdered up his right paw, lifted up his baby brother‘s bottom, and began extra gently powdering it, making sure not to hurt his little bro‘s bottom.

“Weww not onwy wouwd it hewp me cawn down, but tonight I’m going ovew to a fwiend’s house fow a sweepovew, and weww I wanna wook my bestest”. Chimour said as Bellfry soon gently laid his brother’s backside back down, having finished with powdering his little bro‘s bottom, and began re-powdering up his right paw, and now gently powdering up Chimour‘s front.

“Ah must be some friend if you’re wearing those around him… Or her..”. Bellfry said chuckling as he finished powdering up his baby brother’s front, and pulled up the front of the diaper, soon taping it on snugly.

“Oh Bewwfwy not you too..”. Chimour said pouting a little through his pacifier.

“What was that bro? I couldn’t understand ya with your paci in your mouth”. Bellfry said tickling his little brother some, making Chimour laugh a bit.

“Hehehehehehehe!!! Bewwfwy top dat!!”. Chimour said squirming as his big brother continued tickling him.

“Aw alright, but I’m not holding back next time”. Bellfry said chuckling as he folded up Chimour’s jeans, and put them into the diaper bag, along with all the other supplies, except the mat since his brother was laying on it.

“Here” Chimour said taking his pacifier out so he didn’t have to resort to baby talk anymore, and handed his pacifier back to Bellfry prior to getting out of the backseat in just his t shirt, and diaper, and soon, folding up the changing mat handed it back to his brother before getting back into the backseat.

“Thanks”. Bellfry said smiling as he put the pacifier back into the diaper bag along with the changing mat, and soon zipped it back up prior to putting it into the backseat along with his baby brother.

“Anyway so what were ya saying earlier?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he picked Chimour up, and gently sat him down into his car seat, fastening him into it so he’d be nice, and secure.

“She’s not my girlfriend…”. Chimour said blushing.

“I never said that, oh and so she IS a girl?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as he locked Chimour’s door, and shut it prior to making it over the driver’s side, opening the car door, locking it back, getting inside, doing up his seatbelt, and closing the door again.

“Well you were hinting at it..”. Chimour said blushing even more. “And yes her name is Jessica”. Chimour said.

“Oh well I just had my suspicions, I mean if you’re going to be wearing your special diapers then you must REALLY wanna make a good impression huh?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he turned the car on, and drove out of the school parking lot.

“Yes, but she’s just a friend, I mean it’s not like I’m buying her flowers..”. Chimour said still blushing as he crossed his arms a little, and turned his head off to the side pouting.

“Well okay whatever you say baby bro. Oh and what’re you planning on wearing tonight to the sleepover?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as he continued to drive his brother back home.

“Ah well I figured I’d just show up in a diaper, and t shirt. I mean she’s wearing them herself for some reason, or another, and so I’m sure she won’t mind”. Chimour said.

“Ah well okay, but you’re using that diaper first okay? We’re not wasting any”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Don’t worry I’ll need changing bad by tonight more then likely, so I’m covered there”. Chimour said smiling.

“Well okay”. Bellfry said smiling, and so soon after driving for a little well, keeping his eyes on the road like a diligent, and responsible driver Bellfry had soon parked his car into the drive way of their house.

And so with that Bellfry turning off the ignition, unbuckling his seatbelt, and unlocking all the doors opened his door, and made his way to the back where he opened his brother’s door prior to soon unfastening his little bro from the car seat, locking all the doors again, picking up his little brother and his little brother’s diaper bag, and soon shut all the doors back before carrying his little brother, and the diaper bag up to the front of the house where he unlocked the door, and carried his little brother inside, prior to standing him back up on his own to feet, locking the door, and closing it.

“Oh by the way crinkle pants where’s your back pack?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Oh I’m sorry big brother I must’ve forgotten it, and left it in the nurse’s office”. Chimour said sadly.

“It’s okay, I’ll go get it back, but until then don’t leave the house while I’m gone okay?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Okay!”. Chimour said happily as he toddled off towards his room where he planned on hearing some of his albums by the Buggles.

And with that Bellfry left the diaper bag there, turned around, and unlocked the door again, closing it, and making sure to lock his brother inside so that no one could get to him before heading back to his car, unlocking the driver side’s door, getting in, buckling up, locking the door, shutting it, and putting his key into the ignition as he headed back towards the school, turning on the radio so he’d have something to listen to on his way there. And so while Bellfry was heading off towards the school Chimour was busy searching through his room before finding his old compact disc player from back in the day, along with a compact disc of “Plastic Age” by the Buggles.

Chimour always giggled when he thought of the name of this particular compact disc because it always made him think of plastic pants for some reason, but disregarding that it was a damn good album, and so with that funny, cubby thought out of the way Chimour plopping the compact disc into the compact disk player put on his headphones, hovered into his crib, and snuggled up with his teddy as he began listening to the music. Anyways eventually Bellfry had made it back to the school, and soon parked his car again in the local school parking lot before turning the car off, unbuckling his seat belt, unlocking his car door, and getting out before locking the car door back, closing it, and headed back into the school after having done all that. And so eventually Bellfry had made it to the nurse’s office which he entered only to see Lig in there with his legs crossed, and with him stroking his ankle sniffling with said ankle bandaged.

“Lig what’s wrong?”. Bellfry asked concerned.

“That big meanie Slen pantsed me during gym class, and everyone except my own friends, and fellow crinkly furs laughed at me as I fell down and sprained my ankle! Mr. Nasty saw everything too, but instead of doing anything he just smirked and told me to be more careful”. Lig said whimpering obviously upset by the whole ordeal.

“Was your big brother called?”. Bellfry asked knowing that if Warren caught wind of this all hell would break loose.

“No he wasn‘t” Lig said sullenly.

“Well if you want you can use my cell phone to call him and have him come down and get you.” Bellfry said offering his cell phone, knowing though that this teacher would probably get a verbal lashing from Warren when they met face to face.

“Thanks! Oh, and if you don’t mind me asking why’d you come here?”. Lig asked as he took the offered cell phone

“Ah well Chimour left his backpack, so I came back here to fetch it for him”. Bellfry said.

“It’s over here”. Nurse Rosetta said smiling warmly as she picked up the backpack and handed it over to Bellfry.

“Thanks!”. Bellfry said smiling as Lig began using the cell phone, dialing in the number very carefully as Bellfry took the offered backpack, and slung it over his shoulder.

“Hey Bellfry, is something wrong?”. Warren asked nonchalantly answering his cell phone.

“It’s me big brother”. Lig answered sniffling.

“Oh heya little buddy! Oh.. Hey you sound sad.. Is something wrong?”. Warren asked frowning, not liking his baby brother upset anymore then Bellfry liked his upset.

And so Lig went into detail about what exactly had happened there in the gymnasium, sniffling a little as he continued explaining it to his big brother.

“I see…”. Warren said, trying to contain himself as he continued talking to Lig. “Well don’t worry I’ll be over as fast as possible, oh and me, and this teacher are going to have a little chat when I get over there, so you can count on me at least setting him straight so this doesn’t happen again”. Warren said as he hung up the phone, unlocked the door, exited the house, locked the door back, and made his way over to the car where he unlocked the door on the driver’s side prior to opening said door, getting inside, buckling up, locking the door, closing it, and turning on the car prior to making his way towards the school with Lig’s diaper bag already in the back seat.

Meanwhile back at Bellfry’s home Chimour continued to listen to the Buggles inside of his crib, but getting tired of the whole techno pop thing Chimour, yawning a little, hovered out of his crib along with his compact disc player, and went back over to his compact disc collection.

“Huh lemme see here…”. Chimour said as he looked through the countless compact discs he had boughten over the years with just a fraction of the money he had made all those years ago as the Phantom Thief.

“Ah hah! I think a little Exodus would be nice about now”. Chimour said smiling as he reached for his “Fabulous Disaster” compact disc, and plopped it into his compact disc player after removing his previous disc, and putting it back into it’s case prior to re-organizing it again since Chimour had all of his countless compact discs organized so that he could hear whatever he wanted to when he was in the mood for it.

And so with that Chimour closed the compact disc, and turned it on before walking out into the living room where he began listening to his music, and decided that since Bellfry hadn’t come back yet that he’d call up his friend Trixy. And so pulling the earphones down, and around his neck Chimour grabbed for the nearest phone, and began dialing Trixy’s number with the intentions of talking to her up until his big brother had returned. Meanwhile it wasn’t much longer until Warren had made his way into the school, and heading straight for the nurse’s office, he entered through the door where he found Lig in his current condition, still stroking his ankle.

"Hello Nurse?" Warren asked as he walked over to his lil brother and looked over his injury.

“Hey Warren. He’s sprained his ankle, but I think it should recover in no time flat. However I think you may want to bring him home for the rest of the day”. Nurse Rosetta said calmly.

"Alright. I planned on taking him home anyway, but I want to know Rose. Why did I have to hear about this from Lig, sniffling over a friend's cell phone? Why didn't someone call me as soon as this happened?" Warren asked while crossing his arm.

“Sorry Warren, but it’s the principle’s responsibility, and well the gym teacher, Mr. Nasty, as far as I know may not have informed Mrs. Evans about this, and well if what I’ve heard from Lig here is true Mr. Nasty probably didn’t bother informing her at all”. Mrs. Rosetta said sighing.

"Well this Mr. Nasty sounds like a real piece of work. I think I'll take Lig and go have a word with Mrs. Evans about this guy, oh and Bellfry would you like to join me? I'd imagine you'd like to get a word in about this guy as well." Warren said as he walked over and gently picked Lig up.

“Yeah, after what he had done to my baby brother you got to wonder, and ask yourself where the school board came across such trash, and why they’d even consider hiring him, thusly putting him into a position of power”. Bellfry said sighing as he walked out off the Nurse’s office, and headed towards the principle’s office along with Warren.

"Well with the former gym teacher's sudden passing I'd imagine they were in a rush to get a new permanent one so they wouldn't need an array of different subs to start off the year, and so they probably only gave his resume a once over, and hired him on the spot." Warren said as he went through the process in his head. "At any rate I'm going to get this guy set straight, and that's for sure." Warren said as he and Bellfry both entered the office where Mrs. Evans sat at her desk.

“Hey Mrs. Evans me, and Warren here need to talk to you about something, if you’d give us the time?”. Bellfry asked.

“Certainly. What seems to be the problem?”. Mrs. Evans asked.

"Well it seems that our siblings have been having a bit of trouble with the new gym teacher that was hired. A Mr. Nasty. Lig here it seems had his pants pulled down in gym class which made him fall and sprain his ankle." Warren informed Mrs. Evans calmly in a dry voice waiting to see if she had known about this or not.

“Yeah, and my little brother Chimour was just trying to stand up and protect this one fur from getting beaten up in the hallways, and he got sent to your office like he was the one who had done something wrong”. Bellfry said.

“I’m sorry to hear about that. I wasn’t informed at all about any of this”. Mrs. Evans said genuinely surprised.

"Well I'd like to have a few words with this Mr. Nasty if you would. Clearly he has some questions from all of us to answer and some explaining to do. So if you could call him up here that would be most appreciated." Warren said as he held Lig.

“Sure, just give me a second”. Mrs. Evans said using the intercom to call Mr. Nasty over to her office with him soon entering said office, and standing before the four of them.

He was a reptilian fur much like Slen, but had a more brownish skin as he stood there garbed in his blue jeans, and grey, short sleeve shirt.

“You wanted to see me Mrs. Evans?”. Mr. Nasty asked, ignoring the other three furs inside of the room, like they didn’t even exist.

“Yes Mr. Nasty. These young men here would like to have a chat with you, and quite frankly after all I’ve heard I have a few questions for you myself”. Mrs. Evans said with a face that just screamed “You’ve got some explaining to do”.

“Like what?”. Mr. Nasty asked as if he didn’t know why they were upset with him.

"Like why you allowed a bully to get away with humiliating my little brother and spraining his ankle at the same time." Warren said quite dryly to him while wondering a little if this reptile in front of him was any relation to Slen.

“I don’t know… I didn’t see anything like that happening in my gym”. Mr. Nasty said slyly.

“Well then how about my little brother Chimour? He was just trying to keep some kids from beating up a friend of Lig’s, and got sent to the office for it!”. Bellfry said.

“Well maybe this friend of Lig’s needed to be beaten? I mean how old was he sixteen, and still diapered like a little puppy? That’s just disgraceful, and I think my nephew and his friends chose the right method of dealing with it”. Mr. Nasty said.

“Mr. Nasty! What are you saying? That you condone this type of barbarity? That you’re all for this type of prejudice?”. Mrs. Evans asked.

“Oh shut up! I don’t need to be talked to like that by some stray bitch who thinks she’s important because she managed to get a job as principle just handed to her by the powers that be!”. Mr. Nasty said.

“I was not just handed my job on a silver platter! I worked for really hard to get where I am today, and so if you’re going to treat the students this way just because they aren’t insipidly moronic, and cruel like your nephew then you can just hit the road, and find yourself another employer!”. Mrs. Evans said.

“So you’re Slen's uncle huh? I might have guessed, and well clearly that's a conflict of interest anyway. Now Mr. Nasty kindly leave now, but leave with this warning. Stay well away from my little brother, or so help me you'll get to find out why a liger was a head general during the Great War." Warren told Mr. Nasty, wanting to both threaten him and insult him as he doubted this man new a damn thing about history.

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And so Mr. Nasty defeated, and now jobless left the office as Mrs. Evans sat there at her desk sighing a little as she used the intercom to tell all the students left in the gymnasium to head on to their next class since Mr. Nasty wasn‘t coming back, and since gym class was already over for the most part anyway.

“Well looks like we’ll have to postpone school for awhile again to get another gym teacher, oh and Bellfry I’m sorry for what happened to your baby brother. If there’s anyway I can repay you just tell me”. Mrs. Evans said.

“Well seeing as how Slen and his gang embarrassed, and hurt Lig here, and seeing as how my baby brother got spanked twenty times because of them I think it’s their turn, and that they should get spanked thirty times a piece”. Bellfry said.

“Okay, oh and Warren do you have anything you want for compensation?”. Mrs. Evans asked as she called up Daniel, Travis, and Slen on the intercom.

"Well nothing that I can think of right off the top of my head, and well the punishment to Slen and his friends should be fine." Warren said with a smile. "Oh but you know, now that I think of it I do have a suggestion for a replacement gym teacher. A neighbor of ours, Nathaniel. He’s served in the military and has since taught self defense classes, so his credentials are good, and he's certainly available." Warren suggested happy to have thought of a way to help everyone as just then Slen, and his friends entered the office.

“Thanks! I’ll certainly be talking to him about it later today then, oh but there won’t be any school tomorrow, since these things take time, and all. Now if you please excuse me, I’ve got some bottoms to redden”. Mrs. Evans said as she grabbed her paddle and first started with Slen, who although at first resisted eventually succumbed to it, and got into position for Mrs. Evan’s to spank him, but before she did Mrs. Evans got an idea and pantsed Slen exposing his superhero themed, cubby underwear warranting the reptilian fur to begin blushing very, very badly before she began spanking him which he started yelping in pain at.

"Hehehe Slen wears super hero undies!" Lig said giggling, and seeing this for the first time himself. He might have known from Victor about it, but seeing it was a completely different thing.

"Well what do ya know! Guess someone isn't quite the mature, big kid he lets on to be." Warren smirked seeing the undies.

“S-Shut up!!”. Slen said still yelping in pain with a huge blush on his face as he was continuously spanked by Mrs. Evans.

“Well it’s fun watching Slen get what he deserves, and all, but I need to get back to my house, so I’ll be leaving now”. Bellfry said smilling as he reached the door, and turned around. “Oh and I hope you two like what you see, because your next”. Bellfry commented as he then left the office, and headed back towards the parking lot.

"Yeah I should be getting Lig here home as well." Warren nodded and followed Bellfry to the door and stopped. "Oh and boys. What do you think of your big boy leader now? Not so big is he? But then again I doubt any of you are either. Well enjoy getting what ya deserve". Warren said as he exited the office as well, and carried his baby brother over towards his vehicle, which after unlocking one of the back doors to he laid his baby brother into his car seat gently, and soon had him strapped in nice, and secure before locking, and closing the door, going around to the driver’s side, unlocking the door, opening the door, getting in, buckling up, re-locking the door, re-closing the door, and turning on the vehicle as he made his way back towards his house.

And so meanwhile back at the house Chimour having finished with talking to Trixy hung up the phone, turned off the compact disc player, and picked it up prior to getting up, and going back into his room where he took the disc out, and put it into it’s proper case, and where he reorganized his massive compact disc collection before putting his compact disc player back where he got it from, and looking all over the place to make sure no one else was around as he went into his closet, and dug through it for something.

“Well… No one else is here, so I guess I could wear one..”. Chimour said being very vague as he took out a black, plastic, and locking bin from his closet which he used a nearby key on prior to looking through it, and pulling out a pink, and very frilly dress.

Chimour smiled happily as he took the dress out, and soon locked the bin back up prior to taking his shirt off, and slipping the dress on, and over his diaper.

“I sure hope Bellfry never sees me like this..”. Chimour said blushing immensely as he hovered over, and into his crib where he began snuggling up with his teddy as just then Bellfry had arrived at the front door of his house, making sure to lock his car and everything as he began unlocking the door, and soon entered the living room before locking the door back, and setting his baby brother’s backpack aside, and down on the ground next to the diaper bag.

And so Chimour continued snuggling his teddy as Bellfry, wondering why it was so quiet around the house, decided he’d go and check up on his little brother up in his brother’s upstairs bedroom, and so he casually made his way towards his brother’s room, opening the door, and entered the room with the very first thing he saw being his baby brother in a pink, and very frilly dress.

“B-Bellfry!! I-I-I can explain!”. Chimour said frantically as his face lit up bright red when his big brother saw him dressed like this.

"And here I thought black was your favorite color." Bellfry said unable to resist a little giggle at having walked in on his brother like this since he had to admit, Chimour did look very cute sitting there like that blushing, and wearing a pink dress which barely covered his diaper.

“It is, but so is pink… I wasn’t aware I couldn’t have two favorite colors at the same time”. Chimour said blushing horribly, as he tried changing the subject.

"Oh I'm only teasing pinky." Bellfry said laughing lightly as he walked over to the crib, leaned over it, and looked down at you. "Hehe you do look cute though”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Really?”. Chimour asked still blushing, if just a bit.

"Really." Bellfry said giving his baby brother’s nose a playful poke. "Just answer me this though. Why did ya think you needed to keep this from me?". Bellfry asked.

“Well…. I guess because I figured you wouldn’t approve of me being a sissy batty…”. Chimour said.

"Baby bro take a look at us, I mean we're both centuries old and still in diapers, and my romantic relationships have only been with other males. Heh. I think we're way past judging people by what they wear, like, or love." Bellfry told his baby brother, giving him a pat on the head, and laughing lightly.

“Well could you, uh well you know… Indulge me?”. Chimour asked blushing.

"Sure thing sissy wissy." Bellfry said, nodding with a smile.

“Hehe yay! Tanksies big bwothew!”. Chimour said happily as he clapped his paws together a little.

"Anytime sissy, baby bro." Bellfry said nodding with a light laugh at seeing his baby brother happy again.

“Hehe dat’s baby thistew, not baby bwo big bwothew!”. Chimour said giggling a little as he held his arms up, signifying that he wanted to be picked up.

"Oh how silly of me. I’m sorry sis." Bellfry said smiling as he picked his baby brother up giving his exposed, amply padded bottom a pat. "Hehe baby sissy's dress makes diapee patting lots easier”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued to pat his baby brother’s bottom.

“Hehe no pwobwem, oh and tan I has my paci big bwothew?”. Chimour asked giggling as Bellfry patted his backside.

“Sure thing sis, but it’s in the living, inside of your diapee bag, so you’ll have to wait a little before I give it to you, oh and that reminds me’. Bellfry said standing Chimour up on his own two feet prior to sticking his two index fingers into the front of his baby brother’s diaper.

“Hehe buh I dun need a changee yet big bwothew!”. Chimour said giggling a little as Bellfry checked his diaper.

“Well we can’t be to sure crinkle butt, oh and it didn’t feel like anyone made a tinky in her diapee when I patted her bottom, but she does seem a little wet”. Bellfry said smiling as he took his fingers out of Chimour’s diaper, and picked him back up. “Anyways lets go get your baba baby sister, oh and I bet it won’t be much longer until you make a nice and big tinky in the back of your Pawpers huh?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as he carried his little brother down the stairs, and into the living room where he opened up the diaper bag, took the pacifier out of it, and plopped it into his baby brother’s mouth.

“Nope, na much wongew big bwothew!”. Chimour said giggling as he began sucking his pacifier, and as Bellfry carried him over, and into the kitchen.

“Glad to hear it”. Bellfry said chuckling as he looked through the refrigerator, and soon took out a full baby bottle of milk prior to heading back over to the living room, sitting down on the couch, getting his baby brother into the feeding position, and taking the pacifier out of his baby brother’s mouth, replacing it with the nipple of the bottle which Chimour began drinking from happily.

“She’s such a cute little diaper butt, oh yes she it, oh yes she is!”. Bellfry said as he continued feeding Chimour, making Chimour immensely happier as he was teased, and as he continued drinking from his baby bottle before the inevitable happened, and he began wetting his diaper.

“Aaaaw looks like baby sister wet her diapees!”. Bellfry said taking the bottle out of Chimour’s mouth, and set it aside before he began tickling his little brother relentlessly.

“Hehehehehehehehehehe!!!”. Chimour said giggling uncontrollably while squirming as his big brother continued tickling him.

“Remember widdwe one I’m not stopping this time until your nice, and soggy”. Bellfry said chuckling as he continued tickling Chimour until the urge to use the restroom hit an all time high as Chimour uncontrollably began wetting his Pawpers, now making for a very soggy, and saggy bottom. “There we go!”. Bellfry said chuckling as Chimour finished.

“Hehe what time is it big brother?”. Chimour asked curiously as he momentarily stopped using baby talk.

“It’s about five thirty in the afternoon”. Bellfry answered. “Oh and hey when’s that sleepover again?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Seven sharp”. Chimour said smiling.

“In that case we’ll wait awhile before changing you, I mean we wanna make sure this girl friend of yours gets the chance to see you nice, and clean first after all right?”. Bellfry asked as he patted Chimour’s soggy bottom.

“Hehe uh huh, and she’s not my girl friend..”. Chimour said blushing.

“Well she’s your friend, and she’s a girl…”. Bellfry said chuckling as there was a knock at the door. “Oh hey stay there while I go get the door okay soggy bottom?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as he got up, and walked over to the door.

“Otay!”. Chimour said smiling, but while blushing a little since this meant someone else was gonna see him like this.

And so soon Bellfry had opened the door, and to see Lig, and Warren there on his welcoming mat, smiling at him from outside of the threshold.

“Hey Warren, oh and hey Lig!”. Bellfry said greeting the two liger brother’s, smiling as he did so. “Well guys what brings you here?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Ah well Lig here wanted to visit his buddy Chimour, and so we got a brace put on his leg so that we could walk over here, and so that Lig could hang out with him”. Warren said smiling.

“Ah well come on in! Chimour’s over on the couch, probably trying to finish up his bottle”. Bellfry said smiling as he got out of the way, so that Warren, and Lig could enter the living room where Lig saw Chimour drinking his baby bottle of milk on the couch in just a soaked pair of Pawpers, and a pink, frilly dress.

"Hehe awwww well aren’t you just a cute lil baby batty all soggy, and sucking on her baba in her frilly dressy." Warren said teasingly while smiling.

“Hehe yup dat’s me”. Chimour said giggling as he continued drinking from his baby bottle prior to soon finishing it.

"Hehehehe wow nice dress there. Hehehe so let me guess, sissy? Hehe boy you’re a contradiction. Goth, babyfur, and sissy all rolled up into one." Lig said giggling as he looked you over.

“And what’s wrong with being a contradiction? I mean at least I’m not Scott Korean!”. Chimour said giggling as he referenced that Starburst commercial.

"Ya don't make a wee bit of sense, but contradictions taste good." Lig said giggling as he walked over to the couch with a bit of a limp with his foot in the brace.

“Whoa Lig! What happened to you?”. Chimour asked sadly as he stopped laying down, and just sat down like normal so Lig could sit next to him.

“Ah well I was pantsed at school today by Slen, and well I sprained my ankle as a result, so I had to put my foot in a brace. Oh but hey guess who was just fired?”. Lig asked smiling as he sat down next to Chimour.

“Yay! They fired that big meanie Mr. Nasty!!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Yuppers, oh and you’ll never guess who’s Mr. Nasty’s nephew!”. Lig said giggling.

“Who?”. Chimour asked.

“Slen! No lie, and that’d explain a lot huh? Well anyways at the end of it all though Slen, and his gang got their comeuppance!”. Lig said smiling.

“What happened to them?”. Chimour asked.

“They got a spanking each, oh and the principle pantsed Slen for me, and guess what he was wearing?”. Lig asked smiling.

“Diapees?”. Chimour asked giggling.

“Hehe I wish, but no. Slen was wearing very cartoony, and childish undies with superheroes on them!”. Lig said giggling.

“Hehehehehe, that sounds like it must’ve been fun to watch!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh it was!”. Lig said giggling once more.

And so the two of them continued to chat about this, and that, but as they continued talking the time just seemed to fly by, and so soon it was an hour later, and by now Chimour’s lunch at school had caught up with him as he began messing his diaper, leaving a big stinky mess in the back of his Pawpers.

“Aaaaw smells like one widdwe baby batty made a poopy in her pants!”. Bellfry said when the smell finally hit his nose. “Just in time to because I was about to change you regardless of you messing or not”. Bellfry said chuckling as he took Chimour by the paw with a key in his hand, and led him down into the basement.

“Speaking of tinky cubbies it smells like you’re pretty messy now too Lig”. Warren said scrunching his nose.

“Hehe well we did have Mexican today at school”. Lig said giggling as he got up, and off of his squishy bottom, taking his big brother by the paw with Warren already, having the diaper bag in his other, chuckling as he walked off, and towards the nearest changing table in Bellfry’s bedroom.

So meanwhile as Lig was getting his diaper changed by Warren Bellfry made his way towards a huge safe in the very back of the basement with his little brother right alongside him, and soon enough opened it with the key, and special combination which only he, and his brother knew to reveal Chimour’s treasured diapers.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen ya wear one of these”. Bellfry said chuckling as Chimour looked the diapers over.

“Yup it has, and well it’s been about seven hundred and thirty three years since I bought them in the year two thousand, three hundred, and seventy seven, so luckily for me back then they made them with extremely high quality, so that they never crumbled into dust, or any of that”. Chimour said smiling as he reached for the only opened box of vintage Pampers from back then among the eight others boxes which weren’t with the already opened box still having about fifty four diapers left.

“I wish they’d remake these, I mean you just looked so cute in them”. Bellfry said smiling at the cub modeling the Pampers on the front of the box with a colorful number seven on it to indicate these were the largest ones back then.

“Well maybe one day they will”. Chimour said shrugging as he took out four diapers, and put the already opened box back into the safe prior to Bellfry re-locking, and closing it.

“Well okay poopy pants lets get that diapee changed, oh and you’ll need a change of clothes because I know you aren’t going to where a dress over there”. Bellfry said raising his hands up which after Chimour imitated Bellfry took the dress off of him, folding it up, taking his baby brother by the paw, and leading him over towards the living room again where he had Chimour sit down next to a freshly changed Lig on the couch while he went back into his baby brother’s room to get a cute shirt for him to wear over there, with Chimour of course having all four of the Pampers diapers with him.

“Hehe still tinky huh?”. Lig asked giggling as he picked up the smell coming off of Chimour.

“Yeah, but I’ll be changed into one of these soon”. Chimour said smiling as he presented Lig with one of his Pampers which Lig took in paw.

“Hey these don’t have plastic backing!”. Lig said giggling as he felt the cloth like cover. “A cub wearing one of these would probably have problems with leaking”. Lig said giggling.

“Nope. See that’s how they made diapees seven hundred, and thirty three years ago, and well they do have a thin sheet of blue plastic there to prevent leaks, but it feels like cloth all the same”. Chimour said smiling.

“Ah well they sure are cute huh? They have all these cubby, and cute animals on the landing zones, and they have designs all over em!”. Lig said giggling, not used to seeing diapers like this.

“Hey if you want you can have one”. Chimour said offering it to Lig. “They didn’t come in a wide variety of sizes back then to accommodate bigger cubbies, but seeing as how you’re so thin you should probably fit them perfectly”. Chimour said smiling.

“Hehe cool, oh and tanksies Chimour!”. Lig said hugging his buddy.

“No problem”. Chimour said smiling as Bellfry came back from his baby brother’s upstairs room, and went over to them on the couch with a diaper changing mat, a container of baby powder, a container of wipes, and a new t shirt in black with red lettering on the front saying “Check diaper every thirty minutes, or pay the stinky consequences!” with a red arrow beneath the text pointing downwards to indicate where the diaper is.

“Okay little one lets get that diaper changed!”. Bellfry said smiling as he laid the mat down on the ground, and sat the powder and wipes down as well before picking up his baby brother, and laying him down on the mat with Chimour’s diaper squishing messily.

“Hehe otay!”. Chimour said putting the three Pampers down next to the powder.

“Anyways while in your room lil bro I found your black, plastic bin filled with sissy stuff with the key right there on the floor next to it, and so curiosity getting the better of me I checked what all you had in there, and I must say you got quite the collection! You had a few pink, and girly pacifiers, a few pairs of pink mittens, and booties, with some locking, and some not, a few pairs of pink plastic panties with yet again some locking, and some not, some ribbons, some dollies, some bows, some pink, and girly baby tees, some pink diaper covers, some more dresses, and even a few small packs of Pawpers princess sissy pants brand disposable diapers with the cool alert feature!”. Bellfry said chuckling as he untapped his baby brother’s diaper one tape at a time prior to taking wipe up in paw, and focusing on gently cleaning his baby brother’s front.

“Well I couldn’t find any regulars ones at the Pawpers store the few times I looked there for them, and did ya put my dress back up, re-lock the box, and hide it back inside of my closet along with the key then?”. Chimour asked blushing heavily now.

“Ah well chances are you were just unlucky and they kept selling out of the regular ones, I mean from what I‘ve heard they‘re VERY popular, and of course, oh and where does this friend of yours live?”. Bellfry asked soon finishing with wiping up Chimour’s front, and discarding the used wipes, took up some fresh ones in his right paw, lifted up his baby brother’s bottom, and began gently cleaning it.

“Oh Jessica lives on 1109 Acacia Avenue”. Chimour said still blushing a little since his brother found his stash.

“Ah okay, and pee yew you sure can fill a diapee baby bro!”. Bellfry commented as he continued wiping up Chimour’s bottom, making sure to remain cleaning his baby brother gently.

“Hehe I guess it runs in the family!”. Chimour said smiling as his big brother finished cleaning up his bottom.

“How would ya know? You’ve never changed me before”. Bellfry said chuckling as he discarded the used diaper into a nearby trash can, but not before placing the used wipes into it, and balling it up, and then took up one of the Pampers, laying one underneath his baby brother’s bottom after re-elevating it prior to threading his little bro’s tail through the back, powdering up his paw, and going to work on now gently powdering up his little brother’s elevated backside.

“True, but when discarding the diaper into the diaper pail isn’t an option for you the very next morning when walking across any random trashcan I can smell it, and well to be honest it smells like more then half of the time your messes rival mine in size”. Chimour said giggling as a now blushing Bellfry finished powdering up his brother’s bottom, lowered his brother’s backside back down onto the diaper, and re-powdered up his right paw prior to now going to work on powdering his baby brother’s front just as gently as he had powdered Chimour’s bottom.

“Oh alright you got me. I tend to make really big tinkies too”. Bellfry said chuckling a little as he soon finished powdering his brother’s front, and proceeded to bring the front of the diaper up prior to taping it onto Chimour all nice, and snug. “Okay then lets get your shirt on you”. Bellfry said smiling as he picked Chimour up, and stood him back up prior to lifting the shirt up, and over Chimour’s head, prompting Chimour to lift his arms up, which prompted his brother to bring the shirt down over his little brother’s head, and tug it down, and near Chimour’s diaper nicely but with said shirt being to small to cover Chimour‘s diaper at all, and only covering up to his belly button.

“There, now you’ll need some changing supplies of course given you’ll probably wake up messy so give me a second, oh and you know what I think I‘ll pack you your pacifier, teddy, and a few bottles too”. Bellfry said picking up Chimour’s backpack, and emptying it of the school stuff prior to putting the rest of the Pampers Chimour had taken out of the safe inside of the book bag along with about five Pawpers, with one of those being an overnight style diaper, some baby powder, a changing mat, some baby wipes, two chilled bottles filled with milk which he acquired from the nearby diaper bag with said diaper bag having a built in refrigeration section for keeping things cool, a teddy bear, and lastly Chimour‘s black, and bat shaped pacifier.

“Okay here ya go”. Bellfry said zipping up the backpack, and handing it to Chimour with Chimour slipping the back pack on and leaving the house with Bellfry, Lig, and Warren after Bellfry had gotten a sleeping bag for Chimour out of the house, and with no one leaving anything behind as the two liger brother’s made their way back to their house, and as the two bat brothers walked over towards the car prior to Bellfry unlocking one of the back doors, opening that same door, helping his baby brother into the car seat, fastening his baby brother into the car seat, placing the sleeping bag back there, locking the door again, closing it, going around to the driver’s side, opening the door, locking it back, getting inside, buckling up, closing the door, and turning on the car as they soon pulled out of the driveway and made there way towards 1109 Acacia Avenue.

“Want some tunes baby bro?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Sure”. Chimour said smiling.

“Okay then”. Bellfry said as he turned on the radio and turned it to a local rock station.

“Oooh I like this song!”. Chimour said happily as “Come on” by Billy Idol came on, and started even singing along with the song warranting some chuckling from Bellfry over in the driver’s side of the vehicle, and so that’s how the two brothers passed time together until they got to Jessica’s house, by singing along to these songs that were older then they were.

Eventually though the two of them had arrived at Jessica’s house and so as they pulled into the driveway Bellfry unbuckled his seatbelt, turned off the car, unlocked his door, opened his door, walked around to Chimour’s side, unlocked Chimour’s door, opened it, unfastened Chimour from his car seat, lifted him out of it, and onto the ground, took out the sleeping bag, and handed it to Chimour, re-locked Chimour’s door, closed it, and told Chimour good before kissing him on the forehead, going back around to his side of the car, getting it, re-locking his door, closing it, buckling up, and turning the car back on prior to pulling out of the driveway, and heading back home. And so with that Chimour with a smile on his face made it up to the front door, and knocked on it prior to another girl, this one being a raven fur who he didn’t know opening it, and smiling down at him.

“Hi would you be the ‘Special guest’ Jessica mentioned?”. The young girl asked.

“I guess I would, but how am I special?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Oh you’ll see once you’re inside”. The young girl said as she moved aside allowing Chimour access into the house.

“Well okay”. Chimour said smiling as he made his way into the house, setting his sleeping bag down on the floor as he did so, and well once he made it into the living room he figured out why he was so special all of a sudden.

“Am I the only guy here?”. Chimour asked blushing as the only other furs he could see were all female.

“Yup that’s right diapee butt! You’re special because it’s not everyday a boy gets into an all girl sleepover”. The raven girl said giggling.

“O-okay then…Oh uh what’s your name by the way?”. Chimour asked really nervously since he always tends to get shy around girls, especially with how he was dressed right now.

“Oh you may call me Samantha”. The raven fur said warmly.

“Well okay Samantha, oh and sorry for being so nervous, but to be honest I really expected there to be more guys”. Chimour said.

“Ah well it’s okay if you swing that way, I mean it doesn’t at all effect whatever happens here tonight”. Samantha said smiling.

“No I don’t swing that way, but I just always get nervous around girls..”. Chimour said blushing.

“Well don’t be, I mean we’re not going to pick on you for being padded or anything”. Samantha said smiling before noticing something. “Oh hey what kinda diaper is this anyways? I’ve never seen one like it”. Samantha said smiling as she crouched down a little and examined it causing Chimour to blush even more.

“What does it matter?”. Chimour asked blushing.

“Well I occasionally pad up myself when I’m in the mood and all, and well I’ve never seen a diaper this cute before, so if you could tell me where to find some you’d really make my day”. Samantha said getting back up.

“Well you can’t because this is how they used to make diapers back then before Pampers changed it’s name to Pawpers”. Chimour said.

“Oooh so you’re a vampire bat fur!”. Samantha said smiling.

“Yup”. Chimour said.

“Well that’s really neat. Oh hey were you alive during the great war?”. Samantha asked curiously.

“No, and why do ya ask?”. Chimour asked.

“Because I got an upcoming test all about it this week”. Samantha said sighing.

“Oh well you could always talk to a neighbor of mine Nathaniel”. Chimour said.

“Neh it’d probably be to far out of the way..”. Samantha said sighing.

“Well which school do you go to?”. Chimour asked.

“Denshire Falls middle school”. Samantha answered.

“Oh well then you’re in luck because chances are he’ll be our new gym teacher”. Chimour said.

“Oh so they got rid of that awful Mr. Nasty?”. Samantha asked remembering what happened to Lig in the gymnasium.

“Yup, but I really should see if I can socialize with more then just one fur here tonight”. Chimour said as he went father into the house, and sat down on the couch in the living room which was one of the less lively areas at the time, so he wouldn‘t be teased so much all at once.

“Hey Chimour is that you?”. Trixy asked making her way over to the couch.

“Oh hey Trixy”. Chimour said smiling.

“Fancy meeting you here huh?”. Trixy asked smiling.

“I suppose”. Chimour said.

“You shy?”. Trixy asked smiling since she knew how Chimour got around girls, especially around pretty ones.

“Yeah…”. Chimour said blushing.

“Well I got a cure for that, so just give me a minute okay?”. Trixy asked as she left Chimour there on the couch.

“What’s she planning”. Chimour asked himself quietly, and continued to wonder about this until Trixy’s motive were made clear when she came back over with all the other girls in the house.

“The best way to get over shyness Chimour is to try, and be more social”. Trixy said smiling as she sat next to Chimour, and all of the other furs sat around him as well in various chairs, beanbag, and wooden.

There were at least five girls around him with one being a panda fur, another being Jessica, another being Trixy, another being Samantha, and with the last one being a cat fur.

“Okay everyone let’s introduce ourselves to Chimour here”. Jessica said smiling.

“Hey I’m Samantha we met before near the doorway”. Samantha said smiling.

“Hey I’m Kako”. The panda fur greeted smiling.

“Hey I’m Trixy, and I changed your dirty diapee the first time we met”. Trixy said teasing Chimour, making him blush as a result.

“Hey I’m Jessica, and you already know me, and should remember the first time we met seeing as how we just met today in the lunchroom, and also I’m the hostess of this sleepover”. Jessica said smiling.

“Oh and hey I’m Kat! Nice shirt by the way you little stinker!”. Kat said giggling causing Chimour to blush a little more.

“Don’t worry Chimour she’s only teasing”. Jessica said noticing the blush on his face.

“Yeah! I’m a babyfur too, but I don’t wear all the time, and well actually I guess I prefer the caretaker role, and so I’d be more then willing to change ya when you need it crinkle bottom what with the lack of potty training and all”. Kat said smiling.

“You told her?”. Chimour asked Jessica blushing.

“I told them all Chimour, well all except Trixy seeing as how she already knew”. Jessica said smiling. “Don’t worry though because we don’t think any less of you for it”. Jessica said smiling.

Chimour just continued to sit there, and blush a lot causing Jessica to giggle a little.

“Oh hey um Kat I actually noticed something as bat boy here was walking, and well his diaper doesn’t crinkle”. Samantha said.

“Huh that’s weird… Didn’t know they made one’s that didn’t crinkle”. Kat said.

“They don’t. See he’s a vampire bat furry, and what he’s wearing is a vintage Pampers diaper from back in the twenty fourth century before Pampers changed their names to Pawpers”. Samantha said.

“Oh well hey Chimour if you want to put a little crinkle in your toddle then Jessica might have some plastic panties up in her room that you could wear, however they would come in pink”. Kat said smiling.

“No thanks I’d rather not”. Chimour said although really wanting to wear em.

“Oh come on”. Kat said giggling.

“No”. Chimour replied once more.

“Do it, do it, do it!!!”. Kat said cheering on Chimour as the others began joining in.

“Oh alright”. Chimour said after hearing a good, solid twenty seconds of cheering from these girls.

“That’s a good cubby”. Kat said smiling as Jessica, smiling, made her way up into her room, and took just a little while before coming back down with what seemed like a radio, and a pink pair of plastic panties, which she promptly handing to Chimour which Chimour hesitantly slipped on over his Pampers.

“Aaaw you look even cuter then before Chimour!”. Jessica said giggling as she sat the radio down, and sat back down into her chair. “And okay guys I think it’s time for a rousing game of truth or dare”. Jessica said smiling as he rubbed her hands together excitedly.

“Okay who wants to go first?”. Jessica asked smiling.

“Oh! Me! Pick me!”. Kat said excitedly as she kept her hand raised in the air.

“Okay then Kat. Truth or dare?”. Jessica asked.

“Truth!”. Kat said smiling.

“Okay did you ever in your life wet the bed, and if you did do you still do it? Oh and do you also use protection for it at night?”. Jessica asked smiling.

“Yup I was, and still am a bed wetter, oh and I wear extra thick Pawpers diapers overnight since I’m kind of an overachiever when it comes to wetting in my sleep!”. Kat said giggling a little. “Oh and Samantha truth or dare?”. Kat asked curiously.

“Truth”. Samantha replied smiling.

“Okay well is it true? Did you really make out with Slen?”. Kat asked curiously.

“Yes I did, but only because he forced himself on me to prove that he could kiss any girl he wanted anytime he wanted to a friend of his”. Samantha said shuddering the thought.

“Well don’t worry sweetie, it’s all over now”. Kat replied, smiling as she did so.

“Okay Kako truth or dare?”. Samantha asked smiling.

“Dare”. Kako replied.

“Okay well I’m kinda curious, so can you go check bat boy’s diaper over there?”. Samantha asked giggling.

“Sure thing”. Kako said giggling as she made her way over to Chimour, picked him up, and stood him up in front of her with Chimour being far to flabbergasted to do anything in response.

“The verdict?”. Samantha asked giggling while Kako pulled down the plastic panties, patted Chimour bottom a little, and stuck her two index fingers into the front.

“He’s a little wet, but for the most part he’s clean”. Kako said smiling as she took her fingers out, and lifted the plastic panties back up, and over Chimour’s diaper prior to gently pushing him back down onto the couch, and sitting back into her chair.

“Why must you girls tease me so..?”. Chimour asked.

“Well you’re shirt DOES read ‘Check diaper every thirty minutes, or pay the stinky consequences!’, so well we’re a little inclined to believe it”. Jessica said giggling.

“It’s not funny!”. Chimour said as he folded his arms, pouting childishly at all of the teasing.

“Hehe what a little cutie”. Kako said giggling before remembering she had yet to chose who her target was going to be. “Oh right the game. Uh.. Okay Trixy truth or dare?”. Kako asked.

“Dare”. Trixy said smiling.

“I dare you to pull your blue jeans down, and go around the house for the rest of the night in just your diaper and t shirt since well one little baby batty’s still having issues with just relaxing, and accepting all of the teasing and babying”. Kako said smiling.

“Roger”. Trixy said giggling as she pulled her blue jeans off after undoing them, and just tossed them aside as she sat there in just her Pawpers, and red t shirt.

“Okay Jessica truth or dare?”. Trixy asked nonchalantly as she sat there completely fine with all of the girls being able to see her Pawpers.

“Well dare I guess since everybody’s doing it”. Jessica said giggling.

“Okay I dare you to take you’re pants off as well, same as me, so you have to go around in nothing but your top, and Pawpers”. Trixy said smiling.

“Ah I should’ve saw that coming.. Well okay”. Jessica said as she undid her black jeans, and soon had them taken off as well as she sat there in just her Pawpers, and pink tank top. “Hey you know what? It’s actually quite liberating! Oh yeah, and Chimour truth or dare?”. Jessica asked smiling.

“Truth”. Chimour said relaxing a bit more now that he wasn’t the only padded fur here, well at least not the only pantsless and padded fur here.

“Well um… Hey Chimour do you um.. Oh how should I put this? Chimour do you love me?”. Jessica asked blushing a very deep red, as was Chimour when she asked him this.

“Um.. Well I uh…”. Chimour said not able to give his response since before he could find the words he wanted to use another rabbit fur, this one identical to Jessica, except with a few more specks of black thrown into his coat came hopping in in nothing but his orange hoodie, and what appeared to be a very full diaper.

“Hey sis can you help me out here? I kind of really need changing…”. The rabbit fur asked.

“Not now Jeffery, and I was kind of in the middle of something if you don’t mind…”. Jessica said sighing.

“But I REALLY need changing!”. Jeffery said trying to make it as urgent sounding as possible.

“Okay, okay fine I’ll change you!”. Jessica said sighing as she got up, and took Jeffery by the paw as they walked over into her little brother’s room.

“Phew… Dodged a bullet there..”. Chimour said sighing.

“What do ya mean?”. Kat asked curiously.

“Oh uh nothing! I uh, I’m going to go get a drink, so yeah be right back!”. Chimour said scampering off into the kitchen, crinkling all the way there.

“What do you think girls?”. Trixy asked giggling.

“Yup he loves her all right”. Kako said giggling.

“Yeah it’s kinda obvious, and so much so that it’s kinda sad he’s denying it…”. Kat said.

“That’s men for ya, they tend to repress there emotions like that from time to time”. Samantha said smiling.

“Don’t worry though I think he’ll come around eventually”. Trixy said smiling.

“I sure hope so.. Jessica would be devastated is he didn’t love her back”. Kat said sighing.

And so Chimour sat there in the kitchen drinking a mello yello while thinking all of this over, and while keeping a deep, red blush on his face the entire time.

“Do I love her? I don’t even know the answer to that myself. I mean I feel a strong longing for her to be mine, and I feel as though I want to be with her, but how do I know it isn’t just puppy love? And if that’s all my infatuation is then all I’ll end up doing is turning around one day in the near future, and saying that I lost my feelings for her, and I don’t want to hurt her like that. Oh what do I do…?”. Chimour asked as he looked down into his padded lap, confused, and wanting to know which path was the right one for him to take.

“You silly baby batty. I’d of thought you’d of figured out what to do by now”. Trixy said smiling as she walked over to Chimour, and crouched down so that they were at eye level. “Isn’t it obvious? Just take the chance, I mean haven’t you ever heard of the saying ‘It is better to have loved, and lost then to have never loved at all’?”. Trixy asked smiling.

“But what if my love, and adoration is only temporary, what if I hurt her?”. Chimour asked.

“Trust me if that happens, as unlikely as it is, she’ll understand because she knows how these things work themselves out, and so she won’t bare any contempt, or malice towards you if it works out that way, and so Chimour just take the chance because you’ll regret it for the rest if your life if you don’t”. Trixy said as she left Chimour there to ponder, and think over all of what she had just said.

“Okay guys I’m back! Sorry for taking so long, but my little bro wasn’t kidding, I mean he was stinky, and with a capital ‘s’!”. Jessica said giggling a little as she sat down in her chair and looked around. “Oh hey where’s Chimour?”. Jessica asked.

“Don’t worry about him Jessica, I just had a talk with him in the kitchen, and I think it won’t be much longer until he comes out and gives you your answer”. Trixy said smiling.

“Ah alright, well um Trixy can you tell me a little about him?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“Well why do you wanna know all of a sudden?”. Trixy asked.

“I just figured it’d give me a little more of an idea why he is the way he is”. Jessica said.

“Well.. Okay”. Trixy said going into detail as she recounted all of the stuff Chimour had told her over the phone, or in person, and even told Jessica about how Chimour’s mother and father were killed by a group of vicious human hunters, and about how Chimour with no one to look after him turned to a life of thievery and became the infamous Phantom Thief.

“Ah… I didn’t know we had so much in common…Well thanks Trixy, telling me all of this really helped”. Jessica said smiling as Chimour soon came into the room with his mello yello in paw prior to sitting down on the couch next to Trixy again.

“O-Okay Jessica I’m ready to answer you”. Chimour said blushing.

“I’m all ears”. Jessica said smiling.

“I love you okay? There are you happy now? I finally said it!”. Chimour said blushing as he continued drinking his mello yello, and as Jessica got up, and made her way over to him.

“Is that true?”. Jessica asked.

“Yes… I really, really love you, and I’d well like to take you out on a date sometime..”. Chimour said blushing.

As soon as Chimour had confirmed what he had said Jessica leaned in, and planted one right on his lips, causing Chimour to blush a bit more and wet his diaper from the shock.

“Aaaw looks like my cubby new boyfriend’s wet his diaper! Maybe I should change him, and snuggle up with him somewhere a little more private?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“Um.. I don’t know if..”. Chimour said being cut short by Jessica putting her finger on his mouth which in turn caused him to blush.

“Sssh… It’s alright cubby we both know you can’t help wetting, or for that matter messing your diapee, so just calm down for me, and try to have fun okay? I’ll change ya afterwards”. Jessica said smiling.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:11 pm

“Hehe otay”. Chimour said giggling causing Jessica to smile a little more herself.

“Okay now I believe it was your turn to choose the next fur cubby”. Jessica said patting Chimour’s furry head, tussling his headfur.

“Hehe otay! I choose…Kat! Tho Kat twuth, ow dawe?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Dare! I can handle anything you throw at me you soggy bottomed cubby!”. Kat said giggling.

“Hehe we’ww thee! I dawe you to tickwe Twixy untiw the wets her diapee!”. Chimour said giggling as he took off his backpack, and searched through it before plopping his pacifier into his mouth.

“Wait what?”. Trixy asked as she was pounced on by Kat who immediately began relentlessly tickling her until a faint hissing sound came from her padded front signifying that she was wetting her diaper.

“I’m so going to get you back for that Chimour..”. Trixy said as she walked back over to her seat with her diaper now sagging.

“Okay Trixy truth or dare?”. Kat asked giggling a little.

“Truth”. Trixy said.

“Do you mind if I change ya out of that sagging diaper?”. Kat asked giggling.

“No be my guest, oh and my diaper bag I brought over here with me is behind the couch”. Trixy said giggling as she walked over behind the couch with Kat. “Okay Kako truth or dare?”. Trixy asked from behind the couch as Kat untapped her diaper, and began changing her.

“Truth”. Kako answered smiling.

“Okay well I know you don’t need to wear diapers like me or like bat boy over there, but do you still occasionally pad up anyway even though you’re more of the caretaker type?”. Trixy asked.

"Well occasionally. Usually though I like those princess trainers, you know the fade when wet design ones, and not the cool alerts, or just the Pawpers princess line. But yeah like I said only occasionally because babying my baby brother and some of his friends is just so much fun”. Kako said smiling.

“Pawpers princess line? But I thought those were called Pawpers princess sissy pants disposable diapers?”. Chimour asked with his pacifier in his mouth, but off to the side, so that he could speak properly.

“Well the official name is just Pawpers princess diapers, but yeah a lot of sissy furs call them that since it has a more cutesy appeal to it”. Kako said giggling.

“Oh I see..”. Chimour said blushing a little as he went back to sucking his pacifier.

“What? Are you saying you wear them yourself?”. Kako asked giggling.

“N-no!”. Chimour said still blushing.

“Chimour… I don’t want you keeping secrets from me, if you are into that then just tell me, I mean I’m not going to leave you for being a sissy baby batty”. Jessica said reassuringly as she snuggled Chimour a little.

“O-otay… Yeth I weaw dem..”. Chimour said blushing a little.

“In that case maybe our first date can be at a local store for sissies I know about? Yeah we can buy you some super cute dresses, and stuff like that, and then when we get home I’ll change you into one and baby you”. Jessica said giggling as she continued hugging her blushing, cubby boyfriend.

“No dat’s otay. I awweady gots wots of thithy stuff back at home”. Chimour said blushing.

“Well still it’d be nice to buy you a pack of diapers from there, and have you wear em in the house with nothing to cover em up”. Jessica said smiling.

“Weww otay… I gueth we can do dat thince I couwdn’t find any Pawpers pwinceth diapees without da coow awewt featuwe buiwt in”. Chimour said blushing.

“Good then it’s settled! Since there’s no school tomorrow we’ll have all day to spend with each other, well if your big brother doesn’t mind that is”. Jessica said.

“Dun wowwy, he won’t ath wong ath I caww, and infowm him dat I’m spending the day ovew hewe”. Chimour said.

“Hehe tomorrow’s gonna be fun!”. Jessica said excitedly while a freshly changed Trixy took Chimour’s backpack without him noticing, took out the bottles of milk, unscrewed the tops, and poured some liquid laxatives into both bottles, giggling as she mixed it in, screwed the tops back on, slipped one of the bottles into the bag, and set one on the table near the couch, prior to putting the backpack back where she found it, and all with everybody being none the wiser.

“Hey guys this game is getting old..”. Kat said getting tired of truth or dare.

“Well okay, but at least let Kako have her turn before we stop”. Jessica said now noticing the baby bottle of milk on the table. “Oh hey Chimour you hungee?”. Jessica asked warmly as she grabbed for the bottle since she knew no one else here had brought anything like this with them, and so by default it was Chimours.

“Hehe maybe a widdwe..”. Chimour said.

“Oh well that won’t do, so how about we feed ya some milkies?”. Jessica asked smiling, and scooting over some prior to having Chimour lay his head down above her lap with her left hand supporting his head.

“Hehe suwe!”. Chimour said giggling as he took his pacifier out prompting Jessica to plop the nipple of the bottle into Chimour’s mouth which he soon began drinking from.

“Aaaw that’s really cute!”. Kako said giggling. “Anyways Samantha truth or dare?”. Kako asked still giggling.

“Truth”. Samantha said smiling.

“How much longer do you give Chimour until his makes a poopy in his diapee?”. Kako asked.

“Hmm… I’d say in less then thirty minutes for sure”. Samantha said giggling.

“Well girls what do you want to do now?”. Kat asked smiling.

“Well since all of us who need to be padded are at the moment why not watch a horror movie?”. Trixy asked smiling.

“Oooh sounds fun! Sure”. Samantha said smiling as Chimour had finished with his bottle.

“Okay, but nothing to scary okay? We don’t wanna frighten the little cubby here”. Jessica said smiling as she tried picking Chimour up, but to no avail. “Hey Kako you’re pretty strong, so can you burp my little cubby here?”. Jessica asked.

“Sure thing”. Kako said picking up Chimour with ease as she began burping Chimour after putting him over her shoulder.

The burping was to Chimour’s slight embarrassment quite successful as he burped against his will as Kako continued, prompting some of the girls in the room like Jessica to giggle as it carried on. And while Chimour was being burped the laxatives had soon kicked in causing Chimour to begin rapidly filling his Pampers while still being burped, causing him to blush a little more as Trixy began giggling madly at her handiwork.

“Aaaw Jessica I think your little cubby here messed his diapee”. Kako said, having soon smelt it began patting Chimour’s squishy bottom, giggling as she did so.

“Okay just lemme go get his changing supplies”. Jessica said giggling as she searched through Chimour’s backpack, taking out one of Chimour’s Pawpers, along with a changing mat, some baby powder, and some wipes.

“Okay”. Kako said smiling as she stood Chimour back up on his own two feet prior to Jessica grabbing her cubby boyfriend by the paw, leading him towards the restroom, and giggling on her way over there as Chimour waddle walked over there with her.

“Okay cubby lets get that poopy diapee changed!”. Jessica said smiling as they entered the bathroom, with Jessica closing the door behind them, laying the changing mat on the ground, along with the other changing supplies, and with Jessica pulling down Chimour’s plastic panties, and lowering him down onto the changing mat to hear his diaper make an audible squishing noise as he laid there.

“Hey are you sure about this? I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to…”. Chimour said blushing.

“Nah it’s okay, I change my brother’s poopy diapers all the time, so I’m pretty sure I can handle one tinky little batty”. Jessica said giggling as she untapped Chimour’s dirty diaper, making sure not to pull the front down completely which quickly paid off big time as a stray breeze swept across Chimour’s diaper area causing him to begin wetting his diaper openly.

“Aaaaw just like a widdwe cubby wubby”. Jessica said giggling as she waited for Chimour to finish before pulling the front down all the way, taking baby wipes in paw, and going to work on now gently cleaning up her boyfriend’s front.

“So… Are you comfortable enough with me to tell me why you wear diapers yet?”. Chimour asked as Jessica continued wiping up his front prior to finishing, discarding the used wipes, taking up some more, lifting up her boyfriend’s bottom, and promptly began work on cleaning his backside.

“Well you see one day I was just walking home from school, before I was ambushed by a couple of strangers, and well after kidnapping me, and slipping my parents a ransom note they passed the time waiting for the ransom to get there by trying to have at my, well…. You know, but I wouldn’t let them, kept back talking them, and basically was difficult for them as any sane girl my age would be. Well they decided to beat me into compliance, and they got plenty of hits in, mainly in my kidneys until my dad finally showed up with the police. But well… These goons might of died, but took along with them my confidence, my bladder control, and most importantly they took my daddy from me.. I mean I still got mom, but I really do miss him..”. Jessica said tearing up a little.

“I’m sorry..”. Chimour said, feeling bad for asking as Jessica continued wiping his bottom.

“It’s okay, but yeah I don’t have any control as far as wetting my diaper goes, and as for messing, well I don’t mind it, but I won’t stay messy for very long if I don’t have to, so yeah change me as soon as possible when I’m messy okay Chimour? I mean I CAN change myself, but it‘d be nice to just let someone else do it…”. Jessica said blushing as she finished cleaning Chimour’s bottom, took the messy diaper out from underneath him, stuck the used wipes into the used diaper, balled the diaper up, tossed it into a nearby trashcan, unfolded the newest diaper, re-elevated Chimour’s backside, slid the diaper underneath him, and threaded his tail through the hole in the back prior to laying his bottom back down.

“Okay will do, oh and since you told me about that I got something to tell you..”. Chimour said as Jessica powdered up her right paw, lifted up his bottom, and began rubbing the baby powder into his backside.

“Nah it’s okay, I already know about your parents, and about what happened to them”. Jessica said as she finished powdering Chimour’s bottom, and laid Chimour’s backside back down prior to re-powdering up her right paw, and now gently began rubbing the powder into Chimour’s front.

“Really? Did Trixy tell you?”. Chimour asked sighing as Jessica continued powdering his front prior to finishing, and brining up the front of the diaper.

“Yes she did, but even if I wasn’t told about that when I became your girlfriend you had the right to know about my past, since well if you can’t keep anything from me, then I can’t keep anything from you”. Jessica said smiling as she taped the diaper on snuggly. “Oh and there ya go baby batty, all clean!”. Jessica said smiling as she got up, and out of the way so that Chimour had the room to get up, and off of his freshly padded bottom, which given enough time he did prior to picking up the changing mat, and re-folding it as Jessica took up the plastic panties, powder and wipes.

“Guess since your new diapee is crinkly by default you won’t need these plastic panties”. Jessica said as she made her way out of the bathroom with Chimour, and walked towards the living room with him where on the television screen the girls where watching “Bride of Chucky”.

“Eep! Chucky!!!”. Chimour said cowering a little as his girlfriend giggling sat all the changing supplies down on a nearby table prior to holding the plastic panties for him to walk into.

“On second thought it might not be a bad idea, you know just incase you get to scared, and start leaking”. Jessica said smiling as Chimour walked into the plastic panties, prompting her to pull them up, and over his diaper again.

“I dun wanna watch this…”. Chimour said still very uneasy as he tried to keep his eyes off of the screen.

“It’s okay cubby. If you get to scared I’ll be there to snuggle you, and make the scary, killer dollies go away”. Jessica said warmly as she put all of the changing supplies back into Chimour’s backpack prior to taking him by the paw, and leading him over towards the couch which she sat down on, having Chimour sit down on her lap as he began cuddling him.

And so Chimour tried to keep his eyes off of the television for the most part as he continued holding onto Jessica, cuddling into her so he wasn’t frightened into wetting himself only a few minutes after just being changed, but with curiosity getting the better of him as he occasionally looked back at the screen, only to cringe, and whimper a little prior to quickly snuggling back into Jessica, having always been really, really afraid of Chucky. Jessica didn’t like seeing her boyfriend so frightened, but couldn’t help but chuckle as he held onto her throughout most of the movie, feeling more like Chimour’s mommy then his girlfriend.

“Hehe hey Chimour the movie’s almost over now”. Jessica informed her, still at the moment very clingy boyfriend, smiling warmly as she did so.

“R-Really?”. Chimour asked whimpering a little as he looked back at the screen to see Chucky say “Go ahead! Shoot me! Don’t you get it? I’ll come back! I always come back!” before laughing, his trademark laugh, and being shot, and thusly killed for now along with his girlfriend.

“T-thank you! The credits!!!”. Chimour said happy to have finally seen the end of that movie as the credits began to roll, and hugged tightly onto Jessica, smiling as he did so.

“Hehe you really don’t like Chucky do you?”. Jessica asked giggling as she hugged Chimour back.

“Nuh-uh! I hate him, and always have ever since I remember seeing the original “Child’s Play” years ago with my big brother Bellfry on the Sci-fi channel!”. Chimour said.

“Well okay, oh and girls what do you wanna do now?”. Jessica asked giggling as she continued cuddling her boyfriend.

“Huh well bat boy over there is a sissy right? Why don’t we play dress up?”. Kat asked giggling, causing Chimour to blush horribly when she suggested it.

“Hehe oh that sounds like a lot of fun!”. Samantha said giggling.

“Hey don’t I have a say in this?”. Chimour asked blushing really badly right now, as he did.

“Okay we’ll vote on it. Trixy if you’d be so kind”. Jessica said smiling.

“Okay all of those against playing dress up with Chimour?”. Trixy asked smiling.

“I!”. Chimour said, blushing even more since he was the only one who voted against it.

“Okay, and all of those for it?”. Trixy asked giggling.

“I!”. Trixy, Kat, Samantha, Kako, and even Jessica said in unison.

“Sorry Chimour, but I’m not passing up the chance to see you in a dress”. Jessica said giggling as Chimour just sat there, still blushing.

“So where are we gonna get all the make up, accessories, and a dress for him?”. Kat asked giggling.

“Oh I’ve got some stuff just gathering dust upstairs in my room we could use for that”. Jessica said smiling. “Oh and hey Kako can you look after Chimour for me while I’m gone?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“Sure thing”. Kako said smiling warmly as she picked Chimour up, and off of Jessica’s lap, cradling him like a newborn cub as Jessica got up and made her way upstairs, and over towards her room.

“Hehe you’re going to look so cute diapee butt! Well.. You’re going to look cuter then you do right now!”. Kat said giggling, as Chimour blushed, still being held by Kako like he were nothing more then a newborn.

And so soon after a little while of Kako holding Chimour there, and rocking him back and forth to try and make him feel a little less uneasy Jessica soon came back down from her room with what looked like the frilliest, and pinkest dress she had on paw at the moment, a pink ribbon, some make up, some stockings, some cute, pink shoes, and even some thick, pink, and girly Pawpers princess diapers she just happened to have on paw.

“Okay girls I’m back, oh and Chimour you’re in luck! I just happened to have some Pawpers princess diapers on paw, but only two of them, so yeah I’ll change ya into one later on when you start smelling poopy again”. Jessica said smiling as she walked over to them, and as Kako smiled, standing Chimour back up on his two feet.

And so Chimour’s girly transformation was soon underway as Jessica had Chimour step into the stockings first, pulling them all the way up to his pink plastic panties one stocking at a time prior to finishing with that, and slipping the shoes onto Chimour’s feet, making sure to do the velcro up snuggly. Then raising up her arms, prompting Chimour to mimic her, who was still blushing heavily, she slipped off Chimour’s baby tee before slipping the dress on, and over Chimour’s head prior to working with Chimour’s jet black head fur as she soon had the ribbon in place as well.

“There little one, now all we need to do is apply the make up!”. Jessica said smiling as she pushed Chimour gently down onto the nearby couch.

“Well it looks like we won’t need to use any blush since he’s blushing enough as it is”. Kat said giggling as she sat down, and in front of Chimour.

“I guess. Oh and Chimour just stay still for me okay? Kat here knows what she’s doing when it comes to make up, so don’t move and she’ll have your face finished in no time flat”. Jessica said giggling as Kat began work on Chimour’s face.

Jessica was spot on with her description of Kat’s skills, and so soon not even Chimour could tell he wasn’t one of the girls as he sat there, completely changed in appearance.

“Aaaaaw Chimour you look so cute! Doesn’t he girls?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“He? Don’t you mean she?”. Trixy asked giggling.

“Yeah she doesn’t look anything like a male Jessica, she’s far to cute”. Samantha said giggling.

“I am not amused”. Chimour said folding his arms up and pouting a little.

“Aaaw come on Chimour it’s only for the night. Besides we’re only playing with ya, right girls?”. Jessica asked.

“Right”. Trixy, Samantha, Kako, and Kat said smiling.

“See? Now cheer up grumpy pants, or do I have to tickle ya?”. Jessica asked presenting her fingers, playfully moving them like she was doing a bad ghost imitation.

“Oh okay…”. Chimour said sighing.

“Good girl!”. Jessica said giggling, causing Chimour to blush a bit more.

“So what should we do now?”. Kat asked.

“Well how about we finish off the night by dancing some? It’ll burn just enough energy off of us, so that it’d be easier for us to get to sleep”. Jessica said smiling.

“Okay I’ll turn on the radio then”. Trixy said smiling as she turned it on, and tuned it to the same channel Bellfry, and Chimour were listening to while they came over here to this house.

“I don’t really care for this channel Trixy. Can you turn it to something else?”. Samantha asked as just then “Peppermint Twist” by The Sweet came on.

“Hey no, don’t touch that dial! I like this song!”. Chimour said.

“Well okay I guess after all we put you through tonight you can at least listen to this one song”. Trixy said not touching the dial as she was told.

“Thanks!”. Chimour said smiling as he got up, and started dancing.

“Hehe hey Chimour you mind if I dance with you?”. Jessica asked giggling a little.

“Sure”. Chimour said as Jessica got up, and soon they began dancing along to the music.

And so as the song finished Chimour, now really tired, began yawning a little prompting Jessica to take her cubby boyfriend by the paw, along with his backpack, and the two Pawpers princess diapers as she led him up towards her room, where Chimour a little hesitant stood by her rather large bed with her already under the covers.

“Chimour what you waiting for?”. Jessica asked yawning a little herself as she wet her diaper a little.

“Oh well I don’t have to sleep in the bed with you, I mean I brought my sleeping bag with me”. Chimour said blushing some.

“Oh don’t be silly, grab your teddy, and pacifier, and just get into bed with me”. Jessica said.

“Oh well okay”. Chimour said still blushing as he took his pacifier, and teddy out of his backpack, plopping the pacifier into his mouth before getting into bed with Jessica, snuggling up with his teddy as he did so.

“Oh and Chimour I just noticed that I’m a little wet, so I’m probably going to be soaked when morning comes”. Jessica said yawning a little as he snuggled up closer with Chimour.

“Dun wowwy I’ww change ya”. Chimour said smiling as he snuggled up with her as well, causing her to giggle a little.

“Hehe anyways nighty night cubby”. Jessica said smiling as she got a little more comfortable.

“Ni ni..”. Chimour said as he, and soon Jessica fell asleep.

And so the next morning the two of them began to stir in bed as the sunrays from the morning sun made their way through the window and were now shining obnoxiously onto both of their faces until they eventually, and hesitantly opened their eyes, yawning as they sat up in bed with Jessica‘s Pawpers squishing rather loudly as she did so, causing Chimour next to her to begin giggling cubbishly.

“Um… I think I’m a little messy..”. Jessica said blushing rather hardly as the smell hit her nose.

“Must be. I’m bone dry today, which to be honest doesn’t happen often”. Chimour said pulling at the front of his diaper, looking inside, and then patting his backside, thusly giving himself a self check.

“Can you change me?”. Jessica asked already getting tired of being messy.

“Sure thing, oh but do you want me to diaper you up in one of my Pampers I brought over?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Sure”. Jessica said smiling as she got out of bed along with Chimour prior to Chimour looking through his nearby backpack, taking out one of his Pampers, some baby powder, wipes, and lastly a changing mat as he laid the changing mat onto the floor which he patted invitingly, ushering Jessica over with her soon laying herself down onto it with her diaper squishing as she did so.

“Hey these are cub diapers right?”. Jessica asked giggling as she saw Chimour take out the pair of Pampers he’d soon change her into.

“Yup, vintage 2379 as well, back when they didn’t make such cute, and absorbent diapers for bigger cubs as they do now-a-days”. Chimour said smiling as he set the supplies down, and aside prior to sitting down, untaping Jessica’s diaper one tape at a time, and holding the diaper there in case his girlfriend was like him and continued wetting.

“Well do you think they’ll fit me?”. Jessica asked blushing as she promptly began wetting openly into her Pawpers when a gentle breeze had swept across her front.

“Sure they will. I mean they fit me just as well as they do a genuine cubby, so seeing how you’re built they should be very nice and snug on you”. Chimour said smiling as Jessica finished prior to pulling the front down all the way, taking wipe up in paw, and going at cleaning her front gently.

“You know Chimour this is probably the first time in a long time someone’s changed me here at my house”. Jessica said blushing as Chimour continued work, now discarding the used baby wipes after finishing up with cleaning her front.

“Well are you enjoying it?”. Chimour asked smiling as he took up more wipes in paw, lifted up Jessica’s bottom, and began wiping it just as gently as he had her front.

“Well usually I wouldn’t let anyone change me but my mom, or the nurse at school, but I feel a lot more comfortable when you’re doing it, so yeah I am enjoying it, especially since changing yourself is kind of tricky at times, like when you‘re messy”. Jessica said smiling as Chimour continued wiping her bottom.

“Well that’s good”. Chimour said smiling as he soon finished wiping up Jessica’s bottom, took the dirty diaper out from underneath her, placed the used wipes into it, balled, and taped the diaper up, and tossed it into the nearby diaper pail before he unfolded the pair of Pampers, lifted up Jessica’s bottom, and laid the diaper underneath her, threading her tail through the tail hole in the back.

“They’re pretty soft”. Jessica commented as her bottom was gently lowered back down prior to her boyfriend powdering up his paw, and now gently rubbing some baby powder into her front.

“Yup, and luckily for us bat tails, and bunny tails aren’t much different, so they’ll fit you just as well as they’d fit me”. Chimour commented smiling as he finished powdering up Jessica’s front, re-powdered up his paw, lifted her bottom up, and into the air, and began promptly, yet very gently powdering her bottom.

“That’s good to know”. Jessica said giggling softly as Chimour continued the powder up her bottom, a smile spreading on her face as he had finished, lowered her freshly powdered bottom back down, brought up the front, and taped the diaper onto her snuggly.

“There we go! All set”. Chimour said smiling happily as he picked up Jessica who reacted by blushing a little in surprise as she was laid back down onto her bed as Chimour began packing all the leftover changing supplies back into his backpack.

“Wow you’re really strong..”. Jessica said blushing, and giggling a little.

“Thank you”. Chimour said smiling warmly as he set the backpack aside, and began undressing, getting out of the girly attire Jessica and the others had gotten him into last night.

“Sorry about getting ya dressed up like that last night”. Jessica said giggling a little as Chimour busied himself with taking the stockings off of his feet, hopping around a little on one foot while doing so.

“Don’t be. I had lots of fun being treated like one of the girls last night, plus I’m not so shy around them anymore”. Chimour commented smiling as he successfully pulled the stockings off, having only fallen once or twice on his padded bottom just to get back up in the process.

“Well can you do me a small favor later today? Or since you can’t stay here all night again, maybe later on in the afternoon?”. Jessica asked smiling warmly as Chimour continued to take all of the girly stuff off, now working on taking the pink plastic panties off of his bottom.

“Sure what is it?”. Chimour asked curiously while still focusing on taking all of the girly stuff off of himself.

“Well I was hoping that, maybe after our date when we return back home you could hold me a little? You know seeing as how you’re so strong”. Jessica said blushing a little.

“Sure thing”. Chimour said smiling warmly as he now focused on taking the dress off.

And so soon Chimour had finished undressing, and just in time too, because as he started looking like himself again, and wiped what was left of the make up off of his face the parents of the girls who had stayed over last night had arrived, and took their girls home with Bellfry, who also came over here along with the others, sitting there in the living room on the couch chuckling, only imagining what had transpired here, what with all these girls seeing his baby bro in just his pampers and t shirt all of last night. And so soon Chimour, along with Jessica made their way back down into the living room where Chimour giggling ran up, and pounced his big brother sitting on the couch, snuggling him as he did so.

“Did you have fun last night little guy?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as he hugged his little brother back.

“Yep! I had lots, and lots of fun!”. Chimour said giggling as he continued snuggling up with his big brother with Jessica making her way over towards them.

“Oh and who’s this? Looks like she’s wearing one of your Pampers so she must really be close to you..”. Bellfry said teasing his little brother.

“Oh my name’s Jessica, and I’m his girlfriend!”. Jessica said smiling as she introduced herself.

“Aaaaw well it’s nice to meet you Jessica”. Bellfry said smiling as he offered his paw which Jessica began shaking.

“Oh hey about that big brother..”. Chimour said blushing a little.

“Yes? What is it?”. Bellfry asked smiling warmly.

“Well can I stay here a little longer? Me and Jessica wanted to spend more time with each other today”. Chimour said.

“Well I don‘t know if Jessica‘s mom would want that. Can I talk to your mom about this Jessica?”. Bellfry asked when just as he had asked that another rabbit fur this one a bit taller and older looking then Jessica came walking into the room dressed in black jeans, and a pink shirt much like Jessica usually was, and with this rabbit fur having a black, and white pattern much like Jessica‘s.

“Oh hey speak of the devil”. Bellfry said smiling as Jessica made her way over to her mom.

“Hey mom is it alright if Chimour here stays over a bit longer? Like until eight at night?”. Jessica asked stopping in front of her mother.

“Well I guess so dear, but I wasn’t exactly planning on it..”. Mrs. Hawthorne said sighing.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience ma’am. I’ll bring my baby brother here home right now if you don’t want him staying over here?”. Bellfry asked.

“No it’s okay, but I don’t know if we’ve got the changing supplies for him”. Mrs. Hawthorne said looking over at Chimour on the couch, and noting he was diapered.

“Well I could go get some of his changing supplies back at the house, and come right back if you want?”. Bellfry asked.

“Excuse me, but you don’t have to worry about it, I’ve got that covered. See me and my little cubby here were going to go to a store I know of and pick him out some nice, and cute diapers while we’re there anyway”. Jessica said smiling.

“Oh well in that case here”. Bellfry said reaching into his wallet prior to offering Jessica some money.

“Are you sure? I could always buy the diapers, and changing supplies myself”. Jessica said.

“And waste you’re allowance? Nonsense. My little brother is my responsibility, so who am I to shirk off that responsibility, and pass it on to you?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he placed the money into Jessica’s paw.

“Well okay if you insist”. Jessica said shrugging a little as she took the money offered to her.

“Good now you two have fun okay, and remember I’ll be back at around eight”. Bellfry said smiling as he got off the couch, and made his way back over to the door, leaving the house.

“Okay so you two just woke up right?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked curiously as Bellfry pulled out of the driveway.

“Yup”. Chimour said smiling happily.

“Then first things first”. Mrs. Hawthorne said as she made her way over to them, and simultaneously put two of her first fingers into the leak guards of both of their diapers.

“Mooom!”. Jessica said blushing really hard as her mom did this.

“Oh don’t be so embarrassed dear. I do this with all the little cubs down at the nursery school I work at”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling as she took her fingers out, and sniffed a little, smiling that none of them smelled like they needed changing.

“Yeah, but those are cubs you’re dealing with at where you work, and I’m a preteen..”. Jessica said still blushing.

“I’m sorry dear. I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend here, but I figured you wouldn’t really mind seeing as how he’s diapered himself”. Mrs. Hawthorne said noting the new diapers Jessica was wearing.

“How did you know he was my boyfriend?”. Jessica asked.

“Because you called him your little cubby, and because he’s the first male fur I’ve ever seen you really take an interest in”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling. “Anyways you both amazingly enough seem to have woken up in clean diapers so since no changing is in order I think I’ll go get breakfast ready”. Mrs. Hawthorne said as she was getting ready to leave.

“Actually I changed her this morning, and probably soon after breakfast I’ll need changing again”. Chimour said.

“Oh well where did you get these diapers she’s wearing? They’re adorable on her!”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling.

“Oh well I’m a vampire bat fur, and well those are Pampers cub diapers from back in 2379 when there were no diapers made for bigger cubbies”. Chimour said smiling.

“Pampers huh? Any relation to Pawpers?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked.

“Yes actually because Pampers was eventually bought out by furs in the twenty fifth century and since then the company has been renamed Pawpers”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh okay. Well then I guess I’ll go get breakfast ready, oh and tell me if you need changing since I’m sure Jessica may have a spare diaper or two up in her room that’ll fit ya”. Mrs. Hawthorne said leaving the room.

“Well actually I have some left- ‘Okay mom thank you!’ “. Chimour said, Jessica interrupting him before he could finish his sentence.

And so soon the four of them sat around at the table in the dining room eating their breakfast at a steady pace with Jessica’s little brother Jeffery who Chimour briefly saw last night joining them at the table along with Jessica’s mother Mrs. Hawthorne.

“So how’s the food you three?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked smiling warmly as she continued having at eating the bacon, eggs, and toast on her plate.

“It’s great!”. Jeffery exclaimed happily as he continued eating the food on his plate hungrily.

“Yeah it’s really nice”. Chimour said smiling as he pilled all of his bacon onto one piece of toast, and sandwiched it between another before eating it like that.

“What about you Jessica?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked smiling as Jessica continued eating her food, looking a bit distracted as she did so.

“Oh sorry mom. Yeah it’s good”. Jessica said smiling after having hastily swallowed what she was currently chewing to more quickly respond to her mom.

“You look distracted dear. What’s up?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked chuckling.

“Oh nothing.. Just thinking is all”. Jessica answered back smiling before returning back to her food.

“Oh come on.. What is it?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked smiling, now a little curious.

“Oh well I’m just a little excited.. Oh and hey Chimour how do you feel about going to that store I was talking to about last night right after we’re done here? They open up pretty early you see”. Jessica said smiling.

“Oh sure that works for me”. Chimour said smiling as he continued to eat his food.

“Hehe Jessica, and Chimour sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”. Jeffery said giggling as he continued eating his food with Jessica blushing a little as a response.

“Please don’t tease your sister Jeffery, you’re embarrassing her”. Mrs. Hawthorne said chuckling. “Although you two do make a cute couple though…”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling as she took a sip from her coffee.

“Mooom!!”. Jessica said blushing a little at all the teasing she was receiving.

“Oh don’t worry about it dear it’s not like I won’t tease Jeffery the same way I’m teasing you when he finds a little girlfriend”. Mrs. Hawthorne said still drinking her coffee, before soon returning back to her food.

“Nu uh! I’m never ever gonna get a girlfriend!”. Jeffery said pouting a little when his mom said that.

“Well who knows.. One day you may have a change of heart and want someone to settle down, and start a family with..”. Mrs. Hawthorne said chuckling, causing her son to pout a bit more.

And so eventually breakfast came to a close, and with Chimour getting one of his baby bottles he had brought over filled up with some orange juice before he, and his girlfriend Jessica left the house after Jessica pulled her pants back up, did up the zipper, button, threaded her tail through the back, and took up the money she’d need that Bellfry left for her. Chimour was a bit uneasy though as he walked out of the house, and towards this store Jessica told him about in nothing but his t shirt, and Pawpers which showed as he and Jessica walked towards the store hand in hand with a constant blush on his face.

“Aw are you shy about being seen out in public like this?”. Jessica asked giggling as she continued to more or less lead Chimour towards the store, holding him by the hand like he was a real little cubby.

“A little..”. Chimour said nervously while blushing a little, although knowing it was legal here seeing as how he’s seen several furs like himself walk out on the streets in broad daylight like this.

And so as the two of them continued to make their way towards the store, Chimour continued constantly blushing as a few furs passing them by commented on how cute he was, or even went so far as to pat his crinkly bottom, causing him to blush even more. Chimour didn’t think it could get much more embarrassing until a familiar face made it’s way up, and behind him, and poked his padded behind giggling as she did so.

“Hey diaper butt! Oh and hey Jessica!”. Kat said smiling as she started walking with the both of them.

“Oh hey Kat! What are you doing here?”. Jessica asked smiling as the local Sissy store came into view.

“Oh well last night I got kinda curious, and so I decided to see if I could buy myself some of those Pawpers Princess diapers since well I think I’d look cute in em”. Kat said smiling as the three of them got closer, and approached the store.

“Oh well okay then”. Jessica said smiling as they entered the store, and made straight for the diapering supplies aisle.

“Hey Jessica do you mind if I come back to your house with you? I already asked my mom and she said it was okay with her”. Kat said as she picked out some of the Pawpers Princess diapers for herself, and handed another package of them to Jessica.

“Well.. I guess, but make sure to let me, and my little cubby here have our private time okay?”. Jessica asked while just then Chimour began wetting, and messing his Pawpers.

“Sure thing”. Kat said smiling before sniffing something in the air, and patting Chimour’s bottom, feeling his diaper squish a little as she did so.

“Hey Jessica I think your little cubby needs changing again”. Kat said smiling as she looked through this aisle and handed Jessica some baby powder, and wipes, grabbing herself some as well.

“Aaaaw… Well his timing is impeccable I must say since this place has got a restroom with a few changing stalls with changing tables inside which I can use, and change him on, and into one of these new diapers with”. Jessica said smiling as the both of them approached the counter, and got to paying for their stuff.

“Well that’s good cuz we wouldn’t want him getting a rash on his bottom huh?”. Kat asked giggling while Chimour continued blushing a little more.

“Nope we sure don’t”. Jessica said chuckling as eventually they had gotten through the checkout with Jessica promptly grabbing Chimour by the paw, and leading him towards the ladies restroom with the diapers, and changing supplies with her.

“Do we have to do this in the ladies restroom?”. Chimour asked blushing a little as Jessica led him over towards one of the stalls where she had him lay his squishy, and messy bottom down onto the changing table located inside.

“Well the girl’s restroom here tends to be more cleanly, and besides since it’s your stinky bottom that needs changing I want to do it in a restroom I feel more comfortable in”. Jessica said smiling warmly as she opened the package of diapers she had picked out, and took one out showing it to Chimour.

“Hehe they’re so cute!”. Chimour said smiling warmly as he saw the pink, frilly, thick, and butterfly covered diaper he was about to be changed into.

“Glad you like em”. Jessica said smiling warmly once more as she sat that diaper aside, untapped Chimour’s diaper one tape at a time, and soon held the front of Chimour’s diaper over his front a little longer to act like a shield to protect her against when Chimour spontaneously began wetting again which he soon began doing once a gentle breeze had swept across his front.

“That’s a good baby batty! Anyways seems like you’re done now so lets get that tinky diapee changed!”. Jessica said giggling as Chimour had finished, and took down the front completely prior to taking up wipe in paw, and now gently wiping Chimour’s front.

“Hehe you dun have to tease me..”. Chimour said blushing, although enjoying this immensely as Jessica continued cleaning his front.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:12 pm

“Nah it’s okay, it’s fun teasing you”. Jessica said smiling as she soon cleaned up Chimour’s front completely prior to setting the used wipes aside, taking out some more, taking her boyfriend’s legs by the ankles, lifting his legs up into the air thusly elevating his backside, and now gently going at wiping up his backside giggling as she did so.

“Tanks you”. Chimour said smiling happily as he began sucking his thumb, having left his pacifier back home.

“Oh hang on a second”. Jessica said stopping before picking up Chimour baby bottle filled with orange juice he had brought over here, handing it to him which he happily began drinking from, supporting the baby bottle with both paws. “There ya go poopy pants”. Jessica said giggling as she continued wiping up Chimour’s bottom soon finishing before she took the diaper out from underneath him, balled it up with the used wipes inside, tossed it into the diaper pail, unfolded the new diaper, laid it underneath Chimour’s backside after re-elevating it, threaded his cute, stubby black tail through the back, powdered up her paw, and began powdering Chimour’s still elevated backside gently, humming to herself a lullaby as she did so.

“You enjoying yourself there little guy?”. Jessica asked smiling as she continued powdering up Chimour’s bottom with him in far to much bliss, drinking from his baby bottle, to respond to her. “I’ll take that as a yes”. Jessica said smiling warmly as she soon had Chimour’s backside well powdered before lowering it back down, powdering up her paw again, and now very gently going about powdering up his front.

“Aaaaand there! All done!”. Jessica exclaimed happily as she finished powdering up Chimour, pulling up the front of his new, very pink, and girly diaper prior to very snuggly taping it on, and in place with Chimour just now snapping out of his bliss, taking the nipple of the bottle from his mouth, as he hovered himself off of the changing table blushing, and giggling as he looked himself over in the bathroom mirror.

“Hehe I look adorable, oh and these diapees are very soft!”. Chimour said smiling as he stood there happily surprised by how these diapers looked on him.

“Well lets not keep Kat waiting okay little one? Oh and are you sure you don’t want us to get you anything else before we leave this store?”. Jessica asked picking up all of the diapers, and changing supplies she had brought in here as she led Chimour back outside where Kat began giggling madly at how he looked.

“Well there is one thing, but I didn’t think you had brought any money of your own? And what’s so funny?”. Chimour asked pouting as Kat began giggling.

“Oh well I was thinking I could just borrow some from Kat, and pay her back once we get to the house”. Jessica said smiling.

“Ah yeah sure that’ll work for me, oh and did you see yourself over in a mirror lately? You’re just so precious!”. Kat said giggling madly some more as she looked through her purse, and took out some money which she handed to Jessica.

“Okay now what did you want?”. Jessica asked her now rather pouty boyfriend, giggling as she counted the money she was lended.

“Oh well… I kind of wanted.. Well I’m a little embarrassed to say…”. Chimour said blushing a little more so that now his cheeks complimented his diaper.

“Aw it’s okay, I promise not to laugh”. Jessica said smiling.

“Well I always wanted a tutu..”. Chimour said blushing even harder so now his cheeks went from pink to crimson.

“Oh hey if you want to look through our collection of tutus you’ll find them over there in the costume section of our clothing department”. A young red dragon, and black wolf hybrid informed, smiling sincerely as he did so.

“Thank you!”. Jessica said smiling, having kept her promise by not laughing at Chimour as she led him over to the clothing aisle by the paw.

“Are we going to be dressing me in it as soon as we buy it?”. Chimour asked blushing a little at the thought as Jessica led him over to where the tutus were, along with Kat who was still giggling, adding onto Chimour’s blush.

“What a silly thing to ask, of course we are you silly little cub”. Jessica responded smiling as they soon entered the costume section of the clothing department.

“So diaper butt which one looks cute enough?”. Kat asked giggling even more as they stood there among all the tutus, and various other costume bits, and pieces.

“I want this one!”. Chimour said still blushing as he automatically decided on a pink, and black slightly gothic, and very frilly tutu for himself in his size.

“Wow he’s got pretty good taste huh Jessica?”. Kat asked smiling.

“Well he is my boyfriend after all”. Jessica said nodding as she picked out the tutu, and led her boyfriend back to the bathroom.

Eventually soon Jessica had finished dressing Chimour into his tutu, looked over the tag, paid the cashier the amount for the tutu, gave Kat back the change, and led her boyfriend, and best friend Kat out of the store, and towards her house with all the stuff they had bought with Chimour blushing very hard as he made his way back towards the house, drinking from his baby bottle as he did so. Of course along the way Chimour was once again subject to plenty of adoration from passers-by causing his slight embarrassment to discolor his face from solid black to pinkish, to finally blood red as he continued drinking from his baby bottle with more focus to get his mind off of all the awing he was receiving.

This didn’t help the nervous, and blushing little tutu clad bat much, but it helped a bit as the three of them soon arrived back at Jessica’s house which Chimour would’ve been the first to enter if his girlfriend didn’t hold him so firmly by the paw. Well seeing as how they were now back at Jessica’s house Chimour stopped blushing nearly as much, excited as the three of them soon entered just for Chimour to start blushing again as Mrs. Hawthorne caught site of him, immediately awing at the cross-dressing bat boy before her as Jessica closed, and locked the door behind them.

“Well aren’t you just a little cutie!”. Mrs. Hawthone said smiling as she walked over towards Chimour, and looked him over, not so sure if this was even the same kid.

“Please don’t tease me…”. Chimour said blushing even more as he stood there while Jessica went up into her room with Kat to work out the money she owed her.

“Ah so it is you! I wasn’t so sure for a minute there, but really can you blame me?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked smiling, recognizing Chimour’s voice, as she patted Chimour’s bottom, causing his blush to deepen as she did so.

“Can we please stop talking about it?”. Chimour asked blushing so badly his face looked like a tomato it was so red.

“Oh fine.. Anyway do you need changing? I know you’re not messy, and since you’re wearing a tutu I can’t just simply stick my fingers into the leak guard to check and see if you’re wet”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling.

“No I don’t need changing, Jessica changed me at the store”. Chimour said.

“Ah well can I ask what the two of you got while you were there besides the diapers, changing supplies, and the tutu? Oh and can I see how the new diapers look on you?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked smiling.

“We didn’t get anything else really, oh and sure”. Chimour said taking down his tutu, revealing his pink, and frilly diaper underneath.

“Aaaw that’s so cute! So she bought ya some of those Pawpers Princess diapers huh?”. Mrs. Hawthorne asked smiling as Kat, and Jessica came back from Jessica’s room and rejoined Mrs. Hawthorne, and Chimour back in the living room.

“Yup”. Chimour said doing a little, ballerina-type spin on the spot, blushing as he saw that Kat, and Jessica rejoined them with now both of them madly giggling at what he just did.

“Aaaaw don’t be so embarrassed sweety, being silly, and adorable is nothing to get all self-conscious about”. Mrs. Hawthorne said chuckling as she patted Chimour’s head, taking up his tutu, and placing it on the table.

“Hey mom can Kat stay over here?”. Jessica asked hopefully as her mom was getting ready to get to work.

“Yes, but only if it’s just for a day at most”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling.

“Cool! Thanks mom!”. Jessica said smiling.

“No problem, oh and I’ll be back home by six in the afternoon, also if you guys get hungry I left some money laying on the table. You guys aren’t far from the local McDonalds, so I’m sure you’ll manage”. Mrs. Hawthorne said smiling as she left them there, making sure to re-lock the door, and soon pulled out of the driveway.

“Anyways it’s only ten in the morning at the moment, so we’ve got lots of time to spend with each other little one”. Jessica said smiling warmly, wetting her Pampers a little as she patted Chimour’s pink, and crinkly bottom, making him giggle a little when she did so.

“Well what do you wanna do first?”. Chimour asked smiling as Kat just made herself comfortable in a nearby chair as she watched these two lovebirds go at it.

“Well hey there’s a couch over there, so why don’t we just lay on it together, and get to know each other a little more”. Jessica said smiling as she led Chimour over to the couch by the paw.

“Sure thing”. Chimour said smiling as he sat down on the couch with Jessica, and also with soon the two of them going at it, and making out then, and there on the couch while Kat, deciding to give them some privacy, left them be, and walked over towards the kitchen, were Jeffery, dressed as he was every morning in just his diaper, and t shirt, bumped into her.

“Sorry for that little guy”. Kat said apologizing for bumping into Jeffery.

“It’s okay.. Oh and hey I kind of need changing, like real bad, so can you tell my sister that for me?”. Jeffery asked, his diaper sagging, and bulging out in back badly.

“Well she’s kinda busy, so how bout I change ya instead?”. Kat asked smiling.

“I dunno..”. Jeffery said hesitantly.

“Hey don’t worry about it! I’m a pro at changing dirty diapers”. Kat said giggling as she took Jeffery by the paw, leading him up, and into his room.

“Are you sure?”. Jeffery asked still hesitant.

“Well we don’t want you getting a rash on your bottom now do we poopy pants?”. Kat asked smiling as she and Jeffery entered his room.

“I guess not..”. Jeffery said blushing, but giggling at the same time as he was led towards the changing table.

“I didn’t think so, now upsy-daisy”. Kat said smiling as she, with a little bit of trouble, lifted up Jeffery, and laid him onto the changing table, his diaper squishing messily as he was laid down. “Okay you little stinker lets change that messy diaper of yours!”. Kat said smiling as she looked underneath the changing table coming up with some changing supplies, but no diaper.

“You’ll need a fresh diapee also”. Jeffery said smiling as he laid there.

“Well you‘re running kinda low on diapers... Um hey I just got myself some diapers which I don’t need as badly since I’m not incontinent like your sis, so if you want I can change you into one of them?”. Kat asked smiling.

“Sure”. Jeffery said looking up, and down, left and right, trying to spot something.

“Okay, and is this what you’re looking for?”. Kat asked locating a carrot shaped pacifier which she immediately handed to Jeffery prior to getting her paws into position to open the package of diapers she had boughten, but deciding against it since these ones she had gotten were for cat furs like herself, she picked up one of Jessica‘s Pawpers Princess diapers instead which Jessica had conveniently left near her bed, and laid it aside as she untapped Jeffery’s diaper, and with wipe in paw began gently cleaning up Jeffery’s front.

“Yup it is, thank you!”. Jeffery said smiling happily as he plopped the pacifier into his mouth, sucking on it peacefully with eyes closed as he thought of what designs these new diapers had on them, hoping they weren’t anything girly.

“So did it require lots of practice, or were you just born good at filling up your diapees?”. Kat asked smiling as she continued wiping up Jeffery’s front gently.

“Hehe I wath awways good at it I gueth…”. Jeffery said giggling as his front was soon cleaned up prior to Kat setting the used wipes aside, lifting up his backside into the air, taking up some more wipes, and now gently working on wiping up Jeffery’s bottom.

“My my my you sure are a poopy baby bunny! Bet mommy’s proud of her little stinky butt huh?”. Kat asked smiling as she continued wiping up Jeffery’s backside.

“You betcha!”. Jeffery said giggling once more as his backside was soon cleaned up as well prior to Kat taking the used diaper out from underneath Jeffery’s bottom, placing the used wipes into it, balling up the used, and now very stinky diaper, tossing it into the nearby diaper pail, unfolding the new, pink, and girly diaper, sliding it underneath Jeffery’s bottom, threading his tail through the back, powdering up her right paw, and now very gently rubbing the powder in Jeffery’s backside as she began powdering him.

“I love this part…”. Jeffery said smiling as he closed his eyes a bit more, and started to peacefully inhale the sweet scent of baby powder wafting in the breeze as he began sucking his pacifier at a much slower pace.

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself”. Kat said smiling as she soon finished powdering up Jeffery’s backside, prompting her to lay him back down before she began re-powdering up her right paw, and going back to work by now gently powdering Jeffery’s front.

“I just love that smell so much”. Jeffery said smiling as he continued peacefully sucking his pacifier.

“Well I think all cubs do, so you’re not alone there, that’s for sure”. Kat said smiling as she soon finished, brought up the front, and taped Jeffery’s new diaper on snuggly. “Okay there we go, good as new!”. Kat said helping Jeffery down, and off of the changing table.

“Thanks!”. Jeffery said smiling as he walked his crinkly bottom back out of his room, and into the kitchen to get himself a snack.

“Hope he’s not mad at me when he finds out what he’s wearing…”. Kat said giggling a little as she walked back down out of the room herself prior to walking over to Jessica, and Chimour who were still snuggling on the couch as “Cats the musical” began on the channel they just so happened to be watching on the television.

“Hey Kat”. Jessica said smiling as she continued snuggling up with her boyfriend as she laid in his lap.

“I love you so much Jessica…”. Chimour said smiling as he continued snuggling her.

“Hehe and I love you”. Jessica said smiling while snuggling him as well.

“So anything on the television?”. Kat asked sitting down somewhere nearby.

“Actually yes. I think this is the opening to ‘Cats The Musical’ if I’m not mistaken”. Chimour said as the long opening continued.

“Ah cool! I love this one!”. Jessica said smiling as she got out of Chimour’s lap, and sat next to him on the couch. “Oh and hey I thought I saw my baby brother talking to you about something earlier on?”. Jessica asked curiously.

“It was only a messy diaper, but don’t worry I changed him for you”. Kat said smiling as she began watching the musical more intently herself.

“Thanks Kat”. Jessica said smiling.

“Don’t worry about it, it was my pleasure”. Kat said smiling as Jeffery walked over to them.

“Hey what are you guys doing?”. Jeffery asked curiously.

“Oh Kat you didn’t…”. Jessica said giggling as she saw her baby brother stand there in one of her Pawpers Princess diapers.

“Well how could I not take advantage of the situation? I mean he looks adorable in them!”. Kat said giggling herself.

“Eh what are you two laughing at?”. Jeffery asked confused.

“I think Kat changed you into something a bit more pink then usual Jeffery”. Chimour pointed out prompting Jeffery to look down at the girly garment taped snugly around his waist.

“This is not funny!!!”. Jeffery said pouting grumpily as he stood there, blushing a little.

“Aw don’t worry about it kid, they look good on you”. Kat said still giggling which only made Jeffery pout more.

Well time passed by fairly quickly for the four of them as hours seemed to pass by like minutes when soon it was lunch time with all their stomachs grumbling in hunger.

“Wow time sure dose pass by quickly when you’re swooning over The Rum Tum Tugger huh Jessica?”. Kat asked smiling as she looked over at the clock, noticing what time it was.

“Well he is attractive, but no fur can replace my little cubby wubby here”. Jessica said smiling as she cuddled Chimour some more.

“Aw thanks love, oh and hey maybe we should go out and get something to eat? I’m feeling rather hungry”. Chimour said smiling as he got up.

“Sounds good, and Jeffery go get some pants on okay? I’m not leaving you here by yourself, and I know you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a pink, and girly diaper”. Jessica said.

“Y-Yeah good point”. Jeffery said blushing at the thought as he quickly went back into his room to get a pair of pants over the diaper he was currently wearing.

“Okay guys so we’re going to go get some McDonalds then?”. Jessica asked picking up, and pocketing the money her mother gave her for the food.

“Sure sounds good”. Chimour said smiling.

“Yeah no problem here”. Kat said smiling.

“And I’m sure Jeffery won’t mind any, so it’s settled”. Jessica said smiling as the three of them continued to wait on Jeffery who soon came back down from his room with a pair of blue jeans now covering up his diaper.

And so the four of them left the house, making sure to lock, and close the front door behind them after Jessica had previously pocketed the spare key to the house, and soon made their way towards the local McDonalds, unaware of the shadowy figures, who kept their sights on them, in the distance. Well as they continued walking towards the local McDonalds Chimour still felt a little uneasy as passerby continued to comment on his diaper, just making Jeffery feel all the more glad that he decided to wear something over his diaper, and I mean don’t get me wrong the comments weren’t nasty or malicious, but still they made Chimour blush a lot since basically all of these furs he didn’t even know, yet still they felt the need to just randomly tease him, making him feel a little uncomfortable as they continued making their way to McDonalds, which luckily for one blushing little bat wasn’t to much further.

“How much further?”. A very red faced Chimour asked.

“Don’t worry baby batty we’re almost there, see it’s right up ahead”. Jessica said smiling as the store came into sight, causing Chimour to smile a little when he had seen this.

Well soon the four of them had entered the McDonalds, and while the aforementioned shadowy figures continued to tail them, leading them to the front of the building.

“So they’re in here?”. Asked someone with a very familiar, reptilian hiss.

“Yes boss!”. A muscular rhino fur confirmed.

“Are you sure? I don’t have the time to waste on just any fur”. Asked the same aforementioned fur with yet another reptilian hiss.

“We’re positive, but boss is this guy really worth all of this effort?”. A lankier, but still fairly well built weasel fur asked.

“Are you kidding me Travis? You brainless halfwit! Ofcourse it’s worth the effort! We were, no I was humiliated by a bunch of, by a bunch of…”. The same reptilian sounding fur said trailing off.

“Cubs sir?”. The rhino fur asked.

“Yes Daniel! A bunch of pants shitting, bed pissing, drooling, retard cubs! And I Slen the great shall not stand for such an insult to my good name, and so all of these damn dirty cubs will have to pay the price…”. Slen said scathingly.

“Well what did you have in mind sir?”. Travis asked curiously.

“Well seeing as how schools out, and also seeing as how that Jessica girl has been getting very close to Chimour lately why don’t we kidnap Jessica, and use her as bait to lure Chimour and the rest of his friends into a trap at the school? I mean seeing as how Chimour’s still just a pants shitting, idiot cub like the rest of his simple minded friends he probably relies on strength in numbers to win his schoolyard scuffles, so he’ll probably call on his friends to help get his precious girlfriend back, and so that’s when I’ll sick my twenty men army on them, thusly crushing them, and getting my revenge!”. Slen said smirking.

“Uh… One, two, three… Uh boss there’s only three of us”. Daniel said counting his fingers, obviously the dumb one of the group.

“My army’s back at the school preparing you dolt! And anyway lets wait until we spring our plan, after all it’s only sporting to permit them a last meal”. Slen said hissing with venomous glee, salivating at the mere thought of the revenge he thought he would reap.

Well about twenty minutes later after this conversation the four of them were half way through with their meal as Jessica began wetting her diaper once more, her diaper now sagging badly underneath her jeans.

“Wet yourself again love?”. Chimour asked smiling warmly as his big bat ears picked up on the tall tale tinkling sound coming from Jessica’s diaper.

“Hehe oh I can’t put anything past those big ears of yours can I cubby?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“Well you can try I guess”. Chimour said smiling.

“Well hey how bad is it Jessica?”. Kat asked curiously.

“Pretty bad Kat. I’m very, very soggy at the moment”. Jessica said drinking from her soda a little.

“Well hey if it’s that bad maybe I should change you?”. Chimour suggested.

“No it’s fine little one, after all you need to eat or else you won’t have the energy you’ll need for the rest of the day”. Jessica said smiling.

“Well in that case can I change you? I mean all I got left are my fries, and well they’re cold now anyways”. Kat said.

“Really Kat? Oh thanks that’d really be nice”. Jessica said getting up, and stretching a little.

“Oh it’s no biggy”. Kat said smiling as the two of them made their way over to the ladies bathroom.

“So Kat how’re things going for you as far as finding a man goes?”. Jessica asked curiously as they approached one of the stalls.

“Actually I think things are starting to look up for me there Jess. You see there’s this cute little kitten in one of the classes I go to, and I think he really likes me since he tends to keep shyly sneaking looks at me throughout the whole class”. Kat said smiling as she opened the door to the stall, before getting punched in the stomach by Daniel, and being knocked unconscious.

“You creep! Why would you do such a thing?!”. Jessica asked slapping Daniel across the face.

“Heh heh it that the best you’ve got? Daniel has had worse bug bites then that!”. Daniel said not even flinching as he continued walking towards Jessica.

“There’s no use resisting, it’s futile, so why don’t you come with us to go see the boss man down at the school?”. Travis asked coming at Jessica from behind, thusly keeping her from running through the door.

“CHIMOUR!!!!!!”. Jessica screamed only to be abruptly cut off with a punch to the stomach.

“Hey that sounded like sis!”. Jeffery said getting up from his seat, worry filling his voice.

“Jessica… Jessica… JESSICA!!!”. Chimour said running towards the ladies bathroom as fast as he could only to find no one inside, and that one of the windows to the bathroom had been busted open which he ran to only to see Daniel, and Travis carrying away both Kat, and Jessica who were now both unconscious.

“If you ever want to see your girl friend again you filthy infant come down to the school, there we’ll settle this once and for all!!!”. Slen said as he ran away, leaving Chimour to stand there in tears of frustration as he repeated “Jessica” underneath his breath, one last time before he stormed out of the bathroom, and left the restaurant with Jeffery, there food having already been paid for beforehand by Jessica.

“What happened to my sister?”. Jeffery asked as Chimour continued to walk alongside him.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER GODDAMNIT???!!!”. Jeffery asked breaking down into tears, and stopping in his tracks.

“I’m sorry Jeffery, but your sister was abducted, taken away from us by a bitter, angry, and vengeful lizard I know named Slen. I’m sorry Jeffery, but there’s really nothing I can do except face Slen head on, and beat him at his own game”. Chimour said.

“What about the police? Surely they can do something!”. Jeffery said still in tears, prompting Chimour to lower himself down, and hold him.

“I have had problems with authority figures in the past, and really I don’t think Slen quite grasps the severity of all of this himself. I mean he could be sent to jail for all of this, and he’s still just a kid, much like you or me, admittedly a very dumb kid who lets petty things like revenge rule his life, but I have to much of a conscious to send him off to some place where he’ll stay until he’s old enough to go to jail, and besides I KNOW I can beat him, I’ll just need help…”. Chimour said jumping into the air, and spreading his wings while still holding onto Jeffery.

“I dunno… I don’t like heights…”. Jeffery said wetting himself a little in intimidation.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you go”. Chimour said smiling as he flew off towards his first destination.

And so Chimour visited house, upon house recruiting various furs he thought could help them in this little scuffle including Lig, Spencer, Victor, and Kenny, and so with their ragtag gang of padded misfits completed they walked their way over, and towards the school which they entered, soon standing there face to face with Slen’s army while Slen sat in the principle’s chair, listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony , and smirking as he saw them enter the school, changing the channel, and turning on the intercom.

“Aw what do you know? Looks like the piddle pants brigade came all the way here after all, but for what? To get beaten until there own mommies don’t even recognize them anymore? I tell you what cubbies I’ll be nice, and just sit here listening to my music so you don’t have to worry about being beaten into a complete, and bloody pulp okay? Anyway have fun!”. Slen said laughing over the intercom as his army charged at Chimour, and his friends.

“Okay lets do this!”. Chimour said punching two of the oncoming furs so hard they flew back fifteen feet.

“Right behind ya guys!”. Spencer, and Kenny said using their powerful tails to make another four of them smash into a wall.

“Don’t forget about me!”. Lig said with his claws glimmering brightly as he began slashing at more of Slen’s troops, making them fall back clutching their faces in pain.

“Okay time to put all that wait lifting, and all of those Tae Kwon Do lessons to good use!”. Victor said round housing some more of Slen’s troops.

“Aaaaugh!!! You idiots!!! Can’t you do anything right???!!! Damnit I should’ve known that if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself”. Slen said over the intercom, leaving the office, and joining the fight downstairs.

“Ready to fight eh? I’m taking back Jessica, and I’m taking back Kat!”. Chimour said as the rest of Slen’s army fled the scene as quickly as they could.

“We’ll see about that diaper boy!”. Slen said getting ready as his lackeys Daniel, and Travis joined him.

“Leave them to me Lig… This is personal”. Chimour said as just then “Ballroom Blitz” by “The Sweet” came on the radio which could be heard through out the hallways since Slen left the intercom on.

“What is that shit?”. Slen asked disgusted.

“That’s not shit, that’s The Sweet!”. Chimour said as he flew at Slen, and landed a solid punch into Slen’s stomach causing him to fly backwards, and get back up clutching his stomach in pain.

“Bastard! Daniel! Travis! Get him!!!”. Slen ordered prompting both Daniel, and Travis to jump Chimour.

“Pff… You guys aren’t standing in my way!”. Chimour said dodging their attacks smoothly, and punching both of them in the face with the speed, and power of a shooting star, while making his punches look like part of a meteor shower before kicking both of them backwards, and making them both go unconscious.

“You’re going to pay for this!”. Slen said attacking Chimour one last time with all of his might.

“Enough’s enough you fucking egotistical idiot!”. Chimour said putting the last of his efforts into one punch which he hit Slen with resulting in Slen flying backwards much like his friends, now completely unconscious.

“There… Hey Victor take these guys out of here, and back home, and you others help Victor with doing this”. Chimour said making his way to the still unconscious Jessica, and Kat.

“Chimour do you really think we can hide all of this?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Well there was no damage to the school, I can easily talk Jessica, and Kat out of telling anyone about them being assaulted when they hear the damage I inflicted on Slen, and his gang, and so really all Slen, and his lackeys will be billed for is that window they broke over at the McDonalds, but atleast now they’ll know not to fuck with the ones I care about or I’ll turn them bloody, black, and blue again”. Chimour said as he picked up both of them, soon flying back over to the house with them, and Jeffery where he talked to them about it when they came through.

Happily all things worked out nicely, Slen, and his gang weren’t sent to jail, but were still punished for what they had done, Jessica, and Kat decided not to tell the authorities about what had happened, Everyone healed within the month, no one had any broken bones, Slen was now extremely intimidated by Chimour, none of the people working at the school could tell a fight took place there in the hallways, Kat, and Jessica weren’t forever changed, and still were very healthy, and Lig got potty trained, ha only kidding about that last part! ^^.

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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:09 pm

Woot! Once more great story. First rate job. And Nice joke there at the end. Hehehe. This lil Liger's a diapee cub all the way. ^^


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:00 am

Nice work, Chimour! And I like the phrase 'night toddlers'! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:12 am

Hehe thanks Zee! *Snuggle pounces ya*.
Oh and before I forget *Snuggle pounces Lig one last time*.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:39 am

Heheh, nicely done there Chimour. *looks up at the voices in my head* Oh, and Ninetales says call on her if you have problems with those guys again. She'll have a few curses for them no doubt, both verbal and magical Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:05 am

Riolu wrote:
Heheh, nicely done there Chimour. *looks up at the voices in my head* Oh, and Ninetales says call on her if you have problems with those guys again. She'll have a few curses for them no doubt, both verbal and magical Twisted Evil
Ooookay o.o.
Note to self : Don't piss off Ninetails, she's like a geanie, to quote Patrick Star from the Spongebob Squarepants Christmas special.
Oh by the way I'm refurbishing my first Chimour's story so there's something else to look forward to =3.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:09 pm

Heheh, there's only a few buttons you could push to really tick of Ninetales. It's much easier to get her in a playful mood and have her curse a batty for awhile XD Not that many of her curses would have an affect on him anyways...
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)   

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The Chimour Chronicles, II of III (Finished)
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